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Sons of Liberty(work in progress)
by Jesse Fresco (jessefresco@vzavenue.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

In the year 2075, the United States is a broken nation. Poverty has reached immense levels, the rich survive while the poor continuously suffer, and an authoritarian regime has taken control spreading vile propaganda to ensure the grips of power of the government. However, the sparks of rebellion are about to be ignited and begin a new American Revolution which could change the course of America's future forever. Inspired by the works of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Robert Heinlein, and Sergei Eisenstein.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The workers of the steel mill sit in the makeshift
ampitheater as the telescreen begins its annual propaganda
announcement. The workers sit in rows of about forty by
twenty. The telescreen shows the American flag waving in
the wind as "God Bless America" plays over the loudspeakers.
The workers are covered in soot and rust from the factory
and appear to be tired and run down. The Propagandist
Speaker begins his speech.
This is America, the beautiful. A
land of peace, harmony, and
justice. A land where many have
died in order to protect the
futures of many more. This is
The telescreen begins to show a montage of Americans at
work, the beautiful American countryside, peaceful city
streets, and many other forms of American beauty. These
images are juxtaposed with the exact opposite view of all
the workers in the crowd who are forced to watch. One
person on the end of one of the rows tries to get up and
walk away but a Sweeper guard stops him and tells him to sit
back down. The man sits again. The images eventually
change to scenes of war ravaged foreign countries such as
Iraq, Afghanistan, and even shows the footage from September
11th, 2001. It also shows al Qaeda terrorists burning the
American flag and praising Allah.
However, we have fallen on harsh
times and have been forced to
struggle for our civilization.
Right now, men and women like
yourselves are on the frontlines
fighting, bleeding, suffering,
dying. These are Americans. There
are also those who wish to destroy
our wonderful way of life and our
heritage. They are the armies of
terror and fear. They are the
ones who wish to destroy our hopes
and dreams. Our soldiers
sacrifice themselves everyday to
stop these murderers. Sacrificing


                       PROPAGANDIST (cont'd)
strength and youth to those whose
only honor is hatred. And even as
we fight, there is a cancerous
being among them, leading them to
commit their atrocities. Shout!
Images of Osama bin Laden giving a speech from one of his
video tapes is shown on the screen as the Propagandist
Speaker concludes his speech. The workers stand up and
begin screaming at the screen. Some even throw things at
the screen but miss hitting it.
Bin Laden! Bin Laden! Traitor to
peace! Traitor to peace! Death!
Death! (The crowd continues
screaming for two minutes,
shouting obscenities.)
The telescreen fades from bin Laden to a shot of an al Qaeda
terrorist shooting at the screen. The crowd screams even
louder. The screen then fades to a shot of the American flag
waving in the wind and the crowd becomes silent. "God Bless
America" begins once again and the crowd stands up and holds
their right hands over their hearts. They sing along as the
Sweeper guards walk around them watching to see if everyone
is following along. Some people are even crying as they
sing. When the song concludes, the Propagandist Speaker
comes back on the loudspeaker.
All workers return to your
stations. All workers return to
your stations. God be with you.
The workers begin to file out of the ampitheater and walk
back to the factory entrance. Sweeper guards stop the line
at the entrance and scan each person as they enter the
factory. One of the people in line is Mary McDonnel. She
is about 35 years old, African-American, stands at about 5',
8", and has short hair. When Mary McDonnel walks into the
scanning area she pulls up the left sleeve on her shirt to
show the bar code on her arm to the Sweeper guard. The
guard runs a processor over the bar code and the red light
above her head turns green. The guard waves her through the
Mary and her work partner Tommy Pennington sit in the


control booth and work the control arms which load the
melted Titanium into large vats for processing. Tommy is
about 28 years old, caucasian male, stands at 5', 7", and
has short brown hair. The factory is filled with smoke and
steam. Mary moves the control arms over to a large vat and
dumps the melted steel into it. As she dumps the steel, a
Sweeper guard passes behind her and Tommy and views their
progress. He examines the room for a moment and then
continues past them. At the same moment, a hovercam passes
by the front of the booth as it watches several steel
workers pass below. After a few vats are filled, the control
arms tub is empty. At that moment, the bell for lunch is
sounded. Tommy and Mary push their chairs away from the
control panels and exit the room.
Workers line up in the lunch line as Sweeper guards stand to
the sides of the room. The Sweepers wear large gas masks,
black uniforms, carry shock batons to electricute
opposition, and speak with mechanical voices. No one knows
what they truly look like under the masks. Mary and Tommy
stand in line and grab tray plates and wait for their turn.
So, how's the job been?
Hilarious. I can feel my side
splitting in two.
Just trying to keep things upbeat.
Mary reaches the food bins and hands her plate to the female
worker in the booth, a large woman with a hair net. She
scoops out a ladle of turkey and gravy from the bin, slops
it onto the plate, and hands it back. Mary looks at it for
a moment in disgust. After a few seconds she takes it from
the workers hands. Tommy follows behind her and hands his
plate over.
Wouldn't happen to have any fresh
bacon and eggs back there, would
At that moment, a Sweeper guard walks up behind Tommy and
removes his shock baton.
Keep moving, citizen! There are
others waiting for their share.


