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The Valley of Candles
by Antonio Grasso (wisnoodles@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Do You Have Faith?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The time is 11:30 p.m. MCCOY, 18 is driving while ANNE
HARRIS, 18 is putting on lipstick sitting in the passenger
seat. The radio is playing.
So, where's it gonna be?
I don't know. You decide.
      (somewhat upset)
I always have to decide, can't you
just for once?
Fine. What about the Dairy Queen
parking lot?
The roads are abandoned except for one or two cars. The
world seems to be without care, with the exception MCCOY and
ANNE find a place, a place to make love.
What the one on Hickory?
What other one were you thinking
about? I sure as hell don't feel
like driving to Austin.
ANNE pulls out a cigarette and lights it and she offers one
to MCCOY and he takes it. Rolling down the window he spits
out his gum, turning to her to light the cigarette for him.
No, the one here is too risky.
Matt and I used to hang out around
there by Josie's. The cops hover
around there a lot at this time of


      (Showing her
Too risky? Fine, what about the
golf course?
Are you kidding me? Are you that
absent minded? Doesn't your
father work night security there?
Taking a drag from the cigarette inhaling deeply he drives
with one had while the other is flicking ashes out the
semi-rolled down window. There is an unspoken closeness to
ANNE as she leans over to him, smiling.
No, he quit last week. I hear the
new guy has a tendency to fall
asleep on the job.
No, I really don't feel like going
there, not tonight.
      (pulls back
You remember what happened last
time? Do you remember what
happened last time we went there?
ANNE can't help but chuckle at this as she thinks back in
her mind to a night long ago of MCCOY'S embarrassment.
Yes. But maybe it was just a
fluke incident. You've been able
to get it up plenty of times
before. C'mon.
No, not tonight.
Tossing the cigarette out the window rolling it back up and
changing the radio, he is trying not to think about this
past experience but it is haunting him. An unpleasant


silence pass between the two the kind that most couples feel
at awkward moments when one doesn't know what to say to the
      (looking at her
Fine, then you decide. But make
it quick I have to be home by
Do you remember when we first got
Well, I've been thinking about
that a lot lately, and I've come
upon the conclusion that we really
don't ever stay in. Why?
I don't think I understand.
Communication between the two is obviously strained, as they
stop at a stoplight and MCCOY looks at ANNE with conviction.
Why don't we ever just hang out,
you know like go to your place or
McCoy, you know my parents don't
even know we are dating.
MCCOY shrugs at this and tries to play it off but he can't,
he has to face the subject with the only way he knows how,
with honesty.
And why is that? I mean why don't
your parents know we're going out?
I'm not even supposed to date.
Every time we go out my parents
think I'm going out with Lucy. So
have you decided on a place yet?


ANNE knows she has upset MCCOY by his look and decides to
change the topic, back to the one thing they do know, sex.
Actually, I have. How about the
Harper Community Church?
      (Jaw hanging open
       with total
Church? Are you nuts?
No, actually I am pretty serious.
McCoy, seriously, who has sex in a
church? Isn't that like against
the law or something?
So is doing it on a golf course.
I don't know McCoy, if we have sex
in a church don't you think we'll
have like a one-way ticket to
MCCOY shrugs showing his disapproval for the church and the
need to get out and do something outrageous is eating away
at him with each passing second.
If it even exists. Look, you
wanna get laid or not? The church
would be perfect. I mean
seriously who is even going to be
there, especially this time of
Would it even be open?
Of course, why wouldn't it be?
Well considering it's almost
midnight and its not Sunday, don't
you think it'll be locked?


MCCOY pulls the car over next to a gas station looking at
ANNE deciding to himself that if anything is going to happen
they can't drive anymore, a decision must be made.
Doubtful, my dad goes to that
church like every day. He goes
off there all the time, sometimes
he invites me to go but once a
week is enough for me, even that
seems like a bit much. But anyway
on Sundays the Pastor always asks
people to go keep coming to pray
on weeknights, even says in the
service that the doors are open
twenty-four hours a day, so I am
assuming that no one ever goes. So
what do you say, you game?
But what if someone comes?
Isn't that the plan?
MCCOY reaches into ANNE'S purse and grabs another cigarette.
I am serious McCoy, what if
someone walks in on us?
No one is going to be there or
come. I am positive. But since
you're so worried about it then I
will make a deal with you, if
someone comes we will leave or
even if we think we hear
something. Please. Please.
Another uncomfortable silence passes between the two as ANNE
is mulling over the idea of having sex in a church is a good
All right fine. The church it is,
but just in case someone does
come, let me give you a start.


ANNE proceeds to lower her head into MCCOY'S lap as he
starts up the car, pulling away onto the deserted street,
then the street lamps, set on timers go out one by one
following the car.
There are two people at the altar praying, when MCCOY and
ANNE walk in. As the two enter ANNE shows her disgust at
what she sees and MCCOY, just shrugs. They sit in the back
McCoy lets go, take me home. You
promised that if anybody was here
we'd leave.
MCCOY tugs at ANNE to follow into the back pew and to bow
their heads. ANNE follows MCCOY'S lead and sits down. Their
voices turn to whispers, as if God himself was listening.
Lets just sit here a minute and
see if they go. It would look
kind of odd if we just decided to
get up and leave, saying we don't
need God's help.
With the small package you got, I
don't know if God could give you
enough help.
Sarcastically, laughing covering her mouth still bending
over but trying not to fall off the pew. MCCOY pulls her
back straight.
The two at the altar look back. MCCOY looks but doesn't
acknowledge, Anne is trying to control her laughter.
You know I am kidding.
I want to make love to you.
Gently caressing her hair MCCOY pulls ANNE'S face to his and
gently kisses her cheek.


I feel the same way baby.
The two at the altar get up and shuffle down the aisle and
off stage, MCCOY and ANNE are praying as the two walk by.
Hushed whispers can be heard by the two as they pass, but
MCCOY and ANNE try to keep a straight face.
                       ANNE (cont'd)
Are they gone?
I don't know.
Looks up to see if they are alone. They are.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
I know the perfect place, follow
MCCOY takes ANNE by the hand and leads her up the aisle to
the candle lit altar.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Take me.
MCCOY begins to kiss her soft at first then harder. After a
couple of minutes making out the church door opens but they
don't notice. ANNE is half-dressed and MCCOY has his shirt
off. The person that enters is PASTOR JOHN, 46. He is a
man of God showing through his every gesture. Trying to
remain calm he walks up the aisle quietly but quickly, to
MCCOY and ANNE who are laid out in front of the altar MCCOY
on top of ANNE.
                       PASTOR JOHN
McCoy! What are you doing!
      (Pushing McCoy)
Oh God, McCoy stop, get, get off
of me!
MCCOY jumps up with a start looking PASTOR JOHN dead in the
face, he can't take his eyes off of the cross around PASTOR
JOHN'S neck.
Shit. This isn't happening.


ANNE grabs her clothes and runs out of the church MCCOY
stands scared, mystified looking at PASTOR JOHN. Whose
presence is tearing at MCCOY with each passing moment.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Tell me, please tell me. What do
you think you're doing? Did you
forget this is the House of God?
Our Lord and Savior.
                       PASTOR JOHN
      (Stern obviously
Come, I will take you home.
MCCOY gathers his shirt and quickly puts it back on, moving
past PASTOR JOHN, who now tries to busy himself by lighting
candles at the altar.
Ah, that's okay, I think I can
find my way home on my own.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well, I only said I would McCoy
because I don't think that you can
act in the appropriate manner that
God has charged us with.
Turning to MCCOY, who has stopped to respond, PASTOR JOHN
walks over to him holding a lit match.
I think I will be all right, but
                       PASTOR JOHN
      (Shaking the lit
       match at McCoy.)
McCoy, I think you have some soul
searching to do.
Blowing out the match PASTOR JOHN moves to MCCOY and gazes
deep into his eyes, MCCOY feels his gaze and tries to move
back but can't. PASTOR JOHN comes nearer and nearer, each
step can be heard echoing throughout the church. He close
enough now for MCCOY to feel his breath.


                       PASTOR JOHN
What you did tonight disgraced
this House, and put that girl in
an awkward position. You know
that correct?
MCCOY stands back for a minute realizing he won't get
anywhere with PASTOR JOHN, he complies.
I guess.
                       PASTOR JOHN
The way I see it McCoy is this,
you need some direction in your
life. Your dad seems to have
tried everything but you don't
listen. Why is that?
MCCOY looks around trying to find an exit but looks back at
PASTOR JOHN when he finds none.
I don't know.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well, do you want your father to
know about tonight's little
PASTOR JOHN takes a step back letting this possibility enter
through MCCOY'S mind.
How would he find out?
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well by me of course, but he
doesn't have to know...if you go
to the pro-life rally tomorrow, I
won't tell him anything, I
promise, but if you don't I think
your father has a right to know.
Umm let me think, if I don't go
you will tell my dad, and if I do
go you won't tell him?
                       PASTOR JOHN


PASTOR JOHN is pondering closely at MCCOY the two are now
separated, but the tension is still there. MCCOY is
oblivious to PASTOR JOHN'S manipulating ways and quickly
answers, just looking for a way out of this uncomfortable
Well in that case, I'm there.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Excellent, now remember McCoy, the
Lord loves you and He appreciates
what you are doing for him
PASTOR JOHN takes fulfillment in this little victory and
clasps his hands and goes to shake MCCOY'S but he doesn't
respond and ignores it. Leaving PASTOR JOHN to pull back
empty handed.
Great. Is that all, am I free to
go home?
                       PASTOR JOHN
One more thing McCoy, tomorrow at
the rally there may or may not be
a lot of media so don't be afraid
if people come up to you asking
you questions, okay? Just answer
them in the best possible way, but
remember you are representing the
      (Turns to leave)
All right.
                       PASTOR JOHN
And McCoy?
MCCOY hesitantly turns back as he wonders to himself if
PASTOR JOHN has retracted his proposal.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Please tomorrow, represent the
Church better then you did


MCCOY turns to leave without acknowledging PASTOR JOHN. He
slams the doors behind him as he leaves and PASTOR JOHN
looks after him, and then walks over to light some candles.
Fading to black as he kneels to pray.
TOM O'NEAL, 46 is eating breakfast at the kitchen table
reading the Bible, eating cereal. TOM is a man that looks
like a Bible salesman. As the smell of coffee brewing fills
the air, TOM rises and grabs himself a cup. The clock on
the wall reads 7:30 a.m.
Dear Lord, I thank your heavenly
grace for this meal and the
beautiful day you have brought us.
Your love can be seen in so many
ways. I cherish the thought of
the day I come before your pearly
gates and see the place, no the
palace you have prepared for me.
As well as thanking you for all
you've done, I ask you for
guidance today Lord as I go out
into the world and prepare your
message and your will-
TOM is wearing a white shirt and black tie, eyes closed
praying intently throughout raising his hands high. During
the MCCOY enters, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with a coat
in one hand.
We going to this thing or what?
MCCOY'S impatience not only shows in his voice but also his
posture as he reaches for the door, thinking TOM will follow
right after him.
What time do we even have to be
TOM finally wakes up to reality and sees his son standing
before him.


