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Double Cross
by Robert Hardin (nkck_4eva_kcmo@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

A group of criminals are hired to pull a job but, they might be getting set-up or, doing the setting-up.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


AGENT CARTER, tall, athletic, approaches the oval office and
shows his I.D. to the two AGENTS standing at the entrance
and enters.
PRESIDENT WINSTON, medium size, average height, and AGENT
JOHNSON, atheletic, average height, are sitting at the
presidents' desk.
Excuse me sir.
What can I do for you Carter?
Sir, we just intercepted a coded
What does it say?
That there is going to be a
assassination attempt.
Are you sure?
Yes sir. It's suppose to be here,
and now.
He kicks Johnson out his chair and jumps over the presidents
desk and grabs him. Johnson gets up and pulls out his gun
and points it at Carter.
What the hell are you doing?
Nothin'. Just havin' a li'l fun.
Listen here son. Just put the gun
down. There's no need to do this.


Man even in the face of death
you're still a shitty politician.
That didn't convince me to do
nothin'. Actually, now I wanna
shoot you more now.
Don't do nothing stupid Carter.
Hello? I'm sittin' here wit' a gun
to the presidents head, and he
says don't do nothin stupid. It's
a li'l late fa that.
You're right. But this can end
without any bloodshed. Plus there
is no way for you to get out of
                       CARTER (Laughing)
Seriously? Do you really think I'd
be stupid enough to do this if I
didn't know it was a way out?
Right Mr. President?
I don't know what you are talking
You know there's multiple ways of
tellin' if someone is lying. For
instance. Their pulse is
Even if you could get out of here.
There is nowhere you can go that I
wont find you.
Mr. President it's time fo' me to
go. I'll give you one last chance
to save yours and Agent Johnsons
lives. Tell me where da exit is.
Alright. There's a emergency
button under the presidents desk.
Once you push the button it's
voice activated. I'll enter the


                       PRESIDENT (cont'd)
First tell Agent Johnson to put
his gun down.
Do as he says.
Johnson puts his gun down and kicks it up against the far
wall. Carter moves over to the presidents desk while still
holding the president. He feels under the desk for the
button and pushes it. The desk moves back and a passage
opens where the desk was.
This was fun and all, but I think
it's time to make my exit.
He shoots Johnson in the chest and throws the president down
on the ground and goes through the passage. It closes behind
him. The president goes over to check on Johnson.
Agent Johnson, are you alright?
Yes sir, I have my vest on.
Why did he let me go?
I dont know.
Nice office with a large window behind a big wooden desk.
With computer, video phone, telephone, bookshelf with books,
black leather chair and other types of high-tech gadgets.
SPC. AGENT DANIELS very sophisticated, determined, smart guy
in his early 40's is sitting and looking through some
                       SECRETARY (o.s. on intercom)
Sir, there is an Agent Johnson
here to see you.
Send him in.


Johnson walks in and sits down.
You know I really don't want you
in on this investigation. But the
president insisted.
                       SECRETARY (o.s. on intercom)
Sir I have those papers you
Bring them in.
The SECRETARY, athletic, average height, in her late
twenties walks in and hands him some papers.
Has the field agent reported in
No sir. I'll send him in as soon
as he does.
She leaves out the office.
ERIC AUSTIN, athletic, in his late twenties, was standing
outside the door and startles her.
My bad, I didn't mean to scare
You shouldn't sneak up on people
like that.
It's my job.
Not in here.
What's goin' on in there?
You wanna know if he's in a good


Yeah, something like that.
Considering the case he's working
on, he's actually in a good mood.
That's good to hear. So when you
gon let me take you out?
Somewhere between when hell
freezes and pigs fly.
Playin' hard to get. I like that.
I'm not playin' hard to get. I'm
just hard for you to get.
He walks into Daniels' office.
Johnson and Daniels was sitting and talking.
Where the hell have you been? You
was posed to report in 2 hours
Sir I had some late leads that I
was following.
What did you find out?
Nothing conclusive. The leads all
have came to a dead end, but I
still have a couple I have to
check out.
Then why the hell are you still
standing here? Get to work.
Austin leaves.


The secretary was laughing.
That was real funny.
Nothing but a table, with a light above it, SHOOTER, tall,
slim, mid-thirties, TWIST, average height, average weight,
late twenties, SMOKES, average height, athletic, late
twenties, and TANK, tall, muscular, in his thirties, sitting
at the table with there guns in front of them except Twist.
So, anybody know why we here?
      (lighting a
I'll answer your question if you
answer mine.
I'm Smokes. That is what you was
gon ask, right?
What makes...
You said you would answer my
question, if I answered yours.
I assume you are here for the same
reason we are. To pull a job.
But you don't know for a fact?
Not for a fact, but considering
who we are...
Then I don't need to be askin' you
Little fiesty aren't you?


Are you really Smokes?
Why you sound so suprised?
Cause he thought you was a dude.
So no-one knows why I'm here for
CALVIN WILLIAMS, tall. athletic, mid-thirties walks in.
Shooter and Smokes grab their guns and point them at him.
Hold up . I'm the reason you all
are here. Put the guns down and
I'll explain everything.
Take your piece off and slide it
over to me.
Calvin takes off his holster and slids it over to Shooter.
One of you want to go over and
search him?
There is no need, he doesn't have
another weapon on him.
Want you come and search me so we
can get on with this.
Shooter goes over and searches him.
                       SHOOTER (to Twist)
How did you know that?
Can I sit down?
Go ahead.
Calvin goes and sits down at the table. Smokes and Shooter
put their guns back on the table and sit down.


Soon as our other guest arrives we
can get started.
                       RIP (o.s.)
You ain't gotta wait on me.
Smokes and Shooter grab their guns.
                       RIP (o.s.)
Ya'll sho is some jumpy
muthafuckas. I been standin' ova
here fa minute. Ya'll grab ya'll
guns everytime something moves.
Yes I do. I got trust issues.
RIP, tall, athletic, late twenties, step out the shadows,
and takes Shooter and Smokes gun away from them in a blink
of an eye.
I would like you all to meet Rip.
You can't always depend on a gun.
Rip gives them their guns back and sits down.
                       RIP (contuing)
I see you got me workin' wit a
bunch of amatures.
What makes you think...
Don't get yo panties in a bunch. I
know you ain't amatures, except
her. Which besides her looks I
don't know why she here.
So you think I'm here 'cause of my
So what else can you do? Wait I


You might wanna stop before you
say something stupid.
Alright , calm down. We need to
get down to business. But first I
need to know if Smokes wants in on
it. Because if you don't, you need
to leave now.
Hold up, we can't let her leave,
when she know what we here for.
What makes you think I care?
Besides just 'cause you don't know
who I am, don't...
Don't take me serious I was just
testing you Smokes. I know more
'bout you then you think.
So whats the job?
Smokes are you in?
I'm still here ain't I?
A smart-mouth. I love that in a
I like men who isn't a hole asses.
Don't you mean ass hole?
I said what I meant.
That's good 'cause I'm only half
She smiles and he smiles back.


If you two are done, Calvin can go
My bad. Go ahead.
Well my employer would like for
you all to pull a job, it's one
that would require all of your
combined skills, which is the
reason why all of you are here.
Including your skills Smokes.
There is only a 10 places in the
world that would require all of
our skills, and only 2 in the
united states well 3 if you count
HardCo Inc. Which if I had to
guess is the one you want us to
How do you know that?
Do you always ask so many
questions? If you aint notice.
Twist is some kinda genius or
geek, nerd, or dweeb...
How do you know who I am? I'm not
a dweeb.
That's not relevant. What is
relevant, is that this job is very
important to my employer, and he
will make it worth your while.
So what's the plan?
Everything you need for right now
is where it needs to be.
An alarm goes off. Rip pulls out a T.V. screen.


Uh oh. We got company.
                       DANIELS (o.s.)
This is Spc. Agent Daniels, Carter
come out with your hands up.
They drop to the floor and get up against the walls of the
      (pointing his gun
       at Calvin)
This was a setup.
I would not set you up. Think
about it. There looking for
someone name Carter. Is that any
of you alls aliases?
Anybody got a plan?
      (Cocking his guns)
Yeah, I got a plan.
I was thinking more on the line of
us, NOT getting shot.
                       TANK (to Rip)
I know you gotta plan.
Do fat people like double
You want to fill the rest of us
Rip pulls out a detenator.
Nope. Just follow my lead.
He pushes the detenator and there was a series of explosions
outside. They get up and rush out with their guns drawn.


The agents were scattered about everywhere. Johnson and
Daniels saw them exit out the cabin.
They are trying to escape!
                       DANIELS (on radio)
Get yourselves together, and don't
let them get away.
Agents start shooting at them.
                       DANIELS (to Johnson)
Lets move.
The bullets is not getting close to them.
                       AGENT (o.s. on radio to Daniels)
Sir, we can't get a good shot. The
smoke and fire is blocking our
                       DANIELS (on radio)
Move in, and cover the back
Some agents move in, and others go around the back.
Shooter, Smokes, Twist, Calvin, Tank, and Rip move to the
back and get in there cars.
We will meet back up as soon as
possible. There is packages where
each of you are staying.
Rip pulls out another detenator.
I got one mo' trick up my sleeve.
Another series of explosions, but this time it clears a path
for their cars and blocks the path of the impeding agents.
They drive off.
Son-of-a-bitch, we was so close.
      (on radio)
Get the clean up teams out here
and make sure you get every piece
of evidence that you can.


