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by Kamuizot (m.lemmens@mchsi.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***1/2
Work in progress. The pratical minded, Gwain, stumbles into an adveture of monsters, mystics and a .44 Magnum. Will he save the day, or only make things worse?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


GWAIN sleeps along the roadside propped up against a tree.
Sword and shield at his back he has the appearance of a
warrior or adventurer.

As we push in on the sleeping figure a blur of movement
crosses the frame and a quick sound of panicked voices.
Gwain raises a sleepy eye and stirs then settles down back
into slumber.

A moment passes and again the panicked rush of villagers
pass in front of the frame. This time Gwain’s attention is
aroused and as he shakes the sleep from his head sees
numerous villagers fleeing down the road and still more
coming toward him.

Gwain jumps up and grabs the arm of a passing women fleeing
in panic.
What’s the matter! What are you
running from?
The women pulls away in fear taking Gwain a few steps down
the road with her but he holds firm.

Let go of me! Let go!
Tell me. What is it! What’s
wrong. I could help.
It's coming!
What? What’s coming?
It’s here.
The woman looks over and past Gwains shoulder. Gwain turns
his head to look behind him. His eyes widen. The woman
takes the moment to pull out of Gwain’s grasp and continue
her desperate run down the road. Gwain turns to face the
thing, eyes wide and in awe.

The creature stands before Gwain much taller than he. It


has a natural look about it as though it was made of rough
stone and earth except for the shining silver blade that
makes up it’s left hand and the equally dazzling necklace
round it’s neck.

The creature roars a challenge to the stunned Gwain. Gwain’s
response is that of stunned amazement for a moment then
after regaining his senses paws awkwardly to draw the sword
strapped to his back. After a moment of struggle the sword
is removed.
Hold! Fowl Beast! Stop! or
The beast roars into battle and charges forward. Gwain
realizing that he is out classed gives up his battle ready
stance and dives toward the cover of his shield. Gwain
barely gets his shield on and crouched behind when the
creature’s first blow sends Gwain sprawling into the road
and his shield into a hundred pieces.
Gwain rolls out of the way from the creatures fist pounding
into the round next to him. Gwain grabs his sword and
parries with the creature in his defense.

They fight for a few moments neither doing the other real
harm then Gwain notices the dangling necklace around the
creature’s neck. He cleverly positions himself to be able
to thrust his sword between the creature and the dangling
chain. The creature pulls back in fear but the chain

A white flash of light momentarily blinds Gwain. When sight
returns we find crouched down on the ground, where the
creature once was, a pretty girl (KYRRA) clutching the
necklace in her hand.
You broke my necklace!
Excuse me?
Kyrra gets up and shakes the necklace at Gwain.
This was a gift from my mother you
Wait. What just happened? You
were that creature.
So. It wasn't any of your
business. This was very important
to me and you broke it!


You were attacking villagers!
Oh, I wasn't going to hurt them.
Besides, they had it coming.
They're mean and made me feel bad.
That's crazy!
You don't know. You don't know
anything about me or those people.
Who do you think you are butting
in on things you don't know
anything about? Breaking my
You broke my shield!
That thing was so rotten. It was
ready to come apart long before I
touched it. If it was important
to you, you would have taken
better care of it.
Kyrra turns away from Gwain and sits down on the edge of the
road with a look of grief for her broken necklace.
I can't believe you broke it.
Gwain is bewildered but takes pity on Kyrra and now is
feeling more that a little guilty for breaking her keepsake.

Gwain looks down at his shattered shield. It was rotten and
would never have given him any real protection against a foe
that wanted to do him real harm.
Look. I'm sorry, OK? You, well,
startled me. And maybe I jumped
to conclusions. But you were a
12ft...thing, and I just woke up
Kyrra turns and glares at Gwain. Gwain knows his apology is
not going well. He looks from Kyrra further down the road
in the direction the villagers ran.
Tell you what. My village is just
down the road a ways. Let me make
it up to you. I know this place
that serves great breakfast and I
know this woman who can fix your


You can't fix it. You broke the
chain. The chain is broke. It
can't be fixed.
No, she can. She can fix, well,
anything really but not just fix
it but make it like new again.
Kyrra thinks about the offer for a moment and looks Gwain
over and smiles.
You, really want to buy me
With a complete change of mood Kyrra gets up and smiles
broadly at Gwain.
You're a sweety. OK take my to
breakfast. I'm Kyrra, by the way.
Kyrra reaches out to shake his hand. They share a moment of
mutual attraction.
My name is Gwain.
Gwain huh. OK. Pleased to meet
you. It's this way right.
(pointing) To your village.
(Gwain nods) I just realized that
I'm starving. So, what do you do
Gwain? To get by in world I mean.
They start walking down the road together.
I'm...that is to say, I'm going to
be an adventurer. I'm going to go
on adventures and find my fortune
and my fate.
Really. Have you been on many
adventures already?
No. None really. I haven't been
on any yet.
That's funny. I seem to be on an
adventure all the time.


Gwain's village is made up of only a few rough cut huts
flanking each side of the road. A crowd of people have
gathered in the center of town and in the center of the

Gwain and Kyrra walk down the road getting near the edge of
Oh no. Remember those villagers I
got all stirred up this morning?
Scared witless you mean.
Maybe we should find someplace
else for breakfast.
No, don't be silly. I know these
people. I'm sure if we just
One of the villagers notice Gwain and Kyrra standing not far
There he is! And he's captured the
As the crowd rushes forward toward them Kyrra steps behind

BILL the towns leather worker reaches out and slaps Gwain on
the shoulder in congratulations.
Well done my lad. Well done!
Bill looks around for someone in the crowd.
Someone grab that creature so we
can string her up.
      (to Gwain)
Told you.
      (to the crowd)
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Everyone is stunned and confused for a moment and there is
silence. Then Villager1 speaks up.
He's right.


