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The Woods
by Nicole Carter

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
This is about a small town with a secret, one that no one likes to talk about. A great evil lerks in the woods and when some teens enter in to it, they wish they never would have. They say anyone who walks in to the woods, never walks out...




Sitting around the fire are two adults MR. HUTCHINSON AND
MRS. HUTCHISON and four young children around nine years
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
When we were teenagers an awful
thing happened in Kleaver Woods. A
women lived there in seclusion
with her son. She only came out of
the woods every few months, other
then that no one ever saw her.
MRS. KLEAVER is Walking in woods, looks down, sees a young
girl's body. GASPS.
                       MRS. KLEAVER
That evil boy's done it again.
Runs to Shack
The shack is a small wooden rectangular structure, with a
one side slanted roof. The low end of the roof is at the
front of the shack. It has two small windows in the front
with the front door between them. When you walk in the front
door, directly across is a small fireplace. To the right is
a twin size bed the front window is at the foot of the bed.
To the left is a small square table and two chairs, above
the table is a small window on the north wall, slightly
farther left is a bedroom door. This bedroom is about ten
foot long five foot wide, the only window is the front
window on the on the south wall, only a twin sized bed
inside of the bedroom. Mrs. Kleaver is sitting with her
shotgun at the table and is waiting for Ed Kleaver, The
front door CREAKS open, BANG the door closes, Ed Kleaver is
standing in front of Mrs. Kleaver. Mrs. Kleaver puts the gun
to Ed Kleaver's chest.


                       MRS. KLEAVER
I'm doing something I should have
done a long time ago. You have
always been an evil little
bastard, I knew it since the day I
brought you in to this world and
now I have to take you out.
                       ED KLEAVER
      (Evil smile)
I curse you mother and I curse
anyone who walks into these woods.
The devil can't hold me down. I'll
be back for you; I'll be back more
evil then ever, nothing will stop
me. These woods will forever be
      (evil laugh)
Mrs. Kleaver Pulls trigger BOOM. Ed Kleaver's body drops.
Blood splatters on the south wall. Mrs. Kleaver grabs Ed
Kleaver by the arms and drags his body out the door.
Mrs. Kleaver rolls Ed Kleaver's body off an embankment. Mrs.
Kleaver gets up and walks away.
The blood has been cleaned from the walls. Mrs. Kleaver sits
at her table with a notebook and a pen writing, her loaded
gun sits off to the side. Mrs. Kleaver has a look of fear on
her face. BAM the door slams open, Mrs. Kleaver turns and
looks, no one is there. Mrs. Kleaver picks up her gun, gets
up, walks over and closes the door. Mrs. Kleaver sits back
down. BAM the door blows open again. Mrs. Kleaver gets up
gun in hand, walks over looks out the door to the right and
left. Mrs. Kleaver shuts the door and turns around. Ed
Kleaver is in front of Mrs. Kleaver. BOOM Mrs. Kleaver
shoots the gun, it does nothing. Ed Kleaver raises is arm
reaper in hand, swings takes off Mrs. Kleaver's head, it
falls to the floor. Blood splatters across the shack.
Vicki, Joe, Molly and Bob are listening intensely.
                       MR. HUTCHINSON
Months past before anyone knew she
had died. When the police finally
went to investigate they found her


                       MR. HUTCHINSON (cont'd)
decaying, headless body lying on
the floor. They found her notebook
on the table, so they went to look
for her son's body, but it was
never found. A few police men
wondered off and were never seen
again. Since then anyone who has
walked into those woods, has never
walked out. He just lies and waits
for his next victim to walk in. So
whatever you do never go in
Kleaver woods.
The year is 1976, in a small country town called Linworth.
Vicki, Molly, Joe, Jayne, Dan and Bob are sitting in Jayne's
basement. Vicki is 18 years old, five foot seven inches
tall, Slightly over weight, long medium, brown hair, and
blue eyes. She is kind of shy except around her friends. She
is kind of a tom boy too. Molly is 18 years old, five foot
eight, brown eyes, long brown hair. Out going, some what of
a tom boy. Joe is 18 years old five foot nine, short light
brown hair, blue eyes, slender. Quiet guy, a good friend,
has a crush on Jayne. Jayne is 17 years old, five foot
five, long blond hair, blue eyes, slender figure. Out going
girl who likes to have fun. More girlie then Vicki and
Molly. Dan is 18 years old, five foot ten, blue eyes, short
brown hair, stocky build. He is a quiet farm boy, but will
stand up for a friend, also has a wild side. Bob is 17 years
old, six foot, blond hair, blue eyes, built and in shape.
Outspoken, Egotistical, and arrogant. Star football player.
They are sitting in a circle underneath the stairs.The
stairs come down to the middle of the basement. Underneath
the stairs sits a at TV. Right across from the TV is a
couch, beside the couch is a love seat, there are two chairs
on each sides of the couches. There is a coffee table in the
middle of the circle. Jayne is sitting in the love seat with
her boyfriend Bob. Molly, Vicki and Dan are sitting on the
couch. Joe is sitting in a chair beside Jayne. They are
passing around a joint.
      (Holding her
I can't believe we're going to be
staring our senior year in a week.
Man it's crazy.


I'll be partying everyday.
Aren't you guys lucky you know me
and get to go to the best parties.
Real lucky. Those parties suck,
they are full of jocks and
Jayne passes the joint to Vicki, skipping Bob.
      (Hits the joint)
I'd have to agree with Danny boy
here. I'd rather watch grass grow,
then party with thoses people.
You have that right.
You losers party with me all the
Yeah, but we knew you before you
became a football playing jerk
But I love you anyway Bobby.
      (Throws her arms
       around Bob and
       gives Bob a kiss)
      (Angry tone)
You guys don't know how lucky you
are to have me around.
      (Smart ass grin on
       her face,
Oh yeah, so lucky.


      (Stands up, angry
What's that supposed to mean?
You are lucky any of us are
friends with you Vicki.
Bob storms out of the basement through the door behind the
couch. Jayne gets up to follow Bob. Before Jayne walks out
the door, she says to her friends.
Sorry about him, I'm going to calm
him down, I'll be right back.
Jayne walks out the door. CLICK. Door shuts
Just ignore him man.
What the hell is his problem? He's
more emotional then any girl I
Yeah he is always getting pissed.
That's someone who needs to hit a
Led Zeppelin's Dyer Maker is playing in the back round.
      (Excitement in her
Oh turn it up. I love this song.
      (Starts to sing)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you don't
have to go oh, oh oh, oh oh. Baby
please don't go.
      (Gets up, sings
       and dances.)
The song is almost over Jayne walks through the door. Jayne
starts to laugh.


Vicki are you drinking already?
Only a little.
      (Pulls a whiskey
       bottle out from
       under the couch
       and shows them
       only the neck is
You started drinking and didn't
      (Waves to pass the
Give me some.
Yeah pass that around man.
      (Looks at Jayne.)
So where did Bob go?
He was all pissed, so he left. He
said he had football practice
I donít know what his problem is,
but I know one thing is for sure
he doesnít like me very much.
No, you just push his buttons.
Of course I do and I do it because
soon as school comes he acts like
he doesn't know any of us.
      (Looks at Jayne)
Well except for you. I mean he and
Joe have been friends forever, but
in school he acts like he has
never seen him before.
Sorry Jayne, but I just don't
understand him
      (Looks at Dan and
       hand gestures to


                       VICKI (cont'd)
Pass me that bottle.
RING of a school bell. You see kids walking through the
hallway. Joe, Dan, Molly, and Vicki are walking down the
hallway together. To the left are the normal kids and to the
right are the football players and cheerleaders with their
letter-man jackets and the rest of the popular kids. Jayne
is standing with Bob and his best bud Tim. Vicki waves hi to
Jayne. Jayne waves back.
I wonder what our schedules will
Me too. Man I hope we have some
classes together.
I hope so too.
Didnít you guys pick up your
schedules before school started?
I did.
      (Turns to Dan.)
We better get to the office. We'll
see you guys later.
Dan and Vicki walk over to Mrs. Smith's desk.
Ms. Smith do you happen to have my


                       MRS. SMITH
Vicki let me guess you need yours
                       MRS. SMITH
      (Shuffles through
       some papers)
Here you two go
      (Hands Vicki and
       Dan the papers)
Good Luck.
Thank you.
Thank you Ms. Smith.
Dan and Vicki start talking as they are looking at their
So whatís your schedule?
      (Reads off his
First period is English, second
government, third shop, fourth Vo
Ag, and then lunch then I get to
leave. How about you?
      (Looks at her
First English, second government,
third art, fourth VO Ag, then
lunch and that's it. That's cool
we almost have every class
together. Well we better get to
first period.
Vicki and Dan walk down the hallway everyone is going to
class. Vicki and Dan walk into their first period class.


RING the bell rings. Vicki and Dan see Molly and Jayne
sitting in the back of the room. Vicki and Dan run to the
back so they can get seats beside Molly and Jayne.
At least the four of us can have
fun in this stupid class.
Yeah. This is cool we have Mrs.
Jones. This class will be a
breeze. If you get her to start
talking sheíll talk all period and
we wonít have to do anything.
That's my kind of class man. Hey
let me see your schedules.
Dan and Vicki hand Molly their papers.
So howís it going guys?
As good as it gets for the first
day of school.
Hey at least this is the last time
we have a first day of school.
Thatís true.
Vicki you and I have the same
Let me see 'em
      (Molly hands them
       to Jayne, she
       looks them over.)
This is the only class we have
together. You guys suck I have to
stay after lunch because I failed
history last year.


RING of the bell for class to start, Mrs. Jones is standing
in front of the class and begins to speak.
                       MRS. JONES
Hello class I'm Mrs. Jones and
this is senior English. I'm sure
you already knew that. Since you
are seniors I won't be assigning
seats, you can sit where you want.
No need for role call I've had all
of you in at least one class
before. This year you will be
reading a lot of Shakespeare,
poetry by authors such as Robert
Frost, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia
Plath, also some Charles
Dickinson. We will discuss these
stories; have homework every now
and then. There will be a test
after every story, for longer
stories there will be several
small quizzes and then a final
test on the story. I'm telling you
this now your final will be a book
report. You can choose any book
you like, but I must approve it.
Now that you know what we will be
doing this year I will pass out
your books. Oh one more thing the
rules are posted beside the
chalkboard follow these rules and
we will get along just fine.
      (Begins to pass
       out the books)
Now since it's the first day of
school this will be all were
doing. I'm sure you guys want to
socialize and I need to get some
work done, but if it gets too loud
in here you will be working. When
you get the book like always write
your name in it.
      (Finishes passing
       out the books and
       goes and sits
       down at her desk,
       and she gets a
       piece of notebook
       paper and pen.)
I'm going to pass this paper
around, write your name and your
book number. Now I'm done.


