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Destiny's Divas II - Episode One
by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

DEstiny Masters returns to Earth as God's Angel of Mercy. She picks up with her team of super-sleuths in finding more kidnapped kids and their abductors.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Destiny Masters' molecular cells sparkle like fine diamonds
as she soars like an eagle into and beyond the realms of
outer space. She sees the stars, the moon, and all the
planets in the galaxy.

Finally her eyes begin to make out bright lights ahead of
her, brighter than any sheíd ever seen. Her spirit rushes
towards it and it engulfs her in a warm embrace.

As she approaches this place, the walls are higher than her
eyes can see, and extend out into infinity, on both sides of
gates that glitter of pure, untarnished and sparkling gold.
There are no windows, not that she can see, as her spirit
begins to slow to a soft and gentle stop. Her spirit
floats, like a helium-filled balloon, in front of the
towering gates and she can detect no other way in or out.
The bars that form the two gates are at least twenty feet

As she nears the gates of gold, her spiritís sparkling
star-like molecular cells once again swirl counter-clockwise
from her head to her feet, while her form, as a spirit,
dissipates from its existence.

The cells transform from that of a kindred spirit and reform
as a new and perfect body. She looks down at her hands that
once were no more than specks of sparkling lights, in an
otherwise empty pocket of space. What replaces those specs
are flesh and bone, as she sees her hands, and she watches
as her fingers move. She reaches up to touch her face and
runs her fingers through perfect silky auburn hair that
stretches down to the middle of her back.
Destinyís new body continues to float on air while she tries
to see into her new home. She cannot see beyond the gatesí
bars, with a wall of perfect white fluffy clouds blocking
her view.

Destiny looks for a doorbell that she can use to gain entry.
Okay, Josh, Mom, Dad, or God, Iím
here! How do I get in?


Destiny looks closer at the bars. Halfway up one of the
middle bars is a huge lock where both gates meet. Destiny
stares at the lock and within seconds it begins to turn. She
watches as both gates swing open for her. Puffy clouds,
that moments earlier were behind the gates and blocking her
view, roll out towards her like a carpet of pure white
Destinyís body, still suspended in the air, lifts up and
allows the clouds to roll under her feet. When her body
begins to lower, her feet touch solid ground.
This is super. I havenít been
able to touch anything in months.
Destiny takes her first steps since her death and walks
towards the open gates.
As she approaches the opened gates, Destiny grabs the bar to
her right. Chimes ring out and heavenly music emanates from
the bars at her gentle touch.
Destiny removes her hand from the gate and jumps backward
and brings her right hand to her heart. After a moment to
catch her breath, Destiny takes a few more steps towards the
open gates.
Slowly she heads through the open gates and waiting for her,
just inside, are her brother Josh and both parents. Tears
of joy flow like a river from her eyes, as she kneels down
and gives her brother a big hug.
Iíve been waiting so long to see
you, Josh.
Destiny wipes the flood of tears from her eyes.
Youíre just the way I remember
Josh stands forty-five inches tall and has curly brown hair,
with a huge smile. He looks at his sister after releasing
his embrace.


Well, you look different, Sis. The
last time I saw you was when you
were little, like me, and we did
lots of neat things together.
We still can, now. I just had to
make it here to be with you.
Destiny stands and turns to face her parents.
Hi Mom! Hi Dad!
Destiny Embraces her mother. Releasing her embrace, she
looks at her mother.
I see your new body hasnít changed
you any, Mom.
Well I have a few less wrinkles
now, dear. We are so proud of
what you and your friends were
able to accomplish while your
spirit waited to get here. We
knew you couldnít be here until
that was done.
I just couldnít rest until those
men were caught, mom.

(Looking at her FATHER)

Hi Dad. I see there are no more
gray hairs and it appears you now
have more hair then when I saw you
a few months back.
I guess God has his reasons, but
there are no mirrors up here so I
have no idea what it looks like up
Well letís just say I like the new
you, all six feet of you, Dad.


Are you aware that because of you,
and the four young ladies you
chose to help you, two children
were saved from coming in here
before their time?
Really? Wow!
Destiny kneels down on one knee in front of her brother.
Yes, Josh!
Josh turns his head towards his mother.
Can I tell her, mom?
You go right ahead, young man.
Tell me what?
Josh stands in front of her with a big smile.
God wants you to be His Angel of
Destiny looks up at her father.
His what? Whatís this all about,
After you and the girls saved
Janine, and she was reunited with
her parents, God came to us and
said too many children were
getting into Heaven, before their
time. God loves little children
and He was able to see the
compassion you had for them. He
wants you to be His Angel of
Mercy. You will have wings just
like the other angels do.


Does that mean He wants me to
leave here? I want to be here with
you, Mom, and Josh.
Remember what you were doing
before, as a spirit, helping the
girls find kidnapped kids?
Yes, of course I do.
You will be doing the same thing,
but instead of appearing to the
girls as a spirit, like you once
did, you will have wings. These
wings will allow you to be seen by
those you want to see you. When
the wings are wrapped around you
then you will become invisible to
Thatís all well and fine, Mom, but
what about my time with Josh?
You will have plenty of time to
get to know your little brother,
Destiny. Your wings will allow
you to come and go from here as
you see fit to do so.
Well what about the powers I once
had? Even though I could not use
them I was able to pass those
powers to the girls so they could
use them to help find those two
kids. Do I still have them?
You will still have those powers
Destiny, but in order for them to
work you will have to be on earth.
You canít be here in Heaven.
Will I be able to transfer these
powers back to D & D?


Yes, dear, you will. What we are
saying is that you, as an angel,
will have to be down there for the
girls to be able to use those
Okay, then, seeing as everyone
wants me to do this, when will I
get these wings?
God wants to give you some time to
be with, and get to know, your
brother first, Destiny. When He
is ready He will give them to you.
Once you have them they will be
as much a part of you as your
What do you have to say about all
this, Josh?
Well because of you and your
friends those bad guys who hurt me
and sent me here are both now in
jail. Heaven is a beautiful
place, sis, but not when you have
a mommy, daddy, and sister down
there, on earth, who love you.
When I came through those gates
eight years ago, God made me feel
really good. There is no pain
here in Heaven, Sis, and the sun
always shines. Because of God it
didnít hurt when I missed the
three of you. There are a lot of
boys and girls down there just
like me, who hurt every day, just
like I was being hurt. Some of
them are being hurt even worse
than I was. I watched as you and
your friends saved Jeremy. And I
also watched when all of you saved
Janine. If God wants you to go
down there to earth, and can help
other boys and girls, then I want
you to go and do the best job you
can. Come back and see me
whenever you can, Sis, but stop
more bad guys and ladies from


                       JOSH (cont'd)
hurting kids like me.
Tears fill both of Destinyís eyes, as she takes a real good
look at her brother.
Wow! Your body never aged, Josh,
but you have grown up in more ways
I canít explain. I guess Iíd
better enjoy what time I have here
before I get those wings.
While Josh and Destiny walk through Heaven, day never ends.
Before long, from behind them, a compassionate deep voice
speaks to Destiny.
Welcome to my home, Destiny.
Destiny turns around. The man who stands before her,
talking to her, is more than just an ordinary man. He
stands six feet tall, with beautiful blue eyes that exhumes
love and compassion.
Destiny lifts her face to look into his eyes.
Thank you!
Your brother Josh has been a
blessing to my kingdom, Destiny,
and a joy to many children, like
himself, who've made their way
into my kingdom way before their
time to be here.
Josh and my parents tell me you
want me to return to earth as some
kind of an Angel of Mercy, sir.
What I saw in you, when you were
but just a spirit, was a young
lady who has a strong compassion
and love for young children. What
drove that compassion was the
loving bond you had with your
younger brother Josh. Even though
you were dead by all human


                       GOD (cont'd)
standards, your spirit took it
upon itself, with the team of
young ladies you chose very well,
to help children enjoy the youth I
gave them, when they were first
Well I was able to enjoy mine with
loving parents and family. To see
the hurt those families were going
through, without their child with
them, was more than I could bear
even as a mere spirit. As long as
there was a way I was able to do
so, I wanted to be able to reunite
those kids with their families.
It's that sort of kindness and
love you possess, Destiny, that
prompts me to choose you to be the
children's Angel of Mercy on
earth. Everything you once had,
as a spirit, you still have. You
will also be given permanent wings
of an angel.
I hope I can live up to your
expectations, God.
Go with your wisdom and
convictions, Destiny, and you'll
do just fine.
When will I get my wings?
Do not be impatient my child, for
your mind needs to be free to
think clearly. Your wings are
ready now, Destiny, but your new
spirit needs to be ready for them.
Will I need to come to you for
them, when I am ready?


When you are ready for them I will
allow your wings to grow on you
and be a part of your new heavenly
Thank you, Father. I will try to
serve you well.
Josh is by her side when the wings start to appear. In a
matter of minutes they grow to an eight-foot wingspan. White
wings that arch and stretch from above her head to the backs
of her feet.
Wow, sis! Those wings are neat.
You do realize, little brother,
that this means I will have to
leave here soon.
I know, but youíll be back to see
me. Heaven is where you live
right now, sis.
I guess it is at that.
While you are gone, Sis, just save
some kids for me. I have plenty
of kids here in Heaven to play
with already.
You are something else, Josh
Masters, and I love you that much
more for it. I wonder how these
wings work.
I canít help ya there, sis. I
donít have any.
Destiny stands there and thinks about how to make her wings
move. Suddenly the large wings start to flutter and her
body slowly lifts off the Heavenís floor. While her body
lifts up and into the heavenly sky above, Destiny adapts


quickly to the new addition on her body. Within minutes she
flies around like a seasoned angel.
She flies down to where her brother waits for her.
Josh walks towards her and stops a few feet away from his
Youíve got it now, sis.
Yes I do, Josh. Let me kiss you
goodbye. Iíve got work on Earth
to do,
Destiny picks him up and gives her brother a big hug and
Bye, sis. Donít you dare forget
how to get back here. Come back
and see me when you can.
I wonít forget and Iíll come back
soon. Tell mom and dad I had to
go, okay?
I will.
Destiny places him back down. She stands up and her wings
start to flap. In a matter of seconds her body lifts up and
flies over the walls of Heaven.
Destiny lowers herself to the entrance-way.
      (talking to
Okay, Destiny, letís see where we
With caution she walks towards the door that leads into
Billís home. As she nears the door her wings start to
flutter briefly.


Cautiously she steps up to the door and her angelic body
slides right through.
      (talking to
So that's how these things work.
Destiny heads towards the door leading into the main hall.
Her wings flutter again and sheís able to walk right

Destiny folds her wings across the front of her body and
shields herself from Bill's view.
Yeah, Jack, D & D will be on a
tour of the West Coast starting in
February. I remembered you wanted
me to give you a call when they
went out west.
                       JACK (VO)
Iíve got the last weekend in
February and the first weekend in
March available at the Superdome,
Bill. Name your poison and Iíll
start the promos well enough in
advance. I have no problem with
four hundred grand for four shows.
Then Iíll schedule them for March
third, fourth, and fifth. Promote
these girls well, Jack, as they
are worth every cent. Bye for
Destiny stands in the shadows and listens as Bill schedules
D & D for their second tour as a band.
Bill places the phone back down onto the receiver.


I see you plan to keep my girls
busy, Mr. Deegan,
Destiny opens her wings so he can see her.
What the hell? Is that you,
The hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, while he
looks at the young female angel who stands in his room.
Does my new look bother you, Bill?
Destiny extends her wings to full width.
Not at all my dear Destiny, but
surprised I am. First of all I
thought weíd never get to see you
again, and secondly this time I
can actually see a body in you.
You have wings like angels do.
Thatís because I am an angel,
Bill. Because of my love for
children God chose me to be His
Angel of Mercy. This is the new
body He gave me when I got to
Standing before talent agent Deegan, is a beautiful
seventeen-year old female angel who stands five foot seven
with long auburn hair that reaches down to the middle of her
back. Her face is flawless with a perfect complexion.
Well let me tell you, young lady,
that the Man upstairs knows how to
make someone really beautiful. I
saw you first as a spirit, and
even in that ghostly form you had
you were beautiful then, but now I
can actually see you and you are
more beautiful than you were
Thank you. Do you happen to know
where D & D is?


I knew they went out to dinner,
but Iím not sure where. They are
due to be here at seven if youíd
care to stay.
Do you think you can handle
talking to an angel for that long?
I got used to talking to you, when
you were but a mere shadow,
Destiny, and I have to admit, that
was an experience Iíll never
forget. Now I can at least see
you, so that makes holding a
conversation with you a whole lot
easier, even though you have those
wings. Those Iíll have to get
used to. I gave Sam the night
off, young lady, so how would you
like to be the one to greet D &D
at the door when they get here?
Iíd like that. In your own little
way, youíre also a man of

I wasnít like that until I met you
as a spirit, Destiny. The
devotion you had to your brother
rubbed off onto me that first day
you came into my home. I knew, at
that time, Destinyís Desire would
be a force to reckon with both on
and off stage. As a band I could
see they were destined to reach
heights only a handful of bands
ever attain. As young ladies I
could see a compassion for
children only mothers ever truly
possess. That is not something
you gave them, Destiny, but rather
something you managed to bring out
from within them. I somehow got
caught up in the drama of it all.
I love those four young ladies
like they were my own daughters.