He is?
You can't string a witch up. Wont
do no good. You can only burn it!
No! I'm not going to let you burn
anyone. Now this is all just a
big misunderstanding...
Listen to him. He's the hero here
after all. He knows what he's
talking about. Everybody knows
ropes are for Werewolves. Fire is
for monsters and Water is for
To the lake!
Yeah!! Drown the witch!
Feeling the crowd pressing in on him Gwain takes several
steps back and draws his sword.
All of you get back. No one is
going to touch her. Now she is
not a monster and she's not a
witch. She hasn't done any harm
to any of you so I suggest you all
just go back to your homes.
Another women steps forward from the other village named
You weren't there. I saw her
transform then destroy my village!
      (to Amanda)
I did not destroy your village!
Gwain gives Kyrra an accusatory look.
Well, I did knock down that one
cloth line. But that is it, I
But you did transform. You can't
deny that.


Well there might have been a
little transforming sure, but...
And that is first and best sign
She's a Witch!
      (to Kyrra)
You might want to think about
doing some of that transformation
stuff right about now.
      (to Gwain)
I could I guess. If someone
hadn't broken my necklace.
The crowd continues to push in toward Gwain until another
figure pushes her way from the back through to the front of
the crowd. Gwain's mother MARRY.
Just what in the hell is going on
here. Gwain put that sword away
and stop waving it at your
But mom...
Don't you "but Mom" me young man.
You put that thing away right this
instant. (to the crowd) and what
are you people doing out here
hassling my boy when he's bring me
a girl home for me to meet. The
first girl in a long while I might
      (to Mary in
The girls a witch.
Oh hogwash. That girls no more a
Witch than I am. Bill you should
know better. Remember the last
time you thought you had
discovered a dark creature in the


                       MARY (cont'd)
Turned out to be farmer John's cow
in heat
Well that was a mistake.
And that's what this is.
      (to Mary)
I saw her transform.
Did you now? And who are you
Amanda to tell anyone here in this
village what to do or think. You
don't want this girl in your
village? Fine. She's not in your
village. Go home and stop
stirring up trouble or I'll have
to start telling everyone what I
have seen. Transformations of a
different kind.
For the first time Amanda looks uncomfortable and worried
that Mary might reveal her secrets. She takes a step back
into the crowd.
      (to the crowd)
Now the rest of you go home and
let me get to know my boy's new
girlfriend in peace.
Ma! She's not my girlfriend.
The fire seems to have gone out of the crowd and they begin
to break up.
Mary grabs Kyrra by the hand and starts to guide her down
the street.
      (to Kyrra)
I'm Mary, Gwain's mother, and you
are not his girlfriend?
No, I'm not. Not yet anyway.
Well, then there is still hope at


Gwain can only shake his head in frustration and
and follow the two women down the road.
Mary's home is small and modest but decorated in a style
crossed between medieval and hippy. Mary enters still
telling stories to Kyrra, Gwain comes in close behind them.
      (to Kyrra)
So that's why Gwain's afraid of
Well I'm sure it wasn't funny to
him at the time.
Maybe not but it was sure funny to
me. He walks everywhere now. It's
Mom, Can we stop with the stories
for a second. I need you to fix
Oh Gwain. What did you break?
      (cutting in)
My necklace.
Kyrra holds the necklace out to Mary.
It's not all his fault though.
Mary examines the necklace and the break in the chain.
Believe me dear, I know how easily
things get broken when ruff
It wasn't like that either... Can
you fix it or not?
Don't be such a grump....and of
course I can.
Mary goes to the back of kitchen area and grabs a hammer
from the drawer. Without a second thought she lays it on
the counter and starts banging away at the chain.


My Necklace!
It's OK.
Gwain grabs her arm gently to keep her from interfering.
Trust me.
Mary picks up the necklace and examines the stone.
The chain is easily mended. But
this stone is very unusual. (to
Kyrra) Where did you get it?
You've said that about every
pebble you've kicked on the road.
It's hers just give it back.
      (to Kyrra)
This is what lets you transform
isn't it? The creature they were
going on about.
      (feeling caught
Yeah, It's true. But none of that
bunk they were saying in town
I know dear. those people have
always gotten on my nerves.
They'll make drama out of the
slightest things..
I just lost my temper is all. They
were making fun and...
      (cutting in
You don't want to make her angry.
You wouldn't like her when she's
Gwain walks to the pantry and grabs a chunk of bread and
eats it.
      (to Kyrra)
I will like her always Gwain. Even
whe she breaks your heart.


