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The Anythingdoer
by Pete Himmelberg (winmiasma@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
Jackson and Augustin find much to treasure and then, with Grampa's help, rid the world of a menace.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Getting up, early morning,JACKSON, 10-12 walks out on the
porch, He smells bacon CRACKLING in the frying pan. He's
hungry and it's his birthday.
Jackson walks around to the kitchen. MOM, blonde, early 30's
is frying eggs and setting them on stacks of red enchiladas.
'Morning, Mom!
Good morning, Jackson.
Expecting a "happy birthday", he fidgets, and sits.
DAD, tall, lean late 30's, walks in, tucking in his shirt.
'Morning, everyone.
Jackson looks at his dad expecting more.
You know what today is right, Dad?
Dad is loading his plate with enchiladas and eggs, points to
the coffee pot on the table.
Yeah. Your Grampa is coming today.
      (beneath his
Just what we need.
Mom puts the platter of bacon between the two guys.
Be nice, now.
As if just remembering, Dad, turns to Jackson.


Oh-- almost forgot.
      (he chews through
       some enchilada)
You need to get on those fences on
the Blueberry Hill, son.
Jackson finishes his stack, grabs a piece of bacon and takes
his platter to the sink, disappointed that no one remembered
his birthday.
      (forcing a smile)
OK, Dad. I'll get right out there.
As Jackson gets to the door, Dad stops him.
Oh! And, Jackson--
Jackson looks back with an expectant smile--.
-- keep your eye peeled for your
Grampa. He's coming at lunch and
you can come on in with him.
Jackson walks out on the porch, turns and smiles.
OK, Dad. I'll do that.
Jackson goes into the barn to saddle the old white horse,
Whitey. He straps on his toolbelt. Mounts the old horse and
heads out.
Jackson is working on fence, stops, looks up at the midday
sun. Looks out toward the thin trail of dust that is the
road to the ranch below. In the distance he sees a cloud of
dust trailing a black dot.


Jackson picks up his tools, buries the scrap fencing and
staples, mounts Whitey and charges down the Blueberry Hill
toward the dusty black dot coming toward the ranch.
Grampa, bearded, dressed in an old fashioned black suit is
driving an old fashioned buggy behind a dark brown horse. He
pulls up as the young rider pulls up in a cloud of dust.
The old man looks at the boy, confused.
Who's that?
Grampa! It's me! Jackson!
Grampa acts confused. Pulls his specs up, peers at the boy
No. No. You're not Jackson.
Jackson is just a little boy.
You're big.
Jackson is excited and is trying to get this straight.
No, Grampa. It is. It is me. I
just grew up is all.
Looking closer, the old man takes this in-- then comes to a
By dang! It is. It is you. Boy,
you sure did grow up.
Jackson sits a little taller in the saddle.
Say. Why don't you just tie yer
horse up on the back of the buggy
and come sit up here with me. We
can talk about things on the way
As the words are spoken Jackson dismounts and ties up
Whitey. He's in the seat in no time, ready to go.


I'm glad you're here, Grampa.
The old man looks down at him-- a little grim.
Had to sell my place to keep
things going. Gotta live
Thinking for a minute trying to change the subject, Jackson
looks off to the Blue Rock Mountains off in the distance.
Say, Grampa-- you ever hear of
Black Bart's Treasure?
Black Bart! That devil!
      (taking off his
       old hat puts
       finger in hole)
See this! Black Bart did this
forty years ago. Ha. I'll say I
know Black Bart.
What happened?
You have any idea of what a rat
that Black Bart was?
No, sir.
Enactments of the crimes are described in sepia tones as
Grampa goes on.
Let me tell you just what kind of
a rat he was then. Why he'd steal
money from banks and he's steal
money from trains. He'd steal
money from churches and schools.
He'd even steal kids lunch money.
Mean. So how'd you get that hole?
Grampa remembers what he was saying.


Well, I'll tell you. I was in a
posse is what it was.
He'd just finished robbing the
other National Bank in Hondo and a
posse of us went after him, guns
Did you shoot him, Grampa?
No. No, I didn't. But he was sure
shooting at us. Shot a hole right
here in my hat.
Wow. So did the posse catch him?
Nope. He rode right off and we
never saw him again.
Nobody ever saw him again in fact.
So what about his treasure?
Treasure! There wasn't no
treasure. It was just all the
stuff he'd stole for years and
years. He'd go into Mexico and get
all that stolen money turned into
gold double eagles.
I mean nobody ever found it?
Nope. Some say he holed up in the
Blue Rock Mountains. But it's too
dangerous out there-- and nobody
ever found nothing.
No one ever saw him again either.
Some said he went away some said
he died out there.
Anyhow-- the robbing stopped and
that was that.


