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by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

The Kashmantou was a taboo, a place where people vanished, but for Rebecca Buckwell, it's where her brother went and he's now missing. What lies in the Kashmantou that strips the very jungle of its life?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The thirty-nine year old, five foot-nine blonde with
shoulder length hair, paces back and forth in front of her
desk. She finally clicks the button on the intercom.
                       LISA (VO)
Find JACK and tell him to come to
my office right away.
                       LISA (VO)
Right away, ma'am!
JACK BUCKWELL responds to the intercom on his desk.
This is Jack Buckwell, purchasing.
                       LISA (VO)
This is Lisa Daniels, Mr.
Buckwell. Your sister requires
your presence in her office
immediately, sir.
Thank you, Miss Daniels, Iím on my
                       LISA (VO)
Yes, sir!


Jack enters the office with a smile.
Good morning, Miss Daniels!
Morning, sir! You can go right
in, sheís waiting for you.
Jack stands in front of the secretary's desk.
Thank you! What kind of a mood is
she in?
Well she didnít sound too happy.
Oh well, here goes nothing.
Jack takes a deep breath as he opens the door to the inner
sanctum of Buckwell Clothiers.
Jack closes the door behind him and turns towards his
sister. He heads towards her desk.
Good morning, Rebecca! Whatís the
problem this morning?
A deep scowl forms on Rebecca's face, as she sits down
behind her oak desk.
Kevin, and his friend Dan
Spaulding, went to South Africa in
June; someplace called the
Kashmantou Jungle. From what I
understand, he was supposed to be
there for only thirty days.


I know they went there, but what
does that have to do with me?
Rebecca looks him square in the face while her hands grip
the edge of her desk. She snaps at him.
Itís now the end of August, and
thereís been no word from him
since he left here. Heís your
brother, you ass, and heís
Jack snaps back.
I know heís my brother, but just
what am I supposed to do, go there
after him?
Rebecca stands and her face flushes.
We may do just that. Heís not
just my brother, Jack, but my twin
brother, so I have a deeper reason
than you would for wanting to find
him. First I want you to call the
embassy and get a hold of the
You donít want to have me call him
at this ungodly hour, do you? Itís
got to be about two oíclock in the
morning down there.
Rebecca's knuckles are firmly planted on top of her desk.
She leans over to face him as the volume of her voice raises
a few decibels.
You get me that ambassador, Jack,
or youíll be scrubbing toilets for
the rest of your life.


Iíll do what I can, Rebecca, but I
canít make promises.
I donít want promises, Jack. I
want that ambassador on the line
in an hour. Do you understand?
With the hairs on the back of his neck standing straight up,
Jack turns to leave.
Itíll be done!
As Jack leaves his sisterís office, Jack passes the
secretary as though she wasnít there and wastes no time in
getting back to his office on the third floor.
Rebecca hits the button on the intercom to the outer office.
Hold all my calls today except for
the one Jack puts through to me,
                       LISA (VO)
Will do maíam!
When Jack reaches his office he scrolls through his Rolodex.
He finds the number. After dialing the number, he waits for
a response.


                       TANYA (VO)
Good morning, Ambassador
Fontanamoís office! May I help
Good morning, maíam! My name is
Jack Buckwell. Can I speak to
Ambassador Fontanamo please? Itís
very urgent!
                       TANYA (VO)
One moment, Mr. Buckwell, and Iíll
patch you through.
Thank you!
A moment later the phoneís picked up inside the Ambassadorís
office and he Speaks in a deep African dialect.
                       JORGE (VO)
Good morning, Jack. Itís been a
few months.
Good morning Jorge!
                       JORGE (VO)
To what do I owe this honor, my
I need a big favor. I need a
telephone number for the U.S.
Embassy in Entebbe, and the name
of our ambassador there.
                       JORGE (VO)
Whatís the problem, Jack?
Our brother is missing in a place
called the Kashmantou and Rebecca
wants to go there to find him.
                       JORGE (VO)
Sheís better off staying right
here in New York, Jack. The
Kashmantou Jungle is taboo. Iíll


                       JORGE (cont'd)
give you the number, but his name
is Paul Kousack.
Thank you, Mr. Ambassador.
After he gets the number Jack wastes no time in dialing it.
The phone rings five times before itís picked up.
                       PAUL (VO)
      (Groggy Voice)
Good morning, Mr. Ambassador! My
name is Jack Buckwell, from New
                       PAUL (VO)
Do you have any idea what time it
is here in South Africa, Mr.
I have no idea what time it is
there, sir?
Itís four ten in the morning and
you woke me up from a nice sleep.
My apologies, Mr. Ambassador! Let
me patch you through to my sister,
Rebecca Buckwell. Itís because of
her insistence I call you, sir.
This better be good, young man.
Hold on, sir, and I'll patch you
through to her office.


Jack hits the button on the intercom to his sisterís office.
Miss Daniels! Please let my
sister know she has a call on line
three. Itís from Ambassador
Kousak, the American ambassador to
South Africa.
                       LISA (VO)
Sheís waiting for that call, sir.
Iíll patch it right through to
                       LISA (VO)
Miss Buckwell! Thereís an
Ambassador Kousak, from South
Africa, on line three, maíam.
Thank you!
Rebecca picks up the phone and sits back in her plush chair.
                       PAUL (VO)
Hello, Mr. Ambassador! My name is
Rebecca Buckwell from New York.
                       PAUL (VO)
What in the world could you
possibly want me for at this
ungodly hour, Miss Buckwell?
My brother, Kevin Buckwell and his
friend, went to South Africa in
June of this year.


                       PAUL (VO)
So what?
From what Iíve learned, he had to
obtain some kind of a permit from
your office to be able to go into
someplace called the Kashmantou.
                       PAUL (VO)
Aha! Itís not a permit, Miss
Buckwell, but rather a disclaimer
for any repercussions arising from
his eminent demise and/or death.
What makes you thing heís dead,
                       PAUL (VO)
Over the last twenty or so years,
maybe two to three hundred people
have taken safaris into the
Kashmantou. Ancient lore about
that jungle says that there are
untold amounts of diamonds that
lie therein, but to date no one
has ever returned. Ten years ago
the government insisted we issue
disclaimers because they refuse to
send troops into the Kashmantou in
search of the missing people.
Though the Kashmantou is not off
limits, the natives who live near
the Kashmantou refuse to allow
their people to be porters once
they reach the Kangshee River. The
kashmantou, on the other side, is
If thatís true, Mr. Ambassador,
how am I going to take a rescue
party into that jungle?
                       PAUL (VO)
Around here maíam, like many
places around the world, money
talks. If you want to shell out


                       PAUL (cont'd)
big amounts of cash, you can
almost buy yourself an Army to go
into the Kashmantou, taboo or not.
If thatís necessary, Mr.
Ambassador, then thatís what Iíll
do. My apologies for waking you
up, sir.
                       PAUL (VO)
Accepted, Miss Buckwell. When you
get here, come into my office once
you have the manpower you need,
and sign the disclaimer. Iíll
give you a detailed map to show
you how to get to the Kashmantou
Thank you, Mr. Ambassador. What
should I do about securing the
services of porters to take me in
there? Weíll need them to help
carry our food and supplies.
                       PAUL (VO)
The Yintah tribespeople are the
nearest village to the Kashmantou,
about seventy-five miles upriver
on the Kalebbe River.
Right now all that means nothing
to me, sir, so Iíll get all that
information when I get down there.
Who should I get in touch with to
buy this Army you spoke about?
                       PAUL (VO)
I will give you this number, Miss
Buckwell, but his name is General
Josef Malaga. The men youíll get
from him are the meanest outcasts
going. They would rather go on
this expedition with you than to


                       PAUL (cont'd)
Can these men be trusted with
They may be outcasts, Miss
Buckwell, but they sure know how
to pull a mean trigger. They will
shoot to kill anyone or anything
that threatens their very
Then thatís who I want. Thank
you, Mr. Ambassador.
Before she hangs up, Ambassador Kousak gives her the phone
number for General Malaga.
                       PAUL (VO)
Good day, Miss Buckwell! I will
look forward to seeing you when
you arrive.
Rebecca hits the button on the intercom.
Miss Daniels!
                       LISA (VO)
Yes, maíam!
Tell Jack I want him in my office
at eight oíclock tomorrow morning.


                       LISA (VO)
Will there be anything else,
Thatís it! After you take care of
that youíre through for the day.
                       LISA (VO)
Thank you, Miss Buckwell. Iíll
tell him right now.
Jack is paged on the intercom and is quick to respond.
Yes, Miss Daniels, what can I do
for you?
                       LISA (VO)
Your sister would like your
presence in her office at eight
oíclock in the morning, sir.
Thank you. Iíll be there.
At seven fifty-five Jack arrives for his scheduled eight
oíclock appointment. He approaches the reception desk.
Good morning, Lisa! What kind of
mood is she in?
Iíd say sheís preoccupied, but
otherwise in a good mood.


Is she waiting for me?
Yes, sir, she is.
Wish me luck!
Jack heads to the door to his sisterís office.
Once he closes the door behind him, Jack turns and greets
his sister.
Good morning, sis! Who am I going
to wake up this morning?
Rebecca sits behind her desk and looks at her brother.
With wisecracks like that, Jack,
maybe the devil himself! Please
sit down!
Jack takes a seat across from her and sits down.
Is this a business meeting or a
personal one?
Letís just say itís our business,
because Kevin is your brother,
even if you were adopted, as well
as being my twin.


Okay, then, whatís going on?
When you get back to your office,
Jack, I want you to make plane
reservations for two to Entebbe,
South Africa. Once you know when
weíll arrive, I want you to call
this General Josef Malaga. Tell
him we need ten men who can shoot
good and weíre willing to pay him
ten thousand dollars, per man, to
follow us into the Kashmantou
Rebecca hands him the phone number.
Do I tell him why weíre going in
Only if he asks. Then I want you
to tell him when our plane will
touch down in Entebbe. Weíll need
these men the next day.
What will you pay the men who go
in there with you?
Us, Jack! Weíre both going to go
there, but to answer your
question, weíll pay each man five
thousand dollars, but only if we
make it out of there alive.
You sound a bit skeptical.
No one whoís gone in there, in the
past twenty years or so, made it
out of there alive. Thatís why I


                       REBECCA (cont'd)
want an experienced team of
commandos or killers, to go in
there with us.
What about weapons?
Find out what we can buy with
seventy-five grand. These men
will know how to use them.
Are you starting a bloody war?
If thatís what it will take to get
our brother back, then thatís what
Iíll do.
You do realize this will take some
Then what the fuck are you waiting
for? Get your ass back to that
cushy office and get started. I
want answers by the time you leave
here tonight.
Jack stands to leave.
Iíll do what I can.
Jack leaves the office.


He heads back to the purchasing office. Before he starts
the calls, he makes a list of what he needs to accomplish.
He places a call to Pan American airlines and schedules a
flight for September seventeenth, at three in the afternoon.
With the list in front of him, he then dials the number for
Ambassador Jorge Fontanamoís office and waits.
                       TANYA (VO)
Good morning, Ambassador
Fontanamoís office! May I help
Good morning, maíam! This is Jack
Buckwell again. May I please
speak to Ambassador Fontanamo
                       TANYA (VO)
The ambassador told me to expect
another call from you, sir, so
please hold and Iíll patch you
through to him.
Thank you!
                       JORGE (VO)
Good morning, Jack! Somehow I
knew you would be in touch with me
again, my friend.
How did you know?
My American counterpart,
Ambassador Kousak, called me
yesterday afternoon and spoke of
the conversation he had with your
Then you know what I need?
                       JORGE (VO)
General Malaga is my friend. He
will not send any of his soldiers
into the Kashmantou unless heís


                       JORGE (cont'd)
ordered to do so.
So how am I supposed to get ten
good men to follow us in there?
                       JORGE (VO)
Getting the men is not a problem,
my friend, but keeping them in
line, once you have them, is
That should be easy enough. Once
we find our brother, and weíre
safely out of the Kashmantou,
theyíll be paid five thousand U.S.
Dollars cash. What about fire
                       JORGE (VO)
How much are you willing to spend?
Up to seventy-five thousand, or
more if itís necessary.
                       JORGE (VO)
You bring that up to one hundred
thousand, Jack, and Iíll see that
you have all the fire power you
need; grenades, machine guns,
grenade launchers, and more, but
only to be used in the Kashmantou.
                       JORGE (VO)
Then get the cash to me by Monday,
my friend, and let me take care of
everything else.
How much do you need, Mr.


                       JORGE (VO)
One hundred grand will ensure both
the manpower and munitions.
Can we get porters to take us as
far as the Kangshee River?
                       JORGE (VO)
The Yintah have sent porters on
more than one occasion, but only
as far as the Kangshee, but youíll
lose them once youíve set up camp.
They do not stay once they reach
the river.
I believe we can live with that.
Iíll be over on Monday with the
money, Mr. Ambassador.
                       JORGE (VO)
Iíll see you then, Jack. Have a
good day, sir!
When the plane touches down in Entebbe, both Rebecca and her
brother are awake. While it taxis to the airport, she can
see a bearded officer who stands about six feet tall,
standing beside a camouflaged jeep.
I thought you said this man was
not a soldier, the one weíre
supposed to meet.
That may be General Malaga. I
could have misunderstood.
Jack looks out the window.


