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by Howie J. A. Cherry (lastboiscout@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

The edges of the buildings were never clearer against the
perfect night sky and the brilliant whiteness of the full
moon. A dark red would have been more appropriate.
Just below the tops of these man-made structures we see an
ill place where the colours balck and dark blue dominate.
It is a rundown neighbourhood that houses families and thugs
The street is quiet, but there is a sense of evil about this
Enter JOSHUA JORDAN, 30's. Joshua is a servant to the PRINCE
Joshua runs frantically along the sidewalk. He wears a black
trench coat and dark sunglasses. His hair is long, messy and
no doubt greasy. He is in need of a bath and ultimately
basic manners. But all of this we do not see immediately in
Joshua. We just see the dark clothing, long hair and
sunglasses and a man frantic.
He continues to run.
He reaches 'home' - another rundown building, and like the
neighbourhood, a place that did not look at all welcoming.
The apartment is dirty and baisc. One would had believed it
was a hideout for squatters.
He slams the door shut, locking it. He then races into his
bedroom and returns, carrying something in his hands.
GABRIEL #2 is an ANGEL OF MERCY - a Great Warrior sent by
God to battle the powers of Darkness.
Joshua passes the door and suddenly GABRIEL #2, 30's in his
trademark trench coat, smashes through charging forward.
Gabriel #2 clashes with Joshua - grabs him by the throat.


                       GABRIEL #2
Joshua struggles.
Gabriel throws him across the room. Joshua hits a mirror on
the wall, and falls in a shower of glass.
He hits the floor and bounces back up abnormally. He charges
Gabriel. Colliding, they struggle, but Joshua falls to the
floor again receiving a swift head-butt.
He picks up the object he previously collected from his
bedroom, where we now see it is a very old yet beautifully
crafted dagger. He points it at Gabriel as he approaches.
Gabriel stops, and takes a step back.
Joshua goes for a stab, but Gabriel reveals a gold chain,
using it as a whip, cracks Joshua across the face.
They continue to battle. Eventually, Gabriel is able to
overpower Joshua, grabbing and snapping the wrist of his
dagger hand. He wraps the gold chain around and with one
swift yank breaks his neck.
Joshua falls to the floor…dead.
Gabriel is slightly wounded.
He bends down, rips open Joshua’s shirt and removes a gold
We see Joshua’s chest is covered is strange, ritual
markings. Gabriel then grabs Joshua’s head and using his
thumbs, gauges out his eyeballs.
The blood is black.
Gabriel stands. He kisses his gold cross, closing his eyes…
He remains still for a moment then leaves.
The dead body ignites into a ball of flames…


DR RICHARD PECK (50's, tall, lean, Austrian) is the PRINCE
OF DARKNESS' liason on Earth.
Dr Peck awaited the coming of PRINCE OF DARKNESS but on the
eve of the Millenium, the PRINCE OF DARKNESS did not arrive.
The year is now 2008 and Dr Peck has returned to his normal
Dr Peck, a doctor of some sort, sits behind his desk, making
notes. His office is extremely neat, tidy and old fashioned.
A picture of a vase of flowers hangs on the wall opposite
his desk.
The internal phone rings - it could only be his Personal
He puts the phone on loud speaker. It is his Persoanl
                       DR PECK
Yes Janette?
Sorry to disturb you doctor, but I
thought you should know. A man
called for you earlier when u were
in therapy. He called three times
in fact.
                       DR PECK
Really? What did he want?
Sorry doctor, he wouldn’t say. He
didn’t even leave his name.
                       DR PECK
Ok thank you very much. Please let
me know if he calls again.


Yes doctor.
Dr Peck removes his glasses, and sits back in his chair. He
stares forward and thinks…
He picks up his pen, then immediately puts it back down.
He walks over to his window, observing the busy streets
below. Then, he notices a dark figure standing in the park -
THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS who stares right back at him. Dr Peck
does not know who this man is.
The phone rings again. Dr Peck looks at it startled. He
ignores it for a moment, returning to the window.
The Prince of Darkness has disappeared.
He answers the phone.
                       DR PECK
Yes Janette?
Sorry doctor. He did leave a
message in fact.
                       DR PECK
Who did?
The man who rang earlier.
He said he spoke with your wife
and that she was co-operative.
                       DR PECK
      (slight distress)
What? Did you forget this?
Excuse me, doctor?


                       DR PECK
Nothing, thank you Janette.
      (speaker -
Are you all right, doctor?
                       DR PECK
Yes, I’m fine thank you, Janette.
Goodbye now.
He switches the phone speaker off.
He remains stood, looking toward the window, slightly
THE SANCTUARY: not tallest building, but defiently one of
the most glamours. A mountain of glass and steel, elegantly
dseigned and noticable from miles around. It is a large
corporate building in the heart of the city. To the world
the Sanctuary is the head quarters for the world’s most
powerful men, known as Walter Gabriel & Brothers – very
religious and supposedly ethical. In actual fact this is the
home of the Angels of Mercy, sent by God to battle the
PRINCE OF DARKNESS. But due to delay of the Prince of
Darkness the Angels of Mercy have become businessmen-
ethical businessmen maybe, but still businessmen. They
believe that as well as having their faith and devotion to
God they should also have power and control over and they
should play their part in ‘harmonising’ computers, stocks,
agriculture, politics, etc, preventing them from becoming
The Conference Room is situated near the top of the
Sanctuary. Every day, the Angels of Mercy gather here in
prayer and to discuss current religious and business
affairs, though these days, business has become more


Like most of the Sanctuary's interiors, the Conference Room
is very gothic, yet highly stylised, similar to that of an
ancient church of temple.
This room is emormous. The ceiling is some 50ft above the
floor and the ground space is nothing short the size of a
football pitch. This openess results in an echoing effect
whenever a sound is made. Near the top of the room are three
stained glass windows, picturing religious images. One
window is postioned high up at one end of the room, directly
above the head of the table, the other two are either side
on the opposite walls. There is a sense of stillness and
emptiness about this room. There is only natural lighting in
this room, coming from the three widows abovem therefore the
lower half or the Conference is rather dark and misty-like.
In the center of all this space lies a large marble table.
There are numerous chairs around the table and one at the
Gabriel, aka Walter Gabriel, leader of the Angels of Mercy,
sits at the Head of table.
The large, oversized doors open heavily. The ANGELS OF MERCY
led by GABRIEL, 50's, enter. They are dressed in smart in
stylish suits, carry briefcases and have a look of mean
professionalism about them. They take their seats at the
marble table. Amongst the crowd, we also see Gabriel #2. He
sits to the adjacent left to Gabriel. Once they have all
seated themselves, the Conferenrce Room doors close, leaving
an echo in the air.
Sophisticated computers rise from the marble table top from
within. Each seat at the table has one computer. The Angels
log into their computer via voice recognition.
Gabriel clears his throat and begins.
Goor morning gentleman.
Now, before we begin with
business, let us welcome brother
Gabriel back...
Gabriel #2 stands to brief applause, bowing his head. He
then seats himself once again.