McCoy, I thought you were still
No, I am here bright-eyed and
bushy tailed. How long do you
think this going to take?
With each passing moment MCCOY grows more and more impatient
and TOM picks up on this, but goes on eating his breakfast,
signaling they aren't going anywhere.
What, you wanna go with us to the
Well, I guess I am a little to old
to watch Saturday morning
cartoons, and I never eat
breakfast, I am awake, taken a
shower. What do you think?
TOM points to a bowl on the sink ready to go for breakfast
but MCCOY doesn't take and nods his head no.
Have you read you're Bible this
Yeah, I read Proverbs 21 and I am
still working through Genesis.
TOM takes pleasure in this. God is one thing TOM will stop
what he is doing immediately and pay attention to what is
being said. He stops eating and leans back in his chair
listening intently.
What did you learn?
You know a little of this a little
of that.
TOM looks over MCCOY with a watchful eye and wonders if he
really tried it. MCCOY shifting from leg to leg leaning
against the refrigerator just wants out.
What was your favorite verse?


Ah, Proverbs 21:8.
TOM immediately picks up on this and jumps on the verse like
he just read it, showing his son what he believes to be real
Bible study.
Yes. "The way of man is forward
and strange; but as for the pure,
his work is right." Good verse.
You know the first time I heard
MCCOY has had enough and decides it's now or never, he needs
to escape the grilling of what he didn't do.
Look dad are we going to this
thing or not?
In time, in time, why are you in
such a rush?
I got things to do.
Better than going to do God's
Yeah. I got a lot to do today.
A sour look comes over TOM as he stares hard at MCCOY, who
has just committed a cardinal sin, in his eyes. TOM rises.
Like what?
TOM moves to MCCOY not being able to believe his ears, TOM
stares deep and MCCOY just looks away, but can still feel
the gaze.
McCoy we are brought here to do
God's work. That should come


Yeah, yeah...
MCCOY shrugs this off as he's heard it a million times
before. TOM realizing this finally, must confront his son's
McCoy, why are you going if you
have so many other things to do
that are more important than doing
God's work?
I just think it's the right thing
to do. I mean life is important
isn't it? We should all have life.
MCCOY notices the happiness rising in TOM and goes on.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
As well as life, I really did plan
on going to this for a long time.
I just wanted to surprise you in
my going. You surprised?
Very. But I am perplexed, if you
want to go so badly then why are
you so touchy this morning?
TOM'S mood quickly changes; he must become the caring father
he feels he is. Without a thought he has taken his son's
words as truth.
I just had a rough night.
You wanna talk about it?
No. I'll just wait for you by the
MCCOY exits with agitation escaping the questioning of his
father. TOM sees this, grabs his Bible and coat along with
an umbrella by the door and heads out after his son.


TOM is driving while MCCOY is sitting in the backseat. On
the radio plays a Christian station which McCoy obviously
can't stand listening to, and of course TOM obviously loves.
I don't want to talk about it Dad,
McCoy don't do that again.
TOM is quick to show MCCOY the error of his ways and turns
down the station.
Do what?
Take the Lord's name in vain.
What was that, I didn't hear you.
Turns the radio down even lower, straining to hear his son,
who sits grimly in the back seat, smiling to himself over
this small victory.
Nothing. Do you think you could
turn this off? I really don't
feel like listening to this right
TOM ignores MCCOY and turns the radio back up. The car
pulls up to PASTOR JOHN'S house who comes out struggling to
put on his coat. As PASTOR JOHN sits in the front seat
while MCCOY stares coldly at him.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Hey Tom, hey McCoy.
Good morning to you.
MCCOY is still visibly upset. There is an obvious bond
between PASTOR JOHN and TOM as they embrace and shake hands
saying, "May the Lord be with you," MCCOY cannot stand this
and just turns his head to look out the window.


                       PASTOR JOHN
How are you this morning McCoy?
                       PASTOR JOHN
That's good to hear I am glad you
decided to come.
The streets are busy and the clouds are growing dark. TOM
turns on the wipers just as the pitter-patter of rain begins
to hit the roof of the car.
Me too. He's been feeling kind of
bad today, he's got a lot planned
for today, don't you McCoy?
                       PASTOR JOHN
What else do you have to do?
Stuff for school.
MCCOY once again finds himself in an uncomfortable
situation, he tries not to pay attention, instead he stares
out the window at the forming puddles along the passing
                       PASTOR JOHN
That's good, doing work for school
is always important. We don't
want you to fall behind in your
Yeah, don't want to fall behind.
How many people do you think are
going to be there?
TOM wanting to give PASTOR JOHN his full attention turns off
the radio. MCCOY lays his head back against the seat in
complete boredom.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well, when I spoke to Mary on
Tuesday she said that she expected
there to be about fifty people


                       PASTOR JOHN (cont'd)
Great. It is really a shame that
this even needs to be done, don't
you think McCoy?
Yeah, a shame.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well all we really can do is show
these that we think they are going
against God's will, but yet at the
same time show love and
Yeah, but the real trick is
getting the message across without
being the bad guy. And trying--
Not to look like an ass when you
try to press your views on ears
that donít want to listen.
There is a silence that comes on like a tidal wave. TOM and
PASTOR JOHN look at each other, MCCOY smiles to himself.
McCoy how dare you use that kind
of language.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Tom, it's okay, he's right. Maybe
a bad choice of words but he is
correct in his general idea of
making all of us look bad by the
way one acts.
MCCOY stares at the back of PASTOR JOHN and flicks him off,
then looks out the window and sees that they have arrived.
Great, look we're here. Let's get
this over with.
MCCOY gets out of the car and slams the door but notices his
father and PASTOR JOHN stay, they are in the car praying.


                       PASTOR JOHN
Into the lions den we go oh Lord,
please watch over us and guide us
to do your will.
TOM and PASTOR JOHN get out of the car. The three walk
towards a gathering crowd of people in front of an abortion
TOM runs back to the car and grabs a box full of pamphlets,
PASTOR JOHN nods, while MCCOY hangs his head in disgust.
One group of people carrying signs that says, "Right to
Life" as well as chanting in front of the clinic. As they
are chanting. Police officers are keeping people back,
letting people enter into the clinic. Soon another group
comes from the lot chanting and carrying signs that
say-"Killing-Where's God then?" the police officers quickly
put up barricades holding the two groups back.
                       RIGHT FOR LIFE ADVOCATE
We have a right to be here.
                       POLICE OFFICER
I know ma'am, I will try my best
to keep everything under control,
but you have to do me a favor and
keep your people calm for me.
His words can barely be heard because of the growing crowd.
Other cops are beginning to show up to help a situation and
assist with barricades.
                       RIGHT FOR LIFE ADVOCATE
Yes, thank you sir.
Shouting matches go on between the two as a couple goes into
the clinic.
                       RIGHT FOR LIFE ADVOCATE (cont'd)
I will try my best.
                       RIGHT TO CHOOSE ADVOCATE
No one cares what you think!


                       POLICE OFFICER
Sir, I am going to have to ask you
to please calm down or I am going
to have to ask you to remove
yourself. Please sir, calm down
this is a peaceful demonstration.
RIGHT TO CHOOSE ADVOCATE has no interest in this. He is only
interested in getting his point across.
                       RIGHT TO CHOOSE ADVOCATE
There is nothing peaceful about
this, these people have come here
to run other people's lives.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Actually sir, they do have a right
to be here. They were given final
clearance on Friday.
Hands okay for protest to RIGHT TO CHOOSE ADVOCATE. He
looks at it and rips it up and continues yelling. Tension
is mounting. The police move to remove RIGHT TO CHOOSE
                                         CUT TO:
                       PASTOR JOHN
Wow, looks like we got a big crowd
here today, oh my, what are they
doing here? I'll be right back.
PASTOR JOHN and the POLICE OFFICER are now shaking hands and
then the officer leaves to go back to what he was doing,
helping control the crowd, PASTOR JOHN makes his way for
TOM. MCCOY is staring straight ahead, in a daze. The rain
picks up. A young man walks towards MCCOY.
                                         CUT TO:
Hey, look there's Matt, why don't
you go talk to him while I go talk
to Pastor John.
MCCOY walks towards MATT, 17 who looks relieved that he
found MCCOY, he smiles and heads towards MCCOY.
Your dad dragging you along? My
mom said I had to come. She says
it will cleanse my soul. Can you
believe that shit? I could be
sleeping right now. So what did


                       MATT (cont'd)
you and Anne do last night?
We got caught; my Pastor caught us
about to have sex in the church.
He isn't exactly happy with me. So
he made me come, my dad doesn't
know about it. But I don't think
that will take long.
MATT'S reaction explains the shocking truth of the news, but
also explains how funny MATT finds the situation. MCCOY
looks over to his father and PASTOR JOHN who have now joined
the demonstrators.
                                         CUT TO:
                       PASTOR JOHN
Tom, I need to talk to you about
something. It's about McCoy. It's
serious. Let's go get some
TOM looks surprised at PASTOR JOHN'S timing but trusts him.
Sounds good, I didn't get any
coffee this morning, we were in
too much of a rush. I need to
talk to you about McCoy as well
PASTOR JOHN nods in understanding and leads TOM to a tent in
the parking lot where they get a cup of coffee. Then they
mingle through the crowd as they walk back to the
                                         CUT TO:
You know I am really sick and
tired of how are parents pushing
us into religion. If I believed
in God I would be willing to go to
church, but I am not, and I don't.
They push me farther away from it
then guide me to it.
Yeah, I know what you mean. Ever
since I was young, Church was the
only thing my dad pushed on me.
Not sports, not grades but God.


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
And now I am beginning to hate him
for it. We're young; we've got
our whole lives ahead of us. I
don't even think I believe in God.
Wouldn't a loving God let a
mother live after giving birth?
Rather than take her away? I have
no respect for a God like that.
The heated argument grows between the demonstrators; POLICE
OFFICERS are having a tough time controlling the groups.
MATT and MCCOY look over to the confrontation and just shake
their heads, wondering what they are even doing there.
Well obviously, I think last night
is a testament to that.
Yeah, I guess so. But let me tell
you, Anne sure can move, she gets
into it--
MCCOY moves his hips portraying ANNE, thrusting and pulling
back MATT starts laughing and pushes MCCOY.
Okay, okay you don't have to paint
a picture for me. I believe ya.
But seriously, what would it take
for you to believe in God again?
MCCOY doesn't hesitate, answers quickly as if he has been
waiting for this question his entire life.
If I could see my mom again and
understand why she was taken from
me. You?
It would take miracle. What do
you think they're talking about?
                                         CUT TO:
Now back in with the demonstrators PASTOR JOHN and TOM stand
closer together straining to hear each other.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Does McCoy believe in God?