Gwain doesn't hear her because he's now searching for
something to wash down the bread.
      (a bit hurt and
Why would you say that? I'm
You have your gifts darling, I
have mine.
Mary shifts the subject and speaks in a louder voice to
Now lets have a look at that sword
of yours Gwain.
Gwain suddenly sheepish and as if he is guilty of something.
We see Gwain walking through the forest without the sword or
shield. He's picking berries and roots and putting them in
his bag.
After walking and picking for a moment or two, Gwain sees
something unusual. A Half buried in the forest floor is a
skeleton. Arrow shafts protrude from the ribcage and Sword
and shield lay at it's side.
Gwain pulls the shield from out of the earth. He dusts it
off and sets it aside. Then slowly and gingerly he
separates the sword and scabbard from the bleached remains.
Gwain examines them for only a moment when he hears a growl
from behind him.
Gwain turns to look and sees a dark humanoid shape in the
shadows. A twig snaps to his opposite side and Gwain whirls
to see another figure approaching. Gwain grabs the shield
and clutches the sword and runs through the trees as fast as
his legs can carry him.
This thing? It's nothing. I
found it in the woods.
Gwain runs with abandon now through the trees and brush. He
hears howling behind him and steps of pursuit which makes
him run all the faster.
Then as the dark figures are right upon him he runs right
off a ledge. He falls ten feet or more then hits the slope
of the hill and begins to tumble wildly down it. The dark
foreboding creatures can be seen on the cliffs edge, looking
on and no longer in pursuit.


Gwain finally comes to rest on the road side when he tumbles
against a tree and is rendered unconscious, not sleeping as
we supposed in scene one.
      (to Marry)
He's quite good with it. The
Sword I mean.
Really? Well all that pretending
to be a swordsman must have paid
off. Now, enough stalling let's
have a look.
Gwain resigns to the fact that he has no choice and draws
the sword from it's scabboard. It shines in the half light
of the room.
Gwain puts the sword on the table and Mary leans over and
examines it carefully. For a long time she studies it with
her eye nearly touching the blade. With each passing moment
her face becomes more grim. Then a small smile crosses her
face. She sits back and takes her own breath of
Mom? What is it. It's just a
Oh Gwain. I've always made jest
of your yearning to be a great
hero like those of old. For that
I am sorry. I haven't done
anything to prepare you for this
moment. I can only hope that your
own hopes and dreams have given
you the skills you need.
      (confused and
I just found it in the woods,
that's all. I can put it back...
Mary sits up suddenly and slams her hands down on the table.
Her face a combination of anger, passion and worry for her
This is a sword of Destiny Gwain!
A sword of prophecy and history.
This sword and the story that goes
with it... It's part of your life
now, and, there's nothing we can
do about it.
Kyrra puts her hand on Mary's to try to console her.


Mary. Your scaring us a little
bit. what story does this sword
Mary takes another long breath.
Hear this tale and remember it
well. It will be the thread to
which your lives will cling for
many days to come.
Mary sits back in her chair.
Your making us crazy here Mom. Get
on with it already.
Mary smiles at her son, then begins the tale.
This is one of a pair of swords,
forged a generation ago. They
were never meant to be swords at
all, but are really maps to a far
more powerful, far more dangerous
weapon. A device this world has
not seen in a thousand
generations. The old king was
beset on all sides by enemies, so
he made a bargain with the wizard
in the mountain for a way to
secure the peace.
The weapon of great power. Mom
I've heard this story before. The
power corrupts and the king turns
evil etc. etc. It takes a hero to
hide or destroy the ring or sword
or whatever before it does more
harm than good. I love those
stories. But Ma, they're just...
No! This is no fairytale Gwain!
And you will do well not to treat
it like one. This is as real as
the setting sun.
Mary seems pained to go on.
Alright then Mary. We're
Thank you dear. Now, Oh yes. King
was granted his wish and the war
was brief as a summer storm. The
king grew old and sick. Soon
rumors of betrayal and greedy
bargaining amongst the royal sons


                       MARY (cont'd)
and daughters began to reach his
      (cutting in)
He hides the weapon and makes the
sword as a guide to it's location.
And when some great hero has need
it will be found again with the
map on the sword.
You're right. Just like a story
book. Only the swordsmith made a
copy without the kings knowledge.
The king passed his sword to the
knight he most trusted. The
swordsmith sold his sword to the
highest bidder and it disappeared
into legend.
And what of the faithful knight.
He went out adventuring one day
looking for monsters to slay and
never returned.
Well, his was a short story.
Ok. Lets say for a moment that
it's all real. The whole thing
top to bottom just like you said.
So what?
There's a prophecy. Just like in
your stories Gwain.
You just knew that was coming,
didn't you.
Gwain reflects as he looks over the sword. Then a call to
action takes him. He grabs the sword and bolts out of the
house. Mary and Kyrra follow after him.
Gwain runs a few steps to the forests edge, where the brush
and trees begin to grow thick. With passion and all his
strength he hurls the sword into the darkness.
Mary runs up, Kyrra trailing behind.


      (to Mary)
There. Done. Not our problem any
It's not that simple Gwain. "One
sword will be found through
darkness the other by light. By
haste must he will move or terror
takes the night."
Mary takes him by the hand and looks him in the eye.
You are my son. And you are a
good...man. Whether we like it or
not, you are the hero that has
been told of.
Mom I'm scared.
I know. That's also how I know
you are ready.
Kyrra comes walking out from the trees. She has the sword.
I found it.
If your the one destined to have
this sword. Who's found the other?
A figure dressed in ornate armor and dark blue cloak moves
quickly down the torch lit tunnels of the cave. His name is
THORN and he is the Royal Chancellor. A weak and cowering
man (LESSER) guides him through the darkness. Lesser
stumbles as he moves always looking to the eyes of his
master. Lesser keeps a watchful eye for Thorns approval or
dangerous disappointment.
Just this morning lord. At day
break but it wasn't touched. Just
as you ordered.
and the man who found it?


