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Diamond in The Rough
by Travis Snell (tds_usmc@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


LEBOWITZ breaks into a museum and steals the diamonds. You
dont see his face.
In a bar we see SAMMY and RICK sitting and talking.
So, I say "That's no lobster,
that's my wife!"
RICK laughs. SAMMY just looks at him.
Rick, you are an awful joke
      (downing a beer)
Well, I thought it was funny.
You wish. Where's Jimmy?
Looks like he's playing pool with
that guy over there.
Oh boy. I hope he didn't bet on
that game.
JIMMY has a glum look on his face as he sees the MAN sink
yet an other shot.
Eight ball, corner pocket.
The MAN makes the shot with ease.
Well, congradulations.
JIMMY shakes the MAN's hand, and tries to pull his hand
away, but the man won't let him.


How about that money?
Oh, right. How much was the bet?
Fifty dollars, right?
Try again.
Seventy five?
Wrong again.
Could I have a hint?
He squeezes JIMMMY's hand harder.
Let me make it easy. Two hundred
Yeah, funny thing about that. I
don't really have that much. I was
kind of planning on winning, but
that backfired on me. Do you think
we could work out some sort of a
The MAN, who is still holding on to JIMMY's hand, pulls
JIMMY's hand behimd him and shoves him into the pool table.
Oh, great.
Ow! Look I don't have it-ow!
Unless you have two hundred
dollars, shut-up!
SAMMY and RICK walk over to the pool table.


Hey! Get off of my brother.
Oh, he's you brother? Well, your
brother is tying to cheat me out
of my money!
Just let him go, man. I'll pay
you. How much is it?
Two hundred dollars.
      (to JIMMY)
Man, you are dumb.
SAMMY reluctantly pulls out the money and puts it on the
table. The MAN picks it up and puts it in his wallet then
shoves JIMMY over towards SAMMY.
Let's go.
They all walk off. RICK bumps into the MAN on his way out.
The three are walking to their car.
      (to Rick)
Did you get it?
      (holding up wallet)
Got it!
RICK holds up a the MAN's wallet. They all laugh.
They enter the car and as they leave the parking lot the MAN
runs out to see them driving off. He waves his fist.


SAMMY, RICK, and JIMMY enter and sit down in the living
area. RICK throws the wallet on the coffe table.
Rick, I gotta tell ya' that was
one nice lift.
Yeah, I wasn't sure you'd even
gotten it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know I'm
great. Now, Jimmy,
      (picking up wallet)
I hope you picked a guy with a lot
of cash, a lawyer or something.
Cause if you didn't-
-It's back to pickpocketing and-
- and an other six months before
you can try an other confidence
      (taking the wallet
       from RICK,
Okay! I know the rules, let's just
see how much this guy had in his
JIMMY opens the wallet, looks disapointed, and throws down
two hundred dollars. A couple of seconds later he throws
down the empty wallet.
That's it?
      (picking up wallet)
Wait, that's all the money there
is in there?
Rick looks angry. He throws the wallet down.


                       RICK (Cont'd)
Jesus Christ!
What? You didn't screen the guy
He was wearing a suit! I thought
he was a businessman.
Even so. What is a businessman
doing, still wearing his suit, in
a bar, at six O'clock in the
afternoon, on a Wednesday? Why do
you think he got so mad when you
didn't have the cash?
He had a bad day on the market. He
lost a bunch of money. Something
happened to that guy today, and
now he was broke. And how easy was
it to get him to bet two hundred
dollars on that game?
      (thinks for a
Pretty easy.
Exactly, he new he was good at
pool, and he REALLY needed the
So basically he scammed you
without even knowing it. Even
though, you got the wallet, he got
the better of you.
It's not a simple process. You
need to learn to think about all
these things. Be alert.
A cellphone rings. SAMMY pulls it out of his pocket and
answers it as he stands up and walks around the room.