Tommy grabs the plate and continues down the line. He
catches up to Mary who is grabbing a bottle of V Gin and two
cups. She hands one cup to Tommy.
Oh. Thank you.
Your welcome.
Mary and Tommy walk to the end of the line and approach the
cashier who is a Sweeper. Both Mary and Tommy take out
their wallets to pay.
I'll get it, Tommy.
Mary, don't do that. I've got it.
Mary quickly hands twenty dollars to the Sweeper cashier who
examines the bill for a bar code. After he sees the code,
he gives Mary her change.
Too late now.
Tommy stares at Mary for a moment and puts his wallet away.
The two walk away from the line and make their way to their
table at the back of the mess hall. As they sit down, they
are quick to open the bottle of V Gin. Mary pours gin into
hers and Tommy's cup.
There you go.
Mary picks up her fork and looks at her food. Cut to a POV
of the mess of food on her plate. She stabs a piece of
turkey with her fork and puts it reluctantly into her mouth.
She cringes at the sour taste and then quickly takes a swig
of gin. Tommy starts to eat as well.
I swear to God I better start
bringing my lunch to work.


Same here. Hey, did you hear
about what happened in the storage
department yesterday? I've been
forgetting to ask you.
No. What happened?
Well, you remember Shelby, right?
Long hair, goofy lookin' face,
kinda looks like a plastic
surgeons worst nightmare.
Mary starts to giggle as Tommy starts to laugh telling the
Yes! Brick Shelby. What about
Seems somebody made a bit of a
mistake on where to drop the
titanium bars. Came down on him
like an elephant.
The two stop laughing.
Yeah. Poor Brick. They've
already replaced him.
Jesus. That was fast.
Another man sits down beside Tommy and interrupts the
conversation. His name is Bill Parsons. He is about 29
years old, caucasian male, stands at 5', 6", and is slightly
What was fast?
Hey, Bill. You remember Brick
Shelby? Used to work Smelting?


Yeah, I heard. I'm kinda curious
as to what that would feel like
though, being crushed by steel
You have some weird fantasies, you
know that?
Well, no, I'm just wondering how
it would feel to have your head
Okay! Enough. No more, alright.
Alright, sorry.
Want some gin?
Oh, I forgot to get a cup. Be
right back.
Parsons gets up and heads back to the lunch line.
You know, I don't think there is a
single piece of meat in this whole
meal. Looks like meat, supposed
to taste like meat, but isn't
really meat.
Tommy swipes his fork through the meal, playing with his
food. Mary continues to eat her meal slowly.
Well, it's better than nothing.
I'd eat this crap over digging
through a dumpster.
Actually, I think that's where
they got this stuff.
Parsons returns to the table with a cup in hand. He sits
down next to Tommy.


Okay, I'm back. How about that
Mary picks up the bottle of gin and pours it into Parsons'
cup. Tommy stops playing with his food and looks up at
You know, I'd also like it if when
they serve me my food that it's
dead first.
Mary leans over as Tommy holds up his plate. There are
several maggots lying around in the soup of the turkey and
gravy. Mary immediately spits out her food onto her plate
and Parsons looks away in disgust. Tommy puts the plate
back on the table. Tommy turns around and looks at the
workers behind the counter of the lunch line.
I'll be right back.
Where the hell are you goin'?
Tommy gets up, picks up his tray, and walks back to the
lunch line. He cuts in the middle of the line. The man
next in line stumbles backwards, holding up the line. His
name is Sam. He is a tall, burly caucasian male with black
hair and is about 30 years old. People begin to groan and
Hey, what the fuck, man?! Wait
your turn!
Sorry. Excuse me? Miss? There's
maggots in the turkey and gravy.
A Sweeper guard walks up behind Tommy and removes his shock
Citizen, exit the line.
Hang on a second. Miss, look at
this food. There's maggots in it.


The woman behind the counter looks at the food and then at
                       LUNCH LADY
Their dead. Just sweep them out.
Tommy drops his plate onto the edge of the counter and
stares at the lunch lady intently. Meanwhile, Mary and
Parsons stand up at their table.
This isn't gonna be good.
Come on. Let's get him outta
Meanwhile, Tommy continues to argue with the lunch lady.
Perhaps you didn't hear me. I
said the food has maggots in it.
Therefore, the food is bad. I
would like some decent food.
                       LUNCH LADY
Step out of the line, sir!
Citizen, step out of the line,
The Sweeper guard shocks Tommy with his baton. Tommy falls
to the floor wincing in pain as he sees Mary and Parsons
come to his aid. The Sweeper waves them back and shocks
Tommy once more. He convulses and begins foaming at the
Goddamn it, stop it!
The Sweeper stops shocking Tommy. Tommy lays still on the
floor as the guard walks over to Mary and Parsons. He
raises his baton but then puts it back on his belt.
Take him to a medical station,
The Sweeper walks away. Mary and Parsons kneel down and
pick Tommy up. Hand over shoulders they begin to carry him
out of the mess hall. The lunch line continues moving.


