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by Kenneth Ausburn (kausburn@columbus.rr.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ***1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Scene begins with the shot of two Freshman High School
basketball teams running up and down an old wood gymnasium
floor. The visiting team, (The Liberty Township Tigers),
lead the home team, (The Hamilton Meadows Warriors) by a
score of 52 to 40. The shot cuts back and forth from the
teams playing to the crowd and their disspleasure with the
home team losing!Coach Ball, coach of the Hamilton Meadow's
Warriors paces up and down the sidelines as he reapeatedly
looks at the action on the floor and back to his bench
pondering his next substitution.
Coach David Ball coaches the ninth grade boys basketball
team at Hamilton Meadows High School.He's in his early 30's
and has not been at the school very long. Coach Ball comes
from down south where racial tentions against
African-American people still existed and he was now trying
to adjust to the ways of the midwest. Coach Ball and his
only African-American player(William Little) could not get
along and disagreed on the amount of playing time and style
that William thought that he deserved, and so did the
majority of the school, including Coach Ball's peers.
Shot is created by pulling the camera shot back away from
the scoreboard to reaveal the entire scoreboard and then
down to the action on the basketball floor, at the same time
you hear the background audio of the crowd screaming and
Coach Ball yelling out instruction to his players.
                       COACH BALL
      (Looking at guards)
Hey!(Pause)Hey! Move the ball
around, we need scoring now!
Looking frustrated, David inbounds the basketball to Doug
Furlong, who dribbles the ball down court and without
looking to pass to the open man under the basket he shoots a
long jumpshot that doesn't hit anything! Coach Ball reacts
by grimasing and turns towards his bench looking for a
substitution, he eyeballs William at the end of the bench
joking with friends and having a good time so looking angry


because William did not seem interested in the game,Coach
Ball chose another player(Bill Grinter) who was a clumsy kid
with no real basketball skills,but he was tall!
                       COACH BALL
      (Pointing at Bill)
C'mon Bill, lets go you're up! Go
in for Doug, c'mon, c'mon, get in
Bill, confused by Coach Ball putting him in the game,
hesitates and stummbles as he runs up to the Coach for
further instructions.
                       BILL GRINTER
      (Tucking in his
Here I am Coach ! I'm ready!
Coach Ball puts his hands on Bill's shoulders and looks him
in the eye!
                       COACH BALL
Son, I want you to go in there and
make sure you pass the ball off,
don't shoot, don't dribble, just
pass the ball off! Make sure that
David shoots the open shots, get
the ball to David!
Bill runs over to the scorer's table and at the next whisle
he enters the game, out comes Doug Furlong! Bill goes over
to receive the inbound pass, Bill dribbles and is
double-teamed by the oppossing team. Nervous and trapped
Bill turns the ball over and the Liberty Township Tigers
score at the other end. Meanwhile, Doug sits down on the
bench and Coach Ball comes over to talk to him!
                       COACH BALL
What's wrong with you out there!
Are they that tough on defnse?
      (Breathing hard)
Coach you don't understand, I am
trying, everytime I get open and
get a good look at the basket,
there guards come outa nowhere to
block my shot.......
                       COACH BALL
Son, there not coming out of


                       COACH BALL (cont'd)
nowhere, there right in front of
you! You can't sit there all day
trying to square up for the shot
and think that nobody's gonna git
to your shot!
After talking to Doug about his play on the court, Coach
Ball hears moaning from the crowd and turns quickly to see
that Bill has lost the ball to the oppossing team. He stands
up and stomps towards the other in of the bench yelling at
                       COACH BALL
Bill! Bill! Hey Bill, what did I
tell you! C'mon man what'd I say?
Pass the ball to David let him
bring it up the court!
Coach Ball observes Bill taking the ball out of bounds and
at the same time he signals down to the end of the bench for
William. William, still joking with his friends, doesn't see
the Coach gesturing for him. Coach Ball yells at the top of
his voice with his hands cupped around his mouth to get
William's attention! And William responds in his normal
fashion when he thought that someone was trying to embarras
him in public!
                       COACH BALL
Hey, William, William? You wanna
get your head into the game? C'mon
lets move it! Thats if you want to
play today?
I know you betta stop yellin at
As William(better known as Auz) walks towards the Coach, he
slaps hands with friends in the crowd and on the bench. He
walks up to the Coach with a conceited look on his face and
looks out onto the floor and then back at the Coach.
So now you want to put me in, huh?
O.K, I'm ready, let's do this!
                       COACH BALL
      (Looking intense)
William, all I want you to do is
control bringing the ball up the


