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Brain Store
by FG (fabjah@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
In a world divided between celebrities and viewers, a broken-heart nobody changes her brain to become a sexy and confident movie star. She will have to choose between her dreams and save the world from a shallow dominant class. --- This is the first time I write, and I'd really like to receive any feedback.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. Registered with WGA.


Come in at the end of a swim race. The winner jumps out of
the pool and embraces his COACH. The coach is a beautiful
woman on her thirties, she's wearing an Olympic shirt.
I used to live the most boring
life as a Public Service Clerk. I
was always complaining to my
husband, the poor thing. Since I
changed my brain, my husband says
it's like to be married to a
different woman. Brain Store has
saved my marriage!
In the front desk of a fancy hospital, a man in a green
coverall talks.
I was going bankrupted when my
wife suggested that I had my brain
replaced. Now I am a Doctor at a
very prestigious hospital. We paid
off our bills, and things will
only get better. Thank you Brain
Store, for giving me a second
                       SEXY NURSE
Good morning Doctor.
A good looking woman has finished climbing a mountain.
I got tired of waiting for the
white knight to come along. So I
changed my brain, now I feel more
confident, and guess what?
She shows her engagement ring.
I am engaged!


JAY WALTZ stands naked inside a glass chamber. She is 30,
not particularly beautiful.
She opens arms her and legs. She closes her eyes and takes a
deep breath. The chamber sprays gel all over her body. She
immediately squeezes her eyes and wrinkles her nose.
                       JAY (V.O.)
Is it too early to feel absolutely
She gets out of the chamber and puts on a robe. INDISTINCT
TV SOUND. She grabs a comb from the sink. The comb has three
options: curled, straight, gel. She starts to comb her
short hair, and it becomes in place and glossy.
A tv screen beside the mirror shows a beautiful tanned woman
with a full long hair. She's on the red carpet of a fancy
I had my hair genetically modified
specially for this event. It is a
mix of lion and bear hair, and of
course, my own...
Jay looks at the mirror, touches her short hair and sighs.
Call Becky.
She walks into:
Jay opens her closet. She can't decide what to wear. She
grabs a grey military style dress and throws it on the bed.
                                         APARTMENT OVERVIEW
It's a small one bedroom apartment with no personal touch.
It's early in the morning and the lights are off. Little
sunshine gets in through the living room window. There TV
screens in every and each wall.
                                         JAY'S BEDROOM
BECKY's face appears on the screens. She is 35, curled blond
hair, dressing a floral dress and pink lipstick.


As Jay gets dressed.
Can you believe that my home
computer is still ordering the
same showewr gel the ex used? It's
like he's still here. The whole
place smells like him.
Jay turns to the TV screen and sees Becky in her bedroom.
Becky's bedroom is cluttered with small figurines and
digitally displayed pictures of her and friends. Becky trips
on one of her many cats. She reaches for a pair of shoes.
I told you Jay, the first thing
after a break up is to reprogram
you home computer. Hey, how many
calories is your day? Are we going
out tonight? I really don't trust
the calories of those drinks at
Jay walks from her bedroom to the bathroom. Small cameras
installed on the walls move frantically to follow her image.
Instead of brushing, she sprays her teeth in front of the
mirror and smile.
She puts on some make up by using different sprays.
But tonight it's Kely Key's
wedding. They're gonna show the
ceremony live. I can't miss that.
Why don't you take one of those
crazy pills of yours. One pill is
like having three martinis, right?
No calories.
Becky sits on the bed and puts on her shoes.


I'm not taking those pills again.
They were supposed to be slow
release, but all they do is to get
you drunk like a camel.
She energeticly stands up and strides to the living room.
Becky's living room is messy but cozy. Beside the TV, there
is a home combiner device. It is a microwave like appliance,
that delivers food as ordered.
Becky gets near the home combiner.
150 calories chocolate shake!
VACUUM SOUND. The appliance door slides open. She takes the
plastic container and removes the cover.
Come on Jay. You can watch the
wedding at the bar. I'll be there
at seven. The kids are here. Gotta
She's headed toward an open metallic door located by the
living room window.
Through the door, a kindergarten with virtual
three-dimensional images of 4 years old children playing.
It is a metallic unit attached to Becky's apartment, hanging
at least a hundred floors high.
Becky crosses the door entering the room.
Hey, Johnny, take that finger out
of your nose. Now!
JOHNNY, a 5 years old boy, looks frightned. Becky approaches
the boy.


Johnny, what are you doing here?
Isn't it your birthday? Where are
your parents?
Today I turn 5, and they are
coming to take me to School. I
don't wanna go.
Are you hiding? There's nothing to
be afraid of. You're gonna make
new friends and have lots of fun.
Didn't I tell you that I met my
best friend Jay at School?
I don't wanna go!
Johnny, where are you?
It's time son. They are waiting
for you.
Is it true that I'll never see
mommy and daddy again?
The images of two pair of legs, one apparently male in blue
pants and another female in pointy shoes, appear near
Johnny's virtual image. They hold him by his arms and take
him away. Johnny screams in panic.
Trough the big window, the view of white cylindrical
buildings connected by train lines. Endless hallways lead to
more apartments.
Jay stands in the hall while a small crowd begin to gather
around her. They all wait for the elevator in an evident
blue Monday mood.
Above the elevator door, the sign of the 1463th Floor and a
big tv screen broadcasting a celebrity gossip show.


One of the four elevator arrows lights up, pointing to the
left. The elevator door opens.
Jay walks into:
The elevator doors open to show circa hundred people inside.
Some face the door with an indifferent attitude when Jay and
the other residents enter the elevator.
There are doors on the four sides, with big tv screens above
each of them. Jay picks up an ipod like device from her
coat, selects the "Train Station 654" and presses the
As she bumps into people in her way to the other door.
Excuse me lady!
Move your skiny ass!
The elevator goes left, people swan to the right. Jay
watches tv.
A happy holding hands couple run in the beach on a sunny
                       MAN (V.O.)
Are you tired of your life? Do
you keep regretting past mistakes?
Don't you deserve to have the
life you've always dreamed of?
What are you waiting for? The
Brain Store has the perfect mind
for you. Call now!
A young woman thinks out loud beside Jay.
                       YOUNG WOMAN
I wonder if I can keep my brain,
in case I want it back.
Jay looks at the woman and shakes her head.


Other passagengers glare at the young woman.
                       FEMALE PASSANGER
Are you crazy? You never know what
you're gonna get, and then it's
too late baby! You can't return
the merchandising.
General laugh.
The young woman leaves the elevator, and so does Jay. The
elevator door is still open when the young woman turns back
to it.
Don't tell me you've never though
about it!
Jay walks away from the elevator into a busy train station.
Jay struggles to get out of the train in front of a fancy
lobby of an office building. At the entrance, people wait
in line to pass through the security scanners.
Jay joins the line, and quickly it's her turn.
She opens her arms, a green light scans her. The guard
signals her to move forward.
The elevator doors open and Jay marches down the corridor of
a large office. It is dark and silent.
The walls separating the cubicles are made of glass. All
employees are very agitated, shouting at their computers,
which are big virtual screens. However, no sound passes
through the glass walls.
Everybody stops what they're doing to stare at Jay as she
passes by the cubicles. You can cut the tension with a
A blue dense light serves as door to the cubicles. As Jay
walks down the hallway, a male coworker sees Jay and start
yelling from inside the cubicle.
                       MALE COWORKER (M.O.S.)
Jay! Jay! Come here!


He grabs her arm and pulls her inside his cubicle. He
touches his computer's virtual screen.
The computer shows a system of 10 feet tubes, explosion, a
gruesome fluid oozes out of a big crack, 50 pounds bags pile
up within the fluid.
People emerge from the right side of the computer screen,
penetrate the thick liquid and carry the bags away.
                       MALE COWORKER
There's been a huge robbery of
Asian chicken on the route that
YOU assigned. What were you
thinking running all that chicken
through the Underworld?
What's the point in building the
Underworld system if we never use
it? Is not my fault that the
Government can't put an end to
these insurgencies.
As Jay turns her back to the co-worker to leave the cubicle,
but stops. She looks over her shoulder.
                       MALE COWORKER
There's gonna be an investigation
Jay. You better come up with
something better than that if you
wanna stay out of prison.
She steps out of his office and walks down the hallway.
People stop what they're doing to stare at her.
Jay crosses the door to her office, which has a view to the
train lines. The computer activates instantly.
As she sits on the chair behind her desk. A cup of coffee
emerges from a small appliance on the right coner of the
table. She removes the covering, the coffee is hot.
She touches the computer virtual screen. It changes to a TV
show. A group of very attactive people are at the beach
teach a bunch of ordinary people how to swim. Jay laughts.
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
As you can see, the Celebs are
teaching some of the viewrs some
swiming techniques. The next time


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
you come to an island you can
A message interrupts the TV show. The image of a man on his
forties. It reads below "Vice President Mark Reisenauer"
                       VICE PRESIDENT
Jay Waltz, please report to my
office immediatly. Now.
She rolls her chair and looks at a metallic engraved plaque
in front of her: "100 years hunger free: Thank you Nourish
A woman sticks her head inside Jay's office through the blue
light door. Jay stands up.
                       FEMALE COWORKER
Good morning. How are you this
Jay come close the window turning her back to the door. It
starts to rain. The co-worker enters the office.
                       FEMALE COWORKER
Have you heard anything from Mrs.
Taylor? She hasn't shown up for a
week now.
Jay nods.
Maybe she retired, she's always
talking about the retirement
island. How old is she? 50?
Jay takes a gulp of coffee.
                       FEMALE COWORKER
But she left everything on her
desk. Do you think I should call
the police? Just to make sure
she's all right.
By doing that, you'd be in
violation of the Privacy Act, not
to mention the company's policy.
Besides, if she didn't come to say
good bye is because she doesn't


                       JAY (cont'd)
care about us as we care about
her. Just notify Human Ressources.
                       FEMALE COWORKER
I don't get it. When it comes my
turn to retire, I'm gonna throw
the biggest go away party you've
ever seen. These people are so
anxious to go the retirement
islands, they don't even say good
bye. You'd think they would send
us a some pictures or something. I
guess they are having so much fun
that they just forget about us.
They just... Puff... disappear.
Jay walks to the door.
People don't just disappear. I'm
sure she's fine.
Outside Jay's office, Jay enters an empty cubicle.
There are personal items on the desk, such as digital
pictures of an 50 years old woman smiling and a robotic
canary that starts singing when Jay swings the chair.
                       JAY (V.O.)
People don't just disapear.
Jay gets out of a train on the 225th Floor at a small plaza
with restaurants surrounding the train station. Hallways
lead to more restaurants in a reproduction of European
streets. She looks tired.
Jay drags herself to the Puska entrance where Becky waits
for her.
Jay! Jay! Finally. What took
you so long?


People at the office. They keep
yakking at me, as Iím some kind of
guru or something.
They turn toward the entrance and get in line for the green
light scanner.
At least you work with real people
at a real office.
Are the kids giving you a hard
time again? Don't worry about it.
Soon they will be five and the
School Agency will take them away.
Yeah, but there are always more
coming. Don't get me wrong, I
like children. I'm just tired of
working with four years old. I'm
tired of hearing their parents
complaining all the time.
But don't you think they have a
What point? Tell me, how would you
feel if you were born poor and
some rich kid would have all
opportunities in life while your
family struggles to survive?
You sound like one of the
I truly believe that we are all
born equal, so we should all go to
the same school, and that what you
do with your life from there is
your own choice. No heritage from
mom and dad to help you if you
mess it up. I mean, look at us,
we turned out fine, didn't we?


Yeah, right.
They approach the scanner, but everybody else starts to move
out of the line. General commotion. CLICK SOUNDS. Half dozen
camera balls fly toward Puska's door.
Camera balls are devices the size of a baseball. They are
capable of transmitting image and sound. Their voices are
very annoying, like the voice of a child on the phone.
What is it? A Celeb is coming
here? Tonight? Now?
Who is it? Who is it?
As Becky and Jay move away from the door, a group of
incredbly beautiful young woman arrives. Jay looks at the
women's shoes, long strong legs, perfect body and face.
The famous laugh and wave to the public. One of them looks
to Jay and smiles. They go inside the bar. Jay follows them
with the eye, and sights.
Where are they going?
To the VIP area, where else? Come
on, let's get inside.
Becky and Jay enter the bar. It is dark and crowded. There
are no waiters or bar attendants. We see drinks emerging
from the tables. TVs everywhere.
They find a booth and sit down. Jay is seated facing a big
TV screen. The TV is broadcasting a wedding.
Becky sees a woman entering the bar. We can barely see her.
Just enough to notice that she is tall and blond.
Is that Patty? Over there, with
the virtual dog. The Pug, what's
his name?


