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Destiny's Divas_EP6_1hr
by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

As D & D wraps up their tour of the East Coast, it's now also a time to try and find Destiny's brother's killer or killers.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Danielle arrives at the library at ten oíclock and knows
nothing about the microfilm machine or even where itís

She reaches the information desk.
Excuse me, but do you have a
machine in here that can read old
newspaper clips?
As a matter of fact we do, miss.
Itís called a microfilm reader and
we have records that date back
seventy-five years or more. Follow
me and Iíll show it to you.
She stands and heads around the desk.

Danielle follows the woman into another room where she sees
a weird looking machine with what appears to be a small
television screen on top.

The librarian heads to a series of cabinets to the side of
the machine.
What particular newspaper are you
inquiring into, young lady?
Danielle stands in front of the machine.
The Hartford Courant!
And what date are you interested
Iíd like May tenth through the
seventeenth, nineteen
eighty-three, please.


I see you have some serious
research to do.
Yes maíam I do.
After pulling out the eight reels of microfilm, for the
specified dates Danielle mentioned, the librarian takes the
time to show her how to load and read the microfilm.

When the librarian returns to the front desk, Danielle sits
back and starts to scroll through the pages.

On the fifth reel Danielle begins to slow down. On page
three she reads about Detective Brad Collier, the detective
who was handling the kidnapping case at the time.

When she looks at the front page, dated May Seventeenth,
however, tears start to streak down the front of her face as
she reads the headlines.

face is awash in tears that stream from her eyes.

After returning the microfilm to the cabinet, Danielle
leaves the library..
Danielle sits down on the couch.
Destiny! I need to see you!
A moment later Destinyís spirit begins to form, from a mist,
out of the blackened television set. The sparkling
molecules swirl until it takes on the likeness Danielle is
familiar with.
The pain you now bear, is the same
pain I endured right after my
brotherís death. I carried that
pain with me for eight years, and
it never goes away.
I believe that, Destiny. It was
hard for me to sit there and read
what they did to him. I need you


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
to do me a favor.
That I can do. Iíll return when I
have the information for you.
Destinyís form once again dissipates back into the darkened
television screen.
Danielle lies back on the couch.
An hour goes by and Danielle falls into a restless sleep.
When she awakens, she looks around the room. Danielle sits
up on the couch and Destinyís spirit once again forms itself
from the confines of the television screen.
I hope you rested well.
Well letís just say I rested and
leave it at that.
I have that information you
Well let me have it, Destiny, and
I hope you have good news.
Detective Collier retired in
nineteen eighty-nine and is now
living in Willimantic. He was
shot in the line of duty and is
now confined to a wheelchair. He
lives at the Rose Acres Nursing
Danielle writes the name of the nursing home down on a piece
of paper.
Well, so much for talking to him
Maybe not, Danielle! I checked the
records at the nursing home, too,
and heís had only two visitors in


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
the last three months. One of the
comments the staff made is they
wished more people would come and
see him.
Well it looks like I may have to
oblige them. Iím going to have to
wait until next week, after our
gig in Boston is behind us. Iíll
have Dana or one of the other
girlís drive me up there.
It would be advisable for you to
always have one of the girls with
you on this particular case, for I
can be of no help to you
whatsoever. I canít even read
your thoughts on this case.
Danielle looks up at Destiny with a puzzled expression on
her face.
You mean youíve read them before,
I knew your thoughts on the Janine
Kilmer and Jeremy Bradley cases,
yes. What you donít realize,
Danielle, is where my spirit is
yours, your spirit is also mine.
We are one. When youíre thinking,
I can read those thoughts except
when it has to do with my case.
Iím in a state of limbo; a neutral
zone if you will, and as such,
anything that has to do with me is
blocked out. I have no control
over my own destiny. I tried to
use my powers to find Joshís
killers by myself, but my powers
didnít work and were ineffective.
Thatís the reason I got you girls
involved the way I did.
Iím just an ordinary girl,
Destiny, nothing more or less.


You are all girl yes, but a girl
who has a huge heart for kids. I
saw that in you before I chose you
for this job. I saw it in
Atlanta. You know what? Iím
seeing it again in you right now.
Though you cannot bring my brother
back, Danielle, you can free my
spirit so I can spend eternity
with him. The good thing for you
is that the team I chose is
comprised of all friends. You all
work well together both on and off
stage. Remain true to your goal
and remember the powers youíve
been given. I must leave you now.
Destinyís spirit once again dissolves back into the darkened
confines of the television screen.
At one o'clock, Danielle and Lisa pull out of their driveway
and head north towards Willimantic.

At two-ten Lisa pulls into an empty parking space in the
visitor's parking lot at the Rose Acres Nursing Home. Three
inches of snow covers what was the garden and yard. The
parking lot, however, is well plowed.
Okay, girl, whatever you need to
accomplish in there, I wish you
Lisa turns down the heat inside the car.
Danielle grabs the door handle.
Thanks, Lisa! I hope I can get
the information I need, so let's
pray heís got it.
Good luck! I'll be waiting right
here in the car.


Danielle opens the door.
Thanks! I shouldnít be very long.
Danielle goes through a large white door. Inside she sees a
receptionist's desk and a long hall. At the desk is a
heavyset black woman with long black hair.
ELSIE WATERS looks up as Danielle approaches the desk.
Afternoon, ma'am! Can I help you?
Danielle stands in front of the desk.
Thank you! I'm here to see Mr.
Brad Collier.
Elsie looks at Danielle.
This is a first, young lady.
Danielle loks puzzled by her remark.
What's that, ma'am?
I've been here for just over three
years, girl, and I can count on
one hand the number of visitors
he's had in the last two, since he
came here. Youíre the very first
female I can recall who ever come
to see him. This might just do
the old codger some good. Are you
a family member?
No ma'am! Iím doing some research
on a case he was involved with a
long time ago, and I was hoping he
could shed some light on it.