                       COACH BALL (cont'd)
court and run the pic and roll
with David, tell Bill to get the
hell outa there!
William nods at Coach Ball and runs over to check into the
game. The horn sounds and William goes in for Bill, who runs
over to Coach Ball and tries to explain his actions but,
Coach Ball doesn't want to hear any of it!
                       BILL GRINTER
Coach, I tried to.........
                       COACH BALL
I,I,I, thats all I hear from you,
go sit down! You should be
saying," I couldn't bring the ball
down the court or I can't hit my
Coach Ball points toward the bench, as Bill walks slowly to
the end, the other players slap him five for his efforts.
Coach Ball takes a seat and is focused on the game. He
shouts out instructions which could barely be heard over the
crowds chant for Auz to shoot the ball! Coach Ball, looking
confused, wants to know who is this Auz! One of his young
assistants advised humorously that Auz is William. Coach
Ball looking at the support for William knew that William
would probably play his own way and use his style to score
and this is what Coach Ball had hoped for
Shootit Auz, shootit! Shootit Auz,
shootit! Shoot that ball Auz shoot
                       COACH BALL
Hey, William just bring the ball
down, nothing else! Just follow
the game plan! What tha... what in
the hell are they yelling?
                       ASSISTANT COACH
Coach their yelling for Auz to
shoot the ball, Auz is William!


                       COACH BALL
O.K. Auz, lets see you shoot the
ball then!
Coach Ball turns and watches Auz get the inbound pass and
race up the court to the top of the key where he made a
swift pass to David and the pass was then returned just as
fast as it was given and Auz squared his shoulders to the
bucket as a defender reaches for the ball, Auz shoots off a
successful jumpshot that hits the bottom of the net, swish!
The crowd goes wild and the bench erupts with joy as Auz and
the rest of his teamates run back down court to play
defense.The Liberty Township point guard dribbles the ball
up court and attempts a pass to his shooting guard but it is
intercepted by Auz and driven the length of the court for a
layup, the crowd erupts again! Auz, trying to be modest,
shrugs his shoulders and smiles to the crowd.Coach Ball
happy to be almost tied with the oppossing team is unhappy
about the fame and glory that Auz will receive if he is left
in the game and they win,this is not the intentions of Coach
Ball! He felt that Doug and David Furlong could handle it
now and it would be more appropriate if white players were
the heroes of the game! Coach Ball walks to the end of the
bench to talk with Doug.
                       COACH BALL
We have a tight game now and we
have momentum....go in for William
and run the pick and roll the same
way but you gotta hit your
shots...you ready?
Doug looks at the coach and then at the game, he is puzzeled
as to why the coach wants to put him in now!
We're doing so well right
now...why change? My game isn't
there tonight!
Coach Ball leans closer to Doug and whispers in his ear, a
stern and direct reply. Doug draws back away from the coach
and immediately stands up to go into the game.


                       COACH BALL
You do as I say..I'm the coach!
You don't go in now , well, you
can forget about that scholaship,
you know the one to Kansas, who do
you think worked that deal for
you? Get in there!
Coach Ball stands as Doug stands at the same time, Doug
looks the Coach in the eyes and shakes his head and proceeds
to enter the game.Doug runs over to the scorer's table to be
buzzed in. Meanwhile on the court Auz has just scored again
and had givin the Warriors a 72 to 69 point lead over the
Liberty Township Tigers! Auz on his way back on defense
could see the conversation between Doug and the Coach. He
thought he might be the player substituted and quickly tried
to steal the ball from the oppossing guard to get one last
score but got called for a foul on the reach in, thus giving
Doug an earlier opportunity to enter the game.The buzzer
sounds immediately after the refferee's whisle and out comes
Auz and enters Doug. The two players slap hands as they show
unity for the good of the team.Auz rus directly over to the
end of the bench where he is greetd by teammates and the
crowd for a mini celebration for his performance.In the
background you hear the crowd roar and chant Auz's name
Auz! Auz! Auz!......
After Auz sits down Coach Ball comes down to the end of the
bench and kneels in front of Auz.
                       COACH BALL
      (Looking upset)
What do you think you're doing out
there! I told you to stick with
the game plan, what type of foul
was that there?
Man, if thats all you got to
complain about, you need to get
outa my face! We now lead and have
the momentum and I did that! You
just took me out because you knew
that I was goig to win the game
and you couldn't stand for me to
have that glory!