Never to leave these catacombs
again. As you ordered.
Good. Now. Show me.
Their torches descend deeper into the darkness. The torch
flames get more distant until only a spot of light remains.
Then the spot of light grows. The flicker of flame is seen
again, this time in the reflection of a sword hilt.
Thorn stairs with wide eyes down at the half buried sword.
Lesser groves at his feet.
Here lord. (pointing) Just as you
described. Just what you have
been looking for.
As Lesser points his hand nears the sword hilt. Thorn
reacts with anger and slams him against the cave wall.
Don't touch it! Don't dare!
yes lord. Never. Never touch it.
As Torn turns his attention to the sword a look of courage,
intelligence and plotting flair in Lesser's eyes.
Thorn grabs the handle of the sword and draws it from the
earth. The blade shines in the half light. Thorn smiles.
So it begins.
The King (KING REDBAIN) sits on his throne with a beautiful
woman (Princess RESSA on his lap wearing a long ornate gown.
She snuggles against him smiling, their attention turned to
one another.

Two soldiers stand at attention close to the throne. Their
armor distinct from the other royal guards that stand watch
around the room and at the doors.
From the far end of the hall Thorn enters dramatically.
Flanked by two warriors in armor billowing with feathers and
plumes Thorn walks with confidence and determination toward
the throne. Lesser cowers at Thorns heels barely noticed.
Ressa's expression changes to concern as she looks to the
What is this?


The King ignores her. He looks to Thorn with a changed
expression of regret and disappointment.
                       KING REDBAIN
      (to Thorn)
Is this really necessary?
You know it is, O'king. I have
found the sword and soon we will
have nothing to fear from her
army. This wench (pointing to
Ressa) is now as useless as
How dare you! Speak to me with
more respect Chancellor or loose
the ability all together!
The two soldiers in foriegn armor draw their swords and step
to protect the princess. Without warning an arrow flies
into frame and hits one in the neck.

We cut back to Thorn. His body guard holding a just fired
long bow. Thorn smiles.

Ressa's remaining body guard drops to his knee and lets fly
a dagger. It catches Thorn's man in the head. Thorn
himself moves forward and runs the guard through with the
map sword.

Thorn stands close and menacing to Ressa.
Forgive me Princess, but I insist
on speaking my peace.
Your not the regent here Thorn,
Redbain is. (to King) Heel your
dog or I will do it for you.
                       KING REDBAIN
Now Ressa don't get overly upset.
Things aren't exactly what they
seem. Thorn has been acting
outside of my authority.
It's worst than he knows miss
Ressa. He no longer has any power
With this sword I soon will have
the weapon. With the weapon I
have the support of the knights.
With the knights I have the army
and with the army I the kingdom.


                       KING REDBAIN
The Chancellor has been plotting
my dear. But not to worry. Every
thing will be back under control
in a moment.
Delude yourself if you like old
man but don't bother giving pretty
foriegn wench false hope. Every
man in this room is loyal to me.
Every commander in the field knows
that if I control the weapon of
old our army will be unstopable.
You have let this land languish in
the ways of deplomacy and peace
for to long. The people long for
a conquerer to show them riches
beyond those fabled in ancient
times. I am now the regent here!
As Thorn speaks Lesser's expression seems to change from
frightened and cowering to calm and totally in control.

Thorn speaks the line "Every man in this room.." and Lesser
stands fully erect with confidence and purpose. He pulls a
dageger from his boot and slits the throat of Thorn's body
guard. Thorn continues his speech unaware until Lesser
buryies the dager in Thorn's side.
The king watches the scene unfold with calm and sertanty. He
is not the least bit surprised by what is happening. He
reaches to a dagger set in the throne. Redbain move to
Thorn and blunges the dagger deep in his belly.
                       KING REDBAIN
      (to Thorn)
You have been a fine chess player,
but you disregard your pawns to
Thorn falls to the floor.
The other guards scattered around the room rush to Thorn's
The king stops them with his commanding voice.
                       KING REDBAIN
STOP! Thorn is dead! Who do you
intend to follow now?! Unless one
of you is ready to take Thorn's
place to challenge me for the
Throne, Set your weapons down and
prepare to be punished.
The soldiers take no more steps forward. One man puts his
sword down and kneels before the king. Each man then
follows his example until every soldier kneels before the
A moment later the Throne room doors boom open and a large
contigent of royal guards march in. They are lead by the
Prince and heir to the throne. Redbain's oldest son ARKEN.


Arken is strong and tall, earnest, honest and true to the
ideals of his title.
Father, are you alright?
The soldiers under Arken's command begin to bind and chain
the guards that betrayed the king.
                       KING REDBAIN
Arken! I'm fine. Fine. But we
have a kingdom to contend with.
All is well in hand. Thorn moved
quicker than we had thought but
Lesser was able to send me word,
undetected. I've rounded most of
the conspiritors together.
                       KING REDBAIN
These men are not to be harmed is
that understood?
Yes sir.
What of the nobles? There were
several that turned with Thorn.
                       KING REDBAIN
Let them cary the burden of
treachery. For them there will be
no mercy.
The soldier nodds and the others are lead away.
Why did Thorn make his move now?
It was clumsy of him.
The king reaches under the body of Thorn and takes the
sword. He shows it to Arken.
He found it!
                       KING REDBAIN
One sword guides the darkness the
other guides the light. This
sword is yours now Arken. A
lighter soul I have never met.
Even if you are my son.
                       KING REDBAIN
One sword guides the darkness the
other guides the light. This
sword is yours now Arken. A
lighter soul I have never met.
Even if you are my son.
Rebain hands the sword to Arken.