The paper begins to make it's self around the room. Dan,
Vicki, Molly and Jayne began to talk.
So Vicki what are you doing after
Iím not sure. Anyone got any
Well I'm stuck here longer then
you guys, but I'm probably staying
here to watch Bob at football
practice, then we'll probably go
out somewhere. How about you
Since I actually have a day off of
work I'm going straight to Mike's
house he is supposed to take me
out to the movies
A drive in Iím sure. Anyway I
thought you two broke up?
We did for like three days, but
then we got back together.
Heís the guy who graduated from
our rival school five years ago
Yeah thatís him.
      (Slight pause)
So what are you two doing tonight?
I don't work at the diner today,
but I know Joe has to work at the
gas station after school
                       MRS. JONES
Quiet down guys, this is the only
warning you get.


Everyone quiets down and starts to talk softer
How about you Dan?
Well I have to do some chores at
home thatís about it.
Well I guess it's just the two of
us. So how about I come over and
help you with your chores, that
way we can get smoke sooner.
Sounds good to me. Do you need a
ride home?
Yeah just so I can get some old
clothes to work in.
The noise level has slowly gotten louder. Mrs. Jones stands
                       MRS. JONES
You guys have gotten to loud. I
already warned you once now open
up your books to the first chapter
and start reading.
Everyone opens up their books and starts to read. Vicki rest
her head on her hand and starts reading. Goes into Vicki's
P.O.V..She quickly falls asleep. The bell RINGS she jumps up
at the sudden loud sound. Everyone gets up and leaves the
classroom. Dan, Vicki, Jayne and Molly walk down the hallway
to their lockers to put away their books. Beside their
lockers are the cheerleaders Valerie, Debbie, and Jackie.
Valerie is a tall slender blond haired blue eyed teenage
girl. She is a senior and the leader of her clan of
cheerleaders. She is stuck up and is stuck on herself she
believes she is better then everyone else. Debbie is much
like Valerie, but she has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
She is also a senior. Debbie is like the vice president of
the clan, she does what Valerie says, but she secretly wants
to overthrow Valerie. Jackie is a junior she is the typical
cheerleader type with blond hair and blue eyes. She is
friends with all the other girls too, but sometimes clashes
with Valerie.


Look girls itís the losersí club.
Debbie, Valerie and Jackie laugh and giggle at Valerie's
Hey guys I didn't realize we were
on a street corner, because all I
see are a bunch of cheap whores.
Molly, Vicki, Jayne and Dan all laugh hysterically and start
to walk away.
Oh man that was a great burn.
Why thank you.
Molly and Vicki in art class. They are sitting together at a
table talking.
Government was so boring man .
I actually like it, it's
interesting. You need to know all
about the government so they can't
screw you over.
That's true.
Hey man Dan, he likes you.
What? What are you talking about
Oh come on dude, it's so obvious.


If itís so obvious why donít I see
Just think about it for a minute.
In English what did he say? He
said hey Vicki what are you doing
after school, not hey what are you
guys doing or what are you three
doing or you girls doing. He just
asked you, he so wants you.
No, were just good friends.
Yeah and he wants to be more then
Itís cause we hang out all the
time. Because youíre at work or
with Mike, Joe works just about
everyday, Jayne is always with
Bob. So we have to hang out
together or be alone.
You know what, I think you like
him too.
Molly pauses while Vicki looks down and blushes.
Donít you?
What? Were just friendís man.
Letís change the subject.
Ok, ok I see I hit a soft spot.
So howís everything going with


Oh great, he's got a good job and
a nice little house he has been
Whatís he do?
      (Says with a smile)
He's a tow truck driver, but he is
training to a paramedic.
Oh thatís what got you. I know you
love a man in uniform I guess any
uniform will do.
You got that right.
Next time we have a party you
should bring him along. How long
have you two been dating now?
Almost a year and a half.
Iím your best friend and Iíve only
meant him half a dozen times.
Well we plan on coming out, but
then we get side tracked.
Ok thatís all I need to know.
You need to get yourself a
boyfriend, maybe Dan. You havenít
had a boyfriend since what, 10th
grade what was that kidís name?


Yeah Jake. You need to get out
there and get a man.
Hey he broke my heart. I wouldnít
sleep with him so he dumped me,
and who says you need a man to
complete yourself anyway.
Thatís just your excuse because
your to afraid to go out there and
put your heart on the line. You
donít have to be in love to have
fun and you need to have some fun.

Molly and Vicki have three minutes until the bell rings.
Molly and Vicki are hiding behind the building.
Man I need a smoke.
Me too.
      (Lights up a
       cigarette and
       pass it back and
We have like 2 minutes before the
bell rings.
Ahhh, it doesnít matter if weíre a
little late, Mr. Johnson doesnít
care, and heís more of a farmer
then a teacher.
Yeah youíre right.
The bell RINGS as Molly throw the cigarette on the ground.
Vicki and Molly run to class they go in and sit by Dan.


                       MR. JOHNSON
Ladies try to be here before the
bell rings tomorrow.
We will.
Mr. Johnson starts to talk.
                       MR. JOHNSON
In this class you are going to
learn all sorts of skills, such as
engines, welding, raising
livestock, soil and growing crops,
but today I need to get some
things done, so you kids can talk.
Jut remember tomorrow you'll need
a notebook for this class. I would
also like you all to have
steel-toed boots and safety
Mr. Johnson sits down at his desk and begins to shuffle
through papers. Vicki Molly and Dan start talking, as well
as the other students.
      (Asks Vicki.)
I was just wondering if you were
staying for lunch or not?
I donít want to, but itís up to
Whatever you want to do is fine?
OK weíll all just go to the cars
after class.
      (Raises her hand.)
                       MR. JOHNSON
Yes Vicki.
Can I use the restroom?
                       MR. JOHNSON
Go ahead.


Vicki stands up and leaves the building and goes out to the
Hey Molly youíre Vickiís best
friend, so could you tell me if
she has said anything about me?

I knew you liked her.
That obvious huh?
Yeah. I was trying to tell her
that you had a thing for her.
What did she say?
She said no weíre just friends,
but I think she likes you she just
doesnít want to show it. I think
itís because of her ex-boyfriend.
Oh I remember him; after he dumped
her she was depressed for months.
Yeah he dumped her because she
wasnít ready to sleep with him.
I know he was a dick. She wasnít
herself for awhile after that. I
called it the curse of Ď74
Good one. So do you want me to
tell her that you like her or


No, no, no. I want to tell her
myself, I just wanted to know if
she said anything about me.
Donít worry I can tell she likes
Vicki walks back into the building and walks across the room
and sits down.
So what were you guys talking
Oh nothing.
Man that bell needs to ring, I
want to go home.
Me too.
      (Leans in and
       whispers to Molly
       and Dan.)
When I was in the bathroom I
rolled a doobie for the ride home.
To bad we arenít all riding in the
same car.
Yeah it sucks to be you man.
RING of the bell, Molly, Vicki and Dan get up and run out
the door and to the parking lot. Molly drives a blue '68
Chevy Camaro and Dan drives a red Chevy truck. Molly jumps
in her car and Dan and Vicki get into his truck.


      (Says as she waves
       to Molly.)
See you tomorrow
See ya later man.
Molly pulls out of the parking lot. Dan follows shortly
behind her.
So are we going to your house
Yeah I just want to get some old
clothes to work in. So what will I
be helping you with today?
I have to feed the chickens, clean
the chicken coop.
I better bring some clothes to
change into for after we get done.
You donít have to help if you
donít want to.
Hey just because Iím a girl
doesnít mean I canít deal with
some chicken shit.
I didn't mean it like that. I just
meant their my chores and it's
just cool that you'll be there.
Vicki smiles at Dan , Dan grins back.
Well the way I see it is we can
get the job done in half the time,
then we can cruise around or


                       VICKI (cont'd)
Vicki and Dan pull into Vicki's driveway. Vicki jumps out of
the truck before she shuts the door she says.
I'll be right back.
      (Shuts the door
       and runs into the
Dan sits in the car with his rock music on; before he knows
it Vicki is getting back into the truck.
Lets go, and then we can smoke
That shirt doesnít look old.
Yeah, but Rush stinks anyway.
Dan laughs as they drive down the road and Dan and Vicki
turn onto his street. Dan and Vicki pass a long strip of
Oh it's Kleaver woods that place
gives me the creeps.
      (Looks away and
       out of the corner
       of her eye she
       something run
       through the
       woods. She jumps.)
Did you see that?
See what?
Nothing I just thought I saw
someone run through the woods.
Itís probably just my mind playing
tricks on me.


                       VICKI (cont'd)
Maybe it was a deer. You know Tim
the quarterback; he lives next
door to those woods. Right there.
Dan points to the old farm house that sits back off the
road. Corn fields are everywhere around the house and barn.
You want to hit this again?
No Iím good. Now donít act to
stoned in case my parents come
Dan and Vicki pull into his long driveway.
Don't worry you have a long
Man youíre stoned.
Dan parks the truck by the barn. Vicki and Dan get out of
the truck.
I going to throw some bails of
straw down from the loft, then you
throw them in the truck bed.
Dan goes up to the top and starts throwing the straw down
and Vicki throws it into his truck bed. After about ten or
so bails Dan yells down.
Ok Iím coming down.


Dan comes down the stairs grabs a flat square shovel and
throws it in the bed of his truck. Vicki walks into the
OK let's drive over to the
chicken coop.
Dan and Vicki both get into the truck and drive to the
chicken coop. They jump out of the truck and Dan says.
OK lets just throw these bails on
the ground.
Dan and Vicki start to throw the bails onto the ground.
Soon as we are done Iíll back to
truck up so I can shovel the old
straw into it.
Dan and Vicki throw the last to bails out and Vicki says.
Then what should I do?
Iíll shovel the shit into the
truck bed and you can change their
water and feed them.
OK sounds good to me.
Vicki climbs into the chicken coop and Dan gets into the
truck and backs it up. Dan parks the truck and gets out and
climbs into the coop.
Over there in the container is the
and there is the hose.
OK lets get to work.