      (smiling, pleased)
Brother Gabriel has been away on a
secret mission, and in doing so
has retrieved one of our recently
stolen artifacts that has now been
returned to its rightful. Well
done brother Gabriel. Bless you.
All applaude Gabriel #2 again with genuine smiles.
      (formal tone)
Now, let us begin.
Gabriel #2 puts his hands together for prayer, expecting the
same from the other Angels of Mercy. They do not. Instead,
the place their briefcases on the table, opening them and
revealing nothing but paperwork. Realising, Gabriel #2
quickly returns to his sitting position. Things have changed
in his short absense.
The Angels are in deep, stressful discussion. Todays meeting
is running into overtime. Gabriel #2 sits slouched in his
seat. Some of the Angels have romoved their jackets.
Paperwork is scattered on the table top along with cups of
tea/coffee/juice, ashtrays with smoking cigars, pill
bottles, etc.
Gabriel #2 sighs.
VICTOR GABRIEL, 50's, is in charge of the overseas affairs.
Victor sits to the right of Gabriel, opposite to Gabriel #2.
He looks like a man with a lot of resposibilty and
deadlines. He smokes, has thin hair, wearing small glasses
and is a diabetic. He speaks, in a deep, croaky voice:
                       VICTOR (CONT'D)
... its all right, gentleman. I
have spoken personally to Mr Janus
and he assures me that the matter
of our offshore accounts will be
ressolved anytime now. The


                       VICTOR (cont'd)
transactions will be complete
within the next 72 hours.
With that, all discussions suddenly stops.
                       VICTOR (CONT'D)
Mr Janus wants me to checks our
books for the last two months -
you know, cross reference, check
figures, cross the T's, dot the
All eyes turn to Gabriel.
Gabriel sits up, coughs nervously, avoids any eye contact.
      (cool yet
Yes, you are very welcome to have
the books, Victor. I'll get them
to you as soon as possible. You
understand though, due to our
recent difficulties it will-
      (cuts in)
It would be a lot easier, Gabriel
if I just spoke to Adrain.
Gabriel can feel the look of a hundred eyes on him. The
temperature suddenly rises.
Gabriel #2 closes his eyes in bordem.


Well... yes. Well, Adrian as you
know is currently away on private
business - for some time I
understand. Until he returns, I
shall be taking care of the
accounts and I am more than happy
to speak to you, Victor, in
private and provide you with the
necessary... docu-men-ta-tions.
The Angels mumble amongst themselves.
Gabriel, eager to close the meeting, stands:
Right gentleman, I think that
calls it a day. Gosh, look at the
time - we've more than overran
today. Thank you all. I have
another meeting soon so I have to
prepare. Thanks everyone...
The Angles, bar Gabriel #2 and Gabriel pack up their things
and leave immediately.
The large doors open. Angels exit.
Before Victor exits:
You will let me know won't you,
When Adrian returns...
Certainly, Victor.
He is doing God's work.
Vicotr exits. The great doors close. The room becomes
Gabriel #2 reamins seated. He stares at the table.


Gabriel walks slowly and positions himself directly behind
Gabriel #2's chair. He grips the back rest, sighing.
Gabriel #2 suspects what is coming next.
      (calm, slow)
Now Gabriel...
About Adrian...
It is a typical weekday in the city. The roads and streets
are alive and busy and the air is filled with sounds.
Christmas is nearing: buildings are covered with festive
decorations, the occasional bell rings, fallen snow has
become slush in the gutters, pedestrains carry parcels,
shopping bags, etc.
Dr Peck walks amongst the crowd. He wears his think, warm
coat, bowler hat and gloves. He has just finished lunch and
is returning back to the office.
Dr Peck walks quickly - nervous. He avoids contact with
others in fear of recognition.
Suddenly, Dr Peck feels a slight chill and slight paranoia
enters his mind. He continues to walk, looking over his
shoulder occasionally. He slowly begins to suspect he is
being followed.
Dr Peck walks faster, pushing his way throughvthe crowd
continuing to look over his shoulder.
In his mind, sounds become louder: car engines growl, people
shout, christmas bells ring constantly. A man dressed as
Santa Clause collecting for some charity laughs 'Ho, Ho,
Ho!'. Dr Peck is convinced he is laughing at him. His laugh
is horrible and menacing.
Dr Peck dares to look over his shoulder once more as he
walks. The PRINCE OF DARKNESS follows. His face is pale. Dr
Peck recognises him from earlier from his office window. The
PRINCE OF DARKNESS disappears in the crowd.


Dr Peck is frantic. He moves faster, much more aggressive.
Pushing, shoving, etc…
Dr Peck looks behind again... nothing.
He continues to walk at speed, violently colliding with a
woman and her child.
The woman is knocked to the ground, pulling the child down
with her.
                       DR PECK
Dr Peck realises what he has done.
Oh! I'm so sorry! Forgive me!
He lifts the woman up, followed by the child. People stop
and stare. The woman is panic stricken and rushes off,
dragging child with her.
Dr Peck is breathless. People stop and stare.
Fuckin' nut!
Dr Peck gathers himself quickly and walks away. He walks at
quite a more controlled pace.
The office doors fling open as Dr Peck storms inside,
                       JANETTE (O.S.)
Are you all right, Dr Peck?
Dr Peck slams the doors slut behind him, pressing his back
up against them. His eyes closed.


                       DR PECK
Yes, I'm fine thank you Janette...
Hold all calls please.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
      (calm ,reassuring)
Why don't you take your coat of
Dr Peck opens his eyes wide - holds his breathe.
His office chair is facing the wall - the back rest facing
the door.
The chair spins around, facing Dr Peck. It is empty.
Dr Peck exhales. He eases off the doors and removes his
gloves, hat and coat. Suddenly:
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
Busy day?
Startled, Dr Peck looks up, toward his desk.
THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS (30's, smart, black expensive suit.
Black, slick hair. Pale complexion. Piercing blue eyes). He
now sits in Dr Peck's chair behind his desk. At first he
appears a calm, confident man.
Dr Peck still does not know who this man is.
Dr Peck isn't in the leat bit amused at this intrusion. He
approaches the desk.
                       DR PECK
Who the HELL are you?!
Prince of Darkness smiles.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Who am I?


This pleasentness soon chages. Prince of Darkness' eyes turn
blood red. He leaps up out of the cahir, slamming his fists
down on the desk top with a CRASH.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (furious, deep,
       echoing, evil)
A chair sweeps across the floor seating Dr Peck with force,
bringing him close up to the desk.
A picture of a vase of flowers on the wall suddenly explodes
in a ball of flames.
Dr Peck cowers in his seat - scared to death.
Prince of Darkness calms down - his eyes return to normal.
He seats himself and smiles.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Something is DEFIENTLY amiss here.
Wouldn’t you agree?
                       DR PECK
Yes, defiently.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Haven't you forgotten something,
Dr Peck is unsure - but soon he realises that this is the
                       DR PECK
My lord! Please, forgive me!
Dr Peck bows his head.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
It appears, doctor. That you
cannot even perform the simple
tasks given to you.


