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by Ray Charles (raymondcharlesiii@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
You know the fall of Lucifer, You know the fall of Man. Now, know the fall of the Watcher, through this scripted account of those who opt to reject their imortality for the mortality of the human experience. (FIRST DRAFT)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Above the slopes is an outcrop of ominous jagged rocks
perched above the foothills, where an altar has been erected
in honor of the Angelic Beings known as The Watchers.

Azazel and Semjaza leaders of the Watchers along with
several of their lieutenants meet with village leader Balam
and elders from each of the surrounding towns.
A muscular Dark-haired Watcher, with a handsome face and
sharp piercing green eyes, sits on a marble throne flanked
by his lieutenants and welcomes the villagers as they
wearily enter the sanctuary one by one.
A portly old man with a gray close-cropped beard and a
hawk-nose that looks to big for his chubby face, wearily
takes a seat across from Azazel and pulls out a scroll and
drops in on the marble table.
      (between quick
We...enter into this pact...with
you...to strengthen...our
opposition...to our neighbors...in
the Eastern Valley.
Azazel leans forward and examines the scroll.
      (leans back)
We can elevate you above your
enemies. But you must be willing
to pay a great price and it must
be of your own free will…not in
servitude but allegiance.
Balam nervously looks around and makes eye contact with each
of the elders with him who all nod in agreement.
      (nods in agreement)
We have honored you in the past
and you have blessed us with small
fortunes…we have thought it


                       BALAM (cont'd)
through…make it so.
Azazel looks at each man carefully making eye contact.
                       AZAZEL (smiles)
Bring me a hundred able-bodied men
of twenty to thirty years old.
Assemble here in a week’s time.
A worried look shows on Balam’s face as he fidgets in his
                       AZAZEL (curiously)
Is there a problem?
                       BALAM (wearily)
      (with a look of
       purpose in his
It is a troublesome four-thousand
feet journey from the valley to
this sanctuary.
Azazel leans back in his seat and laughs heartily.
We will meet in the lower valley
on the spur of the saddle-back
ridge far below us.
But should we discuss a price for
your services?
Azazel stands up spreads his huge wings and struts around.
      (turns towards
First the results of our blessings
to you…then you will consider if
we are worthy to be paid what we
will ask of you.
Azazel motions to his lieutenants who empty several sacks of
gold and precious stones before Balam and his men.
      (looks at each
We will teach you how to subdue
the earth.


A tall, broad shouldered Watcher with thick locks of hair
and shimmering blue eyes steps forward with his huge
impressive wings folded back, so as not to overshadow
      (points to the
Even greater riches than these you
will extract from the earth.
Greedily examines some of the treasure, and slyly select
choice items and with the slight of hand tuck a few into the
folds of his tunic.
                       BALAM (excited)
Why… I have never seen such a
treasure… what could we have that
is worth such a fortune.
The other elders soon start to examine the treasure and like
Balam, quickly stuff their tunics with precious stones.

Azalel motions for his companions to prepare to leave.
Remember…we meet a week from
today, and make our request unto
Balam nods in agreement but does not take his eyes of the
treasure as the Watchers take flight and leave as Balam and
his friends greedily divide the treasure.
Erlac a goofy looking fellow shabbily dressed, with a
scrubby beard hanging from his face, taps Balaam on the
                       ERLAC (curious)
What do we have that is important
to a Watcher?
Milak, a snagged toothed old man with a cocked right eye and
a ruddy complexion scoops up a nice sized jewel.


                       MILAK (laughing)
Our souls you fool!…They want ours
souls!...and mine is worth about
two or three more fists full of
these stones.
with a look of fright on his face, drops a gold nugget and
      (rolling his eyes)
Maybe they want human
sacrifices...that's why they want
us to bring young men the next
Milak quickly stoops and scoops up Erlac's dropped nugget,
taking his eye off of his own stash long enough for Balam to
steal a large gold ring from him while he was stealing from
                       MILAK (laughts)
      (unaware of his
       own loss)
If that's all they want, we've got
plenty of good-for-nothing young
thugs around the valley to offer
up...starting with your son Erlac.
                       BALAM (jovial)
      (as he pats Milak
       on the back to
       allay suspicion)
You are a crazy old fart Milak,
they care nothing for our souls,
its endless flattery and worship
they crave…and I can oblige them
for my weight in gold…every month.
                       MILAK (laughts)
Right you are Balam, I would
rather bruise my knees in worship
than by working.
Loaded with treasure they make their way down the mountain
pass and to their villages.


Semjaza sits invisibly on a large boulder at the shore of a
pond, admiring a beautiful young lady swimming alone.

She moves towards the middle of the pond and starts to
frantically struggle and cry out in distress and sinks
beneath the surface.

Semjaza becomes visible, rushes to her side and pulls her to
the surface of the water and before he can carry her to
safety, she spins out of his embrace and playfully splashes
water in his face.
Lela playfully shakes the water from her thick dark hair,
teasingly throws her head back, reveals a lovely slender
face accented by her delicately sculptured chin and
naturally red full lips that produces a broad radiate smile.
                       LELA (laughs)
So you are my personal watcher!
Semjaza is embarrassed and try not to look directly at her
now that she’s aware of his presence.
                       SEMJAZA (embarrassed)
I was just passing by and saw you
in trouble
Lela laughs and points to where he had been sitting
invisible to her.
I don’t believe you…a week ago
someone left me flowers on that
very rock…and the week before
that, someone moved my sandals to
the opposite side of the pond from
where I left them.
                       SEMJAZA (teases)
      (smiles broadly)
It was not me...this is the first
time I've been to this pond.
                       LELA (coyly)
Then I should thank some other
handsome man.


                       SEMJAZA (blushing)
Now that you put it that way, I’m
sorry I imposed on you…I had no
idea you knew---
---I knew you were there from the
very first time you spied on me. I
knew you wouldn't harm me…so I
enjoyed teasing your
imagination…Watchers do have
imaginations…don’t they?
He smiles with an artful air, looking at her with eyes
glistening, without troubling himself over her flirtatious
Yes…and you have teased my
imagination with endless
Gracefully swims over to edge of the pond, climbs out and
retrieve her cloak.
                       SEMJAZA (embarrassed)
I’ll turn away while you dress
                       LELA (laughs)
Oh really… you’ve been watching me
swim for weeks now, hoping to get
a glance of me naked...and today
for the first time I swam
naked...and now, here I stand
before you bare, but you would opt
to look away.
Lela stands naked before him dressing herself.
Semjaza is still standing in the middle of the pond admiring
her as she gathers her belongings.
                       LELA (teases)
Anyways, what is hidden from the
Watchers? After all…that is what
you do…watch…right? Well, today
you get your eye full.
We watch and hope---


                       LELA (coyly)
---for the chance to get a glimpse
of a lovely young lady bathing
Aren’t you afraid of being
molested here alone?
                       LELA (smiles)
I use to worry, until I became
aware that you were watching over
me when I swam. You would not have
let anyone spoil your view.
                       SEMJAZA (teasing)
You weren’t afraid that I would
molest you?
It is common gossip among the
girls in my village that many of
us would willingly give ourselves
to a watcher…if he would only
lower himself enough to be a man
and claim a man’s prize.
If it was that easy, you would
have been my prize when I first
laid eye on you.
I’ve got to go now, I’ll be here
again at the end of the
week…Saturday…midday…see you then.
Throws her head back shaking her long hair, ties it back,
places a scarf over her head and walks away towards her
village and out of view.


Rises from the pond on powerful wings, vigorous flaps his
wings and showers the foliage with of droplets of water.

He ascends straight up in the air, circles the area, swoops
down behind her and scoops her up before she could react and
disappears beyond the horizon.

As they jet through the sky towards her village, she
trembles and hugs him tight.

He gently presses his lips against her ear lob.
                       SEMJAZA (whispers)
Do not be afraid you are safe with
Semjaza descends, glides to the edge of the forest just
beyond the village and gently sets Lela on her feet.
Lela is overwhelmed, she tries to stand,tremble and holds
onto him for support.
                       LELA (nervous)
Don't leave just yet...give me a
moment to compose myself...I've
never flown through the air like a
bird before...I feel funny,
Semjaza relishes the moment of her clinging to him.

After a few moments, Lela backs away and flashes a broad
smile at him as she heads towards the village gate.
Semjaza glides away silently and swiftly towards the horizon
as she watches him disappear from sight.
Gazes admiringly into a holographic monitor, mesmerized by
events better to imagine than to witness, because the
spectacle that offered itself to his gaze is not only Lela's
beauty, or her sensuous nude bathing, but the absolute
temptation and enticement which affects him whenever he
spies on her.


Azazel and several Watchers return from their global trek,
announce themselves and walk in.

Semjaza doesn’t even notice them or return their greetings.

Azael walks over to Semjaza and looks over his shoulder.
                       AZAZEL (teases)
So, that’s where your mind is.
Semjaza stands up clenches his fist in torment and declare.
                       SEMJAZA (pasionately)
My mind is on fire and my spirit
is troubled.
He bows his head, and then looks skyward.
                       SEMJAZA (confused)
Why am I affected so by this
creature? If I could die…she
would be the death of me.
Amaros a tall wiry, Watcher with a cool disposition walks
over and salutes Semjaza by placing his right hand upon
Semjaza’s left shoulder.
                       AMAROS (jokingly)
Speak those words cautiously…such
was the fate of Adam…and he was
evenly matched for this female
human...you my friend would be
clay in her hands.
Semjaza gazes into the hologram looking right into Lela’s
                       SEMJAZA (concerned)
The Most High has endowed her with
bewitchment that is most powerful.
Azazel waves his hand over the hologram and changes the
scene to a grove in the western valley and show them the
young lady he has his eyes on.
For this young lady…if possible, I
would offer my very soul as oil
for her lantern...her name is
Shinyari..and she resists me.


I see some of us have noticed how
beautiful women have become from
the generation of Eve to now.
I wonder what they will look like
thousands of years from
now...better yet how would they
look if they were hybrid?
Half-human and half watcher...a
nephilem...is it possible...and
what would the power of enticement
of such a woman be?
Semjaza, interupts their conversation when he turns towards
his comrades and appear to be really bothered by the
vexsation of falling in love.
                       SEMJAZA (pasionately)
What are we to do about these
creatures and why must our
feelings for them torments us so?
There is talk among the ranks that
we should join forces with Lucifer
and his legions.
Semjaza steps over to the hologram and causes it to scan, he
then points to a desolate place on the hologram.
                       SEMJAZA (VO)
See for yourselves, Lucifer is
mad! He really thought he could
rise above the Most High…So…where
is Lucifer’s throne now?
If not by might…then by design
Meaning? ---


                       AMAROS (angry)
---The Most High created man a
mortal, lower in status than we
are, yet we are assigned to care
for him…we are man’s servants.
Sariel, a muscular thin built Watcher with a dark
complexion, a head full of dark hair like brown woven wool,
a broad chin and broad nose, and a determined look in his
eyes signals to speak.
                       SARIEL (concerned)
If the earth succeeds and man is
redeemed, he is destined to rule
over us. We were not created in
the Image of the Most High and we
will not share in man’s glorious
destiny at the end of ages.
Azazel paces back and forth.
                       AZAZEL (agitated)
We were created first and we
should be the inhabitants of the
earth. We must act now while our
troops are still with us.
Indeed many have already been
drawn away by Lucifer.
Semjaza walks over to a couch and slumps down with a look of
despair on his face.
                       SEMJAZA (sighs)
We are all in distress…but what
can we do? Without warning we
have become infected with human
The Archangel Uriel with his friendly face, luminous blue
eye and dark golden shoulder length woven hair and his
exaggerated wings built for speed, materializes in their
presence and walk from watcher to watcher.
                       URIEL (pleads)
Return to higher planes and
recharge your spirits. You have
become ensnared like ants trapped
by dew in a flower, it cannot
enjoy the flower and it cannot
leave it either---


Azazel walks over to a planter of flowers, plucks an opened
INSERT - an ant crawls all over the flower in Azazel's hand.
                       AZAZEL (VO)
---And if the ant remains with the
flower it perishes…But we have
eternal life, man does not, and
that should account for something.
Uriel takes the blossom from Azazel's hand and examines it.
                       URIEL (VO)
You separated this blossom from
its life source...and from that
moment on it began to die.
                       URIEL (VO)
One day the gates that lead into
this world will be closed…which
side of the gate will you find
yourselves on?
Azazel angrily walks up to Uriel.
                       AZAZEL (retorts)
Fate has ensnared us already. When
we arrived on earth, everything
seemed to work towards the
fulfillment of our destruction.
Uriel calmly pushes Azazel aside as he walks over to Semjaza
who is resting on the couch.
                       URIEL (warns)
It is your lust that intoxicates
you. Your souls are aflame with
the desire for women flesh and the
smoke blinds you.
Semjaza gets up from the couch and walks over to the
                       SEMJAZA (pasionately)
We want to have the human
experience but now I feel that it
may be impossible without horrible
consequences, to renounce our


                       SEMJAZA (cont'd)
heavenly duties.
Humans are mortal, they hurt, they
die, and they are not strong and
they are always occupied with
satisfying some appetite.
                       AZAZEL (angrily)
And we watchers, we do not feel
the pains they suffer, nor any of
the pleasures they enjoy. They
have been given the power to
create in their image, the
consequences of love consummated.
Uriel glows bright signaling his immediate departure as he
begins to fade from view.
Can you endure being exiled to the
earth? Female humans have strange
sentiments. She’s both weak and
bold, dangerous and seductive and
will drags you all to your fate.
Uriel is gone and a sigh of relief is felt as Semjaza
returns to the hologram and continues to watch Lela.
                       SEMJAZA (painfully)
I feel that she is dying to love
me, while I am forbidden to love
her…If I ascended now even unto
the shadow of the thrown there to
I would be exiled…from her love.
The family at dinner.
                       BALAM (muffled)
      (in-between bits
       of food)
It is about time…for you to be
married off…to some fine young man
in one of our villages.


