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The White Paper Fan
by R.Williams (rickeyjermaine@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A nightclub owner in Atlanta,GA gets talked into another one of his college buddies half baked money making schemes involving a beautiful woman; only to find out the idea and the woman are more dangerous than he bargained for.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written consent of the author. Member of WGA-W.



It's 11:15 pm- the resturaunt is nearly closed, a few
patrons linger as they pay their bills and a few sit at the
bar nursing their drinks and conversate with the bartender.
The camera follows an older , well dressed gentleman as he
makes his way past the bar to the back of the restaurant
towards the kitchen. He obviously has some level of
importance, as he is acknowledged, but with brief to little
eye contact as he strolls through the establishment. He is
greeted by SAM; the manager of the bar. The two men converse
in Cantonese while walking through the kitchen.
It is a pleasure to see you Biming
Chao. It is an honor to have you.
yes, thank you. has everything
been arranged, are the games
yes, they have been running for
the last 10 months at my location
now and we have turned a good
profit, minus the tributes of
course. We are happy you are in
charge of this endeavor.How are
things at Club Genkii? I hear you
are remodeling in preparation for
another re-open.
the club is doing quite well. I
have Roman handling the day to day
and I look to have the biggest
year of profits since opening five
years ago.
May Buhdda bring you great


SAM and BIMING make their way through the kitchen, into the
freezer and past all the frozen goods to a hidden door
behind several crates. SAM enters a code and the door opens
to a flight of stairs- they make their way down and to a
large underground room, filled with illegal gambling, shady
characters, and with very scantily clad women serving
drinks There is a man singing karaoke in the background-a
butchering of Boy George's Song "Do you Really Want to Hurt
me". The visual is something like the Cantina Bar in Star
Wars, but Asian.
SAM ushers BIMING to a table where a game of poker is taking
place, he is given three racks of chips and a cocktail
waitress takes his drink order. The other players are
sketchy looking at best, but it does not bother BIMING, he
has the face of someone that almost welcomes being in such
company. BIMING places his cash and chips on the table and
slowly takes a seat.
                       POKER PLAYER#1
Finally! Some fresh blood! I've
been running like complete shit!
hopefully this old man changes up
the cards.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
Jesus man, the way you have been
playing the cards can fall from
Heaven, and you would STILL lose.
You're horrible.
                       POKER PLAYER#1
What the fuck did you just say to
me?! Do you want me to crack your
Player # 3 reaches into his coat and slams a .50 caliber gun
on the table. No one at the table, including BIMING,
                       POKER PLAYER #3
I'm sorry. Did I interrupt you?
You were saying?
                       POKER PLAYER#1
                       POKER PLAYER #3
Yeah. That's what I fucking
thought. Let's play some cards.


As the night progresses the gambling den slowly starts to
decrease in patrons, the karaoke eventually shuts down, the
room full of girls dwindles slowly as do the tables,
leaving only one table left with a few lookers on.
Each player has a sizable amount of chips, BIMING has around
$160k, PLAYER #1 has 170k, PLAYER#2 has $300k, and PLAYER
#3(the roughest of the bunch) has the chip lead with over
$500k. The cards are dealt and antes are put in.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
Raise, $25,000.
                       POKER PLAYER # 2
                       POKER PLAYER#1
I want to call you so bad, but I
just can't.
raise. $50,000
A small gasp can be heard from the onlookers, BIMING has
been getting beat down all night-bad beat after bad beat,
this is his chance to try and recoup some of his losses. The
camera swings around to the back of BIMING- his hand is
revealed as the Ace of Hearts, and the Ace of Clubs. The
flop is the Ace of Spades, 10 of Spades, and the Ace of
                       POKER PLAYER #3
I see someone will not go out
without a fight tonight.
BIMING stays stonefaced. No tell is revealed. PLAYER #3
contemplates, looks at his hand, looks at the dealer and
then to the flop.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
You're a little low on chips my
friend. on top of that, you've
been losing all night, you think
your Aces are going to hold up?
BIMING remains silent.
The onlookers whisper to themselves, a tall oddly attractive
woman walks through the crowd with a table tray and grazes
the dealer as she walks by, putting her hand on the dealer's
right shoulder to maintain balance but still drops her tray,
next to PLAYER #3. PLAYER #3 bends over to pick up her tray


and hands it to her, she smiles in acknowledgement of his
Thank you, I almost hit the deck.
The DEALER gives the slightest of nods, but does not speak.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
Can you please make sure the help
stays out of the fucking way? I am
trying to take this man's money. I
re-raise, actually....I am ALL IN.
425k, old man.
BIMING's expression changes ever so slightly.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
THERE it is. Every man has one.
You have me at a disadvantage, I
do not have the sufficient amount
of funds to call you.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
That is unfortunate.
PLAYER #3 starts to reach for the pot, BIMING grabs his
wrist. PLAYER #3 is surprised at how strong the older
gentleman is and struggles to free himself.
       Asian accent)
So sorry.
BIMING holds up a hand and motions on of the lookers on to
come to the table and whispers in his ear. The person
quickly leaves the table and goes off screen. Minutes later
he comes back with a VERY LARGE and intimidating looking
gentleman (OOKII) who is obviously the muscle in case things
go awry or a marker is needed to cover a bet.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
OOKI-san? What mountain did you
fall from you big bastard? Now
THIS is a fascinating turn of
events, I only see you when there
is about to be a ruckus. Are you
planning on making a ruckus, old


No. He works for me. He is more
for your protection than anything.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
      (once again pulls
       out gun)
Oh, is that so?
that must be, your "go to" move
when you encounter an issue. Tell
me, how well has it worked thus
PLAYER #3 pauses very briefly, picks up the weapon and cocks
it so that a bullet is now in the chamber. The crowd does
not move.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
Been workin pretty well so far old
OOKI takes a step forward-aggressively. BIMING puts his hand
out and stops OOKI's progression.
Not quite yet my friend. Dealer.
Turn and burn time. The DEALER deals the turn card it is a
queen of spades. BIMING has a look of slight disbelief on
his face but is not bothered. He still has the winning hand
quad Aces, even if another spade hits on the river-BIMNG is
a winner. However, this table holds a secret: the DEALER is
"base dealing' - which means dealing from the bottom of the
deck instead of the top card. Now you may ask yourself " why
would a dealer be cheating in a triad led game in an
underground illegal gambling den?" Well, we are about to
find out.
Turn and burn time, here comes the river, the last and final
card to be dealt. Again, the DEALER "base deals"-this time
BIMING spots it and as he suspects, its another spade, a
Jack of spades, to be exact.
PLAYER 3 flashes a broad shit eating grin.
      (to dealer)
I see now, why I have been doing
so horribly tonight. You are base
dealing. But given the nature of
this game and where I am, I should


                       BIMING (cont'd)
have expected to be hustled- but
the last thing I expected is to
hustled by a game that I FUCKING
excuse me?
                       POKER PLAYER #3
I fail to understand how you feel
you are being cheated, and how you
seem to think you "run this game"
here,you lost fair and square
PLAYER 3 then exposes his cards, he has a KING and a QUEEN
of SPADES. He has made the most coveted hand in poker-the
Royal Flush....100% unbeatable.
the crowd converses amongst themselves in disbelief.
      (slams cards on
THIS! is how I know I have been
cheated! And exactly how did you
know I had lost, before showing my
The crowd comes closer to the table and sees that BIMING was
holding 2 Aces, making his hand quad Aces, which has a very
very high success rate-unless it runs smack into a royal
The probabbilty of this happening
are so small theres no way you
didn't cheat me. You, and this
                       POKER PLAYER #3
Listen, I know you are supposed to
be this legendary mathematician,
but I did not cheat you.
Yes, I am good with math- so good
that I have been counting cards.
According to my count- the second
card of this deck-
BIMING snatches the deck of cards from the dealer.


should be a 9 of clubs.
BIMING takes the first card off of the top of the deck lays
it to the side and then flips the second card on the table,
and it is in fact the 9 of clubs. The crowd erupts in random
explicatives and conversations. It is at THIS moment, BIMING
realizes this has all the looking's of a "hit". Tonight, he
is to die.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
PLAYER #3 puts his hands on his face, feigning
embarrassment, then suddenly reaches into his jacket and
pulls out the hand cannon he flashed earlier in the game.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
The plan, was for you to walk out
of here with your limbs intact and
vacate you from your position of
the White Paper Fan. I had hoped
that you were smart enough to
just lose, and leave-that way this
could be handled outside of this
establishment. I must say
though-the card counting? Most
impressive. I seem to have under
estimated you Biming, and for that
I apologize.
PLAYER #3 points the hand cannon at BIMING.
                       POKER PLAYER #3
But for this, I do not....
in seemingly one move-BIMING quickly knocks the pistol
pointed at him in the direction of the DEALER and pushes the
table towards PLAYER #3. Surprised, PLAYER #3 pulls the
trigger, shooting the DEALER in face. BIMING then kicks the
table away from him, flipping it onto PLAYER#3, who falls
backwards in his chair-gun still in hand.
OOKII makes his way towards PLAYER #3 to grab the gun but is
shot in the side by a dizzy PLAYER #3 . Lucky shot. OOKII
falls limply to the floor. BIMING is still in his seat as a
dazed PLAYER #3 struggles to recover from being knocked over
and begins to stand. PLAYER 3# and BIMING stand
simultaneously BIMING takes a step towards his would be
assailant, PLAYER 3# looks at the dealer and starts to aim
at BIMING. instinctively, BIMING leg sweeps PLAYER3# placing
him on the floor once again- the gun fires into the ceiling.


BIMING then quickly strides over-kicks the gun out of
PLAYER3#'s hand and stomps on his face making a disgustingly
loud cracking sound. By this time PLAYER #3's cohorts have
made their way through the crowd of fleeing onlookers and
BIMING is now surrounded by four assailants-two of which
have knives.
One of the attackers lunges towards BIMING with a knife,
BIMING dodges the knife strike, grabs the attacker by the
wrist and knocks the knife from his hand and breaks his arm
at the elbow. BIMING then picks up the knife and throws it
at the attacker behind him. the knife lands deep into the
persons thigh. As he screams in pain BIMING swings around
and back kicks him in the face - blood and teeth spray
across the room as he falls to the ground.
BIMING is then blindsided by a chair to his back and he
stumbles forwards. Stunned, he wildly swings at the person
behind him that struck him with the chair; misses, and is
cought with a VERY nasty kick to the temple, knocking him
almost unconscious. As he lay there on the ground the
remaining asailants begin stomping him- repeatedly.
                       SAI CHEN
A very well dressed, and well fed looking man strides
towards the group of bloodied and beaten bodies and pushes
his way past the attackers to BIMING; who is now on the
ground subdued, bloody, and wheezing with every breath.
                       SAI CHEN
This- is a mess. I had hoped it
things would not have gone this
SAI CHEN steps on BIMINGS ribs-which cause BIMING to scream
in agony. He looks in the direction of P{LAYER 3# whos face
is smashed beyond recognition.
                       SAI CHEN
You have killed my best earner. Do
you know...
SAI CHEN increases the pressure on BIMINGS ribs. BIMING lets
out a pain filled moan.


