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Underclassmen - Episode 3 "Party"
by Joseph Ilia (fromanshevz@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
PLOT: It's the first long weekend of the school year and Jonsey is holding the biggest party of the year. Surrounded by drugs and alcohol, relationships are tested for the guys. OTHER: Thanks again to everyone who has supported "High School and Eric". The search is still on for a better title! Episode 1 (in Scriptbuddy.com's Top 5): http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530364 and Episode 2: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530517&t=&pg= Episode 4: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530595&t=&pg= Episode 5: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530646&t=&pg=

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Eric is showering.
                       STACY (O.S.)
Eric turns around and sees Stacy standing next to him in the
shower fully clothed. Eric takes a step back and covers up.
What are you doing?
Relax, we've been naked together
plenty of times in your
So why are you wearing clothes?
Yeah, why am I wearing clothes?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Yeah, why is she wearing clothes?
It is your imagination...but, we
have plenty of time to not wear
clothes. We need to find you a
So why not you?
Are you kidding? You know I'm with
Chris. Even if you could have me
you can't steal your friend's


Yeah, you're right...
Stacy disappears and Liz appears in her place, also fully
And what about me?
You're Boom's girlfriend. That's
even worse than being Chris'.
Yeah, but you know you'd get a
little with me. Why don't you just
kiss me? This is just in your
head, anyway.
Well...I guess.
Eric leans in for a kiss. Just when he's about to kiss Liz,
she disappears and Eric slips.
Ow! Fuck!
Eric collects himself and continues his shower.
                       AMY (O.S.)
How about me? I'm single.
Eric turns around once again to find Amy, fully clothed, in
the shower with him.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Why the hell are they all wearing
As much as I'd love to go out with
you, Dom likes you. It'd be such a
dick move to try and steal you
from him.
Who says you're stealing me from
anyone? I'm single. I'm up for
grabs. Are you just going to let
all the girls you like get taken
by your friends?


I don't know...
Amy shakes her head.
Grow some balls.
Amy disappears.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Great way to start the day.
Eric turns off the shower and exits the bathroom.
Eric walks in, wrapped in a towel. Boom and Dom sit playing
a video game and Chris watches them. Dom gets up
Son of a shit!
Yes! Paul Walker, bitch! Nobody's
faster than me!
Chris turns to Eric.
Yo, Eric, were you talking to
Oh- umm...yeah, I do that
That's kind of weird.


Eric, Chris, and Boom are in front of the mirror in Eric's
bathroom. They are fixing up their hair and spraying some
cologne on themselves.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
All those people who think girls
are the only people who spend time
in front of the mirror are wrong.
Dom pokes his head into the bathroom.
You guys are such girls.
Eric, Chris, and Boom look at Dom and then each other.
Hey Eric, do you have any more
Oh, no, I'm sorry Christina.
Guys do you think this color makes
me look fat?
Oh no, you look great.
You guys are so stupid.
Dom leaves the bathroom and Eric, Chris, and Boom continue
fixing themselves up.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
The reason we were trying to look
our best was that it was the first
long weekend of the year, and we
were heading to the biggest party
of our young high school lives.
Everyone, and I mean everyone was
going to be there.
JONSEY GOLD, a smooth-talking freshman, opens the front door
for Eric, Boom, Chris, and Dom, who are standing outside.


Hey, bitches!
Jonsey greets Eric with a handshake/hug that almost makes
Eric fall backwards.
Hey, what's up, Jonsey?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Jonsey was the coolest freshman in
our grade. He usually hung out
with only seniors and juniors, but
we've been friends since 1st grade
so he made sure to include me as
much as possible.
Jonsey takes a look around and raises his arms.
What does it look like?
Where is everybody?
Downstairs, come on.
Jonsey motions for the guys to follow, and then they follow
him downstairs.
Jonsey leads Eric, Boom, Chris, and Dom down the stairs
where a large group of high schoolers are drinking or
smoking hookah. Jonsey grabs a five beers off the bar and
hands them out to the guys.
Enjoy yourselves. Cheers.
The guys hit their cans together and take a sip. Jonsey
walks away.
He's the man.
Yup. You guys see Liz anywhere?
Nope. Stacy?