Well I'll be damned. Sign in
right here, young lady, and I'll
take you to him.
Danielle signs the register.
Whatís he here for?
From what Iíve heard, he was shot
in the line of duty. Where the
bullet hit him, it left him
partially paralyzed on the lower
right side. Other than that the
manís as fit as a fiddle and sharp
as a whip. He's in the recreation
Elsie stretches to see her name.
Follow me, Danielle!
DAnielle follows the receptionist down a long hall and stop
at a doorway on the left.
As they enter, Danielle sees that chess and checkers seem to
be the prominent forms of recreation, with several tables
occupied by patients of the home.
Elsie leads Danielle across the room,
Do you like cribbage, Danielle?
I can play the game, but why?
Elsie stops before she reaches Brad andturns to face
A little woman to woman secret,
hon! If you want to get anywhere
with Brad Collier, play some


                       ELSIE (cont'd)
cribbage with him. I'll introduce
Seated a table on the far end of the room, with a clear view
of the television set, BRAD COLLIER sits in a wheelchair and
shuffles a deck of cards while watching the tube.
Elsie reaches Brad's table.
      (Raised VOICE)
Brad! Brad Collier!
Brad turns his head to face her. He sees Danielle and gives
her a glance over.
Hi Elsie. Who's the young lady?
This is Danielle Dee, Brad. Sheís
doing some research on one of your
old cases and would like to ask
you a few questions.
Brad adjusts the cribbage board to face her.
Do you play cribbage, Danielle?
Danielle takes a seat across from him and looks at Elsie.
Thank you, maíam!
Elsie turns and heads back to the reception desk as Danielle
turns her head towards Brad.
I'll tell you what, sir. I'll
play you a couple of quick games
if you'll answer a few questions
for me in between them.
Young lady, youíre on! He places
the deck on the table for her to
cut for deal.
Danielle plays the game well. The first game they play, she
loses by only two pegs.


Brad places the cards to one side.
You play a pretty mean game of
crib, young lady. Elsie says you
have some questions about an old
case of mine.
Danille pulls out a notepad and pen. She looks him in the
Yes I do sir! Now, do you remember
the Josh Masters kidnapping from
eight years ago?
Oh geeze, girl! How can I ever
forget that one? That was the
only unsolved case of mine in over
twenty-five years. What a
nightmare we had trying to nab
someone for that.
Was there any one person you were
positive either kidnapped or
killed him, but could never get
the evidence to prove it?
Oh gosh, young lady, that was
eight years ago, at least.
Please, Mr. Collier, try to
Iím trying, young lady, and it's
coming back. Let's see! The
guy's name was Vance.


Vance Logan. Yeah, thatís it. He
was a thirty-two year old man at
that time.


Do you happen to remember what
evidence you might have had to
suspect him?
There were a number of things, as
I recall, but they were all
circumstantial and nothing
Do you remember what they were?
Well he lived only one block from
the park where the kids were
playing ball, and he was known to
frequent the park when the kids
were out there.
That's not exactly what youíd call
hard evidence, detective. There
are a lot of people who live near
parks that go out and watch the
kids play.
Thatís true, Danielle, but when
the newspapers mentioned that Josh
Masters went back to the park to
get the glove he left there, it
was Vance Logan who turned the
glove in to the police. He said
he found it on one of the bleacher
seats after the kids left for the
If he were guilty, detective, why
would he incriminate himself by
turning in Josh's glove to you
people? That doesnít make sense.
That was one of the things we
wondered too. You think somewhat
like a cop, Danielle.


Iím not a cop, sir. Iím only
Anyway, we did our homework and
found out that this guy Logan was
unemployed. He also had a van,
and think on this, he had an
acquaintance that was a known
Now Iím beginning to snap the
pieces of the puzzle together,
As you can see, Danielle,
everything appeared to point to
him, and his friend, but there was
nothing strong enough to even
secure an arrest warrant against
him. We even checked out his
friend, a guy by the name of Matt
Sanders. His rap sheet was six
pages long, but he had a solid
alibi for the day Josh was
kidnapped. We didn't even have
enough, on him, to obtain a search
warrant for the guy's house.
That had to be a blow to your
It was, because of the fact he was
a pedophile, was the only possible
link to the Masters boy.
Let me play you one more quick
game of crib, detective, and then
I'll let you go.
Iíll never turn down a game of
crib, young lady.


Lisa waits for Danielle to hook up her seat belt,
Well how did it go?
Now we have a place to start. If
this is our guy, with the powers
we have, we just might be able to
nail two people for Josh's murder.
Let's go home. We need to plan
our next move.
Lisa pulls out of the parking lot,
Two people?
Yeah, and the second guy is a
known pedophile.
Within fifteen minutes Lisa is on route eighty-four and she
heads west towards Hartford. The ride home is quiet.
Dana and Wendy are quick to open the door, so the other
girls can get inside and out of the cold weather.
Lisa and Danielle enter the hallway.
How did you make out up there?
Danielle laughs as she takes off her coat.
Well the dress worked. The first
thing he did was check out my
legs. Do we have any coffee made?
Danielle's body shakes.
I made a fresh pot twenty minutes
ago, just for you, Danielle.


Then let's go in the kitchen. I
can warm up and we can talk. It's
cold out today.
All four girls go from the hallway to the kitchen, with Dana
leading the way.
Wendy pours each girl a coffee and places them on the table.
The detective has paralysis in his
left leg, but his mind is very


And so was his memory, once I
kick-started it.
Lisa sits to Danielleís left.
Did he give you any idea why this
Logan guy might have turned in
Josh's glove?
Dana sits across from Danielle.
Who's Logan?
I better fill them in before I
answer you, Lisa.
Danielle then goes on to bring the other two up to date as
to what transpired at the nursing home. She then continues.
Iím hoping Destiny will show up.
With her abilities, I hope she can
find out where these two guys
live. That would save us some
valuable time.
Destiny ejects herself from the darkened oven in the center
of the kitchen, her sparkling molecular cells performing a
familiar swirling pattern, taking shape in front of them.


Youíve done well. You knew I was
there with you, in Willimantic,
didn't you, Danielle?
Danielleís head faces Destiny.
Youíre always with me, Destiny,
for your spirit is a part of my
That was a very tactical maneuver
you pulled by letting the
detective win that game.
You saw that, huh? Well I had
nothing to gain by beating him, so
I took a calculated gamble and it
paid off.
I predicted you'd need the
addresses for those two men, and I
scoured the data bases at the
Police station and have that
information for you. Write these
two addresses down. Thirty seven
Elm Street, apartment number one
is still the address for Vance
Logan. That's about six blocks
from where I used to live at
ninety-three Elm Street. This guy
Matt Sanders can't seem to stay in
any one place very long. The last
known address for the man is
seventy-four Cauldwell, in the
Bronx, New York.
Danielle reaches into her purse for a pen and paper. She
then writes down the two addresses.
How did you know I needed these
addresses if you canít read my
mind, Destiny?