Do you think I'll remember
someone's virtual dog's name?
That's not Patty, she's not that
As Becky talks to Jay, we see Patty walking through people
with her small virtual dog on the leash. PATTY is 25, she
has long tanned legs. She's wearing white shorts and a sexy
top. She is on high golden heels and has small designer
                       BECKY (V.O.)
Haven't you heard she had a bone
reconfiguration done? There were
some complications and she had to
stay in the hospital for whole
three hours. She almost died, her
muscles weren't responding to the
OohÖ That's gotta hurt.
Paty! Paty! Over here!
Patty arrives behind Jay. Jay rolls her eyes to heaven.
Patty pushes Jay to the other side of the booth, grabs
Becky's drink, and places it in front of her. The dog jumps
in Patty's lap.
Hi girls! Won't you say hello to
Hi Pugsy!
Say hi to Pugsy Jay!
Don't push it Becky.
Jay doesn't like animals, virtual
or robotic. I've known her for
years and she's never asked
anything about my cats.
Where is Gold?


Jay and he are getting divorced.
Patty sips Jay's drink.
Oh... That's so sad. That
explains why I saw him with a
bimbo in a restaurant last night.
Don't worry Jay, she will never be
smarter than you.
What you're saying is that she's
younger and prettier than me.
Don't mind her Patty. This has
been very hard on her.
Hey, you'll never find out where I
was and what I was doing for the
last 52 hours.
By your smile, your dog found the
perfect human male specimen and
took you to breed.
What's wrong with you tonight? Go
on Patty.
I was at the beach. It's a brand
new island standing in the middle
of the Atlantic Ocean. The sun
was terrific. It is so
Patty sips Jay's drink one more time.
I've never been to an island. I
haven't never even left this city.
What about the Celebs? If you were
on an island, I bet you saw a lot
of celebrities!


No, we were not allowed to go
where they live. You know, for
security reasons, blah blah blah.
Oh, I am so ready, Becky. I am
this close to make it. I have this
new friend, he's not a Celeb but
he's in the advertising business.
He's the one who paid for my trip.
We better talk about something
else, look who's here.
GOLD enters the bar, he is 35, good looking, although he
could definitely use a hair cut. He wears a long brown dirty
coat, dark green pants and boots.
He looks around, sees Becky and walks toward her. Jay and
Patty look back and see Gold. They both sigh. Jay lowers her
Good night everyone. Jay. Do you
mind if I seat?
Patty gives Gold a half smile and looks away.
Hey, that's Leo and Brutus over
there at the bar. They were
auditioning for a new talk show
this morning. Who knows? They
might be the next Celebs! I need
to go talk to them. You
They're cute. Can I come with you?
Patty and Becky leave the table in the direction of two men
seated at the bar.
Can you believe her?
Who? Patty?
Jay plays with a touch screen on the side of the table used
to order drinks.


Look at her. What does she do for
a living? Since I've known her,
she's always going out on
vacations. The thing is: how can
she go on vacation if she never
People like her Gold. So she has
some rich friends who like to buy
her stuff, so what?
It's not right and you know it.
See? She just took your drink.
Another drink emerges from the center of the table.
Big deal.
What really scares me is that she
might actually succeed one of
these days. And once she's a
Celeb, she might as well become a
Governor. Patty Molly, Governor of
Gold laughs.
You're jealous.
Me? Jealous of her? I just don't
understand how can you be friends
with her, that's all. You don't
have anything in commom.
She's fun to be around. Plus, who
doens't want to live in an island,
away from all this dark moody
crowded place. Have I told you
that I could be a Celeb myself?
They told me at school that the
cameras love me.
They say that to everyone. It's
part of the equal opportunity
program. Do me a favor, go to the


                       GOLD (cont'd)
ladies room and take a good look
at the mirror. You, a Celeb? Why
do I waste my time with you?
It's always about you, isn't it?
The famous naturalist who's gonna
save us all. The way I see it, you
are as much vain as everybody
else. Look at me! Look at me!
Becky and Patty return to the table. Gold stads up and puts
his arm around Patty.
Patty, please meet your new
partner on your "I want to be a
Celeb" saga. Jay was just telling
me how bad she wants to be a
Celeb,because she's so special.
She think she's better than you,
and me, and everybody else.
How typical, a divorce couple that
argues like they're still
Come on guys. Jay, wanna go
dancing? I've heard about this new
club, it's just around the corner.
Jay? Dancing? She can't dance!
Haven't you noticed how clumsy she
is? She can't even walk straight!
Gold makes fun of Jay's walk. People at the bar stare at
him. Patty and Becky look at each othe embarassed.
I am so tall, I have these long
arms and legs and I don't know
what to do with them. But look! I
wanna be a celebrity!
Stop it Gold! Stop it!


Maybe some other time, girls. I'm
going home. If I leave now I still
get to see the end of the
Governor's wedding. I'll call you
tomorrow, ok?
As Gold yells at Jay while she walks away.
That's right, go! You don't wanna
miss the exciting news about other
people lives.
Everybody looks at him.
What about you? What about your
life! Life is more than sit on the
couch and watch TV!
Jay exits the bar, and walks alone through that tunnel that
is a reproduction of an European street. It's dark.
She hears noises and looks back to Puska. The Celebs are
leaving. LAUGHS. A small floating vehicle approach the
Celebs. They go inside the vehicle, and it moves away.
Jay watches them from far.
Jay walks through a gigantic mall, floors and floors of
cosmetic surgery and treatments. There's a tall Venus the
Milo in the center of the building, the statue is
beautifully lighted.
As Jay passes by the stores: "Eye colour change in 15
seconds.", "Lashes implants and extensions", "Miraculous
hair growth guaranteed" etc.
There are virtual sales-persons in front of the stores. They
appear in front of passing-bys and start talking to them.
People just ignore them and walk through the images.
                       FEMALE (V.O.)
Look like your favorite celebrity.
You're gonna be mistaken for him
or her! Choose from over 10,000
current and historical Celebs.


                       FEMALE (cont'd)
Change your skin tone for the
Spring. More than one thousand
Shrink your skin up to 20%.
She is in front of the Nail Salon. She enters the store.
The attendant is a behind the balcony. She's a short tinny
woman in a blue uniform. She looks down at the computer
screen and sees Jay's picture and name.
Good morning Mrs. Waltz. What can
I do for you?
Jay shows her nails to the her.
I have a cracked nail. There, can
you see it?
She points to a small device on the balcony.
Put it in there.
Jay puts her hand inside the machine on the balcony. Jay's
nails appears on the computer screen. The attendant touches
the screen to enlarge one of the fingers.
That's nothing. Keep your hand in
POLISH SOUND. The attendant goes to the back of the store
through a narrow door behind the balcony.
Jay looks up and sees the Brain Store sign reflected in the
mirror over the balcony.
The attendant returns holding a small bottle. Inside,
there's a nail immersed in liquid with some skin hanging off
She shows Jay the bottle.


Of course, you wouldn't have to
come here all the time if you had
one of these.
Thank you, but I'm not interested.
All you have to do is give me a
sample of your nail, and I'll do
the tissue growth for you. You
come back in one hour, and we do
I'm really not interested.
Jay turns her head to the Brain Store display.
Do you see many people going in
Yes, yes. You wouldn't believe
how many people cross those doors
every day.
Really? Have you ever met anyone
who actually did it?
No. But I have one client that's
been acting weird lately. But she
wouldn't tell me. For years I've
seen people going in and out of
that place. Do you know how they
come out of there?
She turns off the nail polish machine.
Dumb, very very dumb. Look, there
is one.
They look to the Brain Store. A man is leaving the store, he
can barely walk. A woman who acts like his wife supports him
by the arm, and they walk away from the store.


Changing brain...I bet they do a
lobotomy on these people, that's
what they do.
Is that so?
The attendant types on the computer.
Your nail is ready. Should I put
the tip on your debit code?
Jay remove her hand from the device and leaves the store. As
she walks toward the Brain Store display, the attendant
looks at her and shakes her head.
Jay stands in front of the Brain Store. Inside the display,
TV screens repeat the testimonials seen on the first three
Through the display, behind the tv screens, we see a large
room, with some tables and chairs. The salesmen are dressed
in white suits. They talk to the clients, however, the
clients' faces are shaded.
                       JAY (V.O.)
Privacy protection. Good.
As Jay turns to walk away from the store display, MISHA is
standing by her side.
MISHA is skinny and pale. He's tall and his face is very
delicate. He has long dark hair. He wears a black coat over
a dark purple suit. He carries a walking stick engraved with
silver on his hand.
Eerie, don't you think?
Ah... Yes, I would say bizarre...


Interesting choice of words.
Still, here you are. So, tell me,
how dreadful your life really is?
Excuse me?
The reason that compels you to
cross these doors and leave
everything that was ever impostant
to you behind.
Me? No. I would never...
Jay walks away from Misha. He watches her walk away.
Suddenly, a short virtual salesman appears in front of her.
                       VIRTUAL MAN
This is a message from the Brain
Store just for you!
Jay keeps walking away, but the virtual man quickly moves
and blocks her way.
What the hell!
                       VIRTUAL MAN
Tell me Mrs. Waltz, what's your
dream? Please come inside and
browse through our selection. It
only takes few minutes. Your
dreams are waiting to come true!
As she walks away.
                       VIRTUAL MAN
You can give your brain as a down
payment. Financial options are
Jay and Becky are walk inside a Gym. Jay has a smile on her
They walk along rows of equipments shaped like eggs. Inside
them, people are being exercising by having their muscles


stimulated by electrical pulses. They have sensors connected
to their arms and legs.
Jay and Becky stop in front of a door. Jay programs the
small computer installed in the door.
So, what's it gonna be this
morning? Ancient Venice? Rome?
Yeah, that's fine. Just make sure
to turn off the adventure mode.
The New York package scared the
hell out of me. Running away from
muggers isn't exactly what I call
a workout.
The door opens and they go into the room.
As they walk trough a narrow street in Ancient Rome. We see
the top of the Coliseum in the distance.
You know what? I'm over him. For
now on I'm gonna focus on myself.
I'm gonna join some acting group.
I'm gonna call Patty, she's always
asking me to go out. Gold never
wanted to go.
Now we are talking! All you need
is to go out and have some fun.
The truth is I should have
listened to the people at the
Agency when they told me not to
marry him.
But Jay, your previous marriages
were arranged by the Agency and
they didnít work out either.
      (abruptly stops
Watch out for the horse!


A huge virile gladiator mounted on a shining brown horse
crosses their path and waves at them.
So youíre saying that itís my
fault! Friends are supposed to
help each other. You're not making
me feel much better.
Itís not your fault. Of course
not. The man has issues. Remember
when he went through that air
testing phase?
He walked around with that thing
hanging on his neck. We couldnít
go anywhere because it was always
Becky, Jay and Gold are outside a Japanese restaurant in a
restaurant hallway.
Gold has a small device, which looks like a pen hanged on
his neck. He goes inside the restaurant and turns the
device on. It beeps continuously. He shakes his head and
walks out of the restaurant.
We can't stay here. You wouldn't
believe how bad it is.
But this is the third place you
say is bad. I'm hungry, I wanna
get in and have dinner like a
normal person.
I can't let you go in, Becky. The
air is contaminated. We should
leave this place now.
Let's go.


Becky, quite frankly, it doesn't
look like you are taking this
      (holding the air
       testing device
       and looking at it)
Come on, Gold. You don't really
believe on these rumors, do you? I
mean, people talk. But that's
that's all it is, talk.
He doesn't believe in those
theories, Becky. He's the one who
creates and promotes them.
It's not a rumor, it's a fact! The
pharmaceutical companies are
spreading a virus to increase
their sales. Period. Nobody is
safe in the cities. You two need
to be more careful.
      (showing the
I'm gonna get you each one of
I'm not gonna wear this thing.
Just stop and think about it. If
the air was that bad, don't you
think our Governors would be doing
something about it?
You think the Celebs care about
you? Don't make me laugh. All they
care about is how to keep their
names on our lips and their faces
on the screen.
      (trowing her hands
       to the air)
Here we go again. Don't let him
start Becky. Come on, we can order
the same food at home anyway. What
about some sake?


OK. You always get what you want,
don't you Gold?
And they walk away from the restaurant.
As they walk within the buildings, they enter a market where
they see some slaves in chains. They shake their heads.
He's a control freak! I've always
though you were too good for him.
And still he made me feel that I
wasn't good enough for him. He
critices everything.
And he's so obsessed with the
atmosphere. It was getting on my
He "looooves" nature. Can you
believe he doesn't have any
implants or extensions? You know,
down there.
No implants, no machines, no toys,
Nope. Just primitive sex.
They stop walking in front of a huge obelisk. The look at
Not many men can live up to that.
They look at each other and laugh.
The Ancient Rome scenario disappears. Becky and Jay stand
in a dark room, just one bulb lightning their faces.