                       COACH BALL
Coach Ball goes back to pacing the floor and every now and
then he looks at Auz and smirks. The game is now turning for
the Hamilton Meadow's Warriors. The Tigers of Liberty
Township have cut the lead to 1 after a steal from Doug and
a easy layup at the other end! With :35 seconds letf on the
clock Coach Ball looks concerned but will not put Auz back
in even after hearing the crowd scream to put Auz back in.
      (Screaming at
Put Auz back in! You still have
:35 seconds, c'mon lets win this
Coach Ball ignores the crowd and directs his team on
stepping up there defense now. Coach has Doug and David trap
the opposing player on the Liberty Township. It works! Doug
and David rush down court passing the ball back and forth
when Doug throws it to David the final time for a layup that
he misses! Coach Ball can't beleive it, the bench can't
beleive it and the crowd is stunned! With zero, zero, zero
reading on the time clock, Hamilton Meadows had the
opportunity to win the game, but now it was over as the
buzzer sounds and the score reads Hamilton Meadows 88 ,
Liberty Township 89. The crowd booed Coach Ball as his team
congratulated Liberty Township on their victory. Auz, did
not participate in the congratulations, he was over by the
crowd getting his own congratulations and making his plans
to attend the dance that started about an hour after the
      (Talking to the
I did my part! Coach don't want to
win! I got mine, I'm ready to
party! I'll meet ya'll in the gym
after I get cleaned up!
Auz told his friends that lived on the Air Force base with
him, Rick and Charles, about meeting him in the gym for the
dance. Rick and Charles are military brats also, they live
in the same neighborhood as William. The three were
inseperable and all were considered the party animals for
the ninth graders at Hamilton Meadows High school. One of
the three's parents would pick them up after the game.


Although Rick and Charles were at every game they were not
into sports as far as playing, it was the partys afterward
that attracted them! Rick yells back at Auz in agreement
about where to meet and insures Auz of who is going to turn
the party out, him of course!
Alright now, Auz! Nice game,
money! We'll be waiting for you
over by the speakers when you get
done, bra! Clean good cause I'm
going to have all the ladies on my
jock after they see my new moves,
we'll see you in lil bit!
      (Looking back)
Auz heads into the lockeroom and proceeds to take a shower.
Meanwhile, the scene switches to Rick and Charles as they
exit the building in order to allow the custodians to clean
up the gymnasium and set up for the dance.Charles and Rick
stop and conversate with Gina and Angela, two mutual friends
that were going to the dance and who also lived on the
military base.
      (Walking up with
Whatz up, Charles? Rick? Ya going
to the dance? I'm ready to my
      (Shaking her head)
Yea, I want to do that new dance,
the frog!
The frog? Whatz that?
Girl, what are you talkin about,
the frog?


Come on Angela, we'll just have to
show them on the floor!
      (Walking away)
Yea! I'm down with that! See you
guys at the dance!
      (Grabbing gina)
Hey! Can I get that first dance,
      (Pulling away)
You know Auz will woop your ass
boy, if he thought that you were
trying to talk to me! (Laughing) I
know you playin?
You know I'm just fuckin wit ya!
Auz is my boy! Get yo ol' big head
ass on! You better not be trying
cheat on my boy out there 'cause
I'll be watching!
Gina and Angela walk away as Rick and Charles laugh and slap
hands! They walk over towards the entrance to the lockeroom
and sat down on a picnic table and begin joking around! You
can hear Auz's voice in the background talking to someone as
they walk out of the lockeroom!
      (In the background)
What up Cuz? Yep, you know I'm
ready to party! Where you goin to
be, you know I got that fire!
                       VOICE IN BACKGROUND
Yo man! Meet over by the gymnasium
stage! In about an hour!


      (Exiting lockeroom)
Alright money! Peace!
Auz exits the lockeroom and walks over to Rick and Charles.
He slaps hands with Charles and then Rick and then steps
back. They joke around for a minute and then start to walk
over towards the gym for the dance
      (Eyebrows raised)
What up, my mu-fuckers? Who dat
hit them shots tonight? Shhhiit! I
was on fire! Dumb ass Coach don't
want to win no games, and he won't
not unless I'm in there!
I ain't on your jock or nothin
but, (pause) you was hittin
Yea man, you must have hit every
shot you took! You still ain't
shit on the dance floor though!
      (Eyes bugging out)
Ah, its on now! Now when I dust
everybody off the dance floor,
don't be illin, 'cause you know
its going to happen!


