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The Delivery Girl
by Man Martin (nanman_1@bellsouth.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

SHORT SUBJECT: This is a scene to be filmed for use in video kiosks in bookstores to promote my novel, DAYS OF THE ENDLESS CORVETTE, appearing this summer from Carroll and Graf Publishers. For more on the complete novel, visit manmartin.net

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Good morning. Can I help you?
Jamie points to a sign in window: "World Famous Meatball
I heard about your meatball
sandwiches. Everyone says they're
really good.
They are. Would you like one?
What's in them?
I mean, what's your secret?
Jenny! A customer here wants to
know the secret of our meatball
      (Throwing a pizza)
She wants to know the secret of
our meatball sandwiches.
I'm not going to steal it or
anything. I just wondered what
your secret is. Everyone says
they're so good.
Do we have a secret?
It's just meatballs. We slow cook
them and pour on marinara.


Sounds good.
It is. You want one?
Jamie looks at a chalkboard sign that says Meatball
Sandwiches $6.50 and then takes out a meager assortment of
lint-covered change from her pocket.
No. I don't think so. This time.
So what would you like?
Do you have any employment
                                         CUT TO
Jamie filling out form on a formica-topped table.
We see Nancy's two-room apartment where Chris and Jamie are
staying while they "get their shit together." It is crowded
and cluttered. Their bed, an undmade pallet on the floor is
beneath a rickety dinette set. A fancy ten-speed bicycle
leans against a wall in need of paint. For no very clear
reason, a map of the city adorns a wall. The sink is full of
dirty dishes. Fast food wrappers and Big Gulp cups as well
as empty beer bottles overflow a trashcan. We hear two
voices that at first should be mistaken for Chris and Jamie.
                       WOMAN'S VOICE
This is serious, Billy! If one of
us doesn't get a job soon, we're -
I don't know what - we can't go on
living this way!
                       MAN'S VOICE
I really don't want to talk about
this right now.
                       WOMAN'S VOICE
I need you to look for a job. I'm
out there every day and you're
just sitting at home playing video


                       MAN'S VOICE
You don't think I'm looking?
There's nothing out there. No
one's hiring.
The camera pans through the cluttered, crowded apartment,
and we realize the voices we assumed were Jamie and Chris
are actually characters on a TV show. Jamie and Chris watch,
sitting on Nancy's bed and eating big bowls of Cheerios,
seemingly unaware the TV is playing out a scene about their
own situation.
                       WOMAN'S VOICE
If something doesn't change soon,
I'm going to have to go back home
to my parents.
                       MAN'S VOICE
But I love you.
                       WOMAN'S VOICE
It just isn't enough, Billy. It
just isn't enough.
A music cue on TV and cut to station break.Sound effect of a
swoosh as commercial comes on advertising a get-rich-quick
                       1ST ANNOUNCER
Would you like to make ten,
fifteen, up to twenty thousand a
week in your spare time using just
a computer?
                       2ND ANNOUNCER
Who wouldn't? That's just what
thousands of people just like you
are doing every day with Max
Barwell's proven system for making
money on the internet - now you
can, too!
Jamie and Chris have lowered their spoons and are leaning
forward intently. This commercial speaks directly to their
                       1ST ANNOUNCER
Right now, I'm taking to Max
Barwell, creator of Max Barwell's
System. Max, is it really possible
to make up to twenty thousand a
week in your spare time?


That's right, Brooke. My first
month in business, I was already
making up to...
Noise of car pulling up outside, and Chris and Jamie jump up
as if stung. They're not supposed to be in Nancy's room.
They turn off the TV and hurriedly go into the other room
and sit at the table with their bowls, looking as casual as
possible when Nancy comes in.
Hey, Sis.
Hey bro. (Slight pause.) Have you
two been in my room?
      (Speaking as Nancy
       goes past him
       into bedroom)
Fuck no.
      (From other room)
The TV's hot.


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