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For Grace
by Nichele (nichelewashington@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

For Grace is an allegory of the United States' relationship to the rest of the world. There are enemies that we see and those that we don't. This movie suggests through it's characters that 'Grace' is the prevailing thing that is preventing us from being totally taken out. Our military capabilities, or economic strength can only take us so far. Ultimately Grace is what keeps America standing strong today.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We see historic news footage from the Vietnam war.
Demonstrators are burning flags and chanting 'Death to
America'. The camera zooms out and we see it is on an old
television set in Tom's living room. His parents are
sitting on the couch watching intently.
They are disturbed as an 8 year old Tom begins running
through the house followed by a trail of broken vases, glass
and furniture. He darts up the stairs and his mother chases
after him. She stops short at the bottom of the staircase.
She tries to yell at him between gasps for air.
Tom! Get back here! T-O-M!
Mom turns to Dad and the two slowly shake their heads and
begin picking up the pieces of broken furniture.
                       TOM (adult)
I grew up an only child. Or
should I say a lonely child. The
only fun I ever had was getting
into trouble. It's a true saying
about an idle mind. That's why
I'll never forget the day my life
would change forever. It all
began the day the moving truck
pulled in next door.
A moving truck pulls up and a Black couple steps out and
begins moving furniture into the house. Young Tom sits in
his windowsill hoping they have a child, but sees no signs
of it. He sees an older boy get out of the truck last, but
no one close to his age.
Aw man. No bikes. No toys either!
Just books. A bunch of stupid
books. I'll never have anybody
around here to play with.


Tom turns and gets ready to leave the window when something
catches his eye and he turns back around slowly. He sees
young Sam hop out of the truck into his older brother's
A kid! A kid! They've got a kid!
Tom bolts out of his room and runs downstairs falling and
tripping on the way down. He gets up quickly and keeps
running faster than before until he reaches his tired
parents who are sitting on the couch.
Mom! Dad! The people moving in!
They've got a kid. He looks like
he's my age. Can I go over and
meet him? Please, Please, PLEASE!
His parents sit up and look out of the window and see the
new neighbors moving boxes and things.
Tom, let's just wait until they
get all moved in. Moving in is
hard work. We'll go by a little
later and I promise you'll get the
chance to meet their little boy.
You know honey, maybe we should
have them over for dinner
tomorrow. Then we can get to know
them a bit and welcome them to the
I think that's a great idea. Tom,
did you hear that...?
Tom is already on his way back up the stairs to finish
watching the new family who is moving in next door. From
his windowsill he hopes to catch another glimpse of his new
found playmate. He sees his dad go over into their yard and
runs back downstairs to figure out what's going on. He
trips and falls again in the same place as before and keeps
moving just as before.
Mom. I'm going over with Dad to
talk to the new people.


No you're not. You'll get to meet
them soon enough. Your dad is
going over to invite them to
dinner tomorrow. That will give
you plenty of time to meet their
little boy.
Tomorrow? That's too far away.
Can't I just go over now? Just
for a little while?
No. Tomorrow will be here before
you know it. In fact, why don't
you go on upstairs and get ready
for bed. Your dad will tuck you
in just as soon as he gets back.
He slowly walks up the stairs to his room quietly praying
that his mom will change her mind.
Hey, Tom.
Tom turns around quickly hoping she's going to tell him he
can go over now.
Yeah Mom.
Don't forget to brush your teeth.
Oh, I won't.
Tom stomps up the rest of the stairs and into the bathroom.
We hear water running as mom is smiling to herself.
Dad is finishing up a bedtime story. He closes the book and
leans over to kiss Tom on the forehead.


Goodnight. You've got a big day
ahead of you. Make sure you get
lots of rest.
What were they like? Did they
seem nice? Does their kid look
like he can run fast? Faster than
me? Do you think he will like me?
Whoa. Hold on. You didn't give
me a chance to answer your first
Dad stands up and gets ready to leave the room.
They seemed very nice. I told
them all about you and their kid
seemed really excited about
meeting you. He's pretty tall, so
I think he might be able to run
pretty fast. Although I doubt
anybody can run faster than you.
Dad winks and Tom smiles.
Um, Dad you forgot to answer one
Tom raises up in bed a bit.
No I didn't. I just thought that
one was a little silly. Who
wouldn't like you?
Tom lies back down grinning from ear to ear and pulls the
covers snuggly up to his chin. Dad turns the light off and
grins back.
Goodnight Dad.


The doorbell rings and we see young Sam and his parents
through the door standing outside.
They're here! I'll get it.
Mom is looking from the top of the stairs and makes her way
down to open the front door. Dad and Tom are both upstairs.
OK hon. I'll be right there. Tom,
the Johnsons are here.
Mom opens the door and invites the Johnson's in. Mrs.
Johnson is carrying a pie that she's made for dessert. Dad
makes it downstairs just as they are entering.
Hi guys. Come on in. I'm so glad
you could make it. I'm Janet and
you two have already met my
husband Jeff.
Dad nods.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Hi. Good to meet you Janet. I'm
Johnnie and this is my wife Aetna.
Dad reaches out to take the pie from Mrs. Johnson.
This looks really good. Is it
alright if I take that and put it
in the kitchen for later?
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Oh yes. Please and thank you so
much for having us. Boys come on
in. Don't be shy.
Andrew and Sam come in. Andrew has his arm around Sam's
shoulder. The two are obviously very close.
Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you.
This is my little brother Sam.
Sam smiles and waves shyly.


Well Hi. You boys make yourselves
at home while I take this into the
Dad takes the pie into the kitchen and sees Tom timidly
peeking around the corner.
There's someone here to meet you.
Go on in there.
Tom walks in and stands behind his mom and sees Sam standing
in the entry way holding a book.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Well, this handsome young man must
be Tom. Hello. We've heard a lot
about you.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Tom this is our son Sam. He's
around your age.
The boys stand and stare at each other with wonder and
intrigue. Both sets of parents watch the interaction and
smile among themselves.
I'm Andrew. I'm Sam's big
brother. If you ever need someone
to look out for you, just let me
Andrew gives Tom a wink. Tom smiles from ear to ear.
Well here, let's take your coats.
Everything should be ready in just
a few minutes.


Mom and Dad take their coats and hang them in the closet
near the door.
Tom, why don't you show the
Johnson's to the dining room.
Tom gently grabs Sam by the arm. His parents follow Tom's
lead into the dining room.
We eat in here.
Tom gives them a quick tour of the dining room seats.
This is where I sit. Sam you sit
by me OK? Um, Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson, I think you guys can
probably sit anywhere you want.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Well thank you Tom. I think I'll
sit right here.
Mr. Johnson pulls the chair for her and sits down beside
her. Mom and Dad come in just as he takes his seat carrying
the dinner with potholders.
This is stuff is hot, so watch out
                       MR. JOHNSON
It looks great.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
It sure does. In fact, everything
looks great in here. I love what
you've done with the place Janet.
Thank you. We've been here about
5 years now, so we've just tried
to do a little each year.
Dad starts helping himself to mashed potatoes and offers
them to Mr. Johnson next.


You guys don't be shy. There's
plenty to go around.
                       MR. JOHNSON
That's just what I needed to hear.
My wife wouldn't let us eat
before we came so blame her for my
tremendous appetite.
Oh Johnnie please. You were born
with a tremendous appetite.
Andrew playfully rubs his dad's belly. They all chuckle
including Mr. Johnson himself.
So Johnnie, where did you all live
before moving to good old
                       MR. JOHNSON
Well, my wife and I are originally
from New York. We both agreed
once we were married that we would
probably relocate after starting a
Well you know Sandburg is a great
place to raise a family. That's
the exact reason we moved here.
Yeah. You all should love it
here. We sure do.
So now Andrew will you be going to
the high school here?
There is an immediate awkwardness between the members of the
Johnson family.
Well, actually...
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Andy's going into the military. He
leaves tomorrow.


Mom, I can speak for myself.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Oh yes, Andrew has proven that. He
had been speaking to recruiters
his entire last year of high
school without our knowing. He
had a full ride to Harvard, but he
chose to go into the army instead.
There's more than one way to
succeed in life Dad. I measure
success in lives, not dollars
Andrew has his head down.
There's certainly no shame in
standing up for one's personal
beliefs and convictions. How long
will you serve?
Andrew locks eyes with Mom. He is grateful for the
encouragement. He holds his head up proudly and smiles at
her in gratitude.
Just 2 years. After that, I will
be free to go to Harvard and
become the lawyer that everyone
wants me to be.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Andy, your Mom and I support
whatever you decide to do. We are
very proud of all that you've
managed to accomplish and the man
you've become. It is just hard
for us to accept that you're going
to be leaving so soon and so
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Andrew, we are very proud of you.
Just give us some time to deal
with the fact that it feels like
we're losing you and we didn't
even know it was coming.


Mom, it's just 2 years. It'll be
over before you know it. You're
not losing me. This is just
something that I've got to do. I
can't explain it. I just feel
that I have to do my part.
Well Andrew, I hope you know that
we'll all be here waiting when you
get back. I will personally hand
you the first burger off the grill
at the homecoming cookout.
Wow. That's reason enough to come
back home. That'll be the first
time in 20 years that I get
something off the grill before you
He pokes at Dad's belly again. Dad gives him a smirk and a
glance out of the corner of his eye. Everyone seems relieved
that the tension has lifted.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Well, Andy I'll have you know that
your father and I have some
serious plans to get in shape now
that we've moved to Sandburg. In
fact, we've already found an
exercise class and have cleared
our schedules every Tuesday and
Thursday. You probably won't even
recognize us when you get back.
If not Andrew, we'll be sure to
point them out to you. Just stop
by our house first.
Thanks Mr. Hughes.
Everyone seems to be enjoying the meal. The boys have been
eating in silence throughout their parent's conversation
with Andrew.
Mom, Dad, may we be excused?


Have you finished eating your
Tom stands up from the table and pushes his chair in.
Oh yes. Everything was good Mom.
Did you check to see if Sam was
done eating?
Tom looks at Sam as he shoves the last spoonful of food on
his plate into his mouth.
I'm done. May I go?
                       MRS. JOHNSON
It's fine with me. Johnny?
Mrs. Johnson turns to Mr. Johnson for his approval.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Go ahead. Just be sure to be back
in time for dessert. I can't
promise that I'll save you any.
Thanks Dad.
Andrew looks over at his dad and shakes his head.
                       MR. JOHNSON
What!?! Your mom said we FOUND a
gym. We haven't joined yet. I've
still got a few more days left to
enjoy myself.
The two boys leave the room and can hear their parents
laughing. They get their coats and head outside to the
front porch.
Tom shuts the front door and the boys sit on the steps.
So what do you like to do?


I don't know. Mostly read I
Read? Why would you want to do
that? That's no fun.
It's fun to me. I want to be a
doctor so I need to learn all I
can to help save people. What do
you want to be when you grow up
I don't know. I never thought
about it. I'm not really into
reading books and stuff like that.
Well, that's OK. I'm sure you'll
find something that you like to do
and be good at it. For me it just
happens to be this.
I guess that's alright, but what
else do you like to do? I mean
like are you good at any kind of
games or sports or nothing?
I never really got into that
stuff. I just like books mainly.
I'm pretty good at chess.
That's cool I guess. I play board
games sometimes, but I really like
to play sports.
Sam pushes his glasses up further onto his face.
What kind of sports do you like?
Swimming? Basketball? My brother
Andrew is really good in
basketball. Maybe we can all play
sometimes. Maybe if I had you on
my team we could beat him. He
always wins.