The cabin explodes and knocks them off their feet.
                       JOHNSON (to Daniels)
      (getting up off
       the ground)
It seems like they were expecting
Daniels was sitting at his desk looking over some papers,
when Johnson walks in.
What can I do for you?
I just got a few questions.
O.k. I knew this was coming. I'll
answer your questions the best way
I can.
How did you know about Carter?
He worked for us before being
transfered to the secret service.
That didn't answer my question.
I told you, I would answer your
question the best way I can.
If I'm going to help with this
investigation I need to know
I'm telling you everything I know.
Maybe I should go to the


Alright. I have been after
Carters' boss for the last three
If you been after his boss for
three years, then you shoulda
known about Carter sooner.
That's right, but we are after
Rip, who is Carters' boss.
I take it you heard of him?
Yes. There is no proof that he
exist. He is a ghost. No-one knows
what he looks like...
Let me stop you there. I know he
exist. I have seen him. Thats how
I know about Carter.
16TH Century style marble columns, crystal chandelier
hanging over a sculpted water fountain, PEOPLE walking
around some talking, employees doing their various jobs.
Shooter, Tank, and Rip sitting at the bar talking. Twist
walks over to them.
So what are we doing here?
They get up and go to room 816.
Nice room with black leather furniture, flatscreen T.V.
hanging above the fireplace, two large windows with a
beautiful view of the city on each side of the fireplace.


Make ya'll selves at home soon as
Smokes get here we can get down to
There is a knock at the door. Rip goes to see who it is.
Looks through the peephole and opens the door. Smokes and
Calvin come in and goes to sit in the livingroom.
                       CALVIN (to Rip)
You mind telling us what we doin
                       SHOOTER (to Calvin)
I thought you wanted us to meet
here. Atleast that's what was said
in my package.
I did that, cause I didn't think
ya'll would come if ya'll knew it
was me. Plus after what happened
last time we was together, I
wasn't trying to go through that
I see you got trust issues also.
Walks over to the window and looks out and then turns
                       RIP (to Calvin)
Go ahead so we can get on wit'
Maybe you forgot, but everthing
you needed was in the package.
There's mo'.
What, besides the fact that you
tried to assassinate the
That was you!?
You did what!


That's it, I'm out of here.
Shooter gets up and gets ready to leave.
Why would you bring that up? That
aint got shit to do wit' this!
Plus it wasn't me, it was an
Walking up on Calvin.
                       RIP (contuing)
The only reason I could think of,
is that you trying to take some
heat off you, 'cause of what
happened the other day.
Shooter stops and turns back around.
                       SHOOTER (to Rip)
I got a question. Why would he try
to set us up? I cover my tracks,
I've never left any evidence or
And you think I have? Ya'll want
me out, I can leave.
If he leaves I'm gone too.
Everybody calm down. We need to
think this through. The reason I
brought it up is...
What is there to think about?
Don't nobody trust anybody, we
wont be able to do this job if we
think somebody is trying to pull a
double cross. Plus I'm trying to
figure out as well why you would
bring that up. Even though it's
He's right. Alright I'm gon be
real wit' ya'll. I did try to have
the president assassinated , but
it was before I was contacted for


                       RIP (cont'd)
this job.
Shooter walks back over to them.
So you saying those guys was after
I didn't have shit to do wit'
How do you know they wasn't after
you if you tried to assassinate
the president.
'Cause like I said I didn't
actually do it. It was an
Where's Calvin?
They start looking around the room for Calvin. Rip goes to
the bathroom, and stands outside the door and listens.
Calvin was in there on the phone.
                       CALVIN (o.s.)
Yes sir, everything is goin as
                       CALVIN (contuing)
I told them, and he got a little
                       CALVIN (contuing)
Yes sir.
      (He hangs up the
Calvin walks out the bathroom and is startled by Rip.
Should I kill you now or do you
want me to wait 'till lata.


I was just...
Save it. Whateva else you know
'bout me keep it to yo'self and
I'll keep this to myself.
Why would you...
Smokes walks back towards them.
What's goin' on back here.
Nothin' he was just in the
bathroom, and I need to get in
there next.
      (Walks in the
Smokes and Calvin walk back into the livingroom.
                       SHOOTER (to Calvin)
Where the hell was you at?
He was in the bathroom.
Rip walks back into the livingroom.
I was just wondering about
something. Do anybody know why
Smokes is really here?
Are you insinuating something?
No offense but we are all career
criminals, but you are not.
The phone rings. Rip answers the phone.


Are you sure?
Hangs up the phone.
We gotta go.
What's goin' on?
Somebody is askin' to many
We should split up.
Shooter, Twist, and Tank take the
fire escape. Me and Smokes are
goin' to da roof.
The roof? You are going to be
trapped on the roof.
I got a plan. We'll meet up at
Spot C.
Why are we sneaking off if they
don't know what we look like?
How sho are you they didn't see us
at the cabin?
Lets see accounting for the fire
and the smoke, the wind velocity,
time of day...
Shooter goes out to the fire escape. Smokes grabs Twist and
they go out to the fire escape, while Rip and Smokes go up
the stairs to the roof.
Shooter, Twist, and Tank climbing down the fire escape when
they see GUYS in suits looking around.


Go up to the roof.
They climb up to the roof.
Smokes and Rip was on the roof puttin on what looks to be
parachute gear.
We gotta problem. It's crowded wit
suits down there.
Shit. Hold up, I got an idea.
Pulls out his cellphone and dials a number.
                       RIP (on phone)
There's a bomb in da Ritz Hotel!
      (He hangs up the
Lets go.
I think we shouldn't all leave at
the same time, and leave out
through different parts of the
He's right, but whoever don't meet
up at Spot C, I'm coming for you,
because this shit can't be a
Alarm sounds and they all leave the roof.
BOUNCER very big guy, standing at the front door checking
PEOPLE in. Rip walks up to the bouncer.
                       BOUNCER (to Rip)
Good evening sir. I need your
You need my what?


Your scan. You told me to never
let anyone in without scanning
them first.
But it's me.
You said don't even let you in
without the scan.
Rip places his finger on the scanner the bouncer was
holding. The bouncers P.O.V. it scans his finger and reads
the name L. Austin.
O.K. sir, you're clear.
I'm glad you know how to do yo
job, but I got some friends
comin'. When they get here send
them in da greetin' area.
The greetin' area? Not da V.I.P.?
Rip walks in Spot C. A few minutes pass when Smokes, Twist,
Tank, Shooter, and Calvin walks up to the bouncer.
Can I help you?
We're here to see Rip.
I just need to scan ya'll fingers
befo' ya'll enter.
He scans there fingers and lets them in.
                       BOUNCER (contuing)
Just step in and someone will
escort you to da greetin' area.
                       BOUNCER (on radio)
You wanted me to let you know when
yo' guest arrive.


                       RIP (v.o. on radio)
Yeah. Make sho they go to da
greeting area.
                       BOUNCER (on radio)
I already sent them in. I'll have
Candice escort them.
PEOPLE at the bar drinking, talking, playing arcade games
and watching one of the many widescreen T.V.s' around the
sports bar. There is wall of widescreen T.V.s', a basketball
court, batting cages. CANDICE, early twenties, very
beautiful young woman walks up to them to escort them to the
greeting area. People are looking at them as they walk to an
empty room that looks like a fighting area.
How ya'll doin'? Ya'll here to see
Rip right?
Ye... ye...
Spit it out man. You act like you
neva been around a beautiful woman
Not one as beautiful as her.
Thank you hon.
Excuse me?
I... I... didn't mean...
I know, I just wanted to fuck wit'
you. I neva seen you act like
this. You usaully so calm and
Just step in and Rip will be wit'
ya'll in a minute.


A big room with nothing in it but a machine that looks like
a tanning machine.
Are you sure this is where we
'posed to be?
This is where I was told to bring
                       SHOOTER (to Candice)
What are we doing in here?
Candice keeps walking and stops at the door. Shooter pulls
out his gun and Candice closes the door.
                       RIP (v.o.)
You don't need that Shooter. If I
was up to somethin' I woulda had
the bouncer take your weapons. I'm
just takin' all precautions. After
we keep gettin' all this unwanted
So what do we do?
Just step in that machine in front
of you. Don't worry it wont hurt
you. All it does, is give a body
scan to make sho there's no
transmitters inside your bodies.
Each one walks into the machine one at a time and the
machine scans them.
Daniels and Johnson was sitting at his desk going over some
Have you been able to triangulate
the signal yet?
No. The thing about that is, I
think he knows we're tracking him,
and he's playing a cat and mouse
game with us.