Dan starts to take the shovel and push the old bedding
towards the truck into a pile. Vicki is taking buckets full
of feed and filling up the feeders that hang from the
ceiling. After a few trips back and fourth Vicki takes the
hose and starts to fill the water troths. Dan keeps on
making his pile as they work around each other. Soon Vicki
is done and Dan is shoveling the bedding into the truck bed
as sweat pours down his face. Dan takes off his shirt.
                       VICKI (VO)
      (Thinking to
I can't believe he has to do this
all the time. It's gotta be hard
work that's for sure. Oh my God I
never realized how big his arms
are when he is wearing a shirt.
Damn guys are so hot when they are
working ahh.
Dan looks over quickly then turns back, Vicki quickly turns
away and acts like she's not looking, but she's too late.
Dan smiles he knows he has Vicki's attention. Vicki quickly
starts a conversation.
Youíve gotta love doing all this
It's not bad, but I've been doing
this since I was a kid. I like
working in the fields more. Just
drive a tractor around, it takes a
long time, but it's more relaxing.
When I get the farm I'm just going
to grow crops. Small farms can't
make money on animals anymore.
Do you still have your brotherís
old Corvett?
Yeah itís in the garage. Why?
I was thinking sometime we could
go to the drag strip and race the
car thereís not much more to do in
this town.


Wanna go tonight?
Yeah. Get high, drink a few beers
itíll be fun.
Once Iím done with this we just
got to throw the straw down.
Vicki and Dan continue working.
Dan and Vicki parked in Vicki's driveway. Vicki's just about
to get out of the car.
I had a lot of fun tonight. How
about you?
Oh yeah I had a great time. It was
really cool.
Yeah we gotta do it again
How about tomorrow?
Whatís tomorrow, Friday or should
I say today. Well I have to work
till nine.
Well I'll see if the rest of the
gang will come to the diner at
8:30. Then we can party when you
get off work or something.
That sounds cool. Well itís almost
two, I better sneak in. I hope we
donít get caught.


                       VICKI (cont'd)
Yeah me too. See you later.
See you tomorrow.
Vicki gets out of the car and softly shuts the door. Vicki
runs up the driveway and slowly opens the door and sneaks in
the house.
Molly, Vicki, Joe, Jayne and Dan are sitting at the table
together talking.
So whereís Bob?
Heís sitting with the team, but he
promised he would come sit with me
for the last 15 minutes of lunch.
So where were you three yesterday?
We decided to just go home.
I think Iíll be doing that the
rest of the year too.
Yeah we can eat lunch anywhere why
stay here.
      (Jokingly says.)
To see your friend. You guys suck
I have to stay here.
Well at least Bob will be here. I
think this will be the last day
weíll be here for the rest of the


      (Yells over from
       his table)
Jayne get your ass over here.
What an asshole, why do you put up
with that?
Heís just a different man when
we're alone what can I say.
Hey donít get me wrong Iíve known
Bob since we were kids, but since
he got on the varsity team heís a
whole different person.
Tell me about it.
This damn town and high school
football, they treat them like
gods or something, itís no wonder
it changed him.
Jayne gets up and goes over to Bobís table down and across
the lunch room.
Slut alert, here come the
Great just who I want to see.
Valerie, Debbie, Jackie, Ashley, Shannon, and Jessica walk
over to their table. They are all in their uniforms since
its Friday. Ashley is a brunette in 10th grade she is a
cheerleader. She takes orders better then a soldier. Shannon
is a red head also in 10th grade, takes orders better then a
soldier. Jessica has light brown hair and blue eyes. She is
a senior, she is the new girl, at her old school she was a
nobody, but at Linworth High she has started a new life and
is on the cheer-leading squad.
So Dan I know you're a farmer, but
I never knew you had a thing for


What the hell are you talking
At the drag strip kissing that pig
over there.
      (Points to Vicki.)
Debbie, Jackie, Ashley and Shannon laugh.
Fuck you Valerie.
You two kissed, and why didnít I
hear about this?
The blood is boiling in Vicki's veins, with out thinking
Vicki jumps up and cold cocks Valerie right in the face. The
lunch room begins to chant FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Valerie is
on the floor Vicki is on top of Valerie punching her in the
face, Valerie is trying to protect her face with one hand
and pulling Vicki's hair with the other.
Fight bitch just don't pull my
fucking hair.
Ashley, Shannon and Jackie jump on Vicki's back, so Molly,
Jayne, and Dan start to pull the girls off of Vicki. Vicki
and Valerie are now on their feet Valerie punches Vicki in
the face.
What was that?
Vicki swings and punches Valerie, she falls right on her
Next time you better watch your
mouth bitch.
Valerie gets up; a teacher runs over and gets between them
before anything else can happen.
Donít worry I think sheís had


You girls are coming with me, the
rest of you come and tell the
principal what happened here.
Vicki, Molly, Joe, Dan, Jayne, Valerie, Debbie, Jackie,
Ashley, Shannon Jessica and the Teacher walk out the lunch
room doors.
Vicki is sitting in a chair in the office waiting to go see
the principal. All her friends have already talked to the
principal as well as the cheerleaders. Valerie just went in.
Molly has just came out Molly tells Vicki.
Hey weíll be waiting for you in
the parking lot, we need to talk.
Ok Iíll see you soon.
While Vicki is waiting for her punishment the new girl
Jessica walks over to her.
Hi, I'm Jessica, I just moved
here. I just wanted to tell you
that I'm sorry about Valerie.
No need to apologize for her. Why
are you apologizing for her
I just thought she was ignorant,
and I know how it feels. Before at
my old school I had no friends, I
thought I could be popular when
everybody knows who you are, but
now I realize why so many people
don't like them. Now I think I'd
rather have no friends, then be
part of something I hate.
You know what you seem pretty cool
maybe one day you can hang out
with us


Yeah maybe I'll do that sometime.
Anyway I think after next week's
homecoming game I'm dropping out
of cheer-leading and being myself
Well I better go I just wanted to
tell you that.
Ok thanks, nice meeting you.
Jessica leaves the office and Valerie comes out of the
Principal's office and gives Vicki a dirty look as she walks
out of the office, before Valerie gets out the door Vicki
Have fun cheering with that shiner
Iím going to make your life a
living hell.
Oooo. Go to hell Valerie.
Vicki jumps at Valerie and Valerie jumps back and quickly
leaves the office. Vicki laughs.
Vicki get in here now.
Vicki walks in to the Principal's office and shuts the door
and sits down.
So whatís your version of the
Basically she called me a pig; I
got up and kicked her ass.
Watch your mouth Miss Hutchinson.


You wanted the truth and thatís
the truth.
Even though your record is clean I
still have to suspend you for
three days.
What did Valerie get?
She got one day of detention.
Thatís bullshit.
Well I think you taught her a
lesson, anyway you threw the first
punch and I advise you to watch
your mouth unless you want me to
add another day on too that. Now
you can leave and Iíll see you
back next Thursday.
      (Softly says)
If I was a cheerleader, I bet I'd
only get detention too.
Vicki gets up and walks out of the office and out to the
parking lot.
Molly, Dan, and Joe are waiting for Vicki by their cars.
So what happened?
I got three days suspension, like
I care itís three days of vacation
for me.
That was a great fight.
      (Wipes his eyes
       and acts like he


                       JOE (cont'd)
       is tearing up.)
It makes me happy to say you're my
Yeah it was so cool.
Yeah I know. I gave that bitch a
shiner. Are you guys ready to get
out of here, I want to relax
before I go into work.
So are you guys coming to the
diner tonight before I get off
Dan, Molly and Joe all answer "Yeah."
So you need a ride home?
I can go with Joe and save you on
No little lady youíre going with
Ok whatever letís get going.
Everyone gets in their cars; Molly and Vicki are in the
Vicki and Molly are all pulling out of the parking lot.
So what happened with you and Dan
last night?
Well after we got done with the
work at his house, we went out to
the drag strip. We were there for
a while hanging out, and then some
jocks showed up and wanted to
race, I m-fed them before the
light, anyway we won. I was happy


                       VICKI (cont'd)
and I kissed him
What kind of kiss?
Just a plain old kiss, nothing
So how did he react?
Like he was in shocked, I dunno.
So do you like him?
I don't know. I can say one thing
he looked really good working
yesterday. It didn't hurt when he
took his shirt off.
You should just go out with him;
you know heíll treat you right.
Yeah, but what if it doesnít work
out, how could we still be
But what if it is the best thing
that ever happens to you and you
pass it up?
I guess your right, but heíll have
to ask me.
So what do you want to do after
Party. Hell I have a five day
weekend now.


I canít believe you jumped up like
that. Thatís just not like you.
Well I figure it's my senior year
and I don't care anymore. I'm
tired of being pushed around.
So what do you think we'll do
We will probably just party down
in Jayneís basement, the usual.
Sounds cool to me.
They pull into Vicki's driveway she gets out of the car and
says goodbye. Dan's truck and Vicki and Joe's car are parked
in the driveway.
Jon and Vicki are working in the back of the small
restaurant and talking.
Did you hear about the party they
are having after the dance next
No what about it?
Well Tim lives right next to
Kleaver woods and he is having a
party in the woods.
Kleaver woods?
That place gives me the he be
gebees every time I pass it.


Yeah it is creepy, when I was
younger I swore I saw somebody in
the woods,
but I don't have to worry about
going there is no way I'm invited.
Don't worry their parties suck.
Look your favorite people just
came in.
Vicki peaks out to see the clan of cheerleaders. Valerie,
Ashley, Debbie and Jackie.
      (Says with a
       sinister smile as
       she points at
Oh great. I'm cooking her food.
Cathy walks over and Vicki gestures her to come over, so she
Tell me exactly what Valerie
Cathy grabs menus and walks over to the table and goes to
get their drink orders.
That fight today was great. You
kicked her ass.
Donít you love her black eye all
the makeup in the world canít
cover that up.
Cathy walks over to get the drinks and says to Vicki.
That black eye is great Vicki.


Thank you. It felt good kicking
her ass and getting three days of
vacation for it.
Cathy walks over and delivers the drinks and gets the
I canít wait till my shift is
That makes two of us. Hey Iíll be
back in a few; Iím going for a
Cathy walks over with the orders and says.
She ordered the hamburger with no
      (Looks down at the
       order and lightly
       says the orders
       out loud.)
Two hamburgers one no onions, one
with mayo, two cheeseburger no
onions, and four salads with
french, two ranch, and Italian
Vicki throws four burgers on the grill. Vicki gets out four
slices of tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. Jon walks back in.
So what did I miss?
Nothing just fixing orders. Hey
you want to get out four salads
and two ranch, a french and an
italian dressing.
Iím on it.


Jon walks to the fridge gets out four salads and the
dressing; Jon puts then on the counter and rings the bell.
Vicki flips the burgers, she drops one on the floor.
Vicki picks it up and puts it back on the grill. Vicki puts
the burgers together making sure Valerie gets the one that
dropped on the floor. Soon Vicki puts the food on the
counter and rings the bell. Cathy puts the food on the tray
and delivers it. Shows the clock on the wall it is 5:30 and
spins to 8:30. Jayne, Joe, Dan, Molly, and Mike walk into
the diner and sit down at a table. Cathy walks over with
menus in hand and asks.
Do you guys want anything to
Oh we donít need menus.
Speak for yourself man. I got the
Do the rest of you want to order?
Jayne, Joe, Dan and Mike shake their heads no.
OK. What can I get you guys to
Coke too.
Iced Tea
Iíll have some coffee.


