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by John Wood (runawaypimp@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: **
There is a new form of torture, and we just want to test it out!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The camera fades in on a television screen. On the screen is
a morning talk show. The camera then zooms out to show the
entire room. It is a bright sunny morning. The room is small
and slightly messy. There is a woman sitting on the couch
watching the talk show wearing pajamas and slippers. This is
ANNE (about 30). ANNE's husband BEN (about 35) walks into
the room. He is wearing black dress pants and a bue button
up shirt. When he enters he his tying his tie.
How can you watch this crap?
It's a good show. Makes you feel
good inside.
All of these shows are the same.
Someone comes in who's family
isn't doing so well, and they try
to fix it by giving them a
vacation or a car.
ANNE laughs.
It's a woman thing i guess.
Alright, well I gotta go to work.
BEN leans down and gives ANNE a kiss.
I love you.
Love you too. See you tonight.
Okay. Bye.


BEN leaves and ANNE stands up and walks into the kitchen.
The camera follows. She opens the refrigerator and searches
through it then pulls out a plate with foil over it. She
sets the plate on the stove and unwraps it.
Nothing like twice reheated pizza
for a hearty breakfast.
She puts a slice of pizza in the microwave and sets the
timer for 2 minutes then walks back over to the refrigerator
and pulls out a jug of milk. She pours herself a glass and
puts the milk back. She then looks over at the microwave and
the timer says '1:06.' She picks up the glass of milk and
begins to take a sip. As soon as the milk touches her lips
the lights and microwave suddenly shut off. The power is
                       ANNE (Cont'D)
What the hell?
She sets the glass down and walks over to the window. She
pulls the curtains aside to reveal that what was a bright
and sunny day, is now very dark and cloudy.
                       ANNE (Cont'D)
When did this happen? I was going
to go for a jog after breakfast..
not looking too promising now.
She walks over to the microwave and opend it to get her
pizza. She pulls the pizza out of the microwave and brings
it to her mouth to take a bite. Just before she bites into
it she sees that it is covered with cockroaches. She screams
and drops the pizza backing away from it. She looks
terrified and disgusted.
                       ANNE (Cont'D)
What the hell is going on?
A cockroach crawls off of the pizza and starts crawling
towards ANNE. She screams and steps on it. She runs into the
other room and returns with a large can of bug spray. She
douses the cockroaches in the spray. The are crawling around
but quickly stop moving. ANNE looks relieved.
Think it's time for that jog.
She grabs a broom and dustpan and sweeps up the dead
cockroaches and pizza and throws them in the trash can. She
walks into the other room and returns still wearing her


slippers, but has changed into a t-shirt and shorts. She
then takes off her slippers and puts on running shoes and a
light jacket. She walks out the front door, the camera
She locks the door behind her and begins jogging down the
I definitely needed this. The
fresh morning air makes me feel a
little less disgusted.
As she is jogging, she sees a man in a robe bending down to
pick up his newspaper. We cannot see his face. ANNE waves to
him as she jogs by.
Hi Mr. Davis!
He looks up and his face looks grey and demonic. His eyes
are dark holes. His face is deformed. ANNE sees this and
jumps to the side. She begins running.
What the fuck was that?!.. I'm
losing my mind.
She slows back down to a jog after getting a few houses
I need some coffee or something.
Get my head straight.
She continues jogging down the road.
We see ANNE jogging down the sidewalk in a small town. She
slows down to a walk. She stops in front of a small
building. She looks up, the camera follows. A sign on the
building reads "Joe's Cafe." ANNE enters the building.


We see ANNE sitting at a small table. She raises her hand.
Waitress, can I get a coffee?
Sure can, I'll get right on that.
ANNE looks alightly nervous due to the strange happenings,
but alright. The WAITRESS walks up to ANNE's table holding a
coffee mug. She sets the mug down in front of ANNE.
Thank you.
No problem, if there's anything
else you need just let me know.
The WAITRESS walks away. ANNE takes a sip of the coffee.
Oh.. that helps. I knew this would
calm me down. A nice soothing cup
of coffee, just what the doctor
A MAN (about 50) bursts through the doors of the cafe. He
looks upset. He sits down at a table and buries his face in
his hands.
Looks like his day's been as bad
as mine.
She picks up her coffee and walks over to the MAN's table.
The MAN is crying.
                       ANNE (Cont'D)
Excuse me. Sir?
ANNE sits down.
                       ANNE (Cont'D)
What's wrong?
The MAN answers her, sobbing, with his face still in his


