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Destiny's Divas II - Episode Three
by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

More kidnapped kids found, but a twist at the end to blow you away

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The four girls enter their suite and head to the sitting
room and grab a seat.
Well, girls, one more gig left to
do and thatís in Reno.
With any kind of luck at all,
maybe we can get a couple months
rest before our next road trip.
Seattle and Las Vegas has me
emotionally drained.
The rest of us have recouped since
Seattle, because we were not
really involved with Pattyís
rescue here in Las Vegas.
You know, girls, every time we go
on a case we never know what weíll
be up against. We know the
abductors are kidnappers, and on
rare occasions we get to know a
little about them, but all in all,
each and every case is different.
There's a KNOCK at the door.
Who could that be at this hour of
the night?
Danielle stands and goes to the door.
Maybe itís Tara.
Lisa joins her friend by the door.

Danielle goes to the door and opens it. On the other side
of the open door, in the hallway, is a woman of about thirty
years old with shoulder length black hair.
Can I help you, maíam?


My name is Kara Winters. I donít
know you and you donít know me,
but an angel, who calls herself
Destiny, told me to come here
tonight and see Danielle.
Please come in, Miss Winters.
Danielle opens the door wide for her.
Come into the sitting room where
the rest of the girls are.
      (Broken and
       Nervous Voice)
Thank youÖ thank you very much.
The girl standing beside me is
Lisa. Thatís Dana and the girl on
the couch is Wendy. Iím Danielle.
Now how can we help you, maíam?
Please sit down.
Kara grabs a seat on the couch beside Wendy and looks
directly at Danielle.
This noontime my husband came and
grabbed my baby and took her away.
The woman cries as she buries her face into her open hands.
Easy, maíam. Please! Isnít this
a matter for the police to handle?
Oh God no! David said heíd kill
Rose if I called the police.
How do you know Destiny?
I was praying hard for the safety
of my little Rose and suddenly
this beautiful angel appeared in
my living room.


How old is your daughter Rose?
She is only four years old. You
are Danielle?
I am Danielle, yes.
This angel Destiny said that I
should come here to see you.
Before she left she had me take
something of Roseís and I was to
put it up against her heart.
Did you do that?
Yes I did. It was Roseís teddy
What did Destiny do and say?
When I put the teddy bear against
her heart it started to glow and
she told me to keep it there. When
it stopped glowing she said I
could remove it.
What happened next?
She said she would find out what
she could about where my baby is
and that I should come here and
see you.
We are headed to Reno in the
morning, maíam.
Thatís where I live, Danielle. I
drove here from Reno because of
the Angel Destiny.


Are you going back there tonight?
I have to, Danielle. I do not
have the money to put up in a
hotel here in Vegas.
Dana! You and Wendy take my
credit card and get Mrs. Winters a
room for the night.
Danielle reaches into her purse and grabs her credit card
and hands it to Dana.
How can I thank you?
You just did. Lisa! Before she
leaves the room you know what you
have to do.
Lisa shakes her head in the affirmative and gets up to go
over to Kara Winters, as Dana and Wendy leave the room.
What does she have to do,
The four girls you saw in this
room when you came in, Kara, we
are a band, all four of us. We
are also crime fighters. We hunt
down people who kidnap innocent
children just like your Rose. If
anyone knew what we do theyíd be
after us and we wouldnít be able
to find missing children. Your
memory of us will have to be
Lisa looks into Kara's eyes. As she does her own eyes
become aglow a bright green.
When you leave this room, Kara
Winters, your memory of the four
girls who were in here, and of the
Angel Destiny, will be erased from
your memory.


Lisa closes her eyes and opens them again as her eyes return
to normal.

Moments later Dana and Wendy return with the hotel key for
Mrs. Winters.
Your room is one floor down, Kara.
Hereís your key. The room number
is fifteen-eleven.
Thank you. Thank you all for
everything. You will try to find
my Rose, wonít you?
Yes we will. Get some rest before
you drive back home. Do you have
enough money for gas and
I think I barely have enough to
get home.
Danielle reaches into her purse and pulls out seventy
dollars. She hands the woman the money.
This is a gift from us to you.
Have breakfast before you go home
in the morning and please drive
How can IÖ?
When we find Rose, we want her mom
in one piece. This is one way of
making sure youíre home when she
gets there. No thanks are
When the woman leaves, Danielle returns to the sitting room.
Okay, Destiny, show yourself,
Destinyís angelic body floats through the glass door from
the balcony.


I knew youíd be calling for me,
If you knew that then you know
what Iím about to ask.
Of course I know. The girl is
alive and scared. Her dad took
her from her mother this morning
and it happened about six streets
away from where you found Patty.
The woman is afraid to go to the
Do you have any idea where he took
I saw a cottage and a lake. I
assume itís Lake Tahoe. He has a
blue Volkswagen bug, or beetle as
they are called. His name is
David Winters but I havenít got a
license plate number for his
Are we going to work this case
Your friend, Agent McKenna, is
still at the hotel next door. You
might be wise to work along with
We havenít much of a choice. DD
can only take one of us grown
girls at a time. Tara, as far as
we know, still has a car and can
drive us around. When can you
have that license plate number for
Iíll have it for you when you
girls wake up in the morning.


What about Agent McKenna? If we
oversleep she might be on her way
back to Washington.
I can make a visit to Agent
McKenna next door, Danielle, and
let her know what's going on.
We have an eleven-seventeen flight
to Reno, so if sheís going to stay
and help us, have her meet us at
the Sheraton, in Reno, tomorrow
afternoon at three oíclock.
I will leave for now. Until
tomorrow morning, ladies, I
suggest you all get some serious
Destiny's wings flutter and her angelic body rises off the
floor. She floats across the room and through the glass
door that leads to the balcony, and she departs.
The girls are in the sitting room at two forty-five in the
Okay, so whatís our plan of
attack, Danielle?
With any kind of luck, Tara will
contact us here by three oíclock,
Dana, and before we can make any
kind of a move we first need to
know where we are going to make
the move to. Right now we have
nothing more than a license plate
to go on, thanks to Destiny.
Do you think sheíll show up here
at three oíclock?


Thatís what Iím counting on.
Itís almost three now.
At ten past three there's a KNOCK at the door.
Iíll get it.
Dana runs to the door and opens it.
You girls donít want me to get a
break, now do you
I had to stay here in Reno to make
sure the Pittman brothers were
arraigned. Where I was the
arresting agent I had the honors
of remaining and going to court.
Where are the others?
They are inside.
Tara enters the short hallway and Dana closes the door
behind her.
Thank you for coming, Tara. We've
got a weird case and we need your
What kind of help could you four
girls need from me? You girls
know this business as good or
better than I do, and you have the
tools to do a better job, too.
A father has taken, or kidnapped,
his four year old daughter. He
told his wife heíd kill the girl
if she calls the police.


Ouch! This guy means business.
Iím all ears, Danielle.
Iíve got his license plate number
and name, but all that Destiny
could get is that he has a cottage
near a lake. She thinks itís Lake
Tahoe but sheís not sure.
Couldnít she get that info from
the police computers?
We thought that too, but the
information is not there for her
to get.
Then itís likely he's using an
alias. As good as Destiny is,
Danielle, and I know she can
probably hear me, the
investigative mind of a trained
agent knows the intricacies of the
evil mind. Thatís not something
even sheíd know. Those who commit
crimes, of any kind, play by
different rules than those of a
normal person. Do you have that
name and license number?
I wrote them down for you. Do you
think you can find out?
Danielle hands the piece of paper to her.
Now that Iíve established myself
in Reno, with agents here, Iíll
give it a shot. It might take a
while if heís using an alias.
Tara looks at the name and license number.
Iíll take this to the office here
in Reno. Let me see what I can
find out.


Would you like to have dinner with
us this evening, Tara?
That would be nice, thank you.
What time?
Around seven would be good. Then
we can go over what information
you might have. Meet us
downstairs and weíll go with you.
The five women get seated at the China Dragon Restaurant.
Okay, Tara, what did you find out?
Iím not one hundred percent
certain, Danielle, because you
gave me very little information to
go on.
We gave you what we had.
Relax, Danielle. Iím aware thatís
all the info you girls had. Where
Iím a trained investigator I
always look for more. When we
have a description of the suspect,
age of the suspect, their habits,
and so on, we have more to work
with and can follow a pattern.
We never thought to ask the woman.
Iím not knocking you girls, but
where you're not real trained
investigators I wouldnít expect
you to think about that either.


So where does that leave us?
Well I may have a lead. I went on
the assumption David Winters is
using an alias there in Lake
Tahoe. Most wannabe bad guys, so
to speak, who do decide to use
aliases, they do so usually with
the same first letters of their
names, both first and last name.
When we used that format we came
up with eight men with the letters
D and W. When we cross-referenced
those men against their ages we
were able to narrow it down to two
men. The names are Denton Wilson
and Dillon Williams.
I take it then that you've now
narrowed it down to one.
Hypothetically, Danielle, yes we
have. Denton Wilson bought the
cottage on Lake Tahoe two years
ago. The man is thirty-one.
Dillon Williams is thirty-two and
bought the cottage nine years ago
as a summer retreat for his
family. He resides in Las Vegas.
That means Denton Wilson is
probably our man.
The agents in our office think so
too. They will work with me if I
ask them to, but I donít want
anyone working with me on these
cases but you girls.
Whatís so special about us?
You four young ladies have a
penchant for non-violence. Men,
God bless them we do need them,
even trained agents are quick to
pull the trigger. In a murder,


                       TARA (cont'd)
bank robbery, or other crimes we
investigate, I wouldnít think
twice about using other agents. In
a child kidnapping the child does
not need to witness that kind of
violence to further traumatize
their young lives.
Our whole outlook is for the
safety of the kidnapped child and
when bullets fly a child can get
Hereís our food. Letís eat and
then go back to your room and plan
our strategy for this case.
Itís nine-fifteen as Agent McKenna and the girls of D & D
return to the hotel. Darkness starts to set in as they head
As they sit down, inside the room, Agent McKenna opens her
briefcase and pulls out a notepad.
Okay, girls, here we are. If
Denton Wilson is our man the
address of the cottage is
eighty-four Lakeside Park Drive.
Thatís in Lake Tahoe?
Yes, and an affluent area of Tahoe
as well.
Dana! Would you like to do some
night flying?
On DD? You bet, Danielle. I
suppose I should make myself
invisible so no one sees me.


Thatís why I chose you, girl.
Tara! Do you have a map of the
Tahoe area?
I knew youíd ask me, so I had a
copy printed out for you with the
approximate location of the
address for the cottage.
Dana! No fancy heroics. Weíve no
idea what this guy is like, other
than the fact heís kidnapped his
child. We are not even sure this
is the right guy. What you're
after is to one, see if there is a
Volkswagen in the driveway, and
two, if there is one see if you
can see where Rose is and get what
information you can about the
layout of the place.
If there is no Volkswagen Beetle
in the driveway, what should I do?
You should come right back here. I
might have to send Wendy and let
her use her x-ray vision to find
the car.
How will I know where to go?
Dana gets her microphone out of the case.
All you have to do is just look at
the map. DD will read your
sub-conscious memory of the
location. You just tell her to
take you there.
I think it would be best if you
wait until about ten oíclock, just
to make sure itís dark enough.


Are you afraid someone will see a
guitar flying around the nightís
Out here, Dana, they donít take a
hankering to UFOís, whether they
are from outer space or fromÖ well
you get my drift.
They would shoot at DD?
They would either shoot at her or
at whatever they thought they saw.
Tara laughs.
If this is our man, ladies, weíll
get him, but play under careful
guidelines. I do not need to have
to explain you girls to my
superiors, for any reason, the
least of which is to explain your
death, okay?
We understand that, which is why
we are so careful when we go out
on these cases. Not only for our
lives but to protect our unknown
identity. Once our identity is
breached, then our ability to find
these kidnapped kids becomes null
and void.
Itís almost ten, Danielle.
Dana grabs her microphone.
Iíll get DD and set her down on
the balcony for you, Dana.
Danielle goes to the guitar case and opens it. She takes DD
out of its case.
Okay, girl, do your thing.