Nope. Amy?
I do...I see them all.
Eric nods towards two couches where Amy, Stacy, and Liz are
Dom walks over and Eric follows. Boom and Chris stay where
they are.
You want to go over to them?
Boom and Chris begin to walk over to the couches but Chris
bumps into AARON RUBINSTEIN, an intimidating high school
junior, causing Aaron to spill his beer all over himself.
Yo, dude, I'm really so--
      (looks up)
--Oh, shit.
Well look who it is.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Aaron Rubinstein was one of the
toughest kids in our school, and
this wasn't the first time he and
Chris had crossed paths.
Chris and Boom are walking and talking in the cafeteria when
Chris, not paying attention to where he's going, similarly
bumps into Aaron, this time causing Aaron to spill marinara
sauce all over himself.


Oh, shit dude, I'm really sorry.
Aaron takes a look at his stained shirt and then swings a
punch at Chris.
Aaron is staring angrily at Chris.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
The two have been great friends
ever since.
Listen ass wipe, if you don't get
the fuck out of my face right
now...I'm going to stab you.
Boom nudges Chris, who is frozen in fear. The two get away
from Aaron and head over to the couches to join the rest of
the group.
Stacy and Liz get up. They go over to Chris and Boom,
respectively, and give them a hug and kiss. Both guys don't
show much response.
What's wrong?
...I think Angry Aaron's going to
kick my ass.
Well that's not good.
Boom, Liz, and Amy sit on one couch. Dom tries to sit next
to Amy but since there's no room, he sits next to Chris and
Stacy on the other couch. Eric is left standing. He tries to
sit on the back of the couch.
What's the matter Eric, you want
to sit?
No, it's fine.


Amy gets up.
No, no, it's (fine, I'm okay.)--
Amy throws Eric down onto the couch where she was sitting
and then she sits on Eric's lap.
--Okay, oh, okay.
Just don't get too excited, Eric.
The group laughs and Amy moves from Eric's lap to his knee.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
I'd laugh more if this wasn't the
closest I've come to sex.
Awkward silence. Chris notices that everyone but Stacy has a
beer and then hands her his.
You want a sip?
No, I'm not drinking today.
Really? That's cool.
If she actually does it.
Stacy glares at Chris.
Chris, that was really mean.
Come on, it was just a joke.
Well it wasn't funny.
      (to everyone)
Was it funny?


Can we not do this here?
Fine, let's go somewhere else.
Stacy gets up and walks away. Chris sighs.
Sorry guys.
Chris gets up and leaves, and Dom is alone on one couch.
Amy, you could sit here instead.
It's fine, Eric's knee is actually
pretty comfy. As long as Eric
doesn't mind.
I'm fine.
Uh, okay.
Actually, forget it.
Amy gets up and sits next to Dom.
Yo guys, you want to go play
I don't (know, I'm not...)--
--I love ping-pong!--
--Okay, ping-pong sounds like fun.
Everyone but Eric gets up. Boom, Dom, and Amy leave, Liz
notices that Eric has remained seated.
Eric, you coming?
Nah, I'll hang out here for a bit.


Liz leaves.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Well this is fun.
Eric gets up and leaves.
Eric, now by himself, awkwardly navigates the crowd of
largely drunken high school kids. He gets to the bar. Where
KAILA is standing.
Hey Eric!
Kaila pours a shot for Eric.
Thanks, Kaila.
Eric stares at the shot for a moment as JIMMY EASTWOOD,
another freshman student, approaches him.
Eric? Eric?!?
                       ERIC (V.O.)
Oh, fuck.
Eric! How...are you?
Jimmy hugs Eric.
Not bad. How much did you smoke,
Jimmy stops hugging Eric and starts looking around. He
stares at the hookah and notices the hookah's smoke rising
towards the cieling.