That sounds cool, but mostly I
like running. Football and foot
racing. Everybody says I run
pretty fast.
Tom stands up and jumps onto the ledge of the porch. Sam
watches nervously.
I can stop really fast too.
Tom walks backward on the ledge until his back is against
the house. Sam is noticeably more nervous and
Hey. Let me show you. I'll bet I
can run full speed to the edge of
this ledge and then stop before I
fall off.
No Tom! Please don't.
Aw come on. You don't think I can
do it. Dare me. No, double dare
I'm sure you can do it. Maybe I
can see it later. Just not right
now. Please get down man.
Sam is standing up now tugging at Tom's hand to get him to
come down.
Hold on. Just let me show you.
It's nothing. I do it all the
time. Just watch.
Just as Tom takes his arm away from Sam and is revving up
for the run, Mr. Johnson opens the front door.
                       MR. JOHNSON
You boys come on in. It's time
for dessert.
Tom hops down off the ledge with great disappointment. Sam
walks through the front door with great relief.


                       MR. JOHNSON
      (to Tom)
I hope you boys saved room for
dessert. Did you have a good
Yeah. Maybe you guys can stay
longer next time.
Mr. Johnson puts his arm around Tom as they head into the
dining room. Sam is already taking his seat.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Mrs. Johnson has made herself at home and is bringing out
the pie she's made. She emerges from the kitchen wearing an
apron that belongs to Tom's mother.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
I sure hope you guys like lemon
meringue. There's more than
enough here for everybody.
Oh Aetna if it tastes half as good
as it looks we're all in for a
                       MR. JOHNSON
Yes. Aetna makes the best pies
around. I always told her if she
hadn't wanted to be a doctor she
could have opened one hell of a
Mrs. Johnson shoots her husband a disapproving look for his
language, but is flattered all the while.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Johnny please!
He's right Aetna. This is


You have got to teach me how to
make this. It's unbelievable.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Oh anytime Janet. I get the
feeling we'll be seeing a lot more
of each other.
Certainly. It'll be nice having
you and your family living right
next door.
                       MR. JOHNSON
We feel the same way. I always
tell my family that good friends
make for a good life.
I agree.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Well, it's getting late, I guess
we'd better get out of your hair.
Sam and his parents get up from the table and head to the
front entrance. Tom gets their coats from the closet.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Thank you so much for having us
over. You're too kind.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Yes, and dinner was amazing. And
I know good food!
We know.
Andrew starts to reach for his Dad's belly, but Mr. Johnson
starts rubbing it first this time as proof that his
statement is true.
Oh it's been no trouble at all.
It's been a long time since we've
had company over.
We'll have to do this again soon.


                       MRS. JOHNSON
Yes. Definitely. Next time,
it'll be at our house.
      (to Mom)
Thanks for everything.
Mom smiles and nods knowing they've made a connection. The
Johnson family makes their way out of the door. Sam lingers
behind a bit.
It's a date. See you guys later.
Have a great evening.
See you later Sam. I had fun.
Me too. See ya around. Maybe
tomorrow you can come out and play
some basketball with me and Andrew
before he has to leave.
It's dark outside as Sam runs down the steps to catch up
with his parents who are almost home already.
Goodnight Sam!
Dad closes the door slowly and turns on the porch light.
What a delightful family!
Yeah. It takes a load off my
mind. You just never know these
days who's going to move in beside
That Sam seemed to be a really
sweet kid.


He's cool. I like them a lot. Can
I go over and play tomorrow?
We'll see when tomorrow gets here.
Why don't you go on up now and
get ready for bed?
OK. Will you be up later?
Of course. Just let me help your
mom put these dishes up first.
Dad puts his arm around Mom and the two walk into the dining
room to clear the table. Tom heads upstairs.
Tom is in bed now and Dad is sitting beside his bed in a
So, you seem to have hit it off
with Sam pretty good today huh?
Yeah Dad. I like him a lot. It's
so cool to have somebody around
here for me to play with.
Yeah Son. I know it can be pretty
rough being the only kid around
here. I'm glad Sam and his family
moved next door too. You know, I
get the feeling you two will be
friends for a long time.
Dad gets up and kisses Tom's forehead. He then goes to the
door and turns off the light. As Dad leaves, Tom turns to
look out his bedroom window towards Sam's house. He looks
up at the stars.
Me too.


It is summer and the boys are walking down a dusty road
apparently with nowhere to be and nothing to do.
                       TOM (adult)
Having Sam around certainly made
my life more interesting. I'm
convinced that his friendship is
the only thing that kept me from
going out of my mind with
boredom... Although there were
still times that the two of us had
a hard time finding things to do.
Man, there's nothing to do.
Boy, I sure do miss Andrew.
Yeah, me too. It's always fun
when he's home. When will he be
His last letter said that he'd be
home for Christmas.
Sam pulls a folded envelope out of his pants pocket with
great care as though it were some great treasure.
Is that the letter?
Yep. It came this morning.
Can you please read it?
Sure. Dear Sam...
Andrew's voice takes over and we see scenes of him writing
from what looks like a tent on the battle field. Everyone
around him is asleep. He is writing by moonlight.
What's up little bro? How's Tom?
I guess you guys are probably
still hurting from our last game


                       ANDREW (cont'd)
of basketball. I hope you're
staying out of trouble. Me? I'm
doing OK. I would be lying if I
didn't say that I miss you all.
Don't get me wrong. I'm learning
a lot here. Things that I
probably won't learn at Harvard,
but it's just not like being home.
I really miss Mom's cooking (and
even Dad's eating). I love you
Sammy. Tell Tom I'll be home for
Christmas. Maybe you two will be
ready to play a real game of
basketball by then. Well, gotta
go for now. See you soon.
Your brother,
Sam folds the letter and puts it back in the envelope. With
great care, he then folds the envelope and places it back
into his pocket.
Christmas!?! I was hoping to
finish our game of basketball
sooner than that. We really need
a lot of work Sam. He beat us
both 20 to zip.
I know. Maybe we could go shoot a
few now?
We definitely could use the
practice, but it's so hot.
Well, what do you usually do
around here in the summer?
Nothing. This town is so boring.
There's no carnivals, no amusement
parks, no nothing. Hey, maybe
that's what I can do when I grow
up. I can bring fun to Sandsburg.
Tom laughs thinking he's made a joke. But Sam looks at him
very intently.


Tom, that's it! Why don't you
become an engineer? They design
all kinds of cool stuff like
rollercoasters. You'd love that.
An engineer? Really? You think I
could be something like that?
I'm sure of it.
Sam wipes the sweat off his forehead.
                       SAM (cont.)
Boy it sure is hot out here. I
wish there was some way for us to
cool off.
Hey, you know what? There is a
way we can cool off. Can you
Yeah, can you?
Then swimming probably wouldn't be
that good of an idea. Maybe we
should just go home.
No man. I've got the perfect way
to cool off. I forgot about the
creek. I used to go there all the
Tom, I just don't think it's a
good idea. Let's just go home.
What are you worried about? YOU
can swim! Come on!


The two boys are splashing in the water and having a ball.
The water isn't deep at all and Sam is no longer worried for
Tom. They're chasing each other and laughing hysterically.
      (in jest)
Come on Sam! Is that all you've
got? Catch me man.
Man, I'm trying. You're too fast.
There is a strange rustling in the trees behind the boys.
Shhhh. Sam, be quiet. Do you
hear that? What's that noise?
Where is it coming from?
Over there. In those trees.
It's getting closer Tom!
The boys quickly leave the water and start putting their
pants and shirts back on with lightning speed. Before they
get their clothes on, they realize the noise is coming from
a group of girls who had been watching them the whole time.
The girls start to giggle and run away when they realize
they've been spotted.
Get out of here you stupid girls.
You know they were laughing at you
and not me!
Sam is pointing to Tom's cartoon character filled underwear
and then takes back off for the water as Tom chases after
You'd better run Sam!


Scooby Doo Where are You?
Sam runs and jumps over a log in the creek and keeps
running. Tom follows after him, but trips over the log. He
falls into the creek and is gasping for air. Sam is still
running and hasn't looked back yet.
      (Gasping for air!)
S-a-a-m! H-e-l-p!
Sam turns back and sees no sign of Tom. He is confused and
stands perfectly still. He then sees an air bubble come to
surface and burst. He frantically runs back to where Tom is
and dives down into the water pulling an unconscious Tom up.
We hear Sam's heartbeat as the scene goes to slow motion. We
hear Tom's heartbeat beating simultaneously. Sam is able to
carry, pull, and drag Tom to shore. Working feverishly, he
performs CPR and Tom comes to coughing. A relieved and
exhausted Sam falls to the ground beside him.
      (With great
       humility and
Oh my God man, you saved my life.
It was nothing man. All in a days
      (With tears)
Thanks Sam. I don't know what
else to say.
You don't have to say anything
else about it. I told you I
wanted to save people. You just
got to be my first.
Sam reaches out and embraces Tom. The two then go and get
their clothes on and start for home. They walk in silence
the entire trip back. Each boy is left to his own thoughts.
When they arrive home it is nearly dark. Sam speaks first.
Goodnight Tom. Take care OK?


      (Still a little
       shaken up)
Yeah. See you tomorrow Sam.
Tom goes into the house and closes the door. As Sam is
walking up his front sidewalk, he hears a car pulling up. He
turns around slowly to see two military vehicles in front of
his house. He hurries up the steps and goes inside.
MOM! DAD! Somebody's outside.
Just then, the doorbell rings. Mrs. Johnson, Sam's mother,
is on her way down and pauses on the stairs when she sees a
soldier removing his hat outside the doorway. Mr. Johnson
is right behind her and gently moves her aside.
                       MR. JOHNSON
      (With caution)
Wait right here Aetna.
Mr. Johnson goes to the door and opens it.
                       SOLDIER 1
Good evening sir. We regret to
inform you that your son private
Andrew Johnson was killed in
battle this morning while serving
his tour of duty in Vietnam.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Nooooo! Not my baby!
Mrs. Johnson crumples into a pile on the steps. Sam who is
standing by the door the entire time is frozen with
disbelief. Tears disrupt the stillness as they begin to
flow down his cheeks. Suddenly, without notice, he runs up
the stairs past his mother into his room slamming the door.
                       MR. JOHNSON
      (Looking back at
       his wife)
The soldiers are still talking.
                       SOLDIER 1
We are sorry to report that the
remains were not found...