I thought that too. I was
wondering why we kept getting his
signal so easily.
We haven't had his signal since
the hotel.
Something don't make sense to me.
Why is he toying with us?
It's all a game with him. I have a
theory. What if Rip and Carter are
one and the same?
                       JOHNSON (laughing)
You kidding, right?
I've been withholding...
The phone rings and Johnson answers it.
This is Daniels. What! Get your
guys ready we wont lose them this
time. Come on Johnson we got a
bead on the signal. He's at the
musuem of art and history.
Jonhson and Daniels arrive at the museum. The G.R.U.D.G.E.
GROUP a group of about 7 specially trained soldiers and
other agents have the building surrounded. Daniels walks up
to the Group leader.
What you got for me?
                       GRUDGE GROUP LEADER
So far we have detected 7 persons
in diferent parts of the building.
7. It seems they picked up a few
more recruits.


Lets move in. I would like to take
them alive if possible.
                       GRUDGE GROUP LEADER
Yes sir.
      (on radio)
Lets move in. Use extreme force
only if necassary.
They enter in through the side door. Shots are fired as soon
as they enter and they take cover and return fire, but they
can't see where the shots are coming from.
Can anybody see where the shots
are coming from?
Agents come through the windows on the first floor and take
out the people that was shooting.
                       AGENT (on radio)
First floor is secure.
The agents move up to the second floor. The first agents
that reach the second floor throw smoke grenades then
advance. As soon as they enter into the open they come under
fire and start dropping.
                       AGENT (on radio)
We need back up! Be careful they
are using armor piercing
Lets move. Get up there quick, and
keep your eyes open. Forget what I
said, take them out by any means
Agents advance on the second floor. The MASKED PEOPLE move
up to the third floor and take positions behind a man made
                       JOHNSON (to Daniels)
Somethings not right.
I noticed that too. This is a
suicide mission for these guys and
that is not Rip's M.O.
The agents have them surrounded.


Give it up, you don't have no
where to go.
The masked people throw there weapons towards the agents and
put there hands up. The agents advance on them.
Stand down, it's a trap!
As soon as he says that there is a explosion that takes out
the advancing agents and the masked people. Daniels walks
over to them and take off part of the mask that wasn't blown
I can't believe this, it was all a
fuckin setup. Get the cleanup
crews in here.
But why?
Grudge group leader walks over to Daniels.
                       GRUDGE GROUP LEADER
Sir, I just got intell that the
federal reserve was hit. I mean
completly cleaned out.
Damnit. I should of known. Get
over there and search with in a 10
mile radius. Leave no stone
unturned and any little petty
criminal bring them in.
                       GRUDGE GROUP LEADER
Yes sir. One more thing. The media
is outside.
Johnson take care of things here,
while I go out and handle the
Daniels walks outside to talk to the media.


Different media sources was out trying to interview the
agents when DENISE MITCHEL young, aggresive, beautiful,
woman spots Daniels, and tries to get over to him but is
stopped by one of the agents.
Agent Daniels can I have a word
with you?
Oh great. Let her through. What
can I do for you Ms. Mitchel?
Can you tell me what happened
All I can say is there was a break
in here and we apprehened every
What about the robbery of the
federal reserve at the same time?
How did you know about that?
I make it my business to know. So
could you answer the question?
I have no comment.
He walks off.
Well, what do you have to say
about this Rip guy?
No comment.
Rip, Twist, Smokes, Tank, Shooter, and Calvin was sitting in
the V.I.P. area talking and having drinks. The V.I.P. area
is secluded on the second floor and in the back of Spot C.
It has security monitors of views of the outside of the club
within the square block. Two flatscreen T.V.s, a fireplace,


white leather furniture, a marble bartop, the bar is fully
stocked with exspensive liquor, the floor is black marble
with white animal skin rugs.
On the T.V.
                       DENISE (on T.V.)
We're here at the musuem of art
and history. Where there was a
group of people armed with
military style weapons, was trying
to rob it. What we have so far is
all the people was either killed
or captured. We tried to get a
word with the lead investigator
earlier, but he was not very
co-perative. All he said was
everything is under control. I
asked him about the robbery of the
federal reserve at the same exact
time of this robbery, and he said
no comment. He also said this Rip
guy was not a suspect at this
time. This is Denise Mitchel,
reporting from the musuem of art
and history.
                       CALVIN (to Rip)
That was a good plan. I wonder how
did you know they would come after
them and not us?
And how you have so little value
of life.
Well I figured they had to be
trackin' us some kinda way. So I
figured if I could send out a
similar signal, it would give us
ample time to do what we had to.
What about those people that was
killed at the museum?
They knew what they was gettin'
into, and I told them if they get
caught it's their decision on how
to go out. I neva once told them
to go out like some savages, it


                       RIP (cont'd)
was their decision.
Plus if it wasn't fo them, we
coulda been the ones dead or
caught. Now tell me which one
would you rather it be? Us or
I don't see why you so worried
about people you don't know.
Excuse me for having a heart. I
haven't been doing this as long as
ya'll have.
'Nough of the bullshit, lets count
this money, split it up and get
ready fo' da next job. If Calvin
has da hit fo' us.
As a matter of fact I do. Since I
know Rip has put doubts in you
alls mind about me, my boss will
contact each of you himself.
Calvin gets up, grabs his share of the money and heads for
the exit.
And where do you think you goin'?
Calvin stops.
I'm done, my boss told me to leave
the country.
I don't think so. I need to keep
an eye on you.
Why are you worried about me? I
thought you was the best. You
shouldn't be all concerned with
me, there is something else you
need to worry about.


I didn't get where I am by
trustin' folk all willy nilly, and
I ain't 'bout to start now.
Well I don't know what to tell
you. I'm not staying, because if I
do, he will kill me.
Rip walks up to him.
Hold up Rip. Do you think you need
to kill him?
I don't think I need to...
But you want to. If he was setting
us up, don't you think we would of
already been caught.
Plus I'm not stupid enough to set
you all up.
I guess you got a point. Get da
hell outta here before I change my
Well my boss will be in contact
with each of you within the next
24 hours.
He walks out.
Da rest of you can leave as well.
You don't mind if I stick around?
Don't you got somethin' betta to
do? Go out and celebrate, get you
some pussy or somethin'. Why you
wanna hang around here?


For one, I don't trust you, and I
wanna keep an eye on you.
I ain't suprised. Be my guest, but
you can't stay up here. I got otha
business to handle.
They get up and leave, and Rip goes and sits down at his
desk and gets on the phone.
Shooter, Smokes, Twist, were sitting at a table over in a
So we gon hang around here all
You can leave if you want, but
somethings not right.
I can't help but to ask why you
think that.
Lets see. First, we all get
together to pull some job for a
guy we never met. Second, this guy
is supposed to be the best
criminal in the world. So why is
he doing this job with us?
I think you should be askin' him
You right. I'm going to go up and
here and find out.
Shooter gets up and goes to the V.I.P. area. Rip was gone.
Shooter goes back down to where Smokes and Twist are.
Did he come through here?


Rip. When I got up there he was
Well he didn't come through here.
Come on, we are going to go look
for him.
I'm good. Ya'll can go look for
him, but from what I know about
him, you wont find him.
I'm goin' with you.
Twist sits there smiling.
Calvin drives into an abandoned warehouse.
Doesn't look so abandoned on the inside. KEY, average height
and weight, with a chip on his shoulder, and LOOKOUT, short,
young, and atheletic, sitting on the couch watching T.V.
TINY, a tall and muscular guy, with an meanstreak to match,
and BIG-D, short, muscular guy who thinks he is very big,
sitting at a table playing cards. There is surveillance
equipment everywhere, computers, and enough weapons for a
small army. Calvin gets out the car.
What the hell is going on here?
What's up boss. We was just takin'
a break.
You of all people shouldn't be
taking no breaks. All I ask for
you to do is lookout. Why the hell
is your name lookout?


Calvin walks over to the table.
I know you are not about to say
why they call you Lookout.
No, I was gon say we been up all
night and we needed a break.
I don't want to hear your excuses.
We need to make sure Rip didn't
follow me. He could be here right
now. So do your job and shut the
hell up.
They hear a noise outside. Lookout goes over to the computer
and checks the surveillance cameras.
What do you see?
I don't see nothin'.
It's him, I know it. I can feel
Why you so 'noid? We here and you
don't have nothin' to worry about.
That is not much of a consolation.
They grab their guns and they start to look around.
Where are you all going?
To see if we see him.
What are you stupid? Don't you
watch movies? If we split up we
are dead.
And you asked if we is stupid.


You all just don't know who you
are dealing with. We are goin to
stay here and take cover untill he
shows himself.
Rip walks in and sits at the table. They walk up on him with
their guns drawn on him.
Ya'll sho got a way of showin' a
guy some hospitality.
What the hell are you doing here?
I was gon ask you da same
question. Want ya'll take a seat.
I'm not really in da mood to have
no straps in my face.
Do you think we care what you
Put them down. If he was going to
do something he would have already
done it.
They lower their guns, but don't put them away.
So are you goin' to tell me why
you here wit da four stooges?
I have my own opperations, and I
just came to pack up my stuff and
get out of town.
Why don't ya'll have a seat. Ya'll
makin' me nervous.
What the hell do you want? I got a
lot of work to do.
I wanna know who's afta us, and
where do I find'em?