You know Jay, it's been five days
since Gold left. It seems that he
has moved on, maybe it's time for
you to do the same.
I know Becky. It's just... I
thought this time it would be
      (almost crying)
I am so tired of trying. Now I
have to go back to the apartment.
It looks so empty.
Oh, no...Don't cry. I've never
seen you crying, come here. Hey,
you are not alone, ok? You can
have my Perfect Man device for a
couple of days if you want. It's
not updated, but it's still good
on the basic functions.
No, thanks. I'll be fine. I'll be
Gold is looking at the mirror, arranging his hair. He's
wearing a tuxedo. The door opens, a man enters the
bathroom. He sees the man and leaves the bathroom.
In a salon, workers are finishing the arrangements for a
party. They are putting artificial flowers on the tables.
The Biotech logo is everywhere, on the floor, on the table
cloths, on the walls etc. We see a podium with a screen
behind it.
Gold is standing outside the man's bathroom. He takes two
small dark green balls from his pocket, looks at them and
put them back. He walks toward the podium when a woman
comes in his direction.
The woman has a cell phone hanging on her belt. Four
different virtual faces are projected from the device
surrounding her head. They all talk at once.


                       PARTY PLANNER
      (to the virtual
Quiet. I need to talk.
      (to Gold)
Sir, we haven't open the salon
yet. I'm gonna have to ask you to
wait outside.
The four virtual faces turn to Gold.
Well Ms.--
                       VIRTUAL FACE
Dana. Dana Lyle.
Ms. Lyle, do you know who I am?
The Party Planner lows her head and turns off the cell
phone, the virtual faces disappear.
My name is Jonathan McDermott, and
I am the Biotech First Vice
Now, I suppose you shouldn't be
wasting MY time by imposing YOUR
presence to me. What do you think?
                       PARTY PLANNER
I am sorry to interrupt you Sir.
The Party Planer leaves Gold alone. He continues to walk
toward the podium. He walks up the podium and installs the
balls on the top of the screen, one on each side.
Gold gets out of the salon into a train station. He's
walking toward the train line, when a flying camera ball
comes near him.
                       CAMERA BALL
Gotch ya!
Shit! You scared me Mac!


We see a dark room, with many virtual screens. They are
showing people walking on the streets, a beautiful woman
giving an interview, talk shows, etc.
MAC is working inside the room. He's 40, and he hasn't
shaved for a couple of days now. He looks at a screen where
Gold's image appears.
So, did you do it?
Yep. All you have to do is push
the button.
The camera clicks, and flies away.
Jay is wearing a robe, ready to go to bed. She looks at the
train lines through the window. She sees the other
apartments' lights in the buildings in front of hers. On the
TV, a gossip show.
She turns to look to her on apartment.
                       JAY (V.O.)
Maybe he was right. This beige is
so old fashion. I should
The door opens. It's Gold. He's still wearing the tuxedo.
Hello Jay.
Jay looks at his outfit.
What are you doing here? What's
the occasion?
Nothing, nothing. I just came to
get my clothing supply. Jay, why
are my cloths being delivered to
your apartment? Havenít you
reprogrammed your home computer


                       GOLD (cont'd)
Ok, Gold. I know I need to update
this thing. You're clothes are in
the bedroom.
Gold walks to the bedroom through the hallway. We stay with
                       GOLD (V.O.)
Itís been five days already. When
you're gonna have it done?
You're right. Itís been five days,
and they still call me Mrs. Waltz
at the mall. Why aren't we
divorced yet?
He comes back with cloths on this hands.
I've been very busy lately. But
I'll send the request tonight, ok?
Do you have a bag for this?
As Jay looks inside a closet.
You are too busy to file the
divorce but not busy enough to go
out on a date.
As she trows a bag at Gold.
I know about your girlfriend. Who
is she?
Gold puts his clothing in the bag and drops it on the floor
near the door.
Is your she waiting for you?
That's why you are all dressed up?
Are you going to a party? You
didn't like parties when we were


      (touching Jay's
Hey, there is no girlfriend. I
love you, remember?
      (getting close to
We couldn't go on like this, Jay.
You know I want a baby.
      (getting away from
I told you, we can have a baby.
And give up my son when he's five!
Send him to the system, so he can
forget all about me, and his
mother. So he can grow up and
become one more viewer, sitting in
his couch every night, watching
the Celebs, anxiously waiting for
the next football game?
      (shaking his head)
No, not my son!
We can have another baby after the
first one is gone, and another one
and another one, like everybody
else. I would do that for you
You really don't get it, do you? I
can't keep having this discussion
again and again. You have to trust
me on this, it's for the best.
The best for whom? You?
      (getting the bag
       with clothes)
Look at the bright side. Now you
can watch the Celebs all day and
all night on TV.
Gold gets near the door and the door opens. He leaves the
apartment, and the door closes. We see Jay sadly leaning
her head on the door.


A beat.
We hear the TV, Jay turns her head and looks at the TV.
As the Reporter announces the news, we see the Biotech
It's a very sophisticated party. In the audience, highly
paid executives. A man wearing a tuxedo is standing at the
podium. There's a screen behind him with the Biotech logo
and pictures of the employees flashing on it as he speaks.
Suddenly, a small explosion and some smoke coming from the
screen. Branches of a vine start to grow quickly covering
the screen. Flowers start to sprout from the plant.
The audience panics. Screams. Guards evacuate the party. A
guard comes to help the speaker to get down the podium.
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
A biological attack interrupted
the Biotech 50th anniversary party
this evening. A vine started to
grow on the screen behind the
Biotech President, as he was
giving his speech. No casualties
were reported, although
authorities are still examining
the flowers for toxic substances.
So far, nobody has claimed
responsibility for bring the wild
into the city.
Authorities suspect the Biotech
President was the target of the
We see Jay looking at the TV, she smiles.


It's morning and Jay is ready for her work out. She gets
coffee from the food combiner. The food combiner is a device
the size of a microwave installed in the wall.
Call Becky!
Jay stands in front of the screen holding a cup of coffee.
She is looks at the camera installed above the screen.
Electronic tunes.
Becky's image appears on the screen in front of Jay. She
has a pink robe over pajamas, sitting on the corner of her
bed. Her hair is a mess, and she looks tired.
Good morning! What are you doing
in your pajamas. It's Saturday!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
I don't think I can make it this
morning Jay. I am not feeling very
well. I feel so tired.
Come on! You're just being lazy.
Have some coffee.
I can't Jay. I have so much to do.
Can I call you back--
On the screen, we see Gold entering Becky's bedroom from the
bathroom in a robe. Becky looks at him, looks at the
camera. She's frozen.
An expression of surprise and shock on Jay's face. She
plunks down on the coffee table behind her.
Oh my God Becky! How, how, how...
could you?
Becky is seated on the bed, she sighs. Gold is laying down
on the bed, very relaxed.


What's up, Babe?
Jay, she doesnít understand you
and me.
But you told her that I am just
robotic, didnít you?
Becky hangs her head.
Jay stands inside the Brain Store. An attendant walks in
her direction. He's good looking, tanned, he's dressing a
white suit. She's embarrassed of being there.
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
Ms. Harper, welcome back! I can
see you took some time to think
about the most important choice of
your life. Thatís a very wise
thing to do. Why donít you follow
me to the lab? Thereís something
I want to show you.
Jay follows the attendant.
They are inside huge dark room. We see numerous rows of
tall jars containing the brains. The brains float in
translucent gel. They shine beautiful colours. We can see
electric signals crossing the brains inside the jars.
                       RECORD (V.O.)
Please do not touch the jars.
As they walk along the jars.
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
Please note that we are not
allowed to revel the gender or the
age of the donor. But you donít
need to worry about your sexual
option, as you can choose to keep
your own sexual glands. If you
choose a complete transition, we
strongly recommend our ďFull


                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT (cont'd)
TransformationĒ package.
Can't we just throw my glands
away? My life would be so much
They stop in front of one brain. We see a lot of electrical
impulses and lightning inside the jar. Below the jar, there
is a small screen with the brain's information.
Jay reads the information: "Universe Explorer. Intellectual
skills: 85%. Interpersonal skills: 15%. Warranty: 70 years"
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
      (moving near the
This one, for example. The
previous owner of this brain had a
very exciting life. Can you see
that bright blue light on the
left? Thatís the intellectual
activity. The pink light on the
right bottom is the emotional
activity. The yellow light
demonstrates that this mind was
very much content at the time of
the transfer.
Are you saying that tiny pink spot
is the emotional activity? Thatís
gotta be a manís brain. I donít
understand, if she or he was so
happy before, why go through such
a drastic change like that?
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
I was expecting this question from
you, Ms. Haper. Think about it as
an opportunity to experience what
is beyond your imagination. Even
happy people want to have some
adventure in life. Actually, most
of our clients were very satisfied
with their previous brains. They
do it for the challenge of
embracing a new profession,
meeting new people, discovering
new sides of a new self.


And developing new neurosis too.
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
Why do you think people used to
climb the Everest Mountain before
its occupation?
Simply because for someone
special, mediocre is not
acceptable. Now, let's proceed.
They move away from the brain jar, and keep walking on the
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
As you can see, our inventory has
the best selection on the market.
Now, do you see something you
The Stripper would be nice.
                       BRAIN STORE ATTENDANT
Forgive me, Ms. Harper, but that
would require some other surgeries
for a successful adaptation.
Jay lays down in a white cocoon in a small white room. Up on
the wall behind the cocoon we see a window, with two men and
one woman in white coats observing the procedure.
The cocoon closes. We see Jay inside, she closes her eyes.
For three seconds we see confusing images of people and
scenarios flashing.
                                         BACK TO THE LAB
Jay now stands outside the white cocoon. The door opens,
and a man dressed in a white coat comes to talk to her. He
has a small box on his hand.
                       DOCTOR FRANK
Hi Jay. I'm Doctor Frank, and I'll
be supervising your procedure. How
are you feeling?


      (lowing her head)
I'm all right.
                       DOCTOR FRANK
Some people experience some
confusion after seeing their whole
lives flashing front of them. It's
completely normal if you're
feeling a little down.
      (looking at him)
I'm fine!
                       DOCTOR FRANK
      (opening the
       little box and
       showing to Jay)
This is your memory back up. You
need to give that to someone you
trust, as you may come out of
surgery not knowing where you
stored it.
Jay looks inside the box. It's a one inch square piece of
Doctor Frank gives her the box, she looks at the shining
piece of glass.
A beat.
Jay looks up to the Doctor, closes the box and put it in a
pocket in her pants.
What's next?
                       DOCTOR FRANK
I need you to understand that
although you will keep the glands
responsible for your personal
memory, some of it may still be
lost when we remove the other
areas of your brain.
Let's continue the procedure.
                       DOCTOR FRANK
Are you sure that you don't want
to go home and rest? Make the
arrangements for your transition,


                       DOCTOR FRANK (cont'd)
talk to your friends, leave
messages for yourself.
No, I've done all I need to do.
                       DOCTOR FRANK
You know that the Privacy Law
prohibits anyone to look for you,
even if you go missing. When you
cross the doors of the Brain Store
you're gonna be on your own. Are
you sure you don't want to call
someone to take you home after the
Jay shakes her head.
                       DOCTOR FRANK
This is your last chance. After
this, the procedure is automatic.
Jay looks straight in the Doctor's eyes. He nods.
Jay stands in a room so white that we can barely
differentiate between the walls and the floor. She is
dressed in a hospital robe. A narrow long drawer opens from
the wall on the right side.
                       RECORD (V.O.)
      (female voice)
Please, lay down and relax.
I've never considered myself
claustrofobic, but.... Is there
some other way to do this? Can
you send someone to stay here with
me and hold my hand until I fall
                       RECORD (V.O.)
Please, lay down and relax.
Jay lows her head. Takes a deep breath. And then look up.


She lays on the drawer, the drawer closes.
Jay opens her eyes.
                                         FOREST VIEW
As we see a beautiful landscape of a forest with large tall
trees. There is a waterfall on the right. The image starts
to fade out.
                       JAY (V.O.)
      (falling sleep)
I donít know why I was so
nervousÖThis isÖ
                                         INSIDE THE DRAWER
Jay opens her eyes. She tries to sit up hitting her head,
realizing that there are just one foot between her and the
roof. Everything is white around her.
Help! Help! You forgot me here.
Take me out of here.
                       DOCTOR FRANK (V.O.)
Jay, calm down. You will be fine.
We finished the tests. You will
be out in minute.
Jay? Don't call me Jay. My name
is Ryanne.
Colorful curtains fly through vast bedroom. Through the
window we can see the sea. Ocean breeze blows gently.
A beautiful blond almost naked woman is asleep. That's
RYANNE. She is 25 and gorgeous. She is wearing a black
silky sexy camisole. She opens her eyes.
She looks like Jay, although her green eyes are shining much
brighter. Full lashes, and perfect eye brows. Her mouth is
partially open and we can see her shiny white teeth through
her full lips. She has a wonderful tan.


MISHA enters room, he's wearing a Chinese silk robe. We can
see he has female breasts by the shape of his figure. He is
caring a tray with pancakes and coffee.
Good morning, Sweetie. Itís about
time you wake up. Come on, get
up. I've brought you blueberry
pancakes, your favorite.
Uh... I donít like blueberries, I
like cherries. You need to pay
more attention, Misha. Get me
another one, and get it right this
      (walking to the
You might have changed bodies but
you're still so bitchy!
      (siting on the bed)
Stop it Misha! Don't talk to me
like I am somebody else.
Misha stops and glares at Ryanne.
You've never told me why she
changed her brain. Do you know
what happened to her after the
      (putting the tray
       on the bed)
She must be wandering on the
streets, completely disoriented.
Just like you were when I found
you in front of that theater.
      (laying back on
       the bed)
You know I don't remember anything
about that day.