                       DR PECK
My lord. I do not understand. The
Phrophecy said that-
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
I am not interested in your
excuses. Pathetic. You shall be
dealt with when the time arrives.
Dr Peck bows his head again.
Prince of Darkness helps himself to Dr Peck's cigars,
lighting it with a stern look of his eye and inhaling.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Now, where is the girl?
                       DR PECK
      (confused -
The Girl...?
The... girl. The girl?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (becoming angry)
                       DR PECK
Yes, of course. The girl. Well,
she has moved on...
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
But my lord-
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Docotr. I am not renowned for my
patience. If you do not tell me


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (cont'd)
what I want to hear very soon you
will find your neck sitting rather
comfortably in your lap...
Now. The girl...
Dr Peck stutters, trying hard to find the right words as
quickly as possible before...
                       DR PECK
      (speaking quickly)
She has moved on BUT can easily be
contacted and found. I can have
her brought to you this evening...
at the latest... my lord.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Well I hope for yourself she isn't
too far away, doctor.
Dr Peck leaps up out of his seat.
                       DR PECK
She isn't my lord, I can assure
you of that. You shall have her
Dr Peck and Prince of Darkness leave Dr Peck's building in a
hired limousine, driven by a chaffeur. They drive along the
busy pre-christmas streets.
Dr Peck and Prince of Darkness, wearing dark shades, sit in
the back.
Dr Peck has some documents and files. Prince of Darkness
sits - his legs crossed, somking another cigar, drinking
Dr Peck reveals a black and white face-shot of MIA LEVIN
(mid 20's, black hair, attractive - wearing dark shades). He
shows Prince of Darkness.
Mia Levin is the key to opening the gates of Hell and
bringing about the Reign of Darkness.
Prince of Darkness looks at the picture - he is pleased with
what he sees.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Ah! At least something meets with
my expections. Hmmm.
Dr Pecks sits uncomfortably on the edge of his seat,
opposite Prince of Darkness who sits relaxed. Dr Peck sways
from side to side as the limousine turns corners, etc.
                       DR PECK
Mia Levin. Despite her absense
from us, we have still been
keeping a close eye on her. She is
living well - strong, healthy-
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Very good. You shall introduce us
                       DR PECK
Yes, my lord.
Nowhere and Nothing - A place hidden in darkness.
ADRIAN, 30'S, is hiding here after supposedly stealing
millions in cash from the Angels of Mercy. Gabriel #2 has
been sent by Gabriel to find and assassinate Adrian and
recover the money he has stolen.
Adrian is more than a theif. He is the only Angel who has
kept his devotion to God and he knows that the Prince of
Darkness has arrived on earth. Adrian is angry at his
brothers, their loss of faith and the path they have taken
into corruption. He fears that he is the only one left who
will oppose the Prince of Darkness.
Ha! And to what, do I owe the


Gabriel #2 has found Adrian but he is facing his own
dilemma. He cannot bring himself to kill his brother and
closest friend whom he has known for thousands of years but
he cannot return back to the Sanctuary in disgrace.
Gabriel #2 and Adrian sit in Darkness. We only see a
shadowed face as each speak.
                       ADRIAN (CONT'D)
      (to Gabriel #2)
...I knew it wouldn't be long
before the tycoons sent their best
                       GABRIEL #2
I can here as your friend, Adrian.
                       GABRIEL #2
I beleive that there is something
rotten in the state of Denmark, my
Oh really?! Do you think so?
                       GABRIEL #2
Don't you?
I am here in hiding - in silence.
What I now think, is irrelevant.
                       GABRIEL #2
To them maybe...
They think you are insane.
And what do you think, friend?
                       GABRIEL #2
I think you have something on your
mind, Adrian.


Well, there is something rotten...
And it is getting worse.
Silence. Adrian looks at Gabriel #2 differently.
On, Gabriel...
I wonder when it was that you lost
your Grace.
Gabriel #2 is furious at Adrian. He has insulted him - worse
than that.
                       GABRIEL #2
I if I didn't think of you as a
brother, Adrain-
I'd already be dead?
Gabriel #2 is silent.
I never knew you could say such a
thing to me, Gabriel.
                       GABRIEL #2
Neither did I, Adrian.
I only say what I see, Gabriel.
                       GABRIEL #2
I don't think you should say
another word.
Ha! I haven't even started yet.
Do you remember, all those years
ago, on the mountains? Do you


                       ADRIAN (cont'd)
remember you and I and the
millions of others? We thought we
were stranded, lost…forgotten. We
saw thousands perish, disappear,
decay… but those who kept their
faith remained strong. You and me,
we remained strong and never
forgot all that we had learnt and
believed in. That is what allowed
us to survive.
                       GABRIEL #2
And God came to take us home. I
The sky was blood red for for many
The sky is blood red now, Gabriel.
I have seen more perish in this
past decade, than I did on that
mountain for a thousand years…
Dr Peck lives well: a large, modern, highly stylised house
in an expensive part of town in a high class neighbourhood.
Dr Peck's wife of 19 years, GLORIA PECK, 40's, sits at the
dining table eating her evening meal. Classical music plays
peacefully in the background. She takes small mouthfulls of
food. She has a glass of wine.
Gloria looks up nervously as the PRINCE OF DARKNESS fills
her glass with more red wine.
Prince of Darkness sits, continuing his meal - his eyes
fixed on Gloria.
Gloria turns as she hears the front door open and close.
Dr Peck enters the dining room.


Prince of Darkness finishes his last mouthful and looks up
at Dr Peck.
Dr Peck is red in cheeks - flustered. He is still wearing
his coat, hat and gloves.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Oh, welcome home, doctor. I had
heard your wife made a goulash to
die for...
He takes another mouthful of food -closing his eyes,
savoring the flavour.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (CONT'D)
... but I would never have
believed it until tonight.
(to Gloria)
Delicious, my dear.
Dr Peck is concerned about his wife, Gloria. She stares
right back at him, a look of fear in her eyes.
                       DR PECK
Are you all right, Gloria?
Dr Peck wlaks toward Gloria but before he can touch her...
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Where's the girl?
Dr Peck stops - looks at Prince of Darkness.
                       DR PECK
She'll be here soon.
DrPeck kneels down beside his wife. He holds her hand.
Gloria stres st him with a look of fear. But not she does
not fear the Prince of Darkness, she fears her husband.


                       DR PECK
      (to Gloria -
Are you all right, Gloria.
Prince of Darkness leaps up out his seat.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Dr Peck -
Yes she's fine.
Prince of Darkness approaches Dr Peck and Gloria. Dr Peck
stands defensively.
Prince of Darkness sees Dr Peck's concern for his wife.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Dr Peck)
I'd like a quiet word, if you
would doctor.
Dr Peck looks at his wife again. So does Prince of Darkness.
Gloria doesn't look back at her husband. Instead, she
returns the look to Prince of Darkness.
Dr Peck is suspicious.
Prince of Darkness grins, his eyes seductive.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Dr Peck but
       looking at Gloria)
A word please doctor.
Prince of Darkness slowly retreats to the far end of the
dining room. Dr Peck watches for a moment.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
Tastes like a peach...
Dr Peck eyes widen in shock.
'Did I just hear this? Did HE say it? Am I hearing things?'
A feeling of paranoia sets in.
Dr Peck looks at his wife again. He tries to read her eyes
and body. He is too confused and suspicious and paranoid to
think straight.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
Dr Peck hears subconsciously hears this but does not
respond. He fears his mind is playing tricks.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
Dr Peck looks up. Prince of Darkness stares back at him.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Dr Peck)
Dr Peck walks quickly over to Prince of Darkness, leaving
Gloria at the table.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
I told you to bring the girl.
                       DR PECK
I have men bringing her now.
They'll be here soon, my lord.
Prince of Darkness isn't best pleased.
                       DR PECK
They will be here within the hour
- I swear.
Prince of Darkness stares at Dr Peck. He reads his eyes,
bits his lip then smiles pleasently.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Very well. Within the hour.
Prince of Darkness pats Dr Peck on the shoulder with
Dr Peck smiles nervously.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (change of tone -
Now, go get your tea.
Dr Pecks frowns.
Prince of Darkness and Gloria sit in the living room
watching the television. They sit opposite eachother,
exchaging brief glances.
Dr Pecks sits at the table in the now darkly lit dining room
eating his tea. He has many things on his mind and the food
is tasteless.
Prince of Darkness and Gloria remain in their seats, sat
opposite one another. Dr Peck sits between them on the far
seat. He sits opposite the television.
No-one is actually watching the television: Prince of
Darkness stares occasionally at Gloria. Gloria faces the
television, her mind is somewhere else. She has a pernament
smile about her. She slowly, gently and suggestively stokes
her chest. Dr Peck observes...
Although the television is switched on and the volume is
turned up, we cannot hear anything.
There is a sense of intamacy between Gloria and Prince of
Darkness. Occasionally we hear, very slightly, heavy
breathing and a women's moan.
With Dr Peck we sense tension, heat and perspiration. An
uncomfortable silence looms over him. He stares so hard at
Gloria that his eye become knives, stabbing her repeatedly a
thousand times.
We focus in on Dr Peck. All sound is diluted. Everything
feels tight and close.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
Suddenly all sound returns and we can hear the television in
the background - the volume rather high.


