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Seven O'Clock
by David Richardson III

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: *
Seven O'Clock (working title) is the story of two thieves for hire, who steal a suitcase for a crime boss. They end up getting into a hasty predicament and learn why the suitcase is so signifigant. This is just a rough, rough draft. Some ends are left loose, but I kind of just went and got my rough ideas down. So, I plan on going over it, adding more, and fixing it up a whole lot. I'm open to all feedback, so please enjoy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open up from the title sequence and find the two men,
VINNY and DOUGLAS, in an old abandon warehouse. The place is
dark, and it is filled with wooden crates and old machinery.
Douglas is on the floor and Vinny is standing up holding him
at gunpoint. A suitcase is sitting between them.
                       DOUGLAS (V.O.)
I't was a normal heist. Especially
for Vinny and I. We took the
merchandise and ran. But he
decided to look in the case. And
because of that, we ended up in
the biggest predicament of our
lives. Hell, we we're just in
pulling the wrong heist at the
wrong time. And that suitcase that
sits between us will determine the
fates of everyone involved.
There is a booming gunshot.
                       DOUGLAS (V.O.)
Before the scene begins, we see all black and can only hear
the sound of someone who is heavily breathing.
Two middle aged men in suits and ties burst out of a bar
door and are in a full sprint running down the street. Both
are holding .45 caliber handguns and are returning fire,
possibly to the police.These men are professional thieves,
Douglas and Vinny. Vinny is carrying a fairly large suitcase
while Douglas is trailing behind him. They make it around
the corner to the getaway car, only to find thier driver
What the fuck!? He's dead!?
Vinny opens the passenger door and throws the suitcase in.


      (calm and
       reloading his
Lets go! Shove the body out! We
gotta go! Take the wheel, i'll
cover you!
Vinny opens fire on their pursuers while Douglas opens the
driver door and shoves the body out, he hops into the car
and Vinny does the same. Then the two are seen driving off
as Vinny fires his weapon across the street.
Douglas is driving, and Vinny fires off one last round.
Vinny then reaches back for the suitcase and lays it on his
Are they still chasing us!?
No!? We're good!
      (turns to Vinny)
You got it, right!?
      (turns to Douglas)
Of course I got it! Have we ever
ran a heist where I have forgotten
the merchandise?
Well, actually there was that one
time. Remember that one time-
      (cuts off Douglas)
-Shuddup! That was one time! And
only because that security guard
sprayed me with that pepper spray
shit! Otherwise, I would have
taken the money.
Ya! Right. The pepper spray.


Exactly! But now becuase you and I
are doing this freelance work it
means we don't have any margin for
You're right. All we gotta do is
get the package to our client and
we get payed. I believe that we've
got a fairly good buissiness going
      (looking at the
Hmmm, you know Douglas. This
suitcase is big and and heavy.
You think? It took you near an
hour to get up that street and to
the car.
Shut the fuck up! You weren't the
one lugging this heap around!
      (looks at suitcase)
And since i'm the one who nearly
died for this case, i'm curious to
know what i'm carying.
Don't even think about it, you'll
be breakin' your own rule. Never
look at the merchandise! Plus, it
would be unprofessional.
Correction! It's your rule! And
the only reason I went along with
it was because you had me staring
down the barrel of your .357 at
the time.
Stop! Put the fucking suitcase
away! Endless years of work and
your finally gonna break the


Why!? Because its a fucking huge
and heavy suitcase!
You are a dipshit!
Vinny slides his hands down to unlatch the suitcase. As he
does Douglas looks in agony. He finally opens the case and
they both seem pleased. And at the sight of whatever is in
the case, Douglas loses control of the car for a second.
Oh Shit!
      (trying to keep
       the car under
-That my friend, is all of our
life's work put into one big ass
suitcase! I mean were talkin loads
and loads of cash! Just sittin' my
Douglas suddenly stops the car and pulls a gun on Vinny. The
mood is now serious.
      (holding Vinny at
       gunpoint and
Good for you! It's a shit load of
cash! But close it and throw it in
the back seat now! I would hate to
kill ya, but you just gotta close
the suitcase! Now damnit!
      (scared and
       closing the
Ok, ok! Calm down put the gun
away! Look its closed!
      (throws the case
       in the back seat)
We're good now! No troubles! Just
keep on driving!


Vinny pulls out a cigarette and lights it.
Fuck Vinny!
Douglas slaps Vinny in the back of the head.
What the fuck was that for!?
I always tell you not to do
something! Then you turn around
and do it like I never told you
not to! Now put that fucking
cigarette out! I told you at least
a hundred fucking times this
morning no to smoke in my car! And
what the fuck do you do!?
Vinny throws the cigarette out the window, and turns back to
Sorry, man! Shit! Why the sudden
paranoia!? What the hell happened
to you!?
That suitcase happened to me!
We've had it for no more than
twenty minutes and because you
decided to take a peak, I'm
beginning to feel a little weird
about our current situation.
It's just a suitcase with cash!
Alot of fucking cash! It's no
different than any other suitcase
we've picked up!
And how the hell do you know that!
For all we know! This could be the
only package we've picked up that
contains money!
Whats your point!?


The fucking temptation! Thats my
Wait! You're telling me that-
-Yes! You know that I know that
you know that we are both thinking
of walking with that cash!
Especially you!
Why "especially" me!?
Because you're a fucking thief!
Then what the hell are you!? Some
fucking saint and shit!?
No! I don't steal for the pure
pleasure, like you!
Vinny tries to light another cigarette.
I do this shit to pay off some big
debts! And you and I just so
happen to be good at this kinda
thing, so it's an easy way to get
the money.
Douglas sees Vinny smoking and stops the car. He pulls out a
gun again.
Ok! Ok! I'm done! Look! Out the
Vinny throws the cigarette out of the window.
Lets drive now. Put the gun down.
Douglas lowers the gun and starts to drive again.
Ok. Thank You.
      (he pauses then


                       DOUGLAS (cont'd)
       speaks calmly)
I didn't mean any harm Vinny. But
you know how I feel about-
-Ya, ya! I know!
I just get really pissed
sometimes. This running from the
cops, and living on the edge thing
is really hittin' the spot. Let's
just get this to the rendezvous
first, and grab something to eat.
      (looks at his
Nah. We're early, and we still got
about two hours 'till Lenny gets
      (ponders his
Ya know. You're right. Lets go get
some brunch, at the Diner. All
that runnin' and gunnin' has built
me an appetite for some hash
browns and coffee.
That suitcase is unsafe here.
What do you mean?
I'm sayin' that if some particular
people know what we're carrying,
they'll be coming after it.
And who else would know about
Who knows? Certain people that
aren't supposed to know about it,
I guess?
Eh. Maybe. But i'm hungry, so it
can wait for half an hour.