The man on the other end apparently hangs up on SAMMY.
That was Hank. We have a meeting
at his place tomorrow at five.
I don't trust that guy.
Neither do I, but he's the only
one who will hire us after the
whole thing with...well, you know.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, damn. I forgot. I have a date
with Lisa tomorrow afternoon. I
can't go.
Well, just reschedule with Lisa.
I've done that twice already, and
I haven't seen her in almost a
month. How happy do you think
she'd be?
Oh. Can't call Hank back can you?
No, he calls me from a different
number everytime. He's never
answered when I called back.
That's okay, I can go it alone.
No, just take Jimmy with you.
Aw, come on! I can handle it


No. Like you said, I don't trust
Hank. You're not going alone.
Jimmy goes with you.
I need a smoke.
SAMMY walks outside as he pulls out a ciggarette. RICK is
standing in the room. He looks at JIMMY. The smile fades
from JIMMY's face. Then, RICK goes with SAMMY outside. JIMMY
sits for a minute, then he gets up and goes outside.
JIMMY enters. RICK and SAMMY are already there and smoking.
Guys, I...I can do it...I can do
Well you better be able to cause
you're gonna do it.
SAMMY and RICK exchange looks. SAMMY returns his attention
back to JIMMY. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his
car keys, hands them to JIMMY.
                       SAMMY (cont'd)
Go, warm up the car, alright? Honk
when its ready.
JIMMY takes the keys and walks out.
Look, man. I know he's young and
all, but there's a point where you
have to start thinking...
That maybe he ain't cut out for
this level of work. He just
doesn't seem to have it in him to
do what he needs to do.
I know he's having trouble but
he's my brother.


Hey, thats great! And you won't
find a better burglar for a
hundred miles, he's got the
quickest hands around. But his wit
ain't as fast as his hands.
Hey, ours weren't always quick
either. We learned fast because we
had to. After Rick Senior died, we
were had to prove ourselves
quickly. But Jimmy was still a kid
then. Now we have to teach him.
Yeah mate, but he lacks the
maturity. He can't focus. He can't
think on his feet.
I know, but he's still my brother
and I'm not gonna give up on him.
I'll talk to him. I'll tell him to
keep his mouth shut tomorrow, to
just sit back and learn from it.
Alright. Just make sure he knows
to let me do all the talking.
JIMMY honks the horn.
That's me. Gotta go.
JIMMY and RICK pull up a block from the house start walking
towards the house.
You remember what your brother
told you?
Ummmmm...leave the talking to you,
and... umm...


Yeah, that was it!
Good! Now do it.
They arrive at the front door. RICK knocks on the door.
Someone on the inside knocks back and the door opens. They
enter. JIMMY is visibly nervous.
They walk out the front door. JIMMY looks more nervous than
before, and RICK is mad as a bulldog
What part of shut-up didn't you
Rick, we can't do this.
Yes we can.
No no no, you don't get it. We
can't do this.
Why not?
Because, we...the guy's in a wheel
chair, for Pete's sake!
That doesn't seem wrong to you?
Jimmy, you crossed the line from
right to wrong a year ago when you
started working with your brother
and I. The question now, should
not be right or wrong. It should
be when what's the prophet. Am I
right? Are you gonna let a chair
get between you and easy money?


                       RICK (cont'd)
Those people preach all over how
they want to be treated equally.
If that's what he wants that's
what I'll give him. It would be no
different if he was an olympic
athlete. If I'm mistaken please
correct me.
      (under his breath)
You're right.
I'm sorry, what was that? I
couldn't quite make it out.
      (a little louder)
I said you're right.
I'm sorry, one more time. There's
just that one word I can't really
I said you're right! God! How many
times do you need to hear it?!
I'm just messin' with ya. Calm
down. But you know I'm right.
Yeah, yeah. Can we discuss the how
and prophet now?
Yeah, if he wants to let us back
in after your little outburst.
RICK knocks on the door. It opens again. They go back into
the house.
SAMMY and RICK are siting in a car across the street from ED
LEBOWITZ's house. RICK has a camera and SAMMY has


