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Who Made You God? (Revised February 2015)
by Katina Michelle Blackwell (katinablackwell91@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Seventeen year old Sarah seeks answers from the man she believes ruined her life. She holds him hostage in his office in order to get those answers.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It is a cold day in mid-December, and for once south Texas
is feeling the bitterness of winter. Seventeen year old
SARAH (with no coat or warm clothes) stands in the shadows
of the alley looking at the office building across the
street and she shivers. She pulls a half-smoked cigarette
from her shirt pocket and lights it. After taking a few
drags, she moves over to the pay phone. She then takes a
slip of paper from her shirt pocket. She clinches her jaw
and picks up the receiver, drops some coins in the slot, and
then dials the number. The phone rings twice before it is
                       ROBIN (V.O.)
Thank you for calling the law
office of Harold Kesey. This is
Robin, how can I help you?
      (uses a very sweet
       & polite voice)
Yes ma'am, my name is Sarah
McMurphy and I would like to set
up an appointment to see Mr.
Kesey. If it is possible, sometime
late this afternoon would be good
for me.
                       ROBIN (V.O.)
Mr. Kesey has a very busy
I realize that but I have a dire
emergency and must see Mr. Kesey
                       ROBIN (V.O.)
Would it be possible for me to
tell him the nature of your
I am so embarrassed to let anyone
know about my situation, but it is
a custody case. My ex-husband
divorced me last year and we have


                       SARAH (cont'd)
shared custody of our son since
that time. However, I recently
found out that he has moved
another man into his house and
they are sharing a bed.
                       ROBIN (V.O.)
I see...I believe I can squeeze
you in at the end of the day.
You'll be his last appointment at
4:30pm. Will that be okay with
you ma'am?
That would be just fine. I'll see
you then, goodbye.
SARAH hangs up the phone and the walks back into the shadows
of the alley.
SARAH enters the building from the emergency exit then heads
to the stairs. Cut to her going up a few flights then
entering a door marked 4th floor. Shot cuts to her going
into a vacant office and shutting the door. Shot cuts to
SARAH taking off her backpack and then sliding against the
wall into a sitting position.
      (unzips the bag
       and pulls out a
       handgun then
       mutters t herself)
Just a little while longer...
SARAH is lying on the floor asleep, using the backpack as a
makeshift pillow. She begins to twitch and move like she is
having a bad dream. She sits up suddenly, breathing hard and
fast with tears coming down her face. She angrily wipes the
tears away as she gets up and goes to the window. The big
clock on the street corner blinked then showed the time
(4:30pm). She had a few moments before she needed to go to
KESEY'S office. She goes into the private office bathroom
and washes her face. She looks at herself in the mirror
then lets out a deep sigh.


You can do this....
SARAH hides behind a tall potted tree and waits. She looks
at the wall clock above the elevator and it reads five
minutes to five. The shot pans around the hallway and the
next time we see SARAH she is sitting on the floor. The
shot continues around back to the clock which now reads
seventeen minutes after five. The door to KESEY'S office
opens and ROBIN walks out then goes to the elevator. The
doors open and ROBIN gets into the car. Once the doors
close, SARAH stands up and goes to KESEY'S office door. She
trys the knob and when it fully turns she goes inside.
SARAH locks the door then walks over to the door that leads
to KESEY'S personal office space. She takes the gun from
her bag and puts in her waistband. She pulls a rusty set of
handcuffs from the bag and puts them into her pocket. Then
she pulls out a box of ammunition and puts it into the other
pocket. SARAH slings the bag over her shoulder, then cocks
the gun and slowly turns the the door knob to KESEY'S office
and pushes it open. She aims the gun at KESEY as she creeps
in and closes the door behind her.
      (without looking
       up from his
I thought you had a doctor's
appointment to get to Robin?
      (locks the knob)
I guess she did.
      (looks up and
       gasps at the
       sight of the gun)
Jesus Christ! Who are you?
I'm your four-thirty appointment.
I'm sorry if I am a bit late.
M-Mrs. McMurphy?


      (moves closer to
Sarah...you can call me Sarah. I
think that anyone who ruins my
life should feel comfortable using
my first name.
      (starts to stand
Lady, I don't even know who you
are...I've never seen you before
in my life!
SARAH moves even closer to him, then pulls a chair to the
middle of the room.
Why don't you come over here and
sit by me? Please move quickly,
I'm not patient.
KESEY stumbles as he moves around to the other side of the
desk and then sits down in the chair in front of SARAH.
My God, you're just a kid!
I stopped being a kid a long time
ago, Mr. Kesey. I guess I have
you to thank for that. Please put
you're hands behind your back.
KESEY puts his hands through the arm rests to the back of
the chair. SARAH pulls the rusty set of handcuffs from her
pocket, then pops one bracelet on his wrist while pointing
the gun at his head. She holds on tight to the empty ring as
she puts the gun down. SARAH forcibly puts the other
bracelet on KESEY'S wrist.
There now, we can sit back and
talk...well I'm going to talk and
you're going to listen.
Please don't kill me...I have a
family...a little girl...


