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Beauty's Only Skin Deep
by Vanessa McKinney (cuteone950@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
(This is only one version of the story which I originally attended to write let me know what you think It is not completed! Any feed back would be so much greatly appreciated!) What happens when a racist is failing class and needs to be tutored and only a black girl can help him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A Rooster CROWS, in front a large, beige, two story, house.

GEORGE (late 30's) Has a very serious expression on his
face. He is an alcoholic, racist, abusive drunk.

BURSTS out of the door yelling his wife's name.
                       JONATHON (V.O.)
That's my father. Tall, Fresh
Shaven...and an avid hater of
CAROLYN (LATE 20'S) A beautiful blond young lady, with
sparkling blue eyes.
Carolyn and her small child JONATHON (6) are bent over
planting flowers on the ground.
                       JONATHON (V.O.)
This beautiful lady right here is
my mother Carolyn Ann Tucker. She
was my everything.
GEORGE runs, grabs her up, and starts violently beating her.
You Stupid bitch how could you do
this to me!
Jonathon gets off his knees and starts crying.

George throws his wife's now bloody body on the ground.
What you lookin at boy? You knew
about this and didn't tell me did
Jonathon SNIFFS and walks backwards as George treads towards
him slowly.

George grabs him by the collar of his shirt lifting his feet
off the ground.


Did you?
George jerks the now shaky boy harder.

Jonathon looks at his mother who is now moaning on the
ground painfully.

Blood covers her face

George follows his glance and laughs.
You did it for her didn't you
mama's boy!
He angrily throws the boy down hard on the ground.
I thought I taught you better than
As he lifts a hand to strike him. Carolyn gets up and grabs
his arm.
George... no!
Get off of me!
He pushes her back.

She falls hard on the ground cracking her head open on a
large nearby rock.

As he looks back to say something else his eyes grow wide
and he slowly sinks down besides her.
Oh no sweetheart wake up. Please
wake up.
George begins to sob.
Jonathon encounters his mother being put in a body bag and
into an ambulance.

As the police and ambulance drives off a tear slides down
his face.


Note: In this montage a popular song by The Temptaions play.
In the front of the college Campus There is a flood of
students walking.
ON one side of the campus Black students sway back and forth
to the music.
On the other side of the campus. White students shake their
heaads at them.
SIERRA WOODS(21) A cute African American woman, those would
consider her a beauty queen.

Is sitting with her life long friend.

DONALD HANSEN(22) Tall, Caramel colored, professional
looking man with pencil thin glasses. Wears suits and ties
all the time. Speaks very proper English.

She is reading a book but puts it down and leans her arm on
the desk.
I'll be back.
Donald nods never lifting his head from the political
science book he is reading.
Sierra gets up and begins walking a book catches her eye.

She grabs it and begins reading it.
As she walks back towards the table, Jonathon is coming in
the same direction she is.

They slam into each other knocking each other hard on the
From Across the library Brian see's this going on and nudges


Jake looks in the direction he is pointing in and gets up
You stupid goon, watch where
you're going! You alright man?
HALEY(22) A beautiful light skinned tall girl with wavy
brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a sexy smile. Speaks up.
                       HALEY (O.S.)
Well, she wouldn't have to if your
homeboy was paying attention.
Sierra turns her head smiling surprised to see her friend
standing there with her arms folded across her chest.
      (warning tone)
You betta watch your tone with me
Or what? You're gonna hang me on a
noose please, get out of here
talking that mess.
Jake starts walking towards her but Jonathon grabs his
Lets go man, we don't got time for
Jake and Jonathon gives them both dirty looks before walking
Girl what were you reading that
was so good you didn't see that
jerk coming your way.
They sit in unison at the table. Sierra hands the book to
Donald lifts his head up.

Haley gives Sierra a strange look then reads the first few
lines of the book and gives it back to her.


You know you don't need this
What is it?
A dating book for geeks.
Sierra you don't need to be
reading that.
Yeah, and I guess birds don't need
wings either huh.
Donald lifts his eye brows surprised at her attitude.
He's right Sierra you don't, you
already have a pretty face.
Yeah right. Then why am I the
biggest geek on campus?
Girl you are not a geek, you can
seriously get any guy on campus
you just need to get your head out
the books and apply yourself.
If you need dating Tips just ask
me I've had over...
She glances over at Donald who is staring at her with one
eyebrow lifted.
Well its not important how many
men I've had, but I've had my
share and I know all the tips and
trades of the game. How do you
think I got a good looking brotha
like Keith.
Sierra shakes her head not wanting to hear any more.
Thanks but no thanks.


OK, but if you end up an lonely
old maid don't say I didn't I
didn't try to help you.
Sierra looks at Haley, then at Donald who shakes his head
disapprovingly. Then into space sadly.
All heads turn towards him,embarassment is evidenced on his

MRS. WHITMAN (early 30's) An attractive serious minded older
lady with light blue green eyes, shoulder length bobbed
dirty blond hair.

Stops teaching and stares at him.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Well, Well,Well Mr. Tucker that's
the second time this week would
you care to explain yourself.
Blood rushes to his face as every one turns in their seats
and stares at him.
A couple of girls are heard chuckling.
Um...Not at this moment ma'am.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
I'll just have to see you after
class then Jonathon.
Jonathon nods his head. Mrs. Whitman turns and continues
JAKE TURNER(23) A brown haired, blue eyed athletic built
friend of Jonathon's with a killer smile. Tries to get his
Jonathon ignores him.
Yo, Dude!


Jake balls up a wad of paper and throws it hitting Jonathon
directly in the head.

Jonathon jumps and scowls at Jake.
Where you and Ashley getting it on
That's none of your business man!
This grabs the attention of Mrs. Whitman.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Is there something you'd like to
discuss with the class Jonathon?
Jake quickly picks up his pen and pretend to be taking

No i'm sorry ma'am.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Next time you make an outburst
like that you will be sent out of
the class!
Mrs. Whitman shakes her head then begins teaching again.

Jonathon glances over at Jake.

Jake sticks his tongue out at him.

Jonathon gives him the middle finger.
Class ends, everyone exits the class,
As Jonathon is heading out. Mrs Whitman steps in front of
                       MRS. WHITMAN (O.S.)
Mr. Tucker may I talk to you in my


Jonathon rolls his eyes, and follows her to another room.
Mrs. Whitman shuts the door, and takes a seat at her desk.

Jonathon walks over to her.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
I'm worried about your grades
Jonathon, on last weeks test you
scored a fifty eight. Which
dropped your grade from a C- minus
to an F.
Jonathon nods.
She slowly takes off her glasses and looks up at him.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
I'll have to assign you an
personal tutor and it will not be
Ms. Walker. I'll give you until
next class meeting to come up with
Without giving him a chance to say a word. Mrs. Whitman
hands him a paper and dismisses him.
The hall way is packed with a lot of students. Jonathon
runs his fingers through his hair.
      (to himself)
Who Am I going to get to tutor me?
Jake comes up and slaps him hard on the back.
Hey weirdo who are you talking to?
This is serious man I need a
Hey dude don't look at me i'm
barely getting a C.


      (looking around)
Where's Ash?
I don't know she said something
about going out with April
somewhere. Do you want to go to
the library Bri and Sid should be
Jonathon shrugs and walks with him.
There are tables full of students.

As Jonathon and Jake take seats at a table, they are greeted
with high fives from...
BRIAN(21) and SIDNEY(23)
Alright guys this is serious, I
need a tutor to pass this stupid
math class.
How bout Veronica dude, she's hot.
True but she also has one of the
lowest grades in the class.
Silence for the next couple of seconds.
How about Ash,
Naw, that's against Mrs. Whitman's
rules.The only person I can think
of is Sierra Woods...and that's
the last person I want tutoring
They all groan at the mention of her name.
Youíre not seriously thinking
about getting that spook to tutor
you are you?


Jonathon exhales and gives no answer.
Mrs. Whitman is erasing the white board.
Jonathon places a piece of paper on her desk.
Hello Mrs. Whitman, I bought the
homework done on time...but I
still haven't found any one to
tutor me.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Well it looks like you'll be
working with Sierra Woods...you do
know who that is correct?
Mrs.Whitman stops what she is doing and walks over to her
Yes, and that's why I came early I
cannot work with her Mrs.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Mr.Tucker you are failing this
class and she is the one suitable
to tutor you.
You don't understand she's black
and I don't work well with blacks!
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Whether or not she's black Mr.
Tucker,should not be an issue.
Your chances of graduating and
getting drafted are slim to none.
That should be your only concern.
You may go to your seat Jonathon.
As Jonathon leaves her desk he looks pissed off. When he
gets to his desk he kicks it.
Dude whats up?
This is bull man!


From the Outside of the classroom Donald and Sierra say
goodbye to each other.
Sierra enters the class smiling but when she see's Jake and
Jonathon her smile completely disappears.
Mrs. Whiteman calls her over to her desk as soon as she lays
eyes on her.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Good afternoon Miss Woods may I
see you at my desk for a minute.
                       JONATHON (O.S.)
Oh great.
Sierra ignores his sarcastic remark and walks over to her
Yes ma'am?
                       MRS. WHITMAN
I have been thinking of writing
you a wonderful letter of
recommendation just for you.
Sierra nods knowing there is a catch somewhere.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
However, I need you to tutor a
certain student.
Sierra follows Mrs. Whiteman's eyes and looks into the face
of Jonathon.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
I need you tutor Jonathon Tucker
for the rest of the semester.
Sierra takes in a deep breath then lets it out slowly and
closes her eyes deep in thought for a couple of seconds.
Finally she opens up her eyes.
Alright Mrs. Whiteman you have
yourself a tutor.
Mrs. Whiteman smiles.