Nobody is after you all.
Rip stands up, and they put their guns on him.
Don't get scared, I'm leavin'.
As soon as he walks pass Calvin he grabs him from behind.
I swear I don't know nothing.
I didn't even ask you nothin' else
What da fuck is you doin'?
This doesn't concern ya'll. So if
you wanna live I advise ya'll to
go on 'bout ya'll business.
You got some big balls walkin' up
in here and thinkin' you gon do
somethin' and make it outta here
Now it does concern us. 'Cause you
got our boss.
                       RIP (laughing)
I can't believe ya'll willin' to
give ya'll life up, fo' this bitch
ass nigga.
It's called loyalty. I know you
haven't heard of it.
Lookout was standing there trembling with his gun pointed at
Looks like yo' boy Lookout, ain't
to sho 'bout bein' too loyal. He
shakin' so bad looks like he's
havin' a seizure.


I ain't shakin', I just gotta go
So ya'll really...
Rip throws a metal spike at the barrel of Big-D's and Tiny's
gun and it sticks in it. He kicks Key's gun out his hand
while still holdin Calvin in a headlock. He takes Calvin's
gun and throws Calvin on the floor. Big-D, Key and Tiny
attack him, but he is too quick and dodges their attack and
hits them with an counter attack. Lookout was still standing
there shaking with his gun pointed in the same direction.
      (getting up off
       the floor)
Don't just stand there, shoot his
Rip is still fighting Tiny, Key, and Big-D. Tiny picks up a
steel pole and comes at Rip with it. Rip dodges it and hits
him with a kick and knocks him out. Key tries to hit him
from behind but he gets caught with a roundhouse kick and is
knocked out. Big-D gets up off the floor and takes his shirt
off showing his muscular physique.
                       CALVIN (to Lookout)
Shoot him!
No! I got this.
      (to Rip)
I heard about you. I was wondering
if you was as good as people say.
I hate to toot my own horn since
I'm so humble... Naw I ain't, I'm
betta then what people say.
I would like to find out.
Are you crazy? He's going to kill
your ass. Lookout, shoot him!
Lookout lowers his gun.


I can't. I've never killed anybody
It's so hard to find good help now
Calvin walks over to him, smacks him and takes his gun. Rip
throws the pole at Calvin, it hits him in the head and
knocks him out.
So you still wanna do this?
      (He charges at Rip)
Rip swings and hits him in the head. Big-D stands there and
takes the punch. Then he hits Rip with a vicious uppercut
that knocks him down.
I know that ain't all you got. Why
you holdin' back?
      (getting up off
       the floor)
For one, I wanted to know what you
got, and I hope you got mo'e than
that. 'Cause if not this wont last
Big D rushes him and attacks with a series of kicks and
punches, but Rip blocks them all and sweeps his feet from
under him. Big D does a backflip and lands on his feet. Rip
rushes him, but he dodges his attack and counters, but Rip
blocks it, and tries to counter but is hit by an attack from
Big-D, and falls on the ground. He walks up on him and
stands over him.
You ain't all that good, unless
you still holdin' back. Maybe I...
Rip does a jump up and kicks him in the face and makes him
stumble and unleashes a vicious assault on him and kills him
with one final move.


Don't eva question me or my
Tiny gets up and grabs a gun off the table and...
Look out Rip!
Tiny shoots Lookout and Rip pulls out a gun and shoots him.
Rip walks over and shoots Key, then walks over and picks
Calvin up off the floor and wakes him up and puts his gun in
his face.
Now are you go'n tell me what I
wanna know, or am I just goin' to
kill you?
You don't know? You should already
know. It is the person you least
Rip shoots him and gets ready to leave.
Don't leave me here.
Rip stops and turns around and walks over towards him.
I thought you was dead.
Rip helps him up.
You didn't bother to come and
check on me. I did save yo' life
ya know.
Yeah, I know, but don't mean
nuttin' if you dead. I'm 'posed to
come and say thank you to a
I guess you got a point. I was


You too young to hang out wit' me.
Why don't you go home and do
somethin' good wit' yo' life.
But I don't have nowhere to go.
      (Rip gives him a
       card and a stack
       of money)
Take this and get you a place to
stay and call that number and tell
them you got the number from
LeAndre and they'll take care of
Rip, Twist, Smokes, Tank, and Shooter, sitting in the V.I.P.
I got a bad feelin' 'bout this.
'Bout what?
Da fact that Calvin's not here.
Don't worry 'bout it.
You killed him?
What makes you say that? Just
'cause my name is Rip don't mean I
kill everybody.
So you killed him?
You know me all too well, but he
had it comin'.
Why did you kill him?


Ya'll ask to many questions. This
what happened. When ya'll left to
go lookin fo' me, I went and
followed Calvin, and when I got
there he tried to kill me. So I
did what I had to do.
So I guess this is the end?
Not necessarily. I took his phone
and his boss will try to contact
him sooner or lata.
Hold on. I'm confused...
                       RIP (interrupting)
I ain't suprised.
                       SHOOTER (ignoring Rip)
Why would you kill him? You don't
know anything. Who he work for? If
we are really being setup? Who is
after us. Not a damn thing.
What I do know is that you...
Calvins' phone rings.
Hello.(beat) Sorry he can't come
to da phone right now, he's dead.
(beat) He was dirty. (beat) We
still want in, but we need to make
some changes. First we need you to
deposit half da money in our
accounts, and we want his cut.
(beat) No we have our own
accounts, I'll send you da
Rip pulls out his laptop and plugs the phone into it and
sends the account numbers.
                       RIP (contuing)
Now I need you to find out who is
afta us. (beat) I don't give a
fuck. If you want this done you'll
find out.
      (Rip hangs up the


                       RIP (cont'd)
I'm just wondering. Why didn't you
get more information on who we
dealing with?
When we need to know, we'll find
out. If anybody want out, you can
Do anybody know what we stealing?
It's just some blueprints.
Not just blueprints, but
blueprints for a high-tech weapon.
A weapon. What if they goin' to
use it for terrorist acts?
What that got to do wit' us? I
don't know 'bout ya'll, but I'm
gon be on da beach somewhere.
You shouldn't be so concerned.
People might start to think da
wrong thangs.
You can think what you want, but I
wanna know what I'm gettin' myself
into. How will it affect me and
people I care about.
Shooter will you tell her 'bout
this weapon we stealin'.
What makes you think I know
anything about it?


I know you've been doin' some
checkin' wit' yo' C.I.A
Smokes and Tank stands up.
                       RIP (continuing)
Don't worry 'bout it. He used to
work fo' da Company, as ya'll
already know, but he still got
people he stays in contact wit'.
He's just tryin' to figure out who
we dealin' wit', and me.
That's only what agents call it.
We don't need no conflict right
now. Lets just get ready to do
this last job and go on wit' our
Rip pulls out blueprints of Hardco Inc. and spreads them on
the table.
So what's the plan?
Well as you can see this isn't yo'
typical run of da mill job.
There's surveillance cameras that
cross paths, but there are blind
spots. Not many. The good news is
once inside, all we hafta do is
deal wit' da guards and a few
It seems like it's harder to get
out then to get in.
It is. They feel like if you can
get in, you ain't going to get
I'm lookin' at these blueprints,
and I'm not sure we can pull this


Oh ye of lil faith. Ya'll really
don't know who I am. There is no
place I can't get into, and once
I'm in, there's always a way out.
I'm not sure if I still want to do
Alright, let's cut da shit. If you
want out speak now or fo'eva hold
yo' peace.
Everybody gets up and gets ready to leave.
                       RIP (continuing)
It's like that. Ya'll just gon
walk out?
It ain't worth the risk.
I expected that from them Tank,
but not you.
You've known me a long time, and I
just got out and I ain't tryin' to
go back.
Alright, be gon'. I can do this
wit'out ya'll.
Hardco Inc. is a high class government facility that
specializes in weapons. Surounded by surveillance camera's
and armed guards. Rip was sitting in the bushes watching. He
pulls out the blueprints and looks them over.
Rip's P.O.V. He sees GUARDS walking around and the cameras.
                       RIP (to himself)
I know it's gotta be another way
All of a sudden the lights go out and he makes his move
towards the wall. The guards are put on high alert. He


throws a rope up the wall and climbs up it, as soon as he
reaches the top the lights come back on.
                       RIP (to himself)
Damn. Da lights came back on
faster than I expected.
He is laying down on top of the wall trying not to be seen.
His P.O.V. He sees TWO GUARDS walk pass, as soon as they do
he jumps down and knocks them out and take their weapons and
radio. Then two other GUARDS walk up on him and pull out
their guns.
Don't move. Put down your guns,
and put your hands where I can
Rip drops the guns and puts his hands up. The first guard
walks up to him and gets ready to cuff him, the other guard
hits the guard in the back of the head and knocks him out.
Did you find da undaground tunnel?
Yea, but we gotta move quickly.
They tie up the guard and puts him with the other ones, and
leave to the tunnel. When they get there, it's more guards.
I know you got a plan.
      (He looks at his
Yeah. 5,4,3,2,1.
The guards go to the tunnel and soon as they touch it to go
in they get stunned and fall to the ground and the tunnel
opens and Twist walks out.
Hurry up.
They run to the tunnel and go in.
Long tunnel with lights at the top that leads to a genarator
and service elevator. They get in the service elevator and
push the first floor button. They stop the elevator before


it gets there and climb out the top and into the ventilation
Daniels, Johnson, and other agents was at the entrance.
Sorry we're under level four
security lockdown. No-one can get
Daniels shows his I.D. and the guard lets him in.
What's going on?
I'm not sure sir, but we have a
security breach.
                       DANIELS (to guard)
He's here. Go to level 5, I want
this place shut down. No-one
leaves or comes without my
Sir, do you think that...
Don't question me and do it! I
want agents and guards at every
entrance. Find him!
Daniels, Johnson, and some agents go into Hardco Inc. Other
agents go and secure the entrances.
GUARDS and other employees are running around at a frantic
pace. The supervising guard was yelling out orders. Daniels,
Johnson, and the rest of the agents walk over to him.
What's the status?
We don't know what's going on. All
we know is we got a security
breach, and whoever it is, we
can't find him.