Serves him right! Don't cut the
line next time!
Mary looks back at the man in the line.
Shut up and eat your maggoty meal!
Mary and Parsons carry Tommy to the main entrance. The same
Sweeper that shocked Tommy opens the door and lets them out.
Go, citizen!
Mary, Parsons, and Tommy exit the mess hall and head towards
the medical station. Tommy looks at the Sweeper guard as he
passes by him.
Mary and Parsons walk into the room carrying Tommy. Mary
looks around for a bed to lay Tommy on. The room is filthy
with broken ampoules and jars and a mixture of disgusting
fluids on the floor. There is one nurse at the far end of
the row of beds sitting in a chair. She is asleep in a
chair. Mary and Parsons carry Tommy over to the nurse.
Glass and fluid squelch under their feet as they approach.
Excuse me? Excuse me! HEY!
The nurse wakes up and looks at the three people in front of
What's the problem?
A Sweeper almost killed him!
That's the problem!
Okay, put him on the bed right
here and I'll check on him.
Mary and Parsons lay Tommy on the bed next to the nurse's
chair. The bed sheets are filthy with stains of blood and
other fluids. Tommy groans loudly as he stretchs out on the
bed. The nurse walks around the bed and goes to the
medicine cabinet across the room and takes out a hypodermic
needle and a bottle filled with some type of medicine.


Hey, Tommy. Remember how you were
complaining about how bad the food
Well, now you're laying in it.
That was really fucking stupid.
You know better than to ignore a
Shut up. Fucking fat ass lunch
The nurse returns to the bed with the needle in hand. She
leans down and lifts up Tommy's sleeve on his work suit and
injects the shot.
What's that?
It's to help with the pain.
I didn't ask what it does. I
asked what it is.
It doesn't really matter. See?
It's already kicking in.
Tommy begins to groan and giggle a little as the drugs take
effect. He reaches out in front of him, towards the
ceiling, to try and grab something out of a hallucination.
Oh, good. It doesn't stop the
pain, it just makes you forget you
ever had any.
Alright, both of you need to
leave. He needs to get some rest.


Wait a minute. He needs to be
back at his station in ten
minutes. I can't work both his
shift and mine!
Well, he's not leaving here until
he's better so you'll just have to
make due.
Better? Make due?! What the fuck
does that mean?!
Come on, Mary, let's go. We'll
work it out.
Leave now or I will call security!
Fucking bitch.
Parsons and Mary head for the door. Mary looks back when
she reaches the door.
See ya later, Tommy.
Hey, hey! When you guys come
back, bring me a chocolate Easter
bunny. Will ya' do that?
Good! Don't forget! Chocolate
Easter bunny!
See ya'.
Mary and Parsons exit.


Whoa! The walls are made of
jelly. When did that happen?
Mary and Parsons exit the Medical Station and head towards
the office of Mary's boss, Mr. Wallace Wilshire. As they
walk down the hall, other workers begin to exit the mess
hall main entrance on their right. As they pass, Mary looks
in and sees the Sweeper guard who shocked Tommy. She
watches him as he holds the door open. When he looks in her
direction, she quickly looks away.
Let it go, Mary. Don't pour salt
on Tommy's wounds.
I can't believe you can just let
something like that go so easily.
Parsons abruptly stops and grabs Mary by her right arm.
You think this is easy for me? You
think I wouldn't love to beat the
shit outta that guard in there? If
I could get away with it I would
but I can't so learn to
doublethink your way out of making
a radical decision and drop this!
Parsons lets go of Mary's arm, pauses for a moment, and then
looks into her eyes.
You and Tommy are some of the only
friends I have in this-
A hovercam passes by over Mary and Parsons heads. It eyes
them for a moment, then continues down the hallway. Parsons
shuts his mouth and keeps walking. Mary does the same.
Parsons and Mary speak quietly as they walk.
-in this shitty mess we call a
world. So for my sanity, at
least, don't do something that
will come back to haunt me, okay?


Alright. I'm sorry.
Don't be. It happens to all of
us. Eventually, anyway.
Mary and Parsons turn left and enter the Smelting area of
the factory. They proceed up a flight of stairs and
traverse three stories until they reach the office of Mr.
Wilshire. Mary and Parsons pause outside of the office.
Parsons leans up against the wall next to the office door.
I'll wait here.
Probably best that you do.
Good luck.
Mary knocks on the door.
Come in!
Mary sighs, opens the door, enters, and quietly shuts the
door behind her. The room is extremely clean with a fresh
scent of work papers and a plate of food in front of
Wilshire, who is sitting at a small table off to the side of
the room near a partially opened window. Wilshire is eating
a plate of saulsbury steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, and
steamed corn on the cob. He wipes his mouth with a clean
hankerchief. and gets up to greet Mary. Wilshire is a tall,
thin caucasian male with a balding head of white hair and is
about 52 years old.
Yes, uh, can I help you?
My names Mary McDonnel. I'm one
of the operators of one of the
Smelting control stations.