                       MRS. WHITMAN
Thank you Ms Woods and i'll go to
work right away on your letter of
Jake looks over at Jonathon who looks back at him as if to
say no way.
Bell RINGS indicating the end of class is over.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Jonathon I need to speak to you
and Sierra for a minute.
As they are standing next to each other Jonathon glances
over at her and frowns hatefully at her.

Sierra looks at him up and down, rolls her eyes then turns
her head to look at the professor.

Mrs. Whiteman notices the tension between the two.
                       MRS. WHITMAN
Apparently you two know each
other, so need for introduction.
These next couple of weeks, you
two will be going over every
chapter we have studied. I would
recommend you two start as soon as
possible. You two are dismissed.
Without a blink Jonathon takes off.

Sierra inhales and smiles down at Mrs. Whiteman, before
exiting the class.
The cars on the street busily HONK as Jonathon rushes across
the street into the large beige Las Vegas style ten story
hotel and into the clear double glass doors.
Jonathon brushes the sweat off of his brow and smiles
politely at some attractive Latina house keepers who smile
flirtatiously at him.

He up to his the RECEPTIONIST(LATE 20s) Long brown layered
hair with blond highlights, light make up, honey brown eyes,


Hey Jill, any messages from Tony
Jill, picks up a small piece of paper, and nods.
Yep, Tony wants to see you in his
office right away.
Ok, thanks.
Jill nods and picks up the RINGING phone.
Jonathon walks up to Tony's office and goes in.
TONY (Early 20's) Brown hair, light blue eyes, has a super
man look about him, Tall, and muscular.

Is on the phone when he see's Jonathon he sighs.
      (on phone)
I'll call you back.

Jonathon takes a seat and relaxs his feet up on his desk
Tony shakes his head and puts the phone back into its
Don't you knock any more.
Jonathon shrugs his shoulders.
Don't feel the need to what did
you want to see me about?
Tony walks around the table, pushes Jonathon's feet off, and
takes a seat on it.
Well Mr. Wright was asking me
questions about you.
Jonathon sits up straight.


What kind of questions.
He wanted me to rate your work
from a scale of one to ten. And I
told him I couldn't do it, and
that he should watch you for
When was this?
Tony smiles and folds his arms across his chest.
Remember that day when that
elderly woman who had lost her
child came up to you.
Jonathon nods his head.
He was very impressed at how you
handled the situation and had a
search team sent out to look for
Jonathon smirked.
Yeah, she was pretty hysterical,
thankfully the kid was down in the
arcade room.
But dude, he was so impressed,
that he wants to make you the
assistant manager.
Are you serious man!
Sure am, you start tomorrow
morning.I couldn't think of a
better person for the position.
Jonathon runs his fingers through his hair.

Tony puts his hand out for Jonathon to shake.

Jonathon shakes it.


Hey man thanks.
Hey don't thank me thank the big
boss, you'll be spending a lot
more time with him now.
Yeah, i'll see you at lunch dude.
Jonathon rises up out of his seat,

Tony nods and walks back around to his seat.

Jonathon shuts the door and breathes a sigh of relief.
The sun shines brightly on the hundreds of cars that are in
the parking lot.

Haley and Sierra are talking, standing besides Sierra's
white and tan Lexus.

A bright yellow old fashioned car pulls up blaring loud rap

KEITH (24) Athletic built, light brown skinned man, with a
curley Afro, wearing shades, pulls up besides them.
Yo Haley are you ready?
Haley turns to face him.
Can't you see we are talking here,
go drive around the parking a lot
or something.
What!...girl don't make me come
out of this car.
Sierra smiles at him.
Hey Keith.
Whats up Si.


Donald walks up and crosses his arms against his chest
Well well if isn't the newest Ike
and Tina.
Haley looks at him and rolls his eyes.
Any way girl.
Donald laughs and grabs Sierra's arm.
I'm sorry girl...but I have to
borrow Sierra for a minute.
Doesn't anyone care that we are in
the middle of a conversation.
Don't mind her, we were just
talking about getting our nails
done. Whats up.
I'm sure, any way I have some
excellent news to tell you.
What is it?
I'm afraid we are going have to
get away from Ike and Tina first.
Sierra laughs and walks up to Haley.
We are going to have to discuss
our nails later. Donald has
something important to tell me.
Alright girl call me later and
tell me all the details.

Now I have to get in the car with
this busta.
Haley looks at Keith who now has a smile pasted on his face.
Then at Sierra with her eyebrows lifted.


Pray that I don't kill this man
Girl get on.
                       KEITH (O.S.)
Mmm Hmm thats what I thought!
Haley looks at Keith and rolls her eyes.
Sierra walks to Donald who is leaning against her car.
Where shall we go?
I think you know our favorite
Sierra smiles.
Alright, see you there in a few.
Ayi Ayi caption.
They both get into their cars and drive off.
Sierra enters the small old fashioned styled local coffee
shop that is flooded with tables of afternoon guests, and
takes a seat by the window.
She pulls the sunglasses that is on her face up, takes out a
menu and looks over it.
Is this seat taken ma'am.
Sierra looks up and smiles at him.
Yes, as a matter of fact it is.
Oh well.


So what's this exciting news you
wanted to tell me?
It has to do with Michael Byrant.
Sierra's jaw drops.
An old job is bringing him back.
You mean he's going to be working
for Aunt Ruby again?
Donald nods his head smiling.
So...now that i've told you the
good news what's been going on
with you.
Well, come to find out I have to
tutor Jonathon Tucker...
Donald shakes his head disapprovingly.
I don't have a good feeling about
this Sierra.
Jake and Jonathon are two of the
biggest well known racists at the
Sierra looks at him then looks down.

Donald sighs.
But you do what you have to do...I
Sierra reaches across the table and grabs his hands.
Thank you for understanding.


Donald squeezes her hands.
Just be careful ok my Sierra.
I will I promise.
Donald Hansen is talking to about a dozen of multicultural
APRIL WHILEY(20)A tall lean girl with short brown hair, and
cat like green eyes. Taps her pencil on the desk
Donald stop talking and glances in her direction.

April lifts her eye brows at him.

Donald clears his throat and resumes talking.
A couple of minutes later he announces that the class is

April gets up and is one of the first to leave out of the
class room.
Uh Ms. April
April upon hearing Donald's voice, she rolls her eyes,
stops, and turns to him.
He takes a couple of steps towards her.
Next time you come to my meeting.
Please act more interested or
don't bother to show up at all.
She gives him a dirty look as he passes her.
Ashley walks up behind her as she continues stare in
Donald's direction.
Who are you looking at?


Donald Hansen has barked up the
wrong tree for the last time.
Where's Jake?
Probably some where with Jonathon
I need to talk to him about
Jake and Jonathon are playing a game of one on one, both
look to have built up a sweat.
Jonathon takes a shot at the basket and misses.

He grunts and runs both hands through his hair.

Jake catches the ball,then walks up to Jonathon.
So have you decided on what you
are going to do yet.
Do about what?
Don't act stupid man, you know
what i'm talking about.
Jonathon sighs,
I don't know man...
Don't change on me man..its white
power forever remember.
He holds up a fist.

Jonathon looks at his fist reluctantly then joins him.
Looks like those two are at again


Upon hearing their voices, the two turn around.

The girls walk up to them with smiles on their faces.
Jake grabs April waist and gives her a peck on the lips.

Jonathon, wraps his arms around Ashley and embraces her in
a kiss.
What are you girls doing out here?
We just wanted to see what trouble
our boys were getting into that's
all...By the way babe, I have
something I need to discuss with
She glances in Jonathon and Ashley's direction.
In private.
Jake nods and pulls her to where they can talk.
What was all that about.
Ashley looks at them and then back up at her man.
I dunno she's always tripping
about something. So where were we.
She wraps her arms around Jonathon's neck and kisses him
I saw you and Sierra had to stay
after class together what was that
all about.
That was nothing babe.
Ashley squints knowing there is something he isn't telling


He bends his head down to kiss her again but she moves back.
He looks at her surprised.
What's wrong?
Whats wrong? Jonathon, you need to
tell me the truth. What are you
hiding from me.
Jonathon sighs and looks away.
Look its not a big deal
Ashley folds her arm against her chest.
Isn't it, why don't you tell me
Mrs. Whiteman came up with this
bright idea that Sierra Woods
would be a suitable tutor for me
since i'm failing her class.
Why can't you get me to tutor you?
I'm passing the class.
Trust me babe I've tried to talk
to her about getting someone else
but she's as stubborn as my
Ashley looks down then back up at him.
So are you going to do it?
I don't want to think about that
right now babe.
Jake walks up and interrupts them.
Jonathon man we got to go!


Jonathon looks at him like he's crazy.
What for!
Jake rushes past him.
No time to explain...lets go!
Jonathon turns to Ashley
We'll talk about this later.
Ashley nods her head as he runs to catch up with Jake.
As Jonathan slams the door he looks over at Jake as he gets
in and starts the engine.
What's this about man?
Jake throws the clutch in first gear.
You'll see.
Jonathon sighs and leans his elbow on the car window.
The coffee shop is empty except for an elderly black man
wiping down the counter and Donald who is sitting next to
the window reading a news paper, and a large cup of coffee
is next to him.
I knew i'd find you here Hansen.
The elderly man watched as they walked past him,
                       ELDER MAN
Now look here boys I don't want no
Jake ignores the man and walks over to where Donald is
sitting. Jake slams his hand down on the table causing
Donald to jump, and look up at them.