Brad Collier gave you their names.
I only needed to put two and two
together. Youíre right, I
couldnít read your mind.
Does that mean weíll have to make
a trip to the Bronx, at this time
of the year?
Destiny's spirit floats in the center of the kitchen.
No, not really. If Logan
confesses, and he implicates Matt
Sanders as being an accomplice
during that confession, then you
can let the police and the
District Attorney do the rest.
Your job will be done.
As in permanently done or just for
this case?
As far as D & D goes, that will be
up to the four of you. As far as
your ability to be super heroines,
I think it best that the actual
detective work be left to those
who are trained to do it. It will
then be time for you young ladies
to find boyfriends, get married,
and have kids of your own. Iíve
put you in harm's way more than
you asked for, or deserved. One
final case and you can be the
teenagers you deserve to be.
I, for one Destiny, am going to
miss you. Youíve helped us all
mature sooner than we ever could
on our own, and for that, all I
can say is thank you.
Itís not over with yet. Your work
is still unfinished.


We'll get the guy, Destiny.
Iíll leave you for now.
Her spirit swirls and dissolves back into the darkened oven.
Youíre going to have to wait for a
couple of days, Danielle, before
you set your plan in motion.
Danielle looks at Dana, puzzled, and slams her fist on the
Why? I want to get this whole
thing over with.
There's a northeaster coming up
the coast. By tomorrow morning
thereís expected to be as much as
six inches of snow on the ground,
or even more.
How much are they expecting total?
Theyíre saying that as much as ten
to fifteen inches is expected
before this storm is over with
tomorrow night.
I guess we better wait until
Thursday or Friday, but that only
gives us a week before Christmas.
If we don't get him this weekend
weíll only have three days next
week before Christmas. Iíd like to
wrap this case up before the New
Whether you want to believe it or
not, Danielle, the whole scenario
for getting this guy is in your
hands. Youíre the only one of us
who has the power to stop any
opponent in their tracks. Dana
can help you, with her


                       LISA (cont'd)
invisibility, but without a weapon
of any kind even sheíll be
And if Dana has a weapon, and she
remains invisible, technically
sheíll be breaking the law.
Right! Iíll be carrying a
concealed weapon, but I did that
in Atlanta and got away with it.
Yeah, but it was the cop who gave
you the weapon. Okay, then! I've
got a day or two to come up with a
viable plan and weíll have to go
with it.
When Danielle gets into the living room, she looks out the
window and seeing nothing but snow-covered ground. She
turns on the television to the news station and checks the
weather report for the next few days.
Well, girls, it looks like we can
relax for today, at least, and
probably tomorrow as well. Iím not
even going to try and go out in
this slop tomorrow.
Lisa sits in the easy chair,
Then what will we do?
Relax, Lisa, means just that. Iím
going to relax today, whether itís
watching television, playing
cards, or whatever, because
tomorrow I want my mind to be
sharp. Itís no day to be going


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
out and gallivanting around in the
white stuff unless youíre a
Dana sits down on the couch beside Danielle.
Itís been so long since weíve
actually had the time to be
teenagers that weíve forgotten
what to do.
Maybe, just maybe, after all this
is over with and behind us, we can
get back to somewhat of a normal
life. For the past several months
not one of us has ever thought of
being with a guy. Literally,
before Destiny popped into my
life, I was always trying to get
dates with guys at school. Now
that weíre the recent queens of
rock and roll, when have we had
the chance even think of boys?
Yeah! It would be nice to have a
date once in a while. That would
kick these young hormones back
into gear.
Hell, Iím a girl, arenít I?
Weíre all teenagers, Lisa, and we
know what you mean.
Danielleís the first of the four girls to arise on Thursday
morning. She sits at the kitchen table, with a fresh cup of


Dana enters dressed, at ten oíclock.
Morning Danielle. You mean the
others arenít up yet?
Danielle sits at the table.
Outside of me, youíre the first
one, girl. Fix yourself a coffee.
Dana reaches for an empty coffee cup.
Why, whatís up?
Weíre going after Vance Logan
Wendy enters the kitchen with Lisa behind her.
Did I hear right? Weíre going out
to get him today?
Get yourselves some coffee, girls.
As soon as everyone is seated
Iíll go over the details of the
plan I think will work.
Wendy and Lisa get their coffee, they find a seat at the
table and listen.

Danielle explains her plan in detail, including a back-up
course of action.
Wendy parks the car across the street from Vanceís apartment
building, where she can have a clear view of the front of
the house.
I have a clear shot from here,


Danielle is seated in Front with Wendy.
Make sure no oneís looking at you,
Wendy, and see if you can find his
Wendy uses her x-ray vision as her eyes turn purple.
I found the apartment, Danielle.
As soon as you go through the
front door his apartment is to
your immediate left.
Is he in there?

Well thereís a man in the kitchen,
and I'd say he is in his late
thirties or early forties and he
does appear to be alone.
That'll make things a lot easier.
Do you have your clipboard, Lisa?
Dana is seated behind Danielle. She throws her microphone
into the air and she becomes invisible.
Lisa's knees shake as she picks up the clipboard from the
I do, but Iím letting you ask the

Try and relax, Lisa. This is
going to be no different than
either of the other two cases we
worked on.
That may be true, but this time I
have no weapons, and we'll be
meeting him face to face.



After eight long years, Lisa, this
is the last thing heís going to
expect, and I have the only weapon
we should need if I do this right.
Wendy! I want you to stay right
here and be ready to move this car
if we need to get out of here in a
Danielle opens the front passenger door.
Are we ready, girls?
As Lisa gets out of the car, Dana exits behind her, but is
invisible. Only two girls can be seen crossing Elm Street.
As Danielle approaches the apartment, she can see that the
house is old and run down, but recent repairs make it
obvious itís being kept up to meet minimum building code

The girls reach the front door and sheís quick to note Vance
Logan's name on mailbox number one. What might have served
as a security door, is now nothing more than a windbreaker
from the elements.

Turning the doorknob, Danielle opens the door. Inside she
sees a long hall with a door on both sides, and a stairwell
at the far end.

Apartment number one is to her immediate left. She takes a
deep breath, knocks on the door twice, and waits for an
About a minute later the door opens enough for VANCE LOGAN
to see out. He opens the door wider when he sees two young
girls at the door.
Can I help you two lovely young


Yes, sir! Weíre doing a survey
for the city, and weíd appreciate
your cooperation. Would you mind
answering a few questions? Itíll
take no more than ten minutes of
your time, sir.
I believe I could easily spare ten
minutes of my time with you two
lovely young ladies.
May we come in, sir? Itís rather
chilly out here in the hallway.
My apologies, ladies!
Vance opens the door wide, to let the two girls inside.
Please come in!
Danielle goes right in, but Lisa holds back and leaves room
for Dana to get in between her and Danielle.
Lisa steps inside.
Would you like me to close the
door, sir?
Yes, and thank you very much.
Vance responds to Lisa, but his eyes are glued to Danielle.
Where would you like to take this
Danielle stands beside Lisa just inside the living room,
Either in the living room or the
kitchen will be fine, whichever is
more comfortable for you sir.


