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Destiny's Divas - Episode Two
by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

In EPISODE 2 D & D goes to the Battle of the Bands in hopes of winning top honors. In the final round, their competitor's son is kidnapped. The girls get their additional powers from Destiny and search for the missing Jeremy Bradley.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Mrs. Dee hears someone in the hall and calls out from the
Is that you, Danielle?
Danielle enters the kitchen with four song folders in her
hand and grabs a seat at the table.
Yeah, it’s me, ma. Don’t you have
to work today?
Her mother sits at the kitchen table when Danielle walks in.
They want me in on Sunday to work
on the end of the fiscal year
inventory, so they let me have the
day off.
Danielle sets the folders on the table.
Great! Is the coffee ready?
There’s a fresh pot waiting for
you girls. How did you make out
Danielle goes to the counter to get herself a coffee.
It would take me forever to tell
you what transpired in just over
six hours, but to answer your
question, it went well.
What's in those folders, dear?


Bill had someone write four songs
for us. We need one for the
Battle of the Bands, so we get to
choose one of them. I haven't had
a chance to look at them yet. I
didn't expect to see you home and
was going to look at them with my
coffee. They can wait.
When are the girls getting up?
Danielle sits back down with a cup of coffee in front of
If they’re hyped as much as I am
they should be getting up soon.
Hyped as in nervous, or hyped as
in being excited?
Danielle takes a sip of her coffee.
If I were to be honest with you,
I’d say a healthy combination of
both, but to be more precise and
speaking just for myself, mind
you, I’d say excited.
Lisa enters the kitchen, from the hall.
So am I! Good morning Mrs. Dee!
Good morning, bright eyes! Please
call me Judy, dear. Dispense with
the formalities, okay? Would
you care for some coffee?
Oh yeah!


Sounds like you had a rough night.
Lisa fixes her coffee.
I’ll be fine once I have a shower
to wake up. It’ll be either that
or when the coffee kicks in,
whichever comes first. Wendy
should be down any minute. She
was getting up when I left the
room, Danielle.
Great! Mom! Do you know anyone
who’s a realtor?
As a matter of fact I do, honey,
but what do you want with a
We need to lease a place of our
own, where we can practice without
bothering anyone.
Isn’t the garage big enough for
Not with Wendy’s drums, the two
guitars, and a singer.
I guess you’re right. Sally
Grayson is a Realtor and she’s
also a member of our bridge club
on Tuesday nights. Want me to
call her?
Would you, please?


How much are you looking to spend?
I don’t want to spend any more
than two thousand dollars a month.
We need a place that’s secluded,
for obvious reasons, and a place
where we can park three or four
cars. I plan to have one, and
Is there anything else?
I guess that’s it.
When do you want to go and look at
places, in case she asks?
Well Dana’s scheduled to be here
at ten, and if we do find a place
we’ll need to go and get furniture
and anything else we might need.
You know it! I’ll call and see if
she has anything. If she does,
I’ll try to set up a showing for
Wendy enters the kitchen with a hearty yawn.
Good morning, gang! What’s going
Judy stands and heads towards the hall.
I’ll go and make that call, dear.
Help yourself to the coffee,
Wendy heads for the coffeepot.


Thanks, Judy!
My mom has a friend in real estate
and she’s going to try and see if
they have anything for lease that
we may be interested in.
Wendy fixes her coffee at the counter.
If she does then we will go and
look at it today, once Dana gets
here. If we like it we’ll pay a
year’s lease on it and go look at
furniture and other things we’ll
Wendy sits down at the table with her coffee.
Is all this really happening to
If not then we’re all having one
helluva big dream.
Have you looked at the songs yet,
Danielle? I see the folders there
on the table.
I was going to do that when I came
into the kitchen, not expecting to
see my mom home. I ended up
talking to her, ever since I got
down here. Now we all can look at
Danielle reaches for the pack of folders.


What are the titles of the songs?
Danielle grabs the first two folders and looks at the name
on the outer tabs.
Let’s see! This one is called
Reaching For Stardom. The second
one is, Reality has eyes.
Danielle looks at the title of the third song and abruptly
stops. Her eyes open wide and a moment later she checks the
last one.

Wendy sees the unusual expression on her friend’s face.
What’s wrong, Danielle?
Danielle’s voice sounds deathly serious.
Oh my God, Wendy. I just saw the
titles of these last two songs.
Don’t keep us in suspense, girl.
What are they?
The third one is called Angel of
Desire and the last one, get this,
The Four Walls of Destiny.
       with WENDY)
Oh wow!
This is freaky!
No kidding!


Well we know two of the songs we
won’t be singing, but I wonder if
Destiny has anything to do with
Get real, girl! This is all her.
Then why are there four songs when
we need only one?
For one thing, Bill asked her for
four songs, but maybe she just
wants to let us choose for
ourselves. She did say once she
wants us to be challenged.
Judy returns to the kitchen.
How are you young ladies doing
this morning?
Danielle turns to face her mother.
This whole thing gets freakier by
the day, mom.
Judy stands in the doorway.
In what way, dear?
You know that the name of our band
is Destiny’s Desire, right?
Yes, and...?
Danielle hands her mother two folders.


Take a look at the titles of these
two songs.
Judy takes the two folders and looks at the titles.
Whoever this Destiny is, she puts
on quite a show for herself. This
is almost scary.
Our sentiments exactly!
Front DOORBELL RINGS and is heard in the kitchen.
Wendy stands up.
That must be Dana. I’ll get it.
Wendy opens the door.
Good morning, girl! We’re all in
the kitchen and do we have a
shocker for you.
Dana enters the house.
After what we saw yesterday, I
doubt anything could shock me any
more, but I’m game.
Dana follows Wendy down the hall and into the Kitchen.
Wendy enters the kitchen followed by Dana.
And the gang’s all here.


Coffee Dana? You’re going to need
Dana grabs the only empty chair and sits down at the table.
Please, Judy. What’s up, girls?
What’s this shocker Wendy was
blabbing about as I came in?
Danielle hands the two folders to Dana.
I’m glad you’re sitting down.
You’d be apt to fall down when you
look at those two titles.
Dana reaches for the folders. She takes a look at the two
titles and GASPS, while her right hand reaches to her heart.
Oh my God, Danielle! Wendy was
What other mystifying moments does
Destiny have in store for us?
Judy Places a coffee in front of Dana.
Well you might want to add this to
your list. I just talked to
Sally, Danielle. Are you ready
for this?
Right about now we’re ready for
anything. Bring it on, ma!


She’s got a four-bedroom house
with two and a half baths for
lease. It just came into her
office at nine o’clock this
morning. To make it even sweeter,
the place is completely furnished.
The cellar is huge and empty,
and it’s the end house on a dead
end street. They also have enough
room to park six vehicles.
How much are they asking for it?
They want two thousand dollars
down and fifteen hundred for the
first month’s rent. She said her
client has a mandated one-year’s
lease on the house, renewable
after one year.
That’s perfect, Danielle!
This is unbelievable!
Danielle looks at her mother.
When can we go and see this place?
As soon as you four girls can get
over there. She said she wouldn’t
list it until you girls have had a
chance to look at it first.
Lisa! You and Wendy go ahead and
get dressed. As soon as you’re
ready, we’ll all go over there and
look at it. Dana and I will take
a closer look at the songs.


Bill stands to greet the girls as they enter.
I take it you young ladies are
well rested and ready for the
challenge of your young lives.
Please be seated, ladies.
Danielle sits in the recliner, near his easy chair.
We’ve had anything but a rest,
Bill. After we left here we were
looking at the songs your friend
wrote for us and we received the
shock of our lives.
Bill sits straight up in his easy chair
Really? How?
The titles of those songs, but
that’s another story. We then
leased a house and got ourselves
and our instruments moved in. And,
if that wasn’t enough, we’ve been
practicing nearly two hours or
more every day up until this
morning, just trying to be ready
for this competition.
I’m proud of you ladies, all of
you. This shows me the dedication
you all have in your future
success. Relax for a few minutes,
as I now have your outfits. When
you’re ready I’ll leave the room
so you girls can change and try
them on for size. There are eight
boxes on the floor, two for each
of you, and your names are on each


The girls behave like teenagers. They get out of their
chairs and head to the boxes and start opening them up.
Bill sits back and watches the show they put on for him.
Okay, ladies, I’ll leave so you
can change. When you’re ready,
Danielle, push this button and
I’ll be right in.
Danielle turns her head towards bill and holds up a pair of
sequined jeans in her hand.
Thanks, Bill!
Once Bill is out of the room, the girls change into their

Wendy slips the top over her head and pulls it down.
This is awesome, Danielle.
Dana slides on a pair of her sequined jeans.
Man if we aren’t going to be the
coolest band in the competition.
Danielle sits by her box with tears welling up in the
corners of her eyes.
I don’t know what to say. Where
else can you go and make the kind
of money we’re making now, and
work beside your coolest and
dearest friends at the same time?
Listen, Danielle! You’re the one
who pulled this whole thing
together, both you and Destiny. By
the way, the color of your top,
with your hair color and style,
makes you really stand out.


Danielle heads over to the intercom, CHUCKLING.
Thanks! I guess we better let Bill
know we’re ready for his personal
Danielle pushes the button on the intercom.
We’re ready, Bill. You can come
in anytime.
Personal inspection, yeah right!
Bill returns to the main hall and as he goes through the
doorway, he stops on a dime. He looks at the four girls.
Danielle joins her friends and they stand side by side.
How do you like them, Bill?
Bill slowly heads towards them.
The word awesome comes to mind,
but even that doesn’t do you young
ladies justice.
Do we get a ten on the Richter
You ladies are off the bleeping
chart. Go ahead and keep them on
for now, ladies, and get
comfortable with them. Take the
other sets home with you when you
Danielle takes her seat again.


What’s next on our agenda, Bill?.
Well, I guess that’s just about
it. Now do you want to tell me
about this song you’ll be doing
for round two?
The day after we were here last,
when we looked at the titles of
the four songs your friend gave
us, we almost passed out.
Bill sits back in his soft chair.
Because of the titles we saw on
two of the songs. One was called
Angel of Desire, and the other one
was called The Four Walls of
Destiny. Seeing as our band is
called Destiny’s Desire, and
managed by a spirit, it shook us
up. We all feel that Destiny had
something to do with those two
After everything that happened
here the last time, I can imagine
how you girls felt. I take it
then that you’re choosing one of
We’ve chosen The Four Walls of
In that case, Ladies, we’re done
for today. Don’t forget to take
your outfits with you. One more
thing, ladies! We’ll be leaving


                       BILL (cont'd)
here at eight o’clock Monday
morning the twentieth so be here a
little early so we can load the
van with your instruments.
Danielle grabs her two boxes of clothing.
We’ll be here by seven for coffee
As they enter, Dana checks out the suite.
This place is huge, Danielle.
We’ve got two bedrooms, a sitting
room, TV and a VCR. Bill’s sparing
no expense, is he?
Bill walks in behind the girls.
No I’m not, ladies! You girls
deserve the best, and that’s what
I’m giving you.
They’ve even got a menu, right
there on the coffee table.
You mean we don’t even have to
leave the room to have something
to eat?
Bill closes the door behind him.


Not unless you girls want to, but
remember their prices are much
higher than at a restaurant.
Danielle grabs a seat in the sitting room.
Okay, so what do we do today,
Until tomorrow morning, you young
ladies are free to enjoy New York
City. You’ve got the Statue of
Liberty, The Empire State
Building, and you’re not all that
far away from Broadway. Enjoy
In case of an emergency, Bill,
where will you be?
Right now I’m going to the Garden
to sign the band in. Then I have
some personal business to take
care of here in town. If you
girls need me, leave a message
downstairs at the desk. I’m in
room 1412. Otherwise I’ll meet
you tomorrow morning in the lobby.
Oh cool! We have a whole day in
the Big Apple.
Well, not quite a whole day,
Wendy, but close enough.
Where do we want to start?


Well, ladies, I’m going to leave,
so have fun.
Bill makes a quick exit out the door.
The four girls enter the dining area and the HOSTESS
politely greets them.
My name is Cathy and I’m your
hostess this morning. Would you
like a table for four, ladies?
Yes, ma’am, and thanks.
Cathy grabs four menus and leads the way.
Come right this way, please.
The four girls follow her and she takes them to a table
that’s already occupied by a man in one of the seats.

