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Short Film "Aftermath" Episode 1
by LEFProdutions (lefproductions@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Set in a world destroyed by a nuclear war, "Aftermath" is the story of a survival.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



People are going about there lives normally. We see men and
women working, and walking around, just doing normal
everyday things. Suddenly there is a blinding flash, and a
voice over begins. During the voice over, we see clips of
nuclear explosions. Things being destroyed by them, and
millitary personal fighting. The world is basiclly in
      (Voice Over)
Life, something that most people
take for granted. I know I did,
and I regret that now. I never did
half of the stuff I wanted to do
in my life, and now I'll never be
able to again......It's funny how
something so trivial could cause
THIS...almost everyone...gone in
an instant.
TITLE SCREEN "AFTERMATH". After this is a montage of where
the characters of this story are living. For a short while
"The End" by The Doors plays, then the voice over picks up
again, and we see the main character Winston looking out
into the desert from a top a balcony.
It was six years ago that this
mess started. Six damn years that
I didn't think I was going to
survive. But I did....Most of us
where from the city , that's where
we formed our little group. We
started walking down that highway
out of the city, searching for a
place to call home. We picked up
survivors along the way. We formed
this town, "Hope", it's home to
the 30 or so of us....Some of us
are sick from all the damn
radiation in the air. But they are
pretty fucking lucky compared


Winston moves around a bit. There is a rifle next to him,
that he picks up. We see a view of the scope, and a mutant
walking around. He shoots it in the head.
Those poor bastards.
He jumps down from the ledge, and walks towards a hut. The
side of the hut says "Medic" on it. He goes inside, and
see's a woman sitting down in the make shift waiting room.
      (To Winston)
Hey Winston. What are you doing in
      (to Susan)
I need to speak with Doc. There's
been a lot of muties out there
lately. I think they are going to
attack again.
      (to Winston)
Attack!? Damnit, we arn't even
done with the repairs from the
last one. The south wall is all
torn up. If there is another
attack, we don't stand a chance.
      (to Susan)
I know......how's your dad?
At this Susan gets sad, gets up and looks into Winston's
I don't think he's gonna last much
longer......it's really bad....he
wants to be buried beside mom
but...I don't think the Council
would even allow that with the
chances of him turning...
Well.....come tell me if anything
happens, alright?
Yeah, I'll see ya around.


Susan leaves. Doc comes in.
      (to Winston)
Follow me into my office Winston.
Winston follows him into the office. It's small but there
are a lot of computer parts scatered about.
      (to Winston)
I'm close, so close I can taste
      (to Doc)
Taste what?
      (to Winston)
The CURE Winston, the cure. I
think I've almost perfected the
formula. All's I need now is a
bigger space and.....and a live
one to test it on.
      (to Doc)
Good luck getting The Council to
agree on that.
      (to Winston)
Damn The Council. They think that
they know what's best for us!
Bullshit! They live all cozy in
their bunkers, and expect us to
live in these conditions. People
are dying Winston.....if they
would just give me the equipment I
know they have....Well, let's just
say there would be one less
problem on our list.


      (to Doc)
I understand Doc, trust me. But we
got more important issues on hand.
Those damn muties are gathering
again, and I think they're about
to attack. We ain't ready for
that! We hardly got any ammo left
and the south wall is still all
busted up.
      (to Winston)
I know this Winston.....but we've
already been to the Junkyard seven
times this month, and I highly
doubt The Council is gonna allow
us to go out there again.
Well, theres no troulbe in asking
is there? I'm going to see The
Middle Man, you comin'?
Fine......but I sure as hell ain't
walkin'! Let's get the buggy, I'm
pretty sure we aren't out of gas
This is a makeshift garage type of thing, that is mainly
outside. Here all vehicles are kept, and the gas tanker is
here. There is a gate built that has a walkway over it,
where people keep guard. The buggy is inside of the gate.
Doc and Winston approach the gate, then they talk to one of
the guards.
      (to "Doc" and
You guys takin' the buggy out?
      (to Robby)
Yea, we are.
      (to Robby)
Why for?