                       SAI CHEN
--how much money just lost? Hhmmm?
oh. forgive me. of course you do,
you are the one handling my books
after all. You have put me in an
odd position, Biming. I could kill
you-but then how would I get my
SAI CHEN releases his foot from BIMING.
      (gasping with each
SAI CHEN lets out loud laugh.
                       SAI CHEN
I haven't even told you how much
yet. You must have a lot of money
Biming. but how can that be?
unless you are stealing from me?
SAI CHEN again steps on BIMINGS ribs-releasing a score of
screams that makes BIMINGS attackers wince.
                       SAI CHEN
      (looks behind him)
Isn't that sound just glorious?
The pain. It's like music to my
ears. Biming my friend, as I
understand it you have a club- do
you not? and a beautiful
BIMING struggles, but the more he does, the more pressure
SAI CHEN applies.
                       SAI CHEN
Ooo Hooo! Such spirit! Yes. you
WILL give me what is owed. One
way, or another. Pick him up! oh
yes, one more thing-
SAI CHEN picks up the hand canon, examines its craftsmanship
and BIMING is pulled from the ground. SAI CHEN holds the
barrel of the gun and BLAM! BIMING is struck on the side of
his already bloodied head. BIMING starts to black out he is
carried out of the building. As he is taken outside the rays
of the sun are the last thing he sees before losing


SAI CHEN walks out of the building wiping his hands and then
is ushered into his awaiting Mercedes. His henchmen have
loaded BIMING into the trunk of another Mercedes and both
cars then slowly head down the street of downtown Atlanta.
As they approach the intersection, the traffic light in
their direction is red, but right as it turns green they
are forced to stop- a black sedan speeds through
intersection, almost causing an accident.
the same black sedan that ran the light in front of SAI
CHEN's car aggressively moves down Peachtree street on a
bright sunny morning in Atlanta,GA. Two men: Roman (30),
and K.C (28) are laughing and trading stories.
                                         CUT TO:
Roman drives with a look of slight disbelief and disgust on
his face. Kintaro is on the passenger side looking rather
hey Stevie Wonder, did you see
that light?
yeah, that's why I sped up. Don't
change the subject-how about you
tell me the truth?
Why would I lie?
I dunno.I was told the story and I
think it's bullshit.
Ok. Tell it again, I want to hear
it straight from the horse's
mouth. That's spelled
"w-h-o-r-e's", get it?


Clever. We have known each other
for what-fifteen years?
The "friend card"? Really?
Ok, I'm out at this bar and I run
into a friend of mine.
Nothing more?
                                         CUT TO:
Nope. She just happened to be
there at the same time I was.
Anyways, we chat chit a bit and we
wind up goin to this club around
the corner, she knew the bartender
so I figured why not.
Of course. Anything less would be
Five Red Bull vodkas and five
shots of patron later, she wants
to come to my house, so she can
sober up for the drive home.
"Sober up" indeed.
So she hops in my car and three
miles away from the club my dumb
ass runs out of gas.


I told this to Jewaun and I'll say
it to you: dude its two thousand
and damn seventeen! Who the hell
runs out of gas?! I declare
Ro, it had been a long day, I had
been drivin all around the city
and it must have slipped my mind.
I reject your declaration of
shenanigans by the way.
SO. we walk to a gas station, I
get the lil damn container of gas,
yadda, yadda, yadda, we are back
on the road.
On one gallon of gas?
You expect me to believe you drove
home on one gallon of gas?!
Really. Dude, there's not going to
be a quiz. Cool it with the
Inquiring minds.....
      (casually gives
       Roman "the
We get back to my place. I open a
box of wine; and-


Its all I had! So she had some of
the "devil's lettuce", so we
"toked out" and watched some
I'd like my damn DVD back please.
Why is it every time I lend you
something, I have to borrow it
Why call them buildings when they
are already built? Besides don't
you have shit of mine too?
ANYWAYS.We're laughing, talkin
about old times,the minutes turn
into the morning. I wake up on the
couch to her reminding me that I
have to take her to her car.So I
run upstairs to hop in the shower.
She stays downstairs. Now, she
had one of my t-shirts on-
I Knew it! U "smashed" didn't you?
Friend my ass!
Can you stay focused?
Unfortunately, no. She was fully
clothed under my shirt. So as I'm
about to get in the shower, I hear
the doorbell.I'm not expecting
anyone so I go to the front
bedroom window to see who it is.
It was some girl I had kicked to
the curb a while ago.
Ah, the scorned lover...


Apparently. So I shout downstairs
for Kira to open the door for
me...no answer..
Tellin another chick to open the
door.....u got balls though my
friend, I'll give you that.
what do I care, I'm not with
either of them.
Scandalous!(blows horn) Ay!! Nice
signal!! I swear these ass-hats
must get their license at Walmart.
Indeed! So i rush downstairs:
still in a towel mind you: as I'm
reaching for the doorknob, I
notice that the blinds are moving.
This bitch is climbing through the
fucking window!
I know right? So as she is
climbing through she says "aww
yeah bitch! you didn't know the
window was open did you?!" with
this wild look in her eyes, she
runs straight for the downstairs
bathroom and proceeds to bang on
the door trying to get Kira to
come out.
Yeah see thats the part I had to
hear from you- the window part-
thats on some movie shit.
No shit. I told you about the time
a chick ripped my rear view mirror
off the windshield didn't I?


Well crazy people are rumored to
have superhuman strength.
Yeah but, dude! I AM NOT WITH HER!
I mean damn, she is goin on about
how I was the one, and this and
that. THE MOST illogical
conversation I have ever had.
Man, first of all any chick that
is dealing with you is a fuckin
nut case, so you should expect
anyone of them to pop in at your
place at a moments notice.
Yeah, so, we are yelling, I am
trying to explain that she has no
business here blah blah blah...she
confronts Kira asking her all
kinds of questions-
Well we are talking about a female
Copernicus, they don't use logic.
And where does this chick get off
pullin a "Sho Kasugi" through your
window anyways?
Yeah so Kira calls a cab. So as
she approaches the door; the other
chick gives her a lil "grabbage"-
attempting to take my t-shirt off
of her: wrong move. Kira turns
around with a Shaolin "shadow
fist". I tried to break the shit
up but i caught a "bad one"..thats
how I got this "shiner". Shit was
Yeah so, The other chick is on my
floor crying, then limps away to
her car; I watch her drive away
and then I go take my shower and
get ready for work. I'm on my way
to work when I notice the car is


                       KINTARO/K.C. (cont'd)
drivin a little funny. So I take
it to the garage and come to find
out, that chick that climbed
through my window- put sugar in my
fuckin tank!
                                         CUT TO:
First of all,I would have never
told another girl to answer my
door, shower or no shower. And
"B",I would be WAY more selective
about who I let know where I live
if I were you. How do you know it
was sugar? doesn't that cripple
your car instantly?
Apparently a small amount is not
that bad, depending on the car.
But shit, I thought she would have
just taken her lumps and called it
a day. I guess not, the dumb ass
must have put a sugar packet in
there or somethin. Make a right at
at this street.
Is this the hotel? So this story
is the reason you are meeting at a
hotel lobby? U need to sit on the
bench for a quarter, player. Take
a breather.
Nah this is a meeting for a
business idea I'm working on. And
why would I take a break and
deprive all these lonely women
what could potentially be one of
the greatest nights of their
lives? Thats just selfish.
So it does in fact burn when you


Only when I stand. Come in and
hang out at the bar with me till
this chick shows up.
Ok. Thirty minutes, then I'm out.
I got a zoning meeting to attend.
I think the City of Atlanta is
tryin to screw me out of MORE
money, if thats even possible.
Police and fire engine sirens can be heard in the
Damn, there's always somethin
happening in this city.
Fuckin sugar in the tank? I wonder
if she used the real thing or
Piss off.
Thats my boy-KINTARO,We have been
best friends for quite some
time,basketball teammates in high
school and college. He's is a
typical New Yorker, always
hustling, and a die-hard
womanizer. Someone seeing him on
the street would never think that
he is one of the lead developers
for Japanese powerhouse
Intellijence Electronics
Dude, who are you talking to?
      (winks to camera)
Don't pull that Rainman shit on me
once we get in here. Don't
embarrass me. Come on.


They pull up to the valet and walk in. They didn't notice or
hear the commotion as two suited men jump in car that pulled
up after Roman's; pushing the valet out of the way, and
speed off.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         THE GETAWAY
2:53 P.M.
                       PERSON #1
We have to split up.
You know where to go!
                       PERSON #3
I'm outta here-can't you hear
those sirens?!
Person 3 takes off towards the street, throws an unknown
object to the side and is immedaitely followed by the fourth
Persons 1 and 2 are crouched behind a dumpster catching
their breath. Tires screech in the background.
                       POLICE OFFICER (o.s.)
FREEZE!!! Put the bags down, and
slowly put your hands on your
They look at each other, shrug, and simultaniously pull
their guns from the smalls of their backs and fire.
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (into radio)
Shots fired! shots fired! officer
in need of backup at the
intersection of Peachtree and 10th
They divide and each hide behind dumpsters at oppsite sides
of the alley. The sounds of the sirens in the background
seem to be getting louder.
                       PERSON #1
You are aware that time is of the


You think?!?
                       PERSON #1
fuck it.
Person 1 loads another clip into his weapon and runs towards
the police car as it begins to barrel its way down the
backstreet as if to play "chicken". the person increases
speed, jumps, lands on the hood of the car mid stride and
jumps over the siren lights while firing into the roof of
the automobile and awkwardly falls to the ground as the
police car eventually crashes. They dart across the street
and hop into a car that is being valeted; the owner and
passenger of the car don't even notice the commotion.
                                         CUT TO FAST REWIND-5
                                         THE ROBBERY
                                         2:48 P.M
The scene opens with the camera looking into the “business
end” of a sawed off shotgun. The security "officer" is on
the ground with the afore mentioned shotgun pointed at his
face by an assailant wearing a black suit with a Kabuki
Theatre mask.
                       ROBBER #1
      (fires a shot into
       the air)
Your attention, please! Eat the
floor. Everyone! Now! Tellers put
your damn hands where I can see
them! You! Give me your keys!
The robbers destroy all cameras they can find and make their
way behind the teller stations and to the safe deposit
Tellers empty your tills and put
all the money in these bags, and
no ink cartridges-or you will be
shot! Don't be a hero-or you will
be shot! I truly hope we are clear
on these rules.


