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Young Liars
by Nat (mosaiclobster@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

Updated version, feedback welcome. Enjoy!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A GIRL walks slowly from the bedroom door and falls onto the
bed, sprawled over the mattress and staring up at the
ceiling fan.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Your parents always tell you that
things look bleaker at night. That
all the troubles of the day that
suffocate you now will melt away
as the sunlight claws its way over
the mountain tops. But shadows
speak louder than words when your
only comfort is the promise of a
good night's sleep. The hell of it
is, I haven't slept for days.
Naomi walks out of the house and closes the door behind her.
She sits down on the curb and takes out a pack of
CIGARETTES. The box of MATCHES she pulls out is empty so the
pack of smokes is tucked back in to her jacket pocket.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Ever since my friend dissapeared,
I feel like all I've done is try
to catch some Zs. Two kinds of Zs,
Zoe being one of them. Don't know
if you could even really call her
a friend... we haven't spoken in
months. I only noticed she was
missing because there was no one
to have an awkward moment of
recognition with in the hallway. A
couple days of absence wouldn't be
out of the ordinary for anyone
else, but Zoe's had perfect
attendance since 7th grade. She
wouldn't taint that record for
Naomi walks purposefully down the sidewalk.


                       NAOMI (V.O.)
It was the thursday before winter
break when she stopped showing up.
I told myself that her family had
left early on vacation like so
many others had. That afternoon I
got a call from Zoe's mother
asking if she had got a ride to
school with me. It was a trick I
used to play on my rents: Tell
them they can leave for work
because I was getting picked up by
Zoe. She always knew to back me up
when the inevitable phone call
came. I figured it was my turn to
help her out, for old time's sake.
They start sweating when Zoe
doesn't find her way back home
that night. Then they get the
automated absense call from the
school. Turns out my random act of
kindness was wasted on a runaway.
Or worse, a kidnapping victim.
Naomi sits on the swings. A BOY is seen walking towards her
until he settles on the swing next to hers.
It looks like you need a push.
Yeah, preferably one in the right
Do you practice in front of the
mirror to get an answer like that?
I can try stuttering if you want.
You know, that's the most you've
said to me in months. I'd almost
forgotten what your voice sounds


I'd say the same if I knew who the
hell you were.
Come on, you know who I am. I sat
behind you in English last year...
Zoe and I are friends, remember?
If you've been hanging out with
Zoe all year then maybe you'll
have noticed that we don't talk
much anymore... It's Blake, right?
Yeah. Well, nobody's been able to
talk to her much anymore. Not
since last week, anyway.
If you're such good friends with
Zoe you must have some idea of
what happened.
'Fraid not. Last I talked to her
was last wednesday, we were going
over our math homework on the
phone. We always met by the
flagpole before school, so when
she didn't show up on thursday
morning I was suprised as anyone.
Then when she wasn't in any of my
classes I figured she'd just
gotten sick or something.
Zoe never stays home sick.
Fair enough. I've never known of a
flu that has cops crawling over
every inch of town.
I haven't seen any.
I guess it's hard to see much of
anything when you're staring at
your feet. I think most of them
are in the canyon this morning


                       BLAKE (cont'd)
You seem pretty broken up about
the whole thing.
You trying to tell me how I feel?
No, just having fun guessing.
You're not exactly the picture of
grief either, you know.
No need to get bitter, we've both
lost someone... I probably never
should have said it. I'm sor-
Forget it.
Blake gets up from his swing.
Going already? Look, I tried to
apologize. It's not really my
place to be-
No, it's nothing like that. I just
have to be somewhere. I'm free for
lunch though. I mean, if you
wanted to talk about Zoe or
Guess that couldn't hurt anything.
We can meet at the lake in a
couple hours.
Why the lake?
Why not? Nothing's more peaceful
than water.


Assuming you can't see what's
lurking underneath.
Blake's cell phone rings. They exchange a look and he
answers the call.
Hello? Come on man, it's only a
few minutes past... I know what I
said, but I got held up. No no no,
wait there. It's fine, no one's
looking for you. I'll be there in
a couple, alright? Fine- Later.
Blake looks shaken and angry.
... Everthing okay?
Yeah, fine. I'll see you back here
at 1:30.
He walks away briskly, hands plunged in his pockets and
staring at the ground.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Blake Rune. Every time I see him
he looks more like a stranger.
Pretending I didn't know him
wasn't far off. He's not the same
kid that was always making me
laugh in English class. He keeps
to himself more nowadays... Zoe
was one of his only friends. I'd
always suspected that Blake had a
thing for her- he always was
lingering near our table in the
lunch room, reading a book and
pretending he wasn't listening to
us. Once Zoe and I parted ways he
decided to move in on her.
Naomi takes out her pack of cigarettes and calls out to
Blake as he walks towards his car.
Hey, you got a light on you?