Plays with her food, looks at her father surprised.
What choice do I have in the
Full-figured, jovial, well groomed, thick hair with gray
streaks that barely reveals she is middle aged and hints at
who Lela got her good looks from, joins the conversation as
she takes a few sips of wine.
                       MOM (jokes)
None my dear, if money has
anything to do with it your father
will marry you off to the devil
                       BALAM (retorts)
      (with his mouth
       half full of
Money! What can you or anyone do
without money these days? Besides,
you never seem to complain about
your share of my wealth that you
                       MOM (feines politeness)
      (between swallows.)
I earn...every penny of it...my
dear...A young lady will do
well...to marry for
love…character…and wealth.
They both laugh heartily as if it was some sort of inside
      (reaches for the
       wine bottle.)
I will not permit you to say that
this is all about money…besides…I
can judge men at a glance.
                       MOM (sarcastically)
      (As she hands him
       the wine.)
That you surely can do my dear,
just by looking at the budge in


                       MOM (cont'd)
his pockets or the laces on his
sandals. I would trade a few coins
for a good character in a son
      (looks at Lela)
Well most of the young fellows
around here are good for
nothing...So you don’t have much
of a choice…Unless one of them
comes into some good fortune.
                       LELA (joking)
Why papa dear, you know very well
that there are a few guys around
here with a handsome fortune...
…But none of them good enough for
my Lela.
What if I don’t want to be married
Ha, all healthy young ladies get
married, especially you…one of the
fairest girls in the valley and
don’t forget, that before your
grandmother passed away, I
promised her to consecrate you to
the Most High and marry you off to
a respectable fellow.
Can we wait at least another year?
                       BALAM (laughts)
You’ll be an old maid by then.
                       LELA (inquisitive)
So, what a prospective husband of
mine would need is a trade?
                       BALAM (curious)
Money...Why…has someone approached


                       LELA (cautiously)
No…but…there is talk among some of
the girls about flirting with
                       BALAM (teases)
Flirting with Watchers---
                       MOM (laughts)
---Now there’s a girl with a high
                       BALAM (laughts)
Yeah I suppose you’re right…snag a
Watcher and a piece of the earth
to boot.
They both laugh heartily as Lela looks a little embarrassed
and puzzled with a half-smile on her face as she excuses
herself from the dinner table.
      (to Lela)
Are you OK...we are just having a
little fun with you?
                       LELA (confidently)
I’m ok…papa…but I’ll have the last
laugh, just you wait and see.
Sure you will baby, you’re worth
the attention of a dozen of
Lela smiles and kisses them both on the cheek and goes to
Lela sits leaning out the open window sill with a faraway
look in her eyes.


Passes before her unseen.

He glides invisibly along a row of hedges and come to rests
next to a flower box hanging from her window sill.

She feels drawn to the flower box and leans farther out of
the window cautiously looking around.

She almost tumbles from the window, but grabs hold of the
window sill just as Semjaza stretches out his hand to catch

He refrains,

She looks around embarrassed, she senses his presence, so
close to her at that moment until she could feel the warmth
of his fresh breath.

Cocky, she leans a little further and confidently pluck a
rose and tucks it in her hair.

She scans the hedges, then looks right at him even though he
is not visible to her and flash a cocky smile that says
"I was not caught unaware."

Semjaza, surprised by her keen senses, quietly moves away.
Stands at the waters edge looks around for a few moments
waiting to see if her friend Semjaza will appear.

She scans the still waters of the pond, watches for ripples
in the water that will signal he is trying to sneak up on

So intent on not being surprised by him she ignores a
butterfly that dances around her head.
When she takes notice she swats at it and it dances away
back and forth until it gets her attention.

She lifts up her index finger and extends it for a perch.
                       LELA (apologetic)
Oh I’m so sorry; I almost hurt
you…here rest on my finger and
bring me good luck. I need a
wealthy young man to come and ask
for my hand in marriage…well, for


                       LELA (cont'd)
me he doesn’t have to be
wealthy…just good looking and
strong… so off you go.
Raises her finger sets the butterfly to flight on a gentle
breeze. It flies off circles her and returns and lights on
her left shoulder.
      (laughs and teases)
Back so soon…oh don’t tell me I’ve
got to pay you for your
services…well…ok…how about a kiss?
Lifts the butterfly from her shoulder with her right
pinky-finger raises it up to her lips and kisses it.

It takes flight and hovers in front of her dances up to her
and seemingly kisses her in return. She is surprised and
Transforms into Semjaza standing right before her with a
bright smile on his face.
                       SEMJAZA (teases)
A mortal kissed a Watcher! What
gossip this will make.
                       LELA (excited)
You tricked me! And you kissed me
                       SEMJAZA (amused)
So what do we do now that I have
kissed you?
                       LELA (excited)
You must ask my father for my hand
in marriage…but you are a Watcher.
It will happen.


                       LELA (puzzled)
Can it really work? You will never
grow old while I will fade right
before your eyes.
Semjaza puts his arms around her.
You will fade from my sight as a
mortal but not from my heart as my
lover...my wife...an immortal
They embrace and kiss gently as he glows in her embrace.
I will visit your father privately
and ask for your hand in marriage?
Steps back and opens her blouse and reveals her full-bodied
Take me now and he will have to
give me to you...if you desire me.
Gently reaches over closes her cloak, recovering breast.
I cannot take what can be freely
given to me…you belong to your
father…when he gives you to me
then…all that you have to offer,
will be mine.
Balam and a few of the chosen elders from his village gather
for another meeting with the Watchers.

After an agreement is made a pact is drawn up.
Raises his light saber towards the heavens and initiate an


The other watchers stand in support of Semjaza and Balam and
the elders do the same.
Honor these few brave souls who
are all in agreement…and make this
pact with us---
---We enrich and endow you above
other men on the earth in exchange
for your daughters to wed---
---Your blood and our Spirit will
be the new creation on the earth.
      (pats Balam on the
It is true love and respect indeed
if we are willing to mix our
spirit with your blood.
Struts around and confidently points to the treasure.
This is just a token of the
blessings that you will reap from
your pact with us. Your flesh,
our spirit, our son’s and your
daughters will be the new
Balam looks down into the valley at some of the surrounding
What about the towns who have not
joined themselves with you? Some
might say that we’ve signed a pact
with the Devil.
                       AZAZEL (agitated)
If we were in league with Satan,
the one you call the Devil…we
would simply take your daughters
and give you nothing in return.


Walks up to Balam, takes Balam by the hand and examines
Balam's hands.
Flesh is weak, rest assured, Satan
wants nothing to do with human
flesh, he has his eye on the
throne of the Most High…he wants
to be worshiped, not loved.
                       SEMJAZA (sternly)
Days will come when only kith and
kin will matter.
Shrouded by clouds and ominously perched on top of a jagged

Teams of watchers summoned by their leader Semjaza, descend
on their large fortress, gliding through the air, on
powerful wings, like vultures drawn to a carcass.
-- They gather around a huge round crystal table and view a
holographic presentation on humans.

-- Mating and child bearing scenes dominate the

-- The chatter of the congregation fills the hall as
Semjaza, with his impressive wings drawn back, marches
steadily through the gathering.

-- The crowds recedes allowing him unobstructed access to
the elevated crystal platform.

-- He motions for silence.

Raises his arm and salute the audience.


Sons of heaven! Consider how
fruitful humans are and the bounty
given unto them by the Most High.
And we watch over it all…yet we
share not in the glory or favor
that has been bestowed upon man.
And seeing that we have no mates,
what is to become of us at the end
of the ages?
The watchers all look around at one another to see who would
provide answer.
      (a stern look on
       his face)
I am inclined to add a measure of
my spirit to strengthen the flesh
of man. I found one of their
beautiful daughters suitable for
me. Join with me...let us all
choose wives from among the
children of men, and beget sons.
The audience murmur amongst themselves until a buzzing
chatter erupts and is interrupted by the next speaker.
A Watcher of medium build and a fair complexion with wooly,
silver shoulder length hair, signals to speak, and is given
the floor.
Are there really such women among
these talking monkeys that are
worthy of our heavenly seed?
A very dark complexion Watcher of huge statue with close
cropped wooly hair, speaks out of term as he points to the
                       RAMLEL (emphatically)
Look down and see for yourself.
Have you ever wondered what it
would be like to create your very
own image, your very own likeness
from your loins...as man does?


      (with skepticism)
Indeed I wonder why we are not
granted the permission to seed the
earth. But this is a dangerous
undertaking you propose upon the
earth, even for the son’s of God.
Tall lean, bronze complexion, seems agitated and abruptly
stands up and declare.
                       KOKABLEL (excited)
      (to Arakbla)
Are you not immortal Araklba. And
being immortal what do you fear on
earth. We are the watchers! We
have authority over all flesh upon
the earth.
Of average height and an athletic built, signals to speak.
      (to Araklba)
We were not told...not to mingle
our seed with mankind… were they
not created by the most high just
as we were, and are we not indeed
kindred Araklba---
      (rethinks his
---Kindred in origin but not in
spirit. I have reservations as
Araklba do. Though we are wise,
we are not Omniscient, we are
strong, but not omnipotent, have
free reign of the earth but not
omnipresent. How can we discern
the outcome of such a proposal?
They huddle in small groups and bitterly argue the proposal
presented by their leaders.

Again their murmuring is interrupted as bolt of lightening
flashes through an open terrace window, strikes the opposite
wall, ricochets through the room and then transforms into


Appearance is menacing as he looks over the ranks and files.
They feel intimidated and none of them approached Uriel or
asked him what his business was among them.
Consider carefully what you have
before you abandon it. being
mortal has its drawbacks...humans
live from day to day, and their
short lives are filled with
gossip, envy, and striving to
attain wealth, and approving
friends and servants. The
husbands complain about their
wives and the wive about their
And there is no triumphant love
anywhere-but only triumphant
triviality, stress and strife---
---By the time they reach their
middle-age, all that is
interesting in their lives is
already a thing of the past.
                       URIEL (pasionately)
      (walks among the
The lust for the flesh of women
and the role of man has consumed
you all. You are all mad.
He walks towards the sky terrace and takes flight.
                       SEMJAZA (retorts)
He is not counted among us! He is
merely here to spy on us and
report back to Gabriel… Now I fear
one by one you all will opt to
decline to do this deed, and I
alone will have to pay the penalty
of a great sin because I dared to
be free.
      (to the ranks and
If you are not with us make haste
and follow Uriel other wise, let


                       AZAZEL (cont'd)
us all swear an oath, and bind
ourselves by mutual imprecations
not to abandon this plan but to
follow it through.
A few more of the watchers drop from the ranks and file, and
follow Uriel.
-- One by one they form circles in groups of ten and point
their light sabers toward the center of the circles.