Dr Peck snaps out of his trance - looks at Prince of
Darkness who stares right back at him as though he had been
staring at him all the time and everything previous had been
a dream.
Dr Pecks looks at Gloria. She sits comfortably, watching the
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (O.S.)
                       DR PECK
The telephone suddenly rings - its ring abnormally loud and
amplified. Dr Peck is startled.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Dr Peck)
The telephone.
The telephone continues to ring, although each ring is now
less amplified.
The telephone is beside Dr Peck. He picks up the receiver
and puts it to his ear like a robot. He doesn't say a word,
he only listens.
A moment later, Dr Peck calmly places the receiver back
Situated somewhere within the Peck's home, this room of
blackness is the Prince of Darkness' Sanctuary. The lack of
light prevents us from seeing any interioirs.
Prince of Darkness kneels before a shadowed shrine, his head
bowed, praying.
In a reminiscence, we return Scene 10.3 - Dr Peck's Living
Dr Peck places the receiver down.


The consequence of the phone call: Prince of Darkness
violently grabs Dr Peck by the throat, lifting hom off the
ground. His eyes are blood red.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Dr Peck -
Dr Peck, due to lack of air, is unable to answer.
Gloria leaps out of her seat- frantic, concerned for her
Prince of Darkness stares at Dr Peck - his face filled with
Prince of Darkness knows that Dr Peck knows he is going to
do something horrible to him.
Knowing that Dr Peck knows this results in Prince of
Darkness' hesitance.
Prince of Darkness realises that if was going to kill Dr
Peck he should have done it by now.
The time has passed.
Prince of Darkness stares at Dr Peck's eyes and he now
suspects that Dr Peck is aware of this hesitance.
He cannot kill him now.
Dr Peck falls to the floor in a heap as Prince of Darkness
realeases him.
Prince of Darkness is frustrated with himself. He needs to
release this anger another way but he just does not know
He sees Gloria standing beside him - he feels humiliated. He
pushes her down back onto her seat.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (idly to Gloria)
Sit down!
Prince of Darkness circles the room. He then sits calmly in
the seat where Dr Peck had sat.
He inhales, closing his eyes. He exhales, opening his eyes -
they are no longer red.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
We are on the sevententh floor. PRINCE OF DARKNESS walks
quickly along the narrow corridor passing numerous apartment
doors. He looks frustrated.
                       DR PECK (O.S.)
She was taken by a group of
preists- and a detective from the
local department...
Prince of Darkness reaches the last door on the corridor:
the apartment belonging to the dectective, JAKE CREIGHTON.
Prince of Darkness approaches the door at speed, charging
toward it like a bull. He disappears in a blink of an eye
before he makes contact.
The apartment is dirty and uncared for. There are pizza
boxes, empty bottles of whiskey and paperwork littered all
over the place.
In the corner, a Christmas tree stands lobsided against the
wall. It is covered with dust as are the unopened presents
beneath it. One can only assume this was from a Christmas
many Christmas' ago.
The television screen has been smashed.
Prince of Darkness stands leant up against the fireplace.
Off screen, a toilet flushes. The bathroom door, just
outside the living room opens and JAKE CREIGHTON, 40's
exits. His clothes are old and dirty and have a 'slept in'
look about them. His face is covered with stubble and dark
rings hang below his eyes.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Hello, Jack.
Jake looks up startled. He sees Prince of Darkness - he
isn't the least bit amused. He believes him to be either a
burgular, someone looking for revenge or extremely stupid.
Who the HELL are you?!
Prince of Darkness smiles, modest.
How did you get in here?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
... Through the front door?
Jake leans back, looking down the hall way. The front door
is closed and bolted.
Jake whips out his hand cannon, and walks toward Prince of
Darkness unamused.
What are you doing here?
Prince of Darkness slowly moves forward, stops face-to-face
with Jake - the gun pointed right up to his face.
We can see that Jake is much taller, much broader than
Prince of Darkness.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Where's the girl?
The girl?


Jake slowly realises who this man is and what he has come
for. He cocks the gun. Prince of Darkness looks at it -
Girl? What girl?
Prince of Darkness steps back, circles Jake.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Listen, Jack. I'm VERY pushed for
The girl - where is she?
What the fuck do you want here?
Prince of Darkness stops behind Jake - Jake just stares
straight ahead.
Prince of Darkness looks around the apartment in pity.
Prince of Darkness tries a different angle:
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Hard day at the office, Jack?
Jake doesn't play along. He turns, faces Prince of Darkness
- aims the gun at his face.
Who the fuck is this Jack?!
I'm telling you, get the fuck
outta here before-
Prince of Darkness tries to hit a nerve.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
You are hurting, Jack.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
You've lost... lost things dear to
you and you wonder why. Why? Why
has this happened to you? You've
worked your heart out fighting,
doing good - a policeman, fighting
for justice. And for what?
Nothing. And that's exactly what
you have now...
Oh yes, you have lost. Not only
what you once loved, but you've
also lost your respect...
Who the hell do you think you are?
You know NOTHING about me!
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Oh, I do Jack. I do. And I can
help you, Jack. I can help you...
You can help me? Ha! I don't think
so, buddy!
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Oh yes I can Jack. You help me...
I'll help you...
Where's the girl?


Jake charges forward, grabbing Prince of Darkness by the
throat and holding his gun against Prince of Darkness'
I don't think you heard me, pal.
Prince of Darkness' eyes light up red.
Jake is startled but doesn't let go.
Prince of snaps at the gun barrel with his mouth, biting,
Jake pulls the trigger - BANG!
The bullet explodes straight through the back of Prince of
Darkness' head - a shower of blood follows. Jack flies
backward is astonishment.
Jack looks at his gun - the barrel damn near chewed off. He
then looks up at Prince of Darkness who stares right back.
The wall behind Prince of Darkness is covered with blood.
Blood slowly dribbles from Prince of Darkness' mouth and
smoke rises from the exit wound in the back of his head. He
wipes it with his hand. His eyes are no longer red.
Jack holds up the gun - he pulls the trigger immediately.
The gun explodes in his hands, throwing him backward and
onto the floor. His face is black, bleeding, his hand half
blown to pieces, Jack slowly crawls along the floor toward a
Prince of Darkness marches forward, grabbing Jack by his
hair and lifting him to his feet.
Prince of Darkness throws Jack across the room - he hits the
wall and falls to floor half conscious.
Prince of Darkness opens the drawer to the desk Jsck was
crawling to. Inside, he finds another gun. He fishes it out,
but in doing so notices a crucifix underneath it. He throws
the gun away - it flies across the room and smashes straight
through the window. Prince of Darkness then takes out the
crucifix. He stares at it, deep in thought.
On the desk top Prince of Darkness notices a Police Badge
and identification.
Prince of Darkness realises his error - feels foolish.
Prince of Darkness storms over to Jake, grabbing his
good-hand and nails it to the wall with the crucifix.