The buggy pulls up to the ranch house and Mom and Dad step
out onto the kitchen porch.
Jackson jumps down and goes to the back to untie Whitey and
put him up in the barn.
Bring your Grampa's bag when you
get done in the barn, son.
Jackson has forgotten his birthday listening to Grampa's
wild tales at lunch.
--and Dewey Gooch went around
tearing down reward signs. Some
said they seen Bart in Fort Worth,
but nothing ever come of it.
I'd sure like to find some of that
Look all you want, son, but stay
out of the malpais. Hear?
      (looking over at
And if you're finished with lunch
you can go out to the barn and
clean out that stall in the very
Heck, Dad, there hasn't been
anything in that stall for years
and years.
Go on out there and clean it up
anyways. Need a place for Grampa's
Jackson gets up, gives a resigned nod, and leaves with no
Jackson slowly walks down the long barn, drawing imaginary
guns and taking shots at Black Bart. He fails to see three
dark figures following him.


He opens the gate on the stall and sees a young colt laying
in the fresh hay, head up and big brown eyes looking at
Who are you? Where--
Sensing movement behind him Jackson whirls--
      (Dad and Grampa)
Happy birthday, Jackson!
-- a big smile of excitement charging his face,
Is he mine? For reals?
Yes, son. All yours. You will have
to train him and make him a good
Grampa is on the porch rocking. Jackson walks out.
So, Grampa-- that treasure, folks
looked all over for it?
That's what they say. Never did
put much truck in those stories.
Dad walks out on the porch.
You going treasure hunting again
on your day off?
Awww. I just like riding around
looking at this and that.
Just stay out of the malpais is
all. Here's the sack of lunch your
Mom made for you. Fill your
canteen at the well.


Jackson goes to the barn, saddles Whitey, pats the baby
horse, fills his canteen at the pump and takes off waving at
Out of sight of the ranch house he turns the old horse
toward the Blue Rock Mountains. The black malpais stretches
before him a big open area that surrounds the Blue Rocks.
Whitey begins to fidgit and fuss as Jackson tries to get him
to cross the malpais. The horse refuses. Jackson dismounts,
leaving his lunch and canteen on the saddle.
OK, be a big white jackass. It's
just some old lava rocks. Stay
Jackson wanders out over the black lava fields. In a short
while he breaks through a thin layer of rock and into a
He looks around at the spherical inner walls of the gashole,
hopelessly he calls out.
Help. Help.
Jackson is stuck in the bottom of the gashole, tired and
Whitey, getting tired of waiting for Jackson, hungry and
thirsty he pulls free of the hobble and trots slowly back to
the ranch.
Grampa rocks on the porch, sees the white horse approaching
in the dark, calls in to the kitchen.
Looks like he decided to come


Mom and Dad step onto the porch, Dad steps down. Sees the
horse is riderless.
Whitey made it but no Jackson.
Mom steps off the porch and grasps Dad's arm.
You've got to go find him, Dad.
Musta been throwed.
Dad stops on his way to the barn, Turns.
Jackson's too good a rider and
Whitey wouldn't throw a horsefly.
Dad saddles his big brown horse and grabs up a rope, a
lantern, a canteen and a long steel pole.
Dad starts out backtracking Whitey's hoof prints in the
Reaching the malpais, he dismounts and begins to pick his
way across the lava field tapping the rock with his steel
Jackson hears the strange sounds and jumps up.
Hey! Help!
Dad hears the tiny voice and heads that way slowly and
Light plays on the smooth walls of the gashole. Jackson
jumps up and down. Dad's head comes through the opening that
Jackson fell through.


      (dropping a loop
       of rope down)
Here you go, son. Slip that loop
around you and I'll pull you up.
Dad pulls Jackson through the opening.
You alright, son?
Hanging his head, Jackson chokes up.
Just a little hungry.
Dad opens the canteen and Jackson drinks.
Anything else?
Kind of ashamed and embarrassed.
Aaah, yeah.
At breakfast, Jackson and Grampa are eating pancakes. Dad
walks in and Mom hands him his coffee.
'Morning, dear.
'Morning. 'Morning, everyone.
The two chowhounds mumble a greeting through the pancakes.
      (putting a huge
       stack of pancakes
       on his plate)
Jackson, I need you to go out to
the far end of the ranch and work


                       DAD (cont'd)
on those fences. Been losing cows
out that way.
You're gonna need some lunches and
dinners and some breakfast too.
Take your sleeping bag. You might
be out there a couple of days.
It's a days ride out there and a
days ride back. Take plenty of
water. It's dry out there.
There's a little spring out there
somewhere isn't there?
Yeah but don't count on it. It
goes dry just when you need it.
Whitey is saddled and loaded down with canteens and sleeping
gear. Mom carries out saddlebags loaded with food.
Here's food for almost a week.
Make sure you stop and eat your
lunch. Give Whitey a rest.
Take care of things, son. We count
on you.
Jackson rides off waving.
Noon and the hot sun is high. Jackson stops at a likely
place to eat his lunch. Unsaddles Whitey and has a good
The sun is setting and long shadows are cast from the hills.
The corner of the ranch comes into view, landmarked by the
wooden tool shed that sits where the east and the south
fence converge.
Jackson spots a quick movement around the side of the
toolshed. Something grey and smallish. A coyote?


