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Short - The Elevator Man
by chew luey pin (lueypin_@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
This is a short script about a murder in an apartment. Its my first attempt. Do reveiw them and give ur comments~ thanks :)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Fish-eye low angle shot of Lily Apartment.


The twelve-storey building was painted in pink, however the
building is old and it is deteriorating.

SAM, 27, a tall and thin security guard is sleeping at the
security desk at the entrance of Lily Apartment. The
sunlight shining barely touches him. The lobby of the
apartment is dark and it stretches to the left and right
with the two elevators at the center. Shoes and slippers are
scattering outside of the tenants' doors.
The right elevator bares a yellow warning sign


                                         CUT TO:
FRAME SHOT - ALEX'S feet got down from the bed and walks
towards the bathroom. ALEX is 22 and his room is messy.
                                         CUT TO:
Jenny, 19, long hair, tomboyish with a spectacles,
light-heartedly walks into the Apartment and saw Sam at the
security desk.
Hello Sam.
      (Struggling to
HelÖhelÖhello Jenny. How is it
Its all going fine. You ought
to stop sleeping on your duty,


                                         CUT TO:
FRAME SHOT - ALEX'S feet is pushing through a Jean's

                                         CUT TO:
Sixth floor, Huang Popo, 68 is sitting at her sleepy chair
in the living room facing the balcony, fanning herself with
a bamboo fan.
                                         CUT TO:
FRAME SHOT - ALEX putting on his ADIDAS shoes which is white
and weary.

                                         CUT TO:
Third floor, OSMAN, 43 in his suit and tie. He is having his
breakfast with his wife, SALMAH, 40. He is reading the daily
papers as her wife serves breakfast. They did not speak to
each other.
                                         CUT TO:
FRAME SHOT Ė ALEXíS feet walks towards the elevator and
enters the elevator. The elevators door closes.

SFX - A loud scream follow by a loud thud.


1)HUANG POPO slowly stops her fanning.

2) OSMAN puts down his papers and looks at his wife, who has
turn her head towards the noise.

3)BOBBY, 7, stays at ground floor and sticks his head out
from the door. His head turns right towards the elevator
where the noise came from.

4)SAM and JENNY were stunted and walk towards the elevator.


POLICES strides in and out of the lobby and they have pull
yellow stripes around the crime scene. Flashes of red and
blue from police cars are reflected on the walls. Lily
Apartmentís tenants including OSMAN, SALMAH, HUANG POPO,
SAM, JENNY, are standing behind the yellow stripes
whispering to each other.

SERGEANT AHMAD, 43, looks unorganized in his casual
clothing, walks toward the elevator and squats in front of
the elevator, examining the body. POLLY, a young girl was
lying in a pool of blood in an awkward position. DEPUTY
SERGEANT PAUL, 27, came and squat beside him. He has sharp
eyes and looks clean and tidy. PAUL is holding a notepad on
his hands.
                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
Sir, this is Polly, stays at the
eighth floor with her boyfriend,
Sieg. A guitarist. He was out
on a band training. Just came
PAUL gesture out to point to SIEG, 27. A police officer is
patting his back. SIEG is a punkish boy, carrying a guitar
bag on his shoulders. His eyes are red and out-of-focus. He
looks miserable.
                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL (CONT'D)
Our guys just talked to him.
Love suicide....??
                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
No......sir, apparently this
elevator broke down midnight
yesterday. But the steel doors
were found opened at the eleventh

PAUL shift his eyes from the notepad and looked at SERGEANT
                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
Someone push her in.
                                         CUT TO:


FRAMED SHOT Ė A person wearing an ADIDAS shoes, just like
those ALEX was wearing earlier, quietly makes its way
through the crowd towards SIEG who looks worried and deep in
It reveals that the person wearing the sneakers is TINA, 22,
shoulder length hair, tomboyish and wearing a pair of
spectacles. TINA has a high pitch voice which is quite
I'm sorry of what happen
Oh, hey Tina. Thanks for
asking. Never knew you
would care.
Well, I am not as cold as
I look like.

Not as cold as you now.
                                         CUT TO:
SERGEANT AHMAD and PAUL still squatting and the same spot.

                       SERGEANT AHMAD
Any potential suspect?