Donald swallows and puts the paper down slowly.

Jonathon sighs and runs his fingers through his hair.
Whats up Hansen, I heard you've
been yapping your mouth a little
too much to my girlfriend. What is
that all about?
Jake grabs a chair and sits in it backwards.

Donald clears his throat nervously.
We have been known to exchange a
few words.
Jake nods and looks up at Jonathon.
Hey Tuck, why donít you take a
seat man.
Naw, I'm cool man. We should uh,
get going though!
I got a few things i'd like to
share with my friend here.

(he looks over at Donald who is
now shaking)

Calm down man!
Jake slaps Donald hard on the back.
All I want to know before I leave
is. What you told my girlfriend to
make her so pissed off.
Donald pushes up his glasses.
I told her that she could act more
interested or not bother to show
up at my meeting at all.


That's funny because she said that
you said alot more than that!
Donald squints and looks at Jake and starts to say something

Jake throws the hot coffee in his face.

Donald screams out in pain.

Jonathon takes a step back.
                       ELDER MAN
Iím going to call the police!
Jake grabs Donald by the collar of his shirt and brings his
face within inches from his own.
Next time i see you, your a dead
Dude what the hell is wrong with
you! Come on.
Jonathon looks back at the man who is on the phone and tries
to pull Jake off of him.

Jake violently pushes him away and punches Donald as hard as
he could in his face
This aint over you dirty nigger.
Jake spits in his face and runs out of the shop.
Class is in session...

Sierra has just received a paper from Mrs. Whiteman's desk
and is walking back to her seat.
Attention everyone please stop
what you are doing and listen. The
school president Donald Hansen has
died this morning at 6:15 Please
take a moment of silence for him.


Sierra looks up at the loudspeaker drops her paper.
She starts crying heavily, as someone escorts her out of the
class by a female student.
Jake glances over at Jonathon and smirks.
Jonathon pastes a phony smile on his face, when Jake looks
away he stops smiling and looks down with guilt written all
over his face.
Jonathon's sliver hard top convertible pulls up to a large
three story gray and white house, he gets out and walks up
to the door.

The leaves make crunching sounds under his feet.
After the third knock he hears a clicking sound and the door
What you here for boy!
Is grandma here...
No! She went out.
Can I wait for her then?
Come on in.
Jonathon walks past him and heads straight for the kitchen.

His Grandfather follows him into the kitchen eyeing him
Jonathon opens the refrigerator and pulls out a small bottle
of water.


His Grandfather takes a seat at the table, ruffles his
papers and clears his throat.
Jonathon lowers the bottle and turns to his Grandfather.
Well aren't ya gonna ask before
you open that.
May I?
      (Shaking his head.)
That's the problem with you kids
today ya all have no respect for
your elders.
Jonathon puts the bottle back into the fridge.
Well go on and get it.
I'm not thirsty any more.
His Grandfather looks at him and mumbles something under his
Suddenly his GRANDMOTHER(early 60's)Long gray hair, pleasent
blue eyes, a very thin pale woman.

Walks into the house carrying bags full of groceries.
Here grandma let me help you with
Jonathon? Hello darling how are
you? I haven't seen you in it
seems like ages.
She gives Jonathon a hug.
I've been good grandma, just busy
with school and Ashley thats all.


How is that sweet girl anyway.
She's great.
When are you two going to make me
a great grandma son.
I have to ask her to marry me
Well you better hurry you're not
getting any younger. So what
brings you around these parts
He takes a seat at the table.
Actually I came here for some
He looks from his Grandmother to his Grandfather.
From the both of you.
His Grandmother nods and pulls out a can of soup followed by
a variety of vegetables.
After a long silence his Grandmother flances over at him.
Go on Jonathon, now you got
grandma over here curious.
Jonathon smiles warmly at her.
Ok, well I have a really good
chance of being drafted soon..
His grandmother screams excitedly hugging him from behind.

Jonathon smiles at her then at his Grandfather who gives him
a straight face.
Jonathon's smile disappears.


Now, what kind of scholarship are
we talking about here boy?
Its a scholarship to the MBA...but
there's a catch, I have to pass
all of my classes.
Thatís no problem, your as smart
as they come Paul, do you want
vegetable soup?
His Grandfather nods at her.
Well, not exactly grandma, there
is one class that Iím not passing,
and I need a personal tutor.
Arenít they free? Paul, would you
like onions in your soup?
His Grandma nods and begins chopping onions.
      (clears throat)
Yeah, grandma they are free.
Don't you have one of those
personal tutors yet?
I have one but...
Get to the point boy!
She's black and...
Jonathon's Grandmother stops chopping onions and looks at
him then at his Grandfather.
His Grandfather looks at his wife then at Jonathon.


Excuse me...Are you telling us
you're about to be tutored by a
nigga boy!
      (Lifts right hand.)
No, now wait a minute I want to
know if I heard correctly.
Jonathon runs his fingers through his hair.
You, heard correctly grandpa, But
Stop I don't want to hear any
His Grandmother touches his shoulders,
Oh, never mind him, you go on
ahead and do what you have to do
to get drafted.
Jonathon still looks unsure.
Do you still want my
advice...Basket ball is a nigga
game. I think you should do a more
productive sport like golf.
Jonathon jumps out of his chair.
      (Yelling Angrily)
Golf? I hate Golf!
His Grandfather gets up from the table.
Donít you raise your damn voice in
my house!
Quiet the both of you!


This is my house and I can say
whatever I damn well please!
      (To Jonathon.)
You insult me, in my house asking
about getting tutored by some
nigga. Boy, a nigga is why your
mama is dead!
I'm out of here.
His Grandmother goes after him.
Jonathon wait, donít leave arenít
ya gonna at least stay for dinner.
He looks at his Grandfather who sits down slowly looking
back at him.
No, I donít want to be here.
Jonathon, just wait a couple of
more minutesÖyou know how he gets
when he donesn't take his
He now looks at his Grandmother and kisses both of her
No Iím sorry grandma, coming here
was a mistake.
He walks to the door and opens it.
                       GRANDFATHER (O.S.)
Next time you come youíll know
better to talk back to me.
Jonathon closes his eyes and walks out.
Paul you be quiet! You should not
have gone that far.


She walks to the door.
Jonathon dear.
Jonathon stops dead in his tracks and turns to her.
I want you to remember that it
does not matter the color of a
person's skin. Beauty is Only Skin
He smiles at her and nods before he turns back around.
Gray clouds surround the sky. A rain drop falls off of a
dark green leaf.

Haley, Keith, Sierra, are standing together around a brown
oak casket.

A woman cries out for her baby loudly in the background.

The preacher says his last blessings and drops a flower on
top of it.

As people start to exit, Sierra wearing a large black hat
and sunglasses walks up to the casket.
Why...why did they have to take
you from me like this.
She wipes tears from her eyes.
Its not over Donald we'll be
together again untill then...
She presses her fingers to her lips and touches the casket.
I'll see you later.
She starts to walk away.
                       MICHAEL (O.S.)


She turns around to see Michael Bryant.(25) Has some what
boyish features, Walking towards her.
Instead of the warm welcome he expects she frowns and starts
to walk away fast.
Its nice to see you too.
He literally has to jog to catch up with her.
Hey aren't you glad to see me?
She stops abruptly.
Will you have respect for Christ's
sake! My best friend just died!
He was my friend too.
She shakes her head at him, and starts to storm off.
That was the problem with
you...you were always too selfish.
He takes off after her.
What's that supposed to mean...If
you're talking about me moving to
California I had too, my mom and
dad had a divorce and I was forced
to live with my father.
So what! You could have at least
picked up the phone and said good
I wanted to Sierra but it was not
that easy.
Sierra stops for the last time and glares at him.
Yeah right, tell that story to
someone who is stupid enough to
fall for it...Goodbye Michael.


He starts to go after her but Keith stops him.
Yo man apparently she don't want
to talk to you so back off.
Michael looks at him then at Sierra who is now entering into
the car, and puts his hands up in defense.
Alright...I'm cool.
Keith backs up off him and gives him a warning look before
going after the girls.
Michael watches as they drive off and sighs in frustration.
Sierra is sweeping by the door way,
Aunt Ruby(late 50s early 60s) Has a nice expression on her
face all the time is at the cash register counting the
The door to the shop opens and Michael walks in carrying a
big bag of fast food.

When he see's Sierra he stops dead in his tracks.
Sierra stops sweeping and when she see's its Michael, she
gives him a dirty look and sweeps harder.

Michael goes over to Aunt Ruby and gives her a kiss on the
Hey Ma. I bought you some lunch.
                       AUNT RUBY
Oh baby, that aint nothin but a
heart attack in a bag.
It smells mighty good though.
He holds the bag up, Aunt Ruby waves it away.


                       AUNT RUBY
Get on with that. Why don't you
share that with Sierra she looks
like she can stand to gain a
couple of pounds.
Michael looks at Sierra and then looks down, Sierra squints
and shakes her head.
You know what Aunt Ruby that's
fine. I had a big breakfast today
so i'm really stuffed.
                       AUNT RUBY
Oh nonsense. I want the two of you
to take a lunch break. You two
have alot of catching up to do.
Michael looks back up and starts to say something but Aunt
Ruby stops him.
                       AUNT RUBY
Don't just stand there scat!
Sierra sighs and leans the broom against the wall, then
heads out the door.
Michael sighs and gives his mom another kiss.
I'll see you later ma.
He gets a tighter grip on the bag and walks out the door.
She stops and turns around angrily.
We can't go on like this we have
to talk.
We, don't have to do anything.
What's happened has happened.