      (pulling his .22
       from its scabbard)
Well, Mister Coyote. You need some
As he gets closer still, Jackson sees the door to the shed
open and a grey mass laying in the doorway.
Dismounting, Jackson walks slowly toward the shed. A whisper
and a low cough come from the shed. ABUELA, ancient white
haired woman, a mass of wrinkles is dying.
Carefully, Jackson approaches.
-- agua.
Hey. Is somebody in there?
Reaching the door he touches the grey blanket with the toe
of his boot.
      (moving the
       blanket off)
Jackson looks with amazement at the oldest woman he has ever
seen. Her hair is white and her face covered with wrinkles.
Here eyes see nothing through pale cataracts.
Hey. You need some water!
He dashes over to Whitey and pulls down one of the big
canteens. Takes it back to the woman and begins to pour a
little on her lips. A smile flickers across the cracked
Hey. You're burning up with fever.
      (taking off his
       kerchief, wetting
Here. This'll cool you down.


A shadow emerges from other dark forms, behind Jackson arms
are raised with a small stick about to smash down on him.
AUGUSTIN, black hair, black eyes, dark Mexican boy defends
his grandma.
You leave my Gramma alone!
Hey. I'm just giving her some
water. She's burning up with
fever. Who the heck are you
The young Mexican boy lowers his arms and rather formally
I am Augustin Juan Carlos Penaloza
-- and this is my Gramma, Sylvia
How in the world did you get way
out here on our ranch?
We walked. We been walking over
ten days.
Where you going?
Augustin shrugs.
Gramma's not doing too good. We
haven't been eating too much. Just
some nopales the last two days.
Well, I got plenty of food. Go get
those saddle bags off that horse.
While you're at it take his saddle
off he's had a long ride too.
Turning back to the old woman, Jackson finds that she has
died. He just sits there holding her head in his lap.


Augustin returns with a saddlebag.
Augustin-- ah, your Gramma's dead.
Augustin stands at the doorway and looks sadly at the old
woman. He turns and walks away to be alone with his tears.
Jackson wraps the old lady in the gray blanket and pulls her
feet out the door.
Jackson walks over to the boy at the fence carrying two
shovels. Putting a hand on his shoulder, he hands a shovel
to Augustin. The sun is about to go behind the hills and the
boys start digging.
The boys dig the grave and put the old lady in her blanket
in the hole. It is dark as they fill the grave, working by
lantern light.
I'll go start a fire and warm us
some supper. You start finding
pretty big rocks to cover that
grave or the coyotes will dig her
up and eat her.
Augustin moves off with the lantern.
Ext.open range - day
Augustin wakes up smelling bacon SIZZLING in the pan.
Jackson is heating some biscuits and coffee is perking in
the pot.
So it looks like you're gonna have
to help me with these fences then
we'll go back and see what to do
with you.
Yes. That is all we can do. I
don't know where to go. I have no
family and no place to go.
Jackson is walking his red pony around the paddock, The
young horse is skittish but responds to the boy's gentle
commands. Augustin is reading a book by Dashiell Hammett.


      (walking up on the
Here comes your Dad back from the
bank. Coming fast.
Is that good or bad, Grampa?
Probly bad.
The old coupe roars up to the ranchhouse and slams on the
brake, stopping in a cloud of dust.
He gets out of the coupe and slams the door, then again,
then again, then again, then again.
Dad stomps into the kitchen, Grampa, Augustin and Jackson
start across to the kitchen following.
Dad is at the kitchen table, Mom places a steaming cup of
coffee in front of him, turns and takes a platter of pork
chops to the table.
Good coffee, dear.
Dad salts a pork chop and starts eating.
Thad, daburm banker id jud so--
-- unreasonable! Unreasonable, I
say. Mmmm. Good chops.
Grampa and the boys sit silently as Mom puts plates of
potatoes and vegetables in front of them. They help
themselves to the heap of pork chops.
What did he say about the letter?
They're not really going to
foreclose are they?


Doe. Dot ib we bay ub duh balenz.
How can we do that? No one's
buying meat cows right now and
we'd have to sell them all and--
Grampa stands up interrupting.
Don't worry! We can use my savings
from that house I sold in town!
How to go, Grampa. You are a hero!
How much do you have saved, Dad?
Got some over 500 dollars-- and
you can have it all!
Dad stands up, pork chop in hand pointing it at Grampa.
Five hundred bucks? Five hundred
Just a bit over that--.
Dad bites into the chop walking over to the stove.
Deed bibe dousan! Bibe dousan!
You mean to say they want five
thousand for this place?
Dad points shyly at the oven door.
Am I smelling bread pudding? It's
bread pudding isn't it?
Grampa bangs a fist on the table.


How in the great big fat wide
world does the Other National Bank
think this place is worth five
thousand dollars?
Mom opens the oven and pulls a pan of bread pudding out.
It's not the value, Dad, it's the
amount we owe. We've been
borrowing against the place from
time to time. Guess we overdid it.
Dad turns with a big bread pudding smile on his face and
FIVE THOUSAND! Not five hundred.
Not a little more then that.FIVE
      (turning sweetly
       to mom)
We can eat that hot, Momma.
Mom cuts an enormous slab of bread pudding from the pan and
drops it on Dad's plate, turns and refills his coffee cup.
Pretty big problem, then.
What happens if we can't pay?
Dey trow uz oud. Mage uz leab.
An enormous belch explodes from Dad as he gets up and leaves
the kitchen.
Five thousand's a lot.
I know. He's been upset about it
for days now-- ruined his
The boys walk over to the shade of the barn and sit.