The lighting in the kitchen is
better. Follow me!
Vance leads the way through the living room and into the
Danielle enters the kitchen and she looks around quick.
Vance takes a seat on one side of the table.
Have a seat, ladies, and ask away.
Danielle grabs a seat in the center of one side, opposite
Vance Logan, and Lisa grabs a seat at one end of the table.
She looks square into the eyes of Vance Logan and forces her
eyes to glow a bright red.
Mr. Logan! I want you to think
back in time, to approximately
eight years ago. Do you remember a
young boy by the name of Josh
Lisa pulls out the portable tape recorder and waits for
Danielle's cue to turn it on.
Yes, I do remember him.
Youíre about to be asked some
questions about that child, and
you will tell this person
everything you know. Do you
I understand!
Danielle nods to Lisa and then turns her head and nods to
Dana remains invisible and thinks of a man's voice.
Lisa turns on the tape recorder.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Tell me your full name, sir.


Thereís no hint of resistance to his will.
My name is Vance Michael Logan.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
What is your age, Mr. Logan?
Iím forty-two.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Whatís your current address?
Thirty-seven Elm Street, apartment
one, Hartford, CT.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Tell me now what you remember
about the kidnapping of Josh
Masters, in the summer of 1983.
I was unemployed then, and had
been for several weeks. I was
with my friend, Matt Sanders, and
he devised a way to come up with
some quick cash to bail us both
out of the hole.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
What way was that?
Weíd go to the park, when the kids
were playing ball, and wait until
one of them was by themselves.
Matt stayed in the van and waited
for me to grab a kid, any kid. I
took one of the boys' gloves and
hid it under me. When the kids
left the park, he left with them,
but he came back alone a few
minutes later. He asked me if I
saw a glove lying around. I
showed him the one I had and
climbed down from the bleachers,
as if I was going to give it to


                       VANCE (cont'd)
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Did you give it to him?
I handed it to him and we started
to walk out of the park towards
the van. I grabbed him and shoved
him into the van as fast as I
could, and slammed the door shut.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Where did you and Matt take the
The kid was screaming and we beat
it out of there fast. We went to
Matt's house where we wouldn't get
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Who killed Josh Masters, Vance,
and why was he killed?
Once I grabbed the Masters kid, I
got scared, but Matt insisted we
could get around two hundred grand
for him. The sound of that much
dough kind of changed my mind.
Maybe two days after that, I was
in the kitchen, and he was in the
other room messing with the kid,
and I heard the boy screaming. I
could hear Matt slapping him
around a bit and finally the kid
shut up.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
What happened to Josh Masters?
I guess Matt must have hit him too
hard, because when I went in to
feed him, later that night, he
wasn't moving at all.


A scowl forms quickly on Danielle's face.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
What happened then?
I went to Matt and told him the
kid wasn't moving, and that I
thought he was dead. I was really
scared. Murder was not something
I wanted or had in mind. We
wrapped the boy's body in a
blanket and waited for it to get
dark so we could put the body in
the back of the truck. He just
drove until we found a safe spot
and dumped the kid's body by the
side of the road. He took the
blanket and dumped it in a
dumpster nearly twenty miles from
where we ditched the kid.
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Do you swear that what youíve told
us is the whole truth?
Yes, sir!
                       DANA (VO)
      (MAN'S VOICE)
Were you promised anything for
telling us the truth?
Danielle looks at Dana and shakes her head in the positive.
Lisa shuts off the recorder. With all the evidence she
needs on the tape, Lisa places the recorder back into her
bag. She then reaches for Dana's microphone and places it
in there as well.
While still invisible Dana leaves the kitchen and heads into
the living room and exits through the front door.


Front door CLOSES.

Danielle looks back towards Vance Logan.
Mr. Logan! When I count to three
and clap my hands together one
time, youíll wake up and not
remember this conversation. I
will ask you two questions and we
will then leave here. You will
not ask to see our survey. Is
that understood?
I understand.
Danielle CLAPS her hands together one time.
Now, Mr. Logan, do you feel your
landlord can do more to make your
building safer?

Doesn't every tenant? You've seen
the condition of this joint when
you walked in.
If the state steps in, sir, would
you be willing to testify, along
with other disgruntled tenants?
Sure I would!
Danielle stands up, with Lisa right beside her.
Then that's all we need from you
right now. Thank you for your
Vance heads into the living room in front of Danielle and


You two lovely young ladies come
back here any time.
Lisa beats him to the door first and she opens it while
Danielle wraps up their visit with Vance Logan.
Danielle steps out into the hallway behind Lisa.
Thank you so very much, sir.
The door CLOSES behind them as the three girls turn and head
for the door, They waste no time in heading to the car.
The three girls get inside the car.
Is Dana in?
Iím here, Danielle. Please give
me my microphone, Lisa.
Lisa sits beside Dana in the back seat, reaches into her bag
and grabs the microphone. She then hands it to Dana.
As soon as she touches the microphone Dana starts to
Do what youíve got to do,
Danielle. Iím all set here.
Head directly to Willimantic,
Wendy starts the car and pulls away from the curb.
What the hell are you going to do
up there?


Iím going to take a calculated
Danielle turns around and looks into the back seat at Lisa.
Can you make a copy of that tape?
I have a spare blank, Danielle,
but this player does not make
copies. Sorry!
Then we'll have to go with just
the original.
Do you mind telling me hat
happened in there?
We got enough evidence, on that
one tape, to send both Vance Logan
and Matt Sanders to prison for
life. It made me sick to have to
stand there and listen to it all.
I wanted to heave my guts out all
over his sorry ass.
It was that bad?
You really donít want to listen to
that tape, Wendy, unless you have
one strong stomach. It wasn't as
much what he said, as what his
insinuations were.
I take it weíre getting onto
eighty-four eastbound.
Yes, and take the Willimantic exit
and bear right at the bottom of
the ramp.
Danielle's face is distorted.