      (to Robby)
Just mind your own business ok?
You'll find out later tonight.
      (to Doc)
Ok...you think I could tag along
with you guys?
No you can't. Now make yourself
usefull and do what I told ya.
Robby fills the buggy up, and opens the gate.
There. You might need some
firepower, hold up a sec.
Robby gives Winston a shotgun.
      (to "Doc" and
With all the mutants crawling
around out there, its not a very
good idea going out unarmed.
Winston takes the gun, and they get into the buggy. They
speed off towards the area of M&M's bunker.
      (To Doc)
Do you ever think that you're
being a little hard on Robby?
      (to Winston)
I'm not being hard on him. He's
young and ignorant. He'd get
himself killed out here.
      (to Doc)
Cut the kid some slack Doc, he
just wanted to help.
      (snapping at
He is helping...by staying out of
the way. I'd rather see him


                       DOC (cont'd)
depressed than dead....Hell
Winston you know what it's like to
lose family.
As Doc says this, they approach the bunker in the desert.
Doc stops the buggy outside of the garage door. They both
get out and head to the Middle Man's room, looking through
the window on the outside. We see the dark silouete of a
body. Suddenly a crossbow bolt flies out the window and it
scares Doc and Winston. Winston takes out the good ol'
shotgun, and quickly dispatches them.
      (to Winston)
Damn....hurry up and open that
door. I'll pull the buggy in.
Winston runs inside and opens the door. Doc stands watch
outside, then hops in the buggy and drives it in. Winston
then closes the door. The walk down to the door that leads
to The Middle Man's room, and buzz on the door. He answears.
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
Oh my! Guests.....oh..it's just
you tow. Got me all excited for
Cut the crap ok? We need you to
ask The Council something, it's
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
Pushy, pushy Wintson. That's
really no way to ask someone a
We don't have time for your shit!
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
You're no fun at all!
Well...perhaps this would be
easier if you told me exactly what
you need, "something" is ...a
rather broad category.
We need more ammo and some
building supplies to finish with


                       THE MIDDLE MAN
Ahh...I see...the muties giving
you troulbe again eh? Haha, they
can't seem to leave you alone.
They killed your family didn't
they? Poor, poor Winston....
Shut the fuck up! Why don't you
come out here and say that to my
face you damn coward!
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
I believe you know that violence
isn't the answer. Look
around....all the proof you need
of that.
Just tell them damnit! If you
don't then I'll personally see to
it that next month's food supply
doesn't reach here.
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
DOC SPEAKS! Those were some pretty
big words too, I'm quite
impressed. I shall return
There is a pause. Then The Middle Man returns.
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
The Council has agreed to send
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
They hae one condition though.
It's just a little small extra
And that is..?
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
You must give them an addtional
15% of crops produced next season.
Bullshit! We can't do that!


We hardly have enough to eat as
is! There is no way we can't do
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
There shall be no neogotiations,
they expect an answer now.
......Fine....we'll do it....
Doc! We can't do that, everyone
will starve...we have to say no!
Winston, without those supplies,
the mutants will rip us to
shreads! I don't know about you,
but I'd rather starve to death
than become one of those bastards.
Tell them we accept.
Just a moment.......
There is a pause, then he returns.
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
The supplies will arrive at the
Junkyard at midnight. Well, I
suppose you are done here then?
                       THE MIDDLE MAN
Alright then, I'll open the door
for you..(garage door opens,
mutants are outside)..Gracious!
More guests! Would you mind taking
care of them for me? Hahahahahah!
Enjoy your day, gentlemen.
Winston and Doc begin shooting at the crowd of mutants. They
eventually get to the buggy and take off. Not all the
mutants are killed. As they get out of the garage the door
begins to close, and one mutants gets smashed in the door.


Subtitle saying that it is the next day comes. We see a
large ammount of supplies, including building materials and
ammo stacked around. Some people are busy working in the
background, repairing the town. Robby is one of the workers.
Susan, Doc, and Winston are watching the repairs from inside
the medic house. Susan's father is getting a check up.
      (to Susan, and Doc)
Why do we listen to The Council?
      (to Winston)
We don't really have much of a
choice Winston.
Still...it's not fair.
Neither is life...
      (to Doc)
I agree with Winston..they need to
see what it's like living up here.
They are messing with inocent
people's lives Doc.
      (to the group)
This is exactly what they want you
do do.....*cough*......Breaking us
from the inside out...the internal
struggle haahaha....it's what
happens when isolation gets to a
Jesus Christ! Listen to
yourselves! They need us just as
much as we do them. In the end
it's.....(cut off by screams)
The turn and look outside. People are grabbing guns and
fighting something out in the distance. Robby runs in.