Bill smiles as they get a better look at him.
Good morning, ladies!
Dana takes a seat across from him.
How’d you know we’d be here this
Well I doubted you young ladies
would spend the next few hours
without having at least one coffee
inside you, and you all knew I was
planning to be here by seven. I
simply came here early and
informed Cathy where to bring you


                       BILL (cont'd)
girls when you came down.
How’d you know we’d be in our
That I didn’t know, but I’m glad,
in a way, that you did.
Danielle takes a seat beside Bill.
We wanted to do a dress rehearsal,
just so we could get the feel of
what it will be really like out
there on Saturday morning.
Of course you girls do realize
that being in your outfits will
attract the press to you like
Wendy sits in the end seat, across from Bill.
Would that be a bad thing?
It won’t be, as long as you make
the rehearsal on time. The press
will be everywhere and they’re
inclined to get all the scoops
they can get, and get them before
anyone else does.
We’ll be there and on time, Bill.
Where’s our van and equipment?
Their waitress approaches the table.
Good morning! My name is Ann and
I’m your waitress this morning.
Are you folks ready to place your


                       ANN (cont'd)
The girls place their orders first and then Bill does.
Sam took the van to the Garden
early. He’ll be there waiting for
us with everything on a roll cart
so we don’t have to waste any time
when we get there. Are you girls
excited, yet?
I don’t think excited would do
justice to the feelings that’s
flowing through our veins, right
about now, Bill.
I don’t know of any word that can
describe how I feel right now, but
I’m on an adrenaline rush before
the rehearsal, so what will I be
like on Saturday morning?
Their coffee cups are refilled and their breakfast is
As the curtain slides across the front of the stage
Destiny’s Desire is ready to go. They choose to play their
new song. Wendy does the drum solo lead-in of eight seconds
before Danielle and Lisa joins in with the guitars. Finally
Dana belts out the words to the song, The Four Walls of

Bill sits down near the front and watches his new band. The
lighting is perfect and their new outfits are dazzling
against the backdrop and lighting. Dana’s voice echoes
throughout the empty auditorium while she sings. He watches
as the four young ladies prepare for their debut as a band,
as well as the reality world of music stardom.

As Bill sits there, alone, he talks to Destiny.


Well, Destiny, you’ve managed to
put this dream team together in
classic fashion, girl. I’m
convinced they have the
wherewithal to succeed. I can
only imagine what other abilities
you have in store for these
talented young ladies.
Eight minutes later the girls finish the song and Bill looks
at his watch. He notices they have three minutes to kill.

Danielle runs to the edge of the stage.
How’d we do, Bill? How’d it look
and sound?
Bill stands up and heads towards the stage.
I’d bet money on you girls. You
girls will have the judges in your
corner all the way. I’d dare say
a perfect score is not out of the
Wendy stands from behind the drums and heads to the edge of
the stage.
Why would you be so shocked?
You’re a master of those toms.
Dana joins the others.
How did my voice sound, Bill?
It will sound a lot better when
there are sixty thousand people in
here. It was good, but there's an
echo that won't be here on


                       BILL (cont'd)
Their time is up and it’s time to put their gear back into
the van. Sam helps and the task is done in no time.
When Bill and the girls get into their balcony seats, the
top ten bands from the morning’s session are already posted.
The girls get to see who might be their competitors.
They have a clear view of all three stages.
Sit back, ladies, and enjoy the
show. Tomorrow it will be your
turn down there.
All four girls sit alongside Bill and watch the afternoon’s
competition. Dana pays most of her attention to the singers,
while Wendy watches the drummers. The other two girls
concentrate their attention to both the lead and bass
The last band wraps up their eight minutes on stage.
We better get going if we want to
eat and watch the next session at
the hotel.
Bill stands and turns to walk away.
Okay then, ladies, I’ll meet you
girls for breakfast at six.
We’ll all be there Bill.
Once inside their suite the girls order their dinners and
Dana turns on the television set.


They haven’t started yet,
Danielle, but they’re giving the
report of the day’s events so far.
Danielle takes a seat in front of the television set.
The next session doesn’t start
until seven, Dana, so it should be
coming on shortly.
As the girls sit there, watching the action, they hear a
KNOCK at the door.
Someone’s at the door. I’ll get
it. It just might be our dinner.
When Danielle opens the door, it’s the waiter, who wheels
their meal inside. After tipping him, she wheels the cart
into the sitting room.
Wendy looks at the tray of food and smells the aroma.
Oh good! I’m hungry.
Wendy starts to look for her order.

Dana grabs her plate of food.
Good timing, girls! He’s
announcing the judges, so we won’t
miss a thing.
At eight fifteen the first high score of the competition is
given to Jay Bee and the Tucks, from Albany, New York. The
judges post a ninety-nine.
They're going to be the band we'll
have to beat girls.
Without warning the television set goes silent and Destiny’s
spirit alights from the darkened screen. Once her
diamond-like molecules subside, and her form materializes,
she takes the form of a teen-aged girl.


You girls have done me proud, all
of you. Not once have you doubted
your abilities, because I told you
I’d see you through this. Every
time DD plays, I’ve been there to
guide your delicate hands. I can
say the same for each and every
one of you here. It would be easy
for me to influence the judges, if
I chose to, but it was never my
nature, when I was alive, to win
anything by cheating, so I won’t
start now. Go out there tomorrow
with the same confidence you’ve
had up to this moment. The
results will speak for themselves.
Danielle watches Destiny close as she speaks to them.
What’s wrong, Destiny? You’re not
yourself, even for a spirit.
My spirit detects something evil
is about to happen here at the
competition, but I can’t pinpoint
what it is.
Dana's eyebrows raise.
To one of us?
No, but I do sense it’s someone
who’s still here in the
Destiny’s empty grayish eyes become aglow with burning
This is not a good feeling I’m
Who is it, Destiny? Tell us!


I don’t know, but I don’t like the
feeling. However, I don’t want my
feelings to deter you from your
goal.I’ll still be there with you.
Destiny’s eyes turn back to the shadowy mass they were.
Bye for now!
Destiny’s spirit once again dissolves and is swallowed up by
the television set.

Lisa’s forehead tightens,
I wonder what the hell that was
all about. Why did her eyes start
to glow with fire?
Dana runs her fingers through her hair.
I’ve never seen Destiny that
angry, if that’s what it was.
Danielle places the remnants of her meal back onto the tray.
She’s definitely mad, gang, and
the only time I’ve seen her even
close to this mad, was when she
talked about those who kidnapped
and killed her brother. I wouldn’t
be surprised if a kidnapped child
is involved.
Wendy sits back in a soft plush easy chair.
Let’s try figuring this out, going
only by what Destiny told us.
Whatever’s bothering her has not
happened yet, for one thing.


Then that means it has something
to do with someone, or a group,
who still remains in this
Danielle raises both arms, pushing outward in a stop motion.

Hold on gang! Before we go
trotting off into no man’s land,
we haven’t been given the rest of
our powers yet, for openers, and
we’re trying to solve this mystery
on only a hunch to go on, at best.
What happens if Destiny’s hunch
proves true?
If that happens, then she'll have
to give us our powers and tell us
what she wants us to do with them.
Right now we've got tomorrow to
think about.
Dana turns the television set back
on and returns to her seat.
Danielle turns her attention back onto the competition.
It looks like we missed quite a
bit. That’s Rabbid Beasts and
that should leave only one band
left after them.
Who’s that?
Bittersweet Knights.


Rabbid Beasts’ scores are posted to the leader Board.
By the looks of things only Jay
Bee and the Tucks made it to the
leader board.
We’ll be up there on that leader
board tomorrow. Count on it!
Did you see the score JB got?
I know! The Tucks got a
ninety-nine. If there’s any band
that’s got a shot of beating that
score it’s us.
Wendy gets out of her seat and turns off the television set.
She turns around, to face her friends,
Destiny said she’d be with us, and
I know there’s not one of us who
could do what we do, as good as we
do it, without her help.
Dana shakes her head in agreement.
I won’t argue that.
Danielle stands up.
Okay, gang, it’s time we got our
butts to bed. Five o’clock comes
pretty damn early.
Who the hell’s going to be able to
go to sleep now?
At the bedroom door, Danielle turns towards Lisa.


We all are and we’ll let Destiny
do the rest.
The hostess reaches for four menus when she sees the four
girls approach her.
Good morning, ladies! My name is
Lynne and I’m your hostess this
morning. Table for four?
I believe our agent is here
waiting for us, ma’am, a Mr.
Yes he is. He said you’d be in
this morning. Follow me, please.
The slim brunette takes them to a table where Bill waits for

Bill looks at the hostess.
Thanks, Lynne!
She places menus in front of the girls.
My pleasure, sir! Have a nice
meal. Your waitress will be with
you shortly.
Bill looks closely at his band.
I see you young ladies are looking
pretty sharp this morning.


This is the day we’ve been waiting
and preparing for, Bill, so we
want to look our very best for the
The coffee’s on its way. What
would you girls like to eat?
Who the hell has the will power to
eat, with all this excitement
going on?
Well I do. I’ll burn more
calories, during our eight-minute
stint on stage then most men can
do in two hours at a gym, and
certainly more than I’ll get from
any mere breakfast.
The waitress places their coffee in front of them,
We do need to eat, Lisa. Trying
to remember everything we need to
remember, with or without
Destiny’s help, is vital to the
judging. Keeping our strength,
where it needs to be, is vital
too. We have to be able to go out
there with sound minds and bodies.
Remember, girl, there’ll be 60,000
screaming fans out there. Our
concentration has to be at its
I can’t believe how much the four
of you have matured in such a
short period of time. Destiny
chose her band well.
Thanks, Bill!


Bill reaches the backstage area.
It’s now officially the weekend,
girls, and every person, relative
to the rock and roll industry, is
here, from almost every state. If
you think this is bad, just wait
until tomorrow, when they have the
Why is that?
Let me try to break it down for
you. You’ll have the recording
studios, scouts from all the top
clubs across the U.S., and most of
the top talent agents will all be
here. All ten bands, including
you girls, will get more exposure
to the world of rock and roll,
than you can possibly imagine.
Let’s get your instruments ready.
As soon as we get the green light
we’ll set up on stage.
Good morning, Sam!
SAM stands by the cart with their instruments and gear.
Good morning, Miss Danielle!
Sam turns to face his boss.
The band that’s playing now sir
has about another five minutes
before they’re done. Once they’re
off stage we can set up right


Thanks, Sam! As soon as the girls
are set up, I’m going to my seat
and watch the show from there.
Ripple Effect finishes their performance onstage. Once the
scores are posted on the big screen they start removing
their instruments and gear.
Within minutes both men have the girls’ instruments on stage
and help carry them to where the girls want them set up,
while the band Snakebite Poison is formally introduced. The
girls are ready to perform in less than five minutes.

Bill starts to exit through the backstage door. He stops,
turns towards his band and gives them a thumbs up and then
heads to his seat.

Danielle whispers to the girls.
This is it, girls. After this
band we only have eight minutes
before it’s our turn. Everything
Destiny taught us boils down to
these next eight minutes. Let’s
rock this place.
Wendy is already seated on the stool and holds the
drumsticks in her right hand and whispers to Danielle.
This is my first official
performance, Danielle. I can’t
wait to let these babies fly.
      (whispering to
You’ll do fine.
Rose and the Thornkings are introduced next while the girls
wait their turn. The fans are not too enthusiastic about
the Thornkings. They post a sixty-eight.


The Master of Ceremonies returns to the microphone and
announces the next competing band.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
hailing from Hartford,
Connecticut, let’s give a big
hearty New York welcome to
Destiny’s Desire, also
known as D & D.
As the curtain pulls aside, Danielle and Lisa start their
lead-in while Wendy waits to give Dana her cue to start.

The girls play and Dana sings with the exuberance of an
experienced singer. Wendy makes the drums dance, as her
hands never seem to stop. Lisa, Dana, and Danielle have
their choreography down to a science. Every move is almost
identical to the style and moves of Van Halen. The judges
are quick to pick out that Dana’s voice even sounds like the
professional diva Cyndi Lauper, whose song she sings.

Within seconds the fans are into Destiny’s Desire’s song and
all the unexpected attention allows the girls to have fun
out on the stage.