Danielle then goes to the balcony and sets DD on the deck.

Dana hurls her microphone into the air towards the ceiling
and a light emits from within it and covers Danaís entire
body. She becomes invisible in seconds.
Hold the fort for me while Iím
gone, girls.
Dana heads through the open door and onto the balcony.
Rise, DD!
Once DD lifts off the deck, it flips over and Dana straddles
the guitar.
Okay, DD, take me to that place I
saw on the map reasonably fast.
Dana gets a firm grip on its sides. DD lifts up and over
the outer rail and in an instant the two are gone and out of
sight from the others who now stand on the balcony.
Dana hangs on tight as DD soars above the treetops until
they approach Lake Tahoe when DD slows down. The adrenaline
in Danaís body flows fast, as once again sheís on her own
without one of the team members around as a back up.
Okay, DD, find that address.
Three minutes later DD avoids the lights of Downtown Tahoe,
and once again picks up speed. A few minutes later it
lowers into a darkened area and Dana can see the street
This is it, DD. This is Lakeside
Park Drive. Take me to the house,
A minute later DD sets down in the tree-lined shadows of a
single-floored cottage reminiscent of an era long behind
either of them.


Okay, DD, you stay up in case I
have to get out of here fast.
Dana alights from the musical craft that flew here there.
With a quarter moon to guide her, Dana looks at what appears
to be more in line of a log cabin than a cottage type
structure. She can see lights emanating from one of the
windows on the nearest side to her so she heads there first.
As her invisible body looks inside, into what she thinks to
be the main room or living room, she can see a playpen that
indicates a baby is inside. She cannot see the man anywhere
in the room. She remembers Danielleís words about looking
for the Volkswagen Beetle so she starts to head around to
the other side of the cottage. A car comes up the street as
she crosses the front yard and Dana freezes. As the car
passes by she remembers that she cannot be seen.
She can see a small car covered with a tarpaulin and by the
shape of the vehicle Dana determines that it's a Volkswagen
Beetle. She heads towards the back and lifts the tarp as
she allows her eyes to glow and she can make out the license
number, NFR808 Nevada license plate.

Dana makes her way around the front of the cottage and
starts to return to the window with the light inside.

As Dana rounds the corner of the cottage thereís a tall man
at the window and he's in the process of opening it to let
in some fresh air. Dana freezes in her tracks and her heart
beats fast. As the man recedes from the window he returns
to the living room couch. Dana once again gets the courage
up to return to the window and as she does the phone inside
the room RINGS.
Dana watches and listens close as the man answers the phone.
Hello! Yes this is Denton Wilson.
What took you so long? Yeah Iíve
got the kid. Make damn sure that
note is signed paid in full. The
fifteen grand I owe you is dead.
The hair on the back of Danaís head stands up.
When are they coming to get the
Dana listens intently.


Iíll have the kid and all her
things ready by eight oíclock
Friday morning. Make sure they
are here or the deal is off.
David Winters hangs up the phone.

Dana watches as the man gets up, opens a door off the living
room and turns on a light. He then returns to the living
room and shuts the light out. Dana is livid as she returns
to DD.
Take me back to Danielle, and make
it fast, DD.
Dana braces herself as DD lifts off and in a second is in
the sky above the trees. A few minutes later DD sets down
on the balcony outside the girlsí room. Dana alights from
the guitar and waits for it to flip over and lower back down
to the deck. She then picks DD up and slides the glass door
aside and she heads in.
Danielle! Take DD please.
Danielle gets up and goes over to DD.
Iíve got her, Dana.
Danielle takes DD from her friend.
Microphone, come to me.
Dana extends her hand. As the microphone touches her hand
Danaís invisible form returns to normal.
Oh my God, Dana! What happened
out there?
Tara looks at Danaís face. The fury that built up inside
Dana, as she stood outside the window of the cottage, went
straight to her face.


Let me sit down.
Your face is as red as a beet,
Thereís a reason why, too. Let me
catch my breath a moment. This
guy Denton Wilson, as he calls
himself, is our man.
How do you know this?
For one thing, he has a blue
Volkswagen hidden under a tarp in
his driveway. Secondly, while I
stood there at an open window I
overheard his side of a
conversation he had on the phone.
Which was?
I guess heís either into a bookie,
or the mob, to the tone of fifteen
grand. Heís getting ready to sell
his daughter Rose to eliminate
that debt.
Are you serious?
This is no joke. The date is set
for this Friday morning at eight
oíclock to get the baby at the
This whole thing, now, has gone
above and beyond a standard
kidnapping, ladies, by all
professional standards. When we
close this case weíll have
kidnapping, child endangerment,
illegal adoptions, and more
charges that will be served.
You've really ruffled a proverbial


                       TARA (cont'd)
hornetís nest.
All we want to do is get the girl
back to her mother.
Wait a minute, Danielle. Think of
this. These illegal adoptions
that take place here in the USA,
happen because of the availability
of children. If we shut down one
of these operations, thatís one
more chance a child wonít have to
go through what Rose is going
through right now. We can and
will nail the couple involved in
trying to adopt this child
illegally, the agency that's
behind the illegal adoption, the
bookie whoís getting his cut of
the action and more than likely
set it all up, and Denton Wilson,
AKA David Winters, the kidnapper.
That will put a lot of people out
of business.
Exactly! Now we have a motive for
the kidnapping. We have to plan
our attack before Friday morning,
before Rose is to be handed over
to those people.
Tara! Itís now after eleven
oíclock. Letís all get some sleep
and by morning weíll all be able
to think clearer.
Danielle stands to escort Tara to the door.
I agree. Good thinking, Danielle.
Iíll see you all downstairs for
breakfast at eight oíclock.


Tara and Danielle head to eighty-five Lakeside Park Drive
and park in front of the cottage.
Are you ready?
Letís do it!
Danielle grabs the clipboard she brought with her.

Both ladies exit the vehicle.
As they approach the cottage the door opens and a man of
about thirty, with wavy black hair, steps outside and closes
the door behind himself.
Can I help you ladies?
Yes, good morning, sir! We are
taking a survey from the Lakeview
Park Drive residents and we only
have a couple of questions if you
donít mind.
What are they?
Danielle stares at the man and allows her eyes to turn a
bright red, hypnotizing him immediately.
Lead us into your home, sir.
The man turns and opens the door and heads inside. Once
inside Danielle walks around to the front of the man.
Sit down on the couch, Mr. Wilson.
The man continues to stand.
I said sit down, Mr. Winters.


The man sits down on the couch in front of her.
Get him to tell you where the girl
is, Danielle.
Okay, Mr. Winters, tell me where
you have your daughter Rose
      (Stoic Voice)
Rose is in the room behind me.
Has she been harmed in any way?
      (Stoic Voice)
No! She is fine.
Why did you take your daughter
away from your wife?
      (Stoic Voice)
I have gambling debts of fifteen
thousand dollars. By selling my
daughter to the adoption agency, I
would be paid ten thousand dollars
cash and fifteen thousand to the
bookie I owed the money to.
Who is your bookie?
Tara heads into the room behind where David Winters sits.
      (Stoic Voice)
I only know him as Huey.
Sit right there, Mr. Winters,
until I tell you to do otherwise.
Do you understand?
Danielle stands up and goes into the room where Tara holds
four-year-old Rose Winters.


How is she?
She seems to have been well cared
for, Danielle. She has clean dry
diapers on and she woke up when I
came into the room.
The girls should have a room at
the hotel in town by now, so
whatís next?
Can you leave him immobile until I
I can do that, but why?
You and I will take the baby to
the hotel. Find out from him if
the adoption agency knows what he
looks like. If not I will come
back here with other agents and
will have him taken away in cuffs
and arrested. Iíll make sure
there is an agent in the house
when the adoption agency arrives
in the morning. Once they hand
over the ten thousand dollars they
will be arrested. Hopefully I can
somehow acquire the name of this
bookie Huey, but Iíll be happy
with the agency. After we have
everyone booked Iíll see about
getting back to you girls and we
can get Rose reunited with her
Danielle returns to the living room and goes around to the
front of Mr. Winters.
Do the people from the adoption
agency know what you look like,
Mr. Winters?
      (Stoic Voice)
No they donít.


Okay, Mary, they have no idea what
he looks like. When we get to the
hotel with the others we will take
care of Rose until you come and
get her in the morning. Once you
leave we will go with you and will
watch the girl on the way back to
Reno. We have to get back as we
have a show to do tomorrow night.
Then do what you have to do, but
get him to stay right where he is
until I get back here with my team
and an arrest warrant.
Danielle turns and faces Mr. Winters.
Mr. Winters! You will remain
seated on this couch until the FBI
comes back here to arrest you for
the kidnapping of your daughter.
Do you understand?
      (Stoic Voice)
I understand.
When the FBI comes in here and
handcuffs you, you will awaken and
not remember us being in your home
Are you ready to leave, Danielle?
Iím ready. Letís go!
Both women leave with Rose Winters in Taraís arms.
Want me to take Rose for you,
I was about to ask you if you
would, Danielle, thanks.


When the two women reach the hotel, Lisa waits for them in
the lobby.

Danielle walks in with Rose Winters held securely in her
I see you got the girl.
Danielle! Iíve got to get back to
the office here in Tahoe so I can
get a team out there to the house
and make the arrest. Iíll be back
here as soon as I can.
Tara turns to leave.
Weíll be waiting for you.
Danielle and Lisa turn to go to the elevator with the
So what do we do next?
Letís go to the room and talk with
the rest of the girls.
Once inside Lisa grabs the babyís diaper bag.
Does she have any food, Danielle?
Check inside the bag, Lisa.
Danielle reaches the sitting room where Dana and Wendy are


Oh God, Danielle, sheís a living
Dana stands to take Rose Winters from her.
Let me hold her.
Danielle hands Rose to Dana.
I can sense your presence,
Destiny, where are you?
Destinyís angelic form floats through the sliding glass door
from the balcony. Once sheís inside the room her wings
spread wide and her body lowers until her feet touch the
floor, as all four girls watch.
Once again my team pleases me. You
were able to rescue the child from
her father without any bloodshed
or injury, and those responsible
will soon be behind bars.
You donít mind the fact that we
used Tara to help us, do you?
What I've seen in Agent McKenna,
Danielle, is that her compassion
for these young victims of
kidnappings equals that of you
girls. Her ability to arrest
those who are responsible is an
added plus to the team of D & D.
Then why have you come here
If Rose Winters stays here with
the four of you all night, or
until who knows when, youíll need
food and diapers and other things
to keep her going. And that is
not to mention the fact her mother
will have to go through another
night without her daughter by her


                       DESTINY (cont'd)
Then what do you want to do,
Destiny? Tara will not be back
until later, and she has to be
here in the morning to get that
illegal adoption agency and the
two buyers who were going to buy
The four of you say your good byes
to Rose Winters and I will fly her
home in a matter of minutes. She
needs to be with her mother, and
the sooner the better.
Destiny watches as the four young teen girls say their
good-byes to the infant Rose Winters. Danielle is the last,
and holds the girl one last time before she hands her over
to Destiny.
Be careful with her, Destiny.
Danielle places Rose into Destinyís arms.
Place her diaper bag over my neck,
Lisa grabs the bag and drapes it over her neck.
In less than three minutes Rose
will be home with her mother,
where she belongs. Inform Tara
that her mother has her now, and
that I saw she got home safe.
Bye Destiny.
Destiny cradles Rose Winters close to her and she allows her
wings to wrap around her for warmth.

Even with her wings closed Destiny allows her wings to
flutter and she and Rose Winters float through the glass
door and in a split second they are both gone.