Nothing.. Everything's fine.
I know you don't know me but it
looks like you need to talk to
someone. So, what's wrong?
The MAN keeps his face in his hands.
Okay.. The police just found my
wife murdered in our home. One of
our neighbors called them and said
they heard a lot of yelling and
ANNE looks concerned.
Oh my God. Do they know who did
The MAN continues to sob, keeping his face hidden.
No. But i do.
Well who?
The MAN flips his head up. He now has an evil sinister look
on his face. His voice sounds crazy and demonic.
I did it. I gave that bitch what
she had coming!..
ANNE jumps up out of her chair and begins backing away. She
looks terrified. No one else seems to notice what is going
                       MAN (Cont'D)
A cold steel axe to the
ANNE continues to back away, terrified. She backs up into
another table and quickly spins around to see the same MAN
sitting at that table.
                       MAN (Cont'D)
I watched her bleed. I watched her
suffer! She died before my eyes!


The MAN lets out a crazed sinister laugh and ANNE runs out
the door screaming...
As ANNE runs away terrified. Everyone else on the street
looks confused. She continues running for a few blocks and
stops at a payphone. She scrambles to get some change out of
her pocket. She puts two coins into the payphone and dials
frantically. She waits as the phone rings. Someone picks up.
                       FEMALE V.O.
Milton International, how may I
help you?
ANNE answers, out of breath. Her voice is upset.
Hello. May I speak to Benjamin
Stanford please?
                       FEMALE V.O.
Is everything ok ma'am?
I really just need to speak to my
                       FEMALE V.O.
Okay. I'll patch him through.
Thank you.
ANNE waits for a few seconds and BEN picks up.
Benjamin Stanford, what can I do
for you?
BEN has a confused tone to his voice.
Anne? What's going on?
I don't know. I'm going fucking


BEN sounds worried.
Anne, Anne calm down. What
ANNE begins to cry.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
Everythings alright. Just tell me
what happened.
Ever since you left this morning,
this weird shit has been
happening. I don't know what's
going on.
Anne, what are you talking about?
ANNE sobs into the phone.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
Where are you?
ANNE looks up, tears fill her eyes. From her P.O.V. we see
two blurry signs: one says Main St., the other says King St.
The camera cuts back to ANNE.
I'm on the corner of Main and King
Stay there, I'm coming to get you.
Okay. Please hurry.
I will, just don't go anywhere.
We hear BEN hang up and ANNE hangs up. She looks around and
spots a bench on the sidewalk behind her. She walks over to
it and sits down, looking nervous and very alert. While she
looks to the side, and elderly man (about 60) sits down next
to her. ANNE jumps. He is wearing a long brown raincoat and
a matching hat, he is holding a cane.
                       ELDERLY MAN
Oh I'm sorry Miss, I didn't mean
to frighten you.


ANNE sighs looking somewhat relieved.
No, no that's alright. I've just
been a little on edge today.
The ELDERLY MAN has a concerned tone to his voice.
                       ELDERLY MAN
You wanna talk about it?
No, I'm fine.
                       ELDERLY MAN
Well alright, but if you feel you
need to talk I'm here.
Thank you, that's very sweet of
There is a short period of silence between them. ANNE
continues to look around nervously waiting for BEN.
                       ELDERLY MAN
By the way, I'm Charles.
He extends his hand for ANNE to shake. ANNE shakes his hand.
Nice to meet you Anne.
She cracks a little smile.
Are you waiting for someone?
Yes, my husband, Ben.
Oh and you're married. Well good
for you.
Thank you.