Ok you fucksticks,keep munchin
carpet and no one's wig will get
pushed back! (in the direction of
the vault) How are we doin over
                       ROBBER#3 (o.s.)
almost done!
                       SECURITY OFFICER
      (speech impedament)
W-w-hy are you d-doing this? You
know the p-p-police won’t let you
get away, why don’t you just
g-give up? They aren’t going to
stop until th-th-th-
The robber immediately hits the guard in the face with the
butt of the gun and cocks the shotgun.
                       ROBBER #1
"th-th-th-th"! Shut the fuck up
you stuttering asshat before you
have a heart attack! (takes aim at
the security officers head) now do
you REALLY have something to say?
The guard shakes his head negatively and puts his head back
down: into a puddle of his own blood.
                       ROBBER #1
Smart man. Time!?
25 seconds!
                       ROBBER #1
Pack it up! LETS GO!! Everyone,
thank you for your cooperation!
(Sarcasm) Have a SUPER day!
The robbers scramble to the door and disappear into the
blinding rays of the sun.
                       SECURITY OFFICER
Is everyone alright?!
(into radio) T-his is
P-P-P-(sighs)...Robbery at


                       POLICE RADIO OPERATOR
we didnt get that..what is going
on? comeback.
                       SECURITY OFFICER
R-r-r-robbery at the F-f-f...
A bank employee snatches the radio away from the "officer".
                       BANK EMPLOYEE
Theres been a robbery at the First
National Bank of Atlanta downtown
on Peachtree Street. everyone in
the bank is fine, but the robbers
ran out of the bank heading west!
                       POLICE RADIO OPERATOR
copy that. units are enroute.
the occupants of the bank applaud and the employees handsthe
radio back to the security officer with a look of disgust.
                       SECURITY OFFICER
                       BANK EMPLOYEE
yeah, whatever.
The camera zooms in on one of those cheesy motivational
pictures that hangs by the banks exit doors. Its of a dark
rainforest with a man looking up at the light breaking
through the trees-
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
ROMAN is wearing a "bruce lee is my homeboy "t-shirt, and
is wandering around the woods; apparently lost, the moon
streaks rays of light through the trees- but that is of no
help to our lost friend.
Dammit. All these trees look
He starts to stroll when he hears strange noises.
      (pauses cautiously)


He starts in the opposite direction, a few steps further he
hears the same noise. He changes direction again.He hears
the noise for a third time and heads right towards it.
Guys?! stop fuckin around! Cuz the
shits not funny! assholes!!
He walks further and sees a clearing; as he nears it he sees
a clump of something in the distance. It turns and looks
ROMAN in the face: he sees nothing but teeth and yellow
human like eyes. It yowls and lumbers towards him...
ROMAN takes off in a mad dash for his life through the
brush, almost falling as he runs, doing his best not to look
back, he reaches another clearing and stops to catch his
      (breathing heavily)
what the fuck was that? Bears
don't run on two feet. Shit!
He looks up and sees a huge mansion in the distance, and
against his better judgment he walks towards it.
      (internal thought)
ok, ok, don’t freak out…don’t
freak out. Let’s just go up here
and see if anyone is home. (Sighs)
Strange house, dark forest, this
just keeps getting better and
As he nears the house he notices that it is immaculate from
roof to doorstep, and it seemed very out of place.
ROMAN opens the creaky gate and walks through, past a
monstrous fountain and around the driveway to what looks
like the front door. He walks up to the door and is in awe
by the very large and very detailed door ornaments
nice knockers.
He chuckles to himself as he lifts the massive ornaments and
releases, causing a very loud BANG! Dust flies from the
impact of the door ornaments: he waits, but no one answers.


Again he waits, still no response. He reaches for the
doorknob but pauses
                       ROMAN (.)
Now, how many damn horror movies
have you seen where people go
looking for shit and then they
find it ….only to die ten minutes
later!? ..and ..I'm black. FUCK!
He releases the door and walks to the side of the house,
hoping to see a light coming from inside, an open window;
something, anything to keep him from actually going inside.
It’s so dark on the side of the house that he can’t see a
thing. He contemplates…
ok! front door it is!
ROMAN returns to the front door, takes a huge sigh and turns
the knob: ironically enough, it's unlocked.
(rolls his eyes) fucking great.
Reluctantly, he walks in and the inside of the house is in
utter shambles; the complete opposite of the outside and
there is a horrid stench.He hears a loud POP and HISS from
one of the dark corners followed by the sounds of spilled
He reaches into his pocket for a smoke and his lighter.

Flick, flick, flick, flick….

Dammit! This is not the
time….piece of shit free lighter!
He shakes the lighter violently)

He holds the lighter up in front of him and sees chairs and


desks, and to his left, a slightly opened door. He turns to
his right and almost drops the lighter; this was where the
noises were coming from! He walked closer and saw that it
was some sort of fossilized egg shaped “thing” that seemed
to be bubbling over with some kind of “fluid”: it popped
open and something flies out and lands near his feet.
(gasps) what th-….
And before he could finish his thought it leaps at him! He
ducked not even knowing or seeing exactly what it was; and
as he ducked, his lighter expelled an unexpected burst of
fluid that illuminted part of the room and showed what
seemed to be rows and rows of these "eggs"!!

Each of them spitting out these "things" and coming alive,
moving in his direction!
He slowly moved back; towards the door he had seen on the
left side of the room. He stumbled through the door, slammed
it shut, and leaned against it.
(out of breath and shaken) Jesus!
What… kind… of place… is this?
What have I gotten myself into?!
He can hear the creatures clawing at the door and turns to
lock it.
you have GOT to be kidding me!!!
Directly in front of ROMAN there is this vast wading pool
and it is teaming with "ghoul–like"people and they all turn
and stare at him with dead eyes, giving ROMAN a feeling like
the initial sensation of being frightened: but constant.
Hey Romy! Come to the back! It’s
safe back here!
who is that? Do I know you? Where
are you?
What part of “the back” don’t you
understand?! Come on!!


Suddenly he recognizes the Voice….
Without even thinking he wades into the water, the "people"
that had been staring at him part as though they were the
Red Sea and ROMAN slowly wades through the water. All the
"people" are breathing heavily with their shoulders heaving
and menacingly stare at him as he passes.
He makes it to the back where there is a flight of stairs
leading up to a huge glass box with a blinding eerie light
coming from it. There is something going on in there; it
looks like human bodies writhing around fighting for
position, but he can't make it out.
Hey "pee-pee toucher"!
He wheels around, and sees JASON (11); he is zombie like.
Jason? Is that you? But, but
shut up! Of course it’s me you
loser!! I wouldn’t have called you
back here if it wasn’t important.
Whats with the name calling man, I
havent seen you in ages. Wait a
minute.. Am I …dead??
JASON just smirks and signals to follow him.
Come on, some one wants to meet
you...he says it’s important.
who is it?
JASON points to another flight of stairs; these stairs are
leading downwards, and it's teeming with random people
milling around. Some are talking and others are looking at
Roman in amazement. At the top of the staircase stands a man
with a frightening resemblance to the late TUPAC SHAKUR;
motioning him to come closer as he heads down the staircase.


He turns only to find that JASON has vanished. ROMAN takes a
deep sigh and as he makes his way down the stairs, he sees
his EX-GIRLFRIEND and her FRIEND gyrating to music that he
obviously can't hear...but they can.
hey baby! Follow us, he is
His EX-GIRLFRIEND leads the way with the friend behind her,
putting Roman third. And instead of grabbing his hand, the
FRIEND fondles his crotch and beckons him forward, hiking
her skirt up to expose her rear end with every step,
seemingly inviting ROMAN to touch it.
excuse me uh, but your skirt is…..
                       FREIND OF EX-GIRLFRIEND
(She puts a finger to her mouth
and his hand on her breast)

      (snatches his hand
       away from her
Uhhh..ok. What's all this about?
Why are u here? What's happened to
They finally make it down to where "TUPAC" is. He gives
ROMAN an approving nod and motioned for him to sit. ROMAN is
looking around- frightened, and feels as if he is about to
                       TUPAC-ESQUE MAN
look man, this shit is about to
get real, the gate is gonna open
at 8:30 and you had better be
ready! The day has come for
everyone to be held
accountable…you hear me?! Nothing
is as it seems.


      (visibly shaken)
a gate is opening? A gate to
                       TUPAC-ESQUE MAN
get this fool out of my fuckin
Suddenly, everyone starts yelling at a barely tolerable
level…it sounds something like……..

(Alarm clock)
      (sits up in bed
       gasping for air
       and then takes a
       deep breath)
He looks over at the clock, and it reads: 8:30 A.M.
damned Krystals!! I have GOT to
stop eating before I go to sleep!
                                         FADE TO:MOVIE TITLE.
                                         FADE IN:
                                         THE TIGER
ROMAN attempts to gather himself and reaches over to flick
on the radio and starts his daily routine.
                                         CUT TO:
A handful of new fliers lay on ROMANS dresser indicating the
grand re-opening of CLUB GENKII.
                                         CUT TO:
ROMAN smirks at himself in the mirror.


(Cell phone rings)

Roman scours his room and pants pockets to try and find his
Shit! (Rushing to beat his
Voicemail he stutters as he
answers) h-hello?
                                         CUT TO:
what's goin on there, punchy. You
just wakin up?! I been callin you
for the past 30 minutes! Today is
the big day!
My bad, I had the radio on. But
yeah, I amped dude, for real.
Grand re-opening. Which means I am
that much closer to owning the
club; so I can finally get Mara
out of my life.
True, you don't mean that though,
you still love that girl. You sure
her dad will let you have the club
lock,stock, and barrel?
I don't see why not, I been
running the place since me and
Mara met six years ago. Wait a
minute what time is it?
Aww, man. PLEASE don't tell me you
had another "episode"! Busting
all these nuts is costing you your
ability to think rationally.
And doing what you're doing-
holding out for someone that is
too much of a bitch to see you're


                       KINTARO/K.C. (cont'd)
a good guy..is rational?
Hey..try and keep your punches
above the belt..
(takes a long exhausted sigh) I'm
just sayin my dude.
Isn't there an actual reason you
oh yeah, ready?
As I can be...
So,I go in mad early this morning
because I have a meeting with some
really important clients. So I'm
at my desk right? Mindin my own
mah'fuckin business...….
                                         CUT TO:
KINTARO working diligently at his desk.
KC, you have a visitor.
a visitor? (looks at his watch) Is
it my 9 o’clock? If so, then they
are wicked early, tell them I will
be a few minutes.
uh, I don’t think it’s your 9.
K.C., I think you had better get
out here. Now.