If I just wanted to kill you Mr.
Kesey I would have done it when I
walked through the door. No, I am
here to get some answers to my
questions and then I will be on my
I don't know anything...I don't
even know who you are, kid.
I told you to call me Sarah.
SARAH walks around to face KESEY, then sits in the chair
across from him. She rests the gun in her lap as she stares
at him.
I know I don't look like much now,
but I was going to be a doctor
when I grew up.
      (starts to sweat
       and stumble over
       his words.)
Y-you can still be a d-doctor,
No I can't...I can't ever be what
I dreamed before...those dreams
died a long time ago, along with
whatever else was pure in me.
I don't understand what you're
doing here! Why are you doing
Why am I doing this? I'm tired
Mr. Kesey, and I want to rest. I
want to stop watching my back out
on the streets. I want to sleep
and dream about good things


                       SARAH (cont'd)
without having to worry about
someone trying to steal what
little I have, or trying to beat
me for the food I stash, or rape
me because they feel they can. I
am tired of feeling dirty and
grungy all the time. I am damn
tired of life Mr. Kesey, but
before I go off into sunset I want
you to explain why you did this to
Why I...What makes you think I had
anything to do with your
unfortunate situation? I already
told you that I have never seen
you before in my life!
SARAH jumps out of her seat and pushes the gun up under
KESEY'S chin. She is tempted to squeeze that trigger as the
tears well up in her eyes. KESEY begins to breathe hard.
      (talks through
       gritted teeth and
YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! Don't you say
that to me! Don't tell me that you
ruined my life and you don't even
remember the how or why of it! I
will pull this trigger right
fucking now, and then....
What? I'll be dead! You can't
hurt me after that!
      (puts her face
       right into his
       then speaks and
       sounds evil)
Don't get brave on me now, you
just sit and listen.
SARAH steps away from him and goes to his desk. She picks
up a picture frame from the corner. She traces the picture
with the barrel of the gun. Then turns to face KESEY.


You want to know how I will hurt
you? Because I will give you that
pain now. You will have the
pleasure of knowing that after I
shoot you, I am going to put a
bullet into your daughter...she
must be all of ten years old. I'll
shoot her in the stomach and watch
her writhe in pain for as long as
I can. Next, I'll put one in her
lung and watch her gasp for air as
it fills up with blood. I will
make it the slowest most painful
experience of her short little
life. Is that enough pain for you
or should I add another to my
list? Maybe you would prefer to
have your entire family go with
You wouldn't do that...you
wouldn't hurt an innocent
child...she's done nothing wrong.
Please, my family never hurt you!
Funny you should mention that,
because my family never hurt you
and yet you are the one who tore
us apart! Any of this sink in
yet? Have you figured it out?
SARAH sits back down in front of KESEY and sets the picture
frame on the floor beside her. She looks him in the eye then
shakes her head.
I can't believe this...how could
you ruin so many lives and just
casually go on with yours. You
have no remorse or regrets other
than what is happening to you
right now and what might happen to
your family. So I guess I will
have to tell you a story, maybe
that will help jog your memory.
SARAH walks over to his desk again and eyes the pack of
cigarettes. She pulls one from the pack and then lights it
with the fancy lighter that is there. She takes the


cigarettes and the lighter then goes back and sits in her
      (holds out the
       pack of
Would you like one of these?
      (shakes his head)
No...I am trying to quit.
      (smokes as she
       tells the story
       of her life)
Suit it yourself.
A pretty cheerleader and handsome young man in a lettermen
jacket are standing by the door of the football locker room.
in heated conversation.
                       SARAH (V.O.)
      (smokes as she
My parents were the typical
all-American kids. Mom was the
perfect cheerleader, in love with
Dad, the captain of the football
team. They were so in love that
Mom went that extra step in their
relationship and got herself into
I can't believe you're telling
this to me now...before we get on
the bus to go to the state
championship game!
When did you want me to tell you,
on the kid's eighteenth birthday?
      (dramatic pause)
I'm sorry, I don't mean to snap at
you. It's just that I don't know
what to do...I'm scared.


DANIELLE rests her head against his chest and then wraps her
arms around him.
                       SARAH (V.O.)
Of course Dad did what any
red-blooded, all-American,
football player with a full
scholarship to a major university
would do in this situation.
      (pulls Danielle
       away from him)
You want me to tell you what to
DANIELLE nods her head as she wipes a tear from her eye.
Get rid of it! This kid is going
to cause nothing but trouble in
our lives and ruin all the plans
we've made. I won't go to college
to play ball because I will have
to get a job to support a family
I'm not ready for now. I'm not
ready to be a father! Just get rid
of the damn thing!
      (looks shocked)
I-I can't have an abortion! My
parents would never allow it to
happen. I couldn't even give it
up for adoption, you know how my
mother is, Adam.
I guess that is your choice,
Danielle. Just don't expect
anything from me. I don't want you
to call, speak or write to me
anymore. We're done! Do You hear
me? I am not that kid's father!
ADAM storms into the locker room as DANIELLE turns and walks
to the exit at the far end of the gym.


      (puts out her
Good Ol'Dad kept his word. He
broke up with my mother and then
to cover his ass he spread rumors
about her. Even got some of his
jock friends to back them up. Dad
said that Mom had trained the
entire Varsity football team at a
party one night...you know...had
sex with all of them, one right
after another. She was devastated
and her parents were disgusted.
They believed Adam's lies and
promptly kicked her out of their
house. She went to live with her
oldest sister, who had an
apartment in a nearby town.
SARAH gets up and walks over the the window. The setting
sun makes her glow in an orange light.
My mother became a bitter woman.
She had to quit school to get a
job to help with expenses. She
took GED classes at night to get
her diploma. Aunt Kathy helped
her as much as she could, but she
was going to school too to become
a registered nurse.
A door opens and shuts in the outer office. SARAH motions
for Kesey to keep quiet then point the gun at him as she
moves and stands behind the door.
                       ROBIN (V.O.)
Harold? Are you still here?
Harold, I need to speak with you.
ROBIN tries the knob, but it is locked. She uses her key to
open the door and then comes inside.
I just got back from my doctor's
appointment, and he confirmed
it...I am pregnant. I need to
know what you want to do next.