When the song finishes, and the girls await their scores,
the applause in the auditorium is deafening. Girls are
screaming and whistles can be heard from every corner of the

The girls look up at the screen as the scores are posted
Their name appears at the very top of the leader board with
a perfect one hundred.

The girls turn to go back and tear down. The master of
ceremonies grabs the microphone,
Space Capsule is ready to set up for their scheduled
performance, as Destiny's Desire passes.
Congratulations, ladies!
Hal looks at Wendy.


And girl, where did you ever learn
to beat the toms like that? You’ve
got talent, girl.
Wendy has a slight smirk on her face.
Let’s just say it’s my Destiny.
Thank you and good luck out there.
Hal places a drum on stage.
After the performance you girls
just put on I’d say we’ve got our
work cut out for us, and we’ll
need one hell of a performance
just to make it to the leader
board and round two.
The girls' instruments and gear are loaded onto a cart and
Sam wheels it towards the back.

Bill arrives backstage and wears a huge smile.
Well, ladies, you did it.
Bill hugs each girl.
I feel like a father in a
maternity ward. You girls were
totally awesome.
Danielle wears a disturbing look on her face.
Yes we did, thanks to Destiny.
You don’t seem too happy about it,


I’m thrilled about our scores, but
one thing puzzles me.
And what’s that?
Did you tell the MC to call us
D & D?
No I didn’t. When I heard it,
from my seat, I thought you did,
not that I minded it at all.
It did sound cool, Danielle.
Do you think Destiny has anything
to do with it?
Oh I’m sure she does, but with
everything happening so fast out
there on stage, I didn’t think too
much about it until now. It just
kind of hit me, when the curtains
closed the second time is all.
I know the fans seemed to love it.
D & D does add a certain flare to
the name Destiny’s Desire, and
it’s easier to say.
Okay! Okay! I get the picture.
What are we going to do now?
Sometime today the four of you
will have to face the media.
Whether you realize it or not,
I’ve had only eight bands entered
into this competition in the last
twelve years, and you girls are


                       BILL (cont'd)
the only ones who’ve made it to
round two.
Why will we have to face the
media, because of our scores?
Exactly! You four young ladies
managed to do what no other band
has done since the Battle of the
Bands started over twenty years
ago. No band ever attained a
perfect score of one hundred. As
soon as you girls walk out of here
you’ll be swamped with reporters
and cameras galore. You’ll even
be asked every question you can
imagine. D & D is now a bona fide
band, so your popularity just
skyrocketed in eight short
What do you say, girls, want to
face the media now?
Dana heads into the lobby in front of the other girls.
Now I know why people hate press
conferences so much. Man, like
they want to know every detail
about your life.
Danielle is behind Dana.
Well if you think this is bad,
Dana, then wait until tomorrow
night, if we win it all. They’ll
want to know everything about you,
and maybe even your bra size.


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
Dana stops short and turns around to face Danielle.
You’ve got to be kidding.
Danielle chuckles as they reach the counter.
Yes I’m kidding, Dana. I just
wanted to see your face flush, and
it worked.
Bill waits for the girls and stands to greet them as they’re
brought to the table.
Well, ladies, this is the big day.
Dana takes a seat across from him.
Why such an early start? The
final round doesn’t start until
Let’s get our meals ordered and
I’ll fill you in on the day’s
The waitress arrives and takes their orders. She then
returns to the kitchen.
Okay girls, sit back and listen.
Once we leave here, we’ll be going
to a photo shoot at the Garden.
Once the photo shoot is over, we
move to the interviews.
Why the interviews?


Just before you go on stage, the
television station airs the
interviews of the upcoming band.
This is only for the television
audience. By that time it will be
near four o’clock. At
four-thirty, with a representative
from each band in attendance, the
general manager for the
competition has a drawing to see
what order you’ll perform in
tonight. Then, at seven o’clock,
the competition starts. That’s
how your day will play out.
What’s the photo shoot for?
It’s a formality, more than
anything else but they take
pictures of all ten finalists in
the competition. The press will
be there to take pictures as well.
The girls are on stage and their instruments and gear are
all set up. The curtain opens. Their figures are
silhouetted in the dark shadows.

The MC stands just to the left of center stage.
      (LOUD voice)
Ladies and gentlemen! Please
welcome back, from Hartford,
Connecticut, D & D, better known
as Destiny’s Desire.
The spotlights aim at Wendy and simultaneously the drums go
in overdrive as Wendy's hands fly from one tom to the other,
back and forth, extremely fast, like she is a wizard.

Danielle and Dana follow suit with the lead and base guitars


in sync, and five seconds later Dana starts to sing the
vocal to their new song.
Four walls… … …Four walls… … …The
four walls of Destiny,
Four walls… … Four walls… … … The
four walls of Destiny,

She was the spirit of an angry
Her brother was taken from her
A wall of hurt has taken its toll,
Finding his killer is her ultimate

Four walls… … … Four Walls… … …
The four walls of Destiny,
Four walls… … … Four Walls… … …
The four walls of Destiny,

It’s been eight years since he’s
been gone,
His senseless murder was oh so
A wall of pain still lingers
Josh’s killers they better beware.

Four walls… … … Four walls… … …
The four walls of Destiny,
Four walls… … … Four walls… … …
The four walls of Destiny,

She has powers, not like before,
So Destiny’s out to settle the
The wall of emptiness and grief
Killing a child is truly insane.

Four walls… … … Four walls… … …
The four walls of Destiny,
Four walls… … … Four walls… … …
The four walls of Destiny,

The wall of hurt,
The wall of emptiness,
The wall of grief,
The wall of pain,

Four walls… …… Four walls… …… The


                       DANA (cont'd)
four walls of Destiny,
Four walls… … … Four walls…
… The four walls… …
of a prison cell… …Four walls.
Once the song ends, the fans inside Madison Square Garden go
wild. A standing ovation once again can be seen from one
side of the building to the other. D & D heads out to the
front and gives a polite bow to their fans as they await the
posting of their scores.

As the girls turn, to go back to their instruments, they
look up at the leader board as their scores are posted. D &
D’s name rises to the top eliminating Skull Orchard, as they
record a perfect one hundred and twenty-five points.

The girls head back to their positions, as the curtain
closes behind them.

Dana jumps up and down.
      (LOUD whisper)
We did it, Danielle! We did it!
The lights come on behind the closed curtains, and tears
streak down the front of Dana’s face while she stands there
and hugs her friend.

Danielle releases Dana’s embrace of and starts to take down
their gear.
      (LOUD whisper)
Just six more bands to go.
Sam climbs onto the stage to assist them, but says nothing.
Bill heads backstage and straight over to the girls.
You four young ladies were awesome
out there.


Bill gives each girl a hug.
For some reason each one of you
seemed so energized. To be
honest, the four of you were twice
as good as when you practiced that
song in rehearsal.
Okay, so what happens next?
Bill wipes the tears that flow from his eyes with a
Well it’s a proven fact that you
can’t be beat in this round, but
there’s a slim chance one or more
of the remaining groups can tie
What would happen then?
They’d have what’s called a
one-song showdown. Each band in
the tie can pick either a new
song, or a pre-recorded song of
their choice, but there’s to be no
That would show these excited fans
what kind of spunk their favorite
band has.
I’m not going to worry about that
unless it happens.
Well, in either case we don’t have
to worry, because we have Angel of
Desire as our back-up song and we
know that as well as we do any of
the others.


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
Something’s wrong! Something’s
definitely wrong.
In what way?
The five of them can hear the MC’s announcement of Jay Bee
and the Tucks, backstage.
I can’t put my finger on it, but
something’s just not right.
I feel something too, Danielle.
I’m tingling, all over, and it
doesn’t feel good. What’s
This is funky. First it’s
Destiny, then Danielle, and now
even Wendy.
Well, we’re just going to have to
wait and see, but I’m telling you
something’s about to happen, and
Destiny was right.
A uniformed New York City POLICE OFFICER approaches the
backstage security-door and is met by Garden Security.

The Security Guard sees the approaching officer.


Can I help you, officer?
The tall officer looks squarely at the guard.
I’m here to see John Bradley, or
you might know him better as J.
B., of J. B. & The Tucks.
Well right now they are on stage
and performing, sir, but they’ll
be done soon.
The guard opens the door and points to Destiny’s Desire.
You can wait for them over there
by those four young ladies. That’s
Destiny’s Desire. Tuck will be
coming out just this side of them.
Thank you! Is there anywhere,
back here, where I can talk to him
in private? I just need a place
where I can talk to him alone.
You can use one of the dressing
rooms. Right now none of them are
being used. There’s one you can
use right behind where Destiny’s
Desire stands. If you don’t know,
sir, Jay Bee is their drummer.
The officer enters the backstage area and heads towards D &
Lisa looks towards the backstage door and sees a uniformed
Police Officer enter.


I wonder what a police officer is
doing back here.
Dana and the others turn their heads in that direction.
I don’t know, but he’s headed in
our direction.
Bill heads over to the officer.
Are you looking for anyone in
particular, officer?
The officer looks towards Stage Door Two.
I’m waiting for this band to
finish. Thank you!
Bill starts to turn.
No problem!
I wonder what he wants with Jay
Bee and the Tucks.
J.B. & the Tucks return to their instruments while the
curtain closes behind them.

As Train Wreck is being announced, Officer Williams climbs
up on stage and goes over to the drummer.
Are you John Bradley?
JOHN BRADLEY stands and turns to face him.


Yes I am.
Officer Williams looks towards the stage door and extends
his hand in that direction.
Can we go to one of the dressing
rooms and talk?
Wrinkles form on John’s forehead and a puzzling look appears
on his face.
Did I do something wrong?
You’ve done nothing wrong, son,
but you’ve got a problem at home
and you’re needed there as soon as
you can. Please, can we talk in
What kind of a problem at home,
officer? Dan! I’ll be with you
guys in a minute.
John climbs down from the stage, with the officer behind
him, and leads him to the nearest dressing room. Flipping
on the light switch, he turns to face the officer.
Okay, now, what’s this all about?
The officer places his right hand on John's shoulder.
There's no easy way to put this,
John, but your son Jeremy is
missing and we have a feeling he
may be the victim of a kidnapping.
I'm sorry, but we have the State
Police standing by, outside, to
drive you to the airport and a
flight is ready to take you back


                       OFFICER (cont'd)
to Albany.
John's hands cup his head.
Oh my God! What about my wife
Lynne? Is she alright?
We have people with her right now
and I believe her parents are with
her as well.
Okay, then, let me tell the guys
and we’re out of here.
Both men leave the dressing room and head behind stage two,
where the band’s removing the instruments from the stage.

Tears streak down the sides of John’s face.
DAN NAYLAN turns to face his drummer.
Yeah, John!
Dan sees John’s tear soaked face.
Hey, what’s the matter, man?
It’s Jeremy. He’s missing and the
cops believe he’s been kidnapped.
They’ve got a cruiser to drive me
to the airport and an airplane to
fly me right back home. I’ll meet
you guys back there.


We’ll see your gear gets back. The
best of luck my friend.
Sorry, man, but we’re out of the
competition. My family comes
No need to explain. You get your
ass home and find that fine boy of
The officer and John head to the backstage door.
Standing only a short distance away, the girls of D & D
overhear the conversation.

Danielle looks at the other girls.
This is what was bothering Destiny
and we felt it too, but we didn’t
know what it was.
What will happen now?
If they go by the Battle of the
Bands rules of competition, you
girls will win it uncontested if
no one else ties.
Danielle doubles her fists. Her voice is brash and bitter.
What are those rules?
If any team forfeits, for any
reason, in round one then the next
competitor will advance. In round
two, however, that competitor is
out of the competition and no one
advances. The highest score then


They didn’t forfeit, Bill. Some
lowlife bastard, who had nothing
better to do than to snatch John’s
kid, forced them out. I don’t
know about you girls, but I’m not
going to accept this win under
these conditions. We came here
to win a battle, and as far as I’m
concerned that battle has not yet
been won.
I agree.
Lisa nods her head to Wendy.
We do too.
I’ve got to talk to Dan before
they leave.
Because I’m going to let them know
we’re going to be there to help
support them. They need some
friendly faces right about now.
But you girls don’t have all your
powers yet. What can you do
without them, let alone know what
they might be?
We’ll work with what powers we
have, if we have to, but I’m sure
Destiny’s not going to let us go
out there unprepared. I’ll be
right back.