Oh, well, uh, what seems to be the
problem? Please have a seat.
Wilshire walks behind his desk and sits down. He notices a
small bit of mashed potatoes on his finger and licks it off.
Mary sits down in a chair on the opposite side of
Wilshire's desk. She glances at the plate of clean food.
Well, the problem is that my
co-worker had a run-in with a
Sweeper in the mess hall.
Really? How's he doing?
That's really the problem. See,
the nurse gave him some drug which
has completely knocked him out of
it so there's no way he can work
the smelter's.
Uh huh. I see.
So, is there any way that you
could get a replacement for Tommy
until the shift is over?
Oh, so that's his name. Well, the
best I could do would be to get a
Sweeper to fill in for him. At
least for today. The only other
person who can work the smelter's
is out of town.
Mary glances at the plate of food again.
That would be fine. Just today is
Wilshire notices that Mary is glancing at the plate of food.
You want that, don't you?
No, I'm fine.


Wilshire gets up and walks over to the table, picks up the
plate and brings it to Mary. He sets it in front of her.
Go ahead. It's alright. I've got
plenty more.
No, really, I'm fine. I'd rather
just get back to work.
Wilshire picks up the fork, pierces a piece of steak, and
eats it. Mary gets up.
Okay, Miss...
Miss McDonnel. I'll send a
Sweeper over to your station to
assist you for the day. What is
your station, by the way?
Okay. Anything else?
Meanwhile, Parsons glances in through the window of the
office door occasionally.
Don't mention the food. Don't
mention the food.
Meanwhile, Mary thinks to herself and then looks directly at
Well...the issue in the mess hall
started because the food was
rotten. Tommy noticed maggots
crawling around in his turkey and
Outside, Parsons sighs.


Oh shit.
Mary glances at the plate of food.
He went back up to the lunch line
to get a fresh plate and the
Sweeper attacked him. Almost
killed him, actually.
Well, that is quite a problem. But
your friend should have known
better. We have a policy here
Miss McDonnel which states that
each employee receives equal
standards. There's nothing I can
say about the quality of the food.
You'd have to talk to the mess
workers for that. But just keep
in mind that if anything like this
happens again, I will not be able
to cover for you or him. You
should have known better than to
let him get involved in that
situation in the first place.
But I-
No buts. Employees who work in
pairs are designated to support
each other. I can't focus on
everyone at once. I don't expect
this to happen again but if it
does, I assure you there will be
serious consequences. Are we
clear, Miss McDonnel?
Yes sir.
Good. Head back to your station.
I'll call a Sweeper over to
support you.
Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.


Mary takes one last glance at the food, turns and walks out
the door. Parsons swings his face away from the door just
as it opens.
Great job mentioning the mess hall
incident. That really won him
Mary and Parsons start to walk down the stairs.
Shut up. I thought it was worth a
Mary sits at the control panel in the Smelting area. Beside
her is a Sweeper guard who is working the second control
panel. The Sweeper remains completely quiet as he works.
Mary glances over occasionally, obviously uncomfortable, as
she dumps liquid titanium into the vats. Hovercams pass by
in front of the control booth. After she empties the last
tub into a vat, the whistle blows signaling the end of the
day. Mary and the Sweeper replace the tubs in their
original positions and both get up to leave. The Sweeper
reaches the door, stops, and blocks the exit. He turns
around and looks at Mary.
Excuse me. Could you please move?
The guard remains motionless. Suddenly, he pulls out his
shock baton and moves towards Mary. Mary begins to back up
and backs into the control panel.
The Sweeper baton shocks Mary. She falls to the floor in
pain. He shocks her in two quick jolts while she squirms on
the floor. He then replaces his shock baton and kneels
Mr. Wilshire wants you to
understand the kinds of
consequences that come with not
following in accordance with the
laws of the factory. There will
be no second chances, citizen.


The Sweeper stands up and walks out. Mary continues to
shake on the floor as workers pass by her booth, ignoring
her. A few cast glances at her but then continue on their
Mary exits the factory alone as the Sweepers begin to close
the factory doors. The telescreen is playing "America, the
Beautiful" in the ampitheater as the American flag waves in
the wind. Mary crosses the checkpoint, is scanned by a
Sweeper, and then continues on her way to the train station
across the street. She is holding her left side where she
was shocked as she limps across the street. There are no
cars and only a few street lights working. When she reaches
the train station she sees only a few employees waiting. One
is Tommy who is sitting down next to a pillar with his eyes
shut. Mary limps over to Tommy and sits down next to him. He
jumps, startled.
Mary?! Why are you still here?
Take a look.
She pulls up her shirt and reveals the brown bruise from the
shock baton on her left side next to her rib cage.
Oh God. What happened?
Doesn't matter. It just won't
happen again.
It's my fault, isn't it?
No...well, yes. Sort of.
Jesus, I'm sorry. How can I make
it up to you?
Don't do what you did this
afternoon ever again. Okay?
We'll just have to see.