ROBIN notices where KESEY is sitting and then notices the
      (walks over to him
       with concern)
Oh my God! Are you all right? Did
we get robbed?
SARAH steps out from behind the door, aiming her gun at
      (puts the gun to
       the back of
       Robin's head)
Do not scream! Do not move! You're
not getting robbed.
      (closes her eyes
       and begins to
Oh God...Please don't kill
me...please...don't hurt my baby.
If you do exactly as I say,
nothing will happen to you. Do we
have a deal?
      (still trembling)
Y-yes, I promise I won't make a
Let's go over to the closet.
You'll be safe in there while
Kesey and I finish our talk.
SARAH walks behind ROBIN as the go to the closet. ROBIN
opens the door and steps inside. SARAH closes the door and
then wedges a chair up under the door knob to lock ROBIN
ROBIN sits on the floor as close to the light coming from
under the door as possible. She starts to tremble and then
cry as quietly as she can. As she rests her head on the


wall, the cell phone in her pocket vibrates. She jerks up
ans pulls the phone out of her pocket and flips it open.
Listen carefully...Janet! Shut up
and listen. I am at the office
right now. I need you to call the
police! Harold and I are being
held hostage in his office by some
kid with a gun. She put me into
the closet, but has him handcuffed
to a chair out there. Please tell
them to hurry...I'm scared.
ROBIN hangs up the phone and then puts it in the pocket of
the coat hanging above her.
Please, just let Robin go. She is
pregnant and scared...that kind of
stress can't be good for her or
the baby.
      (sits back in her
My my, such concern...and she did
say that she needed to know what
you wanted to do next. Are you
the father of her baby?
      (hesitates for a
Yes, I am.
And here I thought you were a
happily married Christian
man...what a hypocrite. It amazes
me how quick you people are to
judge the lives of others, but
ignore the extra-marital
activities of your own lives. If
I remember correctly, 'Thou shalt
not commit adultery,' is one of
the ten big ones. Isn't it Mr.
Kesey? It must be nice to be able
to pick and choose the parts of
the Bible you want to follow, and


                       SARAH (cont'd)
ignore the ones that interfere
with your life. I'm sorry, but
Robin stays put until I am ready
to leave. Now where were we?
SARAH lights up another cigarette.
      (takes a deep drag)
Oh yes, we were talking about my
mother's unfortunate
circumstances. Let me skip ahead
or we'll be here all night.
A young SARAH, age 6, is sitting on the broken steps of the
shabby house drawing pictures in the dirt with her fingers
and toes. A big man, inside the house becomes visible at
the tattered screen door.
                       SARAH (V.O.)
After my Aunt got her degree, she
left town for a bigger and better
life. She found a great job far
away from the dysfunction we call
family. I don't blame her for
leaving, i just wish she had taken
me with her. Anyway, mom was on
her own with me in tow. She had
an endless string of loser
boyfriends as I grew up. When I
was six, the loser's name was
Mike. He was a mean
      (opens the screen
       door and steps
       onto the porch)
What are you doing out here? I
thought I told you to pick up your
                       YOUNG SARAH AGE 6
      (looks scared)
I-I did pick up my toys.
Don't back sass me, just get in
there and get it done!


When young SARAH does not move, MIKE reaches down and grabs
her by the arm. he yanks her up by that arm, causing her
shoulder to dislocate. The young girls screams out in pain.
MIKE drops her onto the porch.
Get up, you're not hurt.
      (when she does not
       get up, he stands
       her up then slaps
       her across the
SHUT-UP! You stop that crying
right now before I really give you
something to cry about!
MIKE drags the screaming young SARAH into the house.
Young SARAH is lying on a gurney, sedated as the doctors pop
her shoulder back into place.
                       SARAH (V.O.)
As I found out later, Mom was
passed out drunk when it happened.
She didn't wake up until later
that night. Thank God she had
enough sense to take me to the
DR. BENAVIDEZ comes out of the room with an angry look on
his face. he turns the corner and goes to the waiting area.
He finds DANIELLE asleep against MIKE and across two other
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
      (clears his throat)
Ms. Chandler?
      (speaks louder
       when they do not
Ms. Chandler! My name is Dr.
Benavidez, I am treating your
daughter's injuries.
DANIELLE stirs from her sleep, sits up and yawns.
      (tries to rub the
       sleep from her


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
Hmmm? Is she ready to go?
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
No ma'am, she is not going home
tonight. Your daughter has a
spiral fracture in the socket of
her shoulder. We had to sedate her
so we could put the dislocation
back in place. We'd like to
monitor her here over night. Right
now, I have a few questions for
DR. BENAVIDEZ sits in a chair across from DANIELLE.
About what?
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
Your daughter, Ms. Chandler. Can
you tell me how she sustained this
I'm not really sure.
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
Not sure? Who was watching
her...taking care of her if you
were not?
      (very defensive)
I was not feeling well, and I am
still not feeling well.. I was in
the house, sleeping, while my
boyfriend made sure she stayed out
of trouble.
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
      (turns his
       attention to Mike)
You were watching Sarah?
      (Mike just nods.)
Well can you tell me how this
happened to her?
I don't really know. I mean she
was outside playing when I told
her to come inside and clean her
room. When she got on the porch


                       MIKE (cont'd)
she started to slip, so I grabbed
her arm so she wouldn't fall off
completely. I guess it happened
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
She didn't scream or cry?
Well, yeah...but I thought that
she was just scared because she
almost fell off of the porch.
Sarah is a bit of a drama queen at
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
When did this happen?
I don't remember the exact time,
but I guess it must have been a
little after three o'clock.
                       DR. BENAVIDEZ
      (looks at his
       wrist watch)
So, you're telling that this child
has been in agonizing pain for
over six hours. I have to tell
you that this is unacceptable. A
social worker from CPS will be
here to speak with you before
Sarah is released...if she is
released back into your custody.
      (as the doctor
       starts to leave
       Mike stands up
       and stretches,
       yawning loudly)
Come on, let's go home and get
some sleep. The kid will be all
right until morning.
      (hesitates in
       getting up)
I think I should be here just in
case she wakes up.


