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by Tammy Watson (redwillow16@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A white girl, adopted by an Indian Chief, finds herself being sold into slavery by a General given orders to wipe out all Indian Tribes in his area. She falls in love and becomes a hero when she kills the General while fighting for her life and the freedom of her people.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Snow is falling and it is very cold. ADSILA is wrapped in a
skin on the prized paint mare. She is in a gloomy mood.
PALLATON leads the mare in silence, also in a gloomy mood
with the rest of the tribe following behind. The MEDICINE
WOMAN is walking along side the mare holding ADSILA'S hand.
They come up on a wagon that has been robbed by bandits.
They stop to check the situation out. They hear a BABY
CRYING. The MEDICINE WOMAN walks up to the wagon and finds
the mother, father, and two children dead. She picks up the
CRYING BABY, and brings it over to ADSILA and PALLATON.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
      (Smiles at Adsila
       and Pallaton)
Your child.
ADSILA looks at her with curious eyes, and takes the CHILD
from the MEDICINE WOMAN. The CHILD stops crying. She looks
at the CHILD'S face and then smiles.
      (Smiles as saying)
She has blue eyes.
She starts HUMMING to the CHILD and the CHILD falls asleep
in her arms. PALLATON looks at ADSILA and smiles.
What will you name her?
ADSILA smiles again and looks into the BABY'S face.
Nitika. My Angel.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
      (Smiles at Nitika
       and Pallaton)
Good name for beautiful child.
The MEDICINE WOMAN puts a necklace with a blue stone on it
around the BABY'S neck.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
May Mother Earth protect this
child through life's journey.


Eight years later.
It is now springtime. The village is busy about is daily
routine. The men and women are working in the fields
outside the village. Some of the men are in the village
working on drying and curing meat. Children run through the
village playing.
TAYANITA. They are all running around chasing each other.
All of a sudden, KANUNU runs up and pushes NITIKA down.
NITIKA looks up at KANUNU.
Why you push me, Kanunu?
You are different. You don't
belong here.
You're not Cherokee.
I am Cherokee!
No, you're not!
TAYANITA comes over and pushes KANUNU down and hits him.
LUYU and ONACOMA come over and pull her off KANUNU.
Let Nitika be! She is not
She isn't one of us! Ask Medicine
Woman, she will tell you.
KANUNU points to the rising smoke at the edge of the
Nitika gets up and runs off.
Stupid Kanunu!


She fights her friends holding her, but she can't break free
of their grip.
Come Tayanita, we will go play
somewhere else.
The children run off. KANUNU gets up and starts playing
with some of the other children.
ADSILA walks into the village and looks around for NITIKA.
She gets no response
She still gets no response. ADSILA grabs a little boy
running past and bends down to him.
Kanunu. Where is Nitika?
She didn't want to play. She is
with the Medicine Woman.
KANUNU points to the edge of the Village near the treeline.
ADSILA sees smoke rising from a small fire.
KANUNU nods, and then runs off and starts playing with the
other children. ADSILA gets up and starts walking toward
the rising smoke.
NITIKA sits down on the other side of the fire and watches
the MEDICINE WOMAN. The MEDICINE WOMAN is sitting "Indian
style" on the ground. The MEDICINE WOMAN is chanting to
herself with her eyes closed. She has a feather in her


hand. She is fanning the smoke around her with the feather
as she chants. She notices NITIKA'S presence and stops
chanting, but keeps her eyes closed.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Yes, Earth Child? Why have you
come to me?
I want to be like you. I want to
learn your ways.
The MEDICINE WOMAN opens her eyes and looks at her.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
If that is the path the Spirits
choose, then you will.
Do you think that is the path they
have chosen for me?
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
No, but that is for you to find
out in your future.
What path have they chosen for me?
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
I cannot tell you this, Earth
NITIKA looks away and sighs. Then, she looks back at the
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Something else bothers you. What
is it?
The others call me different. Why?
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
You are, Earth Child.
They say I am not Cherokee. Is
this true?
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
By blood, no. By heart, you are
more Cherokee than me.


The MEDICINE WOMAN puts her finger to NITIKA'S heart and
NITIKA looks away.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
This saddens you, Earth Child?
Why call me Earth Child? Where am
I from?
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
You are gift from Mother Earth. Go
to your mother. She will tell
The MEDICINE WOMAN smiles and nods in the direction of the
village. NITIKA smiles, gets up, and runs back towards the
village. The MEDICINE WOMAN closes her eyes and starts
chanting again.
NITIKA runs back into the village. She passes ADSILA
without noticing. ADSILA calls out to her.
Nitika stops and turns.
Why are you in such a hurry?
I ask you something.
You worry me. Why did you run
I went to see the Medicine Woman.
Etsi, I have a question.
What is it, Earth Child?
ADSILA bends down and pushes the loose hairs out of NITIKA'S


I want to know the story... of
how I come.
I will tell you later. Go play.
When night falls. Go.
NITIKA looks at ADSILA in disappointment.
Go. I will tell you later. I
Promise. Go play.
Nitika runs off and joins the other children. Adsila shakes
her head.
Too wise, my Earth Child.
NITIKA starts playing a game of marbles with TAYANITA,
ONACOMA, and CHESEAQUAH while LUYU watches them.

The children dig holes about 4 yards apart. TAYANITA and
NITIKA are one team, and ONACOMA and CHESEAQUAH are the
other team. Each one of them have a rock that has been
rounded into a ball. They stand at one hole and try to
throw their marble into the other hole and keep doing so
until they get their marble into the hole.

NITIKA goes first. She throws her marble and gets very
close to getting it into the hole.
You're next, Cheasequah
CHESEAQUAH throws his marble and it lands a little behind

NITIKA smiles.

TAYANITA throws her marble next and gets it in the hole.
ONACOMA goes next. His marble lands closer to the hole than
NITIKA'S. The three of them grab their marbles and go
again. NITIKA gets it in this time.


We win!
You are lucky, that's all.
A WHITE TRAVELER rides up on his horse. The children stop
what they are doing and go up to greet the stranger. He
dismounts and smiles at his greeters. He bends down and
pulls out little trinkets to give to the children. He
LAUGHS at their excitement as he hands them out.

PALLATON stops what he is doing and walks over to the
stranger. The TRAVELER returns to his feet. PALLATON
smiles and they shake hands. The TRAVELER trades supplies
with PALLATON and a few of the other men in the village.
Stay and eat with us. We would be
Why I'd be honored to do so. Thank
you kindly, sir.
The TRAVELER sits with PALLATON and some of the men and
talk. The children watch this stranger intently.

Night falls. Everyone sits around a fire in the middle of
town and eats. The TRAVELER laughs and exchanges stories
with the villagers. They finish eating and the TRAVELER
gets up.
Thank you for the meal, but I
better be on my way.
The TRAVELER gets up to leave. PALLATON gets up as well. He
holds his hand out for the TRAVELER to shake. The TRAVELER
takes his offer and shakes his hand.
Come visit us again.
I just might have to do that.
Thanks again. Bye, my friends.
PALLATON nods and smiles. The TRAVELER mounts his horse and
rides off. NITIKA gets up and goes over to ADSILA. She
sits down beside her and tugs on her shoulder to get her


Tell me Etsi, please!
You forget nothing. You are a
smart little beaver. Go to your
wigwam. I will tell you before
you sleep.
NITIKA gets up and runs back to her wigwam. ADSILA gets up
and follows close behind her.
NITIKA sits on a deer skin and awaits her mother's arrival.
ADSILA comes in not long after NITIKA.
Tell me the story now, please!
Ok, my child. I will tell you.
She sits down beside NITIKA and brushes the loose hairs out
of NITIKA'S face. Then, she begins her story.
It was winter. Many moons ago, I
was with child. We were leaving
to find a new home. The Medicine
Woman blessed us for a safe
journey. She blessed me too. I was
close to having the child...
Indian Tribal Music PlayingÖ

There is a ceremony going on. A MEDICINE WOMAN is blessing
ADSILA with a child.

There are dancers around a fire. They are dressed up in
feathers and outfits. Men are CHANTING to the DRUMS that
are playing. The fire swirls around them.

(This scene will be said in Cherokee with English
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
You will have special child.


What do you mean?
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Your child will become a hero
among our nation. She has a
destiny different from rest of the
nation. Give her a special name.
I will...
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
May the Spirits be with you on
your journey.
ADSILA and PALLATON are on the trail with the tribe to their
new home. It is cold and snowing. ADSILA is riding a
prized paint mare, and PALLATON is leading her.

They walk for a while, then ADSILA starts to go in labor.
      (Says quietly)
PALLATON doesn't hear her.
It is time.
PALLATON helps ADSILA off the horse, then builds a tent and
makes a fire off to the side of the trail. An older INDIAN
WOMAN comes over to help ADSILA while PALLATON is busy. The
rest of the tribe stops and waits.
Bring the Medicine Woman! Hurry!


The MEDICINE WOMAN comes in to help ADSILA. PALLATON is at
ADSILA'S side holding her hand.
      (Musters a weak
My child, she is comingÖ
The Medicine Woman smiles and nods.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Yes, it is timeÖ
ADSILA begins to push. The MEDICINE WOMAN is delivering the
ADSILA stops pushing to catch her breath.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Push, Adsila. Push.
ADSILA begins to push again. The baby is born, but is deadÖ
ADSILA begins to cry, and PALLATON comforts her with tears
in his eyes. The MEDICINE WOMAN wraps the baby in a piece
of cloth. She hands the dead child to ADSILA.
      (In tears looking
       at the Medicine
I do not understand. You promised
a child!
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
You have been promised a child.
This is not it. She will come
soon, you will see. Have patience.
ADSILA is still crying, but looks at the MEDICINE WOMAN with
curious eyes.
ADSILA is riding the paint mare, in a gloomy mood. PALLATON
is leading the mare. The crying baby stops them. The
MEDICINE WOMAN goes over and picks up the child. She comes
over to ADSILA, holds the baby out to her, and smiles.
ADSILA looks at the MEDICINE WOMAN with curious eyes...