Scene cuts to Gina and Angela on the dance floor inside the
gymnasium doing the new dance they had told Charles and Rick
about! They have a huge crowd around them as they have the
crowd realy hyped and into the new dance, the frog! You can
hear Parliament Funkadelic's "UNDERWATER BOOGIE" in the
background and the crowd chanting in support of the girls.
Auz, Rick and Charles have just entered the gym area and see
the crowd, Auz is considered one the best dancers and
partiers in the school although Rick and Charles are quick
to challenge after they figure that they have learned enough
of Auz's moves! They rush over to the crowd and see Gina and
Angela breaking down the new dance, the frog! Auz had shown
Gina(his girlfriend) the new dance the night before and now
she and Angela were tearing it up on the floor! The guys
begin to heckle them and incite the crowd!
      (Teasing Gina)
A! A! Babygirl, whatz up wit that?
How you gonna steal the dance I
taught you? You ain't even doing
it right(Winking)!
Gina moves toward Auz and is dancing seductively up against
him! Auz stands real cool and looks into Gina's eyes and
smiles real big, as to say that he enjoyed the passion from
his beautiful girlfriend! Charles and Rick react, teasing
Auz about his girlfriend showing him up on the dance floor!
      (Yelling and
Oh no, Auz! You not gonna let her
git away with that, are you?
Girlfriend is hittin that new
dance, I like that!
Charles slapping hands with Rick...
      (Talking to Angela)
And what you think you doin girl?
All serious wit it and shit!
Angela flips Rick the middle finger and blows him a kiss!
Meanwhile, Auz has enterd the dance floor, getting behind
Gina and he begins to do the frog, a new dance where you
crouch at the knees and shake your hips from side to side,
now rock from side to side and tap you toes. Rick and
Charles scream at Auz!


      (Whispering in
       Gina's ear)
You know you done messed up
now,baby! I 'm gonna have to spank
that ass girl, gimmie some sugar
for energy.....
What!(smiling) you ain't gittin
nothing! You can come on out here
and let me dust you off, baaby!
                       CHARLES AND RICK
      (Yellin at Auz)
Money, you betta git her Cuz! Yea
man show us what you can do Auz?
Auz starts to really exert his dominence in dancing and he
displays his flashy moves. The crowds going wild and
chanting for Auz! He grabs Gina's hands and puts them around
his waist as she gets behind Auz and now has started a chain
dance with people doing the new dance! Angela grabs a hold
of Gina's waist and then Charles grab her waist and so on
until the line is as long as the gym itself. Everyone is
having a great time as they dance together and move around
the entire gym in this fashion!After two hours of constant
dancing their partying is inturrupted by an announcement
over the D.J's microphone. The announcement is Charles's
mothers arrival to pick the guys up!
      (Lowering the
Yo!Yo!Yo! Hold up a minute!
Charles Ligon and friends your
ride is here! that's Charles Ligon
and friends!
Charles heads out first to let his mother know that their
coming. Auz walks towards the entrance with Gina and Rick
with Angela! Auz grabs Gina's hair in a playful mode and
looks her in the eye.
Gotta go baby! I wish you could
come over for awhile but, you know
how that goes! I'll call you when
I get home,(pause) a, ya'll got a


Gina looking back at Auz, loving the fact that he is
concerned about her well-being.
Ah baby, you worried about me? I'm
cool my mom's on her way!
Naw, I was just going to give you
some change to catch the bus!
      (Pushing Auz's
Boy, you know there ain't no buses
this time of night and there's no
bus that goes to the base anyway!
I'm just messin with ya baby!
Gimmie a kiss, you know Charles
mom will leave ya!
Auz and Gina kiss passionatly and release each other as Auz
heads out the door! At the same time Charles sticks his head
in the door and yells at Rick!
Alright, player,player! Yo ass
going to get left you know how
mom's is!
Rick gives Angela one last embrace and walks out the door
waving good-bye to Angela.
      (Looking sad)
I'll see you later! (Pause) You
know I don't want to go! I'd
rather spend more time with you!
I know baby, I'll call you
tommorrow, see ya!


At this time Rick runs out to the car where Auz has left the
rear passenger door open for him! Rick jumps in and slams
the door! He slaps five with Auz and grinning out of control
he whispers to Auz.
Man i'm gonna git that! Girlfriend
is fine and all mine!
Auz smirks and gives Rick a playful punch to the chest!
You ain't gonna know what to do
with it when you git so I don't
know what you're so happy about!
Shut up, man!
Right after Rick's comment, Charles mom speaks in a comical
tone to Auz and Rick.
                       CHARLES,S MOTHER
I know ya better be running faster
than that if you want to get a
ride next time!
The boys laugh and joke all the way. The scene changes as
Charles mom pulls up to Auz's house and Auz's mom is on the
front porch waiting.Auz speaks aloud suggesting that he
thinks that he may have done something wrong
Uh oh ! I don't know what I did
but mom's is outside and waiting!
Charles's mom puts the car in park and turns around to talk
with Rick and Auz. She tells them that she knows why Auz's
mom is outside waiting and that she has something very
important to talk you about! She advises Rick and Charles
that their plans to stay the night over Auz's house has been
cancelled because she too needed to speak with Charles about
the new situation and that Rick's mom and dad were waiting
on him for the same conversation!


