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A Man and his Dreams
by Allen Edwards (ae819@bellsouth.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
A man suffering from depression, recieves troubled results from the medication and the Doctor who is trying to help him. Later meets a young lady, becomes infatuated with her as his medication reveals his evil side.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Daryn, Renee, and Jared all playing in the park, having fun,
wrestling around on the grass, enjoying the family
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
I don’t understand it…..Everything
was going good. I was so happy...
Daryn and Renee kissing and hugging each other, talking
while lying in bed.
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
      (Still somber)
I was a proud man. Proud of what I
Daryn and Renee arguing.
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
So Daryn, if everything was so
good and you were so happy, then
why are you here? What went wrong?
Renee slamming door in Daryn face, Jared looking through the
window at his father as he is kneeling on front lawn,
calling out for his family. Renee removes Jared from the
window. Opens the door again, Daryn walks over to her, she
shakes her head; in a no manner; then slams the door.
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
      (somewhat angry)
It was my entire fault. I should
have listened to her. All I can
remember is that we were
happy…Then out of
nowhere…….BAM!!!!! I get the


                       DARYN (cont'd)
divorce papers….
Daryn and Renee arguing over the papers. Daryn pleading with
her. Renee shakes her head, then gets into her car and
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
Daryn, tell me how that made you
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
      (louder, angry)
How did that make me feel? How do
you think it made me feel?
Daryn and the Dr. are continuing their conversation.
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, Daryn, how did that make you
feel? When, you received the
divorce papers. When, she would
not talk to you. When the moment
you knew that your marriage was
over. How did that make you feel?
      (very angry)
How the hell do you think I feel,
one day you have a great family
and the next day you are all
alone. How would you feel Dr.
Murphy?Jesus Christ…(back to
somber state)….You know, I look in
the mirror now and I don’t see the
same person anymore.
                       DR. MURPHY
What do you see?
I….I see…..I see a person who had
a great start on life. Something
that every man wishes for; a great
family, and beautiful and loving
wife, and a wonderful healthy
child. I see a person that failed
as a husband and father. I see


                       DARYN (cont'd)
someone that would rather be dead.
The way I see it doc, I have lost
something that means the word to
me and…….(wiping tears from his
eyes with his hands)
                       DR. MURPHY
      (handing Daryn a
Go ahead Daryn, Tell me. Tell me
what it is.
      (straightening up
       in his chair,
       wiping off his
No….No, this can’t be happening to
me. Not me…..It is only a dream, a
bad dream.
                       DR. MURPHY
You know Daryn, it is
understandable how you feel and
what you are going through. But to
say you would rather die, is
walking away from your problems.
Although your family feels to you
as if it’s over, you still have a
son. A son that you can still be a
role model for, teach him
things…(flipping through his note
pad, looking at his notes) Tell me
about your son, Daryn. What’s his
He is 8 years old, a wonderful and
funny kid. We all think our own
children are the best in the world
but I really believe he is. We
named him Jared Lee.
                       DR. MURPHY
Jared Lee? See Daryn, you have a
lot to teach him. Plenty of time
to spend with him. Still time left
on your life schedule that will
allow you to be a role model for
Jared. The kind of role model you
wanted to be…


It won’t be the same. I can’t see
him grow up everyday. I can’t see
that smile when he comes home from
school. (becoming angry) So, don’t
try to tell me I can be a role
model, the way I wanted to be one.
It is not the same.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn, again I understand why you
feel the way you feel. But, you
can be that role model you wanted
to be….(flipping through his book)
let’s go back a little bit. You
said this couldn’t be happening to
you. What did you mean? What is it
that could not be happening to
The fact that everything was
perfect and I screwed everything
up. The fact that I am now stuck
in this sad excuse of a body. That
I am here, telling you this story
of my pathetic god damn life. That
is what can not be happening to
                       DR. MURPHY
Again Daryn, I understand how you
must be feeling.
No Dr. Murphy, you have no idea
how I am feeling!!!
                       DR. MURPHY
Tell me Daryn, if you don’t wish
to be here then you are free to
leave. Remember, you are the one
who contacted me. I did not call
you….Look, let’s see if I can help
you, I am sure I can if you let
me. So, let me ask you this. What
is it that you would rather be
doing, instead of talking to me
right now?


      (stands up from
I would rather be with my
                       DR. MURPHY
Realax Daryn, have a seat. I don't
mean to anger you. Now, I am sure
you would rather be with them
right now but, you are stuck with
me. So, while you are here, let's
get you better. What do you say?
(flipping through his notes again)
What was it that ended your
      (somber state
Well everything was going great,
then one day I ran into a
little…..(a bell rings
interrupting Daryn) problem…
                       DR. MURPHY
      (interupting Daryn)
I am sorry Daryn that is all the
time I have for you today. We can
finish our conversation in our
next session. Try to do something
that will make you feel a little
Do things that make me happy? My
family made me happy.
                       DR. MURPHY
Well search for something else.
I'm sorry Daryn but I have another
patient to see. Schedule another
appointment with my secretary.
Have a good day Daryn..
Dr. Murphy opens the door for Daryn to leave. After Daryn
walks out, Dr. Murphy heads back to his desk. Picks up the
recorder to listen to some of the session, stops the tape
when session ends. Presses record again to begin speaking
into the recorder.


                       DR. MURPHY
      (puzzled look)
April 18, 2005, patient Daryn
Meadows. Nothing conclusive
determined. Scheduled the
appointment on his own free will.
Appears to be suffering from
depression, which is
understandable. Patient stated he
feels negative about himself and
stated "wishes he were dead", says
he's continuously tired, but has
had insomnia. Make a prescription
for Zoloft or Paxil for 80mg on
next visit. (stops recorder)
Interesting subject.
Dr. Murphy and Daryn having a session
Dr. Murphy and Daryn having a session
Dr. Murphy and Daryn having a session
Daryn is sitting in a chair, with a gun in his hand, he
starts to put the gun into his mouth, and his hand is
shaking. He is having trouble carry through with what he is
      (holding gun under
       his chin)
Come on…..You can do this. I can
do this…..(moves gun from mouth to
head, still shaking) Got to get
calm, I can do this…..


You pathetic piece of shit…
Daryn quickly pulls gun from his head and waving it around
trying to discover where the voice is coming from.
Who's there? Show yourself. I have
a gun!
      (starts laughing)
Eweeee….”I have a gun…(continues
You better tell me who you are and
let me see you….Come on, I’ll
Sure you will you fucking loser.
You couldn’t pull the trigger
earlier, what makes you think you
could pull it now?
Daryn has stood up now and swaying left to right panning the
room trying to figure out where the voice is coming from.
Daryn is becoming a little scared now, still waving the gun.
Don’t tempt me…(pulls the trigger,
firing a shot off) Now tell me who
and where you are!!!
Wow, I’m impressed Daryn. You shot
a hole right through the wall,
very good….
I mean it, I'm not playing!!!
Daryn, Daryn, Daryn….you
disappoint me. You can’t tell the
sound of your own voice?
Of course I can, I'm not stupid!


Well apparently you can’t….you
want to see….turn around.
Daryn turns around slowly, still holding the gun out. As he
is turning he sees his reflection in the long mirror hanging
from the wall…he drops the gun down to his side.
This can’t be possible….
Starts pulling the gun up and down, seeing himself do this
in the mirror.
See, I told you…what's wrong
Daryn, you seem a little...
disappointed? Not glad to see it's
you? I mean me….no it's us (starts
What do you want?
I want you to get up off your lazy
ass and kill the bitch!
Yes Daryn, I want you to kill the
bitch! You know bang,
bang…..Shoot, kill…dead….
Who am I suppose to kill?
Renee! She ruined our life….
Renee appears into the mirror. The image is holding onto
Renee with a gun to her head. Renee is reaching out to Daryn
asking for his help. Daryn turns away from the mirror,
shaking his head.
      (not believing
       what he is seeing)
I can’t kill her…she’s the mother
of my son. I can’t, I won’t do it.


                       DARYN (cont'd)
(turns back around to the mirror,
shaking his head) No! I won’t do
The image cocks the gun, and places it to Renee’s head.
You do it or I will….
No, I am not going to do it….
Daryn places his hands over his eyes, when a gun shot is
Daryn jumps up from the bed out of a sleep, looks around the
room noticing he is in his room and it was just a dream. He
reaches over to the phone and picks up the phone and dials
Renee? Are you alright?
                       RENEE (Voice on phone)
Daryn, it’s 3 o’clock in the
morning, what do you want?
I want to make sure you and Jared
are alright.

Of course we are alright, we are
asleep. What do you want?
I….I just wanted to hear….
Another mans voice is heard through the phone, asking who it
is on the phone.
It’s Daryn…Daryn, what do….



      (interupting Renee)
Renee, who the hell is that? You
have someone there with you?
Daryn, I need to go back to
sleep…I have to get up early,
Renee hangs the phone up....followed by Daryn slamming the
phone down.

      (yells out)
Daryn gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom as he is
talking to himself.
Who the hell does she think she
is. That crazy bitch. If she
weren’t the mother of my child,
I’d kill her.
Daryn now in the bathroom with the light off, leans over the
sink and splashes water on his face and takes a drink of
water. He is standing there in the dark, looking in the
mirror, which he cannot really see, then reaches over to
flip on the bathroom light.
      (hollars out and
       lunges forward)
Daryn falls backward onto the floor bumping his head.

Daryn opens his eyes, he is still in bed, and he is sweating
profusely, looking around the room. The room is lit just
enough for him to see, but not clearly. He looks at the
clock which reads 3:00. Daryn picks up the phone, and dials


Dr. Murphy, I just had a weird
dream. I need to see you. I can't
sleep...I'll be in your office at
10 in the morning.
Daryn hangs the phone up, stares around the room, rubs his
eyes, tries to lie down and go back to sleep. After a few
minutes realizes he can’t go back to sleep turns on the TV
and watches it.
Cars are parked out front of the complex, some people are
walking out of the building.
Dr. Murphy and Daryn are in the middle of their session.
                       DR. MURPHY
I understand Daryn, but I have
seen a few improvements since our
first visit, outside of your
dreams anything else going on? How
is the medication I gave you
working out?
I guess it's working…
                       DR. MURPHY
Well Daryn, you were diagnosed
with depression. You also stated
you wanted to kill yourself. Have
you felt like doing that anymore?
No, not really….But there is
something else though.

                       DR. MURPHY
What is it?
I have been seeing images of
myself a lot, doing some bad
things…telling me to kill…


                       DR. MURPHY
Telling you to kill? Kill who?