Prince of Darkness kneels, grabs Jake's head and stares into
his dazed-eyes.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Jake... Jake...
Are you in pain Jake?
I can make it stop, Jake - or I
can make it worse.
Jake clinches his crucified hand - blood dribbles down the
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Tell me, Jake. Tell me. Where is
the girl, Jake...
Jake doesn't respond.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Prince of Darkness begins banging Jake's head against the
wall repeatedly.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Suddenly Jake frees his hand, ripping it from the wall, the
crucifix still nailed in his flesh. He grabs Prince of
Darkness by the back of his neck.
Prince of Darkness stops - shocked. Jake, eyes wide open
pulls his head closer to his own.
Go to hell!


Prince of Darkness breathes heavily - his face panic
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Why won't you tell me, Jack?
I can give you everything! What
does this girl mean to you? Are
you going to die for this girl,
Jake? Are you? I will find her,
whether you tell me or not. Why
are you-
Jake spits blood in the Prince of Dakrness' face.
Prince of Darkness closes his eyes, the blood and spit
dribble down his nose.
He opens his eyes - humiliated.
Prince of Darkness jumps to his feet furiuous.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (screams - furiuos)

Prince of Darkness storms out of the apartment - the
crucifix buried in the side of his neck.
We watch from Jake Creighton's open doorway as Prince of
Darkness storms down the corridor to the stairway. He
reaches the far end - suddenly stops. He pauses for a
moment, turns and heads stright back to the apartment -
charging at high speed like a raging bull, his eyes a
furious red.
Prince of Darkness resches the doorway - BANG!
There is a gun shot from inside the apartment. Prince of
Darkness jumps slightly - slows down, and walks cautiously


Prince of Darkness enters the living room. He peers over to
where he left Jake - he is not there.
Prince of Darkness follows a small trail of blood into the
Inside, Prince of Darkness finds Jake Creighton, lying face
down on the floor - dead. In his hand, another gun. Beside
Jake is a book. Prince of Darkness kneels, picking up the
book. It is a bible. He opens it - a secret compartment
where the gun was hidden.
Prince of Darkness cries hopelessly, burying his face in the
Prince of Darkness returns from Jake Creighton's apartment.
Prince of Darkness enters - he can hear the television.
Dr Peck sits on the couch, naked staring blank at the
television - the volume is turned up to maximum.
Prince of Darkness cannot help but notice that Dr Peck is
covered in blood. He holds a blood stained kitchen knife in
his hand.
Dr Peck is alive, but in a 'zombie-like' state.
Prince of Darkness looks around suspiciously. He notices the
light on in the kitchen. He walks over to the door way,
peers inside.
Prince of Darkness stands in the Kitchen doorway. He
observes the wall to the left - covered with blood. He then
glances around, stops as he finds what he is looking for. We
do not see what he sees, but we can assume that the blood
belonged to:


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Prince of Darkness remains still for a moment - he does not
hear the front door open and close behind him.
Prince of Darkness returns. He stares at the abscent-minded
Dr Peck... the kitchen knife has vanished.
Prince of Darkness quickly turns to defend himself from an
UNKNOWN ATTACKER who now has the kitchen knife.
Prince of Darkness grabs the arm that holds the knife,
snatches it from them and proceeds to bury the knife into
the Attacker's head.
The Attacker falls down, dead.
We return to this place of Darkness...
Prince of Darkness kneels before the holy shrine of his
father, his head bowed, praying.
A church like every other: benches, stained glass windows,
altar, holy crucifix, etc.
This is the church where MIA LEVIN has been taken for
safety, away from the Prince of Darkness.
Mia Levin, not much different from her photo, stares at her
reflection in a mirror. She 'freshens up', putting her
lipstick on.
Mia then puts a pair of dark sunglasses on and leisurely
makes her way down the isle to the exit.
Mia exits.
On the floor, lying before the altar we see four priests -


Prince of Darkness remains knelt before the shrine - he
cries, shaking his head in unworthiness.
We return to SCENE 16.3 - Prince of Darkness has just killed
ATTACKER falls to the floor - dead.
Their faces comes into the light - it's MIA LEVIN.
Prince of Darkness remains knelt before the shrine in the
darkness. He no longer cries. Instead, he repeatedly slashes
at his arms with the kitchen knife.
Fade In:
We return to the shadows & blackness...
... they think the time has
passed... it hasn't.
The time, is NOW!
                       GABRIEL #2
What are you talking about,
Evil has come...
Nine years late may be, but Evil
is here now.
                       GABRIEL #2
We waited 2000 years and when the
time came, we were ready - ready
for Evil. But it never came. Now,


                       ADRIAN (cont'd)
Evil has come and they don't even
know it.
                       GABRIEL #2
That's impossible, Adrian! It just
cannot be.
That your problem, Gabriel. You
just do not beleive anymore...
Just becuase Evil is late, doesn't
mean Evil won't show up.
                       GABRIEL #2
Why then? Why has it come now? Why
is it late?
Adrian laughs.
You know what the fuuny thing is,
Gabriel? I don't think it knows it
is late!
Adrian laughs louder.
And we thought the war was over
without a battle! So, we got fat,
forgot about all that we once
believed in - became corrupt.
Gabriel and the others can call it
what they want. The truth is, with
nothing else left to do on Earth,
Greed became a lot easier than
Ha! Little did they know!
Silence - the wind howls.
... they think the time has
passed. The time is NOW!
Fade Out.


Prince of Darkness leaves Jake Creighton's apartment and
wanders the streets of the city, observing human life,
interaction, etc. Despite the loss of faith in most of the
human race over the centuries, there are still a few who
have been able to keep theirs. Those who continue to visit
their local churches, praying to God and Jesus for
forgiveness, etc. Prince of Darkness suspects that there
might also be still a select few who still believe in
himself and his coming. He follows familiar symbols that
have been idly sprayed throughout the city that lead him to
an abandoned factory.
This hideout is located on the outskirts of the city, beside
the polluted ocean.
The building is old, decaying, unstable. All windows have
been boarded up or smashed.
An old fashioned cage elevator descends into the factory
basement where Prince of Darkness discovers a gathering of
people, all dressed in black cloaks, their faces covered
with masks, listening to a man calling himself ‘DRAGON’
(dressed in a red cloak and hockey mask).
Dragon preaches about the darkness and the coming of the
'dark one'. Prince of Darkness observes that, although
Dragon has a minute knowledge of what he’s talking about,
most of what he says is basically bull. Everyone at the
gathering is then expected to give money. This only enrages
Prince of Darkness further. At this point everything hits
Prince of Darkness at once: he has come to bring about the
Reign of Darkness only to discover that simple required
tasks could not even be fulfilled by Dr Peck, his
bride-to-be has denied him, what followers he does have are
no more than basement dwelling fanatics and this preacher is
making up everything as he goes along. Prince of Darkness
appears only able to harm those who 'love' him rather than
those who oppose him.
Prince of Darkness follows Dragon to his home...