Yeah, and you're not getting it.
Those things are disgusting.
Blake takes a lighter from his pocket and lights in in front
of his face, grinning. He then turns back around and gets in
his car.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Who knew. Even loners are self
Naomi takes the cigarette from her mouth, considers it for a
moment and then sticks it behind her ear. She starts to
swing. A GIRL walks up from behind her quietly and puts her
hands over Naomi's eyes.
Guess who?
Naomi reaches up to grab the girl's hands.
Let's see. Cold, bony fingers,
fruit-scented hand lotion... Devil
The girl moves her hands to her side and stands to face
Olivia Thompson, silly.
Close enough. Now why don't you
run along and be a lush somewhere
If I knew what that meant I'd
probably be super hurt right now.
But since I don't, I'm just going
to invite you to my annual winter
break bonfire!
I'll pass, like have for the past
3 years of high school.
Don't be such a stick in the mud.
It's a totally dry party. We're
going to hold a candlelight vigil
in honor of Zoe, so I figured


                       OLIVIA (cont'd)
you'd want to be there.
Aren't candlelight vigils for
people who are- dead?
Well lets face it Naomi. Zoe's
been gone for almost a week, and I
get community service hours for
hosting it. Everyone wins!
Maybe somebody there will have
some idea of what happened. So
where are you hosting this little
check mark on your college resume?
Aliso Creek at 5:30 tonight. If
you don't show up, Zoe's spirit
will like, probably hold it
against you forever... See you
Olivia walks away and Naomi continues to sit on the swing
with a bemused look on her face.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
I can't wait to leave for college.
Naomi is sitting at a table with her head resting face down
on the table. Blake walks over carrying bags from a fast
food place and sets them on the table.
It's not fancy, but it's edible.
That's debatable.
Hey, what'd I tell you about
staring at your feet? I'm not that
terrible to look at.
Naomi stays motionless.


I'll sit up if you give me your
I'll kick you if you ask for it
I feel dizzy... and my skull is
Most people call those headaches.
Give me the damn lighter.
It'll wear off in a couple days.
Maybe eating will take your mind
off it.
I prefer tobacco to trans fat, but
Naomi lifts her head off the table. Her forehead is indented
with the cage-like markings of the table's surface. Blake
raises his eyebrows and stifles a grin.
That's funny. My head doesn't hurt
as much anymore.
Imagine that. Are you going to eat
your food, or..
No. How about we trade. My food
for your li-
Blake kicks Naomi forcefully and she groans. The cry is
about to turn into a cuss word but the scene changes before
she can finish.
Blake and Naomi are walking side by side. Naomi is limping


I didn't know they made steel-toed
I warned you not to ask me again.
What a gentlemen. I can see why
Zoe preferred you to me.
... You were the one who ditched
Zoe, Naomi. Not the other way
Let's call it a mutual parting and
leave it at that.
They walk in uncomfortable silence for a few seconds.
Did you hear about Olivia's
candlelight vigil tonight?
Everyone's going to stand around a
bonfire and pretend to care about
Sounds like a blast.
I figured we could go and ask
around, see when everyone last saw
her. Who knows, we might actually
find somebody intelligent to talk
Wow, a detective and a comedian?
You're so cute.
Naomi elbows Blake and he smiles, putting his arm around
Blake and Naomi are seen walking towards a crowd of high
schoolers crowded around a bonfire. Some are wearing bathing


suits, others are in sweats. Olivia has a flower tucked
behind her ear and a loudly colored sarong around her waist.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
There they all are, moths huddled
around a flame. A convention of
wide-eyed juniors and seniors, as
excited as they are mournful that
a classmate of theirs has
dissapeared off the face of the
earth. You can almost see the
glory of news camera lenses
reflected in their eyes...
Olivia spots the pair and waves excitedly, motioning for
them to join them.
So glad you could make it, the
turn out has been way better than
Olivia adjusts the flower drooping by her ear and smiles
Gosh, if I knew we were having a
luau I would have brought my
No, save that for the spring break
bonfire. I doubt Zoe's spirit
would be very appreciative if we
made a festive occasion out of her
Her what?
Oh, about the whole vigil thing.
We don't have enough candles for
everyone and I found out that I
wouldn't get community service
hours after all, so I decided to
hold a sťance for our beloved Zoe


I know, I know, we're not sure if
she's dead yet. But I figured that
if we were able to communicate
with her it would be a way of
finding out for sure.
Blake's cell phone rings. He looks at the caller ID and
I'll be right back.
Blake walks a distance away and answers the phone. He is
gesturing wildly and Olivia and Naomi are able to hear parts
of his conversation from where they are standing.
Listen you... Look, I told you not
to call this number again.... If
you talk to anyone about this... I
don't care if you're sorry, just
don't call here again.... Fine.
Tomorrow.... Bye.
Naomi and Olivia realize Blake is walking back towards them
and pretend they've been holding their own conversation.
How many people did you say were
Oh, over a dozen at least..
Blake ignores them and sits on the opposite side of the
fire. Naomi moves to go sit near him but is knocked into by
a BOY. He puts his arm around Olivia and smirks at Naomi.
Aaron, that's so rude.
Sorry Naomi, didn't see you there.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
I knew it was Aaron even before I
saw his face- the smell of stale
sweat and Axe body spray precedes


