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Plures Repono
by Mike (bigsaks88@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A film about how the lives of a coke addict, two gangsters, and a married couple living with dark secrets all tie in and relate to one another.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Scene opens in a restaurant. Camera shows two people, a MAN
and a WOMAN sitting at a table talking. The MAN has just
coffee, but the WOMAN is eating a meal. The MAN is smoking
non-stop as they are talking. The MAN also has a thick
russian accent.
It's just not fun anymore. All the
blood and screaming. It's
beginning to lose its appeal.
Well of course it is. I mean,
we've been doing the same bloody
routine for five years now. Find a
person, lure them in, act all nice
and shit, then torture them till
they are so close to death they
can almost feel the cold clammy
hands of the Grim Reaper himself.
The MAN takes a sip of coffee as he adjusts his postion and
continues to smoke
What we need is a new plan. One
that allows us to have our fun,
but that's not boring at the same
What if we kill the person we
Who are you, fucking Jack the
Ripper? We can't just go around
killing people. We'd get in big
trouble for that.
What then?


What about money?
A WAITRESS comes by to clear the WOMAN's plate.
How was everything today?
Delicious. Thank you.
No problem, hon. Can I get either
of you more coffee?
Oh yes, please.
No, I'm still working on mine.
The WAITRESS leaves to go get more coffee. Conversation
between the MAN and the WOMAN continues.
So, what's money got to do with
Well the way I figure it, we could
be getting a shit load of money
doing what we do.
How so?
When people are forced to feel
great amounts of pain, they'll do
anything to get it to stop. I say
we have our fun with people same
way we always do unless they pay
large sums of money, then we'll
stop and walk away as though
nothing had ever happened.


Will that work?
If we execute correctly, then yea,
it'll work.
The WAITRESS has returned with the coffee. She pours some
for the WOMAN then turns and begins to leave.
S'cuse me, Miss.
The WAITRESS turns around and heads back to the table.
Something wrong?
No, I'm just trying to prove a
point to my girl here. Would you
mind answering 'coupla questions?
Okay then. How much money would
say you carry on you on a daily
I don't know. About 50 bucks.
And if you don't mind my asking-
how much money do you have in
savings right now?
Hmmm, I'd say around 1700 dollars.
1700 dollars! Thank you darling,
you have been most helpful.
The MAN puts his cigarette out in the coffee pot. WAITRESS
turns and leaves. The man lights another cigarette and
continues talking.
What did that prove?


That, my little baby doll, proved
that even a fucking waitress who
makes shit for a living has a
decent sum of money. Enough to
give us were she being tortured
You wanna torture a waitress?
No I don't want to torture a
fucking waitress, I'm just saying
that we could make good money from
these painfully fun little games
we like to play.
Well who then?
The MAN turns back around to face the WOMAN as he continues
the conversation.
Who's a good question. Do we rob
some rich snobby bastard who
probably has a lot of money but is
too selfish to give any of it up?
Or do we go for the scum of the
city- the people who are so poor
they have nothing to live for and
would give up any money they have?
I think we should rob the rich
people. They have more money and
they are more fun to watch as they
squirm and squeal from the pain.
I agree, but-
The WAITRESS is back again with more coffee. This time it's
for the MAN.
Amigo means friend in Spanish.
Yea, so?
As the WAITRESS pours the coffee she rolls her eyes.


Do you need anything else, Amigo?
Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?
Oh no sir. Of course not. (to
herself) Customer's always right.
Give me a break.
The WAITRESS then leaves.
The MAN puts out the cigarette he is smokeing and lights up
a new one. He then takes a sip of his coffee and continues.
As I was saying, I agree with you,
but in this article I was reading
this guy who had been robbing rich
people for 15 years decided to
start robbing poor people. He
would dress up like a hitch hiker.
Once he was in the car-he'd pull
out his gun and tell the driver to
drive to a location that had
already been set up. Then the guy
would put so much pain on the
victim that the victim would have
to give up any sum of money the
guy requested.
Did that really work?
Fuckin A it worked. The man makes
more money in one month than we do
in a year.
Well what are we going to do?
Same thing he did. We'll dress up
like a coupla of hitch hikers.
Then, when some stupid asshole
decides to give us a ride, we'll
take out our guns, torture 'em,
then rob 'em for all he's got.


I like this plan. When are we
going to do this?
Couple a days. I gotta sort out
the finer details.
The MAN and WOMAN get up to leave. The MAN takes out a few
bills and leaves on the table. He then looks over at the
waitress and takes back all but one of the bills. The MAN
and WOMAN then walk out the door.
Andre and Michael are in a car driving to an apartment
building. Michael (white) is driving. Andre (black) is the
passenger. Both are wearing inexpensive black suits with
white shirts and a black tie. As they are driving they are
engaging in random, casual conversation.
Have you ever tried to say a
tongue twister?
What the hell are you talking
about? That she sells seashells
by the seashore shit? Of course I
have. Everyone has.
Andre reaches down and produces a book called "Tongue
Twisters and You: the Secret Statistics of Tongue Twisters".
Well, according to this book
entitled "Tongue Twisters and You:
The Secret Statistics of Tongue
Twisters", only about one in every
five people can actually say a
tongue twister, without stumbling
mind you, at the normal tongue
twister speed.
And what is the "normal tongue
twister speed"?
According to the book, "the normal
tongue twister speed" is 150 on a


Michael gives Andre a puzzled look
Allow me to demonstrate. 120 is
two beats per second. 150 would
then be two and a half beats per
Andre looks at his watch and begins to snap his fingers in
time. He then proceeds to say a tongue twister
How much wood could a wood chuck
chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck
wood? (repeats 3x)
That doesn't seem too complicated.
I'm the one in five.
Michael and Andre pull into the parking lot of an apartment
complex. Both get out of the car. Conversation continues.
Do you think that if Max had just
slapped Kelly on the ass, Vito
wouldn't have sent us to kill
You mean if he hadn't slept with
her? Just physically abused her?
Michael and Andre are walking around the complex in search
of a particular apartment
He didn't abuse her.
Andre looks surprised
Oh really?
No way. All Max did was slap her
on her ass.
Andre stops walking and looks at Michael in disgust


So, according to your standard,
physical touch is abuse?
Michael slaps Andre on the back
Uh-oh. Now look at what I've
done- I have just physically
abused you. You better call the
police and report me. (yells)
Police! Police! Pol-
I didn't say that any touching was
abuse, I said that slapping a
female's ass is abuse. You can
slap a girl on her back until you
blow a load for a all I care. I'm
just sayin' that what Max did was
wrong, starting with the slapping.
Michael and Andre continue to walk. They approach the door
of Max. Michael checks his watch.
Look at that- we're right on time.
7:30 sharp.
Andre knocks on the door. No answer. Knocks on door again.
No answer. Camera shows Andre slowly reaching the knob and
turing it. Michael and Andre walk into Max's apartment.
                                         CUT TO:
Andre and Michael both have their guns drawn as they slowly
creep into Max's apartment. Max is seen lying on the couch
watching TV and wearing an old t-shirt, athletic shorts, and
he is barefoot. He is startled by the arrival of Michael
and Andre
What the hell?
Max begins to get up


Oh please, don't get up on our
account. You stay there, you do
look very comfortable.
I am.
Michael heads into kitchen where he begins to fiddle around
with various things
Would you mind if I sat down with
No, go ahead.
Andre moves towards the couch and sits instead in a chair
opposite the couch Max is sitting on and lights a cigarette.
He takes a long drag then starts to speak to Max- before he
can say anything though, he notices an FBI folder on the
Alright Max, let's talk. Because
I know you must have a lot on your
I don't know what you mean.
Of course you don't. Forgive my
asking, but would you mind if I
had something to drink? I am
feeling rather parched.
Ummm, no. There should be
something in the fridge.
Excellent. Michael, would you
toss me a drink?
Michael moves towards the refridgerator and opens it. After
looking around all he can find is a bottle of prune juice
and a Capri Sun


All he's got is this Capri Sun and
a bottle of prune juice.
Hmmm. That is a very tough
decision. Do I choose taste and
go with the Capri Sun, or do I
choose bowel assistence and go
with the prune juice?
After a short uncomfortable pause...
I would go with the Capri Sun.
Well then it's settled. If Max
says Capri Sun, then Capri Sun it
Michael tosses a Capri Sun to Andre who inserts straw into
designated hole and begins a long sip.
Mmmm Mmmmm. Now that was very
Andre sets the drink on the coffee table and leans back. He
is very relaxed.
Look Mr...-
My name is Andre.
Look, Andre, I just think I should
get the chance to explain myself.
Fair enough. Explain yourself.
Explain to us all why you felt it
was necessary to sleep with my
boss's daughter.
Michael has now pulled open a drawer in which he finds a
very large gun


      (To himself, but
       too loudly)
Wow! This thing is huge.
Andre looks at Michael
Aww shit man, you turning fag on
me, or what?
No, this gun is huge. Take a
Michael waves the gun for Andre to see
In a minute Michael. Max here was
about to offer us an explanation.
Weren't you?
As Max is saying the following line, Michael can be seen in
the background toying with the gun
Yes, yes I was.
Then, please proceed. We haven't
got all day.
You see Andre, I am sort of a free
spirit. I generally do whatever I
feel like doing at the moment
without ever thinking twice about
my decision, whatever that may be.
In this case I-
Michael is pretending to shoot the gun. Suddenly, Max's
girlfriend walks in and the gun actually goes off.
Max is mid-sentence when this happens and immediately after
begins to stutter and become very nervous.
Did that distract you Max?
I...I..ummm..I uhh...