I wonder what he wants.
Maybe heís going to take us to the
men we bought for this
trip. I donít know!
Letís go and get our bags.
As the two of them disembark from the plane, the same man
heads around the jeep and moves towards them.
The General speaks to them in broken English because of his
African accent.
                       GEN MALAGA
Are you Miss Buckwell?
Yes, sir, I am!
                       GEN MALAGA
Iím General Josef Malaga, maíam.
Welcome to Entebbe.
Rebecca waits as her brother gets their luggage.
Thank you, General. Where are the
men I paid you for, sir?
                       GEN MALAGA
As soon as you have your bags,
I'll take you to them. You'll
need to see Ambassador Kousak
before you go to the men. They
have already signed the necessary
papers to enter the Kashmantou.
You and Mr. Buckwell need to also.


Youíll take us to him?
                       GEN MALAGA
Yes, maíam. The weapons you paid
for are already with the men. A
Colonel Donato will be in charge.
I thought you wouldnít let any of
your soldiers go into the
Kashmantou, General.
                       GEN MALAGA
Colonel Donato is not one of my
soldiers any more, Miss Buckwell.
He was a colonel at one time, and
he is also a man who can control
the men you paid to protect you in
the Kashmantou. I see my men and
your brother have your bags, so
please get into the vehicle,
Rebecca climbs into the jeep as her brother approaches with
their bags. Once their bags are put in,Jack climbs into the
back. General Malaga then drives the two Americans away
from the airport.
Colonel Donato is the first to exit the bus, followed
closely by both Rebecca and Jack. The commandos leave the
bus last.
Rebecca looks at the building.
This is a boat dock, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
Yes, maíam. Walk around the
building and climb aboard the


Rebecca looks again at the building and can see a path that
leads around the left side. As Jack starts towards it, she
follows behind. When they round the corner of the building
she can see a dock, and tied up to it is a combination ferry
and barge. The oxen she purchased are secured to the aft of
the boat and the remaining two bodyguards stand on deck
waiting for them.
Donato extends his right hand to the narrow plank that leads
onto the boatís deck.
                       COL. DONATO
Get on board, Miss Buckwell.
Rebecca's eyebrows rise as she looks at Donato.
This is our ride upriver, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
The only other way to the Yintah
Village is a four-day hike though
the jungle, maíam.
You mean to tell me, Mr. Donato,
that we have to be on this thing
all day?
                       COL. DONATO
This may not look like much, sir,
but itís safe and Captain Noah
Maalin knows the Kalebbe River
better than anyone.
Donato then waits for his men to climb on board.
Donato climbs on board.
Where do we sit, colonel?


                       COL. DONATO
Inside the cabin, maíam! Make
yourselves comfortable.
Donato then turns and talks to his men.

Jack and Rebecca enter the cabin area of the boat that has a
seating capacity of twenty people. In the far corner Jack
can see what appears to be a bathroom, or head, as they are
called on boats. The two of them can see the ten men who
will accompany them into the Kashmantou. Nine of the men
are of African decent, where they are dark-skinned, and the
other man, though not a true white man his skin tone is not
as dark as the others.
Rebecca and Jack grab a seat beside each other, while
Colonel Donato talks to his men in their native language.
I wonder what they're saying, sis.
Unless you know Swahili, Jack, you
wonít understand a damn word.
What do you think theyíre saying,
More than likely heís giving them
their last minute instructions
before we reach the village.
That could be. How long are we
going to be stuck on this floating


The colonel told me about six
hours, Jack, so get comfortable.
Will we head into the jungle
No! We first have to acquire our
porters from the people of the
Yintah Village we are going to.
According to Donato they will have
some kind of a ceremony for us
tonight. Havenít you been
listening to anything weíve said
the past few days?
I guess not. Whatís the
celebration for?
As I understand it, these tribes
have to appease their gods for
almost everything they do.
What does that have to do with us?
All I can do is guess, but Iíd say
itís to give us safe passage to
the Kashmantou.
What kind of a ceremony?
I have no idea. Even Colonel
Donato doesnít know.


Then I guess weíll have to wait.
A moment later Colonel Donato and his men enter the cabin
area. Donato takes a seat beside Rebecca.
                       COL. DONATO
Howís your ride, Miss Buckwell?
As well as can be expected, I
guess. Iím used to high rise
buildings all around me with lots
of people and traffic in a small
area. This, to me, is boring.
                       COL. DONATO
You are no longer in the big
cities of your America, Miss
Buckwell, but youíre now going
deeper into the South African
jungles. The only traffic youíre
likely to come across is monkeys
and other jungle creatures who
inhabit these jungles.
Such as what?
                       COL. DONATO
Elephants, giraffes, zebra, lions,
tigers, and wild boar just to name
a few. Until we reach the
Kangshee thatís what youíll see.
Will we be killing or trapping any
of these jungle beasts to restock
our food supply?
                       COL. DONATO
Only wild boar and gazelle! Those
two animals are the best for their
meat, but when we shoot a gazelle
thereís liable to be one or more
lions or tigers whoíll try to grab


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
our kill before we can reach it.
Are they violent?
                       COL. DONATO
Most definitely! To them a
gazelle is a feast of fresh meat.
Our intrusion into their territory
will not be pleasant.
Can we go outside, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
By all means! There are seats out
there where you can sit down,
Thank you! Iím going outside for
some fresh air.
                       COL. DONATO
Donít forget, maíam, there are two
oxen out there, so the air might
not be as fresh as youíd like it
to be.
You mean they shit on the deck?
                       COL. DONATO
If you were an animal, maíam, and
you were tied up, what would you
Okay, I get your point. Iím still
going outside.


Iím right behind you, sis!
There are seats on both the port and starboard sides of the
boat and Rebecca chooses the starboard side. Once seated,
she can see natives along the shoreline.
Rebecca points to three dark-skinned natives, who appear to
be naked.
What are they doing there?
Jack pulls out a pair of binoculars and brings them to his
Well they have spears in their
hands, so it could be theyíre
either fishing or hunting for
other food for their village. Let
me take a closer look with these.
Jack adjusts them and can see they are clothed with only a
piece of loincloth below the waist.
It looks like they are fishing,
Rebecca looks upriver, in the direction they are headed.
I wonder what kind of fish can
live in a muddy river like this.
By two oíclock that afternoon Colonel Donato heads out on
deck and goes over to the Buckwells. He sits down beside


                       COL. DONATO
We are almost to the Yintah
Village. Once weíve off-loaded
the supplies, maíam let me talk to
Chief Mungtah. I can speak their
Be my guest, colonel. I wouldnít
have any idea what he was saying
to me.
                       COL. DONATO
Weíll be setting up camp at the
outer edge of the village this
afternoon and sleep here tonight.
Itís my guess weíll leave by dawn
in the morning.
Donato looks upriver.
                       COL. DONATO
I see weíre approaching the Yintah
Village now, Miss Buckwell.
Donato stands when his men exit the cabin.

Rebecca looks and can see a long wooden pier that extends
out from the shore about forty feet. She hears a weird
sound, like that of a strange horn, and she can see the
Yintah people as they converge on the shoreline as the boat
pulls up to the dock.
Once the deckhand secures the bowline and the aft line,
Colonel Donato exits the boat, followed closely by both
Rebecca and Jack Buckwell and the colonelís men. When they
step onto the pier Colonel Donato talks to his men, after
which they commence to unload the boat of their supplies.


                       COL. DONATO
      (To Rebecca and
Follow me and weíll go and meet
Chief Mungtah.
The colonel heads down the pier towards the throng of Yintah
who await them.
The Buckwells trail the man whoís in charge of seeing they
remain safe throughout their trek into the Kashmantou. When
they reach the end of the pier, the men, women, and children
who block them from the village move aside and let them
through. Colonel Donato nods and pats the head of one
child, a young boy of about seven years old, then heads into
the center of the village.

Rebecca looks around as they pass the crowd by the river.
Besides those who are there to greet them, she can see work
being maintained in and around the twenty or so mud huts
that serve as the center of the Yintah Village.
Is this all there is to the Yintah
people, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
No, maíam! This little village is
what you Americans call the center
of town. This is the prominent
spot for the chief, his family,
and the elders of the tribe. What
you people call the suburbs, to
the Yintah is where all the
younger generation of the tribe
live. They have their fields for
growing vegetables and the women
work most fields. The meat is
hunted and cleaned by the men.
Their huts are located out from
the main village.
Who takes care of the elders?


                       COL. DONATO
Their families do. Once a son or
daughter is married, they then
move to their own hut built by the
husband, but their duties include
seeing that their elders are
supplied with food and clothing.
Is that hut, with what looks like
a guard outside it, the chiefís?
Yes, maíam. I will speak with him
first and he will let the chief
know we are here.
The colonel goes up to the guard and speaks a language
neither Rebecca or Jack understands. A moment later the
six-foot guard enters the chiefís hut and returns with Chief
Mungtah behind him.

Jack watches as the two men converse, with their hands
pointing inland and away from the river. While they talk,
back and forth, two of the colonelís men each bring an ox
over near them. The colonel turns around and shows the
chief the two animals they offer for the services of ten
porters to take them deep into the jungle and as far as the
Kangshee River.
Rebecca looks around the village, then at Donato and the
I wonder what theyíre saying?
I donít know, for certain sis, but
Iíd dare guess the colonel is
making arrangements for us to get
porters to take us to the


I wonder if two oxen will be
Donato seemed to think so, when we
were back at the warehouse.
It appears he was right, because
heís smiling with the chief right
The colonel approaches them.
Are we all set Colonel?

                       COL. DONATO
Yes we are. Tomorrow morning
weíll have ten of his strongest
men to carry our supplies as far
as the Kangshee. Tonight we are
to camp here in the village. They
are going to hold a feast to honor
the gods of the jungle.
Whatís involved with this feast?
Rebecca gets caught up in the atmosphere of jungle
                       COL. DONATO
In an hour, all the virgin men
will head out into the jungle with
no spear, bow, or knife.
For what reason?


                       COL. DONATO
The first one to capture and kill
a wild boar, with only his hands,
will have the boar cooked by the
virgin female of the tribe whom he
chooses. I think itís what you
Americans call getting engaged. He
will marry this female in three
Why the length of time?
                       COL. DONATO
He must have time to build his hut
for them to live in. Anyway, the
female he chose has to prepare the
feast for the visitors who will go
into the jungle at daybreak
tomorrow morning.
Whatís the purpose behind using no
                       COL. DONATO
A weapon is a form of impurity.
Their gods are pure, so in order
to appease them the food needs to
be obtained through pure methods.
One boar wonít be enough meat for
us all, will it Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
All boars caught will be cooked,
but only the victorís boar will be
served to us. The rest will be
served to the chief and the
Where are we going to set up camp
for tonight?


                       COL. DONATO
The Yintah people are bringing the
supplies to the spot now sir. From
what I can see, it will be in the
far corner of the village by those
The Colonel starts to head in that direction.
The Yintah children are curious about the strangers to their
village. Several boys and girls tag along beside Colonel
Donato and Rebecca Buckwell.
One Yintah girl of about eight years old, tugs at Rebeccaís
                       ONE YINTAH GIRL
Yong si tikeh!
Rebecca looks at Donato.
What the hell did she say?
Donato laughs as he turns to face her.
                       COL. DONATO
The young girl has taken a liking
to you, Miss Buckwell.
How do I reply? I donít know
their language.
The colonel leans towards her ear and whispers something to
her, then backs away.


                       COL. DONATO
That little young lady is the
chiefís granddaughter, so play the
game and be her friend.
Rebecca bends down on one knee and looks at the girl who
wears only a piece of cloth that covers her from her hips to
her knees.
Min de se kayun!
The Yintah girl throws her arms around Rebecca.
                       ONE YINTAH GIRL
Madoo borno se!
Rebecca hugs the girl then releases her and stands up. She
looks at Donato.
What was that all about?
                       COL. DONATO
Not many women from the outside
world come here to the Yintah
Village, maíam! You just made a
Yintah friend. She said, yes,
thank you.
What did I say to her?
                       COL. DONATO
You asked, Be my friend?
I guess that means I have a shadow
now, as long as weíre here in the


                       COL. DONATO
Not to sound smart, Miss Buckwell,
but having her as your friend can
be a good thing.
I understand!
She takes the girl by the hand. As the three of them reach
the temporary campsite, they can see that Donato's men,
along with some help from the Yintah tribesmen, have the
tents up and are securing them for stability.

Rebecca is shown which tent is hers.
Where are we to sit Donato?
                       COL. DONATO
This is not your nice fancy
office, maíam, itís the jungle.
The only one who sits on a chair
around here is the chief. Everyone
else finds a nice soft spot on the
                       ONE YINTAH GIRL
Se ya, kayun, moondaza se-et!
Youíll have to help me out here,
                       COL. DONATO
She called you her friend and she
wants you to follow her.
Whatís her name?
Colonel Donato looks at the young girl.
                       COL. DONATO
      (To the Yintah
Kenda Soa Yong Candoot?


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
                       ONE YINTAH GIRL
Malenta, na se noom octen nunkna
Thatís a long name, Colonel.
                       COL. DONATO
Her name is Malenta and sheís
eight years old. Thatís what she
told me. Have you picked any of
this language up, maíam?
Not really! What should I do?
                       COL. DONATO
By all means follow her.
Iíll need an interpreter.
Colonel Donato laughs as he turns to go to his men.
                       COL. DONATO
Youíll do just fine maíam!
But I donít know the language.
The Colonel turns towards Rebecca.
                       COL. DONATO
The language of friendship
overshadows the language barrier,
Once again Malenta tugs at the pantleg of her new friend.


