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Destiny's Divas II - Episode Two
by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Enter the FBI in trying to find out who's actually finding these kidnapped kids and how are they getting the information they aren't getting.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The girls of D & D are awake and getting ready for their
breakfast with Agent McKenna.
When we leave, Danielle, are we
bringing our instruments?
This time weíll be going out there
without them, ladies. We have to
go to the train depot with only
Agent McKenna and ourselves. There
is no reason we should need our
weapons out there. Weíre only
going there to locate Courtneyís
bones and any other evidence that
might be there as well.
Evidence, as inÖ?
Her clothes or anything else that
might help the police and the FBI
convict those responsible for her
How long do you think weíll be out
I expect that we could be out
there for about an hour or more
before our FBI friend has to call
for reinforcements. Itís almost
nine, ladies, so letís get a move
on. Agent McKenna will be waiting
for us.


When the girls of D&D reach the restaurant Agent McKenna is
there and greets them.
Good morning, ladies!
Good morning!
Danielle grabs a seat across from Tara.
Good morning, Tara!
Dana sits beside Danielle.
Do you girls drink tea or coffee?
We all drink coffee, Miss McKenna.
Let me get the waitress over here
and weíll get this show on the
Tara signals the waitress to come over to their table.
                       WAITRESS 2
Good morning, ladies! Can I help
you this morning?
Can we have coffee for the four
girls and Iíll have another tea
                       WAITRESS 2
Will you be ordering breakfast
this morning?
Yes we will thank you.
                       WAITRESS 2
Then Iíll leave the menus and go
get your drinks.


Were you able to get that
information, Tara?
I have a complete dossier on both
men. In police terminology itís
called a rap sheet. Both these
men are bad news and if either of
them is involved with this case
weíll have our hands full.
Okay, but first we have to get you
out to the crime scene.
Thatís the most important thing
right now. Where is this place?
Itís a bout a quarter of a mile
south of the train station and
then weíll have to take a small
hike into the woods from the
railroad tracks.
I take it you girls have already
been out there.
Not yet we havenít! Destiny has
but we havenít. We did not want
to go there and disturb the crime
scene in any way. We may not be
cops, or the FBI, Tara, but we do
know there could be valuable
incriminating evidence at the
scene and we would not know it.
This is why we wanted you on this
case when we went out there.
Here come our drinks. Are you
ready to order?
The waitress returns to the table with their tea and coffee
and she takes their breakfast orders and then heads back to
the kitchen.


Once we get to this crime scene,
ladies, Iím going to have to ask
you all to leave and head back
here. Iíll have my two-way radio
with me and will allow you girls
time to catch a cab and get away
from the train station before I
call my office. They will
probably have to call in the
Seattle Police.
Why the local police, Tara? Isnít
this a job for the FBI to handle?
Where you girls do not know the
law, ladies, you are not aware
that several factors have to be in
place before the FBI can get
involved. One: If there is a
ransom demand then it becomes
extortion, and extortion is a
federal offense, or two: If the
kidnappers cross state lines to
initiate the crime or even after
the fact, then it becomes a
federal offense. According to the
information you girls have given
me, Danielle, even though Courtney
was raped, and murdered, there is
no evidence yet that can connect
the FBI legally, to this case. I
do not want to step on any toes,
per se, by letting the FBI handle
this case unless the local police
ask us to. They will probably put
both the homicide and kidnapping
squads on it.
Where does that leave us? You are
the only one right now who knows
of the powers we have. We donít
have the time to explain them to a
police detective all over again.
From what information I have,
Danielle, our FBI office, here in
Seattle, and the local police have
a good working relationship. Iíll
see what I can do about getting


                       TARA (cont'd)
put on this case. I do have some
leverage I can use in that
Howís that?
My informants, you girls, came to
me with the tip about the crime
scene. Iíll have to use that to
stay on the case if there is no
federal offense committed.
Our breakfast is here, so letís
What about those two men, Mary?
Well first off Iím hoping that
there will be evidence at the
crime scene than can link one or
both of those men to the girlís
kidnapping. That way I can keep
you girls out of the investigation
all together.
So what happens if you donít find
that evidence you hope will be
If thatís the case then Iíll have
to sit down with you girls and
come up with a workable plan that
I can live with.
In other words youíd prefer not to
use our unique services.
To put it short and sweet, no! You
girls talk, act, and think like
detectives, and granted you girls
have accomplished things we as law
enforcement officials have been
unable to do, but you donít have a
badge. If you did, your


                       TARA (cont'd)
identities would be made public,
so you canít make an arrest. Once
your identities have been
compromised then your abilities in
this business are finished, and
your lives will be at risk. Every,
excuse my expression here, bad ass
in the country will be out to put
you down. Thereís even the
likelihood that a contract will be
put out on all four of you girls.
Contract, as in killing us?
Exactly! That will also mean that
your career as a band will be
We donít want that, Tara.
Okay, then, letís get out to that
crime scene and see what we have.
Itís ten forty-five when the five women pull into a parking
space at the Seattle Depot, a connecting point to Canada, to
the north, and to California, to the south. Passenger
traffic is light at that hour as the girls head to the end
of the building and step off the platform.
Okay, Danielle, where do we go
from here?
Danielle stands on the ground below the platform. She turns
to face the agent.
Destiny said that we were to go
south from the station for about a
quarter mile until we come up to a
railroad switching device.


I know what that is, letís go!
Tara steps down to the ground followed by Wendy and Lisa.
Danielle leads the way parallel to the railroad tracks.
The brush on either side of the path is thick but they are
able to traverse the path with ease, as it has been matted
down from footsteps.
Ten minutes later the five women come to a mechanism that is
designed to switch tracks from one to another.
Well this is it. What did Destiny
say to do next?
She said to head straight into the
woods just a short distance. You
should see a bunch of boards or
wood stacked up on top of each
other. Courtneyís bones are
supposed to be underneath them.
Okay, ladies, follow me.
Tara heads out from the tracks and into the wooded area west
of the railroad tracks, with the four girls behind her.
I wonder how they got her body out
here. There is no path they would
have taken this way.
I am just telling you what Destiny
said, Tara. I have no idea.
The girls trudge through the thick underbrush behind Agent
Iím glad we wore our jeans and
This is not a trip weíd want to
make with our stage shoes on,


Destiny, are you here? Iíve
brought Agent McKenna and she is
here alone.
Destiny Masters stands in a small clearing inside the wooded
area where Danielle and the others are standing. She opens
her wings.
Iím here, Danielle.
There she is, Tara.
Danielle points to their left.
I see her. Letís go!
Agent McKenna brushes aside some branches so she and the
others can get through. Three minutes later the five women
reach the clearing.
Talk about being in seclusion,
The perpetrators of this heinous
crime found it necessary to dump
her body in here.
Please, girls, do not touch
anything. What do we have,
Destiny bends and points to the corner of one of the boards.
Look there, Miss McKenna. That is
a human bone of Courtney Matthewsí


How do you know that with any
degree of certainty?
I am a spirit with an angelic
body, Miss McKenna. As a spirit I
can detect other spirits. I
detected Courtneyís spirit and
when I touched her bones I was
bale to detect other information
her dead spirit gave me.
Agent McKenna looks up at Destiny.
      (Raised Voice)
You touched her bones, Destiny?
Yes, but there are no
fingerprints. I have no
fingerprints because I am a
Then the information you got from
the bones is the same information
you gave to Danielle, and I have
that information already?
How in the hell did they get her
in here?
Behind me is a path that leads to
a parking area for the train
station. It would have been easy
to come in here under the darkness
of night and they would not have
been seen.
Are all her bones here?
Several bones are missing. I am
under the assumption that they
were taken by animals.


Thank you for your help, Destiny.
Danielle! You and the others
follow me out of here, down that
path. Iíll go and get my car and
bring it over by the path that
leads in here. You four girls get
a cab and go back to the hotel and
wait there until I get back there
later today. Iíll fill you in at
that time. The crime scene
investigators will have to go
through here with a fine toothed
Arenít you going to look for
evidence, Miss McKenna?
Not right now. The police
investigators have to get out here
and take pictures of the crime
scene first, before any collecting
of evidence can be done. All I
can do until they get here is to
preserve the crime scene until
they arrive.
Then weíll wait for you at the
Danielle starts to lead the others down the narrow path,
with Agent Mappson in the rear.
As Tara enters the car she watches as the four girls climb
into a nearby cab. She then reaches into the glove
compartment and pulls out the two-way radio and the list of
agents she can contact. After she pushes the right button,
she keys the mike.
Agent Mckenna to Agent Daniels.
Come in, please.


                       TED (VO)
This is Agent Daniels. Go ahead,
Who do you know on the Seattle
                       TED (VO)
The Chief of Police, Sam Cross,
but why?
My informant wants me on this
case, Ted. This may not be a case
for the FBI, but we are all law
enforcement officers.
                       TED (VO)
That should not be a problem. What
do you have?
I have a crime scene in the woods
at the back edge of parking lot
ďBĒ at the railroad station. I am
in the car you gave me with the
lights flashing. There appear to
be bones of a juvenile under some
wood, but I did not disturb the
crime scene until their
investigators get here.
                       TED (VO)
Is this the Courtney Matthews
Yes it is. Iím under the
impression those bones are of the
missing girl.
                       TED (VO)
I canít guarantee youíll be in
charge of the investigation, but
Iím almost positive you can get to
work alongside them. Let me get
Sam on the phone. You stay put
right there.


The girls get situated in their room.
Should we listen to the news?
Tara wonít let the press get a
hold of this information before
she has to, Dana. At the earliest
it might be tonight, but I hope
Why not?
Put yourself in the shoes of the
murderer, Lisa. If you killed
this little girl youíd be sitting
pretty after two years as long as
her body is not found. Once her
body is located you have to begin
to fear that you might have left
incriminating evidence by or near
her body. All of a sudden you
find a way to leave the state in a
That makes sense, but how are they
going to keep this type of
information from the press? Donít
the press have police scanners
that listen in on all their calls?
If the press puts it on the air
then weíre going to have to go to
work real fast, like tonight, but
first weíll have to wait for Tara.
I donít want to do anything until
she gives us the green light to
Not only that, but she has their
addresses and we donít.
If it becomes necessary Iíll have
Destiny go into their computers
and get them for us. In the


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
meantime what we have to do is
come up with a plan of attack that
we can use on these guys that will
get us in the door so I can use
the hypnosis on them. Once I have
them under my control then I know
what Iíll have to do next.
By five p.m. the girls of D & D are nervous and they decide
to go to the restaurant and have an early dinner. As they
leave their room the elevator door opens and Tara alights
from it.
Tara approaches the quartet.
Where are you girls going?
We didnít know what was going on
so we decided to have an early
Do you ladies mind if I join you?
We've got a lot to go over.
Danielle pushes the button for the elevator.
That would be great! What did you
find at the crime scene?
It appears as though whoever
committed this crime raped the
girl right there in the woods. Her
clothes were found about ten feet
from where we saw her body under
those boards.
Those miserable bastards.
The elevator door swings open and they all climb inside.


Were you able to discern how the
poor girl died?
As we speak an autopsy is being
performed on her remains,
Danielle, but by all that we could
gather at the scene she had blunt
force trauma to her head.
In other words they bashed the
poor girlís skull in.
Wendy loses control for a moment and her eyes become aglow a
bright purple. She shakes her head from side to side and
then shuts her eyes quickly.
Tara backs up against the side of the elevator.
What the hell was that?
The door to the elevator opens on the main floor and the
girls step out.
Letís get a secluded table where
we can talk, Mary, and Iíll try to
explain it.
What I just witnessed needs a lot
of explaining.
                       HOSTESS 1
Good afternoon, ladies. Do you
need a table for five?
Yes, maíam, and could we have a
table in the corner where we can
talk undisturbed, please?
                       HOSTESS 1
Thatís no problem. Follow me,


The girls are taken to a table in the far corner of the
restaurant and they are seated.
Okay, Danielle, what did I just
see in that elevator?
You already know of the powers we
have with our eyes, right?
Yes I do, but why did her eyes
light up inside the elevator?
When we can feel the pain, or
experience that pain the victim
went through, or is going through,
any one of the four of us can lose
Lose it, as in how?
Lose control of our inner
emotions. Thatís only the second
time Wendy lost it and it has
happened to me once. It takes lot
of pain for us to lose control but
if we just close our eyes we can
regain that control in no time.
Now you four girls have me
Under the intense stress of
capturing a kidnapper, or finding
a kidnapped child, we have not
lost our control.
It looks like our waitress is
coming over, Danielle.
The five ladies order their drinks and meals and then sit
back to talk business.