Look at that smoke, man. Eric,
look at the smoke!
Jimmy forcibly turns Eric around and points towards the
rising smoke.
The smoke...what the hell are they
doing? Eric, look at that smoke.
It's going up and everyone's going
to see it. Everyone's going to see
it and it will go up into the
atmosphere and the cops will come
by. The cops are going to be here,
Jimmy, the cops aren't going to
The cops are going to come and
we're all going to be fucked.
We're going to be fucked because
of this smoke.
      (to smokers)
Stop smoking!
      (to Eric)
They're messing with our reality,
my reality, the real reality and
the fake reality. The reality
we're blessed and damned to be a
part of.
Stacy and Chris separate themselves from the party in a
So are we going to talk about
I don't know what you want to talk


I'm still upset that you decided
to not go to the last party or
this one with me.
Why does it matter who I go with
as long as I end up here with you?
It matters to me.
And I still don't understand why.
I don't want to talk to you right
Stacy walks away from Chris.
Stacy! Stacy!
Chris punches the wall lightly in frustration. Aaron,
obviously drunk, walks by with a beer helmet on. He notices
Chris and turns back to him.
Yo, Chris, I was thinking.
Aaron stops and Chris is nervous about responding.
You were thinking...
I was thinking, you and me, we're
both Jews, right?
I'm Protestant.
Since we're both Jews and it's Yom
Kippur, I think we should forgive.
And forget. And drink. You want to


Aaron hands the beer helmet's straw to Chris and lets Chris
drink some. Chris chokes a little.
You want to go smoke?
I'm going to go smoke weed? You
want to join?
Okay, I guess.
At the ping-pong table, Dom and Boom are playing while Liz
and Amy watch. Jonsey approaches the group.
Hey, kids.
Amy hugs Jonsey intimately and doesn't let go.
How you guys doing?
Not bad.
Awesome party.
Dom hits a winner past Boom.
Yeah! You see that? Did you see
that? Did you--
Dom looks over to Amy who is still holding Jonsey as she and
Jonsey are whispering to one another.


Boom, next point.
Jimmy is clinging to Eric.
See this whole concept of reality
is just too vast for people to
understand it. But I understand
Jonsey approaches Jimmy and Eric.
You see this?
Eric points to Jimmy who continues ranting nonsensically to
Psh. Who the fuck let him smoke?
      (to everyone)
Hey, who the fuck let Jimmy
Jonsey shakes his head, amused. He then gets in between
Jimmy and Eric and holds Jimmy down.
Shut the fuck up.
                       JIMMY (cont'd)
      (ignoring Jonsey)
I'm the only one who understands
all this. It's fucking
unbelievable but I understand it
all. I'm going to save the world
from this reality. Because it's
changing. It's all changing and
shifting. I'm going to save the
Shut the fuck up, will you just
shut the fuck up?
Jonsey sits Jimmy down on a chair and tries to calm him


Okay, listen dude, are you
listening to me?
                       JIMMY (cont'd)
We all need saving and I'm going
to do it, man. I'm going to do it.
Jimmy, you're going to sit here,
calm down, and shut the fuck up.
Alright, okay Jonsey. Jonsey.
Jon"zay". Jon"zay"!
Okay Jimmy, be quiet and stay
Jimmy stops talking but shakes actively in his chair. Jonsey
goes back over Eric.
Thanks, man.
Don't worry, Eric. I'll take care
of you.
Jimmy stands up.
Jimmy! Did I not just tell you to
shut up, sit down, and stay
Jimmy sits back down.
Dom and Boom are still playing ping-pong with Liz watching.
Amy and Jonsey have disappeared. Dom catches the ball and
stops playing.
Yo, I've had enough. I'm going to
go sit down, alright?
Fine, but I won crap.