-- Then they swear all together and bind themselves by
mutual imprecations to carry out their leaders plans.

They were in all that day,two hundred; who descended in the
days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon and plotted
against the natural order of the earth.

And these are the names of their leaders: Semjaza, their
commander, Araklba, Rameel, Kokablel, Tamlel, Ramlel, Danel,
Ezeqeel, Baraqijal, Asael, Armaros, Batarel, Ananel, Zaq1el,
Samsapeel, Satarel, Turel, Jomjael, Sariel, each a squad
leader of tens.
Uriel kneels and pray at the edge of a small stream, when he
is interrupted by the arrival of the watcher who abandoned
Azazel and Semjaza.
Descend and salute Uriel, and one by one lay their light
sabers at his feet in a gesture of surrender.
                       WATCHER 1
We are without leadership on the
earth and by law we place
ourselves under your command.
makes eye contact with each Watcher as he looks down the


My command is in the service of
the Most High. Are you men of
light or darkness?
                       WATCHER 2
      (steps forward)
The light is still within us. Our
minds are sound and our souls are
                       WATCHER 3
---If it were not so, we could not
have resisted the temptation that
has ensnared the rest of our
                       URIEL (smiles)
      (and embrace each
       of them)
you will be rewarded for your
loyalty...return now to the
heavens and report to Gabriel all
that you have wittnessed on the
Uriel returns each Watcher his light saber with a salute of
acceptance before they depart.
A young lady, Shyjari carries kindling for a fire in her
slender delicately arms. Her well groomed light brown hair
flows to her shoulders. She has crowning braids on each
side of her head dangling from her temples with a blossom
tucked in each curl.

Uriel teases her as he abruptly appears before her and
blocks her path as she returns to the house.
Startled, drops her kindling and then two cute dimples light
up her reddened cheeks as she flashes a broad smile,
displaying pearly white teeth evenly set.
                       SHYJARI (startled)
Aii! You scared me brother Uriel!
Uriel kneels and gathers the kindling for her.


                       URIEL (chuckles)
You frighten so easy my little
I'm a little jittery because I was
approached by a strange fellow a
few days ago.
                       URIEL (concerned.)
      (Points to the
On the path from the orchard.
What did he say to you?
He tried to get me to sit and talk
with him for awhile. He said his
name was Azazel. I ignored him
and hurried home.
That was no man...he is one of the
Chief's of the Watchers and he has
his eyes set on you. If you
encounter him again, resist him
and he will flee from you.
Just this morning he was watching
me from a distance...so I am kind
of jumpy.
I must speak to your Great uncle
He has been gone since this
morning. But it’s about dinner
time so he should be back any
minute now.
As they speak, Enoch a quiet mannered middle aged man
partially bald with a neatly close cropped beard casually
walks into the courtyard and is greeted with a brotherly hug
from Uriel and cup of cool water from his niece.


Enoch and Uriel stroll through the yard chatting.
                       ENOCH (concerned)
Though I’m very glad to see you my
friend, an Angel’s visit normally
mean good news or bad news…and I
see a troubled expression on your
Dreadful times are coming; the
earth will be troubled greatly!
It must be dreadful indeed if it
troubles you.
They walk and chat till they reach a wooden bench at the
edge of the eastern garden.

They sit down and Uriel tells Enoch about the pact that the
watchers have made with the Westerners.
      (with a troubled
May the Most High have mercy upon
mankind, how will we prevent the
ravishing of our daughters by the
Son of Heaven?
      (with a spark of
In their vanity, Watchers desire
only the purest of women for their
in-pure intentions.
                       ENOCH (worried)
They intend to rob us of our
We have until the next full moon
to marry Shynjari and other
eligible young girls from your
village to suitable young men.
After consummation they will be
safe from the watchers.


Question is, are there enough men
to save all the virgins we have?
They’ve made a pact with the
villagers of the Western Valley
who have opted to trade their
lineal wealth for material wealth.
The unwed daughters of your towns
will be safe as long as they
resist the watchers.
--About two dozens young couples gather.

--They exchange vows.

--And celebrate a wedding feast.

--From a distance Azazel watches painfully as Shinyari
marries Lamesh her cousin, Enoch's grandson whom she has
loved since they were small children.

a. The Watchers descend and roam through villages like a
swarm of locust, taking wives.

b. Some choose two or three women.

c. From each household where a virgin is taken, a sack of
gold and precious stones are left as a tribute.

The Watchers return to their mountain retreat.
Descend from the skies like a swarm of bees converging on a
honey comb and began to consummate their union with their
women in an orgy of lust that lasts for weeks.


It is a profane sacred gathering of guzzlers, with
Mouths full of wine and heads full of nonsense.

the smell of roasted meat and incense wafted the air and the
sounds of sexual gluttony and the dove-tone sighs of women
filled the summer night and echo to the villagers far below.
Balam and his council of elders gather with a few Watchers
for a casual meeting.
Balam, shakes his fist towards the east.
                       BALAM (angry)
The Eastern villagers mock us
                       ELDER 1
We thought if they saw our riches
and how the watchers seem to
prefer our daughters to their
daughters, they would envy us---
                       BALAM (exciteedly)
      (walks around)
---instead, the look down on us.
Azazel looks at each man intently studying their reaction
                       AZAZEL (curiously)
Reach out and strike them…you are
stronger through your alliance
with us.
      (returns to his
Easier said than done. We are few
and lack fighting skills.
This is why we asked you months
ago to gather all the able-bodied
men from your villages and
assemble them at the foot hills
where we first made our pact. Now,
if you want us to help you, do as
we ask.


-- Azazel teach men to make swords, knives, shields,
breastplates and their correct uses to inflict deadly blows.

-- They learn mineral identification and metal extraction
from the earth.

-- The art of working metal and the use of antimony, in
preparation to become a fighting force.

-- They calculate raids on unprotected eastern villages.

Sit at a small breakfast table, but she merely nibbles at
her food.
Semjaza moves earnestly towards her and embraces her with a
kiss on her forehead.
      (smacking his lips)
Why do you play with your meal,
eat and be nourished...these are
some your favorite foods.
Shrinks from his embrace, stands up and walks over to an
open window.
There is talk among the wives,
that we are simply ornaments. Our
brothers and fathers gain useful
knowledge from you while we remain
unlearned and unskilled.
Looks confused as he walks over to her and re-embraces her.


What need do you have of heavenly
knowledge,you will never be
required to work?
Faces him and caresses him seductively, with her lips just a
kiss away from his.
      (with an air of
To know is the prize of wisdom.
Make us excellent in craft and
deed even above our men folk.
He tries to kiss her, she dodges his lips and pecks him on
the cheek as she throws her arms around his neck.
                       SEMJAZA (sighs)
You don’t know what you ask... And
what will we gain for elevating
you above the men?
Nibbles on his ear lob,fondles and caresses him as she rubs
her bare breast against his chest.
                       LELA (seductively)
What you prize most…sons.
Erotic gaze fades into a curious stare as he raises his brow
and lays down on a nearby couch.
                       SEMJAZA (suspicious)
And you can make this happen? And
if you can, why havn't you?
Steps back and slides out of her gown and stands naked
before him caressing her body suggestively as she dances for
You are the masters of our bodies
but you don’t know the right time
for a woman to conceive. Such
knowledge is only known by women.


Gets up from the couch and interrupts her dance as he scoops
her up with one arm and kisses her passionately.
                       SEMJAZA (curious)
      (between kisses)
How can it be...that you would
possess...knowledge that I would
not have?
Kisses him from his chest to his waist as he trembles with

She whispers to him as she guides his powerful hands over
her body.
You’re not a woman? Why would the
Most High give you this knowledge?
Show us hidden things and we will
conceive and bear your sons.
Semjaza cautions her as he takes her down to the couch.
This knowledge must remain hidden
from your fathers and brothers.
      (draws him closer)
None of the girls will talk.
                       SEMJAZA (moans)
      (as he reacts to
       her caresses)
Very well, assemble all the wives
together each morning in one of
the great halls and we will teach
you things that were not taught to
the men.
They make love and lay slack in each other's arms spent and
drunk with love for the rest of the morning.


-- Semjaza teaches the women enchantments, to gather and cut
herbs and spices, medicinal plant identification and their
extracts for intoxication and hallucination.

-- Armaros teach them to resolve enchantments, the
beautification of eyelids and all coloring tinctures for

-- They learn to recognize semi-precious and costly stones,
and how to craft bracelets, and ornaments.

In order to balance the tilt of knowledge away from the
women, the men are taught other crafty things in secrete,
and are led to believe that what the women learn are useless
crafts designed to keep their minds busy.
Baraqijal a charismatic Watcher, dresses in short tunics
ornamented with many mysterious symbols and writing when he
teach astrology,

Kokabel explains the constellations,

Ezeqeel a cheerful energetic talkative Watcher teach the
knowledge of the clouds,

Araqiel a quiet soft spoken Watcher teach the signs of the

Shamsiel a humorous personality teach the signs of the sun,

Sariel explains the course of the moon.
After a few years the men and women of the western valley
become skillful in the crafts they are taught and practice

They are ruthless in craftiness and evil doing as they
back-stab, undercut, and use slight of hand to cheat one
another in their cult-worship of the Watchers.

Their in-fighting of clan against clan steers them away from
harassing the eastern villages to bitter and sometimes
deadly feuds amongst themselves.


Lela bathes, dresses and heads towards her village when a
beautiful bird alights on her shoulder.
                       LELA (playfully)
A beautiful Myna bird that sets on
my shoulder out of all the places
to land in the forest…is
suspicious to me.
The bird flies to a nearby branch just above her head as she
sits on a tree stump amazed at meeting such a beautiful
Dances around on the branches.
                       BIRD (flattery)
You are a clever young lady; your
suspicion serves you well. I am
called Whispers. Clever first,
among all of the Watcher and I
have knowledge that will help you
and your sisters conceive the
children you desire.
My husband is a---
---Watcher…yes I know…he’s a
spirit being and you are flesh and
blood…I am too a watcher in
allegiance with he who is called
the Morning Star. So listen to me
and learn something that your
group of watchers have not taken
the time to discern.
                       LELA (curious)
And what might that be?
Alights on her shoulder.
                       WHISPERS (cunningly)
First you must promise never to
reveal the source of this wonder I
will reveal to you. If you do, you
will not appear wise, after all,
you did promise that the women


                       WHISPERS (cont'd)
would conceive...did you not?
                       LELA (excited)
Upon my honor, you have my word,
give me this wisdom.
The bird whispers in her ear.
                       LELA (frowns)
Isn’t that a cruel trick to play
on our husbands?
                       WHISPERS (warns)
Cruel still for you to grow old
while his immortal body remains
young. And when you grow old and
die, he will take another wife. Go
child…take this knowledge and use
it well.
So, how would I go about
convincing him?
Flies to a nearby branch.
Oh, your kind are full of craft,
that’s your nature from the Most
High, I’m sure you are not without
Flies towards the horizon as he changes into a being of
light and disappears.
Lela and her mother sits around a fire and gossip when Lela
confides in her mother all that the bird had told her.
                       MOM (concerned)
It would seem as if someone else
has much to gain from our alliance
with the Watchers. Be wise; speak
of it to no man and no other woman
other than the wives of the


You’re the only one I’ve told
Take heed, don’t be tempted to
show your hand. Remember,
knowledge is as powerful as wealth
in the right hands…You must
develop a calculating mind my
child…neglect no detail and leave
as little as possible to chance.
How am I going to convince
Semjaza...will you teach me what I
must do?
That's not so difficult my
child...come, help me prepare
dinner for your father and I will
teach you a thing or two.
They chat for hours as they prepare a meal for Balam and a
few of his friends.
Walks among a construction site and inspect a garden terrace
that is being built by slaves.
      (points to young
Look at him, he has the body of a
                       SEMJAZA (agitated)
      (as he stares at
       the slave)
God’s have no bodies besides the
ones you humans assign to them
carved out of wood or stone.
They stop and face each other as Lela stresses her point.
Because humans need something to
feel, to touch, the wood or stone
is merely a representation of what


                       LELA (cont'd)
the worshiper would like to
                       SEMJAZA (cocky)
Then I've chosen my form well...I
look as good as that slave.
But it is not your true form.
Lela reminds him as she walks away and flash a quick glance
his way making sure that he follows her.

