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StarBaby (A Short Movie)
by Brian Fatzer (fatzer@myway.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A short film about an abused woman that is kicked out of her home only to find she is not alone.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The outside of the house is pristine with lawn furniture and
a couple of cars in the gravel driveway. The neighborhood
looks about the same. Comfortable and quiet.
In the foyer of the house, there is a picture on the wall of
newlyweds Glenn & Jacquelyn Stewart. They look happy. In the
background, there is glass shattering, things crashing
against walls, and two people yell at the same time. The
noise gets louder as it approaches.
GLENN is 30, 5'6" and a skinny whimp. He is balding and is
growing a beer belly. JACQUE is a 25 year old, 5'6" and 127
pounds blond and she is attractive, if not beautiful. They
walk into the foyer of their house while arguing. Jacque
walks ahead of Glen and cowers againt his anger.
Jacque crys while Glenn yells at the top of his voice.
You're nothing but a loser you
fucking whacked out bitch. Everone
says you're a psycho.
Why are you so mean to me? I
didn't do anything to you.
Glen turns away from Jacque, walks 3 steps, then whips
around to face her. He slaps her across the face and she
falls to the ground.
You are so ugly no man can stand
to look at you. You're lucky to
have a man like me that puts up
with your shit!
But I love you. Please stop this.
Glen loses control. He screeches at her. His arms flail to
make his point. He kicks at her and it glances off her head.
I've told you a million times I
can't stand you. No man can stand
you. You are too fat.


Jacque sobs, falls to her knees, and leans on the front
I don't know why you are hurting
me like this. Why are you so mean
to me?
Glenn grabs Jacque by the arm, lifts her up, pushes her face
first into the door, opens the front door and pushes her
onto the sidewalk outside. Jacque falls to the ground and
looks up at Glenn. Her right eye is swelling.
I want you out. I'm sick of your
shit. Get out of my house you
emotionally whacked whore.
What did I do to deserve this?
Jacque puts her face in her hands and sobs loudly.
Glenn walks into the house, grabs an armfull for Jacque's
clothes and throws them out of the door. They fly everywhere
and Glenn shows no regard to what damage he does. He rants
as the clothes fly out the door.
Shut the fuck up! I can't stand
your goddam voice. Now get out of
my house.
Jacque stands up and looses her temper.
It's my house, too. You can't do
this to me!
Glenn throws CD's like frisbees. He throws a TV out and it
bounces off Jacque's arm and smashes on the sidewalk.
The porch light of the house next door comes on. JONESY, the
57 year old neighbor, walks out on his porch to see what is
happening. He is black with a beer belly, bald, and hasn't
shaved recently.
What's goin' on out here? You
wakin' the neighborhood.


Glen stops throwing things long enough to address Jonesy.
None of your fuckin' business. Go
back in your house, Jonesy.
Glen continues to throw things out the door.
Jacque takes a few steps towards Jonesy and yells to him.
Jonesy, he's throwin' me out
again. Help me.
She-it! You two do this every
week. Can't you just keep it down?
Glen walks out on the pourch and points at Jacque.
She's a loser and she's leavin',
Jonesy. It'll be over soon.
Jonesy, this is my house too. He
can't do this to me. Tell him.
Glen loses control and flails at Jacque. Jacque covers her
head with her arms and falls to the ground.
I am doing it! Put your shit in
your car and get the fuck outta
here! Jonesy, go back in your
house. Show's over.
Jonesy waves his arms as if to wave the fighting away.
I'm not gettin' involved but you
shouldn't be hittin' a woman.
She's my wife and I can do what
the fuck I want. Now go inside
Jonesy walks back inside and turns the porch light off.


Jacque struggles to her knees and looks at Glen. Her voice
quiets and her sobbing is under control.
Please let me back in. I don't
have anywhere to go.
Glenn stands over Jacque, hands on hips, and glares at her.
I don't care any more. How many
times do I have to tell you, you
stupid bitch. Get off my property
and get out of my life, loser.
Jacque stands up. She shows the desperation of her
Please! I love you. Don't do this
to me.
Glenn steps over to Jacque and punches her to the ground
Don't you piss me off, you
worthless piece of shit! Get this
shit into your car and get the
fuck outta here.
As Glenn walks to the door, he turns around again.
And don't even think of calling
the cops. I'll kill you if you do
and you know I'll do it.
Glenn walks into the foyer. He takes the wedding picture off
the wall, walks to the door and throws the picture onto the
sidewalk, smashing it. A close up of the smashed picture
shows Glenn & Jacquelyn still look happy in the photo.
I knew this was a mistake the
first time we met. You are such a
loser. Everyone told me not to
marry your ass.