I feel as though a part of me is
The four girls go to the window but cannot see Destiny as
they look outside.
You are unable to see her, because
she becomes invisible when her
wings are closed, remember?
Wendy turns to go back to her chair.
I know, but once again Destiny is
right in what sheís doing. I kind
of hoped we could watch Rose
tonight, but I guess Destiny knows
what is best all around.
Now we're stuck here until
tomorrow when Mary gets back from
arresting those people at the
house. That does not leave us
much time to get ready for our
show tomorrow night.
We are going to tell her tonight,
when we see her, that if sheís not
here by noon, we're getting a cab
to take us back to Reno so we can
relax before our gig.
Destiny flies with angelic grace and speed, and in minutes
lowers her body onto the porch where Roseís mother waits
with uncertainty. She allows her wings to flutter and she
floats through the front door of the home.
As Destiny enters the house she allows her feet to touch the
floor and she walks into the living room.


Kara! I believe you're waiting
for this.
Destiny unfolds her wings, as the startled Kara Winters
turns to see Destinyís angelic form and her wings unfold to
reveal she holds her daughter Rose Winters.
My baby!
Kara runs to Destiny.
Is she okay?
Kara takes Rose from her.
Your daughter was well cared for
by your husband. Your husband is
now under arrest for the
kidnapping of your child. An FBI
agent was able to get your
daughter for you
You just raise this girl right,
Kara, and thatís all the thanks I
need. You enjoy your daughter,
Destiny kneels down in front of the woman.
Kara! Please look at me.
Kara looks at the angel who kneels before her. Destiny
allows her eyes to become aglow a combination bright red and
green as she looks into the womanís eyes.
When I leave your home, Kara, your
memory of me will be erased from
your memory. When the FBI or
police, asks you who brought your
daughter home, you are to give
them a description of me without
the wings. Do you understand?


Yes I understand.
When I say your name you will
awaken and I will leave. Kara!
Thank you so much for bringing my
baby back to me safe, Angel.
Iím glad I could. I shall go now,
so God bless.
Destiny's wings flutter and her body rises off the floor.
She glides across the room and through the front door of the
The girls quickly grab a seat in the sitting room.
What time does our show start,
They have an eight oíclock start
time so we should be there by or
no later than seven oíclock so we
can set up.
That gives us less than two hours
to eat and get back there.
Weíve done it in less. Let me go
and call Bill and see what he
Danielle picks up the phone and dials Bill Deeganís familiar
number and then waits.
                       SAM (VO)
Deegan Agency, Sam speaking. May
I help you?


Hi, Sam. Itís Danielle. Is Bill
there, please?
                       SAM (VO)
Good afternoon, Miss Danielle.
Please wait a second and Iíll get
him for you.
Thanks, Sam!
                       BILL (VO)
Where in blue blazes have you
girls been?
Itís nice to hear your voice too,
Bill. We had a kidnapping case we
were working for Destiny and it
took us all the way to Lake Tahoe.
                       BILL (VO)
For three whole days?
Whatís wrong, Bill? We were back
here in time for our last gig in
                       BILL (VO)
You never once touched base with
the promoter Jill Santos, to let
her know you were there. That is
common courtesy bands extend to
the people who are paying for
their services.
Things happened too fast when we
got here to Reno. Iíll call her
when I get off here with you. Is
that all you wanted?
                       BILL (VO)
No! Thereís one other thing.
April tenth through the twelfth I
booked you girls for three shows,
one each night and itís in Dallas,
Texas. I changed your flight
already from Las Vegas to Hartford
to Las Vegas to Dallas.


Is this our last stop before home?
                       BILL (VO)
Yes! You girls will be off then
until late June. I know you four
young ladies need a break and
youíll get it.
Whatís with the Dallas gig?
                       BILL (VO)
Two hundred and fifty grand a
show, thatís what!
Are you serious?
Wrinkles form on Danielle's brow.
                       BILL (VO)
When Destiny said you four girls
were a virtual gold mine, she had
no idea how right she was. I have
three recording studios who want
to cut a full CD of ten to twelve
songs and at least forty promoters
have contacted me since you left
here who want D & D to perform at
their arenas. Right now you girls
are my only commodity, so when I
cannot reach you my nerves get
shot, okay?
Now I understand. Okay, Bill,
weíll do the Dallas gig but then a
breather. Weíve forgotten what
itís like to be teenagers; you
know, parties, boys, and all that.
                       BILL (VO)
Thereís plenty of time for that.
When you are in the limelight of
your career, seize the moment
before someone comes along and
dethrones the queens of rock and
roll. It could take one; two, or
even three years to happen, but
eventually D & D will be just
another name in the annals of rock
and roll. Itís rare for a good
quality band to stay on top for


                       BILL (cont'd)
more than two years no matter what
their ages are.
We will last as long as our fans
let us. Okay, Bill, Iíll let you
go. Weíll do the Dallas gig and
then we want a break. We all need
                       BILL (VO)
Make sure you call Jill and let
her know you are all set for the
weekend. Iíll see you when you
get home.
Okay, bye!
Danielle looks at the girls.
One more call and then we can go
to lunch.
Who are you calling now?
The promoter here in Reno. Her
number was on the card she sent
The four girls relax in the sitting room of their suite.
Three more shows, Danielle and we
can go home. What time is our
flight out of here tomorrow?
Four-ten tomorrow afternoon we fly
back to Las Vegas. We will
transfer there for Dallas/Fort
Worth Airport at six-twenty and we
should arrive in Dallas at around


Thatís kind of late for us to be
getting in.
Well weíre going to be met by the
promoter so our gear will go into
the Limo.
Is it a woman again?
No! His name is Dan Cassidy. Our
hotel and everything is all set
for us, according to Bill.
Why the extra gig, Danielle?
Seven hundred and fifty thousand
dollars for three shows is why.
For just about twelve hours work?
Lisa's eyebrows raise to her forehead.
When Bill talked to Mr. Cassidy he
told him we were worth every penny
and the guy never questioned him.
Were all these promoters at the
Battle of the Bands?
If you had a center that could
hold, letís say, fifty thousand
fans, Dana, and the average price
of a ticket goes for about
twenty-seven dollars, you do the
mathematics. Of course promoters
like Cassidy saw us. Heíll gross
over or around half a million
dollars per show for three shows,
and all he has to shell out is
seven hundred and fifty thousand
for us. After all his expenses
for the three days heíll gross
over a million for our nine hours
on stage. That is why Bill could


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
have us booked every weekend. We
draw those kinds of crowds when we
Wow! I never thought of it that
I donít know about you girls, but
Iím going to get some shut-eye.
Danielle heads to the bathroom for her shower.
At nine oíclock the following morning the girls of D & D are
ready to go to breakfast when the phone RINGS in their room.

Danielle goes over and picks up the phone.
                       TARA (VO)
Good morning, Danielle!
Morning, Tara. Whatís up?
                       TARA (VO)
I just called to ask you girls to
calm down on the detective work a
bit. I forgot what my home looks
We know the feeling, but for
different reasons.
                       TARA (VO)
Just so I have some idea, are you
girls heading home today?
Not really. Our agent scheduled
us for one unscheduled gig in
Dallas in two weeks. Weíll be
heading there this afternoon.


                       TARA (VO)
Maybe I should hold off heading
back to DC. You girls have an
uncanny knack for drawing cases to
Well I canít tell you what to do,
Tara, but we do not go to these
places in search of kidnapped
kids, okay?
                       TARA (VO)
I understand that, but Iím the
only law enforcement agent who
knows what you girls do and have
worked alongside you on three
separate cases.
Well we don't know of any
kidnapping in the Dallas area and
Destiny hasnít told us of any.
                       TARA (VO)
Does she usually?
The only time was in Seattle.
                       TARA (VO)
In that case Iíll be heading back
to DC this afternoon. Have fun in
Dallas, Danielle, and Iím sure
weíll meet again.
Thanks, Tara. Working alongside
you has been different, but the
end result is that the bad guys
are in jail. I hope you can get
some rest now.
                       TARA (VO)
Okay, kid, and thanks.
At seven-ten the plane touches down at Dallas/Fort Worth


I wonder what Texas is like.
Lisa grabs her carry-on bag from the cubbyhole above her
Not that any of us have ever been
there, Lisa, but from what Iíve
heard Dallas is just like any
other city.
Wendy grabs her things.
What youíll see here, that you
donít see in many places, ladies,
are those cowboy hats they all
wear down here in Texas.
The four girls start to exit the plane and head towards the
waiting area at the end of the ramp.

Dana leads the group and is the first to enter the waiting
room. A tall man, in a ten-gallon hat, quickly meets them.
Good evening, ladies, and welcome
to Dallas, Texas.
Good evening, sir, but who are
Dana sets her bag on one of the empty seats.
Iím Dan Cassidy, the promoter for
your gig here in Dallas.
Good evening, Mr. Cassidy. Iím
Danielle and this is the rest of
our band D & D. Thatís Dana, to
my left; Lisa on her left and our
drummer Wendy.
I'm already aware of who each of
you are, Danielle. I was at the
Battle of the Bands in New York
when you girls performed. Letís
get your bags and weíll get you


                       DAN (cont'd)
all situated in a hotel.
What about our instruments and
I have a van thatís picking them
up for you. If you want we can
store them at the center until you
girls need to set up for your
first show.
You can do that with the drums and
amps, Mr. Cassidy, but weíd feel a
lot more comfortable if we had our
guitars with us.
Where itís so late, Danielle, why
donít you girls come to the center
tomorrow morning and get what you
need? Iíll be there at around ten
oíclock so there'll be no problem.
That will be fine. I see our
suitcases are starting to come
down the chute.
Lisa grabs a hold of her two bags.
Put your bags on a cart, ladies,
and weíll get them placed into the
limo for you.
The promoter pulls a roll cart towards the girls.

Once all the bags are on the cart, the five of them push the
cart to the elevator and work their way to the front of the
airport where a large black limousine waits for them.
After it's loaded, the limo starts to pull away from the


Knowing you girls were going to be
in our city almost two weeks
early, with nothing to do but
relax, I created a contest for
your fans here in Dallas.
What kind of a contest, Mr.
Spend The Day With D & D contest
that we're running through the
local rock and roll station WDFW.
Whatís the criteria for this
In two hundred words or less,
contestants write in and tell us
why they should be chosen to spend
an entire Saturday with the four
of you.
It would have been nice if we were
informed of this event in advance,
Mr. Cassidy. Weíre not
complaining, but this is the first
weíve heard of it.
Your agent, Bill Deegan, gave me
the green light. I told him about
the idea when I booked this gig
for you girls two weeks ago, and
we implemented the contest the
following morning.
In that case weíll chew our
agentís butt out when we get home.
Who gets to choose the winner?
Tomorrow is the deadline for
entries and where it will be the
four of you girls who will spend
the day with the winner I think it
should be you who gets to choose


                       DAN (cont'd)
the lucky winner.
How many entries so far?
So far, as of this morning, weíve
received over forty thousand
entries. We have a team of six
people who scan each entry. By
tomorrow at noon they will have
that list narrowed down to the top
two hundred.
      (Slight Chuckle)
For a moment there I thought weíd
have to go through them all, Mr.
That would not be fair to any of
you girls. Once we have the top
two hundred entries weíll let you
girls go through them and pick out
the one you feel deserves to spend
the day with you.
Whatís the format for this day
long event?
None! We will have the local
newspaper photograph you at nine
oíclock just before you leave the
Convention Center with the winner,
and again when you return at six
oíclock. The host radio station
will interview the winner at that
time along with the four of you.
How have sales been for our shows?
Tickets went on sale the day we
announced the contest. In six
hours the only tickets left are
the six we reserve for the band
for each of the three performances
and a handful of other reserved
tickets. The Band D & D is the


                       DAN (cont'd)
hottest commodity in rock and roll
in the United States right now.
When we get to the hotel, Mr.
Cassidy, can you leave us to talk
amongst ourselves for a moment?
Sure, Danielle, but why?
I have an idea I want to talk over
with the girls. Then, if we all
agree, weíll lay it on you. Fair
Seeing as I just dropped a
bombshell on you girls thatís a
fair deal. Iíll let the chauffeur
know to stand by the door. When
youíre ready to leave just knock
on the window and heíll open the
door for you. Thereís the Hyatt
Regency. Weíll be there in a
Thank you!
You are very welcome.
The limo comes to a stop at the front door to the hotel.
When the door opens, Dan steps out.
      (To Chauffeur)
Stand by the door on the other
side. Give them a few minutes to
talk, Fred. When theyíre ready to
leave they'll knock on the window,
Yes, sir, Mr. Cassidy.
Fred closes the door so the girls can talk.
Whatís on your mind, Danielle?