I know that. That was the main
reason I chose you to be their
talent agent. Your only proximity
to a family, are the clients you
represent, and in two weeks D & D
will be the only family youíll
The BUZZER rings inside the house.
That means the girls are here,
Destiny. Iíll get the gate and
you can go into the hall and get
ready to greet them in whatever
way you choose.
Bill pushes the button for the gate to open. As he turns
around he watches as Destiny's wings begin to flutter and
she walks right through the door.
I donít believe I just saw her do
Bill sits back in his easy chair.
Wendy pulls to a stop in the front of the house.
I wonder how many cities weíll be
going to on this tour,
Danielle opens the front passenger door.
Iím sure weíll soon find out.
This is unusual. Bill is normally
waiting for us when we pull up,
Dana runs up the few steps and gets ready to ring the


Wait a minute, Dana. She may have
taken away our powers from us, but
Destiny left a part of her spirit
inside me. I may be wrong, gang,
but I think Destiny is back here.
Youíve got to be kidding. She is
in Heaven, or wherever the other
side is, with her little brother.
Danielle closes the passenger door.
Iím telling you, Destiny is here.
I can feel her spirit,
Why would she want to come back
down here?
Dana reaches once again for the doorbell, where all four
girls are by the door.
Before Dana's hand can touch the button, the door opens
before her. Destiny stands inside the well-lit hallway
garbed in a pure white robe with matching wings.
Wendy's hands start to shake as she stares at an angel.
Who are you?
Itís Destiny, I told you.
      (Voice soft and
Itís good to see my band once
Itís good to see you too, Destiny,
but youíve changed,
I guess she has, and sheís more
beautiful too.


I just knew you were here,
Destiny. I felt your spirit
within me.
You were the only one, Danielle,
who did have that part of me
inside them. Please come in,
girls. Bill is waiting for you.
Lisa enters the front hall in front of her friends.
What are you doing back here on
I will answer your questions soon,
but Bill has some important
business to attend to first.
Bill stands up as D & D enters the room and Destiny trails
the quartet.
Bill greets the four girls in a casual and polite manner.
Welcome, ladies! Have a seat,
Did you know Destiny was going to
be here, Bill?
Not until about an hour and a half
ago. She managed to fly in here
Wendy chuckles as the four girls take a seat and sit down.
Then you're off the hook.
Bill looks towards Destiny who stands at the end of the
couch beside Danielle.


Are you able to sit down, with
those wings, Destiny?
Thatís a good question. I donít
really know. I just got them a
few million miles ago and I
havenít tried sitting down with
them yet.
Destiny goes around to the front of one easy chair and is
careful as she lowers herself into the seat.
It appears you can sit down with
ease. Do you want to go first?
You go right ahead, Bill. I'll
wait until you're done.
Thank you. Ladies, the West Coast
begs for D & D to come out there.
They are all willing to pay top
dollar for you four girls to
perform. I have the exact dates,
but you donít need that
information tonight. Youíll be
starting in San Diego and then on
to San Francisco. Seattle, Las
Vegas, and Reno will round out the
two-month tour of the West Coast.
Twenty performances and D & D will
gross over two million dollars.
Did you say two million dollars?
Two million two hundred thousand
to be precise.
What is the name of the tour?
Iím calling it the ĎHearts of Gold


That sounds like us, alright.
One more thing, ladies. Before I
let Destiny take over, on the
twenty-fourth we will all be going
to New York to cut the single for
the Four Walls of Destiny. LUW
Recording Studios called me
yesterday and weíve sealed the
deal for the cut.
Wendy yells with a hearty smile, and raises her hands in
Our first single.
Okay, Destiny, I am sure the girls
would rather listen to you and
find out why you're back here,
just as much as I do. The floor
is yours, girl.
Bill extends his right hand towards Destiny.
Iím sure they would, Bill. As you
know when I left earth on New
Yearís Eve, I was heading to
Heaven to see my brother, who I
never got to really know when he
was alive down here. He and my
parents were waiting for me when I
walked through Heavenís gates.
Itís really beautiful up there,
but Iíll tell you about that
another time. I had a chance to
meet God and talk to him. He told
me he wanted me to be His Angel of
Mercy, on behalf of the children
here on earth. God loves children
and He doesnít like seeing them in
Heaven before their time to be up
there. God saw what D & D and I
did for both Jeremy Bradley, and
Janine Kilmer. From what God told
me, if we had not stepped in when
we did Janine would not have made
it another two days in that
basement where we found her. We
not only saved her from her


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
abductors, but we saved her from
death as well.
This will undoubtedly mean we will
all be getting our powers back,
doesnít it?
The only way D & D can function
against the forces of evil men and
women, who will harm the young
lives of innocent children, is for
the four of you to have your
powers restored back to you, yes.
      (To Destiny)
When will we get them back?
The powers to your instruments
Iíve restored to them already. The
powers to your eyes, however, will
be given to you shortly.
Bill Deegan sits back and says nothing. Wrinkles form above
his eyes on his lower forehead.
Destiny looks over at the befuddled agent.
You seem to be in a quandary,
In a manner of speaking I am in
one. I knew about the powers they
had with their instruments,
because I was right here in this
same chair when they got them
while you explained them to each
one. I know nothing about any
additional powers that they were
given. You did mention at one
time, that they would be getting
them, but I heard nothing about
the girls ever receiving them.
When they received their
additional powers, Bill, for one
thing, you were not around and


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
secondly, you were not mentally
prepared to handle what you would
have seen at that time.
Would someone care to enlighten
me, seeing as I am their agent.
Let me give them their powers back
first, Bill, but I am pretty
positive youíre still not mentally
ready to grasp what youíll see.
Iíll be fifty-one next month,
Destiny, and since September of
last year Iíve seen a young lady
who never picked up a guitar in
her entire life, and she was able
to play one like it was on her lap
when she was born. Iíve also seen
another young lady who can sing
with the voice of an angel, that
until a few months ago sheíd never
sung outside of a bathtub before.
Thereís yet another young lady
whose hands move faster than an
Amtrak train at full throttle, and
can make drumsticks fly against
the toms in front of her. Iíve
seen one of these young ladies
straddle a guitar and have it fly
her around the room, and finally
Iíve seen one of them throw a
microphone into the air and she
became invisible right before my
eyes. What could possibly shock
the pants off this old man at this
point in my life?
Let him watch, Destiny.
Do I dare ask what you want me to


She wants you to watch something
your mind will tell you never
That tells me a whole lot.
Destiny stands up in front of the seat she was in.
Okay, ladies! Stand in front of
me and Iíll tell you what to do
Danielle leads the group and stands right in front of the
angelic Destiny. Dana follows suit and stands behind
Danielle. Lisa and Wendy are behind Dana.
Look into my eyes and see my
brotherís image. Even though God
asked me to come here, I could've
said no. It was my brotherís wish
that I come down here and, with
your help, prevent other boys and
girls from having to endure the
pain he received by his abductors.
Once youíve seen his face, then
watch my wings. When they flutter
you can walk through me and
receive your powers, as our
spirits once again meld together
as one. Danielle, you are first.
Bill sits on the edge of his seat and watches intently.
Danielle stands in front of Destiny and looks deep into her
sky blue eyes. Within seconds Destiny's eyes begin to
transform into a picture of a young boy. Her head changes
directions as Danielle looks at her wings. Once they begin
to flutter back and forth, she does as she was instructed to
do and begins to walk into and through Destinyís body. Doing
so her body becomes engulfed in a bright red glow from head
to toe. As she passes through her body, the colors begin to
fade but her eyes continue to glow red until she closes

One by one the remaining girls step in front of Destiny and
repeat the procedure each time. Danaís color is blue, Lisaís
is green and Wendyís is purple.



Bill slowly rubs his beard with his left hand as the last of
the girls passes through destiny's angelic form.
Okay, so you've proved me wrong.
What was that all about?
You werenít with the girls in New
York, not when they received their
final powers, Bill. What you just
witnessed was very similar to what
happened then. Their instruments
gave them some of the powers
needed to fight the evil elements
within our society. What these
young ladies just received are the
powers needed to complete their
So what kind of powers did they
just receive now?
Danielle can hypnotize anyone in a
matter of a second, by the use of
her eyes. Dana has the ability to
read minds. Lisa can now erase
anyoneís memory of them and Wendy
can see through walls.
Iím to assume that the girls have
already used these exceptional
powers already, correct?
Danielle interrupts Bill.
Yes we have, Bill. Weíve used
them each time weíve gone on a
case. When we found Jeremy,
Janine, and also when we found
Joshís kidnapper. We all know
what we're doing with what weíve
been given.
I wouldnít doubt that for a
moment. Youíve proved that both
on and off the stage. I
apologize, Destiny. Go ahead and


                       BILL (cont'd)
finish up with the girls.
Up to now the four of you have
been successful each time you went
on a case. I would like to think
and pray we can always be that
lucky, but reality sets in and we
are forced to realize it wonít
always be that way each and every
time. If it is then we can thank
God for helping us to make the
right decisions. When you are on
the road Iíll return to Heaven and
see my brother.
      (Chuckling lightly)
You say that like Heaven is right
around the corner.
Having these wings, Lisa, Heaven
is right around the corner. I can
be there in a twinkling of an eye.
How will we know you are there?
Danielle knows when I am near. She
still has my spirit inside her.
Donít I know it. I knew you were
here when we got to the house a
little while ago.
You girls do know you don't have
to do this.
Destiny! For four months, give or
take a week or two, each one of us
was transformed into what might be
called a big sister or super mom
type of role. When we were on
those cases we all felt like we
were a part of that childís life.
For the time we spent trying to
bring those kids to safety, we
were heroes if to no one else but


                       DANA (cont'd)
ourselves. When you took those
powers away from us it was like a
part of us no longer exists. I
want to do this not for the glory
but for the emotional satisfaction
of being able to defeat evil and
see kids to grow up to be all they
can be.
D & D from day one has always been
on the same page. When you first
came to this house Destiny, you
told us all straight up why we
were all here. Any one of us
couldíve easily said this was not
what we wanted to do. The danger
involved could have scared any one
of us away. Willingly we all chose
to stay and do what we could, to
try and find your brotherís
kidnapper and killer. Along that
path we found Jeremy and Janine
and we were able to safely get
them out of harmís way. Those
kids could have easily been our
own. I canít speak for the
others, but as for me Iíd like to
have kids of my own someday. Iíd
like to hope that if anything like
that ever happened to one of my
kids, that thereíd be someone out
there, just like we are right now,
whoíd step up to the plate and be
an ally to my child. Iíve seen
sorrow and despair in the lives of
families of kidnapped kids. Such
pain and sorrow should never be a
part of their daily existence, so
Iíll be more than happy to be a
part of D & D to help remove that
sorrow and replace it with the
love and harmony which should
accompany family life.
Wow! My expectations for the four
of you have been surpassed more
than I couldíve ever imagined four
months ago. Iím proud of each of
you and look forward to more
successes off stage. Bill! I
want you to continue scheduling D


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
& D the way you have.
Iíve been keeping them busy,
Destiny, but I donít want them to
get burned out in less than a
year. I couldíve easily scheduled
D & D every weekend but that would
wear them out in a matter of
months. Iíd rather they work less
and keep themselves fresh and
Thatís a smart move and will allow
them time to be able to find
missing children. Iíll leave you
now but will be with you all when
you leave for the West Coast.
Iím not going with them, Destiny.
I wasnít talking to you, Bill, but
to the girls.
Oops, my error.
Before I go back to Heaven,
ladies, thereís one thing I forgot
to tell you about.
I donít like the sound of this.
If it was anyone other than
Destiny Iíd be inclined to agree
with you. Whatís this new
wrinkle, Destiny?
The only time these powers will
work is if Iím here on Earth. If
Iím in Heaven or on my way to or
from there, your powers will be


Iím glad you didnít forget to tell
us that little tidbit of
Lisa shakes her head side to side.
That does change our perspective.
All that means, girls, is before
you try tackling any given
circumstance, be sure your powers
are working. If Iím here you will
know it, and if thatís the case
your powers will work.
Where your brotherís killers are
now tucked away for the courts to
deal with, that should mean you
are able to help us on every case.
Thatís right, I will. I donít
know if I can still access the
police and FBI computers or not
where I now have flesh and bones,
but Iíll find out.
We hope you can. That information
comes in handy.
Once I leave here you need only
call my name and Iíll be there.
Though I can know your every
thought, I will block out
everything but what pertains to
missing children. Your personal
lives will be just that, personal.
Also, what you four girls do as D
& D is your own business. You
have a reputation for hard work,
honesty, and devotion to your fans
and I doubt that will ever change.
Will you be helping us behind the
scenes, like you used to, Destiny?
It had to be you who gave us the
song Four Walls of Destiny, and


                       DANA (cont'd)
Iím sure it was you who had
something to do with the master of
ceremonies announcing us as D & D
at the Battle of the Bands.
I am guilty on both accounts,
Dana, but to answer your question
no, I wonít be doing that any
more. You four are talented
enough to succeed on your own
merits. Are there any more
Destiny looks into each girlís eyes, and then into Billís.
Where she sees thereís no response, she lets her wings
flutter. As she waves to the five of them, her body rises
until her angelic form slides clear through the ceiling
above them and is gone.
Bill lowers his face from the ceiling and looks at the
Before you girls came into my
life, I never once believed in the
existence of ghosts. Destiny shot
that theory all to hell. Before
today I never believed angels
existed, except in the Bible. I
not only sat here and saw one, but
heard her and watched as she
disappeared through my ceiling
like it was nothing more than a
Destiny does have a flare for
making unique entrances and
departures, Bill, no matter what
form sheís in.
If we have no other business,
ladies, you can go and get well
rested for this upcoming tour and
be ready to fly out of Hartford on
the twenty-seventh. Transportation
has already been made available at
each destination. Go to the West
Coast and break a leg.