I will not fail your trust in me
father. I swear it.
The king smiles broadly with pride at his son. Lesser steps
up and puts his hand on the kings shoulder.
My lord...
Lesser draws their attention to Ressa with a gesture. Ressa
has been attending to one of her fallen body guards. His
name was Ryan and Ressa loved him.
                       KING REDBAIN
Ressa? My dear. Are you alright?
Let me explain. I've had a
traitor plotting. I'm sorry for
the loss of your men princess.
Ressa doesn't respond or acknowledge the king. She simply
puts her hand on Ryan's chest and closes her eyes.
Ressa got up in the morning and peered out the slit formed
between the faps of the tent door.
Soldiers stand at each side of the opening. Horses and
blacksmiths fill the air with the sounds of a busy army
encampment starting the day.
Senturion! Bring me Ryan.
Yes mame!
As the guard runs off to fullfill her command Ressa gets up
from her bed and wrapes her naked body in the white sheet.
She moves to the wash basen and pores the water. She washes
slowly and deliberatly as she looks into a mirror mounted on
a post. Her face and figure is beuatiful but as she turns
away we see a large and very painful scare on her back.

RYAN enters. He is the commander general of her army and
her secret lover.
You called for me princess?
Yes general. I need an update of
our progress since last night.
The morning briefing is


I'm not interested in the reports
of field commanders. What is your
assesment Ryan.
We are in an excellent possion for
invasion. We cancover half the
distance between us and the
capital without any resistance at
all. Honestly we could take
Redbain's kingdom without all of
this treatery. You don't have to
go to him.
I wont waste the lives of any of
my soldiers because you are
squemish or jealous. Princes'
have their own tools of dipolmacy.
Princess's like myself must use
the tools available to her.
Ressa steps in close to Ryan and traces her finger down the
center of his chest. Ryan grabs her hand away.
The camp is awake. Theere's to
many eyes open and we've come to
far to be taking chances.
That's not what you said last
Closed eyes are easier to fool.
This isn't a game Ressa.
Ressa takes him by surprise and kisses him with passion.
It's Ressa that pulls away from the embrace.
It has to be a game. If it was
real in my mind. If I thought
every choice I make could destroy
my father's kingdom or our chance
as a life. I'd go mad. Until
it's played to the end, it has to
be a game.
Ressa steps behind a screen and drops her sheet. Grabbing
her costume she begins to dress.


Let me come with you then. We can
see this thing through to the end.
Bad idea.
Redbain has underestimated you. He
thinks your nothing more than a
token from your father. We have
to be prepared if it happens that
we have in some way underestimated
I know Redbain. I know is heart.
He's a sentimental old man that's
thrilled a glance from young eyes
like mine.
And when your trap is sprung and
this army rides over his horizon
to the walls of his city. His
eyes will be full of thrill but
not for you. You will need me at
your back.
Fine. Acquire the armor of one of
my guards. You will travel as my
servant. And when this is
finished we will be equals at
We are once again back with Ressa as she weeps over Ryan's
body. Redbain kneels to her side to console her.
                       KING REDBAIN
Darling, you have suffered a loss
I can see but do not weep to
loudly. You might give me the
wrong impression.
Ressa is enraged by the flipped attitude of the king toward
her dead lover. She grabs her dagger and pushes the king
back to his throne with the blade at his neck.
You let him die. Old fool!
Princess. If that blade draws
blood my sword will draw your
The king now realises the motive of Ressa. Her love for
Ryan and fool he had been.


                       KING REDBAIN
You loved him. Didn't you. Not
me at all. It seems I had all
manner of plotters in my court.
Not just Thorn. You never could
love me could you?
My army is on it's way. With or
without me at it's head your rule
is finished.
Redbain moves suddenly and throws her to the ground.
                       KING REDBAIN
Finished! How many despots and
fools have thought me finished!
You have broken my heart! Stole
my joy! My hope! How dare you
With sword in hand Redbain stands over Ressa. He catches
here eyes and sees the pain of loss. She loved Ryan as
Redbain loved her. He lowers his sword and loosens his
                       KING REDBAIN
You and I have much in common.
Bring your army to my gates if you
must. I will be ready should you
Arken is concerned suddenly with his fathers judgment.
Father. We should keep her as a
bargain against her army.
                       KING REDBAIN
No Arken. See to it she reaches
the gates unharmed. (to Ressa) I
love you Ressa no matter your
scheming. I must be the pathetic
old man you thought. But know
this. Ride your army to my door,
through my lands and I will be the
end of you.
Cut to Ressa riding from the city gate. The bodies of Ryan
and the other guard wraped and slung over a second horse in

Arken and the king look on from the rampart.
Do we have the strength to repel
                       KING REDBAIN
No. Her army will not be stopped
long at our gate. But Thorn has
given us the sword. Follow it's
point to the weapon of destiny.
You will save us Arken. Bring us


                       KING REDBAIN (cont'd)
the power to defend our people.
I will father. I will not fail. I
Gwain and Kyrra continue walking down a mountain trail.
So where are we going?
I don't know.
Well, what's the plan?
I don't know!
What are we doing then?
I don't know. My mother expected
me to march of in search of my
destiny and adventure. So that's
what I did. Marched off.
And now?
Haven't a clue.
Arken and his contingent of men of arms thunder out of the
city gate on horseback certain of their direction with
banners waving.
Kyrra sits on a rock while Gwain paces
I thought the sword was supposed
to point the way.
So which way does it point?
Gwain pulls the sword from its scabboard.