                       CHARLES,S MOTHER
She's not mad at you baby, she
just needs to talk to you and as
far as the guys spending the
night, we're going to postpone it
until tommorrow night or next
weekend! Sorry!
Charles's mom unlocks the door and Auz exits, saying his
goodbyes and telling Rick and Charles that he'll talk to
them tommorrw.
Talk to ya later! let me see whatz
going on here! I'll call ya in the
morning, peace!
                       CHARLES AND RICK
      (Giving the peace
Alright Auz see ya!
Auz walks up the drive looking at his mom's long face. His
mother is a little sad and wraps her arm around Auz and
leads him in the house were his stepfather( Micheal) is
sitting down with some government documents.Auz sits down at
the table and put his jacket on the back of the chair.His
mother sits next to him and in between michael and Auz.
Auz's step-father Micheal explains what is going on!
O.K. Ken, here we go! I received
orders today that is going to
change everything right now. The
government is going to close
Rickenheimer Air Force and they
are relocating all of us to other
bases! The move will be immediate
and we have a choice of two places
to live, the Phillipines or Las
Vegas, Nevada!
Auz slightly irritated by the news, frowns and lashes back!
Upset by what his step-dad was telling him, Auz knew that
meant leaving his friends and most of all Gina, his
girlfriend! It also means that Auz must start a new
beginning all over again when he thought that he would spend
his high school years at Hamilton Meadows


You mean I gotta start all over
now, when everything is going
great at my school! Man, this is
messed up! How much time do we
have to stay here?
                       AUZ'S MOM
Baby, they'll be sending the
moving truck a week from
tommorrow, so we don't have alot
of time! We have to tie up all of
our business this week!
Micheal stands up and looks at them both!
And we have to decide over the
weekend where we are going so I
can get the information back to my
unit commander.
I don't know about anyone else but
I'm not ready to go over seas yet!
Not now while I'm in my last three
years of High school!
Auz's mom stands and pushes in her chair. She walks over to
Micheal and puts her arm around his waist.They both take a
long look at Auz and then auz's mom says....
                       AUZ'S MOM
Let's at least sleep on it until
Sunday and then we can decide
then! I'm tired, I think that I'll
go to bed, Goodnight baby!
Auz walks over and hugs his mother and step-father! Auz's
mom turns and heads for the bedroom. Micheal looks at Auz
and reassures him that everything is going to be O.K..
It's alright William! Don't worry
about it. There nothing we can do
about it , besides it will
probably be fun!
Fun! What kind of fun?


Auz folds his arms and leans against the refridgerator.
Micheal backs up against the counter. The two converse about
Las Vegas and all the possiblities that come with living in
a fast city such as that.
      (Educating Auz)
You know that this could mean a
new beginning for you in sports
and also it will definately make
you a more well rounded person,
besides, Las Vegas is a tourist
town and there will be plenty of
job opportunities! You are getting
to that age where you could get a
little job for the things in life
that you want! I think that you'll
like being in Vegas!
Sounds interesting but I'll miss
all my friends and especially
Gina! I would love to see how I
fair against some of the talent in
Las Vegas! Plus, Columbus is
pretty much a hick town and I do
get bored here! I think that it
will be different but, I can
handle the change!
Auz slaps hands with his step-father and then they embrace!
You can hear Auz's mom calling from the bedroom to Micheal!
Auz winks and watches his step-father go into the bedroom
and shut the door!
                       AUZ'S MOM
      (Yelling from
Micheal!MMicheal! You coming to
bed? Don't forget to lock the
front door! Goodnight William!
      (Yelling from
Goodnight moma!
Auz turns around and heads down the hall to his bedroom
where after he settles in and puts his clothes and shoes
away, he lays across the bed and begins dialing Rick's
telephone number!


      (Answering phone)
      (Replying back)
Whatz up! I know your mom and dad
told you about the base closing!
That's messed up, I thought me,
you and Charles would go thru the
whole high school together until
we graduated! Looks like that
won't happen!
Yea, I talked to Charles and he
and his family are going overseas
to Japan! We decided on Colorado,
instead of our oversea choice,
England!What did you guys decide
Dam, and I thought we had some
rough choices! We chose Las Vegas,
Nevada over the Philipines! After
hearing the choices that you were
given, I'm even happier now!You
think that Charles is still up?
No, he was a little upset about
going to Japan! His family really
didn't give him a choice! I think
he went on to sleep but, I told
him I'd meet him over your house
around 2pm after you had finished
basketball practice!
Naw man! I ain't going to no more
practices and definately not
playing in the game next week! I'm
through with Coach Ball's racist
ass and those sorry ass Furlong
brothers! I'll wait and play in
Las Vegas so, I can get a new
start and maybe more playing time!
You know that Las Vegas is full of
many different races and I don't


