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by Steven Schonfeld (sch3006@optonline.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
While walking home from a Grateful Dead concert some years ago, hot tempered Dan Low was murdered while trying, unsuccessfully to save someone else. Unjustly convicted of the murder, Dan must spend all eternity trapped at the murder scene. His teenage son, Six journeys through his father's past in search of the truth to free his father's soul.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


DAN LOW is sitting on a fallen tree in a wooded area of a
typical Long Island suburb. He is facing a little league
ball field. He has a scowl on his face. It's been there so
long he doesn't even realize it. He was you're classic angry
young man. He's mellowed some but the scowl remains. He is
wearing a Nike jacket with an obvious blood stain on the
chest. Dan is dead.
                       DAN (V.O.)
I was thirty five years old when
it happened. I guess I still am.
Things were finally getting on
track. Decent job, decent pay,
great wife and kid. Then suddenly,
like that it's gone. So many years
already, my god. Well anyway, I
might just be getting out of here
soon. Don't get me wrong, it could
have been worse. I know I'm dead
and all and I feel like crap that
I did this to my family. I know I
let them down. Made life harder
for them than it should have been.
I can't change that. At least I
got to see my boy grow up a
little. He actually comes to talk
to me. I don't know how he knows
I'm here but he does.Too bad he
had to listen to all that crap
about me. Some of it was true I
guess. I'm no angel, believe me.
But that night, that fuckin night.
I couldn't have just minded my own
business. I guess I wanted to do
the right thing. I could have
easily just run the other way. I
had what you would call a slight
reputation in town as a hot head.
I thought maybe I could change
that but once again it backfired
on me. Ah, it doesn't matter.
What's done is done. I knew my
boy, Six, would figure out the
truth. Let me start from the


Dan is waiting out front still dressed in his chef's
uniform. The school bus pulls up. The driver waves hello.
Dan waves back. Eight year old SIX LOW is half way out of
his seat before the bus comes to a stop. It finally
screeches to a stop and Six bounds out of his seat. The
driver pulls the handle and the door opens.
                       BUS DRIVER
Hi Mr. Low
See ya.
                       BUS DRIVER
Bye Six. See you tomorrow.
Six jumps without hesitation into Dan's arms. Dan takes
Six's backpack and carries him to the house.
Hey buddy, how was school?
It was great.
You sure you're my kid?
Could we go to the fields? Could
you hit me some grounders?
Do you have homework?
Just one thing. I promise I'll do
it as soon as we get home.
You know mom's going to kill me if
you don't.
I promise I will.
Alright, just let me change my
Six squirms out of Dan's arms and runs into the house.


Dan grabs a ball from a large bucket and hits fairly hard
grounders to Six who is playing shortstop.
Come on Six you have to step
toward your target when you throw.
Scoop it up, step forward and
throw in one motion. You can't
throw flat footed. Come on hit the
Dan points to the bucket on home plate. He hits a hard
grounder to Six. Six glides over and gets his body in front
of the ball, scoops it into his glove, steps toward the
target and makes a perfect throw.
That's it Six baby. Beautiful. I
love it.
Six smiles and gets ready for another one.
NORMAN BOODY, the local go to guy for anything shady, drives
his eight year old son, JOHN BOODY and faithful sidekick,
BUDDY GRECHO, another shady character but with less brains
than a walnut, to little league practice.
Everyone knows about practice?
I made all the calls. Everyone
said they can make it.
Dad did you reserve the field?
Forget that. Who's gonna kick us
Norm, we may need a little extra
help tonight.


I know, there's a Grateful Dead
show tonight. Thank god for the
Grateful Dead, right?
Who am I workin with tonight?
Otto and the new guy, Freddy.
What exactly do you do anyway?
We sell stuff.
Tee shirts and hats, right Buddy?
Could I get one?
What he means is they won't fit
you, you're too small. Oh good,
the rest of the guys are here
Looks like someone's on the field
I told you we should have reserved
the field.
Shut up Johnny!
You had enough yet?
A few more dad.


Okay one more. Make it good.
Dan lays down a slow roller. Six charges the ball, bare
hands it and makes a perfect throw.
Okay, collect the balls.
The cars empty out.
Okay boys take the field.
Hey. Hey.What's going on? We're
playing here!
We got the fields now.
Says who?
The kids take the field. John stands right in front of Six.
Norman starts hitting hard grounders to the kids.
Hey what the hell is goin on?
Hey kid you better move or you're
gonna get hurt.
Dad let's go.
You stay right there Six.
We got the fields now pal.
I don't think so.