Any way I care to move. North,
South , East or West. It points
where it points. It's useless. As
a sword or a map and I don't know
what to do.
Kyrra is suddenly distracted by something in the distance.
Look at that.
Look at what?
There in the curve of the
Lying in wait on both sides of the road the bandits
anticipate an old man shuffling up the road, cloaked and
From their vantage, Kyrra and Gwain can see clearly what is
about to happen without fear of being discovered themselves.
We should do something.
There's nothing we can do.
Oh don't be silly. I've got the
big monster thing going on, and
you, your the hotshot with the
sword. Even if it's a dull as a
rock. We can help.
There's nothing we can do for
them. They've made their choice.
What are you talking about? The
old man is going to...
As they wait for the old man to shuffle forward MARKO moves
with stealth next to his brother HEATH.


Hush brother. You'll give away
our position.
If this old man hears as well as
he walks, a band of horn players
couldn't alert him.
Still. This is our first go. We
should practice discretion. For
the next, more able target.
That's just it. I don't think
there should be another target. I
don't think we should take this
target. Target? Look at him. He
can barely move. There's no honor
in this.
Honor? Father had honor. Now we
have nothing. Not father. Not
honor. Nothing. Now shut up and
lets do this.
Heath steps out from their hiding place. The others follow
except for Marko.
Heath no.
The thieves circle the old man and draw their daggers.
Hold it! Don't move old man!
It's about time. I was getting
tired of shuffling.
Your money or your life old man!
I have no intention of giving you
Then we will take both and leave
your carcass on the road!
      (to Kyrra)
Come on. We can still help the
The boy? What about the old man?


Gwain charges down the hill toward the bandits and old man.
Kyrra follows after him.
You've made your choice and sealed
your fate.
Time slows as we see the old man's hand on the hilt of his
sword. He pulls the blade only an inch from the scabbard.
Cutting to Kyrra and Gwain, there eyes are wide as if they
can't believe what they are seeing. A blur of the oldman's
cloak then all is still. No one moves for a moment then the
bandits that circle the old man fall like dominoes in
Marko scrambles over the bank to attack the old man. Gwain
cuts him off just in time and pulls him away.
I want to kill him!
You don't have a chance! He'll
kill you too. Let him go.
My brothers! He killed them! He
killed them.
Kyrra touches his arm and looks into his eyes. She takes
his full attension for a moment.
I'm sorry.
The fury seems to die in Marko as he pulls away from Gwain
and falls to his knees.
      (to OldMan)
You didn't have to kill them.
The Oldman was about to continue down the road. He turns to
Gwain as if puzzled by the boys challenging statement.
      (to Gwain)
I am a monk of the orde of...
I know who you are. I've read
your stories. You have knowledge
and power. You didn't have to do


                       GWAIN (cont'd)
They threatened my life, I took
theirs. Don't you dare challenge
my wisdom.
There is no wisdom without
compassion. You lack both.
The Oldman smiles and looks Gwain over.
Stronge words from a boy who
doesn't even know how to follow
his sword.
You know this sword. You know
it's secret? Then you know it's
important. Tell us.
The Old man laughs.
Threats from him, chastisment from
him, orders from you. This is a
bold little band.
Marko stands up and steps up behind Gwain.
She didn't mean any harm.
The Oldman rolls his eyes. Afte a moment of thought the
Oldman runs up the front of Gwains chest and does a back
flip grabbing Gwain's sword and he spirals backward. Landing
on his feet the oldman then plants the sword tip into the
The sword points the way.
Thankfully it is pointing away
from the direction I am going.
We look down at the top of the sword hilt. A round compass
floats and circles in the bottom of the handle. The needle
settles down after spinning and points up the bank and off
the road.
Well, thanks, it's important that
Gwain looks up but the Oldman has vanished.


Gwain spends the rest of the afternoon helping bury Marko's
family. They are both tired and dirty as they stand over
the graves and watch the sun set.
We had a farm. It was raided
every fall by bandits. When all
us boys were of age Father decided
to fight back. After they killed
him and Brag ,the oldest, we
worked for them. The crops failed
last lear and we lost everything.
Come. You'll feel better with
some food. You need rest.
I need something. I need hope. I
Gwain and Marko walk up the fire. As Marko looks across the
opening in the trees he sees Kyrra in monster form and
Kyrra is siting next to the fire with 3 rabbits squirred on
her sword hand.
It's o.k. It's the girl. It's
Kyrra. She's got a fancy talent
for turning into a monster.
What devilry is this?!
Kyrra slides the rabbits from her sword hand onto a wooden
plate. She removes the necklace and transforms back into
her girl form.
It's not devlry. It's magic.
That's all. I'm sorry I startled
you. Are you hungry? Of course
you are. Sit down and eat. I
made plenty.
Marko sits down, grabs a bunny and begins to eat with a
pleasure given to men that have not gotten food in a while.
So, where are we headed?