Oh ya! Well just drop it for now.
Wait 'till after we deliver the
I've got a bad feeling this time.
The car drives off screen as the two head for the diner.
The figure of a man is seen sitting in a chair, talking to
someone on a phone.
Meet them at the diner. I'll leave
it to you two to do the rest.
      (takes a sip of
We need the suitcase in my hands
and at court by seven if we want
to maintain stability on the
The man stands up and starts pacing.
Ha! A city with this many dirty
cops like us, is better off with
no laws. And this is our one
chance to get it right. So do your
      (hangs up phone)
We open up with Vinny and Douglas standing outside of a
diner and talking. Both are wearing black suits and ties.
They are leaning up against a car. Vinny suddenly pulls out
a manilla folder and thumbs through it.
      (looks over)
What the hell is that?
Eh! Some folder I found in the


What did I tell you!? Didn't I
tell you to put all of that shit
      (tries to grab the
      (trying to keep
       Douglas from
       getting the
All you do is nag! I do recall me
telling you that I almost died for
that fucking suitcase! I have
every right to know why this shit
is so important!
      (starts reading)
Ooh! "The List", it sounds pretty
fucking legit if you ask me!
Vinny has come across a file called the List, it has over
two pages of names on it. In fact, it is actually a hit
list, but the two do not know it.
Damn! Two pages of names! This my
friend, is a party list!
Ya sure! We stole a suitcase
filled with cash, and a fucking
PARTY LIST! If you ask me that
don't add up.
      (ignoring Douglas)
Hey look, wasn't this Bruce guy
the one who we found in the
getaway car!?
      (points to the
       paper and shows
Oh damn! We're both on the list
too! Look there! Vinny O'Connell,
and Douglas Schlump!
Oh! V.I.P.! Woo-fucking-hoo!
      (grabs the folder
       from Vinny)


                       DOUGLAS (cont'd)
Lemme see that!
      (he begins to
       mumble names)
Hey! These names sound familiar!
Like I heard them on the news the
other day. It was a story on the
witnesses in the Valenquist Case.
They're supposed to testify
against him today and bring him
down along with his entire
criminal corporation, but why
would our-
I don't give a fuck lets go
inside, i'm starving!
No! What about the case?
What about it?
We can't just leave it here!
Well, then bring it in!
Fuck no! Do you know what happens
to you nowadays when you walk into
a public place with a big black
You get searched! And if we get
searched, people look inside of
it. Then they'll see all of the
cash, then they start asking
questions! After that, we are
fucking screwed!
      (looking at watch)
Ok! So....are we gonna go in or
      (starts pacing)
      (looking around)
No. We can't just leave it here.
That's unprofessional, espescially
for us.


Screw being professional! We'll
get in and get out. Just a few
cups of coffee, I had a late night
last night.
      (pulls out cash)
Look i'll even pay.
What the hell! Just make sure we
get a window seat. I'm getting the
feelin' that something's not quite
The two men walk out of view and into the diner.
Vinny and Douglas enter the Diner and head for a booth near
the window. The Diner is small, and it is not very crowded.
You watch the news!?
      (Douglas gives him
       a serious look)
Who the hell watches the news!
And you know we dont have to eat
here right!?
Both men sit in a booth next to a window.
Hey! Fuck you! All i'm sayin' is
that the news is full of shit! If
you wanna know whats going on in
the world, just pick up a fucking
Don't get bent outta shape there
buddy! I'm a T.V. guy, your a
newspaper guy, end of story.
Ya! But I was reading he paper the
other day and heard a joke about
two morons who tried to rob a


I see.
Ya right, so these two chicks
decide to rob a bank. They go over
the plan and all that other shit.
So finally the day comes and they
both pull to the bank.
      (looks at menu)
The driver asks the chick if she
remembers what to do. And the
other replies, "Yes". Then the
driver tells her that she should
be in there for no more than five
minutes. You following?
Ya. Just hurry the fuck up!
Alright, so the driver is waiting
in the car and two minutes go by,
then five, then nine minutes
right. Then the bank door burst
open and the chick is dragging a
tied up safe towards the car. Then
as she unties it and throws it in
the back, a security guard jumps
out with his pants down and fires
his weapon. So, as they're getting
away, the driver starts yelling at
this chick. And she says, "What! I
followed the plan exactly!" And
the driver says," No you idiot I
told you to TIE up the GUARD and
Shut the fuck up!
Hey! I'm just proving my point!
You don't get funny shit like that
while watching the news!


A waitress walks up to them.
      (begins taking
What can I get for you two?
Get us each a cup of coffee.
How do you like your coffee?
I don't care, coffee is coffee.
Surprise us.
Let me reapeat your order, so you
Don't repeat it! I know what I
ordered! Two cups of coffee! Is it
that so fucking hard to understand
the first time!
Im sorry sir, i'll be right on it.
The Waitress walks away and leaves the two men.
Now look Douglas, I don't
understand why you are so paranoid
about it. It'll be fine for a few
      (looking outside
       the window)
Don't you fucking understand! That
thing is carrying more than we've
ever handled before. If that shit
gets into the wrong hands we are
fucking screwed. Lenny told me to
get it to them on time and in
place. And from what I hear, Lenny
is a crazy motherfucker! Thats why
i'm so fucking paranoid about it!


      (sits back)
You see Douglas, that's what has
got me thinking.
Don't even start. I just wanna get
my coffee and go.
Considering the fact that that
waitress is probably taking her
sweet time I believe that in the
meantime you might as well listen
      (stops looking at
       the window and
       turns to Vinny)
Maybe you're right. I'm too
paranoid about this thing.
Now your'e making sense. So where
was I? Right, I was saying that I
was beginning to think that-
The waitress walks up and interrupts Vinny.
      (cuts off Vinny)
Here is your coffee. Enjoy.
      (pissed off)
What the hell lady! Can't you see
that i'm trying to talk here! And
is this decaf!
      (takes a sip of
       the coffee and
       then spits it out)
What the hell is this! I wanted
But sir? You told me to-
      (cuts off the
You are right I did tell you! I


                       VINNY (cont'd)
told you to get me decaf! Not
shit! I didnt tell you I wanted
shit, did I! I mean, is that what
good coffee is nowadays!? Shit!
      (stands up)
What kind of service is this! I
ask for decaf and I get a fucking
shit coffee surprise!
The waitress runs away almost crying. Then the two men begin
to crack up in laughter.
Haha! You know you told her to-
-Ya! I know what I told her. I
just love messin' with these
      (Takes another sip
       of the coffee)
Mmmmm. This stuff is good.
      (drinking coffee)
You were saying?
I was saying that I was pondering
over the fact that we have been
dealing with more money now than
we ever have.
      (adds sugar to his
But what do we really get out of
this. I mean, we steal stuff for
other people.
What do we get out of it? A fat
paycheck from whoever hires us!
But what are you getting at?
While the two men talk there are two criminals outside that
can be seen through the glass window. They break into
Douglas's car and look for the suitcase.