He don't think so Norm. He's
pretty funny.
Dan, who stands just shy of six feet tall,one hundred and
eighty five pounds with the body of a once gifted athlete
with well toned biceps, broad shoulders and a thin waist,
drops his bat and goes nose to nose with Buddy, who is about
the same height as Dan, but scrawnier. John drops his glove
and pushes Six.
Dad. Please. I don't want to play
anymore anyway. Let's just go.
Dan seethes for a few seconds then picks up his bat and
walks away.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Okay Six collect the balls.
Dan takes the bat and Six's glove then stops for a moment
and stares at Norm and Buddy then walks toward some benches
in the shade while Six collects the balls and puts them in
the bucket.
Dan whistles the family whistle very loudly. Six hears it
and runs to him with the bucket of balls in his hand and a
big smile on his face.
How do you whistle so loud?
Like this.
Dan lets out a loud whistle.
Can you teach me? Who taught you?
You think I can do it?


I learned from this kid Peter
Minnini when I lived in Brooklyn.
He had the loudest whistle
How did you learn? You have to be
the loudest whistler in the world!
No, this kid Peter Minnini was. He
would enter contests all over
Brooklyn and he would win. He was
louder than all of the grown-ups.
You should enter a contest. You
would definitely win.
Nah, I'm too old for that now.
It's a young man's sport.
Did they really have contests dad?
Yeah sure they did. I remember
this one they had at the hand ball
courts at Avenue P Park.
Everything is very colorful and exaggerated. Cars are big
and black. Women are wearing gowns. Men are in tuxedos and
three piece suits.

Thirteen year old Dan is in the crowd of men and women. The
men are making bets with each other. A dais is set up on a
platform in the middle of the hand ball courts. Three adult
men and Peter Minnini are sitting at the dais. An M.C. steps
to the podium.
Welcome to the tenth annual
Loudest Whistling Contest in
beautiful Avenue P Park in lovely


                       M.C. (cont'd)
Brooklyn New York. I'd like to go
over the rules even though you've
all been here before, except for a
new young fellow here.
The M.C. looks confused because of the young age of Peter
Minnini. He covers his mouth and is seen talking to a group
of judges. Two of the judges are in a heated discussion for
a few moments.
Yes yes we have a newcomer. Try
not to get hurt son. Now just some
rules that most of you are
familiar with. Rule one, each
whistle can not last longer than
seven seconds but must be more
than five seconds. Our timekeeper,
as always is DOMINICK MIO of Mio's
Deli on Bay Parkway. Stand up and
take a bow Dominick.
Salami, yellow American and
mustard, a dollar twenty five.
Okay okay sit down Dominick. Rule
number number two, no more that
two fingers in your mouth at a
time and they must be your own
The crowd roars with laughter.
Rule number three, the decision of
the judges is final. The judges
are, myself, Dominick Mio and
police officer, Vito Deleonipus.
The judges stand and take a bow. The crowd goes wild in
Okay let's have our first
contestant. He is a clerk at Mio's
Deli, Brooklyn champ the last
three years, and our biggest hope
for this year's tri-county
contest, a man who needs no
introduction, twenty six year old,


Antonio gets up and raises both fists in triumph to a
smattering of applause and some muffled boos. He
accidentally on purpose bumps into Peter and knocks him
down. He helps Peter up and whispers in his ear.
Don't even think about it.
      (With a big
       innocent smile
       whispers back)
Go fuck yourself.
Steam literally comes out of Antonio's ears.
Okay Antonio, whenever you're
Antonio lets out a loud whistle. His father smiles with
      (shaking his head
       and sticking a
       finger in his ear
       to regroup)
Okay Antonio, that was brilliant.
Antonio flexes his bulging biceps.
Contestants two and three go on and do their whistles.
We'll announce a winner in a few
                       VOICE FROM THE CROWD
How about the kid?
Others from the crowd agree.
Okay let's get this formality over
with. Our last contestant, a local
kid, Peter Minnini.
Peter goes to the podium. He puts his fingers in his mouth.
Takes a deep breath and BLOWS. The crowd is blown away -
toupees go flying. Women's dresses are blown over their
heads. Men's bow ties spin.