                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
Alex, a nerdy guy who likes to
spend his time alone in the
elevator. The Elevator Man,
they call him.
                       SERGEANT AHMAD
SERGEANT AHMAD and PAUL stand up and walk away from the


                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
Yes, Alex didnít get along
very well with Polly. He is fond
of Polly, no secret, but Polly
takes it as an insult. Witness
says that she is harsh to him a
lot of times. There is once Alex
took out a blade when Polly call
him a Gay Lord.
                                         CUT TO:
SIEG and TINA are standing side by side looking at the crime

By the way, do you, by any
chance know where is Alex?

Why?? Never knew you hang
out with him.
You know why okay Tina.
Donít beat around the bushes
with me.
Temper, Sieg. Did Polly
ever complain about it?
Oh, I forgot. She is always the
queen, and you the servant, huh.
Arenít you relieve that she is
dead now?

Tina, watch you mouth.
I love her. I love her so



So much that you can kill her?!
Answer me Tina, do you know where
Is Alex?

                                         CUT TO:
                       SERGEANT AHMAD
Where is Alex?
                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
Missing. His doors were wide
open when we got there on
the eighth floor, but we
couldnít find him.
But what we found, notebooks,
scrapbooks, of all the people
living in Lily Apartment, and
many self-made spy gadgets.
He is a genius.
Tina, His housemate, says
she didnít find amything
unusual about him this
morning. He went out to the
elevator just like what he
would do everyday.
                       SERGEANT AHMAD
Any idea when and where he
was last seen?
                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
This morning by Tina,
In his own house.
                       SERGEANT AHMAD
Did anyone saw him leave the

                       DEPUTY SERGEANT PAUL
The security guard did not.


                                         CUT TO:
SIEG looks impatient and TINA is talking more articulately.
Did Polly love you Sieg?
Is everything going fine between
the two of you?
We are doing very fine.
Thank you for asking.
Well, then why is she dating
another guy?

She is not dating anybody else,
Oh, really? I thought Joey came
last night to see her.
Careful with what you say Tina.
I am telling you the truth Sieg,
Joey came last night!
SIEG is rage with anger and he approach TINA carefully.

Whadda you know??


Well, I can imagine how
heart-broken Alex would be,
seeing Polly with another
different man. Not to mention
you standing in the way.
I donít know what you are
talking about.
Donít you know? It was so obvious.

Joey came last night, and
he came the last last night,and
he came the last last last night.

Alex would have saw them.
That slut, I bet she kisses Joey
in front of Alex.
Shut up! Tina! Or (I'll)
Or what? Or you will kill me
like how you killed Polly?
Who you gonna kill next huh?
Are you gonna kill Alex as
well? And then Joey? huh?
Shut everybody up??
YES!! If you donít shut the fuck
up, I swear I am gonna kill you,
and Alex and that sick jerk Joey!

All of you are going to Hell!
You gonna kill me just like
how you killed Polly?



The crowd and the police are all gasped and let out a breath
showing disbelief.

TINA suddenly put her hands on her head and slowly pull down
a wig, and took off her spectacles.
Alex!!! Oh My God!
The crowd continues to murmur in shock.

SIEG was covering his mouth with his hands and make a few
steps backwards.

SIEG slowly reaches to the back of his jeans and took out a
blade. He was very quick and he charges towards ALEX.
Suddenly a bullet hit SIEG from the back. SERGEANT AHMAD was
standing behind SIEG and pointing his gun towards SIEG.

SLOW MOTION Ė SIEG was in pain and he is falling on to the


1) POLLY is hugging JOEY at the right side of the elevator
with ALEX at the left of the elevator.

2) SIEG cutting the steel ropes of the elevator using a
steel sniper in the dark.

3) ALEX walks into an elevator at level 8 in the morning.

4) POLLY was coming out of the left elevator at level 11 and
walk past the right elevator.

5) POLLY was dropping down the elevator shaft and SIEG was
standing high over her in a silhouette.

FLASH FORWARD Ė Slow-motion of SIEG finally falls on the
ground and did not move anymore.

ALEX is standing in front of SIEG.

ZOOM OUT - Outside the building revealing policemen rushing
into the lobby.


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From Brad Smith Date 11/17/2006 **
Well, the format is kind of an eye sore. There are way too many "cut tos". The story isn't great, but alright.

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