Renee...telling me that she is the
cause of what is wrong with us
                       DR. MURPHY
Us? Who's us?
Me and myself....It's hard to
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn, are you sure that is not
just thoughts from the way you
were feeling as how your marriage
I am sure it is not just a
feeling, (frustrated) I see
myself, I hear myself…I’m not
                       DR. MURPHY
I am not saying you are crazy
Daryn. I’m just trying to
understand what it is that’s
happening. Daryn, I would like
(bell rings, ending session).
Well, I’m sorry Daryn, that’s all
the time we have for today. Would
you mind if I talked with Renee?
Dr. Murphy gets up to open the door for Daryn as Daryn
Why do you need to talk to her?
                       DR. MURPHY
I would like to talk with her to
get some different ideas on you,
so I can better help you. You do
believe I’m here to help you,


Yeah, I guess. But you are not
going to tell her anything we have
talked about are you?
                       DR. MURPHY
Certainly not, everything you and
I talk about is confidential….Oh,
I almost forgot, here is a number
for a job that I think might help
you with getting your life back in
order. They are expecting your
call. Make sure you schedule our
next session for next week
sometime. Have a good day Daryn,
and call me if you need anything.
Thank you Dr. Murphy.
Dr. Murphy closes the door after Daryn leaves the room,
walks back to his desk, and picks up the phone to dial out.
There is a female voice that answers the phone.
Hello….is this Renee Meadows?
                       RENEE (Voice on phone)
Yes, this is her…Who is this?
                       DR. MURPHY
I am Dr. Chad Murphy. I have been
talking and trying to help your
husband Daryn Meadows.
Ex-husband…what can I do for you?

                       DR. MURPHY
That’s right, ex-husband I’m
sorry…The reason for my call is,
there have been some strange
discoveries with today’s session.
Would it be possible if you could
come down to my office so we could
Well, I don't guess that would be
a problem. Where and what time?


                       DR. MURPHY
I was looking at maybe tomorrow at

Ah..1 o’clock is not going to be
good for me, but I could come in
around eleven thirty in the
                       DR. MURPHY
Well, I’ll make a couple of
changes to my schedule.
Eleven-thirty will be fine. I’ll
pass you to my secretary to give
you some directions. Thank you for
accepting to see me.
No problem Dr. Murphy. I still am
not sure what you could possible
want with me. but I will be there.
                       DR. MURPHY
Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Have a good day, hold on a second.
Dr. Murphy transfers the call to secretary, stares at his
notes from today’s session with Daryn
Daryn is inside his house reading a book, he then gets up
walks to the phone and pulls out the piece of paper the
doctor gave him, to make the call.
      (on the phone)
Yes, my name is Daryn Meadows…Dr.
Murphy gave me your number and
instructed me to give you a call,
said you all may need some
help….yes, I drive…..no, not
really….wait, you said I could
make cash daily?....Well, I do
have one question. I have a son,
if I take this job will I still
have the freedom to see him when I
want to?....That sounds like
fun….Alright, I will see you


                       DARYN (cont'd)
tomorrow, bye.
Daryn hangs up the phone and walks away.
he is waiting on the arrival of Renee. He is again looking
over all his notes from the sessions with Daryn. He picks up
the recorder, presses record.
                       DR. MURPHY
Should I tell her about his
visions of wanting to kill her?
Not sure...I have an obligation to
Daryn; however, he has talked
about harming her.
There is a knock on the door, the doctor presses stop and
heads to the door to open it.
                       DR. MURPHY
      (extending his
Hi, I am Dr. Chad Murphy.
      (shakes his hand)
Hello, I am Renee Meadows, nice to
meet you.
                       DR. MURPHY
Nice to meet you as well, mind if
I record our conversation?
No, that will be fine. Dr. Murphy,
I am not sure why you needed to
speak to me.
                       DR. MURPHY
Well, Ms. Meadows I have been
speaking with Daryn for several
weeks now. I wanted to tell you
that he has been suffering from
depression. He has told me it was
caused by your divorce and that he
misses being around you and your
son. Can you tell me anything
about Daryn that might help me
understand him a little more so I
can help him?


Well, I am not quite sure what you
would like for me to say about
Daryn, but, he is a wonderful
father and was a great husband at
one time in our life together
                       DR. MURPHY
Alright, let me explain a little
more. Daryn has told me his side
of the story why your marriage
ended, can you tell me yours?
There were times in our marriage
when I felt Daryn was not there
for me, to support me, to
communicate and compromise with
me. Then there were times when I
felt like I didn’t know who he
was. Like he was not the same man
I married.
                       DR. MURPHY
Why do you say,
"he was not the same man?" Can you
explain a little more?
There would be several times I
would be telling him about my day;
Daryn had this knack or special
gift of making people feel better
when they were down, he was easy
to talk to. See, I could have had
a bad day and wanted to talk to
him and Daryn would just sit
there, look deep into my eyes; as
if he were trying to join me. So
he could experience the day right
along with me. But for the last
several weeks Daryn would not look
at me. He would say, "I don't feel
like talking tonight." He just
started ignoring me, like he had
something else on his mind. I
later found out what that was.
                       DR. MURPHY
What was that?


Daryn developed a gambling
problem. So much of one that it
caused our credit to hit
rock-bottom and we almost lost the
house because of it.
                       DR. MURPHY
I see….Did Daryn ever show you any
means of aggression? Did he harm
you in any way?
Absolutely not, he is harmless.
                       DR. MURPHY
      (writting in his
I see....How is his relationship
with Jared?
Daryn is a wonderful father. I
think sometimes Daryn says things
to me so I will feel guilty about
divorcing him. But, Daryn loves
Jared, he sees him on a regular
                       DR. MURPHY
      (writting in notes
Well thats good....How would you
describe yours and Daryn’s
relationship now?
At times we are cordial, you know
around or when it comes to Jared.
                       DR. MURPHY
What about other times?
We are recently divorced couple,
what do you think Dr. Murphy?
                       DR. MURPHY
I understand, however I would like
for you to tell me some things, so
that I may better understand what
is going on.


He says things and does thing that
get me so angry. At those times I
either have to hang up the phone
on him or close the door in his
face. He just makes me so mad that
I don’t want to talk to him or see
him at that time…I know I do that
to him, because part of me still
wishes we were together and still
had our family and then reality
sets in and tells me it’s the best
for me and Jared.
                       DR. MURPHY
When you “shut” Daryn out, do you
see or notice any changes in his
No, not really. However sometimes
he tries to continuously apologize
to me, which at the time I don’t
want to hear or see him.
                       DR. MURPHY

Ms. Meadows, has Daryn ever…never
mind. I would like for you to
explain to me how Daryn’s
childhood was, what you know of?
Well, I know his father wasn’t
around him much and that he didn’t
support Daryn in some of the
choices he made…Dr. Murphy, I’m
not really sure as to why you have
asked me in here today. With the
type of things you are asking me,
I feel like you are looking for me
to say something bad about Daryn
and I will not do that.
                       DR. MURPHY
Ms. Meadows, I don’t know how to
say this, so I will be as blunt as
Please doctor, I would appreciate



                       RENEE (cont'd)
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn was in my office yesterday,
right before I called you. He told
me that he has had dreams, that he
sees himself, and in these dreams,
they mention about killing you or
wanting you dead.
Dr. Murphy, that is absurd. I have
told you Daryn is harmless. Dr.
Murphy, if this is what you have
asked me in here for, because you
think Daryn is trying to kill me
or that he is crazy. You are
completely wrong. Daryn is the
kindest man I have ever known.
Sure, he does have his anger side
just like anyone. But I assure
you, he is not some raving psycho.
                       DR. MURPHY
Ms. Meadows, I shouldn’t have told
you this, but I am concerned about
your safety and his well being.
You know doctor, if Daryn is
depressed, then I think you need
to stick to helping him get better
and to get on with his life.
Instead you are asking me these
crazy questions and trying to
scare me. Daryn is not what you
think he is, I’m sorry Dr. Murphy,
but I think I should leave now.
Renee gets up to leave in a hurry. Dr. Murphy gets up to see
Renee out.

I am fine Dr. Murphy, I can see my
own way out. I can't believe you
are saying these things.
Renee walks out the door and close it behind her. Dr. Murphy
picks up his recorder again and speaks into it.


                       DR. MURPHY
After talking to Ms. Meadows
today, I am not sure how to handle
this situation. (stops recorder)
Not sure what I should do….
Daryn is lying in bed watching TV, when the phone rings, he
picks up the phone to answer it.
                       RENEE (Voice on phone)
Daryn, I had a visit with Dr.
Murphy earlier today.
Yes I know, he asked me if it was
alright if he talked with you.
What did you talk about?
      (still angry)
Well, I don't appreciate you
dragging me into your problems. I
took a day away from my clients to
go and talk with him and he said
some pretty bad things, some
things that made me a little
angry. Daryn, if these things are
true then you are going to have a
hard time seeing your son.
Wait a minute, draggin you into my
problems? What are you talking
about, things he said? What could
he have said for me not to be able
to see Jared? Renee,what in the
hell did he say to you?
Maybe you should ask your doctor
about that. According to what Dr.
Murphy said to me you appear to
have some issues and I am not
happy with what I heard from him.


                       RENEE (cont'd)
How do you expect to be a good
role model for your son? How the
hell do you expect to be a father?
Damn, I am so glad we are divorced
right now, I don't know who the
hell you are….I can't believe you
would say that you wished I was
dead...No, Im sorry. That you
wanted to kill me.
Renee hangs the phone up, then Daryn hangs up the phone with
an angered look on his face.
That damn doctor, he told me that
he wasn’t going to say anything to
her…He lied to me….I can’t trust
him anymore.
Daryn gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom, turns on
the light. His image is shown quickly with Renee and a gun
pointed at her head, Daryn stands there and looks into the
Look, I don’t need this right now,
leave me alone.
Now, we don’t just kill Renee, but
we kill that doctor. He fucked
everything up, you know he did.
Daryn places his hands over his face with his eyes close.
Opens his eyes, then moves his hands and notices the image
gone. He shows a sign of relieve
      (lunging forward)
      (hollars out)
Leave me alone…..
Daryn grabs his medicine and takes some with a glass of
water. Closes his eyes and opens them slowly, his image
appears in front of him.


Feed me, give me fuel, and give me
fire….What makes you weak only
makes me stronger. (continues
Daryn then runs out of the bathroom, and sits down on his
bed, then he lies back, his head is resting on his pillow.
He is trying to forget all that has happened. He then falls
asleep leaving the TV on.
Daryn is in his car pulling into Dr. Murphy’s office
complex, in a hurry. He gets out of the car the runs inside
the office building.

Dr. Murphy is going through some noted that he has made.
Daryn bursts through the door.
      (very angry)
Dr. Murphy, how could you?
                       DR. MURPHY
      (surprised look)
Daryn, what are you doing here?
You told me you were not going to
say anything to her about what we
talked about. You betrayed me. I
can’t believe it I trusted you.
                       DR. MURPHY
I was concerned for you Daryn. I
only want to help.


Well, your concern has ruined
everything now.

                       DR. MURPHY
Please Daryn, have a seat I have a
little time, let’s talk about it.

I can’t see my son anymore,
there’s no chance for my family to
be together again…I think you have
helped enough.
                       DR. MURPHY
Please Daryn, I want to help,
please let’s talk about it.

No. you can't help me anymore. You
have destroyed everything I once
had. I have to fix this on my own.
Because of you, this is what has
to be done.
Daryn storms out of the office. Dr. Murphy tries to catch up
to him. Daryn is pulling away from his office complex in a
Daryn is pulling away from his office complex in a hurry.
Dr. Murphy looks out in disgust, turns around and walks back
Dr. Murphy walks back in his office and dials out on the
                       DR. MURPHY
      (on the phone)
Daryn please….I am sorry….When you
get this message please call me. I
can help you if you let me.