ADSILA smiles at NITIKA.
Mother Earth brought you as a gift
to me. You are special. My Earth
Nitika smiles and hugs her mother. ADSILA runs her hands
through NITIKA'S loose hairs.
Go to sleep now, my little one.
ADSILA gets up and goes out, putting the deerskin over the
doorway as she leaves. NITIKA lays down, pulls another skin
over her, and falls asleep.
12 years later.
There are SOLDIERS busily working everywhere, doing odd
jobs. SOLDIERS walk through the scene with horses. Some
are on horseback. There are men cleaning their weapons.
Some are around a campfire talking. A MAN rides up and
dismounts. He walks up to a nearby SOLDIER.
I have a dispatch for the General.
                       SOLDIER (#1)
Right this way, sir.
The SOLDIER leads the MAN to the General's tent.
                       SOLDIER (#1)
General, sir. You have a
                       GENERAL JONES
Tell him to come in.
The man walks into the General's tent.
The MAN hands the GENERAL the dispatch. GENERAL JONES opens
the letter and reads it. Then, he looks up and smiles.


                       GENERAL JONES
My good sir, I've been waiting for
this for a long time. You may go
Yes sir.
The MAN leaves. The GENERAL comes out of his tent. He
grabs the SOLDIER that brought the dispatcher to him.
                       GENERAL JONES
Gather everyone. I have news to
                       SOLDIER (#1)
Yes sir.
The SOLDIER runs off and gathers everyone.
GENERAL JONES walks in front of all the gathered SOLDIERS.
                       GENERAL JONES
I have just received orders to
wipe out all Indian tribes in our
area. We will finally stop these
savages from stealing our horses
and killing our men!
All of the SOLDIERS begin to SHOUT and RAISE their GUNS and
SWORDS in the air.

The GENERAL puts his hands in the air, and everyone settles
                       GENERAL JONES
We will start our fight tomorrow!
the air again.
NITIKA is grown now (about 20). She wakes up and comes out
of her wigwam and stretches. PALLATON is getting ready to
go on a hunt. NITIKA walks over to him to say good morning.
It is now summer.


NITIKA smiles, and gives PALLATON a hug and a kiss on the
Osda sunalei father.
Osda sunalei my Earth Child.
Father, I told you not to call me
that. I am a woman now.
You will always be Earth Child to
Where is mother?
She is over with other women,
where you should be. They are
grinding corn for the cold season.
You know I am a free spirit.
Yes, I know. And always into
trouble. What will you do today?
I want to go pick berries by the
waterfall. I hear some of the
flowers are in bloom.
I must go hunt. Try to stay out
of trouble. Bye, Nitika.
      (Smiles back)
Bye Father, May the spirits guide
you on your hunt.
NITIKA walks through their village to where the women are
working on grinding the corn and making clothes from animal
skins. She finds ADSILA and walks over to her.


NITIKA smiles, bends down, and gives her MOTHER a hug and a
kiss on the cheek.
Osda sunalei Etsi...
Osda sunalei Nitika. What does
the morning say today?
Good. The wind tells me it will
be a good day.
      (Smiles at Nitika)
This is good. What will you do
today? Are you going to help us,
or run off on one of your
I want to go to the waterfalls and
gather berries. Can I bring
Tayanita and Luyu?
NITIKA looks at her MOTHER with pleading eyes.
Go! You will want to settle down
one day! One day you will fall in
love and want a child.
Yes. But right now, I want to be
free like the eagle. Wado, Etsi!
I will be back before the moon
rises, I promise!
ADSILA gives NITIKA a sly look.
Sure. Keep out of trouble.
I will! Bye Etsi!
NITIKA runs off to find TAYANITA and LUYU.


She finds them picking corn in the fields.
Hello my friends!
Hi Nitika!
What will you do today?
I want to take the canoe to the
waterfall. The flowers are in
bloom, and the berries are ready
to be gathered.
TAYANITA gives NITIKA a sly look.
What else.. It is never that easy
with you. You always have other
Well, I want learn to hunt! Not to
kill... But, to protect myself.
You know...
You have warrior spirit.
Hunting is for the men. And, who
are you going to get to teach you?
You know your father is against
Cheasequah is going to meet us at
the top of the waterfalls. He made
a bow and knife for me.
You are going to marry him one
day. You are perfect for one


                       TAYANITA (cont'd)
another. Both always into
Maybe. But, I want someone as
free as me. Don't worry. Onacoma
will be there too. I know how
much you like him.
NITIKA smiles and winks at TAYANITA.
Yes, everyone knows how much
Tayanita likes Onacoma.
Stop you two! Lets go.
The three of them take the corn back to the village and grab
buckets to put the berries in.
Some of the VILLAGE CHILDREN run up to greet NITIKA and her
friends. They are YELLING her name to get her attention as
they run up.
NITIKA bends down to talk to them.
And how are all of you today?
                       CHILD (#1)
I'm doing great!
                       CHILD (#2)
Me too!
                       CHILD (#3)
Yeah, me too.
                       CHILD (#1)
Nitika, play with us. Please?
                       CHILD (#1, 2, and 3)
Maybe later. I am going to learn
how to hunt!


                       CHILD (#2)
I want to learn how to hunt! Can
I come?
No. You will learn when you are
older. You must stay in the
village for now.
                       CHILD (#2)
I want to learn now!
You will with time. I must go. My
friends are waiting on me.
                       CHILD (#3)
Ok. Bye Nitika!
NITIKA gets up, and waves at the CHILDREN. Then, the three
of them continue on their journey to the river.
They run back to the river to the canoe.
The girls LAUGH and JOKE with each other as they walk
through the cornfield.
It is a short trip to the falls and the three girls SING and
LAUGH the whole way there.
Once at the falls the girls pull the canoe on shore beside
another canoe and start climbing to the top of the falls.
They reach the top and see CHEASEQUAH and ONACOMA sitting
there waiting on them.
You keep me waiting!
You weren't here long! Where is
the bow and knife you were telling
me about? You said they were


                       NITIKA (cont'd)
beautiful. I want to see for
Cheasequah, this is a bad idea.
You know her father is against
You didn't have to come! You
could have stayed with the others.
Someone must keep you from getting
into trouble.
TAYANITA smiles and giggles.
Hi Onacoma!
You know why he is here. I think
he has eyes for someone...
Hush Luyu!
CHEASEQUAH pulls out the KNIFE and BOW SET and hands them to
Here! I told you they were
You weren't lying!
CHEASEQUAH starts showing NITIKA how to use the BOW and
KNIFE. ONACOMA and TAYANITA start talking to each other,
and LUYU joins them. About an hour passes by. CHEASEQUAH
stops and signals to ONACOMA.
Ok girls, We must go meet up with
the hunting team. Come Onacoma!
Wado Cheasequah. You will have to
teach me again.


You don't need anymore lessons.
You are almost as good as me now!
I want to be better than you!
Never! I won't let you!
CHEASEQUAH sneaks her a kiss. NITIKA smiles and kisses him
back, and then pushes him away.
You better go!
Ok, ok, I'm going. Come on
ONACOMA sneaks in a kiss to TAYANITA, and then runs to join
Bye Onacoma!
ONACOMA waves as he is walking away.
The girls watch them walk away. Then, they all look at each
What do we do now?
Go swimming!
NITIKA ties the knife to her upper thigh, puts the bow set
over her shoulder, backs up, and runs and jumps off the
falls into the water below.
You are crazy Nitika!
Come on! jump!


LUYU climbs down the cliff and stands at the edge of the
You are scared. You should have
jumped! Come on, Tayanita! Jump!
No! I am not going to hurt
Ok! Here I come!
TAYANITA jumps in and laughs once she comes up.
Come Luyu! The water is great.
Ok, I'm coming! You both are
crazy! You will kill yourself one
Oh Luyu. You have to learn to be
The three of them swim around for a few minutes, and then go
sit on the rocks under the waterfall.
I saw Onacoma kiss you.
      (Smiles and laughs)
Yeah, and I saw Cheasequah kiss
You like it?
Yes I liked it! You?
It was okÖ


You know it was better than OK!
Ok, okÖ So, maybe I like it. But
he's not a free spirit like me.
Luyu, now we have to find someone
you like!
Not anyone from our tribe!
What about Mohe? From the tribe
on other side of the forestÖ You
like him.
Yeah. But, He's the son of the
Chief. He would never look at me!
Isn't that who your Father wants
you to marry?
It would never work. He is too
serious. He doesn't know how to
have funÖ
He's perfect for Luyu, then.
I know how to have fun! I do
things with you, don't I?
Yeah, because the other girls are
too stiff.
That's not true!
They like you. You are the
Chief's daughter.
Well, I'm hungry. Let's go pick
some berries!


The three girls swim to the shore. They go get the buckets
out of the canoe. They find some blackberry bushes and start
picking and eating the berries.
MmmmÖ These berries are good!
They would taste good with some
We better put some in the baskets
before we eat them all.
Some GUNSHOTS are heard in the distance. The girls look at
each other with puzzled looks.
What was that?
I don't know. It sounded like it
came from the village. We better
go find out.
The three of them go back to the canoe and paddle back to
the field.
What you think it could be?
I don't know.
Maybe the white men hunt near the
I hope you are right.
They hear THREE more SHOTS when they reach the shore, and
they start running back to the village. They see smoke as
they approach, and they start getting worried. They stop
and look around for a moment.


I don't think it is white hunters.
What could it be?
I don't know. It doesn't look
good. Hurry! We must get back.
They start running again. As they get closer, they see that
the village is on fire. They hear SCREAMING and CRYING at
this point.
They reach the village and all three start to panic.
Mother! I have to find my mother!
You two go find your families!
TAYANITA and LUYU run off in shock and confusion. NITIKA
runs for their hut, which is now on fire. She frantically
looks for her mother. She finds a CRYING CHILD. She picks
him up and continues on her search.
Adsila! Adsila! Where are you!
She runs to the center of the village where her mother was
working earlier that day. Still, she finds nothing.
Suddenly, someone grabs her and the CHILD roughly and starts
to walk away. NITIKA is trying to fight off the stranger
without hurting the CHILD in her arms.
      (Screams in
Let me go! Let me go! I must
find my mother!
The STRANGER covers her mouth and continues to drag her to
the edge of the village. NITIKA bites his hand, and he lets
                       SOLDIER (#1)
Ouch! Stupid girl!
He looks at his hand and sees that she has bruised it. He
then notices her running off.