Well. If you need me to tell you
the story again.
We met in front of the theater.
You told me you were an actress--
The theater is a reproduction of a Broadway theater located
inside a train station. The train station is dark, there's
garbage on the floor. The theater is closed.
Ryanne still looks like Jay, but she is a mess. She has a
blond wig falling from her head, trashy clothes, cheap high
heels shoes. She desperately knocking on the theater's
Please let me in! I know I'm
late, I'm sorry.
I'll wont be late again, I
Misha walks slowly toward Ryanne, coming from a long dark
tunnel. He has a walking stick engraved with silver in his
hand, and he is wearing a long elegant coat. He gets near
Hello. Miss? Are you well?
No. I'm not. I have a rehearsal,
and I am late, and they won't let
me in.
What's your name, my dear?
Don't you reconize me? I am Ryanne
Shine! I am playing Ophelia,
haven't you heard?
"There's rosemary, that's for
remembrance; pray,
love, remember: and there is
pansies, that's for thoughts."


How long have you been here?
I don't know, I don't remember.
This theater has been closed for
years. Actually, the whole train
station has been closed. How did
you get here?
I don't know. I don't remember. If
it's been closed for years, what
are you doing here?
I'm looking for a friend. You see,
she had her brain replaced and I
was very fond of the brain she
left behind. Now, I need to find
my friend. She can be anywhere--
      (pointing to
       Ryanne's head)
--even in here.
Brain replacement, huh? Yes, yes.
The Brain Store! Your dream is
waiting to come true! I was there.
Wait! That wasn't me, that was
Jay. She's not with us anymore.
      (looking at Misha)
Don't I know you from somewhere?
      (gives his hand to
No, my dear. I would remeber if I
had met a distinguished lady like
Finally, somebody who understands
Now, I want to know everything
about you. Are you hungry?


Ryanne is laying on the bed, Misha is seated by her side.
It's been months since the
surgery, and I still can't
remember that day. Blank. I don't
think I'll ever recover my memory
completly. No, wait. I remember
asking you if I should call you
Miss or Mister?
Oh, that you remember. What did I
say? Call me anything. Call me
both. These implants fit well my
peculiar need and I am not ashamed
of them. Is my opinion the English
language should have developed by
now a specific pronoun for
multi-gender persons, like me. She
and he don't suit. I am a complete
being, and these pronouns
implicate that there's something
Anyway, has she ever contacted you
again? I bet she regrets giving up
her brain. Do you think she can
come back for a restitution? What
can it be better than this?
      (sitting on the
I wouldn't worry about it if I
were you. Believe me, she's not
coming back. I don't know what
happened to her and I don't care.
Probably she's selling her body at
some borthel in the city. She had
a quite nice body...
Not better than mine.
      (touching Ryanne's
       long legs)
No Sweetie, your body is perfect.
It's my beloved master piece.


Misha gets the tray and leaves the room.
Ryanne turns on her bed and looks at the three-dimensional
image on the wall. The image has about ten people inside an
office posing with unnatural smiles. Engraved below the
image: "Get better soon. Nourish Logistics Corp. Engineering
      (whispering to the
You would never understand if I
told you the truth.
A red carpet decorated with tall palm trees and tropical
flowers on both sides all the way to the door. Through the
door we see a luxurious party going on. From the red carpet,
we see the waves crashing at the beach.
Ryanne arrives wearing a sexy giraffe leather dress. Light
breeze moves her hair. Camera balls fly around her like bees
around a flower.
African designer Ekogua designed
this dress for me. He is giving
away free samples of his new
fragrance to all the viewers who
call the number on your screen
A small fancy transport that travels on rail stops in front
of the red carpet. A handsome man in a tuxedo and a pretty
woman get out of the car. The camera balls fly toward them.
Ryanne walks into:
It's a wonderful party. Beautiful people everywhere. A mix
of models, musicians, football players etc.
Everybody is having a good time. Camera balls fly
frantically around the guests. Some Celebs are still


Misha walks toward the bar dressed in a purple suit and a
revealing blouse. He has the walking stick complementing
his style.
He sits at the bar, and rests his cane on the chair. There
is a very attractive couple near him. Misha looks at them
and smiles. The couple smiles back.
The room becomes silent and everyone look to the man
standing at the podium.
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
Good evening everyone. I am Phil
Chase, Governor of the Retirement
Agency, but you may also know me
as the Director of Chase Picture
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
I want to welcome you all to the
Entertainment Revelation of the
Month Award. Thank you for coming.
And for those of you watching at
home, you can experience this
incredible party by purchasing our
virtual sensory package on your
monitor. You can have the same
drinks and appetizers as if you
were here from the comfort of your
own home. Just order the special
menu at your food combiner. Please
be welcome to join us.
We have an overview of the party salon, where dozens of
camera balls fly everywhere. The guests smile and talk to
the cameras.
This is a typical apartment in the city. People are
gathered together to enjoy the party happening on the island
through the TV.
They are dressed in gowns and tuxedos. We see a man getting
a drink at the food combiner. All the screens in the
apartment are showing the party.
We see through the window endless other apartments' windows.
They are all at the party.


In the living room, we see a virtual woman dressed in a gown
talking and moving her arms. We can't her what she's saying.
Three real women are looking at the image.
One real woman points to the virtual's woman bracelet. She
raises her wrist showing the same bracelet. The group is
Ryanne is seated at a table with other celebrities. They
talk to each other enthusiastically. She looks around to see
if there's a camera ball near her. There isn't any.
She lowers her head to check her Ipod like device. She can
see the event in her device.
Two men are talking beside her. One of them turns to Ryanne.
She looks up to him. He is a very handsome strong
African-American. The other man is also very handsome, but
not that strong.
      (pointing at
       Ryanne's Ipod)
Why don't you forget about this
thing, and help us out here?
Sure. But let me tell you in
advance that I don't know anything
about football.
No, that's not what we are talking
about. You're Ryanne Shine,
Ryanne nods.
Hi, I am Jacob Kurt and this is
Matthew Sammuel.
      (pointing at them)
Football player and actor.
Yeah, that's right. Listen, me and
Mathew, we are having a little bet
going on here. Do you see that


                       JACOB (cont'd)
woman in a black dress over there.
We see a 45 years old brunette, short hair, on a black
dress. She's standing alone.
Over there, with the diamond
They are fake, the diamonds are
fake. Is that what you are betting
No no no. But good point. You're
a good observer. Now, we think she
might be the viewer who won the
contest to come to the party
tonight. What do you think?
Well, she definitely doesn't look
like she belongs here. She has
some wrinkles.
I told you she has wrinkles! She's
old, man!
Ryanne, how old do you think she
I don't know, 40 maybe.
No, that's not possible. If she
was 40, she would be looking 25.
If she's looking 45, that means
that she's probably 65.
You see Ryanne, Matthew wants to
talk to the Retirement Governor
over there...
Jacob points at Governor Chase in the other side of the


...to have this woman removed from
the party straight to the
retirement islands. I say let her
enjoy the party, and then Mathew
goes talk to the man. What do you
But the viewers at home are paying
to see beautiful people. Ryanne,
you said it yourself, she looks
old. And that's an awfully cheap
dress. I am telling you, she's
just a viewer. She doesn't fit in
Ryanne looks at her Ipod again. Then looks at the two men.
      (standing up)
I need to take care of something.
Excuse me.
Ryanne walks toward the back exit. Jacob and Mathew keep
talking. She crosses the door into a garden.
We see a dark but slightly transparent big plastic bubble.
Mac, the Director, is inside working.
Camera 3367 - overview! Now,
close in on Governor Chase. Allow
viewer's questions!
Ryanne walks towards him and start yelling and knocking on
the bubble with the palm of her hand.
Mac! Mac! Open this thing!
The bubble's door opens.
What do you think you're doing?
You're giving Keyla much more time
of exposure than you are giving
me! And you are getting my chin on
the wrong angle.
      (showing her chin
       to Mac)


                       RYANNE (cont'd)
You see? I didn't spend a fortune
on this chin for you to make me
look like a witch.
Easy there. The law says I need to
give the same time of exposure to
the Governors, that's all. Keyla
is having more time because she is
seated in front of a sponsor
advertisement. You're not the boss
running this show.
Neither are you. I don't give a
damn about the pharmaceutical
companies. They could all go to
hell as far as I'm concerned. Just
get me on that screen, ok?
I'm not a big fan of them either,
but my hands are tied. Don't
worry, you're gonna get your
exposure tonight. You should go
inside, you're wasting your time
You are damn right that I'll have
my exposure. Get your cameras
Ryanne walks away from Mac.
These beautiful people have no
idea what it takes to make them
look good.
Ryanne enters the salon. She turns to a young woman standing
in front of a Biotech logo. That's KEYLA, she's a drop dead
gorgeous red haired African-American with beautiful blue
eyes. There are a number of camera balls around her.
I think this is the right time to
announce that after I was chosen
the most healthy Celeb by the


                       KEYLA (cont'd)
viewers, Biotech decide to finance
my campaign on the next elections.
I am counting on the viewers
support to be the next Health
                       CAMERA BALL
Oh... You do look very healthy.
Ryanne laughs from distance.
Ryanne walks around the party, and sees some people dancing
on the dance floor. She looks around her. She sees Jacob,
she walks toward him.
      (to Jacob)
Wanna dance?
                                         BIOTECH LOGO
We see Keyla talking to the cameras from far. Suddenly, they
all fly away from her.
                                         DANCE FLOOR
Ryanne and Jacob are in the center of the dance floor.
Ryanne raises her arm and signs to Misha. Music starts.
Camera balls fly fly around them. They dance a sexy and
exciting ballroom dance.
At the end, everybody applauds.
All the guests become silent as Governor Chase walks up the
podium. Many camera balls fly around him.
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
What a sparkling night, my
friends. But let's not forget that
we are here tonight to honor the
Entertainment Revelation of the
Month. This special artist has
generously shared with us her
sophisticated taste, and superior
way of enjoying life. I heard she
would like to make a movie one of
these days. We are certainly
looking forward to see her on the
big screen as she is so fine to
like at. That's my suggestion for


                       GOVERNOR CHASE (cont'd)
the studios, if I may.
General laugh.
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
The winner of tonightís prize has
made our world a better place. She
inspires women all over the world
with her sweetness and kindness.
Please put your hands together for
the beautiful Ryanne Shine!
Everyone applauds enthusiastically. Ryanne, who is now
seated at the table, smiles, stands up and walks toward the
While she walks, she steps on something and we hear a sound
of broken glass. She looks to the floor. We see a broken
fake diamond earring. She continuous walking. She raises
her head, looking for the woman in the black dress.
                       RYANNE (V.O.)
The viewer! She's gone!
Misha watches Ryanne walking up the podium from the bar. He
has a snide smile on his face. He turns and looks to the
attractive couple near him.
Well, that was not unexpected.
Misha looks to the man.
So, did you talk to your
The man nods. Misha charmingly touches the womanís hand,
while he leads the hand of her boyfriend into his cleavage.
The woman looks doubtful.
                       MAN AT THE PARTY
You have the most beautiful hairy
This will be transcendent.