The train begins to approach. Mary and Tommy help each
other up as the other workers approach the edge of the
station walkway.
So do you still want that
chocolate Easter bunny?
Tommy looks at Mary with an awkward face.
Nothing. Never mind.
Why? Do you have one? I could
use some chocolate right now.
Mary laughs as they board the train. Inside the train is
musty and humid. There is trash everywhere and stains all
over the seats. There is also graffiti all over the walls
and even the windows, obscuring the view. Video cameras pan
back and forth from the front of each car. Mary and Tommy
sit across from each other; Mary on the left, Tommy on the
right. When Tommy sits he lays down using both seats which
obscures the view of the video camera. A booming voice
comes on over the loudspeaker.
                       TRAIN VOICE
You there! In seat twelve!
Tommy sits up slowly and tiredly. He looks towards the
loudspeaker at the front of the train.
                       TRAIN VOICE
Yes, you! Sit up straight! Face
Tommy does as he's told. Mary rechecks her own position so
as to not be yelled at. The doors close and the train
begins to move. Tommy and Mary both fall asleep sitting up.
The train comes to an easy stop and the loudspeaker booms to
                       TRAIN VOICE
All citizens, we have arrived at
Philadelphia's Hilltop Heights.


                       TRAIN VOICE (cont'd)
All passengers designated in
living quarters please exit now.
God be with you.
Mary and Tommy awaken and slowly pull themselves out of
their seats. Mary walks in front of Tommy as they head to
the exit at the front of the car. As they get off, they zip
up their work suits and begin to walk across the street
towards the slums area.
Cold as shit tonight.
Brilliant observation.
Well, here's another observation.
Quite an interesting day, wasn't
What are you talking about? You
don't even remember half of it.
That's not the point.
Mary and Tommy laugh.
So we're not going to have another
incident like today, are we?
Tommy stops and pulls on Mary's arm. She stops.
Oh, come on, Mary. You have more
brains in your head than that.
So that's a "yes"?
No, that's a "no".
What? What if someone's watching
right now?


I don't give a shit, right now. I
was right and that bitch in the
mess hall was wrong, and the
Sweepers were wrong too.
Will you shut up?!
No! I'm gonna say what's on my
mind right now! I'm sick and
tired of all this shit. I hate
having to wake up everyday and
smell the garbage which has been
building up for the last 2 weeks.
I hate not being able to send my
kid to college because I can't
afford it. I'm sick of having to
watch what I say, what I do, what
I feel. I hate this whole fucking
Do you think I feel any better? I
have the exact same problems as
you. I have to smell the same
garbage, suffer with the fact that
my kids' not going to college, and
the fact that I can't do what I
please in the "land of the free".
I hate this just as much as you
do, but it's the hand we were
dealt so we have to deal with it.
You know, Mary, it's that kind of
mentality that, as far as I know,
ruined everything this country
stood for. See you tomorrow.
Tommy walks away down the street and turns left. Mary
stands still in the middle of the street thinking about what
Tommy said. Eventually, she continues slowly down the
street and turns right. She turns around and sees Tommy
walking off into the distance. Mary continues until she
reaches her house on her right. She pulls out her keys,
inserts them into the lock, and opens the door.


Mary walks into her house and shuts the door behind her. The
house is an average building with very few accessories and
bland walls. She reaches over to the left to flip on the
light switch but the lights don't turn on. She repeatedly
flips the switch but still nothing.
She walks forward with her arms out, feeling out the walls.
She turns to her left and goes up the stairs. At the top,
she turns right and feels for a door. Grasping the handle,
she cracks open the door and looks inside. She sees her
fifteen year old daughter, Elizabeth, asleep. There is
clutter around the room with clothes on the floor. Mary
quietly shuts the door and proceeds back down stairs. At
the bottom she turns right and goes into the kitchen. To
her left is a filthy stove, to her right is a
refrigerator/freezer, and in front of her next to the wall
is a small table. She walks over to the table and knocks on
the wall. There is a knocking on the other side. Mary
knocks three times slowly and three slow knocks are
returned. Mary turns around and walks to the front door.
She cracks the door open and sees her neighbor Sarah
standing outside. She quickly opens the door and Sarah
hurries inside. Sarah is about 33 years old, caucasian
female, stands at 5', 7", and has long, blond hair. Mary
turns around and Sarah embraces her immediately.
You're late.
Ow! Ow!
It's my side.
Let me see.
Mary lifts up her shirt revealing the bruise from the shock
Oh my God. What happened?