Are you okay, Danielle?
No, Iím not! I want that bastard
behind bars where he belongs, and
his murderous pedophile friend
too. If I got my hands on him
right now, I wouldnít need my
powers. Iíd strangle the son of a
bitch. Let me see the tape
player, Lisa.
When Danielle goes inside, Elsie is at the receptionist's
You made a big impression on him,
Danielle. He'll be glad to see
you back here.
Danielle signs the guest register in pencil.
More than you could ever imagine
Elsie. Is he in the game room?
Yes he is, but is anything wrong?
Everything is finally right,
Elsie. Is there someplace where
we go to talk, thatíll be a little
more private than the game room?
If you want to, you can go to his
That will be great. Can I go and
see him?
Sure! You know where the old fart
is sitting.


Danielle heads to the far end of the hall and goes straight
into the game room.
Danielle enters the game room and sees Brad Collier in his
wheelchair at the same table.
Danielle passes the checker and chess tables and then heads
right over to him.
Good afternoon, Mr. Collier!
Brad turns his head to see who it is.
Oh hi there, Danielle. I think
that's what your name is. I see
you came back here for some more
Danielle takes a seat across from him, one arm on the table
and the free hand holding the tape player.
Actually, Mr. Collier, I came here
to ask you to listen to something.
Brad places his hands on his hips and looks at her with a
puzzled expression.
And what might I be interested in
hearing, dear?
How would you like to hear the
confession of guilt by Josh
Master's kidnapper?
Bradís eyebrows lift high onto his forehead. He drops his
hands, as wrinkles form above his eyes.
You aren't serious, are you?
I didnít come up all the way from
Hartford just for a game of
cribbage, sir. Iíll show you how


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
serious I am. Can we go to your
room, sir, and I'll let you hear
every gruesome word of it.
Brad grabs the wheels of his chair and turns himself around.

I've waited eight long years for
this day, Danielle, and Iíll lead
the way. Follow me!
Brad leads Danielle out of the recreation room.

Danielle follows the former detective into his room; a small
room where thereís a bed, nightstand, a phone, and across
from the end of the bed is a television set. In the corner
of the room, by the window, is an easy chair. She sets up
the tape recorder on his nightstand.
Are you ready for this, sir?
Brad sits in the wheelchair beside the tape player.
Turn it on, Danielle, please.
While heís listening to the tape, Danielle can see that
several times tears form in the corners of his eyes, and a
few choose to drip down the front of his face, as he listens
to the brazen confession.
The tape finishes.
I donít want to know how the hell
you got this, young lady, but make
damn sure your fingerprints are
wiped clean and are not on that
tape anywhere. I know the right
person to give this tape to. Iíll
also make sure Elsie gets your
name removed from the guest
register. You do trust me with


                       BRAD (cont'd)
this, don't you?
Danielle sits on the edge of the bed.
That's why Iím here, detective. I
wanted to make sure the right
people get to hear this and for us
to remain incognito. I never told
you this before, sir, but Iím only
one girl out of a group of four.
Up to now weíve been able to find
two missing kidnapped kids alive,
and now we've managed to get the
confession of a kidnapper who was
involved with the murder of a
child. We do not do this for the
glory, or a reward, but to simply
right some of the wrongs in our
perverted society. How we managed
to get it, detective, I wonít
divulge. I promise you this, that
the tape was recorded from Vance
Logan's mouth.
Well, my dear, whatever it is you
young ladies are doing, you all
seem to be doing it right, so keep
up the good work. As far as your
identity goes, itís safe with me.
You somehow made it easy for me.
Howíd I do that?
You have a man asking the
questions to Vance Logan. All I
have to say is that a man came in
here and gave me this tape.

Thank you. Let me wipe it clean.
This tape, sir, is the only copy,
so handle it with care, and I have
to take the player with me.
Danielle wipes all the fingerprints from the tape cassette
and hands the tape to Brad.


Go on, now, and get out of here.
As you leave, tell Elsie I'd like
to see her and right away, please.
I'll do that, sir, and thanks
Danielle leaves the privacy of Brad Collier's room and heads
down the main hall that goes to the reception desk.
Danielle approaches the reception desk.
Hi, Danielle. That was a fast
visit, girl.
I have a lot to do, Elsie, but I
needed to see him. He asked me to
tell you heíd like to see you, and
right away. Itís very important!
Okay, dear, and thanks. Is he
still in his room?
Yes he is. Bye!
Danielle then turns and heads to the door with brisk steps.
Elsie knocks on Brad's door.
      (almost yelling)
Come on in, Elsie.
Elsie enters the room.
You wanted to see me, Mr. Collier?
Brad turns his wheelchair to face her.


I need a huge favor of you, Elsie.
I haven't asked for very much
since Iíve been in here, but this
is very important to me.
What can I do for you, then?
Make damn sure that girl's name is
removed from the guest register. I
don't care how the hell you do it,
girl, but get it off there.
I can do it, Brad, but why?
That young lady, and her friends,
just helped me solve the only case
I couldn't solve when I was still
on the force. I donít need anyone
questioning her or her friends
either. Do you understand?
Because of her, I can see to it
that both a kidnapper and a
murderer of a child are both put
behind bars where they belong.
Then consider it done.
Elsie leaves the room and Brad Collier reaches into the
drawer of his nightstand and pulls out his phonebook. Once
he finds the number for Detective ANGELO SANTINI, he picks
up the phone and dials the number.
The phone RINGS.
Homicide, Detective Santini!
Angi switches to the speaker- phone and places the receiver
back down.


                       BRAD (VO)
Angelo! This is Brad Collier, in
Angelo sits back in his swivel chair.
My God, Brad, what brings you out
of hibernation my old friend?
                       BRAD (VO)

I need you to do me a big favor,
while Iím on the line, and look up
an old case, Angi.
Which case?
Angi sits up to operate the computer.
                       BRAD (VO)
The Josh Master's
kidnapping/murder case from 1983.
Hold on and Let me bring it up on
the computer.
Angi hits the appropriate keys he brings up the case files
on the screen.
I see here that this was your
case, Brad, and as of yet this
case is unsolved. Why the
I wonít pull any punches, Angi.
Please drive up here to
Willimantic? I have a taped
confession by the man who
kidnapped that boy. In this
confession he fingers the actual
Angi repositions himself in the swivel chair.
Are you serious, Brad?