(deep sigh) OK….I’ll be right out
                                         CUT TO:
the camera moves in first person view out of KINTARO's
office, down the halls and into the foyer where a stunningly
beautiful WOMAN of Spanish decent is pacing like a caged
animal and talking very frantically.
ma’am can u please keep your voice
down? Because we--
(interrupts)Listen, I ain’t got to
do shit, but stay Puerto Rican and
die, do you hear me?!
(holds up hands) ok, ok take it
easy…jeesh! (under her
breath)Crazy ass….
KINTARO makes his way to the front and sees the woman and
immediately recognizes her, it's one of the girls he dates
on a semi regular basis. KINTARO tries to escape but its too
late; he has been spotted.
uh hey, er…what are you doing
(takes three quick steps towards
him: she has been released from
her cage) I’ll tell you what I’m
doin here! WHOSE ARE THESE??!!!
She is holding a pair of panties that obviously aren't hers.
uh…. (He tries to pull her to the
conference room right next to them
but she snatches away)
here's a hint! They're NOT MINE! I
thought I told you I was sick of
playing games…you are just like
all the rest!


By this time random passersby have stopped to see what all
of the ruckus is about, staring in blank amazement.
if you’d just give me a chance to
EXPLAIN??!!! EXPLAIN??!!! Explain
what? So who is the skeeze any
way? (Points at the secretary) is
it her?!!??
A slight gasp wheezes from the crowd of co-workers.
Baby please…ssshhh….
(more irate) DON’T BE “SHUSHIN”
ME…and don’t “baby “me either! Who
do you think you are?!?
And before he can answer, she winds up and slaps
**The visual is of a boxer getting punched and the slow-mo
of saliva flying from his mouth.**

The crowd reacts.
(bewildered and embarrassed) are u
      (artfully pulls a
       butterfly knife
       from her purse)
are you?!! To think you could get
away with being trifling? I am
goin to make sure you pay for this
shit! NO ONE does this to me. You
WILL feel the same kind of pain I
am feeling right now! Believe that
(rubbing face) u didn’t even give
me a chance to –
WOMAN flips him the bird and leaves, almost knocking to the
ground a group of very important looking people that were
entering the office blurting out random spanish phrases.


KINTARO is holding his face and looks over at his
onlookers/co workers. They realize they have been spotted
and attempt to work arbitrarily.
(walks and motions to onlookers)
thanks! You’ve been a great crowd!
I’ll be here all week!
                                         CUT TO:
ROMAN stands motionless with his mouth agape.
She slapped u at work? In front of
      (matter of factly)
yep. EVERYONE. including my 9:00
Whaaaatttt?! You’re joking right?
Well whose undergarments were
I wish. You should have seen their
faces. More importantly you should
have seen her face; I think I saw
the Devil today! The gates of hell
opened up and she hopped out!
What did you just say?
I said, she jumped out of the
gates of hell this morning. Why?
((looks at the phone as if he
can't believe he just heard what
he heard)
never mind, it's nothing…but uh
don't dodge the question; whose


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
were they?
(mockingly) “huh”? You heard me…
the panties man, the
draws...….spit it out!
man who fuckin knows? There's no
telling how long they have been at
the crib-shit they could have been
my sisters...
your sisters?! thats gross dude.
Do i need to remind you that u ARE
under oath Mr Campanella? The
truth please…..
It is the truth your honor.
Remember when she came from Japan
to visit and I would come home to
clothes everywhere? It is very
possible that they are hers..but
somehow I doubt it..
I can't believe she didnt buy that
story..oh wait..u got the taste
smacked out of your
the problem is, that you THINK you
are funny. But come on...you know
if I knew exactly whose they were,
I’d tell you.
No doubt.Well listen, I have a
couple errands to run and I have
to go make sure everything is set
up for the weekend. The lights
finally came in so I’ll probably
be messin around with those. Come
by the club this afternoon and
give me a hand.


yeah, she was PISSED. I couldn’t
get a word in…but hey, now I don’t
have to do the “its not you it’s
me speech”....I was getting tired
of her anyway.
Laughter in unison
Aiight, but yo, I'll come by the
club and lend a hand. But first I
have to go see this chick for
lunch and then Ill come through.
Yeah, Cuz i definitely got a lot
of things to do today. i can't sit
around on the phone with you all
Man, there are gonna be so many
"loose slots" in that club! i
can't wait!
"seduced by the dark side you have
become". Why don't you use your
powers for good- instead of ass,
ass, ass, all the time?
Why don't you stop being so
"gay,gay,gay" all the time? Hey,
did you put the jacuzzi in the VIP
like I suggested?
You....are a reTARD.
Dude! Women, jacuzzi, champagne?!
You could give a whole new meaning
to "Hot Spring"!
I'm hanging up now.
                                         CUT TO:


I think thats a great idea.
The scene angle expands to see KINTARO with scissors in his
hand, jumble his phone and drop it in the toilet, that is
filled with hair-he was trimming his pubes while on the
For fucks sake.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
Montage of Roman running errands, he is going to stores
picking up items. He has a set of lights and three steps out
of the door he drops all the lights and has to go back in,
theres a shot of him confirming the lights be delivered.

He goes to Starbucks and walks past an attractive girl: the
scene shows her standing alone then it shows Roman coming
back to talk to her,and then a shot of her boyfriend walking
up behind her and Roman acting as if he has mistaken her for
someone else, the montage ends with Roman making it back
Theres a knock at the door.
who is it?
                       VOICE (o.s.)
it’s me.
And this ladies and gentlemen is
my ex-girlfriend, MARA;she has a
knack for showing up at all the
wrong times. We have been broken
up for two years but she still
comes by every now and then, it
seems just to stir up old feelings
and start trouble - but I somehow
entertain it. She is dating some
asshat now, I wonder what she
wants today.


(sighing) come in
      (walks in
       looking around
       the room)
hey how are you? Is this a bad
time? it sounded like you were
talking to someone. Anyways, I saw
you leaving the club this morning.
Are you goin back soon?
Uh, yeah. Whats up? Trouble in
paradise? I need to talk to T.B's
"no front door security skills
havin" ass. How did you get in
I snuck past him..you know how
lazy T.B. is. Do you think the
only reason i come to see you is
because I am having trouble in my
Still an ass I see.
Seriously though. whats been goin
on? From the look on your face it
actually has got something to do
with your new man. Its the same
look you used to give me.
Oh so you were paying attention to
me huh? Well since you have to
know yes we did get in a fight.
and maybe I do come to see you to
cheer me up. So what?


Whatever. What you got in the bag,
Oh this. Its a vase my dad gave me
years ago. I keep my weekly
flowers in it, but I figured I
would bring it over here so when
you screw up with another girl,
you can have a nice vase she can
throw at you.
How considerate. Every week with
the flowers, this guy. What a
He brings me flowers every week.
So what?
Make it a different flower, some
candy, a fuckin stuffed
animal...somethin you know?
Especially after a fight. Change
it up to show some sincerity. I'm
not hatin on dude but damn, you
Why is it that I get the feeling
that you like pissing on my
Well, i have been drinking alot
more water lately. And your parade
just happens to pass in front of
the window I throw my pot of piss
out of.
Why all the negative undertones?
"show some sincerity"?! I mean
really Roman, what the hell??
Easy killer. There were no
negative undertones; at least I
didn't mean for there to be. I was
just saying that it would be great


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
I have never bad mouthed any of
the floozies i have seen you with.
Floozies?! I beg your pardon!
Where do YOU get off callin anyone
See?! This is why I can't have any
kind of relationship with you at
all. You are still living in the
Don't be so damn dramatic; "living
in the past" whatever. those are
the damn facts! Don't come in here
tryin to flip shit on me. Look,
you are fuckin up my "chi" with
all this negative energy.
Well whatever, I came up here to
tell you something.
      ((folds arms))
which is?
My father lost the club and we
can't find him. Literally.
what?! How do you "lose" a club?!
I like how you are just so
"whatever" about it. You LEAD the
conversation with something like
that- not some stupid vase!
In a poker game at your buddy
Sam's resturant a few days ago.
A few days ago!? Jesus Mara! when
were you going to tell me?! I have
all this shit planned, the
re-opening . Dammit! What does


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
this mean?! Was Sam there?
You know Sam is never involved;
his father is the one who tells
him what to do, he tries to stay
out of the underground- thats why
he runs the restaurant. I dont
know what this means for any of
us, like I said my family can't
find him. He has apparently gone
into hiding and the clock is
"The clock is ticking" What the
hell does that mean?! Are they
coming for me now? How in the hell
can you bet an entire club?!
I don't know , and I'm sorry. I
have like less than a month to get
half a million dollars or to cover
the bet...I don't even know what
the "or" is..I just..
DOLLARS?!?Un-fuckin-believable! A
month? what kind of fucked up
time-table is that. UGH! Ok look I
am gonna make some calls. We have
to find him. If he is still alive.
How in the hell are we gonna get
that kind of money in such a short
period of time?
Yes. WE. If I don't get this
resolved then I'm screwin the
pooch. If he loses this club I got
nothing. Old man Wu put me in it
this time. Dammit!