Another short period of silece occurs. ANNE continues to
look nervous but also looks as though she feels slightly
safer sitting on the bench with CHARLES. She raises her arm
to look at her watch. She puts her arm down and sighs.
All of a sudden ANNE feels something tickling her wrist and
moving up her arm, as though something were crawling on her.
She picks up her arm to see a spider crawling on it. She
thinks nothing of it and brushes it off. But as soon as it
hits the ground, thousands more begin to pour out of her
watch. She screams and quickly jumps up trying to brush them
all off. She looks over and CHARLES is gone, nowhere to be
She continues to brush them off but they keep pouring out.
She struggles trying to take her watch off.
                       ANNE (Cont'D)
Come on, come on! Shit!
The spiders are quickly crawling up her arm. She finally
gets her watch off and it falls to the ground, broken. The
spiders stop coming out. She is now fixed on getting all of
the spiders off of her. She looks completely terrified.
She finally gets all the spiders off of her and runs towards
the street. The spiders follow. She runs into the street and
a car almost hits her. The camera shows inside the car, we
see it's BEN. ANNE quickly runs to the passenger side of the
car and gets in.
What's going on?
Just drive!
BEN hits the gas and they take off. ANNE looks back then
turns and faces forward breathing heavily.
Now tell me what the fuck is going


Couldn't you see them?!
See what?
The spiders! There were thousands
of them! How could you not see
Anne, there were no spiders, what
are you talking about?
There has been so much weird shit
going on today. I don't know
what's happening.
ANNE begins to cry.
Tell me what's happened.
ANNE continues to cry, looking down. BEN looks over at her,
his voice sounds very concerned and sincere.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
Hey, everything's alright. Talk to
ANNE looks up, still crying.
I'm just so scared. It's like I've
been hallucinating all day. It
can't be real. Cockroaches,
demons, spiders, I just want it
to stop.
ANNE begins to cry a little more. BEN pulls over. He leans
over and hugs her.
It's alright. Everything will be
okay, i promise. You're just a
little stressed that's all.
Nothing like this has ever
happened before. I feel like I've
lost all control and my fears are


                       ANNE (cont'd)
just taking over. What the hell is
happeneing to me?
BEN leans back into his seat and looks at ANNE. ANNE looks
back at him.
You know what I think?
I think we need to get you home
and you need to take a nice long
bath. Sound good to you?
Yeah, that sounds good.
The car continues down the road and the camera fades out. We
then fade into the car pulling in the driveway.
The camera is facing the door. We see the door open, BEN and
ANNE enter.
I'll go draw you a hot bath.
BEN kisses ANNE.
Thank you.
BEN walks out of the room and shortly after we hear water
running. BEN walks back in.
It's all set babe. Now go relax
and enjoy yourself. Try to get
some of this out of your head.
I will. I'm sorry for all this.


No, it's no problem. Just try and
relax. I'll check on you in a
little bit.
I love you.
I love you too.
ANNE walks out of the room.
We see ANNE testing the water in her bubble bath with her
hand. She then stands up and begins to undress. We see only
her shoulders and up. She then begins to climb into the tub
and we see from her calves down. The camera cuts to ANNE in
the tub, covered in bubbles. She looks relaxed.
Oh, why didn't I do this sooner?
She slides down into the tub a little more, laying back and
closes her eyes. She lets out a relaxed sigh.
All of a sudden ANNE get pulled underwater by something. She
comes back up gasping for air and fighting to stay above
the water but she keeps getting pulled back under. She tries
to scream but every time she does her head is pulled back
under the water, muffling her screams.
Suddenly the camera flashes and we see BEN sitting on the
side of the tub pushing ANNE under the water. He has an
angry look on his face.
The camera flashes again and we are back to reality. BEN is
sitting on the side of the tub shaking ANNE, trying to wake
her up. ANNE is screaming.
Anne! Anne wake up, it's only a
ANNE finally wakes up and pushes BEN to the floor. She looks
around, frightened.
You! You tried to kill me!


It was all a dream. You were
You tried to kill me! You held me
under the water!
You fell asleep, none of it was
real. I was only trying to wake
you up.
ANNE begins to cry, looking down.
It's happening again. I thought a
bath would calm me down, it only
made it worse. I can't keep going
on like this, I can't take it.
BEN gets up and walks over to ANNE, he sits on the side of
the tub and put his arm around her.
It's okay. It was all a dream,
just in your head. I won't let
anything happen to you, I promise.
BEN stands up.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
You've had a rough day. Get dried
off put some clothes on and lets
get you into bed. A nap would be
good for you.
BEN walks out and closes the door. The camera fades out.
The camera fades back in on:
ANNE is laying in bed. The room is dark, the curtains are
closed. BEN is sitting on the side of the bed tucking ANNE
Try and get some rest alright?