Semjaza follows and continues the argument.
                       SEMJAZA (cocky)
I can take on any form that I
He reaches out and holds her hand as they walk.
Stops and look him in the eyes.
                       LELA (serious)
But you lay it aside at will like
a garment...today you’re a horse,
tomorrow a lion, tonight a bird
and it never ends… Because I am a
mortal, I am trapped in this body
of mine, the body you caress and
make love to…what you see is what
you get each time you lay with me
and it changes only with age.
Lela resumes her walk as he follows a few more steps before
he stops her and they sit down on a stone bench.

Semjaza playfully holds her by both hands.
                       SEMJAZA (braggs)
I enjoy taking on different forms
and all the traits that set each
creature aside. The strength of
the lion, the power of a horse,
the cunning of the fox…and the
pleasures of man.
                       LELA (cunningly)
But in your shape-shifting, you
take on the form and never realize
the true attributes of a species.


                       LELA (cont'd)
In the form of a man you only
enjoy the cursory sensations of
being human. You cannot perform
many of the basic tasks of being
Such as?
As an immortal, you neither thirst
nor hunger. Even when you take on
the form of a man, Your human
experience is pretentious at best.
Lela stands up and resume her walk back towards the veranda.

Semjaza follows.
What benefit is there to lose my
spirit in the flesh?
Earnestly stops and face towards him.
The wives of the watchers are
without child. And that is because
you have no seed. Remain in the
flesh as a man long enough and
your human body will produce seed;
remember the decree from the Most
High that each species should
reproduce after its own kind...its
own seed.
The smirk Semjaza's face and his cocky stare fades to a look
of amazement.
                       SEMJAZA (suspicious)
That is so prophetic...until it is
hard to believe that what you just
said...is your own knowledge.
Stands up and struts away.


                       LELA (confidently)
Don't under estimate women... It
is a logical conclusion, is there
any other way for you to father
children with me other than you
becoming a real man and providing
the seed of a man...and not just
the form thereof?
Semjaza follows closely.
I will test this plan of yours for
myself. If you conceive then I
will order the watcher to take on
humanity and produce the new heirs
to the earth.
Lela conceals a triumphant smirk with difficulty by holding
him close and whispering delights in his hear.
Semjaza oversees the quarry and removal of semi precious
stones to be used in his bathhouse.
A servant appears over the ridge running towards them.
Semjaza looks with keen interest but dismiss the servant as
an energetic boy racing back to work.

The servant reaches the quarry and nearly collapses from
exhaustion. Others lift him up and give him water as they
sit lay him across a large stone.
                       SERVANT 1
      (to Semjaza)
Go quickly my lord, Lela has
fallen ill.
Without asking the nature of the illness Semjaza takes
flight as his powerfully wings creat a vortex that sweeps
aside debris and foliage as he races towards his villa.
Semjaza swoops down to the terrace and finds Lela lying
feeble and helpless on a sofa attended by several maids.

His heart sanks and for the first time he understands what
Lela meant when she said his previous experiences as a human
were cursory at most.


Now real pangs of human fear and uncertainty races through
his heart.
What happened…did she fall?
                       MAID 1
She’s fine my lord…she fainted.
She looks so weak and pale. What
causes her sickness?
                       MAID 1
Well, from what I can determine my
lord…from her early morning
vomiting, and disagreeable
attitude lately…I’d say she was
with child my lord.
Semjaza is overcome with joy and disbelief and slowly sits
down on the sofa. Lela flashes a weak smile, they embrace
and exchange affectionate praises for one another,then,

Semjaza sprang to his feet.
      (to his servants)
Prepare a feast…fetch Balam and
his household…summon the other
watcher...tonight we celebrate a
perfect union.
The news of the improbable conception is celebrated with the
usual pomp and debauchery the easterners are known for.

In as little as three months Lela is pregnant with their
first child, and now the other watchers find themselves
faced with wives that would prefer to see them as “mighty
Men” rather than fleeting spirits and shape-shifters.

Therefore, following their leader Semjaza, they linger in
human form and continue to defile themselves with women and
indulge in lusts and desires they were not created to

As a result, their addictions compel them to remain in the
flesh to enhance their human experiences and they are led


astray when they become addicts to being in the flesh and
become corrupt in all their ways.
The Watchers gather for one of their slumber-fest.

Takes his place in the center of the room, points his light
saber skyward; and fires a blast of lightening and awaken
the slumbering watchers.
                       SEMJAZA (excitedly)
I hear that your wives are with
children! All of them!
                       BARAQIJAL (SHOUTS WITH JOY)
We will be fathers! We have
created in our own image a new
The earth will be subdued by our
My son shall be a master of the
constellations and find new worlds
for us to inhabit; we will
populate many worlds after our
kind and likeness!
Sits on his throne and quietly monitors the earth on a
holographic telepathic screen. His blank stare comes to
life as he sees a lone watcher approach and enter his realm.
The visitor walks down a series of dark corridors and salute
fellow watchers as he approach the main room and enter,
stopping a few feet from the throne.


Extends his scepter.
Ah Whispers...the most cunning and
craftiest of all the watchers. Of
whom it is said that whatever is
spoken in secrete upon the earth
cannot escape the Whisperer's ear.
Salutes and nods his head in respect.
                       WHISPERS (humbly)
Indeed I am he, and the legend is
Leans forward from his throne.
      (with a keen look
       in his eye)
And have you aligned yourself with
me in my cause?
Indeed I have.
And has your mission been a
Indeed...the seed of destruction
has been placed before the
watchers like a stumbling block in
the dark.
What news have you, of the foolish
Points to the telepathic screen and explains his success.
                       WHISPERS (VO)
Their wives enticed them to remain
in the flesh for 7 days and
behold, they took on humanity and


                       WHISPERS (cont'd)
all of its natural attributes to
include procreation.
                       LUCIFER (VO)
They are now immortals trapped in
mortal bodies. They can only be
released when the mortal body dies
releasing them in their true
spirit form.
                       WHISPERS (intercedes)
However, they retain all of their
spirit attributes as an inner
dwelling force.
Stands up and paces around his throne.
                       LUCIFER (angrily)
Truly spoken...but they will be
preoccupied lusting after
creatures made from the dust, and
out of my way and not able to
interfere with my grand
scheme...they lust after human
flesh and desire to be like
man...We were created from the
light...spirit...man was created
from the dust...How dare they long
to be like man...I took the first
step to break the yoke of the Most
High and now they trample my
rebellion underfoot with foolish
-- They grow into giants twelve to thirteen feet tall.

-- Consume all the acquisitions of their earthly parents
until the villagers can no longer sustain them.

-- Turn against the villagers and began to hunt and devour
men as if they were beast of the field.

-- Began to ambush, slay and devour one another's hearts, in
a cannibalistic blood sport.


The Arch Angels gather for a meeting, in a lofty stellar
chamber made of transparent gold and crystal.

They look down from heaven into a holographic global image
of the earth and see wars,innocent blood shed and various
acts of lawlessness. They look at one another, speechless
for a few moments.
                       MICHAEL (worried)
If we do not intervene the earth
will become uninhabited.
Michael nods for a response.
Uriel leans forward and points towards the earth.
The voices of the crying of the
innocent are heard up to the gates
of heaven, and it is difficult to
refrain from descending to
confront the evil ones.
Raphael stands up unable to contain his emotions while
sitting down.
                       RAPHAEL (emphatically)
The souls of men make their suit
unto us, the holy ones of heaven
saying, "Bring our cause before
the Most High."
My guffs are becoming full of
souls as fast as I can build them.
Let us draw lots to see which of
us will approach the Lord and ask
him why he is silent concerning
the earth?
Raguel paces back and forth.
Uriel, you rule over the Earth and
Tartarus...Raphael, you rule over
the spirits of men... Michael,
your authority is over the best
part of mankind and over chaos...
Saraqael, you are set over the
spirits, and those who sin in the


                       RAGUEL (cont'd)
spirit... Remiel, is set over
those who rise... Gabriel you rule
over Paradise and the serpents and
the Cherubim... and I take
vengeance on the world of the

So...it would seem that I by
definition of my duties would have
no business on earth or its
consequences. Therefore, I
suggest that each of you having
authority over the areas affected
should present yourselves before
the Lord as one voice.
They take Raguel's advise and after a brief discussion
amongst themselves they decide on how to approach the Lord.
They approach and salute the guardian Cherubim, beings that
never sleep, but watch the throne of glory. They each have
four faces — that of a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man —
and combined features of these four creatures, physique and
hands of a man, the hoofed feet of a calf and two pairs of

Two of the wings extended upward, meeting above covering the
throne of God when they are stationed around the throne;
while the other two stretches downward and cover the
Cherubim themselves. When they move about, they never turn,
but go "straight forward" on the wheels of their cherubic
chariot that is full of eyes "like burning coals of fire."

The holy ones request to see the Most High and are granted
entry to the throne.
Approach the Lord, kneel on one knee and salute.
Lord of lords, God of gods, King
of kings, and God of the ages, the
throne of Thy glory stand unto all
the generations of the ages, and


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
Thy name holy and glorious and
blessed unto all the ages!
You have made all things,
and you have power over all
things: and all things are naked
and open in Thy sight, and you see
all things, and nothing can hide
itself from Thee. You see what
Azazel hath done, who hath taught
all unrighteousness on earth and
revealed the eternal secrets which
were preserved in heaven, which
men were striving to learn as a
designed progression of knowledge
established by you.
Steps forward and speaks.
And Semjaza, to whom you have
given authority to bear rule over
his associates, has led them
astray and they have gone unto the
daughters of men upon the earth,
and have slept with the women, and
have defiled themselves, and
revealed to them all kinds of
      (with an
And the women became pregnant and
have borne giants, and the whole
earth has thereby been filled with
blood and unrighteousness. And
now, behold, the souls of those
who have died are crying and
making their suit to the gates of
heaven, and their lamentations
have ascended to our holy ears and
cannot cease because of the
lawless deeds which are wrought on
the earth---
In a calmer tone and self controlled.


---And you know all things before
they come to pass, and you saw
these things and you suffer them,
and you do not say to us what we
are to do to them in regard to
these atrocities, and we dare not
act on our own accord, but thy
will be done on earth as it is in
                       CHERIBUM CHORUS
Lightning and thunder flashes from the throne and an intense
bright light emanates.
      (In a low
       thunderous voice.)
Uriel, Go down to the earth and
send Enoch the righteous scribe
before the watchers to tell them
to prepare to be judged and bound.
looks sideways at the brightness because of its intensity.
What am I to instruct Enoch to say
to the watchers?
Send him, and tell him when it is
time for him to speak I will put
my words in his mouth.
      (bows and backs
As you command so shall it be my
Sits beneath an olive tree meditating in prayer.

A burst of brilliant light cracks the eastern skies above


Descends and joins Enoch.

They greet each other warmly, discuss the earth in upheaval
Is silent for a few moments and stares blankly into the
Enoch…the Lord sends you to the
Watchers with a message...go to
them and what you are to say will
be given to you when you open your
mouth in their presence and they
will know that you speak for the
Looks towards the skies then at Uriel.
                       ENOCH (concerned)
If the Lord sends me…then I have
no choice but to go. Yet I am
only a man and lately, the hands
of the watchers have gone
unchecked against men…so… will you
be going with me?
                       URIEL (encouraging)
I’m afraid not my friend, an Angel
mightier than I, will be at your
side. Go in strength and do not be
The fallen watchers slumber drunk with lust and wine,
surrounded by their wives and servants.
Walks into their camp barely noticed,
climbs up onto a stone alter and calls out to them.


                       ENOCH (defiantly)
Fallen Ones! Heaven has heard the
accusations of men against you!
A few Watchers rouse in anger, stagger to their feet and
brandish their light sabers and threaten Enoch.
Struggles to stand up right as his companions slump back
down to the ground.
                       ARAKLBA (slurred speech)
You dare speak to us while
standing! Kneel, kneel before your
Looks at the drunkard sternly and make eye contact.
It would be more fitting that you
should kneel since you are having
difficulty standing…You are false
Gods, in fact you are not Gods at
all…not omnipotent…not
omnipresent… OR omniscient…but
rather foolish hearted and vain!
You would lord over men and cannot
keep a check on your on impulses.
Some of the humans there attempt to seize Enoch and are
immediately stricken down by the Angel of Death.