Roman,you know I don't like it
when you call him that. And
besides, this isn't your
Really. So I am just supposed to
sit back and let you, of all
people, control a situation that
may just land me in the
unemployment line? Or dead?
Thanks, but no thanks. "Not my
responsibilty"?!! Then why did you
come up here then?
      (tears begin to
       form in her eyes)
ROMAN falls into the couch and sighs heavily and stares at
MARA. Not sure what to say.
Just give me a little while . I'll
find Pops. Just do me a favor and
try and lay low for the time
being. There is no telling what
Sam's Triad relatives are prepared
to do, although I have a pretty
good idea. If they can't find him
they will definitely come after
I know. Roman, I'm scared
Just try not to fuck anything up.
Come on, I gotta go.
ROMAN manages to get her out of his apartment and watches as
she solemnly walks down the hallway and get into the
elevator. he locks his door and heads down to the lobby via
the staircase shaking his head in disbelief he gets to the
lobby and stops to talk to the doorman, a chubby fellow by
the name of T.B.
                                         CUT TO:


ROMAN strides quickly towards the concierge's deswk with the
classic display of "dude, what the fuck" hands.
Hey! Dammit T! What he fuck man!
How many times do I have to say
this to you? I thought you were
"top flight" security man?!
I'm sorry Roman. I was "droppin
the kids off at the pool". Was it
Mara again?
Excuses,excuses. I am gonna need
you to get it together.
Don't be sorry man, be CAREFUL.
Tighten up! Please dont let anyone
else up thats doesnt live here, or
I give the ok for. ok?
      (hangs his head in
It wont happen again.
Realizing he is being a little "extra"- ROMAN manages to get
a hold of himself.
Look, my bad man. I just got alot
on my mind,I don't mean to snap.
Hey, theres something I have
always wanted to ask you; if your
name tag says Russell, why do
people call you "T.B?"
It's a name thats stuck with me
since I was a kid.


      (rubs his
"two bellies"
I have officially heard it all.
i'll check you later man, take it
                                         CUT TO:
ROMAN is hanging new strobe lights and KINTARO is milling
around helping here and there.
Damn I’m full! but like I was
sayin, this idea is how we can do
this and make some money.
I'm not sure I can handle one of
your "ideas" right now K.C. (hands
him a wrench) hold this....
(Takes wrench, and starts twirling
it around) No, this is good. So
lemme ask you this-
I hate it when you say "lemme ask
you something" Do you remember
that scene in Oceans 12? Just
(Hands ROMAN the wrench) Ok, well
how many times was it pretty much
a lock that u get laid?
you do realize who you are talking
to don't you?
Yeah. Thats why I am asking.


You have seen me leave with girls
plenty of times!
Most of the times was with your ex
and a few were ones you knew
already. I'm talkin about "fresh
hams" broseff.
Hams huh? Yeah I have sliced a few
pieces of "choice" lovin.
Like who?! Name one that I have
Laughter in unison
Ninja please! I am a lil more
stealthier than you.
"ninja"?! Is that a Asian slur you
Yup....could u hand me that drill?
Here. Anyways, what do you think
about havin some professional
ladies workin out of the club.
Prostitutes?!!!! Are u nutz? (He
almost drops the light fixture in
shock) whoa.....
No,no. Kinda like those floozies
we see at every All Star game we
go to. The slick bitches that only
date guys that would only benefit
them monetarily; real low key ones
you know? Like that chick I used
to date that would skip from one
VIP room to the next at the club.
Oh yeah, what happened to her?


I didn't tell you? she's one of
Floyd Mayweather's girls now.
Yikes! But uh, I'm gonna go ahead
and stamp that idea with a big fat
"hell no". You have no idea what I
have on my plate.
Just hear me out:Hired guns-willin
to get down at the drop of a hat-
Hired guns?
Yeah girls that get paid for
lookin good. Ok. You remember that
"butter wavy" I introduced you to
at the sushi spot last week?
You told me she was in sales!
I'll wait.
Yes. Really
Ookk...go on.
yeah man! These chicks are like
escorts to like those old rich
geezers need to have some eye
candy on their arm for some big
Gotcha. And given the high profile
cats that frequent the club-
Now you are catching on! And even


Dude. with all the bullshit thats
goin on with stars today what
makes you think that they wouldn't
pull my black ass through the
wringer if it ever gets out that
they are escorts?
Who's gonna know?? It's chicks out
there that do it for free! They
fuckin for Micheal Kors bags and a
"fancy feast" at Red Lobster dude!
Know what I'm sayin? And why not?
You said the city council is
trying to get rid of clubs in this
area, so why not do this and make
a shit load of money? I'm just
      (He kinda isnt
       paying attention
       to his friend
       right now.)
uh huh.But this aint Detroit and
I'm not a doctor.
Are you listening to me?
Pops lost the club in a poker game
and Mara can't find him.
And apparently, the clock is
Dude! When-
Enter KEVIN(27), ROMAN'S head of security. ROMAN flashes
KINTARO a "don't say anything" look.

KINTARO acknowledges silently.
Hey hey, what are you two gay-fers
up to? are you hanging lights
yourself Ro? Where are the


                       KEVIN (cont'd)
brothers at? How come they aren't
doin this?
Whats up Kev. The Fettucci's?
Nah, I can't have them do this.
you remember what happened with
the disco ball don't you?
See? I'm not the only one who
thinks you don't need to be doin
that shit. Disco ball?
Yeah. disco ball. you know the
round thing with all the little
mirrors on it? Like the one you
got hangin from your rear view
mirror,"sweet Charlie"?
      (gives kevin the
get fucked Kevin!
Kintaro, you don't remember?
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Scene cuts to two burly Italians lumbering towards the
entrance of the nightclub chasing a disco ball that has
somehow made its way outside to unaware pedestrians.
                       FETTUCCI #1
      (Heavy New York
Ayo stop that bawl!!!!!!!!!

Just as the ball bounces away from ANTHONY FETTUCCI's grasp;
an old woman bends over in the middle of the sidewalk.
                       OLD LADY
Oh, happy day! A penny on heads.


The elderly lady is pummeled by the disco ball. the end
result has her head, arms, and legs only showing under the
half smashed ball, making her look like a disco turtle.
                       FETTUCCI #2
Ooooooo….that's gonna leave a
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Oooohh yeah I remember that...How
in the hell did they let it get
The floor was just waxed, and they
are not the most coordinated
people in the world either.
Riiiight….Um, are those strobe
lights supposed to be attached to
that beam? It doesn't look sturdy
(takes one hand and knocks on the
beam, then shakes it a little)
See? ...I'm good
( Shrugs) I guess. Anyway, the
Asian chick introduced me to a
friend of hers; and she and I have
been kickin around ideas for a
minute and we came up with the
whole club/escort thing. And wait
till you see the girls (Austin
Powers imitation) "they're
switched on baby...yeah!"
Escorts? What the hell? Roman,
PLEASE tell me you aren't actually
considering this.
( Shakes his head) KC you're
stupid, do you realize this? Its
not happening yet, I'm considering
it., But Kev I got you tho, there


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
will def. be some Latinas in the
mix for ya.
Yeah these girls are choice,even
Kevin's simple ass can get laid.
You bitches better be lucky I just
stopped in to pick some shit up. i
got too much to do today to be
dickin around with you homos. i'll
see you fudge packers later.
He needs to come out of the
KC, I am nervous about the
legalities of the whole thing.
I don't see why, I mean if he in
fact is gay..they've already
passed the legislation .. so I
No you idoit! About this idea you
Oh well I only have one thing to
say to that- Pull up your skirt,
grab your balls, and take a risk!
Besides when have I ever put you
in harms way?
No comment.
ROMAN tightens the last screw and gets down from the ladder


Aiight lets give these fuckers a
try and see what we workin wit.
They both walk over to the sound room: where all the power
switches are kept and ROMAN stands outside the room so he
can see if they work correctly
Aiight KC .hit it!
straight away captain!
Nothing happens
See?! I told u...Mr. Fix it!
Shut up!
There is a sharp crackle and the lights start working
perfectly, gyrating wildly with random flashing lights.
See?! Ha! Ha! Electrician
Switch em off.
The switch is flipped off and they slowly come to a stop.
ROMAN smiles and twirls the screwdriver triumphantly. Right
as he does, the lights come crashing to the floor. ROMAN
looks at KINTARO puzzled as he pulls out instructions.
So uh K.C., how much did u say we
stand to make from this idea of
(flashes a broad grin)
                                         CUT TO:


ROMAN is arbitrarily going through paperwork that he has
been putting off for months. KINTARO walks in with whom
evidently is the woman that he has been speaking to ROMAN
about with the escort service. Its meet and greet time. She
is slightly tall and oddly attractive Asian female. It seems
as if her name is MONA; not because introductions have been
made, but because of the pack of giggling girls that follow
the two into the office while asking questions MONA
seemingly doesnt have the answers to. They parade in one by
one; each is more beautiful than the next.
      (To Roman)
Hi Mr. Williams! It's a pleasure
to finally meet you, I ve heard so
      (extends hand)
The pleasure is all mine, I assure
Thank you! I can't express enough
how much of a godsend you are. You
have no idea how much you are
helping to maintian my sanity
these days .
Well, I'm glad I can help. Any
friend of KC's is a friend of
mine; and please, call me Roman.
Besides, KC tells me you are quite
savy when it comes to business, so
we have nowhere to go but up.
Theres a moment of silent awkwardness..MONA finds ROMAN


well, the reason i need your help
if KC hasnt already told you. The
landlord of the building I was in
had become a born again Christian
and once he found out I ran an
escort service he called me " the
devil" and terminated my contract.
i still have to speak with my
lawyer about a possible breach of
contract suit against him. The
shit sucks, he has no right to do
that. But for the time being i'm
kinda assed-out, so again , I
really appreciate what you are
dong for me.
One of these days, people are
gonna stop passing judgement on
people and using their religion as
a "spear of righteousness". But
whatever, you here now, so lets
get to it. These are the girls?
yes,yes! In all of their greased
up babythigh glory. (winks) whats
up girls.
The girls giggle and shyly sway from side to side.
Ladies Ladies! Welcome to Club
Genkii; where "errting is irie
The girls laugh and applaud approvingly
      (extends hand)
temporary partners?
Yezzir! But I do have a few rules.
ok, shoot


First and foremost, NO SEX IN THE
CLUB! No dirty sanchez, no angry
dragon, no shockers, no arabian
goggles..none of that shit.
the girls giggle as ROMAN smirks. KINTARO looks puzzled.
How bout brunskis? Is that cool?
Hmmm, brunskis..brunskis..ok.
Brunskis get the green light. But
thats it!
      (in between
whats an "angry dragon"?
That question my friend..i am
afriad is very priviledged
information. But you will know it
when you see it.
      (bad asian accent)
so sorry.
But seriously. I really want to
keep the professional integrity of
the club intact, or there is no
way this is going to work.
Everyone must believe that the
girls are "regular party goers".
Gotcha, no problemo.
      (rubs hands
       together and
       scans the rows of
       scandally clad


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
Now. The pleasantries are out of
the way. Lets get to the good
      (reaches into his
       pocket and brings
       out a yellow
Hear! Hear!
What the hell is that?
A tape measure. Stole it from my
I am in charge of the girls right?
Am I in charge of the girls??
Yes! you idiot!
Well, sir, if you must know. I
must make sure that all girls in
the building meet specs. Anything
less would be uncivilized..
word,word. Well let me say a few
things on em..and then they are
all yours.
ROMAN walks down the line of standing women like a drill
seargent. Running down the "rules and perameters".