                       SOLDIER (#1)
Oh no you don't!
He runs after her and catches her. He then heads again for
the edge of the village. NITIKA continues to fight him with
the CHILD in her arms all the way.
                       SOLDIER (#1)
Stop fighting! Iím not letting go
this time! I will hurt you if I
have to!
Suddenly the stranger lets go, and pushes her into the crowd
of VILLAGERS. Some faces she doesnít recognize. Then, she
sees her MOTHER and runs over to her with the CHILD still in
her arms.
      (Says quietly)
Mother, what is this? What is
The white soldiers are making us
leave. They say we don't belong
here. That this isn't our land.
Where is Father?
Still huntingÖ
Suddenly a SOLDIER comes over, pulls the CHILD out of
NITIKA'S arms, and binds her and her MOTHER'S hands. NITIKA
looks around and sees other soldiers doing the same to the
others around her. She looks at the SOLDIER in disgust.
The Soldier looks at Nitika as he is tying her hands.
                       SOLDIER (#2)
Why yer a pretty one, ain't ya.
He starts laughing.
                       SOLDIER (#2)
A white girl raised as a squaw.
Now, Iíve seen everything!


NITIKA stares at him with anger in her eyes. She refuses to
talk in front of these awful strangers. The SOLDIER grins
and then walks away. Suddenly one SOLDIER walks in front of
everyone and starts talking. Heís dressed a little
differently than the rest of them.
                       GENERAL JONES
I am General Jones. I will be
your leader until you are sold.
You will listen to everything I
say, or you will get hurt! You
have no rights to this land, and
are trespassing on private
property by being here! All of
your belongings are now the
property of the U.S. Army! All
right men, letís move out!
The GENERAL walks over to a white horse, gets on, and starts
riding off. Suddenly a SOLDIER jabs NITIKA in the shoulder
with a gun and orders her to walk. In confusion, she starts
to walk with her mother.
They walk in silence for about an hour. NITIKA looks around
and sees faces she doesnít know. There are so many people
that she canít find any of her friends.

Suddenly an old woman collapses. A soldier pulls her to her
feet, but the old woman is too tired to stand. She
collapses again.
                       SOLDIER (#7)
Git up old woman!
She tries, but is too tired. The soldier starts to beat
her. Nitika realizes it is the MEDICINE WOMAN. She runs
over and pushes the soldier away. The soldier kicks NITIKA
and knocks her to the ground.
                       SOLDIER (# 7)
Stupid Squaw!
The General rides back.
                       GENERAL JONES
What's going on?
                       SOLDIER (#7)
The old woman won't walk!


                       GENERAL JONES
Then, kill her.
NITIKA falls down beside the MEDICINE WOMAN.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Don't worry Earth Child. Be
strong. It is my time.
She touches the blue stone around NITIKA'S neck.
                       MEDICINE WOMAN
Go. You have a destiny to
A soldier pulls NITIKA away from the MEDICINE WOMAN. She
fights him, but can't get away. They keep walking. NITIKA
looks back at the MEDICINE WOMAN one last time in tears. She
turns and keeps walking. The soldier lets go. A GUNSHOT is

NITIKA turns and tries to run back. The soldier grabs her
again. She fights him once more, but can't get loose from
his grip. They keep walking. NITIKA gives up. The SOLDIER
lets go.

They walk in silence again for another hour. Then, they
stop and rest.
Mother, I am still confused. Why
are these men treating us like
They do not like our ways.
White men have come to our village
before. They were never like this.
There are few white men who like
us, but most of them are like
this. They are afraid of
something different.
We aren't that much different
from them. We are all people..


We have different beliefs that
they don't like. And our skin is
That is still no reason to treat
us like this.
I know. But they do.
They sit in silence for a moment. NITIKA watches a SOLDIER
walk past. After he is gone, she begins to speak again.
What do they mean by it is not our
land? It is no one's land. No
one can own landÖ
White Men think they own
everything. You will learn this
Etsi, promise me if we get lost,
we will find each other.
      (Smiles at Nitika)
I will try my hardest to find you
again, Earth Child. I promise.
Then a SOLDIER walks up and orders them to walk again. This
time they continue to walk until dark.
When dark falls, they stop for the night. NITIKA and her
MOTHER watch them set up camp around them.
What will become of us?
I know not what the future holds,
They set up a FIRE in the middle of the camp. A SOLDIER
walks over, grabs ADSILA, and cuts off the bands she has
around her wrists.


                       SOLDIER (#3)
Youíre gonna cook for us tonight.
He walks her over to the fire where there are several pots
and pans and points to some flour, water, and potatoes. He
also pulls out a bag of jerky and hands it to her.
                       SOLDIER (#3)
Now git started. And make sure it
tastes good.
The SOLDIER spits off to the side.
ADSILA starts making flat bread, and boils the jerky and
potatoes in a soup. NITIKA watches her in amazement as
ADSILA quietly goes about cooking for these rude men. The
SOLDIER stands near by, watching.
NITIKA starts looking around at everyone. She notices there
are people from other tribes at the camp too. Then, a
SOLDIER walks over and sits down beside her.
                       SOLDIER (#4)
Why yer a pretty one. Whatís yer
NITIKA sits in silence. Sheís still watching her MOTHER
                       SOLDIER (#4)
I donít bite, I promise. How did
you end up in a tribe? Yer a
white girl.
NITIKA looks over at him, and then back at her MOTHER. She
still wonít talk. The SOLDIER sits there for a minute
waiting on her to answer.
                       SOLDIER (#4)
Well, Iím Tom. Jusí thought Iíd
try to make conversation, but I
guess you donít understand.
The SOLDIER starts to get up.
No, I understand. I just don't
want to talk.
                       SOLDIER (#4)
The SOLDIER settles back down beside her.


You take me from my home. You tie
me like an animal. And you want
me to talk?
                       SOLDIER (#4)
Ok, well, you had no right to be
No right to be on land that no one
                       SOLDIER (#4)
Itís owned by the U.S. Army.
No one owns land. It is here for
all people to share.
                       SOLDIER (#4)
Well the rest of the world doesnít
think like that.

They should. No one would kill,
or treat each other like animals
over land.
NITIKA looks away and continues watching her MOTHER prepare
the food. The SOLDIER gets up and walks away, seeing he
wonít get any further with the conversation. ADSILA
finishes cooking. A SOLDIER hands her plates and bowls. He
tells her to dish up the food.
Two other SOLDIERS start handing out the food to everyone.
After the food is dished up, the SOLDIER escorts ADSILA back
to her spot beside her DAUGHTER, and hands her a plate of
ADSILA picks up NITIKA'S plate and hands it to her.
Eat. You must stay strong.
NITIKA puts the plate on the ground and slides it away from
I'm not hungry.


ADSILA picks up the plate again and hands it to NITIKA.
No, Eat.
NITIKA eats reluctantly. SOLDIERS come around and pick up
all the dishes and hand out blankets. NITIKA and ADSILA lie
down and try to go to sleep.
Suddenly NITIKA remembers the KNIFE Cheasequah gave her. She
checks to see if it is still tied to her leg, and itís still
there. This gives her a little more comfort and she drifts
off to sleep.
PALLATON and the rest of the hunters enter the burnt
village. Everyone is in shock.
What happened here?
PALLATON bends down and picks up a TIN CUP that was lying on
the ground.
White man! They burnt our village
and took our families!
He THROWS the cup back to the ground. He then turns to one
of his warriors.
Look for survivors.
He nods and runs off and looks around to see if anyone is
What can we do?

Track them! Find our families,
and kill those who took them! They
will pay for what they have done!
We will go to war if we have to!
We will rebuild our village and
kill any white man who enters it!
Who is with me!


Everyone SHOUTS and HOLDS their spears up in the air.
The WARRIOR comes back to PALLATON after searching for
I found a few women and children
in the cornfields. They say they
hid from the soldiers.
Was Nitika and Adsila with them?
No. There might be more in the
Go and see. They will pay for
what they have done.
There is a FIRE in the center of the burnt village. There
are warriors doing a WAR DANCE. They are also dressing
themselves in war paint and feathers. They CHANT and DANCE
to the DRUMS around the fire.
The WARRIOR comes back with a few more of the VILLAGERS. He
walks up to PALLATON.
Did you find them?
PALLATON raises his spear in the air and all the CHANTING
and DANCING stops. Everyone looks at PALLATON and waits for
him to speak.
At sun rise, we go to war!
Everyone SHOUTS and HOLDS up their spears in the air. They
start DANCING and CELEBRATING again.


Itís morning now. NITIKA wakes up. She sits up and looks
around. Her mother isnít beside her anymore. She starts to
panic, and then she notices her mother cooking again. NITIKA
stands up, stretches, and sits back down. The SOLDIER that
attempted to talk to her last night approaches her again.
                       SOLDIER (#4)
NITIKA ignores him and keeps watching everyone around her.
The SOLDIER walks off again. Her MOTHER finishes preparing
the food and starts dishing it up. Then sheís escorted back
to her daughter and given her food. They both eat in
silence. The SOLDIERS come by and pick up the dishes and
blankets and start packing up camp.
NITIKA gets up and starts walking around, seeing if she can
find anyone she knows. She finds TAYANITA. She goes up and
starts talking to her.
Tayanita! What does the morning
She sits down beside TAYANITA.
I am scared. The wind warns me of
danger. You?
She gives her a hug.
Same. I am still confused.
Nitika. What do you think will
happen to us?
I don't know. Anything is
What do they have against us? We
did nothing to them.
I don't know Tayanita. I don't


I am going to try to escape.
No, they will kill you.
TAYANITA and NITIKA both stand up.
I can't stay here. They may do
worse to us. The spirits will be
with me.
NITIKA grabs her arm and tries to keep her from walking off.
No! Please donít!
Tayanita grabs Nitika's hand and pushes it off of her arm.
Please, Nitika. I must. I can
bring help.
Please understand.
I don't want to see you get hurt.
NITIKA gives TAYANITA one last hug.
I will be fine. I promise.
TAYANITA walks to the edge of the camp. She stands there
for a few minutes watching the soldiers. Then she starts to
run. One of the SOLDIERS notices her.
                       SOLDIER (#2)
General! Sheís escaping!
The GENERAL pulls out a gun and SHOOTS her. She falls and
TWO SOLDIERS go pick her up and bring her back to camp. She
is still alive.
NITIKA SCREAMS Tayanita's name and runs over to her fading
body. She falls down beside her.


