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The two of us (Short Film)
by Llyane Stanfield (llyane.stanfield@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

SHORT FILM - A travel in a woman's subconscious long after she lost her love.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


[image of two Lovers; an ice cube travels on her stomach,
melting down]
                       HER (VO)
Hard Ė Hard wood
[transition of image with a big log and mushrooms growing on
it; image and sound of Wind chimes]
                       HER (VO)
Beer with lime and ice Ė Iceberg
[phone ring starts far away and grows for the whole scene 1;
semi-pictures, moved, cut, keep changing]
[image of a Pinecone with a squirrel; sound like a buzz --
stops suddenly like time stops]
[flashes of images start and run through the story until we
see the vein on the temple]
                       HER (VO)
Wind and whisper
Crow with car noise
Iím dizzyÖ dum, dull, love
[image of Eyelids heavy of dream and longing]
                       HER (VO)
Gaaah! Need the plum
[Dog with loving eyes and tears]
                       HER (VO)
Crying child on my lap Ė bad news
and death
Tree, green, leaves and dust
[Mauve flower]
                       HER (VO)
Dust of your past
[Cry of child and new baby girl; she is black and wears a
pink bowey dress]


                       HER (VO)
Chime Ė ding Ė dong
ďMow the cowĒ
Desert of my love and lost
[Wrinkle between her eyebrows]
                       HER (VO)
      (mixed with images
       of the baby)
Happy, all happy
Donít dream of her, youíll find
out of somebodyís death
Just have her
Let her suck your nipple and feel
the juice of life coming from your
feet through your legs and stomach
to her mouth
[Vein on a brain -- an old man's temple]
                       HER (VO)
Kids loving and donít know how to
say it and how to live it
[Beer with lime] Ė yuck Ė "mmm, mmm, good"
[images in slow motion]
                       HER (VO)
Itís always more than you can take
[Her hand, writing; focus on small muscles, wrinkles of the
hand and palm]
                       HER (VO)
I have one story and yet so many
waiting at the gate of my pen
Letís remember
Remember whenÖ
Remember my first love
Heís there, always
Could be absent
[Her looking in the mirror of the water, petroleum colored]


I canít wait to feel loved
He makes me feel beautiful
[Him walking in the street, just observing life => DESCRIBE
                       HER (VO)
      (we see her
       reactions, sense
Heís sensual, yet waiting for me
to feel first, then, trusting, he
comes towards me more and more
Heís just waiting for me to grow
Cry... I cry when I remember
Maybe I shouldnít
Maybe I should live those moments
again and feel beautiful and loved
and then Iíll feel him again
[Lisa talks to her girlfriend]
She cried when she heard my story
Everybody really cries their lost
loves when I tell them mine
I guess I am really lucky
He was always around the corner,
waiting for me to be ready
[She drinks the last bit of beer, then looking at the lime
Last drop of beer Ė sad lime [she
I should let myself dive into it
Letís chop down the mask, the
cover, the blanket; the big
resurection will come again.
[Him, continuing a persuasion]


[Phone rings in the house increasingly stronger]
[can be winter images; sounds of buzzing high tension wires]
Hello, who is this?
      (trembling voice)
When are you coming?
      (after a pause,
       abrupt but loving)
I canít come with my kid; I wonít
separate the brothers.
[Lisa knows that she can trust him, but she is constantly
aware that she can lose him if she says the wrong thing.
Also, she agreed that she has to understand his position. He
made this clear from the beginning. Only that, once she knew
that her marriage doesnít work, she divorced to make things
clear. He didnít and now, when their love is in the open,
all his family pressures him to stay with his wife and
Is this your final decision? Weíve
been planning this for more than a
year and you encouraged me from
the beginning. Why didnít you tell
me you couldnít come? I would have
stayed there with you and we could
have been together.
I didnít want to hold you back,
you know...


You know something? I felt you
didnít want to come
Then why did you leave!?
      (knowing she might
       just say what
       would take to
       lose him for good)
Because I had to. For me and for
my kid. And, when seeing that you
couldnít come but you donít say
it, I had to make sure you are
with me all the way. Either in or
out. So what do you say?
      (like a stone
       head, you canít
       read his eyes,
       but he has a very
I donít love you anymore.
How are you saying this to me? I
know itís not true, why are you
lying to me?
      (trying to be dry
       and covering his
I am not lying, I just donít.
This is a lie and you know I know.
What is the matter with you?
I want you to forget me and find
your way, your life, you are
young, donít look back, Iím only
pulling you back.


- You are not pulling me back! I
am everything I am because you
loved me. I will come there. I
want to see your eyes when you are
saying those words to me. This is
such a fat lie and you are such a
coward because you want to erase
all itís been happening the past
two years. How can you even erase
it? This is like a bad cartoon!
[She laughs hard]
[She knows that she couldnít be happy knowing that his two
kids would be separated. She doesnít insist because,
secretly, she knows he would never take one and come with
her. She is mad on life because she knew she couldnít stay
with him and he couldnít go with her and he only tried to
make things easy for her.]
                       HER (VO)
What would happen if I called?
[Face to face, blur around, no space, no time; their voices
Remember when...?
I do.
Would you like to...?
I would.
I wish...
Me too, but now itís past.
Why didnít you...?


I wanted, but I couldnít.
Do you?
I do.
I canít...
You have to be strong.
Itís been too long.
      (crumbles inside,
       stays strong to
       help her keep the
       strength, but
       with very much
       love and concern)
I know, me too.
      (continues to cry,
I didnít want to stop crying. I
had to have you see it.
[Past scenes of complete communication (New York coffee
shop, Quebec City Park, shopping in the piazza in Ottawa),
then faces transferring to present faces, same look in their
eyes, dedicated to each other]
We have to.
We have to.
Did he lie to me? Will I ever find
out? What would happen if I


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