Approaches Enoch from the opposite end of the monument,
flexes his muscles and stares up at Enoch
                       AZAZEL (angrily)
Why have you come here to tempt us
to spill your mortal blood? You
are in danger here…the Angel of
Death has no power over us…we are
immortal and we cannot die!
Enoch walks over to Azazel,looks down at Azazel and shrugs
his shoulders.


Ah but he does have control over
your mortal bodies…And you have no
power over my life…and really no
power over yourselves! No self
restraint and no conscience.
Azazel violently draws his light saber, but heeds a warning
stare from the Angel of Death, and softens his angry gesture
towards Enoch.
What have you to do with us…what
do you know our business?
Leans towards Azazel as if daring him to use his light
                       ENOCH (angrily)
I know that you have left the high
heaven, the holy eternal place,
and have defiled yourselves with
women. You have brought great
destruction on the earth, and you
will have no peace!
Secures his saber and grimaces at Enoch.
                       AZAZEL (snarls)
What do you know of our origin…
your hairless monkey!
Enoch points to the top of a date palm where families of
monkeys are scavenging for fruit.
                       ENOCH (sternly)
Look, even the monkeys you compare
me to honors the creator, and do
not transcend the law of natural
selection…a severe sentence has
gone forth against you to put you
in bonds…you will have no peace!


Climbs down from his perch and walks among them and speak to
them all together in groups of tens, and individually
repeating their sins to them as fear and trembling seizes
As he preaches to them, it seems as if a veil of confusion
is lifts from their faces and they understand their sins.

From here on they could not speak with the Lord nor lift up
their eyes to heaven for the shame of their sins for which
they had been condemned.
Sobers up, walks over to Enoch and kneels before Enoch
Enoch, you are a man beloved of
the Most High, we beg you to draw
up a petition for us and read it
in the presence of the Lord of
heaven that we might find
Lifts Shemjaza up from his knees and helps him to stand as
some of their servants come to his aid because he could
hardly stand for the grief and fear that struck his heart.

Azazel places his hand on Enoch’s shoulder in a friendly
We simply want to be left alone to
live as mortals do and enjoy the
bounty of the earth. Maybe we can
trade our immortality for length
of days for ourselves and our
Walks away from them as they weep and wail like women in


Enoch sits beneath its shade and writes out the petition and
prayer for the Watchers in regard to their deeds
individually and their requests.

He finishes writing the petition and takes a walk to the
Western Valley, near the village Hermon.
He reads their petition until he falls asleep.
Great distress comes into his heart.
He tosses and turns restlessly and starts crying in his
-- Two angels appear before him.

-- A type he’s never seen on earth.

-- Their faces shine like the sun.

-- Their eyes are like burning embers,

-- Their wings are brighter than gold, their hands whiter
than snow.

-- They stand at his feet and call Enoch by his name and
Enoch rouses from his sleep visibly shaken by the event and
find the two angels are standing before him.
He tries to greet them but is frozen with fear.
One of the angels sits next to Enoch and pats him on the
                       ANGEL 1
Have courage, Enoch, do not fear;
the Lord sends us to you. You will
ascend with us to-day into heaven.
So, you must go and prepare your
household for your absence.
The angels silently vanish as Enoch drifts back into a
peaceful sleep and at sunrise he makes the few hours journey
to his home arriving around noon.


Enoch arrives when his sons are still in the fields tending
the flocks.

His wife and daughter greet him, and after a brief
conversation with his wife, he summons his sons Mathusal,
Regim, and Gaidad.

They gather for a family lunch and he tells them about his
visit from the angels.
                       MATHUSAL (worried)
How long will you be away father?
Leans back in his chair and looks at each one of them before
Only the Lord knows, but for sure
I will be comeing back to you.
With a look of relief on his face as he hugs and encourages
his father.
We will carry on as if you were
watching over us father.
If you don not return we will
search for you until we find you
Chuckles and leans forward in his seat.
And where would you begin to
search, the whole earth or the
heavens above?
His wife and daughter weep quietly and try to show that they
are strong. They all gather around Enoch, hug him and
encourage him as he sits and cries softly at the thought of
leaving them.


With a worried look on her face.
Shall I prepare you provisions for
your trip my lord…What on earth
will you eat?
Enoch chuckles and hugs her close as he sniffs her lovely
I will not be on the earth and I
do not know how long I will be in
the heavens but I’m sure the Lord
will commission the Angels to
provide for me.
Stands up and check his Nap-sack and make sure he has packed
his parchment and writing sticks.
                       WIFE (encourages)
I’ll keep provisions packed for
you just in case the Lord
dispatches an Angels to fetch it
for you.
Enoch hugs and kisses his wife as they walk him to the front
door of his house.
                       ENOCH (chuckles)
      (feigning good
Because of your good cooking, I’m
not sure my lunch will make it to
me. The angels will surely keep it
for themselves.
Enoch’s son Gaidad hands him his staff as he steps out of
the door.
Walks away from his house down a garden road for about a
hundred yards, looks back, wave and smile as he makes his
way towards the foothills.


Enoch arrives, a gentle breeze stirs the misty air and the
foothills are partially shrouded in a fog.

He stands in the middle of a circle of elm trees and waits
the arrival of the angels.

Across the horizon he sees the fog rolls into the foothills
towards him.

The fog takes on human-like forms and summons him into the
mist and he steps forward.

A gentle breeze stirs itself into a whirl-wind as it gathers
around Enoch, engulfs him and carry him towards heaven.
The whirlwind precipitates and leaves Enoch standing on
unsteady legs just outside magnificent gates.

He approach cautiously and the gates open for him and he

He walks towards a wall which is built entirely of crystals
surrounded by tongues of fire and cautiously examines the
wall with his hands and he feels no heat.

Reluctantly, he walks through the tongues of fire and
draw near to a large house built of crystals with walls like
a tessellated floor made of crystal.
Enoch talks to himself as he stumbles about nervously
examining his surroundings.
                       ENOCH (VO)
The groundwork and landscape
ornaments are of crystal. The
ceiling is vaulted like the path
of the stars and the roof above
them is clear as water. A flaming
fire surrounds the walls, and its
portals are blazing with fire.
He approaches a strange house that appears awesome in size
and nature.


Enoch enters and it feels as hot as fire and cold as ice.
He feels no delights of life therein and fear grips him.
He trembles and falls forward on his face.
When he rolls over onto his back he has transcended into a
Enoch lays prone looking down a hallway built entirely of
what appears to be flames of fire that do not burn or
consume, and the ceiling also is flaming fire.

And in every respect it is so excellent in splendor and
magnificence until it is difficult to describe to himself.
Slowly lifts himself from the floor like a drunken man,
forcing himself to stand.

He staggers down a huge corridor.
Stops just outside a great room.
He does not enter, but looks in on the activities.
He continues to try and talk himself out of being
overwhelmed by his experience.
                       ENOCH (VO)
I can see therein a lofty throne,
its appearance is as crystal and
the cherubim are there!
From underneath the throne flow
streams of flaming fire so bright
that I cannot look thereon.
And the Lord sits thereon, and his
raiment shines more brightly than
the sun and I cannot look upon him
Cautiously look at the Lord's image through a reflection off
the crystal walls.
None of the regular angels can enter this particular chamber
or behold the lord’s face here directly because its
magnificence and glory causes a painful unbearable radiation
and no flesh earthly or heavenly could behold him. However

Flaming fire beings surround the Lord, and a great fire
burns before him so no one could approach him: thousands
stand before him, yet he needed no counselor.


Uriel approaches Enoch, greets, embraces and encourages
                       URIEL (smiles)
Be strong there is much you have
yet to see. You will see what many
angels have not seen.
Enoch tries not to appear frightened as he picks up his
knapsack and clutches it like a child clutches a toy for
      (trying to appear
Just seeing you here strengthens
me enough to endure.
      (gestures to Enoch)
Come with me, you need rest.
Uriel escorts Enoch to his room and shows him all of the
accessories for his comfort.
You’ve had a busy day, get a good
nights sleep my friend you’ve got
a busy day tomorrow.
Enoch sits down on the bed testing its comfort and admiring
its craft.
I’m fine, I’ve only just arrived.
Uriel laughs and sits across from Enoch with an amusing look
on his face.
You have been here for several
hours. Minutes pass like hours
here…days like weeks and so on.
Enoch seemed relieved at hearing this and flings himself
backwards across the bed with a sigh of relief
I could use a good nights
sleep...and since I'm here now, I
imagine none of you will be


                       ENOCH (cont'd)
invading my dreams tonight.
Uriel laughs, and shows Enoch where he can store his
Your wife has prepared your
rations, but here you will be fed
Manna and fruit from the tree of
Uriel greets Enoch with a small basket of food and
Enoch samples some of the food in the basket, as Uriel
explains the different delicacies and fruits.
                       ENOCH (apologetic)
Very tasty indeed...but if I
may...and I mean no offense but
there's no need to let my earthly
provisions spoil.
                       URIEL (smiles)
No offense taken...eat what you
will my friend as long as it
sustains you.
Enoch fetches his knapsack and enjoys the meal his wife has
prepared for him. Sampling now and then some of the
heavenly treats that compliments his earthly rations.

After breakfast they walk into a great lobby, approach and
step onto a crystal platform that levitates several inches
off the floor.

Its movement is such that its riders are protected from the
effects of its change in direction during travels. The
platform then speeds away towards the horizon of the city,
without making Enoch dizzy of fearful of the heights.
Uriel and Enoch arrive at a place where they are met by
other angelic beings that appear as tongues of flaming fire,
but when they approach Enoch they appear human, as they
greet and embrace Enoch.

These beings accompany Enoch and Uriel as they continue the
tour to where things are chaotic and he sees indescribable


Peers into what is called the abyss, a place chaotic, void,
and horrible where seven Angels are imprisoned waiting

He is appalled at their clamorous, discordant voices,
bawling and making a savage Babel for mercy, silenced now
and then by the robust voice of a prison guard reminding
them of their crimes.

These angels are dark-looking, more than earthly darkness,
and weep incessantly.

Enoch feels great pity for them. And as he looks in on them,
they notice his presence and they salute him.
Stirs and pleads.
                       PRISONERS (moaning)
Oh man of God, pray for us unto
the Lord.
Enoch is surprised and taken back by their request.
                       ENOCH (VO)
      (to himself)
Who am I, but a mortal man that I
should pray for angels? And if I
pray for the angels, who will pray
for me?
Recoils from the door of the cell and looks to one of his
                       ENOCH (curious)
Why are they tortured? For what
sin are they bound, and on what
account have they been imprisoned?
Fiery Angel 2 peers into the cell nonchalantly.


                       FIERY ANGEL 2
Why do you ask, and why art thou
eager for the truth?
Enoch gestures earnestly as he expresses his point of view.
                       ENOCH (confused)
Because, they must be terrible
indeed, if Lucifer is allowed to
remain at large while these are
bound right away.
Fiery Angel 1 steps up to the cell and points at it.
                       FIERY ANGEL 1 (laughts)
These are God’s apostates, who
obeyed not God’s commands, but
took counsel with their own will,
and turned away with their
Princes, who also is fastened on
the fifth heaven. You will see
them next.
Fiery Angel 2 places his hand on Enoch's shoulder, as he
                       FIERY ANGEL 2
These are the Angels of heaven,
which have transgressed the
commandment of the Lord, and are
bound here for ten thousand years,
the time entailed by their sins.
Flaming horses arrive without riders and stop near the
entrance of the prison. Enoch reluctantly approach with his
guides who mount up on the flaming horses.
                       FIERY ANGEL 1 (excitedly)
Fear not, Enoch, mount up!
                       ENOCH (candidly)
Easier said and done for you who
are a fiery being, to mount a
fiery horse.
                       FIERY ANGEL 2
Their flames will not harm
you…mount up and enjoy the ride.
They are swift and know the way to
our next stop.


Enoch timidly mounts up and they blaze away. Moments later
they approach the next prison from the far side.

It is surrounded by a great fire which burn and blaze, and
the place is cleft as far as the abyss, and is full of great
descending columns of fire: neither its extent nor magnitude
could be estimated.
-- All manner of tortures is used, set against a cruel
darkness and an un-illumined gloom,

-- There is no light here, only a murky fire constantly
burning, and a river of fire flowing throughout the whole
place, and everywhere there is frost and ice,

-- The prisoners thirst and shiver, and their bonds are very

-- The prison guards are brutal and merciless; bearing angry
weapons, and inflicts merciless torture.