As if being asked by God himself, TOM looks to PASTOR JOHN
with a look that tells all. It gets so loud their words are
barely audible, the demonstration looks like it might soon
turn into an all out war.
I think he's lost faith. He's
applied to college after college
but not one acceptance. He also
thinks he killed his mother during
birth. He thinks God is punishing
him for that, so he reacts by
saying he doesn't believe.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Understandable. Well Tom, I need
to tell you something. You are
doing a wonderful job with McCoy.
Don't worry I will talk to McCoy
about his future.
PASTOR JOHN puts an arm around TOM. A rumble can be heard
in the distance. The rain is coming down harder and
lighting streaks across the sky, as the crowds break free,
the demonstrators begin throwing signs at each other and
begin throwing punches. TOM and PASTOR JOHN are still
talking trying to escape the fray. MCCOY and MATT stand
watching. MCCOY shows concern.
Thanks, you are a true friend. Can
you believe these people?
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well that's just it, because I am
a friend I have to tell you
something else. Last night,
around 11:30 I went to the church
Gunshots ringout, both men's attention turn towards the
sound. The two groups run for saftey in screams, but PASTOR
JOHN and TOM don't move but stare at the commotion. A
bullet pierces TOM and he falls blood spurting from his
                                         CUT TO:
      (running to his
       father's side)


MATT looks down and reads a sign that has fallen from one of
the demonstrators.
Where's God now?
With MCCOY holding his fathers head in his hands, he stares
up at the sky crying uncontrollably rain starting to lighten
up and the sun shining through. Fade with the sun shining
on MCCOY looking up with his father's head in his lap, blood
trickling out of his mouth. MCCOY is crying and MATT and
PASTOR JOHN are looking to the sky. In an empty lot, sirens
can be heard in the distance.
This can't be happening, this
can't be happening.
                       PASTOR JOHN
McCoy, help is on the way, don't
move him.
We've gotta do something, we can't
just let him die here.
He is not going to die, he can't.
                       PASTOR JOHN
You're right McCoy, he is not
going to die, everything is going
to be fine, I assure you of that.
God is here with us watching over
                       PASTOR JOHN
Yes Matt, God.
Why the hell would God let this
happen in the first place if he
was "watching" over us.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Matt, calm down. Sometimes bad
things happen to good people--


Don't give us that shit.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Matt, don't get so excited--
An ambulance arrives. MCCOY doesn't pay attention but MATT
reacts with anger and PASTOR JOHN tries to repress his tears
and the PARAMEDICS rush to TOM'S aid.
                       PARAMEDIC #1
What happened here?
What the hell does it look like
                       PASTOR JOHN
Excuse him. He's a little upset.
The rally got out of hand and
someone pulled a gun and started
                       PARAMEDIC #1
Code blue on this Jack. Hurry up,
get over here. Looks like an exit
wound through the neck.
PARAMEDICS work on TOM taking him MCCOY'S hands and PASTOR
JOHN and MATT are trying to hold MCCOY back.
                       PARAMEDIC #1
If you want Father you and the
boys can follow us to the
hospital. We will be going to St.
The PARAMEDICS rush TOM into the ambulance, while PASTOR
JOHN and MATT try to walk MCCOY to the car but they are
unsuccessful. MCCOY stands paralyzed watching the ambulance
drive away.
Many friends and people from the community are walking,
talking, and taking turns going up to TOM'S casket paying
their respects. MCCOY is sitting on a couch, bending over
with his face buried in his hands, crying. MATT is sitting
next to him, rubbing his back. Throughout the scene random
people come up and pay respects toward McCoy. PASTOR JOHN
is at a podium ready to begin.


                       PASTOR JOHN
Brothers and sisters, our brother
Tom O'Neal has gone to a better
place. He has joined our king,
like many of us pray to do one
day. Tom is lucky. Tom has
already wanted to meet the Lord,
but you see he already had, the
world has worked through Tom, to
become one of the most caring,
kind and giving men of his time.
Many of us experienced his
kindness and love, and we thank
him for that, even now that he has
passed. Tom, thanks for being the
person you were, and for showing
so many people God's love and
will. You see friends, one day
Tom and I went to Hawthorne's
Shelter and we saw a boy much the
age of those in the youth group at
the church. This kid looked like
he hadn't taken a shower in a week
and pleaded us for money. Now I
know Tom never told anyone about
this but I would like to share his
memory with you today.
During this prayer MCCOY and MATT get up from the front row
and walk over to the wall and sit down on a couch.
                       PASTOR JOHN (cont'd)
Anyhow this youth after being
denied money from several people
walking along the street, spotted
Tom and I getting out of the car
ran up to us and pulled a gun. Tom
reacted like a true soldier of the
Lord despite my pleas placed his
hand on the young man and said if
I recall correctly, "Son, the Lord
forgives you." The young man let
the gun go and ran away crying.
About a week later when we came
back to the shelter the same young
man was outside, waiting for us,
but this time he was wearing a
suit and had gotten a job. The
reason why I am telling you this
story is to show how God works in
mysterious ways. Even though we
may not recognize it at the
present time there is a reason why
Tom passed away when he did, now


                       PASTOR JOHN (cont'd)
just what that reason is, just
happens to be why we are left
here. So I ask you to join me in
prayer. Lord, I thank you for all
you have done in the life of Tom
O'Neal and I pray that you
continue his work through us here
on Earth, and I pray that you help
us see why one of our brothers was
taken and show us the good in this
Lord. Because it is hard to see
good when someone we love passes
away. Lord, just calm our hearts
and sooth our souls and watch over
and guide us in the coming days to
do our will.
                                         CUT TO:
How could I let this happen? Why
must I be punished like this?
McCoy its not your fault, there
was nothing you could do.
I know, I know, but still it hurts
knowing I have no parents, I'm
eighteen. And I have no place to
What about family?
Both my parents were only
children. I have no other family.
Yes you do.
No I don't.
You do have family. You're the
only one that I feel like I can
call brother. Why don't you come
live with my family? I've already
talked to my parents and they said


                       MATT (cont'd)
it was okay.
While MATT is talking MCCOY wipes his eyes listening
You sure they won't mind?
People start filing out of the funeral home, leaving the two
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
I don't want to be a burden.
My parents love you like a son.
They don't care at all. As a
matter of fact it was their idea.
You want to get out of here?
      (Getting to his
Yeah, I just want to say my
good-byes one last time.
Walking slowly towards his fathers' casket, reaching it
placing his hands on the rail.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Why God, why? Dad I never got to
say good-bye never thought I would
have to. But I should have known
better. I am a walking disease,
anything I love dies. For some
reason I know I am responsible for
your death. I don't know why, I
just do. Well I am going to go
live with Matt and his family. I
am not going to college. It's
just not for me. I don't know
where you are right now, is there
a heaven or a hell? Well I know
there is a hell cause I ham living
it everyday, but Heaven seems so
far away to be real. If you see
mom tell her I love her, and that
I am sorry. She'll understand
what I am talking about. Well I
guess this is it isn't. You and
mom are both gone. I don't
understand any of this at all.


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Sorry I gotta go, Hell awaits me.
MATT walks up behind MCCOY and guides him out of the funeral
ANNE HARRIS and MEGAN RATORY are in ANNE'S car talking over
what happened at the church with MCCOY. The radio is
playing loud as ANNE speeds down the road, their hair is
blowing in the wind.
You let him do what? Where?
How the hell else do you expect me
to get him to believe me that I
actually wanted something to do
with him.
That's sick Anne, I just said I
would bet you to date him for
three months, I didn't say you had
to sleep with him. Was he even
any good?
Laughing at the idea of MCCOY and ANNE doing it, MEGAN takes
a drag from her cigarette then reaches into her purse,
putting on lipstick.
Actually he was alright I mean, he
had nothing to brag about but it
was okay.
Your worse than him, look I'll
give you the money but personally
I think your pretty nuts for what
you did. I guess it just shows
how shallow you really are.
What? Then if I am so shallow you
have to be for the fact that you
made the bet.


We're not shallow. How about we go
Sorry but I can't, I gotta go do
some things.
Ah, I gotta go dump some loser.
MEGAN justs laughs and then turns on the radio and lights a
Just don't let him dick you over,
if I know you you'll do anything
for a piece of ass.
Yeah maybe I am like a guy in that
respect. It's all right baby I
still love you, don't worry no one
will ever come between us.
He is packing for his move. He is standing before the
mantle of a fireplace, looking at a picture of his parents
in college. He takes the picture and puts it face down, and
turns his attention to a knock at the door.
Can I come in?
Yeah, look I want to apologize for
what happened the other night.
Goes to hug her she avoids it.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
What's wrong?
I have to talk to you about


This doesn't sound good.
Just listen.
MCCOY walks over to the couch and sits down. ANNE stands
behind him by the mantle.
                       ANNE (cont'd)
First I want to say I am sorry for
what happened to your dad, you
must be hurting, I just pray that
you will be okay. Actually, I-oh
never mind.
ANNE moves to exit, but MCCOY stops her.
No tell me. Obviously something
is wrong, please tell me.
Anne, don't do this, tell me what
is bothering you.
Silence. MCCOY is growing impatient. ANNE has obviously
done this before and MCCOY gets up and gets in ANNE'S face.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Now is not the time. Look I am
sorry for even coming over.
Anne you know how much I hate when
you do this, why can't you just
tell me?
I will tell you when I am ready to
McCoy, but not right now.
What is that? What do you mean
you're not ready to tell me? Then
why the hell did you come over?