I will. I just hope all this
stops, I don't know how much more
I can take.
I bet once you wake up everything
will be fine. You just need a
little sleep.
I hope you're right.
I'll see you in a couple hours. I
love you.
BEN kisses ANNE then gets up and walks out of the room and
shuts the door. The camera goes back to ANNE, she yawns.
Guess I am pretty tired.
She closes her eyes and quickly falls asleep. The camera
fades out.
We hear a quiet crash of thunder and the camera fades in on
a close up of ANNE. There is then a flash of lightening and
a loud crash of thunder. ANNE jumps up wide awake. She looks
at the clock, the camera follows. The clock says 8:13. ANNE
climbs out of bed and walks over to the window. She pulls
the curtains aside and looks out. We see that it is dark
outside, night, and it is storming. Nothing can be seen
until lightening flashes. It flashes twice, each followed by
a crash of loud thunder, and then flashes a third time which
reveals BEN outside digging what appears to be a grave, in
the rain. ANNE gets a shocked and frightened look on her
face. The lightening flashes one more time and he is gone
and there is no hole. ANNE backs away from the window and
turns around, bumping into BEN.
Good to have you back. How you
ANNE's voice is shaky.
Better. I think that nap might
have helped.


Everything okay? You sound upset.
I just thought I saw.. nothing..
No, what was it?
You're gonna think I'm crazy.
Try me.
I was looking out the window and I
though I saw you..
Yeah so?
You were digging a grave.
BEN lunges at ANNE, grabbing her violently with a crazed
look in his eyes.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
You're not crazy!
ANNE screams, waking her from a dream. Once again she looks
over at the clock, it says 8:13. She climbs out of bed and
walk over to the door and cracks it open. She peeks through
the crack and sees BEN walk into the kitchen. She then opens
the door slowly and steps out into the living room afraid
that what she had dreamed might be real. BEN walks back out
of the kitchen and notices ANNE.
Oh good you're up. I'm making
dinner. I know it's kinda late for
dinner but I wanted to wait for
you to eat. Feel any better?
Yeah, I'm fine.


You sure? You look upset.
No, I'm alright. Just the whole
waking up process I guess. What
are we eating?
Well on today's menu we have ham,
corn, and mashed potatoes.. with
or without gravy.
Wow you went all out huh?
Thought a nice dinner would make
you feel better.
Well it sounds great. When will it
be ready?
BEN laughs.
In a hurry are we?
BEN smiles at her.
It's just about done, why don't
you go sit down and I'll bring it
in in just a minute.
ANNE walks out of the room and into the dining room. BEN
walks into the kitchen.
We see ANNE sitting at a medium size table shifting in her
seat. On the table are plate silverware and a couple dishes


of food. BEN enters the room carrying a large silver platter
with an even larger cover on it. He sets it down in the
center of the table and sits down.
Ready to eat?
Oh yeah.
Well then...
BEN quickly removes the cover from the platter revealing a
severed human head. We get a closer look and see that it is
ANNE's head.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
...Lets eat!
A terrified look comes over ANNE's face. She jumps up out of
her seat.
What the fuck is that?!
I thought you liked ham.
That is NOT ham!
A big grin stretches across BEN's face. He sets the platter
I see the drugs haven't worn off
What?! What drugs?
The ones you took last night.
But I didn't do any drugs last
night. I've never done drugs.
Not that you knew about.
Everything goes blurry and fades out.


The room is dark but has a yellow glow. We see ANNE in bed,
sleeping. BEN enters the room quietly.
                       BEN V.O.
You were sound asleep in bed...
We see BEN walk over to the bed.
                       BEN V.O.
We were doing confidential
experiments at work with a drug
called 'Thantophobia.' No one knew
exactly what the effects of it
would be, but we knew whatever
happened.. would be an increadible
new form of torture...
BEN pulls the bottom of the blanket off of ANNE and injects
something into her ankle.
                       BEN V.O.
I decided to try it on you. Once
you were injected with the drug
you were put into a deep sleep.
We are back in the dining room with BEN and ANNE. ANNE has a
confused and horrified look on her face.
And from what you've told me, it
seems as though the drug makes
your mind think that you are
living in a nightmare. All the
things you fear in your dreams..
come to life while you're awake.
But.. Why me?
BEN stands up and begins slowling walking towards ANNE. ANNE
backs away.