OK I'll be right back with your
      (Walks away.)
Jayne so why arenít you watching
Bob play?
Itís an away game and Iíd rather
be partying with my friends.
So are you and Bob going to the
homecoming dance?
Yeah. How about you guys?
Iím going because itís our senior
year. So Iíll ask you now, Mike do
you want to go to the dance with
me next Friday?
I probably donít have a choice. Do
      (Smiles back at
How about you two?
Maybe. I hope I can get a date,
Vicki said I should ask that new
Yeah sheís pretty cool Iíve hung
out with her a few times.
Thatís good Joe aim high. We all
know you want to go with Vicki.
Yeah Dan you are so obvious.


Iíve been hearing that a lot
So when do you plan on asking her?

Iím not sure maybe tonight.
Cathy walks over with the drinks and hands them out.
So are you ready to order?
Iíll take a burger and fries.
OK that will be right out.
      (Takes the menu
       and walks to the
I canít wait for my food.
Dude you alway got the munchies.
      (Puts his arm
       around Molly.)
That's my girl.
So are we going to Jayneís house
Yeah, it will only be us, my mom
went to some feminist rally for
the weekend.
Cool we can really party.
Mike leans in and softly says to the group.


You wonít believe this grass I got
today, itís some premo stuff. Gets
you as high as a kite and the best
thing is I got a few pounds of it.
Heís not lying. It is really good.
Canít wait to smoke some.
I also got a trunk full of beer.
Youíve got an awesome boyfriend.
I know aint he great.
I have a 12 pack. Mike did Molly
ask you to get that pint for me?
Yeah, it's in my trunk.
We know you got that for her,
everyone here drinks beer except
for my sister.
Hey if we all get drunk she should
too, who wants to be sober around
a bunch of drunks.
He does make a point.
      (Says to Jayne)
Is Bob going to be partying with
us tonight?


He is supposed to show up after
the game, but I know if they win
heíll go party with them first.
Letís hope they win.
Vicki walks out from the back with Molly's food. Vicki puts
the food on the table then pulls a chair up to the end of
the table and sits down.
Good news when you get done with
your food we can get out of here.
They donít care if I leave a few
minutes early.
Go grab me a doggy bag and we can
get out of here now.
I'll grab the bill too.
      (Gets up and walks
       to the back,
       comes back out
       with the
       container and the
Oh you guys have to hear this.
Valerie walks in today with the
other bitches, anyway I dropped
her food on the floor and she ate
I hope you never did that to my
No I just spit in yours.
Is everybody ready?
Yeah letís roll.


Vicki, Dan, Joe, Jayne Mike and Molly stand up and leave the
money on the table and walk out the door.
Dan, Vicki, Joe, Jayne, Mike and Molly are sitting in
Jayne's basement. Black lights are on and music is playing
loudly. Mike and Molly are sitting together on the love
seat, Joe and Jayne are sitting beside each other in chairs,
and Dan and Vicki are sitting together on the couch. They
are passing a joint around. Everyone has a beer in hand
except for Vicki who has a can of pop and a pint of whiskey
with a shot glass sitting in front of her. They are in their
hang out area under the basement stairs.
Mike this is some good stuff.
If you are interested in buying
any weíll talk later.
Iím interested.
So Vicki how was work?
I had fun dropping her food on the
floor other then that is was just
At least you're getting a five day
Yeah you suck man.
Just kicks someones ass and you
can go on vacation too. Just try
to do it on a Friday.
You see Mike throw his can into the trash then you see a lot
of cans fly into the trash can until the trash is full of
empty beer cans. Now everyone is pretty well off. Everyone
is slurring their words, some more than others. Molly
stands up.


      (Slurring her
Is everyone feeling as good as I
am right now?
      (Slurring her
Dude did you ever realize how your
teeth glow in the black light?
You guys are trunk.
Molly and Vicki start laughing and saying.
Trunk ha, ha, ha, trunk.
You said trunk, trunk
Molly looses her balance and falls on her butt, everyone
Mike you better sit her down.
Well I'm gonna go upstairs I need
to go to the bathroom.
Vicki stands up and stumbles over to the stairs.
Wait! Iíll go with you someone has
to make sure you donít kill
Dan helps Vicki up the stairs everyone hears Vicki fall when
she gets to the top of the stairs.
Jayne you arenít as drunk as those
two are you?


No Iím a little buzzed Iím waiting
for Bob to get here.
How about you Mike?
Iím feeling good, but not as good
as those two.
Iíll have to be passing out soon,
I have to get up early tomorrow.
Oh come on Joe itís Friday.
I wish I could, but I have to get
up at seven.
That sucks.
Yeah tell me about it... So do you
think I can crash on your couch
Sure. Hey Mike and Molly when you
want to pass out you can sleep in
my room, Bob and I will take my
momís room.
Cool Vicki and Dan got to sleep
down here.
You can here Dan and Vicki at the top of the stairs.
                       DAN (V.O.)
Give me your hand were going down
stairs and I'm not going to let
you fall.
You here Vicki and Dan come down the stairs they walk over
to the couch and sit down. Vicki grabs her bottle and takes
the lid off, she pours a shot or at least she is trying.


Hey, Hey I think you've had enough
to drink for awhile.
      (Grabs the bottle
       and puts it on
       the floor away
       from Vicki.)
Iím not drunk.
Youíre pretty drunk man.
The basement door opens and Bob walks in Jayne gets up and
walks over and gives Bob a kiss. Bob and Jayne walk over Bob
sits on a chair and Jayne sits on Bob's lap.
Can someone throw me a beer?
      (Mike throws him a
       beer. He catches
Thanks man.
So did you guys win?
Yeah 24 to 14 we were tied there
for awhile.
So did you go party with the guys?
I had a few beers, got a shower
then came over here.
I canít believe you didnít stay
there longer since our parties are
such a drag and theirs are so
Yeah Bob.
Iím only here to be with my girl,
but our parties are better. People
are drinking, dancing, getting
wild, having sex; usually one good


                       BOB (cont'd)
fight breaks out. You guys just
sit in a circle drinking beer,
smoking weed, and analyzing Pink
Floyd songs. You guys donít know
how to party!
Hey there is no need to bring
Floyd in to this, plus this is
more of a, a, a, get to together
then a party. Right guys?
Yeah this is just us hanging out.
Whatever. I bet you guys our
parties are better then your
Youíre on!
Let's shake on it.
      (Bob and Vicki
       shake hands.)
OK next week after the dance,
Kleaver woods.
Wait Kleaver woods? I donít know
about that.
We already shook on it. What are
you afraid Iím right?
No. That place gives me the
Donít tell me you believe that
bullshit story, that your parents
told us when we were kids?
Maybe I do.


That's just a bunch of BS. I've
been in the woods quite a few
times and I'm still talking to all
of you. You're just afraid that
it's going to be an awesome party
and you'll have to admit that you
are wrong and I'm right.
Come on Vicki lets just go so we
donít have to argue about this
Yeah, donít be such a woos.
I donít know guys.
Hey will the rest of you go?
I'll go.
Me too.
      (Looks at Vicki.)
I'll go if you go.
How about you Molly?
I guess, Bob was in the woods and
he's OK. Plus we can prove him
OK I'll go, but if we all die out
there it's your fault Bob.
Nothing is going to happen, but a
kick ass party.


Joe has gone upstairs and gone to sleep. Mike and Molly are
on the love seat making out. Bob and Jayne are on the couch
making out. Dan and Vicki are sitting in the chairs talking.
God itís like we arenít even here.
Tell me about it.
Like a bunch of dogs in heat.
We should just grab our alcohol
and go sit on the steps outside.
Maybe we should grab the hose too.
      (They chuckle.)
Just let me get my jacket.
Vicki grabs her jacket and her bottle, Dan gets a beer. They
go outside and sit on the steps.
You got to love our friends.
So were you thinking about going
to the dance?
I don't know, I should go since
this is the last time I can go to
a homecoming dance.
I was thinking we could go
You know just as friends since all
our friends will be there.
As long as we take the corvette.


Youíve been drinking all night and
you barely seem drunk.
Iím pretty good; you were
defiantly drunk earlier.
Yeah my buzz has gone down, thatís
why Iím drinking again.
      (Takes a swig out
       of the bottle.)
You know when we get back in we
should get the bong out.
      (Looks up at the
It's so clear tonight you can see
all the stars.
I love the stars they are so
Dan puts his arm around Vicki.
You know you shouldnít even think
twice about what Valerie said. She
just says that shit so she can
feel better about herself.
Thanks that means a lot.
      (Lays her head on
       his shoulder.)
I'm getting chilly you want to go
back inside?
Dan and Vicki get up and go back inside the basement. No on
is there.


Looks like the basement is all
I guess so. Letís bust out that
bong man.
Dan goes over to a corner and gets the bong out of an old
box marked Jayneís old toys.
You know one of us is going to
have to sleep on the love seat.
This is a couch bed right?
Yeah I think so.
Well why donít we open it up we
can both sleep on it.
You sure?
Yeah. Why not?
Vicki and Dan open up the bed and sit down. Vicki and Dan
start smoking the clock reads 2:30 and spins to 4:00.
Wow I canít believe we have been
talking this long. We should
probably crash.
Youíre right.


      (Turns off the
Vicki gets out of the car and walks into the library, and
walks over to the librarian's desk.
Excuse me maíam. I was wondering
if you could show me where the
microfilms of old newspapers are?
Sure. It's down in the basement
come with me.
      (Walks out from
       behind the desk
       and leads the way
       down the basement
So what are you looking for?
Some stuff for a school project on
our local history.
Your probably be surprised by what
you find.
The Librarian and Vicki walk in to a room in the basement.
There are four chairs to look at the microfilm. There is a
self full of boxes of microfilm each with a date.
Each box is marked with the dates.
I hope you find everything you
need, now you have fun.
Thank you.
Your Welcome.