Jackson-- what are we going to do,
Don't know that we can do
anything. Seems like a grownup
problem to me.
No, my very good friend. It's our
problem too. If they kick them out
we gotta go too.
Guess you're right about that. But
what can we do?
Augustin gets up and points to the Blue Rock Mountains.
We must go and find the treasure
of Blue Rock Mountain!
Jackson remains seated, holds his hands out, palms up,
gesturing as he speaks.
Augustin. Do you happen to
remember what I told you about the
malpais and gasholes? Do you
happen to remember that my dad was
pretty darn hot about me going out
there after telling me not to? Is
there any memory of that at all?
Augustin drops to one knee and gestures back over his
Oh yeah. I remember. I remember
the danger and the stories of
treasure and I also remember how
to go safely through the malpais.
Jackson gets up in a squat and looks Augustin closely in the
Augustin! You magnificent
brainstorm! You've got it! We get
our stuff together on our next day
off and we go find the treasure!


The boys ride out loaded down with rope, lanterns, canteens,
and saddlebags of food. The long iron bar rides on Jackson's
toe, pointing up like the spear of a conquistador.
The boys spend a great deal of time crossing the black lava
field. At the Blue Rock Mountains they begin to search each
The boys tap their way into the last cave. They sit,
Any sandwiches left?
Then let's look this one over and
get on home. It's awful late and
I'm tired.
Then we shall, my friend. This is
the cave of the treasure-- we find
it and go home!
They find nothing. They sit again.
That's it then. No treasure. We
really messed up now, Aug. Heck,
it's getting on morning. Let's go.
Augustin is idly flicking his light around the cave walls.
He spots a small opening.
There! You see it? That is it,
That's just a crack in the cave


Give me the pole-- I want to see
that crack up close.
Augustin looks through the crack.
This is it! Come my friend-- we
get the treasure, now!
The boys enter the last hidden cave. A hole in the floor of
the cave catches their eyes.
Look! A gashole. A big one-- like
the one I fell in!
Look! There is something right
there in the middle! A box!
Light falls on an iron bound box. Beneath it a bleached
skeleton comes to light. The skull grins up at them!
That's it, Augustin! We've got it!
that must be Black Bart down
The light reveals a piece of black cloth with eyeholes.
Jackson takes the coil of rope from his friend and drops it
down the hole.
Great! Here, I got the rope. You
climb down there and tie the box
to the end of it and we'll pull it
Ahhh. I'm not going down there.
You go.
Ahhh. I'm not going down there.
You go.
Ahhh. I'm not going down there.
You go.


Ahhh. I'm not going down there.
You go.
But, Jackson, there might be a
Don't matter. Someone's got to go.
We'll do an Inka-dink.
Inka-dink, a bottle of ink, the
cork fell out and you stink.
Sorry. It's you, Aug.
Augustin goes down the rope, his foot settles on a bone and
it breaks with a sickening crack. He ties the rope end on
the box.
Good. Now, skin up the rope and
we'll pull her up.
Grampa is on the porch, sees the riders and calls into the
Here's the outlaws!
Mom and Dad come on the porch. Two tired boys ride up with a
rope on each saddle horn tied to the old box. MOS.
Here it is.
The ropes are released. The box drops with a solid sound.
Dad goes to the box staring hard at the boys. He kneels,
fiddles with the lock, stands, takes the steel bar and
whacks the lock open.
Double eagles!


A hot rod roadster is racing up a dirt road, passing an old
farmhouse and barn, the driver glimpses some old metal. He
slams on the juice brakes and tosses the car into reverse.
On the driver's door we see the name, Augustin.
What have we here?
He stops, gets out, knocks at the unpainted, shabby
farmhouse. No answer.
Anyone home?
He walks to the barn calling.
Anybody here? Helloooo.
Augustin spots an old roadster hotrod similar in almost
every way to his own, just rustier.
Que lastima! A hotrod without a
Augustin goes to his hotrod and takes a sheet of notebook
paper out and leaves a note on the abandoned looking
Grampa, Jackson and Augustin are eating.
Tomorrow is the big day. First
flight of the Bumblebee Seven!
Shouldn't take more than an hour
or two to get her in the air.
The phone rings. Augustine jumps up and races to the other
room with the phone.


                       BIG FARMER
This Augustin?
Yeah, it's me.
                       BIG FARMER
Your note says you want to buy
that old hotrod. I'll sell it to
you but you gotta be here before 9
or I'm selling it to the junkman.
No. Don't do that. I'll be there.
How much?
                       BIG FARMER
Two hundred bucks. If you're not
there before 9 it goes to the
junkman for 200.
Hanging up, Augustin goes back to the kitchen.
Who was that?
Just a guy selling something.
Jackson is up dressing, he nudges Augustin's bed.
Hey, get up, sleepy bones.
Augustin looks at the clock. Jumps out of bed and begins
dressing in a hurry.
Great. Up. OK. We're up. Hey, I've
got an idea!
I hope it's "lets get the
Bumblebee Seven airborne" idea.
No. I was thinking, hey, it's
beautiful out there how about a
ride in my hotrod?
Jackson looks at him as if he has gone temporarily insane.