Dr. Murphy hangs up the phone, and walks back to his desk to
be seated, he then pulls out Daryn’s folder and looks
through the notes, then writes something down.
driving around delivering pizzas to different houses, it is
day, then night. He is shown to be happy with what he is
making a delivery, he drives past a house slowly, then turns
around driving past the same house again. He stops and looks
at the numbers on the mailbox and on the piece of paper.
After a second trip by, he stops and calls the number on the
paper. A sexy voice answers the phone.
      (on the phone)
Ah… Yes, this is the pizza
delivery driver…
                       FEMALE (Voice on phone)
Are you lost?
Well, yes…I have driven up and
down this street a bazillion times
and I can’t seem to find your
Well, don’t worry honey, you are
not the first person to get lost
delivering something to me. What
is the address you have?
1213 Cochran Church Road.
They always get that wrong, I have
asked them to change it over and
over again. It’s supposed to be
1233 Cochran Church Road. There is
no 1213 on this street.



Oh, okay, I see it…be there in a
I’ll be here…
Daryn drives into the driveway of the house he is supposed
to be at, gets out of his car and walks to the front door.
Felicia opens the door before Daryn arrives to the door.
      (looking mad)
About time!! (smiling now) I’m
just kidding….Mmmm, smells good.
      (capitivated by
       her beauty)
Yes it is….I mean, I'm sure it is.
Don't worry I didn't eat all of
it, I mean any of it.(smilling)
I'm not sure why I am even saying
any of this.
Don’t worry about it…You are cute.
Are all drivers as cute as you?
Daryn hands the pizza to Felicia.

      (smiling at her)
Well, I’m not sure about other
drivers, but I guess I am one of a
Daryn turns to walk away with a smile on his face, after
about 5 steps he stops, snaps his fingers, turns back around
to Felicia. Felicia is still standing at the door smiling.
Did you forget something?


I am such an idiot….I’m sorry that
will be 13.46.

      (laughing now)
Don’t be so hard on yourself. You
are not the first one to do that
either…Here you go, keep the
Thank you…Have a nice day.
Your welcome, you have a good day
as well. You be safe out there.
Felicia closes the door as Daryn walks back to his car, gets
in the car, looks down at the piece of paper that has her
name and number on it, looks back up to the house and then
closes his eyes seeing an image of Felicia and her smiling.
Daryn opens his eyes again, places the number in his pocket
and drives off…
Daryn pulls up to Felicia’s house looking at it from a short
distance away. He notices her car out front and sees her
walking inside her house. He pulls out his wallet and pulls
out the piece of paper that has her name and number on it.

      (to himself)
I can do this…(takes a deep
breathe and pulls out his cell
phone) Alright, I have to think of
a way to get her to talk to me……I
know, I will just tell her who I
am…No, she will think I am some
crazy-psycho. Hmmm…..I know, I’ll
pretend to be calling someone


Daryn closes his eyes and sees a vision of Felicia smiling.
He then opens his eyes and notices in his rear-view mirror
his image has appeared holding Renee with a gun pointing at
her head.
Will you forget this Felicia
bitch….we have work to do. Renee
needs to go….
Forget it….I’m not doing it….
Daryn closes his eyes and reopens them, the image is gone.
He opens the glove compartment reaches in….pulls out his
gun….looks at it….Looks in the rear-view mirror again, sees
his Image laughing and clapping…he closes his eyes again and
reopens them looking back in the glove compartment and grabs
his medication. There are only two left and he takes them
both…He closes his eyes, leans back in his seat and reopens
them again. Everything is now calm and peaceful. He dials
out on the phone.

                       FELICIA (Voice on phone)
Ahhh, yes…I am trying to reach…ahh
Brian is he there?

No, I am sorry there is no Brian

Oh, okay….do you know when he will
Well, to be honest with you….I
have no idea. Brian does not live
Are you sure? I was given this
number and told I could reach him


I’m sorry honey, he can’t be
reached here.

I’m sorry, I feel a little
embarrassed now….see he was an old
friend from high school and I
wanted to see how he was doing.
Don’t be embarrassed. Well good
luck with finding your friend.
Wait, don’t hang up.
Yes, what is it?
Well, I was told he got married
and lived here in the city.
Well, he doesn’t live here.

Then you two are divorced?
Honey, I’ve never been married. I
don’t know who Brian is.
Wow, I feel like a complete idiot
now….You probably think I’m stupid
No not at all, It happens to the
best of us.
Felicia and Daryn are shown talking, continuing their
conversation, for several more minutes.


Dr. Murphy is in his office and calling Daryn…First he calls
Daryn’s house no answer, the answering machine comes on, he
hangs up without leaving a message, he then tries to call
him on his cell phone no answer, he then calls back his
house and leaves a message.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn, this is Dr. Murphy. I
haven’t heard from you and wanted
to see how you were doing. Please
could you give me a call. I would
like for you to come in and talk
with me again.
Dr. Murphy hangs up the phone and walks out of his office
turning off the light.

Daryn and Felicia are shown in the middle of their
Well, Daryn I have enjoyed our
conversation. But I do need to run
Okay, I understand….Felicia?
Yes Daryn.
I’m sorry, I need to tell you

Go ahead, I’m listening.
I ahhh…wasn't really trying to
reach Brian. I just really wanted
to talk to you, but didn't know
how…. Please, don't be mad with


                       DARYN (cont'd)
me. I am not crazy.
I'm not mad and never said
anything about you being
crazy...So, do I know you? Is your
name really Daryn?
Yes that is really my name and you
might know me…You have seen me a
few times; hope this doesn't sound
creepy; but,I have seen you
several times and now I would like
for you to know me and for us to
be able to learn about each other.
      (concern in voice)
Slow down there speed racer. Take
your foot off the accellerator,
moving a little to fast.
I'm sorry.
So Daryn how is it that I know you
or you know me?
I…I delivered a pizza to you once
about 3 weeks ago, and you saw me
at the store the other day. I
really liked how nice you were.
That smile of yours stuck with me.
I felt like it was the only thing
that kept me going. Truth be told,
I see a lot of smiles everyday,
and yours looks like it belongs on
Wow….I….don't know what to
say….I'm not trying to be mean;
but,I need to run now Daryn. I'll
talk to you later on, OK?
Okay, Felicia, I’ll talk to you


Felicia tells him bye, Daryn closes up his cell phone and he
is looking at the light on in Felicia’s house. He sees her
shadow walk past the window. He then cranks up his car and
drives by her house slowly, looking again through the
windows that have the curtains pulled back. He sees her
through the window in the back of the room. He stops for a
minute to watch her. She turns around and starts walking to
her window, Daryn peels out, driving away from her house.
Felicia, then walks over to the window and looks out after
hearing the noise. Seeing only the taillights of a car.
car parked a few doors down from Felicia’s house. He doesn’t
see her car so he tries to call her, no answer….He continues
to sit there day and night waiting for her to come home.
Several days have passed, Daryn wakes up in his car. He
again looks to Felicia’s house noticing her car in her
driveway. He tries to call out on his cell phone, but the
battery is dead. Daryn then notices Felicia walking out of
her house and watches her get into her car and watches her
leave. Daryn follows her for a short distance then loses her
in the traffic.
He returns back to his house. Daryn walks into his house,
plugs up his cell phone to be charged. He then heads to the
bathroom to take a shower, as he passes by the mirror in the
hallway, he sees his image in the mirror. He stops and looks
at it.
Will you just leave me alone…
I can’t, we belong together. We
are like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I
want her dead. Forget about
Felicia….She’s trouble…
Excuse me…we are nothing alike. We
are definitely no Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde, they were crazy. I am
not crazy.
De-nile is not just a river in



                       IMAGE (cont'd)
Leave me alone…I am not crazy.
Daryn’s image starts laughing and dancing around….then
starts humming the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat…..
Row, row, row your boat, your as
crazy as can be…merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily I wish you would
kill Renee.
Stop it!!! Shut up, now….I wish
you would leave me alone.
Daryn closes his eyes, as his eyes are closed the voice
stops singing….when he reopens them he still sees the image.
He breaks the mirror in the hall, then runs to the bathroom,
to take his medication. When he arrives in the bathroom his
Image is there. As Daryn is looking for his medication he
hears his image talking…
See, Daryn you can’t escape
me….you…created me. Now, do me a
favor, stop being a pussy and kill
the bitch. Everything would be
much better if you would just kill
I’m not killing anyone…..
Daryn finds his medicine bottle and turns it up, there is
nothing left. No medicine to make this image go away.Daryn
then runs out of the bathroom as the image starts singing
the same song again….Daryn runs out of his house the singing
stops…..He then gets in his car, he hears the song again….he
pulls off his rear-view mirror and throws it out the window
the singing stops as the mirror breaks in the street.
What are you trying to do to us?
Daryn gets out of his car and runs to his front yard. He
stands there listening, he hears nothing.


No mirrors out here.
Daryn lays there in the middle of the yard, all he hears is
the birds chirping, children playing in the distance and
cars passing by. Normal things….Daryn, falls asleep in his
front yard.
Daryn is watching the news on TV
                       REPORTER (Voiceover)
Today in a press conference the
FBI stated there could be a
serial-rapist in our local area.
It is believed that he may have
some distant relatives living
here. He is to be considered armed
and dangerous. He is a White male,
around 6’0 in height with a medium
frame. FBI stated that he might
have some scars on his forehead
from where a pervious victim
fought back. FBI wishes for
everyone to lock your windows and
doors, and do not answer the door
unless you know the person. If you
see this person, do not approach
Daryn turns the TV off and leans back in chair into deep
Driving around he sees Felicia walk into a store. Daryn
turns in front of a car to pull into the parking lot of the
store and parks. He gets out of his car and walks into the
store where he saw Felicia.
He notices Felicia standing looking at some items. He is
staying back so he won’t be noticed. He continues to follow
her around the store. Felicia looks back, Daryn hoping she
didn’t see him dodge’s behind something. When he looks back
around she is gone. He starts looking for her. Felicia walks
up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.


Hello…Are you following me?

Oh god no….I just saw you come in
here and I wanted to make sure you
were safe.
Do I know you?
It's me Daryn..
Well that’s awfully nice of you,
Daryn but why would I not be safe?
Well…..because you heard about the
serial-rapist in our town, right?
Yes, I heard about that. That is
just crazy that something like
that could be going on here.
Yes I know….So, I was just keeping
an eye on you to make sure you
were safe.
That's nice Daryn; a little weird;
but nice. I am sure I will be just
fine. Bye, now….
Felicia walks away from Daryn and to the counter to pay for
the items that she has bought. Daryn stands there a little
disturbed as to the way Felicia talked and acted to him. He
continues to follow her as she is leaving the store and into
her car. He stands back a little as she drive off. He rushes
to his car still trying to keep an eye on her, gets in his
car and drives in the direction she was driving in.
He catches up to her staying back a short distance. Staying
close enough to see her, but her not to see him. He follows
her back to her house. Daryn parks a few houses down from


Felicia’s house, and watches her walk into the house. Daryn
sits there for a while as it turns dark outside. Headlights
are approaching, they turn into the driveway across the
street from Felicia’s house. Daryn watches as an elderly
lady walks to her front door…. Daryn looks back to Felicia’s
house and sees some lights on. He looks in his side-view
mirrors as to pull off. He sees his image in the mirror.
You are pathetic…You want her
don’t you?
Yes I do…
You didn’t learn from the last
bitch, did you…all women are
No, Felicia’s different…You stay
away from her..