Fine. If you really wanna know, I
don't think we should be together
This surprises MCCOY, it is something she has never done
before and he can't believe she is doing it now.
Why? Honey I thought, I am sorry
for what happened please don't do
this to me not now.
MCCOY gets up pacing around the room.
Do this to you! How could you
even say that, you almost raped me
the other night. I didn't want to
have sex with you.
Anne please don't talk like this,
I love you, and if you didn't want
to then you should have just said
Well, there's the problem. I
don't love you. Never have never
will. I just told you that stuff
because I felt obligated to say it
back. Sorry but I have to do
First my mom dies and then my dad
then you rip my life apart, at
least what I have left. I thought
you were special, different but
you are just like the rest of the
world, a bitch.
MCCOY grows angrier by the moment. He can't believe ANNE
has done this to him especially now. The expression on his
face shows this.
The only reason I said I would go
out with you in the first place
was because Megan Ratory bet me
five hundred dollars I wouldn't
stay with you for longer than


                       ANNE (cont'd)
three months. Yesterday was-
Wait a minute; you only went out
with me because of a stupid bet?
This only fuels MCCOY'S anger. He can't believe his ears.
MCCOY takes a pillow and tries to rip it apart, realizing he
can't he throws it in anger.
I would hardly call five hundred
stupid McCoy.
Well let me ask you this then, has
there ever been a time in our
"relationship" that you even cared
for me?
How many times do I have to tell
you? Huh, how many McCoy?
Until I am satisfied with your
Well in that case, one time should
be enough. The answer to your
question is, never. Did you hear
me that time jackass? I NEVER
Get the fuck out of my house. Now!
ANNE quickly moves to the door to leave seeing that if she
stayed any longer she wouldn't see tomorrow.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Stupid bitch!
MCCOY and MATT are carrying in boxes of MCCOY'S things.
MCCOY is still furious. MATT'S house is trash, it is
cluttered and they step over things to get to MCCOY'S new


What the hell, am I that
repulsive? I mean do a lot of
people at school really think I am
some sort of booby prize?
Anne, what she did today, I can't
believe she had the nerve to tell
me or even do that to me, or
anyone for that matter. It's not
right Matt.
MATT sits on the bed and lights a cigarette.
McCoy, remember when you guys
started dating?
Yeah, so?
You were so convinced it was to
good to be true, right?
Yeah I remember. I guess it was.
She looked at me with tender eyes,
Tender eyes? McCoy, listen to
yourself, what the hell are you
thinking? This girl just tore
your heart out and stomped all
over it. How can you even say
Matt, I loved her. I will never
deny that, she was the best thing
that ever happened to me. Things
were going so great.
They always are when you're
getting laid.


Yeah, I guess you're right. How
could I give myself to such a
She opened herself up to you. What
else would it take? I mean face
it, she's hot. Mind if I go for
MCCOY looks stunned at MATT'S answer but doesn't really
care, he is pissed off and can't believe that his best
friend just said that.
What? How could you even say
that, I can't believe the nerve
you got coming to help then asking
me if you can-
McCoy calm down. I was just
joking with you, God. I was just
trying to make you laugh. Jesus,
she's just a girl.
I thought she was special. I
can't believe someone could be
that cruel.
I understand that, but you have to
realize that girls will always let
you down, but don't get hung up on
this because you are going to be
fine, okay?
I know, I know, but still-
But still nothing, you're going to
be fine. I think you need to be
alone for a while right now so I'm
gonna go for a walk all right I
will be back later and we'll go
out and do something.


Okay. I think I am just going to
stay here and put some of this
crap away. Hey Matt?
No problem, that's why I am here.
All right, I will be back in about
an hour or so.
MCCOY goes back to unpacking as MATT walks out. As MATT is
walking out of his room he shuts the door and is walking out
of his room he shuts the door and is stopped by his mother,
SANDRA in the hallway.
      (begins to cry)
Matt, I need to tell you
something, come into my room.
Mom, what is it?
There is something that I really
need to tell you.
Still crying, MATT carefully lifts her chin up and wipes her
tears away.
Mom, what is it?
I am thinking about leaving your
father. Please let me finish. I
can no longer live in the same
house with him.
Why? Don't you love each other?
Of course we do.
Well then why leave each other?


It's a little more complicated
than that.
Whatever. But you two have been
married for over twenty years.
Doesn't that count for something?
Matt, I don't expect you to
understand right now, okay. But I
will tell you this, your father
believes in a different kind of
love than I, one of beatings,
always wanting, never giving, you
have experienced this. Where as
my love is one of compromise.
MATT looks at his mother like "how the hell?" but he sees
that she is hurting and tries to make her feel better.
Whatever. Do what you have to do
to make you happy. Remember that
is the important thing.
Thank you honey. Don't worry
about this too much yet Matt, it
probably won't happen until you
and McCoy leave for college. We
don't want to put you guys in the
middle of this, okay? How is
McCoy doing, is he settling in all
Goes to her dresser with her back towards MATT.
He is fine; he's almost done
Well that's-
Turns around finding MATT already gone.
                       SANDRA (cont'd)
Matt! Where are you going?


I am going for a walk; I will be
back in a little bit.
SANDRA stands confused then goes back to her room. She is
devastated that she has no one to talk to. She is crying
and slams the door in complete and utter frustration.
MCCOY is unpacking, he is putting his television on a
dresser after he does this he turns it on. On the screen
there is a program about the holocaust. MCCOY leaves it on,
then goes back to unpacking.
The program is then focused on. Holocaust victims being put
into a train be seen, having mothers being separated from
their children and husbands being taken from their wives.
One group that is on the train is reaching out for their
families while soldiers use the butts of their guns to keep
the prisoners hands inside the cars. Then once inside the
car we see a man, this man is dressed in all black and
stares out the window, a tear streams down his face. He is
thinking of his loved ones in which he has now lost,
possibly forever. Then bowing his head in prayer he
whispers, "What should I do God?" As he finishes praying we
see a soldier walk by and hits him telling him, "There is no
God, it's useless to pray." the man looks up at the soldier
and nods, "Maybe for you it is." The soldier then noticing
this man is defying him, beats the man to the ground. Other
soldiers in the background can be heard screaming "Nein,
At the camp we see this man get off the train, he appears
beaten, it's a wonder he can even move. At night we see him
once again praying, "God, what should I do?" This he does
in a corner. Then we hear a voice, it's the soldier's "Get
up!" he does and walks being pushed around by the gun in his
back, tears are streaming down his face. The gun leads this
frail man to a group of others. This group of men is then
marched to a gas chamber and then told to strip, they are
dirty and need to be cleaned before they start their work
tomorrow. Our man strips, his frail naked body walks
straight into the chamber. The soldiers then picks up his
clothes and goes through them, amongst the screams he finds
a Bible, he becomes pissed off and it is noticeable that his
anger is deep. But something makes him something makes him
open the Bible, he turns to Isaiah 7:9 and reads, "if you do
not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all."
Pulling away from the television we see that MCCOY has not
been paying attention and is even no longer in the room.


MATT is walking through a forest, a big rock can be seen,
and it's about the size of a car. MATT is pushing his way
through the forest brush, visibly upset. The ground is soft
and trees are everywhere, the day is quickly growing into
Damn it! How can this be
A crackle of thunder can be heard and an eerie woodland
noise, MATT notices this and looks around.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Calm down Matt, you're just
hearing things.
Crackle of lightning is louder and MATT runs ahead a little
bit, and then stops, gaining composure.
                       MATT (cont'd)
I just need air, I mean my mother,
my father, I thought that is what
love is, when two people get
married they say "I do." Not just
for a little while then quit, but
forever. God, if you really are
there I ask you please, please
send me some kind sign, please
help me.
By this time MATT has reached the rock and sits down on it.
He lays back on the rock with his feet dangling over the
edge. Lightning flashes, MATT doesn't move but a dark
figure appears in the darkness behind MATT.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Wh-what do you want? Answer me.
Backing away off the rock MATT tries to hide from the figure
that looks like death dressed in white.
I am here. You asked for me and
the Lord has sent. You are
hurting aren't you? You see light
in the path you walk, don't you?
But even though this occurs, you
wonder constantly if it is the
correct path to take. Why do you
do this?


      (Hiding behind the
       Rock, barely
What are you talking about? Who
are you?
MATT is frightened. ANGEL doesn't care, he wants his answer
but tries to relax MATT at the same time.
Just answer the question. Do you
long to be on the path that will
lead you somewhere, somewhere you
can be your true self, and have
everything you have ever wanted?
Huh? I don't even know what path
you're talking about, let alone
know what I want in life.
That is why I am here, to help you
find that path that leads to no
worries and greatness. Are you
ready to take that step? Face it
Matt, you are going no where fast.
The Lord cries to hear your heart
break. The only thing you have in
life is the air you breathe. Your
family is falling apart, your best
friend, McCoy, is on his last
legs. Can't you see you are
needed to help? I can do that for
you, and so much more.
First of all, how do you know my
name? What are you going to give
me, some magical powers to make
everything better? Get my parents
back together, bring back McCoy's
mom, what, what are you going to
Matt, please calm down. I know
your name because I am a friend, I
have always been there for you.
You just haven't looked for me.
And yes I will make your life
easier, just trust me, the Lord
has sent me here to help you. I


                       ANGEL (cont'd)
will be by your side every step of
the way.
Pacing around the forest floor, confused and terrified
looking back and forth then comes to the front of the stage
and sits down. The light clothed hooded figure comes up
behind him and places a hand on the top of his head. MATT
convulses so bad that he flops onto the ground writhing in
what seems like pain, screaming. The world seems to go
black, then MATT rises out of the dark.
I accept your promise to make
things better in my life, and I
thank our Lord for his undying
love and promise.
SANDRA is sitting at the kitchen table reading a book while
MCCOY is eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. JACK, MATT'S
FATHER, is watching television, drinking a beer belching
Hey woman, get me beer, would ya?
                       JACK (cont'd)
Damnit, Sandra, did you hear me?
Yeah, I heard you fine.
Well you going to get it for me or
You don't need anymore Jack.
You've had enough till Christmas
Stop your yapping and get me a


If you want one so bad get off
your lazy ass and get yourself
one. I am not your slave.
JACK cannot believe this and he pretends he isn't listening.
He is an alcoholic and a loser, his dress exemplifies this.
What was that?
You heard me.
Actually I didn't, I was
daydreaming about the wife I
Sorry McCoy.
MCCOY just continues to eat, trying not to pay attention.
                       SANDRA (cont'd)
Jack, stop it.
Then get me a beer.
Why can't you get yourself one, if
you want one so bad?
Cause if I get up there will end
up being a touchdown or something
while I am gone, and I don't want
to miss it.
Well it looks like for once in
your life you are going to have to
be sober. Or at least sober up a
little cause I am not going to get
you another one. You don't need
Who the hell are you to tell me
when and where I can't have a damn


JACK walks into the kitchen and throws an empty beer can at
SANDRA. Luckily she cowers in fear and it misses her.
Walking over to the refrigerator, grabbing a beer, MATT
walks in. While all this is happening MCCOY carries his
bowl to the sink and sits back down reading a newspaper.
Hey dad, why don't you treat her
with some respect?
JACK hears MATT and turns around stunned, upset, fuming.
SANDRA looks relieved her son came home, but scared as JACK
walks towards MATT ready to pounce on him.
What did you say boy?
Getting right in MATT'S face pointing, MATT doesn't flinch.
I said treat my mother, your wife,
with the respect she deserves. She
does everything for you. Can't you
see how much she loves you?
I suggest you stay out of this
Matt, before you get yourself
hurt. I don't need you coming
into this, taking her side like
you always do.
I am not taking sides, just
stating a fact. You treat her
like crap.
No I don't.
When is the last time you didn't
get drunk and hurt her in some
I have never touched your mother,
and how dare you talk to your
father like that.
The way I look at it dad, is this:
you come home drunk, leave for
work drunk. Do the words


                       MATT (cont'd)
alcoholic mean anything to you?
JACK cannot believe what he is hearing and wants to hit MATT
more than he ever has wanted to in his entire life.
You're in for a world of hurt Matt
if you keep this up.
You've hurt enough people for one
lifetime; it's not going to happen
anymore. Mom is no longer going
to listen to you, and you are no
longer going to tell her what to
do all the time. Or touch her in
any way she doesn't want you to.
Are yon listening to me?
JACK is stunned, speechless. Growing angrier by the moment,
he walks towards MATT, raises his fist and MATT catches it,
crushing it lowering JACK to the ground.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Now tell her you love her and that
the beatings and absurd
drunkenness will stop.
Now crying JACK crawls to his wife at the table who is also
I love you, I am so sorry.
There will be no more heartache in
this house, no more tears.
What are you doing?
I will even stop drinking, look.
JACK gets up and goes to the refrigerator and starts
emptying beer cans into the sink.