You see i'm trying to say that-
      (Vinny is cut off
       once again by
       Douglas this time)
Douglas looks outside to find the two men breaking into his
      (looking outside)
Vinny? Did you leave your fucking
window open again!?
      (looks outside)
Oh Fuck!
The two men get up and run to the door and exit the diner.
Douglas and Vinny are shown exiting the diner and they pull
out thier handguns. While the two criminals take off running
down the street.The criminal with the suitcase runs down the
sidewalk, while the other is hit by a car.
Shit! I knew it! I fucking knew
      (aiming gun at the
       criminal running
       down the street)
Calm down! I should be the one
thats pissed! I can't even think
of what I wanna say without being
Ha! Twenty bucks says you wont tag
that asshole! You dont have the


Are you serious? I wrote the damn
book on skill.
      (turns to Douglas)
Remember that one time?
No I dont remember! And I am
willing to bet thirty that you
can't do it!
Yes I can!
Just shoot him already!
Vinny aims and fires. He hits the target and the criminal
drops to the floor about a block and a half away.
I'll take my money when we get I
get back, you owe me for coffee
      (runs after the
Vinny takes off down the street for the suitcase and Douglas
goes after the other criminal who lay in the street.
      (Douglas is
       standing over the
Who sent you?
      (pulls out gun)
Who wants to know?
      (pulls out gun)
Obviously I do you idiot!Now tell me!
Ok! The Police Lietenant!
What? Why would he send you two
criminals after this suitcase?


It has to do with the Valenquist
Douglas kills the criminal and Vinny comes back with the
suitcase and the moaning thief who has a gunshot wound to
the leg.. Everyone around is hysterical and are in shock.
The two men search the body and take the now lifeless body's
wallet. Vinny shoves the thief into the car.
Who the fuck is this?
My friend...uhhh? Whats your name
Fuck you!
      (turns to Vinny)
You got the merchandise?
      (turns to Douglas)
Of course, now lets get this
package down to the Warehouse, i'm
aching for a nap.
      (turns to the car)
By the way, i'm gonna need that
thirt bucks.
The two men enter the car and drive off.
An old looking detective steps down the stairs into a crime
scene. He observes the area as forensics officers do thier
job. This is DETECTIVE CAINE, a renowned detective in the
city. He walks up a police officer.
                       DET. CAINE
Whats the situation here officer?


Well. We have six men here. Each
shot with .45 caliber bullets.
From the looks of things we have
two shooters.
Det. Caine looks at his watch.
                       DET. CAINE
Ahh. They we're supposed to arrive
about now.
Who, sir?
                       DET. CAINE
Oh! No one. Good work officer. Now
its time for me to get to work.
We flashback to Lenny and Douglas entering a bar.
Vinny and Douglas step into a bar. The place is almost empty
except for a few people. The two walk up to the bartender.
The Boss sends his regards.
The Bartender stops cleaning a mug and walks over to the top
of a flight of stairs.
The second door on your left, take
the stairs all the way down.
They're playing poker.
Poker, eh? Did you bring any cash
Douglas? I'm in the mood to win.
Not today, Vinny.
The two men look down and look up. They nod, and begin to
walk downstairs.
The two men walk up to a door at the bottom of the stairs.
And they both pull out thier handguns, and load them.


We get the suitcase, and get out.
We don't wanna kill anyone. Got
Douglas! It's the same shit all
the time! Just remember, if I see
anything outta place, i'm
The two open the door, and walk down the stairs to find six
men sitting at a table playing cards. The suitcase sits on
the table.
All six of you! Hands on the
table! Don't try anything stupid!
We're here for the case and the
case only! We don't want any
As the men put their hands on the table one man reaches for
a shotgun that is strapped to the table. He pulls it out
from underneath the table. And begins to fire.
Fuck! Shotgun!
Vinny opens up fire on everyone. He kills all but one who
sits at the edge of the table.
Douglas walks over to the petrified man.
Now, tell me. Why did your friend
here choose to try and kill us?
All he had to do was hand over the
Douglas tosses the suitcase to Vinny. Vinny catches it.
And Vinny? Don't look inside!
Douglas turns back to the man as Vinny frowns.
You see it was a simple trade. You
guys walk outta here alive just
for that suitcase. But no! So with
all do respect, we killed all of
your buddies here. And it would be


                       DOUGLAS (cont'd)
only fair to them if we finished
you. So, you thank your asshole
friend over there with the
shotgun. I'm sure you'll be seing
him soon.
Douglas kills the man. The two exit the basement.
Vinny and Douglas walk up to the top of the stairs. They
each look over to the bar table only to find three men
sitting there each with a revolver cocked and ready to fire.
Guard that suitcase with your
life, and run!
The two take off towards the door, as the men open fire.
They are old and have horrible aim so no one gets shot. We
then flashback to the present.
The two men are driving off, most likely to the rendezvous.
As the thief in the back moans in agony.
What the fuck is this!?
      (looks back)
I mean we get to the bank and
there are four cops eating donuts
next door, then we get to the
getaway car, and our fucking
driver is dead! Then we go get a
nice cup o' joe, but fuck no! We
get two little bastards who try
and take the suitcase! What the
fuck is that all about!?


I don't know! But we just gotta
get to the rendezvous, and give
the case to Lenny. But that one
guy in the street said it had to
do with the Valenquist case.
Huh? Wait, do you think that this
guy knows whats going on?
Vinny motions to tyhe thief in the back whose moans are
slowly beginnning to stop.
Hey! Sunshine! Whats the hell is
goin' on!?
The body lies still in the back of the car. He appears to be
lifeless, but he is still alive and breathing. He is only
What! Is he dead !?
Vinny reaches back to feel his pulse.
No. He's alive. Just in shock
maybe. Ain't that right buddy, I
tagged your ass good. I hit him
rite in the kneecap. Thats gonna
leave a scar.
Douglas begins to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
All we have to do is get to the
warehouse now! Then we head home!
Hold on there partner! Stop the
fucking car! I never got to
finishing what I wanted to say!
      (Douglas looks
       over and sighs)
Stop the damn car!
Douglas pulls the car over to the curb and fixated his eyes
on his watch.


OK! You have thirty seconds! Now
Ok. I was saying that this is a
shit load of cash, and that-
At this exact moment a passerby walks up to the car, knocks
on the window, and interrupts Vinny.
-Excuse me can you direct me to-
Vinny rolls down the window and pulls a gun on the man just
to scare him.
      (really pissed off
       and waiving gun
       in the passerby's
What don't you fucking dipshits
understand! I am trying to talk!
Now get the fuck outta here!
      (the man gives
       Vinny a scared
The man runs away and Vinny turns back to Douglas.
Look! We have a shitload of money
in our backseat. You've seen it,
i've seen it. It's alot! And we
should just take the suitcase and-
      (looks at watch
       and then
       interrupts Vinny)
-Times up buddy!
Douglas starts the car and takes off down the street.
      (still calm and a
       little delirious)
You know what!? Fuck you Douglas!
Fucking fuck you man!