Over forty thousand entries for a
chance to spend the day with us.
Out of those forty thousand I
wonder how many couldnít get
tickets to our show, or couldn't
afford to get them.
Weíre listening.
When we go through the final two
hundred entries I want to find at
least three people who say they do
not have, or canít get tickets to
our show, and preferably from
those who cannot afford to go.
But why?
D & D is and always will be fan
oriented. Our fans make us who we
are. We are sitting with eighteen
tickets that, in all reality, we
have no use for. As a consolation
prize I'm sure we can find one
person, each night, and see they
get six free tickets to our show
for whatever night.
Hey, thatís a cool idea. Iíll go
for that.
What about you two?
Thatís a lot better than giving
them to just anyone. Iím for it.
Me too.
Danielle waits no longer and knocks on the window on the
passenger side of the Limo and the chauffeur opens the door
for them.


Your baggage is already in the
lobby with Mr. Cassidy, ladies.
Thank you!
Danielle hands the chauffeur a twenty- dollar bill.
Thank you, maíam.
As the girls enter the lobbyí Dan Cassidy stands to greet
Whatís the verdict, ladies?
We didnít have to deliberate that
long, your honor.
Bill said you girls were a barrel
of laughs, Danielle, and he was
We have a twist to your contest,
Mr. Cassidy.
A twist? In what way?
You have tickets for us that we
have no use for. Rather then to
give them to just anyone, weíd
like to pick out three names, out
of the two hundred we will be
going through, to give as a
consolation prize of six free
tickets to each one of our shows.
The criteria for these three
consolation prizes will be left up
to us.


Thatís no problem. Nice gesture
on the part of D & D. Out of
curiosity though, Danielle, what
is that criteria?
We will look for those who first
cannot afford tickets to see us
perform, and secondly for those
who could not get tickets to the
shows. Weíll still use the list
of two hundred entries your judges
give us to go through.
I donít have enough time, now, to
advertise this new twist to the
contest, as the deadline for these
entries is tomorrow.
Then what a surprise three people
will get, compliments of the band
D & D, sir.
The four of you have agreed to
Yes, sir, we have.
How is the winner to be announced,
Mr. Cassidy?
The host of the afternoon show is
scheduled to air the winner of the
contest at four oíclock, right
after the news segment on
Thursday, which lasts about three
minutes, so that would be a few
minutes after four oíclock, why?
Iíd like to make the announcement.
A weird smile forms on Danielle's face.


Iím sure that can be arranged, but
You brought us into a situation we
knew nothing about, Mr. Cassidy.
You did nothing wrong or illegal,
but we seldom get to talk to our
fans, anywhere we go. Everything
we communicate is always done from
the stage. Just once Iíd like our
fans to hear the human side of D &
D. Not only that, sir, but
Saturday, the day this person is
to spend with us, is my birthday
and the person chosen will get to
celebrate my eighteenth birthday
with the entire band of D & D.
Wow! Your agent said you were
more mature than your ages show,
and Iíll be damned, he was right.
Iíll make the arrangements with
the radio station and Iíll have
the limo pick you girls up here at
two-thirty Thursday afternoon.
Done deal and thanks.
Danielle gets ready to grab her suitcases.
What time tomorrow morning, so we
can get our guitars?
Someone will be here at ten
oíclock, Danielle.
Weíll see you at the center in the
The girls go to the counter to register in as the promoter
turns and heads back to the limo.


At six-ten there's a KNOCK on the door to their room and
Danielle goes to answer it.
Good evening, Mr. Cassidy.
Good evening, Danielle. Here are
the two hundred entries our judges
chose. You have almost two days
to pick a winner from this list.
Dan Cassidy hands her a box with the entries chosen.
Do you need to know who the winner
is before itís aired on Thursday?
No, and that reminds me. When you
pick the winner, Iíll need their
address so we can have a limo pick
them up at home, but do not air
their address over the radio.
I hadnít planned on doing that
Good! Iíll see you girls at eight
oíclock Saturday morning in the
Who do I give their address to
when we pick a winner?
Iím sorry, Danielle. Hereís my
card. If Iím not there then give
the information to my secretary.
Thank you. Have a good week.
Danielle closes the door as he leaves.

Danielle heads into the sitting room with the box of entries
in her hands and lays it on the coffee table.


How are we going to work this,
Thatís a good question. I thought
maybe we should break these down
into four piles.
For what purpose?
In the first pile we can classify
that as the forget it pile. The
second we can call the day with us
pile. The third for those who
cannot afford tickets and the last
one for those who could not get
By breaking these down what will
that accomplish?
Well for one thing the first pile
we can eliminate all together. If
there are more than three entries
in the third pile then we can
eliminate the fourth pile as well.
That makes sense and would narrow
the number of entries we have to
concentrate on down to a minimum.
Exactly! Why donít we go and get
some dinner and when we return we
can tackle these entries tonight?
Iím with you on that
All four girls grab their purses and get ready to leave the
By eight-thirty the girls are back in their room and they
start the slow arduous task of reading each one of the two
hundred entries for a chance to spend the day with them.


All four teens grab a handful of letters and one-by-one they
get read and placed into one of the four piles on the coffee
table that sits between them.
Itís almost eleven oíclock,
ladies. Why donít we call it a
night? Weíve got about forty or
so left to go through and we can
pick it up in the morning.
All four girls sit back in their respective chairs.
Did you see any one that stands
out, Danielle?
Nothing very special. How about
you girls?
I had one that brought tears to my
eyes. Itís one Iím sure will
touch your heart, as much or more
than it touched mine.
Want me to read it tonight?
If you want to sleep youíll wait
until the morning.
Which one is it?
I put three stars on the top of
the page in pen. Youíll find it
easy enough.
Now my feminine curiosity is in
overdrive, Wendy. How in the
world am I going to be able to go
to sleep until Iíve had a chance
to see that letter?


Once again the softhearted side of Danielle shows through as
her teammateís chuckle along with her while she sifts
through the second pile of letters until she finds the one
that has three stars at the top.
Ah, here it is.
Danielle sits back and reads it out loud for all to hear.
      (Reading the
Dear Danielle and the rest of the
band D & D; My name is Leanne
Sommers and Iím thirteen years
old. Iíd love to spend the day
with D & D because you four girls
are awesome. I watched you at the
Battle of the Bands and would love
nothing better than to see you
perform in person. My dad got
laid off from his job two months
ago, so we could not afford
tickets to a show. I know there
must be thousands of entries by
people who would love to spend an
entire day with you, but I hope
you choose mine. With little or
nothing else to hope for, a whole
day with you four girls would be
my pot of gold at the end of a
rainbow. Iíd say God bless you,
but Heís already done that giving
you talent most girls only hope
for. If I cannot win, can you
find it in your hearts to give a
ticket to one of your three shows
to my friend Brandy Lawson? She
is in a wheelchair, loves D & D,
and sheíd need help getting there.
Thanks, Leanne
Wow, what a letter.
She sure knows how to touch your
Danielle reaches into her purse for a Kleenex to wipe her
eyes that are wet from tears that streaked down her face.


Not only that, Danielle, but she
was very unselfish as well.
I know. That unselfish act gets
her six tickets to Saturdays show.
As sincere as she was, Iím sure
sheíll see her friend will get at
least two of them.
Weíve been a team long enough for
any one of the three of us to be
able to read between the lines,
Danielle. You want to do more,
donít you?
Am I that predictable?
Itís not that youíre that
predictable, Danielle, but your
heart is exactly what this tour is
called, a heart of gold. That
beautiful aspect of you rubs off
onto us. We can sense you want to
give her folks money, and each one
of us wants to be a part of it,
but how much can we help her
I was thinking twenty thousand
just like we did in Atlanta. Five
thousand wonít hurt any one of us.
I also want to take her whole
family out to dinner on Saturday
night when we celebrate my
birthday. This way we can
surprise Leanne with the tickets
and her parents with the check.
Sounds good to me.
Count me in, Danielle.
Iím in too, Danielle, but itís


Whatís amazing?
It seems we become heroes, no
matter where we go, one way or the
other. In most cases we are the
only ones who know. In cases like
this weíll be heroes to Leanne and
her family.
We canít broadcast what we do in
either case, Dana, but I cannot
see an unselfish girl like this go
through her young life hurting.
Yes weíll be heroes in our own
way, but sheíll be able to grow up
happy. Letís get to bed. Weíll
pick the consolation prizes in the
When they arrive at the radio station, just before three
oíclock, they are met by radio jock Ken Gramble of the
evening show.
Good afternoon, ladies. What a
pleasure and surprise,
Good afternoon, sir!
Danielle looks around, as do the others in the group.
Is this your first time in a radio
Yes it is. Weíve been to a
recording studio, which is
similar, but never to a radio
We have time, so let me show you
around. Iím radio show host Ken
Gramble and weíll be announcing


                       KEN (cont'd)
your winner in about an hour.
Did Mr. Cassidy tell you there
would be consolation prizes?
He mentioned something about it,
Miss Dee. Where we are only
broadcasting it, and we have no
financial input into the outcome,
we wonít worry about the minor
details. The announcement of the
consolation prizes has not been
announced per instructions of Mr.
Good! Thank you!
By five minutes to four, after she's briefed on radio
protocol, Danielle sits in the co-anchorís chair while Ken
Gramble gets ready to take the anchorís chair once the news
segment airs at four oíclock.

Seated at the anchorís seat is radio host Dan Stillwater who
waits for the song to finish so he can announce the news.
Right after the news of the day,
by Karen Barkley, we will play the
number one song in the USA today
by the band D & D, The Four Walls
of Destiny. Then we will have show
host Ken Gramble introduce our
guest this afternoon, band leader
Danielle Dee of the band D & D who
is here to announce the Winner of
the Day With D & D contest,
sponsored by the Dallas Convention
Center. Karen!
The rest of the band sits in the observation room across
from Danielle and can hear everything thatís going on

Danielle sits in the chair with headphones to her ear so she
can hear everything thatís said. She sits there with pride
as their hit song plays.
Ken Gramble excites the unseen crowd as the song winds down.


Good afternoon, Dallas! This is
your evening host Ken Gramble and
it is with honor we announce that
here, in our studios this
afternoon, we have with us
Danielle Dee, the band leader of
the co-winners of the coveted
Battle of the Bands tournament
held in New York last fall. Youíve
just heard their hit single the
Four Walls of Destiny, which now
stands at nine weeks as the number
one single in the country. Good
afternoon, Danielle.
      (Nervous Voice)
Good afternoon, Ken!
How are the people treating you
girls here in Dallas?
The only way I can describe it is
awesome. Our fans love us, no
matter where we go, but here in
Texas itís like being around
Thatís great! This coming
Saturday, you and the rest of the
band will spend the day with one
winner from the contest sponsored
by the Dallas Convention Center,
that required entrants to submit,
in two hundred words or less, why
they would like to spend the day
with you. Weíve learned that
there were over forty-thousand
entries for this contest, is that
Just over forty-two thousand to be
more precise, Ken.


Were you able to come to a
decision as to who deserves that
honor to spend the day with you
If I may interrupt for a second,
Ken, but yes we did choose a
winner. First off, there will be
four consolation prizes of three
tickets each to see one of our
shows. The following names can go
to the convention center any day
this week and pick up your
tickets. Those names are Mia
Ramble, Robert Dexter, Tim
Crowley, and Jill Foxworth. The
name of the winner of the contest,
to spend the day with us, is
Leanne Sommers.
There you have it, folks. The
winners of the consolation prizes
can pick up your tickets at the
Dallas Convention Center Box
Office. Miss Sommers! You will
be contacted by Mr. Cassidy, of
the Convention Center, to be
picked up on Saturday morning by
limousine and driven to the center
to spend the Day with the band D &
D. Thank you, Danielle. This is
Ken Gramble for WDFW radio ninety
seven point three FM.
Mom! Mom!
The thirteen year-old Miss Sommers screams when she hears
her name mentioned on the air. The four foot nine curly
red-haired teenager is in her room and runs out and down the
hall stairs as fast as her legs will carry her and her
mother can hear her.