                       AUZ (cont'd)
think that racism stuff flies
there! So, I'll call Gina early in
the morning and see whatz going on
with her family and see if she and
Angela and maybe another friend
will meet us at Godfather's pizza,
around noon or 1pm!
O.K., I'll see you tommorrow, bra!
Auz and Rick complete their call and hang the phone up. The
scene now moves to the next morning. Auz is still lying in
bed when his mother knocks on the door to let him know that
Gina was on the phone! Auz rolls over and acknowledges his
mom by picking up the phone to talk with Gina. Gina, however
is really upset over the news about Rickenheimer Air Force
base closing and her new destination!
                       AUZ'S MOM
      (Knocking on door)
William! Hey William! Gina's on
the phone for you! She sounds
realy upset almost like she's
      (Turning over in
Yea, O.K. I got it! Hello?
I thought that you were going to
call me last night! Did your
parents talk to you?
      (Sitting up in bed)
Oh yea! I was supposed to call you
last night, sorry, I got caught up
with my mom and step-dad telling
about the base being closed down
permanetly, I had a little talk
with my step-dad about it and it
seems as if there's nothing that
can be done about these changes!
Here's the big question, where are
you guys going to be stationed?


Because of my dad's job they
didn't give us a choice! We're
being moved to Alaska! (Weeping) I
don't understand this, just when
it seemed that I knew where my
life was headed! I won't get to
see you anymore!
      (Rubbing face)
I know baby! That's the worst
part! And Alaska(pause), wow! I
know this is going to be hard but
we always knew as military bratz
that we could be moved at anytime!
But, lets not waste time crying
about it, we only have till next
week! I told Rick last night that
maybe we could all meet today at
Godfather's pizza around noon or
1pm! Lets really hang out until we
all have to depart!
      (Sounding a bit
O.K. baby! I'll call Angela and we
can all meet at 1pm, that will
give me a chance to finish talking
to my parents! Who's all coming
with you?
Just me,Rick and Charles!
I'll call one of my other friends
to make it even! I want to have
alot of fun this week! Kiss, Kiss
baby, I'll see you later!
Bye, baby!
Auz and Gina get off the phone! Gina begins to call around
for a 3rd friend, while Auz is getting out of bed and into
the shower!Time goes by while evryone plans on meeting at
1pm to hang out at GODFATHER'S pizza!
Auz and Gina get off the phone! Gina begins to call around


for a 3rd friend, while Auz is getting out of bed and into
the shower!Time goes by while evryone plans on meeting at
1pm to hang out at GODFATHER'S pizza!
Auz, Rick and Charles are waiting outside of the restaurant.
Its a sunny day and the air feels good on you when it
blows.The boys chat and joke around to waste time while they
wait for the girls.After about five minutes the girls are
seen walking up the street towards the restaurant! The boys
see them from afar and begin smiling from ear to ear! Gina
walks right up to Auz and plants a nice sexy kiss on him!
Angela grabs Rick and gives him a nice hug! Charles doesn't
know the friend that Gina brought with her but he sees that
she is beautiful!
      (Turning towards
Charles, this is my friend, Amy!
Amy has just moved here from
Kentucky! Ft. Knox, Kentucky to be
exact! Amy, this is Charles! He's
one of my boyfriend's bestfriends,
if that makes any sense?
      (Eyes bugging out)
Whatz up Amy? Girl you are
beautiful! Everybody else got hugs
and kisses, where's mine?
      (Reaching to hug
Hi Charles! You don't look to bad
yourself, baby!
With everyone paired off, the couples enter Godfather's
pizza. They wait to be seated, and soon the hostess motions
to the couples about their table being ready! The couples
walk over to the tables and the boys pull out the chairs for
the ladies! All three boys sit down and attend to their
beautiful ladies! The couples order their pizza's and
drinks, then sit to enjoy silly conversation about the times
they spent together over the last year! After the meal and
fun, the tone got a little more serious! Gina wanted to know
if Auz would get a girlfriend out in Las Vegas and would
they stay friends, long distance!


Look, we have to be realistic
here! We all are only freshmen, we
have a long time in high school to
go yet and we are too young for
long distance dating! So, as sad
as it may be, we know once we get
to our new schools that we will
meet new friends and new
girlfriends or boyfriends! I think
we should have a great time this
week, take a lot of pictures and
trade numbers and addresses so we
can keep in touch.
      (Looking at Rick)
I think Auz is right! Let's
celebrate the time we have!
Amy agrees with Angela with a smile! Amy also notices that
she's been sitting there far too long, her mother wanted her
back within the hour so that she could help arrange some of
the furniture. She advises everyone of why she has to run
and the group agrees to go as well because they also had
some Saturday chores to do! Auz,Rick and Charles tally up
their money to pay for the meal.The ladies treat the fellas
by getting up first and pulling out their chairs. Smiling,
the boys each grab their girl and walk out of the
restaurant! The couples stand outside by the bench as they
say their good-byes!
I really enjoyed meeting you!
Here's my phone number, call me
      (Draws closer)
Baby, the pleasure was all mine!
(Pause) why do we have to move
now! Man the base closing right
now is truly bad timing!
Amy and Charles kiss and embrace! Auz is in the corner area
of the entrance of the building talking to Gina alone! Rick
an Angela just hold one another for minute and then kiss!
      (Lowering his
I'll call you later baby!