A man came in here this afternoon
and let me listen to the tape. He
left the tape with me, Angi, but
he took the recorder with him, so
if you have one, bring it with
you. After I heard the tape, he
took off, and never left me his
I'll be there in about forty-five
minutes. Don't lose that damn
After registering at the desk, Detective Santini heads to
Bradís room and knocks on the door. He waits.
Brad faces the door as Angi walks in.
Afternoon, Brad! I brought a
recorder with me. Where do you
want me to hook it up?
Right beside the table there. The
plug is right behind the table.
After plugging in the tape player and pushing the play
button, Detective Santini sits down on the edge of the bed.
Was this guy a cop Brad?
I donít know! When I turned to
ask him, he was gone.
Angi sits and listens to the entire confession. When it
ends, he rewinds the tape and turns to Brad.
When you interviewed Logan, in
1983 Brad, did you tape the


Hell, Angi, I can't remember. If
we did, then it would be in the
evidence room.
Thatís my next stop. If he was
taped, then we can verify a voice
match with that to this tape. If
not, then weíll bring him in and
get a sample of his voice to match
it with this. In either case,
Iíve got a helluva lot of work to
Angi unplugs the tape player.
Iíll nail him, Brad; count on it.
I want him, Angi, but I also want
this Matt Sanders guy. Heís the
one who murdered the boy.
Detective Santini starts to leave the room.
Thanks, Angi!
Detective Santini reaches his desk with the tape and player
and sets them on his desk.
Is That all there was, Skip?
Barrows approaches Santiniís desk.
Thatís all there was. By the way,
Simmons is in with the Captain,
and theyíre waiting for you in his
Angi grabs the player and tape and turns to head into the
Captainís office.


I better get in there.
Detective Santini set's the tape recorder on his desk. He
sits down in his swivel chair and clicks on the intercom to
his boss' office.
                       CAPTAIN (VO)
Captain Dobbs!
It's Detective Santini, captain.
Did you find the evidence on the
Master's case?
                       CAPTAIN (VO)
Come into my office Angi and bring
that confession with you.
Right away, sir.
Detective Santini grabs the recorder and the tape and headed
toward the captain's office.
Detective Santini enters the Captain's office and Dobbs sits
up in his swivel chair.
Have a seat, detective. We sifted
through all the evidence in the
box and we came up empty. Simmons
wants to hear the tape.
What good would that do? Weíve
got nothing to match it against.
Assistant DA, KARLA SIMMONDS sits beside Detective Santini.
Let me hear the tape, detective,
and we might just have enough to
bring Logan in. Once we interview
him, we can tape his conversation


                       KARLA (cont'd)
and match it against what you
have. This way, he'll already be
here if the voice matches his. We
can then arrest him on the spot.
If the voice doesn't match, then
he's a free man. In order to
bring him in for questioning, I
need something I can bring before
Judge Wilson.
We donít need an official court
approval to bring him in for
questioning, but Iíll let you hear
the tape.
Angi plugs in the tape player into a wall socket and inserts
the tape.
This is what was given to me just
a while ago.
Captain Dobbs and the assistant DA both sit back and listen
to the entire confession.
Angi shuts off the tape when finished.
Now, more than before, I want to
get a judgeís approval, Ken. This
is an eight-year old case. He
slipped through the cracks once,
and I donít want to see it happen
again. If he gave someone this
confession, then whatís to stop
him from trying to disguise his
voice when weíre taping it?
If this is his confession, Ms
Simmonds, he'll probably be
running by now. He has to know
we'll be after him. Can we bring
him in tonight?
Captain Dobbs looks at the assistant DA.
Heís right, Karla! Iíll keep the
lab open until its verified. If
this is his voice, then weíll


                       CAPTAIN (cont'd)
arrest him right here.
Okay! Bring him in, but no
violence, Angi. Get him to come
with you quietly. Iíll stay here
until youíve got what you need.
Bring him in for suspicion of
kidnapping and an accessory after
the fact of murder. That will
allow you to get a good voice
match when you interview him.
Iíll take Skip with me, Captain,
and I want a black and white as a
backup. Thereís no telling what
he might do when we show up at his
You've got it! Bring him in.
With the house surrounded by three uniformed policemen, both
Angelo and his partner, Detective Skip Barrows, enter the
front of the building with weapons drawn. Without saying a
word, Angi knocks on the door.
Vance opens the door.
      (GRUFF Voice)
Angelo shows his badge.
Itís the Hartford Police, Mr.
Logan. Open up?
Vance opens the door wider.
What the hell did I do, cop?
Angelo pushes his way inside.


We want you downtown for
Destiny remains invisible, but sheís there to see him
For what, spitting on the damned
sidewalk? You guys are crazy.
You can go down the easy way, or
the hard way, Vance, and I don't
care which one, but it's more
serious than spitting on the
sidewalk. Frisk him Skip!
Put your hands on the wall, Logan
and spread your legs.
Barrows then frisks the suspect for weapons.
Heís clean.
I know the drill, but what the
hell did I do?
We want to ask you some questions
about that Masters boy eight years
Hell, man, I was cleared of that
murder. Iíll be cleared again.
In that case, Mr. Logan, you wonít
mind going down there, now will
Iíll go down, but do you have to
slap them damn cuffs on me?


As a matter of fact, I do. Turn
Detective Santini snaps one end of the handcuffs to his
right writs and then snaps the open end to the left and then
locks them.
Iím not going down there like
this. Itís freezing out there. I
need my coat.
My partner will get it for you.
Where is it?
Itís in the closet.
Get it for him detective.
Barrows goes to the closet, pulls the coat and checks for
any weapons in the pockets.
There you go Mr. Logan.
Barrows places the coat over Vance's shoulders.
Get him into the car, Skip. Iíll
lock up here. Iíll let the guys
in blue know itís all clear, Skip.
Detective Santini enters the room and Vance turns towards
Itís about time you got back here.
When are you letting me out?
Detective Skip Barrows enters behind his partner.