Momma I won the contest with the
Her mother fixes the evening meal and turns around to face
her daughter.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
You what, Leanne?
Leanne is almost out of breath, sheís so excited.
That contest I entered, to be able
to spend the day with the band D &
D, well I won it. Danielle Dee,
their band leader, called my name
over the radio a moment ago.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Well Iím glad something has
finally gone right for someone in
this house.
Things will get better, mom, I
just know it.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
What time will they be here on
The promoter, a Mr. Cassidy, is
supposed to be calling me to let
me know.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Then you make sure your homework
is all done on Friday night. If I
know you, by the time Saturday is
over with, young lady, you wonít
be fit to do it on Sunday.
I will momma, I promise. Wait
till I tell all my friends at
school tomorrow.


                       MRS. SOMMERS
Iím sure if they entered that
contest as well, Leanne, they
already know.
Iím just so happy, mom. I wonder
if they were able to get tickets
for Brandy.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
You asked for tickets for Brandy
Lawson, but why?
In my entry I said if I donít win
the contest could you find it in
your heart to give tickets to my
wheelchair bound friend, Brandy
Lawson, so she could get to see
one of the shows.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
She didnít say anything about it
over the radio?
Who, Danielle?
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Danielle mentioned something about
some consolation prizes of three
tickets each but she said nothing
about any for my friend Brandy.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Well that was a very unselfish
thought by you anyway, Leanne, and
Iím proud to say youíre my
Thanks, mom. I wonder when
theyíll call.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I'd think they'd call you this
afternoon, but I'm not sure.


The chauffeur waits outside the radio station for the girls
of D & D. When they come out he professionally exits the
car and heads around to the rear passenger door and opens
Are you young ladies all set here?
Thanks, Fred. Is Dan Cassidy
still at the Convention Center?
He was as of five minutes ago when
we talked on the phone, Miss Dee.
Want me to check?
Yes, please. If heís there we'd
like to see him.
As you wish, maíam.
Fred waits for all four girls to climb inside. When he
returns to the driverís seat he grabs the car phone and
dials the office phone.

On the second ring it is answered.
                       RECEPTIONIST (VO)
Good afternoon, this is the Dallas
Convention Center. Can I help you?
This is limo driver Fred Hart. Let
me speak to Mr. Cassidy if heís
still there please.
                       RECEPTIONIST (VO)
One second, Fred, and Iíll patch
you through.
A moment later Dan Cassidy gets to the phone.
                       DAN (VO)
Are the girls all set at the radio
station, Fred?


Yes sir, Mr. Cassidy, and theyíd
like to see you, sir.
                       DAN (VO)
No problem. How close are you to
the center?
Iím about twelve minutes out, sir.
                       DAN (VO)
If I know Danielle, the way I
think I know her, she wants to
make that call to the winner of
the contest. Bring the girls
here, Fred, and thanks.
Fred hangs up the phone and informs the girls.
Mr. Cassidy waits for you at the
Convention Center. Iíll take you
right there.
Thanks, Fred!
Fifteen minutes later the limousine pulls up in front of the
Dallas Convention Center and promoter Dan Cassidy waits for
them out front.
You did a nice job at the radio
station, Danielle.
Thank you. Can we go to your
Follow me, ladies.
Dan leads the four girls into the convention center office.
He passes several desks until he reaches a private office in
the back of the room. He opens the door.


Come on in D & D. Please have a
seat, ladies. Whatís on your
mind, Danielle?
First off the winner we chose is a
very unselfish young thirteen year
old girl who, in her entry, asked
that if she couldnít win could we
find a way for her wheelchair
bound friend to get tickets to see
one of our shows.
It looks to me like you chose your
winner well. Go on!
Secondly, we gave out only twelve
of the eighteen consolation
tickets so we could see that
Leanne Sommers got more than her
wish. The final six tickets we
are planning to give to Leanne and
her friend Brandy Dawson for
Saturday nightís show.
I wondered what you were planning
to do with the last six tickets
when I heard you announce the
consolation prizes over the radio.
Iím listening.
Dan Cassidy leans on his desk with his elbows.
If I remember correctly, Mr.
Cassidy, you said we have the use
of the limo for the entire day,
Youíre right so far. Whatís on
your mind?
Danielle goes on to explain her plans to the promoter in
Now I know why Bill talks about
you girls with such pride and
respect. You four girls are not


                       DAN (cont'd)
only talented performers, but the
four of you deserve an award for
human kindness. As a good will
gesture, on the part of the Dallas
Convention Center, Danielle, we
will match your gift to the family
of the winner and Iíll see you
girls have the limo for as long as
you need it. Iíll call Miss
Sommers now. Would you like to
talk to her?
I sure would.
Danielle hands Leanneís entry to the promoter. On it is the
girlís address and phone number.

Mr. Cassidy takes the entry, picks up the phone and dials
the number for Leanne Sommers.

On the second ring the phone is answered by Mrs. Sommers.
                       MRS. SOMMERS (VO)
Good afternoon. My name is Dan
Cassidy, promoter for the Dallas
Convention Center. Could I speak
to Leanne Sommers please.
                       MRS. SOMMERS (VO)
Sheís right here, Mr. Cassidy. One
second please.
Is this Leanne Sommers?
Leanne replies in a childish but excited voice.
Yes it is.
I have someone here whoíd like to
talk to you, a Danielle Dee from
the band D & D.


No way! Really?
Leanne jumps for joy with her mother watching from the
kitchen doorway.
Hi Leanne. This is Danielle Dee.
Oh my God, I donít believe this.
Hi Danielle.
I have a big surprise for you.
I know, I won the contest.
For you this will be even bigger
than that. You call your friend
Brandy Lawson and tell her to be
ready around eight o'clock on
Saturday morning, and after we
pick you up we will go and get her
so she can spend the day with us
as well. How does that sound to
Are you serious?
We talked it over, the four of us,
and because of your unselfish
heart, we all wanted you to have
the best day of your life.
I did tell you she was in a
wheelchair, didnít I?
Yes, dear, you sure did. First
youíll have to make sure she gets
her parentís okay to go, where
sheís only thirteen. Then, if her
parents okay it, the two of you
can have the whole day with the


How can I possibly thank you,
You just did. Iíll see you on
Saturday morning at eight.
Iíll be ready, Danielle, and
thanks a million.
Leanne hangs up the phone and turns towards her mother.
Did you hear what D & D is willing
to do?
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I only caught one side of the
conversation, dear. What did she
They said that because I was
unselfish, that if I wanted to,
Brandy could go with me and spend
the day with them too. Could you
do me a really big favor, mom?
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Whatís that, honey?
Could you go over there and
somehow make sure Brandy doesnít
hear you and get her momís
permission to go, before I go and
ask her and then, only find out
her mother wonít let her. I donít
want to see her hurt.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
You and Brandy were like sisters
before she got hit by that car a
year ago. Youíve been the only
one of her so-called friends who
stood by her when she needed her


                       MRS. SOMMERS (cont'd)
friends. If it means that much to
you, Leanne, Iíll go next door and
talk to her mother right now.
Thanks, ma. You're one special
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Let me get over there before they
have their supper.
Mrs. Sommers heads out the back door and over to the Lawson
home next door. When she returns, almost fifteen minutes
later, Leanne sits at the kitchen table.
Well what did she say, ma?
Leanne stands up to hear her answer.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Go ahead and call Brandy. Her
mother has given the okay and
Brandy was not in the room so she
has no idea whatís going on.
Thanks, mom!
Leanne gives her mother a big hug. A minute later Leanne
heads to the phone and calls her thirteen-year-old friend
Brandy and waits for the phone to be answered.
                       MRS. LAWSON (VO)
Hi, Mrs. Lawson. This is Leanne.
Is Brandy there?
                       MRS. LAWSON (VO)
She's watching television, Leanne.
One moment, dear, and Iíll get
her for you.


                       BRANDY (VO)
Hi, Leanne! Congratulations,
Thanks, Brandy. Yes I won the
contest, but guess what?
                       BRANDY (VO)
You mean thereís more than
spending the whole day on Saturday
with the band D & D?
How would you like to be my guest
on Saturday?
                       BRANDY (VO)
Are you kidding me, Leanne?
Nope! Not at all. They thought I
was very unselfish and decided
they wanted my best friend to
share in my special day.
      (Broken Voice)
YouÖ you'd do that for me, Leanne?
Isnít that what friends are for?
Yes it is, but since Iíve become
bound to this wheelchair you are
the only true friend I have. Iíd
love to be able to go, but Iíll
have to get my momís permission.
You donít have to, Brandy. My mom
just went over there and she got
her permission.
This is so unreal. What time
should I be ready on Saturday
The limousine is supposed to be
here around eight oíclock to pick
me up, so Iíll come over a few


                       LEANNE (cont'd)
minutes before that and wheel you
over here and we can wait for them
You are one real friend, Leanne.
That goes both ways. Iíll see you
in school tomorrow morning.
At seven-thirty, after several changes of clothes, Leanne
cannot wait around any longer.
Do you think Brandy is as anxious
as I am, ma?
                       MRS. SOMMERS
The way the two of you acted that
day in October, when D & D got
that perfect score, dear, thereís
no doubt in my mind. If you want
to go over there and get her, go
ahead dear.
Thanks, ma, youíre terrific!
Leanne runs down the short hall to the front door.
A few moments later Leanne is on the porch of her neighbor
and friend Brandy Lawson, and KNOCKS on the door.
Mrs. Lawson is in the kitchen and has the front door open
for Leanne.
                       MRS. LAWSON
Come on in, Leanne!


Leanne enters the Lawson home and heads to the kitchen.
Thanks, Mrs. Lawson. Whereís
                       MRS. LAWSON
I believe she is trying to decide
what she wants to wear, Leanne.
Brandy wheels herself into the kitchen from her room.
Iím right here, mom. Does this
look okay?
                       MRS. LAWSON
You look just fine, sweetheart.
Theyíre teenagers, just like you;
just a little older is all.
Theyíll probably be in jeans and a
comfortable blouse just like you
and Leanne.
Well I've never met a celebrity
before, Ma.
Until yesterday I'd never talked
to one either, but Danielle seems
cool. I doubt they'll be all
dressed up.
I hope you're right. This is my
third change of clothing this
morning, and as you can see,
that's not an easy task.
You too, huh? This is my third
change too.
                       MRS. LAWSON
If I didn't know better, I'd think
you girls were going on your first


I'm going to bring her over to the
house and we can wait there, okay
Mrs. Lawson?
                       MRS. LAWSON
You girls go ahead. I'll be there
in a few minutes. I want to meet
these girls.
We'll wait for you over there, Ma.
Leanne wheels Brandy's wheelchair over to the door.
At seven o'clock the limousine pulls up in front of the
hotel and all four girls are ready and head towards it. The
driver exits the vehicle and opens the rear passenger door.
Good morning, Fred. Are you going
to be with us all day?
I'm going to be with you young
ladies until about six o'clock
this evening. Jacob Lannon will
take over once you've returned to
the Convention Center.
Thanks, Fred. Do you have the
address for Miss Sommers?
Yes, ma'am and I have the
directions as well. We'll be
there in about fifteen minutes.
Do what you have to, Fred, but
please don't get to the house
before eight o'clock.
Will do, Miss Dee.


At eight o'clock sharp the chauffeur pulls the limousine up
to the front of seventeen Sandwood Lane and comes to a stop.
Both girls are at the front of the house on a bright sunny
April morning, with their mothers with them.

The chauffeur exits the driver's side and heads around to
the rear passenger door. After he opens it, all four girls
of D & D step out.
There they are, Brandy. That's D
& D!
Do you think they'll come up here
to the house?
The four girls of D & D start to head their direction.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
It sure looks that way, girls.
Mrs. Sommers gets ready to greet the four young ladies who
are almost up to them.