O.K., see ya baby!
Auz kisses Gina and rubs her hands. Gina lays her head on
Auz's chest! Charles has let Amy go and the two girls wait a
minute for Gina. Rick and Charles start walking the opposite
way. Auz extends his arm and hands as Gina leaves, rubbing
her shoulders!
Call me !
You know I will! Peace!
The group disperses. The scene changes to Auz, Rick and
Charles walking up to the driveway entrance of Auz's house.
The boys slap hands and Rick and Charles head home and Auz
walks into the house.
A, I'll see ya later! Peace!
Charles and Rick throw up the peace sign as they leave. Once
in the house Auz is approached by his mother who has a plan
that she and Micheal drafted for the move to Las Vegas. She
sits down in the dining room and turns on the radio. In the
background you hear L.T.D. singing their hit"HOLDIN ON"! As
Auz's mother holds the plans down on the floor and Auz walks
over to take a look the story segue into a montage of the
move from Rickenheimer Air Force base to Nelly Air Force
base in Las Vegas.
1.Preparing their personal lives and their home for the
2.Saying good-bye to friends
3.Making the road trip
4.Arriving in Las Vegas


Montage ends when Micheal turns down the radio in the car as
they pull up to the hotel! The radio is down but there's
deep base music coming from a near-by location! Auz's mom
looks around confused and irritated. Auz knows that there is
a party nearby and he wanted to find it! Meanwhile, Micheal
drives to the rear of the hotel and parks! Auz's mother felt
more comfortable back, far away from the music.
                       AUZ'S MOM
What the hell is that? Lets get to
the rear of the hotel I can't take
      (looking at his
I got it baby!
Micheal exits the car and goes to register for their room!
Auz and his mother get out the car to stretch and look
around. Its a very warm evening around 80 degrees and you
can see the Las Vegas lights from where they were
standing.Micheal comes out of the office with keys in hand.
                       AUZ'S MOM
Baby, you see the hotels and all
the lights out there! Let's get
settled in and go into the city!
      (Looking at
Hey William you want to go into
the city?
      (Putting hand up
       to ear)
Naw! If ya'll don't mind I'd like
to find that party where all that
bass was coming from!
                       AUZ'S MOM
      (Unloading car)
You can over there! That's the Air
Force base! I think the music was
coming from there but, help unload
the car and get settled first and
then you can go!


Auz raced to help get the items out of the car. He was
anxious to see what was going on. Micheal goes to the room
first to open the door for Auz's mom and he inspects the
All clear hear, baby! You just
come on in and freshen yourself
up! Me and William will get the
rest of the stuff!
                       AUZ'S MOM
      (Sitting on bed)
O.K., let me know if I can help?
Micheal and Auz walk back to the car and Micheal stops just
before opening the door and turns to Auz and with a smile,
gives Auz some cash and nods his head as to say"Get out of
here"! So Auz did just that right after he gave Micheal a
big hug!
Go on! Get out of here, Ill tell
your mother! Have a good time, oh
and here, these are matches that
have the hotel name and phone
number on them, we're in room 222!
Thanks Mike! I'll be safe! You
guys have fun in the city, take
care of my momma!


So Auz sets off in search of the loud music! Not too hard to
find he figures, just follow the bass! It wasn't long before
the music grew louder and louder! From far away Auz could
see People diving off of diving boards and in bathing suits!
There was alot of food and alot of girls. Auz moves in
closer and stands by the gates near the entrance. Although
the people there were Auz's age, they looked more mature,
especially the girls! Auz had never seen anything like it,
there were beautiful girls all over the place and the music
was so loud, it made your heart jump, Auz realized that he
was in a much faster city and this was truly a city party
but, on the Air Force base!Auz knew he was being stared at
with his midwestern style of dressing and small,uncombed
afro! But, Auz knew that this was his new home and he had
better understand it right now! Auz used the same charm he
had back in Colunbus to see how his game stood in Las Vegas.
There were a few ladies Auz felt he could talk to right
there in front of the pool. He walked over to a real sexy
girl and politely.........
Excuse me pretty lady! I'm new in
this city and would you.....
A, da! I know you ain't!
Da? Whatz that?
The sexgirl smirks and gets up and leaves! Auz tries a few
more ladies and is very unsuccessful! He decides to sit back
and watch to see how the guys in Las Vegas pick up ladies!
One thing for sure, the biggest crowds was around these
dudes that did this street dance called "Poplocking"! Auz
had seen this dance on a local show called SOULTRAIN. It was
very fascinating to Auz and he moved closer to get a better
look! Auz watched as these guys performed magic with their
bodies and limbs. Auz had to learn this dance, he had a
revalation! Become the best at this Poplocking and you would
be popular and the ladies will love you! Auz loved that
idea, he decided to go home and map out his own destiny in
Las Vegas before anybody knows who he is! Auz watched for
another 20 minutes and then with swift feet like a thief who
just stole something, he hurried home trying not to let
anyone get a good look at him!