So what is going to happen now,

After we eat, the five of us are
going to go to your room. We need
to have a solid plan of attack to
find the culprits who are
responsible for this childís
Excuse me, Tara, but has the press
got a hold of this investigation
As a matter of fact they have,
Dana, but the chief of police has
ordered them to maintain a
forty-eight hour gag order before
they release that information in
the news in any form.
Then that means by tomorrow
morning we will have less than
thirty-six hours to find
Courtneyís killer or killers.
If the media puts this information
on the news now, our chances of
being able to find these killers
diminishes by eighty percent. We
have until noon on Friday, ladies,
so I hope you can work your magic
like you did in Albany, Atlanta,
and in Hartford. Please remember,
that whatever you girls are going
to do I have to be involved.
We knew that already, Tara. In
Atlanta we even had a local
detective with us through the
entire capture.
I kind of figured he had to have
been with you on that case. When
it was over you simply erased his


                       TARA (cont'd)
memory of the event, right?
We had to be able to do it that
way. There was enough evidence at
the crime scene for him to arrest
all three suspects, so we erased
his memory of us and moved on.
You four young ladies are
something else. I hope I can get
to see the four of you in action
before this is all over with.
Iím sure youíll have that
opportunity. Here comes our
By seven oíclock the girls of D & D enter their room and
Agent McKenna trails the group. She carries her briefcase
with all the pertinent information the girls need.
I suppose, Danielle, you're pretty
much the leader of this group, so
should I direct most of my
comments towards you?
We are a team, but yes I'm the one
who makes the final decisions on
what we will eventually do.
Okay, then, here are the files on
Danny Kauskis and Stephen
Tara opens her briefcase and places two manila folders on
the coffee table.
Danielle looks at the files for several minutes.


Do you have a street map of
Seattle, Tara?
Yes I do. I brought it in with me
from the car. Here you go,
Danielle. What are you looking
Tara hands Danielle the street map.
I'm just curious. I hope we only
have to go through this once, but
if not then weíll just have to go
through it a second time.
Go through what, Danielle?
Are you thinking what I think
youíre thinking, Danielle?
Well it worked for us once, so why
couldnít it work for us here in
What in the world are you talking
Danielle goes on to explain in detail how the four of them
acquired the taped confession from Vance Logan in Hartford.
So thatís how you girls pulled
that off. Man you four young
ladies are more experienced than I
gave you credit for. That was a
pretty strategic maneuver.
Well it worked, and that was the
main thing.
I have to admit, though, it goes
against the grain of everything I
was taught in my training as an
FBI agent. If this is going to be
your plan, Danielle, how do I fit


                       TARA (cont'd)
into all this, where I'm the one
here with the badge.
Where did we hear that before,
The three remaining members of the band reply in unison.
The way Iím going to set this up,
Tara, is that you will be the one
who will be conducting the survey.
If Mr. Kauskis is the type man I
think he will be, then his eyes
will be concentrating more on me,
where I'm a bit younger than you.
Not only younger, Danielle, but
sexier too.
I'm glad you said that and not me.
Anyway! All that Iíll need from
him is for him to look into my
eyes, even if itís for only a
second or two. Iíll have him in a
trance in no time.
It works that fast?
Itís instantaneous. From that
point on we can let Dana do her
We have to think of the mere
possibility that Mr. Kauskis might
not be our man, Danielle.
If thatís the case, then we will
finish our survey quickly and
leave the premises. If heís our
man, you will then have the option
to cuff him right then and there
while I still have him in a


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
trance. We will then be able to
find out who his accomplice was.
Then I suppose I have to find a
way to explain all this to the
police and keep you girls out of
Now you know what the other
officer and detective went
Does that mean youíll have to
erase my memory again?
If you want us to be able to
continue to find missing kids
and/or their kidnappers we have no
choice. As much as we all enjoy
working with you, you are bound to
turn over all the information you
have. As long as we are in your
memory banks then you're a threat
to our future successes.
Itís too late to plan anything
tonight, ladies, but we should get
an early start in the morning.
Weíll only be able to see one of
them in the morning, Tara. Danny
Kauskis is unemployed, as of a
week ago, but Stephen Stillhorn
has a job, so weíll have to wait
until he's at home.
Why canít we go to his place of
employment and question him,


If he's not the man we are looking
for, Dana, then we could very
easily jeopardize his place of
employment. If heís our man Iíd
like it to be under our terms,
with no one around but us.
The more I listen to you the more
you sound and think like a
seasoned detective or FBI agent,
Danielle. You are very right,
indeed. We should have some idea
by the time weíve spoken to Danny
Exactly! Remember one thing, Miss
McKenna, we are there to question
him about one crime and one crime
only, and thatís the kidnapping,
molestation, and murder of
Courtney Matthews. That will be
the only questions Dana will be
asking him once she starts,
I agree, Danielle.
Good! Go ahead and go back to
your room and get a good nightís
sleep. Be here at seven in the
morning and weíll go over the step
by step plan for Mr. Kauskis
before we have our breakfast. One
last thing.
Whatís that, Danielle?
Neither your office, nor the
police, are to be involved until
after we are away from the scene
all together. If Kauskis is the
man we are looking for, then
through my hypnosis I can keep him
immobile until you say a certain
word to him. At that point he
will awaken from his trance and
you can do what you have to do,


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
but weíll be long gone.
As much as I hate to, Danielle,
Iíll agree to it. Now I can see
how youíve managed to be so
successful. Your every thought
seems to be programmed like a
seasoned detective. You donít
break any laws and you donít
tamper with any crime scene. Iíve
worked alongside experienced
agents who make those mistakes.
My dad always loved cop shows and
is considered a cop show freak. So
as I grew up I got to watch a lot
of cop programs. Some of that
stuff must have sunk in.
It must have. Do you need the
folders any more?
I have what I need for tonight.
Then Iíll see you ladies here
tomorrow morning at seven. Iíll
bring the coffee.
All four girls stand and Danielle walks Agent McKenna to the

When Danielle returns to the sitting room all four girls sit
back down.
Whatís next, Danielle?
We are going to have our plan of
attack made before we go to bed.
That way I can get to sleep and
know that everything is ready for
the morning. Lisa! I think I am
going to keep you out of this one
until maybe the very end.


Not that I mind at all, Danielle,
but why?
Tara, Dana, and I will be in the
house with Mr. Kauskis, so we will
not need a fourth person in there.
Dana will once again be invisible
so he will not see her and should
not feel threatened by only two
women. If I do it right, Lisa,
you might even be able to steer
free of this one all together.
That wonít hurt my feelings.
Okay, then, letís set this whole
scenario up for tomorrow.
By ten oíclock the girls of D & D are ready for bed. Dana,
Wendy, and Lisa are the first ones to get to bed, but for
Danielle not the same story. The thrill of the hunt once
again overtakes her will to relax. She takes one final look
at their plan for the following morning and makes sure every
detail is meticulously covered and then heads to bed.
By six-thirty Thursday morning the four girls of D & D await
the arrival of Agent McKenna.
Danielle snaps upright in her seat.
      (Blurting Out)
Destiny is here.
I donít know, but I can tell you
sheís here.
Destinyís angelic wings flutter and her body glides into the
room from the balcony.


Destiny sets her feet on the floor.
Good morning, ladies.
To what do we owe the honor this
morning, Destiny?
By the end of this day my band
will once again solve another
kidnapping mystery. You four
young ladies improve with each new
case that you get involved with.
How do you know weíll solve this
case today?
I do not believe Mr. Stillhorn was
involved with the Courtney
Matthews case in any way. Danny
Kauskis, however, was near the
Matthewsí home just hours before
Courtney was kidnapped. Granted,
that does not mean he did it, but
the circumstances are too great to
ignore. I wonít go into detail,
but pursue this man with caution,
Danielle. He is a violent man.
Thanks, Destiny. That makes our
job a lot easier.
You are on the right track, so
stay that way. Get him to tell
you who his accomplice was and
then let the FBI agent take it
from there.
Thank you, we will.
Iíll go until Iím needed again.
Destiny wings flutter once again and her body floats through
the glass doors to the balcony, and disappears.


Tara will be here any minute,
I know, and weíre ready for her.
Are you going to tell her what
Destiny said?
I think weíll keep that to
ourselves, Lisa. This way she can
go in there with an open mind.
At seven oíclock sharp there is a KNOCK on their door, as
Wendy gets up to answer it.
Iíll let her in.
Wendy stands and heads down the short hallway to the front
door. She opens the door.
Good morning, Tara.
Agent McKenna holds five hot drinks in her hand.
Grab a couple of these, will you,
Wendy quickly grabs two cups of hot coffee from her.
Agent McKenna enters the sitting room and places the three
drinks on the coffee table.
Good morning, Tara.
I sure hope itís a good one,
You sound a bit skeptical, Miss


I talked with Chief Cross of the
Seattle Police Department this
Where does he fit into all this?
Because this is not a federal
crime, ladies, I could have very
easily been pulled off the case
and would have been forced to let
the Seattle PD have it by
themselves. Chief Cross owed
Agent Daniels a couple of favors
so he put me in charge of this
case as of this morning.
Thatís a good thing, isnít it?
That is, yes, but I also got the
autopsy report from the medical
examinerís office.
I'm afraid I know what they told
Whatís that?
That our kidnapped girl, Courtney
Matthews, was raped more than once
and she was also raped by more
than one man.
Oh my God, Danielle, yes, but how
in the world did you know that?
Destiny told us the girl had been
repeatedly raped and that there
was more than one man involved
with the case. I just managed to
put two and two together.


Well you are exactly right. There
were several blotches of semen on
the girls clothes and the DNA
tests proved that they were from
two different men.
That does not mean we play this
any different. I sat down last
night and wrote down what we were
going to do. Read it over and
then weíll go to breakfast. You
are going to be right in the thick
of this, Miss McKenna, so read it
over very carefully.
Agent McKenna grabs the two pages and reads every word.
You mean to tell me that you girls
had no weapons at all and this
plan worked for you in Hartford?
It worked for us in Hartford, Miss
McKenna, partly because the
suspect was not a violent man by
nature. He helped grab the kid,
yes, but he did no bodily harm to
him. This time we have at least
one man who is violent, and we are
not sure of the second, which is
why I want you there. You do have
a gun you can use if it becomes
necessary. I hope we do not have
to use it, in any way, but we
canít rule it out either. Iím
going there dressed like this. My
cleavage should attract his eyes
and then I can hypnotize him
I wondered why you were going
there a bit provocative. Okay,
then, letís finish our coffee and
have some breakfast. Iíll go over
these pages again while we eat and
have my role down pat by the time
we meet with Mr. Kauskis.


Do you have a clipboard, Tara?
I have one in my briefcase, but
We are supposed to be taking a
survey and it would help if it
looks like we are about to write
something down.
Good point! If weíre going to
tape his confession, then who has
the recorder?
Iíll have the recorder and Danaís
microphone in a bag that Iíll
carry. Iíll let you do the
talking until he looks at me and I
get him under the hypnosis, and
then we will take over.
We, as in you and Dana?
Right! Letís go and eat, and then
letís go and get this over with.
By nine forty-five the five women sit across the street from
Daniel Kauskisí apartment building.
Heís in apartment ďBĒ, Wendy. Can
you tell from here which one that
Wendy looks around to see if anyone in the area is watching
and then she allows her eyes to glow a bright purple. She
looks inside the door of the apartment building across from


Apartment ďBĒ is on the right as
you go in the front door.
Can you see him in the apartment?
Yes! Heís sitting on a couch, in
what looks like the living room,
and heís watching television.
Is he alone?
He appears to be, yes, but I canít
see into the other rooms of the
Are you two girls ready?
Agent McKenna looks at both Danielle and Dana.
One second, Tara.
Dana throws her microphone towards the roof of the car. In
an instant her body becomes invisible as the rays of light
shines on her from the microphone.

Danielle grabs the microphone and puts it in her bag and
then exits the car, as does Dana and Agent McKenna.
Chestnut Street is dotted with apartment buildings from one
end to the other, Agent McKenna notices as she crosses the
quiet street with Danielle right on her heels. Dana is
there, too, but is unseen because of her invisibility.

Once they are at the door Agent McKenna turns the doorknob
and the door swings open to the left. A few steps in front
of them is apartment ďBĒ. The hall is long with two
apartments down at the far end. Behind them is apartment
ďAĒ. Mary nods her head and Danielle knocks on the door of
apartment ďBĒ.
A moment later Mr. Kauskis reaches the door and opens it.


Danny opened the door wide enough to look directly at Agent
Good morning, sir. My Name is
Tara McKenna and this is Danielle
Dee. We are from the Seattle
Housing Authority and we are doing
a short tenant survey to try and
get landlords to improve their
properties for the benefit of
tenants like you. Can you spare
about ten minutes of your time,
Danielle opens her jacket to expose her cleavage.
The six foot Daniel Kauskisís eyes are momentarily
transfixed on Danielleís bosom.
Iím sure I can give you ten
minutes, ladies.
Danny opens the door wide as Tara walks in. Daniel delays
her entry and allows time for Dana to go in between them and
out of harmís way undetected. Then once she knows Dana is
inside she brings herself in.
Would you like me to close the
door for you, sir?

If you would, please.
Danny plops himself down on the couch and looks at Danielle.
Where would you like to take this


Wherever is comfortable with you,
Tara pulls out a pen and sits down beside the man.