Enoch backs himself up against a wall and turn away.
My God! What a very terrible place
this is. It is fearful and how
terrible to be a witness!
Uriel approaches to comfort Enoch.
Why hast thou such fear and
      (bows his head in
       his hands)
---Because of the spectacle of the
pain here.
                       FIERY ANGEL 1
This place is the prison for the
leaders of the fallen angels.


Fires a blast of light into the cell-block and initiates a
roll call with a voice so thunderous and fierce even Enoch
has trouble standing.

The reluctant prisoners are jolted from their slumber as one
by one they make their way to the door of their cells in an
eerie formation symbolizing their former rank and file.
                       FIERY ANGEL 1 (roars)
Yekon! Speak! Why art thou
      (with an errie
It was I who seduced the watchers
and led them down to the earth and
caused them to lust after the
flesh of women...I might be your
Fiery Angel 1 give Yekon a blast of lightening that send
Yekon hurling backwards into a corner of his cell
                       FIERY ANGEL 1 (angrily)
One by one they step forward and recite their sins.
                       KESABEL (timidly)
I gave evil counsel to the
watchers causing them to corrupt
their spiritual bodies.
                       GADREL (somber)
      (head hung low)
I taught the art of warfare to
                       PENEMUE (cocky)
      (to Enoch)
You should thank me...I taught men
bitterness and sweetness and the
art of writing---
                       FIERY ANGEL 1 (angrily)
---Which men were not created for,
and by this knowledge they perish
when they use it for evil.


Fiery Angel 1, blasts Penemue back up against a wall and he
writhes in agony.
                       KASYADE (growls)
      (and grimace at
       his visitors)
I taught men the nature of spirits
and demons.
                       FIERY ANGEL 2 (angrily)
They will be imprisoned here for
ever along with their followers
who have connected themselves with
women and their spirits assuming
many different forms are defiling
mankind and leading them astray
into sacrificing to demons as
gods, here shall they be
imprisoned till judgment
day...when they will be destroyed.
Enoch falls back against a wall and slides down to the
sitting position with his head hung low, closes his eyes at
the thought of the pain and suffering the place causes.

When he opens his eyes, he and his escorts are joined by the
Archangel Raphael who arrives from a tunnel of light and
summons Enoch and his guides into the tunnel of light and
are transported dimensionally to a spacious court yard.
Enoch and his escorts sit at a table made of beryl and onyx,
and is served a wonderful meal by beings that resembles
humans but have luminous skin and radiant eyes.
                       BEING 1 (excited)
      (to Enoch)
you are the man Enoch...may I join
Enoch look to his escorts for approval.
      (nods his approval)
We are all brothers here.


Soon more beings gather curiously around Enoch and ask many
questions about the earth and humanity as he entertains them
with many facinating stories about the earth.
      (to being 1)
Well, thats enough about me. Tell
me about the heavens and the
wonders I've seen so far.
                       BEING 1
      (to Enoch)
What would you like to know?
      (to being 1)
I am curoius about the living
creatures around the throne of the
Most High. What is the order of
these terrible beings?
                       BEING 1
      (to Enoch)
The Seraphim are the highest order
and are the caretakers of God's
throne and continuously sing his
praises: "Holy, holy, holy is the
Lord of hosts. All the earth is
filled with His Glory." As you
have probably seen, they surround
the throne of God and such a
bright light emanates from them
that no other divine beings, can
look upon them.
Are there others like them?
                       BEING 2
      (to Enoch)
The Cherubim...they are beyond the
throne of God; they are the
guardians of light and of the
stars. They are removed from man's
plane of reality, yet, the divine
light that they filter down from
Heaven still touches the lives of
living things---
                       BEING 3
---Some have four wings and some
have six, often called the "living
creature," and are considered the
elect beings for the purpose of


                       BEING 3 (cont'd)
protection. It was a Cherub who
guarded the entrance to the Garden
of Eden and the throne of God---
      (to Enoch)
---Cherubim have perfect knowledge
of the Most High, surpassed only
by the love of the Seraphim.
After dinner Enoch is escorted to his room for the evening.

The next morning Uriel takes Enoch to breakfast at a
beautiful hanging garden, before they resume the heavenly

Uriel scans the skies,
What are you looking for?
      (points towards
       the horizon)
Enoch watches the approach of the most bizarre physical
appearance of the celestial hosts he has seen.
What are these great wheels
covered with a great many eyes and
glowing with light?
They are called "Ophanim, Wheels
or Galgallin." The wheels of the
Lord's Heavenly Chariot
These wheels-within-wheels gently touch down with a roaring
sound like a turbulent sea of waves.

Uriel and Enoch step into the midst of the wheels as the
wheels turn each in its own direction but, it seem to all
work together some how as they ascend towards the northern


The wheels transport them to a very high mountain top on the
new earth which is prepared to replace the present earth at
the end of the ages.

Enoch gets a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

He looks towards the north over the mountains and he see
seven mountains full of fragrant trees, all sorts of
orchards and groves of spices.

He sees mountains rich in gold, silver and many other
precious metals.
Enoch walks around looking from valley to valley.
                       ENOCH (curious)
For what purpose are these
Uriel points to the various resources in throughout the
All these things which thou hast
seen shall serve the dominion of
the Anointed One…that he may be
potent and mighty on the new
They are joined by two fiery angels who takes flight with
Enoch in tow and heads in for a closer look at the

They pass over the summits of all these mountains, to the
Garden of Righteousness.
They arrive at the garden and are greeted by Raphael.
Immediately Enoch notices a great tree and walk over to it.
He looks at Raphael and gestures towards the tree with
                       ENOCH (excited)
      (walks around the
What is this beautiful, glorious
and magnificent tree?


                       RAPHAEL (smiles)
The tree of knowledge---
---Whose holy fruit the saints eat
and gain great wisdom. Its height
is like the fir, and its leaves
are like those of the Carob tree:
And its fruit is like the clusters
of the vine, very beautiful: and
the fragrance of the tree
penetrates afar.
                       RAPHAEL (somber)
This is the very tree of wisdom
from which thy grandfather old in
years, and thy aged grandmother,
who were before thee, have eaten,
and their eyes were opened, and
they knew that they were naked and
they were driven out of the
Enoch reach out, but then pauses.
May I touch it?
Sure, taste its fruit...but it
will have no effect on you now…how
much wiser would you like to
become? ---
                       ENOCH (jokes)
      (plucks a piece of
---Wise enough not to fall into
the hands of the living God?
Then eat well my friend…you've
earned it.
Raphael steps away from the tree into an opening in a grassy
area as Enoch samples the fruit and joins him moments later.
Behold the sphere and things to
come Enoch.


A holographic sphere materializes before them and Enoch
gazes into it.
-- He sees all the secrets of the heavens,

-- How the earthly kingdoms are divided,

-- How the actions of men are weighed in the balance.
-- He sees the mansions of the elect and the mansions of the

-- And see all the sinners at the end of the ages being
driven away because they deny the Lord.

-- They are being dragged off to be locked up.

Verily, no one is beyond the
Lord’s mercy and none escape his
Amen, truly spoken.
Raphael points to a fiery chariot drawn by two fiery pagasus
that approaches from the air.

Enoch and his guides mount up and leave Raphael behind as
the chariot wisks them away.
Enoch and the fiery angels arrive by chariot at the
threshold to the throne of God.

Here, the six-winged and many-eyed Cherubim and Seraphim
stand about the throne, before the Lord’s face doing his
singing with gentle voices.
                       CHERIBUM CHORUS
Holy, holy, holy, Lord Ruler of
Sabbath, heavens and earth are
full of your glory.


Enoch's guides turn to him and explains.
                       FIERY ANGEL 1
Thus far is it commanded us to
journey with you and no further.
The angels flame out and leave Enoch alone at the end of the
seventh heaven and he becomes afraid and wanders around
                       ENOCH (VO)
      (to himself)
What has befallen me…why have they
abandoned me…how will I get back
to my quarters?
Gathers some fruit from a nearby tree,finds a corner sit
down and prepares to spend the evening there. After several
hours the Arch-Angel Gabriel arrives.
Have courage, Enoch, do not fear,
arise and come with me.
Stands and greets Gabriel.
                       ENOCH (agitated)
My soul is departed from me, from
terror and trembling. I called to
the fiery ones who led me up to
this place because I relied on
them to take me before the Lord’s
face but they abandoned me.
Gabriel laughs and pats Enoch on the shoulder.
Many angels do not like to stand
before the Lord’s face. Rest
peacefully tonight because
tomorrow you shall stand before
the Lord’s face…alone…and for that
you will need your strength.
Enoch is carried to new quarters in the seventh heaven, fed
and boarded with other heavenly beings who he converse with
during the evening.


The next morning he has breakfast and waits for his guide in
a lush terace garden.
                                         ENOCH'S GUIDE
Gabriel approaches from the air, waves to Enoch and uses
his powerful wings to sweeps Enoch upwards, like a leaf
caught up by the wind, and carries him to the tenth heaven,
which is called Aravoth.
Enters a chamber designed to allow a flesh and blood beings
to be in the cyber presence of God shielded from deadly
radiation because of the spectrum of brightness.

In a moment of eternity he looks upon the Lord’s face.
Realizes the Lord’s face is ineffable, marvelous, awful, and

frightening. Like smelting iron, it glows and emits sparks,
as it burns.
                       ENOCH (VO)
      (to himself)
How am I to tell my sons of the
Lord’s unspeakable being, and of
his very wonderful face?

I cannot tell the quantity of his
many instructions, and various
voices I hear.

His throne is very great and not
made with hands.

I cannot estimate the number of
those standing round him, troops
of Cherubim and Seraphim,

Nor their incessant singing, or
his immutable beauty, and who
shall tell of the ineffable
greatness of his glory.
Enoch is overwhelmed and falls prone before the Lord.
      (in a thunderous
Have courage, Enoch, do not fear,


                       LORD (cont'd)
arise and stand before my face
into eternity.
Helps Enoch to stand and leads him closer to the Lord’s
                       LORD (quiet voice)
      (to Michael)
Let Enoch stand alone.
The host of glorious beings standing around the throne, bow
their heads to the Lord in agreement.
      (bows and steps
Let Enoch approach according to
thy word.
Enoch steps forward and one of the Cherubim bathes Enoch in
a bright blinding light from its eyes.

Enoch closes his eyes and grimace as his skin seems to
tighten because of an invisible force that lifts him up as
the bean of light scans his entire body.

The force releases Enoch and he stands unassisted and sways
trying to keep his composure as the Cherubim now block his
path to the throne with their swords drawn. Enoch looks
straight ahead breathes slow and deep as he regains a sense
of balance and awareness.

The heavenly court is silent, only Enoch’s labored breaths
can be heard.
      (to Michael)
Go and take Enoch from out of his
earthly garments, and anoint him
with my sweet ointment, and put
him into the garments of my glory.
Enoch is quietly led away.


Enoch bathes and Michael gives him a portion of the Lord's
ointment and he anoints himself and dresses in a special
soft toga-like garment.

The ointment is watery and has a mild sweet melon smell.
He looks at his reflection and sees that he shines like one
of the luminous ones.
The Lord summons Enoch, and he is brought before the Lord
and stands.
      (to Pravuil)
Pravuil, bring out the books from
my store-houses, and a reed of
quick-writing, and give it to
Enoch, and deliver to him the
choice and comforting books out of
your hand.
Moments late Enoch receives the books and bows down to the
Enoch beloved, all that you see,
all things that are standing
finished before you, even before
the very beginning…I created it
all from nothing, and visible
things from invisible.

Hear, Enoch, and take in my words,
for I have not even told my
secrets to my angels, and I have
not told them of their beginning,
nor of my endless realm, nor have
they understood my creating, which
I will tell you today and you will
A large spherical hologram materializes as the heavenly
court looks on in anticipation.

Enoch gazes into the hologram and sees the beginning of all


The lord alone roams the invisible realm creating all
things. He conceives the idea of placing foundations and
creates visible matter.

He commands subatomic particles to arise from very complex
matter and causes visible things to emanate from invisible
and Adoil the Light of creation materializes as a shapeless
entity and is full of light.