                       JACK (cont'd)
Just please, please don't leave
MATT nods his head and SANDRA acknowledges by turning her
husband around and embraces him. They both look at MATT and
say thank you. MCCOY stands confused at what just happened
while MATT grabs a coat and walks out the door, MCCOY
MCCOY and MATT are talking when JESSICA comes up to speak to
MCCOY. MCCOY and MATT see her coming but decide to leave
her alone, ignoring her presence. The courtyard is
beautiful like the Garden of Eden.
McCoy, I just wanted to say I am
sorry to hear about your dad.
MCCOY Looks up and sees JESSICA, a girl that has always
annoyed him, she takes out a Bible.
You know your father was a great
man, he will be missed in the
MCCOY still trying not to listen to her, MCCOY motions to
MATT to gather his stuff so they can leave.
                       JESSICA (cont'd)
McCoy, we are all praying for you
at church, we really are there for
you, if you need anything just
ask. Remember your dad is in a
better place, a place of pure love
and grace. I just wanted you to
know that when things get tough
just remember all the good times,
I mean I don't know how you are
feeling right now but, just
remember all the good times you


                       JESSICA (cont'd)
and your Dad had, and maybe that
can take away some pain. Actually
I don't even know what to say
right now except, remember the
Lord sent his son to forgive our
sins, and he that believes in him
will not die but live-forever. I
also wanted to ask you if you have
any time on Saturday if you would
be interested in helping out with
the food drive at the church?
MCCOY and MATT stare at her and just walk away, stunned.
JESSICA sees their look and walks away, reading her Bible.
What the hell was that?
I don't know bud, I just don't
know. Ever since I have been
going to church with my dad, she
has been like that, "oh God that,
oh God this."
Hopping and acting like a bouncy girl.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
After a while you just learn to
You're a better man then I. If I
was you I would put her head
through a wall, I just can't
believe someone would talk to
someone, obviously doesn't want
anything to do with them.
Ah, it's not so bad. I know she
means well, but she doesn't listen
to no.
That's what I mean, when somebody
says no to me, I just walk away, I
don't pester them about it, why
can't she do that for you? Just
tell her to leave you alone man.


You know I can't be an ass to her.
It's just not in my nature.
Why not man, she's a Bible beater.
Those people annoy the crap out
of me. If one of those people
came to my house all they would
get is a door slammed in their
What the hell is your problem?
I don't know, to be honest I feel
kind of strange. Wanna go for a
walk? I have some things I have
to get off my chest.
Showing concern, MCCOY leads MATT slowly towards the woods.
MCCOY hands MATT a cigarette and takes one for himself.
PASTOR JOHN is at his desk typing. Itís an outline for an
upcoming sermon. He takes a book from his bookshelf and as
he does this there is a knock at his door.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Come in.
Hello Father.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Come in, sit down. How'd it go?
I don't think he's coming on
                       PASTOR JOHN
Why not?


Father, please don't take this the
wrong way but I don't think McCoy
believes in God. I mean he just
kind of shrugged me off.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Oh, I think he believes, it's just
hard for him right now. But we
really need to keep showing him
our love so Satan doesn't get a
foothold. Our job now though is
just to show him that the church
is here if he needs it, that we
are still his family. But it's
going to be hard. Will you help
us Jessica?
Of course. But I don't think he's
going to come around anytime soon.
                       PASTOR JOHN
He may not but we still need to be
family towards him. Was he
all-alone when you spoke to him?
No, Matt Morris was with him.
A sour look comes over PASTOR JOHN'S face, JESSICA notices
                       JESSICA (cont'd)
What? What is it Father?
                       PASTOR JOHN
Next time you talk with McCoy try
and get him alone. Come, pray
with me, McCoy needs our prayers.
The two kneel down at an altar in the office and begin to
MATT is running ahead of MCCOY, MATT reaches the rock. The
night is growing near and the moon is showing bright upon


      (Sitting on the
Hurry up, you have to see this.
      (Panting as he
       reaches MATT)
Why did you take off like that?
Hey shut the hell up and give me a
MCCOY gives MATT a smoke and takes one for himself.
      (Looking at the
How did you find this? You could
probably fit a couple of more
people on here.
This is what I wanted to show you,
and talk to you about. A lot of
things have been happening in my
life that I want to share with
Matt, don't take this the wrong
way but you have been acting
pretty strange lately. I mean
what the hell was that with your
parents, first they're getting a
divorce and now they're not, all
because of you.
Listen. In life there are things
that you or I will never
understand. Things beyond our
grasp that happen for a reason. A
couple of nights ago, exactly
where we are now I was blessed
with a gift. I don't want to keep
this gift to myself. I want to
share it with you.
What gift is that?


Power. Imagine what it would be
like to have anything you ever
dreamed of. Money, girls, cars,
anything. What is the one thing
you want most in life?
Matt, please don't do this, you
know what I want.
MCCOY is upset and sad almost beginning to cry. He gets up
from the rock and tries to walk away.
What, McCoy, what is it? I know
you know that I know, but I want
to hear you say it. What is it
you want out of life?
You better than anyone know that I
have been struggling with my, my
whole existence and the existence
of Heaven and Hell. The existence
of whether there is a God or not.
Well who is the one person you
trust in life?
Why Matt? Why are you doing this
to me? I can't take it, I can't
take thinking of things that
aren't there. You know you are
the only one I trust.
Realizing this to be the truth, MCCOY turns back and walks
towards MATT, waiting for his response.
McCoy, I am doing this for your
own good. It's as if we are
brothers. Believe me when I say
that there is a God and I found
him. And that he is nothing to
You're full of crap. That is what
I believe.


Do I have to prove it to you, for
you to believe, to give you faith
in something?
Whatever. Matt you need help. You
know that? You really need help,
and another thing-
Damn it McCoy! I don't need help,
I am very happy with myself. You
are the one that needs help. Can't
you see that is what I am trying
to talk to you about?
Matt, I don't need any help, I
just need some time to work things
out in my life. Meet new people,
find where I belong. Maybe even
go to church.
What has going to church ever
helped us with anything? Everybody
else's God has crapped on us more
than anyone in recorded history
that is why I brought you here. I
can help you with all of those
other things, like the man that
helped me.
I know, my life has been pretty
bad, I don't need you to point
that out. I am sorry for snapping
I realize you are just trying to
help me. Go on, what is your
grand plan to make McCoy the
happiest person in the world.
MATT attempting to make MCCOY more comfortable puts an arm
around him and walks him back to the rock and sits him down.
      (Taking a deep
Well first of all like I said,
there is a God. But not the kind
that you are thinking about. He
doesn't live above us, but right


                       MATT (cont'd)
here on Earth with us.
I see that you are confused here,
sit with me and I will explain.You
and I have been friends for how
long? About ten years give or
take a few. You are my best
friend and I hate seeing you hurt,
and I want to share what I have
with you. Would you like that?
Yeah of course I want to have
something you want to give me, as
long as I don't hurt from it.
Believe me it doesn't hurt at all,
actually it kind of feels like
sex, you know that high you feel
right before you-
All right, all right I get the
Sorry I got a little carried away.
Like I was saying when I first
found out that my parents were
getting a divorce, I couldn't
stand at all. I mean I see how
miserable you have been with one
Fine. I met this guy, I was out
here walking around just thinking
and I came upon this rock. As I
sat down though, something weird
happened. Lightning started to
flash. Thunder started to roll.
Then out came this man and he
asked me the same questions that I
asked you, and my response was
pretty much the same, until he
touched me and I saw all that I
could have.


MATT reaches out for MCCOY and touches him on the forehead.
                       MATT (cont'd)
I want you to have this gift,
McCoy. Please take it, please.
MCCOY resists at first strongly trying to push MATT away,
lightning flashes along with rolling thunder. MCCOY
stumbles and shakes violently with MATT'S hand clutched to
his forehead then falls into a heap onto the ground.
What was that?
Wasn't it the best thing you have
ever experienced?
It was amazing Matt. I can't
begin to explain what it was like.
McCoy, come over here; sit on the
rock with me. I want to show you
Woodland sounds can be heard, birds are chirping loudly MATT
leans over and pulls out a duffel bag and begins two white
robes out of it, a wand, dagger.
                       MATT (cont'd)
You remember what Jessica said to
us before about your father
being in a better place?
Yeah, what is all that stuff for?
Well I am wanted to tell you that
Satan is not to be feared, but
embraced. Did you know that no
where in the book of Genesis is
there a suggestion that the
serpent who tempted Eve was the
Devil, but Christians think that
the serpent was the Devil in
disguise. Why is that? Why do
people shove their preconceptions
on others?