Glenn walks inside the door and slams it behind him. He then
turns off the porch light and leaves Jacque on her knees
crying in the dark.
Jacque slowly stands up, starts picking up her clothes, and
puts them in the back of her car.
Jacque cries as she drives her car in the dark. Her face is
bruised and her right eye swollen shut. She laments to
herself and trys to call Glenn on her cell phone.
Glenn, please pick up, baby. I'm
sorry. Please let me come home. I
don't have any friends here. Call
me back, Baby. Please.
Jacque hangs up the cell, and puts it on the seat beside
      (Crying loudly)
God, why is this happening to me?
What can I do? I need help, God
Jacque picks up the call and dials another number.
      (trying to control)
Mama, this is Jacque. Glenn & I
had a fight an' he threw me out
again an' he hit me an' I don't
have anywhere to go. Mama? Are you
home? Where are you, Mama? I'm all
alone and I need you.
Jacque hangs up the phone and starts her loud crying againas
she continues to drive.
Jacque pulls into a state park, and turns off her
headlights. She picks up her cell and dials again. The erie
lights from her cell and her dash illuminate her face.
      (still crying)
Mama, are you home? Please pick
up. It's Jacque. Mama, I have to
sleep in my car at the park. I


                       JACQUE (cont'd)
don't have any money or friends
and Glenn has thrown me outta the
house. Mama, are you home?
Jacque sobs, almost at the point of crying again. Jacque
hangs up the call and dials another number.
      (sounds grateful)
Oh, Glenn, baby, I'm glad you
picked up.
      (Starting to cry)
Why do you say that to me? I love
you, baby.
Pause as Jacque wipes her runny nose.
      (crying into the
Please don't do this to me, baby.
I don't have anywhere to stay.
But I'm sleeping in my car at the
park. Can I come home, please?
Glenn? Glenn?
Jacque looks at her cell then hangs it up and puts it on the
seat beside her. She puts her face in her hands and leans
forward on the steering wheeland cries softly.
Jacque reaches into her purse and pull out a prescription
bottle of pain pills. She puts a handful in her mouth and
takes a drink of water from a water bottle. Then she lays
her head back and starts to loll.
Her cell phone rings. Jacque fumbles with it until she
answers it.


      (on phone)
Jacque? Is that you?
Mama? Glenn threw me out. I need
you, Mamma.
I can't help you. I got company.
But Mama, I got no place to stay
and no friends and Glenn kicked me
out. I'm hurt, Mama.
I told you not to marry him. Where
are you staying?
I'm in my car at the park. Mama, I
don't have any friends and no
place to stay.
Get your ass outta there. You know
they say strange things about that
park at night.
Mama, can you come get me? I'm
hurt bad.
I gotta go dear. Now get your ass
outta there, hear?
There is a click as Mama hangs up. Jacque continues to talk
into the phone.
Mama, I took pills. Lots of 'em.
Mama? Mama?


Jacque drops her cell phone into her lap and looks out the
car window. The full moon is shining brightly through the
tree branches giving an erie feel to the park.
      (quietly through
How pretty.
Jacque fumbles the car door open, rolls out of her car, and
crawls to the patch of grass beside the lake. Rolling on her
back, she closes her eyes, exhales strongly and gives up.
No one loves me. No one wants me.
I'm all alone.
As she lies there, a mist appears with an odd glow. It
surrounds Jacque.
Jacque's eyes burst open, then they get real wide as if she
sees something. She gasps for air. Suddenly, her eyes close
and her head lolls to the side.
      (low whisper)
Jacque. Jacque.
Jacque's head moves in response to the call.
      (regular voice)
Jacque. I am here.
Jacque suddenly opens her eyes.She sees she is underwater
and she wears a sheer white cotton dress. There is no
swelling and no bruises.
She looks left, then right, then up. She sees a light that
shines above the water.
Jacque blows out her breath and leaps straight up.


Jacque explodes up from the water, gasping for air, and into
the arms of the STRANGER. He is in his 20's, tall, lithe and
strong with close cropped, dark hair and blue eyes. He is
the source of the mystical light. He waits to catch her,
swinging her as he does.
Jacque and the Stranger just look at each other for a long
time. Jacque is breathes hard.
Who are you?
The Stranger smiles. His lips do not move, but she hears his
You called for me. I am here.
The Stranger pulls Jacque close. He hugs her. He kisses her
As he goes to kiss her, they are both underwater and the
bubbles are rising to the surface.
Jacque hears his voice, repeating, even underwater.
You are beautiful...What a kind,
soft heart...Your smile brightens
this world...When you touch me,
you bring joy...You are such a
special person.
Jacque and the Stranger both break the water surface and
still hold each other. Jacque gasps for air.
But I don't know you. How did I
call you?


I am your LightBringer. I chase
the dark lies away to show the
So what is the truth?
The Stranger looks deep in Jacques eyes and smiles.
Jacque suddenly opens her eyes, and gasps for air. She lies
on the grass beside the lake. She sits up and is nose to
nose with a CRONE, an old woman of 65 years with silver
hair, blue eyes, a odd glow, and wears the same white cotton
dress as Jacque.
Who are you?
Why is this a mystery to you,
I don't know what is happening to
You are making a choice.
Who are you?
I am you. 40 years from where you
are now. And I have seen so much
pain and sorrow and tears and love
and laughing and joy. It has been
an adventure for the ages. I have
loved and I have lost and I have
loved again. I have wept with pain
and with pleasure. I have prayed
out of dispair and out of hope. I
have lived and loved and
experienced all a person can
experience. And I would do it all
over again given the choice.