Ryanne and Misha are seated side by side inside the train.
The train is moving.
I hope you're right about this.
You promised me you would get me
into a movie. And so far I've got
Trust me, this is going to be a
"blast". Have you ever been in
Deep Earth before?
No, I hope it's not too hot down
Ryanne and Misha are on the back stage of a fashion show.
Models, make up artists, everybody is running to get ready
for the show.
As the Producer talks to Ryanne, he holds sexy thigh high
black boots.
These heels are adjustable. I am
setting them on high. When the
runway changes from ice to fire,
your shoes will automatically
respond to the temperatureís
change. Whatever you do, don't
fall or slip on the floor.
I guess barbecue isnít on the
Sweetie, you are beautiful, but
not funny.
The show starts, frantic music takes place. The models
return, one by one, from the runway. The music stops. Ice
starts to expand in the runway surface, sounding like broken


Ryanne is dressed in a short sexy black dress, and the thigh
high boots. She squeezes her eyes. The light is reflecting
on the ice. We can barely see the floor. The music starts,
she enters.
                       RYANNE (V.O.)
I've made it! Look at me, who's
clumsy now?
The fire starts behind Ryanne as she walks. Quickly it
spreads through the runway in a powerful explosion. Ryanne
walks through the fire with confidence.
She is making her turn back when a gorgeous man wearing a
firefighter uniform appears out of nowhere, hanging on a
rope. He catches her and lifts her in the air. The public
goes into rapture.
The fireman is KRIS. He is 28, has blond hair, and an
irresistible smile.
      (getting in the
Are you ok?
Am I OK? You are ruining my show.
Who are you?
ShhÖ Didnít they tell you? Itís
part of the promotion, I am an
actor. Now we pretend that I
saved you from an accident. You
need to say that you hair was on
fire, but your feet are fine.
      (burning the point
       of her hair)
Here, let me burn your hair a
little bit. By the way, Iím Kris.
      (taking his hands
       out of her hair)
Stop it! What are you? You're
We see camera balls flying toward them. From the balcony we
see that the fashion show takes place in a beautiful
theater. Kris is holding Ryanne on his arms in a protective


                       CAMERA BALL
Who's the firefighter?
                       CAMERA BALL
Are you hurt?
                       CAMERA BALL
Your hair is on fire!
Typical hotel bar. Ryanne is sitting alone having a drink.
She finishes her drink and grabs her purse to leave. She
looks tired. She's on her way out when someone grabs her
Kris! You scared me.
I am sorry. I came here to thank
you. Then I saw you sitting there
alone, thinking. I didn't want to
That's ok. Thank me for what?
What happened this afternoon
really boosted my exposure. My PR
called me, we both are invited for
a number of talk shows this week.
This can be my chance.
That's great. I wish you all the
luck. Listen... I need to go now.
See you later.
Ryanne turns toward the door.
But the best thing is that I get a
chance to see you again.
She turns back and gives Kris a little smile.
Actually, what I really want is to
be with you outside the studios,
you know? Just you and me, what


                       KRIS (cont'd)
do you say?
She looks at him and smiles.
Kris and Ryanne are in a fancy Italian restaurant. Romantic
candles and red roses adorn the small tables for two. They
both finish desert and walk toward the terrace.
An old Italian terrace, stone carved balcony and brick
walls. Kris and Ryanne walk to hedge, they look to the
incredible starry sky above them.
I have never been into the
Underworld before.
We donít say Underworld anymore.
Iíve never been out of here
So youíve never seen the ocean? I
live at the beach, and I wouldnít
know what to do if I couldnít see
the ocean every day.
Youíre a very lucky girl. I was
born here, and since I can
remember they say theyíll finish
the constructions to make it look
more like the Surface. I wouldn't
know anyway.
It looks very nice to me. I mean,
so far it looks the same.
It's not the same. This place has
been forgotten. It's amazing how
we can still survive. We have a
lot a cracks on the shield,
haven't you noticed?
I guess you can't see them from


                       KRIS (cont'd)
your hotel room. I can take you to
show you the real Deep Earth
tomorrow, if you want.
And why in the world would I want
Yeah, sorry. A pretty girl like
you. It wouldn't be safe anyway.
It's just that I know so many
people who moved here from the
Surface when they decided to
populate this place. All promises,
nothing done. But the
manufactures and farm units are
working fine. I guess thatís all
that matters.
Listen, Kris, Iím really not into
politics. Letís not spoil the
night with useless discussions.
Look at the sky Kris. Itís so
peaceful. Give me your hand, let
me show you my favorite star.
You do know thatís just the
restaurant decoration, donít you?
She smiles and slightly shakes her head.
Ryanne is seated on a chair in front of the mirror. The
room is a mess, with dresses and purses and shoes on the
bed. Misha is picking up the mess.
Youíre gonna love this, Sweetie!
The view is supreme! I remember
the first time I went on a
air-flotation cruise. What a
Of course that was before I had
the implants. When I was still a
member of the gay golf club. Now I
am lucky if I can get into a so


                       MISHA (cont'd)
called open-minded bar.
Would you like to come with me?
I'll make them let you in. You
know I can do it.
No, this is your turn to shine.
Besides, I could use some time
off. I have some friends in the
city that I ought to see.
Ryanne combs her hair.
Does my hair look OK to you? This
natural implant you made me do is
only giving me trouble. No matter
how much time I spend on it, itís
never perfect.
Nature isnít perfect, still it's
better then those awful extensions
you had. Your hair looks
beautiful. Talking about beauty,
is Kris gonna be there as well?
Ryanne stands up and checks the size of her breasts in the
I invited him to give a little
push on his career.
Misha walks toward Ryanne holding a silicone breast pump.
Oh, so you are into charity now.
Good, good for you. As long as
you keep giving to someone who can
give you something in return. I
know something Kris can give you,
and I bet youíll like it!
Ryanne holds one of her breasts while Misha installs the
Oh, MishaÖ I could really use
some of it! But I am not sure
about Kris. Heís a nice guy, but


                       RYANNE (cont'd)
thatís all. Thereís nothing there
besides a great body and a sweet
limited mind.
Misha installs the pump on the other breast.
Huh! Got it!
We hear the silicone pump working.
And what do you expect from a man?
I am not saying that all men are
stupid, but you need to understand
that they come in packages. If
you date a sports fan, heís gonna
be barfing and cursing at the
Misha takes the pump out of Ryanne's breast.
On the other hand, you donít need
to be concerned about your own
manners around him. Plus, if he
actually plays something, heís
probably gonna have a hot ass and
plenty disposition for sex.
They both look at Ryanne's image at the mirror.
If you date one of these corporate
fancy suits guys... the kind that
is always buying you drinks?
Youíre gonna be meeting
sophisticated people at amazing
penthouses, you're gonna have
dinner parties at least twice a
week, and eventually youíre gonna
be spending all his money on
yourself. However, you also will
have to put on with his outrageous
ego and expectation for
perfection. And Iím not even
mentioning his rectal dysfunction
caused by working related stress.
Misha gives Ryanne a dress, and she putts it on.


Thatís ridiculous! Dating is a not
lose-lose situation. And who are
you to say anything? You are not
that demanding when it comes to
your own choices. Actually, if it
has an opposing thumb itís good
enough for you.
Auch, you almost hurt my feelings.
Ryanne's dress shrinks, her breasts pop up. They adjust the
Besides, I donít believe in
stereotypes. People are not all
the same. The reason I donít want
to date Kris is because we donít
have anything in common. We went
out for dinner the other night,
and for several times we had that
awkward silence between us.
So you two donít talk much.
There's nothing wrong with that.
People overvalue talking. Sweetie,
what you need is a reality check!
People do follow the same pattern,
and thereís nothing you can do to
change it. What really matters is
to have a large strong masculine
back for you to scratch every once
in a while.
Kris does have a nice back.
As Misha gives Ryanne her purse.
Go, Sweetie, or youíre gonna be
Ryanne waits for the train. The train arrives to the
station and she climbs on board.


Everybody is dressed for work, with a Monday morning mood
face. She is wearing an amazingly sexy summer dress. High
heels. Small handbag.
They look at her. They recognize her. They give her smiles.
She smiles back with a snob attitude.
The train stops, she stands and goes to:
She's the only one to get out of the train at this station.
As she walks to the boarding gate she passes by a group of
pilots causing a collective sigh. A dozen of camera balls
fly i her direction.
We can see the air-flotation transporter through the big
window behind Ryanne. It's a white disk with windows all
Ryanne is in front of the gate talking to the camera balls.
This is just gossip. She would
never say anything like that about
me. Letís talk about something
else, shall we? Itís a perfect
day for an air cruise. The sky is
so blue. Isnít that a wonderful
tone of blue? And...
Ryanne's abruptly interrupted by an unrecognizable voice
coming from an old camera on the size of a basketball. The
camera can barely fly. A strange voice is coming out of the
                       OLD CAMERA BALL
Whatís your opinion on the
air-cleaning tax increase?
Of course I support the
air-cleaning program. Donít we
all like to go out and breath
clean air?


                       OLD CAMERA BALL
The majority of us have never left
the cities or breathed wild air.
Tell me, have you ever felt
anything unusual in the air?
      (smiling and being
No, never. I live on an island
and the air quality at the beach
is pretty good. Besides, if the
air was that bad, somebody would
be doing something about it. Don't
you think?
                       OLD CAMERA BALL
So you think that everybody should
pay for the clean air you breath
at the beach while the rest of us
breath contaminated air in the
Don't you put words in my mouth!
This whole air thing is not really
my problem. Not all artists have
political ambitions. Some of us
just want to make the world a
better place.
      (to the other
       camera balls)
Have a nice day.
                       OLD CAMERA BALL
That's right! Go and continue to
be pretty and useless! We don't
need the Celebs! We--
The old camera ball makes a weird click sound and falls on
the floor.
Sorry man. But I am not putting my
neck on the line so you can have
an argument with your ex-wife.
That's all right. I've made my
point. How's the audience?


It's good. Let's stick to plan.
Back to the boarding gate, Ryanne is still talking to the
camera balls, when Kris arrives.
No more questions, please. I don't
want to delay the departure.
Excuse me, I donít want to
interrupt the viewersí questions,
but I need to say hello to that
very good-looking woman you are
talking to.
She turns back to talk to Kris.
Kris! Iím glad you made it. Letís
get inside, we are late.
What's the rush? I bet they have a
few more questions for you.
                       CAMERA BALL
      (the camera flies
       really close to
       Kris face)
Who are you?
I am Ryanne's boyfriend, weíve
been dating since I saved her from
a fire in the Deep Earth.
I wouldnít say that.
                       MANY CAMERA BALLS
      (like children's
                       CAMERA BALL
Kris, are you a fireman?


No, I was working as a volunteer
that day.
                       CAMERA BALL
      (getting near Kris
       and Ryanne)
Are you two in love?
Let me answer that, Pumpkin.
      (looking lost)
Love happens when you least
expect. Even for me, itís hard to
believe. I have always been a fan
of Ryanne. This is a dream coming
true. We are very much in love. I
am just waiting for the right
moment to pop up the question. As
a matter of factÖ
As Kris gets on his knees and takes a ring out of his
pocket, all we can hear is Ryanne's voice over.
                       RYANNE (V.O.)
Inside the air flotation, there's a wide room where a
cocktail party is happening. The air flotation is all
transparent, only the floor is covered, giving the
impression the passengers are flying among the clouds.
We see a line of people waiting to congratulate the young
couple on their engagement. Ryanne looks at Kris as she
wants to grab him by his ears and demand an explanation.
She leaves Kris and the people in line and walks toward the
bathroom. She stops in front of the bathroom, as the door
opens she looks at Kris and shakes her head. She enters the


Ryanne is seated on the toilet. She is dressed. The
bathroom looks like an airplane bathroom. She opens her
purse, get her phone and put it on the sink. The phone is a
metallic disk.
Call Misha.
Electronic tunes.
As the phone rings, we also hear:
Misha, please pick up! I know
itís your day off, but I really
need to talk to you!
Misha's three-dimensional virtual image appears over the
phone disk.
Congratulations, Sweetie! Why
didnít you tell me? You naughty
Misha, listen to me, I didnít know
he would propose. We only had one
date, and we havenít even kissed
I canít talk to you like this
Ryanne. The image of you seated
on the toilet is just too much
information for me. We are not
that close, Sweetie. Actually, I
donít have this level of intimacy
with anyone.
You are not listening to me! Kris
trapped me. He was planning this
all along. He bough an engagement
ring, and waited to be in front of
the cameras, so I couldnít refuse.
All I have to say is that it's
working very well for you.
Immediately after the proposal, I
received hundreds of messages and


                       MISHA (cont'd)
invitations. They think your
reaction was perfect. The viewers'
opinion is divided, some think you
didnít know about the proposal,
some think itís just a market
ploit. And, are you ready for
      (a beat)
I've just received an offer for
you and Kris to star in a movie.
You two have an astonish
chemistry. Your precious dream is
finnaly coming true, my dear.
A movie? Really? What kind of
movie? Tell me!
Sweetie, you need to go out there
and smile to the cameras. Talk to
the viewers, give them whant they
want. This is your moment. We can
talk about the details later.
Misha's image disappears. Ryanne looks at the mirror,
arranges her hair and puts on a big smile.
At the beach, we see that Ryanne is floating in the water
with the front of her body facing the blue sky. She canít
hear anything but her own thoughts.
Jay sited at the couch watching gossip programs on TV. The
apartment door opens, Gold comes in. He has a plastic box
in his hands.
Hello my love! I brought a
surprise for you.
      (annoyed, lowing
       the TV sound)


Come here, come here.
She gets up and walks toward him. He opens the box.
Open your hand.
      (sighs, opens her
He takes a small turtle from the box and puts it on the palm
of her hand.
That's it? What I am supposed to
do with this stupid toy?
This is not a toy. This is a
living creature. I brought from
the lab for you to see it.
      (shaking her hand)
Living as in alive? Oh my God,
Gold! What if somebody finds out,
we can go to prison for the rest
of our lives!
Don't worry about it. I'll return
it to the lab tomorrow. Isn't it
      (moving her hand
       close to Gold)
Cute? This damn thing is full of
diseases and germs! Take it off!
Take it off!
Careful! You're gonna drop it!
Gold gets the turtle and put it back in the box. Jay goes
back to the couch and turns back the TV sound. He gets near
the door, the door opens.