Danielle goes over to the lead singer for Jay Bee and the
Excuse me, Dan.
Yeah? What can I do for you?
Nothing, maybe I can help you. We
couldn’t help but overhear the
conversation you had with your
drummer a few minutes ago.
So? You’ll win the competition
hands down. That’s what you want,
isn’t it?
Relax! I’m on your side, and
that’s not why I’m here. We’re
not going to accept the win under
those conditions. We didn’t win
it. I came over here to offer any
help we can be to John and his
How can you four young girls help
John and his wife right now? This
is a matter for the police and the
FBI to handle.
Do me a favor, please!
What’s that?
When you see John, will you please
try to remember to tell him we’re
going to try and help? We have
ways you’d never understand and
would take me hours to go into


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
details, but please trust me on
Train Wreck finishes and they wait for their scores to be
posted. A moment later their posting is made and they
receive a score of one hundred and ten.

The MC heads to the microphone and grabs it.
Ladies and gentlemen! This is a
first for the Battle of the Bands.
Not only do we have one team with
a perfect score, but we also have
a second. I just received word
from the committee that a winner
must be decided. Could we have a
representative from each band up
here on stage, please?
Danielle and Dan are ready to go on stage.
Dan looks at Danielle, before she goes up the stairs
You do know what I have to do?
Danielle looks him square in the face.
Yes I do, and I told you what I
was going to do.
Both musicians head to center stage and over to the
microphone where the Master of Ceremonies stands.
Dan heads straight to the MC and whispers into his ear.

After hearing Dan’s words the MC faces the crowd.


Oh my God! - Excuse me, ladies and
gentlemen, judges, and the media.
Something has just been brought to
my attention and I’ll let Dan
Naylan, the singer for Jay Bee and
the Tucks, speak to you. The
microphone is yours, Dan.
The MC backs up and out of Dan’s way so he can speak.

With tears welling up in the corners of Dan’s eyes, he goes
to the microphone. The entire building is so silent you can
almost hear a pin drop.
It’s with a saddened heart I have
to stand here before you great
fans and am forced to withdraw Jay
Bee and the Tucks from further
competition in this battle for
first place. After we performed
out here, just a few minutes ago,
we got word from a police officer
that Jay Bee’s son was missing and
presumed to have been kidnapped
sometime this afternoon. John is
already on his way back to Albany
with a state police escort. I
would like to thank all our
supporters, and the great fans
we’ve made here in New York, for
without you we could not have come
this far. Thank you!
Dan hands the microphone back to the MC.
The MC grabs the microphone.
Ladies and gentlemen! This news
saddens us all, and everyone in
the rock and roll world. With the
rules the way that they are,
however, I’m compelled to award
the victory to Destiny’s Desire.
D & D's fans start to applaud as Danielle goes over to the


Can I speak to everyone, please?
This is unusual, to say the least,
but Danielle Dee, from Destiny’s
Desire, just asked to make a
comment to everyone. Danielle!
The microphone’s yours.
The MC backs up so Danielle can speak.

Danielle Looks out into the hall, at the now quieted fans.
She grabs the microphone.
First off, Destiny’s Desire would
like to send our heart felt best
wishes to John and his family.
Secondly! We would like to make
it known that given the abnormal
circumstances of the situation,
Destiny’s Desire cannot and will
not accept this victory. We came
here to the Battle of the Bands to
do battle with our instruments and
our talents. We’ve done that, but
then again so did Jay Bee and the
Tucks. Because there was a tie
means that this battle has yet to
be decided. When we accept a
victory, our fans will be able to
look up to us and say yes, they
won it, not that it was handed to
them by default. Do what you want
with the money, but I’m sure John
could use some of it to help find
his son. LUW Recording Studios!
Your contract was with the winner
of the battle. There was no
winner. Thank you!
The media frantically tries to write it all down.

The Master of Ceremonies takes the microphone from Danielle.
Ladies and gentlemen! Due to what
just transpired here at the 1991
Battle of the Bands, I have to
declare this battle officially


                       MC (cont'd)
over. For the media, I’d like to
ask that you all return here in an
hour and we’ll hold a news
conference. Thank you all for
The MC steps away from the microphone and looks at both
Danielle and Dan.
Would both of you be willing to
hang loose for about an hour, when
we can talk with the press?
I’d be glad to stay.
I’m sorry, sir, but John needs us
at home right now, so we’ll be
heading back to Albany tonight.
That’s understandable. Please
give our sincere regards to John
and the family. I have a meeting
with the committee, Danielle.
Please give me about an hour.
Then, if you would, have the whole
band meet me here onstage for the
news conference.
We’ll be here sir!
Danielle turns and follows Dan backstage where the rest of
the band stands waiting. Dan heads over to the rest of the
band Jay Bee and the Tucks,
Danielle steps down the stairs from stage two.
What’s going on, Danielle?


The committee is having a meeting
right now. I guess they’re trying
to figure out what, legally, they
should do next. They want all of
us on the stage in an hour, when
they hold a press conference.
What do you think they’ll do?
Your guess is as good as mine is
but if you heard me, I’ve already
refused to accept the victory
under those conditions.
Speaking as an agent, Danielle,
that hurt, but speaking as your
agent, I was then, and still am
now, very proud of what you said
on that stage. Not only is
Destiny’s Desire well known as an
up and coming band, but now you’ve
earned the respect of the rock and
roll industry as a whole.
This is far from over, I’m sure.
Now we just have to wait and see
what the committee will decide to
Wendy grabs a seat.
I wonder what’s going on behind
closed doors right now.
We’re just going to have to wait
until the press conference and
find out.


The girls come in from the backstage area they can see two
long folding tables pushed together end to end, with eight
chairs on one side. Microphones of all types stretch out
from one end to the other. Television cameras,
photographers, and other media line the seats in the
immediate area opposite the stage.

Two men and two women comprise the Battle of the Bands
committee and they are already seated when D & D comes in
and the girls take the remaining four seats.
FRANK DAWES, committee chairman, is seated far right.
I’d like to thank the press for
being so patient in this delicate
and trying matter before this
committee. I’d also like to thank
the band Destiny’s Desire for
waiting patiently backstage. J.B.
& The Tucks was forced to withdraw
from competition because John
Bradley’s son was presumed
kidnapped sometime earlier today.
Danielle Dee, The lead guitarist
and the leader of the Band D & D,
refused to accept the victory they
didn’t win.

(Frank catches his breath)

This is the decision of this
committee, as well as Miss Connie
Lasseter from LUW Recording
Studios. After serious
deliberation, the funds designated
to the winner of the Battle of the
Bands will temporarily be placed
in an escrow account. The
recording contract, by LUW
Studios, will be put on hold until
both J.B. and the Tucks, and
Destiny’s Desire, can compete here
next year.

The media goes wild as they try to take notes on the
conditions. Cameras still roll and the photographers get
more pictures.


In closing, We feel Danielle Dee,
bandleader for Destiny’s Desire,
came to the stage tonight with a
sincere and honest heart when she
refused the award under the
circumstances for which they would
have won. That kind of
competitiveness makes for true
champions for any band. Would
anyone from Destiny’s Desire like
to add anything?
Danielle grabs the nearest microphone.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. On
behalf of the entire band we send
our prayers to John in hopes of
finding their son safe and fast.
This whole ordeal has been a
strain on our band as well, and we
would simply like to ask the media
to give us some space as we leave
here tonight. All that’s been
needed to say has been said, and
we’d just like to get back to our
hotels quietly. Thank you!
That sums it up nicely, Danielle.
There will be no questions by the
media at this time. This news
conference has ended.
The elevator reaches the ground floor and all four girls
head inside.

Once the door closes Danielle doubles her fist and slams it
hard against the wall.


Damn! Why are there such beasts
in this world?
Easy, Danielle! We’re all pissed
off, just like you.
Destiny better be there or we’re
going to Albany tomorrow, on our
own, and find this boy before
something happens to him.
We should know soon enough. We’re
almost to our floor.
The elevator stops at the fifteenth floor and they head
directly to their suite.
The girls enter the room and Dana runs to the television set
and turns it on. She looks at her watch.
The news should already be on.
The girls watch as the events of the previous three and a
half hours unfold before their eyes.
I’ve seen enough.
Danielle throws the remote control across the room.
Where the hell is Destiny? I want
those extra powers she has for us
Dana retrieves the remote control and places it on the
coffee table.


Should I keep the television on?
No! You can shut it off.
Dana reaches for the remote once again, this time to shut
the television off, but it rises from the coffee table by
itself and remains suspended in the center of the room.
Oh my God, Danielle. I believe
Destiny’s here!
Both Wendy and Lisa sit back on the couch, their eyes open
wide as they watch the remote.
Destiny! Please show yourself.
The television shuts off and a mist exits from the darkened
screen. Her crystal-like molecular cells sparkle and swirl
in a counter-clockwise manner in the center of the room, as
her form begins to take shape.
      (Speaking Harshly)
What took you so long?
Destiny lowers the remote control and places it in the
center of the coffee table. Her eyes remain shut while she
hovers in the center of the room.
Stand up, all of you!
Destiny’s eyes remain closed as the four members of her band
do as she asks.
A cold sweat forms on Danielle’s brow.
I’m afraid to ask, Destiny, but
what’s wrong?
Only the four of you can quench
the rage that now burns deep
within my spirit.


What do you mean?
Destiny turns her head towards the light switch, on the wall
by the door, and opens her eyes to reveal rays of immense
light. Red, green, blue, and purple rays of light emanate
from her eyes like a beacon, and as her head moves, the
light switch turns to the off position. The room grows dark
and grotesque as she closes her eyes once again.
What the hell was that? What’s
she doing, Danielle? She’s scaring
the hell out of me.
I’ll be damned if I know, but
whatever it is, she’s scaring the
hell out of me, too.
Danielle takes a few steps backwards.
Destiny! Say something to us.
The room is almost pitch black; the only light that filters
into the room, is from the streets of New York City below.
I beg you, Destiny, Please talk to
Each time you’ve asked me to give
you your additional powers, I’ve
told you that the time was not
right. Your souls hadn’t reached
a point to where they were ready
to handle what I must give you in
order for you to succeed. The time
is now right. When I open my
eyes, I want you to look deep into
them and see the rage that
infiltrates the very core of my
spirit. When I call out your
name, I want you to stand in front
of me and look deep into my eyes.
Then, and only then, you must walk
through me so our spirits can meld
together and be as one. The
powers you seek will be passed
from me into you. After you have


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
your powers, I will then explain
to you what they are and how you
are to use them.
Oh my God, Danielle, what the
hell’s going on? I don’t like
Dana backs up against the couch, her palms are sweaty and
she tries to wipe them on her pants.
This is not what I call normal.
If we want the powers she has for
us, Dana, we better listen to her.
Destiny opens her eyes.
Danielle, you’re first.
Danielle walks towards her mentor’s spirit and looks deep
into where her eyes should be. She sees flames that rage
out of control. She stops directly in front of her.
The other girls GASP as they stand there and gaze into
Destiny’s fiery eyes.
The time is right for you to have
these powers. Walk through me,
and do not hesitate.
Without saying a word, Danielle steps through her spirit. As
she does, her own body becomes aglow a bright crimson red.
Continuing through, her body returns to normal with the
exception of her eyes. They continue to glow, but within
seconds they stop glowing and return to normal.
Dana, you’re next.
Dana steps to within two feet of Destiny and stops.