Ah, Aug, you remember last night?
You said you'd give me and Grampa
a hand-- we'll have the Bumblebee
Seven flying before lunch.
Sure. Sure I remember. I just
thought a nice ride in the hotrod
would be a good way to start the
Jackson turns, folds his pajamas, looks over his shoulder at
Look. We can go for a ride after
lunch-- ok?
Augustin looks at the clock. 8:30. Time is running out, but
he has no argument that makes any sense. He hangs his head
and sighs.
I guess it was a crazy idea.
Jackson sees that his friend is really sad. He walks up to
Augustin and puts a hand on his friend's shoulder.
Don't get so sad-- heck, we can go
for a quick ride. Right? Cheer up.
Augustin recovers his enthusiasm and rushes Jackson out of
the room.
The boys stumble through the kitchen, Augustin looks at the
clock-- 8:40. Jackson starts to sit down to his burrito.
No! No! We can go. Just bring that
with you.
Augustin grabs a couple of burritos warming on the stove. He
grabs Jackson's arm and pulls his out the door, burritos
Augustin jumps in the driver's seat. Jackson holds his
burrito over his head and bites the end of it, in no hurry.


Here we go! Andale.
Jackson is barely in the hotrod when Augustin floors it and
SCREAMS out to the road. Dust follows the rapidly moving
The clock on his dash says 8:56. Augustin slides the ROARING
hotrod to a stop.
Where are we? Who lives here?
Augustin jumps out of the hotrod and rushes up to the front
door of the old farmhouse. Up the road a large cabover
approaches. A BIG FARMER, 40's, dirty and menacing, steps
out of the door.
                       BIG FARMER
You Augustin?
Yessir. And I have your money.
The junkyard truck pulls into the farmyard.
                       BIG FARMER
      (taking the money)
Looks like you just made it.
Augustin looks over his shoulder at Jackson, hoping he
hasn't seen the transaction. Smiles phoney smile.
                       BIG FARMER
Put out your hand.
Cautiously, Augustin extends his hand, palm up. The giant
man grabs the hand and puts an enormous hairy paw over the
open palm. He drops something in the hand.
Ah-- thank you. I think.
He opens his hand and in his palm is a golden key.
He turns to run to his hotrod, Jackson is already climbing
out. The junkman, a huge hairy twin to the big farmer is
climbing the steps of the porch.


What's going on A? Who are those
guys? Sure are big.
Augustin hustles Jackson toward the back of the barn where
the rusty hotrod resides.
Jackson looks at his friend confused.
Geez, Aug. It's just about the
twin to your hotrod! It belong to
that big guy?
Augustin holds out his fist. Jackson puts his palm up. The
golden key drops into his hand.
What? Is it for this hotrod? You
got another one? Too cool.
It is yours.
Jackson looks at his friend with disbelief, a small cloud
crosses his big wet eyes. He jumps in and begins to crank.
In a second it ROARS to life.
Two hotrods race down the dusty road, neck and neck. They
come to the Blue Rock Ranch in a dead heat. Racing up to the
back of the barn where the Bumblebee and Grampa are.
Looks like you got you a car, Jax.
Yep. Augustin bought it for me.
Maybe it's time to give it to him.
Augustin follows Grampa and Jackson into the barn. Way in
the back a sliding door is pulled back revealing a Bumblebee
Eight-- almost complete!
For me?


Yes. We thought you would be left
out since the Bumblebees only hold
one man. We built this when you
were studying at college.
We better get to work on the
Bumblebee Seven-- she flies today!
The boys are studying and Grampa is reading the paper when
the radio makes an announcement.
Yimcap headquarters, calling all
pilots, Yimcap headquarters,
calling all pilots.
The boys sit up, turn up the volume and listen carefully.
Emergency, emergency. Yimcap,
Bayonne reports strange aircraft
causing loss of Yimcap pilots.
The boys tense with anticipation, look at each other and
All Yimcap pilots ordered to fly
to Bayonne to confront the menace.
Proceed with caution. Over and
Grampa gets up, as do the boys.
Get your gear, boys. When you sign
up for the Young Men's Civil Air
Police, you've got to do your
Grampa is driving the tractor down the runway lighting round
kerosine torches. The boys start their planes and taxi down
to the end of the field.


Augustin nods and the engine's ROAR increases, the planes
taxi down the field in the dark-- faster and faster.
The radio CRACKLES to life. The planes are flying side by
side over the dark countryside.
Yimcap Headquarters, calling all
Pilots, Yimcap Headquarters,
calling all Pilots. The unknown
airship has left the New Jersey
area and was last seen flying
west. Over and out.
The boys nod to each other and continue flying in the dark.
Suddenly a dark form straight ahead blocks out the stars in
the sky! As they ROAR forward, the dark oval gets bigger and
bigger. Augustin points.
In the next instant a huge dark form THUNDERS between the
two planes, its wake turbulence tumbling the small planes
all over the sky!
Aug, bank hard!
The small planes are out of control in a deadly spin!
Jackson pushes his rudder hard left, hanging on to the stick
with desperation. Slowly, he regains control of the plane
and rockets skyward.
Augustin! Pull up, pull up!
Helplessly, he watches his best friend's plane corkscrew
into the dark lonely fields of Ohio. An orange flower of
flame expands where the Bumblebee Eight augers into the
Augustin! Augustin!
Jackson snaps his head west looking for the villanous
airship. He turns in vengence, but as he flies helplessly
tears of sadness streak his dusty face.