Tayanita, speak to me.
Nitika. My friend.
She smiles at NITIKA, and hands her a bracelet. NITIKA
starts crying. She grips the bracelet in her hand.
The GENERAL reaches down and pulls Nitika to her feet.
Nitika fights him and falls to Tayanita's side once more.

The GENERAL pulls her off again and throws NITIKA to the
runs over to her. She falls on TAYANITA'S body in tears. A
SOLDIER grabs her and picks her up roughly. NITIKA fights
him and gets away.
The GENERAL pushes the SOLDIER away and pulls NITIKA up
again. NITIKA fights him. He SLAPS her in the face and
throws her aside. NITIKA starts to get up again. He pulls
out his gun and points it at her.
                       GENERAL JONES
Do you want to be next?
NITIKA Drops to her knees in tears.
                       GENERAL JONES
You two!
He points at two soldiers.
                       GENERAL JONES
Get rid of the body. You!
He points at another soldier.
                       GENERAL JONES
Bring her to my tent.
TWO SOLDIERS pick up TAYANITA'S body and take it out of
camp. The other SOLDIER grabs NITIKA and pulls her to her
feet. She fights him and falls to her knees again. He
picks her up and drags her to the Generalís tent.
He takes her inside where the GENERAL is now sitting in a


                       GENERAL JONES
Leave us. But keep watch at the
                       SOLDIER (#5)
Yes Sir.
The SOLDIER lets go of NITIKA and leaves. NITIKA and the
GENERAL are the only ones in the tent.
NITIKA sits down and pulls her knees up to her chest. She
keeps her eye on the GENERAL.
                       GENERAL JONES
Your little friend caused us a
delay. I hate delays.
NITIKA sits in silence. Tears still running down her face.
Her hate for this man shows.
                       GENERAL JONES
You are a brave girl. Running up
to a man who just killed your
friend. Shows how stupid your
people really are.
The GENERAL gets up and walks over to NITIKA. He bends
down to get a better look at her. He waits for her to
respond, but she says nothing. The GENERAL reaches up and
puts his hand on her neck.
                       GENERAL JONES
How did a pretty thing like you
end up with these savages?
NITIKA pulls away and SPITS in his face. The GENERAL stands
back up, pulls out a cloth, and wipes the spit off his face.
Then, he grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet. He SLAPS
NITIKA across the face. NITIKA falls to the ground. The
GENERAL bends down and looks at NITIKA.
                       GENERAL JONES
How dare you! You will pay for
what you did.
The GENERAL gets up and grabs the SOLDIER at the entrance.
                       GENERAL JONES
Take her and tie her to the pole
behind my tent!
                       SOLDIER (#5)
Yes sir!


The SOLDIER grabs NITIKA and drags her to the pole behind
the Generalís tent and TIES her to it.
                       SOLDIER (#5)
I donít know what you did, but you
sure upset the General.
The GENERAL comes out of his tent and grabs a WHIP hanging
from his horseís saddle. He comes over and gives NITIKA TEN
LASHINGS. The whip SNAPS across NITIKA'S back, and cuts
into the poor girl's flesh.
                       GENERAL JONES
Go ahead! Spit in my face again!
NITIKA does nothing, but quiver with fear. The GENERAL
spits at her, and then laughs.
                       GENERAL JONES
Stupid squaw! I'm your leader
He kicks dirt at her, then turns to the SOLDIER.
                       GENERAL JONES
Take her back to where she was.
Iím through with her!
                       SOLDIER (#5)
Yes Sir!
The SOLDIER unties her and takes her back to where her
mother is sitting. NITIKA sits down by her mother and puts
the bracelet on her wrist. She, then, bursts into tears.
Her MOTHER hugs her.
Calm down, Earth Child. Why do
you cry?
They killed Tayanita! These
aren't men!
Shh. Shh. We will get out some
how. I promise.


ADSILA continues to hold NITIKA as she cries in her arms.

Pan over to the GENERAL who is walking over to the middle of
                       GENERAL JONES
We arenít far from a town. We
will be there before the afternoon
is over. We wonít stop again
until we reach the town. We will
finish packing and then we will be
off. Do not try to run! I will
shoot you!
They take a few more minutes to finish packing. Then, the
GENERAL gets on his horse and starts off again. A SOLDIER
comes up and nudges them on the back to move forward.
They start walking again. They walk for a couple of hours.
A girl from another tribe talks to NITIKA for a while as
they walk.
Hello, I am Galilahi.
I'm Nitika.
They walk in silence for a moment.
I saw what the white men did to
you in camp. I am sorry...
Don't worry about it.
Was she your friend?
She was a very good friend.
Oh. I'm sorry.
It's ok.


All of my family died. They made
me watch my father and brothers
burn. My mother tried to stop
them. They killed her.
I still have my mother. My father
and most of the other men were on
a hunt.
You are lucky.
Yeah. Maybe you are right.
They walk in silence for a while. NITIKA looks around as
they walk. Then, GALILAHI notices the marks on NITIKA'S
Did they do that to you?
The marks on your back.
I don't want to talk about it.
When you tried to help your
Look. I don't want to talk about
Ok. I'm sorry.
NITIKA tries to move up in the crowd to get away from her,
but GALILAHI follows her.


They walk again in silence for a moment. Then, GALILAHI
tries to start another conversation.
I want to see what the town looks
Nitika stays silent.
Have you been to a town before?
I have never been. I hear they
are busy.
I don't want to talk right now.
Oh, ok.
They walk in silence again for a while. Then the town comes
into site.
They are walked into town like a herd of cattle. NITIKA
looks around. The people of the town are all busily
working. The only ones that seem to notice them are the
children playing in the streets. They stop and stare at
them walking by.
They are walked through town and to a little market on the
other side of the town. NITIKA notices people with darker
skin than the Indians. They are also tied up. Some of them
are taken up on a stage and sold like cattle.
Pan over the slave market. Men are bidding on slaves.
Slaves are brought up on stage and distributed throughout
the audience.
The camera focuses on a MAN looking over at the group with
GENERAL JONES. He walks over to the group and starts
looking over all of them. He stops when he gets to ADSILA.
He looks at her for a moment, and then walks over to the


                       TRAVELER (#2)
Excuse me sir.
                       GENERAL JONES
                       TRAVELER (#2)
What do you want for that one over
He points to ADSILA.
                       GENERAL JONES
Sheís not for sale.
                       TRAVELER (#2)
Come on. You look like a smart
man. You have to have a price on
                       GENERAL JONES
No. Sheís not for sale.
                       TRAVELER (#2)
Is there any way I can change your
                       GENERAL JONES
                       TRAVELER (#2)
Well then. I guess Iíll leave.
Good day to you.
The GENERAL nods and the man walks off. A SOLDIER standing
nearby walks up to the GENERAL.
                       SOLDIER (#1)
Sir. Why didnít you sell her to
that man?
                       GENERAL JONES
Sheís a good cook. Plus, she
might be useful later.
JOHN walks into the scene. The camera focuses on him. He
walks over to the same group and stops when he gets to
A white squaw. Huh. You donít
see that every day.


He nudges a soldier nearby.
How much ya want for that one?
He points to NITIKA.
                       SOLDIER (#3)
Youíll have to ask the General.
JOHN finds the GENERAL in the crowd and walks over to him.
He taps the GENERAL on the shoulder.
Excuse me sir.
The GENERAL turns around and looks at him.
                       GENERAL JONES
Yes, what do you want?
I see you have a white squaw over
                       GENERAL JONES
What about herÖ
How much you want for her?
                       GENERAL JONES
Twenty-five Dollars...
Thatís a steep price for a squaw.
                       GENERAL JONES
Ah, but sheís a white squaw. How
often do you see those?
Good point. Ok, Iíll take her.
                       GENERAL JONES
Youíve got yourself a deal.
Careful, sheís a handful.
They shake hands, and JOHN pays the GENERAL. JOHN walks
over and grabs NITIKA. NITIKA fights him.


No, You can't take me from mother!
Youíre mine now. I bought you.
Not your mother. Now come on!
Let go!
JOHN picks her up and carries her away. NITIKA fights him
and tries to get away, but can't. She starts to cry. He
carries her to a nearby campsite and sets her down.
She tries to run, but he catches her and brings her back. He
grabs some nearby rope and TIES her to a post with her hands
in front of her in the middle of the campsite.
NITIKA tries to get free, but finally gives up and sits
down. She looks around. There are four tents centering
around a fire pit. There are four horses tied off nearby.
My name is John. What is yer
name? You understand I bought
you, so you are mine now.
NITIKA looks at him, and then looks away. She refuses to
answer him. JOHN sits there, waiting for an answer.
Youíll learn to talk to me, white
JOHN walks off and goes into one of the tents. JACOB walks
back to camp. He sees NITIKA tied to the post and gets a
confused look on his face.
John, where are you?
Iím in my tent, what do you want?
JOHN comes out of his tent and comes over to JACOB.
Whatís this?
He points to NITIKA.