So compacted until it could not escape the invisible realm
of its own accord.
      (to Adoil)
Become undone and let the visible
light come out of you.
And Adoil, the light of creation becomes undone, in a
magnificent explosion, and there is born light from light
and a great age comes forth, wherein God's imagination
becomes visible.

All the things which he thought to create materializes.
He sees that it is good and places for himself a throne, and
takes his seat on it.
      (to Adoil)
Go up higher and fix yourself high
above the throne, and be a
foundation to the highest things.

And above you there will be
nothing else.
Adoil complies and blinding waves of light are flung
throughout the universe.
The Lord studies the spirit of creation and commands.
      (to Archas)
Come forth.
And Achas,the spirit of creation comes forth very red and
violently in a silent explosion from the invisible heavy
anti- matter and creates the lower things.

The Lord assigns the light to day, and the darkness to the
night, and as follows, there is evening and there is morning
the first day.


He commands another cosmic explosion and a visible universal
shock-wave bursts forth and expands into heavenly spirals of
all shapes and sizes.

They reach their assigned positions in the universe, their
cosmic atomic energy begins to stir and transform into
specialized matter and gather itself together as the
heavenly bodies.

Out of the debris he creates spheres of hollow rocks and ice
hard and big, and one in particular he calls earth.
On the earth he establishes the natural order of the
elements and the firmament and calls it the first day of

From a great fire, he creates the orders of the incorporeal
ten troops of angels, with their fiery weapons and raiment
of burning flames, and he commands that each one should
stand in his order.

One from out of the order of angels,turns away with the
order that is under him, and conceives an impossible
thought,to place his throne above God's throne,that he might
show himself equal to God.

And God throws him out from the heights with his angels and
they crash to the earth like overripe fruit swept from a
tall tree by a mighty wind.
The experience of standing before the Lord drains Enoch’s
strength and he passes out and is taken to his quarters for
the evening.
Enoch arrives refreshed and kneels before the Lord ready to
accept a second dose of enlightenment.
      (In a deep firm
Enoch, all that I have created
from the uppermost foundation to
the lower and to the end, know
that there is neither counselor
nor inheritor to my creations.

I am self-eternal, not made with
hands, and without change. My


                       LORD (cont'd)
thought is my counselor, my wisdom
and my words are mine, and my eyes
observe all things.

If I turn away my face, then all
things will be destroyed. Now,
apply your mind, Enoch, and know
him who is speaking to you, and
teach from the books which you
yourself have written.

And I give you Samuil and Raguil
the fiery angels who led you up
here, and the books, now go down
to earth, and tell your sons all
that I have told you and all that
you have seen, from the lower
heaven up to my throne, and of all
the troops.

For I created all forces, all
matter invisible and visible and
there is none that can resists me.
Give them the books and they will
read them and will know me for the
creator of all things, and will
understand how there is no other
God but me.

And let them distribute the books
of your handwriting, children to
children, generation to
generation, nations to nations.
And I give you, my intercessor,
the arch strategist Michael, who
has possession of the hand
writings of your fathers Adam,
Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahaleleel,
and Jared your father.

Rise Enoch, and hear my word.
One of the holy ones steps over to Enoch, touches him and a
surge of energy strengthens Enoch as he is helped to his
      (in a soft quiet
Fear not, Enoch, thou righteous
man and scribe of righteousness,
hear my voice, go, and say to the
Watchers of heaven, who have sent


                       LORD (cont'd)
you to intercede for them:

You should intercede for men, and
not men interceding for you. Say
to them:

You have been in heaven, but all
the mysteries had not yet been
revealed to you, and you knew
worthless ones, and these in the
hardness of your hearts you have
made known to the women, and
through these mysteries women and
men work much evil on earth,
therefore you will have no peace.
Enoch bows and exits the throne room and his guides escorts
him down a magnificent hall to the library where he spends
the rest of the day in research.
Enoch receives the books of zeal,wrath, disquiet and
expulsion from the Arch Angel Michael.
Michael salutes and congratulates Enoch.
                       MICHAEL (smiles)
Till this day such wisdom has
never been given by the Lord as
you have received, according to
the good pleasure of the Lord by
whom the lot of eternal life has
also been given to you.
Gabriel walks over to Enoch and salutes him.
      (to Enoch)
You must now lift up your voice
and preach to those that dwell on
the earth---
      (to Enoch)
---First to your sons…teach them
the ways of the Lord of Spirits.


      (embraces Enoch)
You will now be counted among the
Examines himself, looks at his hands, pinches his arms,
tries to determine a difference in his body. He knows he
looks different because of the ointment, but he felt no

He looks around at the other saints who are amused at his
behavior and laughs at him.

Realizes how funny his behavior is he joins in the laughter.
                       ENOCH (smiles)
I guess the test for immortality
would be in the number of years
I’m alive. But what am I to do as
an immortal? My life goal has
been to reside among the saints
and now that I’m here, I feel out
of place.
      (smiles broadly)
You will not taste death, my
---You will remain on the earth
until your loved ones have fallen
---When your ministry is finished,
you will be taken away from the
earth and returned here where you
will work with other saints
preparing for the Day of the Lord,
while your loved ones sleep
                                         ENOCH RETURNS TO
Gabriel escorts Enoch to the place where he first arrived in

They stand and chat about his visit as a whirlwind silently
approaches from the east.


They salute each other and moments later the whirlwind
engulfs Enoch and carries him away.

The whirlwind descends from the eastern skies, precipitates
and leaves Enoch standing on the slopes of a mountain not
far from his home.
Enoch looks towards his home and sees his sons in the fields
looking towards him. He waves his staff letting them know
it is him as they makes their way towards each other.

Gaidad is the first to reach Enoch and is taken back by
Enoch's luminous appearance.
                       GAIDAD (excited)
Is it safe to approach you? You
are full of the Lord's
glory...maybe I'll perish if I
approach you.
      (reaches for
It is fine...I am safe.
They embrace as the others arrive and marvel at Enoch's

After a few days rests, he begins his ministry, starting
first with his family then all of the villages of his

He visits the villages of the western valley and is turned
away by the villagers.
The archangels gather for counsel.

Raphael paces slowly around the room with a troubled look on
his face.
The power of the Holy Spirit makes
me tremble at the severity of the
judgment handed down.


leans forward in his seat
      (to Raphael)
Whose heart is not softened
concerning it, and whose own self
awareness is not troubled by this
judgment that has been passed upon
them because of those who have led
them astray.
stops in front of Michael.
      (to Michael)
Can they bear such a
stands up and starts to pace.
      (to Raphael)
I will not plead for them before
the Lord. And just in case you
are thinking of pleading their
case, be warned that the Lord of
Spirits is angry with them.
Stands up and signal to take the floor.
Have no pity on them. Remember
the revolt...when the Holy One,
blessed is he...was grieving
because of the fall of man?
-- Satan galvanize followers against the Holly ones,
-- He incites them to believe that they are merely servants
of a lesser creation...man.
                       LUCIFER (angrily)
      (To his followers)
You must not acknowledge man, and
you must not admire him as the


                       LUCIFER (cont'd)
other angels do. It is more
fitting that you all should
acknowledge and worship me,
because, I am the coveted Cherub
among all the angels and I alone
am fire and spirit; and I will not
admire a being which hath been
fashioned of fine dust?
      (To Lucifer)
We have considered the principles
that you have been teaching but we
will not render obedience to you.
      (To Lucifer)
We admire your free will, you have
asserted your Independence and you
have separated yourself from the
Lord and declare yourself equal to
him. Likewise we chose to have no
God before us.
War breaks out and the Holly ones put down the revolt and
successfully evict Satan and all of his followers out of

However the seed of pride had been sown and soon others plot
against the order of things.

They are not followers of Satan but they seize the
opportunity of the chaos he creates and support Semjaza and
Azazel in their own attempt to usurp and spoil the place of
Semjaza and Azazel have requested and has been given an
audience with the Most High.

They enter and bow.
                       SEMJAZA (sheepishly)
0 Lord of the universe, did we not
say unto you when you created your
new world, do not create this new


      (Bowing in homage)
---Who is man that you should
remember him?
Without man, then what shall
become of the world?
      (Stands tall)
We are sufficient enough for you,
you don’t need the earth with all
of its problems.
                       LORD (THUNDEROUS LAUGHTER)
If you had lived in that earthly
world, the evil inclination would
have ruled you just as much as it
rules over the sons of man, but
you would be more stubborn than
they, because you hope to be Gods
one day.
Give us Thy sanction and let us
descend and dwell among the
creatures and then you will see
how we will sanctify and harness
the earth in Thy name.
      (to Azazel)
is this indeed the desire of your
heart, to harvest the earth in my
Indeed it is my Lord.
                       LORD (cryptic)
Descend and dwell ye among them,
so that what ye propose in ye
hearts will come to pass.
Knowing the evil intent of their
hearts the Holy One allowed the
evil inclination to rule over them
as soon as they descended. Like


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
Satan their evil thoughts had
become their snare and they could
not restrain their
inclination...darkness cannot know
light too.

This judgment indeed makes even
the righteous tremble with
sympathy for those who dwell on
the earth. Behold the leaders of
the fallen ones we will put in
bonds this day.
A telepathic Hologram materializes and one by one the image
of each of the fallen watcher appeared on the holographic
screen as their names are read out aloud by,
                       GABRIEL (OS)
Samjaza, Artaqifa, Armen, Kokabel,
Turael, Rumjal, Danjal, Neqael,
Baraqel,Azazel, Armaros, Batarjal,
Busasejal, Hananel, Turel,
Simapesiel, Jetrel, Tumael, Turel,
Rumael, Azazel.

Sleep beneath his favorite shade tree when he is awaken by a
quiet voice.
                       LORD (OS)
      (To Enoch)
Go and reprimand the fallen ones
of heaven.
Sometimes called Abel’s jail, which is between Lebanon and

The Watchers sit together and weep with their faces covered.
Walks in, stands in the middle of their gathering and speaks
without announcing himself.


                       ENOCH (sternly)
The words of righteousness, the
reprimand of the Eternal Watchers
in accordance with the command of
the Holy Great One, who has given
me the power of reprimanding
you…the children of heaven.
Enoch paces a few moments, makes eye contact with as many of
them who are brave enough to look him in the eye.
I wrote out your petition, and it
appears, that your petition will
not be granted to you throughout
all the days of eternity, and
judgment has been finally passed
upon you…no…your petition will not
be granted unto you and from
henceforth you shall not ascend
into heaven unto all eternity, and
will remain in bonds on the earth.
The decree has gone forth to bind
you for all the days of the world.
      (to Enoch)
Why is the Lord so cruel to us,
the children of heaven?
Because you were holy, spiritual,
living the eternal life and now
you lusts after flesh and blood
like those who die and perish.

And because they perish he has
given them wives that they might
impregnate them, and beget
children by them, that they may
inherit the earth.

But you were formerly spiritual,
living the eternal life and
immortal for all generations of
the world, and had no need to
reproduce after your kind,
therefore he did not appoint wives
for you; because you were the
spiritual ones of the heavens and
in the heaven was your dwelling.


      (kneels before
Is there no repentance for us, as
it is for men who sin too? Cannot
our deeds be forgiven?
Enoch moves away careful not to accept any of them in
kneeling before him.
What then, would be your
punishment for disobedience...and
what would be the reward for
obedience? You are already
immortal, therefore your
punishment is eternal.

Mortals live and perish on the
earth with the hope for
immortality in the heavens and
some will gain it through the
mercies of the Lord…You were
created immortal. So what hope is
there for you now that you’ve
trampled your immortality

If the Lord grant you mortality,
then your rebellion would have
been fruitful for you, and you
would avoid eternal punishment for
the eternal harm you have caused
on the earth.
Blocks Enoch's path.
                       SEMJAZA (Pleads)
What of our children? Will the
Most High hold them accountable
for the sins of the fathers?
      (looks Semjaza in
       the eye)
The giants, you produced from the
mixing of the spirits and flesh,
shall be called evil spirits upon
the earth, and on the earth shall
be their dwelling.

As evil spirits they shall be


                       ENOCH (cont'd)
ejected from their fleshy bodies.
They are born from humans and from
the holy Watchers in their
beginning and primal origin and
they shall be evil spirits on
earth, and evil spirits they shall
be called.