You won crap?
No, I won, and I called Dom crap.
Dom leaves with a sigh.
That's not how you use the word
Stacy approaches Liz while taking a big sip of beer.
Stacy, I thought you weren't
drinking tonight.
Yeah? Well fuck it. Where's the
Stacy wanders off to find a stereo.
Damnit. I'll be right back, Boom.
Liz follows after Stacy and Jonsey approaches Boom.
Yo, where's she going?
I don't know, not important. You
want to play a game?
Jonsey and Boom start to play ping-pong.
Chris follows Aaron down to Jonsey's basement where another
junior, TERRELL, is there waiting, smoking a joint.


Yo, where you been?
Relax man, I just wanted to get
this guy.
Who's he?
My name's Chris.
Just some frosh, don't worry
though, he's cool.
Terrell passes his joint over to Aaron who takes a puff.
Chris watches. Aaron passes the joint to Chris.
Chris stares at the joint for a moment and then tries to
take a puff but just ends up chocking. Aaron and Terrell
laugh at him and Terrell grabs the joint from him.
Give me that, man.
Terrell takes another hit of the joint before passing it to
Aaron who also takes another hit. Chris gets the joint back
and hesitantly tries again. This time, he is able to inhale
and lets out a large puff of smoke with a cough.
That's awesome.
Stacy wanders aimlessly through the crowd of high schoolers,
trying to find a stereo. Liz follows. Stacy starts to hum a
Stacy, what happened?


I got the Good Charlotte CD in my
Stacy, come on, let's go sit down
for a minute.
Where did I go wrong, I lost a
friend, da dum da dum, I don't
remember the words.
Stacy enters Jonsey's basement and sees Chris with Aaron and
Stacy, wait.
Stacy approaches Chris, who has his back towards her. She
turns him around and notices that he is smoking a joint.
What are you doing?
Dom heads to the bar, downs a shot, grabs a beer and walks
Eric enters the bathroom. The music is loud outside but
muffled and Eric can find some peace from the active party
atmosphere. He moves forward, leans against the sink, and
stares at himself in the mirror, taking deep breathes.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
I am worthless. A worthless human
being. I am scum. The scum of the
Earth. I am a waste of space on
this planet. I use up food, and
water, and all this stuff that
others deserve so much more than I
do. I am an eating, breathing,
walking, talking waste of life.


Eric turns on the sink and splashes water on his face.
Dom sits silently on the couches. Amy walks over and
straddles him.
                       ERIC (cont'd V.O.)
Fuck my friends. Fuck them for
only dealing with their shit and
not dealing with mine. Fuck Dom
for having a stupid crush on a
girl that I like too, but not
doing anything about it. Fuck Amy
for being so flirty.
Across the room, Jonsey and Boom play ping-pong.
                       ERIC (cont'd V.O.)
Fuck Boom for not taking anything
seriously. Fuck Jonsey for just
being so much better than I am.
Stacy stares at Chris, upset and at a loss for words. Liz is
behind Stacy, Aaron and Terrell are behind Chris.
                       ERIC (cont'd V.O.)
Fuck Liz for rejecting me so
quickly. Fuck Chris for being with
Stacy and fuck Stacy. Yeah,
motherfuck Stacy. Fuck her for not
noticing me. My feelings, feelings
for her. Fuck her for not being
mine. Fuck her!
Eric stares at himself in the mirror.
                       ERIC (cont'd V.O.)
No. No fuck you. Fuck you, Eric
Walker. Fuck you for standing by
and letting everyone be better
than you. Fuck you for not being a
better person and fuck you for not
even trying anymore. Fuck you, you
waste of human life. Now wash your
face and get the fuck out of here.
Eric splashes water on his face again and takes a few deep
breathes. He then exits the bathroom.