Do not hesitate, Dana, but
walkright through me.
Dana walks right through her. Her whole body becomes aglow
a bright blue. Exiting out the other side it dissipates,
except her eyes. Seconds later they too return to normal.
Stand before me, Lisa.
Lisa steps towards Destiny slowly.
Will this hurt?
Where’s your faith, Lisa? You’ve
seen both Danielle and Dana do it,
and they’re just fine. Stand in
front of me.
Lisa steps in front of Destiny and stops within two feet of
her molecular spirit.
I’m ready, Destiny.
It’s time, Lisa. Step through me
and do not stop until you are
clear of my spirit.
Lisa looks into Destiny’s eyes, as she steps through, and
she can see the rage that infiltrates her spirit. As she
goes through, her body turns a bright green, including her
eyes. As she steps through the other side the color fades,
with the exception of her eyes. They quickly return to
normal as Lisa goes and stands by Danielle and Dana.
Okay, Wendy, it’s your turn. Stand
in front of me.
Wendy steps in front of Destiny, looks into her eyes, and


You are ready, Wendy. Go through
me and do not stop until you are
Following the same path the others took, Wendy walks right
through her sparkling body. As she does her entire body
turns a bright purple, including her eyes. Stepping out on
the other side she returns to normal. Her eyes become
normal a moment later.
You girls can sit down.
Destiny waits for them to be seated.
Now that the formalities are over
with, it’s now time for you girls
to learn what you just received.
Destiny! What was that chilling
sensation we felt as we went
through you, or was I the only one
who felt it?
I don’t need to tell you, for
you’re already aware that I’m a
spirit. Your spirits are warm
because you’re alive, but where
I’m dead, my spirit is as cold as
my dead body. When each of you
went through me you got to
experience, first hand, what I
really am. Now let me get back to
business. Danielle! When you
need to, your eyes will become
aglow a bright red color. When
you look into someone’s eyes, and
yours are aglow, you’ll have the
power to put that person into a
hypnotic trance.
Danielle sits back in the love seat.
When would I need to use it?


Let me first explain to the
others, what their eyes can do. By
then you should be able to figure
it out by yourself. Dana! Your
eyes will turn a bright blue when
you need to be able to read
someone’s mind. You don’t have to
be looking into the person’s eyes,
but you do have to be looking at
their head somewhere.
Oh wow! Now I can be a mind
Lisa! Your eyes will turn a
bright green. When your eyes are
aglow, and you look into a
person's eyes, you'll be able to
erase that person's memory of
whatever you need them to forget.
Finally there is Wendy. Your eyes
will turn purple if you need to
have x-ray vision if you need to
see through walls or buildings.
Will some of us have to use our
powers simultaneously?
Yes, but that would be just you
and Dana. The others are pretty
much self-supporting. Now! Why I
chose to give you your powers is
because of what happened to Jeremy
Bradley. Even though I’m a
lifeless spirit, this lifeless
spirit does not like seeing that
kind of evil happening to a child.
The police are not sure if he’s
been kidnapped yet or not, but I’m
sure. Jeremy was abducted.


Do you want us to go to Albany to
try and help in finding John
Bradley's son?
Everything you girls do, with the
new powers I’ve given you, has to
be done with a certain amount of
discretion. Before you girls get
to go anywhere blind, go home and
familiarize yourselves with these
new powers.
Will I be able to use both my
powers at the same time?
You’ll be able to be invisible,
and alter your voice while you’re
invisible as well, yes. You’ll
also be able to read someone’s
mind while being invisible too.
That’s cool, Destiny!
I don’t want you girls to go
traipsing off to Albany until you
have these skills perfected. Know
when, where, why and how to use
these powers.
How are we supposed to use them
without being seen by anyone?
You, Lisa, need not ask that
question. It’s you who has the
ability to erase what you need
removed from someone’s mind.
Sorry, Destiny, I forgot.


Return home tomorrow and eat,
breathe, and sleep your powers
until they are as much a part of
you as the very breath you take.
Someone’s life may just depend on
it, even your own. I’ll leave you
now, but I’m always there.
Destiny turns her head towards the wall, her eyes once again
turn red, blue, green and purple, as the rainbow of colors
flips the switch to the on position. While the girls adjust
their eyes to the light, Destiny’s spirit dissolves and
dissipates back into the blackened television screen.
This is too awesome. Just think,
between the four of us, with our
instruments and our eyes, we have
more firepower than does an army
of police.
But we have to use these powers
for good, and we can’t be caught
using them. Our success will only
be possible if our identities
remain unknown. Let’s go to bed.
I’ll call Bill in the morning and
let him know what’s going on.
Danielle Sits on the couch.
I thought the phone would never
stop ringing. Has everyone’s
family called?
Lisa sits beside Danielle.


let's see! There are four of us
girls, and four mothers. We got
four phone calls; one from each
mother. Yep we got em all.
Thanks, Lisa! I needed that
Dana sits in the easy chair, shrugging her shoulders.
How in the world are we supposed
to perfect our powers when we have
no one to try them out on?
Wendy sits in the recliner.
You have to admit Danielle, Dana
has a good point.
Yes she does, but as far as you
go, Wendy, all you have to do is
be a concealed peeping tom.
Wendy Laughs hard and accentuates her full-figured body.
Yeah right! How the hell can you
possibly conceal me?
Well just look through some walls
without being seen doing it, I
I could have figured that much out
by myself.


But you Dana will just have to
become invisible and try to see if
you can read people’s minds. Once
you have that accomplished then
just come home and become visible
You’re a barrel of laughs, girl.
Well you girls will have your
laughs when I play the wicked
witch of Hartford, and I go riding
around on my Warlock guitar like
it’s a broom. How the hell am I
supposed to be able to practice
Okay, okay! I get your point.
Some of these powers will have to
be worked on at night.
I’ll tell you what. If I’m in any
kind of danger, and my only means
of escape is to get on DD and fly
away, I won’t give a damn if it’s
day or night. What sane person
would believe the jerk who said I
was able to do such a thing?
If anyone ever told me they saw a
girl flying around on a guitar,
like I’d see to it they’d be taken
away to the funny farm.
That’s my point. If someone saw
me do it they wouldn’t have the
guts to tell anyone about it. You,
Lisa, have the hardest powers to
perfect between us all.


Why do you say that?
Well who would you practice using
your stun gun on when you hit the
“F” string on the bass?
Oh I agree, Danielle, and who am I
going to smoke when I pluck my “G”
Dana laughs so hard she ends up rolling on the floor
laughing and grabbing her stomach.
Oh stop, Lisa, you’re killing me.
Danielle can’t keep a straight face, and they all start
laughing heartily.
Well that’s what I have to pluck
if I want to smoke someone with
Okay, girls, can we get back to
some level of seriousness now? It
was good to laugh, okay? You just
need to see if you can focus your
eyes in two directions at once,
Lisa. If you’re successful, then
I will be as well.
When do you think we’ll go to
Well we sure won't go out there
until we're one hundred percent
ready for whatever faces us when
we get there. So, girls, if we
set our minds to it, we should be
ready to go by the weekend.


When does Bill have us scheduled
to go on tour?
He told me it’d be about three
weeks after the competition, so
that gives us less than two weeks
to find Jay Bee’s kid and be back
There’s nothing like having a
little pressure put on us.
Then let’s buckle down, perfect
them as soon as we can, and we can
get D & D to Albany and find that
missing boy, and fast.
Danielle sits down on the easy chair.
It’s six o’clock, Dana. Turn on
the news, will you please?
Dana turns on the TV.
Are you trying to find out about
the Bradley boy?
I’d prefer our services weren’t
needed in Albany, Dana, but I have
to find out
I’ve got the New York Station,
Danielle, and the news is just
coming on.


This is Dan Sturgiss, for KANY
Albany. There have been no new
leads in the kidnapping of Jeremy
Bradley, the seven-year old son of
drummer John Bradley of J.B. & The
Tucks. It’s reported that Jeremy
had a flat tire on his bicycle and
never made it back to his parent’s
home, but there are no witnesses
who saw the child actually taken.
As of this broadcast there have
been no ransom demands of any
kind. Stay tuned for developments
as they happen. This is Dan
Sturgiss Live, outside the Bradley
That tells me what I need to know.
You can shut it off, Dana. We’ll
be leaving here in the morning.
Lisa enters the room.
Where are we going in the morning?
According to tonight’s news, Lisa,
they’re no closer to finding
Jeremy than they were four days
ago. It’s time for us to head out
there and find this kid and get
him home with his family.
Detective KEN COOMBS, heads out from the den, used as a
command post, and enters the living room where John and
Lynne Bradley sit and wait. He turns to face John,
Can I talk with you for a minute,
John looks up from the couch.


Alone, sir?
The detective nods his head in the affirmative.
Yes, please!
John turns his head towards his wife.
I’ll only be a minute, babes.
Tears stream out of LYNN BRADLEY’S eyes.
If it’s bad news, John, I… I just
can’t handle it.
Lynn buries her face in her hands.
John gets up and heads to the doorway between the living
room and the den, where both the Albany Police and the FBI
set up a base of operations. He looks straight at the
You wanted to see me, detective?
The detective stands by the doorway and places his hand on
John’s shoulder.
      (Lowering his
Thank you, John! Yes I did. I
know this has been quite a strain
on both you and the wife, but in
most kidnappings, where there’s an
expected ransom demand, that
demand usually comes within the
first twenty-four to forty-eight
hours after the child’s been
grabbed. Only in rare cases do
the kidnappers hold off getting
the ransom demand to the parents.
John’s eyes begin to water.


Yeah, and so far there’s been no
ransom demand, of any kind, and
it’s been more than ninety-six
hours. So what?
As much as I hate to say this, we
just don’t have the resources that
will allow us to remain here after
noontime today.
John raises his voice.
So what are you trying to tell me,
detective, that our son will end
up being just another police
Not at all, sir, but unless we
have more to go on, we can’t
remain here around the clock.
We’ll continue to monitor the
wiretap of your home for probably
another week, if needed.
I apologize, detective. My nerves
are shot to hell. You and the FBI
have done everything imaginable to
find my son. Being the worst
thing that’s ever happened to me,
I just blew up.
Forget it! I promise to keep in
touch with you, John, in case
anything develops in the case.
Thank you, detective, but I’m
afraid if we hear from you again,
we won’t want to hear what you’ll
have to tell us. My son is my
whole world, and he idolizes me.
If I lose him, then a part of me


                       JOHN (cont'd)
dies with him, detective.
I can understand that, son, as I’m
a father, too. My boy is just a
year older than yours so I can
empathize with you.
Is that all, detective?
That’s all, John.
John returns to the living room where his wife is crying and
waits for him. Lynne Bradley, twenty-eight, is a petite
blonde with long waist length hair. She sits there and hugs
the only thing that her son clings to, and that’s his
favorite teddy bear. She tightens her grip on the plush bear
as she looks at her husband.
What’s going on, Johnny?
John puts his arm around her shoulder.
The police have to leave the house
by noon today.
Uncontrollable tears streak down the sides of Lynn’s face.
Oh God, John, why?
Like anything else in this damn
world, Lynne, it all boils down to
Lynn brings Jeremy’s teddy bear to her chest and holds it
tight against her.
So what’s going to happen to our
Jeremy now?


They’re going to keep the wiretap
on our phone, in case the
kidnappers do call us. No one
ever better get near me if
Jeremy’s hurt in any way. I’ll
kill the son of a bitch.
Lynne sits upright and turns to face him.
John! How are we going to get our
son back? He has to be missing
I know that, love, and we both
miss him, too. I just wished I
knew the answer to that question.
We need a miracle of some kind; a
miracle that’ll pluck Jeremy from
the hands of those who took him.
John stands up.
Someone’s at the door.
Lynne sits on the couch hugging Jeremy’s teddy bear.
Who can it be Johnny? I just don’t
want to see anyone right now.
John turns to go and answer the door.
I don’t know, hun, but I’ll go and
get it.
Opening the front door, John sees three of the D & D girls
on the other side.


My God, Danielle! What are you
girls doing up here in Albany? You
live in Hartford, right?
Danielle, Lisa, and Wendy stand on the front porch. Dana is
with them but she's invisible.
Didn’t Dan Naylan tell you we’d be
stopping in, to show our support?
He might have, Danielle. It’s
been a hectic week here.
We just needed to come and see how
you and the wife were holding up.
John opens the door wide.
Pardon my manners, Danielle.
Please, girls, come in. Honey!
I’d like you to meet some very
dear friends. I know you don’t
want to see anyone, but these are
the girls who we tied in that last
round and they’ve come a long way.
Lynne attempts to wipe the tears from her face.
Okay, John, I’m coming.
Lisa enters the foyer behind the invisible Dana.
How are things going, John?
Not too good! The cops and the
FBI just left here a little more
than an hour ago. Unless
something else happens, please
excuse my being blunt, but we're
friggen screwed. Where's your


                       JOHN (cont'd)
singer, Dana?
Lynne reaches the front door and forces a smile.
I’m terribly sorry, but I’m really
not good company right now. Hello!
Honey! This is Destiny’s Desire,
all but their singer. This is the
band that tied us in the final
round of the competition.
I know! I recognize them from the
tv. I want to thank you all for
what you girls did for Johnny and
the band down there. Please come
in and sit down.
Lynne extends her arm towards the room to their left.
Lynn leads the way into a large living room and they all sit
down with the exception of Dana who remains invisible.
Lisa and Wendy take a seat to the left of the Bradleys.
Lynn and John sit down on the couch.
Has there been any word at all
about your son?
There’s been nothing at all. Right
now we have no idea what we’re
going to do next, to find our
Tears once again start flowing from Lynn’s eyes.
Maybe we can help!


