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Underclassmen - Episode One "Pilot"
by Joseph Ilia (fromanshevz@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***1/2
Eric is a regular high school student with regular high school problems. A friend who is dating the girl of his dreams, the decision of entering the high school party scene, a series of failed crushes, and a voice in his head which, more often than not, points out all his flaws. In the "Pilot" episode, the guys decide whether or not to attend a party and Eric deals with his failures with women. ***************Here are the links to Episode 2: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530517&t=&pg= Episode 3: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530562&t=&pg= Episode 4: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530595&t=&pg= Episode 5: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530646&t=&pg= Episode 6: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530679&t=&pg= Episode 7: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530754&t=&pg= Episode 8: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530888&t=&pg= Episode 9: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291531085&t=&pg= ***************As of 07/08/08, Underclassmen - Episode One is Scriptbuddy.com's #1 All-Time reviewed script. Wow. This started two years ago (nearly to the day) as simply an experiment for myself and now has grown into something much bigger. Thank you to everyone who has given me a review, good or bad, I read them all and appreciate everything. For everyone's information, I have completed a feature length screenplay titled "Upperclassmen" based on the series. If you want to read that or ask me ANYTHING, feel free to email me. Thanks again!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The cafeteria is busy, full of high school students having
STACY HUNTER, a freshman in high school, sits at a cafeteria
table with a plate of food in front of her.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
This is Stacy...the girl of my
CHRIS ELLIOT, also a freshman in high school, puts his food
on the table and sits down next to Stacy. She looks at him
and they start to make out.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
And the guy currently eating her
face is Chris, one of my best
Across from them, ERIC WALKER, high school freshman, sits
with a plate of food. He stares at Stacy and Chris.
freshman, puts his tray next to Eric's and sits down.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
This is Boom. We call him that
because no one really knows how to
pronounce his full name.
A TEACHER stands at the front of the classroom and all of
the students sit at their desks.
Mike Aaron?


Thanabhum Aramwatananont.
...Can you repeat that?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
He was solely responsible for
killing off the first ten minutes
of every class.
Back in the cafeteria, the group continues their
What are you doing, Eric?
...What? Oh, I don't know, it's
hard to look away even if you want
to. It's like a car crash.
Saying sad stuff always works.
      (to Stacy and
Bambi's mother was shot.
Stacy pulls away and Chris realizes that Eric and Boom are
staring at them.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Boom moved here from Africa three
years ago and was full of useful
I cry every time I watch that
Thanks, Boom.
Chris kicks Boom.
Ah, son of a shit!


                       ERIC (V.O.)
He had yet to learn how to curse.
Excuse me for being uncomfortable
with your PDA.
Well I can't help it that Stacy is
the most beautiful, and nicest
girl I have ever met.
      (to Chris)
Aww! You are so sweet, lovie.
Chris gives Stacy a peck on the lips and then they begin to
make out again.
Hurricane Katrina!
Chris and Stacy stop kissing.
      (to Boom)
This is fun.
MR. EDWARD SHERMAN, biology teacher, 60s, stands in the
front of the classroom teaching. Eric is sitting one seat
behind Boom, and they are in the last two rows. To their
left is ELIZABETH "LIZ" JOHANSSEN, freshman girl.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
For Boom and me, after lunch we
would have a free period and then
suffer through Mr. Sherman's
biology class. It was bad enough
that he talked in a monotone and a
generally uninteresting voice, but
today was a Friday. And all we
wanted to do in class was--
Eric and Boom get up out of their seats, walk to the front
of the classroom, and pick up Mr. Sherman.


                       MR. SHERMAN
What are you kids doing?!? Put me
down right now!
Another student opens the window then Eric and Boom throw
Mr. Sherman outside. Liz pulls a boom box out of her
backpack and blasts dance music. Everyone starts to dance or
make out with someone.
Eric has his eyes closed and is dancing at his seat.
What the hell are you doing?
It's my "I'm imagining I'm not in
school on a Friday" dance.
You're so stupid.
Don't judge me.
Liz laughs a little too much at this comment. Mr. Sherman
takes notice.
                       MR. SHERMAN
Liz, quit acting rude, crude and
socially unnacceptable.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
That "rude, crude, and socially
unacceptable" line was Sherman's
Sorry Mr. Sherman.
      (whispering to
Dude, she's so into you...that
sounds dirty.
                       MR. SHERMAN
Eric, do you think you are allowed
to be rude, crude and socially