      (begins to get
The kid is not going to wake up
tonight! She has enough drugs to
keep out for the night, so come on
and get into the truck.
The sun has almost set as SARAH watches from the window. She
has a very sad look on her face.
She went home with him. It was
Dr. Benavidez who was at my
bedside when I woke up that night,
scared and in pain. It wasn't the
first or the last time he would
comfort me, because this was the
first of countless trips to the
emergency room for me. They
usually happened while Mom was at
work and the loser was
babysitting. You would think he
would have been smart enough to go
to a different hospital after so
many talks with the same social
I don't understand...if this kept
happening, why didn't you get
placed in a home where you'd be
I did, Mr. Kesey. My last trip to
the E/R was at the age of seven. I
was in to get yet another series
of stitches, this time it was near
my right eye. Dr. Benavidez
called CPS himself and demanded
something be done to have me
removed from my mother's care. He
threatened to call the District
Attorney's office and file charges
against everyone in CPS and my
mother and Mike too.
      (she moves away
       from the window
       and sits in from
       of Kesey)


                       SARAH (cont'd)
I never went back to my mother's
house. She never even showed up
for her court case. I was in a
group home for awhile, and then
this nice couple decided to take
me into their home, and show me
what the word family really means.
There were a couple other foster
kids there too.
The office phone rings, making both KESEY and SARAH jump.
That's my private line...it must
be my wife. I always call her
before I leave the office. I need
to answer it...she might get
nervous and call the police,
thinking something is wrong.
SARAH gets up from her chair and goes over to the desk. She
aims her gun at KESEY as she picks up the receiver.
      (uses a mature,
Harold Kesey's office, how can I
help you?
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Hello, my name is Michael Garrett
and I am a police hostage
negociator. Can I ask your name?
      (gets angry)
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
      (uses a calm voice)
A friend of one of your hostages.
Are they okay, Miss?
For the moment.
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Tell me your name..."Miss" sounds
so formal.


                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Tell you what...you call me
Michael. Would it be okay if I
called you Sarah?
      (she lowers the
I don't care.
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Good...good. Well Sarah, tell me
what I can do to help end the
conflict we have right now. What
is it that you want, or need?
      (something catches
       her eye out of
       the window and
       she sees sharp
       shooters on the
       roof of the next
       building so she
       throws the
       receiver on the
       desk and rushes
       to pull down the
      (she closes the
       blinds then goes
       back to the desk
       and picks up the
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Okay...okay, just calm down and
let's just talk this over. I
don't want anyone getting hurt.
Let's take this slow and easy.
I said I want them down, now
Michael. I am not in the mood to
keep repeating myself.


                       SARAH (cont'd)
      (hangs up the
       phone then goes
       over to the
       closet to get
On your feet...I need your eyes.
ROBIN comes out of the closet and goes over to the window,
with SARAH close behind her. SARAH uses ROBIN as a human
shield as she instructs her on what to do.
      (puts her arm
       around Robin's
Don't be afraid, I am not going to
hurt you. If I keep my arm here,
they will know you are a hostage
and will not shoot.
      (begins to cry and
Oh God....please...
Just flip up one of the blinds and
tell me what you see.
N-nothing, just police cars on the
street below and a large crowd
The phone begins to ring again. SARAH aims the gun at ROBIN
and motions to the closet door with it, then walks over to
the desk and picks up the phone.
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
They are off of the roof, as you
requested. Sarah, I need to know
how we can defuse this whole
situation without getting anyone,
including you, hurt.
I tell you what...if you can get
my foster parents here, so I can
talk to them face to face, I will
give up my weapons as soon as we


                       SARAH (cont'd)
are finished. And I don't mean
the Farley's either, they are not
my family! Don't call again until
you have them.
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Okay...can you give me the name of
your foster parents?
You sound like a smart guy...I
think you can figure it out.
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Fair enough. Can I ask you
something now?
Let me guess, this is where you as
me to let someone go as a sign of
good faith...right?
                       DR. GARRETT (V.O.)
Yes, well it would look better for
you in the long run.
Yeah, and give an opportunity so
the S.W.A.T. guys can push their
way in here? I don't think so,
Michael, but I will release one of
them as soon as you give me proof
that my family is down stairs.
Now, I need to speak with Mr.
Kesey. Do not call again until
you have what I need.
SARAH hangs up the phone before MICHAEL can reply. She then
picks up the phone off of the desk and sets it on the floor.
She puts the gun into the waist of her jeans, and then
proceeds to push the desk across the room and up against the
      (turns his head as
       much as he can so
       he can see Sarah)
Sarah, let me help you...I can
talk to the police for you...I am
a lawyer. I can call one of my
friends in the D.A.'s office.
Look, no one has been hurt so far,