One question before we go, Bill.
When will our single be hitting
the stores?
It should be in the process of
being distributed by the time you
girls head out west. Iím sure it
will be announced during your
introduction in San Diego.
Weíll see you in late March, Bill.
The four girls stand to leave Bill's home.
At the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, FBI director Carl
Watts, a forty-five year old former agent, scans through
piles of information on his overcrowded desk. In amongst the
closed files that litter the desk, and catches his eyes, are
the recent events that span less than a three-month period.
Director Watts reviews three specific cases, the Janine
Kilmer kidnapping, The Jeremy Bradley kidnapping, and the
Josh Mastersí kidnapping/murder.
He shoves several files out of his way and leaves the three
cases open in front of him. He pushes the button on the
Miss Stearns, find Agent McKenna
and ask her to report to me at two
this afternoon.
                       KENDRA (VO)
Will that be all, sir?
Thatís all for now.
At two p.m. sharp Agent McKenna enters the outer office of
the FBI Director's office.
Good afternoon, Kendra. What case
am I getting this afternoon?


I have no idea, Tara, because he
hasnít been out of his office for
That doesnít sound good. Want to
let him know Iím here, please?
The secretary pushes the button on the intercom.
Agent McKenna is here to see you,
                       CARL (VO)
Wonderful! Send her right in,
Miss Stearns.
Agent McKenna enters the plush office of her boss and heads
over to the desk where he stands to face her. On the
corner of his desk she sees a stack of files, but three
files remain open in front of him.
Agent McKenna approaches the front of the long solid oak
desk and looks at her boss.
I take it youíve got a problem,
Well I wouldnít quite call it a
problem, Tara, but take a look at
these three files and tell me what
you think. Iíve read and reread
these files for the past three
hours and something doesnít smell
Tara turns the three files around so they face her. She
takes a seat and starts to take a quick glance through the
first file. All seems normal until she reaches the last
page. Her eyes widen, and she grabs her chin with her hand,
to let her boss know she sees the same thing heíd seen
This doesnít add up, sir.
I have the same case scenario in
all three cases. The next case,
in Atlanta, an escaped con is


                       CARL (cont'd)
handcuffed along with two
accomplices, who kidnapped the
child, and the detective has no
recollection of how it happened.
Take a quick look at the third
Agent McKenna skips past the middle folder and opens the
Josh Masters case. Within a few minutes she'd read enough.
In both these cases itís a good
thing the evidence is as strong as
it was. Thereís the likelihood,
otherwise, that once those cases
got to trial they could very
easily walk.
Somewhere there is a connection
between the three cases. I want
that to be your assignment, Tara.
Find the connection that links
these three cases. They havenít
done anything wrong, that Iím
aware of, no matter who it is, but
theyíre getting information we
arenít getting and that is
unsettling. Find out who was in
all three states the same time
these cases were being brought to
a close.
Should I find such a connection,
sir, what will be my recourse? If
they havenít done anything wrong
then why am I chasing ghosts per
I want to know how they got their
information. That could greatly
enhance our own investigations in
all areas of crime fighting. Iím
always open to improving ways to
fight crime.


I guess I better get packed for
Albany, and thanks a lot. Itís
winter up there now. Iím going to
freeze my you know what off?
The Director laughs and shakes his head.
Go on and get out of here, Miss
McKenna. Take these folders with
you, for a reference. In those
folders youíll find the closing
reports by the agent in charge of
each case. Iíve worked alongside
Agent Collins, when I was in New
York, so Iím positive his report
is as complete and thorough as he
knows how to write it, but that
still does not alter the fact
these three cases are strange.
Iíll find out what I can for you,
sir. You do realize this will
take some time.
I realize that all too well. Good
As Tara grabs the three files, she stands and then leaves
the directorís office.
Good afternoon, Agent McKenna, and
welcome to Albany.
If you donít mind, I work better
on a first name basis. Everyone
calls me Tara, and thank you for
the welcome. I need a place to
stay and I want to meet with Agent
Collins first thing in the


Agent Watts informs me you donít
horse around, Tara. I have a
temporary office set up for you
and Iíll have him meet you there
at eight oíclock tomorrow morning.
Iíve made reservations for you
for four days at the Northside
Motel about two miles from here.
You have room six. Hereís a set
of keys to the red Malibu parked
in the back. Is there anything
else we can do for you?
I need a map and yellow pages of
the area.
What are you looking for? Maybe I
can help.
I want a list of every motel and
hotel within a twenty mile
circumference of the John Bradley
home, along with the phone numbers
and addresses.
That would come to about fifty or
so places. Are you going to call
each one?
I doubt theyíd release the
information I need without them
seeing a badge first. Iím going
to have to go to each one.
Flashing my FBI badge to hotel and
motel managers holds more weight
than one from a local police
officer. Unless they have
something to hide they usually
cooperate with the bureau.
On Wednesday morning January 17th, Agent Mappson heads to
the Albany office of the FBI at eight oíclock sharp. There
to greet her, as she enters the office, is Agent Jim


Good morning, Mary.
Good morning, Jim. I only have
one main question, where there is
no mention of it in your report of
the Bradley kidnapping, did either
of the Bradleyís have any visitors
during the five days you were
there at their home?
Her parents were there twice as I
recall. They were there on Sunday
and Monday. Being her parents I
didnít think it necessary to
report it.
In our training of kidnappings,
Jim, everyone is considered a
suspect until they can be ruled
out as such. They had no other
Not while we were there. Why the
inquiry into the case. I closed
that, once the suspects were
booked and the boy was safe at
home with his parents.
I can only say there are strange
similarities between this case and
two others, but Iím not at liberty
to divulge the other cases at this
Is that all you need me for, Mary?
Thatís all for now, thanks.
For the next two days Agent McKenna goes to each of the
twenty-two hotels and motels within a twenty-mile radius of
the Bradley home.
Friday morning Tara drives the seven miles to the Bradley


Agent McKenna makes the short trip up the front walk and can
feel the chill in the morning air. She sees two automobiles
in the driveway. Stepping up to the door she pushes the
doorbell and awaits a reply.
When the door opens Agent McKenna produces identification
while introducing herself to the woman.
Mrs. Bradley, Iím Agent McKenna
with the FBI.
LYNN BRADLEY steps out onto the porch.
What can I do for you, Miss
If you would, maíam, try to
remember back to the week your son
was missing. Can you recall anyone
out of the ordinary coming to see
you during that time?
Come to think of it there was. My
husband was in a band competition
in New York City, when Jeremy was
taken from us, and the band that
tied for first place against my
husbandís, all but their singer,
came here from Hartford to pay
their respects. That was on Friday
afternoon before they found
Do you remember their name?
I believe the bandís name was
Destinyís Desire. Donít ask me
what all their names were. Did
they do something wrong?


Not that I know of, but they may
have seen something that could be
important. Were they the only
Them and my folks were all.
Do you remember any of their names
by any chance?
Only the leader of the group and
the drummer. The leaderís name
was Danielle and the drummerís was
Wendy, but I donít remember their
last names. Iím lucky I was able
to remember anything from that
I can understand that. Thank you
for taking the time to talk with
Agent McKenna turns and heads to her car.
Reaching her makeshift office cubicle, Tara pulls the lists
from her briefcase, and looks for the list from the
Northside Motel. As she finds the list, she pulls out the
date of October thirty-first and searches for the name
      (Talking to
Here we are. Danielle Dee, Wendy
Parks, Dana Kay, and Lisa Mack
were all registered at the motel
the night Jeremy Bradley was found
and they left the following
After she makes flight arrangements for the following
morning, she places a call to the Atlanta, GA office of the


                       LINDA (VO)
Good morning, FBI Atlanta. How
can I help you?
Good morning. This is Agent Tara
McKenna. Can I speak to Agent
Deats, please?
                       LINDA (VO)
One moment, Agent McKenna.
A moment later the Agent- In- Charge of the Atlanta FBI
office comes to the phone.
                       PAUL (VO)
Good morning, Agent McKenna. This
is Paul Deats. Howís the weather
in Albany?
Itís downright cold. Listen! Iíll
be arriving at six thirty-two
tomorrow evening on flight
twelve-sixteen on United Airlines.
Iíll need a vehicle and a place
to stay for no more than three
                       PAUL (VO)
Iíll have Laura Gibbs meet you at
the airport, Tara. Is there
anything else we can do for you
prior to your arrival?
Yes there is. Please find out
what bands were playing in the
Atlanta area within two weeks
prior to and after kidnap victim
Janine Kilmer was found. This
information will save me valuable
                       PAUL (VO)
What kind of bands?
Rock and roll.


                       PAUL (VO)
Iíll have that information ready
for you when you touchdown. Have
a nice flight down here.
Thank you. Iíll see you first
thing Monday morning.
After she makes arrangements for transportation to the
airport for the following morning, Agent McKenna leaves the
Tara arrives in Atlanta, GA at six thirty-seven and the
proficient agent is quick to retrieve her luggage from the
baggage claim area. While she waits for her final bag,
however, Agent Laura Gibbs greets her.
The thirty-two year old brunette FBI Agent, Laura Gibbs,
approaches Agent McKenna slowly.
Agent McKenna?
Tara McKenna turns around to face the Agent.
Yes, thatís me. You must be Laura
I am she. Like a hand with those
Yes I would, thanks, but Iím
waiting for one more, and itís
nice meeting you.
Tara acquires her final bag and both women make their way
through the crowded airport and towards the parking garage.
Once Maryís luggage is stowed away in the trunk the two
women climb into the car.


Agent Gibbs hands Tara a white manilla envelope.
Agent Deats asked me to give this
to you as soon as you were free to
look at it.
This must be the information I
asked him for. Hold on a second
and let me look at something
Tara opens the envelope and her left hand reaches for the
interior light above her head.
Inside the sealed envelope is a piece of paper with two
names on it, D & D and Destinyís Desire, along with the
comment they are both one and the same band.
Did you find what you were looking
It was what I was expecting to
see. Where are we going from
Iíll take you to the office first
so you can have a car while youíre
here, then you can follow me to
the motel. The rest is up to you.
Are you familiar with the Kilmer
kidnapping case?
I was on that case for four days,
but was pulled off when they had a
bank robbery. Dick Barrows was
the agent-in-charge of the case.
I have his report in my briefcase,
thanks. How far do the Kilmers
live from the motel?


Iíd say about three miles or so,
give or take. I thought Dick
closed that case.
He did, but there are similarities
between that case and two others
spanning an eight year time frame.
Are you reopening the Kilmer case?
I'm not reopening it, per se, but
rather trying to connect some of
the proverbial dots to put these
cases to rest. When we get to the
office can I get a street map of
the Atlanta area?
Thereís one in every car, Tara.
Youíll find it in the glove
Fifteen minutes later agent Gibbs pulls into the parking lot
outside the Atlanta office of the FBI. With only security
personnel inside the building only three cars are parked in
the lot.
Here are the keys to the blue Ford
Taurus. When you're ready, you
can follow me to the Sandy Acres
Motel. Itís two miles north of
here. We can unload your things
from my car once weíre there.
Good thinking. Iíve handled them
enough this past week. Iíll be
with you in a second.
Tara steps out of the vehicle.
After a hearty breakfast on Sunday morning Agent McKenna
follows the directions and drives to the Kilmer residence.


The homes on Washington Street are modest single family
dwellings with large front yards. She looks for number
eighteen, and as she looks she sees that none of the homes
have fences to keep predators away, man or beast.
She locates number eighteen and pulls up in front of the
house. Once she exits the car she pulls out her
identification card and badge.
Before Agent McKenna reaches the first of three steps that
leads onto a porch, the door opens in front of her.
Who are you? Whatever it is
youíre selling, weíre not buying.
Iím Agent Tara McKenna with the
FBI. Are you Fred Kilmer? Hereís
my identification and badge.
Agent McKenna shows the badge and identification card.
Fred Kilmer inspects the badge and identification.
I'm sorry Miss McKenna. After
what happened to our daughter I've
become a very jumpy man. Please
come in.
Agent McKenna steps onto the porch and enters the home
through the door Fred holds open for her.
I can understand, after what your
family went through. Would you
mind too much if I ask you a few
Fred enters the home behind her and points to the living


Please come in and have a seat in
the living room, Agent McKenna.
Youíre not from around here, are
you Miss?
Iím from the Washington, DC
I could tell by your accent. This
is my wife, Brenda. Honey! This
is Agent McKenna from the FBI. She
has a few questions for us.
Please, Miss Mappson, wonít you
have a seat?
Brenda sits on the couch as Agent McKenna takes a seat in
the easy chair. Fred stands beside his wife.
Thank you.
Now, Miss McKenna, you said you
had some questions. I thought the
case against the three people who
took our daughter was closed.
Fred takes a seat on the couch beside his wife.
The case itself is closed, Mr.
Kilmer, but there are similarities
between the kidnapping of your
daughter and two other cases.
If we can help, we will be more
than happy to.
Brenda brushes her right hand through her straight blonde
Does the name D & D mean anything
to you?