I didn't say anything.
                       MR. SHERMAN
You did right now, so shut the big
hole in your face and use the two
small ones on the sides of your
Mr. Sherman continues teaching the class.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Mr. Sherman was a very weird guy.
He liked biology a little too much
to be considered human.
Hey, are you guys going to
Justin's tonight?
Eric and Boom look at each other unsure of what to say.
Eric, Chris, and Boom sit in Eric's bedroom tossing around a
tennis ball.
We should definently go.
No doubt. Everyone's going to be
there. Come on, even Stacy is
there. We're just wasting our time
sitting around here doing nothing.
Yeah, can you imagine how awesome
it would be?
Eric, Chris, and Boom are sitting on three separate couches
surrounded by hot high school girls. They are each making
out with one. Eric stops making out with his hot girl and
begins to look around.
Okay, who haven't I had sex with


Bet the gettin' is good.
Never mind, the point is that it's
not even like we're doing anything
wrong. If anything, we are the
ones breaking the laws of high
The laws of high school?
Shut up, it's true.
It's stupid.
You're stupid.
Your mom's stupid.
Guys, stop. You're both dumb.
...You're dumb.
Your dad's dumb.
Why are we still here? There's
nothing stopping us so let's stop
being pussies and go already.
Eric, Chris, and Boom get up look at each other and then sit
back down.


The cops could show.
If our parents smell that stuff on
us we're dead.
What the Christ! We're such dicks!
Justin is holding what could be
the coolest party of our lives
down the street, and we're here
holding our asses scared.
Screw this, I'm going.
Me too.
Chris and Boom get up.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
It's sad to say, but by the
beginning of freshman year, it's
easier to find someone who's been
to a party with illegal activity
than someone who hasn't. And while
peer pressure may not be the
biggest factor in it--
Screw it, I'm in.
                       ERIC (cont'd V.O.)
It does exist.
Eric gets up and the three boys leave.
Eric, Chris, and Boom stand at the front of the driveway of
Justin's large house. There is loud music playing and people
can be seen going in and out of the house with drinks.
So...I guess this is the next


I guess so.
Let's go get blown.
Boom advances towards the house.
      (mocking Boom)
I think we should go get wasted,
but if we got blown, that wouldn't
be bad either.
Eric chuckles, he and Chris start towards Justin's house.
Eric, Chris, and Boom navigate through Justin's house
looking around and taking in the atmosphere. Many walk
around drunk and holding more drinks. A couple of kegs are
set up.
Chris spots Stacy and hugs her from behind and kisses her
neck. She panics at first, not knowing who it is.
What the fu--OH! Hey love dove! I
didn't know you were coming.
Stacy gives Chris a big hug then they kiss a little.
So what's up?
Not too much, Kiela and I were
just here and she went to get me
another drink and...Kiela! I don't
know where she went. I can't
believe you came!
Stacy gives Chris another hug, and kisses him sloppily.
Eric sits back on a couch alone. He looks around a bit and
then Boom plops down next to him with a beer in hand.


I'm good.
Eric, please.
Just a sip.
I said I'm good.
Maybe a little sip?
Stop it, Boom!
Boom looks around.
Hey, isn't that Liz?
Uh...yeah, think so.
You should go talk to her. You
probably won't get a better
opportunity to...well, you
know...tip that.
No way, man.
Why the shit not?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
I really have to teach him


Eric cannot think of anything.
Do it man.
I don't even like her that much.
Something's better than nothing,
even if it is just a backup plan.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
My raging teenage hormones agree.
Fine, but fuck you.
Eric gets up to go over to Liz.
Eric approaches Liz, who is holding a beer and is very
cheery. She notices him.
Liz hugs Eric and spills a little on him.
Oops, I'm so sorry.
Liz laughs a little.
Let me get that.
Liz tries to wipe Eric's shirt clean.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Oh, she is so into you...just go
for it.
Hey, go out with me.
Liz stops.