                       KESEY (cont'd)
this does not have to end badly.
      (continues to pick
       up items to block
       the door)
I don't need or want your advice,
Mr. Kesey. I came here to do
something today and I am going to
finish it.
      (goes and sits on
       the floor in
       front of Kesey)
Now, let's pick up where we left
off. Where were we? Oh yes, I
had finally been removed from my
mother's care and was put into the
foster system. We were talking
about the family who took me in.
It is a bright sunny day on a city park. People are
throwing frisbees, riding bikes, and kids are playing on the
playground equipment. A dozen or so people dressed in "HIll
Country Youth Facility" t-shirts are playing with kids and
cooking BBQ.
                       SARAH (V.O.)
I spent about six months in that
youth facility, depressed beyond
belief. Dr, Benavidez came by a
couple of times to check on me,
but that did not make me any less
lonely. Then one day this nice
couple came to one of the BBQ's
for us, sponsored by the city. I
had seen them before because they
volunteered their time there quite
often. I hated those parties and
usually just found a tree to sit
under to keep out of the heat.
LEAH, a young woman in her late twenties wearing a
vonlunteer shirt, walks up to the side of the tree where
young SARAH is sitting. She looks at SARAH, who is just
sitting there, holding her knees to her chest.
Gosh it is so hot out here today.
I think we could fry eggs on the


                       LEAH (cont'd)
      (Sarah does not
       move, so Leah
       sits down beside
       her, but not too
I think you have the right idea
here...hanging out in the shade. I
would hate it if I got a sunburn.
You know who I really feel sorry
for...my dog. That poor thing is
just covered in fur. She must be
really hot today. Look, she is
right over there under that picnic
      (points to a big,
       furry collie
       under a picnic
       table and Sarah
I think she might be thirsty.
Would you like to help me get her
a bowl of water?
      (Sarah looks at
       Leah and then
       back at the dog.
       She nods her head
       in agreement.)
Great, my name is Leah. What is
your name?
      (speaks in a voice
       just above a
Sarah McMurphy.
      (stands up and
       brushes the dirt
       off of her
Well, Sarah McMurphy it is very
nice to meet you. Now what is the
first thing we need to do?
Find a bowl for the water.
      (extends her hand
       to offer Sarah
       help getting up)
You're right, so let's go ask the


                       LEAH (cont'd)
people cooking if they have a bowl
we can use.
The shot cuts to LEAH and SARAH walking over to the cooking
      (wipes the sweat
       from her forehead)
How can I help you two pretty
      (points to the dog)
We think that Barbie might be a
little hot and thirsty with all
that fur she is carrying around.
Do you guys have a bowl so we can
get her a cool drink of water?
      (goes to the table
       and takes a bowel
       out of a bag)
So, who is your friend?
This is Miss Sarah McMurphy.
      (hands the bowel
       to Leah)
Ah, so we have another beautiful
Irish lass among us. Well, it's
good to meet you, Sarah. My name
is Tricia. Would you like a soda
or something else to drink?
      (still only speaks
       just above a
Can I have a grape soda? Please?
I spent a lot of time with them
over the next couple of
months...whenever we had a cook
out or a get-together Tricia and


                       SARAH (cont'd)
Leah were there to be with me.
After a year they asked me if I
would like to go home with them
and I accepted. I was eight almost
nine years old when I moved into
the the first and only real home I
have ever known. My grades
improved, I had friends, and two
loving parets that I loved back.
So, why did you take me from my
heaven and put me back into Hell?
      (closes his eyes
       and leans his
       head back)
Oh God! They're lesbians aren't
they? You're here because of the
legislation I helped sponsor five
years ago!
      (sits back down in
       front of him)
Sponsor? Don't be so modest, Mr.
Kesey, because I've seen a copy of
it and you are given all the
credit for writing it.
I was just doing what I thought
was best for the foster kids in
this State.
What you thought was best?
I-I believe that kids living with
homosexuals will lead them down
the path of...
You think it will make them gay
      (Kesey nods)
You ignorant, prejudiced
son-of-a-bitch. The only things
those two beautiful ladies ever
taught me was to love myself.
Nothing bad ever happened there. I
finally had dreams of a future
with a husband, children, and a


                       SARAH (cont'd)
career in medicine. Leah and
Tricia supported my dreams and
never once tried to sway me over
into becoming a lesbian. They even
bought me a new dress so I could
go to a dance at school with Oscar
Loya. I was put back into a
juvenile facility the day before
the dance. I was told that I was
not allowed any further contact
wit Tricia or Leah, and then I was
placed into a new home with the
Farley's. That was the beginning
of my new nightmare.
What new nightmare? You were
placed in a new home where I
assume there were two heterosexual
parents...a mother figure and a
father figure. It is a natural
There was nothing natural about
that house or the family living in
it. Unless you think it is natural
or normal for the twenty-seven
year old son living in the house
to force all of the foster girls
placed in that house to have sex
with him and each other.
      (her eyes fill
       with tears again
       as she talks
       about her lost
I wasn't even there for one night
when it all began. I was just
thirteen years old when I lost my
innocence to that bastard. I died
that night...every hope and dream
I ever had died right there in his
filthy bedroom surrounded by three
other scared girls whose names I
hadn't learned yet.
Sarah, I am sorry that happened to
you but I'm sure it was an
isolated incident.