I got hit with a shock baton.
What? Why?
It's a long story.
Sarah helps Mary into the kitchen and sits her down in a
chair next to the table. Sarah goes to the freezer and
pulls out a bag of already opened frozen peas and puts them
on the bruise.
Ow, ow, ow!
Jesus. You need to see a doctor.
And how would I pay for one?
Well, I've got some money saved
up. I-
Sarah, please don't. I'm tired
and cold and just want to go to
Alright, I'll get the fire going.
Sarah walks into the living room and lights some old wood
and some old newspaper on fire in the fireplace. Mary walks
over to the ruined and ripped couch and lays down. She
pulls and raggedy blanket over herself and closes her eyes.
Sarah walks over and kisses her on the lips. Mary pulls the
blanket up and Sarah lays down next to Mary. They smile as
they drift to sleep with the fire going.


Mary and Sarah are laying on the couch sleeping with their
arms around each other. Mary suddenly awakens from a brutal
nightmare. She looks down and sees Sarah. She crawls out
of Sarah's arms and kneels down by the almost burned out
fire. She grasps her side in pain from the Sweeper baton
bruise. She pokes and prods the fire trying to keep it
going. The fire pops and breaks loud enough to wake up
Sarah. Sarah gets up and sees Mary kneeling.
What are you doing?
Trying to keep the fire going.
      (Eyes closed)
There's nothing else to burn. Just
go back to sleep. It's cold all
Mary gets up and walks over to a broken mirror on the wall.
She lifts up her shirt and sees the massive and grotesque
bruise. She walks back over to the couch and sits down next
to it, looking out the window.
Sarah, do you...do you think
there's a better life than this?
What do you mean?
Exactly that. Something more than
living in this house, working for
minimum wage, hiding what we are.
      (Eyes Open)
If I can't see it or touch it,
then it isn't real. Why are you
No reason.
Sarah sits up and looks at Mary.
What happened today?


You remember Tommy, lives down the
Yeah? Wait, you're not...
No! He almost got himself killed
today by a Sweeper's baton.
No shit?
So that's how you got shocked too,
right? Protecting him.
Mary sits up.
On the way home, he said he was
gonna do the same thing tomorrow.
What? He's insane!
He said he didn't care. He's
snapped. Weird thing is I
actually think he might be doing
the only sane thing any of us can
Okay, now you've snapped. Go to
No. I'm gonna help him.


Yeah. Tomorrow I'll be right
there with Tommy, standing up to
You've lost it. If you do that,
they'll kill you. What about your
daughter, Liz?
Stay here tonight. Take care of
her tomorrow when she gets home
from school.
No, I'm not-
Please. I promise you I'll come
in that door tomorrow. Okay?
Mary and Sarah embrace each other.
You better come in that door
tomorrow. If you don't, they'll
come for us.
I'll come home. I promise.
The next morning, Mary sits in the kitchen eating a stale
bagel and coffee. Dawn is breaking outside. Sarah comes
down the stairs wearing a red bath robe. She walks into the
kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee. She sits down
across from Mary but says nothing. A few seconds later
Elizabeth walks down the stairs wearing her pajamas. She is
a fifteen year old, mixed race girl of caucasian and African
American descent. She stands at 5', 2" and has long black
hair. She walks into the kitchen.


Morning honey.
Mary and Liz kiss each other on the cheek.
Hi Sarah.
Morning Liz.
Sarah walks over to the refrigerator, opens the door, and
looks around for something to breakfast. The fridge is
practically empty. She sighs and shuts the door.
Mom, do we have anything to eat?
Next to the sink.
Liz opens a cabinet next to the sink and takes out a bag of
bagels. She pulls one out and starts eating it.
It's stale.
I'm sorry, honey. You'll have to
deal with it.
Liz opens a cabinet above the sink and takes out a glass.
She fills it with water from the tap. As she eats the
bagel, she walks over to the table and sits down next to
Liz, Sarah is gonna be here when
you get home from school.
Why? I can take care of myself.
There's something I have to do at
the factory so I may be out for a
while. She'll watch you if I
don't come back tonight.


Mom, I can watch after myself. I
did it yesterday, and the day
before that, and before that, and-
Well, now I'm saying Sarah will
watch you!
Sarah looks at Mary with a grim stare. Mary sees her and
lowers her head.
Just please, after you come home,
do your homework and stay here
with Sarah. Do not go anywhere.
Alright, fine. I won't go
Mary looks at her watch and gets up out of her chair. She
walks around the table and kisses Liz on the head. As she
walks to the front door, Sarah stands up and follows her.
Mary, please don't. We get by
just fine. There's no reason to
stand up to them.
Liz listens in on the conversation from the kitchen.
Tommy said last night that it was
that kind of mentality that ruined
everything this country stood for.
And you know what, I'm starting
to agree.
What can the average person do? We
have no money, no power, no
discerable talents. How can you
ignore that?
Mary embraces Sarah and deeply kisses her. She then opens
the front door. Sarah moves away from the doorway.
I love you but sometimes you can
really be a pain in the ass. Just
be here when I get home.