Look, I've heard you like me, you
act like you like me, and I like
you too. So I don't know how else
to say it...go out with me.
I like Boom. Have you seen him?
Oh...I'm sorry. Umm...I'll get
him. Sorry. Sorry, I'm going.
Eric, stunned, returns to the couch where he and Boom sat.
Boom, confused, looks at Eric.
What happened, dude?
She wants you.
She wants you.
Boom looks at Liz, who waves him over.
No man, I can't.
Just go dude, I don't mind.
Thanks, I owe you.
Boom leaves. Eric leans his head back and takes in a deep
breath, then gets up and walks away.


Chris and Stacy are leaning back against a wall together.
Then, KIELA BROWN approaches them with two drinks.
Hey Chris, I didn't know you were
going to be here.
Yeah, I changed my mind last
Kiela takes a sip from one cup while handing the other drink
to Stacy.
      (very drunk)
I like it, I love it, I want some
more of it.
Stacy giggles strangely. Chris looks at her awkwardly and
takes the cup from her.
Okay, you've probably had enough.
Aw, but Chris...
Just relax a bit...come here.
Chris pulls Stacy closer and gives her a kiss.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
When faced with a bad situation, I
believe we define the type of
people we are. Some people can be
cool and do the right things.
Eric walks down the street outside Justin's house pulling on
his hair.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
But me: I'm a duck-and-run kind of
Eric flails his arms around fiercely.


Eric and Stacy sit across from Liz and Boom, all have trays
of food. Chris comes over with his tray.
Move over.
Eric moves and Chris takes his place.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
I thought Chris and Stacy was bad,
but now with Liz and Boom together
I became the fifth wheel, all by
myself. I couldn't get in touch
with any of them for the rest of
the weekend...not that I would
want to after I thoroughly
embarrassed myself. They made
themselves a couples' corner and
it now was almost impossible to
communicate with them. It's like
there's a wall in between us.
There is a glass wall in between the couples' corner and
Hey, can I borrow some salt?
The couples' corner completely ignores Eric. Eric turns to
the glass wall.
Eric starts to knock on the glass. From the other side of
the wall, Eric cannot be heard and the couples do not pay
So who was she?
I don't know her name but she's in
8th grade.
Eric begins to yell but is still not heard.


What an idiot. She goes to her
first party and drinks until she
passes out.
Well, some people are stupid.
Eric stands up on his chair.
Don't call her stupid!
She had to get her stomach pumped.
She ruined the whole thing. Her
parents must've found out, too.
Eric slips and falls to the floor.
Okay, I think I'm bleeding.
From what I saw of you Stacy, you
weren't that much better than she
Hey, I didn't need my stomach
pumped or anything. I was fine.
Chris chuckles and casually checks his watch.
Yeah, you were fine 'cause I was
watching you...Oh shit, we gotta
go to English.
Help! Help, please.
The couples get up and leave.
Eric is rubbing the back of his head. He notices the couples
deep in their own conversation.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
I shouldn't even bother.


Eric leaves the table.
Eric sits at the back of the classroom next to DOM
LIEBOWITZ, a freshman and friend. Eric is holding his head
and looks upset.
Yo, you okay man?
Ah, it's just my damn head...I
can't take it sometimes.
Migraine? My mom gets those. Don't
worry about it.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
It's stupid to think that people
care about that shit.
MRS. EVANS, cute English teacher (30s), walks into the
classroom and puts some books on her desk.
                       MRS. EVANS
Okay guys, quiet please. We're
reading from Shadow of a Killer so
please take (out your books and
turn to...)-
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Mrs. Evans...my English class
crush. The person I like to
observe while I attempt to not
learn during school. It's not like
I expect anything to happen...but
it's not like I don't want
anything to happen. The truth is
I've viewed a lot of people as
forms of art.
Eric, in a tuxedo, is being led around an art exhibit by a
MUSEUM CURATOR. To their right, a BEAUTIFUL GIRL stands


                       MUSEUM CURATOR
And here we have Elisa from the
Grossman family, originated in a
1998 recreational soccer league.
Ah, she's filled out.
They continue forward and on their right there stands an
                       MUSEUM CURATOR
And here is one of your rather
peculiar choices, Sir.
I don't remember her...
                       MUSEUM CURATOR
Mount Snow, 2004.
Okay, in my defense, she had a ski
mask on and her eyes are
Eric and the Curator continue forward again where a BOY
stands to their right.
                       MUSEUM CURATOR
And this is Jeremy Wright.
From Elementary School?
You always used to look at me
during recess.
You had a giant mole on your face.
I liked you Eric, I thought you
were cute.
Jeremy, I'm just not into-...wait,
Eric shakes his head violently.