                       LATIN GIRL
papi, do you have a Latin night?
For Salsa and Meringue?
      (scans her up and
       down; approvingly)
no. I don't. But I will give it
some SERIOUS thought.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Everyone has left and ROMAN and KC walk back to the office.
Not bad. not bad at all. Those
chicks were wicked tall though eh?
yo, have you heard from Kevin?
That fool was supposed to be here
hours ago.
Yeah those girls were madd tall.
But I ain't skurred. um, Kevin?
Well that fool missed out.
True. i'm sure he will show
eventually. But again I must say:
good job broseff, several oif
those girls were "choice". I was
kinda scared that you were gonna
bring some ducks up in here.
Hey well, you know. I do what i
I see.
KINTARO's phone rings: "Kung Fu Fighting" is the ringtone.
Hello? Ah. Hai! Matsumoro-san!
O-genkii desu ka? uh huh..a
sabbatical?? Well that's
understandable, it was quite a
ruckus. yes sir. i'm glad they
understood sir. if there is
anything that you need, any


                       KINTARO/K.C. (cont'd)
questions you may have regarding
the account, don't hesitate to
call. Hai. Iie, doomo arigatoo
gozaimasu. Mata ne!
Nan desu ka?
my boss wants me to take a little
"vacation" because of what
happened with that crazy ass girl
in the office. So reckless. He
would like me to straighten out my
personal affairs before coming
back so that it doesnt happen
again, we almost lost a huge
account because of it. Which is
fair, because he could have very
easily fired my ass.
Honto? THAT was the appointment?
that was walkin in as she stormed
hai, so desu. So hey, looks like
you are gonna get your wish after
all. I guess i will just spend
more time here at the club with
you, cuz there is no way I can sit
at home and do nothing, besides i
am so tired of vegas.
yeah, cuz I am sure the Palms has
your punk ass on their quick sell
      (stone faced)
ROMAN and KINTARO sit in the office talking about college
days and the FETTUCCI BROTHERS stumble in.
                       FETTUCCI #1
So wheyas this light at?


You'll see it as soon as you get
to the front of the DJ booth. And
fells, I don't think I have to
emphasise that you must be
CAREFUL? i don't need anymore
                       FETTUCCI #1
No, sir. you do not. We have honed
our skills since then. So,
Well i should hope so. Do you know
that one of the conditions to that
old lady that you hit with that
disco ball's lawsuit is that she
have VIP status in the club.
Fuckin judge. i swear that jackass
has it out for me. Who grants some
shit like that??
                       FETTUCCI #1
I didn't know that. Sorry chief.
Wow. She didn't want any money?
Oh, she got money. A huge
settlement in exchange for her not
suing the pants off me. i covered
her medical bills and lawyer fees,
itsickens me to think about it.
That is wicke3d strange. VIP
access? i'm tryin to think, have I
seen her?
Dude. there is no way you can miss
her! She is what we call in the
biz a "snow leopard", She walks
around the club looking at the
cielings and shit. Checking all
the exits, you would think the old
bag works here the way she acts
sometimes. (scoffs) Ordering
mimosas and trying to get everyone
to do the "electric slide".


                       FETTUCCI #2
      (excited,starts to
       "electric slide")
Ooo! Oo! I love that dance!
There will be no electric sliding
goin on in this building.
                       FETTUCCI #2
                       FETTUCCI #1
Well Roman, I promise you that the
work we perform from this day
forward will be nothing other than
fuckin spectacular my friend. No
mistakes. (smirks) Uh, you didn't
have the floor waxed recently did
Everyone is a fuckin comedian
today. I swear. no i didn't. And
i'll tell you another thing, if
The office phone rings.
Hello? Club Genkii. (rolls eyes)
Oh, Hi Mrs. Francheski. How are
ROMAN motions to KINTARO to grab the bottle of "Johnny
Walker Blue Label" off the office bar and a glass. KINTARO
oblidges, but pours himself a shot and takes it before
handing over the goods.
      (slightly annoyed)
no, mrs. Francheski,..tonight is
not "pussy poppa numba one" night,
we don't do that anymore. I told
you that an hour ago when you
called. So please don't come in
here wearing a wife beater again
ok? And no more spandex!
      (dry heave)


ROMAN throws the FETTUCCI BROTHERS a "see what I mean?!"
look. They walk out shrugging to each other.
And Please, if you are going to
"excercise your "rights"; I beg of
you, don't try and get the patrons
to do the electric slide anymore
becuase its not...I know it was
your husbands favorite dance, but
that doesn't mean..(deep sigh and
takes a huge gulp of his drink)..i
know Mrs. Francheski..i know..Ok,
Mrs Francheski, i will see you
later. ok, then. Uh huh. ok, then,
all right, Bye.
KEVIN enters
      (slightly winded)
Well? Where are they?!
What did you do? Run down here?
Hell yeah I did!
Hey I guess you are still tryin to
figure out who this asshole is-
well Kevin is head of my security
and is another one of my college
buddies. Tattoos, a bad attitude
and a thing for spanish women. He
went to the marines after high
school, and then a brief stint in
the CIA. after the CIA, no one
dares ask what he got himself
Dude..you really have got to get
some help for that.
Where you been? You missed the


      (ala Flordia Evans
       on the sitcom
       "Good TImes")
Damn, damn, DAMN!!!!
Well Usain, you did all that
running for nothing.The bettys are
gone my man.
      (winks at KC)
yeah, and there were some spanish
chicks too; but we sent em
packin...no need for em.
What?! The hell you did!
I'm fuckin with you. There were a
few mixed in the bunch, they will
all be back tonight for
orientation after the staff
meeting, so simmer down. i hope
you don't mind tall women.
man, there ain't a women on this
planet i can't handle. And even if
i coulnd't handle them, I wouldnt
even notice, you wanna know why?
not really, but I am sure you are
gonna tell us.
      (brushes off his
i'll be too busy lookin good!
The guys all get a good chuckle out of that.
Speakin of good looks, did you
make those calls I asked you to do
earlier? About the undercover cops
for tonight? And make sure...


I know man, NO ASSHOLES..Ro, how
long have I been head of your
Since day one.
Exactly. I got this brody!
Aiight,,just promise me one thing:
Say it on me.
First off, dont call me "brody".
And please,the next time you feel
so inclined to knock ones jaw
loose; double check make sure they
are actually NOT on the
guestlist?! Can you do that for
me?! The last guy you clocked was
the owner of Majik City. he still
can't talk right.
Yeah, dude sounds like that 'Mush
Mouth" cat from "Fat Albert"
'hey-bah fab-uh Albut, when-be
gon-bah gebbet sum-buh ice-buh
Whatever. that fucker had it
comin, wit that cubby hole of a
strip club he is runnin over
there, he needed to be popped.
Theres no where to sit! You know
I'm right! How you gonna get a lap
dance and you gotta share your
seat wit anotha nigga? Thats that
bullshit right there. if he comes
backl i'll pop him another one.
Jesus. just please, do what I ask,
double check the list. Please?


Yeah, yeah. (closes office door)
Listen, i've been thinking.
      (folds arms)
This ought to be good
      (glares at KC,
       then turns back
       to Roman)
Are you sure you want to go
through with this idea? i mean
"qoute un qoute" hookers...Thats a
Whatever (looks at KC) HOES. Rome,
are you sure this is a good idea?
I mean, I am all about takin
risks, but this seems a bit
outlandish to me. Not to mention a
little strange, i have a bad
feeling about it all. we are gonna
have alot of money in the club
that night cuz of the event. Are
you really willing to let somone
that close to what we got goin on?
Why is yo musclebound ass
barricading? We got you yo raggly
ass spanish chicks. So shut your
hole and let grown folks do grown
folks shit. Can't this man take
advantage of the entreprenural
spirit if he wants? Its his club
after all!
Its not his club YET, and yeah he
can do whatever the fuck he wants
to do- but I am just saying, the
calculated risk seems a bit high
to me.


Kevin, you can't even SPELL
KEVIN shoots K.C. a hard glare, K.C. shrugs his shoulders at
KEVIN as if to say "go ahead and spell it, I'm waiting".
yeah I hear what you are saying
Kev, but i think everything can be
made to where everyone wins, you
know? So we are gonna stick to the
play: try it for a few months, see
of it works and if it doesnt, we
can always dump it. you never know
we may have stumbled on to
something here.
Yeah, a "jack-shack" with a
bar..real inventive. i'm goin on
record by sayin "I don't like it"
man..if you don't sit yo "dudley
do right" ass down, you better.
you are just salty you missed out
on pickin the girls. Latin chicks
aint all that anyways.
Piss off KC! Are you trying to get
bodyslammed today? Cuz i'll fuckin
do it.
KC jumps down off the stool he was sitting on. KEVIN takes a
step forward, smiling. ROMAN steps inbetween.
Really? You guys think now is the
time for this? Am I gonna have to
keep you guys seperate? Like grade
school children?
nah, the only thing you are sonna
have to separate is my foot froom
his ass if he keeps it up! KC just
cuz you are a cyberpimp, don't
walk around like you are God's
gift to women. I mean jesus, how
many bitches do you need?! Fuckin
around wit all those crazy ass
bitches, you would think you would


                       KEVIN (cont'd)
have learned your lesson by now!
you do know that those bitches you
meet, are emotionally challenged.
Shit you have told me that
yourself. they are all attention
he just called you a cyberpimp!
Now THATS funny!
Shut up.
No, really; how many girls have
you met online? Honestly.
Why does that matter? Wit yo'
hatin ass.
Kev you do sound a little
"haterish". But now I'm curious,
so answer.
Anywhere from 75 to 100; give or
Holy condom-usage Batman! That
many?! How long have you been on
Plenty of Whales ? 2 years? 3?
"OBJECTION"! The site is called
"Plenty of Fish".
Overuled. "Plenty of Whales" is
indeed an accurate depiction of
the women on that site.
And facebook.
Hey maaaan. Facebook is for


And pimpmyclit.com and Myspace.
What the hell is "pimpmyclit.com"?
And I thought Myspace died years
ago. How long have you been doing
See? Cyberpimp! I told you!
A year and a half.
A Year and a half?!
Myspace is the debil!
      (still shocked)
A year and a half?!
Will you stop sayin that? You act
like you don't meet lots of women
in the club.
Dude! Do you realize what the
ratio is in Atlanta? Its like 15
to 1! You are using all yours up
at once! Thats bad math man...bad
Err, some of them aren't from
No, don't tell me....
They come from different states?
Sometimes. And sometimes from
different countries.