I can't believe this. All you care
about is this stupid gossip show.
Me and the turtle are going out
for a drink.
Kris waits for Ryanne on the beach in front of her house.
He's wearing sunglasses and shorts. His blond hair is moving
with the breeze. She swims back on shore. She gets out of
the water and walks in his direction.
      (looking at the
You were right, this is really
What are you doing here? Who let
you in?
      (gives a towel to
Misha thinks it isn't appropriate
for you to be engaged to someone
who lives in the Deep Earth. So
he asked me to come live with you.
He should have talked to me about
Listen, I know you are upset. But
that night, when we were together,
I felt so comfortable. Just to
look at you, and think: sheís so
      (laying the towel
       on the sand and
       sitting on it)
Thatís why you want to marry me?
Because I am beautiful? Listen
Kris, if it wasn't for the
movie... Just because we're gonna
get married, that doesn't mean
that something is gonna happen
between us. Do you understand?


                       RYANNE (cont'd)
Besides, we barely know each
      (siting beside
We can fix that. That's easy. Come
on, ask me something, anything.
OK Mister Kane. Let me see... how
old are you?
I am 28 years old. Next!
I didnít mean how young you look,
I meant from your birthday to this
day, how much time has passed?
I got it, I am 28. Why? How old
are you?
      (standing up)
The sun is getting too strong,
letís go to my place.
Kris stand up and they walk toward her house.
The door opens and Ryanne and Kris enter the house. We see a
large fancy room, with expensive art objects, and a TV
screen that covers the whole wall. Through the window, we
can see the beach.
Kris sits at the bar. She goes behind the bar and stops
near the food combiner.
What do you drink?


Give me a 50 calories beer. I
didn't have time to work out this
      (turning to the
       food combiner)
Beer, 50 calories, margarita, 20
      (turning to Kris)
It takes a little while for the
delivery here in the island.
We hear a beep.
The food combiner door opens. She gives Kris the beer. She
removes the cover from her drink, walks around the bar, and
sits next to Kris.
                       HOME COMPUTER
You've got a message from Misha
Play message!
Misha's image appears in a big TV screen on the living room.
Hi Sweetie! I hope you enjoyed
your morning at the beach. I'll
be meeting the wedding planners
this morning. I'll be back with
cake samples for you to try, so
don't eat anything. Kris will
keep you company while I'm out.
See you later, bye bye.
Can you believe this? Not one word
about you coming to live here.
He gently touches her arm.
Heís really excited about our


It's all happening too fast. What
if the viewers discover the truth?
What if they find out that it's
all fake?
It doesn't have to. This will be
good for both of us. I promise.
He gets close to her. And closer. They kiss.
We hear laughs. Ryanne and Kris are naked under the white
sheets. She laughs out loud.
You're lieing!
I'm not. Let me show you.
We hear a vibration sound.
Oh my God! It's shaking! Ha ha
The vibration sound continuous. Kris' face gets near
Ryanne's. He kisses her smoothly. And again. And her neck.
Things get pretty wild and they have sex.
We see the silhouette of Ryanne crouching behind a curtain.
She is hiding, she looks over the drapery. We see the shadow
of a skinny man, long hair, holding a pistol. She is crying.
Whya are you doing this to me? I
don't understand.
It's dark. Ryanne wakes up scared, she breaths fast. She
calms down and gets out of the bed gently. Kris is sleeping
under the covers. She gets a robe and put it on. She walks
out of the bedroom.


She lays on the couch. Breaths deeply. Look at the TV.
Living room TV only.
The TV turns on a news program. The reporter looks nervous.
We can see a TV screen inside studio beside the Reporter
showing images of plants spreading fast on the ground. She
sits forward and looks closer at the TV.
As the Reporter broadcasts the news, we see a TV screen
beside him transmitting images of plants sprouting quickly.
The plants are taking over the
world! So far, our specialists
are saying that the plants growing
in the public gardens are deadly
toxic. Authorities are asking the
population to remain calm, and go
home. If you are on a train
station, and canít go home without
crossing a garden, wait for
further intructions.
We see a garden in between two tall round white buildings.
It is covered with a glass dome. The bushes in the garden
are well trimmed in geometric forms.
Big flowers and fruit trees start to sprout all over the
garden. People who try to cross the garden see the plants on
the ground and run back into the buildings.
People at the trains station look astonished. Everybody is
looking through the big window at the plants growing in the
garden below the train station.


Some people walk around the train station not knowing what
to do. We see the guards trying to calm down the public.
The authorities still donít know
if this is a result of an outside
contamination, or if it an
evolutionary mutation. Biological
teams are getting into the gardens
at this very moment. We will have
more information on what seems to
be a vegetable terrorist attack in
the next minutes. Our reporter is
at the train station with more
A young female Reporter is interviewing a couple in their
forties. In front of her, a camera ball.
                       FEMALE REPORTER
We are here with Mr. and Mrs.
Moldec, they were crossing the
public garden headed to work when
the plants started to sprout
everywhere. Mrs. Moldec, were you
afraid of the plants?
It didn't know what to do, I don't
know anything about plants. So I
came back to tell the guards,
that's when I saw on the TV that
the same was happening all over
the world. Right, honey?
That's right.
They have a lot of work to keep
these gardens, and now itís all
ruined. Look at this mess.
                       REPORTER TRAIN STATION
      (pointing at the
       garden through
       the window)
Look, the biological team is


                       REPORTER TRAIN STATION (cont'd)
entering the garden.
The camera ball fly to the train station window.
The biological team enters the garden. They are dressed in
protective yellow coveralls. They carry metal suitcases,
and testing equipment. They get samples of dirt and test
it. We hear the reporter voice describing the scene:
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
Right now Biological Teams are
analysing samples of the plants to
find out if they are toxic. They
are examining the soil for
evidence they hope will lead to an
explanation. Oh my God! I am
receiving a message, thereís a man
walking into the gardens located
at the TS785. Do we have an image
of this man?
The garden is full of small fruit trees and flowers within
the geometrical bushes. Gold walks into the garden from the
train station gate. He is passing his hands on the plants as
he walks.
He stops in front of a small apple tree, and grabs an apple
and bites it. He also sees an orchid and smells it. The
Biological Team stop what they are doing to look at him.
During the scene, we hear the TV Reporter:
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
Heís not wearing any protection.
Heís picking up some kind of
fruit! Itís an apple, and he is
eating it! Our computers are
working on an identification of
this man. Unbelievable! Heís
touching and smelling the flowers.
We got an ID, his name is Gold
Waltz! Heís a Biologist and works
for the Nature Control Agency. The
Biological Team is saying that
despite the level of humidity in
the air, the gardens are safe.
Cameras are flying in; weíre going
to have a closer view of this man


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
in few seconds. No viewer
questions are allowed at this
Camera balls are flying in Gold's direction. They stop in
front of him.
Citizens of the world! Good
morning. My name is Gold Waltz. I
am a Biologist for the Nature
Control Agency. You donít need to
worry about these plants, they are
not toxic.
People start enter the garden and look at the plants. They
walk in Gold's direction to listen to him. The biological
team is looking at him. The guards are looking to each
other, not knowing what to do.
I have a lot to say, and I don't
have much time. I have a message
for those who have children: you
donít have to give up your son or
daughter to the School Agency. Do
you really thing that growing up
without knowing ones parents is
the best for them? We have a
shelter for you and your child.
Now is the time.
More people come to the garden, they are making a circle
around him.
And what about the elders? Anyone
whoís over 60 years old is in
danger. You know there is no
retirement island waiting for you.
Deep inside, you know your
retirement fund is gone. You just
have chosen to believe in an
illusion because you were scared!
How many friends have you seen
disappearing without saying good
bye? Have you ever seen anyone
coming back from the retirement
islands? No! Because they are
dead!I am offering you a place to


                       GOLD (cont'd)
hide, if you want to stay alive.
Thatís enough Mr. Waltz! You are
under arrest. You have the right
to remain in silenceÖ
      (yelling to the
No! I havenít finished! The air
you are breathing in the cities is
contaminated; the wild air is in
good condition for human health!
All you have to do is break the
windows! Break the windows! We are
many, you can't stop us!
People watch Gold being arrested, some shake their heads.
The guards take Gold inside the train station.
Guards enter the editing room. Mac is seated on a chair.
Mac Dwain, you are under arrest
for conspiracy against the
Goverment. Please stand up.
      (sited on the
I didn't do anything. The man has
the right to speak.
Keep that for the trial, Mr.
Dween. Come on, let's go.
Mac stands up, the guard handcuffs him. The guard sighs and
shakes his head. They leave the room.
Inside a train station, an 50 year old woman approaches a
So, can I cross the garden now?


Yes, Mam. The garden is safe. They
are removing the plants out of the
These things he was saying, they
are not true, are they? 'Cause I'm
about to retire myself.
Of course not, Mam. We are here to
serve and protect. Nothing bad is
gonna happen to you.
But, have you ever met anyone who
came back from the retirement
Mam, can't you see I'm busy here.
Excuse me.
The guard walks away. The woman stands inside the train
station, looking at the people passing her by.
Misha, Ryanne and Kris are seated inside a fancy restaurant.
People wave and smile at Kris and Ryanne, congratulating
them on their engagement. They smile back.
I don't know Misha. It sounds too
risky for me. I think we should
focus on the wedding party. Me and
Kris, we can turn into wedding
icons. We have all these offers to
shoot the ceremony. We can even
make a virtual party package out
of it.
Sweetie, if you don't do it, there
won't be a party. Besides, these
people have always supported you.
Who gave you that beach house you
live in? Who gave you all those
awards you have hanging on the


But after what happened yesterday.
We don't know for sure the
viewers' opinion on this. They
might be supporting Gold. If we
take the Governors' side now, it
may backfire at us later.
Perhaps you don't understand how
critical this situation has
become. The viewers are now seeing
Gold as a hero for standing up
against the Celebs. There won't be
long until the viewers have the
brilliant idea of ruling the
Government themselves.
It's imperative to discover and
expose this shelter where the
elders and the children are
hiding. This whole episode must be
forgotten. We need to restore the
gardens. You don't have any other
choice but support the Celebs on
But what if what he said is true?
Aren't you afraid? I mean, we will
all get old someday.
We will never get old, Sweetie.
Besides, do you really think your
friends are capable of such
terrible thing?
I am not saying that. But why
don't they bring some elders from
the retirement islands to talk to
us? That would solve the problem.
And do exactly what the terrorist
wants? You know we don't negotiate
with terrorists. We need to go
now. They are waiting for you.
      (passing her hand
       on Kris' hair)
And you my cutie? What do you


                       RYANNE (cont'd)
Misha is right Ryanne. We can
loose everything. In my teens, I
worked at an office for a couple
of days. I'd rather be dead than
go back to that place.
All right. Let's do it.
They stand up, and walk out of the restaurant into:
In the garden we see the flowers and fruit trees planted by
Gold. There are shovels placed by each plant. Dozens of
camera balls surround Kris and Ryanne. They walk up to a
large podium.
There are a dozen famous people in the podium. Football,
basketball and baseball players in their uniforms.
Musicians, models and rappers. They are talking nervously.
Governor Chase come to talk to Ryanne.
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
Can you believe that guy? He's
trying to destroy all the hard
work we've been doing all these
I know Governor. Do you think the
viewers fell for that BS?
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
No no no. They know better then
that. Did you receive the script
for the movie? Do you like your
Oh, I love it! I'm looking forward
to start the shooting.
Ryanne is interrupted by a Rapper. He has a shovel in his
hands. We see the Rapper talking to the public below the
podium. Camera balls are flying around him.


Hey! Attention now. Shh...
We are here today to clean the
mess this character who is now in
prison... I'm not even mentioning
his name... did with our public
gardens. We hope that this
demonstration of support to our
Governors will convince you to
vote in favor of the bill proposed
yesterday after the attack.
This bill will allow our
authorities to screen and search
the apartments to identify who's
been part of the plot. We also
hope it will lead us to the place
where some viewers have been
hiding. These good people have
been deceived by those false
allegations. But our Government
is willing forgive their lack of
faith. All they have to do is to
come back and tell us where is the
                       GOVERNOR CHASE
Show that you don't believe in the
atrocities that man accused us of,
and touch YES on your the screen
of your television.
On a typical apartment, a woman and her husband are watching
Governor Chase finish his speech. We see a two years old
child playing near the TV. There is a line on the bottom of
TV. written: Bill #256874931 YES NO"
Ryanne is in front of a beautiful red rosebush. She has the
shovel on her hands, but instead of digging at the bush's
roots, she rests the shovel on the ground and sighs.
She's looking down at the plant roots, when she sees a
virtual Pug coming near the plant. As she's looks up, we see
long tanned legs in pink short. It's Patty.
Do you need a little helping hand?


I am sorry, have we met?
It's me, Jay!
I am sorry, who? I know who you
are, youíre Ryanne, the actress.
But how do you know my name?
No, itís me, Jay! We used to have
drinks at Puska. Remember? We
used to meet there with Becky. I
was married to Gold.
I don't know how you know about
this, but Becky is sick, Gold is
in jail, and Jay left,
disappeared. I donít even go to
Puska anymore.
Becky is sick?
Come on Pugsy, let's go. The lady
has work to do.
Ryanne opens her mouth and sighs. She looks around her and
drops the shovel. She walks away from the garden. Kris sees
it and shows Misha that she's leaving.
What is she doing? Where is she
I don't know.
She looked confused. Do you think
she knows about us?