Rebecca grabs the girlís hand.
Okay, Malenta, Iíll go with you.
For Rebecca Buckwell the next hour was a humbling look at an
era that only history books tell about. For Malenta,
however, it was a time of pride as she showed this city
woman the ways of the Yintah and of the village.

The eight-year-old rambled on and on as though her escort
understood every word.

Around four oíclock another strange horn sounds. Malenta
pulls Rebecca and the two of them head for the main village.
Once she gets there she sees the ten virgin men assembled
around the chief. Standing behind him are sixteen virgin

Malenta releases her grip from her friend and runs to be
with her family while Rebecca goes over with her crew.

      (To Donato)
Whatís going on?
                       COL. DONATO
Those men are the ones whoíll go
into the jungle to kill our feast
with their bare hands. The women
are the virgins who hope to be
chosen by the victor.
The chief gives the men their final instructions.
You mean that the women have no
say in the matter?
                       COL. DONATO
It's their custom, ma'am, and a
custom they've lived with for
centuries. You Americans have
your ways to choose a mate


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
Well, yes we do.
                       COL. DONATO
The Yintah are primitive, by your
standards, but they survive by not
allowing change.
I suppose! What happens next?
                       COL. DONATO
In a few minutes another horn will
blow and the men will run to the
jungle in search of a boar. They
then have to kill the animal using
their bare hands and carry it back
to where they are now. The first
man back will sound the boar horn,
indicating the competition is over
for the woman.
When does he choose a virgin mate?
                       COL. DONATO
The women will get ready while the
men hunt. When the horn sounds
again all the virgin women will
assemble behind the chief. Please
do not be startled by their
appearance, Miss Buckwell.
Why would I be?
                       COL. DONATO
They will be naked from the waist


Are you serious?
Reebecca's eyebrows rise.
                       REBECCA (Cont'd)
I better lock Jack in his tent.
Why are they naked like that?
                       COL. DONATO
So that the victor gets to see the
woman he wants to marry. This way
there are no surprises when they
get to their hut.
Except for the naked part, most
American women have their own ways
of exploiting their upper
extremities. Oh well!
Thereís nothing wrong with that.
A scowl crosses Rebecca's face.
I knew that wouldnít bother you.
Hey, Iíve been quiet long enough.
If I get to see a few boobs, while
Iím here, then what the hell. Iím
not screwing the women.
And you better not, either. I
want to leave here in one piece.
Just then the Yintahís version of the trumpeter expels a
shrieking sound from a boarís horn and the ten competitors
scramble into the jungle that surrounds the village.
Both Rebecca and Jack watch as the horn is then placed on
the sacred ground inside the rock circle. Itís there the


horn will remain until a victor returns. They also watch as
the women scatter to their respective huts to prepare
themselves for the choosing ceremony.

As the late afternoonís sun starts to lower into the western
sky, one lone Yintah male exits the jungle with a large
tusked wild boar in tow. The quiet village suddenly comes
to life as the young man drags his kill to its center and he
grabs the horn and lets out another screeching blow, a
signal that the competition is closed.

Chief Mungtah, with the other village elders, heads to the
ceremonial circle of the gods, the Nakodabonna.
Jack stands to get a better view.
What happens now, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
The village elders have to check
his kill to make sure there are no
arrow, spear, or knife marks. If
kill is legitimate then Chief
Mungtah will grab the horn and
blow into it twice. That will
verify thereís a winner.
All this happened in less than two
hours? Iím impressed!
Rebecca starts to head to the circle.
                       COL. DONATO
Stay here, Miss Buckwell!
Rebecca stops and turns to face Donato.
                       COL. DONATO
We are the reason for this
ceremony and feast, so we have to
stay clear of the Nakodabonna and
the kill until it has been
purified during the cooking


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
process. At that point the woman
chosen offers the boarís heart to
appease their gods. Once theyíve
been appeased then we can go and
eat the meat.
When will this man choose a woman?
                       COL. DONATO
As soon as all of the eligible
virgins assemble behind the
circle. They are starting to come
out now.
One by one sixteen girls, who range in age from about
sixteen to twenty, return to the center of the village and
line up behind the Nakodabonna. Each girl is dressed alike
so as not to sway the manís decision of a winner. They wear
only a skirt, made from animal hide, from the waist down.
They are naked on top.
Jack looks at all the young women.
Iíll be damned!
Rebecca snorts in disgust, as the entire crew stands to
watch the ceremony
Get your damn eyes off their tits,
Jack. They are only girls, jack,
native girls.
I was just caught off guard when
they appeared topless, sis.
Topless or not, keep your eyes in
your head. I want to go home with
mine right where the hell they
are. Donít forget, these people


                       REBECCA (cont'd)
are natives.
The winnerís name is Wonnatu and after given final approval
by Chief Mungtah he starts at the far right and looks over
each girl, one by one, until he reaches the end.
I wonder if heís made up his mind.
                       COL. DONATO
His mind was made up before he
went down that line, maíam. Itís
their custom, however, to give
every girl an equal opportunity to
be chosen, so he has to walk that
line in front of them.
It looks like he made a decision.
Wonnatu stands in front of the chief and after some words
between the two, he turns and goes around the Nakodabonna
and to the third girl from the right. He reaches for her
hand and brings her back in front of Chief Mungtah for his
approval. With a nod of the chiefís head, the girl, named
Janoa, then goes to prepare the feast and offer the heart to
the gods.
That evening, with the meal behind them, Donato, Rebecca,
and Jack plan their strategy for the trip ahead of them.
After a hearty breakfast, with the strong Yintah tribesmen
as porters, Colonel Donato and his men pack the tents for
their daylong trek into the inner sanctum of the jungle
itself. As they take off from the village, his men scatter
themselves throughout the human chain that heads away from
the Yintah Village and protected the entire party with
machine guns at the ready.


Rebecca walks alongside Colonel Donato.
Tell me, Colonel, do your men
always appear like they are
looking for a fight?
                       COL. DONATO
My men, as youíve just called
them, are true fighters. Each man
looks mean because heís just that.
They would rather fight than have
a good woman, if you know what I
Rebecca tries to hide her embarrassment.
I understand very well, Donato.
How many hours will we travel each
                       COL. DONATO
I would think about seven hours
each day.
Then that means we have about four
days until we reach the Kangshee
                       COL. DONATO
Thatís correct. I see you carry a
bolt action rifle, maíam.
Hey! I left the heavy artillery
to you men, colonel. I carry this
in case we have any uninvited
guests, such as a lion, a tiger,
or anything like that. Actually,
it was the first gun I grabbed.


                       COL. DONATO
Do you know how to shoot it, Miss
I not only know how to shoot it,
Donato, I know how to load the
ammunition as well.
                       COL. DONATO
Iím impressed. How about you,
If one of these slugs can take
him, or it, down then I can hit
the bastard.
                       COL. DONATO
Thatís good to know.
One of the Yintah Porters hangs back until Colonel Donato
catches up to him.
                       FIRST YINTAH PORTER
Se doonai naan menda leat, majut.
Gendak, se kayun.
The porter returns to his position near the front.
What was that all about?
                       COL. DONATO
To be brief, he said weíd be
setting up camp in an hour.
Good! My legs need a rest.


The porters and crew takes a ten-minute break.
                       COL. DONATO
      (To Rebecca)
Weíre about an hour away from the
Kangshee River, maíam.
So what happens then?
Jack sits on the ground beside her and looks around to see
what sheís looking for or at.
What are you looking for, sis?
Thatís just it, Jack, thereís
nothing out here except the trees.
There are no monkeys, no birds,
nothing. Itís like the jungle
just up and died. Whatís going on
                       COL. DONATO
Youíve been told that nothing
lives inside the Kashmantou,
Yes I was, but this isnít the
                       COL. DONATO
The closer we get to the Kangshee
the quieter the jungle will
Why is that?


                       COL. DONATO
If I knew the answer to that, sir,
the mystery of that jungle would
collapse. Weíre about two
kilometers from the Kangshee River
and the Kashmantou is on the other
I take it that whateverís
affecting the wildlife in the
Kashmantou is also affecting it
out here as well.
                       COL. DONATO
It appears that way, yes. We
better get going before the
porters get jumpy and leave us. I
want to make sure we get some help
setting up the tents before they
They arenít staying the night?
                       COL. DONATO
Itís their belief that they can
bring someone that far, but at
night they hear strange noises
coming from within the Kashmantou,
so theyíre quick to leave the
The porters start the final leg of the journey. The three of
them step into the middle of the procession while Donatoís
men are staggered throughout.
The jungle remains deathly quiet as they reach a large
clearing next to a river.


Is this the kangshee River,
                       COL. DONATO
Yes, maíam!
The Colonel then goes over to one of his men. After a brief
conversation with him he then goes to the head porter and
instructs the men to help them set up camp before they
By four oíclock the Yintah porters have the campground set
up for them, and they waste no time in heading back into the
jungle towards their village.
They left here in a hurry,
Jack watches the tribesmen saunter off back into the jungle.
Donato sits by the fire, making coffee.
                       COL. DONATO
Their fears about this place go
very deep, sir. From the river
and beyond are taboo.
How far away do you think theyíll
get before nightfall?
                       COL. DONATO
Iíd dare guess they can make it
back to their village by tomorrow
Without eating?


                       COL. DONATO
Donít worry, Miss Buckwell, they
can live on herbs from the jungle
until they get back home.
So where do we go from here?
Rebecca stands and starts to head towards the river.
                       COL. DONATO
Why do you head to the river,
Donato stands to join her.
To see where weíll be heading
                       COL. DONATO
My men will first have to find a
place where we can cross. Thereís
no need for us all to travel up
and down the river until weíre
assured of a safe place to make it
to the other side.
Jack joins the other two by the riverís edge. As he glances
both upstream and down, he can see cascades of flowing water
over and around rocks that have long been embedded into the
riverís bed.
So this is the Kangshee River. It
looks so peaceful and serene out
                       COL. DONATO
Donít be so eager to judge this
book by its cover, Mr. Buckwell.
It can swallow you up as easily as
a small twig and send you as much
as three miles downriver before
spitting you out. By then, my


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
friend, youíve swallowed so much
water youíd be a floating corpse.
Hence the nickname River of Death.
                       COL. DONATO
Okay, colonel, letís get down to
business. When do we head into
the Kashmantou?
Donato leans up against a large boulder at the edge of the
                       COL. DONATO
After breakfast tomorrow Iíll have
two of my men check the river out.
They have two-way radios so they
can keep in touch with us here in
camp. If either of them finds a
place before noon we'll cross and
scout the perimeter. If I feel
itís safe, then weíll take a brief
trip into the Kashmantou to get
our bearings.
How far do you plan to delve into
                       COL. DONATO
That depends on what time we reach
the other side.
In that case, colonel, I see
thereís a spot by the river where
I can freshen up. I trust, as an
officer and gentleman, youíll keep
your eyes focused away from the
riverís edge.


                       COL. DONATO
I will do that, Miss Buckwell.
That goes for you too, Jack. This
bodyís not for you to gawk at.
Iíll return to the tent area, sis.
Rebecca steps forward and climbs down to a small pool off to
the near side of the river and away from the savage flow of
the riverís current. As she undresses, she looks across the
river to the silence of a tamed jungle. She looks over her
shoulder, to make sure Donato isnít getting an eyeful of her
soft smooth skin. Satisfied that sheíll not be seen, she
steps into the chilly water of the Kangshee River and sits
down until the water engulfs her sensuous body.
Once the sweat from four days in the jungle is flushed away,
she steps out of the pool and dresses again.
Rebecca steps in front of the Colonel.
Thank you, Colonel! That feels
much better.
Donato turns to face the river.
                       COL. DONATO
Itís odd maíam!
Whatís odd?
                       COL. DONATO
I've fought in a lot of jungles
across Africa, ma'am, and this is
the first time I've seen a jungle
as quiet as it is here. Outside
of the flowing water from the
river, it's like nothing exists


Well I canít boast of spending any
time in a jungle, at least not
until now, but even I find this
strange. Thereís not a monkey,
bird, or even an elephant in or
around the area youíd expect to
find. What do you make of it,
                       COL. DONATO
Something or someone has either
scared off or killed all the wild
life that normally exists here.
You make it sound like whatever it
is might not be human, Colonel.
                       COL. DONATO
All the jungle animals have lived
with humans for centuries. Why
now would they all of a sudden run
away from humans and stay away
from them? The Yintah donít come
out here and the only others near
here are the Kudaii Tribe. They
havenít come this far away from
their village in over a hundred
Rebecca turns to head back to camp.
I wonder why.
Donato and Jack follow her back to camp.
                       COL. DONATO
When I was young I heard that both
the Yintah and Kudaii tribesmen
heard weird sounds near the
Kangshee. It was feared the
sounds came from within the


What kinds of sound?
Donato goes on to tell the story to both Jack and Rebecca
Buckwell while the three of them wait for their evening
When the meal is served, Rebecca sits on the ground by her
tent and looks out in the direction of the Kashmantou. The
silence is so pronounced, even over the distinct sound of
the flowing water from the river, itís almost deafening.
Donato sits on the ground beside Rebecca.
                       COL. DONATO
You look perplexed, maíam!
I donít know if youíd call it
perplexed, as much as it is
Rebecca takes a bite of her meal.
                       REBECCA (Cont'd)
At home, in America, Iím so used
to subway trains, cars, horns,
trucks, and sirens, that being
here in the jungle is like the
difference between night and day.
Now if you add to that the fact
thereís nothing out here to listen
to, outside of the water from the
river, that rattles my nerves a
                       COL. DONATO
This is too quiet, even for the
jungle, maíam.
What can you possibly make of it,


                       COL. DONATO
Something is going on inside the
Kashmantou, but I have no
explanation for this silence.
By sundown he has two of his men stand guard around the
perimeter of the camp. With ten men available he sets them
up for three-hour shifts.