      (slams her fist on
       the arm of the
       chair and yells)
I don't give a damn if I was the
only one it happened to...it still
happened! Would you be this
insensitive if you were talking to
your own daughter who had been
repeatedly tortured and raped for
five very long years?
      (stammers a bit)
W-well, didn't you girls tell
      (sits back in her
Only once. I went to my foster
parents, who were usually out of
the house 90% of the time, and
told them what their son was doing
when they were not around.
They didn't believe me. They
thought I was making it up because
I wanted to go back to Leah and
Tricia. I was labeled a
trouble-maker from that day on. I
woke up that same night with a
knife pressed up against my
throat. I was told that if I ever
mentioned what went on in his room
again...the cops would be finding
pieces of my body for years. So,
I kept silent and took the abuse
until I just couldn't take it
anymore. I ran away about six
months ago and have been living on
the streets since, hiding out from
CPS so they won't stick me in a
Hell worse than the ones I have
already been through. I read
somewhere that there are seven
circles of Hell...I've only been
through three of them. I don't
know if I can make it through the


                       SARAH (cont'd)
next one.
The phone on the desk rings, startling both SARAH and KESEY.
SARAH gets up from her seat and picks up the receiver.
Let me help you, Sarah
You've helped me more than enough.
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
Sarah? Hello, Sarah?
Yeah, I'm here.
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
We've located Ms. Brandt and Ms.
Shriver. They are on there way
here now.
      (looks at her
How long?
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
Ten minutes...maybe less. How is
everyone in there doing?
We've just been talking...asking
and answering questions.
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
We are going to need that show of
good faith down here soon.
Call Me when they get here and we
can make arrangments for Mr.
Kesey's secretary to leave the
office for the day.
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
I'd like to speak with Mr. Kesey
for a moment, please.
SARAH stretches the receiver of to Kesey and holds it up to
his ear.


This is Harold Kesey.
The parking lot is a secure perimeter for the police, who
have set up their mini-command center. DR. GARRETT is
standing under the cover of a tent, and is tyring to look
into the window of the building with binoculars while tyring
to talk on the phone.
                       DR. GARRETT
Are you alright Mr. Kesey?
                       KESEY (VO)
                       DR. GARRETT
Try to remain calm, sir. We are
trying to resolve the situation.
Have you or Ms. Green been
physically harmed?
                       KESEY (VO)
No...not yet.
                       DR. GARRETT
      (puts down the
       binoculars and
       walks back to his
Good. Now I am going to ask you
some "yes-no" type questions. If
she tries to take the phone, just
pretend to cough hard. Do you
                       KESEY (VO)
                       DR. GARRETT
Have you seen the bomb?
                       KESEY (VO)
      (coughs hard)


                       SARAH (VO)
Mr. Kesey and I have a
conversation to finish, if you
don't mind.
DR. GARRETT hears the phone line click off then hangs up his
mobile phone. The S.W.A.T. CAPTAIN walks over to get an
                       S.W.A.T. CAPTAIN
What is the status now, Dr.
                       DR. GARRETT
      (picks up his cup
       of lukewarm
       coffee and takes
       a sip)
We're still holding. The ladies
she asked to speak with are almost
                       S.W.A.T. CAPTAIN
My team is ready to neutralize
                       DR. GARRETT
No, we are going to wait it out.
Everything is pointing to a
peaceful ending, besides she is
just a kid. We certainly are not
going to shoot her in front of all
those tv cameras outside.
SARAH goes back and sits in front of KESEY.
We don't have much time left
together, Mr. Kesey. So, now I
want some answers.
      (closes his eyes
       and lets out a
       deep sigh)
I don't know what it is you want
me to say.


I want you to tell me who in the
Hell made you and those damn
politicians God. Do you realize
how many kids are in the foster
system in this state alone?
      (Kesey shakes his
Well, that fuckingfigures...the
number is about three thousand and
there were not enough families to
take them all in before your
legislation. Since your
persecution of same-sex couples,
there are even less.
I don't know what you want me to
do, Sarah.
I want you to fix it...the whole
system is fucked up. Tell your
friends in office to spend some of
that money they waste on raises
for themselves and fix this
problem. Let non-traditional
families adopt foster kids and
give them a loving home. Don't
just give kids to the low-lifes
wanting to collect a check...
      (the phone rings
       again and Sarah
       gets up to answer
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
Sarah, they're here...
Put Leah on the phone.
                       LEAH (VO)
      (starts to tear up)
Momma? Its so good to hear your
voice...I've missed you and Mom so


                       LEAH (VO)
Oh, baby we've missed you too. Are
you alright?
      (begins to cry)
No...I'm not alright...I haven't
been for a long time now. I-I
really need to see you and Mom
right now. I want you to hold me
again one more time. Can you put
Dr. Garrett on the line?
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
I keep my promises Sarah. What are
we going to do next?
      (wipes her eyes
       with the back of
       her hand)
I am going to send the secretary
out, like I promised. I want my
mothers to come in here so I can
speak with them face-to-face for
fifteen minutes. Make this happen
and all three of them will be
released alive and well...I
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
Ok, I'll send them up now...
Alone...no tricks. Promise me
                       DR. GARRETT (VO)
I promise...they will be escorted
to the outer corridor, and when
Ms. Green comes out they will go
in alone.
I'll be waiting.
SARAH goes over to the door and begins removing the objects
in front of it.
What is happening now?


      (continues moving
My mothers are coming up here and
Ms. Green is leaving. All of this
should be over soon.
Relax, I told if I wanted to kill
you, I would have done it when I
walked in your office.
SARAH takes the gun out from her waistband and goes over to
the closet. She opens the door and takes a step back.
      (stretches forward
       to try to see
       inside the tiny
Robin? Are you alright?
      (shaky voice)
      (aims the gun at
Time to go Robin...come on...get
ROBIN crawls out of the closet and then stands up. She looks
at SARAH then to KESEY and back to SARAH.
I am not leaving without Harold.
      (smiles and gives
       a half laugh)
Well at least you know the meaning
of loyalty, but he has to stay for
awhile longer.
      (dramatic pause)
I promise you he will be down
there soon with you and his wife.
I keep my promises...
      (Sarah goes over
       to Kesey and