Why yes, of course! Those girls
are a band, and if it wasnít for
them our Thanksgiving and
Christmas would have been nothing.
How do you folks know them?
When they first came to town they
invited Christine George a friend
of my daughterís, to have dinner
with them and she could invite a
friend. Well she chose our oldest
daughter Lori. After a lovely
evening our daughterís life
changed for the better. A few
days later our Janine was found
and it was the girls of the band D
& D who invited us to have
Thanksgiving dinner with them, and
they took us out to dinner. To
top it all off the day they were
to play at the Convention Center
Danielle went to the bank and
withdrew twenty-thousand dollars
and gave the check to my husband
as a Christmas gift from the band.
Have they done anything wrong?
They are all teenagers, Miss
McKenna. I think the oldest is
only eighteen, but when they saw
Janine, their hearts were so warm.
Our little Janine was eating it
all up.
I bet she was. I guess thatís all
the information I need. Iíd like
to thank you folks for taking the
time to talk with me. How is
Janine doing, by the way?
She is in her room being an
average six year old. Cartoons on
Sunday morning will keep her busy
for another hour or so


Iím glad she's at home safe and
sound. You folks have a nice day.
Agent McKenna heads for the front door and Fred follows
behind her. Fred closes the door behind the agent and then
returns to the livingroom.
I wonder what that was all about.
It had to be important for her to
have come all the way from
On her way back to the office, Agent McKenna talks aloud to
How can four teenage girls take
down a two hundred and
seventy-five pound man and a woman
of a hundred and fifty, take the
kid away from his abductors, then
return the kid to the police
without someone knowing they did
it? And thatís just in Albany.
These same girls are believed to
have come down here to Atlanta,
subdued three abductors, one an
escaped con, taken the child away
from them, and once again
returning the child to the police
and no one knows a thing. If it
werenít for the evidence being as
strong as it was, in both cases,
they could be charged with
obstruction of justice. I guess
Iím going to have to face these
young ladies, but if they deny it
I have no proof they did anything
but be in the same city as these
events occurred.


Waiting for Agent McKenna, when she steps into the lobby, is
Agent MARK CUMMINGS, who greets her with a smile.
Welcome to Hartford, Miss McKenna.
Iím Agent Mark Cummings.
Nice to meet you, Jack. Is there
any chance of getting to
Willimantic this afternoon?
You donít waste any time, do you,
I have a job to do, Jack, and
where this is government money
being spent I make use of every
dime. Thereís someone I want to
see in Willimantic this afternoon.
If youíd like I can drive you
there. Do you have an address?
After giving the younger agent the address for the Rose
Acres Nursing Home, the two of them go to retrieve her
Once Tara's luggage is inside the car Agent Cummings heads
for interstate eighty-four east towards Willimantic. By two
twenty-five the two agents pull into the parking lot at the
nursing home.
Do you want me in there, Tara?
Itís not necessary, Jack. Iíve
met this former cop before and I
am pretty sure he would prefer
talking to me one on one. I might
have to drag the information out
of him, but if I get what Iím
looking for the next phase could


                       TARA (cont'd)
be interesting.
Youíve lost me.
Well I know what Iím talking
about. I shouldnít be more than a
half hour, so keep the car warm.
Agent McKenna leaves the car and goes through the large
white door at the entrance. Once inside she can see a long
hallway and a receptionistís desk, just a few steps away,
with a heavy set Negro woman behind it.
Can I help you, maíam?
Tara pulls her identification from her purse.
Yes, maíam, you can. Iím Agent
McKenna with the FBI. Iím here to
speak to Brad Collier. Hereís my
Please sign the register, Miss
McKenna, and Iíll take you to him.
Elsie gets out of her chair.
How has he been since he was shot?
Do you know him, Agent McKenna?
We worked a couple of kidnapping
cases together. I heard he was
shot in the line of duty, but that
was the last I heard about him.
Heís a sidewinder, that old coot,
but his mind is sharp as they
come. He was paralyzed on the


                       ELSIE (cont'd)
right side and is confined to a
wheelchair now.
Iím sorry to hear that.
Follow me, maíam.
Elsie leads the Agent down a long
hall and to a room on the far
As they go into the room the agent can see it's a recreation
room and continues to follow the receptionist.
Elsie leads the Agent to a table on the far side of the
room to a man sitting in a wheelchair.
Brad! There's an Agent McKenna
here to see you from the FBI.
Brad turns his head from the television set.
Well Iíll be damned. You havenít
changed a bit Tara. Have a seat.
Do you play cribbage?
Iím not here to play games, Brad.
I need to ask you a question.
Well fire away!
Iím trying to close the case of
Josh Masters, and I see in the
file it was you who turned in the
taped confession by Vance Logan. I
know you were not able to go out
there personally and get such a
confession, but the details that
surrounds how you got it are
sketchy, and to be blunt, itís a


                       TARA (cont'd)
lot of hogwash.
Mary, Mary, Mary! A man came in
here and somehow bypassed Elsie at
the desk because he never signed
in. He came into the game room
and asked me if Iíd be interested
in hearing something. Of course I
asked him what I would be
listening to. Well, once he told
me it was a taped confession by
Josh Mastersí kidnapper I wanted
to hear it.
I know you gave Inspector Santini
a description of the man who gave
it to you, Brad, but we have
worked on cases like this before,
and I know you. Level with me. We
are both on the same team. How do
Danielle and her friends figure in
on this?
Who the hell are you talking
Do I need to check the register to
see if Danielle Dee has been here
to visit you at all within the
past say four weeks or so? I
havenít done that yet, but I am
inclined to think her name will
show up there.
Okay! Okay, so she came in here
once to see me.
Agent McKenna takes a seat across the table from Brad.
What did she want?
She said she was doing some
research on an old case of mine,
which just happens to be the
Masters case, but she never came
back here. I gave her the


                       BRAD (cont'd)
information I remembered but that
was it
You do know that was a
professional mistake, right?
I'm not in that profession any
more. I was forced into early
retirement because of my handicap.
Okay, legally you are off the
hook, but did she say why she
wanted the information?
I assumed it had something to do
with a story she was writing, but
she never did say and I never
asked. Anyway a few days later
this guy comes in here and
produces the tape. My only option
was to get in contact with Santini
and let him hear it for himself.
Why all the fuss? Both Logan and
the other jerk are behind bars and
nothing was done illegal. The
voice on that tape matches Loganís
one hundred percent, so unless the
man who gave me the tape was a
cop, and never read Logan his
rights, both men will be convicted
of their crimes against the
Masters boy
Thatís not why Iím here. I agree
that unless the defense can prove
it was a cop who got that taped
confession, the tape is
incriminating evidence and will
stand in any court in this
Then enlighten me!
Off the record or on?


I want to know why the hell you
came all the way here from
Washington, DC, because thatís
where you are out of, just to ask
me a few simple questions.
Off the record, Brad, Iím sure
this Danielle Dee is part of a
group of four girls whoíve not
only found Joshís kidnappers and
killers, but they were able to
find two kidnapped kids along the
way, one in Albany and the other
in Atlanta. Whatever they are
doing, they are returning the kids
to the police and the police have
no idea how they got the kids, or
how the abductors were subdued.
Thatís where I come in. Three
cases in three different states,
and no one knows a thing. These
cases are connected and these
girls have something to do with
finding those missing kids.
Why bust your goddam ass if
theyíre helping right some of the
wrongs in our society and the
perverted assholes who are doing
all this crap are being sent to
prison in the process?
Because the FBI does not want to
see mistakes being made that could
set a criminal free. I donít want
to see a child molester or killer
walk, because these girls made a
mistake. I donít want to see a
kidnapper get off on a
technicality, because they
tampered with evidence necessary
to make the conviction. There are
so many loopholes, these people
have already, they donít need any
more to sweeten their evil


I take it you havenít talked to
Danielle yet.
Thatís my next step tomorrow
morning, providing I can find out
where the girls live.
Well I honestly canít help you
there, and to be honest I hope you
donít find them. Whatever they
are doing itís better than what
the police and the FBI put
together have been able to do.
I have to find out how they are
getting information we canít get,
and that includes you when you
were on the force. I donít
believe they are simply in the
right place at the right time. I
donít buy that theory at all.
Well good luck, Mary, but my bet
is on the girls. If they can
outsmart the men involved in an
eight-year-old murder case then
theyíll outsmart you, mark my
words. I know what you are trying
to do, and being the agent I know
you to be youíll dig and dig deep.
Vance Logan was able to keep his
nose out of trouble for eight long
years and fooled everyone
including the FBI. If these girls
were the ones who secured his
confession I commend them. Donít
destroy the justice thatís being
done here.
I have to, Brad. I have to find
out how they are able to get
information we canít get. Iíll
see you later. I have some things
to do before I get to the motel.


You take it easy on those girls,
Mary. Iíll see you later.
Agent Tara McKenna stands up and shakes Brad's hand. She
then turns and leaves the room.
Agent Mckenna returns to the car where Agent Cummings waits
for her. She opens the door and takes a seat in the
passenger seat.
Do you know if they have a place
for me to stay for a few days,
Do you want to go straight there
or would you prefer to go to the
office and get a car to use?
As tired as I am right now you
better take me straight there and
pick me up at eight in the
morning. Do me a favor if you
can, before you go home for the
night. Find out what you can
about the band D & D or Destinyís
Desire. Iíve been told they go by
D & D now. If my information is
right they are out of Hartford.
Iíll get on it as soon as I get
back to the office and will have
that information for you when you
get there.
Thank you!
The trip back into the city is quiet, even though traffic is


By seven o'clock Agent McKenna goes over her notes at the
desk in her room.

At eight o'clock sharp she hears a KNOCK on her door.
Agent McKenna opens the door.
Good morning, Miss McKenna. Here's
the information you requested on
the band D & D.
Agent Cummings hands her a folder as he enters her room.
I hope I have an address for this
group in here.
Agent McKenna reaches out and grabs the folder.
The address is there, but I could
find nothing on these girls. They
are clean. I couldnít even find
as much as a parking ticket on any
one of them.
Mark closes the door behind him.
That doesnít surprise me. I
wouldíve been surprised if you had
found something.
Then what do you want with the
I have some questions for them.
Depending on whose viewpoint you
take, they were either at the
right place at the wrong time or
the wrong place at the right time,
and in either case I need to know
a few things.


Weíve got a car for you to use
while youíre here, Miss McKenna,
and you can get it as soon as we
reach the office.
Agent McKenna places the folder in her briefcase and closes
it. She then grabs the case and heads out the motel room
door, with Agent Cummings behind her.
By nine oíclock Agent McKenna turns onto Martin Road, and
looks for number forty-six. The street is a dead end and
house number forty-six is the last house on the left.
The house is located in an affluent section of West
Hartford, she sees as she pulls up in front of the
split-level home.
As she exits the car she sees vehicles more than ten years
old sitting in their driveway. She can see a nineteen
eighty Ford Mustang, a nineteen seventy-nine Chevrolet
Belaire, and a nineteen seventy-eight Buick Skylark parked
in the asphalt driveway beside the home.
Snow covers much of the ground but the walkway in the front
of the house is well shoveled, she sees as she heads towards
the front door.
She reaches into her jacket to check for her service pistol
and finds it in her holster.
As she reaches the front door Agent McKenna pushes the
doorbell. When she hears the FOUR-TONED BELL RING, she
takes a step back and waits for a response.
Danielle takes a sip of her coffee as the doorbell rings.
The four girls are seated around the table.
I wonder who that could be.


No one ever comes down here. Iíll
see who it is.
Lisa heads down the short hall to the front door. She looks
out the side window and sees a well-dressed woman with
shoulder length black hair. As she opens the door, she
looks at the woman.
Can I help you, maíam?
If you are one of the young ladies
from the band D & D then yes you
The agent produces her identification and FBI badge.
I am Agent Tara McKenna with the
FBI. If at all possible Iíd like
to ask you girls some questions.
Please, Miss McKenna, come in out
of the cold. It must be twenty
degrees out today.
Lisa opens the door wider for Angent McKenna to enter the

Lisa closes the door behind the woman and points to a room
to the right of the door.
Have a seat in the living room and
Iíll get the rest of the band.
Lisa waits for her to be seated and then she quickly returns
to the kitchen.
Danielle, Dana, and Wendy are still in the kitchen. Lisa
enters the room and shakes out of control.
Danielle's the first one to see her friendís condition.


What's wrong, Lisa?
Lisa reaches for her coffee, and she's pale as a ghost.
Thereís an Agent from the FBI who
wants to ask us some questions.
She showed me her identification
and badge.
Is it a guy?
No. Itís a woman and I think
she's alone.
Did she ask for anyone by name?
All she asked was if I was one of
the band members from the band D &
Where is she now?
I told her to take a seat in the
living room and I would come and
get the three of you.
Letís all go in there and by all
means remain calm. She canít be
here to arrest us or she would not
come in here alone. Let me do the
talking unless she asks you a
specific question.
Danielle stands and leads the way into the large living


A full couch, love seat, and two easy chairs are set in a
semi-circle that face a screened in fireplace and Miss
McKenna sits in one of the easy chairs as Danielle and the
others enter the room.
Agent McKenna stands as the girls enter the room.
Good afternoon. I am Danielle Dee
and the rest of the band is Dana,
Wendy and youíve already met Lisa.
What can we do for you, MissÖ?
My name is McKenna and you donít
beat around the bush, do you
When someone comes to your home
and flashes an FBI badge and
identification proving they are
who they say they are, that person
is not there for a social call. I
donít need to see either the badge
or ID, because Lisa said she saw
them. We are making final
preparations for our next tour to
the West Coast and we havenít the
time to play head games.
I see! In that case Iíll cut
through the chase and get right to
the point. In the three-month
period since the Battle of the
Bands the four of you were in
Albany, NY when the kidnapped
child Jeremy Bradley was found
alive and safe. The four of you
were also in Atlanta, GA when an
eight-week old kidnapping case was
solved. Finally, it is you same
four young ladies who were right
here in Hartford when an
eight-year old kidnapping/murder
case was solved. Given your
profession, getting around goes
with the territory, but there are
too many coincidences for the FBI
to just let them go.