      (Shakes head)
Ok, riddle me this: so that chick
that attacked you at work the
other day, you met her online
Attacked?! You were attacked at
work? How come no one told me?
Damn, I always get left out of the
good shit!
I'll tell you later. The jury is
still out on that one though. This
story is funnier than when he got
his foot ran over talkin to that
girl as she was driving away in
Buckhead the night of Jewuan's
bachelor party, remember?
Yeah I remember, but what was
funnier was hearin him in the
hotel room scrubbing the shit out
of those Timberlands tryin to get
that tire mark out!
      (flips them both
       the "bird")
And yes, I did meet her online;
and yes she is crazy. But thats
just one bad apple, you know?
K.C, from my count thats more than
one bad apple. And for the
record-your problem isn't the
fruit from the tree, its the
actual tree itself!
Whatever. Roman, I KNOW you aren't
talking! What about Mara? Huh?
Huh? That bitch is nutier than a
bag of cashews!
He's right, the girl is crazy.


      (ROMAN heads for
       the door but
       stops as he walks
Hey,hey,hey! This isnt about me.
Besides, you know she has a
chemical imbalance! Anyways, I'm
about to get outta here, i have
some other shit I gotta handle
A-S-A-fucking -P. Kevin talk to
your people in the streets, see if
you cant find out anything about a
high stakes poker game at Sam's
resturaunt from a few nights ago.
Can you do that? I am about to
head home for a bit, catch a few
Yeah I can look into that-I'll
give you a shout in a few.
KINTARO heads to ROMAN's desk and takes another shot of
Jonnie Walker.
Yo Kev, you think he still has
feelings for his ex?
I hope not. She is no good for him
at all.
Thats the first intelligent thing
you have said all day.
K.C's cell phone rings
Yo! Roman, what did you forget? I
swear, you would forget your head
if it wasnt attached. WHAT?! Don't
play with me, are you serious?!
SHIT! Ok..I'm comin out now.
      (visibly shakn and
       bolts out ogf the
That bitch...


What happened? What happened?
Kevin follows KC outinto the street, where he finds KC
staring blankly at the driver side of his car. Kevin walks
around to see that there are two steak knives with condoms
on the handles stuck in the driver side tire. The air slowly
hisses from the tire.
Not a fuckin word from you, not
ROMAN has left the club and his cell phone has been ringing
it rings again, he has had enough
      (on cell)
Whoa, easy killer! WHat flew up
your ass?
The voice on the other end of the
phone is Jewan. He is the only one
out of the us that is married, and
he constantly catches hell for
it.We tease about being whipped,
although Jewan begs to differ. For
example, everytime Jewan wants to
hang out with the guys, his wife
gets sick,or just flat out gives
him grief to the point where Jewan
doesnt even want to go out
anymore. The guys wonder why he is
even with her at all; no female is
worth that kind of greif no matter
what month PLayboy model she was.
Yes, a real Playboy model.
Is there someone in the car with


Who are you talking to then?
What's up J? Sorry for blowin up
at you. Mara has been blowin up my
phone today, I got ALOT on my
plate. What's with the "private
number"? You know I hate answering
calls when i don't know who it is.
You are talking to her again?! Its
been two years man! You still love
that crazy ass girl don't you?
I don't know.
So whats the business brotha! I
havent talked to ya in a minute.
Eh, you know. Same shit different
toilet.(beat) Oh! We got this new
thing goin on at the club...
ROMAN explains his day to JEWAN and all JEWAN seems to hear
is "escort girls" He repeats this very loud; loud enough for
his wife in the kitchen to hear.
(shouts to the kitchen) Nothin
honey, just talkin to Roman.
(whispers back into the cell
phone) Escort girls?!? You are
turning that place into a strip
club arent you? I knew it (sighs)
my wife is never letin me over
there now.
No,no,no. It's a favor for KC, a
chick he met owns a escort service
and she lost her lease, so the
club is just a very temporary
solution. Besides, your wife
wouldn't let you out of the house
if it were on fire. What's it
been? Two years since you really


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
hung out?
Nooo. It-- (contemplates) --has
it? I'll ask my Adrianne, she will
definitely know. Her crazy ass
prolly has it written down
The prosecution rests.
Whatever, I am the Master of my
Domain, all my subjects cower
before me.
Ok, then Attila, why is it that
you haven't been out in so long?
It's a difficult job my friend.
Building an empire takes time,
hard work,and dedication. It is
not for the faint haerted.
Laughter in unison
Ok then, how about this. I'm goin
out tonight dammit! So come pick
me up when you are on your way to
the club.
You remember the last time you
told me that? I drove to your
house and you gave me some lame
ass excuse about why you couldnt
go. Don't do that again. If you
try to, I am gonna clock you in
your skull, drug your wife, and
wreck the house to look like there
were signs of a struggle and drag
your ass out.
Ok, I'm on it. Just be here.


      (hangs up)
JEWUAN is pacing back and forth in the living room trying to
come up with suitable lie.
Baby listen- ROman's birthday is
coming up and me and the fellas
are gona plan a lil
celebration..no good..she will see
right through that.hmmmm.Babe !
Babe! Kevin got jumped on the west
end!! I need to do security
tonight! Nah, she definitely wont
buy that...
Enter JEWUAN's wife, ADRIANNE.
Yes sweetie? What do you want? I'm
cooking and I don't want to burn
the fish, so make it quick.
well babe. Roman is-
How are you gonna cut me off like
that? I mean-
      (walks back into
       the kitchen)
I don't want to hear anymore about
But baby-


JEWUAN has a flash of ROMAN ransacking his home and
injecting ADRIANNE in the ass while she sleeps with a night
cocktail while laughing maniacally. The gears in his head
begin to turn and a look of determination can be seen
developing- by any means necessary, he will go out tonight!
UGH! You really should stop bein
like that.
Like what?! if you think i am
gonna let you hang out with that
gigilo K.C. you have another think
coming. No Jewuan. NO!
First of all why you talkin to me
like a puppy?! That's all kind of
wrong.It's been a while since I
have seen the fellas, i just wanna
go shoot the shit wit them for a
minute, thats all, nothin
Nothing reckless?! Do you remember
our anniversary? The "paint gun"
I didn't know it was loaded babe.
And you startled me.
I had a bruise on my forehead for
weeks! NO! you're too old to be
out boozin all night. You can't
handle your alchohol anyways,
which leads you to dumb shit.
REALLY. So go get cleaned up,
dinner will be ready in a few
ADRIANNE abruptly walks out of the room before JEWUAN can
retort. He hangs his head and begrudgingly walks upstairs to
the bathroom mumbling to himself.


      (to himself)
I can hold MY damn liquor! Miss
"drunk off of Boones Farm".
He reaches for the door and cuts himself on a random
splinter on the doorframe.
Son of a mother!
JEWUAN opens the cabinet and grabs a bandaid and looks for
the antiseptic ointment and stumbles upon a bottle of
JEWUAN closes the cabinet and starts to wash his hands,
still visibly irritated- suddenly, the "light bulb" goes
off.He smirks to himself in the mirror, opens the cabinet
and takes two pills from the bottle and tucks them in his
pocket and heads back downstairs.
Hey babe, break out the Boones,
lets get crazy tonight!
                                         CUT TO:
Roman is strolling down the hallway heading to his
Finally. Maybe I can get a few
winks of sleep before the meeting
He unlocks the door and throws his keys on the hallway table
and walks to the kitchen.
Alexa, turn on the TV and the
"Sure thing, Roman."


...and the robberies continue in
the greater metro
area:banks,jewelry stores, and a
few homes in the Country Club of
the South have been cleaned out.
The authorities unfortunately have
been unable to secure any leads
and are currently working with the
GBI in hopes of finding something
involving this rash of robberies.
They really only know one thing
for sure: the robbers are all male
and they are very well trained. We
have here with us a Mr. Hucklburn,
whom was witness to the most
recent robbery at First National
bank, only blocks away from where
I am standing. Mr Huckleburn,can
you tell us anything about the
                       MR. HUCKLEBURN
      (excited to be on
I'll tell you whut.I was more
frightened than a long tailed cat
in a room full of rockin chairs!
One thing fer sure and two things
fer certain, theys gonna hit
another bank,and soon.Maw! Hi
..and there you have it. We here
at News 5 ask you the viewers, if
you have any sightings of a
robbery in progress, do not, i
repeat, do not attempt to stop
them. Contact the local
authorities. Back to you Stacy..
Alexa, Turn off the TV.
"Sure thing Roman."
How does the Atlanta Police think
they are making the city feel safe
by reporting how inept they are at
police work? idiots.


Someone knocks on his door
who is it?
theres no reply, and he is mumbling to himself about the
fact that he hopes its not Mara.He goes to the peephole to
look, but sees no one.
someone knocks at the door again
He looks again..and again sees nothing
Damn kids..
Someone knocks for a third time. roman swings the door open
and is yanked out by his shirt and thrown against the
hallway wall.
Where is she!!?
      (struggles to get
Where is who?!!
      (punches roman in
       the stomach)
Don't play dumb with me, Do you
know who I am?!
ROMAN breaks his grip and puts his would be assailant in a
reverse arm lock which now has the unknown attacker facing
the floor, and in alot of pain.
fucker! Do you know who I AM?!
yeah,,,your name is (pain
increases as he struggles) Arrggh!
Roman. You used to date my
girlfriend Mara.
Roman releases him
Jonah? Why would she be here?
Theres no way she still has a
key..its been two years man! And
don't you think this is the wrong


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
way to go about things? Do you
realize that runnin up on someone
in the hallway is a sho nuff way
to get your ass beat! Look where
you are, MY BUILDING! If she came
here its on her own free will, you
need to project some of this shit
to her and not me...you don't know
where she is?
yeah i know, man, I love her so
much, I get crazy sometimes. No, I
can't find her...sdhe hasn't been
home all day.
Not wanted to feel more of Roman's "fists of fury", he backs
off slowly and turns and walks away; visibly defeated.
What a tool.
Roman turns to go back into his apartment, but not before
cautiously looking down the hallways for another "sneak
attack". He walks into his apartment and heads towards his
bedroom and passes his balcony and does a double take. There
is Mara, sitting on the balcony sobbing quietly.
Hey! What are you doin here?
MARA hands ROMAN a box with a large white bow around it.
What is this?
MARA is eerily silent. ROMAN opens the box slowly - there
are two severed fingers delicately placed on a pile of
playing cards.
      (blank stare)
I think they are my fathers.
There is a small note in the box spattered with blood.