                       SARAH (cont'd)
       turns his chair
       so he is facing
       the door. Then
       she puts the gun
       to the back of
       his head as she
       crouches down
       behind him.)
Open the door and close it behind
you. Tell my mothers to knock
before opening this door.
ROBIN opens the door to KESEY'S private office and enters
the reception area. She walks over to the door that leads to
the hallway and stops. She looks back the door she just came
through and begins to sob. The door in front of her opens,
making her jump and regains her composure.
                       OFFICER DUNCAN
      (calls out from
       the hallway)
Ma'am, please step out of the
office with your hands raised, and
come slowly towards me.
Officers are strategically in place around the door. OFFICER
DUNCAN is in front of the door, aiming his weapon. ROBIN
comes out into the hallway with her arms raised high above
her head. LEAH and TRICIA move closer to the office door.
The three ladies look at each other.
      (sniff back a few
She said to knock twice before
opening that other door.
TRICIA and LEAH enter the outter office and close the door.
TRICIA and LEAH lock the outter door leading to the hallway.
They go to the door of the private office and knock twice.


      (stands very close
       to the door and
       speaks loudly)
Sarah? Its okay...Tricia and I are
alone. Can we open the door?
                       SARAH (VO)
Yes! Open the door and come in
LEAH and TRICIA open the door, go inside, then close the
door behind them.
SARAH is still hiding behind KESEY when TRICIA and LEAH come
into the office.
Please lock the door and push the
desk in front of it.
      (helps Tricia move
       the desk)
Its alright, they stayed in the
I just want to be sure that our
time is not interrupted.
SARAH stands up once the desk is back in place, and places
the gun back into her waistband. LEAH and TRICIA move closer
to her with open arms.
Come here, baby.
      (the three are
       together in a
       group hug and are
Wow! You're all grown up now.
Oh God! I've missed you both so
much...so much.


Oh, my Sarah...what have they done
to you?
      (the three women
       pull apart and
       wipe their eyes)
That is a story that Mr. Kesey can
tell you later on, we don't have
much time. I just wanted to see
you and to hold you again. I
wanted to feel loved again.
      (brushes the hair
       away from SARAH's
You are loved, and when all of
this is over we will be waiting at
home for you...no matter how long
it takes.
      (looks at KESEY)
You're still our daughter, no
matter what the damn state says...
Yes, and we've already called a
lawyer. She is downstairs waiting
for us to come down. She will help
us get through this...
I-I'm not the same person
anymore...the Sarah you knew has
been gone for along time. I am not
a good person anymore. I've seen
things...done things...
      (pulls Sarah into
       a hug)
We don't care about that...real
parents love their kids no matter
what they have done.
      (they pull apart
       and Leah looks
       Sarah in the eyes
       as she holds
       Sarah's face)
I love you and Tricia loves you
very much...you're our little
Irish Lass...remember?


      (cries some more)
I remember...I remember all the
good times I had with you
both...I'll always have that in my
      (holds out her
Give us your gun and we can walk
out of here right now.
      (wipes her eyes
If I give you the gun can I have a
couple of more minutes with Mr.
Kesey? I promise he will walk out
of here...you'll have the gun. You
can even take my bag.
I don't want to leave you.
      (pulls them both
       into a group hug
       and kisses them
       both on the cheek)
Please...I have to do this one
last thing.
TRICIA and LEAH move the desk away from the door. SARAH
removes the clip from the gun and hands them both to LEAH.
She gives TRICIA her bag. The two older ladies go back into
the outer office and SARAH shuts the door behind them.
Sarah, I meant what I said earlier
when I offered my help to get you
out of this situation.
      (walks over to
       Kesey and squats
       in front of him)
I'm sure you did. I find it
amazing the way people are always
ready to help when its already too


SARAH opens the side pocket of her worn cargo pants and
pulls out the handcuff key. She places it in KESEY's hand,
then pulls out two folded envelopes from the same pocket.
She puts them in the pocket of KESEY'S shirt.
      (looks at his
What is this?
Make sure they get to the right
SARAH reaches into another cargo pocket and pulls out
another gun, but conceals it from KESEY by putting it in the
back of her waistband. She stands up and takes a few steps
backwards. She puts her finger to her lips to shush him as
she pulls the gun from its hiding place.
      (closes his eyes
       and whispers)
Oh, Christ...
      (maintains a lower
       voice so the
       others cannot
Open your eyes! I want you to see
what I am about to do...do it now!
      (Kesey opens his
       eyes reluctantly)
What I am about to do will serve
two purposes. The first is so that
you will never forget anything I
have told you tonight. Maybe it
will motivate you to make the
needed changes I mentioned
And the other?
To end my pain and suffering...
      (holds the gun
       under her chin)
Tell them I love them.


      (Sarah pulls the
       trigger and falls
       dead to the
       begins to cry)
Oh Jesus...Oh God...
Upon hearing the gunshot TRICIA, LEAH, and the S.W.A.T. team
burst into KESEY'S office. The two ladies immediately go
over to SARAH'S body. They hold onto her hands and cry
loudly. OFFICER DUNCAN unlocks KESEY'S handcuffs, who is
visibly crying now.
                       OFFICER DUNCAN
Get him down to an ambulance, and
send the coroner up...it's all
      (he walks over to
       Tricia and Leah)
Ladies, I'm going to have to ask
you leave now...there is nothing
you can do for her.
                                         CUT TO:
KESEY is sitting in his favorite chair, staring out of the
window, watching the sunrise. KATHERINE startles him when
she comes into the room.
Sorry...I was just worried when I
woke up and didn't find you there
beside me.
I couldn't sleep...again.
      (she sits on the
       arm rest facing
Do you want me to get you one of
those sleeping pills the doctor