Oh, I bought a squaw to cook for
us. Ainít she a bute?
Why do you have her tied?
She tried to run off.
Iíd try to run from your ugly face
as well!
Funny, Jacob. Very funny.
Iím going into town to sell some
of the pelts we have. Be back in a
Take yer time.
NITIKA looks at JACOB curiously. Sheís never heard anyone
with an accent like that before. JACOB goes to another one
of the tents and pulls out some pelts. He looks over at
NITIKA again.
John, you better build another
tent for her. Donít leave her out
like that. Sheís not a dog.
Donít worry. Iím on it.
JACOB walks off, looking back at NITIKA every few minutes as
he walks away. NITIKA watches JOHN set up a tent for her.
Then, he goes about working around the camp on other things.
Her curiosity grows for this man that bought her.
She tries one more time to free her hands, but fails to do
so. Then, she gives up. JOHN walks over to her and bends
down to talk to her.
JOHN points to the tent.
That is where you will sleep.


He unties her from the post and takes her over to the tent,
but leaves her hands tied.
You try to run, and Iíll tie you
back to the post.
He lets her go, and NITIKA sits down on the ground while
looking at him. He goes back to working around the camp,
and she watches.
It starts getting dark. JOHN builds a fire and starts
pulling out pots and pans. Then, he walks over to NITIKA.
JACOB comes back with a leather pouch. Heís counting money
as he walks back into the camp.
JACOB smiles at JOHN as he is walking up.
The price for the pelts has gone
up! Five dollars for a small
pelt, and ten for a large!
Thatís good. Iím just about to
git supper started.
JOHN gets out some flour, deer meat, and some corn. He
walks over and bends down to NITIKA.
He points at NITIKA.
Cook for us.
He points at the fire, food and the pots.
NITIKA just stares at him and doesnít move. Then, she looks
away. JOHN gets mad and SLAPS her.
      (Yells at Nitika)
You do what your told!
NITIKA slides back away from him a little. JOHN gets ready
to slap her again. JACOB runs over and grabs his hand.


      (Yells at John)
Donít hit her! Sheís scared
enough as it is!
      (Yells back)
She has to learn to do what I say!
Give her time! Sheíll come around
Fine. She doesnít cook. She
doesnít eat! Sheíll either
starve, or learn to do her part
around here!
Thatís wrong, and you know it
JOHN gets up and starts walking away, then turns around and
points at JACOB.
Donít you dare give her anything!
JOHN walks over to the fire and starts cooking. JACOB bends
down and tries to touch NITIKA'S cheek, but NITIKA pulls
Are you ok?
NITIKA doesn't respond, and backs up. JACOB sighs, gets up,
and then walks away.
JACOB and JOHN are eating while Nitika hungrily watches.
They finish eating. JACOB grabs the dishes and starts
washing them.
JOHN grabs a blanket, and walks over to NITIKA. He gives it
to her, and then walks away. NITIKA gets in her tent, and
starts to cry.


It is morning. NITIKA wakes up, gets out of her tent, and
looks around. JOHN is making breakfast. JACOB is feeding
and watering the horses. He finishes that, and then walks
out of camp. JOHN looks over and sees NITIKA is awake.
Ah. I see yer awake. Are you
gonna help cook this morning?
NITIKA doesnít answer. She stares at the fire. He walks
over and hands her a tin cup with water in it. She takes it
and drinks it quickly. He fills up the cup and hands it to
her again. She again, drinks it. He looks at her hands
still tied.
You behave today, and Iíll untie
JOHN walks back to the fire and keeps cooking. JACOB comes
back into camp with a mule. He takes it over and ties it
with the rest of the horses.
Whatís that for?
Well, I figure since we have an
extra person, we would need a pack
She can walk.
No, sheíll ride like the rest of
He shakes his head at JOHN.
No wonder you canít find a wife.
Well, whereís yours?
Not looking for one.


Breakfastís ready. Chris and
Michael gonna be back today,
Yeah, they said they would be back
this morning.
JOHN fixes two plates, and they both sit down and eat. They
finish, but leave the food out for the other two.
Iím goin into town fer a bit. You
watch the squaw.
JOHN walks off, and JACOB fixes a plate for NITIKA. He
walks over and hands it to her. She tries to eat, but has
difficulty because her hands are tied together.
Just donít let John know. Heís
being an idiot.
JACOB notices the slits in her clothes made by the whip.
What did those soldiers do to you?
JACOB sits down beside her. NITIKA scoots away from him a
So, what is your name? How did
you end up in an Indian tribe?
NITIKA sits in silence. Two men ride up to the camp on
horseback. They have a WOLF following them as well. NITIKA
watches them ride up.
JACOB gets up and waves at them. NITIKA notices a deer
slung across one of the horsesí rump. There are also
smaller animals hanging from the saddle.
AhÖ Chris, Michael. There you
are! So, did you get anything?
Yes, we did well. We shot a huge
buck. We also got a couple of
rabbits, a few raccoons, and two


Sounds like you did well.
Yeah, woulda been back sooner but
a fox caught our eye on our way
Well, breakfast is waiting for
Good, Iím starving.
Both men get off their horses and start unpacking
everything. NITIKA just sits and watches. JACOB helps
them. Then CHRIS notices NITIKA.
What are we taking captives now?
He points to NITIKA.
Yeah, Jacob. Why do ya have her
hands tied?
John got this brilliant idea to
buy her to cook for us. Problem
is, she wonít do anything.
      (Starts laughing)
Figures. It seems like everything
John gets wonít work.
So, why do ya still have her hands
Thatís Johnís doing. I donít know
why he still has her tied. She
isnít going anywhere.
They finish unpacking the horses, feed and water them, and
sit down by the fire. CHRIS and MICHAEL fix their plates
and start eating. They start talking while they are eating.


So, did you see any Indians while
you were out? Did you trade for
anything interesting?
Nah, I think the U.S. Army is
wiping them all out. They are
making them all move out of this
Or, selling them into slavery,
like this poor girl.
She isnít really an Indian though.
Look at those blue eyes.
He looks at NITIKA.
How did you end up an Indian?
NITIKA doesnít answer. But, she keeps watching them. She
is fascinated by CHRIS and JACOB'S accent.
Good luck. We havenít been able
to get her to talk since he bought
her yesterday.
Maybe she donít understand.
I think sheís scared.
Iím sure sheís been through a lot.
So, where did John go?
He went into town. Heís probably
drinking again.
Wouldnít surprise me any.
CHRIS throws the pet WOLF some jerky out of his pocket. The
wolf grabs it and goes and lies down by NITIKA. NITIKA
starts petting him.


Huh, she doesnít warm up to anyone
that fast.
Yeah, she still donít like John.
There arenít very many that get
along with him. Well, we better
get this all cleaned up.
They all start cleaning up the campsite. JACOB washes the
dishes. CHRIS and MICHAEL start cutting the hides off the
animals. NITIKA watches them while petting the WOLF. A
couple of hours go by. JOHN comes back.
Hey, Chris, Michael. Yall are
back! Did ya bring anything
No, nothing exciting. Just the
same stuff.
Thatís too bad.

JOHN goes to his tent and lies down. NITIKA watches
everyone work. MICHAEL comes and sits down by NITIKA.
Hi, Iím Michael. That one over
there is Chris.
He points over at CHRIS.
Whatís yer name?
MICHAEL puts out her hand for her to shake. NITIKA doesnít
respond. MICHAEL starts to get up and NITIKA answers.
JACOB looks over in surprise.


Wow, you do talk!
Yes, I talk.
Now we know what to call you.
NITIKA looks at CHRIS and smiles.
You talk funny.
Oh, yes. Jacob and I are English.
We are not from here. We are from
What is England?
Itís a place... from across the
big ocean.
Ocean? What is an ocean?
Wow, you've never heard of an
It's like a river. But, a lot
bigger. You can only see water
from one end to the other.
You from England too?


No, no. I was born and raised
here. John too.
JACOB pulls out a KNIFE walks over to NITIKA. NITIKA starts
to back off.
Donít worry. Iím not going to
hurt you. Iím just going to cut
the ropes off your hands.
JACOB reaches for her hands. NITIKA hesitates, and then
holds them out to him. He cuts the ropes off her hands.
There, doesnít that feel better?
He smiles at NITIKA, then goes back to work.
I guess we better clean up. It's
getting late, and I'm tired.
They clean up the dishes. Chris and Michael lay down and
rest. Jacob continues to work around the campsite. Nitika
watches him work intently.
NITIKA is awakened by JOHN. He pulls her from her tent. She
looks at him with sleepy eyes.
Cook for us.
He hands her a pot. She doesn't take it. She doesn't move.
He pushes her to the ground.
Fine. You will go hungry.
He goes over to the fire, and starts cooking.
Nitika pulls her knees up to her chest and sits in front of
her tent. The rest of the travelers are awakened by the
smell of the food cooking and fresh brewed coffee.
Micheal sniffs the air.


Ahh.. Nothin wakes you up like the
smell of fresh brewed coffee.
Be better if the squaw would cook.
Now John, don't be so sour. Might
as well give up. She ain't gonna
cook for ya. I know I wouldn't
cook for a man who treated me like
Smells good John. What are you
Bacon, eggs, and biscuits.
Sounds good.
Everyone grabs their plate, fills it up, and starts eating.
Nitika watches hungrily from in front of her tent.
Boy, I'm glad to be back in town.
Gets kinda lonely with Just Chris
and I out on the trail.
Yeah, I get tired of seeing
Micheal's face everyday.
Yeah, Chris is mighty ugly to be
lookin at everyday.
Micheal starts to laugh.
It's kinda nice to walk into town
and see somethin pretty for a
Yeah, if you can get something
pretty to look at you.
Chris starts laughing.