I can see this is going to be a no
win battle. If you want her, then
go get her. I will let you have
her. But, we have to watch her, in
order to protect her.
I know….I’m not sure how though.

We have to get close to
her….almost like we are living in
the house with her.
How are we going to do that?
We need to set up video
surveillance. If we do that we can
watch her all the time. No one can
get to her.


Video? How are we going to do
that, I live to far away.

We have to move….
Move where?
The house across the street will
be a good place. We can see her
good from there.
Someone lives there right now…
You have to get her out…Make her

Make her leave, how am I going to
do that?

Daryn’s sees his image pull Renee into the mirror, there is
no gun, the image is choking Renee and shaking her until she
falls limp…..
That is how you do it…It’s quick
and quiet.
What are you saying?
There is only one way to get the
person out of the house so we can
move in. Remember we have to watch
out for Felicia. So, you need to
kill whoever is in there. Choke
them, strangle them, kill them.
Whatever it takes, just get rid of
them. Kill them!!


I told you I am not killing
Come on Daryn, if you want to keep
Felicia safe…you have to do
this….Do this for us…do this for
Felicia…do this for you and her
being together.
The image disappears, then reappears….
      (yelling and
       lunging forward)
The image disappears again. Daryn is sitting there looking
back and forth between Felicia’s house and the house across
the street.
      (to himself)
If I did this….I could make sure
nothing happened to her…and I
could always keep an eye on her
from there.
Daryn leans back in thought…then he drives away…

Renee and Jared are at the playground swinging on the
Mommy...I miss daddy. Where is he?
I know you do honey. Your daddy is
just really busy and going through
some stuff right now. But I can
assure you he loves you very much.
Can I call him?
Yes, you may.


Renee pulls out her cell phone and dials the number for
Jared. Once she hears the ring she hands the phone to Jared.
                       DARYN (Voice on phone)
Hey kiddo...How are you doing?
Good, I'm swingging right now.
Thats great, Where are you?
                       JARED (to Renee)
Mommy, where are we?
                       RENEE (overlapping Daryn)
We are at Ridge Park.
                       DARYN (overlapping Renee)
So how have you been?
Jared are you going to talk to me?
Yeah daddy, I am asking mommy
something...where mommy?
Ridge park.
Daddy come to Ridge Park and play
with me, bring my football.
I...I would love to Jared, but I
can't right now. I am in the
middle of something.


What daddy? I miss you and want
you to come play with me.
Daryn is on his cell phone still talking to Jared, while
sitting a few houses down from Felicia's house waiting for
her to leave.
I know and I miss you too. But I
have to do something right now.
There is a brief silence on the phone as Daryn is watching
Felicia's house. In the rear-veiw mirror daryn's Image
Forget about Jared right now..We
have a job to do.
You leave him out of this.
                       JARED (Voice on phone)
Daddy, who are you talking to?
No one Jared...I am talking to
Felicia exits her house and walks to her car. Daryn watches
her closely glancing over to the house across the street.
Felicia gets into her car and backs out of the driveway and
drives off. Daryn cranks up his car and pulls off slowly.
Jared, I need to go now...I love
Wait daddy....
Daryn hangs up the phone and drives past Felicia's house
slow looking at it and the house across the street. Daryn
then drives down a few houses more, stops the car, turns it
off and gets out. As he is walking toward the house across
the street, his phone rings again.


                       RENEE (Voice on phone)
Why did you hang up on your son?
He is crying right now.
I didn't hang up on him. I told
him I needed to go, that I had
something I needed to do.
What could be more important than
talking to your son right now.
Jesus christ.
Daryn stops in his tracks then gets back in his car with his
phone to his ear. Daryn's Image is still in the rear-view
If you would have killed her
already, you wouldn't have to
listen to this shit.
                       DARYN (looking into the mirror)
I told you I'm not killing....
What was that?
What were you talking about? Who
are you not killing?
Nothing Renee...I didn't say
anything about killing anyone!
I have heard enough.
Renee hangs up the phone.


Renee...Renee...Dammit (looking
back into the mirror) see what you
have done now.
It's time now, get your ass in the
No, I'm not doing it now.
Now is our time...Nobody is home.
We can surprise her and (smiling,
making a choke with his hands.)
Get in there now.
Daryn closes his eyes and yells out.
I am not doing it!
Daryn opens his eyes and the Image is gone. Daryn sits in
his car for a moment to collect his thoughts. A police car
pulls up besides him.
                       OFFICER FLACK
      (sitting in the
Excuse me sir? Are you lost?
Daryn has a stunned look on his face, when he sees the
police car. Daryn starts to crank up his car.
No sir, I am fine.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Sir, turn off your car.
Both officers step out of the car and walk over to Daryn's
                       OFFICER FLACK
Sir, please step out of your car
slowly and let me see both of your
Daryn steps out of the car with his hands slightly raised.


                       OFFICER FLACK
Now, I am going to ask you again
sir. Are you lost?
No sir.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Then why are you sitting here if
you are not lost?
I..I was driving along and I got a
little sleepy, so I stopped to
rest my eyes a little.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
Sir have you had anything to drink
No sir, I don't drink.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Alright, let me see your liscens
and registration.
Daryn reaches in his back pocket to get his wallet, while
keeping his eyes on the officers.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Stop right there....
What, I am getting my liscens for
you like you asked.
Daryn's hand is in his back pocket. He then statrs to pull
his arm up.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
      (pulling his gun
Sir, he said to stop. So stop!
that means don't move.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Cover him..I'll get it.


The officer turns Daryn around and leans him over the car
and frisks him.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Do you have any weapons or sharp
objects that might stick me, on
No...What's this all about?
The officer finds the wallet and pulls it out of Daryn's
back pocket. Then he proceeds to place handcuffs on him.
                       OFFICER FLACK
I just want to make this clear.
You are not under arrest, I am
just placing these handcuffs on
you for our saftey.
What did I do wrong?
                       OFFICER FLACK
I will explain that to you,
first...You have the right to
remain silent, anything you say
can and will be held against you
in the court of law, you have the
right to an attorney, if you can
not afford one, one will be
appointed to you by the court of
law. Do you understand these
rights as I have just explained
them to you?
Yes, but what did I do?
                       OFFICER FLACK
You understand, as I explained
that I have not placed you under
arrest as of yet. I have just
placed you in handcuffs for ours
and your saftey.
The Officer pulls Daryn's liscens out of his wallet and
looks at it.


                       OFFICER FLACK
Alright, Mr. Meadows Now what were
you doing here parked on the side
of the rode in a residential
I told you...I got a little sleepy
amd I wanted to rest my eyes.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
It's the middle of the day Mr.
Meadows, why would you be sleepy?
I don't know...I just was.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Am...I don't know, you guys are
freaking me out here. I am in
handcuffs and I don't understand
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
You are not telling us something.
It's not making any since.
                       OFFICER FLACK
I agree...what is the real reason
you are parked here.
There is a brief silence with Daryn looking at the officers
and closing his eyes and opening them again.
Alight, look...I didn't want to
say anything but..Look me and my
ex-wife were arguing and she just
really frustrated me.
                       OFFICER FLACK
So, you pulled over the car to
talk to her?
                       OFFICER FLACK
No? When did you pull over the


I said something and she hung up
the phone and it made me mad. So I
pulled over to collect my
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
What did you say?
Well...It's doesn't really matter.
She just made me mad. I wanted to
pull over and relax for a minute.
you know so I wouldn't drive to
her and do anything.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
Are you saying you would have
driven to hurt or do harm to your
Of course not. She the mother of
my child. I would never bring any
harm to her.
                       OFFICER FLACK
I would certainly hope not.
I wouldn't...
                       OFFICER FLACK
Williams, run this...
The Officer hands Daryn's Liscens to the other officer and
he walks back to the car.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Well, here is whats going to
happen. Officer Williams is going
to run your liscens. If nothing
comes back and you are clean then
you will be free to go.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Do you have any outstanding


I shouldn't.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Well good, if that is the case you
are free to go. where is your
registration at?
It's in the glove compartment.
The officer walks around to the passenger side of the car
while Officer Williams is running Daryn's liscens. He opens
the passenger car and leans in to open the glove compartment
up. The Officer sees a gun and calls out to his partner.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Williams gun...
Officer Williams imediately steps out of the police car and
walks quickly back over to Daryn, where he is standing at
the front of the car in handcuffs still. The other officer
pulls the gun out of the car and drops the clip and empty's
the one in the chamber.
                       OFFICER FLACK
      (standing at
       Daryn's car)
Mr. Meadows, this doesn't look
I'm sorry, I forgot that was in
there...I have a permit to carry.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
Where's your permit?
It's in my wallet.
Officer Williams find Daryn's carry permit.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
Mr. Meadows, why didn't you say
you had a gun in your car, when we
asked you if you had any weapons
that we need to know about?
I swear to you, I forgot it was
even there.


Officer Flack walks back over to Daryn.
                       OFFICER FLACK
I guess my question to you Mr.
Meadows is...Why do you have a
fully loaded gun in your car.
Especially after you made a
comment to us about not wanting to
hurt your ex-wife?
Well, I can't answer that
one..Although I have the gun for
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
Protection from what?
I saw the news report about the
serial rapist the FBI were talking
about. So, I want to make sure he
doesn't hurt anyone I know.
                       OFFICER WILLIAMS
So you carry it in your car in
case you see him?
Yes thats right.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Somethings not adding up..
Whats that? I have told you the
An announcement is heard over the radio.
All units in the vacinty of Pine
and Amhurst...211 in progress,
shots were reported fired...all
units respond.
Officer Williams responds to the call. While Officer Flack
releases Daryn out of the handcuffs.
                       OFFICER FLACK
Today is your lucky day Mr.
Meadows. Be careful out there.


The officers get in there car and drive off in a hurry.
Daryn stands there for a minute trying to reflect on what
just happened. He then gets into his car, cranks up his car,
looks into the rear-view mirror, the Image is there again.
You fuckin loser...You almost
ruined it..How are you going to be
with Felicia if you are in jail?
Your losing it. Get it together.
Now get in that house why we still
have time to do this.
I'm not doing anything today.
Daryn reaches up and pulls the rear-view mirror off the
front window and throws it in the floor board, then drives
Felicia is getting ready for bed when the phone rings and
she answers it.
Hello...Hey, how are you
doing?...Just getting ready for
bed now...Yeah, it's been a long
day, I'm a little tired...Tomorrow
night?...Yeah, sure we can get
together then, what time?...7
o'clock sounds great...yeah, I'll
see you then...okay by.
Felicia then hangs the phone up and finishes getting ready
for bed.
Daryn is standing across the street peeking through the
woods at Felicia's house and into her bedroom through
binoculars. He watches her change into her nightie and get
into bed, then watches the light turn off. Daryn then stands
there for a moment and walks back through the woods to his


The house is quiet and Daryn is asleep in bed. Daryn starts
to shake and jerk while still asleep. He stops then starts
back again.
                       DARYN (in his sleep)
No...No, stop it! Stop it!
Daryn wakes up and looks at the clock...it reads 3:00
Dr. Murphy is sitting in his office, picks up the phone and
dials out.
                       DR. MURPHY
Hello Daryn?
There is nothing at the other end.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn? Are you there?
Still no response back.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn if you are there, I would
like for you to listen to me...I
am very sorry about what I did. It
was wrong of me to do that to you.
Thinking back I thought I was
helping you, but I was wrong. It
appears that it didn't. I would
like for you to come in and sit
down and lets talk about
everything again, I really want to
help you get better. I know it's
hard for you to trust me now,
because of what I said to Renee,
but I really do want to help you.
I am sure you are out of
medication now, so come on in and
lets talk and I will give you a
new perscription..
                       DARYN (Voice on phone)
Dr. Murphy?
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, Daryn?