Max, c'mon man. Stay with me.
Max takes a deep breath to steady himself and continues the
It's like I was saying. I'm an
unchained individual. One minute
I'm doing something, the next I
could be doing something totally
different. For instance, before I
met up with Kelly, I had been at a
party all night long. When I woke
up, I decided to take a walk and
there I found Kelly. Well, one
thing led to another and next
thing I know, we're in bed
together. I had no idea she was
your boss's daughter. You gotta
believe me.
Andre begins to slowly rise
I do believe you. Really I do.
But Michael over here, has a nose
for bullshit, and I think he just
smelled a big steamy pile of it.
Ain't that right Michael?
Yea, there's definately an oder in
the air.
Michael slowly moves behind Max with a drink in his hand
You see Max, I wanna believe you.
I'm trying to believe you. But you
are making it very difficult for
No, Andre, it's not like that. I
didn't realize what I was doing.
You have to believe me.
Michael is standing directly behind Max. He begins to
slowly pull out his gun


What do you think Michael? True
or false? Life or death?
Andre has now pulled out his gun as well. Both guns are now
pointed directly at Max
Michael finishes off drink then throws glass aside
Andre and Michael shoot Max until they each run out of
                                         FADE OUT
Scene opens on a bag of cocaine. Camera then shows someone
readying the cocaine for snorting. Camera zooms out to
reveal Max the druggie. He is wearing a very cheap bathrobe
and old slippers while he snorts his cocaine.
Max reacts to the cocaine as any addict would.
That is some good shit!
Max continues to snort. After a short time, he wanders into
the kitchen where he grabs a bowl of cereal(Reese's Puffs),
milk, and a spoon. He leaves his bag of coke on the counter.
Max then goes into the living room where he slumps on a
couch and watches t.v.
The phone rings. Max seems to notice it, yet makes no
effort to answer. The machine picks up
Hey honey, it's Samantha. I just
wanted to see if you were there
because I am coming home now and I
wanted to see you. But, I guess
you're not there, so I'll talk to
you later. Love you lots. Bye.
Max pours his cereal and milk into the bowl. He then begins
to eat it
As time passes, Max begins to get very drowsy and he soon
falls alseep


The camera pans from sleeping Max to the window where a
woman is seen walking by. The lock on the door is then
shown as it is turned into the unlocked position. In walks
Samantha Carmichael. Samantha walks in and sets down her
purse. She is wearing nice black pants and a clean, recently
pressed white button-down shirt. She then heads towards the
kitchen but stops short upon realizing that Max is sleeping
on the couch.
Max! Max honey, wake up. It's
Huh? Wh..What?
Max realizes Samantha is there and snaps to
Oh hi Samantha. I was just
home...taking a nap. I wasn't
feeling very well today.
Samantha goes and sits next to Max on the couch
Awww, I'm so sorry. Is there
anything I can get for you? You
know what, I'm going to make you a
nice bowl of steaming hot soup and
some tea with honey. That should
help you feel better.
Thanks Samantha, you're the best.
Samantha gets up and heads into the kitchen. There, she
begins to sort through the cupboards until she notices the
bag of cocaine sitting on the counter
Were you doing coke today?
Samantha picks up the bag and walks back into the living


No, I wasn't. That's not mine!
Samantha is now standing directly over Max
Well who's is it then?
I don't know. The landlord's?
Oh Max. Surely you can do better
than that. Especially considering
you had all damn day to think
about what lie you were going to
tell me as soon in I walked in the
I wasn't home all day. I just got
Really? And where were you the
past few hours?
Max shifts his weight. He is very uneasy
I was out...with some friends.
Bullshit. You were home snorting
coke like you do everyday.
Hey hey, what's with all the
screaming? Are you mad at me or
Yea Max. I am mad at you. Glad
you could take the time out of
your busy schedule to notice that.
Why are you mad at me?
Samantha begins to pace


Why? Hmmm, let me think. Why
would I be upset at my beloved
boyfriend- Max the cokehead? How's
this for starters? You are a good
for nothing slob who does nothing
but sit at home everyday doing
coke and watching cartoons. You
have zero ambition because trying
to get you to set a goal, even
just one goal, for yourself is
like pulling teeth. You call
yourself an employee, yet all you
do is unload a truck once a week
at 7 in the morning. You are
nothing Max, nothing at all, and
you never will be anything either.
Why don't you call me when you
have figured out what you want to
do with your life.
Samantha walks out the door and slams it on her way out. A
car ignition is heard as she drives off
      (Calling after
Does this mean we're through?
Max picks up his bowl of cereal and continues to eat it as
though nothing has happened.
After a while, Irving walks out of the closet. He has on a
very clean and fresh colored button-down shirt with blue
jeas and very white sneakers.
Sounds like you're having some
trouble with Sam.
Why were you in the closet?
I was looking for Narnia. Hey, we
got anything to eat around here?
Max offers his bowl of cereal to Irving.
Only the finest.


Irving walks over to the kitchen counter, grabs a bowl and
begins placing cereal pieces, one at a time, counting to
himself, into the bowl.
Got any plans for today?
Irving continues to count the cereal with no response. After
a while, he grabs the milk and pours it.
I asked if you had any plans for
Yeah, I was thinking about going
down to the park and watching the
Isn't that what you do everyday?
I like it when a girl jogs past me
and I can see her breasts bob up
and down.
Well, you have fun with that.
Sometimes I imagine what I would
do to her if I was all alone at
the park, just me and her.
Max picks up his keys as if he is about to leave.
Alright, I think I'm going to go
to the store, do you need
Can you get me 6 condoms?
You already have about 50 in your


Just get them.
Fair enough.
Max heads out the door.
                                         FADE OUT
Wayne and Brooke are eating dinner across from each other.
The food looks very expensive and there are candles on the
Brooke and Wayne are eating methodically and occaisionally
glancing at one another
Brooke is dressed in nice wavy black pants and a name brand
shirt with a logo on the front. Wayne is wearing dark suit
pants, a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up,
and dark business shoes.
How was your business trip?
It was decent.
That's good.
Wayne adjusts his left arm in such a way that a bandage can
be seen by the audience. Brooke notices it as well.
Wayne, what happened to your arm?
What are you talking about?
Wayne quickly realizes he has shown too much so he quickly
covers his arm
Wayne, why can't you tell me what
happened to your arm? I am your
wife. I have a right to know don't


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
It's just a...there was an...I got
cut ok? I was cutting open a box
and the knife slipped. Next thing
I know, my arm is bleeding like
Oh. Are you okay?
Yea. I'm fine.
Brooke and Wayne continue to eat quietly.
How was your week?
Lonely. You were gone for seven
days, Wayne.
I'm sorry Brooke, but when the
company needs me to go out of town
on a conference, I can't just say
"Sorry boss, I don't think I can
go. My wife might get lonely."
That's not fair Wayne! While you
are out of town, sometimes for
weeks at a time, I have to sit
here all alone until you get back.
Wayne drops his silverware onto his plate in disgust
What do you want me to do Brooke?
You want me to quit my job? Would
you like it if I marched into the
office tomorrow, told my boss to
go fuck himself, and walked right
out the door. Yea, and then maybe
I could go find another job that
would allow me to stay home with
you all day long. No, wait, that's
called unemployment. Is that what


                       WAYNE (cont'd)
you want Brooke, me unemployed?
Camera pans to Brooke who is looking down at her food in
shame. When she looks up at Wayne, there are tears in her
eyes. Camera goes back to Wayne
Wayne takes a deep breath and calmes down
I'm sorry Brooke. I didn't mean
that. Let's start over, okay?
Camera goes back to Brooke who is still crying
Okay, I'll start. Brooke, how was
your week?
Camera pans to Brooke who is looking down. While she is
slowly looking up to answer Wayne's questions, the audience
sees clips of her over the past week
Brooke? Are you okay?
Wha...yea yea, I'm fine.
You sure? You seemed a little out
of it just then.
No, I'm fine. Really I am. I've
just missed you so much this past
week. I'm glad that you're home
Yea, me too.
Brooke begins to clear the dishes
No, don't. We can worry about
them later. Let's go relax by the
I would love to.


Brooke goes into the lving room where she lights the fire.
She then sits on the couch. Wayne goes to the bar whre he
pulls out two glasses and a bottle of wine. He pops the
cork and pours the wine. He then brings the two glasses
over to the couch
This glass is for the most
beautiful woman in the world.
Brooke refuses the glass
Wayne, are you seeing someone
What? Of course not. How could you
ask me that?
Because you haven't complemented
me like that in a while.
What are you saying? You think
that I am seeing someone else and
because of that I am being overly
nice to you? I was just trying to
pay you a complement. Is that so
hard for you to accept?
No Wayne. I just thought-
What? What could you possibly have
been thinking?
Brooke jumps up. She is super pissed at Wayne and at
herself for starting such a stupid argument.
When someone you love and you
think loves you back goes on so
many "business trips" all the
time, it isn't all that dificult
to become suspicious.
Wayne sets the glasses down on a nearby table


You know that business trips are
part of my job. I thought we
talked about it when I took this
I find it hard to believe that a
bank manager would need to go out
of town so many times.
There are new and improved
technologies being introduced
daily. I can't help it if my
superiors want me to go and study
Brooke takes a deep breath and quickly steadies herself. She
grabs her wine, drinks it in one sip, refills it, then sits
on the couch. She is very flustered.
Wayne retreives his wine and slowly sips it as Brooke slowly
sips her wine. No words are spoken
The Millers invited us over for
dinner tomorrow evening.
The Millers? But the last time we
saw them Richard nearly stabbed
Debra because she kept calling him
"Dick". I really think they need
And they got it. They went to a
marriage counselor. Apparently
they're doing much better.
Alright. What time?
7 o'clock. I already told them we
would go.
Fine. But if one of them tries to
kill the other again, I'm leaving.


Wayne sets down his glass. He then turns towards Brooke and
akwardly kisses her on the cheek.
I'm going to bed. I have an early
day tomorrow.
Wayne turns and leaves the room, leaving Brooke alone.
Goodnight Wayne.
                                         FADE OUT
Scene opens with Smantha and Scott in bed. It is evident
they have just had sex
Scott, that was amazing. Max has
never done it like that before.
You were good too.
Well thank you. It's nice to be
with someone who actually cares
enough about me to complement me
from time to time.
Well I do what I can.
                                         CUT TO:
Max is walking in the hallway with a bag of groceries. He
walks into the apartment and stops short when he notices a
pair of man's pants draped on a chair. He sets down the bag
of groceries and glances at the bedroom door which is
slightly ajar. He walks towards it.
Max is wearing an old pair of blue jeans, old dirty
sneakers, and his "plumbing" sweatshirt.
                                         CUT TO:
Camera now shows the interior of Max's bedroom


You know Scott, I'm a little
hungry. What do you say- can I
make you some eggs and toast?
Camera cuts to the door as it swings open and Max barges
through. He walks to Scott's side of the bed
Who the hell are you?
Look man, it was her idea. She
called me and told me to come
Get the hell out of here.
Max, please...
Max grabs Scott and drags him out of bed. Max kicks the shit
out of Scott because of his rage. Scott then runs out of the
Max turns back to face Samantha
Get out! Get out now.
Max, let's talk about this.
There's nothing to talk about. Get
the hell out of my apartment.
I'm sorry Max. I know what I did
was wrong, but I was angry at you.
You whore. Get out of my
Max, I'm sorry. What more do you
want from me? I didn't-


You didn't what? Realize what you
were doing? Ha ha, that's a laugh.
You cheated on me. You betrayed my
trust. You have no defense.
Max please!
Samantha begins to cry
Oh that's just great. Go ahead and
cry about it. That'll solve all
our problems.
I hate you Max, I hate you!
You hate me? You're the one who
goes out and sleeps with other
guys behind my back, yet YOU hate
ME? That makes sense.
Well if you weren't so
Christ, here we go again.
It always has to be about you and
your damn drugs. Maybe if you
would spend a little less time
with your beloved drugs and a
little more time with me, things
like this wouldn't happen.
What are you talking about? I am
with you all the time, but all I
ever hear is "Oh Max, look at
those shoes. Don't they look nice"
or "Max, you just have to come
look at this dress, it's just so
beautiful"- as if I give a shit
about a dress and some shoes.