Dragon drives an old, rough looking car and lives in a
working class neighbourhood in a small semi-detatched house.
The front garden is overgrown and uncared for, the white
picket fence fallen.
Dragon, 40's, no longer in his costume, pulls up on the
drive way and enters his house.
Dragon appearance is of the burnt-out hippy type: long,
dirty hair, beard, sandals, baggy, scruffy clothing. He
wears a peace symbol around his neck on a piece of string.
Prince of Darkness watches Dragon from the shadows across
the street.
We enter a small, compact kitchen with dirty tiles on the
floor and walls, a grease covered cooker, dish-filled sink
and coffee-ring covered work tops. In the center of the
kitchen sits a small dining table with four chairs.
Dragon enters.
He gins to make himself a sandwich: gets bread out of
cupboard, chesse, butter from the frigde and knife out of a
Dragon throws the knife into the sink: no-one is sitting at
the table.
Dragon puts the cheese and butter back into the fridge. He
closes the door: Prince of Darkness sits at the table,
Dragon notices Prince of Darkness - startled, he drops his
half-eaten sandwich onto the floor.
      (startled - to
       Prince of
Who the HELL are you?!
Prince of Darkness, his face shadowed, smokes leisurely.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (cool, polite)
Sit down, please.


What are you doing here?! What do
you want?!
Prince of Darkness exhales, smoke rises slowly. He does not
Hey man! I said, what-
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (cuts in)
That was a nice sermon you gave
Dragon moves forward quickly. He looks at Prince of Darkness
in the light. He remembers his face from the gathering
You? You were there! No-one is
supposed to come here. did you
follow me?!
Dragon awaits a responce - he does not get one.
Why did you come here? What do you
want, man?
Prince of Darkness stares straight ahead.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
I came to see you...
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Yes, you. I have something that
you want.


Something I want?
Oh yeh, what's that then?
Prince of Darkness slowly turns his head - looks straight at
Dragon. His eyes slowly change to red.
Dragon is terrified. He becomes unbalanced.
Prince of Darkness leans forward slightly and extinguishes
his cigarette on the table top.
Dragon notices the bullet hole in the back of his head.
Blood slowly drips onto the floor.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Sit down!
Dragon realises who he is dealing with. He sits clumsy - he
does not take his eyes of Prince of Darkness.
What do you want from me?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Tell me, about your speech
tongight... did you write it
Dragon is confused.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
I mean, the information, details.
Did you read books? Did you
research it all?
Well, er...
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Or did you, by chance...


Prince of Darkness stares at Dragon, eye-to-eye.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
... make the whole, fucking, thing
Listen, Sir... my Lord. The rest
of the world has yet to see and
understand what we are... what YOU
Prince of Darkness is unimpressed.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
And what are we?
A new beginning... THE new
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
No, you are nothing.
You have come to lead us. To show
the world...
Prince of Darkness raises his hands into the air, looking
up, his eyes wide open. Full of passion.
Prince of Darkness waits for the complete sentence - it
doesn't come.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
To show the world...?
Dragon looks down at Prince of Darkness. He cannot find the
words he wants. He lowers his arms, and points one at Prince
of Darkness.


      (to Prince of
Prince of Darkness looks at Dragon - he pretends to be
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Prince of Darkness laughs hysterically.
Dragon is puzzled at Prince of Darkness' response.
That is why you are here, isn't
it? To lead us?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Lead who? Lead you? You and your
basement dwelling fanatics? Lead
you to where?
The Reign of Darkness!
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
We have worked hard for you, my
Lord. We prepared for your coming.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Well, I must have missed something
or at least caught you all at a
bad time. I do not expect to be
crawling around in sewers,
clearing up all the mess, doing
what should have already been done
for me before I arrived!
I don't understand.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Dragon looks down at the filthy table top.
Prince of Darkness decides to test Dragon:
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Where's the girl?
Dragon looks up at Prince of Darkness - still puzzled.
What girl?
Prince of Darkness jumps up out of his chair furious. He
grabs Dragon by the head and violently snaps his neck,
continuing to pull and twist until the head detaches from
the neck. Blood showers Prince of Darkness, he hisses and
snarls like a wild beast, holding the severed head in his
hand. He throws it across the kitchen. It lands in the sink.
The body remains upright in the chair, twitching.
It then flops forward and lands on the table - blood pours
onto the surface.
Prince of Darkness leaves immediately.


Fade In:
The shadows... the darkness - a sense of death.
The wind howls loud and violent.
And then, light appears. We see the sun, blood red -
Below the sun, below us, a think blanket of clouds.
Adrian appears like magic, dancing wildly yet in slow motion
upon a mountain top - his feet at the very edge. The
mountain is above the clouds - Adrain looks down at the
clouds as he dances - it's beautiful...
Hundreds of dollar notes begin to blow around Adrian in the
wind - the money he has stolen. Not too far away, we see the
source of the money: an open briefcase, lying on the ground
behind Adrain. And behind that, blackness...
Gabriel #2 appears walking slowly from the blackness - he
too appears black. He stops beside the case of money, in his
hand he holds a large, beautifully crafted dagger. He
watches Adrian for a moment then slowly approaches.
Adrain stops dancing and stares at the sun - its light so
powerful. In his eyes we can see that he knows what is about
to happen - he simply smiles...
Fade Out.
We return to the beautiful mountain of glass. The building
appears shadowed, as though a huge black cloud is hanging
over it.
For some unknown reason, the room appears darker today -
shadowed as though the light cannot enter.


The Angels of Mercy, all except Gabriel and of course
Gabriel #2 and Adrain - their seats remain empty, sit around
the huge marble table - they have been waiting a while and
are growing impatient. There are a few uncomfortable coughs
and shuffles.
It is a mystery why Gabriel isn't present and he is
extremely late.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (OS)
Good morning gentleman! I hope I
haven't been keeping you waiting
too long!
Startled, the Angels of Mercy all look to where the voice
had suddenly appeared from.
There they see the Prince of Darkess - he sits at the head
of the table, in Gabriel's seat. He grins.
The Angels of Mercy are shocked, speechless. They do not yet
know who this man is but they are not impressed by his
presence. They all wait for some else to say something.
No-one does.
Victor, who sits closest to Prince of Darkness:
      (annoyed at Prince
       of Darkness)
Who the HELL are you?!
Prince of Darkness looks at Victor with a false smile.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Victor)
Prince of Darkness swipes at Victor like a cat. He slices
his throat with one clean cut.
Victor gasps, as do the other Angels. He then, holding his
thorat, chokes and falls flat forward onto the table top
with a thud, dead.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Victor)


The Angels look at one another in horror. One or two pull
out pages, pressing then violently.
The great doors open and three bodyguards charge in, guns at
the ready. Suddenly, both of the doors come off their
hinges, falling forward landing and crushing the bodygurads
before then can do anything.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Now, please remain in your seats
gentleman - this room appears to
be quite hazzardous!
Some of the Angels are tempted to run, do they do not -
parallysed in fear.
ANGEL #1 jumps up out of his seat, slamming his fists down
on the table top in anger.
                       ANGEL #1
      (angry at Prince
       of Darkness)
How dare you come into here and
create such violence! This is
private property and a house of
Prince of Darkness leaps up out of his seat, slamming his
fists down on the table in a rage - his eyes light up red,
he roars like a beast at Angel #1.
Suddenly, Angel #1 explodes into a ball of flames, throwing
him back into his seat with such force that the chair, with
him in it, flies backward on its wheels across the room,
stopping as it smashes against the wall with a thud.
In fear, an Angel urinates, it trickles down along his seat
and onto the floor.
An Angel begins to pray, others follow.
Prince of Darkness sighs angrily. He seats himself and
observes as the Angels pray.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Angels)
I'm surprised y'all still remember
the words.
Prince of Darkness holds up a copy of THE PEOPLE MAGAZINE to
the Angels. On the front cover is Walter Gabriel.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (CONT'D)
Too busy getting your pictures on
the front covers...
Prince of Darkness looks at the front covers and giggles to
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Still, it lead me here!
ANGEL #2 looks up cautiously at Prince of Darkness. He is
about to stand, then hesitates.
                       ANGEL #2
Where is our brother, Gabriel?
Prince of Darkness looks up casually, pretending to be
oblivious. He then 'realises'. He puts the magazine down.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Oh! Brother Gabriel? You mean
Yes, he helped me decorate this
dreary room...
What do you think of the new
The Angels stare and Prince of Darkness and then, to their
horror they see Gabriel in the background. He hangs, spread
eagled across the stained glass window, blocking the light.
He is dead.
The Angles are horrified.
                       ANGEL #2
Oh my god in Heaven!


