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The Alpha Omega Administration
by Carolynne Masters (RXR2BE@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
This is a very short conceptual screenplay of a dramatic movie or series for television. It is a work in progress but I feel the concept could benefit from the opinions of others. It is a controversial plot that could be adapted into several formats for production and I will be expanding on this mini-script frequently with screenplays that involve individual plotlines that evolve from these scenes. Character descriptions play an important part in enlarging the concept behind the piece. Enjoy!-------- Characters---------- Dr. Philip Danileson, MD, PhD - Director and Founder of the Alpha Omega Group. He is a genius of unmatched intelligence with a commitment to bringing about the end of times with God reigning victorious over evil. He is innocent of bad intentions, although he finds himself working towards an unforseen adversaries advantage when his organization is overtaken by the U.S. Government and the Vatican in a joint effort to establish the new world order spoken of in Papal and U.S. Secret Documents. With his intelligence and devotion to God he masterminds a way to keep his friends close while he draws up the battle plans and to keep his enemies closer to gain an inside perspective on how the enemy is plotting for world domination as Biblically Forewarned. He silently struggles with the knowledge that only world repentance of certain "global" transgressions will ever defeat the beast man has created throughout his earthly existence.---------- Mrs. Rachel Danielson - Philip's wife and personal assistant. She is attractive in a natural not too plain but not high fashion manner with a quick wit and an unmatched compassion for others when they are in need. She is devoted to God and to her husband, the only other person who knows her past "career" as a massage parlor prostitute. She has overcome her "sins" and devoted her life to the work of God as a disciple rather than just an onlooker. She exhibits Magdallean qualities and is a trustworthy and quick thinking ally for Philip. She has the benefit of her past indiscretions to her advantage in that she is able to interpret the carnal knowledge hidden within the investigations she assists with. Unlike Philip with his pure spotless conscious, she has a past and she finds how to use it to make restitution for it.---------- Claire Gordon - Senior Investigator and Board Member of the Adminstration. She changed ger name when she married at 19 and never changed it back when she divorced not long after. She is Philips Daughter and the mother of two children. She started working for her father when her life as a free lance writer revealed horrific conspiracy theories about the times in which we live. A true investigator at heart she has not revealed to her father what she knows for fear he will unknowingly reveal her purposes for joining the team to the agencies she is investigating. She is slowly undergoig the process of conversion to God because of the danger she sees her father in and because of the love she witnesses between her father and rachel. She longs for a man to give her a second chance like that but feels unworthy since her daughter is being raised by foster parents. She begins to learn true parental love when she finds out what her father has undertaken and discovers saving her is one of his primary motives.------------ Jake Albrecht - Senior Investigator and Board Member of Administration. He also has a spotted past that has left him quite keen on the motives of criminals and the methods they use. He is teamed up with Claire and sees in her all the qualities she can't see for herself. A naturally quiet person he hides his feelings for her. Nevertheless when she is in trouble, he rises to the challenge and overcomes his inability to choose a side coming to her rescue and choosing Good every time. While he is often uncertain of what is true or what is false, he is genuinely commited to God and therefore uses his convictions and past indescretions to weigh the options. He never really speaks about what his crimes were, but as a 40 year old father of two children with a secluded demeanor an outwardly affectionate demeanor you begin to understand he was changed for the better by it. He is quick to forgive and never judges the faults of his allies. This attracts the trust of his opponents who see it as a sign of weakness and unsuccessfullt try to use it to his advantage.--------------- Father Thomas O'Brien - Catholic Priest assigned by the Vatican to sit on Board of Directors of Administration and to lead a small group of Scholars assigned by a secret Papal Order to search Vatican Archives for prophetic evidence related to any investigations. He is Pro-God and anti-establishment at heart. A true follower of Christ he submits to the orders of his authorities while devoting himself to his work for God. He does not abandon the innocent lives that become tangled up in the war that is raging, and risks martyrdom to usher in the true kingdom of God as he sees it. He is blessed with the gift of prophesy which he uses in order to aid his allies and bring defeat for God's enemies. His humbleness and faithfulness earn him trust from Rome and he has access to the wealth of hidden knowledge within the vatican.-------------- Commander Wallace Kingston - Government-appointed, top-secret military/civilian specialist selected to oversee U.S. involvement in the Alpha-Omega Administration.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