Michael sighs and looks away then back at her.
Please give me a chance to explain
myself. Lets go to that restaurant
on Second and Park.
Sierra squints looking up at him.
She sighs and looks away.
Alright fine, but only for a few
minutes, then i'm through.
Without saying a word Sierra turns on her heels and walks
There are sounds of people talking, glasses clashing, and of
forks and spoons as they scrape plates.
Michael and Sierra sitting down in uncomfortable silence.
Sierra rolls her eyes at him.
Why did you want to bring me
here.I have nothing to say to you.
I just wanted to take the time to
try to explain to you what
happened between me and my parents
and why we had to move in such a
Sierra glanced down at her watch.
Well, time is ticking.
Michael looks at her and runs his hand through his hair.


Its kind of hard when you put
pressure on me like this.
Wow you sure know how to waste
time its been a minute already.
He stops and squints at her.
You know what i'm through. Ok, you
Michael sighs and starts to get up.
Michael wait!
He stops and looks back at her.
Oh so now you want to talk to me?
She looks up at him apologetically.
He looks away and sits back down at the table.
Now that Donald is gone and I
don't know how to deal it. He was
my rock and I guess I needed
someone to take all my
frustrations out on...I'm sorry.
Donald's in a better place now
Sierra, but you'll always have him
right here.
He points to his chest.
I know I will. Michael...why
didn't you call me back when you
got to California. I waited so
many days and hours by the phone.


I wanted to Sierra I truly did.
But my dad enrolled me into the
army when I got there. And that
was it. I spent the last three
years of my life serving my
Are you telling me the truth?
I would never lie to you about
something like this Sierra.
So is that all? Are you sure you
don't have any baby mama's running
around with no daddy up in
Michael laughs.
I never got involved with any one
else. I never got a chance to.
She smiles at him and looks down.
Where do we go from here?
We start over...As friends, and go
from there.
Michael holds out her hand for her to shake it.
Hi My name is Michael Bryant.
Whats yours?
Sierra shakes his hand and smiles.
From the bleachers hundreds of people CHEER as a ball lands
in the basket.

The balls in Jonathon's hand now, he has only seconds before
the blocker will be in his face again.


      (waving hands)
Instead of passing it to him he tries to make the basket but
misses, the crowd BOOS.

Ashley and April look at each other and sit down.
The third inning is over and the referee blows his whistle
for a time out.

A couple of his team mates including Jake gives him dirty
looks as they jog to.

COACH WILSON(early 30's) Dirty blond faded hair, goat T,
light blue eyes. Very strong personality.
Calls them over to him. He glares at Jonathon.
                       COACH WILSON
What the hell was up with that
Jonathon looks away and pretends not to hear him.
                       COACH WILSON
Look at me when I talk to you boy!
Jonathon sighs and looks back at him.
I thought I had the ball coach!
                       COACH WILSON
      (to the team)
We are two points in the lead but
all of that could change by some
stupid screw up. Lets go out there
and kick some butt blue jay style!
They do their CHANT and run back to the courts,
The ball is in Jonathon's blocker hand, he waves his hand in
front of the blocker, but the blocker moves away from him
and lands a basket.
Coach grunts and yells.
                       COACH WILSON
Tucker you're out Sandoval move in
there hurry, hurry, hurry!


Jonathon looks at Coach Wilson and jogs back to the benches,
where he puts his hands on his head.
The last inning is over and the Blue Jays have won.
As his team mates jog to the locker room they yell and give
each other high fives.
                       COACH WILSON
Good job team every body did a
great job. Some better than others
but what matters is that we won.
Now everybody hit the showers so
we can celebrate.
As Jonathon gets up Coach Wilson stops him.
                       COACH WILSON
Not you Tucker.
He waits until the locker room is completely empty before
                       COACH WILSON
What the hell happened out there!
Jonathon runs his tongue through his teeth and looks away.
                       COACH WILSON
Answer me boy!
I guess I wasn't concentrating
                       COACH WILSON
Yeah like on your math scores i'm
taking you off the court.
Jonathon squints up at him.
                       COACH WILSON
Only until I see your grades
improve...You know you're our star
player what is holding you back.
You know whats holding me back the
fact that I have to get tutored by
some one of another race and that
I'm going to get called a sell out


                       JONATHON (cont'd)
because of it!
Let me ask you a question, Who got
you to where you are right now?
I did Coach!
                       COACH WILSON
Exactly, you have to do whats
right for you! Although there are
some sacrifices that your going to
have to make! Don't let your
friends, your pride or the color
of someone's skin color stop you
from getting what you know you
Jonathon shakes his head and looks away. Coach Wilson sighs,
then slaps Jonathon lightly on the back.
                       COACH WILSON
Just think about what I said. Go
shower up and have some fun you
deserve it.
Jonathon stands up and heads for the shower. Coach Wilson
sighs and shakes his head.
Ashley and Jonathon are walking up to Ashley's house.

They stop at the door.
I had fun tonight baby.
She gives Jonathon a soft kiss on the lips.

He smiles down at her.
Me too.
He grabs her waist and kisses her.
We never finished that


Jonathon looks at her confused.
What conversation?
That day on the basketball courts.
Before Jake interrupted us. What
was he in such a rush for.
Jonathon looks away.
It had to do with Donald didnt it?
He looks up at her.
But I didn't lay a hand on him.
I know baby. But have you decided
what you are going to do yet.
I have to get tutored by her babe.
Coach took me off the court
Ashley looks at him and down.
I say you talk to both of them. I
refuse to tolerate this.
He grabs both her hands.
I'm sorry baby but I think i've
made up my mind.
Ashley's eyes are full of disapproval as she kisses him.
I better get inside. I'll see you
You bet.


Ashley smiles as Jonathon reluctantly lets her hand go, then
goes inside.

Jonathon shakes his head and walks out of her yard.
As he is about to enter the library. Jonathon see's Keith
and taps him on the shoulder.
Jonathon taps him on the shoulder.
Hey bro arent you Coach Keith.
Haley's boyfriend.
Keith looks him up and down.
Yeah so, whats it to you!
I was looking for Sierra I thought
maybe they'd be together.
Look man, all i know is that I was
supposed to meet my girl out here
thirty minutes ago and that she's

I don't know they might be
The door bursts open and Haley hugs Keith.
I'm sorry baby, I got so caught up
studying with SiSi that I lost
track of the time.
She smiles up at him and looks over to see who he is talking

Her smiles turns to a grimace when she see's Jonathon.
What are you doing talking to him!
He was just asking where ol girl


      (To Jonathon)
What's it to you she's black
Oh, so you got a problem with
black people homie!
Keith balls up both fists.
Let me tell you both something, If
I had a problem with black people
I would not be standing here right
Keith unrolls his fists and looks at Haley.
Look, we don't got time for this
lets go!
I said lets go! Yo I'm sorry man.
Keith grabs Haley by the hand and jerks her away. Jonathon
I'll be watching you!
Girl be quiet!
Jonathon runs his fingers through his hair and goes inside
of the library.
It is less packed only a few people to a table.
Once inside he notices Sierra right away sitting down not to
far from him.

Jonathon stops walking and looks a little unsure, shakes his
head and continues walking.


He taps her lightly on the shoulder with his index finger.

Sierra spins around in her chair with a big smile on her

When she see's its Jonathon she turns around in her chair,
sucks in her breath, and closes her eyes.
Jonathon stares at her surprised, shoves his hands in his
pockets, and walks away.

Sierra inhales and turns back around.
Jonathon wait.
Jonathon stops dead in his tracks and turns around.
Can I help you with something?
Yeah I was wondering if it wasn't
too late to start tutoring with
It is unless... your willing to
dedicate a lot of your time to
I'm willing so...
So, meet me in the morning
Jonathon nods, and hints at a smile.

She smiles at him, for a Milli second and turns around in
her seat.
A flouresent blue light shines dully in the room giving it
an eery glow.Jonathon is lying on his stomach.
Suddenly blurry images of his mother appear, she is smiling,
Jonathon repositions himself on the bed. Again her face
appears again this time followed by his fathers evil glare,


Then all of a sudden Donalds bloody face appears in his
dream and Jonathon jumps up--

Runs both hands through his hair and tiredly walks to his
restroom and splashes water over his face.
As he looks up at himself in the mirror he see's someone
behind him.But when he turns around he see's no body.
He shrugs it off thinking maybe he is hillucinating.

Again he splashes water on his face and grabs a towel to
wipe off the abscess.
When he looks up from his towel he see's Donald staring him
straight in the face. He yells and falls backwards trying to
get away from him.
What do you want!
Donald continues staring at him then shakes his head and
Jonathon bangs his fist on the wall cries out in frustation
There are dozens of couples sitting at tables or sitting
down on huge colorful chairs.

Colorful pastel sets line the walls.

The band is playing a snappy number.
Michael pulls out a chair for her as they seat close to the
So you like it.
Yes its very...
Sierra smiles at him.


I knew you would like it here. You
always had a knack for Jazz.
Ah, it shows how much you remember
about me. I've always had a thing
for The Temptations.
Oh, yeah, you had a big crush on
Eddie Kendricks.
I still do.
The Jazz band members finish up their number and the

HOST(early 50's) Tall, Dark, Thin, Black man with a shiny
bald head.

Walks up to the stage Sierra looks at Michael strangely as
he stares at the man and puts the number two with his hands.