Ya! Whatever! You'll thank me
The Precinct bustles with busy detectives, and the place
seems to be crowded and loud. There is a lone detective who
is sitting in the corner of the office, he seems to be
running through files, this is DETECTIVE CAINE. The phone
then rings and he answers it.
                       DET. CAINE
He grins for a second and sits back in his chair.
                       DET. CAINE
Yes. I'll be down there in a
He hangs up the phone, and picks up his coat, he then grabs
a donut and runs out the door.
A car pulls up to the diner. And Detective Caine steps out.
He walks up to where a body ly on the floor.
                       DET. CAINE
What's the situation here officer?
Well, sir. We've got a double
homicide, this man has been shot
in the chest. And the other down
the street was hit in the neck.
Detective Caine moves closer to the body, and is quick to
identify him.
                       DET. CAINE
What is it sir!?
                       DET. CAINE
Have you identified this man?


Yes, sir. In fact this man is-
                       DET. CAINE
-Officer Timmy Jeeves. And i'm
gonna take a shot in the dark and
say that the man down the street
is Officer James Timmins.
Yes, sir. Do you know them from
                       DET. CAINE
Ha! I'm surprised that you DON'T
know who they are?
      (strokes chin)
These two men, have been working
on the Valenquist case for quite
some time now. For years they've
been trying to bring him down
along with those corrupt officers.
But what are they doing dead on
the streets? I mean, could this
have been a hit?
                       DET. CAINE
I would think so, but it looks
like there is more to this.
Well, we questioned one of the
witnesses, and she said that two
men exited the diner and opened
fire on these two officers.
                       DET. CAINE
What else?
She also mentioned that Officer
Timmins down there was running
with a suitcase, and after he was
shot, the two men took off with
                       DET. CAINE
A suitcase!? Damnit!
What now sir?


                       DET. CAINE
I need to talk this over with a
donut and cofffee. Come on
Officer, get someone down here to
clean this up. Lets talk.
The car is seen pulling up to a driveway of what seems to be
an abandoned house or warehouse. The two step out of the car
and Vinny takes the suitcase. They both approach the door.
Why are all the rendezvous at some
piece of crap, old, rundown
building in a piece of crap part
of town!?
Shut Up!
The two walk into the rendezvous.
The two men enter the warehouse. The place is dark and
gritty. There are old water cans, and a bunch of trash
laying on the floor. Old machines cover the landscape as
rats run the floors.
      (looks at watch)
Where the hell are they!?
      (looking around)
Vinny? Would I be cursing us if I
said that i've got another bad
feeling about this?


Shut Up!
Suddenly a door bursts open and LENNY, along with three
other men enter the room. Both Douglas and Vinny turn around
to face the four men. The room grows silent.
      (folds hands)
I see you two have retrieved the
      (drops the
       suitcase on the
Ya. We have your end, now give us
our end of the deal. And make it
quick, i've got hot coffee and
hash browns waitin' for me back at
the diner!
Hold on there partner! I'm gonna
need to ask you two a few
Lenny picks up the suitcase and hands it to one of the
henchmen who steps aside to count the contents inside.
      (crosses arms)
And oh! Don't worry, you two will
sure enough be outta here.
      (looks at watch)
As a matter of fact i'm gonna give
you your checks right now, and in
a short while we'll both be on our
Lenny pulls an envelope from under his coat, and hands it to
Ok boys, question number one! Did
either of you kill anyone during
the heist? If so, I need details
so we can clean it up for you two.
As a matter of fact we did. I took
out one, and Vinny here got
trigger happy and took out two


                       DOUGLAS (cont'd)
others. One back at the bank and
another at the diner.
Yep, I got one of the two little
bastards at the diner, and before
that I tagged one of the bank
A bank clerk?
Ya! That fucker pulled a shotgun
on me, and hey I didn't wanna
fucking die at the time, so i
killed him.
And what the hell where you two
doing at a diner!?
We got hungry! Is that a problem?
No you asshole! I wanna know why
you killed someone at the diner!
Because they were trying to steal
good ol' Douglas's car!
      (reaches into his
Look! We even got there wallets
and identification.
      (hands Lenny the
       two wallets)
Lenny opens up one of the wallets and finds something
unexplainable. His expression changes from calm and happy to
furious and astonished. Then he looks up to the two men, and
holds up the wallet which contains a POLICE BADGE!
You fucking idiot! You two
dipshits killed a fuckin cop!
      (looks in the
       second wallet to
       find another
Oh fuck! Two cops! You killed two


                       LENNY (cont'd)
cops! Shit man! Are you trying to
make it hard on us or something!?
I mean fuck two cops!
We had no idea, Lenny! They were
taking off with the case and we
had to kill them!
Don't you understand! If they
trace this back to us, the cops
end our illegal activities in this
city. The they'll execute every
last one of us just to ensure that
no one will know that they were
      (Sighs and kicks
       the floor)
Just please tell me you didn't
look in the case!
      (long pause)
Tell me you didn't!
      (turns to Vinny
       and whispers as
       to keep what he
       is saying from
Vinny? Remember how I said I had a
bad feeling?
Vinny smiles, then at the snap of a finger, he opens up a
barrge of fire on the four men. They each drop, and Douglas
stands there surprised.
What the fuck was that!? I mean
you just fucking killed 'em!
What!? You said you had a fucking
bad feeling!
Ya! That means I have a fucking
bad feeling! Not I have a bad
feeling so lets kill them!


Screw it! It's done with! Lets
just get outta here.
As Douglas paces around the warehouse in deep thought, Vinny
goes to pick up the envelope that Lenny handed them. He
opens it and reads the check.
      (reading check)
I knew it! These bastards only
gave us two grand to split between
us! We should have just walked
with the suitcase! Damnit why
didn't you just listen to me!
      (walks over to
       Vinny and is
       feeling some
No Vinny! Why didn't you listen to
me! If you didn't look in the
case, we wouldn't be in this
predicament! Fuck you man! Fuck
You see! I was trying to tell you
that we should've walked away with
the suitcase. but I guess now
thats our only option!
No! We can't take it now! That'd
be like putting a fucking target
on our heads and saying, "Hey you!
Come fucking kill me!"
Let's just take it and run!
No. Stash the case over there!
Douglas points to a old locker that sit in the corner of the
warehouse. Vinny then takes the suitcase and throws it in.


Fine then! But we are coming back
for it! We wouldn't be doing this
if we would have fucking taken the
Lenny! Drop dead you dumbass!
The two start shoving each other and they walk to the door.
By now they start pushing.
Hey! The more we keep on pushin'
and shovin' the less fucking time
we have to get outta here!
Ok! Just shut the fuck up already!
We're going to go to-
-Stop telling me to shut up!
The two push each other out the door and start fighting.
The two men burst out of the door fighting and wrestle each
other to the floor. Then the pump of a shotgun is heard and
the two stop fighting. The sillouhette of a large HENCHMAN
can be seen.
                       HENCHMAN (O.S.)
Get up slowly, and put your hands
You a cop or somethin'!
You could say that! Just put your
hands up!
Are you one of Lenny's guys!?
No! Now shut up!
Vinny turns around and faces the shotgun.