Once darkness sets in the entire crew relaxes for the
evening. The two men scheduled for the next shift, at
guard, are asleep in their tents. Two others stand guard on
a roving patrol around the exterior of the camping area.
Donato, Rebecca, and Jack sit around the campfire making
plans for the next morning.

Out of nowhere, from the west and the Kashmantou Jungle,
weird whirring sounds they hear.
Rebecca takes off on a run towards the Kangshee River.
What in the world is that?
                       COL. DONATO
That is no aircraft I know of,
Miss Buckwell. Thatís not a
helicopter either.
Several of Donato's men join them by the river and the
sounds get louder and closer.
Jack joins the others by the large boulder.
Sis! Look above the trees, on the
other side of the river. That
lightís not a light coming from
the moon.
Donato lifts a pair of binoculars to his eyes and tries to
adjust them.


                       COL. DONATO
I can see the light, Jack, but
Iíll be damned if I know what it
What can you see, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
There are bright lights moving
across the sky from north to
south, but theyíre too low and are
hidden behind the tree line so I
canít see.
Would you care to take a guess?
                       COL. DONATO
My military training wonít allow
me to second guess my enemy. At
this stage of our journey, maíam,
I am not sure whateverís out there
is even our enemy. I can tell you
this, though.
Whatís that?
                       COL. DONATO
Whateverís inside the Kashmantou,
is alive.
Thatís obvious, because of the
lights and sounds we just heard
over there.
Now I know what scared off the
jungle life around here.
The lights and sounds continue.


Okay Colonel, based on what you
saw through those binoculars,
about how far away are they?
                       COL. DONATO
Night is always confusing, sir,
but based on my experience Iíd say
about four miles, maybe five.
Break that down into travelling
hours, colonel.
                       COL. DONATO
Thatíll depend on whether we have
to use our machetes to cut a path
to where weíre going. We no
longer have the porters to cut a
path for us, so my men will have
to do it if necessary.
Will that get us to where we want
to go?
                       COL. DONATO
Thereís not one of our crew whoís
been into the Kashmantou, maíam,
so we have no idea where weíre
headed. I will have one of my men
lead us in the direction of where
those lights were, but remember
this is a big jungle and those
lights can be deceiving.
In what way?
                       COL. DONATO
If those lights are from some kind
of an aircraft, be it from earth
or somewhere else, and they're
landing, then it's most likely we
could be off as much as two or
three miles.


I understand.
The eight of them stand there by the boulder for over an
hour before the lights and sounds dissipate into the
darkened jungle.
At daybreak the two men who slept all night check their
radios and weapons before they leave the campground. Magunta
is assigned to go down river and Dulong upriver.

While the rest of the crew sits around the campfire, Rebecca
watches as each of their bodyguards check and recheck their
weapons. One of the men pulls out a case from near his tent
and opens it.
Whatís in there, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
Thatís the case we carry our
grenades in, maíam!
Grenades? What do you think this
is colonel, a war?
                       COL. DONATO
If my presumptions are right,
maíam, it could very well be a war
but not the kind of war youíre
used to.
In what way?
                       COL. DONATO
If whatís out there, inside the
Kashmantou Jungle, is from another
planet or world, then we have no
idea what strengths or weaknesses


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
they might have, if any. We came
down here prepared for almost any
kind of war without machines.
Machines, as like in tanks?
                       COL. DONATO
Exactly! We will be limited to
what we could carry in here, but
with one grenade launcher and more
than fifty grenades, we should
have enough to blow them to hell,
whoever they are, if they want a
Colonel Donatoís radio comes to life and he reaches for it
as he stands to get better reception.
Both Jack and Rebecca try to listen, but where the colonel
speaks in their native language they canít understand him
except when he mentions Dulongís name. A moment later he
speaks to Magunta whoís on the lower end of the river.
Donato rejoins Jack and Rebecca.
Whatís going on, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
We have a way to get across the
river, about a quarter of a mile
upriver from here. I have to wait
for my man to get back here.
Donato signals his men.
Which one?


                       COL. DONATO
Magunta! He went down river,
maíam. You two better check your
weapons and make sure theyíre
Donato then turns to talk to his men.
Rebecca checks her pistol.
Well itís do or die time, Jack.
If you donít mind, sis, leave off
the die part. I, for one, plan to
make it out of here alive.
Jack loads the M-16 rifle with a fresh clip. He also grabs
four additional clips.
Is this all Iím going to have,
colonel, this pea-shooter?
She shows him the .357 magnum she removes from the holster.
                       COL. DONATO
Can you handle an M-16 like your
If it means the difference between
life and death, Donato, Iíll run a
bullet right between their eyes.
                       COL. DONATO
One second, maíam.
The colonel heads to the ammo tent. When he returns he
holds a brand new M-16 rifle with three additional clips,
and hands them to her.


                       COL. DONATO
Use this! I gave you three
additional clips in case you need
Thank you, colonel!
She grabs the rifle and ammunition.
Majunta arrives from the river so Donato signals everyone to
follow him.
The edge of the river sits up above the water by close to
two feet and as the group follows its path upriver that gap
narrows to within a foot.
Rebecca continues to look upstream.
How much further colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
Weíre almost there, Miss Buckwell!
Thereís Dulong just ahead of us
Donato quickens the pace.
As they reach the six foot African who is built heavy-set,
Rebecca can see that the river narrows with several large
boulders they can use to make it to the jungleís edge on the
other side.
Thatís our bridge to the other
side, Colonel?
Jack looks at the zig zag course theyíll need to jump, from
one boulder to another.


                       COL. DONATO
Thatís not a bridge, Jack, but
itís our only way to get to the
other side. This is not a hard
jump, from one to the other, so
you should make it with no
I wasnít thinking of me, colonel,
but rather my sister.
Rebecca steps onto the first boulder.
Iíll take care of myself, Jack.
Without hesitation she grabs her rifle with both hands and
jumps onto the second, the third, and three more before she
jumps off the last boulder onto the soft jungle ground on
the other side.
                       REBECCA (Cont'd)
I told you not to worry.
All twelve men on the other side look on in awe.
                       COL. DONATO
Go ahead, Mr. Buckwell, youíre
Mimicking his sisterís actions he grabs a hold of his M-16
and jumps from one rock to the other until heís on the other
side. One by one the remaining eleven men follow behind
Jack Buckwell. Colonel Donato brings up the rear.
                       COL. DONATO
Welcome to the Kashmantou Jungle,
Miss Buckwell.
This place gives me the creeps,


Rebecca looks around for any signs of life.
The silence seems to be magnified
on this side of the river. So
where do we go from here?
                       COL. DONATO
At first glance it appears there
are no paths for us to follow.
Weíll have to cut out our own.
That will take too long, Colonel.
                       COL. DONATO
Thereís no other way, maíam.
How far can we get?
                       COL. DONATO
That depends on the jungle. My
men will work for two and a half
hours. After that we should
return to camp. I donít want
either of you two, or my own men,
inside that jungle after
Donatoís crew starts to cut a swath, into the depths of the
Kashmantou, for them to follow,
And why is that, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
I have a tendency to believe the
stories I've heard about this
jungle, ma'am, and I would prefer
to leave here in one piece. If
you don't leave here that way, I
don't get paid.


Good point!
Donato extends his arm for her to lead the way.
                       COL. DONATO
We can start to follow my men now,
Miss Buckwell.
From the river to the edge of the Kashmantou Jungle, the
bush is both thick and about waist high. At the edge of the
jungle the trees are thick, but thereís enough space for
Donatoís men to cut a swath about three feet wide.
After almost three hours the group reaches an open field
with tall brush at almost chest high, and Donatoís men stop
to take a break.
Rebecca looks into the field in front of them.
Whatís going on colonel?
Donato finds a soft place where he can sit down.
                       COL. DONATO
My men are taking a break, maíam.
In this heat itís best they do.
Jack grabs a seat in the soft grass.
How much further can we go today?
                       COL. DONATO
Iíd like to see whatís on the
other side of this field, at
least. By then weíll have a good
two-hour walk back to the camp
from here.


One of Donato's men come over to him and says something in
his native tongue.
Rebecca watches as the man grabs one of his friends and
makes a hasty departure into the tall grass.
What was that all about, Donato?
                       COL. DONATO
Jamal and Mondo are good scouts,
maíam. They are going ahead of
us, across the field, to make sure
itís safe for us to go on. Until
now weíve had the benefit of the
trees to protect us. Out here, in
the open field, weíre what you
Americans call sitting ducks. We
donít need to be caught out in the
open with no protective cover.
How much time will we lose?
                       COL. DONATO
Please, Miss Buckwell, youíre
paying me to get you safely into
the Kashmantou, and safely out of
here. Weíll do whatever it takes
to accomplish that task.
I apologize, colonel. Itís just
that now that Iím this close to
where I feel my brother is, Iím
anxious to find him.
                       COL. DONATO
What good will it do us to find
him, maíam, if we allow ourselves
to be ambushed by whoever or
whatever has him?


This is true. By all means,
colonel, do what you need to do.
Rebecca lies back in the tall soft grass.
                       COL. DONATO
Jamal and Mondo should be back
here in about twenty minutes.
Thank you!
Moving quickly through the tall bush, side by side, the two
experienced former soldiers move through the grass with
ease. As they close in on the forest in front of them, they
slow down to a slow walk while their eyes, ears, and sense
of smell are at a maximum.
Jamal holds his hand out to stop Mondo. He motions that he
sees something through the tall grass. With a motion of his
hand, both men lower themselves onto their belly and they
crawl to within a few feet from the edge of the grass.
The two warriors freeze at what their eyes behold in the
clearing across from them. They can see four wooden poles
that stand upright from the ground and spaced about four
feet apart. Atop three of these poles are skulls, two of
them human and one animal. On the fourth pole, however, are
the human remains of what once was a human being. His
clothes were that of a possible American, but they couldnít
be sure. The clothes were well faded from constant
submission to a hot African sun.
Jamal looks at Mondo and shakes his head no, and then
motions for them to go back to where the others are waiting.
Almost ten minutes later, with both men on a run, they
approach the other end of the field.


KOLAN stands guard as the two men approach and raises his
weapon in case itís needed.
                       COL. DONATO
Someone or something is coming.
Take cover!
Donato slides back into the tall grass with his weapon at
the ready.
DonatoÖ! DonatoÖ!
Jamal is almost out of breath when he reaches his leader.
With the assurance the two men were not followed, Donato
stands and approaches the two men.
                       COL. DONATO
Toomah loah, Jamal?
Rebecca and the others join in a circle around them.
Trying to catch his breath, Jamal speaks in his native
Koombah! Num bende et nat dacon.
Nat ulba tay, mende al kanze.
                       COL. DONATO
Lenta maau fooma, numay kand moo
tal, sahib.


Whatís going on, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
Theyíve found three skulls. Two
of them are human and the third is
animal. They also saw what was
left of a whole human body.
Oh my God, Colonel, where?
                       COL. DONATO
About fifteen minutes away, on the
other side of this field.
Rebecca turns towards the path.
Then letís go!
                       COL. DONATO
Not so fast, maíam.
Rebecca stops quickly and turns to face Donato.
Whatís wrong now?
                       COL. DONATO
Weíll go tomorrow morning. To go
now maíam, means weíll return to
the camp in the dark. Do you want
to cross the river when you canít
see where your feet are below you?
No, I guess not, but it doesnít
get dark around here until after
eight oíclock or so.


                       COL. DONATO
That is true, Miss Buckwell, but
you also have to remember that
once we leave this field weíre
back into the jungle once again,
which means the trees block the
sunlight, and where itís late
afternoon, we wonít get the
benefit of good travelling light.
That means our vision isnít at
full capacity the later we wait to
go back. We will get an early
start in the morning.
I have no recourse, colonel. The
safety of this mission is in your
With a motion of his hand, half his men start back into the
jungle the way they came. Rebecca, Jack, and Donato fall in
line next, with the remaining five men bringing up the rear.
Weíre getting close, Jack. I can
feel Kevinís spirit.
Donít get your hopes up too high,
sis. Thereís no way that we can
know if heís alive or not.
With the afternoon sun lowering into the western sky,
Rebecca Buckwell can see that the jungle, that only a couple
of hours earlier was brightened by the presence of a mid-day
sun, is noticeably darker as they push through towards the
Kangshee River.
The entire crew sits around the campfire at breakfast.


I have to know, this morning, if
that body on the pole is Kevinís
or not. What time are we leaving,
                       COL. DONATO
In about fifteen minutes, maíam!
Weíll leave as soon as my men
check their weapons and
Why so much checking, Donato? They
didnít use their weapons
                       COL. DONATO
Itís a procedure my men use to
make sure their weapons operate at
top efficiency when theyíre
needed. Thereís nothing worse
then going to shoot a weapon and
it misfires on you.
Okay, I get the point.
At a few minutes past seven oíclock on Friday morning the
group heads out away from the campground.
They arrive at the same spot where they were the previous
day, just before nine a.m. Jamal and Mondo take over the
lead and start into the tall grass and use their machetes to
cut the grass for easier access.
Almost twenty minutes later, Jamal raises his hand as he
nears the end of the field, a signal for the others to stop.