That's what I am trying to say
Max. You just don't care. Talking
to you is like talking to a wall.
I never get any sort of realisitc
response. All you ever said was
"Mmm hmm, they do look nice" or
"Wow, look at the ass on her".
When's the last time you ever
did-no, when's the last time you
ever SAID something nice to me?
When Max, when?
Screw you! I don't ever want to
see you in this apartment. When I
get back, you better be gone.
Max turns and leaves, slamming the door behind him. Camera
moves to Samantha who is staring after Max
Camera shows Max's car (a camero) pulling up at a house. He
gets out and knocks on the door. As the door opens, the
camera reveals many people in the house- it becomes evident
that it is a party. Also, as Max enters the house, camera
angle switches to Max's point of view
Max walks into party. Camera pans throughout the house, the
audience can see people talking, drinking, and snorting.
Generally everyone is having a good time
Guest 1 is wearing jeans, a "crappy shirt", and sandals
without socks.
                       GUEST 1
Max! Glad you could make it buddy.
Here, have a drink.
Guest 1 thrusts a drink at Max. Max takes it and drinks it
in one gulp.
                       GUEST 1
Slow down man. The night is young.
Just shut up and bring me another
Guest 1 leaves to fetch Max another drink. Max begins to
walk around the house. When he gets to the dancing area, he
notices an attractive young woman (Brooke) dancing alone.
Brooke is wearing a skirt and a short sleeve shirt. Max
wanders over to her.


Brooke runs up to Max and hugs him
Hey Brooke!
How's life? How are things with
Could be better. But I'm trying to
forget all that tonight.
Well ya know...I still have some
of that stuff you gave me last
week. Waddya say?
Lead the way.
Brooke leads Max into a different room. There, she pulls out
a bag of cocaine and pours it onto a nearby plate. She then
cuts out four lines
After you.
Max produces a snorting device from his pocket and snorts
his two lines. Brooke follows
You wanna dance?
Max dances with Brooke
Wow! You're a really good dancer.
Thanks. You're not half bad
Brooke turns and smiles at Max. They continue to dance
until the song ends


Well Max, I think I'm going to go
get a drink. See ya around?
I'll be around here somewhere.
Brooke leaves as Max makes his way to a different room.
Guest 1 appears with his drink. He again drinks it in one
                       GUEST 1
Damn man, you need to slow down.
What's the matter with you anyhow-
you look like shit.
Girl trouble.
                       GUEST 1
That's rough man. Luckily, I got
just the stuff you need. And
tonight- it's on me. Come on.
Max walks with Guest 1 through the house into a bedroom.
Guest 1 produces a briefcase filled with various bags of
cocaine. Guest 1 chooses two bags and lays them on the bed
                       GUEST 1
These right here are the best
stuff I got. This one here is
Palvo Blanco,(points to the bag on
the right) from a little village
about thrity miles east of
Covenas. This other stuff (points
to bag on the left) is Tierra from
Bogota. Both are very good. Take
your pick.
Gimme the stuff from Bogota.
Village people scare the shit
outta me.
                       GUEST 1
You got it.
Guest 1 takes the bag on the left and puts it back with the
others in the briefcase. He puts the briefcase away. He
grabs the bag and they walk out of the room. Max and Guest
1 walk into a seperate room where Guest 2 and 3 are sitting
and drinking.


                       GUEST 2
Max Hays, how the hell are ya?
                       GUEST 3
He can't be too good, he looks
like the shit I just took.
                       GUEST 1
Guys, guys...Max has had a hard
day. Cut him some slack.
Guest 1 empties the bag on to a tray and divides out 4
                       GUEST 2
Here we go...
All 4 begin snorting. Camera fades in and out of each
person snorting. Max takes one last snort. Then all 4 sit
back. Max gets up and stumbles to the door.
                       GUEST 3
Where are you goin?
I need a drink.
Max stumbles out the door. Camera cuts to Max's point of
view. Camera is out of focus. Camera pans wildly across
the room. Max wanders over to a table where there are
drinks. He grabs a drink and stumbles over to a couch where
Brooke is sitting. He falls onto the couch close up against
Hey Max, long time no see.
Hi Brooke! Are you having a good
Alright, although I'm feeling a
little bit lonely.
Camera slowly zooms in on Brooke's face as she talks.


Oh, my husband is out of town
again. You know this is the 3rd
time this month. He spends all
day at work and maybe, if he has
time, he'll pay attention to me. I
mean, I'm not just some wall
hanging that he can look at when
he wants to. I need attention
once in a while. You know...
Camera pans down and reveals Max, who is sleeping on
Brooke's lap. Brooke shoves Max over in disgust, gets up
and walks away. Camera zooms in on Max's face.
                                         FADE OUT
Camera shows Steph and Kelly in a grocery store shopping for
food. Kelly, the slutty girl, is wearing a low-cut, tight
shirt and a short skirt. Stephanie is wearing a short sleeve
shirt and pants (not jeans).
So, how was the big date last
night with Julien?
It actually went very well. I had
a great time.
No way! You, Stephanie Branson,
the girl who swore she hated all
men and would never date again,
actually had a good time?
Yes. It was incredible- and
romantic too.
Really? What did you do?
Steph gives Kelly a look
Not that. You know I don't put out
on the first date.
Both girls laugh


The girls continue to walk and shop
So, what could Julien possibly
have done to make last night so
Well, he sent me a dozen roses.
Yea, I know. Then, he picked me up
in his blue jaguar.
He took you in the jag on the
first date? I think he's a keeper.
Without a doubt. Anyway, we ended
up going to this little
hole-in-the-wall italian
restaurant called Brunelli's. It
was really good. After we were
done eating, we walked around the
new outside mall and got ice
cream. Then, we went back to his
And you didn't...?
No, we didn't. I went inside his
house, which was totally amazing
by the way, and he made me this
herbal tea that he bought when he
was in China. And then we talked.
I didn't leave until four in the


You should have just stayed the
night. That's what I would have
That's because you are a slut.
No I'm not.
Both girls laugh heartily
Both girls then proceed to check-out. They then head out
the door
Are we still on for lunch
Absolutely. As long as I am not
busy with Julien.
Alright. Then I'll see you
Both girls exit the store. They leave in opposite directions
                                         FADE OUT
Camera opens on Max's face. He is still fast asleep at the
party. Suddenly, his phone rings and he abruptly awakens. He
answers the phone
Hello...Who is this?...Who? No,
you got the wrong number.
Max hangs up the phone. He then has a tough recollection of
the previous night
What time is it?


Max glances at his cell phone to check the time.
Max looks down at his feet and notices that he has no shoes
Where are my shoes?
Max gets up and begins to walk around. There are people
sleeping everywhere. Max begins to move things around in
search of his shoes. He eventually finds a pair of shoes
sitting on the floor.
Hey, size 11...
Max puts on the shoes. He notices that there is a little
bit of coke left in a bag sitting on a table. Max snorts the
remaining coke. After finding his shoes, Max leaves the room
and eventually leaves the house. Camera shows his feet as
they walk down the sidewalk. "Stayin Alive" is playing in
the background. As he walks, he spots a convience store and
decides to go in. In the parking lot, he sees a good looking
female (Kelly) loading food into the trunk of her car. Max
appears excited and caually walks up to the female. Without
missing a beat, he slaps the female on the rear. The female
spins around in shock
Hey! What the hell is your
Hey baby, I'm just lookin' for a
good time. Waddya say?
Get away from me you perv.
Perv? No, I'm your knight in
shining armor come to save you.
What are you talking about?
Look lady. I have had a rough 24
hours. First, I caught my
girlfriend cheating on me-in my
apartment. Then I got fucked up
beyond repair. And now, now you


                       MAX (cont'd)
won't even give me the time of
Look Mr. I'm sorry, but you just
can't come up to a girl, slap her
on the ass, say some corny line,
and then expect her to respond.
Yea...you're right.
Max begins to walk away.
Kelly reaches out and grabs Max. Max truns as though he
might actually have a chance with this woman.
Maybe if we try again and you
start off by paying me a
compliment, I will be more
Ok. Lemme try it again.
Max turns around and walks back a little ways. He turns
around and starts walking again- the music is replayed
Hello there Mrs. You do look
lovely today. What is your
That was much better. Now get in
my car- we'll go get something to
Food? Yea, I could go for some
As they both get into Kelly's car, the camera acts as a spy
camera and takes pictures as the car leaves. Camera then
switches to view inside the car
So what's your name anyway?


Max Hays. But you can call me
Well Max, I'm Kelly Lombardi. But
you can call me Kelly. Now, since
we just met, I'm going to ask you
a bunch of questions that tell me
what kind of person you are. See,
the way I figure it, when it comes
down to the important subjects,
there are only two ways a person
can answer. For instance, I could
ask you if you were a beef man or
a chicken man. Obviously, some
beef people like chicken and some
chicken people like beef, but
nobody likes both equally.
I can dig that.
Good. Ok, let's get started.
First, are you a peanut butter and
jelly guy or do you like a meat
filled sandwich?
Meat filled. I'm a man's man.
Do you prefer cake or cookies?
Cookies. Much more variety.
Chocolate or vanilla?
If you could have sex with any
women in the world, who would your
top three choices be?
Hmmm. Number 1 would be Cameron
Diaz. Number 2 would be Elizabeth
Hurley, Europeans are very
attractive. And number 3 would be


                       MAX (cont'd)
Lucy Liu- most attractive woman
the orient has ever produced.
Which character on Seinfeld do you
think you are most like?
Kramer because he's wild and
unpredictable- kinda like me.
Who is your favorite super hero?
Batman. The guy has no powers, but
for some reson he's considered a
super hero.
Alright, last question. Have you
ever fanatsized about getting
beaten up by a girl?
Really? Who?
Tara Reid, that bitchy Russian
woman who always yelled from
Austin Powers, and Mrs. Jones, my
third grade math teacher.
Well Max, I have to admit. Many of
your answers scared the hell out
of me. But I can see that you're a
real deep guy, and I can dig that.
So, let's go get some food.
Camera fades out then in really quickly to show that time
has passed. When the camera fased back in, we see that Max
and Kelly are eating MacDonald's. Camera then fades out.
Camera fades in to show Kelly's car pulling into the garage
of a very nice house.
                                         CUT TO:


Kelly and Max are on the stairs attempting to make their way
to the top. However, as they try to climb the steps, they
are entangled within each other. After they clear the top
step, the camera cuts to within the bedroom where a trail of
clothing is leading up to the bed. Sensual sounds are heard
from Kelly and Max. Camera follows trail of clothes then
pans to another spot in the room.
Camera shows Kelly's bedroom where Max is getting dressed.
His hair is wet as though he just got out of the shower.
Kelly is lying in bed still asleep
Max goes to Kelly's dresser where he picks up her keys and
puts them in his pocket
Mind if I borrow your car? Thanks,
Camera then shows Max walking to Kelly's car, getting in,
and driving away. Camera view switches to inside the car
looking out from Max's point of view. He is singing along
with the song that is playing. As Max is singing and
generally enjoying himself, Samantha suddenly crosses into
the road, not looking at the approaching car. Max realizes
Samantha is there and slams on the brakes. Max gets out and
heads towards Samantha
Samantha, are you okay?
Yea...I'm..I think so.
I'm so sorry. I am such a bad
driver, I should have been
No no, it was my fault.
Well are you sure you're not hurt?
Yes. I'm sure.