Going by what you have told us,
Miss McKenna, the only coincidence
you have given us is that we were
in the same cities where these
incidents occurred. We are
seventeen and eighteen year olds,
and we are a rock and roll band.
Other than in Albany our purpose
for being in those other two
cities was to perform before live
Then tell me why you girls were in
At the Battle of the Bands John
Bradleyís band, J B & the Tucks,
tied our score in the second and
final round of competition. When
we found out about his son being
kidnapped the Tucks were forced to
withdraw from further competition.
With their rules, the way they
were written, we would have won
the competition. On behalf of
myself, as well as the three other
girls of D & D who were with me, I
refused to accept a victory we did
not win. When we got back here to
Hartford we all felt the need to
go to Albany and let John and his
wife know we were there to add
moral support, nothing more or
less. What is wrong with a bit of
kindness in the world?
That gesture was very commendable,
Danielle, and you girls left the
following morning, right?
We hadnít planned on staying
anyway. Our agent was then in the
process of scheduling our first
tour as a band. It was a good
thing we didnít stay. We had to
be on a plane to Miami that


All four of you registered at the
motel, yet only three of you went
to the Bradley home. Why didnít
you go, Miss Kay?
If I were to be honest with you,
Agent McKenna, you would be ready
to lock me up for being insane.
You'd be more apt to believe a
lie, than for your mind to be able
to grasp and accept the truth.
Iíve been an FBI agent for
thirteen years, young lady, and
I've heard some of the best and
worse lame excuses for anything
from kidnapping a child, robbing a
bank, to conspiring to kill a
governor. Ninety-five percent of
suspects in any crime Iím aware
of, unless they have something to
hide, have no reason to lie to me.
Dana looks at Danielle and looks for confirmation she should
tell the truth.
Danielle nods her head up and down that signals Dana to tell
the truth.
Okay, Miss McKenna, itís not our
nature individually, or as a band,
to lie to anyone, so what Iím
about to tell you will take you
back a few steps.
Dana takes in a deep breath.
So noted, Miss Kay. Go on!
When the band was at the Bradleyís
home, I was there with the rest of
the band. At first John and his
wife didnít know I was there. When
they found out I was there, I
shocked them both because I was
invisible at the time.


Agent McKennaís eyes rise as she turns her head towards
Do you expect me to believe such a
story, Miss Kay?
What you want, or are led to
believe, is up to you, but I
warned you in advance you couldnít
handle the truth.
Miss McKenna! What you're not
aware of, and we do not broadcast
around to everyone, is that the
four of us have been blessed with
supernatural powers.
Do you think Iím naive, Miss Dee?
The name is Danielle and no I do
not think you are naÔve. The fact
you carry the FBI badge, and
identification, proves to me your
intelligence is far superior to
the average everyday beat cop.
Then stop trying to insult that
intelligence with a story so full
of crap only a child could
Danielle adjusts herself and sits at the edge of the chair.
She looks straight into the agentís eyes as her eyes begin
to glow a crimson red.
Agent McKenna is placed into a hypnotic trance.
Do you carry a firearm with you,
Agent McKenna?
Yes I do.
Safely hand me your weapon, Miss


Agent Tara McKenna reaches into her jacket and removes her
service pistol from its holster. She then hands it to
Danielle as instructed.
Danielle places the weapon in between the cushion under her.
When I count to three and clap my
hands one time, Miss McKenna, you
will awaken and not remember
handing me your weapon, or the
conversation we had about the
same. Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
OneÖ TwoÖ Three.
Danielle claps her hands together one time.
I am inclined to believe you need
proof of what Iíve told you, if I
intend to reinforce the statement
I made about our powers.
If I were a judge, in a courtroom,
your statement would be considered
hearsay, Danielle, and my name is
Okay, Tara. When you came here
this afternoon Iím sure you had a
firearm of some kind on you. Am I
Agent McKenna's right hand reaches inside her jacket only to
find the empty leather holster. A light bead of sweat forms
on her forehead just above her eyes.
Donít worry, Tara, I have your
Danielle reaches between the cushion and pulls out the
agent's weapon.


How in hell did you get that away
from me without my knowing it?
Agent McKenna retrieves the weapon and replaces it to its
You needed proof that I wasnít
lying to you. In one second I had
you hypnotized and asked you to
give me your weapon. You could
not resist the hypnotic effects
and did as I asked.
What other powers do you girls
Well besides the fact I can make
myself invisible, Miss Mappson, I
also have the ability to read
minds. With your eyes shut let
your mind think of three
consecutive numbers between one
and a hundred and Iíll prove my
The agent closes her eyes and thinks of numbers fifty-two,
fifty-seven, and seventy-one.
Dana instructs her eyes to glow blue and stares at the head
of the agent.
Is that how they teach you to run
consecutively in the FBI, Miss
Mappson? Those are not
consecutive numbers and the
numbers you picked are fifty-two,
fifty-seven, and seventy-one. Did
you think you had to test my
abilities in that way?
I thought I did, but youíve more
than proved yourself. What other
surprises do you young ladies have
in store for me?


I have x-ray vision. I can see
through objects, but most of the
time itís through walls and
Thatís how you were able to find
Jeremy Bradley and Janine Kilmer,
Well not exactly. We had some
help in that area.

Help? What kind of help could
assist four amateur private
detectives? I call you that for a
lack of a better description.
I doubt it even matters if I tell
you the truth or not, Miss
McKenna. From the expression on
your face itís apparent you
havenít believed anything up to
this point, so why would you want
to start now?
Because I'm an investigative agent
with the FBI. I have to take the
information you girls have given
to me and dissect it into some
sense of reality my superiors will
Well then dissect this, Miss
McKenna. The help we got was from
the dead spirit of Josh Mastersí
sister. Destiny Masters was the
Destiny in Destinyís Desire. Right
now she is the first ďDĒ of D & D.
I guess we can pretty much close
our discussion at this point.
There are no such things as
ghosts, Miss Parks, nor can you
convince me that spirits exist


                       TARA (cont'd)
Destiny Masters arrived at the D & D home almost forty-five
minutes earlier. She remained out of sight from Agent
McKenna and stands in the kitchen. She can hear her comments
to the members of her band. Destiny makes an unscheduled
appearance into the living room
Destiny walks down the short hall and then into the living
I am no longer a spirit, or ghost
as you called me, so youíll have
to settle for an angel, Miss
Agent McKenna turns her head towards the entranceway into
the living room as Destiny enters.
Who or what the hell are you?
Agent McKenna reaches for her service weapon.
There is no need for you to arm
yourself, Agent McKenna, for I am
not here to harm you in any way.
And for that matter I am dead
already so your weapon canít harm
me if you use it on me.
What, Miss Dee?
The agent's hands shake as she tries to replace the pistol
back into its holster and all the while keeping her eyes
trained on Destiny.
The angel you see in front of you
is indeed an angel. She was a
spirit and when she went to heaven
God asked her to be His Angel of
Mercy on behalf of kidnapped
children. This woman is Destiny


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
Destiny Masters is the sister of
the murdered Josh Masters.
I see youíve done your homework,
Mary, but what you failed to find
out is that Destiny died about
four months ago, along with her
The agentís eyes grow wide.
Then how the hell is she here and
why, of all things, is she dressed
like an angel?
Because I am one. Do me a favor,
Miss McKenna.
Oh my God, I am about to talk to
an angel and I donít even believe
they have the uncanny ability to
appear like this. What, pray
tell, can I do for you, Destiny?
If my wings are fake, Mary, then
they would not be permanently
attached to my body, and if they
are fake I canít do this.
Destiny lets her wings flutter. Her angelic body rises and
glides across the room towards the skeptical agent.
Agent McKenna's eyes are open wide as wrinkles form across
her forehead. She releases her grip on the weapon in her
I canít believe what my eyes tell
me just happened. YouÖ You are a
real angel.
Yes I am. When my girls found
those missing kids Jeremy and
Janine, I was a spirit at that


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
time. I had what is called a
restless spirit. I could not get
into Heaven until my restless
spirit was appeased.
Now the magical question, Miss
Masters, is what appeased that
spirit to have changed you into an
What caused my restless spirit was
the fact my brotherís killers were
still free to roam the streets.
That freedom would allow them to
molest and seduce other innocent
children. My spirit had to see
them behind bars.
So when your team of youth
detectives were able to somehow
get the confession, and the two
men were arrested, you were then
able to go to Heaven and be with
your brother and family.
Whatís this Angel of Mercy thing
Danielle mentioned?
Because of my love and compassion
for kids, something Iím sure
evolved out of my brotherís
untimely death, God wanted someone
who would step in and help save
some of the hundreds of kids
killed or molested each and every
year, at the scrupulous hands of
kidnappers. God feels that too
many children are making it into
Heaven long before their time to
be there. Neither the FBI nor
local police departments are able
to make significant progress in
finding these young lives before
they are brainwashed, tortured,
seduced, and even murdered, right


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
or wrong?
I have to admit, our success
percentage is less than we would
like to see it. Iím not sure what
the precise figures are but they
are low.
My team of youth detectives, as
youíve tagged them just moments
ago, have a success percentage of
one hundred percent, as in three
for three.
Okay, so you and your girls can
get what we as trained
professionals canít, but I canít
have a bunch of amateurs floating
around from city to city. Sooner
or later you girls will slip up
and get either yourselves or the
kidnapped child killed. You donít
have weapons, or do you?
Iíll answer her, Destiny. Yes we
have weapons, tara, but not
conventional weapons as you know
Donít play head games with me,
I wonít. Answer a question for
me. Do you have the report of the
Kilmer kidnapping case with you,
or have you at least read it?
Of course I read it, but why?
Is there anything in that report
about the melted barrel of Jake
Brascoís revolver?


Yes there was, but that
information was never made public.
No one could explain how that
hardened steel bore was melted the
way it was.
I melted the barrel of his gun to
take away any temptation he might
have to reach for and use the
weapon on us until the detective
had the cuffs on him.
And just what did you use?
It was a laser beam directed at
the gun barrel.
Where in the world would a
seventeen year old girl come up
with a laser beam?
The same place they got all their
weapons, Miss McKenna, from me.
I think I need a vacation.
The agent shakes her head from side to side.
What kind of weapons are in the
hands of these young ladies,
Laser beam, smoke screen, mace,
stun gun, invisibility, and the
power to change your voice, are
the weapons these girls have.
So thatís where the smoke came
from in Albany.
That was from my weapon.


What else can you do, Lisa?
I also use the stun gun and have
the ability to erase the memory of
our presence.
Is that what you used at the
Bradley home, the warehouse, and
the police detective in Albany?
That was all me. If we want to be
able to find missing kids and get
them home with their families we
can only do it if we remain
incognito. As soon as we are made
known, every hoodlum in the USA
will be after us and our very
safety will be compromised. Our
success depends on our secrecy.
Then where does that leave me?
Lisa looks at Danielle and then at Destiny.
I donít care what you put in your
report, Agent McKenna, but
everything youíve learned about
these four girls has to be erased
from your memory. Where you are a
sworn officer of the law, youíd be
forced to expose these girls to
more harm than good. What would
be even worse is that you would be
sealing the fate of a number of
kids who could safely be found by
these young ladies. And that
doesnít figure in the number of
criminals these girls can put
behind bars. Could you live with
that on your conscience?
You had to stand there and lay a
guilt trip on me didnít you,


Well what, then, is your purpose
for being here if not to bring
this information back to your
My main purpose was to find out
how you were able to get
information that we couldnít. It
seems you can find where these
criminals have their victims. With
all our new technology we canít
access that same information. You
girls have done nothing wrong, so
far, but being non-professionals
you could obstruct justice and not
even know it.
By now, Tara, my team is
experienced. They know where they
can and canít go and know enough
not to leave their fingerprints
anywhere. But to satisfy your
curiosity, the way they get their
information, they get it from me.
Every man, woman, and child in
this world has their own distinct
aura, with the only exception
being identical twins etcetera.
With Jeremy Bradley, his aura was
found on the teddy bear he took
with him to bed every night. With
Janine Kilmer it was a picture.
When those items were put up to
where my heart should have been,
where I was but a spirit, I was
able to decipher pictures that
gave me clues to their
whereabouts. As a spirit I can go
places no human can go to get that
Such as?


Such as inside the FBI computer
data bases as well as the local
Thatís a breach of security.

Go ahead, Agent McKenna, arrest
me. I am dead already and if
nothing else I would disappear if
I managed to even get that far.
I didnít mean it that way, but I
was trying to just state facts.
How can we work this so I can work
with you girls the next time you
come across a kidnapped child?
When you get ready to leave this
house, Tara, everything youíve
learned about our abilities and
powers will have to be removed
from your memory. How could we
include you on our next case, when
youíll have no recollection of the
abilities we have?
Agent McKenna sits there and thinks.
I canít think of anything that can
work, but please try to think of
something. I am on your side, or
at the very least on the side of
the kids youíll be trying to find
and save.
We do believe you, Miss McKenna.
Your presence here proves that.
Let's see what we can do
If you have a phone number where you can be reached, Tara,
and we come across a situation too tough for us to handle on
our own, weíll give you the information and let the FBI
handle it.


Agent McKenna reaches into her purse and pulls out a
business card, and hands it to Danielle.
Lisa adjusts herself in her chair so she can see Agent
McKenna face to face. A green beam of light flows from her
eyes and connects with the eyes of the unsuspecting agent.
When you leave this house, Agent
McKenna, your memory of the entire
conversation with us will be
erased from your memory.
The terse agent sits there and doesn't realize her memory
has been compromised.
Danielle then looks into her eyes. In an instant her eyes
glow a bright red and the beam of light focuses on Agent
Before you leave our home, Miss
McKenna, all the information you
have in regards to D & D,
Destinyís Desire, or of us girls,
you will leave here with us. Do
you understand?
      (Subdued Voice)
I understand.
When I count to three I will clap
my hands together one time and
youíll wake up and do as you have
been instructed. OneÖ TwoÖ ThreeÖ
Danielle claps her hands together one time, as the agent
awakens from her hypnotic sleep.
Agent McKenna reaches for her small but efficient briefcase.
Inside the case she grabs the file marked Destinyís Desire.
I think you should have these.
She stands and hands the folder to Danielle.
Thank you, Tara.