      (after a brief
I need to talk to you. Can I come
see you today?
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, you can Daryn. I will have my
secretary clear my schedule. You
can have the whole day.
What time can I come in?
                       DR. MURPHY
When ever you are ready.
okay...I'll be there in an hour.
                       DR. MURPHY
okay Daryn I will see you then.
After Dr. Murphy hear the line click, he then calls into his
secretary to clear his schedule and lets her know Daryn is
coming in.
Renee and her sister Beverly are having a lunch and talking.
WHat's going on with you and
I don't know...I was on the phone
with him the other day and he said
something that really destrurbed
Like what?
Well, I didn't get the gyst of it,
but I heard him say something
about...not killing anyone or
killing something...I'm not really
sure, but it really bothered me.


What? Killing someone? That
doesn't even sound like
Daryn...What did you do?
I hung the phone up..I couldn't
hear anymore.
Waiter comes by and asks the ladies if they would like
anything else. They both say no, and the waiter leaves the
check and walks away.
Wow! How do you handle something
like that? I mean for god sakes
it's Daryn, your ex-husband. Has
he said anything like that before?
Well...I've told you he has been
seeing a doctor right?
Yeah, he has been seeing this
psychiatrist for a while...I guess
it was maybe 2 months ago this
doctor called and asked if he
could talk to me.
Oh my god..why did he want to talk
to you? What on earth did you tell
I tried to figure it out all the
way there. Then when I got there
he asked me about Daryn's
childhood, about his father, and
about Jared and me.
Sounds pretty normal.
I agree...then he started asking
me if Daryn ever abused me or


      (slight giggle)
Oh my god...I'm sure you told him
he hadn't...Had he?
of course not...I told him that he
was harmless...then he told me
that Daryn has had dreams about
wanting me dead.
Thats crazy...Are you talking
about the same Daryn I know?
I know it is crazy, I got mad and
left after that...told that doctor
that I was not going to be the one
to say anything bad about
Daryn...But, now after hearing
what I heard over the phone I am
not sure.
Renee, You and I know; Daryn is
not capible of anything like that.
I know, but I am not sure what to
think about it...are you going to
get that or am I.
It's your turn.
Renee grabs the check and pulls money out of her purse to
pay for it. the sisters hug and say their bys and walk off
in different directions.
Dr. Murphy is sitting at his desk waiting for the arrival of
Daryn. Soon there is a knock at the door. Dr. Murphy opens
the door and invites Daryn inside. daryn enters room and has
a sit down on the chair. Dr. Murphy grabs his note pad and
recorder and joins Daryn in the chair across from him.


                       DR. MURPHY
Alright, Daryn..I am all yours
today, no timer..What would you
like to talk to me about?
Well, I have been having a lot of
dreams lately.
                       DR. MURPHY
Are you still having them about
killing Renee?
Not so much..
                       DR. MURPHY
What are the dreams about?
They are about a little boy..
                       DR. MURPHY
What is the little boy doing?
Visions of a little boy peeking throught the crack opened
door. Seeing a man and women fighting and arguing. the man
is towering over the women, slapping her, throwing her
around the room and across the bed. the women tries to fight
back, but with no prevail. The little boy tries to call out,
but nothing is coming out of his voice. He continues to
watch as the vio;ence continues on and on. Then the little
boy looks back into the hall and waves, smiles and then
continues to watch what is going on in the room behind the
partially closed door.
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
He is looking through the crack of
the door, you know it is partially
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
What is he looking at?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
A man and a women fighting and
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
Daryn are you this little boy?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
No, I don't think so..


                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
What else is happening?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
I look through the crack of the
door along with the little boy and
I see the man slapping and hitting
the woman, throwing her around and
onto the bed.
                       DR. MURPHY (Voice on phone)
What do you do?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
Nothing...I do nothing, I step
back because I don't want to watch
anymore. I just watch the little
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
What is he doing?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
He is still watching...then he
stops and turns around and looks
at me. he waves and smiles as if
to tell me everything is okay.
Like, I'll be okay.
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
What do you do then?
I close my eyes and open them
again and the little boy is still
looking through the door.
                       DR. MURPHY
What do you think this dream is
telling you?
I don't have any idea...But thats
not all.
Back to the image of the little boy watching throught the
door. The women is lying on the bed crying as if she is in
pain. The man is gone, just leaving the women there by
herself. Then the bedroom door opens and he grabs the little
boy and tosses him to the side. Walks past him and out of
site. the little boy stands up and looks and smiles again.
Inside the room the women is trying to pull herself
together. The man appears again holding a knife, walks back


into the room with it, he tries to shut the door but it will
not close all the way, leaving a crack in it. The little boy
again resumes back to watching what is going on. the man
walks over to the women and pulls her up by her hair and
starts stabing her, over and over again.
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
The little boy is watching through
the door again. I can see through
the door as well, I don't see the
man anymore. All I see is the
woman, she is lying there crying
and holding her hands over her
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
So the dream is over then?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
No..The man reappears and opens
the door, grabs the little boy and
tosses him to the side, like some
kind of ragdoll.
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
What did you do?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
I couldn't do anything I tried,
but nothing was happening..the
little boy picked himself up and
looked at me again and smiled.
Then walked down the stairs and
out of sight for a minute.
                       DR. MURPHY
Then what happened?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
Then the little boy reappears and
he is carrying a knife...
                       DR. MURPHY
A knife? Where did he get it?
I don't know..
                       DR. MURPHY
What was the little boy, doing
with the knife?


                       DARYN (Voiceover)
He was standing there with it,
then he walks over to the man;
hands him the knife. The little
boy watches as the man walks to
the door..
                       DR. MURPHY
Where was the man going?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
The man walked back into the
room...he tried to close the door,
but it was broke or
something.Wouldn't close all the
                       DR. MURPHY (Voiceover)
What did the boy do then?
                       DARYN (Voiceover)
He looked at me and motioned me to
come to look...so I walked over to
look through the crack in the
door. I see this man pull the
woman up by her hair and then he
starts stabbing her over and over
                       DR. MURPHY
So you see, this man in your dream
killing this women?
Yes, he not only killed her he
brutalized her..
                       DR. MURPHY
while this was going on where was
the little boy?
He was watching this whole thing
                       DR. MURPHY
What happened after you saw the
man stab the woman?
The little boy looked up to me and
smiled...and said to me, "it's
going to be alright."


                       DR. MURPHY
So the little boy talked to you?
Could you talk to him back?
No...I could say anything.
                       DR. MURPHY
I see...That is a very interesting
dream...So lets move on to
something else.
                       DR. MURPHY
What do you remember about your
mother or father?
I don't remember much about my
mother, she died when I was a kid.
I do remember her smile though, it
was so soothing..Kind of like this
girl that I met. She has that kind
of smile.
                       DR. MURPHY
Oh, so you met someone? tell me
about her.
Well, she is really beautiful, her
name is Felicia.
                       DR. MURPHY
      (concern in voice)
Felicia? Where did you meet her
I met her at work.
                       DR. MURPHY
Oh okay..do you talk to her much?
Sometimes...I make sure she is
safe though. I am not going to let
anything happen to her.


                       DR. MURPHY
Well thats good, you need someone
in your life that will bring
happiness to you. So, lets go back
to your childhood. How was your
I don't remember to much other
than I lived in different foster
homes all the time...until I got
to old and they put me out.
                       DR. MURPHY
how were the foster homes? what
you could remember?
All I can remember is I couldn't
wait to get out. Those nuns, man
they were mean.
                       DR. MURPHY
I understand..So lets go to your
marriage that you had.
Dr. Murphy...I am a little worn
out right now. Can we talk about
that some other time?
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, we can..Now what about the
medication, do you have any left?
No I am all out..I need some more.
Dr. Murphy hands Daryn another perscription, and tells him
goodbye. He walks Daryn to the door and shakes his hand.
Daryn walks out and the doctor closes the door then walks
back to his desk.
Daryn is sitting in his car a few houses down from Felicia's
house and the house across the street. He is watching both
houses, Felicia walks out to her car and leaves, shortly
after that the old lady leaves her house. After the old lady
leaves Daryn gets out of his car and walks to the house
across the street. trying to get in, he walks to the back of
the house and breaks in.


Daryn is climbing through a window that he has pryed open.
once he has climbed in, he walks around the house checking
out the place. Walking into rooms, down in the basement.
After searching the house, he hears a car outside. Daryn
then runs to the side of the door where it opens on him. A
key in the front door is heard, door opens the old lady
walks through the door. Daryn is behind the door waiting for
here to close the door. The old lady closes the door and
starts to walk down the hall. Daryn walks up behind her,
places one hand over her mouth and the other arm around her
neck, to choke her. The old lady struggles, but Daryn
tightens his grip around her neck with his arm and then
places his hand over her mouth and nose, cutting off her
breathing even more. Suddenly, after struggling so
vigerously, the old lady goes limp in Daryn's arms. Daryn
stops and lets go of her and she falls to the floor. Daryn
stands over the old ladies body looking down on her. Daryn
then places his hands over his head in disbelief at what he
has just done. He walks away and into the bathroom, turns on
the light seeing his image in the mirror.
See, it wasn't that hard, was it?
What have I done? I can't believe
I did that.
Get over it you pussy...You need
to hide the body now. Take it
downstairs to the freezer, it will
keep it from smelling up the
      (concern in voice)
What happens now? What if they
find her? What if somebody comes
looking for her? (drops his elbows
on the countertop) I have just
killed somebody. Oh my god, I
murdered somebodies mother.
Yes, you did and it feels good
doesn't it..You killed one mother
now lets kill the other one.