A brief silence occurs during which Max and Samantha stare
into each other's eyes. Max looks away quickly.
So, how have you been?
Cut to inside Kelly's car, looking out the front windshield
where Max and Samantha are seen talking. Kelly pulls the
car to the side. Cut to outside car where Kelly's feet are
shown stepping out of the car. Kelly walks up to Max and
Hey Max!
Long time, no see!
Max, who is this?
Oh, I'm sorry. This is Carla.
She's...a friend. Carla, this is
Samantha, my girlfriend.
Samantha and Kelly akwardly shake hands.
Hi! So how did you guys meet.
Well, actually, yesterday when I
was coming out of the store-
Well, that's not really that
important. Basically, I went back
to her house, we talked, and I


That's it?
That's it.
Max. That's not all we did.
Yes it is.
Is it?
It is.
It isn't.
There was more?
There was nothing more.
It meant nothing to you?
It meant something.
What meant something?
Nothing, it was nothing.
So our something meant nothing to
What something?
It was nothing, (to Kelly) but it
was something.


It was something.
What was something?
The thing we did.
What did you do?
Fine. Don't tell me.
Camera cuts to each person's eyes as they look at each
Well, I've got to get going.
Daddy's taking me shopping. But
Max, as soon as you're through
with her, give me a call.
Kelly leaves, gets back into her car, and drives away.
Well, that was interesting. You
wanna explain that to me?
I don't have to explain anything
to you.
Look Max. I wanted to talk to you
about what happened, but-
But nothing. You cheated on me.
Max turns to leave. Samantha grabs his arm, pulling him back
Max wait. You're right. There is
no explanation for what I did. It
was selfish and wrong. I had hoped
that you could forgive me.


Max please! I'm sorry. If I could
go back in time and undo what I
did, I would. But I can't. So I am
asking- no begging you to forgive
Samantha starts to cry
But how can I trust you? You've
already betrayed my trust once,
how can I be sure you won't do it
Samantha looks up slowly, tears flowing from her eyes
Max, I love you.
Max thinks for a second then hugs Samantha
Okay. It's okay.
Does this mean you forgive me?
Let's just take it one day at a
Max and Samantha drive off together
                                         FADE OUT
Camera is behind Vito as he is sitting down, reading the
paper. A door is heard opening and closing as Kelly walks
in the room.
Daddy, I'm home.
Kelly begins to walk into another room.


Sit down.
I was just going to get-
Sit down.
Kelly sits down across from Vito.
Where were you last night?
I was home. In my room.
Were you alone?
I wasn't doing anything-
I didn't ask what you were doing,
yet. I asked if you were alone.
No I wasn't.
Who were you with?
Just a friend, daddy. He was just
a friend.
What were you and your, friend,
We...we were just...talking.
Yea? Was that before or after you
two fucked.
Kelly is silent.


I don't want you to see him again.
Daddy, I'm not a little girl
anymore. If I want to see him
again, I will.
If you want to see him again
alive, you'll do what I say.
No, I won't. In fact, I think
I'll call him right now.
Kelly storms out of the room in disgust. Vito picks up his
cell phone and makes a call.
      (on phone)
Andre, we need to meet.
                                         FADE OUT
Camera shows Wayne's car as it pulls into the driveway of
the Millers. Wayne and Brooke get out of the car and walk
to the door. They ring the doorbell and are allowed in.
                                         CUT TO:
Camera now shows the interior of the Miller residence
Hello. Come on in. Debra!
Debra comes from the kitchen.
Oh hi! How are you? Come on in.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Can I get you something to drink?
I'll have a beer.
And for you madame?


Just a glass of water please.
Come on, you're at the Miller's,
live a little.
Yeah, I just made some margaritas.
Come in the kitchen and I'll get
you one.
I suppose one margarita wouldn't
Debra and Brooke head into the kitchen.
Come on Wayne, I'll grab you that
Richard and Wayne go into the den after Richard grabs 2
beers from the fridge.
So Wayne, how's the old ball and
chain these days?
Oh, don't get me started on her.
What happened this time?
She's always complaining that I'm
out of town too much. But, I
mean, I have a job. I can't help
Yeah, I know what you mean. Debra
gets lonely when I go out to the
No, I'm serious. She was crying
and screaming at me last night.
I'm really starting to get annoyed
with her. Why can't she
understand that my job, which by


                       WAYNE (cont'd)
the way is what pays the bills,
requires me to leave every once in
a while. Do you see her out there
working? Do you see her out there
busting her ass every day to bring
money into this household?-
Wayne, Wayne. Calm down buddy.
You've been married to Brooke for
6 years now, you've been through
worse times. You're going to get
through this just fine. Just
relax and we'll talk about
something else.
                                         CUT TO:
Debra and Brooke are in the kitchen preparing dinner. Debra
is stirring a pot on the stove and Brooke is chopping
Did he really?
Yeah, he sent me to a spa where I
got a massage and a facial. Then
when I got back, he had dinner
prepared for me.
Well, I'd consider myself lucky if
Wayne would come home one night
and even offer to help with
Well I'm sure he helps out in
other ways...
      (chopping more and
       more angrily)
Nope. He just comes home from
work, watches TV, eats the dinner
that I made, leaves me with the
dishes, then goes off to bed
without even a 'good night'. And
on top of that, he's gone half the
time on his 'business trips', when
really he's probably off with some
18 year old, trying to relive his


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
Brooke cuts her finger with the knife and screams in
frustration and pain.
We've been married for 6 years and
we've been through worse times. I
know somehow, we'll get through
this. I just hope it's sooner
rather than later.
Have you tried therapy?
Yeah. I know this great
therapist, Dr. Weinberg. I'm sure
if you called him and mentioned my
name, he'd give you a free
Really? I think I might look into
Let me give you his number.
Debra walks over to a drawer and pulls out a piece of paper.
She then writes the number on the paper and hands it to
Thanks, I'll give him a call.
                                         CUT TO:
Richard and Wayne are sitting down in the den. Wayne is
laughing hysterically
I got one for you, Richie.
Well let's hear it then.


Okay. So I'm at the gas station a
couple days ago and while I'm
pumping gas this woman pulls up to
the pump next to mine with four or
five kids in the car. Well, she
starts to pump her gas when a lady
who happens to be walking by says,
with a straight face, "those are
just the cutest kids. Are they
Then what?
Here's the best part. The woman
who has all the kids in her car
says, also with a straight face,
"no, I was bored today so I
decided to kidnap some kids. but
during the gettaway I realized I
had no gas- which is why I am
Wayne and Richard begin to laugh very hard
She didn't?
I swear to you that's exactly what
she said.
Richard begins to laugh as well
That's unbelieveable.
Both men take a sip from their bottles
Wait a minute. I can top that.
Then by all means, proceed.
The other day I was in the grocery
store shopping in the vegetable
section. As I neared the
cucumbers, another man came up


                       RICHARD (cont'd)
next to me and began lookng for
what, to me, seemed like the
perfect cucumber. Well, eventually
a store clerk comes up and asks
him "Sir, are you going to be
eating this cucumber?" and
whithout missing a beat, the man
replies, "no, actually my wife
likes the feel of cucumber in
Wayne and Richard laughs hysterically
The man didn't really say that.
You made that up, didn't you?
No, that was the truth. Every
How old was the man?
That's the best part. The guy was
at least 50.
How are people so stupid?
If I had an answer for that,
they'd be comparing me to Freud
right about now.
      (from the kitchen)
To be continued.
Richard and Wayne get up and go into the dinning room where
dinner is waiting.
Both men sit down as the women bring out the food.


Debra, this looks amazing! Where
did you learn to cook like this?
Oh, I picked up a few things along
the way, but mostly from my
This salad looks great!
Brooke emerges from the kitchen with the last dish.
      (as a matter of
Actually, I made the salad.
A long silence emerges as the women sit down.
Well, what is everyone waiting
for? Let's eat.
Everyone begins passing food and eating. As Richard is
passing a dish he knocks over Debra's water and it spills in
her lap. Debra tenses up and her frustration builds. She
finally stands abruptly.
That is it! I've had it with you
Debra pulls out a gun and shoots Richard. She then turns
the gun on herself, closes her eyes, and shoots herself in
the head, only to miss and hit the wall. She pauses,
stunned, for a few seconds and then shoots herself in the
head again and she falls down dead. Wayne and Brooke are
stunned and are frozen with their forks still in their
hands. Wayne checks his watch.
Well Brooke, I think we should get
                                         CUT TO:


Wayne and Brooke walk out the front door toward their car.
Well that was akward...
Yeah. I remembered them being
much nicer to each other.
I remembered them being much more
Camera first shows Wayne's car from the outside. It then
shows an inside view. There is a brief silence
Wayne, there is something I would
like to talk to you about.
What's on your mind?
Well, I was talking to Debra about
how we are always fighting and she
suggested that we see a marriage
You mean Debra, the psycho killer?
Yes, but before all that, she
brought up a good point. She gave
me the name and number of a good
therapist. I think we should give
it a try. It might really help
us. What do you think?
What? That's it? Okay?
Yes. If you think it will help,
I'm all for it.
Good. I'll schedule an


Wayne turns the volume up on the radio and "their song" is
Oh Wayne, listen. It's our song.
Brooke leans closer to Wayne and begins to sing along.
Camera slowly fades out
                                         FADE OUT
Vito is sitting at a table, alone smoking a cigar. He has a
drink in front of him and he is looking at what appears to
be photos
Camera view changes to behind Vito's head where a door is in
view. The door opens and Michael and Andre walk in. They
both walk to Vito's table. He motions for them to sit. They
Well slap my balls and call me
Sally, if it isn't LeRoy Brown,
the baddest man in this whole damn
Vito rises and goes to shake Andre's hand
What the hell is that? Handshakes
are for strangers who are meeting
for the first time or people so
akward they can't treasure a real
hello. Get your ass over here and
give me a real hello.
Andre pulls Vito into a hug
Now wasn't that better? Didn't you
feel as though the greeting was
not only given, but recieved as
Andre takes a seat and lights up a cigarette.
Andre, if you ever do that again,
I will have to kill you.