Aaron was nice enough to skip out
on football practice so he could
join us tonight.
How exactly did you know Zoe?
We did a science project together
in 8th grade. She was awesome, I
barely had to do anything and we
got an A.
Naomi's face contorts with pain and she holds a hand to her
Are you okay?
Just a headache. Are we going to
start this thing soon or what? I
have to be home by 8:00.
Just a couple more minutes. I
think the candles are all set up,
so why don't you and Blake go sit
down in the circle with everyone
Who's Blake?
Naomi rolls her eyes and walks over to Blake who has already
taken his position in the candle circle.
This whole thing might actually be
insulting if I didn't think Olivia
was genuinely stupid.
Naomi takes a CIGARETTE from the pack in her pocket, puts it
in her mouth and lowers herself so that she is level with
the candle in front of them. Blake sees what she is trying
to do and blows out the candle.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm going to start having to put
Ritalin in your tic tac box.


      (Cigarette still
       in mouth)
Repeated cravings doesn't mean I
have ADD, you idiot. You can't
kick a habit in one day that
you've been nursing for three
Blake snatches the cigarette from her mouth and throws it
down the beach.
Well, try to make an effort at
Olivia is about to start the sťance when she notices the
burned out candle.
Aaron, match please.
Aaron stricks a MATCH and leans over to light the candle.
Now, everyone grab hands.
The participants look at each other akwardly but then hold
Thank you. I will be acting as our
spiritual medium tonight in an
attempt to contact Zoe, our dear
friend who-
Wendy, a girl sitting next to Olivia, groans with
This is all wrong. Everything in
this sťance is wrong. We need a
round table, chairs, a white
tablecloth... the candles have to
be white too! What's with these
candles anyway... red, black...
are you trying to attract demons
or something? And no incense! Who
ever heard of a sťance with no


Wendy, I'm really hard to forgive
you for interrupting me because I
know you're super strange. I am
the one who organized this so we
get to do it how I want.
... Maybe Wendy should be the
The group corraborates this with collective nodding and
Be quiet Blake, you're only here
because Naomi brought you.
What gives you the right to talk
to me like that, huh?
She'll talk to you however she
Shut up, jockstrap.
Aaron tries to stand up to confront Blake but his hands are
still held by people on either side so he falls back to his
Enough! You'll only anger the
spirits with your violence. We
either do this the right way, or
not at all. Agreed?
Fine. But let's not forget who
bought the candles and reserved
the fire pit.
Well, I'll do what I can with it,
but without a table and-
nevermind. We'll make due.
Everyone hold your partners' hands
securely and close your eyes.


Blake positions his hand so that he and Naomi's fingers are
laced together. Naomi opens her eyes slightly and gives him
a sideways glance.
Eyes closed, Naomi.
Blake grins and Naomi scowls and shuts her eyes.
Now, I want you all to breath
calmly, in through your nose and
out through your mouth. I'm going
to count to ten, slowly. At the
end of my count, we will all say
in unison: Our beloved Zoe, we ask
that you commune with us and move
among us. We will repeat it in
unison three times. One-
Wendy mouths the rest of the count as Naomi's voice cuts in.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Wendy's the kind of girl who looks
at an outstretched hand as
palmistry practive rather a
friendly greeting. She's an
oddball all right, but she's got
brains. Maybe she knows something
about Zoe I don't.
Nine, and ten.
Our beloved Zoe, we ask that you
commune with us and move among us.
Our beloved Zoe, we ask that you
commune with us and move among us.
Our beloved Zoe, we ask that you
commune with us and move among us.
Everyone is silent. The candles cast a menacing light on
their faces.
If you are with us, Zoe, please
give us a sign of your arrival.
The silence continues for a few more seconds. Blake's phone
rings, some scream and other are jolted.


Let it ring.
I- No, I should really answer it.
I'm sorry everyone, but-
Blake, just let it ring.
They sit looking at each other until the phone stops
ringing. Blake then looks to the ground, ashamed.
I think that's enough for tonight.
Any spirits within the area will
have been frightened by that
little interruption. We can
continue tomorrow...
Everyone is starting to get up and walk off, ignoring
Wendy's suggestion.
What a waste of time. The least
Zoe could have done was make a few
candles go out, or something.
It's okay babe, you did your best.
You're right, I won't dwell on it.
Come on Aaron, we still have time
to catch a movie. Naomi, it would
be awesome if you and Blake could
clean up. See you later!
Olivia drags Aaron off with her, leaving Naomi and Blake
alone and surrounded by the ring of candles.
... I should have answered that
I don't remember anyone stopping
Why did you tell me to let it


I think the better question would
be why the hell it was on in the
first place. I know this whole
thing was kind of a joke, but now
everyone's gone and we're not any
closer to knowing where Zoe is
than we were this morning.
What, you honestly think anyone in
that crowd has a clue where she
is? The only smart one in the
bunch was Wendy, and she's too
busy looking up her horoscope to
ever notice anything else.
Well, something's gotta give
around here. I haven't had a smoke
all day, I don't know where Zoe
is... and worse, I don't know why
I care.
Maybe it's because you're a good
Blake looks Naomi up and down.
No, that can't be it.
Blake grins but Naomi simply looks at her feet.
Come on, can't you take a joke?
I can't take anything anymore.
Blake raises Naomi's face with his hand and kisses her on
the cheek. Both of their voices are barely above a whisper.
What about that?
I didn't take it, you gave it to