Oh, I stand better luck than you
Maybe after a few drinks.
Ok you two. Quit the fightin.
Actually a drink don't sound bad
right about now.
That's all you think about, John.
Helps calm the nerves. I think
I'm gonna go into town for a
while. Keep an eye on the squaw.
John gets up and walks into town.
Ya know, I think he's right. A
drink does sound good. Hey Chris,
you wanna play a few hands?
You mean so I can win again?
Shoot, you know I'm good.
Jacob, you don't mind watching
her, do you?
No, go have fun.
MICHAEL and CHRIS walk out of camp and into town. JACOB
fixes NITIKA a plate of food and takes it over to her. He
bends down beside her and hands her the plate and a fork.
She takes them both, but stares at the fork.
What is this?
It is a fork. You eat with it.
He grabs a plate and fork and demonstrates how to use it.


She picks up some of her eggs with the fork and sticks them
in her mouth.
Like that.
He gets back up and cleans up after the other three. Then
he grabs their guns from the tents, sits by the fire, and
starts cleaning their guns. NITIKA finishes her meal, then
brings him the plate and fork.
She looks at the guns, then at Jacob.
She points to the guns.
Oh, it is a gun.
A gun.
Yes, a gun.
JACOB finishes cleaning the gun while NITIKA watches. She
sits down close to JACOB. She looks at the boots on his
What are those called?
She points to his boots.
I see the White men that come to
our village where them.
They are boots. They protect your


I need to go into town and get
some supplies. Come with me.
He gets up and puts the guns back in their tents. Then
walks over to NITIKA and holds his hand out to her. She
looks at his hand and hesitates.
I'm not going to hurt you. I
She grabs his hand and he pulls her to her feet.
Come. I'll show you around the
Nitika hesitantly follows him out of the campsite.
They walk into the town. There are people everywhere. Horse
drawn CARTS and WAGONS crisscross the streets. They walk
pass several buildings.
They stop in front of a store selling fruit on the street.
Excuse me sir. How much for your
                       FRUITSTAND OWNER
Five cents an apple.
NITIKA walks out into the street. She is fascinated by all
of the carts and oddly dressed people. A cart comes
straight for NITIKA. She doesn't notice it coming at her.
She is too busy looking around at everything.

JACOB turns and sees the cart coming at her. He runs to her
and pulls her out of the carts path just in time. The
CART-DRIVER YELLS at them as he passes.
You can't stand in the street like
that. You will get trampled to
I'm sorry. I didn't know.


Stay with me. Ok?
He walks back to the Fruit stand Owner and hands him enough
money for two apples. The Fruit stand Owner hands him two
Thank you.
NITIKA is still paying attention to the carts in the street.
JACOB walks up to her and holds the apple out to her.
Here you go.
NITIKA takes the apple and looks at it for a minute.
It's an apple. You eat it.
He shows her his apple, then takes a bite of it.
I know what an apple is.
She takes a bite. They finish their apples while they walk.
They walk past another building. NITIKA hears music and
men laughing inside.
What is going on in there?
It's a saloon. You don't want to
go in there.
Just then, a drunk man staggers out the door and down the
street. NITIKA watches him pass.
She walks up to one of the horses tied outside the Saloon
and gives it the core to her apple. JACOB does the same.
They walk up to another building.
JACOB walks into a store with NITIKA following close behind.
NITIKA looks around at all the strange items. JACOB walks
up to the counter to the store owner.


                       STORE OWNER
Yes sir, What do you need?
Yes, I need a sack of flour, a
sack of gunpowder, a box of firing
rounds, and a sack of coffee
                       STORE OWNER
All right, one moment while I get
that together for you sir.
Thank you.
While waiting, he turns and watches NITIKA finger the
outline of a feathered woman's hat. NITIKA looks over at
What is this?
It's a hat.
A hat?
He walks over to NITIKA.
Yes, you wear it on your head,
like this.
He puts the hat on her head, and turns her so she can see
herself in a mirror hanging on the wall.
NITIKA laughs at the sight. JACOB smiles and chuckles.
It looks funny.
Uh, yes. I suppose it is
something you have to get used to.
She takes the hat off and hands it to JACOB. He puts the
hat back. The STORE OWNER comes back out with Jacob's
                       STORE OWNER
Do you need anything else, sir?


No, I think that is all. Thank
JACOB walks back to the counter, pays the store owner, and
grabs the small sack of coffee beans and the box of firing
rounds. He hands them to NITIKA.
You don't mind helping me, do you?
No, I don't mind.
JACOB gathers the rest of the items and they walk out of the
store. They start walking back towards the campsite.
We better get back. The others
are probably back by now.
They walk back into the campground. Michael, Chris and John
are sitting around the fire eating lunch.
It's about time you two show up.
Where did ya go?
Into town. I had to get some
Well, ya better get somethin to
eat before I finish it off.
JACOB puts the supplies in a pack. NITIKA hands him the
supplies she is carrying, and he packs them as well. Then,
he sits down with the rest of them and starts dishing up a
NITIKA stays back near her tent. CHRIS looks over at her.
You better come eat too. There is
no point in starving her.


NITIKA walks over to the fire. She hesitantly sits down
near JACOB. JACOB hands her a plate, then starts dishing up
his own.
The rest of us need to start
packing. We're leaving tomorrow
We're hunters. We don't stay in
one place very long.
But, my mother!
Ya know where she is?
The White men take her.
They are long gone by now. But,
maybe we can find her.
NITIKA is sleeping in her tent. CLATTERING is heard
outside. JACOB sticks his head in and shakes NITIKA. NITIKA
starts to wake up.
Wake up! Weíre getting ready to
NITIKA gets up. She gets out of her tent and stretches. She
looks around. All four guys are busy picking up camp and
packing the horses. JOHN sees NITIKA and walks over to her.
Well, ya donít have to cook this
morning. Here.


He hands her a leather pouch and a tin cup filled with
water. NITIKA opens it and there is a biscuit and some
We have food on hand for when we
pack up and move on. Better git
your tent packed up.
JOHN walks away and starts taking down her tent. NITIKA
eats the food while watching them pack the horses.

They finish packing and get on the horses. JACOB walks over
to NITIKA with a horse.
Here you go. We arenít going to
make you walk. Need help getting
No, I can do it myself.
NITIKA jumps up on the horse, and then grabs the reins.
Wow. Youíre going to have to show
me how to do that one day. I
thought your people everywhere
they went?
We have horses. I know how to
Letís go, we want to make good
They ride off.
They ride out of town and into a wooded area. They ride for
a while in silence. Then, MICHAEL starts to talk.


So, what exactly happened to you,
White soldiers came into our
village and made us leave. They
took us to the town we just left
and sold me.
Why did they make you leave your
They said we were on their land.
We didnít belong there.
Soldiers. They think they own
Ain't that just like em. Thinkin
their better than everybody else.
They ride on in silence for a while. Then, they come up on
a steep, rocky area.
Looks like we're gonna have to
walk the horses up this hill. Too
steep to ride. We better go up
one at a time, just in case one of
us gets in trouble half-way up.
JOHN goes first. He unties the extra horse from his saddle
and hands it over to MICHAEL. It is a tough walk to the
top. JACOB goes next, then CHRIS. NITIKA starts up the
hill. She has a little more of a struggle than the men.
JACOB hands his reins to CHRIS, and goes down to help her.
He reaches her about half-way.
Let me help you.
I can do it by myself.
No, I insist. Please.


NITIKA hesitates for a moment. She hands him the reins.
They start their climb again. NITIKA trips on a rock, and
JACOB catches her before she can fall.
Careful. Are you ok?
Yes, I am fine.
They make it to the top. JACOB goes back down for the mule
and extra horse. He climbs the hill once again with the
two. MICHAEL comes last. Everyone makes it to the top.
They mount their horses again and start back on their
Whewy. That about wore me slap
It's starting to get late. We
should be stopping soon.
They ride for a little while longer until the sun starts to
set. JOHN sees a small clearing ahead.
We will stop there for the night.
Good, my legs are getting tired.
And Iím getting hungry.
Chris, you're always hungry.
I know. I can't help it.
You gonna get fat one of these
days as much as you eat.
They stop at the clearing and set up camp.



JOHN starts a fire and pulls out some pots and pans then
looks over to NITIKA.
You gonna cook for us or not?
NITIKA grabs the pots and pans and starts cooking.
They are all eating around the campfire.
This is some good food. You got a
good cook their John.
Yup, when you can get her to cook.
So where did ya learn to cook so
My mother.
Which one?
What do you mean? I only have one
Well, you werenít born an Indian.
I donít remember having another
So, they musta stole you as a
No. They saved me.


NITIKA gets up and walks to her tent. The WOLF follows
behind. She sits on the side facing out away from camp. The
WOLF lies down beside her.
Good job you three. What a way to
make her feel at home.
JACOB gets up, walks over to where NITIKA is sitting, and
sits down beside her. The view stays on the campfire.
What! We only want to know how
she ended up an Indian.
I think someone is falliní fer our
Camera cuts over to where JACOB and NITIKA are sitting.
Donít pay any mind to them. They
didnít mean anything by it.
They make it sound like my people
are savages. They know nothing
about my people.
No, no. They just are curious
about how you ended up with your
people. I would have to say I am
Do you really want to know?
Yes, we all do!
NITIKA looks up at the stars and sighs. Then looks back at
JACOB and starts her story.
The medicine woman blessed my
mother with a special child. She
was pregnant, so she thought that
was the child she was talking
about. But, my mother lost the
baby on their journey to their new


                       NITIKA (cont'd)
home. Then, they came up on a
wagon that had been robbed. My
real mother and father were
killed, but they found me crying
in the back of the wagon. They
took me as their own. My mother
calls me her Earth Child. She
says Mother Earth gave me to her
as a gift.
So, what does she mean by a
special child?
Itís nothing. Just something the
medicine woman told her would
Come on! Tell me!
Ok, ok. She told my mother that
her child would become a hero
amongst our people.
      (Smiles again)
So, you really are special.
Maybe. Itís just a story.
She shivers a little bit.
What's the matter?
Itís getting a little cold.
Here, let me get you a blanket.
He gets up, grabs a blanket, and comes back and wraps it
around NITIKA.
There. Is that better?