And will all of you, quit telling
me to shut the fuck up!
Vinny gets hit in the head with the butt of the shotgun.
Detective Caine sits in the Diner with another police
officer, and they are discussing the situation. The Diner is
empty because it has been cleared as a crime scene. Caine is
eating a donut while the officer sits down and listens.
                       DET. CAINE
Damn this donut is good! This
coffee fucking sucks but this
donut is delicious!
The same waitress who assisted Vinny and Douglas walks up to
the two.
Excuse me sir. Are you a police
                       DET. CAINE
Why yes I am!
Well, I talked to the two men who
were involved in the shooting
                       DET. CAINE
Oh ya! What did they tell you?
The waitress pauses for a moment.
They told me-
                       DET. CAINE
Did they tell you that your coffee
tastes like shit!
The waitress drops a plate and runs away as she cries.
Excuse me sir? You were talking
about the suitcase?


                       DET. CAINE
Oh yes! The suitcase. Well,
believe it or not I got a call
earlier this morning. Now, this
call was for a heist down at the
bank. A couple of witnesses told
me that they saw two men running
up the street carrying a suitcase.
I see, but how do they relate?
                       DET. CAINE
You see, this morning we were
tipped off that a particular
suitcase was going to be dropped
off at that very bank.
      (takes a sip of
So, they send Officer Timmins and
Jeeves to go down and pick it up.
But when they get there it was
gone and two thieves already had
retrieved it.
We fade to Officer Timmins and Jeeves who arrive at the
bank. Throughout the conversation we see the events leading
up to the deaths of the two cops.
So what was in the suitcase?
                       DET. CAINE
Well, word got out around the
precinct, and they are saying that
the suitcase held a hit list of
all the witnesses involved in the
Valenquist case and over one
hundred million in cash.
Wait! A list of the witnesses who
are supposed to testify against
Valenquist at-
      (looks at watch)
                       DET. CAINE
Yep! Those exact same witnessess.
But if that suitcase gets into the
hands of our "dirty cops" we are
good as screwed and Valenquist
comes out a free man.


                       DET. CAINE (cont'd)
      (eats donut)
And that would mean our corrupt
cops and Valenquist would be able
to run thier illegal activity once
again. And that's something we
cannot afford.
Detective Caine gets up and walks outside. The police
officer follows.
Detective Caine and the officer walk outside the coffee shop
and talk infront of the door.
                       DET. CAINE
Look, all we gotta do is find
these thieves. I'm sure they've
still got the case. But we just
gotta hope to fuck that those
bastard cops, don't get to 'em
before we do!
Detective Caine and the officer both walk out of frame.
The room is dimmed and there is a heat lamp hanging from the
ceiling. There are two chairs in the middle of the room and
Vinny and Douglas are strapped down to them. We only see the
sillouhettes of the two, but it seems as though they have
been beaten. Then a large man walks into view, this is the
INTERROGATOR. He begins to go to work on the two men, then
he begins to ask questions.
      (cracking knuckles)
Ok boys! We're gonna do this one
last time, so it's either you
answer some questions, or I
continue pounding your skull until
there is nothing left to pound on.
What the hell are we doing here!?
Where the hell are we!?


Well, to be frank, you are here to
be questioned. And this is an
interrogation room!
We'e in a fucking police station!
Not exactly.
Why the fuck are we being
Because you, my friend! You two
were holding some very important
merchandise! Now, I know you know
where it is so you might as well
cough it up!
Okay!Okay! The suitcase-
Hold on there Mr. Schlump. I
believe your friend had something
to say!
Thank you! All day I have been
interrupted, so now that I have
the opportunity-
-Vinny! Why the fuck are you
thanking him!? He's been bashing
your skull in for the past hour!
And you're thanking him!
The Interrogator hits Douglas one more time and we FADE TO
BLACK. We stay in black while Vinny is interrogated.


Ok, Mr. O'Connell what buissiness
were you two attending to that
involved the suitcase?
What suitcase?
The Interrogator punches Vinny.
Don't be fucking stupid with me!
Fuck!? It was a heist, we were
paid to steal the suitcase.
The Interrogator winds up for another punch.
Hold on, hold on! I'll make you a
deal! You tell me why you need the
suitcase, and i'll tell you where
it is.
Sounds fair, considering both of
you won't live to see tommorow.
Wait!? What the fuck is that
supposed to mean!?
It means you are going to die
today, if you don't start talkin'!
Ok!Ok!, We got a call this morning
from a guy named Lenny.
This Lenny guy, where is he?


I-I-I killed him. But thats
besides the point! We were
supposed to steal some suitcase
from this bank! And we did! So we
got there and as Douglas was
holdin' the place up, I ran and
took the case! But there were four
cops across the street eating
dounuts and-
-let me get this straight. You two
get a call from a guy named Lenny,
and he tells you he wants you to
steal a suitcase from a bank, but
when you steal it there are cops
across the street piggin' out on
some donuts!
Yes, that is prescicely what
Well we run up the street with the
case while the cops are right on
our asses and we both got 9 mm's
whizzing right by our heads. But
we make it to the getaway car and
our driver, Bruce, is fucking
dead. So we're like fuck, what the
fuck do we do. So we throw the
body out and jam. Meanwhile were
in the car and ya know, I get
curious. So I open the case and
see a shitload of money and a
folder. Now Douglas is very
paranoid about these kinda-
-What kind of folder?
A manilla why?
Did you look inside?


You read the fucking list!?
Uhh, ya! It was like a party list
or sumthin'. Douglas and I were on
it too. Sounded really fuckin
Was it this fucking list!?
The Interrogator hands Vinny the list.
Yep! This is the one!
You see Vinny, this list was in
fact, not a party list. It was a
"Hit List". And the names on this
list are going to die today before
Well, they're all testifying
against the wrong man, thats why!
What do you have to do with this
then!? Are you like some fucking
cop whos asking the questions and
taking out the trash!?
No! I'm the fucking "dirty" cop
whos asking some questions and
taking out the trash!
Fuck! So if you're gonna kill me,
just fucking do it already!