Blake takes Naomi's face in his hands and leans in. His cell
phone rings. He rests his head against hers in defeat.
That's a sign if I ever heard one.
Blake doesn't move. The phone continues to ring and he tears
himself away from Naomi to answer it.
You have to stop doing this. I'm
tired of telling you to stop
calling... I know you're stressed,
how do you think I feel?
Naomi walks away, out of the ring of candles and instead in
the light of the bonfire. Blake sees this and covers the
reciever with his hand..
Give me a ring tomorrow. I'd call
you, but I'd hate to get a busy
Naomi walks out of the light of the fire and into the
shadows of the dark beach, dissapearing.
Naomi walks slowly from the bedroom door and falls onto the
bed, sprawled over the mattress and staring up at the
ceiling fan.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
All week, all I could think about
was Zoe. I guess part of me wanted
to save her, to get back some of
the trust and compassion her
friendship had given me. But she
branched out, so I bailed. Now I'm
left with a mixture of guilt and
longing. Guilt for going solo when
she may have needed me most,
longing for the guy who loves her.
Naomi covers her face with her hands.


                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Those lips. I've been craving them
like nicotine ever since the park
this morning... how could that
have been only this morning? It
feels like months, years ago. A
different era... prehistoric,
Naomi sits up and rubs her eyes. She leans her chin against
her hand, deep in thought.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
If Zoe was kidnapped, how could
the cops be this slow in finding
her? A dismembered hand, a strand
of hair, anything. Somebody around
here needs to squeal, I can feel
Naomi walks up to the front of a house and knocks on the
door. Wendy opens the door.
We need to talk, Wendy.
I knew you were going to say that.
I also knew you would visit me
Wendy holds up a NEWSPAPER opened to the horoscope section.
The pisces horoscope is circled.
See? It says "You will recieve a
visitor today". I knew it would be
you since we haven't talked in
ages. Plus, I was getting some
very anxious vibes from your aura
last night at the beach.
I came here to talk about Zoe, not
about what color my aura is.


I never said anything about the
color, Naomi! That's very
sensitive information. But if you
really want to know...
Well, I'm indigo with an abstract
tan. Do you realize how special
that is? Indigo is the newest aura
to arrive on the planet- very few
are older than children! Our
purpose in life is to raise others
to a higher awareness through our
intuitiveness and psychic
You must be so proud.
You better believe it! Ever since
I got my aura read I feel like my
whole life has meaning! I
understand where my seemingly
bizzare tendencies come from. Oh,
come in, come in, it's rude of me
to leave you out in the cold. I
knew you were cold because-
Naomi walks into the house and follows Wendy to the kitchen
table. There are a deck of TAROT CARDS on the table. Wendy
sits down and Naomi takes the seat opposite to her.
By the way, your aura is green
with a logical tan. The
strong-willed analytical type. You
mostly keep your feelings and
thoughts to yourself, isn't that
I'm a teenager, so yes.


Fair enough. I sense that you're
here to talk about Zoe and why she
has yet to be found.
That's probably because I just
told you that.
You say one thing, I say the
other... I sense that you feel
personally responsible for finding
In a way, yes.
That's where my deck of cards
comes in to play.
She pats the tarot deck and smiles.
Are you ready to learn your
future? Or perhaps even more
important... are you willing to
accept your past?
What do I have to lose?
Wendy shuffles the deck and lays out the cards, face down.
Select a card, don't think, just
pick one. This will represent the
past, or beginning of your
Naomi picks a card, Wendy turns it over and puts it on the
The King of Cups, bringer of good
advice. I see you being approached
by a young man... a lover, a
brother or a friend. There is-
some sort of message or advice,
then a proposition, an invitation


Naomi looks suprised but says nothing.
Now, choose another card. This
will represent your current
Naomi selects another card and Wendy turns it over and
places it next to the first card.
You selected the Hermit, card of
wisdom. I sense that you need to
take some time away from
temptation to search for the truth
in your heart.
Naomi looks genuinely nervous now. Without being prompted by
Wendy she selects a final card from the spread.
This card will represent the
outcome of the situation.
Wendy turns the card over, laying it next to the previous
Ah. The Tower.
Well, what the hell does that
The Tower signifies a sudden
change or upheaval- a revelation.
I see a sudden realization of the
truth, a burst of insight that
will reveal everything you need to
That doesn't help me at all! I
want to know what that realization
is, not whether or not I'm going
to have it!
Tarot cards aren't meant to give
every detail of the outcome,
they're simply a guiding light.