Actually, Vance, I like you so
much that I think weíll keep you
in here a while. Youíre under
arrest for the kidnapping of Josh
Masters in 1983. Youíre also
under arrest for being an
accessory after the fact of
murder. Cuff him, Skip!
Angi looks at Vance Logan, while his partner handcuffs the
You have the right to remain
silent. If you give up that
right, anything you say can and
will be used against you in a
court of law. If you need an
attorney, and cannot afford one,
one will be appointed for you. Do
you understand these rights as
Iíve read them to you?
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Give me a
freebie lawyer. Iím through
talking to you, ass hole.
Vance is hauled out of the interrogation room in handcuffs.
Danielle is the first to wake up, but she wakes up well past
the normal hour for the morning news broadcast. She turns
on the television and goes into the kitchen to make a pot of
coffee. Her ears partially listen to whatís going on in the
other room, until she hears:
                       DOROTHY (VO)
This is Dorothy Hart of WBZ news.
This is a special news bulletin.
This station has just learned that
forty-two year-old Vance Logan,
from Hartford, has been arrested
for the nineteen eighty-three
kidnapping of seven year old Josh
Masters. Sources close to the
investigation inform us that
Detective Santini, of homicide,
received a taped confession of the


                       DOROTHY (cont'd)
kidnapping and murder of the
child. We've also found out that
he's also been arrested for being
an accessory after the fact of
murder, and that when arrested,
Vance Logan was already at the
Police Station being questioned in
the case. We've also learned that
the taped confession is a perfect
ten-point match to that of Vance
Danielle stops dead in her tracks.
Oh my God! They got the son of a
bitch, but what about the
                       DOROTHY (VO)
This is the only information
thatís been released at this time,
but there are a lot of unanswered
questions. The fact he was
booked, as an accessory to murder,
is an insinuation that there was
another party involved and
committed the actual offense
against the Masters boy. Stay
tuned to this station for further
developments as they unfold. This
is Dorothy Hart for WBZ News,
Hartford. We will now return you
to our regularly scheduled
Danielle sits down at the kitchen Table.
      (Talking to
Well I suppose they can't give out
the guy's name, or he'll be sure
to disappear and go into hiding.
Lisa enters the kitchen and hears her friend talking.
Who are you talking to, Danielle?
Danielle stands to go to the coffee pot and pour a cup of
coffee. She stops and turns towards Lisa.


Myself! They got Vance Logan late
last night, and theyíve booked him
for kidnapping and an accessory to
Lisa reaches out and hugs her friend.
That's great news. We did it,
Lisa releases her embrace.
Nothing was mentioned about the
actual murderer, though.
Until they can get this Sanders
guy, Danielle, they are being
smart to keep his name quiet so he
doesn't go underground. The
others will be happy.
The girls arise Sunday morning and Dana turns on the
television set. She heads into the kitchen to fix herself a
cup of coffee.

One by one the girls trickle into the living room with their
morning fix of coffee, and they sit down with Dana. Wendy
is the last to join them, and as she does, a special news
bulletin flashes across the screen.
This is Lindsay Cross for WBZ
News. We have breaking news out
of Brooklyn, New York at this
hour. Weíve just learned that the
kidnapping murder suspect of seven
year old Josh Masters, from 1983,
has been captured at six-forty
this morning. His suspected
accomplice in the kidnapping,
Vance Logan, implicated the
suspect, and a known pedophile,
Matt Sanders. On Monday morning
extradition proceedings will be


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
underway to bring Mr. Sanders back
to Hartford to face charges of
kidnapping, molestation of a child
under the age of fourteen, and
murder. Itís not known, at this
hour, what special evidence the
prosecution has to link Mr.
Sanders to the child's murder and
molestation, but please stay tuned
to this station for updated
developments as they happen. This
is Lindsay Cross, reporting live
for WBZ News, Hartford.
Dana jumps up and down on the couch.
What a way to end the year.
Danielle's eyebrows raise to her forehead and she sits back
in the easy chair.
Did we just hear correctly?
Lisa slides to the edge of the recliner.
They got him, Danielle. All our
hard work paid off.
Yes it has. Now Iím wondering
what that means for the four of
In what way, Danielle?
Are we now going to lose
everything weíve been accustomed
to having for the past several
months, or are we going to retain
any of it?
Until Destiny tells us otherwise,
I suppose weíll still have it.


      (Turns to face
Can you still see through walls?
Wendy focuses her eyes on one of the walls, her eyes become
aglow a bright purple and she's able to see through it.
Well we haven't lost anything yet.
I can still see through them.
Good! Letís just hope Destiny
holds off until this gigís over
with, before she decides to take
them away.
Dana sits in the easy chair.
      (to Danielle)
Where is Destiny?
Danielle stands beside the couch.
I don't know, Dana, but for now
sheís the least of our worries. We
have a performance to get ready to
do, and the limo will be here in
forty-five minutes. Let's get
ready. When Destiny wants us to
know something, sheíll let us
Wendy gets her drums by the door.
I donít know about you girls, but
Iím ready.
Well, girls, we started in June,
and here it is, almost 1992, and
weíve taken the rock and roll
world by storm. All I can do is
say thank you, to all of you, for


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
being a part of this great team.
I can only speak for myself,
Danielle, but this has been a
trip. This whole thing has been
an adventure Iíll never forget. I
hope, after all is said and done
that we can continue on as a band.
Danielle steps backstage, once the instruments are set up.
What time is it, Wendy?
Wendy looks at her watch.
Relax, girl, it's only eight
oíclock. We have an hour to go
yet. What's wrong?
Danielle finds a seat and sits down.
Probably nothing! I just want to
get it started. I'll be fine once
DDís humming away.
You're wondering why Destiny
hasn't shown up, and weíre all
wondering that, but it's too late
in the evening to let that bog
down our thoughts. Nineteen
ninety-two is only a few hours
away, girl, and what a blast we
had ending nineteen ninety-one.
Thank you for letting me be a part
of such a wonderful band.
Weíve done a great job as a team,
and Iím hoping we can continue on
as a team when this is all over


I'm right up there with the rest
of you. I never had the confidence
in myself before Destiny wiggled
her way into my life. Because of
these powers she gave me, I now
have the confidence to be able to
stand there and know I'm touching
the right strings when I strum the
bass guitar. If I lose the powers
she gave me, it will only be a
small loss. She gave me the
confidence to be able to go out
there and be a performer. Our
names are now plastered all over
the country and yes, her powers
helped accomplish that task, but
the ability to believe in
ourselves is what brought us to
this point in our young lives. She
didn't give us that. I love
Destiny and all that she stands
for. I hope her spirit is now
free to be able to join her
brother, but D & D is not her
powers, but rather what's inside
For a while there I believed that
without these powers weíd be
nothing. I may have been the
leader of this band, but the true
leaders are each one of you. It
is the three of you whoíve brought
me over the hurdle Iíve been
fighting within myself. You three
are one hundred percent correct.
If Destinyís going to take our
powers away from us, then we all
knew sheíd have to do that at some
point, but she can never take away
our belief in ourselves.
Itís eight-fifteen and the girls are backstage. Dana stands
with her microphone in her hand, when suddenly Destiny's
spirit alights from within it and her mass shapes into the
form the girls are familiar with. This time, however, her
entry is plain and simple, even though her form remains the
Danielle looks at Destiny.