                       ERIC (V.O.)
Ah! Bad thoughts!...Ow, my
Eric walks the hallways alone.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Sadly, the one commonality between
me and the girls I've liked is
that I've done nothing but like
Boom catches up to Eric.
Hey man, what's up?
Not too much.
Where were you at lunch today?
Sitting...right next to you.
Really? Sorry...must've been a
little distracted...I've been
getting distracted more often
because of...Liz and me...
      (correcting Boom)
"Liz and I"
I think it's "Liz and me".
                       ERIC (V.O.)
This guy is trying to correct my
No, it's Liz and I.
Really? Could have sworn it was
"Liz and me"...anyway, you haven't
congratulated me yet.


Really? I'm so proud of you,
buddy. Do you want a hug?
Why can't you be happy for me?
I'm happy for you. The backup plan
worked just fine.
Who the damned do you think you
are saying that?
I didn't say that. You did,
...Ass...Well, just because I got
the girl doesn't mean you should
be all depressed.
As Eric continues to walk, Boom grabs him to stop him.
What's wrong?
I don't know, man...I didn't get
the girl I wanted and I couldn't
get the "backup plan"...It doesn't
exactly make me feel good about
myself, you know?
Don't worry about it dude, it's no
big deal.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
I think it's his compassion that
makes him such a good friend.
Yo, I'll see you, dude.
Yeah, see you.
Eric heads into a classroom. Stacy approaches Boom.


Hey, you. What's up with Eric?
Ah, it's nothing. What class you
have now?
Math, you?
Nothing, I got a free.
Walk with me?
Boom and Stacy begin to walk to their next class.
So...you and Liz.
Well at least someone's
Who wasn't?
Don't worry about it, he's
probably got another headache or
You never answered my question.
Did you ask a question? I thought
that was a statement.
It was a question.


What was the question?
You and Liz.
See, that's just another
Ah, shutup.
Hard to answer a question when I'm
supposed to shutup.
Stacy shoves Boom into a locker.
Eric sits in the library with a book.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
History test, focus, focus,
history test, test, Galileo, test,
focus...focus sounds a little like
fuck ass...
Chris approaches Eric.
Hey, Eric.
What's up?
Trying to study for the history
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Like you were studying, fuck ass.
No, I don't mean now, I mean,
like, later.


How much later?
Today, after school.
Maybe, why?
I think Stacy, Liz, Boom, and I
were planning on going downtown
after school to get something to
eat, you interested?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
And fall victim to the couples'
Eric closes his book and stares at the ceiling for a moment.
You know what, I think I'm busy.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Who's busy?
Really? What are you doing?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Yeah, what are you doing?
Stuff...family stuff, you know how
it is.
Yeah, that sucks man, sorry.
Anyway, I'll see you later. Good
luck on your history test.
Chris leaves.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Great, now I can go home and be
lonely today instead. Fuck ass.
At the other end of the library, Chris exits the building as
Liz walks in.


Hey, Chris, you know what we're
doing later?
Umm...yeah, I think it's just
going to be you, me, Stacy, and
Boom. Maybe chinese or the deli.
What about Eric?
Says he's busy. Listen, I got to
see Mr. Sherman for extra help.
See you later.
Sure, see you.
Chris leaves. Liz looks around and spots Eric across the
      (raised voice)
Eric! Why aren't you coming out
with us?
A LIBRARIAN approaches Liz.
Will you quiet down? This is a
library for goodness sakes, people
are trying to do work.
Liz looks around to see there's no one else in the library.
I'm sorry.
Liz begins to approach Eric.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
If there's one thing our school
librarians hate it's noise, and
they're very good at pointing it
The librarian stands behind the front desk typing at the


Across the library, behind a book shelf, two girls are
trying to not be heard. One mouths to the other "Write it
down" while motioning a pen motion. The other girl takes out
a piece of paper from her backpack and a pencil. As her
pencil touches the paper, the paper crinkles softly.
Across the library, the librarian tilts her head like a dog
that has just smelt something. She then appears next to the
two girls.
Will you two quiet down? This is a
library for goodness sakes, there
are people trying to do work.
Liz is now next to Eric.
Eric, why aren't you coming out
with us?
I got something to do today.
Bullshit, it's a Monday, and I
know you don't have a lot of
Liz takes a seat across from Eric.
What if I just don't want to?
What's wrong? Is it because of me?
Come on.
I'm sorry that I rejected you like
that, but I like Boom.