This is bull. Keep your voodoo
crap to yourself, I'm going to the
Naomi gets up and walks to the door.
Wow, I must have really cut to the
Nah, you just ran your hand over
the surface. Thanks for the
entertainment, I'll see you
Naomi slams the door behind her.
Blake is sitting on the same swings as the day before. Naomi
is seen walking towards him. She stands directly in front of
I got your message. What was it
you wanted to tell me?
Blake grabs on to the chains of the swing and pulls himself
up so that they are level with each other.
I thought you should know that Zoe
and I never dated... not even
close. I'm not going to put words
in her mouth, but I can say for my
part that I don't think of her as
more than a friend.
What does that have to do with me?
... I thought that's why you
wouldn't kiss me last night.
Your mystery caller rang in again,
remember? I don't know about you,
but "standard ring tone 8" doesn't
exactly put me in the mood.


I left it in the car. My cell
phone, I mean. No interruptions..
Blake leans in but Naomi takes a small step back.
I really like you Blake, but-
Give me a reason to back off, and
I will.
Naomi looks down at her feet, deep in thought. Blake looks
defeated and ready to sit down.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
This is all because of that tarot
card. Wendy can keep her mysticism
to herself, because it's either
this or back to cigarretes.
Naomi looks up and wraps her hands around Blake's which are
still gripping the swing handles. They kiss.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
You're no Marlboro, but you'll do.
Speaking of that, I got you
Blake picks up a JACKET next to the swing and takes out a
folded brown paper BAG. He hands it to Naomi.
Drugs? You shouldn't have.
Naomi opens the bag to find a pack of nicorette gum. She
You've put more effort into taking
care of me in 24 hours than my
parents have in 17 years.
Don't flatter yourself, I just
can't stand the smell of smoke.


They are about to share another kiss when a scream is heard.
Naomi runs toward the sound and Blake follows close behind.
They come across Olivia kneeling in the middle of the field,
hand pointing shakely in front of her.
Strange, I thought we'd discover a
half drowned cat, not a half drunk
prom queen.
Olivia, what's wrong? What are you
doing out here by yourself anyway?
Olivia lowers her outstretched hand, her breath coming in
gasps and her makeup smeared.
I... live... down the street.
Walked outside... clear my head.
Someone was walking- out here.
Followed em'.
Well, who was it?
Olivia doesn't speak and her gasping breaths become more
regular. Seconds go by.
I... I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
Why'd you scream, then?
It was... a coyote. On the other
side of the park.
Let me get this straight. You
stumbled out of your house, which
is down the street, not too long
ago. Is that right?
Olivia nods silently.


You stumbled down the street, and
saw something on the field, so you
went to see what it was.
Olivia nods again.
Then you got close enough to see
it was... what was it, a coyote?
And you screamed your pretty
little head off. Sound familiar?
Olivia hesitates but then nods slowly.
Let's get you home, even I'm not
cruel enough to leave you to the
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Wolves? The only thing I see
around here is a rat.
Blake puts Olivia's arm around his shoulder and tries to
lift her off the ground. She crumples to the floor, face
down in the grass. Olivia laughs into the ground. The
laughter turns into crying.
Come on Naomi, she's a wreck. We
have to at least put her on the
Blake and Naomi kneel on either side of Olivia and lift her
up by the shoulders. Once she is upright they grab her
around the shoulder and around the waist, respectively.
Don't drag your feet, you managed
to walk over here and you can
manage to walk back.
That was before the coyote talked
to me.
Geez, you're dr-
What did it say to you?


Olivia opens her mouth to speak but passes out before she
can talk.
Too bad, I would have liked to
hear that answer.
You and me both.
Blake and Naomi continue to drag Olivia across the field.
Naomi tries to knock on the door without loosening her grip
on Olivia and barely manages. Aaron answers the door.
Oh, there she is. I've been
looking around all morning for
She was at the park conversing
with nature.
... Huh?
Just put her in bed with a trash
can nearby and she'll be fine in a
few hours.
Aaron scoops up Olivia in his arms and closes the door in
Blake and Naomi's face.
So much for a dry party.
You think she really saw a coyote
out there?


So, what, she imagined the whole
thing? Just wandered out to the
park for no reason and screamed
for the hell of it?
All I said was that she didn't see
a coyote. It's not a matter of
what she saw... It's who she saw.
I'm not following.
Well, try to keep up. Olivia saw a
person out there, someone who she
didn't expect. Maybe they had a
little chat, maybe the person just
told her to keep quiet. But once
they were gone the alcohol wore
off just enough for her to realize
that she should scream about it.
Why would someone be wandering
around the park by themself?
Don't know.
Well, then why would they want
Olivia to keep quiet about em'
being there?
Forget I said anything. For all I
know Olivia really did almost get
mauled by a wild animal.
Naomi tries to walk ahead of Blake but he grabs her hand to
pull her back. They stop walking.
If I had known that scream would
have ruined the moment for us, I
would have personally seen to it
that Olivia stayed off the sauce.
What did I ever do to deserve you?