The librarian walks back up stairs. Vicki begins to look at
the dates on the boxes of reels. Vicki has a notebook and
pen in hand.
Well I know it happened it 1956,
so lets just start from the
Vicki grabs the box and puts it into the reader and begins
to scan though the old articles. Vicki keeps on going
finding nothing until finally in the middle of March 1956
she sees a headline. Murder in the Woods.
      (Starts to read
After no one had seen Miss Kleaver
in town for over two months a
grocery store clerk asked the
police to check in the woods. When
the police entered the woods they
came upon a gruesome sight. In the
small house they found the
beheaded body of Miss Kleaver.
Police say it looked like she had
been dead for quite sometime, but
they could not pinpoint a time of
death because of the freezing
temperatures. They suspect that
her son was responsible for her
murder, but hope to find more
clues in her journal found at the
crime scene.
      (End of article.)
There has to be more I guess I
just have to keep looking.
Vicki keeps scanning through the newspaper when Vicki sees
another headline that reads Police Puzzled Vicki starts to
read aloud.
Police are unsure about who killed
Martha Kleaver, whose beheaded
body was found on March eighth.
Police say that can prove that her
son did not commit the murder.
Police still have no suspects in
this case.


Vicki quits reading the article and keeps scanning though
the pages until she finds and article title The Mother's
Journal. Vicki reads aloud.
We have been given Martha
Kleaver's journal from a secret
source. In the journal she writes
"I went into town last week and
saw posters of a missing 16 year
old girl. I knew my evil son had
to have something to do with it."
She goes on to say. "Today I found
the body of the missing girl; it
was the most horrible thing I had
ever seen in all my days. I knew I
brought this evil into the world
and I must take it out. I grabbed
my shot gun and put it to his
heart. Before I pulled the trigger
he said he would come back for me
and anyone who walked into these
woods, and then I pulled the
trigger. I drug his body to the
embankment and pushed if off. God
forgive me, for letting him live
so long and taking his life. The
evil is gone, but I still sit here
writing this in fear for my life.
God protect me." That was her last
entry, police still unsure of who
murdered her. Police say they did
find the badly mutilated body of
16 year old Mary Faith Jones, but
have not found the body of
Martha's son, Edward Sylvester
Vicki continues to search through the papers.
Detective goes missing in Kleaver
woods. While investigating the
crime scenes dubbed Kleaver woods,
Detective John Smith went missing.
The police department is still
searching for Mr. Smith, police
say he might have suffered a heart
attack, due to the heart problems
he had in the past or he may have
gotten lost. Police say they are
determined to find their
colleague. I wonder how many
people have gone missing in this


                       VICKI (cont'd)
Vicki starts scanning through the papers looking for the
words missing or something linked to the woods. A few weeks
after the last article Vicki finds another article titled
Police Stumped.
After weeks of searching two
volunteers and one police officer
have gone missing, searching for
detective John Smith. Police have
called off the search for Mr.
Smith. Everyone is puzzled saying
it seems like they disappeared in
to thin air...There are four
people now missing.
I think tomorrow I'll have to
drive to the county court house to
see how many people have gone
missing over the years and who
owns Kleaver woods
Vicki puts everything away walks up the stairs thanks the
librarian again and walks out the door.
Dan, Vicki, Molly, Joe, Jayne and Bob are hanging out in
Jayne's basement. A joint is being passed around the room.
Joe goes to pass the joint to Bob.
      (Yelling at Joe.)
You know I don't smoke that shit .
I don't know why you guys always
have to surround me in smoke. I'll
never get a football scholarship
if I can't breathe.
Gees man I was just passing it, I
didnít realize it was you. So
donít get all pissy with me man.
Molly starts up a conversation before Bob can yell at Joe


      (Asking Vicki.)
So what did you do on your first
day off?
I went to the library.
Why would you go to the library
when you have a day off of school?

You must be crazy.
Vicki takes out her notebook. Vicki looks at it and says.
No. I was going through old
newspapers researching Kleaver
So what did you find out?
Vicki takes out her notebook. Vicki looks at it and says.
Well first he killed a 16 year old
girl and his mother found out and
she killed him. Then a few months
later they found his mother
beheaded, but they never found his
That sounds just like the story
mom and dad use to tell us.
Because it was true. I read all
the articles. Plus a detective
went missing in the woods. Then
they sent a search party and three
more people went missing and were
never found.


                       VICKI (cont'd)
Thatís strange.
You are just trying to make
excuses so you can skip the party,
because you know Iím right.
No, Iím just trying to get
information about Kleaver woods to
prove that itís not just a story
our parents made up.
Youíre just scared, you know Iím
right and youíre wrong.
      (Stands up and
       starts to yell at
Screw you Bob I'm not afraid of
losing some stupid bet. I'm going
to the party to shut you up, but
when we start dropping like flies
left and right it's going to be
your fault.
Vicki storms out of the basement and slams the door.
It must be her time of the month.
Molly and Dan stand up.
Bob you really need to learn how
to shut up.
Molly follows Vicki. Dan is right behind Molly. They walk
out the door.
Aren't you going to make sure your
crazy sister is alright?


Sheíll be fine.
Shouldnít you make sure.
      (Winks twice.)
Joe gets up and opens the door, before Joe shuts the door
Joe hears Bob say.
Gees why do all these people
always have to be here, canít we
ever be alone.
Because they are our friends,
could you try not to be such a
Iím sorry baby.
      (Kisses Jayne.)
Joe goes up the stairs.
What an asshole.
Molly, Dan and Vicki are sitting at the top of the steps.
Whoís an asshole?
Who do you think? He says aren't
you going to make sure your crazy
sister is OK wink, wink. Then
before I shut the door he says why
are all these people always here.
Jayne told him not to be such a
jerk, then he said I'm Sorry. Yeah


Come on guys lets go get some
beers, play some pool and have
some fun.
Sounds good to me.
Vicki looking through filling cabinets at the county
courthouse. Vicki goes through all the missing persons files
from the 1940's till 1970s and adds them up. Vicki has a
paper and pen and every time she counts a missing person
from her town or someone who went missing and was last seen
around the woods she makes a line in groups of fives. You
see 10 sets of lines.
Damn 50 people in 30 years in this
little town isn't this odd to
Now all I got to do is see who
owns the woods.
Vicki goes through the land files and starts to read to
                       VICKI (VO)
Property went up for auction by
the IRS for back taxes. Starts at
a thousand dollars and is sold for
a thousand dollars. Bought by a
local banker a few weeks later he
donates it to the local police
department. That's a little odd
Vicki leaves the court house to go home and get ready for
Vicki walks into her house she sees her mom and decides to
ask her a few questions.


Hey mom I wanted to ask you
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Sure, what is it?
Something about Kleaver woods.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
      (Calmly, but
What about the woods?
Why did a local banker buy the
land and then just gave it to the
police department?
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Well after so many people went
missing the town got together and
came up with a plan. I was just a
kid, but from what I understand
they all knew the IRS was going to
auction it off, so they thought
the best idea would be to make it
police property so people would
stay away. Your grandparents and
all the other families all donated
enough money to buy the property
since the local government
couldn't. They gave the money to
the banker and he bought it in an
auction then donated it to the
OK. I was just researching the
woods and it seemed weird that he
bought it and gave it away.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
So why are you researching the
Just curious.


                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
You guys arenít planning to go in
the woods are you?
Well I better jump in the shower I
got to get ready for work.
Vicki gets up and runs into the bathroom.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
You're not planning on going in
the woods are you? Victoria Anne
answer me damn it!
Itís dark out Dan and Vicki are sitting by the fire both are
a little drunk. Both are slightly slurring their words.
Oh Ö. I forgot to tell you what I
found out yesterday.
Whatís that?
Did you know that the town got
together and donated money, bought
the woods and gave it to the
Yeah you know what else. 50 people
have gone missing over 30 some
years in this little town. All
were last seen around the woods.
That's a lot of people.
Yeah most of them were teenagers


                       VICKI (cont'd)
I really don't want to go to that
Dan puts his arm around Vicki, Vicki scoots closer to Dan.
We donít have to.
But if I donít Bob will never let
it go. He'll never let me live it
Screw Bob, heís just a dick. Don't
worry about what he says.
Yeah, but as long as he is with M.
J. we have to put up with him.
That's true, but you don't have to
listen to him.
      (Slight pause.)
So are you sure you want to go to
the party?
      (Says with a
Yeah I know youíll be there to
protect me.
Damn right.
Vicki and Dan snuggle closer together.
Vicki, Dan, Joe, Molly and Jayne are sitting in the
bleachers at the homecoming game as well as about everyone
in town. You can hear the CHEERS from the crowd. The
Linworth Lions are leading 24 to 10 in the end of the third
quarter. Lions have the ball by the Tigers 20 yard line
Looks like we have this game in
the bag.


Bob receives the ball.
Go Bobby, go Bobby, go. YEAH
                       ANNOUNCER (VO)
Lions now lead 30 to 10 with two
minutes left in the third quarter.
Theyíre going for the extra point,
and itís ÖÖÖÖÖ.good.
Hey Molly want to leave and start
to get ready.
Yeah this game is over anyway.
Molly and Vicki get up and leave.
So Joe did you ask Jessica to the
No she is dating Todd; Iím just
going by myself. I got the
craziest tux ever
Can't wait to see it. Well Iím
heading out too. Iíll see you guys
See you at the dance.
Molly and Vicki are putting on makeup in Molly's bathroom.
Molly's hair is curled and put on top of her head with a few
curls hanging down. Vicki's hair is straight and down with
two small braids one from each temple, then pulled back and
connected to each other in the back. With a few small curls
hanging in her face.


So where are you and Mike meeting?
Heís picking me up here. What
about you?
Dan should be here soon then we
got to go to my house, my mom
wants pictures. Then we have to go
to his house, his parents want
pictures too.
That gives me an idea.
Iím taking my camera so all of us
can have our pictures taken
DING the door bell rings.
Can you get that?
Vicki walks out and answers the door. Itís Dan. Vicki is all
ready dressed and ready to go in her dark blue dress.
Wow. You look beautiful.
Vicki blushes and looks down with a smile.
Thanks. You look beautiful too.
I'm mean really handsome.
      (Slight pause)
Well we better get going since we
have to stop at my house and your
Oh wait this is for you.


Dan hands Vicki a pink corsage.
      (Yells to Molly.)
Hey were leaving see you there.
                       MOLLY (V.O.)
Ok see you at the dance.
Dan and Vicki get out of the Corvette in Vicki's driveway.
Vicki and Dan walk into the house. Mrs. Hutchison is waiting
with the camera.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Oh you guys look great. Who knew
my daughter could clean up so
      (In a slightly
       angry tone.)
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Hey I'm happy; I never thought I'd
see you in a dress all dolled up.
It almost brings tears to my eyes.
      (Slight pause)
Ok you two get together for a
Vicki and Dan stand together while Mrs. Hutchison snaps a
punch of pictures.
Where's Joe?
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Heís getting ready. He should be
out soon. I want pictures of you
and your brother together and then
the three of you and then just the
boys and the each of you by
Gees mom I donít know think there
are that many pictures on a roll
of film.