I think I have everything I need.
I better be going.
Itís been nice talking to you,
Danielle and Dana escort Miss McKenna to the door.
Where does this leave us now?
Danielle closes the door behind the agent, and turns to face
We will talk to Destiny, but Iím
sure this changes nothing.
When Danielle and Dana return to the living room, Danielle
looks at Destiny.
Thank you for coming to our
Having a part of me still inside
you, Danielle, does have its
In what way?
When Agent McKenna came into this
home, my spirit sensed trouble and
it was a signal for me to come
down here. I stayed in your
kitchen, out of sight, until I
felt I was needed.
You mean you can sense that, even
when you're in Heaven?
As strange as that might sound,
Danielle, yes but you have to
remember that works for you, and
you alone. That power will not


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
work with the other three girls.
What will you do now?
I suppose Iíll head back to Heaven
and spend more time with my family
and friends.
Do you have a lot of friends up
More than you can ever imagine.
Everyone knows everyone in Heaven.
Even total strangers know me and
I know them. Itís awesome!
What is Heaven really like,
Take the most beautiful place you
can ever imagine, Wendy, and
multiply that beauty by ten
million and youíd only have a
remote idea how beautiful Heaven
is. There are trees and gardens;
each one made with perfection.
Fruit grows everywhere and are
tastier than any here on earth.
The laws of nature, as you know
them, do not exist in Heaven. If
you pick an apple to eat, first
off you eat the entire apple and
nothing is wasted. And secondly
another apple grows immediately in
its place.
Talk about living off the land.
Exactly! Everything that grows in
Heaven has Godís touch to make it
perfect. Apples are sweeter and
bigger. Grapes and blueberries
are huge. I can go on and on.
There is no night and no sickness


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
in Heaven either.
Oh wow!
I better get going, so you girls
can get ready for your trip.
Will you be going with us?
Iíll be there if Iím needed,
Danielle. Otherwise I'll be in my
new home.
Destiny extends her wings and lets them flutter much like a
birdís wings. She lifts up, and within seconds her body
floats through the ceiling above the girls.
Can you imagine that agentís face,
if she were to have witnessed
Destiny leave like that?
Sheíd have had a heart attack.
Okay, ladies, we have two days to
get ourselves ready to head out
Danielle starts to head out of the living room and stops at
the door. She turns back towards her friends.
We might as well start with some
lunch, seeing as itís almost
twelve and we missed breakfast,
compliments of the FBI.
THe four girls of D & D are seated around the kitchen table.
I wonder what the weather is like,
out west, in February and March.


Anything is better than the
twenties weíve had here the last
three weeks.
Lisa takes a sip of her coffee.
Thatís for sure. The last weather
report I heard for the West Coast
was in the sixties, and that was
for southern California.
Oh wow! Letís get out the
bikinis. Can you just picture me
in a bikini?
Well, girl, if you continue to
exercise like you do, on those
fantastic drums of yours, youíll
be ready for a bikini by
Okay, girls, letís settle down to
business. Our plane leaves at
two-thirty on Wednesday. We will
arrive in San Diego about midnight
our time, which will put it at
around nine oíclock their time. It
is timed that way so we can avoid
the massive crowds like we had in
Miami. Bill set it up that way
for late flights to all the
Whatís our schedule of
All our stops the schedule will be
the same; one show on Friday
night, a Saturday afternoon show
at two oíclock, and a night show
at eight. Our final show is on
Sunday night at seven-thirty. The
following week weíre in San
Francisco, then we get a two-week
break before we have our next show
in Seattle on the last week of


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
February. We get another two-week
break before we perform in Las
Vegas. Finally a week later we
will finish up in Reno Nevada for
the third weekend in March.
At that pace, Danielle, there
would only be two places where we
would have the time to look for
missing kids, and that is in both
Seattle and Las Vegas.
We donít have any idea that our
services will even be needed.
Well Destiny didnít come all the
way back here to earth to give us
our powers for nothing, Danielle.
You can best believe somewhere on
this tour weíll be seeing some
action, and I, for one, cannot
wait. Singing in front of crowds
has its rewards, but to be able to
go out there and get the bad guys
is fun, dangerous, and more
challenging as well.
You just like being able to up and
disappear and sneak up behind
people, Dana.
Well that too, I guess. But
really, seeing kidnappers caught,
before they can do any serious
damage to a kid, is where itís at
with me. In the short time we
have been doing this, weíve
learned that without evidence, the
policeís hands are tied behind
their backs. No kidnapper, with
any kind of brains, is going to
leave volatile evidence at the
crime scene.


Thatís true, Dana, and we have to
be just as careful when we go out
on these witch hunts, that we
donít break any of the laws
My question is, when we do go out
again, Danielle, how in the world
are we going to incorporate Agent
Lisa gets up and refills her cup with fresh coffee.
To be honest, ladies, I don't
know. Right now she knows nothing
about us, other than the fact that
weíre a rock band. We have her
phone number, and Iím not be
afraid to call it if I have to. I
have been wondering the same thing
since she left here. Okay, girls,
we have laundry to do, suitcases
to get ready, and weíve only got
two days to go before we leave for
the West Coast.
At ten forty-five Wednesday morning the limo pulls up at the
D & D home.
Lisa lugs two large suitcases down the front stairs.
Do you think we have enough
Danielle carries down two of her own.
If it wasnít for Laundromats weíd
need a lot more.
You three have it easy. I have a
full compliment of drums on top of
my luggage to haul from place to


Thank God theyíve got big carts at
the airports, otherwise weíd need
our own bus like some bands do.
Dana trails the others with two suitcases of her own.
By the time this tour is over we
might want to consider just that.
The Limo driver uses a two-wheel dolly to wheel the two
large amplifiers to the vehicle where Danielle and Lisa
assist him in getting them into the limo.
The girls return to the front porch and get their
instruments and get them loaded into the limo.
It is dark, Danielle notices, when the plane touches down in
San Diego. The temperature is a comfortable sixty-seven
degrees as the girls alight from the Boeing seven
forty-seven jet. Chants of D & D fill the nightís silence
as the four girls wave to the throng of adoring fans.
So much for secrecy.
The girls head to the baggage area with a police escort.
I wonder who pays for the police
I have an idea itís the promoter
for this gig. They have to know
how popular we are nationwide, so
they prepare for it in advance.
A tall young man approaches the escort officer at the
baggage area.
Excuse me, officer, but Iím from
the Hotel Hilton and I am here to
pick up the girls of D & D.


                       1ST OFFICER
One second, son.
The officer heads over to Danielle.
                       1ST OFFICER
Pardon me, Miss, but where are you
girls staying while here in San
Danielle turns around to face the officer.
Weíre going to stay at the Hotel
Hilton, sir.
                       1ST OFFICER
Thank you!
The first officer turns to his partner.
                       1ST OFFICER
Let him through, Tom.
He then turns back to Danielle.
                       1ST OFFICER
Your ride to the hotel is here,
Thank you, officer
Good morning and welcome to San
Diego. My name is Doug James and
Iím here to assist you ladies in
getting to the hotel. Your
instruments and amps are already
being picked up at the plane. As
soon as you ladies have your
luggage we can head out and meet
the van in front.
Dana gives the young man the once over.
Thank you, Doug.
Down girl!
Danielle turns to face the driver.


Will we be getting a police escort
to the hotel too, Doug?
Most popular bands do, maíam. Iíd
say yes. You girls are the
hottest group in the United States
right now.
By whoís standards?
Havenít you heard?
Danielle grabs her two suitcases and turns towards the
Heard what?
The Four Walls of Destiny hit the
top of the charts in just under
one week after the single hit the
Thatís our single, Danielle.
We just cut that single about
twelve days ago, Doug.
Nobody can keep it on the shelves
when they get them. Itís a
Okay, girls, letís get our bags
and get out of here.
Danielle waits for them to grab their suitcases.
We need our own bus.
Weíll just have to work on that
next, but for right now we have a
tour to get started.


The four girls of D & D perform before live audiences in
both San Diego and San Francisco.
The girls return to their suite after their last performance
in San Francisco. Danielle grabs a seat on the couch and
waits for the others to relax.
Well, ladies, itís now time for a
little rest and relaxation.
Are we going to do that here, in
Frisco, or will we fly out of here
We have a late afternoon flight to
Seattle tomorrow, but then we have
two weeks to ourselves before our
next gig.
Dana plops herself down on the couch beside Danielle.
I wonder if Destiny will have
anything for us to do.
Weíve got to remember one thing,
girls, and that is unless Destiny
is down here, on earth, we donít
have our powers, so if something
goes down, weíll have to wait for
her to be here.
Wendy opens a can of diet Coke.

I donít know about you three, but
Iím up for a little excitement.
Getting a bad guy and seeing
either him or her behind bars will
do the job nicely.


Itís funny! No matter what we do
on stage, its just not enough to
satisfy any one of us. We were
all at our best in Albany, in
Atlanta, and yes even back home in
Hartford, when we were doing what
the cops couldnít. Now thatís a
scary thought.
That may be scary, Danielle, but
you also have to remember that we
have powers they donít have.
Not only that, but their hands are
tied in a lot of cases. They are
bound by search warrants.
Ladies! We are legally bound by
those same rules the cops and the
FBI have. Yes, we do have an
advantage they donít, but we still
canít break the laws in the
Well, in any case, rest and
relaxation means only one thing,
my adrenaline pumps are all
working in overdrive.
We are about to find out. Destiny
is here.
Dana looks around the room.
Danielle looks towards the ceiling. Seconds later the
familiar winged Destiny descends from the floor above them
as her wings flutter while she lowers.
Lisa stands to greet the angelic manager of the band
Hi, Destiny!


Destiny's angelic form reaches the floor, but no smile
appears on her face.
Wendy sits back in her seat.
I don't like the looks of this.
Destiny walks to the center of the room, and as she gets
ready to speak, she looks at each one of the girls.
Unfortunately every time I get to
see my band, I have issues that
need to be addressed.
Danielle slides to the edge of her seat.
Whatís wrong, Destiny?
Your rest and relaxation will not
come any time soon, D & D.
Who's been kidnapped this time?
Destinyís eyes become aglow with fire, as she stands there
and continues.
The girlís name was Courtney
Was? That means she isÖ sheís
A scowl quicklyforms on Danielle's fair complexioned face.
Her body was never found, when
Courtney disappeared in nineteen
How do you know sheís dead?
I saw her bones and touched them
in order to find out who she was.
The Karma I got from those bones
proves a lot to me. The fact they


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
were bones let me know she was
      (Voice raised)
Bones? Them bastards!
How do you want us to work this,
I can tell you where the bones are
located, Danielle, but you canít
touch them with your bare hands.
You have the federal agent, Tara
McKenna, that youíll somehow have
to get to work with you.
She knows nothing about us any
more. We erased all that from her
Then itís time you get
reacquainted. Use your heads and
plan your strategy before you meet
with her.
What else did those bones tell
I know you do not want to hear
this, but the fire in my eyes are
there for a purpose. That poor
nine-year-old girl was raped
repeatedly. She suffered. There
are two men involved. One has a
dark beard and the tattoo of a
skull and crossbones on his right
biceps. The second man is tall,
bald, and has a peculiar scar that
goes across the width of his back.
Thatís all I have.
So whatís our next move? Where
are these bones of the little


Youíll first have to call this FBI
woman and work to gain her trust.
She already has you four girls
written off as having any link to
Jeremy Bradley, Janine Kilmer, or
to my brother Josh. She is a good
FBI agent and once you are able to
gain her trust there is the
likelihood you girls can get to
work together on more than this
one case. Courtney Matthewsí
bones are located near the
railroad depot, in Seattle. Follow
the train tracks south of the
depot for about three-quarters of
a mile. At the rail switching
device trek east into the wooded
area for just about an eigth of a
mile Iíd say. Youíll see a pile
of old boards that serve to cover
her shallow grave.
Should we go out there alone with
If you do then I can show her
where all the bones are. If she
has other agents or the police
with her I will not be able to
help at all.
Well we wonít be doing anything
tonight, so I better give this
agent a call and try to convince
her to go Seattle tomorrow.
It might be better for you if you
were already out there, Danielle.
Even if you called right now,
there is the likelihood sheíll
have gone home for the day. Itís
already after nine p.m. there.
Then Iíll have to make the call
once we get to Seattle.


Iíll go, now, but I will be here
on earth. Your powers, all of
them, are working at full
capacity. Plan what you are going
to say to her when she gets there.
Finding that girlís killers may
not be an easy task, but you do
have an edge the authorities donít
have. Give this little girlís
parents some closure. Two years
is a long time to not know
anything. Until Iím needed Iíll
leave you.
Destiny wings flutter and her angelic form rises and floats
through the floor above them.
She doesnít even wait for us to
say goodbye.
She never does when her eyes are
on fire like that, Dana. Iíll
call Miss McKenna when we get
settled in tomorrow afternoon in
Seattle. That will give us a
whole day and a half to figure out
what weíll say to her when she
gets there.
As day breaks, Danielle made the trip to the restaurant for
coffee for the girls. When she returns to the room the rest
of the girls are awake and eager to greet her.

Danielle carries four coffees in her hands as she enters the
sitting room.
Good morning, Danielle. So thatís
where you went.
Good morning! I thought we should
start our day off with some well
needed coffee.