Blake smiles and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.
Nothing, you just got lucky.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
I think of the tarot cards, the
coyote, the smell of Blake's
cologne. I think of Zoe still
missing and the breath catches in
my throat.
Blake kisses Naomi.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
I think of Marlboros and sťances
and Zoe lying in a ditch
Naomi presses her mouth against Blake's, hard.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Passing notes in class. Fights on
the phone. Cold sweat, bad breath,
nicotine stains. Blood stains.
Naomi pulls away to reveal tears on her face. Blake touches
his own face, which is wet from hers.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
Tear stains.
Naomi, what's the matter?
Don't know, my eyes seem to be
Naomi wipes her face roughly.
It's nothing to be ashamed of,
just tell me what's wrong.
Allergies, something got in my
eye- pick your favorite excuse.


... I'm sure Zoe's alright, she'll
turn up... I miss her too, Naomi,
don't give up on it. People go
missing all the time.
But those are OTHER people.
Anonymous faces on the nightly
news, on milk cartons and junk
We're all other people to somebody
Do you practice in front of the
mirror to get an answer like that?
I can try stuttering if you want.
Naomi takes a piece of gum from the nicorette box and pops
it in her mouth.
Tastes like pepper.
Only twelve more weeks of it and
you'll be cured.
Are you kidding? I can barely get
through this piece.
She looks disgusted and takes the piece from her mouth,
staring at it.
If you don't chew em', you'll
start smoking again.
... So where's my motivation?
I don't date smokers.


That's a prejudice I could help
you overcome.
If you weren't holding ABC gum I
might actually be intrigued.
Naomi scowls and puts the gum back in her mouth. A cell
phone rings. Naomi shoots Blake an accusing look.
I told you, it's back in the car.
Naomi looks in her coat pocket and pulls out a ringing cell
Well, are you going to see who it
Naomi answers the phone.
Yeah, who is it?
Meet me in front of Blake's house
at 9:30 tonight. I have some
information you might be
interested in.
... Olivia, is that you? What's
going on, I thought you were-
I may be a partier, but I'm also a
fantastic actress. 9:30, it's two
streets down from my place.
How do you know where he lives?
Does it matter?
Naomi looks over at Blake, who is inspecting his hands and
completely unaware of her conversation.
I'll be there.


Naomi closes the phone and puts it back in her pocket.
Did I hear you say it was Olivia?
She says that I must have taken
something she's missing from the
beach last night. I'm supposed to
meet her and give it back.
How can you give it back if you
don't know what it is?
Naomi shrugs and chews busily.
Well, come to my house before you
meet her, I have to tell you
I'm standing right here.
It's important that I tell you
there, though. Come over at 9:30.
Can't it be a little earlier? Or
later, or-
Well if it's any later than that,
I'd be obligated to have you sleep
I'd hate to inconvience you then.
9:15 it is.
It's just a few streets over from
here. Number 13, on the left. I'll
see you there, then.
Is that my signal to split?


No, mine. I have to get the house
ready- my family's coming back in
a few days.
Do you ever get lonely? Staying in
the house by yourself, I mean.
It's only been a little over a
week... I manage.
I don't know how. My family's
always gone and I go insane with
With what?
I don't know... isolation? When
you only have the walls to talk
Have you always felt like that?
No, Zoe and I-
Naomi breaks off and spits the gum out on the ground. She
turns and calls over her shoulder to Blake.
See you tonight.
Blake stares after her helplessely but says nothing.
Blake is sitting on the couch watching TV. No lights are on.
It's 9:00 already, what are you
doing in there?
A voice comes from the next room.
I told you, I'm getting drinks.


Well hurry up, I told you I need
you upstairs for a while.
I don't understand why you need to
bring her over here. You could
have dumped her this morning.
Blake's face tenses. He mutes the television.
I need to talk to you about
The figure of a teenage girl steps from the shadows of the
doorway and into the light of the television. She is holding
two glasses of soda.
I know that tone. You're scared,
aren't you?
Don't patronize me, Zoe.
Zoe sits on a CHAIR adjacent to the couch. She hands Blake
his glass. He takes a long gulp of it.
You're right, I'm sorry. What
about tomorrow?
It's off, that's what. I won't be
your lap dog anymore.
Blake takes another gulp from his soda as Zoe eyes him
I knew Naomi was charismatic, but
this is a little extreme, don't
you think?
Leave her out of this. I've done a
lot of thinking over the past
week, and the more I think about
it the more I realize you're just
using me for room and board.


This was OUR plan, Blake. All we
have is each other.
Not anymore, I've got someone else
I thought you said to leave her
out of this.
I'm going to tell her everything.
I'll show her the bus tickets, the
hotel reservations, the cash box,
every last thing. Even you, Zoe.
And then what? You two will drive
me over to the police station and
take the tickets for yourselves?
Something like that.
Blake drinks the last of his soda. Zoe's eyes narrow and she
smiles slightly.
What are you looking at?
A dead man.
Blake is about to say something, but stops when he looks at
the empty glass in his hand.
...What'd you slip me?
Aconite. You have less than eight
Blake rubs his jaw and opens and closes his mouth. His
speech is slightly slurred.
I can't feel my mouth.