No! I am not killing her! Don't
even think about it.
Alright, look we need to move in
here. We need to live here now.
How do I move in here, I just
can't pack my things up and move
You fake your own death.
How am I going to do that?
You're a smart man, figure it out.
Whatever you do, you need to make
it look like somebody else did it,
and left no body around.
Daryn walks out of the bathroom and back to the old lady,
leans down and picks he up and carries her down stairs to
the freezer. Lays her down on the floor opens up the
freezer. Leans down and picks up old lady again and places
her in the freezer and closes the freezer up. Walks back up
stairs and sit down on the couch in the living room, leans
back to think. Then he remembers that his car is still
parked out on the street. He looks out the window to see if
anyone is out or looking. noticing noone, he walks out the
front door, and hurries to his car, get in and drives off.
Daryn is in his car driving around, he notices Felicia's car
drive by him. He turns around and follows her. Felicia stops
at a resturuant and walks to a table outside and sits down.
Daryn parks his car and walks toward her and pretends to be
walking past her. Then stops when he gets to her.
Hello Felicia.
Hi Daryn. What are you doing down


I was just driving around and
decided to stop and walk a little
Yes, it sure is a nice night out
Yes, it is. So, what are you doing
well, I am meeting someone
here...I'm sorry Daryn but he
should be here soon, I will talk
to you later okay.
Okay....talk to you later, have a
good night.
Bye Daryn.
Daryn continues to walk down a little ways, then stops on
the corner. He looks back to try and see who is meeting her.
Standing there and looking at her he sees the back of
someone approach Felicia. Felicia smiles and gets up and
hugs him.
That son of a bitch...keep your
hands off my girl.
The man sits down at the table with Felicia. daryn watches
for a little bit, then gets anger and can't watch any longer
and walks back to his car, gets in and leaves.
Felicia and Dr. Murphy are having dinner, and in the middle
of their conversation.
                       DR. MURPHY
So, Felicia, how has work been


It's been busy. And how the psyc
world going?
                       DR. MURPHY
Well it's been going good. I do
have someone I am seeing, that has
some issues.
What kind of issues?
                       DR. MURPHY
Felicia, you know I can't get into
I know...So, what are you getting
mom on her birthday?
                       DR. MURPHY
I'm not sure, maybe we can go in
on something together.
Yeah, that would be nice, we
haven't done that since we were
                       DR. MURPHY
I know it has been a while.
Dr. Murphy and Felicia continue their conversation whiile
having dinner.
Daryn is in his livingroom, looking around at his house
knowing that this is the last time he we see it. walks back
to the bathroom, and flips on the light and sees his image.
I told you Felicia was no
good...She was there with someone
Shut-up...I will have her you will


Whatever...so, how are you going
to do it..how are you going to
fake your death.
I have it planned out.
Daryn leans down and pulls out the first aid kit and lays it
on the counter, opens it and pulls out the pair of latex
gloves. He puts on the gloves, then walks into the
livingroom and start knocking things over breaking lamps and
mirrors. Walks into his bedroom and flips the bed over, for
the mattress to end up in the floor. Walks back into the
kitchen and grabs a big kitchen knife. Holding the kitchen
knife he kneels down close to the wall in the hallway. He
looks at the knife taking a moment to make sure his is doing
the right thing. Daryn takes the knife and scraps the knife
across his arm, blood start pouring from his arm and onto
the floor. Daryn then shakes his arm around as he walks
around the house leaving a blood trail all over the house.
After leaving blood in all areas of the house he walks into
the bathroom again, grabs the first aid kit and pullsout
some bandages, grabs some thread and a needle. Places his
arm in the sink and washes the blood away from his arm.
Pulls out the thread and needle, puts the thread through the
needle and starts to sew up his wound. Once the cut has been
sewn up, he places the bandages over the wound, cleans his
mess up. Grabs the first aid kit and anything else that ties
him to doing this he leaves out of the house.
Daryn walks out of the house and gets into his car and
drives off.
Dr. Murphy and Felicia are finishing up their dinner.
Well, Chad it was good to see you
                       DR. MURPHY
I know, we should meet up and do
this more than just on holidays.


I know, afterall we are brother
and sister...So, I will get with
you on mom's gift.
                       DR. MURPHY
Sounds good..Lets start doing this
every week.
Sounds good to me...
The waiter walks by and drops off the check. Felicia reaches
for the check, but Dr. Murphy grabs it out of her hand.
                       DR. MURPHY
I'll get that...
Okay, I'm not going to argue with
you. Afterall I am suppose to
respect my elders..(she smiles)
                       DR. MURPHY
HAHAHA, very funny...elders huh?
Yeah, you are the elder here.
Dr. Murphy leaves the money on the table and Felicia and Dr.
Murphy walk toward her car...
Daryn drives up in the playground parking lot. Pulls into a
parking space. Opens up the trunk, pulls out a gas can.
Pours gas all over the car while looking around seeing an
empty and quiet park. Light a Liqour bottle, and tosses it
in the car and watches it catch fire. He stands and watches
it burn for a while. he then grabs the gas can walks pff
into the woods...
Daryn is looking through the window at Felicia's house from
across the street. He notices her leaving and watches her
leave. Daryn then walks out of the house and gets into the
old ladies car and drives off.


The police are driving through the playground and notice the
burnt car. Pulling up to it, they call it in. shortly after
that several other cars arrive along with the fire dept.
They all start investigate the car. One officer notices the
tag and calls it in.
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
11-41 to central...
Central, go ahead 11-41
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
Can you run a tag...
Go ahead 41.
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
Alpha, beta, tang...6er, 9er uno..
Alpha, beta, tango...6er, 9er,
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
The car is registered to a Daryn
Meadows...321 Baker Drive...
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
Copy...Daryn Meadows...321 Barker
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
11-41 in route to 321 baker drive.
Copy...41 in route to 321 Baker
Officer Richards and his partner leave the playground for
Daryns house.


Daryn is in the store buying cameras, moniters, and a
wireless router. Gets all of this together and purchases all
of it. Leaves the store.
Daryn is placing all the items into the car. Daryn then gets
into the car and leaves the store parking lot.
The Police arrive to Daryn's house. They get out of the car
and approach the front of the house and knock on the door.
After several knocks on the door, Officer Richards walks
around to the back of the house. When he arrives to the back
he notices the back door is kicked in. He draws his gun, and
enters the house slowly. After walking into the house he
notices blood on the floor and walls. He stops and turns
around and walks back outside and calls in the house.
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
11-41 to central..
go ahead 41...
                       OFFICER RICHARDS
Need detectives in route to 321
Baker Drive.
Both police Officers start putting up tape around the house
in the front yard. Neighbors start to come around. The
officers motion them to stay behind the line.
Daryn arrives back to the house across the street, walks
back into the house with all the stuff. he notices that
felicia has not arrived home yet. he walks into the house
and closes the door.


Daryn takes all the stuff in the livingroom and sits down on
the couch and starts reading the material.
Detectives are walking around collecting evidence and blood
to send back to the lab.
Daryn is watching out the window into Felicia;s house
watching her walk around. A car pulls up in the driveway and
up to the door. Felicia opens the door and leaves with the
man. Daryn watches her get into his car and watch them drive
Renee is sitting on her bed reading a book when the phone
rings. She puts down the book to answer the phone.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT (Voice on phone)
I am trying to reach, Renee
This is her, how can I help you?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
I am Detective Knight with Walker
Police Dept...
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mrs. Meadows, are you related to
Daryn Meadows?
Yes, he is my ex-husband, why?
What's going on?


                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Were are not sure mamn, we are
looking into that. When was the
last time you talked with Daryn?
Ahhh...it was maybe a few days
ago, why?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
So, you haven't talked to him
today any?
No I haven't, Detective, whats
going on?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mr. Meadows may have been envolved
in a homicide...
What? Homicide?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mrs. Meadows, would it be possible
if you came down to the office to
talk to me?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Do we need to send you a car?
No I can drive myself, I just need
to get someone to watch my son...
Have you talked to his doctor?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
No mamn. he was seeing a doctor?
Yes sir...let me get his
card...hold on....
Renee lays down the phone and slowly walks over to her
purse. Pulls out his card, and walks back over to the phone.
Picks up the phone again.


His name is Dr. Chad Murphy...He
is located at 4500 Industrial
Drive suite 400. Do you need his
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
No that will be okay...We will get
it. So will be seeing you tonight?
Yes as soon as I get someone to
watch my son.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Alright Mrs. Meadows...We will see
you soon then.
REnee hangs up the phone. Stares off into space. Jared
wal;ks in and sees Renee just sitting there not doing
anything. Like there is something wrong.
What's wrong mommy?
Renee doesn't answer...
Mommy...mommy, whats wrong?
Popping out of it and noticing Jared standing in front of
What honey?
I said, whats wrong?
honey...nothing's wrong.
Who was that on the phone?
Nobody honey...wrong number...Why
aren't you in the bed.
Cause I woke up...


Renee smiles and hugs Jared. Tells him she loves him with
tears coming to her eyes. Pulls back and wipes the tears
Why are you crying mommy?
      (wipping her eyes)
I'm fine baby....I have an idea..
How about I take you over to stay
at Aunt Bevs tonight.
I have a better idea, mommy.
Whats that?
How about I go to daddy's and stay
      (tearing up again)
You can't tonight honey...maybe
another night...Now go get some
stuff to take to Aunt Bevs house.
Jared walks out of the room, Renee starts to cry again picks
up the phone and dials out.
                       BEVERLY (Voice on phone)
                       BEVERLY (Voice on phone)
Renee, whats wrong?
It's Daryn...I need you to watch
Jared tonight..


Renee, what about Daryn...What's
A dective called and said
something about Daryn being
envolved in a homicide and they
need me to come down to their
office. I need you to watch Jared
for me.
                       BEVERLY (Voice on phone)
Oh my god, Renee...I am so
sorry...Sure, bring him over or do
you want me to come there?
No I'll bring him there it's on my
Renee hangs up the phone and start slowly getting ready to
leave. Jared enters Renee's room.
I'm ready mommy.
Okay, we will be leaving in just a
Renee finishes getting ready and they leave out of the
Daryn is watching through the window Felicia's House. He
watches as the Lights go out. Shortly after closing the
window he walks out of the house.
Daryn walks and gets into the car and pulls off...
Renee arrives at the precinct to talk to the Detective
Knight. She walks to the front desk and she is instructed as
to where to go. As she is walking back she is met by 2


                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Hi Mrs. Meadows...I'm Detective
Knight, and this is Detective
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
Hi Mrs. Meadows.
Hi Detective...Now what is going
on? Why am I down here? What
happened to Daryn?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mrs. Meadows, lets go in here and
The Detectives lead Renee into a interview room. They
instruct Renee to have a seat. Renee sits down.
Okay, I am here...What is going
on? You are not telling me
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mrs. Meadows, when was the last
time you talked to Daryn Meadows?
I told you that on the phone...it
was a few days ago. Why are you
asking me this again. I want to
know what happened to Daryn?
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
We would like to know the same
thing Mrs. Meadows...Did you have
anything to do with this?
With what? You think I killed my
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Did you?
Are you kidding me. I wouldn't do
anything to hurt him.


                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
      (to Det Rogers)
I didn't think she would just come
right out and tells us she did
it..(to Renee) How well did you
get along with Mr. Meadows?
He was my ex husband..How well do
ex;s get along?
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
Some ex's do away with their
I did nothing of the sort.
When was the last time you were at
Mr. Meadows house?
I don't know....maybe like 5 or 6
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mrs. Meadows, we noticed you had a
large sum withdrawn out of your
bank account...Care to give us a
reason for that?
What? Why are you going into my
bank records?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Because this is a murder
investigation, and it's what we
do. Now why was their a large
ammount of money withdrawn?
Well, I am in real estate and I
was buying some property to resale
if you must know.
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
Will you excuse us for a
moment...You need anything to
drink...you need a lawyer...you
need anything?


Coffee would be nice...Why would I
need a lawyer, I have nothing to
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
We will be right back.
The Detectives walk out of the room, leaving Renee in there
by herself.
Daryn is driving around downtown. While driving around he
sees a bum walking around, Daryn pulls over to the side of
the street into a parking space, gets out of the car and
walks up to the bum.
      (tapping the bum
       on the shoulder)
Excuse me..
Yes, sir....I am near the corner
on lookout.
Excuse me?
You a cop, I am here to help you.
i know these streets like the back
of my hand.
I look like a cop?
I've seen a lot of cops in my time
and I once used a mop to clean the
oval office...so I am here to help
Look, buddy..How would you like to
make 500 dollars?
Do I get a broom with that?