                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Donít ruin the moment Vicki.
Joe walks out in a crushed velvet tux that is multi-colored
patches with a top hat and a cane. It looks more like a pimp
costume then a tux.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Joe what is that awful thing
youíre wearing?
Something no one will forget.
Thatís so cool.
Yeah itís great man.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
      (Shakes her head,
       then says.)
Ok Vicki and Joe get together.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Ok now Dan and Joe.
                       MRS. HUTCHINSON
Ok then by yoursleves.
Ok mom Iíll see you tomorrow Iím
staying the night at Mollyís
Vicki grabs her tennis shoes sitting beside the door and
walks out the door with Dan and Joe.
Why are you bringing your tennis


Were going to that party in the
woods and I'm not going to be that
stupid girl on a scary movie
running in heels.
Youíre crazy.
And youíre related.
Joe, Dan and Vicki all open the doors to the two cars before
they get in the cars Vicki says to Joe.
We'll just see who's crazy.
      (Turns to Dan.)
Dan let's go to your house.
Doors open up to the school gym it's decorated with balloons
and streamers there are tables on both sides of the gym, and
a DJ on the stage. There are colored lights a disco ball and
disco music playing. Joe is already there Jayne runs up to
Dan, and Vicki as they walk in, Jayne is very excited.
Where is Molly and Mike?
They arenít here yet?
Joe walks over.
No. Well when she gets here I got
to tell you guys the great news.
Jayne walks away and over to the table where Bob is sitting.
Oh great I wonder what now?


Who knows? Hey Dan letís go get
some punch.
Dan and Vicki walk over to the punch bowl, they get some
punch and sit by Jayne.
You look nice Jayne.
Thanks. You too, you look like a
different person.
I wish Molly would get here soon.
Your wish is granted.
Molly and Mike walk into the gym. Jayne jumps up and waves
them over.
Whereís Joe?
He should be easy to find.
Jayne waves Joe over to the table where Jayne, Vicki and Dan
are sitting. Joe walks over. Mike, Molly and Joe sit down.
So whatís the big surprise?
      (Very Excited.)
After the game Bobby asked me to
marry him!!! And I said YES!!
      (With a fake smile
       on her face.)
Great. So whenís the big day?
Sometime after graduation.


      (With a
       sad/shocked look
       on his face and
BobÖ.. Are you crazy Jayne?
You just donít understand him,
heís completely different when
were alone.
If itís what you want knock
yourself out.
      (Angry tone)
Well I'm going to see my fiancť.
Jayne gets up and walks away.
I think you pissed her off.
Hey Iím not going to lie.
I canít wait till this night is
over. Iím getting hammered at the
Hey you still have a chance they
arenít married yet, and if sheís
smart sheíll dump his ass.
Joe donít worry, lets just have a
good time.
I'll try.


Hey I want a picture of all of us
Molly gets up and asks Mrs. Jones if she can take some
pictures. Mike, Molly, Joe, Dan and Vicki all stand
together. Molly and Vicki are in the middle. Mike is beside
Molly, Dan is beside Vicki and Joe is kneeling down in the
front. Mrs. Jones snaps the picture.
Mrs. Jones can you take another
picture after I get Jayne and Bob.

                       MRS. JONES
Molly runs over and tells Jayne and Bob to come over and get
in the picture. Molly, Jayne and Bob walk over and get in
place for the picture. Joe is in the middle to his left is
Jayne and Bob. To Joe's right are Vicki and Dan. Mike and
Molly are kneeling in the front middle. Mrs. Jones snaps a
Hey us girls should have our
picture taken like Charlieís
Vicki and Molly have their backs together and Jayne kneels
in the middle. Mrs. Jones snaps the picture. Mrs. Jones
hands the camera back to Molly.
Thank you Mrs. Jones.
                       MRS. JONES
Youíre Welcome.
Hey letís get something to eat and
get this over with.
Thatís a great idea.
Bob, Jayne, Mike, Molly, Vicki, Dan and Joe walk over and
get in line. The food is basic salad, rigatoni, chicken,
potatoes, cookies, and cakes. All seven of them get food and
sit back down at the table.


So did Jayne tell you guys the
good news?
Yeah we all heard.
      (Quickly changes
       the subject.)
That was a good game, what was the
final score?
It was a great game 34 to 14. So
are you guys ready for a kick ass
I sure am.
It's going to be one of our best
parties. Homecoming parties are
always good, but we got a keg plus
whatever everyone else brings.
I canít wait.
Are you guys excited about the
party tonight?
What excited to die?
Dude your crazy.
Well you know what they say, once
you walk in, you don't walk out.
Well hopefully weíll just have a
good time.


      (Leans over and
       whispers to Molly)
Did Mike bring a bag?
All seven friends are finished eating when Joe Cocker's You
are so Beautiful starts to play. Bob, and Mike stand up and
put their hands out to their dates as a gesture to dance.
Jayne and Molly take their dates hands and go out to the
dance floor. Dan gets up and puts his hand out to Vicki.
Beautiful lady, May I have this
      (Stands up)
Yea you may.
Dan and Vicki get up and walk to the dance floor. Joe sits
alone at the table. Vicki and Dan start to slow dance. Vicki
looks over at her brother Joe.
Look at poor Joe, I feel so bad
for him.
Donít worry heíll be fine.
Yeah I know, itís just that he has
been in love with Jayne since we
were kids.
He just has to tell her how he
feels before its too late.
Vicki lays her head on Dan's shoulder.
I just want to thank you for
treating me so nice, and for not
telling me I'm crazy for being
afraid of the woods.


No problem.
Valerie, Debbie, Jackie, Ashley and Shannon walk by the
couples dancing.
      (Points at Molly,
       Mike, Vicki and
If they gave out the biggest loser
awards all four of them would win,
but those two
      (Points to Vicki
       and Dan.)
would be crowned king and queen.
Valerie, Debbie, Jackie, Ashley and Shannon laugh and stick
their noses up in the air.
I kicked your ass once do I need
to do it again?
Valerie sticks her nose in the air and Valerie, Debbie,
Jackie, Ashley and Shannon all walk away.
Pans up to the clock that reads 8:30 and spins to 9:30. The
principal is on stage. Bob, Jayne, Mike, Molly, Vicki, Dan
and Joe are sitting at their table.
Now it is time to announce this
yearís king and queen.
      (Opens an
The king is Bob Wilson.
Bob walks on to the stage and is crowned.
And his queen is Ö Debbie Smith.
Debbie walks on stage and is crowned. Valerie is shocked
that she didnít win.


Here is your Homecoming King and
Queen. Now itís time for the king
and queen dance.
Did you guys see the look on
Valerieís face when she didnít
win. It was great.
That bitch better not be all over
my boyfriend.
Heís the one you should be
The song ends and they announce that they are playing the
last song of the night. Of course it is Stairway to Heaven.
Well guys Iím going home to
change, Iíll meet you at Timís
Ok weíll see you there.
Joe walks out the doors. All couples go to the dance floor
and are dancing closely embraced.
So did you have a good time?
Yeah it was better then I
Same here.
Do you want to change before we go
to the party?
I have clothes in the car.


I think Iíll just put on my tennis
shoes; this dress makes me feel
Youíre not pretty
You are beautiful.
      (Blushes and looks
       down as tears
       swell in her
Well you look very handsome.
      (Puts her head on
       Dan's shoulder.)
The song has gotten faster, but everyone is still slow
You know earlier how I was saying
Joe needs to tell her how he feels
before its too late?
Well, I need to say something
before it's to late.
Vicki I've wanted to be with you
for just about as long as I can
remember. You're a great person,
you're beautiful person, you're
nice and caring and I want to be
more then friends. What I'm trying
to say is do you to be more then
friends too?
I've been waiting for you to ask
me that.
Dan and Vicki start to kiss and continue to dance.
      (She says to Mike.)
Look at that.


Itís about time.
I know, theyíre so cute.
      (She kisses Mike.)
      (Whispers to Bob.)
Look at Vicki and Dan.
I wondered how long it was going
to take them.
The song ends everyone walks out of the gym and to their
Dan and Vicki are standing beside his car. Jayne is in Bob's
car waiting for Bob to get in.
So far this has been the best
night of my life.
It is the best day of mine.
      (Yells to Dan and
       Vicki as he is
       getting in his
You all ready for a great party?
I'll see you at Tim's house if you
don't chicken out.
Lets go to my house to get my
truck and stuff.


There are a dozen cars in Tim's long driveway. Tim is
leading the pack. Tim gets on top of his car and yells out.
Hey, HEY LISTEN UP! See those
woods back there, that's Kleaver
woods. If you're to chicken to go
back there, leave now!
Two cars back out and leave Tim's driveway. Tim points.
There go two cars full of chicken
shits. I hope the rest of you
brought tents and sleeping bags to
camp out.
      (Slight pause)
So if you want to party then
Tim jumps off the car and gets into it. Now you're in the
truck with Vicki and Dan.
So are you sure you want to go?
I donít know why Iím saying this,
but letís go.
Dan puts the truck into drive and begins to follow the 10
cars through the field towards the woods. The cars park in
one straight line along the tree line. Everyone is getting
out of their cars with sleeping bags, tents, coolers, and
cases of beer. In the back of Tim's truck is a keg, a cooler
and a can of gasoline. It's dark outside only a sliver of
the moon is out. The leaves on the trees are changing. The
woods are dense. The sky is clear. The guys are still in
their tuxes and most of the girls are still in their
dresses. Molly, Valerie, Jessica, and Jayne have changed
into pants and shirts. Every one of them are wearing
jackets, it is an autumn night.
Bob and I are going back to start
the fires. Then weíll be back to
lead the way.


Tim and Bob walk into the woods, Tim is caring a small gas
can. Molly, Mike, Jayne, Joe, Vicki and Dan are standing
around. Mike, Joe and Dan are holding cases of beer, Vicki
is holding a bottle of liquor.
Iíve got the chills just looking
at those woods.
We might not be here to long itís
supposed to storm.
I hope. I canít believe they want
to sleep out here. Iím not
sleeping out here.
Me too. I hope Bob doesnít want to
stay out here, but he probably
If you want to leave and he
doesnít I can give you a lift
Thanks Joe Iíll probably have do
All I know is this better be a
good party itís a little late in
the year to be camping outside.
Luckily itís a nice night, not to
You can just barely see the glow of the fires deep in the
Goody they got the fire going.
I hope they have enough wood to
keep it going.