Hey, Sammy.
Did you hear that joke about the
basketball hoop?
No. How does that one go?
Never mind. It's over your head.
RICK tries to supress a laugh, but can't.
Jesus, Rick. You're the worst joke
teller on the planet.
There is no possible way that you
can know that.
Well, you know what I mean.
No! No I don't! Do you know
everyone on the planet?
SAMMY laughs.
SHHH! He's comming!
RICK points at ED LEBOWITZ, a handicaped man, who is being
helped out of his car and into his wheel chair. RICK starts
snapping pictures rapidly. LEBOWITZ wheels to his door and
enters. The two look at each other and chuckle.
Okay, so, what good did that do
Not too much.
Yeah, we need to get inside of
there. Any suggestions?


I think I got an Idea.
RICK picks up his phone and dails a number.
LEBOWITZ answers the phone.
Good afternoon, sir, my name's Tom
from Adam And Adams Exterminators.
I'm calling to let you know that
it's time for your annual termite
inspection. Would you like to set
up an appointment right now?
Yeah, sure. When's the soonest you
can come?
Well, sir, we have a unit in your
area today. I can direct him to
your house at around Four O'Clock.
Would that be okay?
Yeah, sounds good. Send him over.
Okay, sir. Thank you very much and
LEBOWITZ hangs up on him.
SAMMY stands in front of a mirror in his termite inspector
costume. RICK hands him a fake mustache.JIMMY paces back and
I just don't see why I can't do
Look, we've been over this before.


I know, but I just wanna try it.
Hey, I'm your older brother and
you do as I say. Now, you had your
shot, and everything there was on
your terms. If you can't pull that
off, then why would I let you pull
a job where our names are being
JIMMY is upset, he sits down.
The doorbell rings and LEBOWITZ answers. on the other side
is SAMMY dressed as a termite inspector.
Good afternoon, Mr. Lebowitz, I'm
here for the termite inspection.
Right, come in.
SAMMY enters.
Are there any areas you're
specificly worried about.
Yes, acctualy, my library. I wanna
make sure the bookcases aren't at
any risk.
Alright, and which way would that
LEBOWITZ leads SAMMY to his library. SAMMY sees a glass case
with several expensive looking jewels in it. He then turns
his attention to the room looking in the corners and places
where he woud think termites would live.


Well, I don't see any signs here.
I'll just check the rest of the
house, if that's alright?
That's fine.
SAMMY walks into another room and sees a large display of a
gold coin collection.
JIMMY, SAMMY, and RICK are crowded around a sheet of paper
which RICK is drawing on. He draws as he speaks.
Alright. The primary target, the
diamonds, he keeps in a glass case
in his home library. Here. But I
found something else. He's got a
coin collection of solid gold
coins in there. Right about here.
I'm figurin' if Jimmy and I both
go in then, Rick, you won't have
to distract him for that long.
Okay, okay, but how?
Well, first I'll need to get him
out of his library. That's where
he spends most of his time.
ED LEBOWITZ is sitting in his home library reading a book,
when he hears the doorbell. He reluctantly wheels himself to
the door to open it. Rick is standing in the doorway
disguised as a salesman. He has a briefcase and some
Hello, sir. How are you doing
Tired. So I think I'm going to-
JIMMY picks the lock to the back door and enters.


      (cuts him off)
Well, of course your tired. You've
been pushing yourself around all
day in that old thing.
What if I dold you "you don't have
to self propel your wheelchair
JIMMY makes his way to the front. He pokes his head around
the corner so RICK can see him. he starts to cross the room
behind LEBOWITZ.
Really, I think I'm fine. I don't
need an-
LEBOWITZ starts to turn around to close the door but RICK
stops him.
      (cuts him off)
But sir, this could be a once in a
lifetime oportunity! You see, for
this month only, the company is
giving away FREE electric
wheelchairs. What do you say now?
You're not going to take "no" for
an anwer are you?
Not if you beat me with a baseball
Come on in.
Rick enters and begins to set up his Posterboard. JIMMY
finds the diamonds and begins to pick the lock.
You know, sir, there really isn't
any other chair around like this
SAMMY enters through the same door. That JIMMY came through.
He sneeks through the room next to the one LEBOWITZ is in.