I don't understand. What am I
You are chosing your life...our
I will look like you?
Only if you choose to live. If you
choose, I will die with you.
The Crone puts her hand on Jacque's eyes and pushes her back
so Jacque lies down in the grass.
Now, sleep child.
Jacque's eyes burst open. Her face is lit by the odd glow.
She is nose to nose with KAREN SUE,a 5 year old girl with
curly blond hair, blue eyes, and brilliant light all around
                       KAREN SUE
It's not your time to leave yet,
Who are you, child?
Karen Sue just looks at Jacque for a long 10 seconds before
                       KAREN SUE
You know me, Mommy. I'm Karen Sue.
I'm your little girl.
I don't have any children, Karen
Karen Sue laughs like a little girl telling a joke.


                       KAREN SUE
But Mommy, I'm still in your
Karen Sue stops laughing and gets very serious.
                       KAREN SUE
      (very serious)
You must wake up Mommy. I need
you. C'mon, Mommy. Wake up.
Karen Sue touches Jacque's eyes.
Jacque's eyes burst open. She gasps for air as she sits up.
The Stranger is back. They are nose to nose as she was with
the Crone.
The truth is what you are willing
to make it. It's your choice.
The Stranger stands up, holding Jacque's hand. Jacque's eyes
get wide and then tear up.
You're leaving, aren't you?
The Stranger just smiles.
      (starting to cry)
Please don't leave me. I don't
want to be alone. I am so tired of
being alone.
The Stranger places his hand over Jacque's eyes. Everything
is dark.
You are not alone. Now, sleep.
The pills. too many. Oh God!
Jacque's head is rolling from side to side. Her right eye is
swollen shut and her face is bruised.


The mist is heavy on the water. Jacque's eyes burst open,
and she sits up with a start, gasping for air. Jacque wears
the black Tshirt and blue jeans again, but she is wet. Her
right eye is swollen shut and her face is bruised.
Jacque rolls onto her knees, puts her face down, and throws
up the pills she took earlier.
Jacque falls on her side, exhausted from throwing up.
Behind her, she hears someone walk up.
                       STRANGER / EMT
Ma'am. Are you OK?
Jacque looks over her shoulder and sees the EMT as he kneels
beside her. He reaches out and grasps her shoulder in a
reassuring manner. Behind him an ambulance has the lights
flashing and the other EMT's are unloading the gurney.
Jacque wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.
I think I'm hurt.
                       STRANGER / EMT
Y'know,people don't usually swim
Jacque looks at the ground to avoid the searching gaze of
the Ranger.
My husband threw me out and I had
to sleep in the park.
                       STRANGER / EMT
Is that how you got that black
Jacque grabs the EMT's sleeve and pulls at him, pleading.
Please don't tell my husband I
told you. He'll kill me.
                       STRANGER / EMT
We'll make sure he never hurts you


It's happened a lot. He knows I
don't know what to do.
Jacque sniffles, just at the verge of crying.
Not even my mother would help.
                       STRANGER / EMT
Well, I know some people that'll
help. Let me make a couple calls.
Just lay still.
As the EMT stands up and starts to move away, the other
EMT's bring the gurney over and place Jacque on it. They
strap her in place, raise the gurney, and start to roll it
to the ambulance.
The gurney stops beside the EMT. Jacque reaches out and
touches his arm.
Why would you do that for me?
The EMT turns to look at Jacque.
                       STRANGER / EMT
What? You're not used to people
being nice?
No. Not really.
The EMT shakes his head.
                       STRANGER / EMT
You're not alone, y'know. I'll get
you some help.
Jacque looks at the EMT's right hand and sees a tatoo of the
                       STRANGER / EMT


I saw you last night. God, it
must've been a dream. You called
yourself "Lightbringer"
Jacque's cell starts ringing. The EMT picks it up from
beside Jacque's car and hands it to her.
You there, baby?
It's me. Glenn.
Baby, I'm so sorry. I want you to
come back. The house isn't the
same without ya.
Why didn't you come get me, Glenn?
I needed you last night. I'm hurt
an' I took pills.
You made me so mad last night. I
won't do it again. I'm sorry I
lost my temper, but you can't do
that to me, baby.
You always say that. Then it
always happens again.
Look, Jacque. I'm apologizing
here. Don't push my buttons like
that. You tryin' to start another
I don't think you are apologizing.
      (losing patience)
Your ass slept in your car at the
park last night. You need me more
than I need you.
I think I need me more.


      (mad and yelling)
What do you think you're gonna do
without me? Huh?
Live. I'm gonna live, Glen.
The EMT takes the phone from Jacque.
                       STRANGER / EMT
Mr Stewart? This is the Emercency
Medical Technician treating Your
wife. We need you to come to the
hospital. The police are waiting
and I can assure you the Satar
will be pressing charges.
What the fuck??..
                       STRANGER / EMT
Mr Stewart, you will be going to
There is a click as Glenn hangs up the phone.
The EMT hands Jacque her cell and she sets it on the gurney
beside her. She just shakes her head slowly. She folds her
hands over her tummy. She hears a little girl laugh behind
My Star Baby.


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