They will afflict, oppress,
destroy, attack, do battle, and
work destruction on the earth:
they will take no food, but
nevertheless hunger and thirst,
and cause offences. And these
spirits shall rise up against the
children of men and against the
women, because they have proceeded
from them.
Enoch finishes speaking and some of the Watchers break down
and weep like women clutching Enoch's cloak and pleads with
him to intercede further, but he presses his way through the
crowd and slips from among them and leave them trying to
comfort one another.
A deafening clap of thunder resounds in the skies from
horizon to horizon as a bolt of lightening crosses the skies
and seems to rip the heavens apart with its intensity.

Then, there is a muffled eerie silence. Moments later,
squads of Holly Angels descend and swarm over the earth like
angry locust, seeking the fallen ones.

A massive battle takes place as the Fallen Watchers attempt
to defend themselves and their families.
-- Gabriel approach as a bolt of lightening and blasts a
hole in the ceilings upon his entry into the fortress.

-- He materializes the midst of the men of war.

-- They are unable to look upon him because of his


-- The light is dispersed throughout the crowd as Gabriel

-- Other warriors in the fortress hears the commotion of the
crash and believe they are being attacked by the Holy

-- Each man seizes his weapon and rush towards the war room.

-- When they enter the war room, the spectrum of light has
transformed the appearance of their fellow watchers into the
appearance of Holly Angels.

-- The illusion causes them to attack, and the entire
fortress Regiment erupts into war against itself as they
slay one another.

Gabriel reappears and slays the last Watcher standing.
Michael and his squad subdues Semjaza and his associates and
make them watch on a telepathic hologram, helplessly, as
their sons slay one another in confusion, and when they have
seen the destruction of their beloved ones, they are bound
and imprisoned in a chasm in a valley of the earth.
Raphael and his legions launch an assault and easily slay
all the giants they find, evicting them from their mortal
bodies as they become evil spirits and flee into the

Azazel flees to the mountains pursued by Raphael.


Azazel sits down on a thick brocade in a cliff-garden he had
built , rests his head in his hand, looks over the Western
Valley, where the humid sunburnt day was transforming into a
dusky twilight.

As he scans the valley, he remembers his spirit-life, when
there was no end to possibilities and enlightenment, and the
horizons of different worlds were alluring and endless in

He now knew, what the Most High had envisioned for his sons,
was enigmatic and incomprehensible.

In all his existence, the most important and wished for
thing he had attained. Now it was spoiled and his heart is
filled with a vague alarm and great fear. as he sits there,
he now wondered what was the powerful lure that drew him to

His minds races through the past as he sits there like a
flightless dove and is captured and bound hand and foot.
Azazel is taken to the meeting place where he often met with
the villagers and is seated on his throne like a king and
read the charges against him.

His children are captured and slain before his eyes.
with tears in his eyes, Raphael makes a chasm in the desert,
which is in Dudael.
Uses a scepter like device to draw the spirit being Azazel
from his mortal body.
                       RAPHAEL (emotionally)
      (To Azazel)
My heavenly brother...I cannot
even say may the Lord have mercy
upon you...For there is no more
mercy left for you in heaven.


Feverishly looks towards the heavens and let out a bitter
cry as his countenance darkens as his spiritual essence is
harnessed and his mortal body turns to dust.
lunges forward and cast Azazel into the darkness of the
chasm and soldiers place rough and jagged boulders on top of
the entrance to imprison him there for ever.
The Archangels gather for consultation in their stellar

One by one they enter enter the chamber and find Michael

seated with a troubled look on his face.
We eradicated the Fallen Ones from
the earth...but the earth is no
better had they remained.
leans forward in his seat.
The Holy One blessed be he, see
that the wickedness of man is
great in the earth, and that every
imagination of the thoughts of his
heart is only evil continually.
Gabriel stands up and paces.
And the LORD repents that he has
made man on the earth, and it
grieves him at his heart.
Michael leans back in his seat.
Therefore as it is written in the
ancient book, judgement continues
upon those who possess the earth.


There is silence for a few moments, then the Lord speaks out
among them.
                       LORD (OS)
I will destroy man whom I have
created from the face of the
earth; both man, and beast, and
the creeping thing, and the fowls
of the air.
Will thou indeed destroy all that
liveth upon th earth?
                       LORD (OS)
There is one born today among man
who will find grace in my eyes.
Therefore prepare to assist him in
all that I instruct him to do.
Shinyari has a difficult labor.
Nurses comfort her as she struggle to give birth.
The midwife pulls as Shinyari pushes and the child is
painfully wrestled from her loins.

Her husband Lamesh, rushes to her bedside and assist the
nurses as they bathes and dress Shinyari.
Quickly grabs the child and wraps it in a blanket in an
attempt to conceal the unusual child from his father.
Insists on seeing the child, after which, he rushes from the
Sits in his favorite chair reading when his son Lamesh
arrives. He greets Lamesh and see that Lamesh is troubled.
                       METHUSELAH (concerned)
Is the child and the mother well?


Lamesh sits on a stool near his father.

                       LAMESH (reluctantly)
They are fine…but.
Lamesh looks away from his father and avoids eye contact.
                       LAMESH (embarrassed)
I have begotten a son, unlike
other children.
Methuselah stands up and paces.
      (turns to Lamesh)
What do you mean not like other
Buries his head in his hands.
                       LAMESH (anguished)
He is not human; but, resembles
the offspring of the Watchers.
Do you doubt the fidelity of your
Lamesh stands up and walks over to Methuselah.
No, not at all…she would never
willingly betray me…but if she was
bewitched…that is of another
Lamesh kneels before Methuselah
                       LAMESH (pleads)
Fathers, go to your father Enoch,
and learn from him the truth; for
his residence is with the angels.


After Methuselah hears the account of the birth and Lamesh's
plea for help, he travels to the hollow mountains where
Enoch is known to reside.
Methuselah makes his way up the mountain.
Meets him half-way and steps from behind a huge rock as
Methuselah passes by.
Behold, I am here, my son. Why do
you seek me?
                       METHUSELAH (humbly)
      (nods to Enoch)
On the account of a sight
difficult to comprehend.
They embrace warmly. then, Methuselah sits across from Enoch
and makes himself comfortable on a large stone.
My son Lamech's child has been
born and it disturbes him.
Is the child not healthy?
                       METHUSELAH (sigh)
Let me tell you what he has
revealed to me about the
matter...when the child was born

Immediately grabs the child and wraps it in a blanket,
rushes over to a wash basin and cleans the child, hiding it
from view with her body between the child and Lamesh.

The other nurses are keen to the ruse and nervously avoid
looking over to the wash basin, so as not the alert Lamesh
and draw attention to the child.


Complexion is as white as snow; his hair is long and white
like wool; and his eyes are a beautiful light green, and
when he opens them, he illuminates the entire room, like
sunlight shining in through an open window, and this causes
Lamesh to take notice.
Walks over to the midwife, takes the child from the midwife
and examines the child. He is frightened by the appearance
of the child and hands the baby back to the midwife and
leaves the house.
This is a new thing upon the

I wrote about it regarding the
days of Jared my father, about
those who were from heaven who
laid aside their class.

Because of them a great
destruction shall come upon the
earth; a deluge, a great
destruction, shall take place when
the child is grown.

This child shall survive on the
earth, and his three sons with
him, but the rest of mankind shall

Now therefore inform your son
Lamech, that the child is his; and
he shall call his name Noah, for
he shall be to you a survivor.
When Methuselah hears the prophecy from his father Enoch, he
returns and shares this prophecy with Lamesh.


Sits perched against a column of rocks, he stands up, works
his way over to a cliff,

looks down upon what use to be peaceful valleys and is
appalled at how the earth has degenerated.

He looks skyward and cries aloud to the Lord.
                       NOAH (embittered)
Hear me hear me hear me! Tell me
what is happening on the earth
that the earth is in such evil
plight and turmoil. What must I
do…shall I perish with it?
Suddenly there is an earthquake.
He falls on his face trembling,
Senses that he is no longer alone
But he is afraid to look around.
Stands there dismayed at Noah despair.
                       ENOCH (sarcastic)
In all my three-hundred and sixty
five years I have not heard such
crying and weeping from a man...or
a woman.
Noah recognizes his grandfather’s voice.
Rolls over onto his back and finds Enoch and two other men
standing over him.
                       NOAH (anguished)
There is so much evil being
wrought on the earth and I know
the Most High has judged it.
Indeed a command has gone forth
from the Lord concerning the
evil ones who dwell on the earth
and their fate is sealed.
                       ANGEL 1
      (to Noah)
There is a place, prepared for
those who practice child-sodomy;
enchantments and who boast of


                       ANGEL 1 (cont'd)
wicked deeds like stealing, lies,
envy, rancor, fornication, murder,
and who by usurpation steal the
souls of men.
Enoch takes Noah by the hand and helps him to his feet.
Judgment has been determined. The
earth and those who dwell upon it
shall be destroyed. These men,
with me are the angels of
punishment. What they tell you,
you are to preach to the people
for twenty years.
Waves his hand and a spherical hologram appears before them
as Noah looks on in fright.
                       ANGEL 1 (OS)
In twenty-years, we will let loose
all the powers of the waters which
are beneath the earth…

…The mist that you are familiar
with, presently rise from within
the earth and waters the earth to
keep it cool and nourished.

At the Lord’s command we will
cause the mist to rise far above
the earth and condenses---

                       ANGEL 2 (OS)
---and fall to the earth like a
river turned upside down, torrents
of water falling from the sky in a
                       NOAH (OS)
And what will I call this mystery
I see and how will it affect the


                       ANGEL 2 (OS)
You will call it rain…it will
cover the whole earth to its
highest mountains and every living
thing will drown.
                       ANGEL 1
It is the beginning of the
hydrologic cycle of Rain,
Evaporation, Condensation and rain
again. And its measure will be a
constant upon the earth. Not one
drop more not one drop less as
long as there is an earth.
                       NOAH (OS)
People will think I’m…I’m…mad…it
has never rained on the earth
before…water falling from the
sky…how will I make men believe
such a thing? They will say I’m
                       ANGEL 2 (OS)
---Mad not to preach what the Lord
has commanded.


Points to a nearby waterfall.
                       ANGEL 2
Observe how the waters fall freely
from the rocks above and gather in
pools. In like manner, it will
fall abundantly from the skies
above the earth.
                       ANGEL 1
It is not your burden to make men
believe. Each man will believe
according to his measure of faith.
You are sent to preach only.
My son, The Lord knows that you
are pure and without reproach. He
has destined thy name to be among
the holy.


                       ANGEL 2
We are charged to preserve you and
your immediate family. Return home
there’s work for you to do...and
the Lord will send you a few
angels to help you with your task.
-- Enoch and Noah travel through the Eastern Valley.

-- They share stories and exchange points of views.

-- they arrive at the same place from where Enoch first
Enoch sits down on a stump.
The destruction of the Giants and
imprisonment of the Watchers was
just the beginning of the
judgements handed down by the Most
Noah kneels next to Enoch on one knee.
                       NOAH (concerned)
This whole episode with the
watchers puzzles to me.
We will not always know the will
of the Most High until he reveals
it to us.
Why so much time before judgement
was administered?
During the rebellion, two factions
developed. Those who followed
Lucifer, and those who shed their
immortality and thought to
displace humans on the earth. They
thought that the Lord would have
mercy upon them.


This is why they asked you to
intecede for them.
The Most High allowed them to
descend and be ensnared by their
own folly. They thought to be gods
and rule in the Heavens...but they
failed misserably establishing
rule and order on the earth.
Look towards the northern skies as a gentle breeze stirs. He
stands up, securely wraps himself in his mantle.
The Holly one, blessed be he, is
long suffering and allowed them to
continue in their sin to see how
many more would be drawn from
their lofty place to the bowels of
the earth.
Stands and receives a blessing and embraces Enoch.
They fell far and hard.
The watchers thought to retain
their immortality. But what they
got was perpetual punishment.
Their off springs were indeed a
new creation in the earth, after
their likeness and in their own
image…and likewise the punishment
handed down by the Most High
confines them to the earth as
immortal evil spirits when they
were slain and evicted from their
mortal bodies. As they have slain
men upon the earth before the eyes
of the Most High, so were their
children slain before their very


As they speak a whirlwind approaches from the northern
skies. Noah nervously moves away from Enoch and hides
behind a tree as the whirlwind engulfs Enoch and whisks him
towards the heavens.


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From Cliff Date 9/23/2006 ****
Good script, but I think you should make it just a bit longer. But other than that, good job.

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