You didnít get too much sleep did
Wendy reaches for her coffee.
Not really. My mind kept thinking
of the phone call to Agent
McKenna, and how weíre going to be
able to work her into our plans.
Danielle grabs a coffee and sits down beside Dana on the
Lisa reaches for a coffee.
Were you successful?
I think that getting her out here,
or to Seattle actually, will not
be all that hard, but to be able
to get her cooperation wonít be
easy at all.
When will you call her?
I'll give her a call as soon as
we're all settled in at the hotel
this afternoon.
Do you think sheíll come form
Washington D.C. to Seattle?
She just might. I do have a plan
in case she does go there, but for
right now I need to concentrate
getting her out there first.
Do you want to clue us in?
All Iíll say is this. I am going
to try to reverse Lisaís memory
erase of Agent McKenna.


Just how do you plan to reverse my
powers, Danielle?
I'll try it through hypnosis.
I figured that much out, but how?
Our bodies are a lot like computer
modems. We can hit the delete
button on any computer and it will
delete whatever we tell it to, but
the modem still has limited memory
even after the delete is hit.
So how does that relate to our own
We have, in our bodies, what is
called our subconscious. Lisa can
delete the memory of an event, but
just like in a computer, our
subconscious, or modem of our
bodies, is able to retain it.
Is this a proven fact, Danielle,
or just a theory?
This happens to be a proven fact,
Dana. Over the years people have
been able to shut out, or hit the
delete button, as a means of
self-defense. In many cases it
has taken an experienced hypnotist
to bring out the facts from a
personís subconscious. That was
one of my science projects last
year in high school.
That may be, Danielle, but youíre
not an experienced hypnotist. Do
you still think it can work on
Agent McKenna?


Right now thatís all I have to go
on. If it doesnít work then weíll
have to go through the explanation
of our powers to her all over
again. Iíd prefer that we didnít
waste valuable time doing that a
second time. We better start
getting ready to head to the
airport. Our flight out is at two
oíclock this afternoon and we
should be in Seattle a little
after three.
Then that means youíll miss Agent
McKenna. Youíll probably have to
wait until tomorrow morning.
I guess youíre right at that,
Dana. Okay, girls, letís get our
things all together.
The girls are seated in the sitting room waiting for
Danielle's next move.
I guess itís time I get the ball
rolling on that call.
Weíre all behind you, Danielle.
The phone sits on the coffee table and without wasting any
more time, Danielle pulls out the phone number Agent McKenna
gave her and dials the number.
On the second ring the phone is picked up.
                       TARA (VO)
Good morning, FBI, Agent McKenna.
Good morning, Agent McKenna! This
is Danielle Dee from the band
D & D calling.


                       TARA (VO)
Good morning, Danielle. How can I
help you?
Are you still working on those
three cases involving the
kidnapped kids?
                       TARA (VO)
Thatís technically classified
information, Danielle, but you
knew I was on that case less than
a month ago, so I feel I can
answer you. Yes I am, but why do
you ask?
If youíll come to Seattle, alone
Miss McKenna, I can give you
information that should help you
solve a two year old kidnapping
that I have to assume is not
                       TARA (VO)
Just so I have some idea weíre on
the same page here, Danielle, who
is the victim?
The girlís name is Courtney
Matthews. I hate to be the bearer
of bad news, Miss McKenna, but
just so you know, the girl is
                       TARA (VO)
How do you know this?
Come to Seattle, Miss McKenna, and
Iíll give you all the information
I have.
                       TARA (VO)
Iíll have to make some rush
reservations, Danielle, but where
can I get a hold of you?
When you touch down, go to the
Marriott Hotel. Iíll have you
registered in under your own name


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
and Iíll pay for it. In the
morning please meet the rest of
the band and myself at the
restaurant downstairs, at nine
oíclock. After breakfast weíll
all have some work to do, but only
if you come here alone.
                       TARA (VO)
Iíll be there alone, Danielle. For
some unknown reason that I canít
explain, I feel as though I can
trust you.
Thank you. Iíll see you in the
Danielle hangs up the phone.
As soon as she hangs up Agent McKenna locates the number for
TWA Airlines and immediately makes the call to reserve a
seat on a late afternoon flight out of DC. Once that is out
of the way she makes a call to the Seattle Branch of the
                       TED (VO)
Good morning, FBI Seattle, Agent
Daniels speaking. Can I help you?
Ted! This is Agent McKenna from
headquarters in DC. I need a big
                       TED (VO)
Fire away, Tara.
Call up the Courtney Matthews
kidnapping from two years ago.
Have that file and information
ready for me and please have
someone meet me at the TWA
terminal at nine-fifteen tonight
your time.


                       TED (VO)
Youíre coming here? Why canít we
handle this?
My informant wants me, and me
alone, or the deal is off,
                       TED (VO)
Well shouldnít you at least have a
back-up in case something goes
If you do one thing to jeopardize
this investigation, Ted, Iíll see
to it you are demoted down to
pushing a damned broom. This girl
Courtney Matthews is dead, Ted,
and I am coming to Seattle to find
the ass holes responsible for her
death. Understood?
                       TED (VO)
Understood! Do you need a place
to stay once you get here?

Thatís already been taken care of.
Thank you.
                       TED (VO)
In that case Iíll see that Agent
Sheryl Teague meets you when you
step off the plane. If you need
transportation I can see someone
drops a car off where youíre
That will be great. Thanks, Ted!
Iím going to be staying at the


Now we have some planning to do,
      (Light Chuckle)
You arenít going to hypnotize her
in the restaurant, are you
No! I suggested that as a safe
public place for her to meet with
us alone. Weíll have to come back
up here to the room.
If that be the case, then what are
your plans?
Iíll have to hope the hypnotism
works. If it does then weíll be
able to go to the place Destiny
told us about. If weíre alone
with her, then Destiny will be
there to guide us.
If the hypnotism thing works,
Danielle, do you think Agent
McKenna will let us work the case
with her?
Well if she doesnít then sheíll be
going nowhere and fast. Iíll make
sure she knows this before we give
her any information on the
whereabouts of Courtneyís remains.
You do realize that because the
victim is dead that this will draw
not only the FBI and the local
police to the investigation, but
the unneeded press as well. Their
noses will be everywhere. How are
we going to remain anonymous,


In this particular case, Lisa, we
may have to play a lesser role
than we are used to, or at least
not as big as we played in the
other three cases. Iím hoping
Destiny can supply us with names,
but she already said she gave us
everything she had.
Where could she get any other
pertinent information?
Iím hoping she can get into the
computers at both the FBI and the
local police and try to match the
descriptions she gave us with
either mug shots or rap sheets the
law has on file. Every convicted
felon has what they call a rap
sheet that describes them in
detail, and that includes their
method of operation, or MO as the
police call it. I hope she can
match one or both men to a rap
sheet by tomorrow. That would be
able to narrow the search down
Donít you think Destiny thought of
that already?
Who knows? If she didnít, and
sheís listening to us now, then
she might go and do just that
while we manage to kill the day
away. We canít do anything now
until Agent McKenna gets here and
we meet with her tomorrow.
When are you going down to the
lobby to reserve her room?
In a few minutes, Lisa, why?


I have a suggestion. When you go
down there and reserve her room,
couldnít you leave an envelope in
her mail box for her, or have the
clerk do it?
I donít see why not, but what do
you have in mind?
Write her a note and have her meet
us here tonight, providing she
doesnít get here too late, and
whatever you have planned for her,
in respect to the hypnotizing
thing, do that tonight. You can
always set it up so that when she
leaves the room she does not call
her office and let them know about
Thatís a damn good idea, Lisa. Why
didnít I think of that?
Donít you have enough on your mind
as it is?
I suppose I do at that.
Destiny listens in the background and decides itís time for
her to make an appearance. She stands on the balcony with
her wings folded around her that keeps her concealed from
the rest of the group. She flutters her wings and glides
through the glass partition and enters the sitting room.
      (Entering the room)
My elite band gets to sound and
act more like detectives every
Destiny! How long have you been


I havenít been here very long, but
long enough to know you girls are
doing one great job.
How is it I didnít sense your
presence, Destiny?
Your mind is preoccupied and not
receptive to the vibes of my
spirit. That will happen from
time to time.
Do you have anything else for us
to go on?
Not at this moment, Danielle! I
did manage to check the Matthews
kidnapping file, the one Miss
McKenna will look at when she gets
here tonight, and was able to find
out that the authorities had no
suspects during their
investigation into this childís
What about mug shots and rap
Thatís an area I never thought of,
Danielle, at least not until you
mentioned it a few moments ago. If
nothing else it might give you a
few leads, but there are no
I understand that, but it would
sure be nice to have something to
go on, no matter how small.
Well let me go and see what I can
find out. Iíll be back with you
before the dayís end.


Bye Destiny!
Destiny lets her wings flutter, and floats out through the
same glass door to the balcony and disappears.
Danielle stands up and heads towards the balcony.
We are going to get these two
bastards that did that to Courtney
Dana joins her friend by the balcony door.
Unless we have something more to
go on, Danielle, then the best
that we can hope for is some
closure for her family. Not even
finding her killers will ease the
pain they are going through right
Hell, Dana, I know that. We need
to do it for our own satisfaction,
and to prevent the same thing from
happening to other kids. Our
success rate is one hundred
percent and I aim to see that it
stays that way, not for a moral
victory but rather on behalf of
Courtney Matthews. That poor girl
deserves to be able to rest in
Wendy and Lisa join the other two by the glass door.
You do have Destinyís spirit
inside you, girl
At nine-fifteen TWA flight six seventy-one makes its final
approach to touchdown at the Seattle International Airport.
Ten minutes later Agent McKenna exits the plane with just
her purse on her shoulder, and she is met at the end of the
passenger tube by Agent Sheryl Teague.


Good evening, Tara. How was your
flight from DC?
It was a comfortable flight but
too much weighs on my mind to have
been able to enjoy it. Do you
have that investigation folder I
asked for?
Here you are. We can go directly
to my car. I have someone here
who will pick up your luggage and
bring it to your hotel. Do you
have the slips?
Agent Teague hands Tara the folder on the Courtney Matthews
Thereís only one bag, and hereís
the tag for it. Itís a blue one.
Here you go, Bill.
Agent Teague hands her associate the tag for Tara's
suitcase. She then turns to face Tara.
Where are you staying?
At the Marriott.
Bring her bag to the Marriott,
Bill, as soon as you can.
Will do, Miss Teague.
That should give you some time to
look over the Matthews file,
before your luggage gets there.
Thanks! That works out nicely.
How far to the hotel?


We should be there in just about
fifteen minutes, give or take.
What are your plans?
As of this minute Iím not quite
sure, Sheryl. Until I get a
chance to meet with my informant I
wonít know which way to go for
Will you meet with him or her
I have a scheduled meet for nine
tomorrow morning.
Do you need a back up?
No I donít. I trust this person.
Okay, then, here's my car. I'll
drive you to the hotel and drop
you off at the front door. Do you
need a car tomorrow?
Yes, please! Have someone drop
one off here no later than
As Mary approaches the reception desk she glances around and
can see an older woman, about fifty, behind the counter. As
she looks around even further she tries to see if either
Danielle or any of the other band members wait for her in
the lobby but the lobby is quiet.
                       CLERK 1
Good evening, maíam. Can I help


Yes you can, thank you. My name
is Tara McKenna and I am supposed
to have a room reserved for me.
                       CLERK 1
That name rings a bell, Miss
McKenna. Oh yes, that was
reserved earlier this evening. You
have room three-twelve. I also
have something for you, Maíam. The
young lady who reserved your room
wanted you to have this tonight.
The woman reaches into the room three-twelve mail slot. She
then hands the envelope to Tara.
                       CLERK 1
Please sign in here, maíam and you
can take the elevator to the third
floor. Your room is the third one
on the left as you go down the
hall. Hereís your key.
Thank you very much.
Agent Mappson says and reaches into her pocket to find some
money to tip the woman. She finds a five-dollar bill and
hands it to her.
Thanks again. Oh! Before I go to
my room, maíam. Someone is
scheduled to drop my luggage off
here at the hotel. Please see
that it gets to my room. Call my
room first, as I may not be in. If
I am not there have the porter lay
it by the bed. Thanks!
                       CLERK 1
Will do, Miss McKenna. Goodnight!
Agent McKenna heads to her room. Once she places the
Matthews file on the desk she grabs a seat at the desk and
immediately opens the letter from Danielle and reads it


Let's see what she has to say.
Good evening, Miss McKenna. I
hope your flight here was
comfortable. I will not beat
around the bush, Mary, because we
want to meet with you almost as
much as you want to meet with us.
Our room is three-fourteen, right
next to yours. If you want to
meet with us tonight come and
knock on our door before eleven
and we will talk, but come alone
please. Danielle.
Agent McKenna stands and looks into the mirror.
I wonder what sheís up to.
Agent McKenna makes a quick check of her service revolver
and then she heads to the door.
As she approaches the room next to hers, three-fourteen,
Agent McKenna knocks lightly on the door.
Okay, girls, you know what weíre
going to do, so let me do the
Danielle gets up and heads to the door. She opens the door
to face Agent McKenna.
Good evening, Miss McKenna, we've
been expecting you.
Good evening, Danielle!
Please come in. The rest of the
band is in the sitting room.
Danielle stands to one side and lets the FBI agent go in
front of her. She closes the door behind the agent.