Don't you remember?
Remember what?
Saturday.. Two months ago...
We fade out again into a blur.
We see ANNE and some other man enter through the front door,
ANNE is laughing as though she were drunk.
                       BEN V.O.
I was gone on a trip for work, you
had the place all to yourself...
We see ANNE throw her keys on a small coffee table and her
coat on the couch.
                       BEN V.O.
But I know all about what went on
Saturday night...
We see the man kissing ANNE's neck.
                       BEN V.O.
Because I came home early that
We see BEN walking up to the front door and just as he is
about to open it we see him look in and see the man and ANNE
enter the bed room and close the door.
The camera fades out into a blur again.
BEN continues to slowly walk towards ANNE as she backs away.
He is now waving his arms as he speaks, his voice sounding
more and more angry.


I figured hey! lets come home
early and surprise her. But oh no,
it wasn't you who was surprised.
ANNE begins to look even more terrified. Her voice sounds
shaky and frightened.
Oh no, don't try and get out of
this one. I know what you did.
After all these years of loyalty..
I catch you fucking some guy you
met in a bar?!
No, no you don't understand..
Oh I understand. I guess I just
didn't know you as well as I
thought I did. But then again, who
expects their wife to be such a
ANNE begins to sob and cry uncontrollably.
                       BEN (Cont'D)
It was then I decided I was going
to figure out a way to get even.
Then Thantophobia came along and I
knew that was the perfect way. And
now I see I've made the right
choice. Now all I have to do is
finish the plan.
What do you mean finish?
BEN pulls a handgun from the back of his pants.
Well we'll just have to see how
the story ends won't we?
Oh God.. I'm sorry.. I didn't know
what I was doing!


Well we both know what you did.
BEN points the gun at ANNE. ANNE is now backed into a
corner. BEN walks up to her and puts his hand around her
Please, don't do this. I love you!
If you loved me.. this wouldn't be
Oh God!
Now, where do you want the bullet?
In the head, for a quick less
painful death? Or how 'bout in the
stomach, so you can suffer like
you made me?
Ben please! Can't we just work
this out?! You don't need to do
Yes I do Anne. The world is full
of people like you, and i just
want to make it a little bit of a
better place. Don't you?
Ben please no!
BEN kisses ANNE.
I'll see you in hell baby.
ANNE screams and just as BEN begins to pull the trigger we
hear a gunshot. BEN falls to the floor, dead. ANNE quickly
jumps away from the body.
Are you okay ma'am?
ANNE stares at BEN's body in shock. We see a police officer
walk up beside her.


Miss, are you alright?
Yes.. I'm alright.
Your neighbor called. She said she
heard yelling over here. We came
as soon as we could.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
It's what we're here for ma'am.
ANNE quickly grabs the OFFICER and hugs him tightly, crying.
It's alright ma'am. It's over.
The camera zooms out to a full room shot. We see other
officers and coroners enter the room and examine the body
and begin to get it ready to take away. We zoom back in to
The OFFICER's voice gets a sinister and evil sound to it
just as the man in the Cafe's did.
                       OFFICER (Cont'D)
But you can't say you didn't have
it coming!
ANNE looks up at the OFFICER and sees that it is the same
man from the Cafe. He begins to laugh a very evil sounding
laugh and ANNE screams as we cut to black.


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From Aaron G. White Date 4/14/2008 1/2
I've gotta agree with most of what J.J stated already. Anne's dialog with herself doesn't make for a very good read. The character names in caps began to really make the script hard to concentrate on. I honestly couldn't finish it...

From J.J Date 12/5/2007 *
Why does Anne talk to herself? Why do you capitalize every characters name every time you write it? You only have to capitalize their name the first time they are introduced. Anne talking to herself killed the entire script for me, and you describing to the director how to shoot his/her movie. The director decides for him/her self how it's going to be shot, not the screenwriter. You don't describe what the camera does in a script.

From Stefan Date 8/9/2006 ****
This is great, I really liked it, hell id love to film it.

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