Where have you been, Destiny?
Destiny floats just off the floor in front of them.
Iíve been waiting for tonight.
For what?
Please! Just do as I ask. Youíve
trusted me up to now, and you
should still believe in me.
We do, Destiny, but what's going
When you are announced tonight I
want the four of you girls to take
a position on one of the circles
on the floor of the stage, from
left to right as youíre announced.
I don't know why, but youíve never
let us down before, Destiny. We'll
do it, but can you clue us in as
to what youíre going to do?
This is my surprise to D & D
before I leave you for good. After
your performance Iíll see you all
only one more time. It is time
for me to return and be with my
brother. Believe in yourselves
and you shall prevail.
Destinyís shape dissipates before them and returns to the
Lisa looks at Danielle.
Man that didn't tell us very much.
What that tells me is sheís still
going to be with us through this
performance tonight, but that was


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
about all. Iím still puzzled
about those circles on the floor.
They arenít supposed to be there
This is still very much Destiny's
show, Danielle.
The MC stands at the backstage door.
Okay, Ladies, take your places.
Itís show time!
Wendy grabs her two drumsticks.
I guess I better not sit at the
drums just yet.
They both place their guitar straps over their shoulders and
wait on the Master of Ceremonies to make their introduction.
At nine o'clock sharp the Master of ceremonies heads to the
right of center stage, where the floor microphone stands.
Cheers and chants of D & D pound from the walls of the
auditorium, as he politely yells into the microphone.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
fans of all ages. Welcome to the
Hartford Civic center for the
final night of 1991. Tonight we
are honored to have here with us,
and get to enjoy, the co-winners
of the Battle of the Bands.
Without further adieu, let's give
a hearty Connecticut welcome to D
& D. Originally hailing from
Burlington, MA, but now residing
right here in Hartford, let's hear
it for drummer elite, Wendy Parks.
Wendy strides out and smiles. She stands on the purple
first circle and waves to the cheering fans.


The MC has to wait until the noise subsides before he can
announce the next band member.
Originally hailing from Arlington,
MA, and now also residing right
here in Hartford, on base guitar
let's hear it for Lisa Mack.
Lisa heads out and stands on the green circle beside Wendy.
Once again the applause and chants of D & D are
The MC waits for the noise to subside.
Hailing from right here in
Hartford, let's hear it for
singer, Dana Kay.
Dana goes out and stands beside Lisa on the blue third
And finally, on lead guitar,
bandleader and another Hartford
native, let's hear it for Danielle
Danielle heads out and joins the rest of the band. She
stands on the red final circle.
The MC extends his left hand towards the four girls.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to
you, D & D!
The MC grabs the floor microphone stand and backs up and out
of the way.
From one end of the Hartford Civic Center, to the other, the
four girls receive a standing ovation and the applause is
deafening. Whistles and chants of D & D can be heard
throughout the hall.
Destiny hovers in the shadows of the stage behind the girls
and at that precise moment it becomes her show. She raises
her hands as an array of colored lights above the girls come
on, one by one, and engulfs each band member with their own
color. Wendy's - purple, Lisa's Ė green, Dana's - blue, and


Danielle's - red. She turns her head towards the far-left
wall that contains the lighting switches for the auditorium.
She blinks her eyes one time, as she dims the lights across
the entire hall. The only lights then prevalent are being
displayed on stage.
Destinyís sparkling diamond-like crystallized spirit grows
to twice its normal size. She addresses the girls as her
spirit approaches from the darkness of the stage, and she
presents herself in an array of clear molecular cells that
shine like pure tiny diamonds.
The fans have yet to take their seats and continue their

Destiny first moves behind Wendy as her spirit sweeps across
her body. The purple light that shines from her toes to her
head starts to sparkle bright.

She then repeats the procedure three more times. Once
across Lisa, Dana, and finally Danielle, as each of their
lights sparkle with intensity.

The fans grow even crazier and they love the show Destiny is
putting on for them. They donít realize that a real spirit
is doing the ghostly appearance and the applause is as
intense as the show itself, but Destinyís not finished.

Destiny then sweeps out over the audience and suspends her
spirit above the screaming and cheering fans. She raises
her hands towards the stage, and as she does, the lights
that sparkle around each of the four girls rises into a
multi-colored single ray of light that bolts towards Destiny
and flies into her eyes. At that moment the lights in the
auditorium returns to normal and Destiny's spirit explodes
into tiny cellular fragments that quickly dissipate into the
rafters above the fans.
Danaís eyes are transfixed on whatís left of Destinyís
What the hell was that?
Wendy heads to the drums.
I don't know, but before we have
some rowdy fans on our hands,
let's go to work.
Within a minute the girls start their routine.


D & D starts their routine as theyíve done so many times in
the previous two months, and song after song they play as
Dana belts out the words with the same precision and

At ten-thirty itís intermission and the girls need a rest.
With the curtain closing in front of them they head
backstage for a breather, while the MC makes his usual
intermission announcements for the upcoming events.
The CURTAIN closes. The MC heads to center stage.
The girls exit the backstage door and one by one they grab a
What happened at the start of the
show, Danielle?
I'll be hanged if I know, Lisa,
but I have an idea Destiny does.
Do we still have our powers?
One by one the girls try in vain to use the powers Destiny
gave them, from their eyes, but the glow in their eyes is
Destinyís spirit descends from the rafters above them, until
sheís down at their level.
D & D...! Your performance
tonight, for the past hour and a
half, you girls did all on your
own. That little show I put on,
for mostly the benefit of the fans
and audience, was actually me
removing your powers in the
reverse order from when you got


You mean that what we just did, in
front of all our fans out there,
we did without any of our powers?
Yes, Dana, the voice you heard
came from within you. All four of
you did the first half of
tonight's show on pure belief in
yourselves. In fact, if you were
all honest about it, there's not a
one of you who really thought of
me while you were playing. You
were more interested in pleasing
the fans.
Danielle stands to face her mentor and friend.
You're right, Destiny. Can you
forgive us?
There's nothing to forgive. I
allowed all four of you to prove,
once and for all, that D & D is,
and always will be, the band.
There will be no good-byes, for as
of right now my spirit is free and
is going to the other side to be
with Josh and my parents.
Destinyís spirit dissipates as all her sparkling molecules
fade into the rafters above them.
      (looking up)
Oh my God, Danielle! She's gone!
This is the way it was meant to
be, girls, and as we proved to
Destiny, we now have the belief in
ourselves, to be the success weíve
been from the start. Though her
spirit may no longer be with us, a
part of her will live within us as
long as we are .....D & D.


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