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The Laundromat (Short)
by Jesse Fresco (KirbyAngel@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***1/2
On an ordinary day, at an ordinary laundromat, life changes for three ordinary people.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A young woman named Sarah walks into a laundromat carrying a
bag of dirty clothes. She walks around the first row of
washing machines and sees several other rows of occupied
machines. She sets her bag down in front of a machine in
the middle of the second row and walks over to the change
machine. She inserts a one dollar bill but nothing comes
out. She bangs on the machine a couple of times until four
quarters roll out. She puts them into the left pocket of
her jeans and walks back to her machine. She starts to load
her laundry into an unoccupied machine. Just then, a man
named Tom walks through the front entrance of the laundromat
carrying his laundry. He sees Sarah, pauses, and then moves
slowly past her trying not to be noticed. After a few
steps, she turns around and sees him.
Hi, Tom.
Tom stops and turns around slowly. He forces a smile.
Hi, Sarah.
The two stare at each other for a moment then break their
gaze awkwardly.
Well, I'll see ya'.
See ya'.
Tom walks around the laundromat looking for an unoccupied
washing machine but only finds one across from Sarah. He
walks over to the machine.
I guess I'll see ya' sooner than I
Sarah lets out a small laugh. Tom loads his washer with
clothes and detergent.
Quite a party last week, wasn't


Yeah, though I don't remember much
of it.
Both try to avoid looking at each other.
I remember you puking all over
Jeff's dog.
It was in my way to the bathroom.
Both are silent for a few seconds. Tom turns arounds and
approaches Sarah.
Look we both know what happened
last week between us. So let's
just say it meant nothing, okay? I
was wasted. You the same. Let's
just keep it between us. Okay?
They both turn away from each other. After a few minutes of
silence another man walks into the Laundromat. He is
carrying a basket of laundry and he also has a camera around
his neck. He walks around looking for a machine. After a
few seconds the machine next to Sarah beeps and stops. The
owner of those clothes removes them and walks away. The
“Camera Man” walks over to the machine and puts his clothes
and detergent in. At that moment, Sarah’s clothes finish in
her machine. She bends over and pulls the clothes out. The
camera man notices her butt in the air, so he picks up his
camera and starts taking pictures. He smiles. Sarah hears
the click of the shutter on the camera. She stands up and
turns around, angry. He quickly puts his camera down.
What the fuck are you doing?!
                       CAMERA MAN
Nothing. What are you talking
Tom notices their argument.


Give me the camera!
                       CAMERA MAN
Don't touch me! I'll have you
Tom goes over to the two and breaks up their fight. He gets
up in the Camera Man's face.
Get outta here! Right now! And
give me the camera!
Camera Man punches Tom in the face. He falls to the floor
with a thud. Suddenly, Sarah pulls a taser gun out of her
purse and shoots the Camera Man in the chest. She depresses
the trigger and shocks the Camera Man while he falls to the
floor. She walks over to Tom and kneels down by his side.
She helps him up. Sarah lets go of the trigger.
Are you alright?
Camera Man starts to get up. Sarah presses the trigger
again. He spasms on the floor.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Tom gets up. His washer dings and his clothes stop
Good timing.
Want me to call 911?
For me or him?
Sarah looks at Camera Man. He continues to spasm extremely
heavily. Sarah lets go of the trigger. Camera Man lets out
a painful groan.
Both I guess.


No, I'm fine. I'll just get my
stuff and go.
Hey, thanks for trying to protect
Tom rubs his jaw.
Hey, why don't I-
Camera Man starts to get up.
Get back down there!
Sarah presses the trigger again. Camera Man spasms on the
floor. Sarah removes a piece of paper and a pen from her
purse. She lets go of the trigger and puts the tazer gun
down. Camera Man groans. She writes out her telephone
number and hands it to Tom.
Call me sometime.
The two stare at each other for a moment then break their
Well, listen, I gotta go.
Call me tonight, okay?
Okay, uh, I'll call you tonight.
Tom leans down and removes his clothes from the machine. He
stands up again and looks at Sarah again.


Tom walks towards the exit carrying his clothes
See ya'.
Tom exits and disappears from view. Sarah looks back down
at the floor. Camera Man tries to get to his feet. Sarah
picks up the tazer gun and depresses the trigger.
Get back down there!
Camera Man falls to the floor again and spasms.
                       CAMERA MAN


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From Kris Shaft Date 8/21/2007 ***
Loved your dialogue, it has potential if you extend it more.

From Emily Cheung Date 8/18/2006 **1/2
Definitely could be interesting--I think the character descriptions could be create more curiosity in the reader--paint more of a picture of who these people are.

From Zach Shevich Date 8/9/2006 ****
I agree with Brad. This should be extended, maybe into a more realistic romantic comedy. I enjoyed it despite its short length and hope you extend it. Good luck and congrats!

From Brad Smith Date 8/9/2006 ****
WAY too short. This could be interesting if it was alot longer.

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