Danielle grabs a seat directly across from him and removes
her coat and exposes the fullness of her cleavage to his
longing eyes. She has a clear shot at him and allows her
eyes to glow a bright red, focusing them directly at his
Daniel Kauskis is caught in her hypnotic trance in an
I want you to remember back to
April fourteenth of nineteen
ninety. Do you remember this

      (Stoic Voice)
Yes I do.
In a moment, Mr. Kauskis, a man is
going to ask you some questions. I
want you to answer him honestly.
Do you understand?
Yes, maíam.
Danielle extends Danaís microphone into the air and Dana
grabs it. She returns to normal and thinks about a manís
voice as she faces Mr. Kauskis.

She also pulls out the recorder and turns it on.
      (MALE Voice)
Give me your full name, sir.
Daniel Franklin Kauskis.


      (MAN'S Voice)
What is your full address, Mr.
Ninety-four Chestnut Street,
Seattle, Washington.
      (MAN'S Voice)
The information you are about to
give to me, Mr. Kauskis, is this
of your own free will?
Yes, sir!
      (MAN'S Voice)
Okay, then, tell me what you can
remember about the afternoon of
April fourteenth, nineteen ninety.
I was out drinking with my friend
at the Blue Star Bar and we both
got drunk.
      (MAN'S Voice)
What is the name of the friend you
were drinking with?
His name is Jack Sykes.
      (MAN'S Voice)
Go on!
Jack and I grabbed the Mathews
girl and took her to the place by
the train station and we both took
turns having sex with her.
      (MAN'S Voice)
When both of you were done raping
the girl, Mr. Kauskis, why was she


She could have identified both of
us. We are both ex-cons and a
conviction for statutory rape is
not what either of us needed. She
was screaming and Jack took a rock
and pasted her over the head with
it until she shut up. Then we
both left.
      (MAN'S Voice)
That will be all the questions
from me, Mr. Kauskis. You will
now talk to the woman who talked
to you before me.
Dana throws the microphone into the air and becomes
invisible once again.

Danielle shuts off the tape recorder and looks at Mr.
Kauskis, then at Agent McKenna, who has her handcuffs out
and ready to slap them around his wrists.
Stand up, Mr. Kauskis, and turn
around. Put your hands behind
your back. Do not resist.
Agent McKenna places the handcuffs on both wrists and locks
them secure.
Now sit down, Mr. Kauskis.
Daniel Kauskis sits down on the sofa as instructed by
Now, Mr. Kauskis, I want you to
sit there until Agent Mckenna
calls you Franklin, at which time
you will awaken from your hypnotic
trance. When you awaken, youíll
soon be surrounded by police. They
will arrest you on a number of
charges that stem from the
kidnapping, molestation, and
murder of nine-year-old Courtney
Matthews. You will not remember
any of the events that led up to
your capture, but youíll remember
confessing to the crime. Do you


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
understand all that Iíve told you?
Yes I do.
Sit there and donít move until
your middle name is called out by
Miss McKenna.
Both Danielle and Tara head towards the door as Danielle
whispers to her.
Weíll meet you back at the hotel.
Get homicide over here and hereís
the tape with his confession. Let
me wipe it clean, first.
Danielle uses her blouse to wipe her fingerprints from the
small tape and then Tara takes it from her.
Dana grabs her microphone and her body returns to normal and
both girls make a hasty exit from the house.
Danielle and Dana reach Agent McKenna's car where Lisa and
Wendy sit waiting.
Letís get out of here girls and
find a pay phone where we can call
a cab back to the hotel.
What happened in there, Danielle?
Letís just say heíll get his day
in court, but heíll never ever see
the outside of prison as long as
heís alive. He made a full
confession, but itís even worse
than what we heard about Josh
Masters. That poor girl was
repeatedly raped by those two and
then she was killed because she
was screaming and could recognize


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
them. Letís get out of here.
By the time the girls of D & D return to the hotel room itís
just after noon. The girls quickly find seats in the sitting
We need some kind of a diversion
to get our minds off what went
down this morning.
The only diversion I want is to
see that they caught the other man
involved in this case, a Mr. Jack
Well we wonít find that out until
maybe six oíclock, when the news
comes on tonight, and that is if
they are lucky enough to get him.
I knew that this was going to be a
tough case, girls, but until I sat
there and taped his confession, I
had no idea how tough it would end
up to be.
Relax, Danielle! You did just
what Destiny expected you to do.
We went there and got what the
cops needed to arrest that
Destiny is outside on the balcony and spreads her wings. As
her wings flutter her body floats through the glass door.
You girls once again did a great
job out there. That was no easy
confession for you to have to
listen to, Danielle and Dana, but
there was no other way for you to
get him.


Why do these beasts have to
torture these innocent kids?
Some people need to feel a sense
of power over someone, no matter
how old or young. Everyone loves
to feel a sense of power in his or
her lives. Some people, however,
take it to the extreme. That is
why I have you girls, to offset
those extremes whenever we can get
there to do so before itís too
late. When itís too late, then it
is up to you girls to reduce that
power to rubble like you did out
there today. The police are
already on their way to make the
arrest of Jack Sykes. As soon as
they have him in custody they will
notify Courtneyís parents that
their daughterís body has been
found and that both men
responsible for her death are now
in police custody. They should
have this wrapped up in about two
hours or so.
At five forty-five, the girls of D & D sit by the television
set and wait for the six oíclock news to come on. At six
oíclock all four girls are transfixed to the set as the
evening news breaks.
Good evening this 17th day of
February, 1992. We have breaking
news at this hour out of the
Seattle Police Department. Chief
Cross, Seattleís Chief of Police,
is about to hold a press
conference outside police
headquarters. Our own Ann Savage
is there to cover the story for
KDS News. Ann!
Thank you, Sandra. Yes, Chief
Cross just exited from the police
station and is approaching all the


                       ANN (cont'd)
microphones and cameras for this
special news conference. Letís go
live, now, to the podium to hear
what he has to say.
                       CHIEF CROSS
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
of the press and other news media.
Yesterday morning, following a
tip from an informant, Agent
McKenna of the FBI was able to
locate the skeletal remains of
missing nine-year-old Courtney
Matthews. The press received a
gag order by this department for
two reasons. One: Because of the
condition of the remains it became
necessary to perform an autopsy to
validate the claims that this was
indeed Courtney Matthews, and her
parents had not been notified.
Secondly: That same informant gave
Agent McKenna two possible
suspects. By prematurely
releasing the information both
suspects could easily have fled
the area before we could apprehend
the suspects. At eleven-fifteen
this morning we received a taped
confession of the kidnapping,
rape, and murder of Courtney
Matthews. In that confession a
second man was fingered as taking
part in these heinous crimes. By
eleven-thirty Daniel Kauskis, of
Seattle, was arrested on a number
of charges stemming from this
kidnapping and murder. At
one-thirty this afternoon, with
the assistance of the Seattle SWAT
team, the Seattle Police arrested
Jack Sykes, also of Seattle, with
the same charges as his partner.
Where this investigation is still
on-going we will not be taking any
questions at this time, thank you.
We did it again, Danielle!
Dana shuts off the television.


Yes, Dana, Iím glad to say we did.
Thanks to Destiny, and Agent
McKenna, we once again proved that
justice can prevail against these
animals who prey on the innocent
lives of our kids.
I may not have been involved this
time, but to just be a part of
this group thrills the very core
of my being. Both you and Dana
went into that house with a
rookie, by our standards, and was
able to ascertain the same amount
of discipline from her that you
get from each one of us.
You have to remember, girls, she
was there after the very same
thing we were, and thatís the
truth. We went into that house in
search of the truth about Courtney
Matthewís death, and that is what
we ended up getting.
Can we now have a chance to take a
break before our gig next weekend,
I think we deserve one, Wendy, so
unless Destiny messes us up, we
can now take a mini vacation. Our
rehearsal isnít until next
Thursday evening, at seven
oíclock, so we have a week free to
ourselves. Our first show is the
25th. We will be flying out of
here on the 28th for Las Vegas.
What club are we going to be
Believe it or not, Lisa, we canít
work the clubs until we are all
eighteen, and that means not until
June seventeenth when Dana is the
last of us to turn that age. You


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
and I will turn eighteen in March
and April respectively.
So where will we be playing then?
They have a Convention Center in
Las Vegas, and we are booked to
play there from the eleventh
through the thirteenth. The
fourteenth we will fly out from
there to Reno. In the meantime,
ladies, we have a gig to do right
here in Seattle in a week. Time
for some well needed rest and
Thatís not an easy task when you
are as popular as we are right
When we are in our street clothes,
Wendy, we almost become invisible.
I did say almost.
Just you girls donít go near any
record stores. Our faces are
plastered all over them everywhere
we go.
There's a KNOCK at the door.
I wonder who that is.
Lisa gets up and heads to the door. She opens the door and
Agent McKenna is there to greet her.
Good evening, Lisa. Is everyone
Yes they are. Come on in, Tara.
Agent McKenna heads into the sitting room.


Good evening, ladies.
That was a nice job of getting
those two, Tara.
Tara grabs a seat on the couch beside Danielle.
Well Kauskis we already had before
you left the house, Danielle, but
Sykes was not a problem at all.
The SWAT team used a battering ram
and the door crumbled. He sat
there totally shocked at our
arrival in his home.
How did you manage to explain the
taped confession?
I told Chief Cross that some man
left it at the desk here at the
hotel and the clerk placed it into
my mail box. By all accounts he
bought it.
That was smart thinking.
Letís just say I got lucky this
time. I stuck my neck out on a
limb, but even I cannot do that
every time, ladies. Guess what?
When we arrested Sykes, and we
told him his buddy turned over his
name to us, well we gave him his
rights and he gave us a full
statement that will bury the two
men behind bars for forty years or
more. You girls did one hell of a
job today. When I went into the
Kauskis home I went there and felt
I might have to stop you girls at
any moment, but both you girls
went by the book and we were able


                       TARA (cont'd)
to secure an arrest right then and
there without any bloodshed.
So whatís on your agenda now?
Well both these men will be
arraigned tomorrow morning, and I
have to attend, where I was
involved, but after that I will
probably head back to D.C.
I have your number, if I have to
use it. Donít forget, you hold
information about us that no one
I know that, Danielle, and that
information stays inside me. What
you four girls are doing far
surpasses everything our agents
and the police departments across
the country can do. Even though
you four have not been thoroughly
trained, you have more techniques
than we have at our disposal, and
thatís not counting the fact I
havenít seen all the powers you
girls possess.
Maybe next time, if there is one,
Well I better be going. Thanks
again for the assist on this case.
As the girls of D & D return to their hotel room after
Sunday nightís performance, Destiny Masters is there to
greet them, but the scowl that can be seen on her face lets
the girls know her visit is not a casual one.
The four girls grab a seat in the sitting room.


Whatís wrong, Destiny?
The vibrations my spirit receives
from Las Vegas are not good ones,
ladies. The feeling I get is
almost the same feeling I got when
you girls were in New York, when
Jay Beeís son was kidnapped.
Well fill us in, Destiny.
Itís not as simple as being able
to say this or that is going to
happen, Dana. I feel an evil
presence in Las Vegas; an evil
commiserate with the kidnapping of
a child.
I take it that whatever is going
down has not happened yet.
True, Danielle! Whatever evil
force or forces I detect has not
taken place yet, but the sensation
is too strong for me to simply
How then, should we pursue this?
You girls canít, not until the
event takes place. Your training,
such as it is, allows you to react
to events that have already
Then why have you told us all

So that the four of you can be
mentally prepared when you step
off that plane in Vegas. You were
mentally prepared in New York,
Lisa, but at that time the four of


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
you did not have your additional
powers. This time you do not have
to wait for them. The four of you
will have eleven days before you
perform again, so you should have
plenty of time to right the wrong
before that child gets hurt.
Is that all we have to go on?
For right now thatís all I have.
By the time you girls arrive in
Vegas I hope I can have more for
you. Until then I will go and
will be back when I am once again
Destiny's wings flutter. Her angelic body lifts up and
glides across the room until it passes clear through the
glass doors and onto the balcony.
Okay, girls, itís time we get
ourselves to bed. We have to be
at the airport by three tomorrow
afternoon. Our flight out is at
six. We should be in Las Vegas by
seven-thirty and have our rooms at
the hotel by nine.
It doesnít look like weíre going
to have much of a vacation in Las
Vegas, does it Danielle?
That will depend on what goes down
and when, Dana. If Destiny is
correct, and a child gets taken
early next week, then weíll go
into action. Where Destiny knows
something is going to go down we
can be assured sheíll be around
here on earth so we can use the
powers she gave to us.
In that case, ladies, Iím heading
to bed. Tomorrow can be a busy
day for us.