Bob and Tim come out of the woods empty handed.
Hey team get over here we need to
carry the keg and some chairs.
The team walks over to his truck. It takes two guys to carry
the keg. The other guys carry folding chairs, cups, sleeping
bags, beer and tents.
Everyone follow us to the
Everyone walks back into the woods arms full. You can hear
teens talking and the sounds of leaves CRUNCHING and twigs
SNAPPING beneath their feet. Trees are everywhere you look.
They walk about a quarter of a mile or more until they walk
into the campsite. It is a cleared circle probably 40 feet
in circumference. There at two fires one on the left one on
the right about five feet inward. Around the fire to the
right are four logs making a square around the fire. The
teens with tents start to set them up around the sides and
back of the circle. Where everyone has walked in sets the
keg and a pile of firewood also a cooler sits by the keg
with cups sitting on top of it. Around the fire on the left
are the folding chairs and a radio. After the five tents are
set up Bob grabs a beer and yells.
The king declares that it is time
to party.
Some teens are in tents, some standing around in small
groups. Vicki, Dan, Molly, Mike, Joe, Jayne, Bob, Tim and
Jeff are sitting on the logs around the right side fire.
They are drinking beer and passing around a joint of course
Bob passes on the joint. Vicki is taking swigs out of the
bottle of whiskey. They are all talking it seems weird to
the group of friends that they are carrying on a
conversation with football players.
So how did you find this spot?
I had to come back here a few
times until I found it, and when I
did it screamed party. Then Bob
came out here with me and we made
these seats and got some firewood.


                       TIM (cont'd)
You remember how you almost cut
your leg off with the chain saw.
Hell yeah I almost pissed myself.
So nothing strange happened when
you were out here?
No why?
She thinks everyone who comes out
here dies. You know the story.
So why did you come out here?
We have a bet going that our
parties are better then theirs.
It might seem slow now, but this
party will be rocking as the night
goes on.
Let's hope so.
      (Tips head back
       and finishes his
      (Says to Vicki.)
So hearing that he has been back
here plenty of times make you feel
any better?
Yeah a little.
I hope it doesn't rain, because I
want to get so drunk that I don't
remember my name.
      (Looks over and
       sees Bob and
       Jayne making out.)
I'm off to get another beer, or


                       JOE (cont'd)
Joe gets up and walks to the keg.
Hey guys I'll be right back.
Vicki gets up and walks over to the keg to talk to Joe.
Vicki is standing off to the side of the keg.
Hey Joe can I talk to you for a
second over here.
Yeah let me grab my beer.
      (Gets beer walks
Are you ok?
Yeah and the more beer I drink the
better Iíll feel.
Yeah until you wake up tomorrow.
I just want to forget about
everything. The girl Iíve been
in-love with most of my life is
going to marry an asshole, who
treats her like shit, and the
shittiest thing is she has no idea
how I feel.
Joe you just have to tell her how
you feel before itís too late and
she is walking down the aisle. Hey
I donít want to see one of my good
friends marry an asshole like Bob
and I donít want to see my brother
all depressed. You never know
maybe she feels the same way about


Iíve tried to tell her, but the
words never come out right, or
they donít come out at all.
Well I guarantee that once you get
enough booze in you, youíll be
able to say exactly how you feel
and you wonít care if the whole
world hears.
That's true.
Hey whatís a sister for.
Thanks Vicki.
No problem.
      (Punches Joe in
       the arm.)
Vicki walks back over to the fire. Now only Dan, Mike and
Molly are sitting around the fire. Vicki sits next to Dan.
So how is he doing?
A little sad, but I told him to
get good and drunk and tell her
how he feels.
I hope she doesnít shoot him down;
I donít know if heíll recover.
If sheís smart she wonít. So where
did the other four go?
Who cares?
      (Turns to Mike.)
Hey baby can you go get me another


      (Gets up.)
Can or keg?
Ok I'll be right back.
Mike gets up and walks away.
Iím so happy you two are finally
Not as happy as me.
Dan puts his arm around Vicki, Vicki smiles.
I canít believe you are still
wearing your dress. I made sure I
changed first.
Hey at least Iím not wearing the
heels like the prissy girls.
Mike walks back with two cups of beer and hands one to
Here you go hon.
Thanks babe.
      (Kisses Mike when
       he sits down.
       Then says to
Hey lets light up another doobie.
Whatever you want.
Mike pulls a joint out from the breast pocket of his shirt
and lights it up and starts to pass it around.


      (Hits the joint
       and exhales and
Has any one seen Joe?
I seen him talking to a chick over
      (Points to the
Ok I just gotta keep and eye on

The joint is going around the circle. Valerie is leaning
over by a tree on the perimeter of circle, she is throwing
up, and Ashley is holding her hair. Molly looks over to see
this and laughs and says to her friends.
Guys look at her.
Vicki, Dan Molly and Mike all start to laugh. Valerie
finishes throwing up and walks over to them and with an
attitude she says.
What were you assholes laughing
A cheerleader puking.
Vicki, Dan, Molly and Mike laugh.
Isnít it a little early to be
throwing up. Someone canít hold
their alcohol very well.
I could be puking and still look
better then you two.
Thatís why we have boyfriends and
you donít.


      (Yells angrily,
       turns around and
       sticks her nose
       in the air as she
       walks away she
Jayne walks back over.
What was that about?
The bitch got burned.
Bob wanted me to ask you guys
Jimís got shrooms for sale; he
wanted to know if you guys wanted
to buy any?
Maybe if we werenít in the woods.
No thanks.
      (She points to the
How about you two?
No thanks.
No thanks.
Are you eating any?


Like you said, not out in the
Do me a favor, donít ask Joe.
Is Bob eating any?
Yeah, and I donít feel like
dealing with him tripping when Iím
not. You know what I mean?
Well Iíll be right back Iím just
going to tell Bob no sale.
Jayne walks off and Joe walks over and sits down with Vicki,
Dan, Molly and Mike.
Guess what?
I got some chickís phone number!
Good for you. Whatís her name?
I donít remember, itís on the
paper. I hope sheís still pretty
Youíre great man.
Jayne walks back over beer in hand and sits by Joe.


So whatís Bob doing?
Talking football with the guys.
      (Takes a drink.)
I just want to thank all you guys
for coming. Usually Iím bored out
of my mind at these parties. He
goes off with the guys and I sit
here alone, well sometimes I hang
out with Jessica.
      (Slightly slurring
       his words.)
Well youíre welcome Jayne.
Well since all of us are here lets
have some fun.
Everyone says yeah and puts their beers in the air. Now it
goes over to the left where the other teens are. They are
all sitting in folding chairs around the fire. Debbie is
sitting on Tim's lap, Jackie is sitting with Jeff, Shannon
is sitting with Mark (Football player.), Lizzy (Not a
cheerleader put a popular girl.) is sitting with Jason
(Football player.) and Jessica is sitting with Todd
(football player.). The rest of the guys (Bob, Jim, Eric,
George, Don, and Steve. (All football player.) and girls
Anna, Jill and Heather. (Popular.) are all sitting in their
own chairs. They are talking about the game Mark and Jason
are paying more attention to the girls on their laps.
Valerie and Ashley walk over with beers in hand they are
walking crooked.
      (Says to Bob and
Mind if we sit on your laps?
Fine with me.
I guess it would be alright.
Ashley sits with Jim and Valerie with Bob.


All those touchdowns you scored
tonight were so amazing.
Thank you Valerie. At least
someone here sees my talent.
You are very welcome.
You guys want some shrooms?
You have some?

Yeah want some?
Hell yes. How much?
For you free.
      (Hands Valerie
       some. Valerie
       chews some up.)
How about you Ashley?
I donít knowÖÖ. are the rest of
you guys?
We all have you are the only one
who hasnít stepped on the magic
Come on Ashley itís great we have
all done them before.
      (Bob hands her
       some and she
       chews them up.)
These things taste nasty.


It's worth it: So Bob why isn't
Mary Jane sitting with you?
She didnít want to trip, plus all
her boring friends are here, I
guess sheíd rather be with them
then me.
If she was here youíd just be
ignoring her anyway.
Did anyone ask you Jess.
      (Rolls eyes.)
You are such a jerk.
Who invited them anyway?
I did. We have a bet that our
parties are better ten thiers.
Forget what Jess said Mary Jane
doesn't know what she is missing.
Valerie looks over and sees Vicki, Dan, Mike, Molly, Jayne
and Joe laughing and drinking.
Hey where is that radio?
      (Reaches under his
       chair and pulls
       out a radio.)
Here you go.
Hey Tim throw a few brew skies
over this way.
Tim reaches in the cooler and throws three beers to Steve,
Don, and George.


And that is why you are the
quarter back man.
Debbie turns on some dancing disco type music.
We should move some of these
chairs and dance.
Thatís a great idea. Come on guys
lets dance.
The "loser" kids look over and see everyone starting to get
up and move chairs. The "popular" kids start to dance.
Jayne's back is to Bob and his friends. Goes back to the
Letís all try and block that music
I donít know how people listen to
that stuff let alone like it.
Now it goes back to the "popular" kids who are dancing,
couples are dancing together. Valerie starts to
provocatively dance with Bob.
      (Whispers in Bob's
Hey while no one is looking, you
want to go in the woods and fool
Bob is silent for few seconds.
Mary Jane can never know!
She'll never know.
      (Says as she pulls
       Bob by the shirt
       and towards the


Bob and Valerie walk a few feet into the woods and begin to
make out. We now go back to the "loser" kids still sitting
around the fire drinking and talking.
Do you guys remember when we all
built that club house in Danís
back yard.
I bet that thing has fallen apart.
Actually it's still standing and
in pretty good shape.
I guess we built it better then we
Remember the day we finished it?
Yeah we stayed out there until it
got dark.
And then we were to afraid to walk
all the way back to my house, we
had to wait for my parents to come
looking for us.
      (Slurring his
And Bob was the most afraid.
He was freaking out; he thought
something was coming to kill us
He pissed his pants, that was so


Simpler times.
Iím going to grab a beer. Anyone
else want one?
Iíll take one.
Me too.
Iíll second that.
I want one too; I guess I better
help you.
You want one Vicki?
      (Says as she shows
       Mike the bottle.)
Nope I got my bottle right here.
Yeah thatís right you donít drink
Mike and Molly walk away to go get beers. Joe leans over to
Jayne and softly says.
I need to tell you something.
Iíll tell you later just remind
Sometimes donít you guys wish that
we were little kids again? We had
so much fun.