Tell me something I don't know.
Where is the security office?
I was on my way there. I'll take
They go to the elevator.
Guards are laying on the ground. Rip and Tank are watching
while Twist is breaking into the weapons room.
I hope this is really worth it.
Will you keep yo' mind on what we
here fo', and get da do' open.
Already done.
      (He pushes open
       the door)
All kinds of high-tech weapons and computer equipment. Rip
goes over to the master computer and signs on.
It's a gigabyte encrypted
So what that means?
It might take a few minutes.
They know we here, so we might not
have a few minutes. You wouldn't
happen to have another ace in the
You know me.
      (He goes and grabs
       the blueprints)
I got it. Lets go.


Daniels, Johnson, and the supervising guard are surveying
the cameras looking for Rip.
I know it's him. I just don't know
what he's doing here, and what he
came for.
An alarm starts to beep.
What is that?
That's the weapons room alarm. The
main computer has been accessed.
                       DANIELS (on intercom)
I want every available agent and
guard down to the weapons room
Shouldn't we go down ther too?
No. We going to stay here just in
case he slips through, then we can
go after him.
Shouldn't we see the guards on the
screens by now?
You're right.
      (He checks his
He interrupted the feed, and
rerouted it.
Can you get it back?
Yeah, but it'll take awhile.
He'll be long gone by then.
      (on radio)
Keep your eyes open, we don't have
video surveillance on him. Try to


                       DANIELS (cont'd)
get the feed back and let me know
when you do. Lets go Johnson.
They head out.
Rip, Tank, and Twist was going through the tunnel when
agents start coming towards them. They turn around and more
guards were coming from that way also.
Put your hands where I can see
Tank, remember when you asked me
if I had anotha ace in da hole?
It's time to use it.
Are ya'll going to fill me in?
Just be ready, you'll know when
it's time. Do it now Tank.
Tank drops smoke grenades and smoke engulfs the tunnel.
                       RIP (continuing)
I think you know what to do next.
Clear out. Everyone hold your
fire. They want them...
The smoke clears and the agents and Twist was on the ground.
Rip helps him up.
You good?
Yeah, I just tripped.
They run out the tunnel and more agents and guards are
waiting for them.


I don't know 'bout ya'll, but this
is gettin' old pretty fast.
The agents start to hit the ground.
I do believe that's our que.
Daniels, Johnson, and other agents run out with their guns
drawn and some more agents start to drop.
Sniper! Take cover!
While they are taking cover Rip, Tank, and Twist are
climbing over the wall.
They're trying to get away.
      (he starts
       shooting at them)
Other agents start shooting.
Hold your fire! Hold your fire! We
need them alive.
They jump down off the wall and jump in a waiting van and
drive off.
What the hell was that!? We had
them in our sites and you let them
get away!
Are you done? The reason we need
them alive is we don't know if
that is really him or somebody
that works for him.
I thought you said it was him.
I did, but I want to make sure.
Lets get this place cleaned up and
collect any evidence.


Expensive black furniture surrounds a white marble coffee
table, white lamps with black shades in the corners, a
fireplace surrounded by black marble, a huge flatscreen T.V.
hanging on the wall, black marble desk, with a expensive
high-tech computer and video phone and white leather office
chair. Twist, Tank, Rip, and Shooter were sitting around
So what we do now?
He should be callin' any minute.
His phone rings. He looks at his phone and walks to the
Subzero fridgerator, island with stove on it, bar with
stools, and wine holder, and dish rack hanging above it.
Hello. (beat) Yeah I got it.
(beat) You didn't tell me that.
(beat) If I knew you was afta
them, you woulda got'em. (beat)
You make sho our deal is still on
and I don't give a fuck bout them.
      (He hangs up the
       phone and goes
       back in the
Was that him?
Actually that was Smokes.
I was wondering what happened to
her. She wasn't in on the plan?
No. I don't...
His phone rings and he answers.


Yeah it's done. (beat) Deposit the
rest of da money and it's yours.
(beat) That wasn't part of da
      (Rip goes and
       checks his
Alright, we'll drop it there as
soon as I confirm da money is in
our accounts.
      (He hangs up.)
So what's the plan?
We gotta make a drop. Befo' ya'll
start trippin', we get extra.
Where are we supposed to make the
First we make sho da money is
      (Rip gets on the
       computer and then
       uses his phone)
Make da withdrawals. (beat) Then
send it where I told you, then
send it to da accounts they gave
you. Except for da last one.
(beat) You already know.
      (He hangs up)
Is it done?
Yeah. Ya'll are free to use my
computer to check ya'll accounts,
but you can't access da accounts
'till we make da drop.
When is that?
Tomorrow. So ya'll welcome to stay
here if ya'll want. There's extra
rooms just go where you feel


                       RIP (cont'd)
      (He goes up the
I got a question. I know you known
him a long time Tank, but...
You wonderin' 'bout Smokes.
Come to think about it, I am too.
I don't know nuttin' 'bout it.
Daniels and Johnson are sitting in his office going over
papers and talking.
This guy is something else. He's
always prepared. How are we
supposed to catch him?
I know I should of told you this,
but I didn't trust you at first.
Told me what?
      (He picks up the
Send her in.
Smokes walks in.
Johnson, I would like you to meet
undercover agent Williams.
Nice to meet you.
Sir, do you think it's wise for
him to know who I am?


It's alright. I think he should
know. So what happened?
I'm not sure. We was there going
over the plan then everybody just
went their different ways.
      (She sits down)
Maybe he knew it was a setup.
If that's true why would he do it
I don't know. Maybe he's doing
another job for somebody else.
The same job we had setup for him?
How coincedental is that?
It must be something we missed.
Any idea when you supposed to meet
up with them again?
He said he'll be in touch, but I
don't know when.
Since you been working undercover
you know what they look like then.
I don't think so.
How you been working undercover
with them, and not know what they
look like?
You still not sure who we dealing
with. They wear prostethic mask
all the time.


I figured that, but I wanted to
make sure.
Next time he contacts you activate
your trasmitter.
Yes sir.
      (She gets up and
I didn't want to say nothing in
front of her, but do you think she
can handle it.
I have all the faith in her that
she can accomplish her job.
Nice contemporary apartment. with contemporary furniture,
and pictures of her and her family. Smokes was getting ready
to take a shower when her phone rings, she goes to answer
Hello. Hello.
      (She hangs it up
       and goes to get
       in the shower)
She gets out and dries off and puts on her night clothes and
goes to her bedroom and gets in the bed and turns off the
Nice queen size bed with a bunch of pillows, and lace
sheets, a chair and T.V. in front of the bed.
      (Sitting in a
Goin' to sleep so early?
She reaches under her pillow. He tosses her gun on her bed.


Didn't wanna get shot.
      (Sitting up in the
What makes you think you still
You know who I am now.
What's your point?
You need me alive.
She reaches for the light.
Don't turn on da lights.
Why, you hiding from somebody?
No, it's romantic.
She turns them on anyway.
                       RIP (continuing)
You sho know how to kill da mood.
No wonder you ain't had none in
How do you know... Anyway, you
ain't here to talk 'bout my sex
Rip gets up and goes to look out the window.
So where do we go from here?
I'm not sure what you talking


You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Play that role if you want. I know
'bout you.
I'm not surprised. So?
Lets just say, you wont catch me.
I'm goin' to get you.
Sits on her bed.
I knew you wanted me.
You so full of yourself.
      (He gets up and
       looks out the
       window again)
I got a proposition for you.
You expecting someone?
Maybe. There's a package comin'
when I leave, if you take my
proposition, just follow da
There is a knock at the door. She turns to look and when she
turns back he was gone. A knock again. She gets up and goes
to answer the door. She opens it and Lookout hands her a
I was told to tell you not to read
it in da apartment.
She takes the package and walks out with Lookout.
So you work for Rip?