I guess I have never even thought
of that.
I wanna try something with you.
Let's see if this works.
MATT is lighting tea lamps, making a circle.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Sit here McCoy.
MCCOY sits next to MATT, without hesitation. Lightning and
thunder begin the bird's chirp louder and fiercer. MATT
takes out a piece of chalk and draws a star with a circle
around it.
                       MATT (cont'd)
As we sit here oh God, we are
humbly yours, we come to you to
watch over our doings in the
coming years of our life and ask
that stand side by side, walk next
to us holding our hand guiding us.
The thunder and lightning grow to a feverish pitch. MATT
and MCCOY look around them as the birds chirp louder. It
still is not raining.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Join hands with me McCoy, and
close your eyes meditate with me.
The bond of brotherhood in Christ
cannot be broken, evil will not
show its face, oh Lord your
presence is felt, and we open our
heart to you. We have come to ask
one favor, it is a small favor,
just one to prove your presence to
vanquish any doubts from McCoy's
MCCOY is saying, "Yes Lord" lifting his face to the sky.
                       MATT (cont'd)
We ask that the birds be silent,
stop their useless prattle and let
us have commune with you, so that
we may become one in the light of


The thunder and lightning grow and grow very loud that MCCOY
and MATT cover their ears in fear. After of about ten
seconds of this everything is silent. As the lights fade to
black we see MATT and MCCOY just staring at one another,
with visible excitement.
JACK goes to the refrigerator and takes out a beer, he
cracks it open and then tilts his head back gulping down the
beverage. He then shakes his head creating a buzz, throwing
the can away he goes back to the refrigerator and grabs the
rest of the six pack and goes into the living room sits
down, reclines in his chair and continues watching
What are you doing?
Mind your own business before I
put you out of business. Better
yet, why don't you run to the
store get some more beer and
something to eat.
SANDRA reacts with a stunned look and then by running out of
the room making her way to the bedroom, crying.
                       JACK (cont'd)
Are you going or what?
JACK cracks open another beer and throws it against a wall,
he then rises and storms into the bedroom. Screams come
from the room that only can be SANDRA'S.
Two months later. Many people are hanging around MCCOY and
MATT at a lunch table giving high fives and joking around.
Three random girls, one by one come up and kiss each MATT
and MCCOY while everyone looks on.
I can't believe all this is
happening man. Life right now is
at its peak for me.


I hate to have to tell you this,
but I told you so. Do you
remember when you were so uptight
about that Anne chick that broke
up with you?
Anne who? Women are a dime a
dozen, who gives a crap about
them? I mean all they are good
for three things.
Oh yeah, what's that?
Sex, cooking, and doing whatever
the hell I say.
They both start laughing, and table reacts as well., even
the girls. One grabs MCCOY and starts making out with him
while MATT stretches and smiles.
You know what, I hate school. I
mean who wants to go to class,
listen to crap they won't ever use
and then have to be tested it. I
mean what's the use? I would
rather just be sitting at the
rock, getting stoned, and in touch
in God.
I hear ya' man, what I wouldn't
give for a fatty right now. Somme
R and R with-
JESSICA comes up and interrupts MCCOY. They ignore her at
first but then she speaks.
Hey McCoy, hey Matt. McCoy could
I talk to you for a minute?
Sure, but make it quick.
MCCOY looks up at her, not moving, JESSICA gets impatient
and pulls him up and drags him aside.


In private. Look, I have been
meaning to talk to you for a while
now, but I can never find you.
Where have you been? You haven't
been at church, I never see you in
class anymore, and I am starting
to get worried about you.
Why the hell do you care where I
It's just that I have been real
worried about you because your dad
died, that's all. I pray
constantly that you are all right
but I never get a chance to ask
how you are doing.
Look, I'm fine. You don't have to
worry about me, Matt is taking
care of all that crap, don't worry
about it.
MCCOY points over to MATT who is looking on waves over to
JESSICA slyly, smiling. This unnerves JESSICA.
Are you really okay, or are you
just hiding your hurt?
Hey listen, for once. I am fine.
If I need your help I will ask for
Well since you are fine, did you
decide where you are going to
school yet?
I'm not going.
Looking over to MATT, who gets up and starts to walk towards
Why not?


College just isn't for me, I mean
I hate going to school already,
why the hell would I pay for
something I don't like doing?
Well I just thought you wouldn't
be flipping burgers the rest of
your life, that's all.
Oh don't you worry your pretty
little heart about that. I've got
big plans for McCoy. He is going
to college, oh crap McCoy, I
forgot to tell you, your
acceptance letter into Harvard
came yesterday.
Pulls out a letter and hands it to MCCOY.
Reads it to himself, showing excitement.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Jessica did I say I wasn't going
to college?
JESSICA arms folded, nodded.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Well what I meant to say was I
didn't know where I was going, but
now I do. Harvard here I come.
Congratulations McCoy, I hope you
get everything you want but
remember if you need anything,
anything at all, you know where
I'll be.
MCCOY turns to MATT.
Where did you get this?
Does it matter, she left didn't
she. McCoy never underestimate
the Lord, remember he is always


                       MATT (cont'd)
looking out for us and trouble.
I know, but still I don't
understand it. Did this letter
really come in the mail?
Yes, it did.
Wow, I can't believe this, first
Harvard turns me down, then
suddenly get in, this could only
be the Lord's work. I wish my
mother and father could see this.
I am sure they would be proud, but
hey I will take their place and
celebrate with you.
MCCOY and MATT are drinking a bottle ot whiskey, passing it
between them. MCCOY lights a joint and the two pass that as
well. Two girls then get up from the ground and start
kissing them and push them down on the ground. The girls
then strip down to nothing and get on top of MCCOY and MATT
who look at each other and then turn to look at the stars.
MCCOY and MATT are stumbling drunk into their beds, talking
of the evening festivities. MCCOY fumbles with the door and
MATT grows agitated with it pushes MCCOY away and walks away
and kicks the door in.
So do you think your parents would
have celebrated with you like
I hope not. What was that girl's
I don't know does it matter?


No, I guess not, but hey, what are
we doing tomorrow?
I don't know yet, but I will think
of something, get some sleep, rest
assured tomorrow we won't be
spending in class, that girl had
pretty big tits, hey?
Ah, she was all right I guess, had
big tits, but she could have used
a new face.
                       MATT (cont'd)
McCoy, you awake? Talk to you
tomorrow. Sleep good man, sleep
MATT lays his head on his pillow and falls asleep. MATT
sits straight up, eyes still closed, he is dreaming. Two
dark hooded people appear with a white cloth, with the name
ANNE written it in what seems like blood. The two figures
hang up a black cloth with a white cross embroidered on it.
They then bring out a mattress and place it on an altar,
which is covered in a black cloth. They then bring a girl
to the mattress. She is kicking and screaming and they are
pulling her to the mattress tying her arms and legs down. As
she is tied down, one of the figures pulls out a white
bottle, soaks it and stuffs it in her mouth and tapes it
shut. The other hooded figure then pulls out a knife and
makes a cross in the air. The two then bow as if praying
but then rise and move towards the girl. One of the figures
takes the knife and comes down with it concealing it. The
girl stops fighting and lays limp. The two then untie her
and raise her up as in offering. MATT suddenly wakes up.
                       MATT (cont'd)
McCoy you awake?
MATT gets down and shakes MCCOY awake.
Huh? Wha-What is it?


Get up.
What time is it?
It's 6:30, c'mon wake up, we got a
lot to do today.
No, give me another thirty
Wake up now McCoy, we don't have
any time to waste.
Fine. What's the big rush?
I will tell you on the way to the
rock. We also have to store at
the store and pick up a few
The rock? Now you're talking, why
didn't you say so in the first
PASTOR JOHN is putting a CD into the radio and JESSICA is
I didn't know you liked this kind
of music.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Man, I love these guys. Last year
I went to a concert of theirs and
they rocked.
JESSICA starts to laugh as she hears PASTOR JOHN'S remarks.
Do you think he'll be home?


                       PASTOR JOHN
I sure hope so. We really need to
talk to McCoy, get him back in
JESSICA pulls into a driveway and get out. PASTOR JOHN is
praying to himself. They get to the door and JESSICA rings
the bell. JACK answers, drunk.
                                         CUT TO:
YEAH? What do you want?
                       PASTOR JOHN
Sir, I am sorry to bother you this
morning but I was wondering if I
could speak to McCoy O'Neal?
Why? What did he do?
                       PASTOR JOHN
Nothing. We'd just like to see
Fine. MCCOY!
No answer.
                       JACK (cont'd)
He's not here.
JACK then slams the door in their face and then they walk
sadly back to the car and drive away.
MCCOY and MATT are walking, carrying a plastic bag. As they
get to the rock, they begin to take everything out, two dark
hooded robes, a white and a black cloth, and then the two go
back and get the mattress.
If there is any blood on this
after today there is going to be
hell to pay, you hear me.


What the hell do you care, that's
my mattress.
Well in that case let the river
You are such an idiot sometimes.
Are you sure about this, I mean I
don't really think that killing is
the right thing to do.
We aren't killing someone, we
giving an offering to our God, but
instead of giving money like our
counterparts, we are giving flesh,
which is much more beneficial to
our Lord.
How is that more beneficial?
All right, listen, and listen
closely. This may sound strange
but its true. Last night I had a
dream, and the Lord spoke to me
saying that we should this with a
giving heart and that if we do
this he will bless us even more
than he already has. Can you
imagine the shit we could do with
that? We are glorifying God, in a
way he asked us to. Now are you
in or out? I need to know right
now. Do you love and trust your
Of course I love him.
Reluctantly MCCOY answers but MATT'S stare persists and
MCCOY looks away answering.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
I'm in.


So where are we going to do this?
      (Pointing to the
Right here.
Well let's set everything up then.
Let's pray.
MATT and MCCOY stand facing each other and raise up both
hands, with palms outstretched the each other's hands.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Oh Lord, we come to you, to ask
for your blessing for the duty in
which we are about to partake. We
ask that you watch over us from
the evil ones that lie to convict
your servants and we offer this
sacrifice to you. We thank you
for all you have done so far in
our journey to become one with you
and we praise your name higher
than any other. You are our Lord,
our Prince of Light.
The two drop hands and smile at each other, as they back
                       MATT (cont'd)
Now let's get started.
ANNE sitting on a bench in the school courtyard. She is
alone and it is night. She is reading a book and taking
notes using a book light. MATT and MCCOY enter. MATT
stands off to the side smoking a cigarette as MCCOY
approaches ANNE.
Hey there stranger.


ANNE looks up from her book, sees MCCOY and stands up
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
Where are you going?
Look, I already said I was sorry.
Please leave me alone, McCoy.
What do you think I want to hurt
you or something?
The thought has crossed my mind.
Well you needn't worry yourself
about that Anne. I just wanted to
come and apologize for my actions
a couple of months ago. So the
library not fit your needs?
      (Beginning to
No, I just thought I would study
out here, I needed to get away,
parents fighting again.
I see things haven't changed then,
No, I guess they haven't. So what
have you been up to lately?
MCCOY looks over MATT, who is getting anxious and gives a
stern look at MCCOY.
Oh nothing much, a little of this,
a little of that. Oh did you hear
I got accepted to Harvard.
I guess congrats are in order then


      (Looking back at
       MATT, who is
       pointing to his
Thanks, hey do you want to get out
of here and go with Matt and me
for some ice cream or something?
Well, I do have a lot of homework
left, maybe another time, I
promise, okay?
C'mon you can take a break for
twenty minutes and plus its
starting to get chilly out here.
And it looks like itís going to
rain soon. We will even drop you
back off at home, what do you say?
Yeah, what the hell, I hate
Geometry anyway. So where you
want to go, Dairy Queen?
No, not feeling too much like
Dairy Queen tonight
MCCOY and ANNE walk towards MATT who is smiling, as they
pass him, he punches her in the head, she falls and he picks
her up putting her over his soldier. She is kicking and
screaming, "Matt let me down, you bastard. McCoy help me."
But her cries are falling on deaf ears, as the light fades
you hear "Shut the hell up,Ē and sounds of punches being
thrown, and a screech of tires.
The rock now looks like Matt's dream of the altar. A black
cloth with a cross embroidered on it hangs above the rock.
MATT and MCCOY enter carrying ANNE who is still struggling
in their arms. The two now have on dark robes and their
faces are hidden. They reach the rock and carefully place
ANNE on top of it. MATT throws a piece of rope to McCoy and
he ties ANNE'S hands down while MATT tries her feet down.
ANNE is still struggling.
Maybe this will shut her up.