He bumps into a table and knocks off a crystal candle
holder. It shatters.
JIMMY hears the candel holder break in the other room and
hurries up to finish his job. He removes the Jewelry from
the case and places it in a backpack.
Could you hold on a second?
LEBOWITZ leaves the room, goes to a drawer, and pulls out a
handgun. JIMMY leaves the same way he came. LEBOWITZ goes to
the room where SAMMY is, and points the weapon at SAMMY, who
freezes scared. JIMMY gets in RICK's car.
Don't move.
Are you alone?
SAMMY nods his head nervously. LEBOWITZ thinks for a second,
then peeks into the next room. RICK and all his stuff is
RICK runs up, throws all his stuff in the back, and gets in
the car.
Did you get them?
Did you hear that glass break?
He found Sammy.
What are we still doing here? We
have to go get him!
JIMMY tries to get out, but RICK holds him back.
What are you doing? We have to
help Sammy!


We can't help him now.
He needs our help!
There's nothing we can do.
My brother's in there!
I'm sorry!
RICK starts the car. They drive away. LEBOWITZ looks out his
window in time to see the car leave.
JIMMY and RICK sit silently on the couch staring at nothing.
I just never thought we would get
I did.
You think about everything.
Sooner or later, it was bound to
happen. The only thing we can do
now is hope he doesn't rat us out.
Sammy would never do that.
You'd be surprized.
We shouldn't have sent him in
there. I could've gotten both


No, Jimmy. Don't regret. Your job
wasn't to save Sammy. It was to
get the Diamonds, and you got
There is a pause. JIMMY stands up.
I just- I need to know more. I
need to know what he's doing, what
they're doing to him.
You could go visit him.
Rick, you're a genius.
I know that. Now go find out
everything you can from Sammy.
JIMMY opens the door.
Wait. Be sure to put on a happy
face. We don't want him thinking
that we're crying for him.
Got it.
JIMMY exits.
SAMMY sits in an interrogation room. JIMMY enters.
Mom always said you'd end up in
What are you doing here?
What? I can't come see my own


I suppose it's okay. What's going
I came to ask you that same
question. What have you told them?
I confessed to doing it alone.
They also linked me to some other
jobs we did, which I confessed to
doing alone.
Wow. I'm proud of you.
Thanks, man.
Anything else?
No not really. My sentence is six
Oh, great. That'll be a while.
Yeah, well, it's my fault that I'm
in here. I'll worry about that.
You need to be concerned about
finding those diamonds.
What are you talking about? I have
I took them.
Wait, you took them from the glass
case in his library, right?
Yeah, where else?


Lebowitz told the cops that the
case was empty because he sold
them yesterday.
Why would he say that? Unless they
were stolen. Oh my God, Sammy this
is huge! Lebowitz got those
diamonds stolen.
What if he finds out it was you
and Rick?
I gotta go.
Yeah, you do!
JIMMY runs out into the parking lot. He gets in his car and
drives off. As he does so, it begins to rain.
LEBOWITZ is siting in his house when BENITO MANONI puts his
hand on LEBOWITZ's shoulder. He turns around scared.
What the-
Hiya Eddy! How ya doin'?
I'm doing alright. How about you?
Cut the crap. You know why I'm
here. Where are they?
MANONI goes from content to mad. He grabs LEBOWITZ by the
      (gritted teeth)
Don't screw with me.