Mary walks out and zips up the front of her work shirt. The
morning is cold and damp with dew. Sarah watches from the
kitchen window as Mary walks to the left down the street.
Liz walks over to Sarah.
She's gonna fight them, isn't she?
Sarah starts to cry. She runs out of the room and goes
upstairs. The bedroom door slams shut. Liz stands in the
kitchen, alone.
Mary walks down the street with her hands in her pockets and
her head hanging low. She contemplates her situation.
Nervously, she glances around at the other houses and down
the street. When she arrives at the train station, she
looks for Tommy. There is no trace of him. She walks
around the platform but sees no one. A hover cam passes by
the station and stops in front of her. It examines her a
moment and then continues on its way. She sighs in relief
as the train arrives. She boards the train and continues to
look around. Once onboard, she checks the seats on the
train but finds only a few people who are heading factory.
                       TRAIN VOICE
You there! In the aisle! Sit
down, immediately!
Mary sits down on the left side of the train and looks out
the window for Tommy. Eventually, the train begins moving.
Mary leans back in the seat and stares forward.
As the train comes to a stop outside the Factory, Mary looks
around at the crowd of workers who exit the train, trying to
find Tommy. She is eventually pressed out of the train by
the mob that exits. Outside, she looks for Tommy as she
walks towards the ampitheater. The crowd of workers enters
the ampitheater and take seats from last seats to front
seats. Mary sits in the front. The telescreen shows the
American flag waving in the wind. Mary leans around and
continues to lok for Tommy. Once the ampitheater is filled,
the propaganda announcements begin. The announcement is the
same as the day before and culminates with the workers
screaming at the screen. Once the announcements are
complete, the workers shuffle out of the ampitheater and
make their way to the factory entrance. When Mary reaches


the front gate, she looks around for Tommy as she shows her
bar code to the Sweeper. The light above her head stays
Remember, citizen. Do not repeat
the events of yesterday.
The light turns green. Mary walks in and looks up to see
Wilshire in his office looking down at her through his
window. She immediately looks forward and keeps walking.
Mary makes her way through the factory until she reaches her
station on the second floor. When she turns the corner to
enter her work booth, she sees a man sitting at Tommy's
console. A man other than Tommy. The man greets Mary and
smiles. Mary stares for a moment and then slowly backs up.
She walks backwards down the catwalk, mesmerized. Finally,
she turns and runs down the stairs. Pushing her way past
other workers, she reaches the first floor. She weaves her
way through a labyrinth of steel pipes, girders, and steam.
Eventually, she stops and breaks down next to the storage
area. She cries as a hover cam passes by overhead. The
hover cam lowers and flashes a bright white light. The
hover cam then continues on its way. Soon after, a Sweeper
guard walks up behind Mary.
Return to your station, citizen.
There is work to be done.
Mary stops crying. A few workers have gathered around the
scene and are watching, including Parsons. The Sweeper
removes his shock baton and slowly approaches Mary.
I said "return to your station
Slowly, Mary reaches down and grabs a red crow bar laying on
the ground. She grasps it firmly as the Sweeper approaches,
unaware of Mary holding the weapon.
Citizen, I said-!
Mary leaps around and swings the crow bar at the Sweeper,
hitting him in the face. He falls over with a thud.
Suddenly, another Sweeper arrives and views the scene. He
grasps his shock baton and moves forward towards Mary who is


visciously beating the now dead Sweeper in the head. Parsons
sees the second Sweeper approaching and grabs a steel bar on
the ground. He lunges forward towards the Sweeper.
Parsons drives the bar forward and stabs the Sweeper in the
belly. He drives the Sweeper towards the wall and then
pulls the bar out. The Sweeper falls to the ground and
Parsons drives the steel bar into the Sweepers left eye. The
shock baton from the second sweeper rolls towards the crowd
of people surrounding the fight. One person is Sam, from
the lunch line. Mary looks at Parsons and then falls to her
knees crying. Parsons walks over and picks her up.
Come on. We gotta go!
Sam looks down at the shock baton on the floor. As Mary and
Parsons run past, he kneels down and grasps the baton firmly
and pursues them. The whole crowd of workers follows.
Mary and Parsons move past other workers towards the main
entrance. A hover cam passes by and sopts them running. It
flashes them and continues on its way. When they reach the
front entrance, the Sweepers stop them.
You should be working. Where are
you taking her, citizen?
She was hurt. She needs to see a
Take her to a medical station,
Well...we went by there and
there's no one there.
How would you know that if you
never really went there?
Sam and many other workers form a mob behind Mary and
Parsons, blocking them from escape. Parsons notices that
Sam has a shock baton. Sam walks forward.