The Host nods at him and addresses the crowd.
Good evening everyone how is every
one doing tonight.
The people in the audience CLAP their hands.
Tonight we are going to do
something different. Archie please
come to the stage.
ARCHIE(mid 40s)Tall, thin, light caramel skin.
Tonight he'll be singing a love
ballot from The Temptin
Temptations called Just my
Imagination, Take it away arch.
Michael watches as Sierra takes in a deep breath and gasps.


                       ARCHIE (cont'd)
Michael stands up, and reaches out his hand to her.
Would you like to dance?
She grabs it. They walk hand in hand to the dance floor
where they embrace in a slow rhythmic dance.
How did you...
Lets just say...I got old
Michael rubs his hand over her bare back.

Sierra shivers at the feel of his soft touch.
I truely missed you Sierra.
She takes a step back and smiles up at him.
Are you ok?
Yeah, i'm fine... um do you want
to go back to the table...i'm
feeling a bit flourished.
Ok, but the song isn't over...
Thats fine. Come on.
Sierra pulls him back to the table.
Did I make you feel uncomfortable?
Don't worry, you didn't. But I am
hungry. So whats good on the menu?
Michael grabs a menu.


These barbeque Wings look good.
Seems you haven't changed a bit. I
remember you always loved my mamas
chicken wings.
Well she could throw down on some
soul food. I remember that much.
How about you can you cook?
Of Course I can cook.
Good I always wanted a woman who
could cook.
Well maybe one day I can show you
my expertise.
That would be nice, how about
tommorow night.
Sierra smiles at him and looks down at the menu. Michael
smiles at her knowing he had her where he wanted her.
Jonathon is sitting at a large brown oak desk, telephone,
picture of him and Ashley, A small plant, computer,

He appears to be typing of novices into the computer.

Jonathon's SECRATARY (20's) blond hair, green eyes, red
lipstick, wearing a brown pants suit. walks in.

Jonathon looks up at her.
There's a call for you on line
Thank you Marie.
She smiles and exits the office.


Jonathon sighs and grabs the phone.
Hello Jonathon Tucker speaking.
Ashley is standing in the phone booth with her pink poodle.
Hey baby, i'm going to have to
cancel our lunch date today.
What! Why?
I have to take Miffy to get her
coat shampooed and deep
I cannot believe this.
Well excuse me I thought my
boyfriend would be more
Considerate? Ash, i was
considerate on Monday when you
told me you had to go to the
salon, I was considerate yesterday
when you had to get a manicure and
pedicure. I'm tired of being
Well I'm sorry Jonathon, but I
promised Miffy I would get her
coat done today.
Jonathon shakes his head.
Who cares, she's just a stinkin


She's not a stinking dog, she's my
Jonathon smirks loudly.
Friend huh?
More of a friend then you'll ever
Ashley slams the phone back into the receiver and storms
Hello? Ash?
Jonathon jams the phone back into the receiver and runs his
fingers through his hair.
Sierra walks into the study center with a big smile on her
Hello Mr. Tucker how are you this
lovely evening?
Jonathon frowns up at her, but does not say anything.

She takes a seat and takes out her books.
How do you think you did on the
test yesterday?
Would you mind shutting your hole
i'm not in the mood right now!
Sierra stops what she is doing and squints at him.
Why do you always have to be such
a jerk?
Jonathon scowls at her and grabs his bag.


Man, whatever i'm out of here!
Sierra slams her hand on the table loudly.
There you go running from your
problems again. Your never man
enough to stay and face up to
them. I guess your mother never
taught you to be a real man huh!
Jonathon closes his eyes and clenches his fists as tight as
he can before leaving out the door.
Ma'am, your getting a little to
Sierra ignores her and watches as Jonathon leaves. She grabs
her stuff and runs after him.
Sierra runs up to Jonathon and grabs his arm.
Didn't you hear me!
When Jonathon turns to face her, tears are running down his
face and his eyes are red.

Sierra gasps and takes a step back.
My mother died when I was young,
but she did teach me how to be a
man since my dad was running other
women and getting drunk.
Sierra looks into both of his eyes and looks down.
I...I...I'm sorry Jonathon I
didn't know...
Jonathon sniffs wiping the tears off his cheeks fastly.
Well know you do!


Whatever I said back there I didnt
mean I was just angry and...
This is not going to work out. I
don't get you and you don't get me
and we don't get along so i'm
going to go to tell Mrs. Whiteman
to assign me another tutor.
Sierra looks up at him desperately.
You're right we don't understand
each other but maybe we can come
to some kind of understanding
I'd rather not.
Sierra sighs as he starts to walk away and grabs his arm
again. He squints at her and looks at his arm.

She quickly lets go.
Jonathon wait, it seems like you
have a lot of bottled up anger
inside of you and maybe need some
one who can listen to you.
So you think i'm a nutcase now!
No, not at all I was like you, I
was angry at the world because my
grandmother died but Donald was
always there to listen to me cry
and mourn her loss, maybe thats
what you need.
I have a girlfriend for that thank
Maybe, but when was the last time
you two ever had a heart to heart
talk about this.


That doesn't matter because whats
happened has happened there is no
bringing her back alright, so lets
drop this whole thing!
I'm not going to stop bothering
you until you agree to talk to me
about this! I've been through it.
I know how it feels to loose the
only person you truely love.
Jonathon sighs and looks away emotionally defeated.
Alright fine!
Sierra smiles.
Great, and if your feeling up to
it we can meet later.
Jonathon shakes his head.
I don't think we should go back
there right now after the scene
you pulled.
So where do you want to meet then?
How about your house?
Sierra looks at him as if he'd lost his mind.
My house is a mess, unless you
want to see my boxers and socks
all over the place then I guess we
can go to my house.I promise I won't hurt you.
Sierra squints at him, but nods her head.
I'll meet you in the A side of the
parking lot in two hours.


Catch ya later.
Jonathon turns to leave. Sierra sighs and goes back into the
study center.
A couple of students pass Jonathon as he is going down
He see's Ashley coming in the direction he is, he rolls his
eyes and keeps on past her.
Ashley is surprised at his action and catches up with him.
Jonathon, your not being fair!
Jonathon stops and looks at her.
I'm not being fair? Try being
stood up with your girlfriend of
three years for a stinkin dog!
Ashley folds her arms across her chest.
She's not a stinking dog! Poopie,
what is the matter with you?
He stops abruptly.
You know what, never mind!
He turns and starts walking away.
Never mind what? Jonathon Tucker
come back here this instant!
Jonathon sighs and goes back to where she is standing.
How come you never ask about my
What! Your mother? What does she
have to do with any of this?


Just answer the question!
Ashley looks at him in disbelief.
Jonathon all you would tell me is
that she got killed.
Right and how come you never cared
enough to ask why she was killed?
I didn't think it mattered!
Jonathon stares at her for a long time before looking away.
I need some space.
Are you serious! Over something
this stupid.
Glares at her with hurt in his eyes.
This is my mother we are talking
about! I have to go.
He shakes his head and walks away.
So thats it!
Jonathon ignores her and keeps walking.
As Sierra opens the door to her car her cell phone RINGS
loudly, she pulls it out and places it to her ear.
Michael is in a tank top and basket ball shorts. he looks to
have just come back from working out.


Hey beautiful.
Hey, whats up?
Michael daps his forehead with a towel.
I just came back from the gym and
I was wondering if I could see you
Sierra opens her car and gets in.
Uh sure just pick a time and
Alright your place at seven...I
have something for you.
Ok its a date and don't be late.
When have you known me to ever be
All right i'll see you later.
All right bye.
Michael puts the phone on the receiver.

Sierra clicks the phone off and starts her car.

With a big smile on her face.
There is a flood of people walking around, sitting at
tables, and at the cashier line.

Ashley bursts through the door and walks to where Jake is
eating a bowel of cereal alone.


When he see's her he squints confusingly.
Sup Ash. I thought you were with
Ashley folds her arms across her chest and pouts.
No, she had to go to work early
today. I cannot believe Jonathon!
Jake puts down his spoon and looks at Ashley.
Why what happened?
He just dumped me because of his
stupid dead mother! You know what
I think he's been talking to
Sierra Woods!
You think he's been talking to
Her eyes start to tear up.
I can't believe he would do this
to me.
Jake sighs and pats the seat besides him.

Ashley gets up and sits next to him. He puts his arm around
her and rubs her shoulder.
You deserve a better man than him
Ash you were too good for him.
Ashley sniffles and looks up at him.
Just hold me right now please!
Jake squeezes her closer to him as she puts her head on his
From a distance April watches this scene and rushes out the


It is a large white interior designed condo with contempary
style furniture, there is a brown oak dining room, table
close to the kitchen bar. Tropical plants hanging every
So did you get all that?
Jonathon closes his math book and nods.
Oh my Gosh!
Jonathon puts his books in his bag and squints at her.
My friend will arriving in a
A loud KNOCK on the door stops her. Sierra sighs and looks
over at Jonathon.

Listen I need you to go to my room
and hide out there...only for a
few minutes...ok...please.
The door bell RANG this time.
They both look at the door and at each other.
Jonathon sighs and runs upstairs with his bag in tote.
Sierra straightens out her clothes and walks over to the
door and opens it.
Michael stands there smiling down at her charmingly.
I brought you something.
Michael pulls out a bottle of fancy champagne in one hand
and a long stemmed red rose in the other.