"We assure you that if we do not
receive our money the next thing
we cut off is something he will
MARA erupts in uncontrollable tears.
Roman there is something I have to
tell you about my father.
I don't know if I could take any
new information right now Mara.
Do you ever wonder why my father
is rarely in town? And when he is
in town why he is rarely ever seen
by anyone but me?
Yeah, but i figured that was just
some Chinese business tradition or
something. I have seen him though,
But you are different Roman he
likes you, he considered you
family, before, well, you know.
Roman, my father is the last
living direct descendant of Hung
Hung Wu? THE Hung Wu?!
You know who I am talking about?
You're Chinese Mara. And don't
take this the wrong way but I did
a little research on your family
when we first started dating, i


                       ROMAN (cont'd)
wanted to surprise you with this
huge plaque of your lineage. But I
could only go back so far, i could
never understand why. This makes
My father is a very important man
Roman. I cannot tell you anymore
than that.
Ok. What we need to to do is get
focused. i need to make some
I can't get you involved in this,-
its too much. It's just too much.
Listen. We may have had our
issues, but I will always have
your back. Always.
But Roman, I-
'but" nothing. here, have a seat
and I'll go make a few calls. Oh
and by the way, your man is
looking for you.
How would you know that?
Uh, because he jumped me in the
I'm sorry.
No-HE is sorry. I almost broke his
fucking arm.
You what?!


We will handle that nasty piece of
business later. One thing at a
I have to say even with this stuff
with your dad going on, that
choade boyfriend of yours is still
gonna catch a bad one-
I mean everyone has their limits
of what they are willing to put up
with, and I am a race car in "The
Red", Mara. that's all i am sayin-
Shit! Where is my damn phone?
ROMAN! I love you.
ROMAN is frozen.
Excuse me?
I am not happy Roman. I have been
thinking about what you said the
other day.
it's always been you.ALWAYS. Don't
you ever wonder why i always
stayed in contact with you?


I assumed you were just crazy.
Roman! I am trying to be honest
here.When I was on the patio I was
thinking about my life. Actually I
have been for a while, this whole
situation has me really thinking.
ok, listen. Mara, we can't get
have this conversation right now.
I know, i just had to say it, just
in case i never get a chance to.
Don't talk like that, we are gonna
get through this. just give me a
minute to make-
ROMANS cell rings.
Yo-what up. i was just gonna call
you. really? ok. i am about to
head out to the club in a minute,
i will see you there. ok. later.
Who was that?
Kevin. I had him shake a couple of
trees to see whats falls about
regarding your dad. so do me a
favor, sit tight, theres food in
the fridge. i am gonna step out
for a minute and get things set up
for tonight. STAY HERE. i'll call
you and have one of the security
guys come bring you to the club
Ok. roman, be careful.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


K.C and MONA walk towards ZEN CAFE. The motif is that of a
Zen garden with the sand area in the middle with the tables
positioned on a beautifully done wooden floor, with strong
beams and a myriad of oriental decor.
Wow. How did you find this place?
A friend of mine owns it.
Herro KC! Where Loman?
Roman? Oh he couldn't make it
tonight Sammie. hey, let me
introduce you to a friend of mine,
KC nudges MONA
MONA bows deeply and graciously, SAM returns the compliment.
                                         CUT TO:
Vely nice to meet you! Come,come!
i have vely nice boose for you
Sam I absolutely love your place.
The preasure is arr mine.
What do you have for us tonight
I have something extra vely
special for you guy!
Well lets get to it my friend!


SAM ushers the pair to a very secluded part of the
This is nice.
yeah not many people get to see
this part of the restaurant.
oh really?
yeah, stick with me kid, I'll take
you places
uh huh.
So to what do I owe the pleasure
of this lovely dinner?
Well I wanted to talk to you about
a few things.
The "business".
What about it?
How exactly did you get started? I
mean, if that is not too personal.
No worries, it's kind of family
"family"? like "an offer you can't


Somethin' like that.
Ahh so you are in the 'triangle of
So, do you even know the history
of concubinage?
"Women of the night"? Not
specifically, no.
in ancient times, cocubines or
"women of the night" as you so
eloquently labeled them, were the
Even back then, SOMEONE had to get
the women to the elderstatemen and
the rich, right?
You're goodlooking, but you arent
that bright are you?
You know, insults really aren't
the way to go.
I'm just sayin'.
MONA's phoone rings, but she ignores it.


So you're trying to tell me- that
this business of yours goes back
THAT far?!
Even though i shouldn't be- indeed
I am sir.
And this was handed to you? Pardon
my ignorance but I thought that
business dealings were primarily
dealt with by men in China...no
None taken. but in this situation
being the only child, things sorta
change. And to be honest with you,
I really wanna get out of it.
if only it were that easy huh? i
bet thats a shitload of
it is.
MONA's phone rings once again.
I have to take this.
K.C excuses himself from the table to give MONA some
MONA's voice goes from light,airy, raspyness of a female, to
the low, coarse, rumble of a man's voice
Jesus! What do you want.
We have a situation.
The time we planned is not going
to work, the numbers aren't there.
The payout will not be worth the


                       CALLER (cont'd)
I do not pay you to think, follow
my instructions-make this the LAST
time I say that.
"MONA" hangs up, and gets back into character. K.C returns
with a bottle of warm sake and two cups.
      (looks around)
Everything ok? I thought I heard
someone else in here, for a
Yes. Thanks for asking.
      (shrugs it off)
So where were we? besides the biz,
i really wanted to talk about the
elephant in the room.
excuse me?
The OBVIOUS sexual tension that is
going on between us. I mean i have
this effect on all women, i am
used to it, it has to be a new
sensation for you though..but I
will walk you through it
Enter SAM.
My freings! hot pot! And
Kintaro-san... EXTRA noodle for
My MAN! You KNOW how I love that
extra noodle!
(FOURTH WALL BREAK) SAM turns towards the camera, smirks and
gives the slightest of nods to the audience.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


BARTENDERS wander in one at a time to set up for the
hey guys. Remember how busy we are
going to be this weekend. So stay
focused on the task at hand and
PLEASE watch your pours. no double
shots for half the price.
There is random compliance and mumbling.
There seem to be questions.
                       BARTENDER #1
Roman you used to be a bartend,
you know the drunker people get
the better we get tipped.
Everyone agrees in random unison.
Valid point. Ok, just use
discretion and try not to pour me
into bankruptcy!
the staff laughs.
I'm trusting you guys, but I will
also be watching!
KEVIN enters.
What it is home-skillet.
Just gettin shit together. hey-
Sade- can you make sure everyone's
tills are correct for me?
no problem.
KEVIN and ROMAN walk to VIP for a little privacy.
So, what did you find out?


I got good news and bad news.
Dude, I just saw God-knows-who's
fingers in a beautiful box today I
don't have time for games.
The Ming Dragons have him, and he
owes them a shit ton of money.
The fucking Ming-Dragons?!?! They
don't fuck around! thats the damn
BASIS of the triads Kevin!
Sonofabitch...the good news?
The Ming-Dragons have him and he
owes them a shit ton of money.
You just said that.
I know, there's no such thing as
good or bad news. there's just
news.We now know who has him at
Really. You are gonna fortune
cookie me right now?! You are goin
the right way for a punch in the
fuckin mouth.
Well, that's all the info i could
Any ideas of where they might have
him? The amount of money he owes?
Anything of any use.
They keep moving him, so the
location is a mystery, even for my
So basically you have no news.


Basically, but not really.
What the fuck man. i don't
appreciate how "whatever" you are
about this situation, you do know
that this situation effects you as
well don't you? if you really
don't have any news, then say so.
I don't have time for smart ass
remarks that do nothing to help
the situation. this shit is wicked
I know it is.
Then why are you giving me these
half-ass findings?
look, i am doing YOU a favor. i am
doing YOUR footwork, while you
play house with your darling
You know what. Don't do me anymore
fucking favors you fuckin
dousche-barrell. All the shit I
have done for you? And you come at
me like that? really?
ROMAN walks away in disgust.
KEVIN's phone rings.
                                         CUT TO:
Look-I can't really talk right
now, yes I am still here, we have
the rendezves tonight ask your
questions then.
KEVIN hangs up and pours himself a drink from the bar and at
just that moment SADE, a bartender, enters.


Hello, miss. Ready for the
As ready as I can be.
It should prove to be an
interesting opening, to say the
How so?
High end consumers for the after
parties, athletes, models, this
will the the "place to be".
Well, it always is the place to
Well, if you will excuse me..
Oh, of course. i would'nt want to
keep you from your appointed
duties. I will see you later .
      (under her breath)
Not if I see you first
SADE begins stacking glassware in preparation for her shift.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The clicking of glasses is sonically replaced by the
clicking of gun clips being loaded are heard as the camera
zooms in through a shaded window of the warehouse.


The reveal is three suited individuals in Kabuki theater
Do we really have to wear these
masks all the time? I can barely
breathe in this thing.
                       PERSON #3 (o.s.)
This is the last time I am going
to say it, it is important that if
this thing goes wrong, just like
the bank job, that NO ONE can
identify each other, is that
I get that, but--
                       PERSON #3 (o.s.)
"but" what?! it's not up for
discussion. Ever heard the
expression "there's no honor among
thieves?" How do i know one of you
wont sell my ass up the fucking
river to get out of doin jail
                       PERSON #1
Why don't we stay on task, and
stop bickering like a bunch of
little school girls, huh? Ok,
this time we need to be more
Agreed. Shootouts will not always
result in escape.
                       PERSON #3 (o.s.)
      (via speaker phone
       on a cell phone)
this is a big deal we can't afford
to make any mistakes on this. The
information we are going after
isnt something to be trifled with,
it could cripple the entire triad
organization for this region. And
its not going to be easy.
                       PERSON #1
Yes. Be aware, the old man has
people in place that Roman doesn't
even know about- to protect what


                       PERSON #1 (cont'd)
we are going for, keep your wits
about you at all times.
                       PERSON #3 (o.s.)
Does everyone know their
Everyone is in agreement.
                       PERSON #1
Ok, lets get it done, NO MISTAKES.
                                         CUT TO:


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