Auz has walked home and stopped by his mother's and
step-fathers room to pick up his key for his own! He goes
inside and immediately begins to plan his popularity for his
new city! Auz turns on the T.V. and its on SOULTRAIN, he
stops for a minute to watch it but then when the song SHAFT
by Isaac Hayes is played, he sits down to write, he feels
like this song was made just for him!The story then segue
into a montage of how Auz prepared himself from the
1.Family move into base housing, mother gets job
2.Auz gets weights, Zoot suits, a Luster curl and Stacy
Adams shoes!
3.Auz practices Poplocking every minute of the day
4.Auz goes to contest and shows to disect and pick up moves
5.Auz stays behind his tall wooden fence as he prepares
6.Before summer is out, Auz has put together the perfect
7.Auz gets opportunity to help manage the local High school
Poplocking group


Montage ends when Auz turns down the boombox used in
practice for the group he helps manage, "EARL SLOAN'S "SICK
CREW" and is passing out towels and drinks to the members.
Auz has been with the group all of the summer and knows all
their moves and many they haven't seen before . Auz has
combined the moves of every poplocker that he has seen in
competitions and in all the shows in Las Vegas! Auz has also
taken poplocking to another dimention as his secret moves
all came from watching cartoon characters! All of this to
create a master in the art of Poplocking! But guess what! No
one knew! Auz had concealed his new identity for the
appropriate moment, sure they could see the long curls but
never the wardrobe or any of his moves! Auz had become a
hidden assasin! On this day, Earl Sloan would make the most
fatal decision of not only his Poplocking career but
everyone within the city of Las Vegas! School had just begun
and still no one really knew anything about this guy from
Columbus, Ohio! It was football season and Earl Sloan had
booked his "SICK CREW" for the assembly at Rancho High,
everyone's home school! But out of the blue on the day
before the assembly, one of Earl's best dancers quit, Earl
now had a void to fill, he just so happen to ask the wrong
guy, the wrong guy that is if he had wanted to keep his
popularity as one of the best in Las Vegas!
                       EARL SLOAN
Hey Will, whatz up, cuz! A bra can
you do me a favor? Look, one of my
dancers quit on me Today and I
really need a good replacement and
I know you are familiar with the
moves! Just this one time and
we'll cover for your mistakes and
you can go last as for the order
for your solo! That way me and the
other members will already have
rockin when you come out, just do
a little something for your solo
and come on back, can you do it?
I'll give it my best shot, Earl!
What do I wear?


                       EARL SLOAN
Just throw on some baggy pants and
long shirt, make sure the color is
Auz went home and spent the entire night getting his suit
and his props together for the assembly tommorrow. Auz was
so excited that he went over his moves repeatedly and could
hardly sleep!
NO one has seen Auz all day and Earl is worried that he
won't show or that he got cold feet!
                       EARL SLOAN
Keep looking out there, is he
                       VOICE IN BACKGROUND
      (Yelling back)
He's here! He's walking right this
Auz walks in with his outfit in a suitcase so no one could
see and he is ready! Auz walks past all the members in the
group and walks up to Earl....
Sorry I'm late bra! But, I'm here!
                       EARL SLOAN
Look cuz don't be scaring me like
that! Stupid muthafucker! Get
ready man!
Auz gets ready and the time has come. Auz lines up in one of
the corners of the gym while the other members line up as
normal,and Auz won't budge, he has a plan! When the music
starts, Auz does a weird walk over to the other members and
then breaks down and in line with the regular routine, the
crowd is going wild they love them all of them, and then it
happened, Auz pulls out bands attached to his shoes and his
fingers on each hand. He turns and glides up to the first
bleacher where there are some girls and he break all the way
down to the floor and wavesbackwards to create the illusion
that he was floating backwards. All of a sudden the crowd
begin chanting something that was never heard before when
Earl and his guys performed.


After the incredible moves that Auz performed that day he
has gained true stardom in the world of street dancing and
is now known as "AUZ, THE PUPPETMASTER"...............


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From jacobb Date 6/12/2006 ***1/2
I cant really judge on the screenplay because im not that good either. But what i can tell you is that i like how its is set up and the reader can tell whats going to happen next and what the plot is. Great script. I give it 2 stars

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