I doubt it. Don't worry, she'll be
Ryanne is at a hallway in front of an apartment door. She
hears the computer voice inside the apartment repeating:
                       HOME COMPUTER
Ryanne Shine has arrived.
Authorization to open the door
The door opens and we see Becky inside a rectangular
metallic medical equipment.
It's a metallic box, with glass on the front, trough where
we can see blue and red tubes connected to her skin. She
can't move anything but her lips and eyes. She is obviously
in pain.
Becky, what happened to you?
You are Ryanne, from the TV! What
is it, am I on TV? Where are the
Becky it's me, Jay. I just look
different, that's all. Can I come
Wait. Is this some kind of joke?
Hum..I know! Your have seven cats:
Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful,
Sleepy, Sneezy and Happy. Now, can
I come in?
      (as a cat walks
       around her)
Jay would never know that, she's
never cared about my cats.


Of course I care, Becky. I know
how important they are to you.
What about that time when the kid
ate a whole box of crayons? And
instead of calling the Emergency,
you ran to his apartment to clean
his teeth because you were afraid
his parents would find out that
you were on the phone. How could I
possibly know that?
Jay! You look amazing!
Ryanne walks into the apartment, the door closes.
Inside the apartment, Becky moves slowly into the living
Becky, I am so sorry I've been
away all this time. Is just that
after I left the Brain Store I was
so confused.
You had your brain replaced? Why
didn't you tell me?
You know why.
Jay, look inside that closet at
the end of the hall.
Ryanne walks to the end of the hall, the closet door opens
revealing a robotic Gold.
Your perfect man device. I should
have known.
I got Gold's profile with a hacker
after you told me about the
amazing sex you had. I couldn't
tell you, I was so embarassed.


I missed you Becky. What happened
to you?
They say I got an infection, in
the air maybe. Then they injected
some nanobiotics that were
supposed to kill the virus. Well,
they killed the virus all right,
but they didn't stop there. Now
they are attacking my internal
organs and they are so small that
no one knows how to take them out
of me.
Oh Becky, I am so sorry. Do you
need anything?
No Jay, not anymore.
Ryanne hugs the equipment and touches Becky's face.
The sun is setting. The train is almost empty. Ryanne looks
at the window to the many little lights on the apartments.
She is sad.
The train stops inside a mall, some people leave the train.
As the train crosses the mall she sees stores, restaurants,
couples in love, a group of children under five playing
inside a toy store. The train moves into a dark tunnel.
We can see a long white wall with many small beds carved in
it. They are displayed in two lines, up and down. We see
children sleeping in the beds.
Focus on two beds. One little girl, 8 years old, in the top
bed and another in the bottom. The girl on the bottom is
blond and has curling hair. They are in pajamas.
                       BECKY AS A CHILD
      (in pain)


                       JAY AS A CHILD
Becky, are you ok?
                       BECKY AS A CHILD
He hurt me.
                       JAY AS A CHILD
It hurts? Where?
                       BECKY AS A CHILD
Inside. Uh...
The door opens and Ryanne gets inside the house. The lights
turn on. The door closes. She goes to her bedroom.
The bed is automatically changing the sheets. She looks at
the bed and squeezes her eyes, she doesn't understand.
She hear voices outside, she walks to the window and sees
the beach illuminated by the house's light. Kris and Misha
get out of the water naked, they're laughing.
Ryanne quickly hides behind the curtains. Not knowing what
to do, she runs to the bathroom, the door closes. She hear
Misha and Kris getting inside the house.
The door opens. Misha and Kris enter the house. The are
dressing towel robes.
Sweetie... Where are you?
Ryanne, is that you?
Of course that's her, who else
would it be?
I'm in the bathroom, I'll be out
in a minute.


Ryanne's eyes looks in many directions, she's very confused,
she hear Misha and Kris whispering to each other.
                       KRIS (V.O.)
      (whispering to
Do you think she saw anything?
                       MISHA (V.O.)
I know her for many years. She
would be screaming and crying by
Ryanne opens the faucet, the water is flowing. She washes
her face and looks at the mirror.
Bathroom door opens. Ryanne gets out of the bathroom
      (moving to kiss
Honey, I missed you so much!
Where were you? I was really
worried about you.
He was jealous my dear. He's so
insecure about you.
I went to see an old friend.
An old friend? Since when do you
have old friends? All your
friends are here, in this house.
I am tired, I'm going to bed.
I am coming with you.


Ryanne, take it easy with Kris
tonight. The poor boy is always
tired since he moved here.
Don't worry about it.
Don't forget that I can hear
everything through these walls.
There's just a thin layer of paper
between us, and I wanna get some
sleep tonight.
OK, Misha, we got the idea. Good
Misha looks at Kris and smiles. Kris shakes his head and
follows Ryanne into the hallway to the bedroom.
Good night my love.
Early in the morning. Ryanne gets dressed in the dark. She
doesn't want to wake up Kris, who's sleeping in the bed.
She puts a metallic device on her neck and turns it on. A
virtual anonymous female face appears covering her whole
face. The disguise is perfect and we can't recognize her.
She covers the neck device with a turtle neck blouse.
She walks out of the bedroom. The door closes.
We see a grey dark room, with only one chair in the center.
Gold is seated on this chair.
The door opens and Ryanne, wearing the neck device that
makes her look anonymous, gets into the room. He looks at
her. She turns of the neck device and her face appears.
Oh, it's you.


Do you know who I am?
You can't help it. I mean, your
smile twists for the right.
Ryanne smiles.
You see? There.
Becky is sick. I went to see her
It was about time.
She got infected by a virus she
caugh in the air.
I know. There are many in the same
condition. The nanotibiotics
didn't work as they expected. I am
sorry Jay, but she's gonna die.
I came here...
Jeez... I don't know why I still
care. Tell me Gold, what the hell
were you thinking? Is that the
best you could do? Get yourself
killed over... what?
I always wanted to give you real
This is not a joke, Gold! They're
gonna execute you in 48 hours.
I know. They dismissed the trial
based on 'unmistakable evidence'.
Well, at least I didn't run...
      (facing Ryanne)
...like you did.


I didn't run. Changing my brain
was the best thing I've ever done.
When you disappeared, everybody
though you had committed suicide.
They blamed me. I mean, the
divorce. They were afraid to look
for you, you know, because of the
Privacy Laws.
Good. I didn't want anyone to find
Jay, can't you see? That's the
same law they use to hide the fact
that the elders have been
assassinated. That's why you've
never heard about anyone
committing suicide. But I know for
a fact that at least 5% of the
population kill themselves, every
You know for a fact? You know for
a fact? That's why you are here.
Look where your paranoia has
brought you. Who's gonna save you
now? The viewers? Did you really
think that that little touching
speech would change anything?
I didn't expect you to understand.
A house at the beach, a young man
for you to play with, and you
forget everything.
I was amazed to see how fast and
easy you changed sides.
Ryanne looks down and shakes her head.
I was never on your side Gold.
You've always been alone on this.


I am not alone. People are tired,
Jay. They want the changes, but
they are confused. And if my
execution will help them open
their eyes, so be it.
I've never taken you for a martyr.
I have to say, as crazy as it
sounds, you do have some
supporters. You know the bill to
search the apartments? It didn't
That's not enough. What about the
children? Did they scape to the
shelter this morning?
I don't know Gold.
have you ever though that you may
have a sister or a brother out
there? Wouldn't you like to meet
her or him? I think about it all
the time.
What for? Can't you see that this
IS a very fair system? We grow, we
get out of school, we start
working. It's the same for
everybody, it doesn't matter if
your parents were rich or poor.
Everybody has the same
opportunities in life. Some have
that little star inside them, some
Talking to you is useless. You
sound like one of them. What am I
saying, you are one of them. You
are a Celeb.
I have changed my life, and I've
never looked back. This is how I
was supposed to be all along. This
is who I really am. Look at me!


I am.
Ryanne gets near the door, the green security light scans
her. The door opens, before she leaves she turns back and
looks at Gold.
The public gardens were just my
part of the plan. You better
protect yourself on the next days.
Ryanne leaves the cell. The door closes behind her.
We see a number of white buildings far from each other.
Between them, a big glass dome. Inside the dome, a plaza
with stores, restaurants, and a big screen showing the news.
It's crowded.
As Ryanne walks out the prison building and join the people
at the plaza, we see a couple of camera balls sneaking on
her. They hide behind the people. Ryanne doesn't see them.
In the living room of a typical apartment we see a couple
talking to a five years old little girl in a dress. The
woman is pregnant.
                       JAY'S MOM
You're gonna be OK Jay. They're
gonna take good care of you.
                       JAY'S DAD
Don't forget, you have the power
to achieve all your dreams.
The door opens and we see a woman and a police officer in
the uniform. The woman is dressed in a colorful floral
dress, she has her hair tied like a teacher. Jay, her mom
and dad walk toward the door.
Hello little girl. Are you
excited to go to school?
The girl looks at their parents as if she's gonna cry.


                       JAY'S MOM
It's gonna be ok.
The girl turns back and hugs her mother, touching her mother
bally. The guard takes the girl by her arm.
We will take it from here.
Ryanne stands in the crowded plaza, while people pass by
her. She sighs.
We hear the TV sound. Ryanne looks up to the big TV screen
and images of her getting out of the prison building. We
hear the Reporter voice:
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
Our favorite actress was seen
leaving the prison building,
where, according to our sources,
she was visiting the terrorist
Gold Waltz.
Oh no.
People on the plaza stop walking to watch the news. They
recognize her, and keep watching the news.
As the screen starts to show Ryanne in the public garden
near the rosebush, and then dropping the shovel and running
away from garden. The Reporter continues:
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
On the public act yesterday she
ran away without removing the
plant from the ground. The
authorities now will interrogate
Ryanne Shine for an explanation.
Stay tuned to find out more about
the these mysterious Celeb. What
about you? Which side do you think
she is on?
To answer our survey...
We hear a single clapping. Ryanne looks around her and
people starts to clap all around her. The whole plaza is
clapping to her.


                       WOMAN IN THE CROWND
Well done!
                       MAN IN THE CROWND
I've always knew she was different
from the others.
Mac and Keyla walk out of the prison buiding into the plaza.
Thank you for paying the bail. I
don't know why they thought I
would have that kind of money.
That's nothing. You've always been
nice to me. I don't know how you
do it, but you always make me look
I have nothing to do with that.
The camera loves you.
Anyway, the elections are coming,
and I know that I couldn't
possibly do it without your help.
The election... Yeah... I wouldn't
loose my sleep for that.
      (a beat)
I mean, you are so pretty and all,
of course you're gonna win.
Ryanne's enters the house. Many camera balls are behind her.
The door closes. The camera balls fly to the living room
window. The draperies close blocking their view.
Misha and Kris are waiting for her. Misha is seated at the
bar, having some brandy. When Kris sees Ryanne he jumps up
of the couch.
She is headed to her bedroom, but stops when Kris starts to
talk to her.


Are you insane? The studio
canceled the contract for the
movie. The Governors are going to
throw us out of the house. And
you probably are going to prison.
Good. So you two won't have to
hide anymore. Yes. I know about
the two love birds.
I told you she knew.
For how long this's been going on?
A beat.
I asked since when you two have
been screwing behind my back!
Misha laughs. He stands up and walks on Kris direction.
Sweetie, don't use this kind of
language around me. It's
offensive. You know I can offer
many ways of pleasure to my
lovers. Did you really think you
had a chance with Kris with me
Stop it Misha!
I've known Kris since before the
fake rescue. Actually, we planned
the entire spectacle together, in
my bed. You were wrong about him.
He can be very creative.
I want you two out of my house.


I am not going back to the
Underworld. Not after everything
I've done to get here. Misha, say
As Misha walks toward the TV screen.
The wedding stands. I spoke to
Governor Chase and he is willing
to give your movie back, Ryanne.
Misha touches the TV, and it turns on.
As long as you go outside and say
these few words to the cameras.
And, please, be convincing.
We see a text rolling on TV. Ryanne is reading the text.
"I went to the prison to try to
bring Gold Waltz to his senses.
All he has to do is give us the
location of the shelter to save
his life. I am very sensitive girl
and I got sad when I heard about
the execution. But he refused to
collaborate, and Justice has to be
You two, out of here! Get your
stuff and go!
Kris looks at Misha, who's now seated at the bar, with
brandy on his hand.
You're gonna say whatever I tell
you to say.
Ryanne is walking toward Misha, when she starts to blink her
eyes repeatedly. She stops and reaches the couch for
support. She bounces. She looks dizzy. She lows her head and
breaths strongly. Kris comes to help her.
Are you ok?