At seven-thirty the plane touches down in Las Vegas on
Monday evening and as the girls alight from the aircraft
they are met by a man in his mid-forties with wavy black
                       SAM G.
Good evening and welcome to Las
Vegas.Iím Sam Gifford the promoter
for your gig here in Vegas.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Gifford, but
isnít it a bit unusual for the
promoter to meet their performers
at the airport, seeing as weíve
not had that pleasure in any of
our previous stops?
Danielle shakes the promoter's hand.
                       SAM G.
If it were almost anyone but the
four girls of D & D, I'd be forced
to agree with you, Danielle. Do
you girls have your tickets for
your bags? I have two men here
whoíll get your things and bring
them to the hotel for you. You
young ladies can come with me.
Now my question is where the hell
are we going, Mr. Gifford, seeing
as we donít know you, nor has our
agent informed us about you, sir.
                       SAM G.
Bill Deegan was right about you
girls. You are very adept in your
own affairs.
We may be only teenagers, Mr.
Gifford, but we did not get where
we are today by being easy prey to


                       SAM G.
When you girls were already at the
airport, in Seattle, I was on the
phone with your agent Bill Deegan.
The four shows we have scheduled
for you girls here in eleven days
were sold out almost as fast as
the tickets went on sale. I asked
Bill if you girls would like to
pick up an extra four hundred
grand if youíd add an additional
four shows this weekend.
And what was Billís response?
                       SAM G.
To make it short and sweet,
ladies, if I can convince you
girls to do it, Deegan said that
Iím to pay you girls in advance
and that the money is yours free
and clear, except for taxes of
I don't need to be a mathematician
to realize that would be a hundred
grand for each of us for about
twenty hours work.
                       SAM G.
Can we go to your hotel, ladies?
They have a restaurant there and
the dinner is on me and we can
discuss this further. My people
will bring your bags and equipment
directly to the hotel for you.
That would be nice, Mr. Gifford,
and thanks from all of us.
Danielle hands him her slips for her suitcases and
equipment. The other three girls follow suit and moments
later the energetic promoter leads the girls out of the
airport and into a waiting limousine.


                       SAM G.
Iíll have the money for you ladies
on Wednesday, but I need to be
able to advertise this weekend by
tomorrow. We've had more requests
for tickets to your shows than we
ever anticipated, and it will not
be unlikely that I can sell them
out even on such a short notice.
The Limousine pulls out of the airport.
Weíll do it, Mr. Gifford.
                       SAM G.
Great! I have the promotions all
set up but I needed your go ahead
before I could air them on
television and radio. I will have
your money to you at the hotel by
lunch on Wednesday, and Iíll have
the contract, too.
Weíve never handled the contract
end of it, Mr. Gifford.
                       SAM G.
Normally your agent would handle
that, Danielle, but this time Iím
not going through him, but working
directly through you girls. I do
need something to protect my
investment, and that is what the
contract serves to do.
Youíre right there, but thatís a
lot of dough for just one weekend.
                       SAM G.
Exactly! I see we are here,
ladies, so why donít we all have a
late dinner and Iíll see you young
women back here on Wednesday at


By ten-thirty the girls of D & D enter their room at the
Sheraton-Vegas. The girls sit down in the sitting room
Well, girls, we now have a choice.
With what we made in California,
Washington, and now this
unscheduled gig here in Las Vegas,
we have enough money to buy our
own tour bus.
Give or take, Danielle, how much
would one of those go for?
I'm taking a wild guess, here, but
Iíd say somewhere in the vicinity
of half a million dollars.
That much?
You have to realize, girls, that
these buses that top name singers
and bands have are a home on
wheels. They are equipped with
bedrooms; bathroom, kitchen,
living room and storage area for
instruments and gear, not to
mention the driver.
Does that mean we'll have to hire
a driver, too?
Well I sure donít want to see any
one of us behind the wheel. Iím
pretty sure that you'd need a
special license to drive one of
those busses anyway, ladies.
Destiny is here.
Destiny is outside on the balcony and she lets her wings
flutter. Her body rises and floats through the glass door
and into the sitting room area where her band sits. Her
angelic form then lowers to where her feet touch the floor.


This is a smart move you girls are
about to make.
In what way, Destiny?
I know from my own personal
experience that anything can
happen when you are in the air,
and you are at the mercy of God.
My death is attributed to such an
event. I would prefer to see my
band on the ground. That mode of
travel, ladies, will be much
slower, Iíll admit, but by far it
is much safer than by air.
Have you received any more vibes
from the situation here in Las
Vegas, Destiny?
The evil I detected when you were
in Seattle I can still detect. The
situation that personifies a
kidnapping still churns within my
spirit. I want you girls to go
ahead with this unscheduled gig
but keep your mind and eyes open.
Something is definitely going to
happen, but the what, when, where,
why, how, and who is all shrouded
by uncertainty.
If anything does go down, Destiny,
we wonít have much time to react.
Then you four girls will have to
be precise in your decisions. In
both Albany and Atlanta you four
took care of business in three
days or less, and you should be
able to maintain the same time
frame here in Las Vegas. Once you
girls know what you're up against,
get me an item from the child. You
may have to work this one alone
because time will be against you.


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
The four of you now have
experience, not only your own but
also experience from a police
detective and a FBI agent as well.
Combine those elements well and
success can be attained.
We know we can do this, once we
have a case we can work.
Then for now I shall depart but I
will be nearby when Iím needed.
Destiny lets her wings flutter. Her angelic form once again
rises and floats across the room and through the glass door
onto the balcony. Seconds later she disappears.
By Wednesday morning, at eleven forty-five, the girls of D &
D step into the elevator for their short trip down to the
main floor and their meeting with promoter Sam Gifford.
Something is about to happen
today, girls.
Danielle pushes the button for the first floor.
How are you so sure?
That feeling that Destiny felt
when we were in Seattle, and once
again when she was in our room
last night, Iím beginning to feel
that evil myself. Whatever is
going to go down is closer to us
than even Destiny surmised. Itís
either that or she did not want to
scare us by telling us last night.
Like how?


I don't know for sure, but
something tells me that someone in
this promoterís family will be the
Oh my God, Danielle, and we are
about to meet with him in about
fifteen minutes.
I know that, and what is even
rougher, Wendy, is that we canít
say a word to him about it because
we are only going on a hunch or
Then what are we going to do?
The doors open on the first floor.
Until, or better yet, unless
something happens, we will all
have to remain quiet and calm.
Letís go and get ourselves a table
and wait for him.
The girls alight the elevator.
As the girls enter the restaurant the hostess is quick to
greet them.
Good afternoon, ladies. Can I get
you a table for four?
You better make that a table for
five, maíam, as we are expecting
Then follow me, please.


The four girls follow the hostess and are quickly seated.
We are expecting a Mr. Sam
Gifford, maíam. When he comes in,
would you please show him to our
table, please?
I will be glad to. Your waitress
will be right with you, ladies.
The hostess turns and heads back to her desk.
So what's our next move?
Until something actually happens,
Lisa, we are just going to have to
remain calm. The feelings I have
inside me are not what youíd call
hard evidence that we can go out
and act on, even though itís
always been right on the money. In
reality it is nothing more than a
gut instinct.
I think Mr. Gifford is here,
Dana is seated to where she can see the hostess.
Heís right on time, too. I like
                       SAM G.
Good afternoon, ladies!
Sam takes a seat beside Dana and across from Danielle.
                       SAM G.
Have you ladies ordered you meal
Well the waitress hasnít reached
our table yet, and that could be
because we told the hostess we
were waiting for you, but we
werenít going to order until you


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
got here anyway.
                       SAM G.
Thank you, Danielle. I have here
a certified bank cheque for four
hundred-thousand dollars, ladies,
and what I need from you,
Danielle, as you are the leader of
this elite group, is your
signature on this contract. All
this contract does is state that
the band D & D will perform the
four concerts on the specified
dates, which is this weekend. It
also states that the band has been
paid the specified amount in
A short brunette with long straight hair approaches the
Good afternoon, everyone! My name
is Debbie and I am your waitress
this afternoon. Are you all ready
to order?
The four of us are ready, Sam. Are
                       SAM G.
I know the menu here by heart,
Danielle. You girls go ahead.
Danielle places her order first then reads over the contract
she is about to sign.
The waitress takes the promoter's order and then heads to
the kitchen.
Everything appears to be in order
here. Can I borrow your pen, sir?
                       SAM G.
By all means.
Sam hands Danielle a pen.


Have you aired the promos for this
weekend, yet?
                       SAM G.
They were aired as of last night,
Danielle. The show times will be
the same for both weekends.
Has our reputation skyrocketed
this fast, in only a few short
months since the Battle of the
Bands, Mr. Gifford?
                       SAM G.
To put it as blunt as I can put
it, Danielle, Bill has a gold mine
in the band of D & D. You four
girls accomplished something no
other band has accomplished in
twenty years of the Battle of the
Bands. For you girls to attain a
perfect score during the
competition, every aspect of you,
as a group, was perfect. The
synchronization, sound,
choreography, and yes even your
voice, Dana. The whole package
was phenomenal. To reach that
pinnacle but once is any bands
dream. D & D went the extra
distance and accomplished that not
only once but you did it a second
time in the same weekend. Every
promoter from Massachusetts to
California wants the band D & D at
their respective complexes. The
night clubs can't have you girls
yet because you're too young, but
other arenas and convention
centers across the country are
willing to pay top dollar for your
                       SAM G.
I see our lunch has arrived.


There's your signed contract, Mr.
Gifford. I kept one copy for us.
                       SAM G.
Thank you. Do you girls need some
time to set up before Friday
nightís performance?
If it's at all possible, Mr.
Gifford, could you have your
lighting crew there tomorrow
afternoon. We can set up easy
enough, but we would like a quick
run through with the lighting crew
for the weekend.
                       SAM G.
That's understandable. I can have
them there at three tomorrow
afternoon. Iíll send someone over
here to bring your instruments and
gear to the center and to bring
you girls over there as well. Iíll
make sure the limo is here by six
oíclock on Friday night for you
lovely young ladies, okay?
That will be perfect. Can I ask a
                       SAM G.
Sure! fire away!
Seeing as this weekend is on such
short notice, have you had a
chance to print up our programs?
                       SAM G.
I have no way of knowing what you
girls will be singing this
weekend, Danielle, so I was going
to do the gig without a program.
Why do you ask?
For our Friday night show we would
like to treat our new fans to our
rendition of the classic song
Wipeout before we go into our


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
normal nightís routine.
                       SAM G.
Bill informed me you girls were
very special, and I can now
understand why. I have seen no
group play or sing Wipeout as good
as the original group. Let me
work the crowd as I introduce you,
and then I will hype the song
Wipeout. At that point, ladies,
the stage belongs to D & D. You
will play ten songs then have a
half hours intermission. I would
like to see and hear this myself,
seeing as Wendy has a reputation
on those drums of hers.
Great! Thank you.
                       SAM G.
Okay! Someone will be here to get
you around two oíclock. That will
give you enough time to get your
instruments and gear all set up
before three when the lighting
crew comes in. Iíll meet you
girls at the center when you get
Thank you. Are you leaving now?
                       SAM G.
I have to. Iíll take care of the
bill with the hostess when I
leave, but I have to oversee the
marquis display of D & D and they
are going to be doing that at two
this afternoon.
Then weíll see you tomorrow
Danielle extends her hand to the promoter for a handshake.


On Sunday morning the girls wake up around eight-thirty with
Danielle as the last one of the group to rise. Destinyís
restless spirit is active within her on this bright sunny
morning at the edge of the Las Vegas Strip.
Danielle enters the siting room with a hearty yawn.
Good morning, everyone!
Good morning!
Are you sure you got your vibes
right, Danielle, when you said you
felt something was going to happen
here in Vegas?
I'm even surer of it now, Dana.
Whatever is going to happen is
going to happen today. I have no
way of knowing who the victim is
going to be, but Destinyís spirit
is going bananas inside of me.
Then what'll we do?
We canít do anything until or
unless something happens. For now
I think it best we have some
breakfast. Are we going to have
it up here or are we going to the
restaurant to eat?
Go ahead and take your shower,
Danielle. We were all planning to
go to the restaurant this morning.
Give me fifteen minutes and Iíll
be right with you girls.


Once the girls are seated, Danielle and Lisa face a wide
screen television set near their table and they focus on it
as they wait for their waitress. One moment the two girlsí
eyes are transfixed on a morning talk show when suddenly a
special news broadcast flashes across the screen.
      (TELEVISED Report)
This is a special news bulletin
from WKLV-TV Las Vegas. We have a
developing story this morning, out
of the Las Vegas Police
Department. Weíve just received
word from the Las Vegas Police
that thirteen year old Patty
Gifford, daughter of the Las Vegas
Convention promoter Sam Gifford,
is missing and presumed to have
been kidnapped by a person or
persons unknown. Miss Gifford was
last seen at approximately seven
oíclock this morning near the end
of her Sunday morning newspaper
route, by one of her customers,
Mr. Fred Dawson, who met the four
foot-six blonde when she delivered
his newspaper. Miss Giffordís
unattended bicycle was located
less than three blocks from her
Saddlehorn Lane home, by the
police. She was last seen wearing
blue jeans, a light green tee
shirt, and sneakers. If you have
any information on this girlís
whereabouts please contact the Las
Vegas Police Department. Stay
tuned for further developments as
they develop. This is Denise
Langley for WKLV News, Las Vegas.
That's why my spirit was so
restless this morning.
The waitress approaches their table.
                       WAITRESS 3
Are you ready to place your orders
this morning, D & D?