Colonel Donato moves up to the front and looks around. He
points to Rebecca and Jack.
                       COL. DONATO
You two stay here.
Rebecca and Jack watch as the rest of the group leaves the
privacy and security of the tall grass to secure the
perimeter around the area of the skulls.
Whatís happening, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
My men are making sure itís safe
to leave the tall grass where we
are. Jamal will signal me when
itís all clear.
What or who do you expect to find?
                       COL. DONATO
      (Talking Softly)
Thatís something we donít know,
but my men are prepared for
anything. Thereís our signal. Are
you ready, Miss Buckwell?
Rebecca stands motionless; her eyes focused on the skeletal
carcass of what once used to be a human being. Her voice is
almost stoic and void of feeling.
Yes, Colonel, Iím as ready as I
can be.
                       COL. DONATO
Are you alright maíam?


I will be once I get used to
seeing a skeletal corpse.
Rebecca steps out from within the tall grass and onto a
dirt-encrusted surface with Jack right behind her.
The three of them approach the four poles.
                       COL. DONATO
Is that your brother, maíam?
Rebecca takes a good look at the skeletal remains on the
I donít think so, Colonel. This
happens to be a white man, I
think, but Iíd guess he was short,
maybe five foot-six. My brother
is six foot-two. I hope Iím
wrong, Donato, but this could be
Kevinís friend, Dan Spaulding. He
was a short man. God, Colonel, if
this is Dan, then whereís my
                       COL. DONATO
I canít answer that for you,
Jack looks at the decaying skulls.
Do you have any idea what all this
means, Donato?
                       COL. DONATO
I can only guess that this was put
here as a warning of some kind.


Is this some kind of jungle
                       COL. DONATO
If this is meant as a warning of
the jungle, it would not have the
full skeletal corpse mixed in
amongst the skulls. This seems to
be the work of someone on the
outside trying to imitate the
What should we do with these
                       COL. DONATO
Leave them the way they are. Right
now we have no idea who might of
put them there, and to be frank,
we donít even know what they mean.
If this is a warning then we best
not disturb it.
Where do we go from here, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
Iím going to send my two scouts
ahead while we rest right here for
a bit. Maybe they can find
something so we know which way to
go. It appears there are three
trails that lead into the jungle
from here, and by the looks of
things itís been a while since
theyíve been used. Why donít you
two take a seat in the tall grass,
where itís cleaner, while I talk
to my men?
While Rebecca and Jack find a comfortable clean spot to sit
down, Donato assembles his men. Moments later after a brief
talk, both Jamal and Naduul take separate trails and head
into the forest even further. A third man, Jempke, takes
the third trail.


Rebecca watches these mostly South African men perform their
duties like professional militiamen. At the entrance to
each trail Colonel Donato posts one man with a machine gun.
The remaining four men he staggers around the perimeter.
Once all his men are in place, Colonel Donato joins both
Rebecca and Jack Buckwell. He sits down in the tall grass
across from them.
                       COL. DONATO
Now we wait.
Whatís that supposed to mean?
                       COL. DONATO
If whateverís out there is nearby,
my men will find them. I told
them not to use the radio from
here on out, unless theyíve been
seen or spotted by these people.
Once my men are detected then
weíll have our work cut out for
What are the chances of them being
                       COL. DONATO
Both Jamal and Naduul are
experienced scouts and front men.
Jempke can scout but heís better
at being a marksman.
Will we be able to check out
whatever they find, if they do
manage to find anything?
                       COL. DONATO
That will depend on how far they
have to travel, and also what it
is they find. Thereís a slim
possibility that whatís out there
might not be from what we call


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
earth. If thatís the case then I
canít have you two going in there
with us; at least not until we
know what weíre dealing with and
how to combat them.
How far will your men travel
without seeing anything, before
they turn back?
                       COL. DONATO
No more than an hour, tops.
Then that means weíve lost two
                       COL. DONATO
Itís better to lose two hours than
to lose thirteen lives, Miss
Snaps at the colonel.
Men! All they think about is
saving their ass.
                       COL. DONATO
You can say what you want to,
maíam, but my men plan to collect
our money when we get you and your
brothers out of here safely. If
my ass is dead, then I get
nothing. If yours is dead I get
nothing either; understand?
Sorry, colonel, youíre right. Iím
getting impatient.


Rebecca lies back on the grass.
Relax, sis! The colonel is doing
everything youíve asked, but our
safety has to be his concern as
Jamal races through the narrow path that leads into the
jungle like a gazelle in an open field. Over a half hour
into the forest and he sees a clearing up ahead of him. He
slows down to a walk and looks both to his left and right,
making sure heís not seen. The closer he gets to the
clearing the brighter the forest becomes, eliminating the
safety of the treesí shadows where he can hide.

At about ten feet from the hole, lying on his stomach, he
sees that the ground around the hole is burnt to a hard
crust. This pattern flows all around the perimeter of it.
He looks into the interior of the hole and gasps at what his
eyes can see. He sees the top of some kind of a craft.

He inches closer, to get a better look, and peers down into
a machine made crater with a spaceship in its center. He
crawls closer to the holeís edge and brings his binoculars
to his eyes to get a good observation of whatís down below.
The depth of the hole he estimates to be one hundred feet or
more down. He scans a triangular-shaped spacecraft that
appears to be about three hundred feet around at its base.

Around the perimeter of the craft he can see what appears to
be tunnels at equal points around three-quarters of the
spacecraft. He cannot see if there is a fourth directly
beneath him.

While he scans the floor of the crater he can see movement
coming out from the tunnel across from him. A quick
adjustment to his binoculars and he can make out that it is
human, and is probably one of his own countrymen, where his
skin is dark in color.

He backs up and away from the hole and reaches the forestís
edge before he stands upright and replaces his binoculars to
its case.

One more quick look, to make sure he hasnít been spotted,


and he then takes off on a run back to the open field where
colonel Donato and the others wait.

When Jamal returns, both Jempke and Naduul are talking to
the colonel. He joins the other two and tells what he
Jack sees Jamal all excited, as the scout converses with
I wonder whatís going on, sis! It
appears all three of them are
Help me up, will you please?
Rebecca extends her hand to be helped to her feet. She
                       REBECCA (Cont'd)
Itís about time we know what these
men found.
Rebecca and Jack head away from the grassy field and towards
the colonel.
When Donato sees the Buckwells approaching him, he turns
towards them.
                       COL. DONATO
It appears, folks, that my
suspicions are correct.


Donít keep us in the dark,
colonel. You were correct about
                       COL. DONATO
Jempke and Naduuk found nothing,
but Jamal found what he thinks to
be a spacecraft. This aircraft,
whatever it is, sits inside a huge
round hole in the ground like a
crater. There were no guards near
the hole so he was able to get
close enough to look down inside
Are you shitting me?
Rebecca brings her hand to her mouth.
How can this be, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
You know almost as much as me,
maíam. Jamal said he saw at least
one human. He was coming out from
one of the three tunnels that
leads to who knows where.
What did this aircraft, or
spaceship, look like, and how big
is it?
                       COL. DONATO
His best guess is about a football
field in diameter and maybe a
hundred feet high and is
Whatís our next move, colonel?


                       COL. DONATO
Thatís what we were discussing
when I saw you and your brother
heading my way. According to
Jamal, he could see no way down
into the crater, so I need Jamal,
and one of my sharpshooters to
have as a back-up, go in to where
they are and stay undercover until
nightfall. Once they do whatever
it is they do, my men can take
mental notes.
So where does that leave us?
                       COL. DONATO
Itís best that the rest of us
heads back to camp. If these
beings are from another planet,
then we need to have a concrete
plan in place. It will also mean
we have to find a way to get down
there into the crater, or hole, or
whatever it is, to be able to
execute our plan.
What could they be doing down
there, Donato?
                       COL. DONATO
South Africa is prosperous in
diamonds. Itís possible they have
kidnapped our missing people so
they can mine the diamonds from
the Kashmantou.
What could they possibly need
diamonds for?
                       COL. DONATO
I have no idea, and we wonít know
for sure until we get down there
and find out for ourselves.


How big did you say this hole is?
                       COL. DONATO
Jamal said it was about a hundred
meters in diameter.
Then thatís a good-sized craft,
                       COL. DONATO
That may be, But Iím concerned
less about that spacecraft than I
am about our people down there.
Do whatever you have to do
colonel. Weíll step aside until
weíre needed.
Colonel Donato turns back to his men. Jamal is unable to
shut up about what he saw. In their language the colonel
asks him about a way into the hole.
Rebecca sits back down on the grass.
I swear, Jack, Iíll go nuts if I
donít know what the hell theyíre
Jack sits down beside her.
Itís just as rough for them,
Rebecca, when we talk to Colonel
I wonder if Jamal saw Kevin when
he looked into that crater.


Thatís a good distance down, even
with binoculars.
Well how deep is it?
Donato never said, but he did say
that the spaceship, or whatever it
is, is about eighty feet high, so
that would make me believe itís
around a hundred feet deep. Now
with that thing in the way, he
might not have seen very much.
And there are no stairs or a
ladder, or anything to help us get
down there?
None that he could see, but that
doesnít mean thereís not a way to
get down there.
How do you mean?
Think about it for a moment. If
these are alien beings of some
sort, then by all rights they
should possess some kind of
superior intellect to be able to
travel from wherever they came
from to here. If they have that
kind of ability then itís likely
they could conceal a simple
stairwell or path.
That would make sense, but damn!
The thought of aliens, right here
on earth, makes me feel like Iím
living in a movie.


We are living it, Rebecca, but
itís a far cry from a movie. Here
comes the colonel.
Rebecca stands to face Donato
Whatís going on Colonel?
Jack stands beside his sister.
                       COL. DONATO
Iím leaving two of my men here
overnight. The rest of them will
come back to camp with us.
Why are those two men staying
                       COL. DONATO
There are several reasons. I need
to know if there are other alien
ships involved, and find out if
they leave that crater. If they
do, I want my men to find out how
they get in and out of there.
Having only two men here it will
be easier for them to remain
concealed. With thirteen of us
here it would be different. Are
you two ready?
Lead the way, colonel.
Rebecca lets Colonel Donato return to the path they cut


The two men then approach the pit with caution, and check
the perimeter for any signs of their counterparts from
another world.

Naduul's first look at the alien spacecraft catches him by
surprise. A lump forms in his throat as he cautiously
approaches the edge of the crater. His eyes grow wide as he
then looks into the pit for the first time and sees the huge
cone-shaped metallic object that sits on the bottom.

Where they can only see three sides of the crater, Jamal
works his way around to the left almost a quarter of the way
around, to get a better view of the hidden side Naduul is
laying above. After a quick look into the pit, he notices
yet another tunnel that extends under the ground and away
from the craft, which brings to four the number of tunnels
these beings have dug into the ground.

As Jamal watches, he sees humans walking back and forth from
the tunnels to the spacecraft and back again. Each person
carries what appears to be a full sack when they leave the
tunnel and an empty one when they return. As he continues
to scan the floor of the crater, he gets his first glimpse
of the creatures that occupy his world.

A gasp escapes his mouth as he adjusts his binoculars to get
a clearer view. What he sees takes him back to an era long
since forgotten on this planet. His mind and eyes try to
grasp every detail; the shape of a human-sized dinosaur with
the face of a large rat, the belly of an alligator, scales
from head to toe on his backside, feet like a large rooster,
and short hands and arms like humans. Their tail is short
and allows for easy maneuverability. They also walk on
their hind legs. As he watches closely the creature seems
to be communicating with the humans in some form.

Naduul watches with a machine gun at the ready. His eyes
move constantly back and forth across and around the
The rest of the crew sits around the campfire discussing
their strategy for the following morning.


                       COL. DONATO
I had no idea we might have to be
lowered into anything, Miss
Buckwell. Thatís why I didnít
bring any rope with us.
How, then, will we get ourselves
into the pit to rescue my brother
and the others.
                       COL. DONATO
First off, maíam, until we know
what weíre up against, when we do
get down there, Iíll make getting
down into that crater a lesser
priority. What good will it do us
to get down there and find out
these things can blow us to small
pieces without us having any
viable defense. Thatís why my men
are out there now. They will find
out our enemyís weaknesses and try
to locate a way for us to get in
there to attack them. It will
also help if we have some idea how
many of these things there are.
Can these creatures communicate
with us?
                       COL. DONATO
Iím not sure, but common sense
would indicate that they are able
Do you think we can communicate
with them?
                       COL. DONATO
Iím sure that if they can talk to
us, then we would be able to talk
to them. The problem would be
that Iím sure they will not buy
our terms. Whatever it is theyíre
after, Mr. Buckwell, theyíre


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
willing to kidnap innocent human
beings to get it.
With the evening meal behind them, and darkness descending
from the sky, Rebecca heads towards the river. She stands
by the large boulder and looks into the eastern sky.
Donato walks up behind Rebecca.
                       COL. DONATO
Are you waiting for the lights and
sounds to reappear, Miss Buckwell?
Iím hoping they do, yes. Your men
will be in a position to find
something out that way.
                       COL. DONATO
I agree. My men know what to look
for if that develops.
Well Iíd be a lot happier if I
could see for myself.
They reach the clearing and start their way through the tall
grass to get to the other side.
Fifteen minutes later they reach the poles with the skulls
encased on top.
Colonel Donato raises his hand as they approach the end of
the grassy blind they are behind. Everyone stops and waits
without saying a word. Neither Jamal or Naduul can be seen.