Jackson is flying his sector for YMCAP. All YMCAP fliers are
on patrol looking for the deadly ship with the round thing
on the bottom.
Yimcap headquarters calling all
fliers, Yimcap headquarters
calling all fliers-- sector eleven
has spotted the radar ship flying
west. Be on the lookout, in sector
Jackson keys his radio, looking about for the strange craft.
Roger Wilco. Sector 12 on the
lookout. Over and out.
A high altitude black dot streaks across Jackson's view
heading west. He pushes the throttle forward and the
Bumblebee Seven takes off in pursuit.
Yimcap, Yimcap, this is sector 12
calling! Come in please.
This is YMCAP headquarters-- go
ahead sector 12.
Sector 12 reporting-- in pursuit
of the radar ship. He is heading
for the next sector. Can't catch
him. Over.
Continue your patrol in sector 12,
sector 13 will intercept. Break
off pursuit. Over.
Disappointed, Jackson wheels the Bumblebee Seven back to his
regular routine.
Calling all fliers, calling all
fliers-- this is YMCAP
headquarters calling all fliers.
Sector 13 does not report. Fly


                       RADIO (cont'd)
over there and check him out
sector 12.
Reversing direction once again Jackson races into sector 13,
eyes peeled for signs of the radar ship.
Roger Wilco. I'm on my way.
Nearing the Rocky mountains Jackson spots a plume of dark
smoke. Flying over the wreckage of the Dragonfly 6, he
Calling headquarters, calling
headquarters-- this is Bumblebee
Seven reporting. Dragonfly Six has
crashed into the side of the
mountain. No trace of the radar
Bumblebee Seven, this is
Headquarters, Bumblebee Seven,
this is Headquarters-- continue to
fly west in pursuit. Much damage
reported throughout the west. Stay
on his tail Bumblebee Seven! Over
and out.
Airfield attendant, SKIP, 20ish, refuels the Bumblebee
Seven. Inside the quonset's office the radio sounds off.
YMCAP headquarters, calling
Bumblebee Seven, YMCAP
headquarters, calling Bumblebee
Seven. Come in Bumblebee Seven.
The two young men rush inside.
Skip twiddles the dial a bit and turns up the volume.
Jackson grabs the mic.
Bumblebee Seven here-- go ahead


Radar craft last reported in the
South China Sea, causing damage
and destruction. Proceed to China.
Stay on his tail, Kid.
Bumblebee lands in China, taxies up to a quonset and
refuels. Jackson is handed a telegram.
Telegram reads: BB7-- radar ship buzzes Eiffel Tower. Twelve
French tourists fall to their demise. Proceed Paris ASAP.
Flying westward, Jackson crosses mountains and deserts,
landing in Paris. A harried FRENCHY, the mechanic, rushes up
to the plane.
Monsuer Jackson? For you zee
message from zee Yimcap! Zee radar
ship was seen heading to New York!
You must follow due zuit.
Thanks, Frenchy. Better filler up.
Jackson stands next to the Bumblebee Seven while the
COMISSIONER of YMCAP explains the situation.
-- and no matter how fast you
went, the Radar Ship was always
The Bumblebee will do a good 400
flat out. That thing must go about
600 or more!
We clocked it at almost 700. Then
it just disappeared.


Well-- we haven't seen it for a
whole day now. No reports from
Yimcap worldwide!
Jackson climbs into the cockpit and starts the engine.
I'm heading back to the ranch.
Jackson comes around the corner of the barn from the
ranchhouse, eating some toast. Grampa is hard at work on a
strange looking craft.
Hi, Grampa. Great GUNS! What is
Grampa puts down the wrench and walks down the length of the
Heard you come in late last night.
This here's the Anythingdoer.
What's an anythingdoer?
It's a machine. A machine that can
do anything. She can fly like a
plane-- that's these wings up
here. The bottom part that's all
red is the boat part. She can go
on any water like a boat. Got
wheels like a car. Got a drill
thing up front to dig into the
ground or a mountain like a mole.
Can go underwater like a sub. Even
got rockets to take her to space
if we need to.
Wow. It can do anything!
Yep. Anythingdoer.


Grampa opens the side hatch on the ship and climbs in.
Jackson follows.
Looking over all of the gauges and switches, Jackson lowers
the periscope.
Periscope when she's in submarine
mode, right?
Yep. Looks like you got her pretty
well figured out.
Time to go test her.
Grampa hands Jackson the key and pulls the hatch to. Jackson
turns the key and the engines start with a WHIRR.
Where to first, Grampa?
Drive her on out to that big mound
of junk. Heck it's a mountain of
junk. We'll try the drill out
Through the windscreen a mountain of old tractors, cars,
buggies, and other junk looms ahead. Grampa points to a
toggle marked "D". Jackson flips the switch.
The drill begins to spin as the Anythingdoer pierces the
junk and drives right through.
Looks like the drill works ok.
Grampa pulls out a clipboard and pencil.
Turn her around and let's head out
to the lake.
Jackson wheels the ship around and they head out the gate.