Sierra eyes gets wide and she clasps her mouth with her
Michael thank you so much!
She grabs the rose and gives Michael a hug. Michael squeezes
her and puts his arms around her waist.
I think this deserves a kiss.
As Michael leans in for a kiss, A loud BANG is heard
upstairs and they both look up.
What was that?
That was my cat!
Sierra pulls out of his grasp and runs up the stairs.
I didn't know you had a cat.
Sierra turns to face him as she is running.
Yeah, a large Persian gets into
Michael squints and looks away.
Sierra runs into the room and see's Jonathon looking at a
picture frame.
What was that!
Jonathon calmly puts the picture down and looks at Sierra.
Oh you mean that bump, I tripped
over your shoes as I was going
over to check out your computer.

You like these guys alot dont you!


Those guys are The Temptations,
and they mean more to me than any
one will ever know!

Please try not to fall any more.
I'll be back in a few minutes to
check up on you.
How long is a few minutes?
I don't know maybe ten.
What am I supposed to do up here
until then?
I don't know amuse yourself, and
try not to fall again I got to get
Without another word Sierra runs out of the room.

Jonathon sighs and takes a seat at her computer center, he
holds up the picture of the guys.
Michael is sitting comfortably down on the couch.

On the foot table, there are two champagne glasses.

Sierra smiles and sits down next to him.
Did you get your cat under
Sure did.
Michael fills up the two champagne bottles and hands Sierra

Here's two our new
friendship...and that it may grow
into something more.


Sierra lifts her eyebrows.
In time...cheers!
They clang their glasses and take a sip of Champagne.

A movement from up stairs catches Sierra's eye and she looks
up to see Jonathon standing there watching them.
Michael squints in confused and starts to look up, but
before he can see anything Sierra grabs him and gives him a

Sierra motions towards the door.
Jonathon nods and quietly steps downstairs.

Michael pulls back and holds up his index finger.
I thought we were not going to
rush things...so what is...
All this is is a friendly kiss
from pals to pals...
The stairs creak and as Michael starts to look back, Sierra
grabs him in a hug.

Jonathon steps off the last step and goes to the side of
Michael pulls back from Sierra smiling.
Jonathon ducks down quickly.
If this is your way of saying
thank you...I'll accept it.

What was that?
Sierra smiles nervously and plays with her earring.
That was my cat..fluffy is that
Jonathon squints and shakes his head.


Sierra frowns a little and turns to Michael.
That didn't sound like any cat?
Its an adult boy cat.
Can I see him.
Uh...sure but first you have to
give me one more hug!
Before he can protest Sierra grabs him and embraces him in a
tight hug.

Jonathon peeks his head up, Sierra motions to the door with
her eyes.

Jonathon carefully gets up and creeps to the door.

He slowly opens it and walks out.

Once the door is shut, Sierra lets go of Michael and sighs
of breath of relief.

Michael looks at her confused.
Wasn't the champagne lovely.
Michael forces a smile, nods at her then when she takes a
sip of champagne shakes head confusingly.
As Jonathon passes Ashley's desk he rolls his eyes at her,
Ashley glares at him.

Whats up ol buddy here have you
been hiding out?


Jonathon takes out his books and lays them on his desk.

Jake squints.
Dude are you deaf?
I can hear you just fine!

Any ways the coach took me out of
the game because of my stupid
Is that right? Hey uh listen I
heard that you've been seen around
campus talking with that spook
Sierra is this true?
I may have whats it to you!
Is that anyway to talk to a
friend? And it matters to me
because i don't want people to
associate me with a punk sell out
Whatever man.
If you are talking to that nigger,
I would advice you to stop or..
Jonathon slams his pencil on the desk
Or What!
Hey take it easy man. Its nothing
to loose your cool over! Just
maker sure you take my advice.
April walks fastly towards Jonathon.
Hey April.


April ignores her and continues towards Jonathon.

Ashley looks back at her and Jonathon surprised and storms
I need to talk to you...like now!
April grabs Jonathon by the arm and drags him aside.
Why? Whats up!
Your girl friend and my boyfriend
were getting real up close and
personal yesterday!
How do you know?
Uh hello I do have eyes you know.
If you don't believe me ask her!
Jonathon scratches the back of his head.
To tell you the truth me and Ash
are not necessarily on speaking
terms right now.
So she decides to throw herself
all over my man. What a whore.
Look You don't have to call her
names.l And unless you provide me
with some proof, I wont believe a
word you say.
Jonathon shakes his head at her and walks off.
Ok Fine i'll give you your proof!
April sighs angrily and storms off.


Sierra pulls a red top off of the hanger and holds it up to
her chest and taps Haley on the shoulder.

Haley turns around and looks at the shirt.
What do you think?
I think its cute you should get
I'm going to try it on to see if
it fits.
Ok girl take your time.
As Sierra walks into the dressing room. Haley stands in
front of the mirror, she looks at herself for a few seconds
then turns to the side and rubs her non existent stomach.
Sierra walks out of the dressing room. When she sees this
she stops in her tracks.
Haley jumps and quickly walks up to her.
Are you...
Girl no, I always make sure to use
protection before Keith and I do
Sierra squints.
Any ways, how does the shirt fit?
Uh...it fits like a charm I'm
going to go on ahead and get it.
Haley one thing Donald taught me
is that sex is only for the one
your married to and in love with


                       SIERRA (cont'd)
its not to be casual and fun.
What makes you think me and Keith
are not in love?
Sierra lifts her eye brows at her.
I know we fight a lot but we still
love each other. We just have a
funny way of showing it.
Well maybe but I don't think God
would approve.
Haley presses her lips together and rolls her eyes, as they
are at the cashier.
Why don't you tell someone who
Sierra looks at her surprised. She takes her stuff and
follows her out the door.
Oh, so you think your too good to
be told about God!
Haley stops and abruptly.
I hate it when you talk that God
crap to me. You don't know what
kind of past i've had!
Sierra rolls her eyes.
We've all had a past Haley.
Ok well, where was your God when
the pastor of the church was
raping me!
Tears begin to slide down Haley cheeks.


You heard me! when I was only nine
years old the head Pastor of my
church used to come into my room
to so call anoint me.
She folds her arms across her chest and looks away.
My mother and father were head
leaders in the church you didn't
know that did you?
Sierra shakes her head.
Well they were, with them being in
such a high position the pastor
would make frequent visits to see
how they were doing or to tell
them about church events or what
not. I would be in my room
Sierra tries to go up to her but Haley stops her.
Playing with my barbies and he
would come in my room and sit
quietly looking at me. After a
minute or two he would say come
here girl do you know what time it

I would always look up at him
reluctantly before getting up and
sitting on his lap, I was scared
that if I didn't do it...
Haley put her hands to her mouth starting to sob, Sierra
embraces her in a swift hug.
He would tell my mom and dad that
i was a bad girl and they would
take away my barbie dolls.
      (Starting to get
That's right he would say, I'm
going to anoint you to be more
womanly he would then lay me down


Haley lays her head on Sierra shoulder and weeps.

Sierra rubs Haley's back.
I'm so sorry Haley I did not know
all this. God will restore you.
Haley continues to weep.
Michael and Sierra are eating Lunch at a fancy outside

Michael looks over at Sierra who is just picking at her
Why the long face?
Sierra looks up at him and puts the fork down.
I have a lot on my mind.
Like us?
No Michael, my friend told me
about a situation that happened to
her the other day. I just havent
been able to get it out of my mind
Michael takes a bite to and looks away.
I'm sorry Michael.
Hey its alright I'll give you some
more time. But after a while my
patience is going to grow thin.
You know what your right! Its not
fair that you have to be on hold
just for me.


There is no one else I want to be
with more than you so take your
He holds up his index finger.
But not too much time.
Michael smiles at her before taking another bite of his
1. Michael and Sierra are strolling along the park. Michael
looks like he's explaining something to her and she is

2. Michael is stirring a steaming pot, Sierra comes up along
side him, he scoops some up and places it to her lips, she
takes a bite and gives him a thumbs up.

3. Michael and Sierra are on the couching laughing at a
movie. Sierra's head is on a pillow in his lap. He has his
hand on her waist.
April's car pulls up to Jakes house, she walks to where Jake
is shooting hoops alone.

He is wearing his basketball jersey.
Warming up for the game huh.
Jake takes another shot, he misses then goes over to her and
gives her an unexpected kiss on the cheek.
Hey babe what are you doing here?
I thought you were going to go to
the game.
April wraps her arms around him.
Oh i'll be there but I just wanted
to come by and wish my guy some
luck before the game.


Thanks babe but I won't be needing
He pulls out of April's grasp and tries to make a shot, the
ball goes in. He pumps both fist in the air.
See what I mean babe i'm pure
Thats right you are!
April walks up to him and slips one finger up his bicep

Jake smiles at her and goes to get the ball.

April sighs and turns to him,
Why are you avoiding me like I got
the ebonic plague!
You know how I am before a game!
Whats wrong with you!
I saw you and Ashley getting real
close and cuddly what was up with
Jonathon had just broken up and I
was the only there to console her!
April folds her arms across her chest.
Oh really?
Jake stops what he is doing and walks over to her.
You don't believe me?


Jake frowns and back hands her,

She falls to the ground crying out in pain.
Who do you think you're talking to
like that! I'm not a punk like
Jonathon, get out of my sight and
come back when you remember how to
speak to me with respect!
April scrambles up and runs to her car.