The soldier is no longer heard through the emotion of Mrs.
Johnson and Sam. They finish and hand Mr. Johnson a folded
flag. The soldiers turn and walk back down the sidewalk to
their cars and Mr. Johnson closes the door. He puts the
flag on a nearby table and goes to his wife. The two hold
each other and cry on the stairs.
Sam is watching the news regarding the war. He is still
wiping silent tears as they continue to fall. He looks up
and sees his father standing in his doorway. His father
enters his room.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Sam, are you OK?
I just don't understand it Dad.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Understand what Sammy?
      (Through tears)
What did he die for? Who did
this? Why do they hate us so
much? Can't we just listen and
find out what we're doing wrong to
make these people hate us so much?
What did Andy die for Dad?
                       MR. JOHNSON
He died for our freedom son. He
wanted to help keep us safe and he
gave his life doing it.
On the television, there are scenes of angry people in
Vietnam burning U.S. flags and shouting 'death to America'.
Sam and his Dad pause the conversation for a moment to


      (pointing angrily)
But these people don't care.
They're going to keep killing us.
I can see it in their eyes Dad.
They hate us. Why can't anybody
fix that! Does anybody even care
that people are going to keep
Mr. Johnson hangs his head.
Andy should be coming home. Andy
should be able to see me grow up.
I never got to beat him in
basketball Dad. All because of
these people! And what's worse is
they're not the only ones. There
are more countries that feel the
same way! I'm scared Dad! When
does it end? How does it end?
More killing? More fighting? More
                       MR. JOHNSON
I don't know Sam.
What do we do Dad?
Mr. Johnson puts an arm around Sam.
                       MR. JOHNSON
All we can do is pray that God
continues to keep us from these
evils through His Grace. That
Grace is probably the only thing
that can uphold us.
Deep in thought, Sam lies back in his bed. His Dad stands
to leave the room. He lingers in the doorway a moment
before turning off the light. Sam looks up.
Is Mom OK?
                       MR. JOHNSON
She'll be fine. We may have lost
Andy today, but thank God we still
have you. You sleep well OK?


                       MR. JOHNSON (cont'd)
We're here if you need anything.
Thanks Dad. Goodnight.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Goodnight Sam.
Mr. Johnson turns off the light and walks away.
No words are heard. We only hear the sound of Scottish
bagpipes playing 'Amazing Grace'. We see the soldiers
folding the flag from the casket. The minister is speaking
and as the casket is lowered into the ground, we see Mrs.
Johnson reaching for it and crying hysterically. Mr.
Johnson holds her back and is holding Sam all at once. Tom
and his parents are right beside them. Mrs. Johnson turns
to Tom's mother and the two embrace. The crowd begins
making their way to their cars. They start slowly driving
away. The Johnson's are left with Tom's family and they
finally turn to walk to the limo and go home. Sam and Tom
lag behind. Tom speaks first.
You OK?
Yeah. I'll be alright.
Well, I know it's not the same,
but I was thinking...
Thinking what?
Maybe I could be your brother now.
For sure.
Sam grabs Tom and hugs him. The two then rejoin their
parents, climb into their separate cars and drive home.
                       TOM (adult)
Sam and I enjoyed the kind of
relationship most people only
dream about. We managed somehow
to secure this bond of friendship


                       TOM (cont'd)
and brotherly love as kids. Then
it grew even stronger and
continued on into high school.
The school bell is ringing and we see Tom and Sam have grown
into young men. They are each putting their books into
their lockers as students are filing past them in the
crowded hallway. Their lockers are close in proximity. Tom
catches Sam's eye.
Hey, what are you doing for lunch?
I'm going to the cafeteria.
Aw Sam, come on. Aren't you tired
of that crap? This is our senior
year. Let's live a little. Let
me see if I can find someone with
a car who's going out for lunch.
Tom turns around and immediately spots a popular group of
guys with letterman jackets on. Sam sees the familiar gleam
in Tom's eye which usually means trouble.
I don't think that's a good idea
Tom. Let's just stay in and...
Before Sam can finish his sentence, Tom has made his way
into the middle of the group of boys.
Hey, Are you guys going out for
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Yeah, Why?
Well, my friend and I want to know
if we could come along. School
lunches suck.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Sure man. Come on!


As the group moves toward the door, Sam has been watching
the entire interaction in disbelief. Tom runs over and
grabs his letterman jacket from his locker with one hand. He
grabs Sam with the other and swiftly follows after them. Sam
reluctantly goes along.
The boys all pile into the back of a big truck. Tom and Sam
follow suit. Sam leans over to Tom.
Where are we going?
Lunch I guess.
Sam puts his head in his hands.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
      (Driving the truck)
Anybody back there got a light?
He begins waving a rolled up joint out the window.
                       SCHOOL BOY 2
Only if you've got another one for
us to pass back here.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
You know I do. Here, light these
The boy in the back of the truck takes two joints from the
driver and lights them. He carefully hands one back over to
the driver and puffs skillfully on the remaining one. He
then passes it to Tom. Without hesitation, Tom puffs on the
joint, and begins choking. He somehow manages to contain
the coughing so that he doesn't disrupt the flow of passing
the joint. Sam is next.
I think I'll pass.
Sam without hesitation passes the joint on to the next boy
never putting it to his lips. He shoots a quick look at Tom
to make sure he's alright and then puts his head back in his
hands. Sam stays in this position until the truck pulls into
a quaint small town hamburger place. The truck stops and
they all hop out.


The boys are all sitting down taking up about 4 tables. Tom
and Sam are at one of them alone. They all seem to be
enjoying the burgers. The other boys appear to be flirting
with the waitress and laughing among themselves.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Hey mama can we get some fries
with that shake?
      (with attitude)
I don't think you guys have enough
money in your piggy banks for
that. Can I get anything else for
                       SCHOOL BOY 2
Well, I guess she told us.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Yeah but I'll bet I can get her to
change her mind. Just give it
time. Some women just like to
play hard to get.
Well sweetie, the difference
between me and some women is I'm
not playing.
She turns and walks away as all the boys at the tables begin
to laugh. Tom and Sam are completely absorbed in their
Sam, you can't tell me this
doesn't beat the cafeteria.
I hate to say it, but this is the
best hamburger I've ever had in my
Yep. Although your Dad makes a
mean burger on the grill.
No. I think they've got him beat.


Tom and Sam are about halfway through their lunch when they
see all the others jump up and head for the door.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
      (to Tom)
You guys comin?
Sam tries to stuff as much of the burger as he can into his
mouth while gathering his trash to quickly head out the
door. Tom does the same.
Yeah, here we come.
We have GOT to come back here
before graduation!
The two hop in the back of the truck that is already
started. It pulls off the moment they are in. One of the
guys in the back is drinking a beer.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Glad you boys made it.
Us too. Hey, thanks for the ride.
Yeah, thanks.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Oh, it was nothing. Anytime. Hey,
one of you boys hand me a drink.
The boy who was drinking the beer pulls out another one from
a cooler.
                       SCHOOL BOY 3
      (to Tom)
Hey, can you pass this up for me?
Tom hands it to the driver and glances over at Sam. Sam
rolls his eyes and puts his head back in his hands mentally
preparing for whatever could come next.


                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Thanks man. Aw, looky here. What
is this that I see?
The driver (schoolboy 1) takes a long swig of the beer and
throws the bottle out of the window. He appears to be
eyeing another truck in his rear view mirror. It is coming
up behind them revving its engine hard.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
I think the boys from Lincoln High
are wanting to start some trouble.
They don't know I've never lost a
drag race.
Sam looks up with his eyes wide hoping this is all a bad
                       SCHOOL BOY 2
Let's give 'em hell!
                       SCHOOL BOY 3
Yeah, come on!
The other truck has pulled up next to them and is filled
with boys from Lincoln High. They know it's Lincoln High
because of the letterman jackets they are all wearing. The
drivers exchange glances and then both pull off with
lightning speed at the same time. They kick up a huge cloud
of dust that leaves the boys in the back of the truck
blinded and coughing.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
You don't know what you're in for
Lincoln boys!
Suddenly a car appears driving towards them. School boy 1
driving the truck with Tom and Sam is determined not to
yield. The car is coming up fast and at the last possible
second, school boy 1 pulls over to avoid hitting it.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
Damn! I could've had 'em if it
wasn't for that dumb car!
                       SCHOOL BOY 2
It's cool man. We were gonna be
late for school anyway.
                       SCHOOL BOY 1
I guess.


The truck pulls in to the school parking lot and the boys
get out. They all are covered in dust and Sam and Tom are
both visibly shaken up a bit.
      (hopping out of
       the truck)
Tomorrow, we're eating here.
                       TOM (adult)
I'd heard it said that time flies
when you're having fun. Well, I
know that to be a true statement.
I lived it. The days of my youth
went by so fast that I still have
a hard time believing they're
gone. Graduation came before any
of us knew it.
Harold Hogan...Thomas
Hughes...Samuel Johnson...Sara
We hear the sound of names being called over the microphone.
Tom's name is heard first, but we don't see him walk across
the stage yet. When Sam's name is called next, we see Tom
and Sam walking across the graduation stage together. They
stop to pose for pictures as their parents are all cheering
from their seats together in the auditorium and flashing
their cameras wildly.
                       TOM (adult cont.)
It's funny. None of us had any
clue then how much things were
about to change.
Sam and Tom are walking along the familiar dusty road. It
is the summer after their high school graduation. Their
pace is a little slower than in times past. The boys are
savoring these moments sensing that they may soon become far
and few between. The two are talking about their individual
plans for the future.


So you're leaving tomorrow?
Yeah. When do you leave for
I forget. Sometime in August.
You'll probably want to find that
out pretty soon. August will be
here before you know it. You
think you'll be ready?
Tom picks up a twig that is lying in his path and hurls it
as far as he can into the river up ahead.
My mom made sure of that. She's
had all my stuff ready to go since
December. I think she wants to
turn my room into an office or
Well, you know you can always come
stay with me during break.
Thanks Sam. I think it's so cool
that you're going to be a doctor.
Well, I've got to get good grades
in undergrad before I can even get
into Med School.
Aw come on Sam. Good grades come
naturally for you. It's me that
I'm worried about.
Well, don't. You pushed hard and
made it through high school.
That's all college is. More
pushing. Man I have no doubt
you'll become an engineer. I'm
even willing to bet you'll do it


                       SAM (cont'd)
way before I become a doctor.
Well, I've gotta admit I do feel
drawn in that direction.
Maybe it's fate. You know how
much you love adventure. Who
better to design roller coasters
and amusement parks and crazy
stuff like that than a thrill
seeker like you?
The two are coming up on a bridge.
                       SAM (cont.)
Who do you think designed this
As they are talking, Tom hops up on the ledge of the bridge
and begins walking unsteadily.
I don't know about bridges man. Do
you know how many people die
building these things? I don't
think I'd want to be responsible
for that.
You don't have to build them, you
can just sit behind your desk and
design them.
Sam is struggling to continue talking as he becomes
increasingly concerned for Tom's safety.
Yeah, or maybe you should just
stick to roller coasters...Tom,
would you please get down.
      (Rolling his eyes)
Here you go. You're always
worried somethings gonna happen.
      (Softly pleading)


It's not like if I fell you
couldn't just dive in and save me.
How far down do you think it is
to the river anyway?
      (in disbelief)
Oh alright.
Just as Tom starts to get down, his foot slips. As he falls
to his knees, he calls out to Sam. Sam comes over to help,
but accidentally gives Tom the nudge that sends him over.
      (Falling fast)
S-A-A-M !!!
Sam becomes paralyzed with fear. He stands on the bridge
frozen . As the scene goes to slow motion, we hear Tom's
heart beating. We hear Sam's beating to the same frantic
rhythm. Tom hits the water and sinks straight to the
bottom. Sam is still frozen. Their heartbeats are still
heard beating together.
Sam begins seeing his life with Tom pass before his eyes.
The scene moves to several flash backs of the two boys. We
see them playing at the creek, we see them racing on bikes,
we see them at Andrew's funeral in an embrace. Sam then
snaps out of his daze. Overwhelmed with shock and fear, he
runs home.
The scene moves from Sam's running to down below the bridge.
A fisherman who was in a boat nearby saw Tom fall over and
dives in to get him. He gets Tom up on the boat and
frantically rows him to shore. He starts yelling for help.
Help!!! HELP!!!
By this time, Sam is huddled at the bottom of a phone booth.
The phone is dangling beside him. He is still in shock. It
is almost dark and he slowly gets up and begins to walk
home. He starts to panic and begins to run. It is now dark
out and we see him running down his street and up his front
steps. He bursts through the front door. His parents are
snuggled on the couch in the living room watching T.V.


