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The Deceptive Edge
by Asham Edward

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Busking; hypnotisim. Murder. Short film; Unfinished. 2 star review?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Magician is performing magic tricks for a group of young
buisness women,
Ok, What i want you to do is go
along with me here...listen to
what i'm going to tell you...look
at me closely..ok...don't think
of your favourite card...or any
one card in particular...just see
it as it comes to you...ok?
Exellent...Ok...i want you to see
a card...nice and bright...burn it
in your mind...
...good and
a suit...
...good...and make it a card i
wouldn't usually go
for...a slightly strange card...an
ordinary one...an odd card...now
see it's
...ok...and once you have the
value stick with it...

Now...send it to me...

The 5 of hearts!
      (Spectators scream)
Magician continues to baffle continuous participants.
Along comes "Ricky"
An enthusiastic and optimistic retarded guy.
His reactions continue to draw a crowd.
Magician predicts a a freely selected thought, following
with the appearance of the item, which then levitates,
bursting into flames, producing a locked box with the
spectators watch inside.


The reatarded guy is now crying with joy. Clapping and
cheering. The question comes, on the magicians powers to
hypnotise, Mr retarded is the first volunteer. He couldn't
be more then happy to take him on board. The crowd must be
worth a $1000 at this point.
Ladies and gentleman..
What's your name kid?
Ladies and Gentleman, Ricky~!
Magician proceeds to induce hypnotic suggestion and places
Ricky into a trance
      (Swinging watch)
Watch the watch. Watch the watch.
A man pushes through the crowd, knocking people to the
floor, running at great speed. Grabs the magicians bag of
arsenals and speeds away down the street!
      (Forgetting rickys
       state of mind)
Get that man! Stop that man!
Bring that man down! Get him! Get
Ricky began to run, furiously...
Chasing his very footsteps, the thief ran even harder,
leaving obstacles in his way. Ricky trips and slips on a
spilled fruit stand. Ricky gets up, angrier then ever..the
chase continues! BAM! The thief is suddenly slammed to the
ground, crashing into a large stocky man. The magicians bag
spilled open, damaging his many props, some flying into the
Ricky pounced on him, choking him.
"He's going to kill him" someone yelled!
Ricky reached into his back trowser pocket, flicking open a
sharp knife and proceeded to stab the body vicious
People were watching on, in disbelief. Ricky drops the knife
and quickly runs through the crowd, as they backed off in
terror. Ricky was shit scared and fucking flying! Right
across the freeway, just missing on comming cars. There were
now several men chasing him, and lost sight of him very soon
after. Standing their, breathless...


A man driving a car is making a call on his cellular phone.
He has a deep frigtning voice. He turns down radio while
making his call, smoke is seen piling offfrom a cigar,
covering his identity. Chuckling evily to himself. Picks up
the phone and dials a number.
Yeah it's me. It's done.
Underground parking lot. 1.35pm. Ricky is hiding in a tight
ball in a dark corner in a hidden corner. Shaking,panting
and hyperventilating. Scared out of his mind.
What the fuck just happened. ahh
f-f-fuc..Fuck this! What did i do.
Oh my god. Oh my God.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Theres the son of a bitch. Stay
where you are! He's getting away.
With all the energy Ricky had left in him, he stumbled up to
the rooftops, over to the edge, and looked down. Shaking
2 Police Officers emerge from the entrance.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Don't do anything stupid, Its
okay.We know it wasn't you. We
know what happenedÖplease step
down. Donít do anything you don't
want to do okay.
Ricky steps down from ledge, looks over edge and freezes,
Starts shaking again and steps and walks towards officers
and collapses.

Ricky passes out, on the edge of the buiding. Vision come in
and out of focus, as the police take him, and put him the
car, and put him in a roomÖthe screen fades out to black.


Man enters appartment building.
Walks over to a door to the end and to the right, knocks on
the door and is let inside.
Seemed he had a different show
today, wasn't hypnotising no-one.
Went to the bar with the geezer,
spotted a wacko at the jukebox
playing Michael Jackson. Came back
and took up a seat right next to
me. Wanted to knock the cunts
teeth out. So i started speaking
to the bartender about the
hypnosis guy on streets. Talking
him up, sure enough this wacko was
listening in like a sluts orgasm
or some shit. Loser I tell you, as
low they can go. I stared the
fucker down, went over to the juke
box and put on stairway to heaven.
Bouncy balls this guy had i tell
you. He left the bar, sure anuff
went straight to him, clapping and
cheering like a fucking moron.
Frank and took our shots and went
outside, tripped from the pill i
slipped him, didn't need anymore
convincing then respect. Payed him
$50 to go snag the bag, right on
time, just as predicted. Gotta
hand it to you man. Couldn't have
worked any better.
                       MANS BOSS
Take this. $3500, i want you to
pay mr magical a visit. Plant this
in his house. The police should be
there soon.
Killer awakens, in a white room. Scanning the room with his
eyes, paralysed, twitching. Clothes are stained in blood.
Ricky quickly jolts himself out of shock and stands up in
frightingly quicky.
Where am i, That didn't just
happen did it!? Please tell me i