The numbness comes first. Then the
burning. I tried to find something
painless, but none of those were
quick enough.
Why are you doing this?
Zoe's facade is broken. Her voice loses its confident edge,
and now she is trying to convince herself as much as Blake
that what she did was right.
You became a liability. I knew you
were anxious in the beginning, but
I'd hoped it would wear off as the
trip got closer. You only got
worse, letting Naomi get in your
head like that. You were supposed
to make her feel guilty for
ditching me, not get tips from her
on it.
Blakes eyes roll back and he slumps out of his seat. He
tries to get up, but fails.
She means more to me than you ever
I didn't know I was competing for
your affections.
You never cared about me. It was
always about getting to Naomi.
Maybe. But I'll still cry once
this is done.
I can't hear anything. What'd you-
I forgot to mention that you'll
also lose much of your sight and
hearing. Not that it matters now..
you're almost gone.


Blake can no longer support himself enough to sit up. He
crumples to the ground, eyes glazed over. Zoe kneels down to
his level and brushes the hair out of his face.
I'm not a bad person, Blake. I'm
just a girl that was pushed to her
limits. You can understand that,
can't you? I was never going to
hurt you- I never really planned
on this..
Zoe's voice gradually becomes more frantic. She gathers the
now limp Blake in her arms.
Maybe I never really cared about
you, but I needed you. I needed
someone to get me out, and you
did. I'm going to live for both of
us, Blake, don't worry.
Zoe rests her head against Blake's and her eyes fill with
And someday I won't wake up in a
cold sweat, I'll forgive myself
for all of this. Even if it takes
the rest of my life I'll make
peace with all of it.
There's a knock at the door. Zoe's head perks up, her face
shining with tears.
Naomi is knocking on the door. She takes out her phone and
calls Blake. The ringing can be heard coming from inside the
Blake! I know you're in there,
just open the door. I only have a
few minutes until I have to meet-
The sound of a door unlocking is heard, the door is swung
open. A dark profile steps from the house into the doorway.
I... I don't understand. The.. the
whole time?


Zoe and Naomi stare at eachother, the former choking back a
sob, the latter in stunned silence.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
She was so close this whole time,
my vision was out of focus. A dark
blur on my conscience staring me
in the face.
Where's Blake, I need to talk to
He can't come to the door right
Naomi pushes her way past Zoe and Zoe shuts the door. Naomi
fumbles for the nearest light switch. The room is
illuminated and Blake is lying motionless on the floor.
Naomi's breath quickens and she slowly moves over to him,
kneels down and checks his pulse. Her stare darts back to
What did you do Zoe?
A shaky hand holding a gun nears Naomi's face. The barrel
touches her forehead.
Stand up.
You're not stupid enough to shoot
me when anyone living on this
street could hear it.
I'm not stupid enough to let you
control me, either. I've got the
loaded gun. All you have is a
blank stare. Now, I want you to
stand up and put your hands behind
your head.
Naomi stands up and folds her hands behind her head. She
looks down at Blake's body.
He thought he could control me
too. Just like my parents. Just
like my teachers. Just like every


                       ZOE (cont'd)
damn person in my life.
Put the gun down, Zoe.
Zoe's eyes are streaming and the gun is shaking worse than
You knew I was going through a
hard time. Everyone expected the
world of me, but when I wasn't
cutting it, my parents threw me in
therapy and shut the door in my
Therapy? Zoe, you never told me
about that.
Didn't you wonder about the early
dismissals? Or did that pass your
notice too?
Zoe, I-
Panic attacks. Do you know what
that's like? You can't breath,
can't think about anything but the
possibility of death. And instead
of helping me work through it you
backed off. The further you drew
away the more I tried to find
another friend, anyone to listen
to me.
You never told me any of this! How
was I supposed to help you through
it if-
Don't say things like that! Don't
tell me I don't know what I said.
I know what's going on- always!


Zoe, calm down. Just put that
down, and..
Zoe covers her eyes with her hands, the gun resting on her
face. Her breath comes in long, stressed gasps.
Blake needed someone too. We were
both alone and that was enough. It
wasn't perfect, not even close.
But he was more of a home to me
than anyone ever was. Besides you,
anyway. You were the only thing we
had in common, really. You made me
mad, and he was mad about you.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
How long ago was it, that first
morning in the park? I wish it
never happened. I wish he was a
stranger... I'd rather he was
never born, if that meant not
going through this. I want to
vomit but my insides are dried up.
I want to punch Zoe in the face. I
want to tell her that she's
insane. I want to hate her for
taking him away from me.
Naomi sees Blake on the floor and looks faint.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
But most of all, just I want
... Did you love him, or were his
feelings one sided?
I'm seventeen- I don't even know
what that is.
If only we were all so lucky.
You've always been lucky, haven't
you? I'd work my ass off in a
class, you'd never do anything and
manage the same grade. I'd be


                       ZOE (cont'd)
grounded for missing a violin
lesson, you'd be praised for
showing up to anything.
It was never a contest, Zoe.
Yeah, well I'm planning on evening
the score tonight.
And then what? You'll sit around
and wait for Blake's family to get
I'll go through with the plan as
if Blake were still with me. A bus
to LA, a dingy hotel room, and a
fresh start on my terms.
They stare at each other in silence for a few seconds.
                       NAOMI (V.O.)
I need to get this under control
quick, before she remembers that
gun in her hand.
... I'm sorry Zoe.
Wha- What? What the hell does that
I couldn't handle someone else's
problems because I thought I had
enough of my own. I never stopped
caring, I just stopped showing it.
When you dissapeared, I- I wanted
to find you so badly. To tell you
that I needed you and that I was
tired of having only myself for
company. And tonight.. I want to
hate you. For Blake, for all the
people looking for you on the side
of the freeway.
Naomi slowly takes her arms down from behind her head and
extends her hand.