Don't take this the wrong way, but
I ain't 'posed to talk to you.
Why? I ain't goin' to incriminate
you on anything.
I'm just doin' my job.
They walk outside.
This is where we go our own way. A
word of advice take the deal.
      (He walks off.)
What am I suposed to do now?
Open the pack and find out.
She opens it and takes out a piece of paper.
A bunch of warehouses are surrounding a big open area.
Smokes is standing there looking around.
                       SMOKES (to herself)
What the hell am I doin' here?
The ground starts to move and reveals a passage that leads
underground. She takes it down and it leads to a big steel
                       RIP (o. s.)
Stand in front of da doe.
She moves to the front of the door, and two metal arms come
out from the wall and scans her body.
                       COMPUTER VOICE (o. s.)
Scan complete. No traces' or other
devices detected. Subject is
A passage opens in the floor and and seat comes up from the
floor. She sits down on it.


                       RIP (o. s.)
You might wanna buckle up.
She buckles up and the seat takes off extremely fast.
A very sophisticated room of various weapons and high-tech
equipment, computers, cars. Rip, Twist, Tank, and, Shooter
was sitting in front of a projection screen looking at
satelite pictures.
I'm glad you can join us.
What the hell is this place?
You like this? This some thangs I
picked up from a few of my li'l
trips around da world.
Did you tell'em?
Tell us what?
That she got a crush on me.
I ain't suprised.
So are we ready to get on with
They walk over to a big flat table and Rip pushes a button
and a hologram pops up and shows a model of a top secret
government facility.
That looks like K-Town
It is.
Are you crazy? There is no way you
can get in there.


See that's what separates me from
everybody else.
You crazy enough to do anything.
No. Well yea, but, I was go'n say
because I can. Maybe ya'll haven't
looked around.
I don't know man. I know what you
capable of, but this might be out
yo' league.
Didn't ya'll say that bout da last
place? We'll just make the drop
and go on 'bout our business.
They get up and get ready to leave.
Where ya'll goin'?
Ya'll can stay here if ya'll want.
It's extra rooms enough for
everybody, just go where ya'll
He goes in one of the rooms.
So what you all think?
What's to think about? There is no
way we can get in there not, even
I was just wondering. So where
have you been Smokes?
Just doin' some thinking.


If you don't mind me...
I do. So don't.
She walks off and goes into one of the other rooms.
What's her problem?
I don't know, but we got a busy
mornin' so I'm 'bout to hit the
I think we all should.
They get up and go to their rooms.
A flatscreen t.v., security monitors, a gun rack with guns
on it. Rip sits up in his bed and gets up to go to the
Marble top counters, sub-zero refridgerator deep frier, bar
with liqour, island with stove on it. Smokes was sitting at
the the table.
Havin' trouble sleepin'?
He goes to the fridge and takes out a sandwhich and sits at
the table with Smokes.
I got things on my mind.
Like what?
Don't really want to talk about
Don't correct me if I'm wrong, but
you tryin' to figure out if you
wanna take us in.


Actually. I want to know why you
still let me in.
Ain't you wonderin' how you even
found out 'bout us in da first
That too, but you didn't answer my
Your kinda cute.
Kind of cute. Anyway. How did you
know about me?
You should stop askin' so many
questions and look what's right in
front of you.
He gets up and gets ready to walk out. He stops at the
You know what'll help you sleep?
Warm milk.
I was gon say sex, but that might
work too.
You didn't answer any of my
I know.
      (He walks out.)
Johnson and Daniels are sitting at his desk going over


This is crazy. I can't believe we
don't have any leads.
That's not the worst part. We seem
to lost all contact with our
undercover agent.
Daniels phone rings and he answers it.
Daniels here. (beat) Really, when
and where? (beat) That's great.
Good work.
      (He hangs up the
Lets go. We got a lead.
They walk out the office. Daniels takes his phone out and
makes a call.
This is agent Daniels. We got a
lead. I'm sending you the
coordinates get there asap.
Twist, Tank, and, Rip are standing around talking.
I got a funny feelin' 'bout this.
Yeah, me too.
Then why are we here?
Do you really think we would get
paid befo' he got what he wanted.
                       SHOOTER (o. s. on radio)
So what happened to Smokes?
Don't know. She was gone when I
got up.


                       SHOOTER (o. s. on radio)
A car is approaching.
Get ready Shooter, and be
The other cars pulls up and stops about 20 feet in front of
them. JOSEPH BROWN tall, muscular, with a scar on his face.
BRIAN JONES, average height, muscular, and TANN, average
height and weight, atheletic. Gets out the car and walks
towards the front of their car.
Holy shit, look who it is.
You sound suprised.
I guess I shouldn't be. Who else
would be crazy enough to pull this
job off.
I take it you know each other?
Yeah, he used to work fo' me.
But, believe it or not. Rip is a
little soft.
It's not that. I just don't
believe in killin' fo' da hell of
Only when necessary. Still
preachin' that shit I see. And
your name is R.I.P.
I don't mean to cut this li'l
reunion short, but can we get on
wit' this.
You got my prints?


Soon as we got our money, you'll
get yo' prints.
Tann motions for Brian and Joseph to get the money. They go
to the trunk and grabs four briefcases They open the
briefcases and show them the money. Tank then goes and grabs
the blueprints out the trunk of their car. Tank takes the
blueprints over to Tann, and Brian and Joseph takes the
cases over to Rip and Twist. Soon as they do, agents swarm
them in cars and trucks. Agents jump out with their guns
Don't move!
You had us setup!
Get down on the ground, and put
your hands on your heads.
Don't flatter yo'self. They ain't
afta you.
Do it now, or we will shoot you.
                       RIP (on radio)
Shooter are you ready?
                       SHOOTER (o. s. on radio)
Get down now!
Bullets start flying. Everybody takes cover.
We got a sniper on one of the
buildings. Find him and take him


Where is the Grudge Group?
Good question. They should of been
here before us.
      (He pulls out his
       radio and tries
       to call them)
There is some kind of
interference, I can't get through.
Rip, Tank, and Twist start shooting at Tann and the others,
and they start shooting back. Brian grabs a bazooka and aims
it at Rip and the others.
He's got a bazooka, and he's
aiming it at us.
Grab the cases and lets get da
hell outta here.
They grab the cases and tries to take cover. Brian shoots
their car and the explosion knocks them into the air and
opens the cases it was just full of newspaper underneath a
layer of money. Bullets are still flying everywhere. Tann
and the others jump in their car and try to pull off. Agents
start to shoot at their car.
                       RIP (on radio)
      (getting up off
       the ground)
Shooter, we need some help.
                       SHOOTER (o. s. on radio)
I got my own problems.
Tann's car was taking alot of damage and stops. They get out
and start shooting at the agents and Rip.
Look, their car ain't workin' no
                       RIP (on radio)
Shooter, how you doin' up there?
                       SHOOTER (o. s. on radio)
I'm good. I'm setting up now.


Smokes pulls up behind Rip, Tank, and Twist in a black van.
Get in.
They look at Rip, and he gets in. The others get in after
Man, I'm glad to see you.
Don't get yo' hopes up. She might
not be here to help.
What are you talkin' about?
She's N.S.A.
I knew somethin' wasn't right
'bout you.
You can trust me.
A black van just pulled up and
they got in.
I know. All agents move in. Don't
let them get away.
Agents start to move in. There was a big explosion that
knocks the agents to the ground.
Tann gets on his phone and makes a call.
                       TANN (on phone)
We need a ride and fast.
      (He hangs up the
A black van pulls up and they jump in. Austin was driving.


I thought ya'll might need a ride.
They pull off.
Good thing too. Lets get da fuck
outta here.
Daniels, Johnson and the other agents get up and goes to
cars that wasn't damaged in the explosion, and goes after
them, and some go after Rip and the others.
                       DANIELS (on radio)
I want constant radio contact. I
want them alive, unless it's
absolutely necessary.
I told you, you can trust me.
Yeah, you did a good job, but I
don't think we can still trust
Can we worry about that later,
because we got company.
Rip looks out the little slide holes in the back of the van.
These mothafuckas don't give up.
Is anything in here we can use to
take them out.
Unfortunately not, I didn't really
plan on them bein' able to chase
                       TANK (to Rip)
Any bright ideas?
I'm thinkin'.


Think faster they're gainning, and
they're getting ready to shoot at
That's one thing you don't have to
worry about. This van is armored.
But you can't lose'em.
                       DANIELS (on radio)
Take out the tires.
Agents start shooting at their tires, but the bullets don't
The van is armored. We going to
have to take them out.
I want to capture them alive.
You willing to let them go, just
to say you got him alive.
It's more then that.
Either you going to give the
order, or I am going to take
We don't have time for this. I
will have you demoted to a desk
job if you don't stop your
insubordination. Now sit there and
shut the fuck up.
That's the way you want it.
      (grabs his radio)
This is agent Johnson. I am taking
control of this investigation.
Take them out by any means


                       DANIELS (on radio)
Don't listen to his orders, I'm
still in charge here.
They pull up on them and Johnson grabs his gun and starts
shooting at the van. Rip, Tank, and Twist start shooting
What the hell are you doing?!
I'm giving you no choice. If I
leave you no choice, you have to
give the order.
They are shooting at Johnson and Daniels. When another car
full of agents pull up on the other side of them and start
                       RIP (to Tank and Twist)
Take care of them over there, and
I'll handle these two.
They go over there and start shooting at them.
                       SMOKES (to Rip)
If you got a plan, now is the time
tell the rest of us.
I hate to brake it to you, but
this is da plan.
Smokes hits the brakes and they fly towards the front of the
van, while the agents keep going and then stops.
Johnson gets out the car and goes to the trunk and pulls out
a bazooka and aims it at them.
What are you doing? Look around,
to many civilians will be hurt.
It's a price I'm willing to take,
to take them out.