Yes! But no! Since you have been
so cooperative, i'm gonna' let you
run free. But not before you do a
little deed for me.
The Inerrogator unties Vinny.
Name it! I'll fucking do it in a
Kill your partner right here, and
you will walk out here a free man.
And all you gotta do is pull a
We now see the Interrogator hand Vinny a gun and Vinny walks
over to Douglas, just as he is waking up. We hear the gun
load and then Douglas begins to try and untie himself.
Fuck, Vinny! Don't do it! I
fucking heard everything he told
you! Our names are on that list
and either fucking way this thing
goes down, and we both die!
I have to Douglas! He's gonna let
me go! You know I can't leave my
mom! Not now I can't! I have to do
No! He's a fucking dirty cop! Oh
fuck Vinny! Dont fucking do it! We
can get out of here aive! Just
don't fucking do it!
I'm sorry Douglas!
Yes, you fucker! Die,


Vinny aims the gun at Douglas, who is now delirious, but
Vinny turns around and kills the Interrogator. He drops the
gun and begins to untie Douglas.
Fucking Vinny! You bastard!
Hahaha! I knew you fucking
couldn't do it! I fucking knew it!
Now hurry up! Un-tie me! We gotta
get to the suitcase!
Hey! I didn't shoot your ass
becuase I needed to get the money!
Douglas is untied and walks over to the desk to retrieve his
Shut the fuck up you crazy
bastard! By the way that was
beautiful improv, you know. I
loved the part about our mom. I
didn't know she was still alive!
She's not.
The two stand infront of the door ready to burst out.
Don't get down Douglas. By the
way, that was some prominent
acting. I mean you really had me,
I thouhght you were really scared.
Only because you and your fucking
twitchy finger were holding a gun
to my face!
The share a manly hug.
Yep! It's good doing buisiness
with ya!
Douglas opens the door.


After you.
They exit cautiously with thier guns drawn.
The two men walk out all semi bloody and battered. They hide
there weapons and servey the area. Then Douglas spots a nice
exotic car. Then he turns over to Vinny.
Are you thinking what i'm
No! How the fuck would I know what
you're thinking!?
The Lambo! You idiot!
Douglas flashes the keys in Vinny's face.
Oh! In that case! I know exactly
what the fuck you're thinking.
Right! Lets get that fucking
The Bar, is one of Valenquist's hideouts. It is dark and
musty and half empty. Suddenly the door bursts open and two
dirty cops walk in. They walk up to the bartender.
                       COP #1
You Mr. Mahoney?
Whos to know?
                       COP #2
The Boss.
We see the Bartenders hands creep towards a shotgun that is
hidden under the table.


Oh ya! What's he boss want?
                       COP #1
He wants to know where the fuck
these guys are?
COP #2 shows him a picture of Vinny and Douglas.
Ya! As a matter of fact, those two
guys were downstairs in the
Interrogation Room.
The two cops head downstairs to the interrogation room.
The two Cops walk downstairs and into the interrogation
room. They burst through the door only to find the dead body
ofthe interrogator. Cop #1 goes to check if he's alive while
Cop #2 makes a phone call.
                       COP #1
Fuck! He's dead!
                       COP #2
Excuse me sir! We're at the
interrogation room! The
Interrogator is dead, and there is
no sign of our suspects.
                       VOICE (V.O.)
Damnit! Find the thieves and get
the case! Make it happen! Just
remmeber we have to get Valenquist
out by seven! And one more thing!
If you run into Detective Caine,
take him out! We can't let any of
these good cops interfere!
                       COP #2
Yes, sir!
The two cops find a back door that the Vinny and Douglas
escaped from. Then they exit the room.
Douglas is driving the car as Vinny looks around and then he
looks to his watch.


What, Douglas!
Drive faster!
The car speeds around corners.
I would like to know what the fuck
is going on!
Look, that list contained the
names of every witness that is
going to testify against
Valenquist! And those people are
going to be killed! Including us!
Why us! All we did was transport
the fucking package!
I don't know! Just get us to the
rendezvous, and we'll figure this
out later! Right now we need the
And what are we going to do when
we get it! Just wait for the cops
to come get us!
I don't fucking know! All we need
right know is the suitcase. So get
us there!
Sirens can be heard in the distance.
Detective Caine is driving while eating a sandwhich. He then
begins to think to himself and makes a phone call.


                       DET. CAINE
Hello, Lieutenant. This is
Detective Caine. Jeeves and
Timmins are dead, and we've got
two men in suits who have the
                       VOICE (V.O.)
Well, I need that case in my hands
by seven! Make it happen!
He stops the car.
We once again see the silouhette of a man sitting in a chair
in what seems like an office. He hangs up the phone.
Yes, Detective Caine. Lead me to
the suitcase.
This mysterious voice and sinister figure, is that of the
LIEUTENANT. The Lieutenant picks up the phone and dials
another number.
Tell Mr. Valenquist, i'll have the
suitcase by six thirty and the
witnesses will be eradicated. One
more thing, let him know that i'll
enjoy doinfg buissiness with him
once more.
The Lieutenant hangs up the phone and lights up a cigarette.
                       DET. CAINE
Where the fuck would I go if I was
a criminal who just stole one
hundred million dollars, and have
a bounty on my ass!?
Where! Damnit! Where!
Maxwell Wallace!
Detective Caine stops the car, and pulls out his phone.
                       DET. CAINE


                       MAXWELL (O.S.)
Hello! Bob! Is that you!?
                       DET. CAINE
Ya! It is! Look you gotta listen
to me! Call me back if two men
show up at your house with a
                       MAXWELL (O.S.)
Well, one of my clients just
walked in with a suitcase a couple
of minutes ago.
                       DET. CAINE
Keep him there! I'll be over in a
little bit!
                       MAXWELL (O.S.)
Why! whats going on!?
Detective Caine hangs up the phone and drives off.
The car pulls up to the warehouse and the two men hop out
and run towards the door, they both relaod thier weapons
before entering as the sirens screech down the street. A
moan can be heard as the begin to open the door.
You remember where you hid it
Of course! Lets get in and get
out! We'll leave the car and
getaway down the alley.
The two walk in the warehouse only to be alarmed by a moan.
Then they find the two bodies of the henchmen but no sign of
Lenny. One of the henchman is still alive.
I though we killed this bastard!?
Apparently not! But where the fuck
is Lenny!?


FUUUCK! That fucking bastard!
Shit, Douglas, fucking shit!
What the fuck is going on now!?
That son-of-a-bitch! I know why
that fucker left!
Because he's gonna fucking rat us
out and hand us in!
We're fucked! What the fuck are we
gonna do!
Douglas shudders then looked over at the henchman who is
laying in agony. He walks over to him and starts to ask
Where the fuck did Lenny go!?
I-I don't know! All he said was
that he was going to take the case
Where! Where was he going!
Douglas aims the gun at the henchman.
You have three seconds! One,two-
Don't fucking shoot! I know where!
I know where!
Ok then! Start talking!
He got up and then went outside.
He mentioned something about


Maxwell Wallace!? Is that what he
said!? Maxwell Wallace!?
Ya! Ya! That's the name! Maxwell!
He said headed there, I don't know
why. And that he'd be back to get
How long ago did he leave!?
He left by foot about forty five
minutes ago! He also mentioned
that he had to be somewhere by
Douglas looks back and walks over to Vinny.
What the fuck happened? What did
he say?
Remember Maxwell Wallace?
Vinny and Douglas pull up to a small house somewhere in the
hills. They each exit the car and pull out thier handguns.
They begin to approach the door.
We find Lenny and then get out! We
don't want anymore attention, got
Vinny nods and they approach the door.
The house is somewhat clean, but a little dark. Suddenly
Lenny runs up to the window and looks through the blinds. He
then hysterically turns to MAXWELL.
Fuck! Maxwell, you gotta fuckin'
hide me! Their gonna' kill me!