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (subtle - smiles)
                       ANGEL #2
Who the HELL are you?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Surely you know who I am?
You have been expecting me!
The Angels are bewildered.
Prince of Darkness stands.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
I am the Prince of Darkness! I am
the one who you have waited for in
fear! I am the one you pray about
to your precious nothingness! I am
fear, hate, Evil!
                       ANGEL #2
You are late!
Before Prince of Darkness can respond to this, ANGEL #3
jumps out of his seat and charges toward him, holding out a
golden crucifix.
                       ANGEL #3
God give me strangth!
Prince of Darkness is startled as Angel #3 dives on top of
him. They both fall backward, onto and over the chair
clumsily, hitting the floor.
The other Angels all stand and peer over at the two men
struggle on the floor.
Angel #3 cries out in pain, the Angels all sit back down
again in fear. And then, silence.
Prince of Darkness stands, unbalanced - his face and chest
covered in Angel #3's blood. In his hand he holds Angel #3's
golden crucifix - it too covered in blood. He looks at it,


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
It's gold!
Prince of Darkness stands silent, looking at the crucifix -
                       ANGEL #4
What do you want here?!
Prince of Darkness looks up at the Angel, zombie-like.
ABRAHAM GABRIEL, 20's, young, clean cut, has a sly look
about him, cuts in:
I'm know what he wants...
The Angels and Prince of Darkness look at Abraham.
Abraham stands and approaches Prince of Darkness
                       ABRAHAM (CONT'D)
... Project Genesis!
                       ANGEL #3
Abraham! What are you doing?!
Let's make a deal... my lord.
The other Angels begin to get nervous.
      (to Prince of
I'll give you Project Genesis, if-
                       ANGEL #3
      (cuts in - annoyed)
Stop this at once! How dare you-


Before Angel #3 can finish his protest, Prince of Darkness
spins launches the golden crucifix at Angel #3. It burys
itself into his head. Angel #3 falls to his seat, dead.
The room is silent.
Abraham is shaken, but continues to propose his deal.
W-What do you say? Do we have a
Prince of Darkness doesn't answer immediately. He glances
around the room at the other Angels.
He then looks straight at Abraham.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Abraham)
Let's get out of here.
As to be expected from The Sanctuary, the lobby is big and
luxuriuos with a marble floor, huge, glamorous chandeliers
and expesive paintings hung on the walls. The reception desk
is positioned to left and there are various Security Guards
scattered aboutn the place. Before people can enter the
building, they are subjected to a body search and scan.
Abraham and Prince of Darkness (still covered in blood),
walk quickly toward the main exit. People stop and stare at
Prince of Darkness, covered in blood.
A suspicious Security Gurard begins to follow them.
                       ABRAHAM (OS)
... in the early nineties,
Archaeologist discovered something
in the far East bleived to be
millions of years old. Word got
out and concerned religious groups
started to claim that is was a
mechanism that opened a gateway...


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS (OS)
A gateway to what?
                       ABRAHAM (OS)
A Gateway to another dimension, to
Heaven... to hell.
They never could make up their
Abraham and Prince of Darkness make their way through the
Main Exit/Entrance, followed by the Security Guard.
Outside, the sidewalk is very busy with people. Abraham and
Prince of Darkness stand by the Entrance, waiting for
Abraham's chauffeur to collect them in his car.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Abraham)
Tell me...
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Joseph... Where is it?
Abraham grins.
The suspicious Security Guard approaches behind them, coming
through the Entrance doors.
Well, before I tell you, why don't
we practise over nego-
Suddenly there is a loud BANG - a gun shot.
Abraham is hit in the chest - it throws him back, he smashes
through a plate of glass in the building. Prince of Darkness
looks up at the buildings opposite - the sun blinds him. The
Security Guard races outside - steps in front of Prince of


Darkness. There is another shot, it hits the Security Gaurd
in the head - blood sprays everywhere.
Prince of Darkness dives to the ground as there are more
repeated shots at him. Pedestrians scream and run in fear -
some are hit by oncoming traffic as they try to cross the
Abraham's chauffuer pulls up in his limousine, Prince of
Darkness quickly jumps inside. The Limousine speeds off,
hitting the odd pedestrian.
The Limousine cruises along the road.
Prince of Darkness sits up in the back seat. He looks behind
him through the rear window - nothing but chaos.
Abraham's CHAFFEUR, 40's, black, is strangely calm.
Where's Mr Gabriel?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
He's seen better days.
The Chauffeur just nods.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to himself)
So have I.
Prince of Darkness look through the side window - deep in
thought. He sighs.
He then notices a magazine on the seat opposite - it is
another copy of PEOPLE, the same one with Walter Gabriel.
Prince of Darkness then notices that the building behind
them is The Sanctuary. He thinks.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to chauffeur)
Take me back.


The Limousine does a sudden U-Turn into the other lane,
prompting other drivers to honk their horns. It speeds back
down the road, back to The Sanctuary.
Prince of Darkness has to get out of the Limousine a few
yards away from the Sanctary as the roads have been closed
off and a huge crowd surrounds the building.
Prince of Darkness pushes his way through the crowd, making
his way to The Sanctuary. People shout and scream - sirens
can be heard all round.
Suddenly, there is a gun shot. Everyone, including Prince of
Darkness turn to see a man - the sniper, fall from a high up
window of a building opposite. He hits the ground, dead. A
Policeman can be seen in the window, his gun drawn. There
are more screams from the crowd, and they all run over and
attack the dead sniper - the Police follow attacking the
Prince of Darkness knows that the Sniper was apart of the
Angels of Mercy. He pushes his way through the crowd. The
crowd becomes more violent.
Prince of Darkness is pushed and kicked as he forces his way
Prince of Darkness is punched dicrectly in the face by a
man. He falls to the ground, dazed.
Prince of Darkness stumbles to his feet and continues
Finally Prince of Darkness makes it to The Sanctuary Main
Entrance. It is covered by the Police, fireman and
Prince of Darkness leaves the crowd and casually walks
toward the building, as though invisable to everyone.
Prince of Darkness walks through the smashed window that
Abraham had gone through, stepping over the dead Abraham,
blood and broken glass.
He makes his way to the elevator.