Johnson and Daniels take shots to the body and fall to the
ground and the bazooka is fired into the air and hits a
building and it explodes. The van takes off. After a few
minutes Daniels and Johnson get up.
Are you alright?
Yes, but I need a new shirt. What
the hell just happened?
I don't know.
                       TANK (to Rip)
That was some slick shit.
I didn't do it. I thought we was
'bout to get blowed da fuck up.
It wasn't me.
Why ya'll worried 'bout it? Hell
we got away. Stop trippin'.
Rip, Tank, Twist, and Smokes was sitting around talking and
                       SMOKES (to Rip)
You awfully quiet.
Shooter walks in.
Don't ruin it.
Where da fuck have you been?


Anybody want to clue me in on
what's going on.
My bad. I'm just buggin' cause we
lost da blueprints.
Judging by your attitude, we don't
have the money either.
So what are we gon do?
So Smokes, why didn't you bring us
You set us up right? What I really
want to know is why Rip haven't
killed you.
'Cause she helped us.
Look I made my choice. I don't
have to prove myself to you.
Ya'll can worry 'bout that shit
lata. We got otha business to tend
That is?
Gettin' our money.
So what's the plan?
Rip grabs a remote and turns on the projection of of a wide
open area with a very secure compound on it.


What the hell is that? The
It would be easier to brake in the
pentagon. I'm gon be real wit'
ya'll. This is gon be way harder
to get in here than anything you
have done befo'.
Is it that serious? It looks like
you doin' pretty good without the
It's not 'bout da money wit' me.
Nobody double crosses me and
lives. And, I'm pretty sho, ya'll
want ya'll money. If not I can
take care of this myself. But let
it be known your careers will be
over. No-one will hire you to do
any otha jobs. Of course you could
just work fo' yo'self. Or maybe
ya'll can live off da jobs you
already done.
You know I'm wit' you. Ain't no
punk mothafucka gon get over on me
I could work for myself or live
off the jobs I already done, but,
I couldn't look at myself knowing
I let someone get over on me.
I haven't killed nobody in the
past few minutes so I'm in.
                       RIP (interupting)
Befo' you say what you gotta say.
I just wanna say choose yo' answer


Is that a threat?
Take it how you want.
I'm not goin' to be intimidated by
you. I don't give a damn who you
Look Smokes I care 'bout you mo'
than I really should, but even
wit' that said. I wont hesitate to
do what I gotta do.
If you care so much, then why
would you put me in a situation
where I don't have a choice?
I didn't say you didn't have a
choice. I said choose carefully.
Well, I don't want to do this, and
I don't want you to do it either.
Is there a reason. Maybe da fact
that this whole job was a setup?
What? Did you know that befo' we
did this job?
No. But, I found out while was
doin' it. But I did know that
Smokes was part of it.
And you still let her get in with
Look it's a long story and we
don't have time fo' it.
Did you know that Tank?


Yeah, but he said he had
everythang under control.
You believe him?
Shooter grabs his gun and Rip was in front of him in a blink
of an eye.
Don't worry I'm not about to do
Can we get on with this.
So what are you goin' to do?
I just want to let ya'll know,
they know we comin'.
I know. So lets not disappoint
What are we going to do about them
other guys that are after us?
Don't worry 'bout them. They just
tryin' to get me.
They are only after you?
Yeah, but that's anotha long
You sure have a lot of long
stories. Make this a short one.
I take you talkin' 'bout da
agents. Well one been afta me fo'
years, and da otha guy is mad at
me fo' da whole president thang.


Figures that you tried to do that.
Funny thing is you did it just to
say you could.
Don't try to profile me Twist.
Lets go.
Rip walks to a vault that was behind a hidden passage in the
Daniels and the Grudge group leader was sitting at his desk
talking when Johnson walks in.
What's going on? I got your urgent
We got a lead on them. There going
after the guy that double crossed
Would they be foolish enough to go
after him?
One thing you need to know about
Rip, is he would never allow
anybody to double cross him.
So what are we waiting on.
The word.
Shouldn't we already be there?
We don't want to have too many
people there, it would jeopardize
the whole setup. What we are going
to do is be within the vicinity.
So lets go.


A big mansion surrounded by a huge brick wall with
surveillance cameras and guards patrolling the grounds. A
black van pulls up a few blocks away.
Rip, Tank, Shooter, Twist, and Smokes are in the van
checking their weapons and going over the plan.
Shooter get out and take out da
guards patrollin' on da outside
and any on da inside you can.
Shooter grabs his bag and his high-powered sniper rifle with
infa-red sensors on it.
I just wanna tell ya'll I got a
funny fellin' 'bout this.
I got that same feeling.
We got company.
I don't see anybody.
You ain't 'posed to.
                       SHOOTER (on radio)
The guards are down. You all
better move quick.
Rip jumps in the drivers seat and rams through the gate.
I thought this place was supposed
to be more secure than this.
It is. Twist you and Smokes go
back with Shooter and wait fo' da
What's the signal?


You'll know when it happens.
They go out the gate and GUARDS come running out shooting.
Some fall soon as they get out. The other GUARDS stop and
take cover and start shooting. They take cover behind the
van and start shooting back. Rip and Tank jump back in the
van and rams it into the front of the house. The walls
surrounding the mansion explodes.
That's our que.
They run towards the compound shooting guards as they do.
More vans pull up after they reach the compound.
                       SHOOTER (on radio to Rip)
Was you expecting company? Because
we got alot of black vans pulling
                       RIP (o. s. on radio)
Get in here now. That's those same
fools that has been afta me.
They run into the mansion. Daniels and Johnson and other
AGENTS get out the vans with their guns drawn and surrounds
the compound.
Alright listen up. You all know
that we need them alive. I know
what you going to say. The reason
we need them alive is we don't
know who Rip is. He could be one
of them or, they could work for
him. So unless it's absolutely
necessary take them alive.
I wasn't going to say nothing
about that. I was wondering why
you let all this bloodshed go on
before we intervened, if you
wanted them alive?
Less work for us. If they get took
out by someone else I wouldn't
have to explain myself.


They duck as bullets fly past them.
Alright, lets move in.
They move in on the mansion.
What was once a very nice and expensive living room, Smokes
and Rip are taking cover behind a big marble desk. Tank,
Shooter and Twist was taking cover in the dining room.
                       DANIELS (o.s. on bullhorn)
We have the place surrounded. Put
your guns down and come out with
your hands up.
Not these mothafuckas again.
We need a little more firepower.
Shooter pulls out some automatic pistols and hands one to
Twist and one to Tank and grabs one for himself then slides
the bag over to Rip.
That might do.
Rip slides it back.
What the hell are you doin'?
Shooter, Tank, Twist start shooting and taking guards out.
Don't worry we don't need that.
      (He takes two
       futristic guns
       out his bag and
       gives one to
That's somethin' not even Shooter
They start shooting guards as they advance upstairs other
guards retreat. They station themselves in corners and
Smokes gets ready to throw a grenade.


What da hell are you doin'? That's
gon blow us all up.
Stop trippin' it's not a regular
Agents advance into the mansion.
Fire in the hole!
The agents run back out. She throws it and it collapses just
the front entrance and the way upstairs.
I need to get me some of them.
I'm glad you like them. I made
them myself.
I knew it was a reason I liked
The agents are getting up off the ground.
They sealed the entrance. Go
around the back and we'll go in
that way.
That should hold them off for a
little bit
They come to some steel doors and tries to go through but
they're locked.
Twist would you do da honors.
I thought I was goin' to have to
change my name to trigger for a


Well, Twist gots a sense of humor.
Twist takes out some clay like substance and lines it on the
cracks of the doors and lights it.
Is it safe for us to stand here?
You sound like a big ass punk.
Excuse me if I don't wanna get
blown up.
You wont get blown up. It's like a
blow torch it just burns.
After it burns, the doors fall. They step in and more doors
close behind them.
A big room that looks like a fighting arena. Tann, Brian,
and Joseph was standing there waiting for them.
Welcome to da war room. I gotta
say I didn't think ya'll would
make it this far. I'm impressed.
You going to stand there and take
his smart assed remarks and not
say something smart assed back.
Under normal circumstances I
I wasn't talkin' about him. I was
talkin' about the rest of you.
Yes, even you Tank.
I never did like yo' li'l ass.