But I need to move past this.
Tomorrow I'll wake up hating you,
but tonight all I want is for you
to say... you forgive me.
Zoe hesitates, then lowers her quivering hand and extends it
to Naomi. Both of their hands are wrapped around Zoe's gun.
They are about to shake when the door flies open.
Sorry Naomi, am I early?
Olivia slams the door behind her and steps towards them,
pistol in hand.
Sorry to barge in like this, but
I'd been listening at the door and
realized you might miss our
Naomi is about to pull her hand away from Zoe's but looks
down at the gun. They exchange a glance and both fasten
their grip on the firearm.
I guess we'll have to rescheduale.
It won't take long, it looks like
you've been all filled in by our
dearest Zoe. Now all I need is my
money and I'll be on my way.
What are you-
The deal's off, Olivia. I decided
it would be pretty stupid to pay
you for your silence when I could
just kill you instead.
You don't have guts enough to get
your hands dirty. Why else would
you pay Wendy for a bottle from
her poison collection? What are
you gonna do, offer me a glass of


I haven't quite figured out how
you fit into all this.
Zoe and I had a little talk this
morning in the park. I saw her the
night before when Blake was
sleeping upstairs and I came down
for a midnight snack.
...You what?
Oh, you didn't know about Blake
and me, did you? It was nothing
serious, but we'd been... visiting
each other's houses for a while.
Zoe convinced me to meet her the
next morning without Blake knowing
it. She needed me to pick up the
goods from Wendy's, and I... well,
I wasn't too happy about you,
Naomi. Blake had always worshipped
you from afar, but once you showed
up at the bonfire together, I knew
he'd be finished with me soon
after. I only screamed so Zoe
could sneak back to the house
without you two seeing her.
So Blake's dead because you got
kicked out of the spotlight?
Blake is dead because he chose the
wrong girl! I would have given him
anything. What did you ever give
him besides a death sentence?
Zoe pulls at Naomi's gun hard, yanking it from her grasp.
She aims it straight at Olivia.
I dare you to mouth off again.


Come on Zoe, you know as well as I
do that Blake would still be alive
if Naomi had left him alone-
Shut up, shut up!
What, now you're siding with HER?
She's the reason this all started
in the first place!
I'm not siding with anyone! Just
get out of here, will you? I'll
get on my bus, and Naomi will go
home, and if you want to walk out
of here in one piece-
Give me my damn money!
Olivia points her gun at Zoe and rests her finger on the
Olivia, put the gun down. Zoe's-
Screw you! I'm walking out of here
with that money before the cops
get here whether you like it or
Cops? What are you talking about,
Aaron's sitting outside in the car
waiting for me... I told him to
call the police, all right? I
figured one of you would go postal
on me and I wasn't taking any
Forget about the money, Olivia.
You should be worried about
whether or not you walk out of
here with your life.


Damn it Zoe, give me that money or
Olivia clicks off her safety and Zoe pulls the trigger.
Olivia is lying on the ground motionless. Zoe looks shocked.
Go get your cash box and bus
tickets Zoe. We'll hop the fence
out back before they get here.
Zoe is still staring at Olivia's body, breathing heavily.
Zoe, we have to go now. They're
going to be here any minute.. we
don't have to trust each other
right now, we just have to get out
of here.
I can't go to jail... Naomi, you
have to kill me. Please, I can't
do this anymore. I can't go to
jail. I can't get caught. If
everyone knew what I really did..
take the cash box, it's got
everything you need. It's on the
table next to the back door.
Please, just take it and try to
get out of here. Shoot me and then
get as far away as you can.
Zoe, stop it. You're not making
any sense.. if you think I have a
chance at making it to the bus
station why won't you go with me?
I killed people tonight, don't you
get it? Even if we made it to LA
I'd just be asking you to do it
there. I can't live with myself
anymore, Naomi. I don't remember
the last time I felt like me. I'm
tired of looking over my shoulder.
You have to do it, to save me.
Zoe points the gun at Naomi's face.


Get out of here. Take the box and
get out of here, you don't deserve
this. I'll shoot you, I'm
desperate enough to shoot you if
you don't. Take the tickets, do it
for Blake if you won't do it for
me. Just get out of here.
Naomi backs slowly towards the back door and picks up the
cash box, shaking.
Naomi walks out and shuts the door behind her. She stands
towards the edge of the fence, clutching the cash box to her
Sirens are heard coming from a distance away.
A gunshot is heard from inside the house. Naomi flinches.
She closes her eyes, tears stream down her face.


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