                       RICKY (cont'd)
was dreaming, please, oh
please..I'm going crazy arn't i!
Police are watching in from the other side of the glass,
Psychoanaylising his condition, in a grooup of three. Ricky
is slapping his head, walking around in circles, talking to
                       POLICE OFFICER
Complete schizo, Ben, ring his
family, bring them down to the
office please. I want to watch him
some more, we'll go in at 15:00.
Paul, could you bring in the
witnesses please? Thanks.
The magician is just walking through his front door. The man
is watching from his car, in the distance. Magician kisses
and hugs an attractive lady, his wife Ayeesha. Brings her
into living room. Man gets out of his car and approaches a
nearby window, peering through, finding a perfect to
stabbed him ayeesha, again and
again and again.
Why did you run for. You stupid
dickhead! Why didn't you tell talk
to the police?!
I couldn't! I couldn't handle it!
I have to think but i can't think,
it was terrible Ayeesha, bloody
terrifying! I can't stop shaking,
look at me! The police are going
to be here soon and i'm trembling
like i've just killed someone.
Sam, control yourself. How can...
It's that easy isn't it?
Ayeesha awkwardly embraces Sam, stroking his hair in a
carming cuddle. The man sidesteps along the wall and moves


round the corner into the house, placing the package in the
room. Notices a bong on the table, he has just enough time
to pull one before the the cops pulled up. Man gets in his
car, drives past the police, waves and nods and drives off.
Police knock on door and wait for "no answer". The door
swings open and the magician in costume answers the door,
invites them in and to have a seat on the nearby table,
sitting a bong. Ayeesha takes it away and apologises for her
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Thatís okay miss, thatís the least
of our problems at the moment. So
Why did you disappear from the
scene, Sam?
I was truamtic, I had to put
myself together. Itís impossible,
what happened, you know that donít
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Well thatís why we are here, we
were hoping you could tell what
happened, tell us everything, from
the very start.
I started strolling the streets,
aproaching people, showing them
some magic. One of the spectators
was great, i think his name was
ricky, he is your killer. I got
the impression he was kind of
skitzo, maybe
alittlebit...retarded. None the
less, he was gathering up the
crowd. His reactions were great.
Before long i realized i had a
whole audience, maybe fifty or so
people, so i went into my
10-minute busking act. I finished
and the show was a huge success
and was just about to sell them my
hat pitch. "Hypnotise me" this man
yelled! The crowd started chanting
" Yeah! Hypnotise him"
I thought what the heck, so i did,
put him in a basic trance and
proceeded to deepen his state of
mind, into hypnosis. Just as i had
him, in his subconscious, unaware


                       MAGICIAN (cont'd)
of anything around him..A fucking
man, who i'll never forget by the
way, came running in and stole my
gear. On impulse i yelled to get
that man, to bring that man down.
Forgetting ricky was in a deep
state of suggestion, he started
running towards him, I thought oh
shit, this isn't going to be good,
because, he obviously worshipped
me, and this thug just insulted
and humiliated me publicaly. I
wasnít really that close when he
stabbed him, but I was told there
were screams and cries from the
crowd when he strarted chocking
him, hes ganna kill him!
I have no idea how it would work,
but the suggestion must have took
place in his mind and he actually
did it. Then he ran off, crazily,
he was kinda retarded skitz in the
first place. But itís impossible
and have never seen anything like
it before.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Good. You don't mind if we have a
quick look around your house?
The police officers find some scattered papers, outlining
blueprints for his magic ideas. One page took their
attention inparticular. A retractable knife that releases
blood. Overlooking this when officer one pulled out a black
folder from a cuboard in the corner of the room facing to
the wall.
In their were photos of the matching description of the
thief. Close ups of the torso and face. Mug shots and phone
numbers, also a journal tracking his locations within the
last few days.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
What are these?
Them, I don't know, never seen
them before..i don't know what are
they? Are they yours Ayeesha?


Not mine, no.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Don't mind if we take them? Great.
That's all. Stay in contact. We'll
probally be wanting to talk to you
Thankyou for your cooperation.
They take the evidence and leave the house, into their
police car, and drive off back to Police HQ.
The officers enter their HQ, walk up some stairs and have a
quick expresso coffe, having just enough time to pinch a
young female officer on the ass on their way out. They walk
through a few coridors and come to the holding room, where
ricky waits.
They enter.
                       POLICE OFFICER
You seen these before ricki?
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
We found them in the magicians
house, the magician from the
street? So, you'r saying you've
never seen these before ricky?
No, no i havn't.
Why? What's all this about?
                       POLICE OFFICER
Gee, let me think. What's all this
about, what's all this about?
A murder! So you'r saying you've
never seen any of these pictures
before, well then, this next one
might surprise you a little bit
more then you suspect..
Slams down a full colour photograph of Ricky, in the
shopping centre! And by coincidence, in the background,
circled.. is the thief! Dated 2 days ago!!


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