Alright...alright, alright. I got
But? I don't like but.
They...its kinda funy, they were
stolen from me.
Oh yeah?
The two progress into laughter led by MANONI.
Hahaha stolen! Ha! Who'd a thunk
it? The thief of a thief.
LEBOWITZ is relieved beyond imagination. Soon MANONI's
laughter stops to the sound of him pulling out his pistol.
He grabs LEBOWITZ by the hair and points the bun in his
You think I'm gonna buy that
crap?! Do you honestly think that
I'm gonna believe that someone
came in here and took those things
without you noticing? What kind of
a retard do you think I am? Now,
you better tell where they are
before I blow you brains out,
cause I will. I got no problem
spilin' your blood.
I swear to you, Benito, on my
mother's grave, they were stolen.


MANONI makes a move like he is going to hit him.
-but I got - I got one of the
guys...I got one of the guys...who
stole them. I...I have him...in
You turned him over to the cops. I
oughta kill you where you are,
right now. You never never NEVER
go to the cops, you stupid
ignorant...UGH! But unfortunately,
you have something I don't. You
know who dis guy is. So I'ma gonna
do you a little favor. I'm gonna
let you fix dis little screw up.
You gonna get these things back.
Your gonna find dis little prick
and steal them back.
Can't I just steal another set of
NO!...Let me axe you somethin'.
You ever had a daughter?
Well I do. And I love her more
than anything in the world. She's
about to turn nine in a week and a
half. And when I took her to a
museum and she saw those diamonds
on exibit, she said to me, "Daddy,
I want those for my birthday." Do
you understand what that means?
That means that she gets them. You
got one week to get me those
things, and if you don't? Well,
we'll get into that later.
MANONI snaps his fingers and JACOB CARTER comes out from
behind the corner.


This is my nephew, Jacob Carter.
He's gonna watch you and make sure
you ain't cheatin' me out on this.
I'll see you in one week.
MANONI leaves. CARTER and LEBOWITZ are left.
Who's the guy?
The guy who you caught.
Oh...his name was uh Samuel
I've heard that name before. He
works with a guy...who is he?...
Richard somthin'...Richard Marsh!
JIMMY throws the bag of jewels on the table in front of
Yeah, I know. I helped. Remember?
No. Lebowitz got them stolen
before we even thought of it.
Are you sure?
Oh, damn.


Yeah. And, I've got a feeling we
just messed with the wrong guy.
Oh, we deffinatly messed with the
wrong guy. We have to get those
diamonds back to Hank as soon as
we can.
How? We can't get a hold of him.
Wait, we know where he lives.
No, we don't. He's gone from that
place by now. Did you see all the
Wait? He moved?
Yeah, he moves all the time.
He's wanted all over the place.
Oh, so how are we going to get a
hold of him?
I don't know.
Wait a minute. Sammy's phone. He
left it in my car. Hank calls it
to let Sammy know where to meet
SAMMY's phone sits on the passenger seat of RICK's car. A
car pulls up next to it. LEBOWITZ steps out of the car and
stands on his own two feet. He walks to the door of RICK's
apartment with CARTER, following him. He knocks on the door.


RICK calmly gets up and looks out his window and turns away
looking very scared.
Lebowitz is outside.
Lebowitz is out there and he's not
in his wheel chair.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about he's standing!
You mean he's not?
Apperently not! Get the diamonds!
RICK rumages around and comes up with two handguns. He hands
one to JIMMY.
Here take this!
I don't know how to use that!
LEBOWITZ knocks the door again.
You point it and pull the trigger!
Now take it!
JIMMY takes the gun and, without thinking, shoots the door
What the hell are you doing!?!?