MATT grabs a rag and bottle and pours some something on it
then sticks it in her mouth while MCCOY takes out some duck
tape and tapes her mouth shut.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Let's hear you cry for help now.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Yeah that's what I thought.
MCCOY looks terrified, and MATT is making movements to go
grab the knife, to continue. ANNE now lays still.
Do you think this is right man?
It's right, believe me. Creator
of life, and all that is around,
we offer you this sacrifice as a
offering for our souls, please
take it and continue to watch over
us as we go through life. Thank
you Lord for all you have given
us, and all you do in our lives.
We know that you are ever present
and will remain so.
The get up and MATT signals for MCCOY to check on ANNE.
She's fine.
MCCOY hangs his head and pulls his hood off and looks
disgusted, MATT sees this, nods and takes the knife, which
should gleam in the light, MATT then continues to make a
cross in the air. MCCOY is terrified.
All is ready, all is good. Life
shall be taken but life shall be
given to those who deserve it, by
way of sacrifice.
He raises the knife high, and plunges down, concealing the
knife from the crowd, ANNE'S body jerks up and legs react.
After awhile her body goes limp. MCCOY and MATT then untie
the rope, and lift her body, they raise it high off the
rock. Her body is bloody, and lifeless. MATT takes his
hood off and looks in appreciation while MCCOY looks on in


                       MATT (cont'd)
McCoy, that was awesome.
What's wrong?
Oh nothing, I am fine. What are
we going to do with the body?
What do you think?
Bury her I hope.
MATT then takes some lighter fluid and a box of matches then
sprays the fluid all over ANNE'S body and lights a couple of
matches, and throws them on the body as well.
                       MATT (cont'd)
May her soul burn in Hell for all
her deeds. There's nothing like
the smell of a freshly burnt
carcass. What do you say McCoy,
You're a sick fuck Matt.
You actually think I would eat
that bitch? Please tell me you
have a little more respect than
Right now, I wouldn't put it
passed you.
Thanks McCoy, thanks a lot.
So, now what?


Now we just sit back and enjoy,
and once the flames die down we
will bury what's left and piss on
her grave.
Pretty sadistic donít you think?
You should want to do more to her
after what she did. I mean God
just took her out of your life;
you are the reason she had to die.
They way she treated you McCoy; I
would have thought you would have
wanted to do more.
MCCOY listening to MATT'S rant begins to think of his mother
and mother and for some reason he begins to cry.
                       MATT (cont'd)
Are you crying?
I can't believe it. McCoy, you're
crying over her.
No, I'm not. Just leave me alone.
MCCOY runs off, leaving MATT laughing behind him, watching
the body burn, smoking a cigarette.
PASTOR JOHN wakes up with a startle and gets out of bed. He
rushes to his Bible, opens it and starts to read.
MCCOY and MATT are asleep. A bright light begins to form in
the room, MCCOY wakes up shielding his eyes. The form takes
shape into an angel. It is MARY O'NEAL, MCCOY'S mother.
McCoy, come here, it's mom.


MARY is wearing a white robe and is illuminated by light.
MCCOY gets out of bed and walks over to her.
Mom, is that you?
Yes, McCoy. I need to talk to you
about the way you're leading your
What the hell is going on? How
did you get here?
Calm down son. I was only given a
few minutes to deliver you a
message, one that will affect you
for the rest of your life. I know
you have a lot of questions and a
lot of doubts about what is going
on in your life right now, and
maybe your worry will leave you
after our little talk here today.
Is all this real?
MARY glides to MCCOY and takes him in her arms, trying to
sooth him.
Yes McCoy, it is. You are
dreaming right now. That is one
of God's little tricks,
unfortunately it is also one of
the Devil's as well. When we
sleep, our dreams are either God
speaking or the Devil. Through
our free will we have to decide
which is which and act
That is why it is so important
that you listen to what I have to
say right now.


Okay mom.
Son, I love you and always have.
Each day I look down upon you from
heaven and I just want to come
down and wrap my arms around you
and tell you I love you.
Then why didn't you?
Honey, the Lord doesn't work like
that. Right before I gave birth
to you the Lord took me away, I
didn't deserve you.
Why, why didn't you deserve me?
McCoy, I didn't want you. When I
first found out that I was
pregnant I hated your father, I
asked God to take me. I didn't
want to have an abortion but I
didn't want to have you in my
life. I prayed for the Lord to
take me and he did.
Pulling away MCCOY can't believe this news, but realizes
there is nothing he can do about it. He approaches MARY.
What about adoption? You didn't
have to die mom.
I know, I know. I feel like its
just like yesterday that all this
happened. Son, if I could take
back what I asked the Lord to do,
I would. Believe me I would.
Watching you grow up without any
faith in anything has hurt me more
than anything you could imagine.
Your father tried to continue to
show you what the true love of God
is by letting you make your own
choices, but the Devil interfered
and now, you think you are alone.
But you're not alone. If you ever


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
want to talk to me, just dream,
and I will be here in a heartbeat.
I know I am not alone mom. Matt
is taking care of me now.
That is what I came to talk to you
about. We see the doubt in your
heart about what you are doing and
how it broke when Anne died. The
Lord wants you to know something.
He wants you to know that he
forgives you, he forgives you
because he loves you with all his
heart and anything you do can be
wiped away, like it never
happened, but only if you ask for
his forgiveness.
Mom, all my life Dad has pressured
me into religion and drove me into
religion and drove me to a point
where I couldn't take it anymore.
Then God took him too-
Son, the Devil and God are at
constant war with one another.
What happened to your dad was an
act of the Devil, not God.
The Devil?
MCCOY seems deep in thought. He is trying to make sense of
what MARY is saying but he can't.
Yes the Devil. The Lord wants you
to know that when the Devil will
enter into your life and try to
take a foothold.


McCoy, faith is like a valley of
candles. When you believe
strongly in something and put all
your faith into it then what you
want to happen will. Whether you
recognize it or not, there is a
lot in life that people will never
understand, but knowing that you
have faith in God can help
determine how your life goes plays
a big part in our being.
Believing his mother, MCCOY walks towards his mom crying
knowing her stay will have to end soon.
So what you're trying to say is
that no matter what someone has
faith in, if their faith is strong
enough in that one thing, then
nothing can stop it.
Yes, but it works in the other
direction as well. If you don't
have enough faith in something
then what little faith you do have
can be blown out like a candle in
a valley. The slightest wind can
blow out that flame of faith out
like a flame on a candle in a
And that is where the Devil comes
I don't exactly understand, not
even close. I have so many
I know, I know. But my time right
now is limited. Just listen to
your heart, and you will hear the
voice of the Lord guiding you.


                       MARY (cont'd)
Have faith in it; don't let that
candle burn out.
MARY begins fading away and MCCOY chases after her
dissolving image.
Mom, is God real? I mean does he
really care, and want to watch out
for me for me, am I worthy of his
Am I here?
The darkness fades and MCCOY is sitting straight up in bed,
but MATT is no longer there.
JESSICA is sitting on a bench reading her Bible, using a
highlighter. MCCOY enters, he looks happy and anxious.
JESSICA doesn't see him as she is intent on her work.
McCoy, look I am sorry for how I
acted before. I just won't bother
you anymore.
Jessica let me apologize for the
way I acted. I pushed you away
and the way I even treat you like
you were a person. And that's not
JESSICA looks surprised, while MCCOY grows excited.
McCoy, are you okay?
Yes, I am feeling great. I just
wanted to tell you that I
appreciate all the prayers and
everything you have tried to do


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
for me. I am just so sorry that
this has taken me so long to
realize your friendship.
I knew something way wrong McCoy,
but I didn't know what it was so I
just prayed, and prayed.
And last night I believe all those
prayers were answered. Thank you.
You're welcome. How is Matt
Actually, that is what I came to
talk to you about.
About Matt?
Yeah. I think Matt might be in
What kind of trouble? Why do you
need my help?
It's kind of hard to explain. We
need to find him. Come with me to
find him and I will try to
JESSICA gets up, and signals for MCCOY to follow, he does,
running to catch up to her.
MCCOY takes out a pack of cigarettes and puts one in his
mouth and JESSICA looks at him as if she has never seen one
before. MCCOY takes a look at it as he pulls it out of his
mouth and then takes them out of his pocket and throws them
out the window but tearing them apart beforehand.


You know I am not the only one
that has been praying for you.
Really? Who else?
Pastor John.
Yeah, he's been trying to get in
contact with you for the last
couple of months. We even stopped
by Matt's house to talk with you.
Yeah, he's really concerned about
your well being, I mean
considering you have lost both
your parents. He just wants you
to know that the church is there
for you.
MCCOY is listening while driving. They stop at a stoplight.
He is deciding whether to go to the rock or go see PASTOR
JOHN. He decides then turns left.
So explain to me why Matt is in so
much trouble.
Actually I am going to wait on
that, do you think Pastor John is
at the church?
Yeah, he should be. There was a
prayer breakfast this morning. I
was supposed to stop by later for
my Bible study.


The only reason I ask is because I
think we could use help with the
whole Matt situation. Do you
Why would I mind? I don't even
know what's going on with Matt.
PASTOR JOHN is on the phone when there is a knock at the
                       PASTOR JOHN
      (Into the phone)
Could you hold on a second?
Great...come in.
MCCOY and JESSICA walk in. JESSICA smiling wide while
PASTOR JOHN' eyes meets MCCOY'S.
                       PASTOR JOHN
      (Into the phone)
Hey Mr. Francis, yeah sorry about
that. Is it okay if I give you a
call back in a little bit, yeah
and oh I will try and get that
information you wanted. Thanks, I
will give you a call later.
PASTOR JOHN sits down and offers a seat to MCCOY and
                       PASTOR JOHN (cont'd)
McCoy, it's good to see you,
how've you been?
I'm all right.
PASTOR JOHN sighs and leans back in his chair.
                       PASTOR JOHN
So what can I do for you?