Yes. Thank you.
She smiles at him.
Why are you so nice to me?
I guess itís the way I was raised.
He smiles and winks at her.
Or maybe I like you.
She smiles back at him. Then, she looks up at the stars.
The stars are beautiful tonight.
JACOB looks up at them, then at NITIKA.
Yes, they are very beautiful.
MICHAEL and JOHN go to their tents. CHRIS throws some more
firewood on the fire and then walks up to them.
Hey, you two better go to bed
soon. Weíve got an early start
Yeah. I guess we better. See you
in the morning. Good night
Good Night.
JACOB gets up and walks to his tent and goes inside. CHRIS
bends down beside NITIKA.
Sorry about earlier. We didnít
mean anything by it.
It's Ok.


Please forgive us.
It's no problem. Don't worry
about it.
CHRIS sits there for a minute.
Well, I guess Iíll see you in the
morning. Good night.
Good night.
CHRIS gets up and walks back to his tent. NITIKA sighs,
then gets up and goes in her tent. The WOLF follows behind.
NITIKA is awakened by the RATTLING of pots and pans. It is
early in the morning. She stretches, gets up, and goes
outside. The WOLF follows close behind. All four guys are
taking down camp and packing the horses. JOHN walks over to
Itís about time yer up. Hereís
He hands her a biscuit, a hard- boiled egg, and some jerky.
Now we can get your stuff packed.
Weíre gonna do some huntin this
JOHN walks off and starts taking down her tent. CHRIS
notices the WOLF close to NITIKA'S side.
Sheís really taken to you.
Chris points at the wolf.


Yeah, I think she likes you better
than any of the rest of us.
Whatís her name?
We never really named her. We
just call her wolf.
She deserves a name.
Then name her. Not like sheís
gonna know the difference.
NITIKA thinks about it for a moment, then she smiles.
But they do. Iíll call herÖ
And what does that mean?
So, basically youíre calling her a
baby deer instead of a wolf.
No, every name has a meaning.
Whatís hers?
Her ways are gentle, like a fawn.
You gonna name yer horse too?
I might. How did you end up with
the wolf?


I found her in a den while we were
hunting. My guess was the mother
took all the cubs and abandoned
She was close to dying when he
found her. He nursed her back to
health, then set her free.
He begins to laugh.
But, the crazy thing wouldn't
leave. So now, we're stuck with
So, what does your name mean,
It means ďAngel of Precious
And whatís the meaning behind it?
Iím not really sure why they named
me that. My mother always called
me her special child.
Well, letís get goin. We want to
get some huntin in before it gets
to late in the day.
They finish packing the horses, mount, and start off on
their journey.
They travel about a mile, and then JOHN stops them.
This looks like a good hunting
place. Weíll stop here. Nitika,
Jacob. You two stay with the
horses. Michael, Chris. Grab yer
guns. Weíre goin huntin!


CHRIS and MICHAEL grab their guns and catch up with JOHN.
JACOB dismounts and ties off the horses. NITIKA dismounts
as well, then looks at the ground. She notices some tracks
in the dirt and bends down to take a closer look.
What do you see?
Bear. Close by. These are fresh
tracks. You have a gun?
Yeah, but it shouldnít bother us.

Donít be too sure. They will go
after anything when it is in their
territory, especially if it is a
mother with cubs. Just keep
They hear a bear GROWL nearby. JACOB grabs his gun and
keeps it close.
NITIKA goes and sits by the horses. She remembers the knife
tied to her leg, unties it, and sets it beside her. JACOB
notices, comes over to her, and sits down beside her. He
sets the gun down on the ground next to him.
Where did you get that?
Iíve had it the whole time. A
friend made it for me.
So, you could have gotten away at
any time.
So, why didnít you?
I wanted to learn more about these
strangers. Besides, you were
better to me than the soldiers.


They sit in silence for a moment, and then NITIKA begins to
talk again.
So, why did you leave your home?
There was nothing for me in
England anymore.
But, you have family there, right?
No. Not anymore. They were all
killed. My family had beliefs
that the King did not like. I
escaped and hid. I watched my
whole family be killed, knowing
there was nothing I could do.
Oh. Iím sorryÖ
Itís not your fault. Chris and I
came here for freedom and
How did you meet Chris?
I ended up in an orphanage with
Chris. After you get to be a
certain age they throw you out.
So, Chris and I lived off the
street for a while, then hopped
aboard a ship and came to America.
Then, we met up with Michael and
John at the dock.
JACOB gets up and walks over to his horse. He pulls out a
bow and arrow set and brings it over to NITIKA.
You know how to use these?
Yes, I do.


Well here. Maybe theyíll do you
more good than me. I canít seem
to get the hang of this thing.
You just need someone to show you
how to use them. Here.
NITIKA looks around for a target. She finds a chalky stone
and makes a mark on a tree near by then walks back over to
See that mark on the tree.
NITIKA aims and shoots. She hits her mark dead center.
Wow. You are good!
Now you try.
NITIKA hands the bow and an arrow to JACOB. JACOB puts the
arrow in the bow and pulls the arrow back. NITIKA starts
No, no. You hold it like this.
NITIKA grabs his shoulders and shows him how to stand and
hold the bow.
Then, you site your arrow. Look
down the shaft. Make the point
meet your target.
JACOB aims and shoots. He barely hits the target.
Not bad, for a beginner. Try


JACOB aims and shoots again. He gets closer to the center
of the target this time. He looks at it in amazement, and
then smiles.
Not bad at all.
NITIKA smiles and laughs.
You still have a lot of work
before you will beat me.
NITIKA playfully taps him on the shoulder.
Weíll see about that.
JACOB drops the bow and arrows, grabs NITIKA, and starts
tickling her. NITIKA LAUGHINGLY pushes him away and starts
to run off. But JACOB catches up to her and grabs her
JACOB trips and she falls on top of him. They look into
each otherís eyes for a moment. Then JACOB goes in for a
Just then JOHN, MICHAEL, and CHRIS walk back. JACOB pulls
away. JOHN has a buck slung over his shoulders. CHRIS and
MICHAEL are carrying a few smaller animals.
Looks like we got back just in
Yeah, maybe Iíll stay behind next
JACOB and NITIKA get up and brush themselves off.
All right. Lets load up the
horses and get on our way. Thereís
a river not too far from here.
Weíll stop and rest there.
They load up the horses and start on their way. They travel
a little way, and then CHRIS starts singing. MICHAEL
laughs, and then joins in.


Come on. All of you know this
song. Except for maybe Nitika.
JACOB smiles and joins in. NITIKA starts laughing.
Come on John. Sing!
No. Yall are crazy.
JOHN rides up ahead a little ways.
They come up on the river.
Weíll stop and rest here. The
horses can use a little breather
and some water.
They stop and unpack the horses. JOHN sits near a tree and
pulls out a cigarette. JACOB takes off his shirt and jumps
in the water. NITIKA sits on the shore next to the WOLF and
watches. JACOB looks over and smiles at NITIKA.
Come on in, the water is great!
NITIKA smiles and jumps in. She swims out next to JACOB.
We arenít that bad, now are we?
No, you have been good to me.
So, What do you do for fun?
NITIKA smiles and splashes him. She swims to the other
NITIKA starts to run off.
Follow me!


JACOB swims to the shore and runs after her. He follows her
to a small clearing in the trees.
It is a beautiful field full of flowers. There are
butterflies everywhere. JACOB stops when he sees NITIKA
sitting down in the middle of the field with her back to
him. He walks over and sits beside her. There are tears in
her eyes.
I used to come here all the time.
This was my favorite thinking
You lived close to here?
Yes, my village wasnít far away. I
recognized the river.
Iím sorry this had to happen to
He puts his hands on her face and wipes away the tears.
It is not your fault.
He holds her face in his hands and looks into her eyes.
But a beautiful girl like you
shouldnít have to go through
something like this.
NITIKA looks into his eyes. They share a passionate kiss.
NITIKA pulls back after a minute.
We better get back.


They start walking back to the river. They get about half
way there and NITIKA stops. She stares into the bush.
Whatís wrong?
Someoneís following us.
      (Looks Around)
I donít see anyone. Letís go.
No, someone is there. Come on!
NITIKA grabs JACOB'S hand, and they start running. They
hear twigs SNAP behind them. They look back to see if they
can see anyone. Suddenly, some INDIANS jump out and grab
Whatís going on!
The INDIAN hits JACOB in the side with the blunt end of the
                       INDIAN (#1)
Stop talking!
      (Speaks in
I am Nitika. I am one of you. Why
are you doing this to us?
No one answers her.
They walk back to the river in silence.
They get back to the river and see the other three guys tied
up. Another INDIAN is holding the horses. One of the
NITIKA looks at him and realizes who it is.


Cheasequah! I thought Iíd never
see you again!
She gives him a hug.
My Father! Is he with you?
Heís at the village.
Village? But, I thought it burnt
Yes, it did. But we rebuilt in a
new location not far away. We
will be safe there, until the
soldiers find us again. Come with
NITIKA follows CHEASEQUAH, forgetting about the four
travelers she was with.
The travelers follow behind the rest of the INDIANS with
their hands tied and spears in their backs.
CHRIS looks at JACOB. He starts to whisper to him.
What's going on?
I don't know. Nitika seems to
know them.
What do you think they will do to
One of the INDIANS walking next to them hits CHRIS with the
blunt end of the spear.
                       INDIAN (#2)


NITIKA turns around in time to see the INDIAN hit CHRIS with
the spear. He tries to hit CHRIS again. NITIKA runs back,
grabs the spear, and stops him.
No! Don't hurt them!
They walk for a while until the Village comes into sight.
They walk into the Village. PALLATON comes out of his hut
just in time to see them walk in. NITIKA sees him. She
runs up and gives him a huge hug.
My daughter!
Have you found mother?
No, we are still searching for
They embrace each other for a while. PALLATON looks up and
sees the strangers.
What are they doing here?
They were with Nitika.
Tie them in the hut. They must be
CHEASEQUAH, and a few of the HUNTERS, take them to the hut
and tie them up.
What are you going to do with
We will have a council and decide.