We see shadows of Misha defining, he has a gun on his hand.
He points the gun to the camera.
You're gonna do whatever I tell
you to do.
Ryanne opens her eyes and looks at Misha.
You! You killed her! You killed
the original owner of my brain! I
remember everything! Why? She
trusted you, I can feel it. I'm
going to the police, and you...
you are going to jail!
Kris walks away from Ryanne.
Fine. We will continue to be
roomates then.
What? What are you talking about?
Misha has a small box on his hands. He opens the box, and we
see the Jay's memory back-up.
I know everything about you.
Kris looks at Misha, then Ryanne, then Misha again.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Well, this little thing on my hand
proofs that you've been planning
all this all along, with your
husband, Gold Waltz. Your pathetic


And you poisoned your best friend
Becky and many others to prove
your point.
I saw you testing the air even
before people started to get sick.
It was you and your husband.
That was because--
And you divorced him, and you
changed your brain, and you
convinced me to turn you into a
You changed your brain? Who are
What are you talking about? You
came to me!
And now you have access to all
Celebs and Governors. I wonder if
your plan was to kill them all at
once, with a bomb maybe, or maybe
it would be more personal. It
wasn't clear. Probably you left
the details for later. Hum...
That's what you were doing at the
prison. Orchestrating your grand
Misha, I didn't know he was
planning to do all this. Listen,
give me my memory back, and I
won't go to police, I promisse.
Misha laughs.
I can see the headlines: Fake
celebrity discovered by bisexual
when planning a celebrity


                       MISHA (cont'd)
You can't be serious.
You better start working on your
acting, because after I give this
to the Celebs, I won't be the one
you'll have to convince.
Kris look at Ryanne and shakes his head.
Ryanne looks at Misha with her face twisted with anger.
You have ten minutes to make
yourself presentable.
Ryanne goes to her bedroom. Kris touches the TV screen and
sits on the couch. All the TV screens inside the house turn
on the news program.
Misha remains seated on the bar drinking his brandy.
As the TV turns on, we see the hallway of an apartment
building. The doors are open and people are outside of
their apartments.
We see a couple holding a four years old boy as guards try
to take him away. We see the neighbours yelling at the
guards. Small children hidden inside the apartments, looking
scared at the guards. The reporter describes the scene:
                       REPORTER (V.O.)
The School Agency reported that
the children who were supposed to
be directed to School today
couldn't be found in their homes.
The Agency says that their parents
are also missing. As an attempt to
avoid a massive school dropout the
Agency is now collecting four
years old children, but not
without finding resistance from
their parents. Authorities are
trying to locate the five years
old children and their parents.
Any information that leads to


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
their location will be rewarded.
Ryanne walks nervously to the window. The draparies are
close, she sneakes outside and sees that the camera balls
are still waiting for her. The TV is on, showing the news.
Kris walks into the room.
Were you really married to Gold
Yes, for five years. Why, do you
know him?
Are you kidding? He's a hero in
the Deep Earth. What you're gonna
do now?
I don't know.
Listen, I'm sorry I about the
whole thing with Misha. I only
did it because it was the only way
to get out of there.
And you would do anything to be a
Celebrity. What a cliche.
Not anything.
Kris, you were engaged to me and
having sex with Misha. You still
want me to believe on that good
boy face of yours?
You don't believe me huh? What if
I tell you that I know where the
children are hiding? Would you
believe me?


You know nothing. Get out of my
Maybe I should go outside and tell
them instead of you. That would
make me famous, even more than
Ok, talk.
As I told you once, I used to work
in a office in the Deep Earth...
We see from outside of the building trough a window. Kris is
working inside an office.
As he looks down the window and sees parents with their kids
entering a door behind the window. He sees an old couple
coming from the end of a dark ghetto street.
                       KRIS (V.O.)
It was a dump. Sometimes I used to
work late at night, and I saw
elders and kids getting into the
building. I knew they were hiding
from the Agency. But I've never
said anything. I wish my parents
had done the same. I wouldn't feel
so lonely and empty all the time.
We see Ryanne's body, in a sexy dress, but with the face of
a man. She has the disguise device on her neck.
So, is it working?
It's working fine. You better
change your outfit though.


Ryanne is at the same dark street Kris described previously.
She sees a door, she walks near to the door. Nothing
happens, the door won't open.
She walks down the street looking for a window. Suddenly,
the door opens.
We see an old lady, in her 70's, her face is disfigured by
unsuccessful plastic surgeries. Her neck is winkled.
                       OLD LADY
You are Ryanne Shine, the Celeb
who's on our side. They didn't
want to open the door for you, but
I said you are on our side.
Please, come on in.
The old lady walks inside and Ryanne follows her. We see a
big shed. Kids running. A little classroom on the right. A
playground on the back.
People start to surround Ryanne in a circle.
                       OLD LADY
This is coming to a point where we
don't have enough space for
everybody. Today we had to
shelter the parents and the kids
who ran away from the School
Agency. Tomorrow more will come.
The food we take from the tube
system isn't enought.
                       OLD MAN
She shouldn't be here. How can we
be sure this isn't a trap?
                       OLD LADY
Shut up Earl! We need to take our
chances. How long do you think we
can going on like this?
What is she doing here? Even if
she wanted to help us, she can't
do nothing.


I know, I know! She can teach us
to walk in high heels and make
sexy poses to the camera!
General laugh.
Do you have a camera?
That's ridiculous. We have some
real problems here lady!
      (leaving the
We have a lot to do, as figuring
out a plan to save our lives. Come
on, let's go.
They walk away from the circle, turning their backs to
I can give you what you need. You
need someone to tell the people on
the surface what's going on. They
will listen to me.
They stop and look at her.
                       OLD MAN
You think your friends will listen
to you? The Celebs already know
what's happening here. They are
the ones who are forcing us to
leave our homes and hide.
I am not talking about the people
in the islands. Do you really have
a camera?
Mac is inside the editing room. The screens are transmitting
normal gossip shows. One screen doesn't have a signal. Mac
is touches the other screens, and one by one they loose
their signals.
Ok, I got a signal. Go!


We see Ryanne's face. Behind her, children playing on a
Good night my friends.
We see Ryanne in front of a camera ball. Behind her, kids
play. In front of her, a group people watching her
The people at the shed are hugging each other and holding
My name is Ryanne Shine. You know
me, and I know you. For years, I
lived in the city before I became
a celebrity. I know how you feel
when you wake up every morning to
face nothing more than an ordinary
day. More than that, I know your
dreams have been suffocated,
because for a long time my dreams
were suffocated too.
As Ryanne talks on TV, we see a couple having dinner and
watching TV. They stop eating and go seat in the couch in
front of the TV.
What's that?
I don't know. I was hoping to
watch the game tonight.
      (on TV)
I know there was a time when you
were sure that you would make it.
That you would show everyone your
special gift.


Now you look at yourself and you
feel that you are not any
different from your neighbor.
Youíve never wanted to be like
everybody else. Do you remember
the day you gave up your dreams?
The day you dropped the basketball
team to study for College. The
day you stopped practicing guitar
to work more hours at the office.
The day your drama teacher told
you that you weren't beautiful
enough to have the main roll on
that play. I do.
The same apartment described above. The man looks at his
football inside a basket full of toys. He sighs and look
back to the TV.
                       RYANNE (V.O.)
And I was so good at it. Then you
convinced yourself that your gift
wasn't so special after all. That
there's nothing extraordinary
about you.
You forgot that we are special
when someone we love believes in
us. Your parents were the first
ones to believe in you. Your son
or your daughter believes in you.
If you had a brother or sister,
they would believe in you.
The people on the shed get emotional with Ryanne's speech.
They hug each other. A father holds his son. A mother looks
at her daughter and kisses her.


How dare they take it away from
us! For how long we're gonna
continue to believe that the
people on television know better
than us? Let's show them the real
power! Let's show them that we
also deserve a wealthy life and we
are coming to get it!
Most of all, we want to see our
children grow, and we want the
right to grow old ourselves.
We don't the Celebs to tell us
what to do! Let's show them!
The plaza is crowded. People is watching Ryanne's speech on
the big screen. When she finishes talking, the crowd cheers
and claps.
A group immobilizes the guards. Up in the buildings and
train stations, people are breaking the windows and
It's dark inside Becky's apartment, she is in the living
room watching TV. The TV shows people breaking the windows,
hitting the guards, breaking the TV screens displayed at
public places.
                                         ON TV
Now the TV shows the Reporter standing up behind his desk as
a group of people invades the studio.
What are you doing here? Who gave
you the power to do that? Help!
                                         LIVING ROOM
The cats are licking the equipment that keeps Becky alive.
They are playing around her. She smiles at the TV. She
closes her eyes. The equipment gives out a long beep.


At a train station, people are breaking the big windows,
wild air comes inside the station. Wind sound.
Some people throw a big TV screen through the broken window.
It falls on the glass dome above the public garden. The dome
breaks into small pieces. The pieces fall on who's crossing
the garden. Screams. Panic.
Inside the train station, people start to chase the camera
balls. A woman hits one with her purse. A man catches a
camera ball with a hat, put it on the floor and steps on it.
A group of men and women ties the guards, and puts them
seated on the floor. Some take the guns. They put the
guards' caps on their heads.
Gold is seated inside the cell. He hear noises and shots.
The door opens. A group of men and women is outside the
cell. Gold crosses the door.
Gold joins the group. They all have guns. They give Gold a
gun. We see a guard has been shot. He's laying on the floor
at the end of the hallway.
Thank you fellows.
      (looking at the
Is he dead?
One man nods.
How many?
We don't know yet.
Our people is collecting the guns,
but it's still gonna take some
time to restore the order.


Well well. It's gonna be a long
night. And Ryanne? Where is she?
Children are asleep. The door opens and Ryanne enters the
room followed by the parents. They run inside the dormitory,
looking for their kids. Mothers and fathers are reunited
with their children. Ryanne smiles.
Misha and Kris are seated on the couch watching the Celebs
being arrested by the people on TV. They have the draperies
closed except for a small window in the entrance door.
We should have left when we had
the chance. Look, it's morning
They would find us. You look
tense. Come here.
Misha comes close to Kris kisses him. Kris kisses Misha
back, slightly. They hug.
From over Mishas's shoulders, Kris sees some people arriving
at the door. He gets Misha's hands and puts them up. He gets
Misha's handkerchief in his jacket and slowly ties his
hands. Misha laughs.
Don't you ever get tired of this
The door opens. Two women and one man get inside the house.
They are wearing police caps and have guns.
Hands up! What's your name?
I am Kris, I am from the
Underworld. He was trying to
The woman handcuffs Misha.


That's ok. I know you, you're the
fireman who saved Ryanne.
      (looking at Misha)
This guy has been around for a
while. He's the one who killed
that actress. What's her name?
Rayane. They've never found her
body, although I remember there
was blood everywhere. Somehow he
convinced the jury it wasn't him,
but I've never bough it.
The man gets face to face with Misha.
You're not gonna scape this time.
Where are you taking him?
To prison, where else? But I
don't think they want him in the
male section.
Don't even think about putting him
with the women.
As they are taking Misha out of the house, they stop in
front of Kris.
The only reason I've ever got
involved with you was to get to
Even when she was on her previous
body, she was still so stubborn. I
tried everything. You, my dear,
were just a bait to keep her
close. One day, she will realize
that I am the source of everything
that is tasty and sophisticated
about her. And then, she will
finally give in.


Give in to what?
All creators are entitle to
rejoice in their gadgets. I have
never denied my manhood.
The group takes Misha. They cross the door to:
We see a line with a mix of musicians, models and athletes.
They are all handcuffed. They are tied to each other by a
The last in line is Keyla. Misha is tied behind Keyla. A
woman with a police cap and a gun is watching them.
Hi Misha. Aren't you glad there
are no cameras around? I could't
possibly be seen like this. Do you
know where they are taking us?
Shut up lady, or I'll break your
What? Oh, don't be so dramatic.
It's all a misunderstanding. It'll
all be over soon, you'll see.
Ryanne and Gold stand inside the train station in front of a
broken window. Bellow them, the crowd is clapping and
cheering in the public garden.
Ryanne and Gold smile. Ryanne looks embarrassed. She signs
to the crowd as she wanted them to stop clapping.
Ryanne and Gold! Ryanne and Gold!
Ryanne and Gold!


The crowd starts to follow the man and repeat Ryanne and
Gold's names.
Ovation. Ryanne and Gold look at each other and smile.
Soon, they start to clap with the crowd.
The room is dark, illuminated only by a lamp on the desk.
It's big fancy office, and Gold is sited at an executive
chair. He has his feet on the table, he's looking at the
window. The view is to a city.
The door opens and Ryanne enters the room. She's wearing a
black stretch coverall, she has a gun in her hand. She looks
Getting comfortable in your new
Things turned out better than we
planned. Can you believe they had
a private aircraft?
Ryanne gets near the desk. She puts the gun on the table.
What you're gonna do with the
people in the retirement islands?
They don't know what's going on in
Don't worry about them. My team is
evacuating the islands at this
very moment. In two weeks, I'll
give them back to the people.
Brand new retirement islands. And
I'll tell them it was your idea to
build them. This will boost our
Evacuating? Where are you taking


Well, I couldn't keep them alive,
could I? And the farm units needed
more fertilizer anyway.
And the Celebs?
I am sorry, but we can't kill them
now. I know how much you want to
show this people how stupid they
were. But that could look a little
suspicious, don't you think? Let's
wait a week or so. Then, I'll
make sure that the air inside the
prisons gets contaminated.
He stands up and walks toward a closet.