Do you know us, Miss?
                       WAITRESS 3
I caught your Friday night show at
the Convention Center. You four
girls are simply awesome. My name
is Bridgette and I will be your
waitress this morning.
Thanks, Bridgette!
Danielle and the others are quick to place their orders.
Okay, Danielle, where do we go
from here?
We havenít got enough time before
our show tonight to be able to do
anything today. Dana! I want you
to announce a moment of silent
prayer for the safe return of
Patty Gifford to her family. I
hope Destiny can find something
out before we get involved by the
time tonightís show is over with.
And what are we going to do if she
doesnít have anything for us?
Then we will have to make a call
to the Gifford home tomorrow
If we do what we did in Albany,
Danielle, there is a likelihood
the police or even the FBI will be
all over that house.
I'm aware of that, but we have to
meet with him face to face in
order to get what we need for
Destiny. Whoever is at the house
will have to give Mr. Gifford some


How are you going to accomplish
Letís have our breakfast and then
head back to our room where we can
talk in complete privacy.
When the girls of D & D return to their room, Destiny is
there as they enter.
Have a seat, ladies!
How did you know we wanted to see
you, Destiny?
I know Danielleís every thought,
Dana. Danielle! There are two
police officers at the Gifford
home. One is there to trace any
call that comes in and the other
man is there in case someone comes
to the door.
If thatís the case then how are we
going to be able to talk to Mr.
and Mrs. Gifford alone?
Use your hypnosis wisely. Once
Mr. Gifford acknowledges that your
four girls are friends, the police
should leave you alone, but you
may have to hypnotize them both
somehow in order to keep them
inside the other room.
Wow! Each job gets tougher and
tougher. With all this going on
at home, the chance of him being
at the show tonight is not a
viable possibility.


No, itís not. This time Dana
should probably go as her normal
self. If and when you girls need
to prove your powers to them then
you can pull out your microphone
in order to make yourself
invisible to them.
Will you be there, Destiny?
I will be there and ready when Iím
needed. For now, though, you
girls have a show to put on. As
much as this may sound crude,
donít worry about the missing girl
until tomorrow morning. Youíll
have four and a half days in which
to get her back home before youíll
perform again. I will go now
until Iím needed.
Destiny lets her wings flutter and her angelic body rises
off the floor and floats across the room and through the
doors onto the balcony.
Sunday night, at the Convention Center, the mood inside the
hall is anything but festive. The interim Master of
Ceremonies approaches the microphone.
                       MC - 1
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
and fans of all ages. It is with
a saddened heart I have to stand
here before you and make this
announcement. Sometime early this
morning, while doing her newspaper
route near her home, the daughter
of our promoter Sam Gifford, Miss
Patty Gifford, age thirteen, was
apparently kidnapped. I talked to
Sam this afternoon and he insists
that the show be put on for you
fans this evening, even though he
would not be here with you. At
this time, if I may, I would like


                       MC - 1 (cont'd)
to introduce four young ladies
whoíve swept the country by storm
with their undaunted musical
talent. Letís give a hearty Las
Vegas welcome to D & D.
Dana stands there and quickly goes over to Danielle.
Let me talk to them, Danielle, but
we should start tonight off with
the Four Walls of Destiny.
Okay, Dana, weíll wait for your
      (YELLING into
Good evening, Las Vegas! Out of
respect for your promoter, Sam
Gifford and his family, D & D
would like to ask you all to take
a moment and stand with us as we
take a moment to say a silent
prayer for the safe return of the
missing Patty Gifford to her
family and friends.
Dana stands tall as the other three band members join her at
the front of the stage. The fans stand and most bow their
heads and pray for the missing Patty Gifford.
A minute later, the three other girls return to their
We are going to break away from
our normal routine of songs
tonight and start this eveningís
songs with our hit song The Four
Walls of Destiny. For those who
donít know the words, this song is
all about a kidnapped child and
how his abductors were going to
pay for what they did to him. Let
this song be an omen to those
people who had the gall to take
Patty Gifford.


There is little applause as Wendy starts her eight second
lead in to the song. By the time D & D reaches their fourth
song; however, the fans start to come alive and the applause
and standing ovations return to some level of normalcy.
After their final song, the curtain closes in front of the
Are we going to remain set up?
In a manner of speaking, Lisa, but
both you and I will need our
guitars. Wendy just needs to grab
her unusual drumsticks and Dana
should make sure she has her
microphone. Iím going to leave
here ready to go to work.
Now youíre talking turkey.
Lisa unplugs her base guitar.
Hell, I didnít need a vacation in
Las Vegas anyway.
Dana closes the cover to her microphone.
I can stay set up, because all I
need are these two drumsticks.
Wendy grabs her uniquely colored drumsticks.
Letís get back to the hotel, and
our room, so we can plan our
strategy for tomorrow.
By nine oíclock the following morning the four girls are
awake and ready for the full day ahead of them.
When we get downstairs we want to
be able to get a table somewhere
near that television in case


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
thereís any word about Patty.
Why didnít we listen this morning?
I did listen to the news at six
oíclock. The only thing they
would say, or rather were allowed
to say, is that there would be a
news conference about the missing
Patty Gifford at nine-thirty this
morning, and that there would be
no information released to the
press until that time.
Thatís why you want to be near the
television set.
Exactly! Weíll try to get
whatever we can get from that news
conference that will help us.
Weíll still need to go to the
Gifford home, Danielle.
Lisa interjects a thought as the girls start to leave the
How the hell are we going to get
there? We donít have a car.
I was wondering that myself, Lisa,
when I was watching the news this
morning and I decided to rent a
cabbie for the day or as long as
we need him or her.
A table for four this morning,


Yes, thank you, and could we have
a table near the television,
Follow me, please.
As the girls sit down the news conference is about to come
over the air as all four girls listen.
      (Televised Report)
Good morning! This is Dan Groves
for WKLV Channel Five in Las
Vegas, Nevada. At any moment
weíre expecting Chief Fred Cooke,
of the Las Vegas Police
Department, to appear with Sam
Gifford, father of the missing
thirteen year old Patty Gifford,
to make an ardent plea for the
safe release of his daughter. It
is not known, at this time, if the
missing girl has, in fact, been
abducted but every indicator leads
us to believe this is the case. I
see both parents are now leaving
the police station with Chief
Cooke. We will take you live now
to this news briefing,
      (Televised Report)
As you all know by now that
thirteen year old Patricia Kay
Gifford was abducted yesterday
morning somewhere around seven
oíclock in the morning, less than
three blocks from her home.
Because the investigation is
ongoing I am not at liberty to
divulge what we are doing to get
Miss Gifford reunited with her
parents. To do so could risk her
very life. Her father has asked
to say a few words to those who
took his daughter, so Iíll turn
the microphones over to him. Sam!
                       SAM G.
      (Televised Report)
My wife and I have no idea why
youíve taken our daughter Patty,


                       SAM G. (cont'd)
but rest assured we will not rest
until our daughter is back in our
home where she belongs. If you
bring our daughter back, unharmed,
or to a place where she can reach
us by phone, Iíll ask for clemency
from the courts on your behalf.
Let our daughter go. I beg of you.
She has done nothing to deserve
      (Televised Report)
It appears that is all we are
going to get from this brief press
briefing, as both the Giffords and
Chief Cooke are headed back into
the police station. Stay tuned to
WKLV - Channel Five News, in Las
Vegas. This is Dan Groves
That didnít tell us very much.
                       WAITRESS 4
Iím terribly sorry, ladies, but I
was listening to the news report
about the missing girl. Are you
ready to order?
Did you know her father, maíam?
                       WAITRESS 4
Mr. Gifford is in here four or
five times a month when bands are
playing at the Convention Center.
Thank you. We're ready to order
The waitress takes the order and leaves the table.
Whatís going on, Danielle?
I have to think of a concrete way
we can get in there and be able to
talk to Sam Gifford and his wife.


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
I canít do that with a waitress
standing over us.
Agent Tara McKenna arrived in Las Vegas at three a.m. that
morning. The agent rested on her flight to Las Vegas and
was awake and in her room when the news conference was aired
on WKLV Las Vegas.
The phone in Agent McKennaís room RINGS at ten oíclock and
she is quick to pick it up.
This is Tara McKenna.
                       GARY (VO)
Good morning, Agent McKenna. This
is Agent Gary Dobbs with the Las
Vegas office. I have that
information you requested.
Well donít keep me waiting, Agent
Dobbs. Where the hell are they
                       GARY (VO)
The band D & D is registered at
the Sheraton Vegas in suite
Thatís right next door. Have
someone bring a car to the Hyatt
Regency, Dobbs, and leave the keys
at the desk for me. Iíll not be
here when it arrives.
                       GARY (VO)
Is there anything else you need?
I work alone, Gary, so unless
something goes wrong I should be
able to work this case solo. Make
sure there is a phone in the car
though. Other than that Iím fine.


                       GARY (VO)
Ten-four, Agent McKenna. Good
luck out there.
Thank you!
Agent McKenna wastes no time and after a quick check of her
service revolver she heads next door to the Sheraton. As
she approaches the registration desk she can see a tall thin
gentleman behind the counter.
                       CLERK 1
Good morning, maíam. Can I help
Yes you can, and thank you. Iím
looking for Danielle Dee and her
three young female friends. They
are supposed to be registered
here, and they would be registered
more than likely as the band D &
                       CLERK 1
The band D & D is still inside the
restaurant, maíam. They got down
here about forty-five minutes ago.
Thank you, young man!
Tara turns and heads straight into the restaurant.
A table for one this morning,
Iím here to see four teen-aged
girls who came in here for
breakfast a while ago.
Follow me, maíam.


The hostess leads the agent to the table where Danielle and
the rest of D & D sit as they finish their breakfast.
Dana looks up as Agent McKenna approaches the table.
We're surprised to see you here,
Miss McKena.
Agent Mckenna takes a seat beside Wendy.
You didnít think you were going to
work this case without me, did
Have you had breakfast?
I ate early this morning, thank
Then letís get some coffee and tea
and then head to the room.
Sounds like a plan.
The five women head to the suite occupied by D & D. As they
sit down, Tara starts the conversation.
What have you got so far,
Right now we have nothing.
Everything happened so fast
yesterday and we were going to
plan what our next move will be
but we were waiting for the news
conference first.


That makes sense. How are you
going to work this?
Somehow we have to try and talk to
the Giffords alone.
We need something of Pattyís that
we can give to Destiny so she can
get vibes from it.
For what purpose?
It's possible for her to be able
to get clues to Pattyís
whereabouts or even clues to who
grabbed her from that item.
You're serious, arenít you?
Yes I am! Thatís how we found
Jeremy Bradley and Janine Kilmer.
This time, however, we have a
In what way?
The Giffords have two policemen
inside the house. One is there to
trace any call that comes in and
the other one is a detective, and
heís there to answer the door.
Then thatís where Iíll have to
come in.
Howís that?


As an FBI agent, Wendy, itís not
uncommon for us to assist local
authorities in a kidnapping
situation. All too often federal
statutes are violated and require
us to take over the investigation.
What kind of statutes?
The most common is crossing state
lines with the kidnapped child.
You mean like taking them to
another state?
Exactly! We can cross state lines
because we are federal agents, but
the local or state policeís hands
are tied once the state line has
been breached. Anyway, Iíll get
my office to call the Las Vegas
chief of police and let him know
Iím going into the Gifford home.
How will that help us to get in
there, Tara?
Once Iím in there I can and will
set the stage for Danielle to
hypnotize the detective, the
officer, or both. Your hypnosis
will have to be done in such a way
that when you girls leave the
house they will not remember you
were even there. Iíll leave that
end of it up to you.
When will all this take place?
As soon as possible. I want to be
able to find out where Patty is
and if at all possible find out
who the hell has her. Your
abilities should be able to make
that happen. The four of you are


                       TARA (cont'd)
now experienced enough in your end
of all this, and from what I
observed in Seattle, the four of
you are good, too. How are you
getting out to the Gifford home?
Iím planning to buy a cabby for
the time we're out there.
You must already have a plan so I
wonít ask. Itís almost
eleven-thirty. Iíll try to be at
the Gifford home before one
oíclock. You girls show up there
around two. Whatever it is you
girls have to do out there, be
ready to do it. I'm along for the
Are you leaving now?
Yes I am. I have to go back to
the hotel next door and get my car
and then go to the office to get
the proper protocol for me to get
into the Gifford home.
We'll see you around two, Tara.
They all stand when the agent gets ready to leave.
Letís try to get this girl home
tonight, ladies.
The girls pace back and forth as they wait ther time to get
the cab to the Gifford home.
What time will he be here,


The cab will be here at one
forty-five, Dana. Will you relax,
I'm sorry, Danielle, but Patty is
only four years younger than us,
and her picture on the news shows
that even at thirteen years old
she has a noticeable figure. I
canít help but remember Destinyís
words from Atlanta. The chances
for rape increases when the victim
of a kidnapping is a girl.
I havenít forgotten those words
either, Dana, but every single
case we go on is going to be
different in one way or another.
The good thing for us is this time
we will not have to break in an
officer of the law before we go
out to rescue the girl. Donít
forget your microphone. That
should be all weíll need with us.
Letís get downstairs and wait for
the cab.
The girls are seated in the lobby when the cab driver enters
and approaches them.
                       CAB DRIVER
Are you the four young ladies who
need a cab?
Yes, sir, we are! Weíre right
behind you.
The driver is a professional and opens the back door as
Lisa, Dana, and Wendy climbs inside. After he shuts the
door he opens the front passenger door and allows Danielle
to climb in the front. Once he heads around to the driverís
side, he sits down.