Rebecca watches as he motions two of his men to move around
to the right and another two around to the left. He waits
until theyíre in position and motions the rest of them to


follow him into the clearing and open ground.

Both Jamal and Naduul are hiding in the shadows of the trail
that led to the spaceship until Donato and the others appear
out from the tall grass, when they advanced towards them.
Donato looks at Rebecca and speaks in a hushed voice.
                       COL. DONATO
Excuse me, maíam, but I need to
talk with these men.
Donato turns and leaves the grassy field and joins the two
men, as do the rest of his crew. For the next forty minutes
they listen to both Jamal and Naduul.
Moments later Donato goes over to where Rebecca and Jack sit
in the soft grass.
                       COL. DONATO
Iím sorry I took so long, folks,
but there were a lot of details we
had to listen to.
Rebecca sits upright with her legs crossed in front of her.
Whatís the verdict, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
My men are all trained
professionals, maíam, and theyíve
learned a lot in the past sixteen
hours or so.
Like what?
                       COL. DONATO
These alien beings look like small
dinosaurs that once used to roam
freely on this planet millions of
years ago.


Our brother was abducted by
                       COL. DONATO
We arenít sure of anything right
now, maíam. Let me continue,
please. There are humans down in
that crater, both dark skinned and
white people. These creatures,
whatever they are, do communicate
with the humans in some manner.
Jamal says these things do have
some strange looking weapons, both
small and large. That means we
donít know what their capabilities
Is there a way to get down inside
the crater, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
I was getting to that. Where
there were none of these creatures
around the surface of the crater
above the pit, my men did a
perimeter search and made an
amazing discovery.
Like what?
                       COL. DONATO
They found a path about forty feet
away from the crater. This path
goes around the hole and leads
Down to where?


                       COL. DONATO
It led to an opening in the ground
that my men feel is one of the
What makes them feel that way?
                       COL. DONATO
One creature was guarding the
large opening. My men backed up
and got out of there before they
were noticed. From what they say,
it appears to be the only way into
the base of the crater without
ropes or stairs.
Whatís your plan?
                       COL. DONATO
Right now Jamal and Naduul are
eating, seeing as they went all
night without food. I brought
supplies that would nourish them.
We will wait until after the
switch of spacecraft before we
head down that path. At night I
don't think we'll be seen, and we
all have night goggles that
enables us to see in the dark. If
they do see us, it will be too
late for them to react once we've
been spotted. Those creatures are
about six foot tall and are on the
heavy side, maybe three hundred
pounds or so. That should mean
they arenít able to move very
Are you planning to wipe them out?
                       COL. DONATO
I'd prefer not to unless it
becomes necessary.


Can you kill them if you had to?
                       COL. DONATO
To be honest with you both, I
don't know. I have no idea what
their physical make-up is.
                       COL. DONATO
Yes! What their bodies are made
of. As humans, our make-up is
flesh, blood, and bones. These
things are creatures we've never
seen and there's no way of
dissecting these things before we
try to kill one of them.
Okay, then, so we go down this
path and into the tunnel, so then
                       COL. DONATO
You two will come into the tunnel
last. I want my men to secure
that opening and the tunnel shaft.
While half my men keep these
creatures at bay, you two will go
into the tunnel, with four of my
men, to see if your brother is
What else might be in there?
                       COL. DONATO
I won't lie to you folks, but we
have no idea how many of those
aliens are down in that crater.
This seems to be a mining
operation. If this is the case,
then some of the creatures will
have to watch the men and women
who are doing the work.


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
There are women down there?
                       COL. DONATO
We don't know. I have to assume
that there might be.
Colonel Donato explains the rest of the plan to the
Buckwells and then returns to be with his men.

Rebecca and Jack sit in the tall grass thatís been matted
Jack! I've been a pompous,
arrogant, son of a bitch to you
over the years and I fear neither
one of us might make it out of
this mess alive. To say I'm
sorry, for being such an ass, just
don't cut it, but that's all there
is inside of me to say.
Hold onto that thought until we
get our butts out of here alive
and the three of us are home safe,
sis. We came down here to
complete a task, and I've never
been known to be a quitter.
I'm not either, but this isnít New
York City, and these beings,
whatever they might be, are not my
Yes they are your competitors, but
in a different way. No, this
isnít New York; this is Africa.
No, this isnít the city; it's the
jungle. And finally no, these are
not clothing manufacturers or
designers; theyíre aliens. Think


                       JACK (cont'd)
of this as a hostile takeover.
Well what about Kevin? If these
commandos or guerrillas, whatever
they call themselves, go down
there with guns blazing, he could
be killed.
He could be dead already, for all
we know. I have faith in Donato
and his men. They know what
theyíre doing.
I suppose you're right. What is
going on now?
Rebecca looks over at Donato and his men.
It appears theyíre making a move.
Donato sends two of his men down the trail towards the alien
ship. When he looks towards the Buckwells he can see the
concerned look on their faces and heads over to them.
                       COL. DONATO
I'm sorry to keep you folks in the
dark, but with a language problem
I hate to go over the same things
So what's going on?
                       COL. DONATO
I changed plans. Iím having you
two stay right here until we've
secured the crater and everything
in it.
Why do we need to stay here?


                       COL. DONATO
In the event we don't succeed,
then I need to make sure the
outside world knows what is
happening here in the Kashmantou.
The two of you would then have to
make it back to Entebbe to inform
General Malaga what's going on
Are you that unsure?
                       COL. DONATO
We aren't sure of anything except
that these things are not human.
We don't know whatís in their
arsenal of weapons that can and
would be used against us. We also
don't know if our weapons will
have any effect on them.
How will we know if you've
                       COL. DONATO
First of all weíre less than a
quarter of a mile from that
crater. Once we've started our
campaign you'll know we've started
because the silence around here
will be broken. You'll hear the
gunfire and grenades. When the
shooting stops, we either
succeeded or failed.
How will we know?
                       COL. DONATO
Once the shooting stops and you
haven't heard anything for over an
hour, then both of you go to the
pit. Do either of you have


I do!
                       COL. DONATO
Then use them to verify weíre in
control before you try to head
down there.
Close to sunset Colonel Donato and his commandos leave the
open field and prepare to take their places in the shadows
of the forest around the crater. As they approach the huge
hole in the ground, lights illuminate from its depths, a
sign to the men that the spacecraft might be lifting off
With a set of hand signals given by Donato, his men split up
and work their way around the crater to a secure spot where
theyíre not seen by either incoming or outgoing spacecraft.
By nine-fifteen a familiar whirring sound can be heard off
in the distance and comes close to the crater by the minute.
Donato looks up into the night's sky and can see a bright
yellowish/white light that flickers on and of simultaneously
encircling the craft, and the ship hovers twenty meters
north of their location.

In the pit below them, the spacecraft fires up and in a
matter of seconds it lifts up from its berth. In a slow
meticulous motion the spaceship rises until it clears the
earth above the crater. Then, as fast as the eye can see,
it zooms around the other craft and disappears to the north,
out of sight.
The commandos watch as the second ship aligns itself above
the crater until it lines up with the center of the hole and
then lowers down into the pit until touching bottom.

Donato and his men scurry to the edge of the crater to
observe what happens next. For the colonel it's his first
look at the alien beings.

Though they canít see under the craft, it becomes obvious to
the men that some kind of a door exists on the under
carriage of the spaceship. Aliens, a total of five of them,


alight from the ship and head to what Donato feels is the
main tunnel, the same tunnel that he feels is at the base of
the path.
Moments later the ships's engines silence. That, compounded
by the silence of the jungle around them, Donato hears one
of the aliens at the base of the pit. The perfectly
sculpted hole allows for sounds to echo to the surface where
Donato and his men listen.
First ALIEN talks to a WHITE MAN of about thirty years old.
                       FIRST ALIEN
Don't you know you have to wait
for Litmak?
                       WHITE MAN
Sorry, sir! I'm still new here.
                       FIRST ALIEN
New or not, you do what you are
                       WHITE MAN
Yes, sir!
The white man waits for Litmak to escort him to tunnel
Colonel Donato raises his hand and signals to his men that
it's time to make their move down to the tunnel.

Light from a near full moon allows the men to see without
their night-vision goggles.

Two of the colonel's men stay on the surface above where the
path heads down into the tunnel. The others follow Donato


to the path. After a final quick weapons check the nine men
descend into the unknown below them.
As Donato starts down the path, the ground level, on both
sides, disappears above them. He notices that the walls, on
both sides, even though they are nothing more than dirt and
rocks, are cut out with precision, just like the crater

With an ammo belt across his chest, four clips for the
AK-47, night goggles and six grenades, the colonel hooks the
bayonet onto the end of his rifle.

The width of the path he estimates to be about a half-meter
wide and the length of it to be about a hundred and fifty
meters long. At around a hundred yards from the entrance to
the tunnel he has his men split up from side to side, by a
motion of his hands.
Within twenty feet he breaks off to the right side and lets
his team of guerrillas do what they are trained for. Naduul
moves quick to the side of the entrance and grabs a rope
garrote from his hind pocket and slips it over the head and
around the neck of the alien who guards the entrance. Jamal
grabs the weapon from the alien and he is pulled out into
the path away from the tunnel itself.
While heís being dragged into the path and away from the
entrance, the alien guard speaks in two languages with a
garbled voice because of the garrote around its neck.
                       ALIEN GUARD
Who are you humans?
Donato stands in front of his opponent.
                       COL. DONATO
How can your kind speak our
                       ALIEN GUARD
For interplanetary travel we have
whatís called a universal language
translator embedded in our bodies.
Itís capable of picking up the
languages of the beings we meet.
                       COL. DONATO
Whatís your name?


I am called Kolten, earthling.
Donato looks into the face of an alien rat.
                       COL. DONATO
Okay, Kolten, where are our
people? You are one ugly shit,
While Donato interrogates Kolten, BANDAR and MONDO guard the
tunnel's entrance.
                       COL. DONATO
I'll ask you again, Kolten. Where
the hell are the earth people?
They are in Link Four.
                       COL. DONATO
Link Four? What's that?
It's the sleep tunnel.
The alienís reluctance to cooperate infuriates Donato.
                       COL. DONATO
Which tunnel is it, dammit?
It's this tunnel right here, but
to your right.
                       COL. DONATO
How many of your kind are down
there with my people?


I believe two, but maybe three.
                       COL. DONATO
What or who are you creatures, and
why are you here on our earth?
We are the Daakou, from the planet
                       COL. DONATO
What the hell are you doing
stealing our people and whatever
else you get from here?
Naduul eases up on the garrote.
Diamonds are a valued necessity in
order to activate the
hyper-stellar-jump on our ships.
                       COL. DONATO
What the hell does that have to do
with our people? Why have you
kidnapped them?
You see the shape of my body,
Donato shakes his head in the affirmative as he sees the
daakou up close.
                       COL. DONATO
Even though we have the ability to
see well in the dark, our bodies
don't function too well in the
diamond mines. The carbon affects
our skin after more than one of
your earth hours exposed to it, so


                       KOLTEN (cont'd)
we are only allowed to stay in
there for one hour then we have to
get relief and another Daakou
replaces him. When we found out
that you earthlings could spend
prolonged periods in the mines,
without becoming ill, we kidnapped
some of them, as you called it, to
work the mines where we could not.
We can collect enough diamonds on
this planet to keep the Daakou
ships supplied for many of your
earth years.
He motions to three of his men to head into the tunnel to
try and recover the humans who are sleeping there. He then
turns to speak to his prisoner.
                       COL. DONATO
How many of your kind are down
here, Kolten?
Why do you want to know, so you
can kill us all?
                       COL. DONATO
Actually no! I could be very
happy letting you all go back to
your planet, or wherever else you
might want to go, and let our
people go. If the Daakou want a
fight, then we can do that too.
We don't wish warfare with the
earthlings, sir, but we do need
the diamonds. Your planet is very
prosperous, and where weíre
located here, it's loaded with
                       COL. DONATO
The diamonds you mine, Kolten,
belong to the people of our
planet. By kidnapping our people
you've lost any chance of coming
here and mining the diamonds


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
Jempke and Shaheen, two of the African guerillas, along with
Jonah, a North African commando, head into the tunnel and
put on their night vision goggles, in search of the missing
humans. As they approach a widened area ahead of them they
can see two Daakou guards talking and keeping an eye on the
humans while they sleep. Jempke and Shaheen pull out their
garrotes. As they silently approach the two aliens their
goal is not to kill but disable the creatures.

Jonah stands back with the machine gun at the ready. He
watches as his comrades sneak up behind the two guards and
in a quick motion slip rope garrotes around their necks,
catching both Daakou off guard. In the heat of the moment
both guards let out a high pitched warning signal from their
mouths, the commandos cannot hear.

Aboard the alien spacecraft four Daakou hear their comrades
call for help. A screeching siren sounds and alerts the
other six Daakou stationed outside each of the remaining
three tunnels.
                       CDR LITMAK
Something has happened in Link
Four. Tell Zuntik, Sontag, and
Maktooz to stay at the entrance to
their links. You three go and see
what's happened.
Noktay, Mambuk, and Tamrak exit the alien ship armed with
laser phasers and head to Link Four.