To what do I owe the honor of this
clandestine meeting at this hour
of the night, Danielle?
Well I decided it would be either
tonight or tomorrow morning after
breakfast with you, so I chose not
to lose valuable time tomorrow.
You know Dana, Lisa, and Wendy,
Agent, McKenna?
Agent McKenna enters the sitting room.
Yes I do. Good evening, ladies.
Please have a seat.
Okay! Now that you have me here,
Danielle, outside of the fact that
this has something to do with the
Courtney Matthews kidnapping, why
the hell do you have me here now?
Okay! The last time you saw the
four of us was in our home in
Hartford, right?
You know as well as I do, that is
correct! Go on!
When you interviewed the four of
us, then, we spilled our guts to
you about some supernatural powers
each of us have, but when you left
our home your memory of that
conversation was erased.
You brought me here, to Seattle,
to feed me this hogwash?
I am not here to play silly child
games with you, Agent McKenna.
Rather than for the four of us to
have to go through explaining all


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
that to you over again, and waste
valuable time, I would like to be
able to refresh your memory of
that event in a different way.
And just what way is that?
If I can get you to relax for a
few minutes Iíd like to hypnotize
you so that I can refresh your
subconscious of the visit to our
home about three weeks ago.
What will that prove?
When Lisa erased your memory of us
she only erased the conscious
memory banks. Your sub-conscious;
however, still retains that
information, if I am correct, and
through hypnosis, I can bring out
the sub-conscious to the forefront
of your conscious, and youíll be
able to remember it all.
That was quite a mouthful,
Danielle, and I take it by what
youíve been saying, that thereís a
lot I should remember.
As of right now there is. If
youíre going to be able to trust
us to help you solve this murder
case, then you will need to
remember everything told to you,
when you were in our home back
I donít know why, Danielle, but
something deep inside of me tells
me to believe you and trust in
you. All of my FBI training, as
an agent, however, tells me to do
otherwise. Do what you have to
do, Danielle, and Iíll decide


                       TARA (cont'd)
Danielle grabs a chair and places it in front of Agent
McKenna and then sits down. She looks into her eyes and
allows her own to become aglow a bright red. The beam
shoots into Agent McKennaís eyes.
Miss McKenna! I want you to
remember back to the last time you
saw the four-member band D & D. Do
you remember that time, Tara?
      (Sullen Voice)
Yes I do remember.
Do you remember being shown the
powers this band possesses?
      (Sullen Voice)
I remember that, yes.
When I count to three, Miss
McKenna, I will clap my hands
together one time. You will
awaken from the trance and
remember all that was said and
shown to you at our home, In
Hartford, Connecticut. Do you
      (Sullen Voice)
Yes, I understand.
OneÖ twoÖ three.
Danielle claps her hands together one time.
Agent McKenna awakens from the hypnotic trance she was in,
only a moment earlier.
So when are you going to hypnotize
me, Danielle?


I just did hypnotize you, Mary. By
now you should be able to remember
everything you were shown when you
were in our home a few weeks ago,
the last time you visited us.
Oh my God, youíre right. How in
hell did I ever forget all this
after I left your home?
You didnít forget, Miss McKenna.
Lisa has the power to erase
peopleís memory of any event, and
she erased your memory of our
entire conversation. We had to do
it that way so that we could
continue to find missing kids
whenever the situation presented
itself to us.
Wow! This is all new and strange
to me, Danielle. How in the world
do I fit into all this?
We might not have involved you at
all, if it wasnít for the fact
that the missing child, Courtney
Matthews, is already dead.
How do you know all this?
Because Destiny Masters found the
girl's bones.
I wonít tell you until tomorrow
morning. Besides the fact itís
too late to go out there this late
at night, there is something I
need to do first.
And what's that?


Agent McKenna looks directly at Danielle.
Danielle looks straight into the eyes of the unsuspecting
agent as she once again lets her own eyes become aglow a
bright red.
Agent McKenna! You now know of
the powers the band D & D
possesses. When you leave our
room all this information will
stay with you alone. You will not
inform your agency, your
superiors, or any other law
enforcement agencies about these
powers. Finally you will work
with the band members of D & D to
track down and apprehend those
people responsible for the
molestation and death of Courtney
Matthews. Do you understand the
instructions Iíve given to you?
      (Withdrawn Voice)
Yes I understand your
When I count to three, Tara, and
clap my hands together one time,
you will awaken from the trance
you are in. OneÖ twoÖ threeÖ
Danielle claps her hands together one time.
What do you need to do first,
I want to see if Destiny is here
with us, and hopefully if she is,
that she has some information we
can use to help in this
investigation. Destiny! Are you
here, girl?
The other three members of D & D remain silent as they wait
for Destinyís angelic appearance into their room.


Destiny is on the balcony and when sheís called she lets her
wings flutter and her angelic body floats through the glass
doors, and enters the room.
Good evening Miss McKenna! Good
evening D & D.
Good evening, Destiny! I must be
losing it. Now Iím sitting here
and talking to an angel.
Hi, Destiny. Did you find out
anything that we might be able to
use in this case?
Agent McKenna! The information
Iím about to give Danielle and the
rest of the band, is information I
collected from both the police and
the FBI computer databases. When
I touched Courtney Matthewís
bones, I connected with her aura,
and in that I was given a partial
description of two men. In all
the information I scanned through,
I only came up with a possible
match to only one of these two
men. I was able to get the names
of two men who both bare similar
tattoos of skulls and crossbones
on their right biceps. Their
names are Danny Kauskis and
Stephen Stillhorn. Both men have
records for rape of children under
the age of sixteen years old. I
can tell you one more thing. That
girl Courtney Matthews was raped
repeatedly by whoever it was who
kidnapped her.
Iím very disturbed by this,
Destiny, but how do you know this
without the forensic evidence to
back it up?
Everyone has an aura, even those
whoíve passed on. In that aura
there are messages that only


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
someone with clairvoyant
capabilities can decipher. I have
those abilities and was able to
read her aura, in which she let me
know sheíd been raped many times
before they killed her.
Okay, then, where do we go from
First of all you need some sleep,
Agent McKenna. The time lapse
from the East Coast to here is at
least three hours difference. That
means it is now almost two oíclock
in the morning in DC.
I'll vouch for that, but what
about in the morning?
In the morning the five of us,
along with our angelic Destiny,
will go to where these bones are
located. Then weíll let you do
what you have to do, but we have
to remain out of the picture as
far as your office or the police
are concerned.
Why do I have to go out there with
you girls?
Because they are going to try and
help you solve this case, Miss
McKenna. With their
unconventional powers they can do
things you canít. Plus I know
where all the bones are located,
so youíll need me to show you all
of them. Once thatís done then D
& D can leave the scene and you
can call in the troops, but not
before D & D has left the area


If that's the case then Iíll
Once your Seattle office is
notified, and the police are
called in, I want you to stay in
close touch with these girls.
Anyone at all who is involved with
this case, who knows about D & D,
their memories will have to be
erased, just like yours was in
That puts a cramp on my abilities,
but okay. Iíll work around that
minor detail. I better go to my
room now and will see you girls at
nine in the morning for breakfast.
Weíll be there, Tara, and thank
Danielle walks the agent to the door.
As soon as the agent leaves the room Danielle is quick to
return to the sitting room with her friends.
Are you done with me for tonight,

If thatís all the information you
have for us, Destiny, then weíll
see you tomorrow morning where?
Iíll meet all five of you at the
track switching device south of
the train station when you get
there. Her bones are only a short
distance away from that switch.
How deep is the snow out there?


Thereís just a small amount on the
ground and no snow is in the
forecast, but itís only supposed
to be in the mid-forties in the
morning so you girls dress warm.
Does anyone else have any
questions for Destiny before she
leaves, maybe something I missed?
Danielle looks at the rest of her team.
Then I shall see you all in the
Destiny lets her wings flutter again and her body floats
through the glass door onto the balcony and then she
Where do we go from here?
Until Agent McKenna gets to the
location of all Courtneyís
remains, weíre going to have to
play it by ear. Weíre going to
have to let her get the addresses
for those two guys Destiny told us
about. Maybe thereís a chance we
can do something like what we did
with Vance Logan, but this time
weíll have the FBI with us.
Do you think sheíll let us pull
that routine on these guys?
We really donít have much of a
choice. Whoever did it will not
just up and tell us that they
killed the girl, at least not
unless theyíre crazy.
How are we going to stay out of
the limelight?



After we find those bones, then it
will be totally up to our FBI
friend to fill us in and keep us
informed. If I did my hypnosis
right, gang, then sheíll keep us
informed all along the way. Once
we have the addresses for those
two guys, then we can make our
plans, but thatíll have to include
Miss McKenna as well. Weíll just
have to play it by ear on this
By six oíclock Wednesday morning Danielle is awake and then
heads to the restaurant in the lobby area for a hot cup of
coffee to wake her up fully. As she sits at a table in the
corner, by herself, she receives a tap on the shoulder.
May I join you?
Good morning! Yes, you certainly
may. Have a seat, Tara.
I am to assume that you didnít
sleep very well, now did you?
Youíve got that right, I didnít. I
get this way every time.
Itís an adrenaline rush and yes,
even us professionals get that way
before a raid, a stakeout, or
whatever. We are no less or more
human than you, Danielle. Unlike
us, however, you happen to know up
front what youíre up against from
the start. That, in itself, adds
to your adrenaline rush.
Youíre telling me. Would you like
a coffee this morning?


No thanks! I am a tea person,
especially first thing in the
morning. I do not need caffeine
to add to my problems.
This oneís on me.

The waitress reaches their table.
                       WAITRESS 1
Can I help you ladies this
For starters we can use a cup of
coffee and a cup of tea.
                       WAITRESS 1
Are you having breakfast this
morning, ladies?
Not for me yet. Iíll wait for the
rest of my group to get here. How
about you, Tara?
Iíll have two scrambled eggs with
sausage, please.
                       WAITRESS 1
Iíll be right back with your
So, where do we go from here, Miss
Please, Danielle, if weíre going
to try and solve this mystery
together, then lets have a
comfortable communication, okay.
My co-workers all call me Tara.

Okay, Tara, where do we start?


I have a car coming here at
eight-thirty. That will enable us
to go to wherever those bones are
Youíre not going to have us
followed, right?
Thatís correct. Iíll keep my word
to you and your group unless your
safety or mine is compromised.
Iíll agree to that.
Once Iíve seen the crime scene,
you do know Iím going to be forced
to call in both the local police
as well as the Seattle branch of
the FBI as well. I have no
We knew that would happen. When
can you get the addresses for
those two men Destiny gave you
last night?
I can do that right after
breakfast and have that
information brought over here when
they bring the car.
Do you remember their names?
Yes! I wrote them down just after
Destiny gave them to us. You were
busy watching her. The names are
Danny Kauskis and Stephen
Good! I see our drinks have



When Danielle returns to her room she brings four fresh cups
of coffee with her. As she enters, she can see the rest of
the band is dressed and ready for the day ahead.
I just knew the rest of you would
be awake by now.

We would have gone to the
restaurant, Danielle, but we
werenít sure what you were doing.
Itís a good thing you girls
didnít. I had a chance to have a
casual chat with Agent McKenna.
Nothing in particular, Wendy;
nothing we didnít know already.
Sheís going to get the addresses
for those two guys Destiny
mentioned last night.
Iím surprised Destiny didnít get
them for us herself.

I was wondering that myself, Lisa.
Are we still meeting with Agent
McKenna for breakfast?
She is going to just have some tea
with us at nine. She had her
breakfast when I was with her.


At eight oíclock on Wednesday morning Agent McKenna makes a
call to the Seattle Branch office. The phone rings once and
is answered quickly.
                       TED (VO)
FBI Seattle, Agent Daniels
speaking. May I help you?
Ted! This is Tara McKenna.

                       TED (VO)
Good morning, Tara! We have a car
that will leave here in about
twenty minutes and should be there
just around eight-thirty.
I also need something else from
you, Ted.
                       TED (VO)
Whatís that?
I need a copy of the rap sheets on
two men, and that includes their
present addresses.

                       TED (VO)
Who are they?
A man by the name of Danny Kauskis
and the other man is a Stephen
                       TED (VO)
Is there a relevance to the
Matthews case?
Iím really not sure, Ted, but
supposedly both of these men have
rap sheets for the rapes of


                       TARA (cont'd)
minors, so I want to check them
                       TED (VO)
Want us to do that for you?
No thanks, Ted! I want to be able
to handle this my way.
                       TED (VO)
This is now your case, Tara, and
you do have a reputation for
success. Iíll get that
information and see that itís
brought out to you with the car.
Thanks, Ted!
Tara hangs up.
Agent McKenna heads to the front desk.
                       CLERK 1
Good morning, maíam. Can I help
Yes you can thank you. My name is
Tara McKenna and I am with the
FBI. I am expecting someone to
drop by and leave a car for me to
use while Iím here in Seattle.
When they get here will you
redirect them to the restaurant
for me, please?

                       CLERK 1
Iíll be glad to, maíam.
Thank you!
Tara hands the man a five dollar bill.


Agent McKenna heads into the restaurant and grabs a table in
the corner where she can be by herself and plan her strategy
for the events of the next few hours.
After she orders her tea she sits there and waits for the
keys and information she expects at any moment.
Good morning, Agent McKenna!
Good morning!
Tara looks up at the burly man who stands in front of her
Iím agent Fowler, maíam, and Agent
Daniels asked me to bring you this
folder with the information you
requested, and I also have the
keys to the light brown nineteen-
ninety Ford Taurus thatís in the
parking lot.
Whatís your first name, Agent
It's Jack, ma'am.
Mine is Tara, and thank you.
Will that be all?
Just tell Ted Iíll get back to him
when I have some solid information
on this case.
Are you working on this case
In a way, yes, but I can get more
accomplished that way.


Agent Daniels left a two-way radio
in the car for you.
Thank you! I may just need it
before the day is out.
Will that be all, maíam?