Pointing and pulling the trigger!
Not now! You're going to get us
killed! We have to get out of
RICK goes onto the balcony and climbs down pulling JIMMY
with him.
LEBOWITZ and CARTER look at the holes in the door. CARTER
kicks down the door and enters with his gun ready. He sees
the open window and looks out of it. He sees JIMMY and RICK
runing around a corner. He turns to LEBOWITZ.
I'll catch them in the car.
LEBOWITZ gos to the car and drives in the direction of JIMMY
and RICK. They are spotted running into an ally. The car
pulls up to the ally and the window rolls down. JIMMY and
RICK are hidden.
I'll distract him. You go to my
car and get the phone.
RICK stands up and starts running across the ally with his
gun up ready to fire.
A pistol comes out of the car window and fires one shot.
RICK drops. LEBOWITZ runs out with his gun. He checks RICK's
wounded body, looks around for a bit and gets in the car.
The car drives off. JIMMY runs up to RICK. He kneels beside
him. RICK is still alive.
You're gonna be just fine Rick,
you're gonna be okay, I'm going to
help you, you're gonna be alright.
No no no.
What do you mean "no" I'm gonna
get you help.


Stop. I'm as good as gone.
No, no you're not, you're gonna be
Listen! You can't stop them on
your own. Get the phone. When Hank
calls you tell him everything. Get
him to help you.
We'll have time for that later,
right now, we need a hospital.
      (fading out)
Get that phone. You need help.
He dies. JIMMY reluctantly gets the keys out of RICK's
jacket pocket. He sneeks off.
LEBOWITZ follows CARTER out of the building. JIMMY is
hidding around the corner.
Did you get a look at their car?
Only a glimpse as they were
Can you regognize it?
We parked next to it when we came
They aproach the car and set it on fire. It burns as they
leave and JIMMY watches, hidden.
JIMMY walks down the street, solemnly, as the daylight


JIMMY walks in and sits down and stares at nothing.
I need help.... I need help.
JIMMY picks up the phone and starts dialing a number.
JIMMY is sitting in the lobby of the airport. AMANDA steps
through the security checkpoint. JIMMY sees her and
aproaches her.
Is that you Jimmy?
They embrace.
Wow, it's been a long time!
It sure has! Look, we need to get
going. Sammy is in jail and-
      (cuts him off)
Sammy's in jail?
What about Rick?
He's....he's dead.
Oh, my God. How?
I'll catch you up on the way. We
gotta go.


He takes her lugage and leads her out the door.
AMANA and JIMMY are sitting down in the room.
Okay. So you stole from a
handicaped guy, but he wasn't
really handicaped. And he's a
thief. Am I right so far?
And the handicaped guy caught
Sammy and sent him to jail while
you still thought he was a
handicaped guy. Then you found out
he wasn't handicaped and after
that he...killed Rick.
Right. And now I'm pretty sure
he's after me.
Oh. You're in trouble.
Okay. That, right there, does not
I'm sorry, but I'm your cousin,
not your therapist. It's not my
job to make you feel good.
Can we just focus on getting me
out of this mess?
Good idea. So, what do you know
about this guy?
Well, I thought I knew plenty, but
it turns out I was wrong. So,
let's start with nothing, except
that he's trying to kill me. But I
think we're safe in here. I don't


                       JIMMY (cont'd)
think he knows where I am.
The phone rings. JIMMY answers.
      (disguised voice)
Hello, sir, this is the fron desk.
We have a package for you from a
Mr. Franklin. He said to tell you
that he is Samuel Cotiani's
Ok, I'll be down there in a
He hangs up.
What was that?
I'm not really sure, but I think I
need to go downstairs for a
minute. You gonna be alright here?
JIMMY goes to a drawer. He opens it. There is the handgun
RICK gave him. He picks it up and thinks for a second, then
puts it back down and closes the drawer. He leaves the room.
JIMMY walks into the lobby somewhat cautiously. He goes to
the receptionists desk. He sees no one there but when he
looks over the counter, the receptionist is dead on the
JIMMY looks around franticly. LEBOWITZ enters. JIMMY runs
out. He give chase.