                       MR. JOHNSON
Sammy! Slow down. What's up?
      (Breathless and
Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry.
Sam runs past his parents and up the stairs to his room. He
shuts the door.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Do you want to go up and check on
                       MR. JOHNSON
I'll go up a little later. I'm
sure whatever it is he could use
some time with his thoughts before
I go up.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
You sure know your son don't you?
                       MR. JOHNSON
I sure do. He's just like his
mother. Sweet as pie and stubborn
as a mule.
The doorbell rings just as Mrs. Johnson gives her husband a
look in response to his comment. He playfully hops off the
couch to answer the door as if trying to get away from her.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Saved by the bell!
Mr. Johnson opens the door and sees Tom's parents standing
on the porch. They appear to be worried.
Have you all seen Tom? It's
getting late and we haven't heard
from him all day. I know he was
with Sam earlier.
                       MR. JOHNSON
      (with seriousness)
Sam came home upset about
something and has been in his room
ever since. Let me call him down
and see if he knows what's going


                       MR. JOHNSON (cont'd)
                       MR. JOHNSON
S-A-M !
Mrs. Johnson comes into the hallway.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
What's going on?
We're just worried about Tom. We
haven't heard from him all day and
it's starting to get late. We
wanted to see if Sam was home yet
and if he knew where Tom could be.
Mr. Johnson is irritated that Sam hasn't responded yet to
his call. He yells louder this time.
                       MR. JOHNSON
S-A-A-M! Get down here right
Sam slowly opens his door and comes out. He sees Tom's
parents standing in the hallway below. They look worried.
I'm sorry... I couldn't... I'm
Sam runs back into his room and slams the door.
                       MR. JOHNSON
We're going to get to the bottom
of this right now!
Just as Mr. Johnson heads up the stairs, they hear police
sirens next door. Mr. Johnson comes back down to stand with
his wife.
Dear God, please let him be
Tom's parents turn and run up the sidewalk back to their
house to talk to the officers as they are getting out of the
police car.


                       OFFICER 1
Are you the parents of Thomas
Is he OK?
                       OFFICER 2
We got a phone call about an
accident at the bridge earlier
today. Your son reportedly fell
off the bridge into the river.
      (with mounting
Oh my God! Is he alright? Where
is he? He can't swim!
                       OFFICER 1
Well, Mrs. Hughes we've put our
search and rescue team down there
and so far, they haven't come up
with anything. We've talked to
one witness who said she saw your
son fall, but didn't see what
happened after that. There was
reportedly a fisherman on the
river at the time, but we have
been unsuccessful in our attempts
to locate him.
      (to Dad)
Do something! Can't you do
      (with tears in his
Officers, what do we do now?
Whatever we need to do we'll do


                       OFFICER 1
It's just a waiting game from
here. We will call you as soon as
we hear something.
Thanks officers. You've been a
great help to us.
                       OFFICER 2
No problem. You folks try not to
worry. Until we hear anything,
let's just hope for the best.
The officers turn and walk briskly down the sidewalk toward
their cars.
      (to Mom)
I'm going to start looking too.
Honey you stay here by the phone
and I'm going to the bridge to
find our son. I'm going to see if
Johnnie will come along.
The officers get back into the squad car and drive off. Mom
goes into the house and Dad makes his way back up the
sidewalk of the Johnson's house. They have been standing on
their porch the entire time.
Tom is missing. He had an
accident at the river. No one has
seen him since.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
      (exhaling as tears
       begin to flow)
Oh God. I can't handle losing
another son. You know Tom is like
a son to us.
                       MR. JOHNSON
We're not going to go through that
again. Do you need us to do
anything? Anything at all? Just
let me know.


I know you guys have to be up
early getting Sam off to school.
I'm going down to the bridge to
search for Tom. I didn't know if
maybe just for a little while...
                       MR. JOHNSON
I'm there. No matter how long it
takes, I'm there. Aetna please
get Sam down here. We need all
the information we can get on what
happened earlier.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Of course.
Mrs. Johnson goes upstairs to Sam's room.
Thanks Aetna.
He calls out behind Mrs. Johnson who is on her way up the
steps. He suddenly breaks down and begins to weep.
Mr. Johnson reaches out to hug Tom's Dad. The two weep
together at the foot of the stairs.
      (with great
We'll find him won't we?
                       MR. JOHNSON
      (with great faith)
If anybody can, we will.
Mrs. Johnson is in Sam's room watching him sleep. He has
fallen asleep at his window watching the events of the
evening unfold. He senses her presence and wakes up.
      (still groggy)


                       MRS. JOHNSON
Sam, something terrible has
happened to Tom...
      (interrupting and
       fully awake now)
I already know what happened to
Tom. I was there! I don't want
to talk about it. I don't want to
talk about Tom ever again. I just
want to leave tomorrow and forget
about all of this. I just want to
start a new life tomorrow. I can
live without Tom and that's
exactly what I'm going to do.
Sam begins sobbing and Mrs. Johnson reaches over and lays
his head across her lap. She begins gently rubbing his
                       MRS. JOHNSON
I know this hurts Sam, but I need
you to tell me what happened
today. Your dad and Mr. Hughes
are going down to the bridge to
look for Tom. They need all the
information you have OK? It's
very important.
      (still sobbing)
Mom, we were just walking along
the bridge like we always do. Then
Tom gets up on the ledge and
starts fooling around. I told him
to get down, but when he tried he
fell over.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Then what happened?
      (softly and
I don't know.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
What do you mean son. Something
happened next. Did you go for
help? Did you go down to try and


                       MRS. JOHNSON (cont'd)
save him?
That's just it Mom. Right after I
saw him hit the water, I froze and
then I ran to call the police.
After that, I didn't know what to
do or who else to call. I just
sat there waiting for my mind to
come up with an answer. Finally I
decided to come home. I feel so
awful. I should have gone in
after him. I could have saved
him, but I didn't. If he's dead
it's all my fault. Don't you see?
It's all my fault.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
Oh Sam, no one blames you. We
just thought maybe you had some
information that could help your
Dad and Mr. Hughes. Listen to me
son, this is not your...
Sam raises up and he and his mother are face to face.
I know, I know! It's not my
fault. Somehow I knew you'd say
that. So anyway that's all the
information I have. Look, I said
I don't want to talk about him
ever again! I need to get some
sleep before tomorrow. Goodnight
Sam turns over in his bed and pulls the covers up.
                       MRS. JOHNSON
      (taken aback and
Goodnight Mom.


                       TOM (adult)
I was rescued from the fall, but
not by my Dad or Mr. Johnson. It
was actually the fisherman that
saved my life that day.
Tom is wrapped in a blanket and lying on a cot. He is in
the modest home of the fisherman who was on the river
earlier that day. Tom appears to be sleeping but is still
unconscious. The fisherman is stirring a pot on the stove.
      (quietly singing)
I once was lost, but now I'm
found, was blind but now I see.
Tom begins coughing and comes to. The fisherman turns
suddenly to look at him.
Boy, you sure gave me a scare.
You've been out cold for about a
week now. But don't you worry. I'm
going to take good care of you.
What's your name son?
Where am I? Who are you?
I'm Sargent Alexander. I'm first
in command here in North Korea.
Don't worry. I'm an expert at
taking care of POWs. Now tell me
your name son.
I-I don't know. How did you find
I rescued you from the water, boy.
You took a hard fall. It's no
wonder you don't remember much.
I've seen this type of thing over
and over. You'll start to
remember soon enough. In the
meanwhile, I'll take good care of
you. At least until the war is


                       FISHERMAN (cont'd)
over. Then you're on your own.
Thanks Sargent.
Call me Alex. I get the feeling
we're gonna become good friends
you and I. It's been a long time
since I've had company around
here. I lost most of my troop
during the first part of the war.
The fisherman walks over and gives Tom a bowl of soup. He
takes it happily and eats heartily. The fisherman smiles to
see that his cooking is appreciated.
Eat up now. You'll need your
strength. We've got to get you
back up on your feet so when the
war is over you can make it on
your own. I've got to get back to
the States to see my family.
The fisherman sadly begins looking at pictures on his wall.
He appears to be reminiscing about a better time. He hears
chanting in his head "Death to America"...Tom looks on
quietly as memories of his own family seem to start flooding
                       TOM (adult)
As the days and weeks went on, I
began remembering more and more.
After about 2 months of being
taken care of by Sargent Alexander
I realized who I was. I
remembered everything about the
accident. I soon came to
understand that Sargent Alex was
just a lonely old man who had been
mentally wounded in the Korean
war. He had no clue that the rest
of the world had moved on. He was
still convinced that he was in
North Korea. It seemed that
because of his condition, everyone
he once knew had forgotten him. I
never forgot him though. I
visited him every summer that I
came home from the university. He


                       TOM (cont'd)
was always glad to see me.
Scene goes to Tom walking up his parents side walk.
                       TOM (adult)
Speaking of people who were glad
to see me. As soon as my memory
returned, I went home. I was sure
my parents had been worried sick.
Mom opens the door and runs out screaming and crying. His
dad just stands in the door in amazement.
      (squealing with
      (with unbelief)
Mom is hugging Tom and covering his face in kisses.
      (looking towards
       the sky)
You're home. Thank God you're
Mom suddenly stops kissing him and pushes him away from her.
      (joy turning to
My God Tom, where have you been?
Why didn't you call us?
Dad comes running down the sidewalk to rescue Tom from his
mother who is now irate.
Honey, I'm sure the boy has good
reason. Anyway who cares! Our
prayers have been answered. Tom
do you have any idea how much


                       DAD (cont'd)
we've missed you?
Dad grabs Tom and hugs him tightly.
I know Dad. I missed you guys
too. You wouldn't believe what
all happened to me since that day
at the bridge.
Why don't you try us Tom.
It's a long story Mom. How about
we talk about it all over dinner.
I've probably missed your cooking
more than anything!
That's my boy.
Dad places his arm around Tom's neck and they walk into the
house and close the door.
                       TOM (adult cont.)
Looking back on things, I
recovered pretty quickly from the
fall, but I never saw or heard
from Sam again. I guess some
wounds are impossible to heal. I
did hear that he graduated from
undergrad and went on to finish
Med School. I'm sure he's a
successful doctor by now.
The scene shifts in such a way that we see an adult Tom
finishing the narration from a psychiatrist's couch.
So how has not hearing from Sam
caused you to feel over the years?
Well, I still miss him terribly.
I'd have to say there's not a day
that goes by that I don't think
about him. Aside from my wife, I


                       TOM (cont'd)
still haven't been able to find a
friendship that could even come
And how does that make you feel?
Are you angry? Hurt? Disappointed?
No, none of that really. Just
empty. It's like Sam moved out of
my heart, but all of his things
were left behind. I couldn't
replace him if I tried. No one
else would know what to do with
all of the memories and the love
we had for one another. So, I
stopped trying. I would just try
to focus on the good things that
we experienced and keep the light
on for him. For years I waited
for a letter or a phone call, but
nothing ever came. Even still,
there will always be a light in my
heart for Sam.
The doctor leans forward and looks over his glasses.
Have you forgiven Sam for what
happened that day at the river?
After all, you would have died if
that fisherman hadn't been there
to save you.
Why would I need to forgive Sam? I
was the one being my usual
careless self. Sam tried to tell
me to get down. He was always
trying to keep me out of danger.
In fact, he had already saved my
life once. What more could a
person ask. To be honest, it's
myself that I had the hardest time
learning to forgive.
What do you mean Tom?