Prince of Darkness stands in the doorway, making him look
very small in comparison. The doors still lie on the floor,
the bodyguards still underneath them. The only thing
different in this room now is that it has been abandoned.
All of the Angels have fled, and not before trying to take
Gabriel with them. Prince of Darkness observes a large pair
of ladders standing at the far end of the room below the
stain glass window, below Gabriel. But the Angels were not
successful. Gabriel still hangs high up, and whoever had
tried to bring him down had done a half-job - Gabriel now
hangs from one hand, lob sided. Prince of Darkness finds it
quite amusing.
Victor remains face down in his seat, the table covered in
his blood. And the other Angel is still sitting,
well-cooked, in his seat on the other side of the room.
Prince of Darkness remains still in the doorway - deep in
He makes his way to the elevator.
Prince of Darkness enters, about to press the Ground floor
button when he notices that the Basement Button has a blood
stained finger print on it. He presses it. The elevator
Suddenly the lights flicker and for a brief moment the
elevator shakes violently - in fact, it feels as though the
whole building is shaking. There is a loud buzzing sound - a
power surge.
Things soon return to normal - the elevator continues to
The basement is darkly lit. A faulty light flickers on and
off repeatedly. Prince of Darkness exits the elevator and
enters a Control Room. The Control Room has lots of control
panels, buttons, levers, etc. There is paperwork scattered
everywhere, the words PROJECT: GENESIS written on many, and
a spilt cup of coffee on a control panel.


The front of the control room there is a large glass window.
It is difficult to see what is beyond the glass except that
in the far distance there is a small, glowing light.
Whoever the last people were in this room, one thing was for
sure: they were in a hurry.
Prince of Darkness knows that beyond that window is PROJECT
Prince of Darkness finds the exit to the control Room and
Deep beneath the city, lies this massive, secret
underground temple. It is very dark, very gothic with huge
pillars and statues of religious figures and beasts on
either side - the walls made from huge pieces of stone.
Stepping out of the Control Room and entering the Temple was
like stepping into a time warp.
The floor was covered with sand and dirt. Down the centre of
the temple is a long narrow isle that leads straight ahead
to an altar in the far distance from where the bright light
was coming from. One either side of the isle, benches made
from stone like a medi-evil church.
Prince of Darkness was slowly and cautiously down the isle,
toward the light - mesmerised by it.
As Prince ofDarkness approaches the light, it becomes
blinding. It slowly fades until it finally disappears
leaving behind the empty alter.
Just a few steps away, Prince of Darkness stands motionless.
He stares at the alter. There is nothing. It has gone. He
looks up, hanging on the wall just above the altar is a huge
crucifix made from stone. He looks at Jesus, hands and feet
nailed - so sad.
                       MR JANUS (OS)
      (to Prince of
He was a Great man (Jesus) - in
his time.
Prince of Darkness turns around startled - his eyes red.
He sees a man. It is MR JANUS, 60's, smartly dressed, long


tidy hair, beard, long nails. He has devil-like eyes and
carries a black cane. He sits on a stone bench - the front
row, his legs crossed. He smokes a cigar, has a stern look -
Mr Janus is surrounded by dead bodies - they were the Angels
of Mercy. They sit around him, their flesh melted by some
extreme heat.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Who the HELL are you?!
Mr Janus laughs, takes a long hard drag on his cigar and
blows the thick smoke into the air.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
      (to Mr Janus)
Hey! I'm talking to you!
                       MR JANUS
I am Mr Janus - a friend of the
These (the Angels) were my clients
- well, what's left of them.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
What happened here?
                       MR JANUS
Please, come sit down.
Hesitant, Prince of Darkness slowly approaches Mr Janus and
sits beside him. He lights a cigarette, not taking his eyes
of Mr Janus.
Mr Janus smiles. He looks straight ahead, stares at the
                       MR JANUS
      (looking straight
There appears to be a lot of
commotion out there...


Prince of Darkness smokes casually, preoccupied. He then,
like Mr Janus, stares straight ahead at the crucifix.
                       MR JANUS
Is someone dead?
Mr Janus has a child-like way about him, relishing in the
gory details, wanting to know the exciting details.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
One your 'clients' - he has seen
better days.
                       MR JANUS
Oh, poor Abraham!
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Mr Janus turns, stares straight at Prince of Darkness who
returns the look.
                       MR JANUS
How long have you been here?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Oh, too long - not long enough.
                       MR JANUS
Is like that is it?
Prince of Darkness decides to change the subject.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
What exactly do you do, Mr Janus?
                       MR JANUS
I'm what you might call a Silent
Partner. I'm the one who my
clients turn to when they are in
need. To the world, I do not exist
- and therin lies my power.


                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
But surely, therein lies your
biggest problem, Mr Janus. If the
world doesn't believe in you, then
you do not exist and you do not
have power.
                       MR JANUS
There are two sides to every coin,
my friend. So far, I appear to be
doing quite well in life...
How about you, son?
Prince of Darkness thinks.
                       MR JANUS
What are you going to do now?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Me? Oh, I'm just waiting for the
Big Celebrations.
                       MR JANUS
Oh, I see...
Your not from around here, are
you? Have you come along way?
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
You could say that.
They both stare ahead at the crucifix.
Prince of Darkness smiles, shaking his head in ignorance.
                       PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Who was that?
(Nods to Jesus on the Crucifix).
Mr Janus looks at him with disbelief. He remains stunned for
a moment, then simply sighs putting his hand on Prince of
Darkness' shoulder.


                       MR JANUS
Listen, Son. Time is money to a
man like me. And money is power.
I'll tell you what. If ever you
are in need of some... 'fatherly'
Mr Janus grins. He hands Prince of Darkness a coin - it is
blank, both sides.
                       MR JANUS (CONT'D)
... just look for the darknest
With that, Mr Janus stands and walks away, swinging his cane
as he walks, tapping it on the floor in his stride. The
'taps' echo.
Prince of Darkness looks at the blank coin, puzzled.
He turns - Mr Janus has vanished yet we can still hear the
tapping of his cane. It becomes more distant with each tap,
and then, disappears...
Prince of Darkness looks around idly. He stares at the
melted bodies of the Angels. Whatever Project Genesis was,
it had took them with it and left him behind.
Prince ofDarkness looks to the crucifix again.
He then flips the coin high into the air. It descends
quickly, falling into the palm of his hand...
We return to the abandoned factory, the place where Prince
of Darkness met Dragon.
Deep in the basement, Prince of Darkness has made his
Sanctuary. A furnace provides the only light.
Prince of Darkness sits slumped, depressed in his throne,
surrounded by his 'followers'. He stares at an old
television. The picture is fuzzy and distorted but we can
still make out images and sounds...


It is New Years Eve, and the countdown is about to begin.
Prince of Darkness watches...
                       TELEVISION (OS)
... and we are just seconds away
from a brand New Year!
Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!
Five! Four...
The old engines start up as the cage elevator descends into
the basement. The huge rusty wheels and cables creek and
Inside the cage elevator stands a shadowed figure, wearing
Gabriel #2's trench coat.
The elevator descends...
Prince of Darkness continues to watch and listen...
                       TELEVISION (OS)
Three! Two! One!
The Television roars with New Year Celebrations and cheering
crowds. Prince of Darkness continues to watch and listen...
                       TELEVISION (OS)
HAPPY 2009!!!
Suddenly, it hits Prince of Darkness. His jaw drops, his
face in horror. He was late and he didn't even know it. His
whole existance crumbles before him...


The cage elevator reaches the basement with a slight thud.
Prince of Darkness hears this - looks ahead at the elevator,
The cage door slides open...
Inside, a shadowed figure...
It steps forward into the light, carrying a daggar...
Prince of Darkness freezes...
It is ADRIAN...
He simply smiles.



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