You say that same shit every time
we meet.
And one of these days I'll
actually do it.
Vito turns toward Michael and extends his hand
Michael, it's good to see you
Michael shakes Vito's hand
Good to see you too Vito. How have
you been?
Michael and Vito both sit down
Same as ever. One minute I am
running from the Feds. The next I
have to head out of town for a
couple days to make sure business
goes as planned. It's a busy life,
but it's fun nonetheless.
You got that right.
But, on top of all that, I gotta
look out for my daughter's well
being. There inlying the reason
you two were asked to come in
Is there something wrong with
You tell me.
Vito slides the pictures across the table to Andre and
Michael. They each look at them
Andre whistles his disbelief


Seems these two love birds had
their hands full- with each other.
That's the problem. I don't think
they are "love birds" as you so
kindly put it. I think this guy
was looking for a good time, got
it, and left.
What makes you think this guy
isn't a new boyfriend?
I had feeling he was bad news so I
had one of my men check him out.
The guy is a druggie who makes his
money selling cocaine.
Vito takes a sip of his drink
I want him out of Kelly's life-for
good. She deserves much better
then this filth.
What do you want us to do?
Kill him. I don't ever want to see
him with her again. Just make sure
you do it carefully. I don't have
to remind the two of you how tight
the Feds are riding my ass.
Don't worry Vito, we'll take care
of it no problem.
Good. One more thing. I want Wayne
to accompany the two of you this
time. He knows how to clean up the
mess the two of you are sure to
get into.


Yes. I am going to call him to let
him know the plans as soon as the
two of you leave.
Michael and Andre stand up
Vito, always a pleasure.
Michael and Vito hug
Don't you worry Vito. Michael and
I will take care of your little
Michael and Vito leave through the same door they entered.
Camera stays behind Vito as he watches them leave. Vito
takes one last look at the photos and then angrily rips them
into pieces. He then takes out his cell phone and dials a
                                         CUT TO:
Camera shows a dark bedroom with two people lying in bed.
Camera pans to nightstand where clock reads early morning
time. A cell phone on one of the nightstands lights up and
begins to vibrate. The caller ID on the phone reads
"Unknown". There is some shuffling seen from that side of
the bed, then the phone is answered
Wayne sits up and is now fully awake
Yes sir, I'll be there....What
time?...yes...ok, I'll see what I
can do...Yes, yes I understand- no
Wayne hangs up the phone, places it back on the nightstand,
and pulls the covers back up
Who was that, Wayne?
Work. They need me to go in early


                                         FADE OUT
Scene opens with a shot of Dr. Weinberg's house. We then go
into the room where he is "treating" Brooke and Wayne. All
three of them are standing as they have not yet shaken hands
and been cordially introduced. Dr. Weinberg extends hid hand
first, toward Brooke.
Hello, I'm Dr. Jon Weinberg. And
you must be...?
Brooke. Brooke Elliot. (Brooke
shakes Weinberg's hand) And this
is my husband, Wayne.
Weinberg shakes Wayne's hand.
How are ya?
Ok, I guess.
Good. Well, why don't you both
have a seat (motions to the couch)
and we can get started.
Brooke and Wayne glance at each other and then they sit very
akwardly on opposite sides of the couch. While this is
happening, Weinberg has taken out a pad of paper and a pen.
So, why do both feel you need
Beats the hell outta me.
      (to Weinberg)
(rolls eyes at Wayne) We are here
because I feel that over the past
few months our relationship has
begun to deteriorate.


Weinberg appears to be writing something on his pad of
And how is your sex life? Are you
having sex on a regular basis?
I think that's a little personal.
Now Wayne, how can you expect me
to help you if you won't answer my
I just don't see what my sex life
has to do with anything.
Maybe nothing. Perhaps everything.
I just want the two of you to
feel..comfortable here. I want you
to feel as though you can say
ANYTHING that comes to mind. It's
okay, just let it all out. Brooke,
why don't you explain to me why
you feel your relationship is
'deteriorating', as you so kindly
put it.
During this rant of Brooke's Weinberg can be seen furiously
drawing on his pad. He rarely looks at Brooke throughout the
Ok. I guess I'm angry at Wayne
because he is always leaving town,
sometimes for weeks at a time. And
even when he is home, he might as
well be away what with the amount
of attention he gives me.
Ohh yeah. Yeah,- and how does that
make you feel?


Well I guess I feel like I'm being
taken for granted. I do everything
for him- I wash his clothes, I
cook his food, and I clean his
house. But does he ever thank me?
No, he doesn't.
      (to Brooke, but
       more to himself)
Uhhh-huhh. And how do you feel
about that?
What? Well, it's upsetting to me
to work all day and get zero
response. I wouldn't have a
problem with him leaving so much,
if I could get a "Hi, honey. How
was your day?" or even a "hello".
But no, when Wayne gets home I try
and talk to him, but all he says
is that he is too tired and he
wants just to eat in peace and
then go to bed.
Yesss. And how are you feeling
about that?
Does it make you wanna do things?
What are you talking about? What
Does it make you wanna rip off
your clothes, cover yourself in
chocolate syrup and eat
strawberries dipped in the
chocolate that has begun to sink
into your soft smooth, baby-like
skin? Hmm?
Brooke glances at Wayne. Wayne gets up in a fit of rage.


You sick son of a bitch. (grabs
the pad of paper away from
Weinberg and looks at it) What the
What! What is it?
Wayne drops the pad of paper, Brooke picks it up. Wayne then
punches Weinberg in the face.
Come on Brooke, let's get the hell
out of here. This was a great
idea, by the way.
We see Brooke looking at the pad of paper. She utters a cry
of disbelief then storms out past Wayne.
                                         FADE OUT
Camera shows the sunrise over a city. Camera then shows Max
coming home from his jog. As he enters his home, he notices
a car slowly rolling to a stop across the street with
Michael and Andre in the car. Max does a double take but
acts thinks nothing of it. He heads back inside. Once
inside, Max goes to the window. He sees the same car still
parked outside and begins to pace. After a short time he
heads into his bedroom where he gets a suitcase and lays it
on the bed
Samantha get up.
Samantha doesn't move.
Get up!
We're leaving.
Leaving? Why?


I don't have time to explain. Pack
up your things-now! Let's go,
let's go.
Max, what is going on?
I'll explain everything later.
Right now, you need to do what I
say. Get out of bed and get
dressed. Then pack up everything
you can into this suitcase. Now
Samantha! C'mon, move!
Samantha begins packing. Max lifts up the mattress and sees
Where's my gun?
What gun?
The gun I keep under my mattress.
It's not here.
I...I don't know where it is.
Come on Samantha, think. Think!
It should be under the mattress.
Max drags the mattress off of the bed angrily.
It's not there!
Samantha cowers down in the corner. Max turns to start
looking through a dresser. Samantha sees the gun under the
bed, crawls over and picks it up.
Max continues to look frantically as he shouts to himself...


Of all the things to lose right
now...why did it have to be the
gun? I coulda lost a shirt or even
a little cash, but no- I have to
lose the one thing that will
protect us...
Samantha holds up the gun, offering it to Max. Max grabs
the gun.
Let's go.
Max and Samantha walk out of the bedroom where Irving is
Hey, where you goin?
      (picking up his
Something's come up. I have to
Hey, you never got me those
Samantha and Max leave out the back door
                                         FADE OUT
Camera shows Andre and Michael in their car
I say we just go in there and
shoot his ass.
Just relax. We'll wait a while
longer and see what happens. I'm
sure you'll be able to kill him


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
soon enough.
Brooke pulls up in her car and parks near the gangster's
car. She gets out and heads for the apartment building.
Andre whistles suggestively.
Hey, check her out.
Wayne, get up man, you gotta check
this bitch out!
Wayne remains asleep.
Let the man sleep. Besides, he's
Brooke walks in the apartment front door. Camera cuts to
Brooke's point of view as she walks down the hall to Max's
door. Her hand appears on camera and she knocks on the
door. The door is answered by a woman we haven't seen
before. She is dressed very cute and because of that she
looks as though is she is much younger than she really is.
Oh. Hello. Who are you?
Hi. I'm Brooke-
Brooke? Brooke? That's a funny
Look. I came here looking for-
Ohhh! I get it. You mean like a
babbling brooke. Can I call you
What? Call me what?


Babbling of course. I like that
much better than Brooke. It's
Yea, fine. Call me whatever you
want. Look, is Max around?
As Brooke and Sandra make their way into the apartment,
Irving enters and is surprised to see Brooke.
      (to Brooke)
Hi. Look, is Max here? I just-
      (to Irving)
Irving this is Babbling. Babbling,
this is Irving.
      (to Brooke)
It's very nice to meet
you...uh..Babbling is it?
No, my name is Brooke and if you
could just show me where Max is, I
would very much appreciate it.
Max? Max? I don't know any Max.
      (eyeing Brooke)
Sandra, I think it's time for you
to leave.
Leave? But you promised me-
I know what I said! But I'm afraid
I'm going to have to take a


But...(starts to act as though she
is going to cry) but you
promised...(begins to throw a
I'm sorry Sandra, we'll do it
another time, really we will. But
right now I have to help Brooke,
Sandra thinks for a moment.
Okay. I understand.
Thank you, I knew you would.
Sandra gathers her things and heads out the door.
      (to Sandra)
I'll call you later!
I'll be waiting.
Sandra closes the door. Camera then switches back to Irving
and Brooke.
Now, you were saying something
about wanting to see Max?
Well Brooke I'm afraid he isn't
here right now. You just missed
him. But he should be back real
soon. You're welcome to wait here-
if you'd like.
I don't know...
I just made a pot of coffee. It's
french vanilla.


Well, I guess I have time for a
cup of coffee.
Have a seat.
Brooke sits. Irving takes out a cup.
How do you take it?
Cream no sugar.
Iring makes the coffee and brings it to Brooke and sits
So, what business do you have with
Oh, he's got...something for me.
I see. Just give me one second.
Irving goes in another room and comes back with a bag of
cocaine. He tosses the bag to Brooke.
You mean this?
Yes. Umm...Thank you.
Oh. It's no problem...for such a
beautiful woman as yourself.
Well, I better get going...
Oh, before you go, Max wanted me
to give you something else.
Camera focuses on Brooke's face as she casually sips her
coffee. Irving gets up and walks behind Brooke. You can
see him bend over to pick up something. Irving then hits
Brooke on the back of the head with a hard object, knocking
Brooke forward, unconcious.