      (tears begin to
I never deserved Sam's friendship.
I knew it from the beginning. It
was the kind of gift that as a kid
you can't really appreciate the
way that you should. I just felt
for years that I was never able to
be to Sam the kind of gift that
Sam was to me.
The psychiatrist hands over a box of tissues. Tom takes
them and begins sobbing uncontrollably.
      (through muffled
The worst part is now I'm afraid
I'll never have the chance. I
just wish I could make it right.
Tell him how much he meant to me.
Prove that I'm no longer the
careless kid that he once knew. I
value safety and stability now
more than ever.
Tom. Have you ever tried to
locate Sam?
Tom stops crying abruptly to answer the question.
No. I know Sam. If he wanted to
remain friends, he would have
contacted me long before now. I
just think that last stunt of mine
took him over the edge. Then I'm
sure he went off to college and
met a bunch of people who were
more deserving of him.
I see. So do you see where this
has affected you in your current
Oh yes, but only in good ways. I
tend to be more expressive now. I
always want people to know how I
feel about them because I never
know when I may lose that chance.


                       TOM (cont'd)
I am less of a dare devil now and
I definitely respect others more.
I used to try to convince everyone
to be just as crazy as I was. Sam
taught me to step back and listen
to another's opinion. It has
saved me from a lot of potential
trouble as an adult.
The doctor smiles and removes his glasses for a moment. He
begins cleaning them on his shirt. He puts them back on
before speaking.
Well, Tom it seems that you don't
need me anymore. You don't appear
to be harboring any resentment or
other harmful emotions.
Tom smiles and nods at the doctor's positive report card on
It also seems apparent that you
have taken any potential negative
outcomes from this situation and
have used them to invoke positive
results in your present
You know what they say about when
life gives you lemons.
      (looking curiously
       over his glasses)
Yes...Well, I'm going to recommend
that this be our last session
together. I deeply feel that you
are well. The only thing that I
would suggest is that you at least
consider contacting your friend
Sam. It would be such a shame to
lose that sort of friend for an
entire lifetime.
I don't know Doc, but I will at
least consider it.


The psychiatrist stands up and Tom does the same. The two
shake hands.
It's been a pleasure talking to
you these past few weeks.
Same here. I have to admit it was
all my wife's idea and I wasn't
too keen on it in the beginning,
but I'm glad I came.
So am I. You can see the
receptionist on your way out.
OK. Thanks again.
He waves to Tom as if to say it was nothing. As Tom closes
the door, he sees the psychiatrist sit down behind his desk
and pick up the phone.
As Tom approaches his car, his cell phone rings. He knows
it's his wife Lynn.
      (picking up the
Hello Sweetheart.
Lynn is surrounded by boxes in a beautiful space that will
become the dining room. It is obvious that she is still
unpacking from a recent move.
Hi Honey. How was your session
Tom gets in his car and starts it up. He checks the rear
view mirror and puts on his seat belt.
Well, it looks like you're still
the only one who thinks I'm crazy.


      (with sincerity)
Tom, no one thinks you're crazy. I
just thought you were making some
pretty big decisions pretty fast.
You changed companies, you
suddenly wanted to move back to
your childhood town, your secret
rooms in the house.
You know about that? Have you
been in there?
      (rolling her eyes)
No. I know it's all a part of
this 'thing' you've been going
through. I thought maybe you were
having some sort of mid-life
crisis. I've read a lot about
those you know. Never mind the
speech your parents gave me back
when we got married about how I
need to 'watch' you because you
had gone through a lot as a kid.
The bottom line is, I love you Tom
and I just wanted to be sure you
were OK.
Tom is driving now.
Oh, Lynn I know. That's why I
promised to go see a doctor if you
would move back to Sandburg for
me. By the way, he thinks I'm
fine. He said today was our last


I know. Dr. Hansen called me just
before you left his office.
Well, I guess he blew my surprise.
Lynn is now in the kitchen busy taking things out of the
oven. It is apparent that dinner is almost done.
No, I asked him in the very
beginning to keep me posted on
your progress and to give me a
call whenever the counseling
sessions were over.
Well, I'm almost home. Do you
need me to stop and pick up
Lynn is lighting candles and pouring champagne.
No hon, the only thing I need is
Tom is turning onto his street.
Well, you've got me. If you look
out the window, you might even see
me. I love you Lynn. See you in
a second.
Lynn peeks out the front window and smiles seeing Tom
pulling in to the drive way.


I love you too Tom... and hurry!
Tom comes in the front door and is met by his wife dressed
in a beautiful dress. He sees flowers everywhere and is led
to the candlelit dining room. Lynn has turned the boxes
into tables and has prepared a romantic dinner consisting of
his favorite meal.
Wow! What's all this?
Well, I just wanted you to know
how proud I am of you for
finishing the counseling and for
the progress you've made so far at
your new job.
Tom reaches out and kisses Lynn. He then hugs her in sheer
I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
Just sit down. I've made all your
Lynn starts bringing out the dishes she's prepared one by
one. She sits down and he the two begin eating.
God Lynn, everything looks so
Thanks Tom. You want more
Lynn lifts up the bottle to fill his glass that is now half
No, no. This is fine. You know,
I guess this would be as good a
time as any to tell you my


Oh, what's that?
Well, you know how I've had that
one dream project my whole life?
Of course I do. The one to design
the amusement park and the ferris
wheel and all?
      (with mounting
That's the one. Well, I wrote up
a proposal and gave it to the guys
at work and they told me today
that it's a go! Lynn, I get to
make my dream come true right here
in Sandburg!
Tom, this is monumental. I know
how much that means to you. I am
so happy for you.
Tom raises his glass towards Lynn for a toast.
No sweetheart, happy for us!
The two drink the remainder of their champagne and Lynn gets
up from the table to clear off the dishes.
      (grabbing her arm)
Oh no Lynn. I can't let you do
that after all you've already
done. You go on upstairs and take
it easy. I'll clean all this up.
Lynn kisses him on the cheek and heads up the steps.
Try not to be too long Tom.
      (with anticipation)
Just give me a couple of minutes.
I'll be right up!


Tom begins moving around the kitchen frantically putting
away pots and pans. He completely clears the dining room
table and puts the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. He drops
the dishwashing powder box twice before finally getting it
poured in. He starts the dishwasher and begins swiftly
wiping off the stove, counters e.t.c. Once the kitchen is
pretty much spotless, he goes running up the stairs and
falls on the way up. He gets back up and keeps running
towards the bedroom. He begins dropping articles of
clothing as he gets closer to the door. By the time he
arrives in the bedroom, he's down to his underwear. Lynn is
in bed wearing lingerie.
      (looking towards
       the ceiling)
This day just couldn't get any
Don't be so sure.
Lynn pulls back the cover beside her and motions for Tom to
get into bed.
      (in a dreamlike
What did I ever do to deserve
You came home. You always come
And I always will...
Tom climbs in on top of his wife and begins kissing her
passionately. In a heated rush, Lynn makes her way on top
of her husband. She reaches over and turns off the lamp. We
can see through the darkness the silhouette of her lifting
the lingerie up over her head. She tosses it onto the floor
and gets back to business.
We hear music as the scene pans out to the night sky filled
with stars. When we return to the bedroom, Tom and Lynn are
both face up side by side glistening by the light of the
moon. Tom speaks first.


You know Lynn, I never asked you
about your day.
Lynn turns toward Tom and props herself up on one arm.
Well, I can't say that I have much
to report. I don't know why I
seem to have such a hard time
making friends. Even as a kid it
was hard for me to fit in.
I don't believe you. What's not
to love about you? I mean just
look at you. You're beautiful,
you're intelligent, you're
thoughtful. I mean the list is
You're right. I'm sure it's just
a matter of time before I meet
someone. The neighbors just don't
seem very friendly. It doesn't
help that I've only seen one woman
around that's even close to my
It's funny how things change. When
I was younger, the neighbors were
the best thing about Sandburg.
Sooner or later someone will come
along that I can be friends with.
I'm sure it will be soon. Until
then, it'll be their loss.
Yeah. Their loss.
After saying this, Lynn curls up in bed and drifts off to
sleep. Tom kisses her forehead.


Lynn doesn't respond. She only exhales deeply as she has
entered into a peaceful sleep. Tom looks down at her
lovingly and then looks straight ahead as if he's waiting
for something. He looks down at Lynn again to be sure she's
in a deep sleep. Once he's convinced, he eases out of bed
without making a sound.
Tom appears to be sneaking down the stairs. He almost slips
and sighs in relief that he was able to avoid the fall this
time. He reaches the bottom of the stairs and sneaks off to
what looks like a locked door leading to the basement. He
quietly takes out a key and tries to unlock the door.
      (mumbling to
Come on. Come on. I know this is
the key.
He finally gets the right one and the door pops open. Tom
quickly looks up hoping the sound doesn't wake Lynn.
      (to the door)
Tom slowly opens the door just enough for him to slip
inside. He quickly closes it and locks it behind himself.
The camera pans the room and we see lots of high tech
equipment. There are what seem to be surveillance cameras,
maps and locators. There are charts and graphs everywhere.
Tom walks over to one of the cameras pointed towards a
Let's see what you're up to
He looks through the camera with a strange grin.
      (almost mockingly)
Oh. I see we had Chinese. Yummy!