Dooman and Jamal stand guard fifty feet inside the tunnel
from the base of the crater floor, ready for anything or
anyone who might move in their direction.

Dooman can see three aliens approaching the tunnel entrance
and with a quick motion of his hand he lets Jamal know
theyíre coming. The two men back up and kneel down at the

The three aliens enter the tunnel while the spaceship door


closes behind them.

A shot rings out from Dooman's weapon and hits Noktay in the
shoulder causing him to drop his weapon to the ground. A
second shot rings out, this time by Jamal, and hits his
target, the weapon held by Mambuk.

Tambak fires his weapon wildly into the darkened tunnel as
Dooman takes aim for his next shot. The night goggles
allows both commandos to see their enemy with ease. He
fires off another round and sends Tambak to the ground in
Outside the tunnel entrance, Naduul watches the prisoner
while Donato quickly runs inside to be with his men. He
puts on his night vision goggles and races the thirty yards
to where they are stationed.
                       COL. DONATO
Daakou, can you hear me?
Noktay winces in pain from the wound to his arm.
We can hear you, Earthman, but who
are you?
                       COL. DONATO
That doesn't matter right now. We
have three of your men as
prisoners and we just hit at least
one of you.
What is it you want, Earthman?
                       COL. DONATO
First of all, are you hurt bad?
We will survive.


                       COL. DONATO
Then put your hands in the air and
walk towards us.
Why, so you can use the Daakou for
your target practice?
                       COL. DONATO
No! Come here so we can talk, but
leave your weapons on the ground
where they are. My men will not
shoot you.
Before we abide by your wishes,
Earthman, what is it you wish to
                       COL. DONATO
Well, for one thing, you have our
people captive and are using them
to mine these tunnels for
My men and I will approach
unarmed, Earthman.
Noktay helps up the other two Daakou.

Kempah joins Donato and the others, and he readies his
grenade launcher.
We are injured, Earthman, but our
kind heal quickly, even on your
primitive earth. Why have you
attacked the Daakou?
The three Daakou approach the commandos inside the tunnel.
                       COL. DONATO
You have weapons that you would
have used on us, Iím sure. My men
eliminated that possibility. You
also held our people hostage, for


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
what purpose?
Your planet is rich in diamonds.
The Daakou can only remain inside
the mines for no longer than one
of your earth hours, at any given
time. We had to use earthlings to
mine these diamonds for us. Your
people can stay in the mines for
many of your earth hours.
                       COL. DONATO
To whom, from the Daakou, am I
speaking, and whatís your position
with your people?
I am called Noktay and I am second
in command of the space vessel
Daalkan II.
                       COL. DONATO
We did not come down here in the
tunnels to fight the Daakou unless
it becomes necessary. My mission
is to find our people and free
them so they can return to their
homes and families. The diamonds
you take from our land belong to
my people. The humans you took to
mine these diamonds will leave
when we leave.
Noktay inches closer to Donato.
Now to whom am I speaking and
whatís your position in this land,
                       COL. DONATO
My name is Colonel Donato and Iíve
been sent here by the Republic of
South Africa to find our missing
people and bring them home. Itís
also my responsibility to see that


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
this never happens again to
another human being, or Iíll die
trying to achieve that goal.
Iím not the leader of this
crusade, colonel, but should I be
allowed to return to the Daalkan
II, I will speak to Litmak, our
                       COL. DONATO
I'll let you, and you alone return
to your ship, Noktay, but my men
will take the other two men with
us. That means we now hold five
of your people prisoners of war.
We have not started any
interplanetary war, Colonel.
                       COL. DONATO
It may not be an official war, by
all standards, but itís a war
nonetheless. You and your people
came to this earth of ours, you
took our people without their
consent, and you've stolen tons of
diamonds from mines the Daakou
constructed many years ago. Even
the wild animals and birds who
used to roam free and thrive in
this part of our land, have either
been killed or scared off by the
Daakou. And while I'm at it,
Noktay, what's the story with the
three skulls and the dead human
that stands on the posts just west
of this crater?
You will have to speak to Litmak
about the Line of Skulls.


                       COL. DONATO
Then go back to your ship before I
change my mind.
When Donato returns to the tunnel entrance, Kolten and the
other two from the sleeping quarters of the tunnel are tied
with the rope garrotes they used earlier.

Landog and Kempah move to position themselves near the mouth
of the tunnel and can see there are seven Daakou standing by
the closed ramp to the spaceship. They watch as Noktay
joins them and a platform lowers from the center of the ship
and forms a ramp where the Daakou climb onboard.

Donato sends Shaheen, Jempke, and Jonah to reinforce the men
at the entrance to Link Four and the other men watch the
five prisoners.
Exiting the sleeping quarters for the prisoners, KEVIN
BUCKWELL steps through the tunnel opening with ten other men
behind him. He looks at Colonel Donato.
Can you speak English, sir?
                       COL. DONATO
Yes I can speak English. How many
prisoners did they have in the
tunnel down there?
There are only eleven of us left.
Who are you sir?
The six-foot two hundred and ten-pound man leans up against
the wall behind him.
                       COL. DONATO
I am colonel Donato, and Iíve come
here in search of a man by the
name of Buckwell.
Iím Kevin Buckwwell, Colonel, but
what do you know of me?


                       COL. DONATO
Your sister is a very persuasive
female, Mr. Buckwell, and she sent
us in here to find you.
Rebecca Buckwell, from New York?
How do you know my sister?
                       COL. DONATO
Later, young man! I want you and
your friends to follow this man
back to the line of skulls. Your
sister and brother are waiting for
She's here, in the Kashmantou?
                       COL. DONATO
Yes! Go while you've got the
chance to. All hell could break
loose at any time. If we donít
return by daybreak, Mr. Buckwell,
you and the others make it back to
the Kangshee with your brother and
We'll do that, and thanks!
Donato gives Jamal instructions and a moment later Jamal and
the others climb out of the tunnel and head up the path to
the surface above the crater.
The released hostages work their way around the crater, each
man takes one final look at the spaceship. They follow
Jamal and in no time they depart the crater and head down
the path to the clearing with the skulls and poles.


I wonder what's going on down
there. I expected to hear more
than three shots.
I don't know, but we need to stay
right here until daybreak. Donato
knows what he's doing.
Hold on! It sounds like someoneís
coming, Jack. Let's go!
No! Stay here until we know who
it is. If its the aliens we'd be
no match for them.
You're right. Shh...!
Rebecca lifts the rifle to her shoulder and places her
finger against the trigger.
Jack taps his sister's shoulder as Jamal and the others
reach the open area called the Line of Skulls.
Rebecca, where are you?
Kevin calls out from amongst the small crowd of men rescued
from the crater, his voice echoes throughout the open field.
Kevin tones his voice down some, but with a noticeable
degree of excitement still prevalent in his speech.


Where are you sis?
Rebecca and Jack stand up in the tall bush and she quickly
runs out to be with her twin brother.
Iím right here, Kevin!
Rebecca leaves the tall grass and runs to Kevin and gives
him a hug when she gets there.
Kevin hugs her and looks at Jack as he approaches from the
tall grass behind him.

Jack helps the others over to the tall grass.
I never dreamed you two would come
all the way down here and get me.
Rebecca releases her embrace and holds his arms while she
looks him square in the face.
Rebecca releases her embrace and holds his arms while she
looks him square in the face.
What do I look like, a lush?
No, not at all! I figured you
might send an army after me, but I
never thought you'd actually make
the trip down here into the
Rebecca releases her grip on his arms and sees the other men
behind him, all of them trying to find a place to sit,.
Who are all these men?


These are other people those
aliens kidnapped over the years.
They came here to the Kashmantou
for the same reason I did.
Jamal taps Rebecca's shoulder and motions that heís going to
go back. Rebecca acknowledges with a shake of her head and
he quickly departs.
Let your friends sit down, Kevin.
There's a comfortable spot over
there in the tall grass. Where's
your friend Dan?
See that pole over there, the one
with the man hanging from it?
I hate to sound so heartless, but
that's Dan hanging there.
I thought that was him, but what
He didn't want to play by their
rules and they zapped him with
their weapons, whatever they are.
He died instantly and they dragged
him here, in front of us all, so
weíd behave.


With the five Daakou tied up, he feels it's safe enough to
leave two men to guard them. He motions to the others to
head into the tunnel and follows them in.

The night vision goggles go on as he goes through the
opening that serves as an entranceway and turns left along
with the rest of his crew. When the men reach the tunnel
exit, at the spacecraft, he talks to Kempah.

Looking out into the crater and can see the spaceship's dock
is in the down or open position. He watches as Noktay exits
the ship with no weapon in his holster and heads to Link
Four. The colonel signals his men to hold firm and heads
out to meet with the alien.
                       COL. DONATO
What's the verdict, Noktay?
In regards to the Skull Line,
Colonel, the two human skulls are
from earthlings who died while
working in the tunnels. They were
older men. The man whose body
hangs on pole three attacked one
of the Daakou when he first came
here and died in the battle that
                       COL. DONATO
What about the boar's head skull?
That was to throw off anyone who
might try to attack us. The Skull
Line was set up to scare you earth
people away.
                       COL. DONATO
Iím not going to ask you to leave
our planet, Noktay, Iím ordering
you and your Daakou friends to do
so. This is our planet and we
intend to keep it that way.


As long as you hold our Daakou as
prisoners, colonel, we cannot
honor that demand.
                       COL. DONATO
Our prisoners are the only thing
that's keeping you people, or
aliens from blowing us away.
You are a worthy opponent, Colonel
Donato, but weíre not leaving this
planet without our people. We
have to remain here. We need
those diamonds and this is the
most lucrative planet in the
entire galaxy.
                       COL. DONATO
Lucrative or not, your kind have
taken the last diamonds you're
going to get.
Then we have no more to say
                       COL. DONATO
I gues not.
Donato turns and heads back to the tunnel. He goes straight
to Kempah and tells him to disable the spacecraft with one
shot, then steps back out of the way.

Kempah looks at the landing gear and aims the grenade
launcher at one of the landing pads. Using a pair of
binoculars he surveys the best place to aim the weapon, the
nearest pad.
Donato gives the order to shoot.
                       COL. DONATO
Mooka tai yet.


An opening in the outer hull, where the landing pad lifts
and locks during flight, is where he aims. He takes a deep
breath and squeezes the trigger until the grenade launches.
In a split second the metallic bomb hits its mark and
explodes just inside the undercarriage.

Donato and his men watch as the alien spacecraft, which
moments earlier stood upright on three legs, buckles under
the weakened leg, tipping its apex and upper hull towards
Link Four.

Donato and his men retreat, fearing that contact with the
core of the crater, by the ship, would collapse the tunnel
with them in it.

The Colonel is the last to escape through the opening and
his men stop just outside the tunnel on the path.

                       COL. DONATO
Kolten! Do you and these Daakou
want to be with the rest of your
Have you killed them, colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
No but your ship was disabled. I
spared their lives.
You are not a vicious man, Donato.
                       COL. DONATO
Only when I have to be. I have to
seal this opening, Kolten, so if
you want to be with your crew, you
and the others can do so.
Weíll make it out of there when
the other ship returns to Earth
tonight. Our helix beam
transporter will beam us up to the
other ship, unless you seal the


                       KOLTEN (cont'd)
crater with us in it.
                       COL. DONATO
I have no intention of sealing the
crater and killing the Daakou
people, but I had to be sure your
craft couldnít be moved. Now as
soon as youíre untied, get going.
Donato signals his men to get up the path to the surface. He
explains what he wants to do and all but two men run up the
path and get onto the surface above them along the rim.

As soon as the Daakou are safely into the tunnel and away
from the opening, he takes a grenade, pulls the pin, and
heaves it towards the opening and it explodes just to the
left of the hole. The ground crumbles around it as the
other men also heave grenades in the same direction.

After the third explosion the colonel and his two men run up
the path while those above heave a total of twelve grenades
towards what was an opening into the tunnel.
Gravel, rocks, and dirt crumbles the land around the hole
and seals it from those who are within.

As Donato, Bandar, and Jamal reach the rim, four more
grenades are tossed down on top of the pile of rock and
rubble sealing the opening even more.

Using the light from a half moon, Colonel Donato makes one
final look.
Donato signals the others to come around and join them. When
the entire crew is together, he heads towards the crater but
he remains back away from the edge and out of sight.

Once on the other side of the crater the men take off on a
run towards the field.
Jack and the others hear numerous explosions from the
concussion grenades, almost one after the other.


What the hell are they doing,
blowing the whole ship up?
Maybe they're trying to cave in
the crater on top of it.
Not to sound cynical, sis, but it
would take more than a dozen
grenades to cave that crater in on
that spaceship. That would
require some serious dynamite, an
amount they couldnít carry into
the jungle this far.
Then what were those explosions?
My guess is that theyíve caved in
the path that leads out of the
tunnel. I know those men had
grenades, so I think thatís what
they used.
Kevin! Is it possible for you to
communicate with these people who
followed you out of the tunnels?
When you spend every day and night
with a group of people, you can't
help but be able to communicate to
some extent, even with a language
barrier. What's on your mind?
I don't know, exactly. I was
thinking that maybe by morning, if
the Colonel doesn't return by
then, we should head back to our
camp by the Kangshee River.