Danielle leads the foursome up the short walk from the limo,
to where the girls and their mothers wait with smiles on all
their faces.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
You must be Danielle.
Mrs. Sommers extends her hand for a greeting.
I am Danielle, and the girls
behind me are Lisa, Dana, and
Wendy, the rest of the band D & D.
Danielle shakes the woman's hand.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I am Delores Sommers, Leanne's
mother. The woman beside me is
Terry Lawson, Brandy's mother.
After all that you girls were
going to do for our daughters, we
just had to be out here to meet
you before you took off for the


                       MRS. SOMMERS (cont'd)
I'm glad you did, Mrs. Sommers. We
were hoping that we'd get to meet
at least the two mothers, and
hopefully all four parents before
we took off. Let me get
introduced to these two anxious
lovely young ladies first.
Danielle looks at Leanne who stands four foot-four with
shoulder length straight red hair much the same style as her
Hi Leanne!
Danielle bends to give the girl a hug.
I can't believe D & D is actually
standing outside my mom and dad's
house, Danielle.
Well it's true. Hi Brandy!
Danielle looks at a young blonde girl with deep blue eyes.
She bends down and gives Brandy a hug as well.

Tears streak down the face of Brandy Lawson and she tries yo
wipe them without being seen.
You'll have to excuse me,
Danielle, but I'm not used to
being treated this nice by anyone
other than Leanne and my folks.
Listen! You two young ladies go
to the limousine with the rest of
the girls and get yourselves
introduced. I'll be right there.
Brandy! The driver will help you
get into the limo, okay?
Okay, Danielle, and thanks.


Dana goes behind the wheelchair and pushes her towards the
limo slow.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
You said you wanted to see us,
Yes I do. Today is my birthday
and to spend the day with these
two lovely girls is a birthday
present I'll remember for a long
time. The rest of the band and
myself would love to be able to
celebrate my birthday with both
families by taking both girls and
their parents to dinner with us.
                       MRS. LAWSON
Do the girls know yet?
Not yet. In the event either one
of you had other plans, we didn't
want them disappointed. The only
thing they know is that they have
the entire day with us until about
six o'clock.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I don't know what to say. Why are
you girls being so nice to us?
Put yourself in my shoes, Mrs.
Sommers. If it was your birthday,
and you were four thousand miles
from home, and we were the only
ones you knew, what would you do?
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I see your point. What time would
you want us ready?
Well at six o'clock we are
supposed to be at the Convention
Center for pictures and
interviews. I would dare guess
that might take about a half hour
or so. To be on the safe side,
I'd say be ready by seven o'clock.
Will both you and your husband


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
come too, Mrs. Lawson?
                       MRS. LAWSON
We would love to. Be careful with
those two girls, Danielle. They
are prescious cargo, okay?
We'll be sure to do that. Would
it be possible to meet you both
here at seven o'clock?
                       MRS. LAWSON
We live right next door, Danielle,
so that's not a problem.
Great! We'll see you all at
seven. Bye!
Once Danielle enters the limo, the chauffeur closes the door
behind her. The girls are all gabbing like they'd known
each other for years.
I see everyone knows Leanne and
The limousine pulls away from the Sommers' home.
What did you say to our moms,
Now it wouldn't be much of a
surprise or secret if I told you,
now would it?
The rest of the band chuckles at Danielle's sense of humor.
Okay, I get the picture.
Let's just say it's going to be
beter than you think.


Can I ask a question, Danielle?
Sure, Brandy, what's on your mind?
How did you girls get involved
with a band at such a young age?
You had to ask me that question,
now didn't you. I'll try to
answer the best way I can. We all
got involved with the band because
of a girl by the name of Destiny
That would be the Destiny in D &
D, right?
You have been following us,
haven't you?
I've followed you since the Battle
of the Bands, and I also know that
today is your birthday. Happy
There are no flies on her,
I guess not. We'll be getting our
pictures taken, at the Convention
Center, and then we will start out
wherever you two young ladies want
to take us. This day is all
You are spending a lot on us,


Leanne takes a bite of her food.
When we take someone out, Leanne,
we take them out to have a good
time. Are you girls having a good
I know I am.
Are you kidding. I've never had
this much fun.
Did the doctors tell you how long
you'd have to be in that
wheelchair, Brandy?
The smile that only seconds earlier covered Brandy Lawson's
face, quickly changes as she looks at the base guitarist.
They told my parents that I'd
never be able to walk again. Only
a miracle will allow me to ever be
out of this wheelchair.
You know, Brandy, that we do
believe in miracles. It's not
right to see such a sweet young
lady like you, who's so full of
life, not be able to do the things
you want to do.
There's nothing you can do about
it, Danielle. I've been in this
box with wheels for just over a
year, and nothing I can do, can or
will ever change that.
Well maybe there's something we
can do, Brandy. Girls! Keep our
two young friends company while I
go to the ladies' room.
Once she reaches the ladies' room she locks the door behind


Okay, Destiny, I need to see you.
Moments later Destiny's angelic form floats through the wall
in front of Danielle.
I knew you'd want to see me,
Danielle, for I sent enough
messages through my spirit so you
Then you know what's going through
my mind.
Of course I know. What happened
to Brandy is a one in a million
rarity. She is paralyzed from her
waist down to her feet. Her upper
torso is normal.
Does that mean she has to spend
the rest of her life in a
As it stands right now, Danielle,
there's only one way that will
Only God can heal her, right?
That's right, but there's a price
that has to be paid to right the
wrong that's been done to Brandy's
What kind of a price can be put on
a child's life?
There's no monetary price that can
save this girl. What you don't
know, nor do her parents or even
the doctors, is that without God's
intervention Brandy will not live
to see her twenty-first birthday.


She's dying?
Tears streak down the sides of Danielle's face.
Right now she is.
Then what is the price to save her
Brandy can be completely healed,
Danielle, and the price that has
to be paid is the loss of all of D
& D's powers, that means from your
eyes and instruments as well.
All four of you girls will have to
give up your powers if you want to
see Brandy Lawson walk and play
like a normal girl.
So that would mean that we just go
back to being D & D the band and
go on with our lives like we never
had these powers before.
The choice is yours.
I can only speak for myself,
Destiny, but if it means that her
life will be spared and she can be
made whole again, I, for one, will
give up my powers.
When you have a chance to, talk to
the other girls. There is more to
this than just your sacrifice as
In what way?


Brandy's parents will have to have
faith that God will heal their
How am I going to do that?
This restaurant has a function
room that holds up to thirty
people. It is not reserved for
tonight. Go and reserve it from
seven-thirty to about ten o'clock.
Pay them well and give them
strict instructions that after the
meal you are not to be disturbed
by any of the staff.
I can do that, but why?
You will have dinner with both
families. When the meal is done,
and the tables have been cleared
off, it will be up to you girls
how you want to introduce me to
them. You may even need to prove
the powers you say you have, but
you should be used to that by now.
I am, but this is a whole
different ballgame.
This is not a game, Danielle. I
have to prove to the Lawsons that
their faith in God is a must if
they want to ever see their
daughter walk again.
Then count us in. I'll see you
Bye for now.
Destiny departs the same way she came in.

Danielle leaves the ladie's room and heads out and reserves


the function room for the evening. She then returns to
where the girls are seated.
What's going on, Danielle?
I was just busy, that's all. We
have reservations for seven-thirty
here tonight. Is everyone full
This was awesome, Danielle. I
can't east another thing.
How about you, Brandy?
I am full, Danielle.
The enthusiasm that was there earlier is missing.
Cheer up, Brandy. I have some
good news for you.
Brandy raises her head to look at the band leader.
I was going to surprise you girls
with this tonight, but where you
needed some serious cheering up,
guess what I have for you?
Danielle reaches into her purse and pulls out the six
tickets Promoter Cassidy gave her earlier at the photo
Leanne! Brandy! I know you both
would love to see us on stage at
one of our shows this weekend, so
I have three tickets here for you
both for our show on Saturday
Danielle hands three tickets to both girls.
These are for your show, Danielle?


Brandy! You can thank your friend
Leanne for those tickets.
Wendy gives Brandy a hug.
Leanne? But why?
In her entry to win the day with
us, she asked that if she could
not win, could we find it in our
hearts to see that you got tickets
to see one of our shows.
It was her unselfish attitude that
allowed us to choose her entry
from over forty-thousand entries.
It's that kind of attitude that
makes us want to see you girls get
to see one of our shows.
Dana hugs both girls.
You did that for me, Leanne?
You are my best friend and I knew
how much you love D & D, so yeah I
did that for my best friend.
Tears streak down the front of Brandy's face, as well as
each of the band members.
Okay, girls, we've got about four
and a half hours left, so let's
get out of here and enjoy it.
Danielle steps out of the limo in front of the others.
Fred! Will you wheel brandy to
the concourse. We'll be right


Will do, Miss Dee.
The chauffeur grabs the wheelchair and brings it to the door
and assists the girl into it.
Leanne! You and Brandy go with
the chauffeur to the concourse.
We'll be right there.
Okay, Danielle, will do.
The chauffeur and the two girls head towards the concourse.
What's going on, Danielle?
I've got reservations for the same
restaurant where we had breakfast
this morning. Destiny will be
there tonight too. I hate to say
this, but Brandy is dying.
Evidently there's something the
doctors have missed, but according
to Destiny she'll not see her
twenty-first birthday unless God
Well is God going to intervene?
He will, but at a price.
What could God even need from that
Not from them, Dana, but from us;
our powers.
Danielle looks at each one of the girls with a somber face.


Not only that, but we've got to
convince Brandy's family that God
can do this and they have to have
the faith that he will.
When is all this going to take
I don't know, but Destiny is going
to be there tonight, at the hall,
and we'll have the hall until ten
o'clock. After our dinner we will
have the place undisturbed by the
staff for the rest of the evening.
I paid two-thousand for the
dinner and the privacy, so
whatever Destiny has planned, she
can do. I couldn't speak for the
three of you, but we do not have
to give up these powers. If we do,
however, Brandy will be able to
live a normal life.
That means our days of finding
kidnapped kids is over.
It was Destiny's desire,
originally, to find her brother's
killers. When she went to Heaven
and returned, it was to prevent
kids from getting into Heaven
before it was their time to be
there. We assumed that meant
finding kidnapped kids. Brandy is
an exception to this rule, and yes
she is a kid who does not need to
spend the rest of her life not
knowing and enjoying her
I'm willing to give up my powers,
I don't have to guess which way
you've chosen, Danielle, so count
me in.


Me too!
Let's get up there with the girls.
The four girls of D & D head to the concourse with the

As they approach, Dan Cassidy walks over to Danielle and
hands her an envelope.
Here's the envelope for the
Sommers family. I don't know what
you did with those girls,
Danielle, but they are on a cloud.
We spent the whole day as
teen-aged girls like to do, but
for those two young ladies it was
special, because they got to spend
it with members of a band. We,
ourselves, almost forgot what that
was like.
Okay, Danielle, you girls go ahead
and have your pictures and
interviews. I have a new driver
for you girls this evening.
Thanks, Dan, and will you give
this to Fred for us?
Danielle reaches into her purse and pulls out a fifty dollar
bill and hands it to the promoter.
I'll see he gets this, Danielle.
Your new driver for tonight is
Jacob Lannon, and by the way, the
press knows nothing about tonight.
Thanks, Dan!
The two young teens could not stop talking to the press as
they continued to tell about the exciting day they had with
the dynamic quartet of D & D. By six-thirty the photos and
interviews are over and it's time to head home.


I'm all talked out, girls. Who
wants to tell them?
Tell us what, Danielle?
Go ahead, Danielle. This is your
Okay, then. Both you girls already
know it's my birthday, right?
We mentioned that earlier today,
Well what's a birthday without a
birthday party?
Just another day.
Leanne shrugs her shoulders.
Well I have another surprise for
you girls.
You mean there's more?
Brandy's face beams with joy.
You two young ladies, along with
your parents, are going to have
dinner with us to help me
celebrate my birthday.
No way!
Leanne jumps for joy and gives Danielle a big hug.
We didn't get you a present,
Brandy's face saddens once again.