                       VICKI (cont'd)
We did some stupid things too.
Oh my God yeah. Iím amazed no one
was killed or seriously injured.
Yeah we were pretty crazy.
Especially at my house we had no
Mike and Molly walk back with five beers. Molly has two and
Mike has three all cans. He gives the Dan and Joe their
beers and Molly gives one to Jayne. Joe throws his empty can
into the large pile of empty cups and cans that they have on
the ground beside them.
Hey guys I'll be right back I'm
going to check on Bob.
They all say "OK" and Jayne walks off to the left to see
what Bob is doing.
Hey everyone listen. Before she
comes back me, Dan, Molly and Mike
weíll all go somewhere so Joe can
talk to her alone. Does that sound
good to you Joe?
Yeah, but what should I tell her
when she asks where you all are?
Just tell her we went to the
bathroom I donít know, just make
something up.
Now back to Jayne, she can not find Bob so she asks Tim and
Jeff who are standing off to the side of the ďdance floorĒ
Have you guys seen Bob?


He was dancing, thatís the last
time I saw him.
Same here.
Jayne walks away.
Hey man Iím going to run to my car
and get some grass.
Ok see ya.
Jeff walks off and into the woods.
      (To Debbie)
Hey baby!
      (Gives Tim a quick
       kiss on the lips.)
Lets dance!
Jeff is walking through the woods to his car. It's dark, but
luckily he has a flashlight. Jeff begins to talk to himself
out loud.
I hope these 'shrooms kick in
Damn it didn't seem like it was
this far before?
All of the sudden Jeff hears the sound of someone following
him. Jeff stops in his tracks, but the sound doesn't.
Who is that?
      (Sound of fear in
       his voice.)


                       JEFF (cont'd)
Is that you Tim? Stop, it's not
fucking funny man. I swear when I
find you I'll kick your ass.
Jeff slowly turns around and starts searching all around him
with his flashlight and sees nothing, but trees. As quickly
as the sound started it stops.
I must be tripping.
Suddenly a bat flies right past Jeff's face he screams and
jumps back a foot or two.
Damn bats.
Jeff turns around to start walking to his car. Jeff GASPS,
but we don't know why. Then all you see is a pitch fork
being impaled right into Jeff's face right into Jeff's eyes.
Jeff gets tacked right to a tree. Jeff's whole body is
twitching. You still have not seen "the monster". Then you
see a reaper swing and chop Jeff's body in half. Jeff's top
half is hanging on the tree and his bottom half is on the
ground. A hand comes up and grabs the shorten handle of the
pitch fork.
                       ED KLEAVER
Hasn't your parents told you to
stay out of my woods.
Ed is wearing a tattered white t-shirt; there is a huge hole
through his chest. Ed is wearing tattered, dirty jeans and
old work boots. Ed's flesh is decaying he has hardly any
skin. You can see bones on Ed's face and arms. Other places
you see muscles and connective tissues with skin barely
hanging on. Ed has dark brown eyes so dark they are almost
black. Ed only has a few patches of hair on his head. On the
back of Ed's head there is a half dollar sized hole showing
his brain. Ed's teeth are brown and rotting. Ed carries the
pitch fork on his back handle side up. The shorten reaper
goes diagonally across his back left to right, going
diagonally across his back right to left is a wooden
baseball bat with spikes coming out all around the top.
Hanging from Ed's tool belt is a hatchet on the left and a
ten inch double sided knife. On his right is something that
looks like a sander or pizza cutter except that the piece of
metal is jagged and super sharp. Beside that is a large meat


                       ED KLEAVER
      (Laughs an evil
I'm going to have fun tonight.
Ed pulls the pitch fork out of Jeff's head, Jeff's upper
body falls to the ground. Ed puts his pitch fork back,
behind his back.
Now were back to Jayne looking for Bob. Jayne still has not
found Bob. Jayne begins to look behind the tents and in to
the woods. Jayne hears Bob LAUGHING and Valerie GIGGLING
too. Jayne silently peeks farther through the trees. With
only the flickering of the firelight Jayne sees Bob pressed
against Valerie up against a tree. Bob and Valerie are
kissing and necking, Bob's hand is creeping up Valerie's
shirt. Jayne's jaw drops, Jayne drops her beer and begins to
cry. Jayne turns around and runs between two tents, pushes
her way through the crowd and runs over to the other fire
where her friends are, but no one is there except for Joe.
Now Jayne isn't crying she is balling. Joe jumps up and
grabs Jayne.
What's wrong Jayne?
      (Pauses, Jayne
       continues to cry)
What? What is it?
B, b, b, bob.
What is he hurt or something?
I wish.
Joe pulls Jayne close and hugs her. Joe is holding Jayne.
Jayne's head is on Joe's shoulder.
What did he do?
I saw him making out with Valerie
and going up her shirt.


That asshole. I'll kick his ass.
No! Just stay here and hold me. I
can't believe he would do this to
me. We have been together for
almost two years.
Do you want me to go kick his ass?
Because I will!
Joe lets go of Jayne and tries to walk away.
Not here, not with all his
football buddies around.
You sure? I've been drinking.
Maybe later. Can I have your beer?
Joe hands Jayne his beer, Jayne guzzles it down.
You know what fuck Bob; I don't
want to talk about him anymore.
      (Takes another
So what was it that you wanted to
tell me earlier?
Um well ah; this might take me a
little while. A,a,a ok well at
the dance when you came up and
said you were engaged.
      (Loudly says)
How could I forget about that, he
just asked me TONIGHT!
      (Pulls the ring
       off her finger.)
I know he is going to screw her
that bastard.
      (Throws the ring
       in to the fire.)


                       JAYNE (cont'd)
That asshole I bet this isnít the
first time.
Joe waits a few seconds before he finishes what he started
I was pissed off because he is
such an asshole and I didn't want
to see you throw your life away on
him. Plus I thought my life was
going to be over too.
      (Pauses still
       having a hard
       time getting out
       what he wants to
I've wanted to be with you
forever, I've always loved you,
then you started dating Bob and I
just could never get the words
      (Tears swell in
       her eyes.)
Really? I liked you, but I
couldn't ask you. Then Bob asked
me out, but I never thought it
would last when it started. I
can't believe I wasted almost two
years of my life on him.
Screw him he couldnít see what he
had, he never deserved you.
I donít think I deserve you.
I think you do.
Joe leans in towards Jayne, they share a passionate kiss.
You don't know how long I've
waited for that.
Jayne kisses Joe again.


Why don't you get us some beers?
Yeah, yeah sure. Be right back.
Joe runs to get beers. After Joe has gone Molly, Mike,
Vicki, and Dan run over to Jayne.
Hey are you ok? Tim said he saw
you crying.
What happened?
I caught Bob fooling around with
What an asshole.
Yeah. If I were you Iíd kill him.
Did you guys see him when you were
over there?
Mike, Molly, Dan and Vicki all shake their heads no.
Heís still back there with her
that cheating bastard! I go check
on him, but he doesnít care a damn
about me.
Are you going to be alright Jayne?
Yeah I think so. Better now then
finding out after I married the
Hey none of us cared for him
He never liked you guys either,
that always pissed me off too. At
least I have good news. Joe want


                       JAYNE (cont'd)
to be with me and at least I know
he is not a cheater.
Dan, Molly, Mike and Jayne look at Vicki.
What he's my brother, you guys
always knew he liked her.
You want to hear something funny?
That ring that bastard gave me, I
threw it in the fire.
You could have pond that.
I'd rather watch it burn.
Joe comes back with two beers.
Sorry it took me so long. So did
you tell them the bad news and the
great news?
Yeah crongrats bro.
Thanks. Hey Jayne do you want to
go talk somewhere?
Iíd love to. Talk to you guys
Dan, Vicki, Mike and Molly wave bye to Jayne and Joe as
Jayne and Joe walk away.
Mike, Molly Dan and Vicki are all standing around Molly
waves for Vicki to come over. Vicki walks over they are
standing behind their boyfriends.


So Dan how long did it take you to
fix up that corvette?
      (Softly says to
Don't worry they aren't going to
hear a word we say they're talking
about cars.
Yeah I know. I thought this party
was going to suck, but itís
turning out pretty good so far.
Yeah. You better hope Bob didnít
hear that.
Hey are parties are better, but
this isnít as bad as I pictured
Hey why don't you and Dan go talk
      (Gives a gesture
       when she says the
       word talk.)
You know what I'm saying?
And you can go talk with Mike.
Well you have more talking to do
then me.
Yeah, lets go.
      (She says to Mike.)
Hey baby lets go get some beers.
Mike and Molly walk away, toward the beer keg.


So Dan I was thinking maybe we can
go talk somewhere?
Ok. I have a blanket we can go sit
on it somewhere.
Sounds great.
Tim walks over to Dan and Vicki.
Hey have you two seen Jeff? He
went out to his car to get
something, but that was a while
I havenít seen him. How about you
No sorry man.
Ok Thanks anyway.
Tim walks off towards his friends and Vicki and Dan walk
away to the log where they were sitting ealier and get the
blanket. Dan and Vicki go lay out the blanket between two
tents behind the fire on the right. Dan sits down, Vicki sit
between Dan's legs, with her back to his chest. Dan puts his
arm around Vicki.
This has been a great day.
Yeah I know.
The dance was nice and Iím so
happy about Jayne and Joe.
Yeah thatís great, but you know
what is even better?
Whatís that?


That Iím sitting here with you
under the stars in my arms,
knowing that your mine and that I
could kiss you anytime I want.
Yeah itís great.
Vicki tilts her head up and they start to kiss.
Bob and Valerie are putting their pants back on in the
That was fun; maybe we should do
that again sometime?
Yeah it was. I should probably
check on Mary Jane before she
starts suspecting something.
Ok Iíll see later.
Valerie walks out of the woods a few seconds later Bob comes
out. Bob begins walking around looking for Jayne. Bob starts
walking behind the tents. Bob looks and sees Dan and Vicki
kissing. Bob then walks a few more feet and sees Jayne and
Joe sitting behind a tent also kissing. Bob instantly gets
What the hell is going on here?
I don't know what was going on
with you and Valerie in the woods?
Huh asshole?
Bob is speechless, he thought no one knew.
You come over here yelling at me
like you're some high and mighty
shit. I know you screwed her.


You donít deserve Jayne.
No body asked you anything.
Donít talk to Joe like that. Itís
not his fault that our
relationship meant nothing to you.

Iím sorry she came on to me I
didnít know what to do. You have
to forgive me. Remember we were
going to get married.
You say no you dumb ass. If I
meant something to you, you would
have said no. You can go marry
that slut, because youíre not
marring me.
She was just a piece of ass, she
meant nothing, but you do.
No I'm the one, who meant nothing
to you; I'm sure that was not the
first time you cheated on me. You
always treated me like shit and
bossed me around and my dumb-ass
put up with it. You treated my
friends like shit.
      (Slight pause.)
I through your ring in the fire.
If you want it, go get it because
I don't and I don't want to see
your face so get the hell away
from me.
Fine stay here and screw around
with my best friend you slut.
Joe jumps up and gets in Bob's face.


What did you just call her?
What are you going to do, kick my