      (begins to tear up)
NO! I don't want to dream about
her again...I-I keep seeing her
face and that damn gun.
      (dramatic pause)
I had the key in my hand...I could
have stalled her and gotten
free...I could have saved her.
It's my fault...I killed her.
      (pulls him into
       her bosom)
Harold, it was not your fault. She
was a troubled child...
Don't you get it? That's why it is
my fault. She never would have
been a troubled anything if I had
minded my own business and left
well-enough alone. I should have
been focusing on my own life.
What do you mean?
      (pulls away from
       his wife's
       embrace and sits
I have to be honest with you...as
much as it's gonna hurt.
      (dramatic pause)
I am ashamed to tell you this and
I hope one day you can find it in
your heart to forgive me.
Forgive you for what?
Robin is pregnant with my child.
We have been having an affair for
many years.
      (Katherine has a
       look of shock on
       her face.)
It was nothing you did or didn't
do, Kath...it was all me. Call it
my mid-life crisis or whatever,
all I can say right now is that I


                       KESEY (cont'd)
am sorry for betraying you. I am
so damn sorry for hurting you
after all you have done for me.
Please tell me this is some kind
of hallucination brought on by
lack of sleep.
I wish it was...I need to know
what you want to do next? Do we
try to work it out? Marriage
counseling? Trial separation?
KESEY pulls up to the modest-two-story home in his BMW. He
gets out of the car and goes up to the front door then
knocks. LEAH opens the door with a smile, which quickly
fades when she sees who it is.
What do you want?
      (begins to reach
       into his coat to
       pull out the
I have something for you and
No thank you.
      (She slams the
       door in his face)
      (knocks on the
       door again and
       speaks loudly)
Please...I have something for you
from Sarah...she gave it to me
that night!
      (yanks the door
       back open)
What the HELL are you talking


      (he holds out the
       letters to Leah)
She gave these to me just after
you two left the room. I didn't
read your letter. May I come
inside for a moment?
      (holds the letters
       in her hands then
       looks from Kesey
       back to the
Please, come inside.
LEAH leads KESEY to the living room, where they both sit
down on the opposite ends of the large sofa. They sit in an
awkward silence for a few moments.
I wish I knew what to say to
you...every time I try to put it
into words, it just comes out all
Words are words, Mr. Kesey, so
just say what you want to say.
Saying I am sorry will not make
what happened, right again...
      (dramatic pause)
Do you ever wish that you could go
back into time and change the one
thing that haunts you everyday? I
have several of those moments
throughout my life.
I'm sure everyone has those
TRICIA comes inside from the patio door. She sees KESEY and
looks over at LEAH.
What's going on in here? What does
he want?


      (stands up and
       takes Tricia by
       the hand and
       leads her to the
He brought us a letter from Sarah.
She left very detailed information
for the police. I'm pulling a few
strings, so some friends are going
to look into the abuse allegations
that Sarah made against her last
foster family. The letter tells
her side of the story, in
uhh...specific detail, including
the names of the other girls.
Maybe we can get them to testify
and prosecute.
Well, we thank you for that...I
hope that you will keep us
Certainly, I will.
      (stands up)
Well, let me show you to the door.
      (Kesey stands and
       they walk over to
       the front door.)
Please call us soon.
      (pulls a business
       card from the
       inside of his
       coat pocket and
       hands it to Leah)
Here, let me give you my card.
Call my secretary next week and
make sure she has your numbers so
I can get ahold of you.


Good luck, I hope you give that
bastard what he deserves...and his
parents too.
For what it's worth...I am sorry.
I hope that one day you both can
forgive me.
KESEY exits the door and LEAH locks it behind him. LEAH
walks back into the living room and sits next to TRICIA.
      (Leah holds up the
       addressed to them)
I don't know if I'm ready to read
it yet. I mean I'm an emotional
basket case as it is...
It might answer some the our
Ok, I'll listen.
LEAH puts on her reading glasses that are on a string around
her neck, then opens the envelope and removes the letter.
She takes a deep sigh as she unfolds it.
                       SARAH (V.O.)
Dear, Momma and Mom...I am sorry
to have to cause you any more
pain, it is the last thing I
wanted to do. I just hope that I
get to see you one last time
before you get this letter. I
wanted you both to know that I
love you very much, but there is a
pain and anger inside me that is
never going to go away. I am not
the same Sarah you knew and
loved...I...wish I was but there
are things I can't un-see or undo.
I am not going to go into detail
about what happened to me, I'm
sure you will find out soon
enough. I am tired and I am ready
to leave this place for a better
one. I am leaving the pain of my
life behind and I am taking all
the love you gave to me. The


                       SARAH (cont'd)
happiest years of my life were
spent with you both...my parents.
I hope this world wakes up soon
and gets beyond the stereotypes
they've heard about same-sex
couples. It is my fondest and last
wish that you two become parents
again. I wished I believed in
reincarnation...I might have a
shot at being apart of your family
again some day. I love you both
with all my heart and soul. Yours
For Always, Sarah.
LEAH and TRICIA are crying as they hold each other. The shot
pans to the right and focuses on a table with picture frames
covering the top. Right in front is a picture of LEAH,
TRICIA, and SARAH smiling big in a traditional family pose.


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From Allen Edwards Date 6/30/2006 ***
First, thank you for commenting on my screenplay. Now, as i was reading yours, i got a little lost in the first flasback, then after reading through it again to that point I understood what was going on. Then as I read on I found myself, thinking she would end up killing the lawyer, then killing herself. Not too many times in life do you find somebody in that situation to do as they promised. Part of me says, she should have killed him to. But, with your plans to have tell her story throught him with the 2 she felt as family was very one done. I enjoyed reading...and it was very interesting.

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