Jake watches her drive off and throws the ball as hard as he
can and grunts.
Jonathon shuts his math book.
I'll meet you back here tommorow?
Yeah definitely! Um hey, I have to
ask you something?
Ok what's up?
I have this friend and, he hangs
around the wrong crowd just to fit
in. At least that's what he did
when he first entered college.
Well one day his friends did
something terrible, and now he
does not want to have anything to
do with them.

What would you suggest that I tell
him? He's a totally different
person than his friends are.
Sierra leans her arms on the table and looks down.


I would tell him to walk away and
trust his instincts.
I'll make sure to tell my friend
that. Thanks!
Uh...ok. Glad I was able to help!
Jonathon swings his bag over his shoulder, and gets up.
See you later.
Sierra nods, he smiles and walks out of the study center.

Sierra lifts her eye brows and folds her arms across her
Jonathon walks quickly to the cafeteria. A finger taps him
on the shoulder.
April stands there with dark shades on her face.
Do you want your proof?
April slides her sunglasses up over her head, her eye is
What happened!
I asked him why he was so close to
Ashley the other day. He came up
with some excuse, and of course I
didn't believe him. So wala. Here
is your proof. I can't believe I
dated that dog for two years.
I'm sorry, this had to happen.
She points to her eye.


This is fine, he's done worse to
me, but cheating. I didn't think
he had it in him.
He looks down at her in disbelief.
You mean he's hit you before?
Oh yeah but he always make it up
by doing something sweet.
She smiles and looks away. Jonathon squints down at her.
You're serious about this aren't
Yeah, but he cheated on me and I
don't think...
They are interrupted by the sounds of footsteps. Ashley and
Jake emerge smiling.

When she see's Aprils eye Ashley stops smiling and looks

Jake looks from April to Jonathon.
Did we interupt anything?
No man you didn't we were just
Uh huh, April can I see you over
here for a minute.
April nods reluctantly and follows him. Leaving Ashley and
Jonathan alone in uncomfortable silence.
So how have you been?
What does it matter to you. We
broke up remember.


I still care about you Ash.
Ashley looks into both of his eyes angrily.
I have to go...
      (To April and Jake)
I'll see you guys later.
Jonathon looks at her as she is walking away and sighs.
Sierra takes out a cell phone, dials a number, presses it to
her ear.

The sun gives off a pinkish hue to the rest of the room by
the long silk draped shades that are dangling from the
contemporary style room.

The phone rings, Haley groans and stretches. Keith is lying
with one foot off the bed!
Baby get the phone!
Keith mutters something and keeps snoring.

Haley squints and hits him hard, he rolls off the bed and
springs back up!
Dang girl what is wrong with you!
Can't you see i'm over here sleep?
Haley folds her arms across her chest.
Just get the phone boy!
Why do I always got to get the
phone. Man, this is your house!
Keith smacks his lips and angrily picks up the phone.


Yo, whoever the hell this is
better have a good reason for
calling so early in the morning
waking me and my girl out of our
Sierra squints and looks at the phone!
I'm sorry Kieth I guess this a bad
time i'll just call you two later
Sierra? Oh hey my bad. I thought
you were one of my players or
something, want me to get Haley?
No, I think i'll call back later.
I'm sorry for waking you two up!
Come on girl, you know that your
like my baby sister! Hold on let
me get her.
Keith gives the phone to Haley.
Your not such tough stuff now are
Man, be quiet. I'm a take my butt
back to sleep and you betta not
even think about waking me back
      (rolling her eyes)
Whats up girl?
I'm so sorry for calling so early,
and causing trouble!
Haley looks down at Keith who is facing towards her with his
eyes clothes. She sighs and looks back up.


Girl, we are forever fighting but
you know we have love for each
other! So are you ready for the
spa today?
Yes, that's why I'm calling to
tell you to meet me for breakfast
in like two hours.
Alright girl, let me go ahead on
and get an hour of sleep.
Ok, but please don't forget.
I won't bye.
After Sierra hangs up Haley reaches carefully across Keith
and puts the phone back on the receiver.

She lays her head softly down on Keith's chest, and wraps
her arms around him. He puts his arm around her and squeezes
her closer to him.
Sierra is sucking on a latte and reading a magazine.

Haley walks in the door with a gigantic smile on her face.

She takes a seat in front of Sierra, who looks at her
strangely and puts the magazine down.
Looks like some body is happy!
I just had the most amazing mind
blowing sex!
Sierra crosses her arms across her chest.
Girl you know i'm just playing.
But you'd be surprise what an hour
of sleep would do to you in the
arms of a strong sexy man like


                       HALEY (cont'd)
It must be nice.
So what are you and Michael up to
now? Aren't ya'll dating?
Girl I just went on ahead and told
him that it was OK for us to date
Are you serious? Congratulations
girl. When am I going to meet this
Tonight that's if you and Keith
arent busy.
Girl no, you know we are not going
to be doing nothing. Just pick the
time and place and we'll be there.
All right its a double dinner date
Steam shoots out of an open door.

Inside Sierra and Haley are wrapped in nothing but a towel.

They have cucumbers over their eyes, and are getting their
feet massaged by two male masseuse.
Haley takes the cucumbers off of her eyes slowly.
So how are the tutoring sessions
coming along with Jonathon?
They're ok! I'm just being very
cautious around him since what
happened with Donald!


Why do you think he was the one
who killed Donald?
I don't know but he said something
about his friend doing something
terrible to someone and wanting
out of that clique.
Oh ok?
Sierra looks at her and folds her and bites her lower lip.
Haley lays back with her eyes closed.
You know what! Those two have been
hanging out and talking quite a
bit lately.
Jonathon and Keith girl. You
didn't know!
Uh, no! Since when?
Since that day he saw him looking
for you in front of the libaray.
He actually seems like a pretty
cool guy once you have a couple of
conversatios with him.
Sierra looks over at her friend and forces a smile.
Sierra, Michael,Keith, and Haley are all sitting at a table
with fancy table ware and champagne glasses.

The lights surrounding them gives them all a golden glow.

They have recovered from a funny joke Michael have told


Michael you are too funny.
Its all truth, its funny what
stories you think are funny now
may have not been so funny while
they were happening.
They all nod their heads in agreement.
So Keith my man, what do you do
for a living.
I'm a coach for the female cheer
leading squad.
Haley gives Keith a hard stare.
Naw, i'm playing man, I'm a coach
for the college's football team.
Michael nods his head.
You look pretty ripped. You work
I've been known to hit the gym
every now and then maybe we should
get together and pump some
Yeah that would be cool.
The RING of a cell phone going off from Michaels direction
causes every one to look over at him.

He smiles embarassingly and holds up his index finger.
I'm sorry, but I have to take
Sierra smiles as he gets up from the table.

She stares back at the table to see Keith looking at her


He's not the one for you Sierra.
Haley hits Keith on the shoulder.
What! I have to tell her the
truth! I'm not going to sit here
and tell her the man is a saint.

Look Sierra all I'm saying is to
guard your heart with this one all
right. I don't want you to get
Michael clears his throat before coming to the table.
Did I miss anything!
Nope, nothing at all!
Sierra forces a smile and looks over at Michael.
So baby who was that on the phone.
Michael stares at her strangely for a second and laughs
That was no body.
She looks back over at Kieth, who lifts her eyebrows at her
and takes a drink.
Inside the gym, there are various male and females of all
ethnicity's and shapes and sizes at different machines.

Michael is pushing weight and Keith is spotting him.

Michael grunts as he pushes the last weight.
Dang man you are strong for a
little guy.


What! You think i'm a little guy,
Well check these guns out!
Michael flexes a bicep. A pretty black and Asian girl with
long black hair passes him smiling flirtatiously.

Michael looks at her as if he is in a daze.
Keith squints at Michael and snaps his fingers in front of
his face.
Yo, lover boy wake up. I suggest
you chill off that.
Chill off what I was just looking.
You know she was fine, I saw you
staring too.
Yeah but the difference is I know
how to look and not touch.
Michael turns and looks at him. Keith lifts his eyebrows at
Now get up and let me show you how
a real playa does it!
Michael gets up and stares over at the girl who is now
drinking at the water fountain and looking over at him. He
winks at her and smiles.
The night is windy, the CRY of a owl is heard over head.
Jonathon slams the door to his car shut.

He jogs up the courts with his ball under one arm. He lies
the ball down under the basket, and takes a couple of laps
around the court.

Once finished he wipes the sweat off his brow and picks up
the ball, dribbles it then takes a shot after missing he
does a crossover and takes another shot the ball goes in.

He pumps his fists in the air and goes to get the ball.

Suddenly a van SCREECHES its tires around the corner, stops,


and gun shots are heard,

Jonathon scrambles to the ground.
After a few more rounds the can screeches off in a halt.

Jonathon looks up making sure it is safe and runs with all
of his might to his car and pulls out his cell phone.
A phone is heard ringing. A light shade comes on and Ashley
is wearing a hair cover,looking irritated and sleepy.
Hello? Ash...I need your help.
Do you know what time it is in the
Yeah but...
Goodnight Jonathon!
Ash...Ash wait...
Ashley shakes her head at the phone, hangs it up, turns the
night stand light off and lays her head on the pillow.
The line on the other end goes dead. Jonathon sighs, and
dials another number.
Sierra groans as she turns on a pink light shade on her side
drawer, and grabs the phone.
Jonathon looks over his shoulder and whispers loudly unto
the phone.