Listen, Brandy! Do you really
want to know what I want for my
I want to see the sweetest smile
on your face, a smile that comes
from deep inside your heart. What
better gift could I get than one
that comes from your heart?
Do our parents know?
I told them this morning when I
talked with your moms. All four
of them are coming with us
tonight. Okay, Mr.Lannon, you can
help Miss Brandy into the limo
now, please.
What about your birthday cake,
Who needs a birthday cake. All I
need are my best friends.
Danielle gives Leanne a hug before she steps inside the
Okay, girls, when we get to
Leanne's house I want you two
young ladies to stay in the limo
while we introduce ourselves to
your dads. Then we'll go and have
a party, D & D style.
Where are we going?
We're going to the same place
where we had breakfast, but we've
reserved the hall for tonight.
While I was away from your girls I


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
reserved the function room.
When the stretch limo pulls up to the house at seventeen
Sandwood Lane, both couples are on the porch and wait for
the girls of D & D to come to the home and introduce
Danielle once again leads the quartet up the short walk to
the waiting couples.
Good evening Mrs. Sommers; Mrs
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Good evening Danielle. Have you
worn the girls out yet?
Those two have a lot of spunk, so
they're not done in yet.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I'd like you to meet my husband,
Gary Sommers extends his right hand for a hand shake.
Good evening, Miss Dee. This is
indeed a pleasure.
The two shake hands.

Danielle turns towards the other man on the porch.
And you must be Mr. Lawson.
She once again extends her hand to the man.
I am Phil Lawson and I'd
personally like to thank you for
what you and your friends have
done for both Leanne and our


He shakes her hand.
It was our pleasure. Before we go,
I'd like to introduce the rest of
our band to you dads. To my right
is drummer Wendy Parks. To her
right is our base guitarist Lisa
Mack, And to her right is our
singer, Dana Kay.
Where are the girls?
They are waiting for us in the
limo. Are you folks ready to eat?
Everyone heads to the limo and they all climb inside.
Where to, Miss Dee?
Take us to Bill D's on Harrison
Boulevard, Mr. Lannon.
You'll love the food and service
there, ma'am.
I know. We had breakfast there
this morning.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
How was your day with the band D &
D Leanne?
Mom! On a scale of one to ten,
today was a hundred. This morning
they let Brandy and I show them
what we wanted them to see in
Dallas and this afternoon we went
to the mall, D & D style, of
course. I'll never forget today.
How about you, Brandy?


I had as good a time as any girl
in a wheelchair could have, dad. I
never had to ask for anything. I
learned a big lesson today though.
What's that, dear?
I used to think that people like D
& D, or to be more precise, bands
in general, would never spend any
serious time with someone like me;
like they were too good for us
little people. I learned that
underneath all their make-up and
outfits, these people are just
like us. The only difference is
that they are always on the go and
never have time to make friends or
to be who they really are inside.
Every question I asked them, they
took the time to answer like
they'd known me forever and I was
a part of their family. I made
four really good friends today and
I'll never forget them.
All four girls have all they can do to keep back the tears
that try to flow from the corners of their eyes.
When we came here to Dallas, we
knew nothing about the contest to
spend the day with us. To have
spent the whole day with these two
lovely young ladies is a treasure
I'm sure all of D & D will
treasure for a long, long time.
Neither of these girls asked for
anything, so what we were able to
give them, we gave them from our
And the night is not over with
The Limousine pulls up in front of Bill D's and stops.

All four parents caught Danielle's statement, but where the
chauffeur opens the rear door, they all chose to be quiet. D


& D gets out first and then the four parents. Leanne steps
out, then the chauffeur helps Brandy get into her
There you go, young lady.
Thank you, sir.
Wendy gets behind Brandy and wheels her around with the
Mr. Lannon!
Yes, Miss Dee.
You'll not be needed until around
ten o'clock. Have yourself a nice
dinner, or whatever, and be back
here around a quarter to ten.
Danielle hands him a fifty dollar bill.
Thank you, ma'am.
Danielle returns with the others.
The ten of them head inside and Danielle approaches the
                       HOSTESS 1
Can I help you?
Yes, ma'am. We've got the function
room reserved for tonight. The
name is Danielle Dee.
                       HOSTESS 1
Yes,ma'am. Follow me please.
The hostess leads the way through the restaurant and into
the function room in the back.


                       HOSTESS 1
Would you all like to sit at the
same table, Miss Dee?
That would be really nice, thank
The hostess leaves the room and returns moments later with
two men who rearrange the tables to make one table that can
hold up to twelve people.
                       HOSTESS 1
I think that does it, ma'am.
Please be seated and the waitress
will be with you shortly.
Once the meal is ordered it's small talk back and forth as
the parents of both girls gets to see the band who's stolen
their daughter's hearts.

Before long the meal arrives and they all dig in. By
eight-thirty the last of the dishes are being removed from
the table.
When you leave, ma'am, we are not
to be disturbed in here. If we
need anything we'll come out and
get it, understood?
                       WAITRESS 1
We know that, ma'am. The room is
The woman leaves the function room.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Why the insistency on privacy,
Miss Dee?
Because even I'm not sure what's
going to happen next, Mrs Sommers.
There are going to be two
surprises here tonight and where
I'm going to be doing most of the
talking during the second one,
I'll let Wendy tell you the first


Danielle reaches down into her purse and pulls out the
envelope from the Convention Center and the twenty-thousand
she got from the bank. She hands them to Wendy.
Thank you, Danielle. Tonight, as
you can imagine by now, folks, is
not part of the original contest
Leanne entered to spend the day
with us. What's about to happen
is because God has blessed us as a
band in more ways than you can
imagine. One of our weaknesses,
if that's what you'd want to call
it, is our respect for unselfish
kids who put others ahead of
themselves. Leane Sommers love
for her friend accomplished all
that when in her entry for the
contest she asked that if she
could not win the contest, could
we find it in our hearts to see
that her friend, Brandy Lawson,
who was in a wheelchair, could get
tickets to see one of our shows.
Mrs Sommers' eyes water as she listens to what Wendy said
about her daughter, with pride.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Our Leanne wrote that?
Yes she did, and she also said
that you've been out of work for
some time now, Mr. Sommers. We
came up with an idea, and when we
told the promoter for the
Convention Center what we were
going to do, and why we were doing
it, on behalf of the Convention
Center he wanted to help out too.
Help, in what way?
Because of your daughter's
unselfish and kind heart, Mr.
Sommers, The band D & D would like
to give you this gift, from our
hearts to yours, of twenty
thousand dollars. Mr. Dan
Cassidy, of the Dallas Convention


                       WENDY (cont'd)
Center, matched that amount and we
have a check here for another
twenty thousand dollars for a
total of forty-thousand dollars.
Wendy hands Mr. Sommers both envelopes.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Oh my God, Gary, this is unreal.
Mrs. Sommers brings her hands to her open mouth.
You've done all this because of
what Leanne wrote in two hundred
words or less. How can I...?
You will be able to thank us best
by bringing up Leanne to be the
young lady she's turning out to be
Before we ever had the talent we
have today, Mr. Sommers, someone,
you might say, gave us a hand. Now
we are the number one rock and
roll band in the USA today. Your
daughter has the potential to be a
great woman someday.
      (soft voice)
Yes, Leanne!
I didn't know anything about the
money, really I didn't.
I know you didn't honey. To all
of you girls, this money has come
in at a well needed time in our
lives. Many thanks from us all.
You just do what we asked, and
that's all the thanks we'll need.


Wendy looks at Danielle.
You want to add anything,
I'm saving all I have to say for
the Lawsons.
Danielle sits upright in her chair.
What I'm about to say may sound
strange, and you folks might even
say it's fiction by all normal
standards. Before I start, I have
to ask you all a question,
including you, Brandy.
What kind ofa question, Miss Dee?
Do any of you believe in angels?
Both parents and Brandy look at each other with puzzled
expressions on their faces.
As for myself I can't really say
as I do, but that's not saying
they aren't out there. I've never
seen one.
What about you, Mrs. Lawson.
                       MRS. LAWSON
In a way, I think that everyone
has a guardian angel of some kind,
but in my way of thinking, that's
more a myth and not a reality
that's been proved. Why do you
Let me ask Brandy, first. How
about it, young lady?


The Bible says there are angels,
so we should believe there are,
but I've never seen one either.
Okay! The reason I asked you all
that questioin was to prepare you.
Prepare us for what, Miss Dee?
Before the night is over with, all
six of you will get to see a real
The four of you girls have proved
to be the queens of rock and roll,
Danielle, but I find it hard, if
not impossible for you to conjure
up an angel.
I don't have to conjure one up,
Mr. Lawson, because she wants to
be here on her own. Before you
get to see her, there's a story I
want you to hear, and then you'll
know why she is here.
You'll have to excuse my adult
skepticism, Danielle, but my wife
and I are not thirteen year olds.
I don't expect you to be. I only
ask you to listen to what I have
to say. When I'm done you can ask
all the questions you want to.
                       MRS. LAWSON
That's fair enough, Phil. Let her
go on.


Okay, Danielle, I don't know where
you're going with this, but I'll
give you the courtesy to listen.
Good! Almost a year ago, not one
of us, with the exception of Lisa,
ever held an instrument before,
and Dana never sang either. A
girl by the name of Destiny
Masters, died when she was
seventeen years old. It was her
desire, before her death, to find
those responsible for her
brother's kidnapping and murder
when she was only nine years old
at the time.
                       MRS. LAWSON
How can a seventeen year old do
Until she died, she wasn't able to
at all. When she died, she was
struck by a lightning bolt, and
that bolt of energy gave her
supernatural powers, but powers
she, as a spirit, could not use.
                       MRS. LAWSON
If this is true, Danielle, how
could she ever fulfill her desire?
She found out that she could
transfer these powers onto normal
human beings. Using her charm, as
only Destiny can, she managed to
do just that.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
Are you trying to tell us that
those powers were transferred onto
you four girls, the band D & D?
We're not trying to tell you,
we're telling you that we have
these powers. Since the Battle of
the Bands, last year, we've found
four kidnapped kids and have them
home safe with their parents, and


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
we also found the murderers of two
other kidnapped kids, including
those who murdered Destiny's
                       MRS. SOMMERS
If her spirit has been satisfied,
then why doesn't she just go to
Heaven, or wherever it is spirits
go when they are satisfied?
All Destiny asked for was to find
her brother's killer or killers so
her spirit could go to Heaven. She
did go to Heaven, but God found
something in her that could help
stop innocent children from
getting into Heaven before their
time to be there.
And that's where this angel thing
comes in?
Yes! God gave her the title of
Angel of Mercy on behalf of kids.
                       MRS. LAWSON
So what does that have to do with
us? Brandy hasn't been kidnapped.
The title of Angel of Mercy does
not distinguish between anomalies
such as kidnappings, accidents,
diseases, or anythig else.
                       MRS. LAWSON
If you girls have these powers you
say you have, Danielle, how do
they play into all this?
We have powers, Mrs.Lawson, but we
do not have healing powers. This
morning, at breakfast, when I saw
your daughter in a wheelchair, and
her face was somber because we
asked how long she would have to
be in there, it was more than I
could emotionally take. I went to


                       DANIELLE (cont'd)
the ladies room, not to go to the
bathroom, but to talk to Destiny
and asked her what could be done.
We've been told, by some of the
best doctors in the world, that
there's nothing that can be done.
The doctors cannot operate and she
will be confined to that
wheelchair for the rest of her
Dana! Will you and the others
take Leanne and Brandy to the
other end of the hall please so I
can speak to Brandy's parents.
Listen, Danielle, Brandy has been
through it all and she is one
brave teenager for her young age.
Whatever you have to say about
her, or her condition, should be
said in front of her so that she
can deal with it.
Okay, then, I'll not pull any
punches. When I talked to Destiny,
she told me that Brandy would not
see her twenty-first birthday
unless God intervenes.
And to what does this angel base
her findings?
Destiny is in the hall and she's stayed in the background
and out of sight. It's time for her to make an appearance
and she unfolds her wings.
Why don't you ask her yourself.
She's right over there.
Danielle looks and points to her right.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson, as well as the others around the table,
look to their left and right respectively towards the young
angel in white with large white wings.