                                         FADE OUT
Camera is from Brooke's point of view as she slowly wakes
up. The camera fades in and out of darkness. Camera pans
around the room going in and out of focus. Irving is seen
in a corner preparing a syringe. Camera cuts to show Irving
as he squirts the air out of the needle.
So you're another one of Max's
associates. Ever since I've known
him, he's gotten the good looking
ones, and I've always been stuck
with the shit on the bottom of the
barrel. Well not anymore...you're
mine now.
The camera follows Irving as he walks over to Brooke
revealing that she is tied to a chair with a gag in her
mouth. Irving then sticks the syringe into Brooke's neck.
Brooke erupts with pain.
That was the nematocystic sting
toxin taken from the tentacles of
the Portuguese Man of War. The
toxins that are now entering your
blood stream conatin a complex
mixture of polypeptides and
proteins which cause severe
stinging, burning, and difficulty
of breathing. Tell me, how did
that feel. Painful? Brooke, I
sensed when you walked in the door
that your body was filled with
sin. It flows through your veins
as though it were blood itself. It
surrounds your very being and it
encompasses your soul. You see
Brooke, when a child is born, the
child is filled with purity, but
as the child grows older, sin
begins to take over. Lies,
adultry, theft, and (holds up bag
of cocaine) self destruction all
lead to the impure form that you
have taken on. (pauses) Brooke,
you are here on a very special
night, for tonight is the night
when the spirits of the underworld
shall rise and come to me and
every pure person on the Earth.
They will demand an offering of
impure blood. You Brooke, are the


                       IRVING (cont'd)
impure blood. You are the
offering. But, before the
offering can take place, I must
take it upon myself to prepare you
to their liking. I must purify
you before sundown on this night.
I know you are so far from purity
that I will need to spend a great
deal of time to purify you,
however I am willing to spend as
much time as necessary to prepare
you for the spirits. What you
just felt was the first phase of
the purification process -
purification of the senses. Now
we come to the second phase -
purification of the body.
Brooke continues to whimper.
Camera cuts to Irving's hand and a large chain drops from
it. Irving proceeds to beat Brooke with the chain. She
screams in pain.
Don't fight it Brooke. Next is
phase 3 - purification of the
soul. You must suffer like all of
the others who have suffered
before you.
Irving goes over to the ironing board and picks up a hot
iron. He then burns Brooke on her arm. She howls with
Irving walks over to Brooke as she is screaming and begins
to caress her
Yes! Yes Brooke. Can you feel
that? The fire-like burn as it
scorches your flesh? This is what
it feels like to be pure. To be
one with everything around you.
Brooke is whimpering and begining to cry. Irving begins to
sniff Brooke's hair, taking in deep breaths


Let the pain that you are feeling
encompass you as it slowly sinks
into your body, ridding your very
being of any weakness left within.
Brooke is silent
Are you finished with your moaning
Brooke? Are you calm? Good, then
let us proceed with the fourth
phase - purification of the mind.
Irving walks slowly behind Brooke. He then takes out the
chain, slowly brings it over her head, and quickly wraps it
around her neck, choking her. Brooke passes out after a
                                         FADE OUT
Andre and Michael are sitting in their car talking. Wayne
is still asleep in the backseat.
Hey, you know what I was just
Not a clue. What were you just
I was thinking that if Max wasn't
already seeing that Samantha girl,
I would go for it. She is pretty
good looking.
Man, I have known you for many
years and not once have you been
able to keep something going with
a female for more than a couple of
I had my own reasons for dumping
each and every one of the girls I
have dated, okay?
Alright, alright. I'm just saying
that when you dump a girl because
she believes the Jetson's are real


                       ANDRE (cont'd)
people, you tend to look a little
It wasn't just because she thought
the Jetson's were real. Her hair
smelled too citrusy. Every time I
would lean in to kiss her, it was
like getting punched in the nose
with a bag of limes, lemons, and
Okay, fine. What about the girl
you broke up with because you said
she smelled like rammen noodles?
What was that about?
She did! Her whole body smelled
like a pot of rammen noodles
cooking on the stove. I even
bought her perfume for her
birthday one year, but all that
did was make her smell like a
salted garden.
How about Rachel? What was wrong
with Rachel?
I didn't want to admit it, but
throughout our entire relationship
she continually asked me if I
would try "fire-sex" with her.
What is "fire-sex"?
Apparently, it's when each person
present pours oil all over their
body. Then, a match is lit and
each person lights themselves on
fire, followed, of course, by sex.
What!?....haha..shit man. I would
have paid to see you do that.


I bet you would have enjoyed
watching it too. But what about
What about me?
Your record hasn't exactly been
perfect either.
Name one reason why I broke up
with a girl that remotely
resembles yours and I'll give you
a hundred bucks.
How about Sharice?
What about Sharice? I broke up
with her for logical and
intelligent reasons.
Really? Because I remember you
telling me that you broke with her
because her ass wasn't in
proportion to the rest of her
Damn! I forgot all about that.
I'll take that hundred bucks in
cash please.
You ain't getting shit from me. I
may have broken up with her
because her bodily alignment
wasn't quite right, but that's
still a logical reason.
No it's not. If you're playing the
Jetsons card on me, I am playing
this against you.


Fine. I-shit, what time is it?
Let's go. I've waited long enough.
Wayne, you lazy son of a bitch,
get your ass up!
C'mon, let's go. It's time.
Alright. I'm up.
Camera shows Wayne, Andre, and Michael getting out of the
car and heading to the trunk. Camera goes inside the trunk
to reveal Wayne, Michael, and Andre's faces as it opens.
Michael opens a case with a sniper rifle in it.
Now what are you going to use that
for? You gonna snipe him from 2
feet away?
I think I look good with it.
Michael holds up the rifle to his chest.
Put it away.
Andre and Michael take out handguns and walk into the
apartment building. A loud noise is heard coming from the
direction off in the distance.
What the hell was that?...You two
go check it out, I'll wait for you
at Max's apartment.


Michael and Wayne split away from Andre. They are each seen
walking away from Andre and in opposite directions from each
Camera is from Brooke's point of view as she slowly wakes
up. She sees Irving standing in front of her chanting in
another language out of a book. His face is painted and he
has a robe on. He then slams the book closed and walks out
of the room. After Irving leaves, Brooke begins to struggle
to get free. She has nearly untied the ropes when Irving
walks back in with a bucket of hot water and a cloth.
Well Brooke, we are now in the
fifth and final phase, cleansing.
Irving chants more from the book. He then takes off his
robe revealing a symbol painted on his chest and back. He
begins to dip the cloth in the bucket of water and clean off
the blood from Brooke's face and body.
Camera goes back to Andre who walks down the hall. Each door
number is seen as he passes it. When he gets to Max's
apartment, he notices the door is slightly ajar. Andre looks
down the hall to check for Michael and Wayne, dosn't see
them, so he slowly opens the door.
Camera cuts back to inside Max's apartment
Brooke, you are now purified.
Right now the forces are being
summoned. They will be here very
soon and will take your body away.
And so, Brooke, I bid you
The Camera slowly zooms out as Irving takes out a knife and
holds it to Brooke's neck. Then, Andre's arm raises up with
a gun pointed at Irving. Irving notices Andre in a mirror
and whirls around and takes out a gun that is tucked into
his pants and shoots Andre. Cut to Wayne as he hears the
shot and comes running. Cut back to Andre as he crawls away
in pain. Irving follows closely behind with his gun aimed
at Andre.
Where you goin? Why don't you
stick around for a while.
      (gasping for air)
Fuck you.


Irving raises his gun and a shot is heard. Irving falls to
his knees and then to the ground and the camera pans over to
reveal Wayne aiming a gun at Irving. Wayne moves slowly
over to Andre, passing Irving along the way. Irving jumps
up and cuts Wayne on the arm with a knife. Wayne then
shoots Irving several more times and Irving falls to the
ground dead. Michael comes running up.
It was just some kids...What the
hell happened?
I don't know. This guy was about
to kill Andre.
Michael bends over to check Andre's pulse. Meanwhile, Wayne
notices the open door of Max's bedroom. He slowly
approaches it and peers inside. He notices another cracked
door and is about to open the door.
      (calling from
Wayne, we need to get Andre out of
here. He's bleeding pretty bad.
Wayne walks back to Michael and the two carry Andre off.
                                         FADE OUT
Camera shows a car peeling around a corner then stopping in
a parking lot of an apartment complex. Max and Samantha get
out and run inside. Camera shows the inside of the new
apartment with Max and Samantha in it. Max goes to the
window and looks out.
I think we're safe for now. I
don't think they know we left.
Max- hey, hi. remember me,
Samantha? I would like to know
what is going on here?
Alright alright. Have a seat and
I will explain everything to you.


Samantha sits on the couch as Max begins to explain.
Remember a few weeks ago when you
walked out the door of my
apartment because you felt I had
no direction?
Ok. And then remember how a few
nights after that I found you in
our bed with another man, so I
broke up with you?
Yea. Max, how is any of this
Well, I was so angry at you the
day I found out you were cheating
on me that I went to a party and
got real fucked up. On my way
home, I ran into this woman- Kelly
I think her name was. Well, we got
to talking-for a while and after
that we ended up going to her
place where we...we..
Max, you didn't.
(Max looks down in shame) Yea, we
Samantha rises in anger and turns to leave.
I don't believe this. Here I am
thinking that I was the one at
fault for cheating on you, but I
now I find out that not one day
after we break up, you go and
sleep with the first woman you


Will you calm down? I forgave you,
you can do the same for me.
Besides, there's more.
Ohh great..
Just sit down and let me finish
Yea, fine.
Samantha sits back down. Max continues.
As it turns out, Kelly has a very
powerful father.
Powerful? How?
He's the head of a local gang and
apparently he had someone watching
Kelly the day that I met her. He
knows that I had sex with his
daughter and now he's out to get
me. I don't know exactly how many
guys he's got, but I know there
are at least two. I saw them pull
up when I got back from jogging.
Oh Max.
No, don't be scared Samantha. It's
going to be okay. I have already
made arrangements for us to leave
Where will we go?
Out of the country. This guy-
Kelly's father, wants me dead. So
I am going to get as far away from
him as possible.


But Max, what if something
Everything will be fine, okay? Why
don't you go try and get some
sleep. It's still early in the
You'll be fine. I'm right here. Go
ahead, get some rest.
Are you sure?
Yes Samantha. Go.
Samantha leaves the room. Max makes a pot of coffee then
settles down on the couch to watch some t.v.
                                         FADE OUT
Vito is sitting in the same spot as before. He again has a
drink in front of him which he is slowly sipping. Camera
shows the faces of Andre and Michael, but Vito is not seen.
He is only heard.
I don't want to hear some lame-ass
excuse as to why the two of you
did not do what I asked. I thought
I made it very clear that you were
to drive to Max's apartment, kill
him, and then leave. That was all
you had to do, yet somehow it
didn't happen. I don't think the
two of you truly understand the
frustration I am going through
right now in knowing that fucker
is still alive. However, you two
have been with me for many years
now and have always done what I
have asked of you without much
question. I have taken that into
consideration. I am going to offer


                       VITO (cont'd)
you a chance at redemption, a
chance to right your most recent
wrong. I want you two to go to
Max's new place and kill him
there. I don't care how you do it,
but I want it done within 48
hours. You follow?
Yea, Vito. We got it.
Where is his new place?
Vito produces a piece of paper which he slides across the
table to Michael and Andre. Andre picks it up, looks at it,
then gives it to Michael. Michael looks at it then puts it
in a pocket.
I know where that is. I got a
cousin who lives over in that
area. Tomorrow, we'll head out
there and check it out. Next day,
we'll go back and kill Max.
That's what I want to hear. I'll
call Wayne and tell him to meet
you there. Now, if you both will
excuse me, I have a very important
meeting to attend with the chief
of police.
Vito gets up and starts to walk away. He turns around.
Remember gentlemen, 48 hours. I
want this son of a bitch dead!
Andre finishes the rest of his drink in one swig.
Looks like we got our work cut out
for us.
Michael sighs then drinks the rest of his drink in one swig.
Yea we do.
Michael and Andre walk to the door and leave.