The strange craft heads north. A dusty flivver with an OLD
MAN and OLD WOMAN are heading south when they pass the
Anythingdoer with strange looks.
                       OLD WOMAN
Geez, Paw! You ever see anything
like that before? What in the
world it it?
                       OLD MAN
Probably one of them new Chevys.
The Anythingdoer comes to a crossroad where a sign pointing
west says "Bottomless Lake."
Jackson spins the wheel left and they swerve into the turn.
How's she handle, Jackson?
Turns on a dime and gives me 8
cents change.
Bottomless lake appears in the windscreen. Grampa points to
a green light.
She's all sealed for water-- just
drive her right on in.
The Anythingdoer rolls into the lake, begins to bob. Jackson
toggles the "B" switch.
Giver the gas-- let's see what
she'll do across the lake!
In boat mode the Anythingdoer skims across the smooth waters
of the lake going faster and faster.
She's topped out at 150, Grampa.
That fast enough for you?


Yep. Swing her around to the
middle of the lake again.
Here we are. Now what?
Checking his clipboard, Grampa points to the S toggle.
Hitting the submarine switch, the ship begins to settle
deeper into the lake, disappearing from view with just a few
bubbles on the surface.
The inside of the ship gets darker as it decends. A greenish
glow lights the faces of Jackson and Grampa.
Switch on the searchlights and
take her over to the dock
underwater, Jax.
Jackson hits the switch and all the lights go out!
Grampa! What happened?
Hang on, boy. Just push that
emergency light switch.
The green glow returns. Grampa starts flipping switches but
nothing happens. They sink deeper and deeper.
What are we gonna do, Grampa?
Don't really know. Gonna have to
think on it for a while.
Strange, glowing sea creatures pass by the windows. Jackson
wipes his forehead, then places his hand on the inside skin
of the Anythingdoer.


Grampa! It's getting hot in here.
What's happening?
Grampa peers at the depth gauge, taps it then looks at
another page on his clipboard.
Hmmph. Kinda worried about this.
See, when you go into a bottomless
lake the bottom is actually the
center of the earth. At the center
is a big ball of hot lava. The
lake water starts boiling as you
get closer to the center of the
You mean we'll be boiled alive?
Ignoring the boy, Grampa, switches some switches and the
outlight searchlights come on. Bubbles in the water rise in
the windows.
See if she'll start!
Pressing the starter, nothing happens.
Now what?
Sweat beads the foreheads of Jackson and Grampa. Looking
helpless Grampa shrugs.
I'm all out of ideas.
I'm not!
Jackson starts to press rudder pedals, left, right left,
right. While he peers closely out the windscreen.
Whatcha doing?
I'm waggling the rudder at the
back of the ship. It's pushing us
forward into that cave up ahead.
Maybe that's a way out!


The anythingdoer moves slowly toward a cave in the side of
the bottomless lake and slips in.
Jackson's legs keep pumping the rudder pedals as he steers
the anythingdoer through the cave. The water begins to get
lighter and lighter. Soon it begins to rush for the surface
and the light.
Looks like we're gonna surface,
Beats boiling. Good job, Jackson.
The anythingdoer breaches the surface like a young whale.
Off to the right is a dock with a waving AUSSIE.
CRIKEY! What's that now?
Grampa leans out of the hatch, waves and hollars.
Excuse me. Where in the world are
You're in Australia, mate.
Grampa leans in to the cockpit.
We came all the way through the
earth, Jackson. We're in
The Aussie is chatting with Grampa about the Anythingdoer
when a radio interrupts. Jackson sits up.
Calling all Yimcaps, calling all
Yimcaps, this is headquarters.


                       RADIO (cont'd)
Radar ship is heading east from
India toward Australia. Intercept
and report. Over.
Jackson looks around and off in the distance spots a
familiar yellow shape.
Say, that wouldn't be a Bumblebee
would it?
Whoy it's a Bumblebee Nine, mate.
You know her?
Jackson turns to run to the plane, over his shoulder he
Sure do. And I'm YMCAP certified.
I'm going after that radar ship!
Jackson jumps in taxis right at the dock and zooms just
overhead as Grampa and Aussie follow the action.
Jackson sees a small dark dot high in the sky and points the
Bumblebee Nine on a collision course.
Bumblebee Nine calling YMCAP,
Bumblebee Nine calling YMCAP,
radar ship in sight, on my way to
Roger, Bumblebee. Standing by.
The Bumblebee and the Radar Ship close. Just as Jackson is
ready to turn before crashing, the bump on the bottom of the
Radar Ship opens like an iron mouth. The Bumblebee is sucked
into the opening.
Grampa and Aussie are repairing the Anythingdoer. They
listen hopelessly as the radio repeats a message sent for


Yimcap headquarters calling
Bumblebee nine, Yimcap
headquarters calling Bumblebee
nine. Come in please.
Don't think that radio's doing
much good.
You should be able to fly her home
tomorrow Grampa
Never learned to fly. Gonna go
back like she's a boat.
And when I get this thing armed
I'm going after that radar thing.
It got two of my boys and they're
not gonna get away with it.
Jackson moves around the inside of the chamber that is like
the inside of a clam. No doors, no windows.
Say! Why don't you guys let me out
of here?
Grampa is eating a bowl of Cheerios at midnight. He hears
steps on the porch, CLUMP, CLUMP.
Who's there?
A shadowy form fills the screen door. Grampa's head snaps
toward the door.
Who is that?
The door creaks open and there stands --.
It's me, Grampa! Augustin!
The old man gets up and hugs the boy.