It's not that. Listen, you're a
cool girl and all, but honestly I
wasn't that interested either.
Boom said you had a crush on me
and I should go after you. Better
to have a "backup plan" than
Boom didn't say that.
Pause. Eric stares seriously at Liz.
I got to go talk to him. Come out
with us.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Why can't these people just leave
me alone?!?
A LIBRARIAN walks by and stops near Eric.
Young man, I will not tolerate
anymore excessive noise coming
from you, understand? This is a
                       ERIC (V.O.)
It's like they're in my head.
Boom, Chris, and Stacy are all gathered in the school
courtyard. Liz approaches Boom.
Hey, Liz.
Hey, Boom, can I talk to you for a
...Over there.


      (to Liz)
      (to Chris and
Just a sec.
Liz leads Boom away from Stacy and Chris.
What's up?
I don't know...maybe that you
thought I had a crush on Eric.
What? Who said that?
Eric did.
Boom sighs.
Look, I don't like when people go
around making assumptions about
me, especially assumptions that
are wrong!
Look, I'm sorry, but honestly I
was just guessing.
Oh, and why is my boyfriend
referring to me as a "backup
Okay...first of all...that was
Eric, you were Eric's "backup
plan", and secondly, that was
before I was your boyfriend.
Liz begins to walk away.


Liz turns towards Boom.
-Oh, sorry, I don't really know
what to say...just saying "Liz".
Liz rolls her eyes and storms off. Chris and Stacy look over
What happened?
I don't know, Stacy, can you go
talk to her for me? Please?
Yeah, sure.
Stacy follows Liz.
Eric is sitting at his desk typing something. Boom walks in
and knocks on the door. Eric turns and to his surprise sees
his friend.
Yeah, my mom dropped me off for a
second, we're on our way home.
Oh, okay.
Listen, Eric...this isn't easy for
me to say...
Boom, just say it, you know you
can tell me anything.
I just stopped off to say that...I
realize you're upset about the
whole Liz thing and all, but that
doesn't give you a right to ignore
everything but your feelings.


What are you talking about, man?
I like Liz...a lot. When I found
out she liked me...not you...I was
happy. Yeah, it sucks that she
wasn't into you but like you said,
she was your backup.
Again, you're actually the one who
said that but continue.
The point is your my best
friend...I wanted someone to be
happy for me and instead you only
concentrated on the fact that she
rejected you. You even told her
stuff that we said about her and
she got pissed at me about that. I
can take you being cold to me, but
to talk to Liz like that...that's
not right. It's just not right.
Boom leaves.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
When faced with a bad situation, I
believe we define the type of
people we are. Some people can be
cool and do the right things. But
me: I'm the guy who drowns in his
own embarrassment and rejection,
trying to lick my wounds, while
ignoring what's troubling
others...I don't want to be that
Eric gets up and catches Boom as he exits Eric's house.
Boom, hold up.
Boom stops.
Are things okay between you and


She got pretty pissed after she
talked to you...but yeah, I think
we're okay.
Eric smiles.
I'm happy for you, man.
Boom smiles.
Give me a call when you get home.
Will do...Oh, and Eric...I asked
Ms. Evans, it is "Liz and me".
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Great, I have worse grammar than
that "son of a shit".
Boom leaves.


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From Tania Date 3/5/2014 ****

From Austin Morgan Date 1/29/2014 ****
Killed it!

From Justin Adams Date 12/7/2013 ****

From Jack Date 8/5/2013 ****
Great script man! Really good! Love the writing style!

From Portia Date 4/8/2012 ***1/2
Wooow, are u in a film school or you just have a passion for script writing and u are in for it?Wooow am looking forward into reading the next episode.If you are in a film school learn more cos am looking forward to watch one of ur scripts made into a movie.Its great gud job done.

From lashawn anthony Date 6/25/2011 ****
This is the only script I've read on here that was funny all the way through, good job I hope to read more from you.