What do I need to do officer? keep
the streets clean, I am your man.
The Bum leans down and picks up a peice of paper and throws
it away. Daryn grabs him by the arm and pulls him up.
Look buddy...you need money and I
am willing to give you 500
dollars...I just need you to be
here tomorrow night at this time.
I will keep the streets
clean..(hollaring out) Hey pick up
that trash.
Look be here tomorrow night, I
will be back to pick you up.
Daryn walks away and back to the car, gets in and drives
off. the Bum is walking around. he then walks up to a wall
and sits down, leans over and falls asleep.
The Detctives are in the room with Renee still in the
interview. Renee is crying now, while trying to answer their
I told you I had nothing to do
with this.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Mrs. Meadows, stay close, do not
leave this state in case we need
you again. cause if you do leave,
we will find you.
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
Whats letting you free tonight is
that we have not yet found the
body. So we can't really tie you
to it...but we will find the body,
and we will determine if you are


                       DETECTIVE ROGERS (cont'd)
the one or who is. Have a good day
Mrs. Meadows, you are free to go.
Renee walks out of the room and to the front of the police
dept and exits the building.
Daryn is watching Felicia's house through the window. He
notices her walking out the front door and sees her leaving.
He watches her get into her car and drive off. Daryn watches
the house for a few more minutes, then he gathers all the
video survalence stuff up and walks out the door.
Dr. Murphy is in his office looking through some notes, when
a knock at the door. Dr. murphy walks to the door and opens
it he is greeted by the 2 Detectives.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Dr. Murphy?
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, I am Dr. Murphy, and you are?
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
I am Detective Knight and this is
my partner Detective Rogers..We
are here to talk to you about one
of your patients...Daryn Meadows?
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn? What has he done?
The 2 Detectives look at each other.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
What are you saying?
                       DR. MURPHY
Nothing...what can I help you with
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Daryn meadows was a patient of
your correct?
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes I was treating him?


                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Do you know of any known enemies
that he had?
                       DR. MURPHY
I think the only enemies Daryn had
was his own mind.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
What do you mean, his own mind?
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn was suffering from
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Would you say Daryn was suicidial?
                       DR. MURPHY
Well, I can't really get into
that...you know doctor-patient
confidentuality agreement..
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Right, that agreement...Look Dr.
Murphy you could save us a whole
lot of time if you just help us
out here.
                       DR. MURPHY
I will tell you what I can...
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Thats fine...What do you know
about renee Meadows?
                       DR. MURPHY
She was Daryn's ex-wife...I talked
to her once. She got mad at me for
asking her questions and left.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
I see...So what else can you tell
us about Daryn?
Detective Rogers phone rings...
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
      (picking up the


                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
      (to Det Knight)
They got the trace back on the
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
      (to det Rogers)
great, finally some light at the
end of the tunnel.
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
Not really. (to Dr. Murphy) Do you
know or ever heard of a Michael
                       DR. MURPHY
      (shaking his head)
No, can't say that I have. So
Detectives, you have never told me
what is going on?
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
We found blood all over Daryn;s
house...which at first we thought
it was Daryn's, but now it turn
out to be Michael Murdocks. So I
have to ask you this...When was
the last time you saw Daryn
                       DR. MURPHY
He was in my office a few days
ago. We had a long session that
Detective Rogers uses his phone to call out.
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
      (on the phone)
Yeah this is Detective
Rogers...did you find a match on a
photo for the blood that was
found?... Good could you fax it
to? (looks to Dr. Murphy) Fax
                       DR. MURPHY
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
      (on the phone)
fax it to 555-4692...alright we
will wait on it. thanks


The detectives wait for the photo to arrive...shortly a fax
phones in and a photo runs through the fax machine.
Detective Knight grabs the fax and walks it over to Dr.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Take a look at this photo, do you
reconize this man?
                       DR. MURPHY
      (looing at photo)
Yes, That is Daryn...
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
what? Daryn Meadows?
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, Daryn Meadows...of course his
hair is a little shorter now, but
it is the same looking face.
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
And the plot thinkens...
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Thank you Dr. Murphy, if you can
think of anything else that might
help us, please give us a call.
The detective hands Dr. Murphy a business card, and they
walk out of the room with photo in hand...
Daryn has broke in to the house and is walking around
looking for places to place the small pin-head cameras. He
places two in the bedroom. After setting up the transmitter
for the cameras to work he then enters the bathroom and
places 2 cameras in the bathroom.Once he has completed the
bedroom and bathroom he heads for the living room. Here he
finds several places to put up 5 cameras. Then heads to the
kitchen, he places 2 cameras in the kitchen.



The 2 cameras placed in the bedroom are, one in the vent at
the top of the ceiling and the other on a bookshelf between
2 books, low enough on the bookshelf in order to find it you
must lean down and look really close to see it. In the
bathroom he places one underneath the bathroom countertop
just under the lips and facing the door which looks out into
the bedroom. the other he finds a spot on the ceiling in the
shower stall that is darker than the rest, he drills a small
hole, turns the switch on the camera on and places it into
the small hole, then places a white film over the hole to
cover the camera and the hole. He places one underneath a
DVD player looking out to the couch, he places another one
on the mantel of the fireplace embedded in a wicker wreathe
that hangs, this one overlooks the whole livingroom. Hanging
another one over the door frame facing into the livingroom.
Places the last two in opposit corners of the livingroom. In
the kitchen, he places one above the door frame looking into
the kitchen and places another under the lips of the counter
overlooking the kitchen table.

After placing the last camera, he walks around to make sure
all are on. After discovering they are on, he then notices
on his watch it is close to the time that Felicia arrives
home every day. He gathers up all his tools and items left
over. Takes the router for the transmitters and places it on
the side of the house under a bush. After doing this he
leaves the yard and crosses the street looking to see if
anyone is out and would be able to see him. He notices no
one is around so he proceeds back to the house across the
street. He walks into the house, once again looking around
before he enters.

Daryn walks back into the house and places the tools and
other left over items on the floor in the livingroom next to
the moniter he has set up. He flips on a few switches and
the system cranks up. He looks into the moniters, checking
each camera to make sure it is working.
Damn, I'm good.


With each camera functioning properly, he hits one more
switch and the tapes start recording. He then walks over to
the window, takes a quick peek outside, seeing no one around
he makes his way out the front door.
Daryn walks out of the house and gets into the car, backs
out of the drivewayand drives off. Shortly arter Daryn
drives off Felicia pulls into her driveway, steps out of the
car and walks to the front door. She enters her house.
The moniters are shown working inside the house. On the
moniters Felicia is seen walking into the livingroom and
then the kitchen, the moniter flips to the kitchen. Felicia
walks out of the kitchen and into the livingroom where she
sits on the couch and picks up the remote..
Daryn is driving around downtown looking for the same bum he
encountered last night. He drives down one street, stopping
at each red light and looking around in all directions.
Pulls into a parking lot he turns the car around and pulls
back out on the street heading in the same direction he
started in. He again, looks around while stopped at red
lights. After the second red light he spots the bum, walking
into an alley. Daryn pulls the car over, steps out of the
car and hurries over to the bum. daryn grabs the bum by the
arm, spinning him around.
Hey, buddy... Ready to make that
500 dollars?
500 dollars and a bottle of Rum,
will do in this old bum.
Yeah okay, let's go.
I'm with you captain.
Daryn pulls the old bum to the car and opens the passenger
door and puts him into the car. Daryn hurries around to the
drivers side and gets in and pulls off..


The 2 Detectives are looking through the computers trying to
link together this puzzle.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
You know Rogers.what bothers me is
the blood...it just doesn't make
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
I know the only thing I would
guess is that he had some kind of
identity change.
                       DETECTIVE KNIGHT
Yeah, I thought about
that..Wouldn't they have records
of that down at the courthouse?
                       DETECTIVE ROGERS
Yes, they would...I'm on it.
Detective Rogers scampers out of the office, while Detective
Knight stands his ground on the computer. After a few
minutes of clicking around and typing, he stands and walks
out of the office. Walking out of the office he heads in the
direction of the lab.
Daryn has arrived back to the house across the street with
the bum. He is feeding the bum along with getting some
caffine drink. while the bum is eatting, Daryn walks over to
the moniters to see what Felicia is doing. He doesn't see
her on any of his cameras. So he takes a peek outside te
window still seeing her car in the driveway. walks back to
the moniters, notices her walking into the bathroom. He
looses sight of her again, but he knows she is in the
bathroom still. then from the camera in the ceiling above
the shower he sees her lean down and turn on the water. The
tub is filling up with water. Daryn turns away to look at
the bum now.
Alright buddy, it's time. Are you
ready to make that 500 dollars?


And the bottle of rum and you got
a deal...Hey that is one fine lady
there. What is the name of this TV
show. I'm going...
A bottle of rum as well....are you
Daryn looks at the moniter noticing Felicia is in taking a
bath. He grabs hold of the remote and zooms the camera in a
little getting a good glimps of Felicia and her perfect
body, seemingly to float in the water.
Wow! I haven't seen that since I
bagged the bag-lady on 4th..
Whatever man...look, here what I
need you to do. Are you listening.
Yeah, loud and clear...look at
those boobs...very nice..
Daryn turn around and gazes at her lying there motionless.
He stares for a moment losing his train of thought then
remembers what he is doing.
Look, i need you to put on this
black outfit, put on the black
mask and walk over to the house
across the street.
Hold on a second..Why am I doing
For 500 dollars...
And the bottle of Rum?
Yes, and the bottle of Rum.
You gotta deal.


Whatever...when you get to the
house I need you to turn the door
knobs, play around in the bushes,
make noises on the windows. I need
you to scare the person that is
there. Got it?
Yeah, I got it...but why?
It's a game we play....so hurry up
and change before they do
something and win.
The bum grabs the clothes and walks off. Daryn turns back
around and watches Felicia still take a bath, He watches her
wash over her smooth skin, he watches her drop her head into
the water coming up with her hair wet and all falling back
along her head. She takes a sip of drink from a wine glass.
Daryn is watching her when the Bum walks back in. Daryn
turns around.
I'm ready..let the game begin.
The Bum heads to the front door, Daryn stops him.
No, use the back door. I don't
want them to see you if they are
The Bum exits out the back door. Daryn hears the back door
close, then he turns around to watch the moniter again...
Felicia stands up grabs a towel and wraps it around her,
then grabs a smaller towel and wraps it around her head.
Steps out of the bathtub releases the water, and walks over
to the mirror. She pulls the towel off her head, and starts
rubbing it through her hair to dry it off. After doing this
she walks into her bedroom, walks over to her dresser opens
it and pulls out something to put on. While pulling out the
clothes, she hears a noise outside, she walks over to the
Bedroom windows and looks out, seeing nothing she shrugs it
off and proceeds back to her clothes. She again hear noise


from out side, she walks into the livingroom, noticing the
door knob moving back and forth. She runs to the kitchen and
grabs the phone watching the door at the sametime. While
she, is starting to dial out on the phone a gun shot is
heard. She drops the phone, bends down, picks up the phone
still watching the door. She dials out on the phone.
                       VOICE (Voice on phone)
911, what is your emergency?
      (scared and
Yes, someone is trying to get in
my house.
                       VOICE (Voice on phone)
Are you there alone mamn?
                       VOICE (Voice on phone)
Are they in the house with you?
No, I heard a gun shot.
Did you shoot the person trying to
get in your house?
      (scared and
No...They were trying to get into
my house and I heard a gun shot.
                       RADIO (Voice on phone)
Can you see anyone outside now?
I don't know, I'll check...Hold
Felicia drops the phone to her side and walks over to the
door quietly. The operator voice is hear trying to get her
attention. Felicia walks over to the window and peeks
through pulling back the cutain. She screams out. She puts
the phone back to her ear.
Mamn...are you alright?