As you are all well aware, our
agency has remained politically
neutral and therefore quite
useless to the United States
Those seated around the executive table stiffened in their
seats as beads of sweat appeared on the brow of their
director. Already in his late 60's, Dr. Philip Danielson
appears noticeably thin. His tall frame, startlingly light
eyes, pure white hair, however, quickly diminish any notion
of frailty.
I'm afraid that after today that
will no longer be possible.
Philip put his hands together, palm to palm, finger to
finger, as if in prayer. As he lifted them, touching his
fingertips to his pursed lips, every head turned to look at
Father Thomas, whose eyes remained fixed on Philip.
Father Thomas, you know that our
efforts would be fruitless without
the cooperation of the Vatican.
Fingertips still perched at his lips, Philip's brilliant
blue eyes shone brighter than ever, as if lit from within.
I beg of you this, Father Thomas.
Make it your mission, please, to
assure His Eminency that this
Agency still seeks to remain
segregated from any and all
government or political campaigns.
I accept the task you bestow upon
Upon hearing the response from Father Thomas, Philip briefly


lowered his head and closed his eyes. After standing in
this position for a moment, his head lifted and his eyes
openned. The storm that had raged in them only minutes
before was calm.
Thank-you, Father.
                       RACHEL (on phone)
Please wait for confirmation...
As her hands labored instinctively at the telephone keypad,
her eyes circled the room, briefly acknowledging each and
every person present
Speakerphone is initiated. Thank
you for your assistance. You may
transfer the call now.
Rachel barely finishes speaking before an unidentified man
chimed in on the conversation.
Good afternoon, ladies and
gentlemen. I am Commander
Kingston of the United States
Government. Your organization,
which previously has operated
without any interference, will be
under our constant surveillance.
Are there any questions?
The demeanures of those present barely have time to change
before the commander speaks again.
I didn't think so. Oh yeah, by
the way, I ain't anymore thrilled
to be joining your group than
you're thrilled that I'm joining.
The rooms remains dead silent as the intercom sits silent
even though all whom are gathered are aware of the ears
listening on the other end. Philip is the first to speak up
in an upbeat voice proceeds sarcastically.


Well Fr. Thomas it looks like
we'll get that abortion issue
taken care of after all!
Fr. Thomas and the others laugh cautiously. Fr. Thomas
fakes a full bellied laugh and replies to the suggestion.
Amen to that! Do you mind me
asking, however, what need a
country without a single
recognizably religious alignment
on file is doing interfering in
official religious business? It
does seem rather unconstitutional.
Complete silence soon overcomes the group, and not long
after, the Commander speaks his final thought.
Well, as far as I can tell, here's
what you and I both see. We(both
you and I) see a uniform global
economy, religion, and philosophy.
With all these things considered,
we seem to have alot in common,
don't we?
The characteristics of each face around the table seem to
dissolve as the commander continues to speak.
Hell, who are we tryin to kid,
You and I both know it ain't
Even if we all agree on
everything, right now; eventually,


                       COMMANDER (cont'd)
one of us will disagree with
something. Can anyone of you deny
All eyes search for acceptance in every direction.
Well, whether I disagree or not,
without any formal or informal
vaticanal acceptance, I cannot
confirm nor deny this.
Do you understand what this means,
I am sure I do, Father.
Walking on sidewalk through crowd.
I'm sorry I did this to you, Rach.
Did what, baby?
      (sincere sadness)
Got you mixed up in all of this. I
would never have asked you to come
to work for me if I had known this
would happen.
Oh Philip baby. This isn't your
fault, and I'm glad we're in this
together. This is the first time
in my life I know I'm right where
I belong.
No one belongs here, least of all
What are you implying, beloved


Oh come on Rach, you know I'm not
picking a fight. I really have a
bad feeling about what happened
today. I can't shake the feeling
that something really bad is
coming, and I would never forgive
myself if I led you somehow into


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From Brad Smith Date 8/21/2006 **
I agree with Zach. It has potential. And Zach, Scriptbuddy automatically does that "continuing" thing. She didn't do it on purpose.

From Zach Shevich Date 8/13/2006 **
It's okay. There definently is potential, but I can't give a good grade based on what MIGHT be a good script. You need to do some re-reading because there are grammar issues and such, and some of the dialouge is unrealistic. Additionally, sometimes your script does not proper the proper format (the continuing at the bottom of page 3). Research this and work on the script, it could be pretty good.

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