Stacy is still staring at Chris, very upset. Liz, Aaron, and
Terrell, are still standing around them.
Who the--who the hell do you think
you are?
Who do you think I am?
I wanted to spend time with you,
and I wanted to be doing stuff
together for a change, and you
always go off without me. Do
things without me! I want to be
part of your life and you just
won't let me!
Well you know what, Stacy?
      (laughs loudly)
Go to hell.
You heard me. Go to hell. I'm
tired, Stacy. I'm tired of the
lovies, and the love doves, and
all of that. I want to do some
things on my own, not with you.
Because you do not own me. And if
you're not fine with that, just
fuck off.
Fuck you! We're through.
Stacy marches away and Liz follows.
Stacy. Stacy, where are you going?
I'm leaving. I don't want to be
here. I don't want to be anywhere
near him. I'm leaving.


Stacy and Liz leave the basement.
Stacy, on her way out of the party, walks by the ping-pong
table where Boom and Jonsey are still playing. Liz follows
Boom, come with me please.
I'm busy.
Liz stops following Stacy and turns to Boom.
Busy playing ping-pong?!? I'm
dealing with a crisis here!
I'm trying to have fun here. Come
You're so fucking immature! Ah!
Liz pushes Boom who falls onto the ping-pong table, breaking
I'm leaving.
Liz turns to try and find Stacy so they can leave. Liz walks
away and Jonsey goes to help Boom.
Whoa, shit. You okay, man?
Across the room, Amy is straddling Dom.
I am drunk. I am so drunk right
now. You know that feeling that
you're really warm because you're
drinking. Well guess what? I'm
hot. I'm really hot. Do you think
I'm hot.
Amy grabs Dom's hand.


Here, feel my forehead.
Amy places Dom's hand on her forehead.
Oh, your hands are so cold.
Ah...God, that feels so good.
Amy closes her eyes to relax. Eric, returning from the
bathroom, approaches the couches to find Amy and Dom
together, with Dom's back to him. He stares for a moment.
Amy re-opens her eyes and sees Eric staring at her. She
waves at Eric, embarrassing him.
Eric, can you grab us two beers
from the bar?
Eric once again navigates the crowd on his way from the
couches to Jonsey's bar. Feeling out of place, he looks
around nervously.
Eric approaches the bar once again. Jimmy is sitting there
and spots him.
Look who's returned! It's Eric!
How are you, my man?
Eric ignores Jimmy, continuing to the bar and grabbing three
cans of beer.
                       JIMMY (cont'd)
Are you ready for more of my
teachings? Because I have answers
to the world, my friend. Answers
to the fucking universe. Answers
that can help us escape the
reality we're trapped in and move
forth into new territories.
Eric tries to leave but Jimmy grabs him.
                       JIMMY (cont'd)
Don't think you can just walk away
from all these truths. You can't,
my man. You (just can't)--


--Jimmy, I don't care.
Eric turns and walks away.
Eric, where do you think you're
going? I'm here, giving you the
answers to the fucking universe
and all you can do is walk away
from me? I'm going to save the
world, my friend. I'm going to
save the world. You know what?
You're just not ready. You hear
that people? He is not ready for
the truth!
Eric returns from the bar with three beers and sits down on
one couch while Amy and Dom are on the other couch. Eric
puts two beers next to Amy and Dom. Amy, straddling Dom,
gets up.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Amy leaves for the bathroom. Dom watches her walk down the
hallway. He and Eric have been left by themselves on the
Do you know what it feels like...
Dom's voice trails off as Eric pays little attention.
Pause. In a delayed reaction, Eric turns towards Dom.
Do you know what it feels
like...to feel so fucking lonely?
Eric remains silent.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
If only you knew.