Sierra, this is Jonathon I need
you right now!
Jonathon are you crazy do you know
what time it is!
Yes and i'm sorry but i'm really
scared and... I don't have anyone
Sierra lifts up from the bed slowly and sighs.
Alright, what do you want me to
J...j just stay on the phone until
I get home please!
All right fine. Are you ok? You
sound shaken up.
Jonathon switches ears with the phone and starts the engine.
No, I'm not ok. I just got shot
at. I called my ex and she just
hung up in my face.
Sierra gasps.
Who in the world do you think
could have done this to you?
I think I have a good Idea.
Well, I can't exactly name names.
But I think I know who it could


Sierra folds her arms across her chest and yawns.

Jonathon hears this and silently looks away frustrated.
I'm almost home. Thankfully the
public basketball courts are only
a few blocks from my house.
Thats fine, Any thing I can do to
Jonathon hints a smile and looks on the road.
Again i'm real sorry but. Those
gun shots scared the bejesus out
of me.
Hey its no problem if that were me
I would want someone to stay on
the phone with me. Especially
someone I trusted.
Sierra smiles and holds the phone closer to her ear.
The shop is quiet.

Michael is dusting cups, While Sierra busies herself
counting the money.

Aunt Ruby emerges, she looks at both of them and shakes her
                       AUNT RUBY
Whats the matter with every body?
Ya'll is just so quiet this
Michael looks at his mother, Sierra and back at the cups.

Sierra does not hear Aunt Ruby and ignores her completely.


                       AUNT RUBY
      (To Michael)
Is everything all right between
you two?
Yeah ma, just fine.
Aunt Ruby squints at Michael and walks over to Sierra.
                       AUNT RUBY
Sierra honey are you feeling well
Finally Sierra looks up at Aunt Ruby, she glances over at,
Michael and looks down.
Yeah Aunt Ruby why do you ask
                       AUNT RUBY
You barely spoke two words when
you came in.
She looks at Michael with a stern face.
I'm great Aunt Ruby I just have a
lot on my mind.
                       AUNT RUBY
Whatever is going on you two need
to talk. I want you to take the
rest of the day off.
Sierra looks at her surprised.

Michael stops what he is doing and looks at his mother.
                       AUNT RUBY
I don't want to hear no back talk,
gone, get on out of here. Now!
Sierra sighs silently and glares over at Michael who rolls
his eyes at her and heads on to the back.
Yes, Ma'am.


Sierra is hurrying downstairs to avoid Michael.

Michael catches up with her as she gets to her car.
Sierra wait! Give me a chance to
Sierra stops and turns to him.
Ok, go ahead you have two minutes
to waste my time.
Michael sighs in frustration.
All right look. The phone call was
from my dad, and I did not want
any one to hear that my sister had
just had a baby.
Sierra rolls her eyes and laughs sarcastically.
So you had to embarrass me in
front of my friends huh!
Is this what this is all about?
Whatever, are you telling me the
Cross my heart and hope to die.
Sierra looks into both of his eyes and looks away.
Now, if I may. I'd like to have a
chance and make it up to you.
He grabs her hips and gives her a peck on the lips.
Sierra hints at a smile.
You may, meet me at my house in a


Michael winks and slowly backs away from her.

Sierra smiles and gets into her car.
A.Michael and Sierra emerge in the house kissing.
B.They make their way to the couch.
C.Sierra straddles Michael.
D.Michael runs his hands up the back of Sierra's shirt.
E.She lifts her head smiling at him, and drags his hands
back down.
F.They start kissing again, Michael slowly repeats the same
actions this time he goes faster not giving Sierra enough
time to stop him and unbuttons her bra.
G.Sierra quickly moves out of his lap and gets up.
H.Michael looks up at her obviously frustrated.
What are you doing?
Isn't obvious?
Michael sighs and looks away.
Its not like we don't know each
other. We were each other first
I know Michael, but I want to wait
this time. I'm a totally different
person from the scared, angry,
lonely little girl you knew all
those years ago!
I know your a beautiful, fully
developed, woman now.
He gets up and starts to kiss her again but she moves her
head to the side.
Michael looks up at her, and squints.


You've got to be kidding me!
I want to Michael trust me I do,
but there's some one watching us
and I don't want to make him
I cannot believe this. So your
telling me your one of those so
called Jesus Freaks too huh!
Sierra squints up at him.
If you had any kind of dignity and
respect for yourself then you
would know better to talk about
Christians like that.
      (Michael Sighs)
Sex is only meant for marriage! I
realize that now,and I AM going to
wait. If you don't have enough
will power or love for me to
respect that and wait then I guess
theres only one thing you can do.
She points to the door.
Michael looks at her and the door. Seeing that she is
serious, he straightens out his clothes, gives her a dirty
look and walks out the door without saying a word.

Sierra slams the door behind him and tears start to form in
her eyes.
Sierra and Jonathon are quietly studying together.

Jonathon glances at gold bible that lays on her desk.

He looks at her and looks back at his books.
So your a believer huh.
Sierra looks up from the math problem she is studying and at


Yes I am.
My mom used to be.
A smile crosses his face.
One of the biggest Christians I
knew. Whenever those double doors
to our church opened she was
there, and so I was trying not to
Sierra laughs, Jonathon smiles and looks down.
You know the thing I never
understood about God. That made me
stop believeing.
What's that?
How God can take the one person
you are the closest too. Just like
He snaps his fingers.
Sierra bites her lower lip. And looks away.

Jonathon smiles and shakes his head.
I guess that is one of those
things that requires faith and all
that right?
God does everything for his
reasons. He never puts more on us
than we can bare.
Try telling that to a scared six
year old.


But look at you know. You have a
great job, a scholarship to the
MBA and your strong and healthy.
Thats all that matters.
I guess your right, but that
feeling of emptiness is still
Sierra reaches over and grabs a stack of small glossy index
cards, and hands him one.
Jonathon takes it and looks at it confused.
There is only one person that can
fill up that void.
Jonathon looks up at her with a smile.
Sierra smiles at him.
Your welcome!
Hey uh I was wondering if you'd
like to go to a restaurnt with me.
Excuse me?
I mean we study so hard together
we deserve it you know?
I dont know.
Jonathon frowns trying to mask his true feelings.
Don't think of it as a date just
more of a break from studying so
we can get to know each other.
Lunch will be on me. Its the least
I can do for you. For what you did
for me the other night.


All right. Where do you want to
How about I pick you up here at
Great! I'll see you then.
Jonathon smiles, shuts his books, and goes to the door. He
winks before going out.

Sierra smiles at him, and shakes her head.
Jonathon is standing in the mirror shirtless. Rubbing
deodorant under his arm.

He hears a knock on the door.

He puts the deodorant down and goes to open.

Sierra stands there, when she see's Jonathon is shirtless
and is only in his towel she looks away quickly.
Sierra, I thought I was going to
pick you up.
I am so sorry. Its almost seven
thirty. I thought maybe you had
Sorry, When I take a shower I
swear i'm like a female.
Sierra looks back at him hard.
No offense, Come on i'll only take
a few minutes.
Sierra looks down at his chest and stomach then swallows.

Jonathon notices this and smiles embarrassingly.
Are you coming in?


Huh? Oh yeah of course.
Sierra walks in. Jonathon goes straight to the back.
Make yourself comfortable.
Sierra looks around and spots a picture on the wall.

She goes to it and looks at it closely.

It is of a young pretty blond woman and a small little boy
with a birthday hat on his head, with big smiles on their

Sierra smiles at the picture.
That is a picture of me and my
mother before she died.
Startled at his voice Sierra jumps.

Jonathon! I didn't hear you come
She turns back to the picture.
Your mother was beautiful.
Jonathon smiles and looks at the picture, his eyes start to
tear up.
He shakes his head and looks at Sierra.
We should get going.
Yeah, lets go.
Together they walk outside and get into separate cars.



The sound of dim music is heard as they enter the large
Sixties themed restaurant.

They are greeted at the door by a pretty brunette waitress.

They are lead to a table for two.

Sierra looks around, then at Jonathon who is concentrating
on her and smiles at him.
You like it huh!
Yeah its great! How did you find
this place.
Lets just say this is the hang out
spot for me and my friends...well
it used to be. Before we got
kicked out for getting to loud. I
have not been here for ages.
Do you remember whats good on the
Jonathon shakes his head and grabs a menu.

Sierra follows.
Not at all.
After a few minutes a waiter comes, takes their orders and
I bet you miss her alot don't you?
Who? My mother?
Sierra nods her head.
Every day.


You want to hear a story my mother
told me that still sticks with me
until this day.
When I was born I was sick. So
sick that my mother was about to
give up on me.
Carolyn, sits at large round table by herself. In the
foreground there are a lot of nurses and Doctors wearing

She stares at her food blankly and a tear slides down her

She grabs her mouth and starts to sob.
God, what have I done to deserve
this? First an abusive alcoholic
husband now...a sick...child.
She sniffles.
I can't do this, not by myself.
I'm sorry Lord...I just can't.
Carolyn grabs her tray and as she is about to get up a hand
touches her shoulder.

She stops and looks up into the nurse who had delivered her

Nurse MOLLY(Early 30's) An attractive, tall and slender
African American lady. Light brown caramel brown skin.
Beautiful Hazel brown eyes, Her brown hair is in a pony

She smiles warm at Carolyn.
Carolyn honey, it's going to be
all right. Don't you worry about a
thing, God does everything for his


                       MOLLY (cont'd)
own glorious reasons.
She hands Carolyn a couple of tissues.

Carolyn smiles up at her and wipes the tears from her eyes.
Thank you.
Your welcome darling.
Are you on your lunch break?
Honey, the only breaks I get
around here are when I excuse
myself to the restroom.
I'm sorry.
Oh honey its all right, after
awhile you get used to it!