The camera finally shows us what Tom is looking at. Through
the high powered lens, we see that Tom is able to see
objects up close that are miles away. He's looking in
someone's living room.
Poor guy. Always eats alone.
You'll find true love someday
Sam...Or NOT! Ha!
Scooby Doo, Where are you? Come
on I don't have all night. Just
let me get one look at you.
Just then through the camera, we see someone enter the room.
It's an adult SAM! He clears the table of the dinner
plates and leftover food and heads towards the kitchen.
There you are. Just checking.
Goodnight Sam.
Tom covers the lens and appears to be closing up shop. He
laughs slowly at first and then more heartily and
Haaaaaaaaa. Yeah. Goodnight Sam.
Your time is coming buddy.
Haaaaaaa. And guess what Sammy
boy? Nobody's gonna come to your
rescue. Haaaaaaa.
Tom turns off the light and slowly closes the door. He
tries to cover his mouth to muffle the uncontrollable
laughter that is still erupting from him. Reduced to a
chuckle now and then, he heads back up the stairs to his
room. Lynn hasn't budged. Tom pulls back the covers, gets
in bed, and falls fast asleep.
Lynn is standing in the kitchen making what looks like a
lunch for Tom. He comes in fixing his tie and greets her
with a kiss.
Good morning.


Good morning.
I guess I overslept. Sorry, I've
got to run so soon.
It's fine. You looked so peaceful
I didn't want to wake you. Here's
your lunch.
Thanks Lynn. See you later.
Tom leaves out the door.
      (leaning in the
Go get 'em!
Lynn slaps Tom on the rear. He turns around and smiles as
he heads toward the car.
Lynn is pushing her cart down the produce aisle. She picks
up a peach and begins to examine it carefully. She sees a
spot and picks up another. Another lady pulls up with a
cart next to her.
Sweetie, if you're looking for one
that's perfect, you can forget it!
I've probably searched the entire
bunch. I've narrowed my criteria
to the number of spots on the
peach. Anything less than 3 is
good enough for me!
Thanks. You probably just saved
me a whole lot of time. I'm Lynn
by the way.
      (extending her
...and I'm Grace. I've noticed
you around town. I figured you
must be new to Sandburg. It's not
every day that you find a woman


                       GRACE (cont'd)
around here that is our age.
Lynn picks 3 peaches and wraps them in a bag. The two
continue pushing their carts toward the check out line
You know I was just telling my
husband that very thing the other
day. Why do you think that is?
Well, most of the residents of
Sandburg have lived here a long
time. They love it here and very
few move away. I don't know if
you've noticed, but there's not a
lot of growth taking place here,
so it's hard for anyone new to
find a place to live. You'll find
a lot of older couples, or younger
couples who are the children of
the older couples.
The two are in line now behind a couple with a bunch of
rowdy acting kids in and around their cart.
                       ROWDY KID 1
MOMMY! Look candy!
The mother ignores the child and continues putting food on
the counter.
                       ROWDY KID 2
M-O-O-O-M! We want candy!
The mom continues ignoring them and they begin chanting
                       ROWDY KID 1
We want candy! We want candy!
                       ROWDY KID 2
We want candy! We want candy!
                       ROWDY KID 3
Get it!


The father who has been in a trance staring at the register
the whole time with a calculator turns to his wife.
                       MR. WASHINGTON
      (annoyed with his
Could you please deal with them?
                       MRS. WASHINGTON
Hey, you guys stop that.
Lynn and Grace look at each other in amazement.
                       MRS. WASHINGTON
      (even weaker than
Come on guys. Please stop. Could
you please be quiet?
The children stop long enough to hear what their mother is
saying and then start the chant up as soon as she's done
speaking only louder.
                       ROWDY KID 1
We want candy! We want candy!
                       ROWDY KID 2
We want candy! We want candy!
Mr. Washington gets the total and is arguing with the
                       MR. WASHINGTON
Oh, No. I had two 2 cents off
coupons. You charged me 4 cents
more than you should have. If you
don't give me my money, I swear
It's fine Mr. Washington. Here's
five cents for your trouble.
                       MR. WASHINGTON
HA! I thought you'd see it my
way. Come on gang let's go home.
The kids have started grabbing candy off the shelves and
Mrs. Washington is trying to put it all back as her husband
triumphantly starts pushing the cart out to the car.


      (in disbelief)
Did you just see that? Those kids
needed a good dose of reality.
Giiirl, my mother would have
knocked me into the middle of next
The two begin laughing hysterically as Lynn is checking out.
She waits for Grace to get done and the two walk to their
cars together.
Hey, I was just wondering...
      (ignoring, but not
You want to go to lunch? I'm
      (smiling with
You took the words right out of my
Tom opens the back door and sees his wife bustling with
excitement in the kitchen.
Tom, you're finally home!
Well, hello.
Lynn walks over and gives Tom a quick kiss on the cheek.
You will never guess what happened
to me today!
Well tell me then!


      (talking a mile a
Ok. You remember when I told you
that I did see one woman around
here that appeared to be my age?
Tom sets down his briefcase and keys never taking his eyes
off Lynn.
      (talking over Tom)
Well anyway, I saw her again today
at the store. I usually see her
at the store, so that's not
strange or anything, but we just
never spoke before today.
OK, and try to slow down a bit
would you Lynn?
Of course. I'm sorry. So we get
to talking at the grocery store
and we're having such a good time
she asks me to lunch. I was
actually going to ask her, but she
asked before I had the chance.
Tom is beginning to feel Lynn's excitement. He takes a seat
in one of the kitchen chairs to become an even more
attentive audience.
Wow Lynn. That was pretty fast. I
told you you'd be making friends
before you know it. Where did you
guys go?
There's this Mexican restaurant
right next door to the grocery
store. The food was great, but
the conversation was better. Do
you realize how long it's been
since I've had someone to talk to
besides you and my mom? No
offense Tom, but I didn't realize


                       LYNN (cont'd)
how much I missed girl time.
I know that's important.
The best thing is that she is such
an amazing person! She is bright
and witty. She's very intelligent
and she's gorgeous. You'd never
guess she's had four kids. They're
all grown up now just like ours!
Well it sounds like you two have
everything in common. Especially
the gorgeous part. I think that's
wonderful, Honey.
You know what? I'm so sorry. Here
I am going on and on, how was
It was pretty busy around there
today. In fact, I didn't get any
work done on my theme park
project. I hope you don't mind if
I work late tonight.
Oh no. Not at all. In fact,
Grace and I wanted to go out and
see a movie tonight. By the way
that's her name. Grace.
That's great sweetie. You and
Grace go on and have a good time.
I'll see you when you get back.
I'm sure I'll still be up.
Just as Tom is finishing his statement, the doorbell rings.
Tom can you get that? It's
probably her.
Lynn grabs her earrings from the counter and begins trying
to put them in as quickly as she can before entering the


living room.
Tom goes to the door and opens it.
Well, you must be Grace. Please
come in. I've heard so much about
All good I hope. You know you
look strangely familiar. Have we
Grace stares into Tom's eyes for a few awkward moments.
No, I never forget a face. Maybe
it's just a coincidence. Deja vu
      (shrugging it off)
Yeah. Oh well, it's nice to meet
Grace holds out her hand and Tom shakes it.
Is Lynn ready?
Just then, Lynn walks in.
Grace, this is my husband Tom.
Yes, we've just met. You all have
a lovely home. I just love this
Thank you. We've done our best to
make it our own. We're just doing
what we can here and there.
Do you live nearby?


Actually I don't live too far from
here. My husband and I haven't
had much time to make many
improvements to our home. He
works during the day and I usually
work in the evenings. It's rare
that I get an evening off and when
I do we usually go out to
Yeah, that can be tough. In fact,
I have to work late tonight. I'm
glad you two have hooked up so
Lynn doesn't have to be lonely
Tom turns to Lynn and smiles. Lynn is a little embarrassed
and gives an awkward smile back. She then quickly turns to
      (to Grace)
Well, are you ready?
I'm ready whenever you are.
Lynn grabs her purse from the table and the two head for the
front door. Tom follows behind and stands in the doorway
awhile after Lynn kisses him goodbye. He smiles like a
proud parent as he watches the two women walk to the car
giggling like school girls.
He's cute!
I told you so!
The two get in the car and shut their doors. Grace rolls
back the sunroof and cranks up the music. They pull off
into the sunset.
Tom still smiling slowly shuts the door. He walks over to
the stereo and starts to blast music of his own. He then
slinks down into the basement. He appears to be working on
the plans for the giant ferris wheel.


Almost done. Almost done.
Tom pulls out a protractor and measures intently. He takes
his pencil and erases some lines here and there.
      (almost songlike)
Soon you will be done. One ride
on this ferris wheel and it will
all be over Sammy boy.
Tom sits back and admires the elaborate work he's done in
designing the ferris wheel.
      (with evil glee)
This is so beautiful. Perfect
angles. Perfect
measurements...almost. No one
will ever suspect a thing.
Everyone makes mistakes you know.
Ha Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Tom goes over to one of his cameras to look for Sam.
Let's see what you're doing
tonight Sammy Sam.
Tom looks through the camera and we are able to see Sam
ransacking his house. He appears to be in some sort of
rage. He's knocking over lamps. He's throwing things
against the walls.
      (taken aback)
Whoa! Hold on buddy. I wonder
what you're so upset about. I
promise you it's nothing compared
to what you've got coming.
Tom covers his lens and goes back to his work table. He
pulls an invitation out of his drawer. It is trimmed in
gold and looks very distinguished.
Who could turn down this
invitation? The city and the
mayor of Sandburg request your
presence at the Pre-Grand Opening


                       TOM (cont'd)
Celebration of its new Amusement
Tom takes out a pen and begins to address to envelope.
Let's see, should I address it
directly to you Sam? or would it
be more inviting to call you a
'Special Guest'?
Tom writes 'Samuel Johnson' on the envelope and then turns
up his nose.
Nah. That's too formal. I think
I'll call you my 'special guest'.
I'm sure you'd appreciate that
even more.
Tom crumples up the first invitation and tosses it on the
table. He pulls out another and addresses it to 'Special
Guest'. Just as he's finishing it, he hears keys in the
door upstairs.
      (with mounting
Tom opens the drawer and gently puts the envelope inside. He
quickly covers it with other papers and flies up the stairs
swiftly but carefully locking the door behind himself. Lynn
is just hanging her coat and looking a little confused by
the music.
      (a little out of
Hey you! That must have been a
pretty quick movie. Did you guys
have a good time?
Yeah. We had a great time. Tom,
what in the world are you
listening to?


Oh, nothing. It just helps me
work faster.
Tom walks briskly over to the stereo and turns it off.
OK. Whatever you say. Did you
get a lot done while I was gone?
I did. In fact, I'm pretty much
done with all the plans. You know
the ferris wheel was the last
thing I needed to finish.
Wow. I'm so proud of you. Is it
alright if I invite Lynn and her
husband to the Grand Opening this
Sure. The more the merrier.
Well, I'm going to bed. You
Sure thing. I'm right behind you.
Tom follows Lynn up the stairs and startles her. She runs
and he chases her the rest of the way up.
Grace is pulling into her driveway. On the radio there is a
bulletin interrupting her music.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER
The terror alert has been raised
today as President Bush continues
in the war on terrorism. U.S.
intelligence has received
information that there are several
major U.S. cities on Al Queda
radar. While no immediate details
are available, all citizens are
asked to report suspicious persons
to the proper authorities


      (to herself)
Oh Lord, what is this world coming
Grace gets out of the car and we see the front door open
before she gets there. She approaches the door and there's
Hey Sam. I had a great time at
the movies with Lynn. How was
your .....
Grace comes in and begins looking around the house. It is a
wreck. The television is blaring with news footage of angry
people shouting 'Death to America'. She looks at Sam and
shakes her head.
You lost another patient didn't
you? Sam, these things happen.
It's not your ...
I know. It's not my fault. It's
never my fault. Whose fault is it
Lynn? These people come to me to
help them. Have you ever had to
look someone's family in the eye
and explain to them that their
loved one has died. They trusted
me to bring him back, but I
couldn't save him. I just
Grace reaches out to her husband.
Sam. Won't you please go get some
help. I think it would help if
you would just talk to someone.
Sam snatches away.