They didnítÖ
He interrupts her.
They took you! They will pay!
But Father!
Enough! The council will figure
it out!
PALLATON walks off. NITIKA starts crying. She runs to the
edge of the village and collapses in tears.
It is now dark. The COUNCIL MEMBERS are all sitting around
a fire in the middle of their hut.
I have gathered all of you here
today to figure out what we should
do with these travelers that had
my daughter.
                       COUNCIL MEMBER (#1)
After what happened to our homes
and families, all white men that
enter our village shouled be
They all nod their heads in agreement.
And I agree with you. Now what
should we do?
NITIKA sneaks into the hut where JACOB and the other three
are awaiting their fate.


Nitika. What are you doing here?
You'll get in trouble if you are
seen with us.
Don't worry. I won't get caught.
NITIKA walks up to JACOB, bends down, and puts her hands on
his face.
I wonít let them do anything to
Whatís going on? Why are they
doing this to us?
My father is mad at all White Men
for what the soldiers did to us.
Donít worry. I will stop this! I
better go before I get caught.
NITIKA gives him a kiss. She then sneaks out of the hut.
The TRIBAL COUNCIL is still conversing around the fire.
These men took my daughter. What
should be done?
                       COUNCIL MEMBER (#1)
They should be stoned.
                       COUNCIL MEMBER (#2)
No, they should be speared.
                       COUNCIL MEMBER (#3)
Burn them, like they burned our
                       COUNCIL MEMBER (#1 and #2)
Yes, burn them!


Then it is settled. They will
PALLATON walks out of the hut. The VILLAGERS are all
gathered outside to see what will happen.
PALLATON looks around at everyone. NITIKA is sitting near
the front. She is also waiting to hear what will happen.
We have decided what will happen
to these strangers. They will
burn like they burnt our village!
Everyone starts SHOUTING. NITIKA gets up and runs to her
fatherís feet.
NOO! Father! You canít do this!
CHEASEQUAH runs up and grabs NITIKA.
Take her to my hut. Donít let her
He points to some of his WARRIORS.
Take the strangers to the stakes!
No! They arenít the ones to
CHEASEQUAH drags NITIKA off. The WARRIORS grab the
strangers. They take them to the edge of town where the
stakes are. They tie them up. PALLATON lights a torch.
NITIKA breaks free from CHEASEQUAH and runs to where they
are. PALLATON gets ready to start a fire around JACOB.
NITIKA jumps in front of her father and hugs JACOB.
Nitika! Move!
No Father! These men are not to
blame! They did nothing! I will
not let you do this!


They took you! Thatís enough!
They have been good to me! They
didnít know!
But, theyÖ
They nothing! This is wrong, and
you know it! Do not blame all
white men for what the soldiers
did! It only makes us more like
them! They did nothing! The fed
me! They took care of me! They
became my friends! The soldiers
are the ones to be punished not
Nitika, My DaughterÖ
You burn them, you burn me!
NITIKA stays put. Her father finally gives in and puts out
the torch.
Untie them.
NITIKA runs to her father and gives him a hug. She puts her
hands on his face and looks at him.
Get to know them. They are good
men. Please father.
I will try.
PALLATON turns to his people and starts to speak.
These men will be welcomed into
our tribe. We will feed and house
them as long as they will stay.
Pan to NITIKA as she runs up to JACOB and hugs him.


I told you I wouldnít let anything
happen to you.
JACOB gives NITIKA a weak smile.
That was close. I'm glad you came
when you did..
Come, I will show you where you
will sleep. My father is fixing a
NITIKA shows them to their huts. CHEASEQUAH watches her in
The village holds a ceremony for NITIKA'S return. The whole
village sits around the fire eating and laughing with each
other. The TRAVELERS are telling stories to the INDIANS
about the adventures they have had. NITIKA is sitting by
So, why was your return to the
tribe so important to your people?
My father is the chief. I am
their princess.
You could have told us that.
I didnít think it was important.
It is very important. You are
royalty to your people.
So, that changes everything.


JACOB gets up and walks back to his hut. NITIKA gets up and
runs after him.
She catches him before he goes inside the hut.
Jacob, how does that change
things? I am still the same
person. I didn't know if I still
had a tribe left or not until
Iím an outsider. Your father
would never approve of me.
My destiny is different from my
peoples. My father knows that.
But, you are their princess!
Yes, I am. But look at me. I am
white just like you.
Your skin color doesn't matter.
You are still royalty to this
Yes, but that doesnít change who I
love! Please, come back and join
JACOB hesitates. He looks away. NITIKA grabs his face in
her hands and looks into his eyes.
Please Jacob. You are everything
to me.
Ok. Iíll come back.
They walk back to the ceremony. CHEASEQUAH watches them
walk back.


They sit down by PALLATON and watch the ceremony for a
while. It starts getting late. PALLATON stands up, stops
the ceremony, and starts to speak.
I am glad to have the safe return
of my daughter, but we all still
have family out there. We must
keep searching! Tomorrow, we will
begin our search once again!
Now, we must get some rest. I
will see everyone in the morning!
Everyone cleans up and goes back to their huts. NITIKA
gives everyone hugs and says goodnight to everyone. She then
heads back to her hut. Suddenly, CHEASEQUAH pulls her
Why are you protecting these men!
They are our enemy!
No, Cheasequah. They are not our
enemy! These men have been good
to me! They did not hurt me!
You were their slave!
They didnít force me to do
I donít understand you.
Youíre fight is not with them. It
is with the soldiers. Do not
punish these men for what the
soldiers did!
You act as if you have fallen for
the one!


And, what if I have?
You are a traitor to your own
I am trying to save my people from
getting into a war that isnít
NITIKA walks off towards her hut. CHEASEQUAH grabs her arm
and stops her.
Iím trying to protect you from
getting hurt.
NITIKA pulls her arm away from him.
I donít need protection.
NITIKA walks to her hut and goes inside.
PALLATON is at the village center waiting on the tribe to
get their food. NITIKA enters the scene. She gives her dad
a big hug. JACOB, CHRIS, MICHAEL, and JOHN also enter the
Morning Father.
Good morning. Go get something to
eat. You too.
He points to all four men.
You all look half starved.
Thank you sir.
They all grab their food and come back. All the villagers


wait stand and wait for Pallaton to get his food. NITIKA
stands and waits on him. The four TRAVELERS come back and
sit down next to NITIKA. MICHAEL starts eating.
NITIKA clears her throat and signals for them to stand up.
All three stand but MICHAEL. MICHAEL continues to eat.
CHRIS hits MICHAEL in the back of the head.
Get up you idiot!
MICHAEL looks around and notices everyone still standing.
He stands with the rest of them. PALLATON comes and sits
down. Everyone sits down. PALLATON begins eating. Everyone
else starts eating after PALLATON.
My daughter has told me that you
have treated her well. I thank
you for that.
Youíre welcome, sir.
They all eat and clean up afterwards.
Everyone goes about doing odd chores. CHRIS, MICHAEL, and
JOHN all talk and laugh amongst themselves. JACOB plays
with some of the children in the village.
NITIKA stops what she is doing, sits down, and watches him.
He notices her, looks up, and smiles. She smiles back at
him. He goes back to playing with the children.
PALLATON comes over and sits down beside NITIKA.
You really like that boy, don't
Yes, I do.
Well, he seems like a good man.
Hard worker too. I guess I


                       PALLATON (cont'd)
couldn't ask for anything better
for you.
Thank you father.
A SCOUT runs up to PALLATON.
There are soldiers coming our way.
How far away are they?
JACOB, MICHAEL, CHRIS, and JOHN overhear what is being said.
They stop what they are doing and listen.
They will be here by nightfall.
Adsila is with them.
Tell everyone to come to the
center of the village for a
All the people are gathered in the center of the village.
They are all talking amongst themselves. Then, PALLATON
stands up and raises his hand. Everyone becomes silent.
PALLATON begins to speak.
There are soldiers coming our way.
They will be here by nightfall!
Everyone starts to talk amongst themselves again. PALLATON
raises his hand again to silence everyone.


I want all of the women and
children to leave the village!
They will hide in the caves near
the waterfalls! The men will stay
with me and prepare for battle! We
will not let them burn our village
this time! All women and children
gather only things you will need
and leave now!
NITIKA fights her way through the crowd to PALLATON. JACOB,
MICHAEL, CHRIS, and JOHN follow behind her. NITIKA reaches
her father and grabs him before he walks away.
Father! I want to stay and fight!
No, you will leave like the rest
of the women. Your friends can go
with you. This is not their war.
Please Father! This is as much my
battle as it is yours! I can
fight! I know how!
Please, Sir. I would like to help
as well.
As for me.
And Me.
Me too.
Fine, the four of you can stay.
But, I will not let you fight,
I have to agree with your father.
Please go with the women and
No! This is my war too!


Yes sir!
Make sure my daughter goes with
the rest of the women and
Yes sir.
No! This isnít fair, and you know
Come, Nitika. Lets go get your
No! I want to fight! This is my
war too!
ONACOMA grabs NITIKA and pulls her to her wigwam.
      (Says as he is
       dragging her)
Stop Onacoma! You know I should
be in this battle!
They reach her wigwam.
Do what you are told and get your
NITIKA looks at him, then goes into her wigwam and gathers
her belongings.
NITIKA goes in and grabs a leather pouch with food and a
leather overcoat. She picks up her knife and ties it to her
inner thigh. Then, she stuffs the bow and arrow set under
the coat and walks out.


ONACOMA notices the leather overcoat NITIKA is wearing.
Isnít it a little warm for that
No, I get cold easily.
Well, come on. Weíll have to
catch up with the others.
ONACOMA grabs NITIKA by the arm and they walk off towards
the woods.
They catch up with the other women and children and walk for
a while.
You know you donít have to do
this. You can let me go and say
you lost me.
And disobey your father? No. Heís
right. You donít need to fight.
You know I can fight. Why hold me
Because your father doesnít want
you to fight. He is the Chief,
have you forgotten?
No, of course I know he is the
Chief. But, he is not here.