The feelin's mutual. Well I guess
you wanna know where our boss is.
You gotta make it through us to
get to him.
How did I know you was gon say
Will you just shoot them so we can
go get our money.
You wish it could be that easy.
Only we know where he is, and
where ya'll money is.
Just shoot two of them then.
Do you want me to explain it to
him or, will you?
It's a game fo' him. Only one of
them know. That way we have to
play da game to get what we want.
You also forgot that if you shoot
any of us this room will lock and
not even Twist will be able to get
ya'll out.
                       SHOOTER (to Twist)
Is he right?
I'm afraid so.
So whats next?
He wants to fight.
I pick the order, and Tank is


Now I get to have some fun.
      (he takes off his
So which one of you lucky bastards
am I fightin'?
Joseph walks to the middle of the room.
Do you think you got a chance?
Don't you know who I am?
Don't get cocky Tank and keep yo'
guard up.
Don't worry, I got this.
Johnson, Daniels and the other agents were clearing a path
to rig a harness up to get to the next floor.
                       DANIELS (to one of the agents)
I need a scan of this building. I
want to know if there is any other
way out of this place.
Tank runs up on Joseph and tries to tackle him, but he
dodges him and hits him with a running jump kick. They
continue fighting.
They seem to be evenly matched.
He's holdin' back. Tank. We ain't
got time fo' this. Whoop his ass
so we can get the hell out here!
There is a big booming sound that shakes the room.
What the hell was that?
Someone is trying to get in. They
wont be able to get in tho. This
room is built to withstand a 1
megaton blast, and once it's


                       TWIST (cont'd)
sealed it's only one way out. If
you don't know it you wont get
How do you know?
I designed it.
You built this place?
Not this one, but I did design the
concept of it.
I guess it's true. A criminal is
the best way to keep a criminal at
Tank and Joseph are still fighting. Untill Tank hits Joseph
so hard he flips and falls on the ground. Tank starts to
Is it over?
Nope. Tank watch yo' back.
Tank turns around and Joseph hits him with a uppercut and
knocks Tank out.
I didn't know we could use
I didn't see him use no weapon.
That's because he didn't have them
on untill the last time he got
knocked down and Tank started
showboating. Rip, I know you seen
when he put them on.
Yeah. I told him to watch his


You gon like this next one.
Everytime you talk I get this
funny feelin' in my gut.
You must know what I'm 'bout to
Why can't we just finish this
ourselves. You got da problem wit'
me. Be a man and step up.
You know me betta than that. It
wouldn't be no fun that way. I
know how impatient you is, and
there is nothin' you can do 'bout
what's 'bout to happen next.
You know that's some punk shit.
Why you gotta put her in this?
Why do I got a feeling, you
talking about me?
'Cause I am, and you gotta fight
What!? Hell no. You must be out
your damn mind.
A li'l bit, but you ain't got no
choice. Either you fight or ya'll
trapped in here. Even if by some
chance ya'll get out those agents
are out there waitin' on ya'll.
You 'posed to be so tough. Why you
gon fight her?
I'm not. He is.
      (Pointing at Brian)


How 'bout we fight if you beat
Stop. You don't have nothin' I
I told you, I don't need you to
protect me.
I know, but you don't undastand.
Understand what?
These guys will do anythang to
win, and don't want you to get
I do understand, but if I don't do
this, we don't get out of here.
Are you sho? 'Cause we can figure
out a way to get outta here.
What if we can't? Are you willing
to take that chance? 'Cause I'm
Alright. Be careful, you already
seen what they are willin' to do.
I got a trick or two up my sleeve.
Give me yo' word that if she wins
me and you settle it once and fo'
all and he wont keep beatin' her,
if it gets to that point.
That's always been your problem.
You always let your feelin's get
involved, but you got my word.


Let's do this.
She and Brian walks to the center of the room and start
fighting. Smokes is winning.
I said you wouldn't kill her. I
didn't say you wouldn't hit her.
She's to fast for him.
Daniels and Johnson and other agents are lookin over the
blueprints of the mansion.
Did someone get hold of the
Yes sir, but he's in california.
Get him on the phone!
The agent grabs his phone and dials a number and Daniels the
I need you to tell me how to get
in that room.
                       ARCHITECT (o. s. on phone)
There is only one way to get in.
You have to cut the power source.
It's located on the soutside of
the room and incased in 3 inch
thick steel. You can cut through
it but it will take awhile.
I don't have time to cut through
that much steel. There is no other
way to get in?
Not without the code, and it can
only be activated from the inside.


Alright, thanks for nothing.
      (He throws the
The only way to get in is by
finding the power source which is
located on the southside of the
room, but it's incased in 3 inch
thick steel. So lets get to work.
Smokes and Brian are still fighting, Smokes is struggling to
keep up with him. He knocks her to the ground and stands
over her.
Finish her!
He turns his head and when he does she kicks him in the
crotch and jumps up and knees him in the face and knocks him
out. She falls to the ground and Rip goes to get her.
Leave her there. She has to fight
What da fuck you mean. She can't
even stand on her own.
You gotta fight 'till you lose.
Yo' game, yo' rules.
I couldn't have said it betta
Rip, I can't fight again.
Don't worry 'bout it, you wont
have to.
I'll take her place.


Yeah right. I heard you can't
fight. She gotta fight or we leave
ya'll in here.
You heard wrong, but it's only one
way to find out.
I got this Twist. I'll make a deal
wit' you.
I'm listenning.
I'll fight you and Joseph.
At da same time?
If ya'll feel like ya'll can't
beat me one on one. Fo' sho, why
You would like that. That way if
you win, you can have somethin'
else over my head. You fight him
and then we'll fight if you win.
Joseph takes off his brass knuckles.
You might wanna keep them on.
Why? He don't look that tough.
Suit yo'self.
Now we'll see how good you really
I aint got time to waste fightin'
you. It wont last long.


Didn't you tell Tank not to get
What's yo' point?
You might want to follow your own
You done wit' the coachin' lesson?
Joseph tries to rush him while he wasn't looking. Rip dodges
him and kicks him in the face and knocks him out.
I see you been practicin'.
Not really, I seen that on t.v.
Still a smart-ass.
You should know that'll neva
      (walking to the
       center of the
Now we'll see if the student is
betta then the teacher.
And you still like to hear yo'self
They start fighting and are evenly matched.
I have never seen fighting like
I bet you glad you didn't go in
and fight after all?
I could of took him.


They are still fighting and now Tann is winning.
      (he kicks Rip over
       on his back)
You seem to last yo' edge. I
always told you you didn't have
the killer instinct. Yo' name
maybe Rip, but I don't see why.
He gets up and tries to keep fighting, but Tann was
dominating the fight now. Smokes wakes up, but Twist and
Shooter was standing in front of her.
This doesn't look good.
What!? What's happenning!? Move so
I can see.
I'm not sure you want to.
Get the hell out the way!
They move and Rip was on one knee.
I thought you would put up a way
betta fight then this. You know if
you lose, I'm goin' to kill her.
Rip get your ass up, and fight! I
know you ain't gon let this ass
hole be your downfall!
Rip gets up.
That's all it took. I hope you
ready, 'cause this is it.
You right, this is it.


      (Waking up)
Seems like he's about to get
You mean to tell me he wasn't
going all out.
Nope. One thang ya'll need to know
'bout Rip, he likes a challenge.
It seems like you got a li'l
I though I taught you betta. You
should neva motivate yo' opponent.
You right, but I wanted you to
fight at yo' best. That way no-one
can question who is the best.
They start fighting again. Tann hits Rip a few more times,
then Rip turns the tables on him and starts winning. He
knocks Tann down. Tann jumps up and rushes him. Rip blocks
every attack and counters with a viciuos combo and finishes
him off. He grabs his bag and takes out some rope, and ties
them up.
I should kill you, but I'm gon
leave you fo' them fools outside.
They goin' to think that ya'll are
How do you plan on doin' that?
Simple. I thought this might be a
setup so I left li'l clues that
point to ya'll.
Even if you thought this was a
setup. How would you know who did


You'll find out in due time. So
hold yo' part of the bargain and
tell us how to get out of here.
Yeah right. What do you take me
for? Did you really think I was
goin' to tell you how to get outta
here. Then you dumber then I
I guess it's time to show you how
dumb I really am.
      (He goes and grabs
       his bag and takes
       out a syringe)
You see this. It's filled wit'
what I call a Rip cocktail. I
would tell you what it'll do to
you but, it wouldn't be no fun
that way.
You think I giva damn. I lived my
life just to prove that I'm betta
then you, and I failed, and I
don't plan on goin' to jail. So do
what you do.
I thought you might say that,
that's why it's not for you, it's
fo' them. See, I know you smart
enough not to be the one who knows
how to get outta here 'cause most
people would think you would be
the one to know, but I think one
of them know.
      (moves over to
So is it you or him?
Go to hell.
Only one way to find out.


Are you really willing to inject
that into one of them. What if
it's the one who knows?
If you got a betta idea, I'm
willin' to here it.
Rip injects Tann with the serum.
What the hell did you inject me
It doesn't matta, you already
Tann starts to convulse.
Alright, I'll tell you, but I want
to get out of here with you.
You know I can't do that, but I
can give you a chance to get out
on yo' own. If I let you live, I
will leave you a weapon and you
can fight yo' way out. That's all
I can do fo' you.
Alright. Tann and Brian has keys
and a locator. To locate the
keyholes. Then all you have to do
is turn them simultaneously and a
keypad will be revealed...
                       BRIAN (to Joseph)
How do you know he gon do what he