JIMMY runs outside. LEBOWITZ is following him. He finds
himself in a corner. LEBOWITZ takes advantage of that. He
throws a few punches at JIMMY which he dodges. He manages to
escape and runs around a corner. He waits there against the
wall. He thinks as LEBOWITZ aproaches at a speedy pace. When
LEBOWITZ comes speeding through, JIMMY clothslines him. He
is amazed at what he has just done. He stands there as
LEBOWITZ squeels in pain. Carter comes around from behind
JIMMY and bashes him over the head with a handgun. JIMMY is
knocked out cold. LEBOWITZ gets up with a bloody nose. Him
and CARTER exchange looks of dislike.
CARTER and LEBOWITZ pick up JIMMY and carry him to their car
where they put him in the back with a tied up and gaged
JIMMY wakes up tied to a chair with LEBOWITZ standing in
front of him.
Good morning sleepy head.
LEBOWITZ punches JIMMY in the face, knocking him on the
floor. JIMMY screems in pain.
Where the hell are they?!
I hid them in Rick's grave.
Look, pal, your friend died and
your brother went to jail over
those jewels. So stop screwing
around with me and tell me where
they are!
LEBOWITZ kicks JIMMY in the side, causing him to slide on
the floor. LEBOWITZ get close to JIMMY's face.
You gonna tell me now?


Not if you're gonna be such a jerk
about it.
I will kill you!
LEBOWITZ punches JIMMY in the stomach. He coughs up blood.
I will kill you!
JIMMY just looks at him.
Fine, I won't kill you. I'll just
make you wish I would.
LEBOWITZ pulls his arm back to punsh JIMMY.
AMANDA sits on the bed, tied and gagged. She is struggling
to get free. CARTER sits in a chair in the corner reading a
news paper.
You know, even if you do manage to
free yourself, I'm here to tie you
back up.
AMANDA says somthing that is muffled under her gag.
Yeah, that's why I gagged you. I
don't want to hear it.
He turns back to the paper. AMANDA yells at him a few times
through the gag and then gives up and flops on the bed in
CARTER gets up and sits on the bed.
Are you going to be quiet?
AMANDA does nothing.


CARTER removes the gag. Suddenly, AMANDA springs to life and
starts headbutting him.
I'll kill you! You creep! I'll rip
CARTER shoves her back and forces the gag back in her mouth.
I said are you going to be quiet?
AMANDA relaxes and nodds her head. CARTER removes the gag
He goes back to the chair.
I need to ask you some questions.
What do you know about the
What diamonds?
I'm asking the questions, and you
know what diamonds.
I don't know what you're talking
You mean you don't know anything?
Okay then. I guess you're usless.
CARTER pulls out a gun and fires right next to AMANDA's
head. She screems and ducks.


Let's get this straight. Your
life's not important to me. That
was your one and only warning
shot. And if you don't answer my
questions you'll get the second
shot between the eyes. Got that?
AMANDA nodds.
Now, where are the jewels?
The ones Jimmy stole from you?
From me? Who do you think I am?
You think Ed Lebowitz?
You mean you're not?
Haha. Thank God I'm not. He owes
my uncle those Diamonds. Im just
here to make sure he gets them.
So, who are you?
My name's Jacob Cater. Now, back
to my question. Where are the
Jimmy didn't tell me.
CARTER pulls out his pistol and aims it at AMANDA's head.
She puts her hands in front of her face and ducks.
He didn't tell me!
She is in tears. CARTER slowly lowers his gun.
Okay. I believe you.
You do?


What now?
Now, you just have to pray that
Jimmy cracks before Lebowitz beats
him to death.
What are you doing to him?
I'm not doing anything, but Ed is
giving him quite the treatment.
Let me talk to him.
Why? So you two can plan an
escape? I don't think so.
No. I can convince him to tell you
where the jewels are.
Why should I believe that?
Would you want your girlfriend to
be beaten to death?
LEBOWITZ is beating JIMMY when the door opens. In come
CARTER with AMANDA. AMANDA looks at JIMMY and runs to him.
She decided to cooperate. She is
going to get the information out
of him.
CARTER and LEBOWITZ begin talking.