You know how I feel about shrinks.
I'm not going.
Well will you at least go to
church with me tomorrow. Please
      (with pride and
Just leave me alone Gracie. I'll
work through it. I'm sorry about
the house. I promise it won't
happen again. You go on to bed.
I'll clean all this up.
Grace sighs with disappointment and heads up the stairs. She
pauses briefly to look down at her husband. He feels her
glance and looks up.
I'll be fine. I promise. Go on
to bed.
Grace goes to the bedroom and changes out of her clothes.
She puts on her night gown and kneels beside the bed. She
appears to be praying.
Sam is almost done cleaning. Silent tears are falling as he
gathers up the broken pieces of glass, e.t.c. He finally
puts the last of the debris in the trash and heads upstairs.
He finds Grace asleep on her kneees and he smiles. He
nudges her gently.
Come on prayer warrior. Time for
Oh. Was I sleep?
Yeah. It's pretty late.


Sam helps Grace up and into bed. She reaches up for him and
he leans in.
Everything is going to be alright
She strokes his face and he smiles.
I know. Goodnight Grace.
Grace lies back and closes her eyes. Sam climbs in bed next
to her and looks out of the window at the stars. He finally
drifts off to sleep.
Sam begins tossing and turning. He mumbles and moans as if
he's in turmoil. We realize that he is in the middle of a
night terror.
Sam is dreaming that he is back at the bridge. Everything
is in slow motion. We are allowed to start viewing the
dream just as young Tom is attempting to get down from the
bridge. It is just before the fall. Young Tom slips and
falls over. He calls out to Sam as he's falling towards the
water below.
The picture pans out and we see an adult Sam standing on the
bridge dressed in his medical scrubs. He calls back out to
Tom with great desperation.
Just before Tom hits the water, Sam wakes up in a cold
sweat. He's breathing hard.
      (gasping for air)


It's Sunday morning. Grace is nearly dressed for church and
is standing in front of the dresser. She has been quietly
watching Sam from the mirror as she is getting ready. She
picks up her pearls and puts them around her neck for the
finishing touch. As she searches for the clasp, Sam jumps
out of bed and goes into the bathroom. He hurriedly starts
brushing his teeth.
Good morning.
Grace is still looking through the mirror at Sam. He mumbles
through a mouth full of toothpaste.
Good morning.
Sam goes back into the bathroom and comes out in seconds
with pants on and an unbuttoned shirt. He runs to the
closet feverishly looking for a tie.
      (somewhat confused)
Where are you going?
Sam is fully dressed now and is tying his tie carefully
around his neck.
I decided to go to church with
Grace is still facing the mirror with her back towards Sam.
She smiles to herself.
      (still smiling)
Well, you'd better hurry before I
leave you.
Grace walks out of the room and looks over her shoulder to
give Sam a grin. He smiles back.
The preacher is in the pulpit and the entire congregation
seems to be supporting what is being said. Sam is quietly
taking it all in.


We have seen the Grace of God
first hand here in America.
Amen! That's right pastor!
Do you realize how many nations
would love to wipe us off the face
of the earth. The thing that many
of us fail to realize is that it
is not our military strength that
has prevented this. If nothing
else, the events of September 11th
showed us that evil has no problem
finding a way to accomplish it's
goal. For reasons known and
unknown there are hundreds more
plotting and planning similar
attacks. I'm here to tell you
church that it is the Grace of God
that saves. It is the Grace of
God that protects. Grace is that
unseen hand that forces darkness
to stay back when it feels that it
has full right of entry.
The congregation erupts in agreement and amens.
Amen! I know that's right! Yes!
Many of you know this to be true
even in your personal lives. Some
of us have experienced things in
our pasts that have left us with a
trail of enemies. Some of those
enemies have just cause. I'll bet
many of you still don't understand
how you've made it this far in
life without being taken out. Let
me just tell you it's God's Grace
that has kept you. When you
walked away from that car
accident, it was His Grace. When
you didn't lose your mind in that
tough situation, it was God's
Grace. Somebody knows what I'm
talking about in here.
The muscians begin playing Amazing Grace softly.


Stop carrying around the guilt and
shame of your past. Won't you
accept the gift of Grace this
morning. All we have to do is
accept God's precious gift. Thank
Him for it and live the life of
peace that God intended. Everyone
please stand.
As the people stand, the pastor looks at Grace and smiles.
Sam is visibly affected by the message, but remains seated.
Sis. Johnson won't you come and
sing this song for us?
Grace nods and slides past Sam to walk down the aisle to the
choir box. Just before she takes the microphone, the pastor
During this selection, if you are
here and you want a closer
relationship with God or if you
simply want prayer, please come
down. This is your time. This is
your hour.
Grace begins singing a rousing version of Amazing Grace. The
choir comes in on the chorus and the people are deeply
moved. Many are crying. Many come forward for the pastor
to pray with them.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the
sound. That saved a wretch like
me. I once was lost, but now I'm
found. Was blind but now I'm
I'm free. Yes I'm free.
Hallelujah I am free.
Sam sits in his seat with a look of deep meditation. He
stands up and looks as if he is going to walk down the aisle
himself just as the song ends.
Thank God for these precious
people that have come forward.
Thank you Sis. Johnson for letting
the Lord use you. Now let's all


                       PREACHER (cont'd)
stand to be dismissed.
Sam falls back into his seat disappointed in himself for
missing his opportunity. He puts his head in his hands and
waits for Grace as the people in the congregation begin
talking to one another all around him.
                       CHURCH MEMBER 1
Wasn't church good today?
                       CHURCH MEMBER 2
Mmm. Mmmm. It was sho nuff good.
In fact it was so good it made me
hungry. Let's go to the buffet.
                       CHURCH MEMBER 1
Amen to that!
The pastor is standing on the church steps greeting members
as they file out of the sanctuary.
                       CHURCH MEMBER 1
Wonderful message today pastor.
Thank you.
                       CHURCH MEMBER 2
I really needed that pastor.
God bless you dear.
Sam and Grace are next. Before they get the chance to say
anything, the pastor speaks first.
Sis. Johnson that sure was a
beautiful song you sang today. Now
is this your husband?
Yes. Pastor, this is my husband
Sam. Sam this is Pastor Tim.


      (with great
I enjoyed the service very much.
I'm glad to hear it. Don't be a
stranger now. We would love to
have you come back.
I will.
Grace and the Pastor look at each other and both smile at
Sam. The two walk down the sidewalk towards their car.
I've been meaning to ask you,
Giiirl where did you learn to sing
like that?
Oh Sam please!
Grace and Lynn are doing some grocery shopping. They appear
to be done.
You done?
Yeah, but I keep getting that
weird feeling like I'm forgetting
Well, I don't have anywhere to be.
We can just wait here until you
No. If I remember I can always
just come back later. You go
ahead and check out first.


The two check out smoothly.
Thanks ladies. Have a nice day!
Grace and Lynn head to the car. They see the Washington
family unloading their minivan in the parking lot.
The kids seem to not want to get out of the van. Both of
the parents are tugging on either side of the van to get
them out. The kids are screaming.
                       ROWDY KID 1
I want to stay in the van and
finish my game!
                       ROWDY KID 2
Me too! Me too!
Mrs. Washington manages to get the youngest one out who is
also screaming.
                       MR. WASHINGTON
      (to his wife)
From now on, I'm leaving you all
at home. I'll do the shopping
                       MRS. WASHINGTON
Oh shut up and grab that foot.
Lynn and Grace look at each other and laugh hysterically.
They begin putting their groceries in the car.
Looks like we left just in time!
For real!
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER
The United States is working with
the UN to encourage peace talks in
Israel. The impending war raises
several issues of concern.


In the background we hear chanting 'Death to Israel, Death
to America'.
Lynn is driving and Grace begins to speak. Lynn turns down
the radio to hear her better.
Hey, Lynn I know what I forgot. It
wasn't at the store, I forgot to
tell you something. You know the
other day when you invited Sam and
me to the Grand Opening of the
theme park on tomorrow?
Sure, I remember.
Well, do you think it would be OK
if it was just me instead?
Sure Grace. Does Sam have to work
No, he actually got a special
invitation from the mayor to
attend the Pre-Opening today. In
fact, he should be there now.
Tom never mentioned anything about
any Pre-Opening to me. That's
strange. You'd think he'd want his
wife there. Even if I wasn't
invited I would like to think that
I could at least be informed. Who
all got these special invitations
I wonder.
Well I know some of Sam's
colleagues at the hospital got
them. The invitations mentioned
that the mayor would be there as
well. I'm thinking maybe it's
just for dignitaries and community


Do you mind if I stop by my house
to ask Tom about this. I am
thoroughly confused and I hate
No problem. Maybe I had my dates
wrong or something. If not, I'm
sure Tom has a good reason for all
of this. Don't worry Lynn.
I'm not worried...yet. I just
want to get to the bottom of this.
Lynn pulls into her driveway and the two women get out. Lynn
and Grace go through the back door and enter the kitchen.
T-O-M! Hey Tom!
There is no answer. Grace follows behind Lynn as she looks
for an explanation. She goes to the basement and sees that
it is unlocked. The keys are dangling from the door. She
yells down the steps.
Tom are you down there?
There is no response and Lynn curiously goes down the
basement steps with Grace following closely behind her. When
she gets to the floor she is amazed at all the equipment
that Tom has set up down there. The two women look around
the room in awe for a moment. Grace walks over to Tom's
desk and sees the crumpled up invitation with Sam's name on
Hey Lynn. This is exactly like
the invitation Sam got. Oh look
and it even has Sam's name on it.
Let me see that.


While Lynn is reading the invitation, Grace continues
looking around. She looks through the lens of one of the
cameras and takes a startled leap backward.
That's my house! That's my living
      (to herself)
Oh God Tom what's going on?
Lynn begins frantically looking through Tom's desk drawers.
She pulls out file after file of photos. She recognizes the
man in the pictures. He looks vaguely familiar to her. He
looks like the guy that was in most of Tom's childhood
I think I know this guy. It's
Tom's old friend from childhood.
What was his name?
Grace walks over and takes a look at the photos. She gasps.
It's Sam Lynn. It's my husband
Lynn freezes as her mind flashes back to the conversation
she had with Tom's parents before they were married.
Tom is moving boxes from his old room to his car. Lynn and
his parents are sitting downstairs chatting in the living
room over an open photo album. He goes upstairs for what
looks like the only box remaining.
Lynn, this is the last one.
OK Sweetie. That was fast.
Yeah, thanks for all your help!