Pause. Amy walks by again and approaches Kaila, who has been
standing nearby talking.
Do you know where the bathroom is?
Kaila points down a hallway.
It's that way, just down the hall.
Amy walks down the hallway. When she reaches the bathroom,
another GIRL exits. Amy enters the bathroom and the girl
walks back down the hallway.
When she reaches the couches, Dom is there standing, having
watched Amy walk down the entire hallway. Dom walks down the
hallway. He reaches the bathroom and knocks on the door.
                       AMY (O.S.)
Just a second.
Pause. Amy opens the bathroom door.
Oh, hey. Do you need (to use
--No, no. Just...hold on.
Dom enters the bathroom and Amy backs up to let him in. He
closes the door behind him.
Amy and Dom stand silently inside the bathroom. Amy stares
at Dom, who is looking down at his feet.
Is there...something you wanted to
tell me?
Dom looks up at Amy nervously. He approaches her and kisses
her. Amy is surprised, but does not push Dom away. Dom stops
and now, close to Amy, they stare at each other, eye-to-eye.


Pause. Amy and Dom are silent, Amy still surprised and Dom
slightly embarrassed. Dom takes a step backwards and then
exits the bathroom, closing the door behind him.
Outside of the bathroom, after he closes the bathroom door,
Dom smirks and exhales deeply as if a large weight has just
been lifted off his shoulders. He walks back down the
hallway triumphantly.
Dom returns to the couch grinning ear to ear. Eric does not
acknowledge Dom's return, simply continuing to stare blankly
into space.
Chris returns to the couches looking very upset and sits
next to Dom.
      (to Dom)
What's wrong with you?
      (chuckles, shakes
       his head)
Nothing, you?
Don't want to talk about it.
Boom stumbles back to the couches, drunk.
Hey, kids! What. Is. Up?
Boom trips and falls onto a couch. The guys don't react.
Did he pass out?
Eric looks over at Boom and nudges him. Boom doesn't move.
Do we need to help him?


Should we leave?
Chris, Dom, and Eric get up, go over to Boom and help him
up. They walk to the front door, where Jonsey spots them and
Hey Eric, you guys leaving?
Yeah man, thanks. It was fun.
                       ERIC (V.O.)
That's one way to describe it.
                       ERIC (cont'd)
But we have to go.
That's cool, I'll give you a call
when we do this again, alright?
Okay, thanks Jonsey. I'll see you
Jonsey opens the front door and lets the guys leave.
The guys leave Jonsey's and start to walk down the street.
Where are we crashing?
My house is closest.
Sounds good.
Where are we going?


Eric, Boom, and Chris are sleeping on mattresses on the
floor, as Dom lies awake in his bed holding his cell phone.
Pause. Dom exhales deeply and places his cell on his night
stand and gets comfortable in bed.
Pause. Dom's cell phone begins to vibrate and the caller ID
reads "AMY".


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From Dan Wilson Date 10/30/2006 ****
Okay, here we go. My official rating for episode 3, is a 4 all around. I have not left feedback for any of your other two episodes, but you gave me hype. I was really thinking that you were not going to live up to the hype that you projected to me when we conversed last week, but I was gladly wrong. This is truly the best episode so far in what I beleive can be a promising series. What you have here is a well written story which appears to be carved out of real life. From the internal struggling, to the chemistry of friendship, you have me wanting for more. With that said I with patience await the comming of your next script. -Dan Wilson

From toran Date 10/29/2006 ****
Wow, wow,wow dude this make my spine tingle when i read this! Only 3 episodes and it already Eric reminds me of my self. A guy who can get a girlfrien, but doens't have the guts, and is scared. And the girl he likes is taken.

From shane Date 10/24/2006 ***1/2
I thought it was really funny and the whole party sequence was great. Jimmy just kept bringing the laughs. Good.

From Giancarlos Calderon Date 10/22/2006 ****
You don't cease to impress me man. That was very funny, I liked this episode to tell you the truth. You did a very good job. I erased the X-Play script because of it was so unsuccessful. I am writing Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. Soon to be published, and then I'll keep on working with Blazing Phoenix. Good job!

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