From TONY DRAKEFORD Date 6/4/2011 ***1/2
Overall a good script,I could see this on t.v.The only problem I had when reading this was the number of characters that you introduced in the pilot episode.I feel it would have been an easier read if the core characters were stronger.But that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a wonderful script.

From Luke Date 5/22/2011 ***1/2
I loved it! The dialog was smart and very humorous, but, I felt that things happened too quickly without much of it. Otherwise, it was a great script and I can't wait to read the next one.

From lashawn anthony Date 5/7/2011 ****
Funny laughed all the way through it.

From Steve Dodson Date 9/23/2010 ****
Great Script!!

From Khiana Date 8/3/2010 ****
I thought this was extremely good. I laughed through the whole thing. I thought it was very original and a very real modern look at the high school teen age life. I also thought your style of presentation was very original as well. I love love loved it! I would give you 10 stars if I could.

From Branden Date 7/28/2010 ****
Very funny!

From Clavette and Purvis Date 12/15/2009 ****
Woah. That was a very good script. Can't wait to see it on the telly. Keep up the great work!

From Shannon Date 12/8/2009 ****
The Hurricane Katrina line made me crack up. I can't wait to see this on television!

From Mike Sullivan Date 7/27/2009 **
Everything is fast and develops too quickly without dialogue. There are also a lot of forced jokes. However, there are bright spots of humor in the script. Some good jokes. It needs some maturity to it for it to grow though, but you can find it

From Jackson Date 6/25/2009 ****
Very nice man. Very talented. Contact me if you ever produce the show. :)

From landon Date 5/26/2009 ****
Wow, impressive. You've actually madem a real nice and smooth script with a narrator of real high school problems

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You sure can write dialogue and the characters are interesting just after a few pages.

From Brianna Date 1/8/2009 ***1/2
Quite honestly, I loved it! Everything was well-organized, and the fantasies were priceless! You're one great writer, I'll give you that! ;)

From Claire Setavo Date 12/3/2008 ****
That was fantastic! I've been trying to write something similar for months now, but with college students and it's so difficult! It is incredibly smart and funny, and it reminded me of a hybrid between 'Scrubs' and 'Arrested Development'. Excellent work! If I were to make any suggestions it would be to try to develop the characters a little more. Boom and Eric are clearly defined, but Liz and Stacy need especially more work. Good Job!

From Terron Phillips Date 8/28/2008 ****
Awsome, You should combine all scripts together and send it in as a Film.

From larry landry Date 8/3/2008 **
Better than most I've read on here, just not original enough. Great characters and I agree with Steve that with a little work, this could be one awesome movie instead of a mediocre tv show.

From Steven Reeves Date 7/26/2008 *
Enjoyable. I liked the dialog and characters. In my opinion, though, it is not very original at all. You do show promise, so keep writing, I think you'll get there.

From Taylor Barinka Date 7/7/2008 ****
Hilarious. A little Scrubs-ish, but still very funny.

From Gabriel Medina Date 6/17/2008 ****
Very entertaining. I think this can go far. It's almost like a teen movie, except your screenplay was enjoyable (I'm sorry my bias kicked in). Keep doing what you're doing. I can't wait to read the other episodes.

From Bronwyn Date 4/22/2008 ****
Very entertaining! The dialogue and characters were very charictaristic of high school students. I can't wait to read the rest of the episodes :)

From Josh A. Echevarria Date 4/14/2008 ****
I enjoyed this alot. It was humorous but also dramatic. The dialogue is great. Its realisitc and believable. I like the way Eric is constantly analyzing his actions and the actions of others and in turn describing what he thinks about it all. I think the title is fine.

From Alicia Date 3/10/2008 ***1/2
I laughed out loud reading this... and I was at work! Great job. The dialogue is amazing.

From Angelo Date 2/29/2008 ****
i liked the reality of what teenagers go through in high school i can easily relate to their situations and the dialogue is good too it has that teen wit that everyone knows of. i liked it a lot i am going to read the others

From David Muniz Date 2/25/2008 ****
Great story and funny. Have you guys read "GO GO FUJIMIE KENZONAKA GUMDROP CITY?" This is also good!

From pascal teeuwen Date 2/24/2008 ***1/2
Wow! i want to make a film of it! is that possible? or is it already a soap/movie? mail me please on: pascal.teeuwen@hotmail.com greetz!