Oh Tom, leave this girl alone. We
had her busy looking at all of
these old pictures of you when you
were younger.
Oh, is that what all the giggling
was about?
Of course not Tom. You just go
ahead and finish up. We're almost
done down here.
Lynn leans in really close to look at the album more
Who is this guy? He's in almost
every picture with Tom, but I've
never seen or heard anything about
Tom is walking by and rolls his eyes at Lynn's question.
      (breathless from
       carrying the
       heavy box)
That's nobody Lynn.
Tom's parents sit very still in an awkward silence until
they hear Tom go out the front door. He is outside now
loading all of the boxes into the car. Lynn looks back at
Tom sensing his parents are about to say something important
that they don't want him to hear. She turns back around and
meets Tom's dad's startling glare.
That's Sam. He and Tom were best
friends for as long as I can
remember. It's really a shame
that those two never resolved
their issues.
      (to Dad)
Well, I don't know dear. They had
some pretty big issues to work


      (to Lynn)
You see, Tom had some pretty
traumatic events occur in his
earlier years. He lost the only
big brother he ever knew in the
war. Then he himself was almost
drowned in the river. His friend
Sam actually left him for dead.
The two have never spoken since.
There's been no apology, no
attempts at communication at all.
In fact, I don't know that Sam
knows whether or not Tom is dead
or alive to this day.
How did Tom survive?
Well, you've met Tom' s friend
Yes. He's pretty unforgettable.
For us too. You see Alex was
fishing on the river the day Tom
fell from the bridge. He saved
Tom's life and kept him alive
until he could find us.
Don't get me wrong now. Our son
is a wonderful man. I know that
he loves you and the two of you
will have a wonderful life
together. I just want you to look
out for him. I don't think he's
ever dealt with any of these
events that have taken place in
his life. Some people hold things
in so long that they fool
themselves, but eventually every
thought that is kept in darkness
will be exposed by the light. I
just pray that you are there when
he is ready to deal with these


Thank you Mrs. Hughes and Mr.
Hughes. I promise I'll do all
that I can to take good care of
your son.
Lynn walks over and stands in front of the ferris wheel
plans. She looks at them carefully. Her eye seems to zoom
in on the corrections Tom seems to have made to the plan.
Suddenly she gets a cold chill and knows Tom is planning to
do something horrible.
Oh my God Tom! Grace, we've got
to get to the amusement park
before something awful happens!
The two bolt out of the basement and run down the sidewalk
to the car. Lynn is still shaking.
      (calmly but under
       intense pressure)
Lynn, do you need me to drive.
Please. I just don't think I can.
We see Sam standing with a group of doctors and lawyers
listening to the mayor give an opening speech.
      (with dignity)
It gives me great pleasure today
to present Sandburg's first ever
amusement park.
The crowd interrupts with cheers and applause. The mayor
pauses and smiles before continuing. Cameras are flashing
wildly. The press and the media are all present.
This has been a long time coming.
I believe it will be a great
benefit to the citizens of this
community by way of providing not
only entertainment, but a source
of jobs as well. The economy of
Sandburg will be greatly helped by


                       MAYOR (cont'd)
the proceeds of this park. It's
originator who wanted to remain
anonymous has agreed that 50% of
all proceeds go directly to the
city of Sandburg. It is with
great joy that I welcome you to
Sandburg Adventure Park! You are
all invited to be the first to
ride the world's largest ferris
wheel located right here in
Everyone cheers again and begins to head towards the ferris
wheel behind them. Sam is walking with a bunch of
colleagues and appears to be grinning from ear to ear.
This is great! My grand kids are
going to love this. We never had
anything like this in Sandburg
when I was a kid.
                       DR. SMITH
Yeah. It sure would have made the
summers go faster. But I think we
turned out alright wouldn't you
Tom is down below the ferris wheel in a control booth
waiting with sheer excitement.
      (to himself)
Come on Sam. Pick a seat. Pick
any seat.
Grace is driving as fast as she can and Lynn is sitting
beside her sobbing.
      (between sobs)
How could I have been so stupid. I
believed Tom when he said he was
OK. You know you always sense
when something is wrong, but I
just didn't want to believe it. I
should have demanded to go into
that basement sooner. Now God
only knows what's about to happen.
What if we're too late Grace?


                       LYNN (cont'd)
What if...
I won't hear of it. There's a
reason we found everything when we
did and I believe everything is
going to be fine.
How can you be so sure?
Lynn, right now all I have is my
faith and I won't let any
situation take that away from me.
Now you dry your eyes and hold on.
We'll be there soon enough and I
promise you, everything will be
Sam and all the others are boarding the ferris wheel. Sam
gets a weird feeling but shakes it off.
                       DR. TETER
You alright buddy? Are you
getting a little nervous about the
No man, I'm fine. I just got to
thinking about what it would have
been like to have had this around
when I was a kid.
                       DR. SMITH
Oh, for a minute there you had me
thinking you were scared of the
ferris wheel.
No. This is one of the few rides
that I wouldn't be scared to get
on. You've got to admit some of
those coasters are pretty risky.
Everyone is boarding the ferris wheel fairly quickly and Sam
is now at the front of the line.


                       DR. TETER
Aw, come on you big baby it's your
Sam opens the door and climbs in. Tom is down below taking
note of the seat Sam sits in.
      (to himself)
33 A. That works for me.
The two women are speeding along when Lynn looks up and sees
police lights flashing in the rear view mirror. She pulls
      (with frustration)
Oh Come On!
The officer gets out of his car and walks over. Grace rolls
down the window.
                       OFFICER 1
License and registration please
Officer I'm sorry, but we have
reason to believe that my husband
is in great danger. We've got to
get to the amusement park opening
to be sure that he's alright.
The officer looks over at Lynn who is still shaking and
crying. He senses truth in their story and also detects the
                       OFFICER 2
I'll give you an escort over
there. Drive as safely as you can
      (greatly relieved)
Yes. Thank you so much officer.
Grace pulls off with lightning speed and the police car
follows close behind her.


The ferris wheel is finally full. It begins to spin slowly.
The scene goes to slow motion. Tom is in the contol room,
but he no longer looks happy. He sees Sam's face on the
ferris wheel lit up like a child's. He is for the first time
having second thoughts about what he's about to do. He
begins to see flash backs of him and Sam when they were
younger. He sees the day at the creek, the two playing
football together, the two playing basketball with Andrew.
He sees the two laughing together over burgers and fries.
Sam's heartbeat is heard. It is beating fast with the
thrill of being able to see all of Sandburg from the ride.
Tom's heart is heard beating as well. It is slow and steady
as he is in deep contemplation over what he is about to do.
He then flashes to the day at the bridge as he is falling
over calling out for Sam. He hears Sam calling his name and
he reaches for the lever labeled 33A. He holds his breath
and closes his eyes.
      (through clenched
It's now or never...
Grace, Lynn and the officer arrive at the park and are being
pointed towards Tom by one of the attendants.
      (out of breath
       from running)
Thomas Hughes! Can you tell me
where Thomas Hughes is?
      (sensing the
He's right over there. In the
control booth.
TOM!!! TOM!!!
Tom is still in a daze thinking he's hearing Sam call his
name. It is Lynn and Grace. Grace outruns Lynn and the
Officer and bursts into the control booth grabbing Tom's arm
and startling him just as he had put his hand on the
Tom! Don't. Please don't.


Tom looks up and sees Lynn and she grabs him and holds him.
He looks directly at Grace as tears begin to flow.
      (to Grace)
I'm so sorry. Thank you for
stopping me. I almost...
      (finally able to
Don't worry. It's alright.
      (to the officer)
Thank you so much officer. I
think everything is OK here.
Just as Grace and the Officer step outside of the control
booth leaving Tom and Lynn, the ferris wheel stops. The
ride has ended. The people begin getting off and Sam spots
Grace. He walks over to her smiling.
Hey Gracie, what are you doing
here? I thought you were coming
I was, but...
Grace is interrupted by Tom and Lynn coming out of the
control booth. Sam stares into Tom's face with sheer awe
and wonder as if he's seeing a ghost.
      (in amazement)
Tom stands motionless as a whirlwind of emotions are
spinning within him.
Tom! It's you. I don't believe
it. Do you have any idea how much
Tom's rage seems to be the prevailing emotion as he
I hate you!


Tom snatches away from Lynn and rushes towards Sam to choke
Sam seems totally unaffected by Tom's anger. He is so
overwhelmed with joy that Tom is alive.
He disrupts Tom's attempt to choke him and grabs Tom around
both arms in an embrace. Tears begin to flow down Sam's
I've missed you so much. I'm so
glad you're alive. That day at
the bridge. I'm so sorry I didn't
save you. I've never been able to
live it down. Can you please
forgive me Tom? Please? I love
you man. I love you. I love you.
Sam begins covering Tom's head and forehead in kisses and
melts the anger that Tom had been harboring. Tom begins to
cry and wraps his arms around Sam. Lynn and Grace stand
nearby watching as forgiveness finally takes place after
more than 30 years.
Sam, I love you too. I've tried
to hate you for all these years,
but it was only because I missed
you so much. I was going to try
to get revenge today. Please
forgive me Sam.
I'm not going to lose you again.
Of course I forgive you. You had
every right to seek revenge. Let's
just start over right now Tom.
There's so much I've wanted to
tell you.
Yeah, I know. Like I didn't know
you were married. Is this your
Yes, this is my wife Grace. And
this must be yours.
Yes. This is Lynn.


Lynn holds out her hand and Sam shakes it.
It's good to finally meet you.
      (to Lynn)
Well, it looks like these two have
a lot of catching up to do.
Hey, how about you guys come over
to me and Lynn's. I'm ready to
get out of here. I think I've had
enough amusement for one day.
Sounds like a plan to me. Grace,
is it OK with you?
I think that would be wonderful.
The two couples walk towards the parking lot arm in arm. The
ferris wheel is seen spinning in the distance.
I had no idea just how much
catching up Sam and I had to do.
He told me that he has 4 kids that
are all grown up and 1 grandkid!
It turns out Sam's big brother
Andrew's body was misidentified.
He had actually survived the war
and was found a few years later in
Vietnam. I guess I wasn't the
only one who had the experience of
being a prisoner of war. I must
admit my life finally felt whole
now that Sam was back in it.
The scene goes to Tom and Lynn's backyard. It is a huge
reunion. Tom's parents are there. Sam's parents are there.
All of their kids and grand kids are running around having
a good time. There are smiles all around. Sam and Tom are
standing side by side taking it all in.
Man, I can't believe you're a


Neither can I. I don't know where
the time goes.
I don't either, but I intend to
make the best of the time we have
For sure!
As Tom and Sam are talking, Andrew walks up. They stop
talking and give him their full attention.
How about finishing that game of
Come on!
The three hit the court and are laughing harder than they
are playing.
Come on Andy! Is that all you've
got? You've gotten rusty in your
old age.
This isn't fair you guys. It's
two against one!
That never seemed to be a problem
for you before.
I've never been down 20 points
They all burst into laughter as the camera begins to zoom
The scene fades into the clouds as Tom gives his final
The camera comes down from the sky and we see just the two
couples walking along a beach.


Grace is defined as unmerited,
divine favor. All I know is that
I am eternally grateful that Grace
came into that control booth and
saved me. If it hadn't been for
Grace I don't know where we'd be.
We see the couples walk off into the sunset. The music is
playing and the credits roll.


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