Jimmy you have to tell him. He's
going to kill you.
He'll kill me even if I do tell
There's a chance that he'll let us
LEBOWITZ and CARTER's background conversation develops into
an arguement.
No. I can't.
Why not, Jimmy? Why can't you just
tell him?
If I tell him, Rick will have died
in vein.
JIMMY and AMANDA share a look of understanding.
What am I going to do?
Your smart, you figure it out.
Besides, he looks lonely enough to
fall for the femme fatal.
CARTER pushes LEBOWITZ back a few steps.
You know why don't you just
shut-the hell-up?!
      (long pause)
She's done here!
      (to AMANDA)
Is he gonna talk?!
Yeah. When pigs fly.
LEBOWITZ punches him in the face. AMANDA tries to go to him,
but CARTER holds her back and pulls her out the door as
LEBOWITZ continues to beat JIMMY.


CARTER leads AMANDA into the bedroom.
What's up with you and Lebowitz?
Shut up.
He begins to put the handcuffs back on her.
You know it was kind of impresive.
He tightens the handcuffs.
Big strong man, standing up for
himself. That sort of thing can
make a woman go crazy.
She casually walks behind him, she begins massaging his
shoulders. In a split second, she slings the handcuffs
around his neck and pulls. He struggles but can't breath. he
eventually falls limp. AMANDA looks afraid. She checks his
pulse to find that there is not one. She begins to tear up.
After a minute, she stops herself and leaves the room.
Look, this can't go on forever.
Just tell me where they are.
JIMMY sits silent. He looks as though he is about to break.
I'm sick and tired of hitting you.
I want this to end just as badly
as you do.
LEBOWITZ pulls his arm back to hit JIMMY again. the doorbell
rings. LEBOWITZ stops. He looks between JIMMY and the door.
You're not going anywhere.
He hurries to the front door.


LEBOWITZ walks towards the door very nervously and answers
it. On the other side is the mafia leader, BARRY MONONI,
with one of his henchmen.
AMANDA comes in through the door and unties JIMMY.
We have to hurry. Who knows how
long he might be.
Good. Can you get through that
I think so.
JIMMY is hurt and can't walk well.
MONONI and his henchman are siting on a couch and LEBOWITZ
is siting in a chair across from them.
I dont know why you have me
sitting down here chatting. You
know why I'm here. Where are they?
I...I don't quite have them.
The henchman stands up.
You What?
Wait, wait, wait. I have something
just as good. I have the guy who
stole them from me. Just follow
LEBOWITZ gets up and begins to walk towards the basement.
MANONI does the same reluctantlly.


I promise you Benito, you won't be
Where's my nephew?
He's in there with the girl, but
don't worry about her, she's
useless. You have to see the guy.
He won't tell me anything, but
maybe he'll talk to you.
      (to HENCHMAN)
Check his story.
the henchman walks off towards the room.
AMANDA is trying to help JIMMY out the window.
Ow! don't touch me there.
Well what can I do then?
I can get out on my own.
Not fast enough.
JIMMY pulls himself out of the window.
There! You happy now?
No! You need to help me out of
Okay, here. Take my hand.
AMANDA takes JIMMYs hand and uses it to help herself out of
the window.


LEBOWTZ opens the door, and walks into the room.
Here he is.
He looks at the empty chair.
Where did he go? Where the hell
did he go?!
MANONI looks at him very annoyed. Then the HENCHMAN walks in
with CARTER's body.
He's dead.
MONONI pulls out a fancy handgun and poits it at LEBOWITZ,
who cowers.
No! Please! I swear, I don't know
what happened! He was here. I
swear to God!!
I don't like people who swear.
"Six Months Later" shows. We se JIMMY, SAMMY, LISA and
AMANDA get out of a car and walk over to a grave. JIMMY is
using a cane.
Subtitle: "Sammy served his six months in the state
penitentary for attempted robery. When he got out, he
retired so he could get married to Lisa."
Subtitle: "Jimmy kept working. He is now one of the most
successful con artists in America, along with his accomplice
Subtitle: "Rick still rests peacefully. The diamonds are
buried with him in his grave."


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