Actually McCoy has something he
would like to talk to you about.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Yeah, I have something to talk to
both of you about. But first of
all I want to thank you for all
your prayers, and I am sorry for
turning a deaf ear.
                       PASTOR JOHN
You're welcome.
I need your help too. Matt is in
a lot of trouble.
                       PASTOR JOHN
What kind of trouble?
MCCOY tries to gain his composure, but then begins to cry.
Just give me a sec.
                       PASTOR JOHN
It's okay, take your time.
When my father passed away I
didn't know what to think, I mean
who loses both their parents so
early in life? Well anyway, I
have always felt at fault for my
mother's death. And then my
father is killed. And then I felt
I was the cause of that because of
my actions the night before the
rally. Then after I moved in with
Matt, he came up with the idea
that the traditional Christian God
is not the true God to follow.
Instead we began worship of what I
now believe to be some kind of
deep evil which was channeled into
us doing its bidding, which even
included the death of Anne Harris.
After that night I was scared
beyond belief. I didn't know what
to do. Jessica, I didn't even


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
apply to Harvard, which was
something Matt conjured up to get
you to leave us alone.
                       PASTOR JOHN
What exactly happened with Anne?
She was the girl in the church
with me that night. After my Dad
died she broke up with me, and
then one morning Matt got the idea
to do a human sacrifice to our new
God. He believed Anne proved to
be a worthy to be a worthy
                       PASTOR JOHN
McCoy I think the authorities need
to be notified.
Father, please not yet. We need
to help Matt first. Then we can
tell them, because if don't I'm
afraid somebodyís going to get
                       PASTOR JOHN
Okay McCoy.
MCCOY seems relieved with this but JESSICA is still confused
at the story MCCOY just told, but decides it needs to come
McCoy why did you do all this?
At the time I lost faith in
everything I just think that if I
found them something I felt good
about then I would feel good about
myself, and I would hold on tight.
Matt came around and offered and
being my best friend I accepted.
Everything was going great, I mean
I got into college, excuse me
father, I was having everything I
ever wanted.


                       PASTOR JOHN
What made you stop if you were
having such a good time?
You mean besides the death of
                       PASTOR JOHN
Well the way Matt started acting
and because of some strange way
God spoke to me.
                       PASTOR JOHN
He did? What did he say?
PASTOR JOHN and JESSICA are both taken back by this sudden
rush of information.
One time Matt asked me, "What
would it take for you to start
believing in God again?" and I
said, "If I could talk to my
mother." and last night in a
dream I spoke to her for the first
time in my life and she explained
faith to me. That is why we need
to get a hold of Matt.
Do you even know where he is?
If I know Matt, I think I might
have a pretty good idea where he
is. Are you guys willing to help?
                       PASTOR JOHN
Let's go, but I have to warn you
McCoy this is not going to be
easy, if what you say is true I
think the Devil has a strong hold
of Matt, and it will be a fight.
I know, all we can do is pray.
MCCOY bows his head to pray. He begins a prayer but stops,
PASTOR JOHN takes over.


Night has come upon the forest, giving a sense of eeriness
and darkness, evil. MATT has another person tied to the
mattress getting ready for another sacrifice.
Lord watch over me as I, your
humble servant give this offering
to you. Keep all evil at bay, and
let your work be done as you want
it to. I look to your guidance
once again, and I trust in your
MCCOY, PASTOR JOHN, and JESSICA enter as MATT moves back
over to the person back by the mattress. MATT raises a
gleaming dagger high.
McCoy, you're here, good. I was
wondering when you were going to
get here. I've got your robe all
ready for you.
Let's not get to work. Matt, I
really need to talk to you.
What are they doing here?
I asked them to come.
I'll tell you in a second.
MCCOY gingerly walks up to MATT and nods with his head to
follow him. MCCOY and MATT then whisper in a huddle while
PASTOR JOHN and ANNE look on confused, hoping MCCOY knows
what he is doing. MATT quickly pulls away angry.


Why not?
What happened to your belief in
our God? I thought you couldn't
stand her, McCoy. I though she
was a Bible beater. Remember what
we do to Bible beaters?
Walking over to JESSICA, MATT quickly grabs her placing the
dagger to her throat.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Matt, don't.
Shut up fat man.
Matt, don't do it. There are
witnesses man, do you really want
to live this way?
Lord, please have mercy on me, if
this is my time I ask for it to be
swift, I await you to take me.
MATT obviously angry looks at JESSICA with contempt and
anger, pushing the knife closer to her skin. MATT cuts her
barely breaking the skin.
What did you say? Answer me, what
did you say?
JESSICA keeps praying outloud.
Let her go Matt, she hasn't done
anything. I promise you. Just
let her go.
Yeah right McCoy, I know you. The
police are probably on their way
right now.
                       PASTOR JOHN
Trust us Matt, no one else is
coming, McCoy made sure of it; we
wanna make sure you are safe.


I thought I told you to be quiet
fat man.
Matt this has got to stop, you
know that. No loving God would
kill anyone?
McCoy what are you saying? Do I
hear you correctly? Has my
friend, my brother lost faith in
God's love and guidance?
No Matt, actually it is exactly
the opposite. I know there is a
God, a loving one that has given
us free will to make our own
decisions and make our own paths
in life. Now I ask you, is this
really what you want, the path you
want to take in your life?
Do you want people to die at your
hands? Knowing that you ended
their existence and decided to
play God. I believe in the Devil,
Matt, I have seen his face-
So have I, and here he is.
MATT stabs JESSICA and lets her fall squirming to the
ground. PASTOR JOHN rushes to her aid. MATT comes towards
MCCOY with the dagger slowly.
                       MATT (cont'd)
I thought you would understand
McCoy. I thought you of all
people would understand.
Understand what Matt?


Understand that God is love, and
that if you have enough faith,
anything can happen.
Just as MATT focuses his attention on MCCOY, PASTOR JOHN
rushes and tackles MATT with a running start.
I do understand Matt, I do.
MATT is then wrestled to the ground by PASTOR JOHN and is
having a tough time trying to over power him, PASTOR JOHN
grabs MATT'S hands making him drop his knife but MATT
somehow fights his way to the top and reaches for the knife
but MCCOY reacts and kicks it away. MATT stares down MCCOY
and PASTOR JOHN uppercuts MATT, knocking him backwards
allowing PASTOR JOHN to regain control. MATT fends off
PASTOR JOHN with one hand and reaches for the knife. MCCOY
tends to JESSICA. MATT has then somehow reached the knife
again and somehow reached the knife again and somehow gets a
punch into PASTOR JOHNíS stomach and with the large man
heaving MATT then press into him with the knife with a full
force. MCCOY snaps his neck around to see PASTOR JOHN reel
backward from the stab and MATT gets up gingerly. PASTOR
JOHN dies.
McCoy, how do you understand, you
can't even fathom what God's love
could do for you, what great
things can come in having faith in
Matt, please listen to me, I
didn't come here to tell you what
you are doing is wrong, that isn't
my job.
Now scared MCCOY moves backward helping up JESSICA who is
holding her wound tightly.
Then why are you here McCoy?
MCCOY sees JESSICA'S Bible on the ground and picks it up.
I am here because I just wanted to
tell you I love you and the true
Christ who resides above, loves
you. All this hate that I see in
you is not good. Matt, I am not


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
afraid anymore of God, but I am
afraid for you. I trust the
conventional God to take care of
me, not this God we have been
worshiping. And I feel if we
continue in this fashion we are
going to die. Die by the hands of
the Devil.
This is not the Devil's doing.
Faint train whistle heard in the distance.
Brother, what do I have to do to
make you believe me? Three people
are dead by the hands of the
Devil. How many more is it going
to make you believe in Christ,
that what we are doing is wrong?
Nothing. I believe what we are
doing is right, and nothing can
make me feel different.
Well if you don't believe me then
there is nothing I can do.
MCCOY begins to walk away with JESSICA following.
Where the hell do you think you
are going?
MCCOY and JESSICA kneel.
Dear Lord, I thank you for
bringing my mother back to me, and
for having her show me the meaning
of your love.
MATT walks up behind MCCOY and listens.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
I ask for your guidance Lord in
dealing with my buddy Matt. I
know you hear me, I have faith in
you now. Please show me how I can


                       MCCOY (cont'd)
show him.
Lightning flashes. MCCOY gets up and faces MATT, JESSICA
stays praying. MCCOY passes Matt.
What are you doing?
I guess since you don't believe me
I don't have to prove to myself
that the Lord I believe in this
the true loving God. Not the one
that I have been following with
My reasons lie with my God and
that is all that needs to be said.
Train whistle can be heard coming closer.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
But I will tell you this, if you
have any doubts about which God is
the correct one to follow, I will
help you.
How are you going to do that?
You hear that train coming?
Looking down the tracks a train can be heard and seen. The
sound is growing loud as well as the light. MATT still is
confused on what MCCOY plans to do, but MCCOY as if
rehearsed doesn't let his plan slip.
That train will be here in a
couple of minutes, and I will
stand on the tracks and if it
stops then I know that the God I
put my life in is the correct one.


And if it doesn't stop?
And if it doesn't stop then you
won't have to worry about this
Bible beater anymore.
Holding the Bible towards MATT.
                       MCCOY (cont'd)
And you know what God is the one
to follow, and you will have
another body to sacrifice.
MATT is silent, train whistle is closer.
Hope Hell is ready for you,
Dear Lord, I pray you watch over
me as I face the Devil head on,
please show me the way after all
this is done to help Matt
understand, in your Son's name.
Better hurry, don't want you to
miss your train.
MCCOY stands crossing himself, and stands holding the Bible
close. The train sounds closer and MATT is laughing louder.
Light shines on MCCOY from the train. Train sounds reach a
feverish pitch. MCCOY then jumps off the tracks to MATT and
holds him down with all his weight. Throughout the train
ordeal JESSICA has quietly walked up behind MATT. MATT is
now struggling; flaying his arms about MCCOY has him pinned
This is for your own good Matt.
McCoy get off me.
MCCOY ignores MATT and JESSICA continues up to MATT and
kneels down by his head and places her hand on his forehead.


Lord please heal his suffering and
let him see the light, let him see
your love. Lord please help him
be strong in his coming days. Let
him see that you are the true
healer of lives. Lord renew our
brother's life and take him into
your kingdom, let him start the
journey towards salvation. Show
him the forgiveness you have shown
so many.
During JESSICA'S prayer MATT is struggling and swearing
trying to make them stop, but MCCOY is also praying in
whispers. MATT then begins to cry slowly. Fade to black
with MCCOY and MATT hug then move to untie the girl on the
rock while JESSICA stares above to the heavens.


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