Well yeah. He's in the story now
isn't he. We just can't leave him
What is the story anyway.
Well you see there's this sword
that points to this weapon and we
have to get it before the bad guys
And who are the bad guys?
Kyrra looks to Gwain looking for him to provide the answer.
Stories always have badguys. Why
should this one be any different?
Marko nodds his understanding then pulls Kyrra's necklace
from his hand.
And where did you get this and why
does it turn you into that
Kyrra is stunned that Marko picked the necklace off of her.
She reaches for it but Marko pulls it out of her grasp.
Give it back!
No. I want to try it on see what
it's like to be a creature.
Give it back to her now!
What are you going to do to me if
I can turn into, this.
Marko puts the necklace over his head. Nothing happens.
Give it back.
All right, all right.


Marko takes the necklace off.
Why didn't it work?
Isn't it obvious? Not only is our
girl here enchanting, she's also
must be enchanted.
Marko hands the necklace back to Kyrra.
Oh how sweet. See Gwain. I told
you he would be helpful to have a
Gwain grabs one of the cooked rabbits and sits on the
oposite side of the fire in a huff.
I already knew you were
Montage of shots showing Gwain, Kyrra and Marko scrambling
up hills, across rivers and over thorns and obsticals while
following the compass in the sword hilt.
Inter cut with thier journey is that of Prince Arken and his
men riding with speed following the compass in his sword.
Arken then comes to a turn in the road where the compass
points off and down a steep slope.
This is as far as we can go by
horseback. By foot we go from
His men dismount and they follow Arken down the hill side.

CUT TO: Gwain, Kyrra and Marko
They strugle up a hill to a clearing in front of a cave.
That must be it.
      (looking at the
       sword hilt)
The arrow is pointing inside.
Well lets go then.
Wait. We should be ready.
Ready, for what?


Whatever foul creatures call that
place home and intent on keeping
us from our prize.
The three of them start for the entrence of the cave.
Foul creature this and foul
creature that. It's always about
black and white with you. You
know most creatures just are
trying to get by, like the rest of
We see the three figures disappear into the darkness of the
Well if we could just walk in here
and take it anyone would have
grabed it by now.
There's a short silence as we watch the cave entrance. A
moment later the three adventurers reapear in the dark
Man, it's dark in there.
We're going to need torches. I
think there is something we can
use over here.
I'm not going back in there.
It will be better once we get some
No I'm not going, I can't. In
there I can't breath.
Oh you've got to be kidding.
Give him a break. It's no problem.
You can guard the entrance and
we'll be in and out before you can
      (to Kyrra)
Be back soon.
"We" will.


Gwain and Kyrra move along the narrow coridor of the cave.
This time with torches lit.
This is much better.
Yeah, we can see two feet in front
of un instead of zero.
Just keep an eye out for the shine
of the eyes.
Eyes of what?
The foul beasts.
Oh, that again.
You think I'm crazy?
A little yeah.
Well look over there and tell me
I'm crazy.
We see three pairs of glowing eyes in the darkness.
Let's get them!
Gwain wait!
Gwain rushes forward and in his torch light we see the
creatures. 3 feet tall with faces like a bat they hiss and
crouch in defence ready to attack.
Kyrra rushes up and pulls Gwain back.
Would you stop and look! They
have little ones.
We look passed the scary looking creatures to a litter of
frightened younglings.
But, I didn't..I mean..
This is their home. Come on. The
cave continues this way.


Kyrra pulls Gwain away and down the corrador. Gwain keeps
his eyes on the creatures until they are out of the line of
How did you see those little ones
from way back there?
My eyesight is just better than
Is that another perk of being
I'm not enchanted. It's the
necklace not me.
Why doesn't it work on anybody
else then, only you.
Marko's the only other person
who's put it on. Maybe he's in
chanted and that's why it didn't
work on him or maybe it only works
on girls or who know. It's not
me, it's the necklace.
Fine, what ever you say. I just
think it's strange that, YAAAAA!
Gwain steps straight into a drop off. His tourch tumbles
down the trench illuminating the deep crevasse.
Gwain holds on to the ledge by his fingers, his legs
dangling underneath him.
Hold on!
Yeah. Great plan. Hurry please.
Kyrra pulls out her necklace and puts it on. There's a
flash of light.
We see Gwain squint at the brightness. As his eyes reajust
to the darkness we hear the creature howl.

We see the recognition of the problem on Gwain's face.
Oh bother.
The cave corridor was to narrow for the size of the creature
and now she's stuck. Her head and sword arm stick out


toward the dangling Gwain, while the rest of her is bound
inside the tunnel they just came from. The creature moans
and growls again as if trying to communicate.
      (to Kyrra)
Yeah I see. That's brillent.(the
creature growls with anger) Just
hang on. Let me think. Can you
get the necklace off?
The creature flailed it's arm trying to bend it towards it's
neck to no avail.
Ok, stop, stop. Your making me
laugh and I'm gonna fall. Maybe I
can just...
Gwain starts to try to pull himself up. His face reddens
and his feet kick. He puts for such a straining effort that
it becomes comical. Finally he gets his his elbow slung
aroung the outcroping and a toehold with his foot. He
pants, out of breath as he looks to see what to do next.
Put your arm out. As far as you
can reach. Quick!
Gwain pulls his sleeve over his hand, then kicks away from
the cliffside, he slings his sleeve over Kyrra's outstreched
arm. The sword blade tears and cuts as he slides down the
blade toward the far rock face.
As he reaches the tip of the blade Gwain kicks his legs and
streches his arms toward the on coming rock.
His fingers just catch the edge. His face smacks the solid
rock and his legs dangle as they did when he was hanging on
the other side of the chasm.
Well. It's a step closer, isn't
Gwain make another atempt to pull himself up as he did
before. This time his arms are just too weak. Feeling the
burn he doubles his efforts to keep ahold of the rock face.
He's starting to loose the battle with gravity.
Kyrra's monster eyes are worried. She wiggles in he hole
trying to free herself to no avail. Her monster toug rubs
along the edge of her mouth as she concentraits. After a
moment she sticker her toug out again. This time she
extends the long serpent like apendage toward her dangling
necklace. The tip curls around the chain and she pulls the
chain and medalion into her mouth.
With her head toward the ceiling she spits the medalion into
the air. It flys over her head and off her neck.
There's a flash of bright light and as the necklace falls
Kyrra reaches out and grabs it just at the edge of the