What kind of weapons do you have?
All we've got are the AK-47's. I
also have what Donato called a
.357 Magnum in my holster.
Give me the AK-47, sis! That way
at least three of us have weapons.
Once we get back to camp we have
more guns and ammunition if we
need them.
Good! I hope we won't need them.
While the group rests near the grassy field, NOOMBATAH and
Kamasin stand watch at the entrance to the trail. Both men
are from the Yintah Tribe.
Noombatah hears noise on the trail and runs over to Kevin.
Memsab, lando gatu, ato, ato.
What's that all about, Kev?
Sis! Stay here! Jack! Follow me
with your rifle. Someone or
something is on the trail.
Jack gets up and grabs the rifle.
Be careful, Kev, it might be


Let's go!
Jack goes to the left side of the trail and Kevin grabs the
right and they wait as Donato leads his men into the
Hold on, Kevin! Its Donato!
Jack lowers the weapon to his side.
                       COL. DONATO
Hi, Jack! We completely caved in
their escape route out of the
tunnel, at least until their
reserve spaceship returns and
somehow gets them out of there. I
donít feel as though weíre out of
danger though.
Rebecca joins her brothers.
Why not, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
We prevented them from leaving the
tunnel, ma'am, but I doubt we
stopped them from escaping. I'm
pretty sure they have some sort of
communication with their other
spacecraft. If thatís the case it
might already be on its way to
What will that accomplish sir?
                       COL. DONATO
As a guerrilla, or commando, Iím
supposed to be alert to my
opponent's firepower. We know
nothing about their ships as to
their weapons capabilities. One


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
of the Daakou told me they would
be transported to another ship in
some way, but what will happen
once those aliens are aboard their
second ship?
What should we do then, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
One thing we need to do, and
quick, is get these people out of
the open area of this field. Let's
work our way back towards the
river. Once weíre across the
field we'll have the cover of the
forest. Hopefully that will be
enough to hide us until we reach
the Kangshee.
Colonel Donato signals his men to lead them through the tall
grass to get to the forest on the other side.

Jamal, Mondo, Naduul, and Kempah lead the group across the
open field using the path they cut to get there.

Colonel Donato looks to the skies as he steps in behind the
last of the former prisoners his men freed from the tunnels.

Rebecca, Jack, and Kevin file in behind him and the balance
of Donato's men bring up the rear.
As they enter the forest, on the other side of the field,
Kevin goes over to the Colonel.
Excuse me, colonel, but some of
these men need to take a break,
sir. We spent all day in the
mines until it was near dark. Some
of these men are weak?
                       COL. DONATO
I understand sir! The men who
need nourishment will find it
while we take a few minutes. We
have rations meant to sustain us
in combat situations. They aren't


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
meals, but they will help.
Thank you!
Once everyone is under the cover and protection of the
forest, Donato allows them all to take a twenty-minute
break. Bandar hands out rations to those who are hungry.

Dooman stays near the edge of the forest and looks to the
skies in search of any sign of the alien spacecraft. As he
looks into the horizon he can see that the sky is clear with
a half moon lighting the otherwise desolate jungle.
Do you have any idea why it's so
quiet out here, Kevin?
When the Aliens first came to
earth, about twenty years ago,
they killed of all the game as
potential enemies. The crater we
were in was their fourth one
located here in the Kashmantou
Jungle. After the others were
mined out, the Daakou sealed the
crater back in, but the animal and
bird life never returned. It's my
guess that the sounds from the
spacecraft scared them off.
What ever possessed you to
continue on under such weird
It was an adrenaline rush; the
thrill, the challenge, or to be
blunt, the ultimate adventure.
An ultimate adventure that killed
your best friend.


Dan died because he refused to be
dictated to by a bunch of mini
dinosaurs. He couldn't accept the
fact that those things had any
brains. He fought them off and
Donato speaks in two languages, as they all rise.
                       COL. DONATO
Okay, everyone it's time we get
out of here. Once we reach the
Kangshee we'll wait until daybreak
to cross the river.
With night goggles on, Jamal leads the group through the
jungle, following the path they'd cut just two days earlier.

It's almost two in the morning when Jamal raises his hand, a
sign for the others to stop, as they reach the end of the
Kashmantou and he hears the rush of water that flows down
the Kangshee.
                       COL. DONATO
Okay, everyone, we've got three
hours before it's light enough for
us to chance crossing the river.
Find a comfortable spot and get
some rest.
As they all get settled on the ground, an eerie but familiar
whirring sound can be heard off in the distance to the east.
Rebecca looks into the trees behind them.
Are they coming after us, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
I don't know yet, ma'am. Weíll
just have to wait and see what
their next move is.


Do you think they'd risk a second
craft, knowing what you and your
men did to the one in the crater?
                       COL. DONATO
There are a lot of uncertainties
here, Mr. Buckwell, but if I were
their leader Iíd not challenge
anyone who could put my aircraft
down, and that's just what we did.
Why do you think they didn't put
up much of a fight?
                       COL. DONATO
My guess is that we were a new
enemy and they didn't know what we
were capable of doing. It looks
like the spacecraft reached the
site of the crater. There are the
bright lights we've seen before.
They all look towards the east.
                       COL. DONATO (Cont'd)
Theyíre most likely getting their
crews out of that pit right now.
For the next several moments all ears listen.
Somethingís happening! It sounds
like the spaceshipís coming
                       COL. DONATO
Stay down! Everyone stay down!
The spacecraft flies overhead at a slow pace.


Theyíre looking for us.
Kevin and the others look at the bright yellow/white lights
that show through the treetops above them.
      (To The Flying
Mookah nuk yong gooladoo yoma
fundo batum.
Do you know what he said, Kevin?
Kevin keeps an eye on the spacecraft and points to it.
I think he was begging them to
leave here. Gooladoo is their
word for evil or taboo. Mooka
means please. Look! The ship is
bearing south along the river.
                       COL. DONATO
That means nothing, Mr. Buckwell.
They have the ability to move at
speeds weíre unfamiliar with.
That's why they mined the
Are we supposed to be at their
beckoned call?
                       COL. DONATO
Not as long as we have weapons
that can stop them.
Do you have powerful enough
weapons at your disposal?


                       COL. DONATO
Back at the camp we have a bazooka
that should do the trick. Two
direct hits from that should send
those creatures back to their
planet, at the very least, but a
direct hit, in the right spot,
might just down the craft for
But that means getting us all back
to camp unseen, in order for us to
get the weapons and ammo.
                       COL. DONATO
My men can do it, but I won't have
them try to cross the river until
Landog and Jonah stand watch while the rest of the group
rests. Silence continues to prevail with the exception of
the water from the river. Even the sound of the spacecraft
grows silent as it traverses along the river southward.
As the first light of day breaks on the horizon, JONAH goes
to Donato and shakes him.
Kooma longti!
What did he say, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
He told me to wake up. That means
itís time to move on.
One by one Donato shakes the others from their slumber.


Rebecca stretches as she stands.
I wonder if we've seen the last of
the creatures, Kevin.
I wouldn't count on it, Sis! These
aliens are on a mission and they
canít complete it by themselves.
They need the human element, and
until you came to save us, we were
well trained for that purpose.
Donato talks to the three Yintah people in their own
language then moves back to Rebecca.
                       COL. DONATO
Once my men are on the other side
of the river, weíll cross one at a
time in case those things come
back. When you get to the other
side, head into the woods and away
from the edge of the river and
wait for the rest of us. The
people we rescued need some time
to rest and eat before we head
back to the Yintah Village, so
we'll spend tonight at the
campsite. With luck our creature
friends will not return. Get in
line at the edge of the forest.
Half Donato's crew crosses the river one at a time. Once
across they stand at the ready in the event the Daakou
return in the crossing process. The three Yintah go next,
followed sparsely by the two British and the two Frenchmen.
The two Italians, the two Americans, and finally Rebecca,
Jack, Donato and the rest of his men cross the Kangshee
until all twenty-four people are safely on the other side of
the river.
                       COL. DONATO
Magooto Sonata, Jamal!


The scout turns and leads the group through the woods
parallel to the river, but close to fifty yards inland and
out of sight.


As they approach the campsite the former prisoners start to
relax, but for Donato and his men, the ordeal of dealing
with a possible threat from the Daakou is a priority. The
colonel talks to his men, after which Dooman and Shaheen
head to the ammunition tent and get out the bazooka and six
mortar shells.
      (To Kevin)
What are they going to do with
them? Thatís a bazooka, isn't
That's what it is! I'm thinking
they plan to shoot the alien craft
down if it attacks us.
                       1ST BRITRISH MAN
Excuse me, Colonel!
                       COL. DONATO
Yes, sir!
                       1ST BRITRISH MAN
So far weíve all been silent,
Colonel, but there are two Brits,
two Italians, two French, and two
Americans who can handle weapons
if necessary, old chap. For most
of us, weíve been prisoners for
the better part of a bloody year.
We can bloody well fight if you
have the weapons for us to use.
                       COL. DONATO
Are all of you strong enough?
                       1ST BRITRISH MAN
You bloody well better believe it,


                       1ST FRENCHMAN
Oui, oui, mesuir.
                       1ST ITALIAN
Voila, Colonel!
                       2ND AMERICAN
Iím with you, Colonel!
                       COL. DONATO
We'll let you people handle the
hand grenades. All you have to do
is pull the pin and throw them at
the alien ship, or at the aliens
Rebecca takes a seat on the ground by her tent.
Now all we have to do is sit and
wait for these things to return.
There's a chance these creatures
won't come back until nightfall,
seeing as they do most of their
travelling in the dark.
                       COL. DONATO
You have to remember, ma'am, that
we just disabled one of their
Let's say that they do come back,
colonel. Do you think you have
the firepower to bring their craft
down from the sky?
                       COL. DONATO
We have no way of knowing if the
bazooka can bring it down, but in
that tunnel it was our grenades
that crippled one of the landing
gear as it sat in the center of


                       COL. DONATO (cont'd)
the crater. There's a good chance
the bazooka could send it to the
Jack takes a seat beside his sister and brother.
Hopefully we won't have to test
that theory.
                       COL. DONATO
All of you should get as much rest
as you can. We don't know what
tonight might bring.
At nine o'clock the entire crew rests except for two
sentries posted above and below the campground by the
river's edge. Donato, himself, stood in the center of the
campground, as he cleaned his AK-47. The weather is a
comfortable seventy-six degrees with a bright sun.
By mid-afternoon Donato gives everyone but the three Yintah
people, their final instructions.

Having won round one against the Daakou, he wonders what
their recourse, if any, they will hit them with at
nightfall. By mid-afternoon Donato gives everyone but the
three Yintah people, their final instructions.

As darkness approaches, Donato looks around and everyone is
in a tactical position should the alien spacecraft approach
from the north, south or east.
When darkness falls, a familiar sound can be heard coming
from within the Kashmantou.
                       COL. DONATO
This is it, everyone. Stay alert,
and be ready! No one fires until
the bazooka does.


Unarmed, the Yintah people head inside one of the tents and

The eastern sky lights up as the alien ship lifts up above
the treetops and heads west.
Beads of sweat form on Rebecca's forehead. Her finger slides
into the hole for the trigger and she waits.
Donato slides up to the huge boulder with Dooman and Shaheen
and waits.

Following the same path as the night previous, the
spacecraft follows the trail across the field and into and
through the jungle area below it until it reaches the
Kangshee. Upon reaching the river it turns south at a slow
pace. At one kilometer from the campsite the spacecraft
unleashes a series of energy bursts aimed at the area around
the campsite.
The resulting explosion sends treetops plummeting to the
ground around Donato's people who are ready to attack.

Dooman aims the bazooka where he determines will do the most
damage. Shaheen kneels down beside him with the mortar
shell at the ready. Donato waits a few seconds more and
then gives the signal to fire. Shaheen loads the mortar
shell into the bazooka and taps Dooman's head.
Slowly Dooman squeezes the trigger sending the mortar shell
at the alien spacecraft, hitting it half-way up the outer

Everyone watches as the shell explodes upon contact and the
ship sways with the impact of the explosion but remains
Donato signals another round as both Dooman and Shaheen get
ready. At his signal a second mortar shell is sent towards
the ship hitting it in the same spot.

After the second explosion the aircraft careens to the
earth, slamming hard into the swampy edge of the Kashmantou
on the opposite side of the river and begins to sink down to
below the exit ramp with its weapons silent.
                       COL. DONATO
Stay where you are.


Donato waits.

Ten... fifteen... twenty minutes pass when the alien craft
illuminates a bright yellow glow and disintegrates before
their eyes.
I don't believe this. Those
aliens had a self-destruct so
their craft couldnít be
Jack heads out from the cover he shared with his sister.
You mean they killed themselves?
Rather than to be taken captive by
us, who to them are aliens, they
destroyed themselves and their
ship, or that's the way it
Donato stands to join them.
                       COL. DONATO
I have to agree with you, Mr.
Buckwell. They were here for one
thing, those diamonds, and they
needed us to mine them. When they
shot at us, from the spacecraft,
they expected us to give up
without a fight. We had one goal,
and that was to free you and get
you home safe. The fact that we
stuck together gave us the results
we looked for.
The three Yintah leave the tent and approach Colonel Donato.
                       COL. DONATO
Min yong gonna ya ut yong malonu,


                       YOUNGEST YINTAH
Mado se-eta min! Benya yong. Yong
bin magoya nadom.
What was that all about, Colonel?
                       COL. DONATO
I asked them if they'd guide us
back to their village. He said
they would and thanked us. He
said we made their gods happy.


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