                       CAB DRIVER
Where to, ladies?
Do you want to earn a healthy
dayís pay this afternoon, sir?
                       CAB DRIVER
How do you mean, maíam?
We only need you to take us to
Eight Saddlehorn Lane, sir, but we
want you to wait there for us. We
could be as long as an hour or
maybe a little longer. I have
three hundred dollars here for you
to do just that, sit there and
wait for us.
Danielle hands the man four fifty-dollar bills and one
                       CAB DRIVER
Even if I were to keep the meter
running the whole time, maíam,
itís not going to cost you that
Are you going to do it?
                       CAB DRIVER
For three hundred bucks, you bet
your ass I am. Buckle up, ladies.
He pulls the cab away from the curb.

Ten minutes later the cab turns left onto Saddlehorn Lane
and the cabbie is quick to observe the police cruiser
outside the house, as well as another car, as they drive up.
                       CAB DRIVER
      (Nervous Voice)
Is this where you want to go,
Relax, driver, we knew the police
would be here, and yes this is the
place. Now you wait right here
for us.


                       CAB DRIVER
I will, maíam, but it appears
there are cops all over the place.
As well there should be. Weíll be
seeing them, too. Weíll be back.
The four girls exit the car.
Okay, ladies, we know what we have
to do, so letís do it.
Danielle leads the foursome up the walkway to the exquisite
ranch style home and she knocks on the door, once they're
there. A moment later the door opens as a tall detective,
with his badge showing on the outside of his jacket, faces
the girls with Agent McKenna right behind him.
                       DET. STONE
Can I help you, ladies?
Yes, thank you. We are the band D
& D, hired by Mr. Gifford to play
at the convention center, and if
possible weíd like to see Mr.
Itís alright, Detective Stone. I
know these girls.
                       DET. STONE
Then come in, please.
The detective opens the door wide.
                       DET. STONE
Wait here and Iíll get Mr. Gifford
for you.
The detective looks at Danielle.

Danielle allows her eyes to become aglow a bright red and
she looks into the detectiveís eyes.


Go back to the room you and your
partner are using. Stay there
until we leave the house. Once we
are out of the house youíll forget
that we were ever here. Do you
                       DET. STONE
      (Sullen Voice)
I understand.
When I count to three, detective,
you will wake up, turn, and return
to the room with your partner.
OneÖ TwoÖ ThreeÖ
The detective opens his eyes, turns, and goes back into the
den that serves to be their base of operations within the
Gifford home.
Where are the Giffords, Tara?
This way, Danielle!
Tara leads the four girls into the living room.
Sam! I have some friends here to
see you.
Sam Gifford stands as he immediately recognizes the quartet.
                       SAM G.
Thank you, Agent McKenna. My God,
Danielle, what are you girls doing
We stopped in to pay our respects,
Mr. Gifford. Do you mind?
                       SAM G.
Not after what you girls did at
the show last night. The acting
MC called me this morning and told
me what you girls did up there on
stage last night. Thank you very
much. Please come in. Honey!
This is the band D & D. They are
the band that played at the Center


                       SAM G. (cont'd)
this past weekend and are also
scheduled to play again this
coming weekend. This is my wife
Sam introduces her to the elite band and each one hugs the
distraught mother and wife.
                       SAM G.
Please sit down, ladies.
Sam! These girls are no ordinary
band members. These four young
ladies, whoíve played and sung
their way into the hearts of
millions of kids and adults alike,
are also crime fighters.
                       SAM G.
What in the world are you talking
about, Agent McKenna?
The FBI agent is correct, Sam. Yes
we are crime fighters, but we
fight only one kind of crime, and
that is crimes against kids of any
age. To be more precise, sir, we
fight those people whoíve
kidnapped a child. Agent McKenna
was with us in Seattle less than
two weeks ago when we found the
remains of a missing girl. With
her help we were able to find
those responsible for her
kidnapping and murder. I wonít go
into the details of how we do what
we do, Sam, but weíve come here to
help find your daughter before any
harm comes to her.
How can you four young ladies help
our Patty?
Terry Gifford's eyes are awash in tears.
It would take me too long to
explain, Mrs. Gifford, so if you
want our help you are going to
have to put your trust in us,


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
                       SAM G.
If thereís any hope at all,
Danielle, no matter how slim that
hope might be, tell us what we can
do to help.
First off both of you are going to
have to be very open-minded.
                       SAM G.
In what way?
In a moment you are going to think
I'm nuts, Mr. and Mrs. Gifford,
but in the next minute, the two of
you are going to see a real live
angel. This angel has lived
through worse than what you both
are going through right now.
                       SAM G.
Youíll have to excuse my adult
cynicism, Miss Dee, but even I
know that what you are trying to
tell me is not possible by any
sense of the imagination.
I'm an FBI agent, Sam, and I can
both attest and swear that what
you are about to see is real.
                       SAM G.
If, and thatís a big if, you're
right then how is this angel going
to be able to help us find our
One step at a time, Sam. Destiny!
Please show yourself.
Destiny is outside the house and shields herself from view
by her wings as she waits for Danielle to call for her. She
unfolds her wings and allows them to flutter as her angelic
body glides through the wall of the house and into the
living room.


The Giffords are in awe, at the spectacle they bear witness
to in their home, and their jaws drop as they see an angel
appear in their living room.
                       SAM G.
What orÖ or who are you?
Mr. and Mrs. Gifford! My name
will mean nothing to you.
Destiny's feet touch the floor.
For your information my name is,
or rather was, Destiny Masters
before I died.
Mrs. Gifford raises her hand to her heart as she sits there
and listens to what appears to be an angel.
Mrs. Gifford! Do you have
something of your daughterís that
was very close to her?
I donít believe this, Sam, but Iím
not only seeing what appears to be
an angel, but Iím hearing one as
well and here in our own home.
                       SAM G.
I can see and hear her too, dear.
Please go and get Pattyís pillow,
the small yellow one she likes so
Sam keeps his eyes focused on Destiny while his wife goes
into the other room for Patty's pillow.
                       SAM G.
I donít know who, or for that
matter what you are, Destiny, but
you are with people I both trust
and respect. There is something
deep inside me that says to trust
A moment later Terry returns.


Hereís that pillow, Sam. What is
she going to do with it?
Iíll take that, Mrs. Gifford.
Destiny needs that to get as much
information about your daughterís
whereabouts as she can.
From a mere pillow?
                       SAM G.
We need to trust them, honey.
Terry sits back down beside her husband and he watches
Danielle close.
Okay, Danielle, you know where to
put that pillow.
Destiny extends her wings wide and exposes the front of her
angelic body to them all.

Danielle takes the pillow and brings it to Destiny. As she
stands before her, she takes the pillow and places it up
against where her heart would be.

Destiny stands there emotionless as the pillow starts
glowing a bright orange.
Whatís happening to Pattyís
Hold on a second, Mrs. Gifford.
Destiny is getting vibes from it.
What kind of vibes?
                       SAM G.
Theyíll tell us, honey. Please be
The two adults watch as the glow disappears.


Mr. and Mrs. Gifford! I can tell
you that your daughter is alive
and so far sheís not been hurt.
Oh thank God!
                       SAM G.
Were you able to find out where
she was?
That information, Mr. Gifford,
Iíll have to give to D & D once
theyíve left your home.
                       SAM G.
Then how are we going to be able
to get our daughter Patty back
The information Destiny gives to
us, Sam, will enable us to go out
and safely bring your daughter
home, but before we can go it is
unfortunate but we are going to
have to erase your memory of our
ever being in your home.
                       SAM G.
You have no way of being able to
accomplish that, Danielle.
Lisa gets up from her seat. As she stands before the
distraught parents she lets her eyes glow a bright green and
focuses one eye on Terry Gifford and the other eye on Sam.
Both parents look right into her eyes.
When the four of us girls leave
your home, your memory of us being
here will be erased from your
memory. The entire conversation
about your missing daughter will
be forgotten.
Lisa closes her eyes, opens them again, and returns to her


I'm sure you'll forget, Sam. For
now we better get going. We'll
pray for a safe return of Patty.
Thank you all, so very much for
coming over.
Iíll see them to the door, Mr.
Agent McKenna stands and heads towards the hall and door.
Iíll see you girls at the hotel in
an hour. Let me wrap up here.
The four girls of D & D leave the house and return to the
taxi cab.
The girls return to their suite and grab a seat in the
siting room.
So we now have to sit and wait for
Yes, but we also have to wait for
Destiny, too. We have no idea
what she was able to get from that
pillow of Pattyís.
Dana paces back and forth.
What's taking them so long?
Dana! Sit down and wait! I
suspect Destiny is waiting for
Tara to get here. Tara, on the
other hand, can't just up and
leave the house without
justifiable cause and I'm going to
guess she is trying to create a


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
reason to be able to leave.
How long have we been back here?
Itís only been about a half hour.
Tara should be here any time.
Twenty minutes later, as the girls of D & D start to get
restless, Tara KNOCKS on their door.
That must be Tara. Iíll get it.
Dana stands and runs to the hallway door. As she opens it
Tara stands there with coffee for all of them.
Want to grab the coffee, please?
Dana reaches for the tray.
How did you know we'd be needing
After what I saw Danielle and Lisa
do at that house I would dare say
you all needed it. Is everyone
Everyone but our dear Destiny.
Letís go and have our coffee while
we wait for her.
Both women head into the sitting room with the rest of the
We were getting worried about you.
Danielle reaches for a cup of the hot coffee.
To be very frank, Danielle, I was
in that house for a reason and
could not just up and leave


                       TARA (cont'd)
without a good reason to do so. By
the way, ladies, that was quite a
piece of detective work you girls
did in that house. The Giffords
have no recollection of your
presence in their home, and
neither does the detective.
Thank you! That means a lot.
Destiny! If you can hear me,
girl, weíre ready for you anytime.
Can she hear you, Danielle?
She can not only hear me, Tara,
but that angel knows my every
Are you serious?
Destiny arrives on the balcony cloaked by her closed wings.
As she stretches her wings outward and lets them flutter,
her body floats through the glass sliding doors as though
they were not there and continues into the sitting room
where all five women sit and wait for her.

Destiny's feet touch the floor.
I was able to extract some
information from that pillow of
Patty Giffordís.
Give us what you have and weíll
have to get started with that.
The vehicle that took Patty
Gifford was a dark brown van. A
Las Vegas license plate with the
letters ďXAĒ and the number 2 on
it are things Patty remembers.
Do you have anything else,


It appears there are two men
involved with grabbing her. One
of the men has a scar going down
the length of his arm, possibly
from a knife wound. This man is
also bald; completely bald.
What about the second suspect,
A description of the second man is
vague but the name of Coe or Cole
is evident. Patty Gifford was
grabbed from behind and for the
most parts sheís been kept
blindfolded and her hands tied
behind her back. This does not
appear to be a random kidnapping.
Why do you say that?
Patty Gifford is within hearing
range of her abductors, and what
she heard will upset all of my
girls of D & D.
In what way?
It appears the two men who grabbed
Patty are members of a group who
were scheduled to play at the
Convention Center this past
weekend but were cancelled out to
make room for D & D.
Oh my God, Destiny. That means
this kidnapping is for revenge?
Thatís what it looks like.
If thatís the case, ladies, we
need to act as soon as possible.
If this is truly for revenge there
is no logic associated with the


                       TARA (cont'd)
I'm sure I can speak for all of
us, Tara, but this kind of a case
is different than the others we
worked on. Why is logic not a
prominent factor here?
Iíll try to make it brief. When a
kidnapping is for money, the
victim is usually safe until the
ransom is paid, then their safety
is up for grabs. When the
kidnapping is for sexual pleasure
the victim is often safe as long
as the sex is there for the
perpetrator. When a kidnapping is
for revenge there is no set
scenario that we, in law
enforcement, can come up with for
them to keep the child alive. That
childís death gives them revenge.
More kids are murdered in this
kind of kidnapping than either of
the others.
Wow! That means we have to work
fast, but we do have one solid
lead to go on. Do you have
anything else for us, Destiny?
That is all I have for now. Be
vigilant and use your powers
wisely. Iíll be nearby at all
times if Iím needed.
Destiny spreads her wings and lets them flutter. Her
angelic body lifts off the floor and glides to and through
the door to the balcony.
I guess the next step is up to me.
In what way?


