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by Tariq (lustluxury.forever@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Mini-Movie. :)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Welcome to the ruins at Spell
Heights, located in Aberdeen,
Scotland. It’s been said that
these ruins used to be visited by
the Dark Wizards of the past,
conjuring spirits to wreak havoc
on the world. During
Grindelwald’s reign, villagers
said that they saw shadows moving
around, stealthily. More recent
reports, dated just this week, say
those shadows have returned…
[laughing] Where'd you hear THAT
from, Cala? Loony Lovegood?
No! Rumors are everywhere! You
just need to get connections to
find out if they're true.
Guys, go stand over there so I can
film you. [Clears throat] We three
have been brave enough to come
here and take a look at what may
or may not be occurring at these
ruins. I am Caleb Stenson, a 5th
Year Gryffindor at Hogwarts School
for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In
front of me are Jillian Tulsy, a
6th Year Hufflepuff, and Chester
Bradford, a 5th Year Hufflepuff.
We shall fearlessly explore these
ruins for evidence of recent use.
What!? You never said that when
you told me about this! You said
we'd come, look, and leave! C'mon,
we're here, we filmed...now let's


                       JILLIAN; (cont'd)
No! Look, treat this like a
documentary. You don't see the
professionals randomly running
away when they are the slightest
bit scared! [mutters] I'll have to
try and edit this part out.
[louder] Right Chester? You
aren't scared, huh?
Uh, yeah...right! Everything's
fine, Jillian! Let's just keep
Yeah, but when was the last time
you saw a wizard's death in the
muggle post?
C'mon, we would've been told about
something if someone died here,
wouldn't we? ....wait, we would,
Urgh, I should've brought other
Oh, nothing. Let's just keep
[Sees three people in cloaks
around a cup of what looks like
blood] Holy shit, guys, get down!
What? Why? What's wrong!?
Just get down!


Oh my god, can we please leave
now!? PLEASE!
Yeah, Cala. I mean this is really
great footage and all, but what if
they see us?
Cala shushes the two, but then her footslips against the
ground, causing a loud thud sound. One of the men turn to
look at them.
Oh, I'm soo leaving! I AM LEAVING!
[Starts to get up and back away]
No! You can't just leave us!
[grabs her arm]
The man has been walking forward towards the group, his wand
pointed towards them. He sees Caleb and quickly Stupefy's
him. The camera falls and all you can see is the men in the
circle in the background and the feet of the man who is
attacking the kids. Jillian breaks free of Chester's grip
and runs but the man kills her with an Avada Kedevra.
Chester just sits there, wide eyed and starts to scurry
away, but he doesn't get far before the man kills him as
well. The attacker's feet stop right in front of the camera,
but then there is a commotion from the circle behind him.
He moves out of the way and it can now be seen that there is
a new man standing in the center of the group, where the cup
of blood once was.
I have arisen, and no one, not
even that fool Dumbledore, can
keep me from reinstating the Third


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From Sven Date 6/5/2008 ****
Very well written screenplay. This should be made into a short film.

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