What!? Those guys!? Vinny and
Douglas!? Ha! They wouldn't hurt a
So that's why one those fuckers
shot me in the leg!
Huh! Ya, you're probably right.
That Vinny has a twitchy finger.
Ya! Tell me about it! Now hide me!
Uhh! The closet! Sit in there
'till I tell you it's clear.
Lenny runs into the closet and closes the door. Then there
is a knock at the door.
Vinny and Douglas are shown waiting at the door.
Open up Maxwell!
Vinny knocks once more and looks at his watch. It is
Come on damnit! We don't have all
                       MAXWELL (O.S.)
Hold on! Hold on!
The door opens and MAXWELL stands infront of the two men.
Hey! I wasn't expecting you two!
How's it going! I haven't seen you
guys since your last heist down
The two men walk in the house right past Maxwell.
-Cut the crap Maxwell.


Maxwell shuts the door.
Maxwell stands around, while Vinny and Douglas servey the
So what bring you two around this
neck of the woods!?
Oh nothing! Just looking for
Lenny Muldoon? Ha! I remember that
guy! He works with Valenquist
don't he!?
Of course you remember him! He
just walked into your house about
ten minutes ago!
Honestly fellas! I dunnno what
you're talkin' about!
Vinny pulls a gun on Maxwell.
Stop lying Maxwell! Where the fuck
is he!?
Maxwell puts his hands up and points to the closet.
Just don't fuckin' shoot!
Douglas walks over to the closet and opens it. Lenny jumps
Get the fuck up!
Ok! Don't kill me! Please!
On the couch! Both of you!


Lenny and Maxwell both sit on the couch. Then Douglas and
Vinny sit on the couch across from them.
Ya know what Maxwell!? I'm aching
for some coffee 'bout now.
How do you want-
-surprise me.
Maxwell exits as Douglas checks the case once more, and then
stands up.
So. Lenny. We know that you know
that we are in deep shit. So we
want you to start telling us
everything we know.
Alright! Uhh...I got a call this
morning from one of Valenquist's
assistants. He told me to call you
two. So I did. And you know the
Well, then why the hell did you
Because I wanted to keep my
fuckin' life! His assistant told
me to have the case in his hands
by a specific time or I was dead.
I've got half a fuckin' hour! And
i knew i couldn't get it there in
time so I hid here!
Douglas starts pacing the room, and then Maxwell walks in
with Vinny's coffee.
So then what's the deal with the
dirty cops and Valenquist?
How would I know! They don't tell
me anything!


There is another knock at the door, it is Detective Caine.
Maxwell, answer it. Lenny and
Vinny stay put.
Douglas then hides behind a wall, as if he is going to set
up the visitor.
Maxwell walks to the door, and opens it. Detective Caine
walks in and spots the two men sitting on the couch.
                       DET. CAINE
You didn't tell me you had
visitors Mr. Wallace!
Well, it was kind of last minute
                       DET. CAINE
So where's the suitcase!?
Douglas pops out from behind the wall and aims his gun at
You a detective!?
                       DET. CAINE
Yes. And I suggest you put that
gun down.
Nah! It's okay! Just take a seat
next to Lenny over there.
Detective Caine goeas and sits down next to Lenny.
So. It look's like you're
interested in the suitcase as
well. Please, explain yourself.
Vinny takes a sip of coffee and Douglas begins to pace
                       DET. CAINE
I'll tell ya straight out, I need
that suitcase to keep Valenquist
and those bad cops off the streets
and into jail cells.


Hold on! Let me get this straight!
We've got Lenny over here who
needs the suitcase so he can save
Valenquist. Then we have the
detective down here who needs it
to bring Valenquist down.
So then why the hell are you two
Because there's a shitload of cash
in that suitcase!
No! Vinny, shut up! We need that
suitcase to stay alive. If that
hit list gets into the hands of
Valenquist's men, we are dead.
So, what do you know about this
case? What's the signifigance of
                       DET. CAINE
I got two calls this morning. One
for the bank you robbed, and
another for the homicide at the
diner. Now the police Lieutenant
has been on the Valenquist case
for years, and those two guys you
killed at the Diner were two cops
who were trying to retrieve that
suitcase so we could take it to
court, and bring down the big man.
I'm sorry to interrupt again, but
I need to get this straight one
more time. So, you two thieves
have the good cops and bad cops
after you for this suitcase. And
you end up killing these good
cops. Tell me if i'm right so far?
Yes. That's about right.


So, then you meet up with Lenny,
but end up shooting him. And he
ends up escaping with the suitcase
while you were gone, and he shows
up here. Then in the meantime,
Detective Caine over here is
trying to track down the two
thieves so he can get the
suitcase, when in fact Lenny has
Ya. That's pretty much it.
Oh! Wait. And you each need it to
be in specific locations by seven
                       DET. CAINE
Well. Ya.
Maxwell takes a sip of his coffee and looks at his watch.
Hmm. Six O'clock. Well, I guess
about now it's safe to say that
all four of you are pretty much
Vinny then shoots Lenny, and Lenny dies.
Eh! Make it the three of us.
What the fuck man! That's my new
fucking couch! How the fuck am I
supposed to get the stains out!
Don't worry! We got one hundred
million in this suitcase! I could
buy you six new couches and those
plastic covers! So if this happens
again all you have to do is take
the cover off and wash it.
Hold on Vinny! Why the fuck do you
think we're walkin' with the


Hello! It's one hundred million
fucking dollars! How come the fact
that we can leave with it hasn't
it even crossed your mind!?
It has crossed my mind! It's just
that if we walk with it, someone
will eventually track us down, and
then we are dead for sure. Whether
it be Valenquist's men, or the
cops there's no way out of it.
                       DET. CAINE
He's got a point there. All you
have to do is hand it over to me
and you can walk away from this
Come on Vinny! Now's not the time
to be greedy! We hand him the case
and we get to continue our lives.
Vinny is in deep thought.
Then there is knock at the door.
Fuck! I need more coffee!
Maxwell goes to answer it, and Vinny goes to get more
coffee. There is another knock.
Hold on! Hold on!
He looks through the peep hole in his door, and finds the
two cops who were at the bar earlier.
It's two cops!
Detective Caine then looks out the window.
                       DET. CAINE
There is another knock, but louder.