Iíll have to go to the Convention
Center and find out what band was
scheduled to play there last
weekend and get their addresses.
If Destiny is right then we are
going to have to move fast. If
revenge is the motivation then not
only is Pattyís life at risk, but
the four of you are in danger as
well, because it was D & D who
stole the spotlight from them.
Wow! I never thought of that.
Let me go to the Convention Center
and find out what I need there.
You girls stay here until I get
You wonít work this without us
will you, Tara?
No I wonít. After Seattle I want
the four of you on this case. Iíll
be back.
Tara is quick to leave the room.
At four forty-five Mary enters the office at the Las Vegas
Convention Center. As she approaches the counter sheís met
by the young receptionist.
                       RECEPTIONIST 1
Can I help you, maíam?
Agent McKenna approaches the desk and produces her badge.
Iím Agent McKenna with the FBI.
                       RECEPTIONIST 1
How can I help you, Agent McKenna?


We received information that prior
to D & D performing this past
weekend, here at the Convention
Center, that another group was
scheduled to perform. If you
would, I'd like the name and
addresses of the members of that
group, please.
                       RECEPTIONIST 1
That Iíll have to check on the
computer. One moment, please.
The receptionist goes to her computer and after she punches
a few keys, on the keyboard, she prints out the information
and then returns to the counter.
                       RECEPTIONIST 1
Hereís the information you
requested. The Bandís name is
Dawn and the Pitbulls. They are
out of Reno, Nevada.
She then hands the printout to Agent McKenna.
                       RECEPTIONIST 1
It appears Dawn and the Pitbulls
were scheduled to play this past
weekend but were not under a
contract to do so. That enabled
Mr. Gifford to substitute them for
the band D & D, by far the better
of the two bands.
Thank you! Thank you very much.
Tara leaves the Convention Center office.
When Agent McKenna returns to the hotel, Dana is quick to
open the door.
Welcome back, Tara. Did you find
out anything?


Letís get the girls all together,
Dana, and they can all hear it at
the same time.
Agent McKenna walks right by the singer.
That didnít take long.
The FBI agent grabs a seat in the sitting room.
This badge I carry pulls a lot of
weight with the average person,
and the woman at the Center was
very cooperative. I have the
names and addresses for the group
that was bumped to make room for
you four girls.
What's the name of the band?
They go by the name Dawn and the
Oh my God, Danielle. That canít
be the same band.
It has to be, Lisa. The
likelihood that two bands have a
name like that, are slim to none.
You girls know this group?
They were one of our competitors
at the Battle of the Bands
competition in New York when we
first got started, last year in
Did you have run-ins with them at
that time?


Nothing verbal, but they never
made it to the second round of
competition. My only real contact
with other competing band members
was during the second round of
competition, and even that was
I was looking for a possible
motive of revenge against the four
of you girls, but it appears
thatís not the case, at least not
from that perspective.
It would make more sense that they
are trying to get revenge for
losing their gig at the Convention
Center, and that revenge was taken
out on poor Patty Gifford. Where
are they staying?
Their home address is in Reno
Ouch and we're not scheduled to
perform in Reno until next week.
We're not going to wait until next
Can you get us a street map of
I'm sure I can get one from the
office, but why?
With DD I can be in Reno in three
minutes. At night I can check out
the house to see what we're up
against. If I send DD back here
for Wendy she can use her x-ray
vision to see if Patty is inside
the house before we go in there
unannounced. Once we have the
information we need we can then


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
come back here and plan our
strategy for an attack on the
I know youíve told me about what
your guitar can do, Danielle, but
as of yet Iíve not been a witness
to your assertions. You mean to
tell me you are going to ride your
guitar to Reno in three minutes?
You just go and get us that map,
and as soon as itís dark itíll be
time for DD to go to work, but to
answer your question yes that is
exactly what I meant. My trusty
guitar, DD, will fly me to Reno
faster than any plane.
After I was a witness to your
hypnotic powers, Danaís incredible
invisibility, Lisaís ability to
erase someoneís memory, and seeing
your mentor Destiny, why the hell
should a flying guitar shock me?
Maybe itís because the concept is
not an easy one for any person to
grasp, not even for someone as
intelligent as you, Tara.
I better call the office before
they close and see if anyone is
Agent McKenna reaches into her jacket pocket for the cell
phone. After she dials the number, she waits.
                       LARRY (VO)
FBI! Agent-in-charge Dawson
speaking. Can I help you?
Larry, this is Agent McKenna. How
long are you going to be there?


                       LARRY (VO)
I'm about to leave here in a few
minutes, Tara. What can I do for
Do you go anywhere near the Hyatt
Regency when you leave?
                       LARRY (VO)
Itís not that far out of my way,
but why?
Can you drop off a street map of
Reno at the front desk? Iíll be
down there waiting.
                       LARRY (VO)
Give me about fifteen minutes. Has
this got anything to do with the
Gifford kidnapping?
Letís just say I am following a
lead, but I want that map tonight.
                       LARRY (VO)
Do you need a back-up?
I work better alone, Larry. Just
get me that map.
                       LARRY (VO)
Iíll be there shortly. Bye!
Is it because you're a female
agent that they want you to have a
back-up everywhere you go, or is
it because the FBI protects their
I think it would be a fair guess
to say a little combination of
both. No law enforcement agency
from the CIA down to the local
police departments likes to lose
one of their own, be it man or
woman. In my case my back up is
the four of you, even though no
one knows it but me. I better get


                       TARA (cont'd)
downstairs so I can get that map.
Weíll wait for you here.
Fifteen minutes later Agent McKenna returns to the room and
Wendy is there to meet her at the door.
Did you get the map?
Yes I did, and thanks. Danielle
should be able to now know where
she is going with this. Here you
go, Danielle!
Agent McKenna hands Danielle the map when she enters the
sitting room.
Thanks, Mary. What was the
address for the band Dawn and the
Seventy-eight Tardiff Road.
Danielle finds the address and gets the coordinates.
According to this map, Tara,
Tardiff Road is a dead end street.
That would work out nice if it
were the last house on the end.
Why is that?
Then we only have to have Wendy
worry about being seen on one side
of the house. With no one on the
other side we can check the inside
without being seen.
Can I make a suggestion?


Go ahead!
Where I'm the only one who can
become invisible it would be
possible for me to find out which
house they live in almost
undetected in any way at night. DD
is dark and no one would be the
wiser. I could even set DD down
and get a real good look inside
the house and remain unseen the
entire time.
No heroics, Dana. You go there
and get just what we need and get
back here as soon as you can.
Okay, then, what am I looking for
With any kind of luck I hope you
can get to see Patty Gifford while
you're outside, but my number one
concern is to make sure we have
the right house. If it's the
right house then I need to know
whatever you can tell us about the
How will I know where to tell DD
to take me?
DD has Destinyís spirit inside it.
Destiny can read your mind and
transfer that information into DD.
You only need to but look at this
map and know where you want to go
on it, and then tell DD to take
you there. What your mind retains,
DD will be able to capture and do
as you tell it to do. Once you
are on the street you just need to
tell DD the house number and she
will take you right to it.


Okay, then, so where is Tardiff
Itís on the north side of Reno,
right here on the map.
Agent McKenna points to Tardiff Road on the street map of
Is it dark enough for me to get
started, Danielle?
In about a half hour it will be.
Itís only eight forty-five. By
nine-fifteen you can get going.
Let me get DD out of its case for
you and it will be ready.
Danielle goes to the guitar case and opens it. She takes DD
out of the case and sets it on the floor.
There you go, girl, as soon as
you're ready to leave.
I better make myself invisible
before I leave here.
Dana opens the microphone case, grabs her unique microphone,
and hurls it towards the ceiling. In seconds a light
descends upon Dana and her body disappears before their
Okay, DD, time for a jaunt around
Reno. Rise, DD.
DD rises off the plush rugged floor and stops when high
enough for Dana to climb aboard. Dana straddles the Warlock
guitar and as she grabs the sides firmly, Danielle slides
open the balcony glass door.
Okay, DD, take me to that location
on the street map and fast.


DD lifts higher and above the furniture and flies through
the open door to the balcony. In seconds DD is out of
You girls told me what DD was able
to do. In some way my heart
managed to believe you, but what I
just witnessed in this room goes
beyond what any normal person
would be able to call sane.
Agent McKenna continues to look towards the open door to the
I just saw your guitar lift off
the floor and fly through that
door as though it were a magic
carpet, Danielle.
We knew when you hooked up with
us, Tara, that sooner or later you
were going to see the rest of the
powers we told you about. What
you witnessed was no hocus pocus,
or slight of hand, but real
supernatural powers that we use to
fight crimes against kids. To be
more specific, kids whoíve been
Within minutes DD and Dana fly over the bright lights of
Reno, Nevada.
Slow down, girl.
DD slows down and swerves northeast of Downtown Reno. Dana
sits there as she sees the bright lights of Reno dim behind
her. Itís almost ten oíclock when DD slows down as it nears
Tardiff Road.
Find me number seventy-eight, DD.


Seconds later, as they near the end of Tardiff Road, DD
lowers down and into the tree-lined street. DD swings
behind the row of ranch style houses and gently sets down in
the shadows of the last house on the right side of the
street, number seventy-eight.
Stay here and wait for me, DD. I
donít expect to be very long.
Dana alights from the guitar. She approaches the
single-floored house and as she gets closer she can see that
most of the windows are opened. Her approach is made with
extreme caution to prevent from being heard. She can see
that high bushes surround the outside of the home and she
approaches one of the windows that have a light showing
inside. As she nears the house her heart pounds faster when
she can hear people talking inside the home.
I thought we decided to forget the
gig in Las Vegas and concentrate
our efforts on getting three or
four shows in Tahoe.
                       JACK P
We were going to, Dawn, but we got
screwed by that Gifford guy in
Vegas. That was two hundred grand
for the four weekend shows, so we
decided to get a little revenge.
So you went and snatched his kid.
Now if you go and ask for a ransom
demand every FBI agent in this
part of the country will be down
our throats.
                       FRED P
We already told you we werenít
going to try and ransom her ass.
So why in hell did you guys go and
grab her in the first place?


                       PAUL P
Well from my perspective I call it
payback. We don't have what was
rightfully ours so now he doesn't
have someone who is rightfully
So what's going to happen to Patty
Gifford now?
                       PAUL P
Weíll keep her for a few days and
then weíll let her go at night
somewhere near Las Vegas where she
can be found. We blindfolded her
so she has no idea what we look
like. How would the cops ever
find us?
One mistake! It only takes one
little mistake.
Dawn gets up off the couch.
I better go and check to make sure
sheís alright.
                       JACK P
Keep that damn blindfold on her,
Dawn. We canít afford to have her
see any of us.
Dana watches from in front of the open window and takes in
all the information she can about the house. She watches as
Dawn heads into a closed and locked room off the living
room. As she turns and starts to go back to DD she can see
a dark colored van in the back by the garage. She then heads
in the direction of the van. As she bends down she allows
her eyes to glow a bright blue and she can make out the
number XAPB-29, a Nevada license plate.
      (Whispering to
I have all I need for now.
Dana heads back to DD.
Rise, DD!


DD rises and Dana is quick to climb aboard.
Take me back to Danielle, and
fast, DD.
Less than three minutes later DD sets Dana down on the
balcony. As soon as Dana disembarks DD turns over and sets
itself onto the deck of the balcony., Dana picks up DD and
slides the glass door open and heads inside where the other
women wait for her.
Come to me microphone.
Dana's microphone lowers from the ceiling and lowers into
her waiting hand as her body then returns back to her normal
What did you find out, Dana?
Here, take DD and let me catch my
breath a moment. When you tell DD
to go fast you better be ready for
the speed of sound. Does she ever
move, Danielle.
Were you able to locate the house,
Yes I was. It is the last house
on the right side of Tardiff Road.
I guess they donít have air
conditioners because their windows
were open and I was able to stand
about ten feet away from them
while the four of them were
talking when I stood in front of
the living room window.
Did they say anything about Patty?


According to I think itís their
drummer Paul, they are planning to
keep her for a few more days then
drop her off somewhere in Las
Vegas so she can get help getting
home, but almost anything could
easily change that.
How do you mean?
Well sheís been blindfolded the
whole time. If for some reason
the blindfold came off, and she
saw them, Patty would be able to
recognize them. That would change
the scenario all together.
Did you get the layout of the
house, Dana?
I only got to see the living room.
The room they have Patty in is
off the living room towards the
rear of the house on the darkest
side of it.
The dark side?
Where itís the end house it would
be the side that has no house next
to it, so that becomes the dark
side at night.
Now I see. How do you want to
work this, Danielle?
Iím thinking. They would remember
us from the Battle of the Bands,
so for any of us to show up at
their door would be suspicious.
From the conversation I overheard
between the four of them it
appears Dawn was not aware the men


                       DANA (cont'd)
were going to kidnap the girl and
she seemed very angry they did. I
donít know if that helps,
Danielle, but that could be our
ace in the hole.
With her in our pocket theyíd be
out of aces. Thanks, Dana. Tara!
If we could somehow get her
cooperation do you think you could
get leniency for her, even if she
hasnít tried to release the girl?
Thereís no telling what the state
these men are in. If she is too
afraid to go against them, and
she'd be willing to cooperate with
us to free Patty, then Iíll do
everything I can to get leniency
for her. What do you have in
Is she the leader of the band?
Let me check.
Agent McKenna looks at the information she has.
According to this, she is both the
singer and bandleader, Danielle.
I think I know what you're up to,
Danielle, so maybe this will help.
They mentioned something about
finding a gig in Tahoe.
We have been working close
together for some time, Dana, and
those were my thoughts precisely.
How would you like to play the
role of a promoter for one of the
clubs in Lake Tahoe, Tara?