Not to sound skeptical, but you’re
only teen-aged girls. I know I
asked for a miracle, a little
while ago, but I don’t think
you’re it. What can you four do
that the police and the FBI
haven’t already done?
Can I be candid with you both, as
After what you four girls did for
us at the Battle of the Bands, by
all means.
Danielle sits in an easy chair across from the couch where
John and his wife sit.
Our band’s name, as you know, is
Destiny’s Desire. What no one
knows, is what the name stands
Lynne looks up at her for the first time, with a tear-soaked
And what would that be?
Destiny was a seventeen-year old
girl, just like most of our band
is, but she died. Her brother,
when she was only nine years old,
was kidnapped, molested, and
Oh my God, Johnny! I don’t want
to hear any more of this.


If you want us to try and help
both you, and your son, Lynne,
please hear me out.
Go on, Danielle!
When Destiny died, it had been her
desire to find the people
responsible for killing her
brother. The plane she was on was
struck by lightning. It appears
the lightning struck her, too. She
died, yes but that lightning bolt
gave her extraordinary powers.
Like what?
I was pretty sure I’d have to
prove what we were saying to you,
for you to trust us. Do you see
our singer anywhere in this room?
John looks around and sees only the three girls.
She never came in here with the
rest of you, Danielle.
Yes she did. You just didn’t see
John wears a perturbing smile on his face.
Only three of you walked into my
house, Danielle.
You were made to think that
because we set it up that way.
Whether you want to believe it or
not, John, Dana is in this room


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
with us, but she’s invisible.
Now I’ve heard everything.
Lynn buries her head into the pillow on the couch.
You’re not trying to make me
believe the four of you can become
invisible, are you?
Not all of us, John, just Dana.
I’ve heard some downright crazy
stories in my life, but what
you’re trying to tell us is
humanly impossible, by every sense
of anyone’s imagination, and I can
have a pretty damn big one.
Dana walks around John.
                       DANA (VO)
I’m as real as you are, John, but
with the powers Destiny gave me I
can make myself invisible whenever
I want to or need to.
What the hell?
With her face turning pale, Lynn stands up to get a better
look. Her jaw drops and she puts her right hand to her
mouth, in disbelief at what she heard.
                       DANA (VO)
Hold your hand out, John, and I’ll
grab your hand with mine.
John extends his right hand. With the three other members
of D & D seated across from him, and his wife seating
herself beside him, Dana shakes his hand.


Oh my God, Lynn, they’re telling
the truth. She just shook my hand.
Lynn wipes the tears from her eyes with her hands.
You’ll have to excuse me, girls,
but let’s just say for a moment
the four of you really do have the
powers you say you do. How would
you be able to use them to find
our son Jeremy?
I have to ask you something first.
And what’s that?
Do you have something that’s close
to Jeremy? Something he plays
with or holds a lot?
Lynn looks down at his teddy bear on the couch beside her.
Are you going to take it?
No, but Dana needs to hold it for
a few minutes. Nothing will
happen to it, I promise.
What’s she going to do with it?
Go ahead honey. They deserve that
much for what they’ve done for us.
This is Jeremy's favorite teddy
bear. He took it to bed with him
every night. I've been holding it
here for him until he returns.
Don't destroy it. That's all I've
got to hold onto right now.


Even though she’s invisible, Dana goes around in front of
Lynne. As she stands there she takes the teddy bear from

Lynne and John both watch as the teddy bear appears to
float, in mid air, from Lynne’s hand.

John puts his right arm around his wife and he holds both
her hands with his left hand.

Dana takes the teddy bear and holds it close to her heart.

Destiny’s spirit is quick to meld with Dana’s body. As she
does the teddy bear becomes aglow a bright yellow.
Telepathically, she speaks to Dana.
                       DESTINY (VO)
Give the bear back to Jeremy’s
mother and let them know that
their son is still alive. Tell
Danielle it’s Lisa’s turn. When
you return to the motel tell the
girls the boy is in some kind of a
warehouse or abandoned factory.
I’ll be in touch with all of you
As soon as Destiny’s telepathic message ends the bear stops
glowing and she departs Dana’s invisible body.

Lynne’s hands shake out of control.
Johnny! What the hell was that?
Where she’s still invisible Dana hands the bear to Lynne and
makes it appear that the bear is flying at her.
                       DANA (VO)
I do have good news for both of
you. Jeremy is alive and appears
to be well. Danielle! Destiny
said to tell you it’s time for
John looks at Danielle


How can she possibly know from
holding my son’s teddy bear?
I’ll tell you, John, but you’re
not going to believe me. Destiny’s
spirit is here with us in the
room. Her spirit just melded with
Dana’s body to see if she could
sense your son’s spirit in the
teddy bear. Because she could
sense it means that your son’s
alive. Telepathically she told
that to Dana so she could tell
Now what are you going to do?
Dana steps aside, she makes room for Lisa to stand in front
of both parents.

Lisa stands and approaches the Bradley’s.
Both of you have seen what no one
else has ever seen. This has only
been a sample of the true powers
we possess. In order for us to be
successful in finding your son, or
any other child we may yet try to
find, it’s imperative our powers
remain a secret. Your memory of
our being here will have to be
erased. One of the powers given
to me is the ability to remove the
memory of any conversation we’ve
had with people.
How do you do that?
All I need to do is look into your
eyes and a green beam of light
will come from mine and shine into
yours. All I have to do, then, is
tell you what I want you to


                       LISA (cont'd)
Will this hurt my wife in any way?
No it won’t, John, and you won’t
even know I did it because your
memory of it will also be erased.
Without the Bradley’s realizing it, Lisa concentrates her
eyes into theirs and a green beam of light displaces from
hers into theirs.
You will now forget the
conversation we just had about the
powers Destiny’s Desire has, as
well as the entire conversation
about your son Jeremy.
When Lisa shuts her eyes, John looks at her.
Wouldn’t you like to sit down,
I don’t even know why I got up in
the first place. I think I just
wanted to stretch my legs.
Can we get you girls something to
Danielle stands to leave.
Thank you anyway, Lynne, but we’re
heading out now to eat, so I
think, in all honesty, we better
get going, but thank you. Let us
know if there’s any word on
Lynne stands with her husband.


It was really nice of you girls to
come over here, Danielle, and
believe me this whole thing has
been a nightmare I wish on no
Wendy stands with Lisa,
Well let’s pray something good
develops so that your lives can
get back to a reasonable sense of
Make sure to say hello to Dana for
us, Danielle.
Danielle works her way towards the door.
I’ll be sure to do that, John.
Wendy opens the door while Danielle and Lisa say a final
word to both John and Lynne Bradley, allowing time for Dana
to leave the house undetected.
It’s seven o’clock when the girls return to the motel room
and darkness set in.

Danielle sits on the edge of one of the two beds.
We better make sure we have all
our instruments with us when we
leave here, girls. We don’t know
what we’ll face or what kind of
conditions we’ll be in, but we
need to be ready for anything.
Dana sits across from Danielle, on the second bed.


Our main concern will be getting
Jeremy out of there safe, at all
There are too many unanswered
questions, for us to be trying to
second-guess Destiny. Until she
arrives, our hands are virtually
tied. Why don’t you turn on the
television while we wait for her,
Lisa gets ready to turn on the television.
Television seems so insignificant
right now. We’ve got more
important things that need to be
That may be, Lisa, but there’s
nothing else we can do until she
gets here.
Before Lisa reaches the button, Destiny’s spirit alights
from the darkened screen. Tiny sparkling molecular cells
begin to swirl like a mini cyclone, until one by one they
fall into place and her form takes shape.
Danielle stands and looks directly at Destiny.
What did you find out, Destiny?
Destiny’s sparkling form floats until she’s suspended
between the two beds.
I was able to find the missing
Jeremy Bradley. He’s weak and
he’s in a warehouse about six
miles from here.


What do you want us to do? This
is our first time out and we don’t
want Jeremy hurt.
Write down these directions.
Destiny waits as Danielle gets paper and a pen.
Get on the thruway, just down the
street, and head westbound for two
exits. At the bottom of the ramp
is a set of traffic lights. Take
a left there. Follow that street
to the end and take a right. The
building is the third one on the
right side. Their vehicle is
concealed inside the warehouse by
an overhead door, and it’s dark
brown in color. The building is
rectangular in shape and you’ll
have to use some of your powers to
force your way inside.
Wendy sits on the second bed beside Lisa.
Where are those two people in
relationship to the overhead
The overhead door is located at
the back of the building. On the
opposite side of the building are
empty rooms that I figure were
used as offices. The two people
are in the far right one as you
look at them from where the van
is. Jeremy is in the one on the
far left.
What’s the best way to get inside?


Inside the building is a wall that
separates the building into two
sections. In the middle of that
wall is a sliding door. Towards
the rear of the building, from
that door, is a regular swing
door.The windows that surround the
building are boarded up. If
Danielle uses her laser the people
would never hear her or even see
her because they are at the
opposite end of the building.
Once we’re inside, we’ll do
whatever we need to do, to get
Jeremy out safe.
Once you’re inside, ladies, you’re
on your own. I cannot stop a
bullet if he decides to shoot at
you. You have everything you need
to prevent bloodshed anyway. Plan
your strategy before you leave to
go out there.
How’s the lighting in the
When I was there they were using
candles for light, so I doubt they
have electricity. That means the
lighting is going to be in your
Is there anything else we should
know before you leave us?
The door to their office is open,
as is the one with Jeremy inside,
but the others are closed. I will
go now, but know I'm there with
you when you go into the


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
Destiny’s sparkling body once again spirals as her form
dissipates in front of them. In a matter of seconds it‘s
sucked into the blackened television set from where she
came. Danielle grabs a piece of paper and a pen and quickly
draws a rough diagram of the building Destiny described to
Wendy pulls into the driveway next door to the abandoned
warehouse and finds a parking spot that’s secluded in the
shadows of the building.

Danielle & Lisa scamper to their guitars and strap them to
their necks.

Dana grabs her microphone and hurls it into the air. She
becomes invisible.

Wendy takes her two special drumsticks and tucks the
boomerang into the right side of her jeans and the mace into
the left side.

In the shadows of the active building, the girls work their
way to the rear of the warehouse. Once at the building,
they head to the nearest boarded up window.
Danielle removes DD from her shoulders and aims its neck at
the boarded up window.
Stand back, girls.
Danielle reaches into her pocket and pulls out the pick.
Okay, DD, its show time!
Danielle picks the “A” string on DD and a laser beam hits
its mark. She directs the beam at the board and it cuts an
elongated rectangular swath around it, large enough for the
girls to climb through.


Wendy! Take one of your
drumsticks and pry the corner of
the plywood so we can grab it, but
be quiet doing it.
Wendy pulls the right drumstick from her waistband, in a
matter of seconds she easily pries the wood frame loose.
Lisa and Danielle grabs the wood and lays it up against the
side of the building.

The opening is three feet off the ground, three feet wide
and four feet high and allows the girls easy access in and
out of the building.
      (speaking softly)
I’ll lead the way.
Danielle climbs through the opening, with DD draped over her
      (speaking softly)
Let’s go!
The girls follow and Dana brings up the rear.

Once they’re inside the darkened building, it’s pitch black.
Lisa lets the green beam from her eyes glow so they can
find the door Destiny told them was there. She looks around
the dark room.
      (whispering to
There it is. Be ready in case
this door gives us away when I
open it.
Lisa stands ready with her guitar and Wendy grabs both
drumsticks from her waistband.


Danielle is gentle as she turns the doorknob and eases the
door open. The door slides wide and no sound is made.
Leading the group, she allows her eyes to turn red.

Danielle closes her eyes and opens them to look in the far
corner of the large warehouse. She sees a dim light in the
room at the far end.

They all hear at least two people talking. Step by step
they work their way around until they stand behind the first
office in the line.