                       DET. CAINE
Those two are the city's dirtiest
cops. They're probably here for
the suitcase.
There is another knock. This time it has heightened from a
knock to a bang.
So what! Do I open up the door.
The two cops at the front door bust the door down and
procceed into the house with thier weapons drawn.
                       COP #1
Mr. Wallace! If you have anyone
else in here let us know now!
Maxwell obstructs the two cops.
Wait! Hold it there, don't you two
need like a warrant, or some shit
like that!?
                       COP #2
Can it! We need that suitcase, and
we know it's here!
Ha! Join the fuckin' party!
The two cops enter the living room and find Detective Caine
sitting on the couch. Cop #1 directs his weapon towards the
Detective as Douglas pops out from behind a wall and directs
his gun at Cop #1. Then Cop #2 aims his gun at Douglas, and
Vinny pops out from the closet and aims at Cop #2.
Drop that gun! Don't kill him!
                       COP #1
And why not!?
Because he's a cop! You guys are
on the same side! You three can
just take the suitcase and go!
                       COP #1
And who said we're on the same


As the five men sit in a Mexican Standoff. Maxwell goes to
the center of the living room and stands in the middle of
Hold on! Hold on! I'm sorry to
mess up your little revelation
moment, but this is some trippy
shit! So, we have a good cop who
wants to send Valenquist packing,
and the two bad cops over here
want to save Valenquist. Then the
two thieves over here are debating
whether they should walk with the
money or not. Vinny says yes, but
Douglas says no! And all of this
over a suitcase that each and
everyone of you are willing to
kill for.
Maxwell sips his coffee and scratches his head.
Well if you ask me you're all
going to hell in some way or
He begins to walk into the next room but stops and turns
Oh ya, and this whole mexican
standoff thing, I hate to break it
to ya, but it's not gonna work
out! I mean, do you guys remember
how this all turned out in that
one flick "Reservoir Dogs"!? Ya,
all those little fuckers died in
the end!
Everyone in the room gives him a blank stare.
Well, anyway, i'll be in the
bathroom readin' the paper. So,
when you're all done just make
sure to clean up after yourselves.
Maxwell exits the room, and we focus on the standoff once
                       DET. CAINE
So, how's this gonna go down?


                       COP #2
It depends. Do you wanna give us
the case before or after you die?
                       DET. CAINE
Well, it depends. Do you wanna
deal with that trigger happy son
of a bitch over there?
Detective Caine motions to Vinny who is standing there while
Wait! How did you two find us!?
                       COP #2
We we're supposed to pick you up
from your little interrogation,
but you two escaped somehow. Then
the Lieutenant gave us a call an d
tipped us off that the suitcase
was here.
                       DET. CAINE
What!? The Lieutenant!? What the
                       COP #2
Come on Caine! Don't tell me that
you didn't know about the
Lieutenant! Every cop, good or
bad, knew he was the most corrupt
bastard in the city!
                       COP #1
So, none of us would be here if
you two assholes didn't kill those
two cops!
He looks over at Lenny and Douglas.
Ya know! Maxwell's coffee is
beginning to get to me!
Maxwell is sitting on the toilet reading the paper, and then
he pulls out a phone. He makes an important call.
Hello, Tommy!


He is speaking to the gun for hire, TOMMY GRAVES.
What's up Wallace?
Ya. Well, i'm in a situation, an i
got a quick job for you.
Uhh? We've got two cops, a
detective and two thieves. Thier
about ready to blow each others
brains out.
What's the situation?
I'll be brief! The thieves stole
this suitcase. The Detective needs
it to put a crime boss in jail,
and the two cops were sent by the
police Lieutenant to retrieve it
so they can save the crime boss
from going to jail.
So basically, they're all fucked!?
You could say that. But make sure
you get down here-
Graves hamgs up the phone, and Maxwell hears the dial tone.
Upon henaging up the phone, we hear a few shouts and then
gunshots. Maxwell gets up.
Shit! Not my couches!
Maxwell walks out of the bathroom and into the living room
onlt to find the dead bodies of Detective Caine and the two
cops. There is no sign of the suitcase or Vinny and Douglas.
Then Graves walks through the door and into the room.


Oh wow! What happened to the
The two thieves killed 'em and are
probably going to get the
Maxwell sips coffee.
Well, at least there problems are
outta my fuckin' house. By the way
thanks for stoppin' by, and seeing
as you didn't have to kill anyone-
-Did they leave by foot?
Because, the Lieutenant just
called me when I pulled up.
-And he told me that he'd gimme a
fat check if I had this suitcase
in his hands before seven, so I
figured what the hell! It's extra
cash on the side.
So you know where they are?
Well considering they're thieves,
they'll moste likely run back to
the rendezvous, and I know where
that is.
Graves begins to walk out the door.
I'll be back to pick up my check!
But you didn't even-


-and don't forget to add tax to
Graves walks outside and takes off for the rendezvous.
Vinny and Douglas burst into the door. The two henchman ly
dead on the floor and Douglas goeas to get the suitcase from
the locker.
We've got it Vinny. Let's get back
this to-
Douglas turns around only to find Vinny holding a gun to his
I can't let you do this Douglas. I
am going to take that money!
Don't you get it Vinny! They'll
hunt you down and kill you! It'll
either be the cops or Valenquist!
Take your pick! But if we turn it
in we can walk out alive.
Im sorry Douglas! I can't let you
interfere with this! I'm leaving
with it!
Is this because of the Priest! Are
in in debt to him!
Vinny shudders and turns back to Douglas.
I'm sorry Douglas! I've never
wanted to do this! But he's gonna
kill my brothers if I don't pay
him back! He's gonna kill 'em all!
I just can't afford
We can work it out! Just don't do


Vinny lets out a worried cry.
Vinny shoots Douglas in the chest twice. Douglas falls to
the floor.
I'm sorry Douglas, I had to do it!
I just had to! Fuck man! There was
no fuckin' way outta it.
Vinny picks up the suitcase.
I'm sorry Douglas.
Vinny then walks away and to the door. When he reaches the
door he pauses. Then, off-screen, Douglas empties his clip
on Vinny. We hear the gunshots and Vinny falls, but he's
still alive. The room goes silent.
We now focus on the suitcase that sits on the floor. Vinny
can be seen sitting next to the door against the wall. Then
the door opens.
Graves then walks in. He surveys the area and turns to
Vinny. He fires once and kills him. Then he aims at Douglas
and kills him as well. After this he pulls out his phone and
makes a call.
Lieutenant. I have the suitcase.
He pauses and listens even though we cannot hear.
Yes. Wallace is back at his house,
the bodies of a detective and two
cops are down there.
Graves looks up at his watch.
I'll be down there in ten minutes.
And make sure to tell Valenquist
that i'll be sending him a bullet
for my valentine.
He hangs up the phone and picks up the suitcase.


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From Bruce Date 7/15/2006 *
Good Idea - but yes this needs a ton of work. Re-read your work - lots of holes and a look at how it reads. You have a ton of re-work as you said - drop it back on when it is trimmed up.

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