From David Chase Date 2/12/2008 ****
I've read 4 episodes so far, and I loved it. The dialogue is witty and appropriate for the characters. This is something that you can actually imagine seeing on screen. As for the title, if you are still considering new ones, how about something like "Extracurricular"? Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

From Matthew Gotcher Date 1/27/2008 ***1/2
Funny. This is very scrubs-ish without being too much like it. I like it :)

From J P Date 11/5/2007 ***1/2
I was laughing the entire time, but the title could become a problem. If you were to create a second or third season, the title 'Underclassmen' really wouldn't apply as well. You might want to rethink that.

From Sebastian Date 10/15/2007 **1/2
It's interesting, writing about high school Freshmen. It's a tough subject. The fantasy sequences are good to great, ("Scrubs"-like I suppose). Your characters all sound alike, though, and most of their feelings are "on the nose". People simply don't talk like that. Some scenes of several pages could all happen in four lines. Add elements, then make it lean, and have some friends rehearse it to you. I think you'll hear the similarities. Even read it out loud to yourself in different voices.

From Herman Dhaliwal Date 9/28/2007 ***1/2
Good work

From Stuart Date 8/18/2007 ***
liked the dialogue, a little vulgar, but hey thats real life. good job.

From Rhonda Omberg Date 6/24/2007 ****
Good job. It has a "Wonder Years" quality to it, but if you want a wider appeal, you'd do away with the bigger curse words. Definitely has potential.

From Charles Hoover Date 6/2/2007 ***
Nice story, I like the characters. I think a little more work and you've got a real winner.

From Brianna Date 5/22/2007 ****
Great Work!

From alex a Date 5/13/2007 ****
I thought this script was realistic and interesting, it has a nice dynamic and i like the idea of the voice over, it needs a bit of work, which means some dialog could be a bit tighter but it was funny and cool. I would watch this show. Do some minor edits and submit it somewhere.

From Tyler Allen Date 3/17/2007 ****
This is great! Have you tried to put it on tv?

From Andrew Oplas Date 2/23/2007 ***1/2
Good flow and easy to read. The humor is appropriate to the genre. Continue developing these characters, and it can get even better. The only reason I don't give it a '4' is that I think you can improve and add more originality the plot.

From Glenn Date 11/25/2006 ***
Good structure. But i have to say the characters and storyline didnt impress me too much, seeing that most teen stories have the same storylines. Of course in tv everything is pretty much the same, i thought you could have gone in your won direction more and not stuck to the simillar stuff we already see.

From Hotel Dysfunctional Date 9/9/2006 ****
Impressive. You've made the dialogue flow smoothly and the characters deep and I can definitely see potential in the rising conflicts and characters in the story. Keep up the good work!

From Blake Edwards Date 9/7/2006 ****
i didnt finish the entire thing, either, but of what I read, its hysterical. your dialogue is great, and the title IS bad, but everything else is either A) worse or B) already taken. but good luck; its great so far.

From toran Date 9/2/2006 ****
Hey its me Toran. The one you sended the script in the PM. You know tormaster2@hotmail.com I enjoyed this script. I can't wait for episode 2. Can wait for it. I loved the dialog, funny smart and interesting.

From Giancarlos Calderon Date 8/30/2006 ****
Joseph Ilia. Your script is very good. I laughed all the way with it. However I still admire your soccer script

From Hiromoto Date 8/28/2006 ****
I loved this script. It kept me laughing throughout the whole episode. You should definitely continue with this, and if you're already doing so; keep up the good work. The characters are well developed so keep at it.

From Steve Date 8/22/2006 ****
Your dialogue is fantastic and the humor is terrific. You've got a nice flow to the story and it seemed throughout that you knew exactly where you wanted to go with the characters. You should really just turn this series into a full scale screenplay, dude. Great job nonetheless! -Steve E. Meacham

From John Patrick Murray Date 8/22/2006 ***1/2
I really liked this script, although I do agree that the title needs work. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything better either. The dialogue is great and very easy to read. Nice work.

From Matt Allen Date 8/21/2006 ***1/2
i didn't finish the whole thing but from what I read it was very good. Great dialogue, funny, smart, and overall interesting. Keep at it.

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