For the whole group? They'd have
me made in no time.
My idea is this. You'll make a
call to their home and ask to
speak to the bandleader. When
Dawn comes on the phoneÖ
Danielle explains her plan to the erstwhile agent.
Wow, Danielle, where does your
mind come up with ideas like this?
Iím under the impression Destiny
helps. Her spirit and mine are
one, Tara. That is kind of hard
to explain, but they are, and her
thoughts and my thoughts are one.
Well, no matter, we are going to
have to wait now until morning
before I call the house.
I agree.
We better get some rest, ladies.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy
Tara stands to leave.
Iíll be here in the morning to
have breakfast with you girls, and
then we'll drive to Reno. Weíll
try to set up a lunch date with
Dawn Tripley. Once that's set up
we will go into phase two.
Sounds good. We'll see you at six
oíclock, downstairs in the
Danielle escorts Tara to the door and then returns to the
sitting room.


By noon the following day the five women pull into Reno,
Nevada. Agent McKenna finds a restaurant and parks the car.
I better make that call to Dawn
Do you have down what you're going
to say to get her here?
I wrote it down last night and
reread it this morning. Let me
make that call.
Agent McKenna grabs the car phone. She dials the number and

After the first RING the phone is answered.
                       DAWN (VO)
Hello! This is the residence of
Dawn and the Pitbulls, Dawn
Tripley speaking. Can I help you?
Good morning Miss Tripley. My
name is Tara McKenna, promoter for
the Lake Tahoe Pagoda Club. Weíve
had a cancellation for the weekend
of April tenth, eleventh, and
twelfth and weíre looking for a
band to play for those three
nights. I was here in Reno this
morning and found that your band
lives here. Would you be willing
to have lunch with me this
afternoon so we can discuss the
                       DAWN (VO)
I most certainly can, Miss
McKenna. Where and when?


Well Iím here at the Hawthorne
right now. How about meeting me
by the door in say a half hour?
                       DAWN (VO)
Do you want us all there?
If it comes down to a contract,
Miss Tripley, I only need your
signature as bandleader. Letís
make this a one on one this time,
                       DAWN (VO)
Then Iíll be there in a half hour,
Miss McKenna, and thanks.
Tara shuts the phone off and looks at Danielle.
I sure hope you know what she
looks like.
We all do. We'll wait in the car
and signal you when she arrives.
The front of the car faces the
door, Danielle. When you see her
coming put the headlights on and
off a few times. Once sheís
inside with me then you girls come
Tara gets out of the car and heads to the restaurant.

Twenty-five minutes later the brown van of Dawn and the
Pitbulls pulls into the parking lot and parks four spaces
away from Agent McKenna's car. As Dawn Tripley crosses the
parking lot Danielle flashes the headlights on and off
several times to signal Agent McKenna.
Okay, girls, letís go to work.


Dawn enters the foyer of the Hawthorne Restaurant.
Good morning, Dawn. Iím promoter
Tara McKenna. Are you ready for
Agent McKenna extends her hand for a handshake.
Thank you! Yes I am.
Agent McKenna previously informed the hostess she wanted a
table for six that would be secluded for privacy reasons,
and as the two women enter the restaurant the hostess
escorts them to a table at the far end of the room.
                       HOSTESS 2
Your waitress will be with you
shortly, ladies.
Thank you.
Why such a big table, Miss
Because I have some people I want
you to meet, Miss Tripley.
None other than us, Dawn.
The four girls of D & D approach the table with the other
two women.

Dawn turns her head towards them.
What in the world? What is
Destinyís Desire, or D & D,
whatever you are called now, doing
Danielle sits down across from the singer for Dawn and the
Pitbulls, as the rest of the group takes a seat at the


table. She looks straight into Dawnís eyes and allows her
own to glow a bright red.
I want you to be yourself, Dawn
Tripley, but I also want you to
answer Miss McKennaís questions
truthfully. Do you understand?
      (Withdrawn Voice)
I understand.
When I count to three you will
awaken. OneÖ TwoÖ ThreeÖ
Miss McKenna would like to ask you
a few questions, Dawn.
Okay, but that doesn't answer my
Your question will be answered
before you leave here today. I
promise you that.
Alright, then, ask away Miss
Is the girl, Patty Gifford, okay?
Yes sheís okay, but how do you
know we have her?
Dawn scratches her head.
Let me be honest with you, Dawn.
Iím not a promoter. I am an FBI
agent whoís looking for Patty
Oh my God!
Dawn! We are here on your behalf,
so please help Agent McKenna.


Okay, then, I guess.
Did you have anything to do with
Patty Gifford being kidnapped?
No, not at all. The three Pittman
brothers took her on Sunday
morning out of revenge for losing
the gig at the Las Vegas
Convention Center. I didnít know
anything about it until they
walked in the house with her
We are going to need your help,
Dawn. Hold on! Here comes our
waitress. Letís order and then we
can talk.
The waitress takes their orders and leaves the table.
How can I help?
Do you sleep alone in the house?
I had a room, but that room is now
where they have Patty locked in.
Iím sleeping on the couch in the
living room for now.
Do any of the brothers watch her
room at night?
No! I generally check on her and
make sure the girl is okay or has
to go to the bathroom. When they
go to bed they just go, or at
least it was that way last night.
I check on her then go to bed
Tonight you are going to wait
until the brothers are asleep then
you and Patty will walk out of


                       TARA (cont'd)
that house together. I will be
waiting outside in the yard for
Why me?
I donít want you in there when I
have the FBI go in there to arrest
the three men. They will all be
arrested for kidnapping and child
I warned them. So what will
happen to me?
Because you cooperated with us, I
will do everything in my power to
see you only get probation or a
possible suspended sentence.
How does the band D & D fit into
all this?
You will not be allowed to
remember any part of this, Dawn,
but we have supernatural powers.
Yeah right! I suppose youíre
going to tell me next that you can
read my mind.
Iím the one who can do that, Dawn.
This I have to see. You're going
to have to give me some solid
proof, girl.
Dana takes a napkin and grabs a pen from Agent McKenna.


Write down any number between one
and a thousand, but do it under
the table where I cannot see you.
Dawn takes the napkin and pen and instead of writing down
one number she writes down two. She writes down three
thousand sixty-two and four hundred and twelve.
Okay, miss mind reader, what
number did I write down?
Dana lets her eyes glow a bright blue and looks at Dawnís
Did you think you were going to
throw me a curve by writing down
two numbers, Dawn. The first
number is three thousand sixty-two
and the second number is four
hundred and twelve.
My powers, Dawn, are hypnotic and
when I sat down here at the table
I looked into your eyes and
hypnotized you. I told you to be
yourself and to answer all of Miss
McKennaís questions honestly,
which you did because you had no
choice. The band D & D are also
crime fighters as well as a band,
and the crimes we fight are the
crimes against kids of any age.
In other words kidnapped kids,
Yes, thatís right.
How am I going to be able to go
through the afternoon and evening
with all this going through my
head, and the brothers not
catching on?


After we eat, Dawn, I will
hypnotize you again. You will be
able to act your normal self
throughout the course of the day
and evening until bedtime. Once
the three brothers are asleep you
will leave the house with Patty
Gifford and leave the door open
for the FBI to go in there without
having to break down the door.
This way they can make the three
arrests without bloodshed.
Our food is here, Danielle.
Agent McKenna sees the waitress coming with the food.
Letís eat and we will talk more
after lunch.
How am I going to explain this
meeting to the other band members?
That will be no problem, Miss
Tripley. When they ask you what
happened, you can just tell them
they have a gig at the Pagoda on
the weekend of April first through
the third, and that I will be
sending you a copy of the contract
to you in the mail later this
week. That should cover your
Okay, then, now for the harder
part. Danielle! You stated that
my memory of D & D being here
would have to be erased from my
memory so that I do not give the
plan to release Patty Gifford
away. How in the world will you
do that, girl?
In a minute I am going to
hypnotize you, Dawn, and tell your
sub-conscious what it needs to
know to pull this whole thing off


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
without a hitch. When Iím done I
want you to look into Lisaís eyes
and she will erase your memory of
us being here. Then you can just
get up and leave to go back to the
house or wherever else you need to
Then letís do it!
Danielle looks into Dawn Tripleyís eyes as her own eyes
become aglow a bright red color.
When you return to your house,
Dawn, you will act your normal
self for the rest of the day and
evening. You already know what to
say when any of the brothers ask
you about the meeting with
promoter Tara McKenna. Tonight,
about an hour after the brothers
go to bed for the night, you will
unlock the door to the room Patty
Gifford is locked inside and will
assist her to the front door and
bring her out to the car with me.
You come with her and after I have
her you sit in Agent McKennaís car
until told to do otherwise. Do
you understand?
      (Withdrawn Voice)
I understand!
When I count to three you will
awaken and look into Lisaís eyes.
OneÖ TwoÖ ThreeÖ
Dawn is released from the hypnotic trance she is in and she
turns towards Lisa and looks into her eyes.

Lisa's eyes become aglow a bright green.
When you leave this restaurant,
Dawn Tripley, your memory of
seeing the band D & D in this
restaurant will be erased from


                       LISA (cont'd)
your memory.
Lisa then closes her eyes and the glow dissipates. She
opens her eyes once again and her eyes return to normal.
Well, ladies, I better get going.
Nice meeting you, Tara. Danielle
and the rest of the D & D band, it
was nice seeing you girls again,
The five women stand with her and once she leaves the table
area they sit back down.
I sure hope she realizes that Iím
going to have to arrest her as
being an accessory after the fact
of kidnapping.
She must realize that, Tara, but
you will be going to bat for her
where she is going to make it easy
for Patty to escape into our
Why donít you want us to go in
there and get these three guys,
Miss McKenna?
I could let you girls go in there
and get them, Dana, but I still
need a team of either agents or
police to haul their sorry asses
off to jail. Why risk your young
lives when there are trained
people who can do it, and I do
need them there anyway.
I see your point.
Tara! I have DD in the trunk of
your car, so when Patty comes out
with Dawn Iíll take Patty with me,
on DD, and take her back to the
hotel in Las Vegas and away from


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
the action here.
Where will we be, seeing as you
are not going to use us on this
This time around I think it will
be best if the three of you should
come here, to this restaurant, and
relax. When Mary gets all wrapped
up at the police station, or
wherever she has to take these
guys, sheíll come back here and
get the three of you and bring you
back to Las Vegas.
What the hell am I supposed to
tell my people?
If they ask you where the girl is
you just tell them sheís been
brought back to Las Vegas and is
safe. Once you get back there to
our room you can get her and take
her home.
Should I call the Giffords and let
them know she is safe?
Donít do that now, Tara, just in
case something goes wrong. Wait
until I have her and we all know
for sure she is safe, okay?
By ten oíclock both Danielle and Agent McKenna sit in a
darkened car across the street from seventy-eight Tardiff
I hope they go to bed soon.


I was thinking the very same
thing. Where will you take off
from, once you have Patty with
To the far left of the house are
shadows by the line of trees. As
soon as I take off with her then
you can call your back-up and
arrest those three men.
My team is already at the end of
the street. They signaled me when
they got in place. As soon as you
and Patty take off I will flash my
headlights and they will be here
in thirty seconds.
So as of this moment itís all up
to Dawn.
Are you sure your hypnosis will
It hasnít let me down yet. What
time is it?
I have eleven-fifteen.
Five minutes later the two women can see that the front door
opens at seventy-eight Tardiff and Agent McKenna grabs her
forty-four magnum and gets out of the car.
Are you ready, Danielle?
I'm always ready to get a
kidnapped child away from their
Danielle steps out of the passenger side of the car and they
both watch as Dawn and Patty run towards the car.


Iíll take Patty with me, Tara, and
we'll meet back at the hotel in
Iíll get the rest of the girls as
soon as I can get there. That
restaurant is open twenty-four
hours so theyíll be fine.
Danielle holds DD in her right hand as both Patty and Dawn
run around to the passenger side of the vehicle.
Here she is, Danielle.
Patty! My name is Danielle, and
I'm a friend.
I donít know who I can trust any
more, but I have no choice. Where
do you want me to go?
This may sound strange, Patty, but
we are going to take a ride on my
guitar back to Las Vegas. As soon
as Agent McKenna, of the FBI,
finishes arresting the men who
grabbed you, we will see you get
home to both your mom and dad.
Did I hear right? Did you say
take a ride on a guitar?
Yes I did. One second, Patty.
Dawn! Get in the back seat and
look at me.
Dawn climbs inside the car and looks at Danielle.
And now what?
Danielle looks at her and lets her eyes glow a bright red.


You will forget that I was here
tonight. Do you understand?
Yes I understand.
When I count to three you will
awaken and do as you are told by
Agent McKenna. OneÖ TwoÖ ThreeÖ
Danielle closes the car door and turns to Patty.