Danielle motions for Wendy to come to her.
Check in this room and see if
Jeremy’s there.
Wendy allows her eyes to turn purple and looks in through
the wooden blank wall. In an instant she can see inside the
darkened room. She sees a bed, with Jeremy bound and gagged
on it.

Wendy turns back to Danielle.
He’s in there, alright! They’ve
got the poor kid tied up, with
something blocking his mouth. I’m
surprised the kid can breathe.
Danielle inches her way to the end of the wall and looks up
the front of the row of offices. The first and fourth office
the doors are open and the two in the middle ones are
closed. After she gives them hand instructions they’re all
ready to move.

Danielle and Lisa remove their guitars from their shoulders.

Lisa leads the way and moves to within inches of the open
doorway, with Wendy right behind her. Both drumsticks are
at the ready. Danielle trails the other two.

Dana goes inside the first room with Jeremy and waits.

Lisa places the back of her bass guitar near the door
entrance, and turns her head to the others. She then turns
back and plucks the “G” string on the guitar. A large


billow of thick black smoke emerges and flows into the
office occupied by the suspected kidnappers.
LAURA CALAIS looks up from the table and sees the mass of
smoke billowing in the door.
What the hell? What the hell’s
that smoke Pete?
More and more of the dense smoke fills the room.
PETER HOLTZ grabs his pistol.
There’s no one in here, so go out
there and find out what it is, and
make it quick. I’ve got to send
you for some grub.
Peter returns to the construction of the ransom demand.

Lisa moves back out of the way and allows Wendy to ready her

Wendy stands beside Lisa. When Laura leaves the room, she
coughs and Wendy lets the boomerang fly. It catches the
woman on her right kneecap and she falls to the floor with a
thud, while the boomerang returns to Wendy’s hand.

Laura SCREAMS and grabs her right knee.
Ouch! Help me, Pete. I’ve been
hit by something.
Lisa waits. Her guitar neck is facing the doorway.

Peter loosely grabs the gun as he stands and heads
carelessly through the confines of the makeshift office.
What the hell coulda hit your
sorry ass in here?
Lisa’s finger, already on the “F” string, plucks it as two
wires, with small plungers, flies out of its end and hit’s
the man square in the chest. In a second he gets hit with


an electrical charge.

The gun flies out of Peter’s hand and he hits the floor. His
body shakes violently.

Danielle Runs up to him, from the shadows, and kicks the gun
away from them both.
I don’t think you’ll need that any
Danielle kneels in front of the man, her eyes aglow a bright
red. She looks into his eyes and hypnotizes him instantly.
We’ll stop the pain, but you won’t
move until the police tell you to.
Do you understand?
I understand!
Danielle closes her eyes and reopens them.

Laura holds onto her kneecap and looks over at her partner.
What the hell are you doing to us?
Dammit Pete, get them!
Danielle looks down at the woman.
Did you think for one minute that
you’d get away with kidnapping a
Who the hell are you, bitch?
Someone you wished you never
messed with.
Danielle kneels down and allows her eyes to turn red again.
She looks into the woman’s eyes.


You will lay there and not move
until the police direct you to do
so. Is that understood?
Laura’s voice becomes sullen and withdrawn.
I understand. I will not move
until the police tell me to.
Wendy! Tell Dana to untie the boy
and get him out of there. Bring
me the ropes Jeremy was tied with.
Wendy turns and heads to the room Jeremy and Dana are in.
You can untie him, Dana. Give me
the ropes he’s tied with.
      (soft gentle voice)
Jeremy! I’m going to untie your
hands and mouth, okay?
A muffled GRUNT comes out of the boy as Dana reaches around
the back of his head and unties the gag that keeps the child
Dana starts to untie the boy’s hands.
I’m hungry. Can I have something
to eat?
Jeremy turns towards Dana.
Dana removes the ropes that have him secured to the bed.


Jeremy! I’m a friend of your
daddy’s and I’ve come to take you
Jeremy looks around.
Thank you, lady! Where are you? I
can feel your hands, and I can
hear you, but I can’t see you
Wendy chuckles as Dana hands her the ropes Jeremy was tied
Here are the ropes. Tie them up
As Wendy leaves the room, Dana turns back to the boy.
You’ll get to see me later,
Jeremy, but for right now I want
to get you out of here and get
something for you to eat.
Dana helps him sit up.
Where’s my mommy and daddy, lady?
Wendy takes the ropes to where Danielle and Lisa watch the
suspected kidnappers.
Here’s those ropes Danielle.
Tie them up good, Wendy! Let them
feel what it’s like to be
hog-tied. They aren’t going to
move on you.


Wendy rolls Laura over first and ties her hands tight. She
then repeats the process with the man.
Dana helps Jeremy stand up.
We’ll make sure you get to see
your mommy and daddy. They’ve
been looking all over for you.
Oh wow and I’ve missed them too.
Dana grabs Jeremy’s hand.
Okay, young man, are you ready to
go now?
I still can’t see you, lady. I
can feel your hand okay, but am I
Maybe you are at that.
Dana leaves the room with Jeremy and turns her head towards
her friends.
I’m taking Jeremy out to the back.
Danielle turns towards Dana.
We’ll be right there.
      (to Danielle)
They’re tied up well. They’ll
never get loose.


Wendy double-checks the knots behind both suspects.
Lisa! Go ahead and do your thing,
but this time, do them one at a
time, just to be sure.
Hold my guitar, please, Danielle.
Lisa hands her guitar to Danielle and heads over to the man
first. She looks into his eyes, as her eyes turn green
You will not remember the three
girls who captured you.
Lisa then goes over to the woman and looks into her eyes.
You will not remember seeing the
three of us who captured you.
Danielle hands Lisa her guitar.
I want to see a couple of things
before we go girls. Wendy! Go
over to the van and use your
powers to look inside, but don’t
touch anything.
Wendy looks at her friend.
What am I looking for?
Hopefully Jeremy’s bicycle! If
it’s in there then that would seal
their fate.
Wendy heads over to the van and allows her eyes to turn
purple and she looks inside. She sees a child’s bicycle and
also a boy’s baseball cap. She closes her eyes and reopens
them and then turns to head back towards Danielle.
Danielle heads towards the room in front of her.


      (to Danielle)
Where are you going?
I want to see what’s in their
office. You can go ahead and meet
us outside the window.
Danielle heads inside the office the two suspects occupied,
and looks on the table. She can see what’s turning out to
be a ransom demand. She blows out the candle and leaves the
room without touching a thing.
Wendy is approaches her from the van.
What did you find?
The bicycle is there, as well as
the boy’s baseball cap.
Okay then, let’s go!
Danielle and Wendy work their way towards the small door.
After Wendy goes through, Danielle wipes the doorknob clean
of any prints. They then go to the window and climb
outside, not touching anything on the way.
Danielle climbs out and grabs the piece of wood they cut
from the window.

Wendy and Danielle start towards the car with Lisa.
What do you want that for?
So I can remove the only piece of
evidence the police could have
that we were ever here. Our
fingerprints are all over it.
Let's go you two.


Dana reaches the car, with Jeremy by her side, He’s been
holding her hand.
Okay, Jeremy, are you ready to see
me now?
Jeremy shrugs his shoulders.
Yeah, I guess so.
Dana reaches her free hand into the air.
Microphone, come to me.
The microphone lifts out of its case and flies through the
open window and comes to rest in her waiting hand.

Jeremy watches as her body reappears in front of him.
Hey, neato lady! That’s really
cool. How’d you do that?
It's a magic trick I learned, and
maybe someday I might just be able
to show you, but not tonight,
okay? Let's just keep it a secret
between you and me?
Okay, lady, but can I get
something to eat now? I’m really
As soon as my friends get here
we’ll do that for you, young man.
Danielle and Lisa hurry to get their instruments inside the
back. Three minutes later, with everything stowed away in
back, they’re on their way back to the motel.


Jeremy is asleep in Dana’s arms when they pull into their
parking space at the motel.

Dana shakes him gently.
Jeremy! It’s time to wake up,
young man.
Jeremy Looks around, half asleep.
Is my mommy and daddy here, lady?
Wendy opens the rear door.
No, but I promised you some food,
and we got you a hamburger and
some french fries, okay?
Jeremy gets out of the car with Dana right behind him.
I like them, thanks.
Danielle quickly unlocks the door and they all go inside.
Jeremy spots the food and dives right into the hamburgers
and french fries the girls bought for him.

Danielle stands off to the side of the room.
      (to Lisa)
I wonder how much they fed the
poor kid. It looks like he hasn’t
eaten in a while.


Jeremy is no more than forty inches tall and has short
straight hair like his father. His lips curve up and warms
their hearts.
Jeremy sits at the desk, eating.
Now that we have Jeremy here with
us, safe and sound, how are we
going to return him to his parents
and not get caught doing it?
Well we should be thankful we have
him here safe, Lisa.
What should we do next, Danielle?
We have two choices. In either
case we need to contact the police
so they can get to the warehouse
and arrest the two kidnappers. I
think I’ll have Dana make the call
to the police because she can
disguise her voice to that of a
The hairs on the back of Dana’s neck begin to tingle and she
rubs the back of her neck.
What do you want me to tell them?
I’ll write it all down for you so
you can read it to them word for
word. If I can talk to the
policeman who was working on this
case I’m going to have to somehow
gain his trust.
Jeremy rises from his seat, walks over to Danielle and tugs
at her pant leg,
Can I go home to my mommy now,


Danielle gives him a gentle hug and speaks to him in a soft
and gentle voice.
Not just yet, Jeremy! You don’t
want to fall asleep on mommy when
you see her, do you?
Danielle releases her embrace.
No, ma’am!
Would you do me a big favor and go
lay down on that nice comfortable
bed and try to get some sleep. I
promise that you’ll see mommy and
daddy tomorrow, okay?
Jeremy starts to back away from the girls. A scowl forms on
his face.
      (broken voice)
Are you... Are you going to tie me
up, lady?
Tears well up in the corners of Danielle’s eyes.
No, Jeremy! None of us will tie
you up. I promise, okay?
Jeremy SIGHS.
Okay, then, should I get
All you have to do is take your
sneakers off, and that will be
Wendy goes over to help him untie his sneakers.


What a sweet kid!
Removing his sneakers, Wendy sees rope burns on both the
boy’s ankles as she pulls up his socks.
Do those sores hurt, Jeremy?
Jeremy makes a weird face.
No, ma’am, but they are a little
I’m sure mommy will have something
to make the itch go away, hun.
Thank you.
You’re welcome, young man.
You’re nice and not like that
other lady.
Danielle sits at the desk and writes down what she wants
Dana to say into the phone.
Danielle turns towards Lisa.
Lisa! You and Wendy stay here
with Jeremy until we come back.
Dana’s coming with me.
What should we do?
Just make sure the poor kid gets
some sleep. I’m sure he won’t get
very much once he leaves us.
Okay, then, good luck out there.


Danielle quickly looks for the number for the Albany Police
Department. She finds it and Dana dials the number.
                       KEN (VO)
Albany Police, Precinct two!
Detective Coombs speaking, may I
help you?
Before Dana talks into the microphone she thinks a man’s
voice. She holds the microphone between her mouth and the
phone and looks at the words Danielle wrote on the paper.
      (man's voice)
Can I speak to the officer or
detective in charge of the Jeremy
Bradley kidnapping investigation,
                       KEN (VO)
That happens to be me, sir.
      (man's voice)
Please don’t try to trace this
call, sir, but meet me at the
Wayside Restaurant, at the off
ramp to exit one on the thruway,
in twenty minutes. Pull into the
parking lot in a marked cruiser.
Look at the front window and wait
for two red lights before coming
inside, and do come alone.
Dana quickly hangs up.

Danielle hands Dana a handkerchief.
Use this handkerchief to wipe the
phone and numbers clean, just in
case. Get the phone book too.
What’s his name?
Dana wipes the phone and book clean of their fingerprints.


It’s Detective Coombs. What do we
do now?
Park the car near the restaurant.
I’ll meet you by the door. We’ll
both go inside and get a drink.
I’ll go to one table near the
front and you grab one opposite me
and in back of where the detective
will sit. You may have to read
his mind if he says he doesn’t
have a backup with him.
What if he does?
I’ll be playing it by ear. If he
does, and he hasn’t told me, then
you’ll have to. Let’s get inside.
The two girls head inside the restaurant and they both order
coffees. Danielle takes a seat by the window, with a clear
view of the parking lot.
Detective Coombs steps out of the cruiser and checks his
service revolver and two-way radio. He stands behind the
car and waits for the two red lights, as instructed. Once
he sees the lights he then starts towards the door of the
Detective Coombs goes inside and looks towards the dining
area. He sees that only four tables are occupied. The


table by the window, he sees is being occupied by a young
female with another young female at a table near her.