      (to the group)
We have a bit of a problem!

Robby, Winston, Doc, and Susan run outside. They see a large
force of mutants approaching. Doc begins to issue commands.
Get some snipers up in the
tower!.....Barricade the broken
walls!....Robby, go get the buggy
and provide some cover fire with
it!....Susan, get everyone that
isn't fighting into the
church!...Winston, you take the
west wall!..
They begin to do their assigned tasks. The fight rages on
for a while, and eventually mutants break into the compound.
Doc issues a retreat order. Then, in a truly bad-@$$
fashion, a small squad of military personnel begin to
dispatch the mutant horde. After issuing some orders, the
apparent leader of the squad approaches Doc.
                       LT. SIMONS
      (to Doc)
Are you...(looks at a piece of
paper) James Johnson?
Yea, that's me. Now care to
explain who you are?
                       LT. SIMONS
I am Lieutenant Simons, and by
order of The Council, I am
officially in charge here.
This is the end to Part 1.
What? You've gotta be wrong. The
Council didn't run anything by me
about this.
                       LT. SIMONS
I think you'll find that you don't
have of a say here Mr. Johnson.


This is bullshit. I'm in charge.
                       LT. SIMONS
You two (beckons to two soldiers)
take him to the jail. Stand guard.
Let no one in. You have premission
to kill.
Yes sir.
The two grab Doc. Winston steps forward, but Simons raises
his gun at him.
                       LT. SIMONS
Listen here, I'm not afraid to
kill you. So I think you should
learn from your friends mistakes.
Do what I say.
Winston stares at him. He doesn't want to do what he says.
Simons trips him to the ground, and points the gun at his
                       LT. SIMONS
Do you understand?
He lets Winston up. Winston looks at him, and then runs off
to help someone out.
All the people in the town are in the church. The army
personale are standing guard all around making sure no one
leaves. Simons is at the front near the altar. Now there are
tables set up. And a map. The tables have radios. There is
also a crate to put stuff in.
                       LT. SIMONS
The Council demands an increase of
crop production in trade for this
Uproar in the crowd. They don't stop, Simons shoots the gun
in the air.
                       LT. SIMONS
Order! Now you will respect my
authority. Anyone that disobeys
will spend time in the jail. If
they do it a second time, they get


                       LT. SIMONS (cont'd)
the well. The third time a person
doesn't follow orders, I'll kill
Pauses for a second. The crowd does nothing.
                       LT. SIMONS
Now the second order of business.
Every weapon that you civilians
have, needs to be turned into me.
There will be a search tonight, to
make sure we get everyone of them.
If you are caught with a weapon,
the punishment is death
Banishment to where?
                       LT. SIMONS
Banishment to the outlands. Beyond
the junk yard. Near the fall out
Are you crazy? No one can survive
out there?
                       LT. SIMONS
Then follow the rules...oh and one
finale thing. No one is allowd in
or out of the compound without my
permission...now, if you would
kindly bring your weapons out here
in an orderly manor.
The people do this. Winston goes up there.
How can you treat people like
this? Most of us are barley alive
as is. I don't know how The
Council thinks this makes things
                       LT. SIMONS
It's survival of the fittest
Mr...Matheson is it? I'm suprised
you don't remember me.
This hits Winston hard. He walks away after droping a
shotgun in the crate.


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From Brian Fatzer Date 8/2/2006 ***
I think you have the start of an interesting story. I'm left uncertain about characters' age, race, ect and left to my imagination. The conflict between youe main characters and the council with the mutant threat and the potential cure creates good drama. My suggestion would be to use your opening voice over to create a values conflict such as Winston saying something about muties not being human any more and he doesn't give a rats ass about them, or some such. It would set the emotional tone of Winston, give a bit of a dark emotion, and also include some value conflict with Doc re: value of life. Brian

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