Without another hesitation she stands up and leaps off the
cliffside. In midair she pulls the necklace over her head.
The flash of light again and in monster form blunges her
blade hand into the rock face next to Gwain. With her claw
hand she grabs him and flings him to the saftey of the
facing corridor. Another flash of light and they are both
safe, ready to explore further into the cave.
That was unexpected.
Just the kind of thing we should
expect, I suspect, being on an
adventure and all. That was just
the kind of thing that happens to
adveturers all the time.
I supose. How much farther do you
think it is?
Can't be much further now. Come
on. I'm excited to see what we've
come all this way for.
Yeah, me too.
Marko paces in front of the cave angry at himself for not
going with them.
Marko looks into the darkness of the cave. He takes a few
steps toward it then backs away shaking off the hebee
      (to himself)
Damn it. I should have go with
Marko peers into the darkness of the cave again.
      (shouts into cave)
Hey! Can you hear me?! Are you
almost done in there?! Hey!
As Marko looks on into the darkness that both frightens and
facinates him, a hand comes from behind and clobbers him
over the head. Marko falls to the ground unconsciecious
revealing Arkin and his men arriving from the wooded slope


Gwain and Kyrra walk out of the darkness of the tunnel to a
large lighted chamber. The domed room seems to have been
carved out of the rock by craftsmen. In the center is a
pedistal with the artifact laying on top. Sun light shines
down from the ceiling illuminating the spot.
Well, this is very nice.
Yeah, that dark cave was starting
to creep me out.
Is that what we're after?
Stay here.
In case something happens.
Like what?
Gwain rolls his eyes knowing this is an argument he's not
going to win. He turns from Kyrra and causiously approches
the artifact. Kyrra follows close behind him.
What is it?
I don't know. I would think it's
dangerous but I don't know how.
We get our first good look at the object on the table. A
.44 caliber revolver with a 9 inch barrel. The weapon is
held to the rock pedestal by an iron band that penetrates to
rock like a pad lock.
So what do we do?
I would think you would be tired
of asking me that by now.
Kyrra test the strength of the metal band with her fingers.
Wow, that's really on there. Do
you think I could pull it off with
my necklace on?


Would you just let me think for a
minute before we start tearing
things up with brute force.
Kyrra makes a face at him.
Whatever. Take your time. I'll
be over hear if you need me.
Kyrra walks off aggrovated at Gwain's tone to explore the
rest of the chamber.
Gwain's mind is occupied with trying to solve the riddle of
realsing the gun. Kyrra brushes her hand over the walls of
the chamber, marveling at it's craftsmanship and lost in her
own thoughts.
Gwain? Do you like me? (pause)
I'm only asking because I like you
and it seems to me that if we like
each other we should say so. This
adventuring is dangerous and you
never know what's going to happen.
If we like each other it only
makes sense to say so now before
we loose the chance. After all, a
hero needs a damsel in distress.
Not that I'm in distress or need
rescuing mind you. I just,
wouldn't mind being your damsel.
(pause) Gwain?
Gwain discovers a slot in the base of the stone table.
      (not listening)
Gwain. I want to be your damsel.
Still not listening Gwain pulls the sword from its scaboard.
Hold on I think I found something.
Gwain slides the sword into the slot in the stone. The lock
holding the gun releases.
That's it!
That's great! But would you
please listen for a second here.
I'm trying to tell you sometning.
Gwain is about to give her his full attention when they hear
loud noises. Large grinding stone gears resonate deep
behind the stone walls.


The pedestal starts to sink into the floor. Gwain notices
and retrieves the sword.
Kyrra looks up at the ceiling. Following her eyes Gwain
does the same.
The ceiling is falling at the same rate as the pedistal.
We'd better get going.
I was going to tell you something.
You can tell me outside can't you.
The ceilings collapsing.
Whatever. Are you going to take
this? Or did we come all this way
just to take a look at it.
Kyrra points to the gun still sitting on the sinking
pedistal. Gwain realizes his absentminded mistake and picks
up the weapon.
OH yeah. Thanks. Duh. Let's get
out of here.
They both walk almost casually out of the room and into the
dark corridor. The ceiling falls a few moments later and
they are in darkness again.
Gwain and Kyrra emerge from the cave back into the bright
light of the day.
The prince and the soldiers of the king are hiding behind
trees and rocks.
Marko is tied and gaged on his knees.
He hears Gwain and Kyrra and struggles to free himself from
his bonds and begins to yell as best he can with fabric
stuffed in his mouth.


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From Tri Xuan Date 2/16/2008 ***1/2
" Entertaining! " I like it, please finish.

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