The radar ship slowly lowers itself on to the mouth of the
inert volcano on the island of Rapa Nui. Just before it
settles a part of the ship is jarred on an outstanding rock.
The round bottom of the ship cracks open, just enough for
Jackson to escape.
Running down the side of the volcano, Radar men take up the
Those guys aren't very fast but
they sure keep coming.
Jackson passes the strange heads that are huge versions of
Radarmen. The heads are tracking Jackson's every move!
These heads sure are creepy. All
facing in like there watching
everything on the island.
Jackson finds a low spot behind a statue and crawls up it to
a cave where he hides.
Flying high, Augustin at the controls, Grampa searches for
signs of Jackson.
No one found the wreck of the
plane, Grampa?
Nope. This is our third day over
the Indian ocean side of
Australia. Nothing.
Let's take her around the world,
Grampa, See what's all around
Australia and everything else.
Good idea. Go on around.


Radarmen search all over for Jackson, to no avail. When they
pass the hidden cave, Jackson steps out to look around. He
looks up. The Anythingdoer is high in the sky!
Hey! Grampa! I'm here.
Jackson looks around and runs partway down the hill. He
picks up white rocks and begins to set them in a row,
stopping only when the Radarmen come by.
Flying high over the wide Pacific, slowing only for the
widely spread out islands, the Anythingdoer nears Rapa Nui.
Grampa, I got a feeling were
getting close.
Maybe you better take her down a
little lower, Aug.
Through the port on the port side Grampa spots a pattern of
rocks on the side of a hill.
See something, Grampa?
Yep. Take her down, Augustin. He's
here on this island.
Pressing the "H" for helicopter mode, the Anythingdoer
begins to hover downward.
Radarmen have spotted the Anythingdoer and move enmasse
toward the hill.
Jackson sees the familiar boatbottom heading down toward
Radarmen crest the hill just as a ropeladder drops from the
hatch in the side of the Anythingdoer.
Augustin sees the Radarmen at the bottom of the ropeladder!


Hang on, Grampa.
Jerking back on the controls the Anythingdoer lifts just out
of reach of the nearest Radarman. Jackson clambers aboard.
Frustrated Radarmen head back to the volcano silently.
Jackson is shocked at seeing his friend at the controls.
Augustin! How-- what-- where?
We can get to all that later. We
still have a problem with these
Maybe not, Grampa. While I was
hiding in that cave I learned
their secrets.
Secrets? What secrets?
I read the rongo rongo. It says
that the radarship is fueled by
hot lava. That's why it's so fast.
Anything else?
Yep. They plugged the volcano and
put a pipe in it with a valve.
They can turn the valve and let
hot lava go in the fuel tank.
And I've got a plan to cut off the
supply of lava!
What's the plan?
First, we go into submarine mode--


Hold it. We haven't tested the new
submarine stuff yet.
What's the rest of the plan?
We dive to the bottom of the
ocean, then turn on the drill-- we
know it works, right, Grampa?
Well, yeah--
And then we drill a hole right
through the lava tube and make the
lava go out the side and into the
ocean. They can't use hard lava.
Augustin, smiles and lights shine in his eyes. He looks at
It's a great plan-- it's just--
well, the sub--
Jackson nods at Augustin. Augustin banks the Anythingdoer
aiming it right for the ocean.
The Anythingdoer comes to the ocean floor and begins to
drill downward.
Radarmen work frantically to get their craft fueled with hot
lava. Pipes are moved into place, a small amount dribbles in
when suddenly the flow slows.
Three anxious faces sweat as they bore into the lava shaft.
Orange light flashes.
Radarmen board the craft, an earthquake is shaking
everything. Engines WHINE the craft slowly lifts, fuel pipe
attached. The pipe breaks-- no lava!


The orange fades to dark brown as the Anythingdoer bores
through the base of the island.
A radarman looks down the empty pipe. The volcano shakes and
hot lava bursts up as the volcano cracks in half. The
radarship begins to sink into the lava lake.
Bursting from the brown earth and into the deep blue sea the
Anythingdoer begins to surface.
Better get her in the air right
away, Augustin.
The Anythingdoer bursts upward, rocket assisted into the
sky. Augustin banks and Grampa and Jackson watch as the
Radarmen and their evil ship finally sink into the hot lava
of the broken volcano.


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From liam Date 4/30/2009 ****
incredible. i could not stop thinking about it! this is a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 star rating, but this only goes to 4. :(

From Cliff Date 7/24/2006 **1/2
This is pretty good, but I believe that you're able to expand it a little more. I'd fix the grammar, but I tell everybody that.

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