                       MRS. LAWSON
Oh my God, Phil, she was right.
Destiny floats across the room towards them.
You're the angel Destiny Masters?
A nervous sweat begins to form on his forehead.
Yes, Mr.Lawson I am Destiny
Masters, and yes I am also an
Destiny's body lowers to the floor at the end of the table.
Can you please tell me what you
know about Brandy's condition that
the doctors don't know.
Your daughter suffers from a rare
and seldom diagnosed bone disease.
Most often this is found in
people at the time of an autopsy
and then it's too late, Mr.
Dawson, but I do have good news
for you.
Right about now we all could use
some good news. What's the good
news, angel?
You can call me Destiny, but this
morning, when I talked with
Danielle, I told her that Brandy
could not only be cured of this
disease, but she could also be
able to walk and play like other
teenaged girls her age.
                       MRS. LAWSON
Oh Phil, whatever she wants,
Now my question to you, Destiny,
is at what price?


The price, Mr. Lawson, is not a
price either you or your wife
could pay, but must be paid by the
band D & D.
What do they have to do with my
daughter ever walking again?
Right now, sir, your daughter's
very life is in their hands.
Would you mind explaining?
In order for your daughter to live
her life to the fullest, Mr. and
Mrs. Lawson, the four of us have
to willingly give up our powers;
powers that have helped find four
kidnapped kids and the murderers
of two others, in less than a
Do I have to ask or beg?
No, Mr. Lawson, you don't. I
talked with the girls a little
earlier, and we all want to see
your Brandy healthy and normal
again. We are willing to give up
our powers to save your daughter's
Brandy breaks down in tears as Destiny runs her soft gentle
hand across her head. Leanne also moves beside her friend
to help console her.
Hey Brandy, it's almost over. Then
it's no more wheelchair.
Leanne cries as tears of joy and happiness flow from her
When will all this take place,


Phil Lawson chokes up with inner emotion.
We are going to do it right here,
and right now, but there are two
I knew this was too good to be
true. What stipulations?
First off, the three of you,
including Brandy, have to have
some serious faith in God that
He'll do it; that He'll restore
your daughter's body to what it
was a year ago, before the
I am sure we can have that,
Destiny. What's the second one?
One of the powers I am removing
from Danielle, is the power of
hypnotism. Before your daughter
is healed, Danielle will put
everyone but the girls of D & D,
into a hypnotic trance. This
power has to be used on you before
your daughter is healed. The
purpose of the hypnotism is so
that by the time you get home this
evening you will have forgotten
this event that takes place here
How will we know our daughter is
That won't happen until you get
home tonight. If your faith in
God, and what we are asking Him to
do for Brandy, is strong enough,
then your daughter will walk again
tonight. If she walks then that
means she's cured of the other
disease as well.


Without faith we have nothing,
Destiny. I may be somewhat of a
skeptic, but this is our daughter,
our flesh and blood. Do what you
have to do, and we'll have the
faith necessary for God to perform
His miracle on Brandy.
Leanne! Mr. and Mrs. Sommers,
your memories will have to be
erased as well.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
We understand, Destiny.
Danielle! You know what you have
to do.
Two by two, Danielle takes the Sommers, the Lawsons, and
finally the two thirteen year old girls. The words to each
are the same.
When you get home tonight, your
memory of this evening will only
reflect the dinner party with the
band D & D.
Leanne! Wheel your friend Brandy
into the middle of the room.
Danielle. Have the rest of the
band place their chairs in a line
beside Brandy, but give me some
space between the chairs.
                       MRS. LAWSON
What in the world is she going to
do, Phil?
I don't know for sure, but we
better have the faith we need if
we want to see our baby walk
                       MRS. SOMMERS
I am going to go and sit beside
Laura, Gary. She really needs a
friend right now.


Go ahead honey.
Leanne goes and sits down beside her father.

Destiny stands in the middle of the room away from Brandy
and she spreads her wings out wide. Without saying a word
she wraps her wings around herself and she becomes
invisible. Her wings begin to flutter. She floats through
each girl of the band as they become aglow their individual
colors, Danielle - red, Dana - blue, Lisa - green, and Wendy
- purple.
Destiny then returns to her spot and once again she spreads
her wings. She then raises her hands towards the girls of D
& D as the glow around them rises up and away from them.
Destiny claps her hands together and the colors intermingle
into a rainbow of colors.
Brandy watches as the beam of multi-colored lights flows
over her head. She's too numb to be scared enough to say a
word as Destiny lowers the lights until they encompass the
wheelchair bound Brandy Lawson.

Brandy's parents sit at the table and can do nothing but
watch in awe of the spectacle being displayed before them.
Mrs Lawson squeezes her husband's hand and the hand of her
dear neighbor and friend, Mrs. Sommers.
We have to have faith now, honey,
stronger than ever before.
Phil continues to watch what's being done to his daughter.
                       MRS. LAWSON
I do, Phil, but that's our baby
sitting in that wheelchair and we
don't have any idea what's going
Then silently pray to God, with
me, that He'll heal our little
girl tonight, and when we get
done, thank Him in advance.
                       MRS. LAWSON
I know you're right Phil.
Mrs. Lawson closes her eyes to pray.


As the multi-colored rays of light encompasses thirteen year
old Brandy Lawson, a warm sensation emits from them and
flows throughout her body.

Without any prompting from Destiny, the band D & D, or her
parents, Brandy closes her eyes.
God! I've been in this wheelchair
for about a year. I've tried not
to complain too much, because it
wasn't you who put me here. A
minute ago I felt your love enter
me through these lights your angel
Destiny showered over me. My mom
and dad always told me that You
hear each and every prayer. Well
here's mine, God! While you are
there inside me, please take all
the bad stuff and make it good. I
know you are going to heal me,
because me, all my friends, and my
parents have the faith necessary
to make it happen. Thank you for
listening to a little girl's
With the exception of Destiny and Leanne, there isn't a dry
eye in the dining hall as Brandy said that innocent prayer
from her heart. When she finished, the lights that
encompassed her dissipate into tiny sparkling stars that
swirl counter-clockwise around Destiny, as all ten people
watch. Within seconds each star-like fragment soars like an
arrow into Destiny's angelic body.
I must leave now, Danielle. My
work here on earth has come to an
Destiny folds her wings around her and she disappears before
their eyes.
                       MRS. LAWSON
Where is she going?
Her home is now back in Heaven,
Mrs. Lawson. As long as we had
our powers, her work on earth was
not done. Now that our powers
have been given back to God, she's
returned to her Heavenly family.


                       MRS. LAWSON
Did God heal our Brandy?
Did you have faith, when your
daughter prayed that innocent
                       MRS. LAWSON
Of course I did.
Destiny said that it wouldn't
happen here, Mrs. Lawson. Keep
your faith strong, and we will as
Are you okay, Brandy?
I'm fine, daddy. I still don't
have any feeling from my waist
down, but I did when those lights
were over me.
What did you feel?
It was a kind of warm good feeling
that started at my head and went
down to my toes. I know God did
something, because I felt it.
Whatever happened in here tonight,
happened because of the faith we
all had in what God needed to do.
Now we need to continue to have
that same faith that God will keep
His word. Have we all had enough
excitement for one day?
Brandy wheels herself next to her parents.
I'm ready to go home, Danielle.
How can we possibly thank you for
what you tried to do for our
daughter, Miss Dee?


To be honest with you, Mr. Lawson,
we didn't try to do anything. We
came here for the sole purpose of
Brandy meeting Destiny. The rest
was between God and Destiny. Your
daughter is truly an amazing young
lady. She came here tonight
thinking she was only going to
have dinner with her favorite
band. Through the course of the
evening she got to see an angel up
close, something most people never
get to see in a lifetime, and she
never as much as batted an
eyelash. She sat there, in her
wheelchair, with the kind of faith
we adults need to learn from, and
she took it all in stride. At the
very end, it was Brandy who showed
us all what faith is supposed to
be, when she said that innocent
prayer of faith. Let's get you
folks home and we'll all let God
do the rest.
It's a quarter to ten when both the families and the band
member climb into the limousine for the trip back.
Where too, Miss Dee?
Seventeen Sandwood Lane, Mr.
Lannon, and thanks.
How are you doing, Brandy?
The limousine pulls away from the restaurant.
I am fine, Wendy, but just a
little tired is all. You girls
were really awesome today.


The ones who are really awesome,
are you two young ladies. Speaking
for myself, I'd like to thank you
both for being such wonderful and
charming guests. It made our
entire day, and yes I'll say it,
your parents have every right to
be proud of you both.
At five after ten the limousine pulls into the front of
seventeen Sandwood Lane and comes to a stop. Mr. Lannon is
quick to open the rear passenger door. The four girls of D
& D are the first ones to exit the limo.
                       MRS. SOMMERS
We had a lovely evening with you
young ladies.
Mrs Sommers gives each girl a hug.
Once again I don't know how I can
thank you for that gift you girls
gave us, Miss Dee.
He shakes their hands.
Well I guess that's it until
Saturday, Danielle.
It would be nice if we got to see
you two, but it will be crowded so
we might not.
Thank you all for a great day.
You're welcome, Leanne.
                       MRS. LAWSON
I can't remember when we've had
such a lovely evening, Miss Dee.
Mrs. Lawson gives each girl a casual hug.
We were more than happy to do it,


Thanks to the four of you, our
Brandy has a smile on her face
that's not been there for quite a
Mr. Lawson waits for the chauffeur to help his daughter into
the wheelchair.
Thank you all for a lovely
All of you are very welcome. We'd
like to thank you for making us
feel like home here in Dallas.
Brandy is wheeled around the back of the limousine,
I guess I'm the last one to say
goodbye, Danielle.
Tears start to flow down the sides of Brandy's face.
This has been a wonderful day, and
thank you all, D & D.
Each member of the band gives Brandy a hug and a kiss, as
her father waits to wheel her to the house.
We'll expect to see you at the
Convention Center on Saturday
I'll drive all six of us there,
Danielle, so she'll be there.
Brandy's father wheels Brandy towards the house.
Each band member waves goodbye and then climbs into the
waiting limousine. Moments later the limo pulls away from
the front of the house.


                       MRS. LAWSON
Goodnight, everyone. We're going
to get Brandy to bed. She's had a
very busy day. We'll see you folks
Phil Lawson wheels his daughter to their home next door and
pulls up on the front steps.
Once they are inside, Brandy puts the brakes on her
I'm a little tired, mom, but I'm
not ready to get undressed yet.
Can you give me a few minutes
alone, please?
                       MRS. LAWSON
Are you okay, dear?
Sure, mom, I feel great!
                       MRS. LAWSON
Okay, honey, but I'll be in to get
you undressed in fifteen minutes.
Brandy wheels herself into her first floor room and closes
the door behind herself. She heads straight to her closet
door that holds a full-length mirror. She looks at herself!
Okay, God, you told me to have
faith. I am only thirteen years
old, and I might not have all the
faith I need, but I don't need to
be in this wheelchair any longer.
Brandy locks the wheels so the wheelchair doesn't move on

Destiny stands in the shadows of Brandy's room with her
wings wrapped around her. She allows the healing that
Brandy received earlier in the evening, to work through her

A warmth comes over Brandy as she gets ready to try and
stand. It starts at her feet and allows her to feel the


floor beneath her. In a mater of seconds the same warmth
travels up her legs and to her hips.
God! I can feel your warmth
travelling through me and I can
feel once again. I know you
healed me, God, so I'm going to
Brandy lifts herself out of the wheelchair and onto her

Tears start to flow down the sides of her face as she stands
there in front of the mirror, for the first time in over a
year. Without any fear, Brandy takes one step and then
another. Within minutes she walking around the room without
any pain.
Unbeknownst to Brandy, her mother walks into the room
quietly and stands there in awe as she sees her daughter
walking and not in the wheelchair. She watches as Brandy
goes over to her bed and kneels down and says a simple
Thank you God for healing me and
letting me walk again, and thank
you for such wonderful parents who
had the faith that you would heal
me. Amen!


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