                                         FADE OUT
Max and Samantha are in bed sleeping. It is almost 6:30 in
the morning. Suddenly Samantha sits bolt upright in bed. She
is breathing heavy as though she just awoke from a
Max continues to sleep. He also snores a little bit.
Max! Wake up!
Max is still sleeping.
Samantha begins to shake Max in a desperate attempt to wake
What! What is it?
I heard a noise- a bang.
Yeah. So?
So I think there is someone in the
Oh come on Sam, it was probably
just that drunk guy from across
the hall- he always bumps into his
door before he actually opens it.
No Max, it sounded much closer-
like it came from in our


Sam, it's 6:30 in the morning.
Can't this wait a few hours?
No Max.
Ok. Fine. What do you want me to
Go check it out. See if there is
anyone out there.
Alright. I'm going, I'm going.
Max slowly gets out of bed, stretches, then walks to his
closet where he pulls out a bat. He then turns and walks out
of the room.
Be careful!
Camera follows Max as he first turns on the lights then
walks slowly down the hallway. Suddenly, we see that there
really are people in the apartment. Sitting in the living
room are two FBI agents. One is smoking a cigarette and both
are holding drinks. They are dressed in matching drab suits
and neither looks to be in a smiling mood. As Max rounds the
corner, he appears not to notice them. He instead goes to
the nearest light switch and turns on the lights. The agents
are now in full view.
                       AGENT 1
Mr. Hays.
After hearing this voice, Max whips around and readies the
bat. He is clearly on edge and very nervous.
Who are you and what do you want?
                       AGENT 2
We are agents from the Federal
Bureau of Investigations. I'm
agent Sanderson and this (motions
to Agent 1) is Agent Hicks.
Max says nothing and does nothing. He is in too much shock
to even move.


                       AGENT 1
I hope you don't mind that we
helped ourselves to a drink. Would
you care for one?
Uhhh...yea..sure...yes please, no,
yes, who are you again?
Agent 2 rises to get Max a drink.
                       AGENT 1
As Agent Sanderson said, we are
agents from the FBI. We just want
to ask you a few questions.
About what?
Agent 2 has returned with the drink for Max. He hands Max
the drink and returns to his seat.
                       AGENT 2
Vito Lombardi.
Max sits down opposite the Agents and begins to sip his
I don't know Vito Lombardi.
                       AGENT 1
But you do know his daughter.
What's that supposed to mean?
                       AGENT 2
Mr. Hays, we know all about what
you did with Vito's daughter.
I don't know what you are talking
about. And you know what, I'm
starting to get a little angry at
the two of you. You can't just
come barging into my house and
start accusing me of things I
didn't do!
Agent 1 produces a manilla envelope and hands it to Max.


                       AGENT 1
I think you better take a look at
Max takes the envelope and slowly opens it. He is amazed to
find pictures of Kelly and him.
What the hell? How did you-?
                       AGENT 2
Mr. Hays, we are not here to
accuse you of anything. We just
need you to answer a few questions
for us.
Alright. I think I can-
Suddenly Samantha emerges looking very scared and carrying a
baseball bat ready to strike down at any minute.
Max, what is going on? (she
notices the Agents and takes in a
sharp breath) Who are they?
The Agents rise and introduce themselves.
                       AGENT 1
Ma'am, we're agents from the FBI.
I'm Agent Hicks (motions to Agent
2), and this is Agent Sanderson.
Both Agents sit as quickly as they stood.
Oh. Lovely to meet you. (to Max)
What the hell are they doing here?
Relax Sam, they just want to ask
me a few questions.
What about?
Vito Lombardi.
But, you don't know him...do you?


No no, of course not. Why don't
you sit down. They were just about
to explain everything to me.
Samantha gets a drink then sits down next to Max.
                       AGENT 2
Mr. Hays, I am sure you remember
some of the details from your
little fling with Kelly Lombardi.
You know, the parking lot you were
in, what she was wearing, what
kind of car she was driving, those
types of things.
Yeah, maybe I do. So what?
                       AGENT 1
Well, what you may not remember
are all of the FBI agents you
passed while you were with Ms.
FBI agents?
                       AGENT 2
You see Max, Vito Lombardi is a
criminal. Not just any criminal,
but a criminal who happens to be
on the Bureau's top ten most
wanted list.
                       AGENT 1
So it would only make sense for us
to keep an eye on him and anyone
he comes in contact with on a
regular basis.
So there were agents watching us
the entire time?
                       AGENT 2
Yes Max. That is correct.
Well I hope they got a good show.
Max glances at Samantha but says nothing.


                       AGENT 1
Any information you can give us
may greatly help our
Both Agents adjust their positions and Agent 2 produces a
                       AGENT 2
You mind if we record this
conversation? It's just easier
than taking notes.
No- go ahead.
The "record" button is pushed.
                       AGENT 1
This is Agents Hicks and
Sanderson. We are questioning Max
Hays about the wherabouts and
other valid information on Vito
Lombardi. Mr. Hays, when you were
with Vito's daughter, Kelly, did
she mention anything about her
Yes, she did.
                       AGENT 1
Do you remember what she said?
Yea. She told me that he was a
very rich and powerful man, and
that I couldn't tell anybody
about...about our "fling" or he
would have me killed. She didn't
say anything else.
                       AGENT 2
Mr. Hays, at any time while you
were with Kelly, did she mention
anything about her father's


No. I'm sorry, she never said
anything about where her father
                       AGENT 1
Did she at any time talk about any
plans her father had for the
                       AGENT 2
Deals, hits, that kind of thing.
No- nothing like that.
Agent 1 leans forward and turns off the recorder.
                       AGENT 1
Mr. Hays, there is one other
matter we would like to discuss
with you.
                       AGENT 2
We would like you to be our eyes
and ears around Vito. We believe
that if you could somehow become
Kelly's girlfriend, you would have
unlimited access to Vito.
Max rises in surprise.
Woa woa woa! You want me to do
                       AGENT 1
We want you to be our inside man.
But why me? Don't you have guys
who are trained for this shit?
                       AGENT 2
Yes, we do. But you are the only
person that we know of who has
come that close to Vito and still
has a chance at going back.


What makes you think I will?
                       AGENT 1
Two things. Money and drugs. We
are prepared to offer you a large
sum of money if you choose to do
this. We also know that you have
been in possession of cocaine for
a long time now. We are ready to
make all our evidence of that
                       AGENT 2
Just like that. (snaps his
Max refills his glass and takes his place on the couch
What would I have to do?
Max! You're not actually
considering this, are you?
I don't know, Samantha. Let's just
see what I would have to do and go
from there.
                       AGENT 2
Max, we need you to start a
relationship with Kelly Lombardi.
Before each time you go to see
her, we will equip you with a
small microphone. Eventually, you
will be able to get closer to
Vito, and hopefully, you can get
him to admit to at least one of
his crimes. Then we would come in,
arrest him, and you would be free
to leave.
                       AGENT 1
It's very simple really.
You know, "simple" wasn't the
first word that came to mind. Why
don't you give me some time to
think this all over, and I'll get


                       MAX (cont'd)
back to you.
                       AGENT 2
Sounds good.
Max abruptly stands and extends his hand. Both agents follow
suit and stand as well. They button their coats and shake
hands with Max.
                       AGENT 1
Mr. Hays.
                       AGENT 2
I expect we'll be hearing from you
Max goes to the door and opens it for the Agents. The Agents
walk out and Max closes the door. He then refille his glass
and sits down next to Samantha.
Max, you can't do this. It's just
too dangerous.
But think of what they're prepared
to offer me- a shit load of money
and all evidence of my coke
It's not worth it.
Why not?
Because Max....you could be
Killed? I don't think so. Why
would Vito kill me? I-
Just listen for a minute. Let's
say you decide to go along with
this little scheme. And for the
first few weeks it's going well


                       SAMANTHA (cont'd)
and Vito suspects nothing. But
then, one day, you slip and say
something you shouldn't have and
Vito becomes suspicious. Then he
has you checked out and finds the
mic. What the hell do you think
he's going to do Max?...tell you
he's proud of you for making it so
long without him noticing? He's
going to fucking kill you the
minute he finds something out he
doesn't like.
I know that Sam. Don't you think
I've already thought about that?
But what if he doesn't notice
anything and I'm able to help the
FBI by giving them what they want?
Think about it...we could take the
money, buy a nice house, and
settle down. I could get a real
job and we could start over
together, no more drugs. Don't
you see Sam, if I go through with
this and it works, we could have
the life we always dreamed of
But Max...
No Samantha. I made up my mind. I
am going to do this.
(seems to not take the news very
well) Max. Promise me one thing?
Promise me you'll be careful- I
kinda love you, you know.
I love you too Sam.
Max leans in and kisses Samantha. He then picks up the phone
and dials the number on the card.


Is this Agent Sanderson?
Yea...it's Max Hays....Yes, I'm
going to do it. Thank you. Ok,
I'll talk to you then.
Max hangs up the phone and stares at it. We can feel his
Max, I'm going back to sleep. Are
you comming?
Yeah. I'll be there in a little
while. And don't worry. It's all
going to turn out fine.
      (glances at Max)
Yeah..I know.
Samantha heads back to the bedroom. Max sits on the couch
and turns on the tv.
Brooke and Wayne enter via the house-to-garage door. Brooke
is wearing the same clothes she wore when she was tortured
as is Wayne. Brooke also has a blanket wrapped around her
and she is holding it very tightly. She is walking slowly
and deliberately.
Wait. Let's stop for a second. I
need to rest.
Wayne leads Brooke to a chair where he helps her to sit
How are you holding up? You doin
ok, Brooke?
My head hurts real bad. Wayne,
could you get me some Tylenol?
Yeah. I'll be right back.