      (shaking in her
Yes there is someone shot out in
front of my house.
                       RADIO (Voice on phone)
Mamn, lock your doors and stay
inside, the police are on the way.
Felicia drops the phone and runs back to her bathroom and
locks the door behind her waiting for the police to arrive.
Daryn is sitting at the moniters seeing Felicia sit on the
edge of the bathtub.
In due time my darling...in due
Daryn is still watching the moniters when through the small
cracks in the curtains he sees the blue lights of the police
cars. He walks over to the window and peeks through to see
and watch what is going on. He has a smile on his face, he
looks down and still has the gun in his hand. He lays the
gun down on the edge of the table and continues to watch.
then he walks back over to the moniters and watches as
Felicia has now let the police in the house and they have
her sitting on the couch and are talking to her. He can
barely see her because one of the policemen are blocking a
small prtion of the camera view.
Get out of the way you son of a
bitch. i can't see how my baby is
He watches for a little longer. A knock on the door is
heard. Daryn sits ther for a moment.
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
Police, anyone there?
Daryn doesn't move, he now has a concerned look on his face.
Wondering if anyone has seen him. He walks over to the hall
way. The knocking continues. He looks to his right and sees
his image looking back at him.


Pull yourself together...We will
be fine, nobody is going to miss
that bum. No open the door and be
The police officer again knocks and waits for a second, then
turns around to walk off. As he turns the door opens
slightly. Daryn pops his head out of the door.
Can I help you Officer?
The officer turns back around and takes a good look at Daryn
like he notices him from somewhere.
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
Yes sir, do you know what went on
at that house over there this
No sir, I don't...I have been in
the basement all night working on
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
I see...So you didn't hear any gun
No, I had my TV on watching the
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
Oh yeah, who's winning?
Daryn pauses for a brief few seconds.
So, what is going on over there?
Is anyone hurt?
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
Well, I can't really get into that
right now. So you didn't see or
hear anything at all?
No, I'm sorry I didn't.


                       POLICE OFFICER #5
Okay thank you for your time sir.
Sorry to bother you.
No problem Officer, have a good
Daryn closes the door the officer turn around as if to
leave, then stops and knocks on the door again. Daryn
answers it once again.
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
One last thing...
Yes sir?
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
You look really familar, do I know
you from somewhere?
No I don't think so.
                       POLICE OFFICER #5
Okay. I guess you just have a
familar looking face. Alright then
have a good night.
okay, you too.
daryn closes the door and the officer walks away.
Daryn is propped up against the front door. He has a look on
his face like he had been caught. he walks over to the
mirror in the hallway. His image is there.
See, I told you would be fine if
you would just relax and listen to
I think they know something?
Of course they know something you
dumbass..They know somebody died
tonight and that they got shot.


                       IMAGE (cont'd)
but they don't know it was you
that shot that bum. So, snap to
and get your ass back to the
moniters and watch what is going
Daryn walks away from the mirror and back to the moniter.
Felicia is seen still sitting on the couch, no police are
around her anymore. daryn gets up to peek out the window
again. he notices a car pull up and a man get out of the
car. The police stop the man, he motions toward Felicia's
House. daryn has a look of anger now.
Now I will see who you are you
Daryn walks back to the moniters in time to see felkicia get
up. Dr. Murphy appears on the screen and hugs Felicia.
Dr. Murphy, what the fuck are you
doing there?
Daryn watches as Dr. Murphy and Felicia sit on the couch.
Dr. Murphy puts his arm around her and holds her near him.
You son of a bitch...You have done
it again. You have interfered with
my affairs for the last time.
Daryn reaches over to the table and picks up the gun, looks
at it. then looks back at the moniter. Felicia and Dr.
Murphy stand up walking away from the couch. the moniter
from above the door picks them up walking out the door.
Daryn walks again over to the window, peeks through the
curtains and watches them leave, together.
Thats it. No more mister nice guy.
Daryn walks down the hall and passes the mirror. His image
is there as he passes by, Daryn backs up and looks at
himself in the mirror.
See, I told you..Nobody can be
trusted, you have to put a stop to


Oh, I will. You can count on that.
Daryn walks away, while a laughter is heard...
Felicia walks into her home, flips on some lights and heads
to her bedroom. Once in her bedroom she removes her jacket,
removes her shoes as she starts to open her mail. After
opening her mail she walks over to her closet, as she enters
her closet she is undoing her blouse, she is pulling off her
blouse, when Someone grabs her from behind, wraps his arms
around her, and places a cloth over her mouth, causing
Felicia to be rendered unconscious.
Felicia is sitting in a kitchen table chair with her arms
tied up behind her, her legs are strapped to the chair legs
with duct tape. Felicia opens her eyes slowly and moaning.
Her eyes are not focusing to well, but she can she that she
is tied up. Looking up her eyes focusing a little better
notices the gun and being held pointing at her.
Daryn, what are you doing?
Daryn is standing over her pointing a gun at her.
What does it look like Felicia?
you know this is your fault.
My fault? what did I do?
Felicia, it's not what you did.
(sticking the gun to her head)
it's what you didn't do, thats the
      (shaking and
Daryn, please. Don't do this. tell
me, what it is?


      (Still gun placed
       on her head)
You rejected me. you made it so we
could not be as close as I wanted
us to be. I love you, Felicia...
Do you know that. I love you.
Tears start to come to Daryn's eyes, as he is letting his
gaurd down a little. Then with his free hand he wipes his
eyes, and stregthens the grip on the gun up.
But, now I know it can't be. we do
not belong together.
      (still crying and
please Daryn I can help you.
Daryn pulls the trigger back on the gun...
      (crying out for
Oh god, please Daryn don't do
      (taking a deep
I am sorry Felicia...But if I
can't have you no one will...
Daryn pulls the trigger, a gun shot is heard. Daryn opens
his eyes and he is staring at Felicia in the chair all tied
up. He looks over to the mirror and sees his image with a
smile of the face. He looks back to Felicia and she is
wiggleing in the chair try to get free. daryn again tighten
his grip on the gun and puts the barrel into her mouth.
I'm sorry Felicia, but if I can't
have you nobody can...
daryn starts pulling the trigger slowly when the door flies
open. dr. Murphy burst in.


                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn stop, think about what you
are doing.
Still holding the gun in felicia's mouth.
Thinking is what got me here doc.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn I have called the police,
they will be here soon. let's talk
about this.
Daryn pulls the gun out of Felicia's mouth and drops it to
his side. A sigh of relieve is shown on Felicia's face,
although she is still crying.
                       DR. MURPHY
There thats it Daryn, now let's
Daryn has a look of anger on his face and points the gun at
Dr. Murphy.
      (yelling out and
NO...MORE TALKING!!! I am tired of
Go ahead, shoot him.
      (looking at the
Shut up, I'll handle this.
Daryn is still pointing the gun at Dr. Murphy, he is
sweating and has tears in his eyes. daryn again wipes the
tears from his eyes and wipes his face.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn calm down. I'm not going to
do anything, i am just trying to
help you.
Shoot him already, I'm tired of
listening to him.


Daryn pulls gun away from Dr. Murphy and puts it to his own
head, looks to the mirror.
I said stay out of this, I'll
handle it.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn, I am just trying to help.
Daryn points the gun back at Dr. Murphy.
you have helped me enough, don't
you think. Look were we are. it
doesn't look good for you or me.
Daryn pulls the gun away from Dr. Murphy and points it back
at Felicia.
You put her in this situation. So
I think you have helped enough.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn think about your family.
think about your son....
You leave them out of this.
(pointing the gun back at DR.
Murphy) They have nothing to do
with this.
                       DR. MURPHY
They have everything to do with
Would you just kill them?
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn, I am trying to help you,
the police are on their way.
You called the police?


                       DR. MURPHY
Yes, they should be here shortly.
You still have time to make this
go away. Let me help you.
There is no time left for that.
Daryn starts to pull the trigger slowly, while still
pointing at Dr. Murphy.
                       DR. MURPHY
Daryn I have called Renee.
Why did you call her. You just
keep getting in my way don't you.
                       DR. MURPHY
Yes Daryn I called them and they
are waiting outside for you.
Daryn walks over to the window and looks out and sees Renee
and Jared standing by Dr. Murphy's car.
You shouldn't have brought them
here. They don't need to see this.
I don't want my son to see me like
                       DR. MURPHY
I'll be right back, I am going to
get them.
Dr. Murphy quickly opens the door and runs out side of the
house. Daryn is standing there watching as the doctor
escprts Renee and Jared inside the House. Renee walks in
first with Jared shielding Dr. Murphy. Daryn drops his gun.
Wonderful, everyones here...Kill
them all!
Dr. Murphy you made a mistake
bringing them here.
Daryn..I want to help you to. I
love you daryn, I really do. I'm
sorry for all this, this is my


Daryn looks tears start rolling down his cheeks as he looks
at Jared. Daryn drops the gun to his side.
      (tears and smiling
       at jared)
Jared, my son..how are you doing?
Would you just kill tham!
Daryn pulls both hands up to his face.
It's time to end this.
The image starts to laugh and dance around in the mirror.
Daryn pulls his hands away from his face. He points the gun
around the room pointing it at everyone but Jared.
Daryn, Please put down the gun.
Daryn turns the gun on himself. The Image stops laughing and
dancing around.
What are you doing? this is not..
Daryn places the gun on his temple.
No...don't do this.
      (calmly tears
       running down his
no more voices......
Daryn pulls the trigger, then falls to the floor. Jared
pulls away fromRenee and runs over to Daryn lying in the
floor. Jared tries shaking Daryn as he lies there motionless
and blood is pouring on to the floor. Jared lies over Daryn.
Daddy wake up...Daddy wake up.


Renee walks over to Jared and picks him up and hugs him
while crying. Dr. Murphy walks over to felicia and helps her
up hugging her. the police run through the door.
                       DR. MURPHY
You are too late.
Renee and Jared walk out of the house back outside. Dr.
Murphy looks at Daryns body lying there and then he and
Felicia walk out leaving the police to do their job.
A scream is heard in the quiet halls of the Foster home. A
nuns runs from her room into a larger room with several
kids. A small child about midway down is screaming in his
bed. He is 10 years old, and has woken up the rest of the
kids in the room. The nun rushes over to his bed. Wraps her
arms around the young boy.
There there Michael, I am
here....I am here.
The nun is comforting the child, rubbing his back while
hugging him. Another Nun appears at the doorway.
                       SISTER CAREY
Which child is it, this time?
Michael Murdock.
Sister Carey walks away.
Dream about your father again,
What was it about?
Me...Daryn Meadows..


The nun pulls back from Michael and looks at him, in
Daryn Meadows?
Michael smiles and shakes his head yes.


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From Katina Blackwell Date 6/28/2006 ***
Wow...I found your work very insteresting, but I liked it.

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