These two never went to a medical
station. Hell, she isn't even
hurt. If anyone is hurt, it's the
two Sweepers they just killed.
The Sweepers in front of Mary and Parsons remove their shock
batons and move towards them. The lead Sweeper looks at
Citizen, drop the shock baton now!
Don't worry. I'll take care of
Sam moves in front of the Sweepers and looks down at Mary
and Parsons who are now kneeling. He raises the shock baton
above his head, ready to strike.
Attack, citizen!
Mary and Sam look at each other for a moment.
No problem.
Sam swings the shock baton, at first towards Mary but then
swings it up and hits the lead Sweeper in the face,
electrocuting him. The other Sweepers move forward but the
mob runs towards them and overtakes them like a flood.
Workers grab the shock batons out of the Sweepers hands and
begin beating them visciously. Mary and Parsons move
forward out of the crowd as more Sweepers arrive. Several
exit the front entrance while others run around the left
side of the building about 70 yards away. Mary looks up and
sees the Sweepers approaching and becomes furious. She
breaks away from Parsons, runs back into the crowd, and
grabs a shock baton that is on the ground. She then runs
out of the mob and charges towards the Sweepers. Several
workers with steel pipes and shock batons follow her
screaming at the top of their lungs. Mary's group and the
Sweeper's collide and begin swinging their weapons and
beating each other. Mary swings her baton upwards and hits
a Sweeper in the crotch. He convulses in pain as Mary
retracts and then swings at his head. He instantly falls to
the ground. Parsons joins the fight after grabbing a
sledgehammer from a fallen worker. He runs over towards the
Sweeper that Mary knocked out and crushes his head with the
sledgehammer. Mary and Parsons look at each other for a


moment. Suddenly, Parsons is hit in the back with a baton
from a Sweeper. Mary flings her baton at the Sweeper which
hits him in his gut. He falls to the ground, still
spasming. As the chaos ensues, Wilshire's face comes on the
telescreen and he begins a speech to the workers.
Please, remain calm! Return to
your work stations! We must
maintain peace and order!
Mary looks at the telescreen and then at Parsons. She picks
up the sledgehammer and runs across the lot towards the
ampitheater. A couple Sweepers try to catch her but are
stopped by workers. Mary runs, sledgehammer in hand, as
Wilshire continues to speak over the telescreen.
Please, stop! We must maintain
peace and order!
Mary reaches the front of the ampitheater and stops in front
of the telescreen. She looks up at Wilshire.
Return to your stations
Mary spins around with the sledgehammer and then hurls it at
the telescreen.
We must maintain peace and or-!
The sledgehammer crashes into the screen and shatters it
into a thousand pieces. Wilshire's speech goes silent. Mary
stares upward towards the gaping hole where the telescreen
was. Suddenly, outside the factory entrance, a lone worker
cheers and pumps his fist in the air. Other workers join
the cheer. Parsons gets up and joins in as well. The
Sweepers lay strewn about on the ground as the workers stand
over them. Parsons notices a Sweeper trying to get up. He
runs over and kicks him in the stomach. Mary slowly turns
around and sees the workers cheering. She then turns around
and picks up the sledgehammer and then looks back at the
crowd of workers. She raises the sledgehammer above her head
and cheers.
Cut to several workers grabbing Wilshire and dragging him
out the front entrance of the factory. They force him to
his knees. Mary walks up right in front of him and stares


Oh God please! Please!
Mary stares down at Wilshire and raises the sledgehammer.
Where's Tommy?
Who? I don't know any one named
Of course you don't.
Mary raises the sledgehammer above her head.
Mary swings the sledgehammer down and crushes Wilshires
skull. Blood and brains ooze from the cracks as Mary turns
towards Sam.
Thank you.
Your welcome.
Mary turns back towards the crowd of workers who are all
staring at her as their leader.
Now what?
Oh no!
Mary runs towards the train station and drops the
sledgehammer. The crowd is confused but follows. Parsons
runs ahead of the rest of the crowd. He catches up with
What is it?
I need to get home! Everyone
needs to go home now and hide!


What?! This has just started!
We're not hiding!
Mary turns around and sees the crowd still assembled.
Parsons is standing to her left as Sam walks up to her
This was a mistake! I need...I
Mary falls to her knees and starts crying.
What is it? What's wrong?
Liz...Sarah...I need to get home.
Parsons looks up at the crowd and then stands up.
What are you doing?!
Saving our asses. AFTER YOU HAVE
The crowd dispurses and everyone goes off in separate
directions. Mary stands up and looks at Parsons.
What the fuck are you doing!? What
are we going to do?! Where are we
gonna go?!
Parsons grabs Mary by her upper arms.
Mary, whether you like it or not,
we're terrorists at this point. If
they catch us then we're dead. We
either hang together or we'll


                       PARSONS (cont'd)
certainly hang separately. Go
home and get your family.
Parsons looks at Sam as he lets go of Mary.
The same goes for you whatever
your name is.
The name's Samuel Beck.
Sam. I'm Bill Parsons. This is
Mary McDonnel. Well, you both
know what to do so let's get
moving before the rest of the
Sweeper force finds out.
Parsons starts to walks away.
I thought you didn't even want to
be a part of something like this.
I changed my mind.
Parsons runs away down the street.
Get going Sam.
See ya later. And I'm sorry about
Sam runs off down the street, leaving Mary all alone. She
wipes the tears off her face and proceeds to run down the
train tracks.


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