Detective Coombs starts walking towards Danielle.

Danielle looks at him when he nears the table.
Please sit down, Detective Coombs.
The detective takes a seat across from her as a puzzled look
crosses his face.
I’ll sit down young lady, but I
want to know what this is all
about? Where’s the man I’m
supposed to meet here, and how do
you know me?
Before I start, detective, let’s
get one thing clear, okay? There
has to be trust on both sides of
this table. I have to be able to
trust you and you’re going to have
to trust me, okay?
I suppose that sounds fair enough.
Danielle rests her arms on the table.
To answer your questions
detective, there is no man, and
you were the detective who
answered the phone when the call
came in, so that's how I know you.
The person who called me was a
Let's just say that the voice you
heard was a man's voice, and I'll
agree, that's what you heard, but
it was not a man you were talking


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
I find that hard to believe, miss.
And, for the record, I don’t
believe I caught your name.
That’s because I never gave it to
you. My name is Danielle, and
that’s all you need to know right
now. Now, let me ask you a
question, detective, and be honest
with me.
Ask away, Danielle!
Do you have your backup that will
respond when you call them?
I’m in here alone with you, but
yes I do have a backup for obvious
Thank you. I trusted you enough
to figure you’d have one or more.
Now it’s your turn to trust me.
I’m sure you have your two-way
radio with you, so call that
backup and have them converge on
six Commerce Way right now. The
kidnappers of Jeremy Bradley are
tied up inside that abandoned
warehouse. There’s one woman and
a man. There’s an open window in
the back of the building on the
far-left side where your men can
go in. If they search the office
just behind where these two people
are tied up they’ll find a ransom
note on the table. If they look
inside the van they’ll also see
Jeremy Bradley’s bicycle and ball
cap on the floor. There should be
enough evidence inside that
warehouse to prove these two


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
people are guilty of kidnapping
that boy.
A cold sweat forms on the detective’s forehead.
How do you know all this? Who are
Are you going to trust me or not,
I have no other options but to
trust you, young lady, but I’m
going to need some answers in
Why, detective, because I’m taking
your backup away from you? I’ll
give you those answers while we
wait for your men to verify what
I’ve told you.
Dana gets out of her seat, walks over to Danielle and
whispers into her ear.
He’s got a gun in a holster in the
back of his pants. He’s thinking
about the gun.
Detective Coombs snarls as the hairs on the back of his neck
stand up straight.
And just who the hell are you?
She’s with me, detective. You
have your backup and I have mine,
but mine doesn't carry a weapon.
She has the ability to read minds,
including yours. Send your men to
that warehouse.


Danielle keeps eye to eye contact with Detective Coombs.

Dana takes a seat beside Danielle.

Detective Coombs pulls the radio from its holster. Keying
the mike on the radio he calls the two waiting units.
Units Twelve and Fifteen, this is
Unit One. Go right now to six
Commerce Way. Enter through the
rear of the building on the left
side, through a window. There
should be two adults, one male and
one female. Be advised these are
possible kidnapping suspects so
approach with caution. They are
tied up inside. Keep me advised.
Unit One clear!
                       UNIT 15 (VO)
Roger One! We’re on our way. Unit
fifteen, clear.
Okay, ladies, I’ve done as you
asked. I’ll trust you until I
have a reason not to. Now I want
some answers.
Before I go any further,
detective, your missing Jeremy
Bradley is with the rest of our
You have the child?
When we tied up the kidnappers, we
weren’t going to just leave Jeremy
there by himself. We brought him
with us and fed the poor kid. He
was starved. Right now he should
be asleep. We’ll take you to him
once your men have the kidnappers
in custody.


Why should we wait?
For one thing, detective, so
you’ll know we’re being honest
with you. Right now you have your
doubts about us, right?
That’s an easy assumption, but why
shouldn’t I be doubtful. You
girls have supposedly managed to
do what we, as men of law
enforcement weren’t able to do,
and we’re supposed to be the
I’ll tell you how we did it,
detective, but take my word for it
you won’t believe me when I’m
Try me!
Danielle gives the detective a shortened version of what
took place. When she’s done his two-way radio comes to
                       UNIT 12 (VO)
Unit Twelve to Unit One! Come in,
The detective hits the key on his radio,
Go ahead, Sergeant. This is
Coombs. Over!
                       UNIT 12 (VO)
I don't know where you got the
information from, sir, but it's
right on the money. We have
enough evidence here to send these
two away for twenty years, but the


                       UNIT 12 (cont'd)
boy's not here.
Secure the crime scene, sergeant,
and have a black and white stand
by there until tomorrow morning
when I can get crime investigators
out there. I should have the boy
with me shortly. Over!
                       UNIT 12 (VO)
You know where he is? Over!
Not yet, but I will. Book those
two for kidnapping and child
endangerment. I’ll see you at the
station to wrap up. Over and out.
                       UNIT 12 (VO)
Roger, detective. Unit twelve
I told you, detective.
That you did, but as far as the
other things you’ve told me, I
find them very hard to swallow. I
would have to believe in ghosts,
and I don’t. I would also have to
believe in supernatural powers,
like out of a Marvel comic book
that my son likes to read, and I
don’t believe in them either.
I knew you wouldn’t believe me.
Can we go and get the boy now?
As soon as I do something, first!
Danielle looks around, and then straight into the
detective’s eyes, while her eyes turn a bright red.


I want you to follow us and use no
radio until after you leave the
motel with Jeremy Bradley in your
car. Do you understand?
I understand. I’m to use no radio
until I have Jeremy Bradley in my
When I clap my hands once you’ll
wake up.
Danielle then claps her hands one time.
What do you have to do?
I changed my mind, detective. I’m
ready to go and get the boy now.
Follow us in your cruiser.
I’ll be right behind you.
Let’s Go, Dana!
The three of them stand and leave, with Detective Coombs
following the girls.
Dana pulls out of the parking lot with the black and white
right on her bumper.
Keep your eye on him, Dana. I
want to be sure he's behind us.


Why didn’t you want him to use the
Danielle sits in the passenger seat.
I only want him at the motel, not
an army of police. If I didn’t
tell him that, what would stop him
from calling in the troops on his
radio, where he knew we were
bringing him to the boy?
Smart thinking. Wow, girl, you
really know what you’re doing.
I have to. There’s too much
riding on what decisions I make
and how I make them.
I guess that’s why Destiny chose
you to be our leader. There’s the
As they enter the room, Danielle sits down on the edge of
the unoccupied bed.
I suppose it’s time for us to
formally introduce ourselves,
detective. I’m Danielle, as you
know, and you’ve already met Dana.
Those two are Lisa and Wendy.
That’s all you need to know about
Detective Coombs looks on the bed at the sleeping Jeremy.


How’s the boy doing?
He’s been asleep since
twelve-thirty. I’d like you to
see something though, detective.
And what’s that?
Wendy walks around the far side of the bed.
She shows the detective Jeremy’s ankles and wrists.
Jeremy has what I think are rope
burns on both his ankles and
wrists, where those two animals
had him tied up. Jeremy says
they’re not sore, but I think, to
be on the safe side, the doctors
should have a look at them.
Thank you, Wendy. I have to
admit. I’ve been on the force for
over sixteen years, and a
detective for more than five of
them. All my training could not
prepare me for this night. What
you told me, Danielle, goes beyond
the realm of reality as I’m
trained to know it. How am I
going to be able to write this
into my report is anyone’s guess.
No one would ever believe it.
The things that I’ve told you
tonight will not be allowed to go
into any report.
Why not? I have to report this?
No one knows about the work we do
in finding kidnapped children. Any
knowledge of us, and the work that


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
we do, would greatly compromise
our ability to find other missing
or kidnapped kids like Jeremy
here. What you were told was for
your benefit at that moment. Now
even that has to be erased from
your memory.
You haven’t the means to
accomplish that, or do you?
Yes we do have the means, and we
have to if we want to be able to
find other children just like
Jeremy here. We do not do this
for recognition, fame, or fortune,
but just to help right some of the
wrongs in our perverted society.
How, then, do you expect me to
just up and forget the events of
this morning?
Lisa goes over and stands in front of the detective. She
looks him in the eyes as her eyes turn a bright green.
When you leave this room, with
Jeremy Bradley, your memory of all
four of us girls, and of this
motel, will be forgotten.
Calmly Lisa turns and walks away, closing her eyes and
opening them, and they cease to glow.
I’m sure you’ll forget detective.
Wendy! Wake Jeremy up and let
Detective Coombs take him please.
Wendy goes to the bed and gently shakes Jeremy. She speaks
to him in a soft and gentle voice.


Jeremy sits up on the bed.
Huh…? What…?
I’ve got a nice policeman who’s
going to take you to see your
mommy and daddy now, okay?
I can go and see my mommy and
daddy now?
Jeremy’s face brightens.
The policeman will have someone
call them from the hospital Jeremy
and they’ll meet you there, okay?
We want the doctors to take a look
at those sores.
You’re a nice lady.
Thank you, Jeremy. You’re a nice
kid, too.
Tears form in the detective’s eyes.
How can I thank you girls for what
you’ve done here?
Wendy helps Jeremy with his sneakers.
You’re a father, aren’t you


I have a son a year older than
Jeremy, so this whole case touches
my heart.
When you get in the cruiser,
Detective, call the station and
have them get a hold of his
Detective Coombs kneels down in front of Jeremy.
I’ll do that. Okay, Jeremy, what
would you say if I told you that
you were going to go for a ride
with me in a police car?
Neato! Can I tell all my friends?
Detective Coombs stands and rubs the boy’s head.
You sure can son. Let’s go and
see mommy.
Before you take him, detective,
can we all have a moment with him
alone, please? It’s our way of
saying good-bye, okay?
You girls deserve the right. I’ll
be right outside the door.
Detective Coombs steps outside the door and closes it behind

Lisa kneels down in front of Jeremy. Her eyes turn a bright
green and she looks into his eyes,
When you get into the police car,
Jeremy, you’ll forget you ever saw
us girls at all. You’ll never


                       LISA (cont'd)
remember us finding you.
Lisa’s eyes stop glowing and she gives him a kiss good-bye,
as they all do.

Danielle grabs Jeremy’s hand and she walks him to the door.
Okay, Jeremy, you have a good time
with mommy and daddy, okay?
Okay, lady, and thanks.
Wendy opens the door and Danielle hands Jeremy to Detective
Take good care of him, detective.
It’s just after three a.m. The four young ladies stand at
the window as the detective backs out of the parking space
and turns onto Main Street.
Well, ladies, I do believe we
deserve a break. Let’s get some
shuteye and head back home in the
The girls go into the Wayside Restaurant for breakfast and
they grab a table across from where a television is turned
on. As they sit there and wait for the waitress, a special
news bulletin flashes across the television screen in front
of them and they listen with deep concern.
This is a special TBC news
bulletin, Ann Lansing reporting.
We have breaking news just in from
the Albany Police Department. The
missing Jeremy Bradley has been
found alive, and the suspected
kidnappers are in custody at
Precinct Two. Information about


                       LANSING (cont'd)
this heartwarming case is sketchy,
at the present time, but we’ve
been informed that a doctor has
checked the boy out and he’s in
good health. The boy has been
returned to his parents. Stay
tuned to this station for further
developments as they happen. This
is Ann Lansing for TBC news,
The WAITRESS comes over to the table and hands them a menu.
You girls just missed all the
What excitement?
The cops went through here with a
fine toothed comb. It had
something to do with the missing
kid they found this morning. This
place was crawling with cops and
the newspaper people, and they
left here about an hour ago.
Did they say what they were
looking for?
They said something about a man
who was here about one o’clock
this morning, but no one remembers
a man here alone at that time. I
don’t think they found what they
were looking for.
That’s cool!


Can I get you girls some coffee
this morning?
Four of them please.
The waitress goes for their coffee.
It appears they were looking for
my guy.
We did everything the right way,
girls, and we covered all our
tracks. Let’s get our breakfast
and head back home.
The topic of conversation changes to their upcoming tour of
the East Coast.


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