Wayne walks into a bathroom where he goes to a shelf and
pulls out a bottle of pills. He takes out two pills and then
goes to the kitchen where he gets a glass of water. He then
brings both to Brooke.
Here you go. (He hands her the
Thanks Wayne. (She puts the pills
in her mouth and drinks them
down)What time is it?
Quarter to ten.
Brooke tries to get up but stumbles and falls back into the
Woa woa woa! Where do you think
you're going?
Wayne, I have to get to work. I
have a big project I have to
You're not going anywhere Brooke.
Remember what the Doctor said,
nothing but rest for the next two
to three weeks.
(sighs) I know. (pause) Wayne,
will you take me to bed now? I'm
really tired.
Yeah. Here we go. (he lifts her
out of the chair as they begin to
slowly walk up the stairs)
At this point, we see Brooke slowly shaking as she begins to
seizure heavily on the stairs. As blood begins to pour out
of her nose and vomit out of her mouth, we also see
flashbacks of the needle being stabbed into her body. After
a couple minutes, she lies still.
Brooke! Brooke!


Wayne quickly grabs Brooke and carries to the family room
where he sets her down on the floor and begins giving her
Come on Brooke! Don't leave me
Brooke, stay with me. Stay with me
Suddenly Brooke begins coughing as she spits up the vomit
left in her mouth. We then hear a knock on the door. Wayne
scrambles to his feet to answer it.
      (very weak)
Wayne, don't leave me.
Wayne goes back and sits with Brooke. We then hear more
knocking as we are shown the two FBI agents who are knocking
on the front door.
                       AGENT 1
FBI! Open up!
                       AGENT 2
We know that you're in there Mr.
Camera goes back to Wayne where we see that he is obviously
struggling internally- should he stay with his wife and turn
himself in or leave her so he won't be caught? After
thinking for a moment, he turns to Brooke.
I'm sorry Brooke.
Wayne gets up and leaves out the garage door just as the
front door is kicked in by the FBI agents.
Wa- Way- (she is unable to get the
full name out)
We see Wayne's car as it leaves the house and travels down
the street.
Samantha is sleeping in the bedroom. The conversation from
Scene 2 is taking place in the other room. Samantha slowly
wakes up, gets out of bed, and puts on a shirt and pants.
She then walks out into the hallway. Clips from scene 2 are


played alternately with Samantha walking as she walks into
the kitchen where she is shot in the head. Remaining
conversation from Scene 2 takes place from Max's point of
                                         FADE OUT
Andre and Michael are in their car. Michael is driving while
Andre is staring at him.
You do realize you shot someone
other than Max, right?
She startled me.
She startled you? So, you're
telling me that every time
something startles you, you have
to shoot it? Damn, don't ever
invite me to go hunting with your
It was an accident.
Yea, I'm sure it was. Have fun
explaining that to Vito.
Michael turns on the radio. Rap music is played.
Mmmm, mmmm, some soul music.
Shut that shit off.
A short pause.
Camera cuts to outside the car as the car is driving away.
Man, I'm starving. You wanna get
some breakfast?
Yeah, sure.


Camera zooms out to show the car driving away. Camera then
shows the MAN and the WOMAN dressed in hitch hiking attire
standing up ahead.
Stop the car man.
Why? I thought we were going to
get something to eat.
We will, but first you gotta pick
these people up.
Why do I gotta pick these people
up? They're bums, I don't want
them in my car.
Just do it.
Alright. Fine.
Camera shows the car slowing from the MAN and WOMAN's point
of view.
Look. I think this car is going to
stop for us. You remember what we
talked about?
Of course I do.
Good. (rubs nose with WOMAN) I
love you Baby doll.
I love you too.
The car rolls to a stop right in front of the MAN and the
WOMAN. Andre's window goes down.
(leans into the window) 'Scuse me
sir, would you mind giving us a


Where you two going?
Merth. It's a town about ten miles
east of here. You think you could
give us a lift?
Yea, get in the back.
Thank you.
MAN and WOMAN gather their bags and place them in the trunk
which has been popped by Michael. They then get into the car
and sit in the back seats- MAN behind Andre and WOMAN behind
      (extends his hand)
The name's Finn. Oliver Finn. And
this here is my wife Lucinda.
The pleasure is all mine. I'm
Andre and this is Michael.
How do you do?
So, what brings you to our town,
Oh little of this, little of that.
After we were both released from
prison, they told us we had 48
hours to leave the country or else
we would be executed.
An akward silence settles in as nobody dares say anything
for a while. Then, the MAN bursts out laughing. Soon Andre
joins in as well.
Shit, man, you really had me goin'
there for a second. I thought you
were serious about that shit.


The MAN continues to laugh way too hard.
Yea, and I bet you thought I was
going to pull a gun on you, didn't
As a matter of fact I did.
The MAN is still laughing too hard. He then becomes suddenly
serious as both he and the WOMAN pull out guns.
Well Andre, it turns out you were
What the hell-
Shut the fuck up and drive the
car. Keep both hands on the
steering wheel. You, Andre, both
hands on the dashboard where I can
see them. And if either of you try
anything, we will not hesitate to
blow your fucking brains out. Baby
doll, if you'd be so kind...
The WOMAN reaches around the seats and takes both Michael
and Andre's guns.
      (whispering into
       Andre's ear)
Don't fight it sugar-it'll all be
over soon. (She then rubs her hand
down Andre's thigh as she sits
She gives the guns to the MAN who sets them down next to
The MAN lights up a cigarette and continues talking.
Right then- turn left up ahead the
take an immedite right. When you
see a white house with numbers
74862 pull into the driveway. Got


Nobody says anything and this upsets the MAN.
I said do we fucking got it?
Yea, I got it.
Good. Andre, would you mind
turning on the radio.
What do you want to hear?
Anything classical. It helps keep
me calm.
You got it.
Andre begins adjusting the tuner in the car until he finds
classical music.
This ok with you, Oliver?
Bloody magnificent.
Well good. You know I only want
you to be happy.
Shut the hell up. You and your
damn jokes.
Yea, me and my damn jokes. Arite,
check this one out, tell me what
you think. Ok, so there are three
men stranded on an island. One is
Irish, one is American, and one is
Russian. Well, one day one of the
men happens upon a magic lamp that
when rubbed lets out a geenie. The
geenie tells each man that he can
have one wish and one with only.
The Irish man goes first. He
wishes to be placed in a bar near
his hometown in Ireland- and poof-
he's there. Then the American goes


                       ANDRE (cont'd)
and he wishes for a plane to come
and fly him to the mainland- and
poof- a plane comes and picks him
up and takes him to the mainland.
Finally its the Russian's turn.
After thinking about it for a
little while, the he says-
That's enough! Either you shut up
right now, or I put a bullet in
your back.
Alright Oliver. No need to get
testy, I hear ya.
Camera shows the car from the outside as it pulls into the
driveway of a house.
Pop the trunk.
Camera goes back to the outside of the car where the trunk
is shown as it is popped open. Then, the doors opan and
Andre and Michael get out as do the MAN and WOMAN. The MAN
and WOMAN are pointing ther guns into the backs of Andre and
Michael. Both parties walk to the back of the car as the MAN
and WOMAN take their bags. Everyone then walks inside the
When Oliver and Lucinda enter the house they both drop their
bags immediately. Lucinda continues pointing the gun at
Michael but she also points it at Andre because Oliver
leaves to go grab a beer. Lucinda follows Michael and Andre
into one of the main rooms of the house. Michael comes back
from the kitchen with a beer in eahc of his hands. He offers
one to Lucinda. She takes it and slowly sips it.
Two of you, strip down to your
underwear. Then get on your knees.
Do it...NOW!
To our underwear?


That's right. Now get a move on!
Michael and Andre slowly begin to take off their suits.
Finally, they are standing in nothing but their boxers. They
then slowly sink to ther knees and place their hands on
their head.
Okay Baby doll, I think I can take
over from here.
Oliver sets down his beer. As he speaks he slowly walks
towards Michael and Andre.
The two of you are here for one
and only one reason. Either of you
care to take a guess as to what
that reason might be?
Well I'm no expert, but I would
say that you're filming a gay porn
and you want two fine looking
gentlemen such as oursleves to be
in it.
Oliver takes out his gun and pistol-whips Andre in the head.
Andre falls over and groans from the pain.
You just don't get it do you?
(after each word he kicks Andre)
Andre lies still. He is in too much pain to move. Oliver
pulls out his pack of cigarettes and a lighter and lights
The reason the two of you have
been brought here is simple-
money. We want it and you have it.
So, you're going to pay us an
incredibly high sum of money, and
in return, we'll walk out the door
as though nothing happened.
And what if we don't?


Oliver moves so that he is right in front of Michael. Then
he crouches down and gets so close to Michael that Michael
can smell the beer on Oliver's breath. oliver takes long
drag and then exhales the smoke into Michael's face.
      (almost whispered)
If you don't pay the money, and I
mean ALL the money that we ask,
you're going to feel more pain and
endure more suffering than you
thought humanly possible. If you
don't pay what we ask, you're
going to wish you were dead by the
time we get done with you.
Andre wakes up and begins laughing hysterically.
What's so funny?
You expect me to believe that you,
Lucinda, are going to inflict pain
on me?
Lucinda walks to where Andre is lying. She lies down on top
of Andre in a very seductive way. Andre is not sure how to
react to this situation. The WOMAN then takes her hand and
begins to slowly drag it along Andre's chest moving
I think you'll find I can be very
(drags her hand lower), very (her
hand is now out of the shot near
Andre's crotch) painful (she
punches Andre hard in the crotch).
Oh shit!
Now before I go any further and in
doing so waste valuable oxygen on
the two of you, I'm going to ask
you both a question...though I
think I already know the answer.
Are you going to pay the money or


Andre looks at Michael. He is clearly in too much pain to
talk and wants Michael to speak for them. He shakes his
No Oliver, we aren't going to pay
you or your psycho-bitch wife a
fuckin dime.
I thought not. Oh well. (looks at
the floor as though he is truly
depressed for a moment). No
matter, Lucinda and I will still
have our fun. (to Lucinda) You
ready Baby doll?
Lucinda moves very close to Oliver and they begin to rub
noses again.
      (very quietly)
I'm ready if you're ready.
Excellent. Then which one shall we
start with? I'll let you decide
Baby doll.
Why don't you start with him
(motions to Michael). I wanna sit
here with Andre for a minute.
Sounds good Baby doll. Michael, on
your feet, let's go!
Oliver points his gun directly at Michael as Michael gets to
his feet. Oliver then leads Michael into another room. The
door is shown as it is slammed shut.
Looks like it's just you and me,
Andre ("Andre" is said
Yea, ain' that a bitch.
Me or the situation?


Oh Andre, don't be a fool. You
oughta be treatin me real nicely
ya know. I could kill you at any
Yea, but you won't.
Why not? No one's stopping me. I
could kill you right now.
You ain't goning to kill me now
because you and your wacko husband
want to have your fun with me
So you were listening. I thought
my little "love tap" had knocked
you out cold.
Shit, how weak do you think I am?
Let's find out.