Did he win? Did he?
Of course he won. He was the
And he taught you how to whistle?
Dan grabs Six and tickles him. They both fall to the ground
and play wrestle.
Will you teach me how to whistle?
When you get a little older.
How old? When?
Soon. Real soon.
DEBBI LOW, Six's mother, pulls into the parking lot and
walks over to Dan and Six.
Hey can I join the fun?
Six runs to her and they hug. Dan walks over and they give
each other a sweet kiss hello.
Did you know that daddy's friend
won whistling contests and that he
taught daddy how to whistle and
he's going to teach me soon?
Debbi gives Dan a curious look. Dan fights back a laugh.
Really, that's great. I didn't
know that.


Yeah, his name was Peter something
and he was the loudest whistler in
Brooklyn and he was dad's friend.
I don't remember this kid. Daddy
has to refresh my memory.
Mommy was too young to remember
him. I'll tell her about him
A baseball comes toward them.
A little help.
Dan picks up the ball and throws it toward Norman but way
over his head and into the parking lot.
Why'd you do that dad?
Oh, it must have slipped.
Dan, come on. What happened?
Something happened.
They told us it was their field
and made us leave.
They didn't make us leave. We were
going anyway.
Debbie, they just came over and
told us it's their field. How
could it be their field? I'll meet
you at the car, I want to go and
say goodbye to them.
Dan don't. Please.


Come on dad let's just go.
Dan stands there for a few seconds trying to calm down. He
takes a few deep breaths.
Okay. Let's just go.
Dan grabs the bucket of balls, his bat and glove. Six jumps
on his back and Debbi locks arms with Dan as they walk to
the parking lot. Dan stares at Norman and Buddy but doesn't
say a word. Dan and Six get into Dan's car and Debbi gets
into hers.
Present day. Three teenage boys, Six Low, his best friend
GENTLE HERBIE, a large, overweight seventeen year old and
John Boody, also seventeen and Six's baseball teammate, are
hanging out drinking beer and smoking pot.
Come on Six pass it over already.
Relax John.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Six you have been holding that
joint for about ten minutes
Really? Then here take it.
What's your problem Six? you look
like you seen a ghost.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Leave him alone John.
He knows I'm just kiddin. Right
Six? You know I'm just kiddin?
Yeah John, you're a real funny


                       GENTLE HERBIE
That was us - Six Low, my best
friend and John Boody, not my best
friend - right before our trip. It
wasn't a vacation. It was more of
an educational journey. In the
next few days we were going to
leave the relative calm of the
suburbs for the mean streets of
Brooklyn. It was only three days
but it felt more like three years.
We all came back a little
different. We had all just turned
seventeen. It was a rough age -
not kids anymore but not quite
adults either. It was an
especially rough time for Six.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
So tell us your plan again Six.
There is no plan Gentle Herbie. I
just need to go to Brooklyn to see
where he came from. To maybe get
some answers.
And your father told you to do
Yeah he did.
This is such bullshit.
Hey you don't have to come with us
if you don't want to.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I believe you Six.
Of course you do Gentle Herbie.
You're his little puppy dog.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
And why are you so interested in


I'm just going along for the ride.
I need a little entertainment once
in a while.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You're a real schmuck John.
Why don't you do something about
it then!
Stop it, both of you already.
Neither of you have to go.
You got a car Six? No you don't.
You need me.
Well then just stop it.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
None of really knew why we were
going. All we knew was that there
was a triple homicide right here
on this patch of dirt. The way the
cops told it, Dan Low, Six's
father killed some innocent woman
and some other guy, then someone
killed Dan in self defense. Six
doesn't believe it happened that
way and he needed to find out the
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You're right Six, I'm sorry.
I guess you just need me for my
John I want you to go with us. And
yes I do need you to drive.
That's what I thought.


                       GENTLE HERBIE
John was a bad kid. I never really
liked him. I don't know why Six
hangs around with him. His father,
Norman, is a big shot in this
town. Lot's of money, all of it
dirty. Maybe John didn't have much
of a chance with that family. Six
and John play baseball on the same
travel team. Real rivals though.
Six is the real superstar.
Probably best player in the
county. John is good, real good
but he's a distant second to Six
on and off the field.
                       RADIO D.J.
That was the Grateful Dead. I hope
you were lucky enough to get
tickets for tonight's sold out
Yes I was.
Is tonight the concert you told me
Can I go with you?
I can't wait to take you to a Dead
show. But not yet, you're too
young. In a couple of years we'll
go, I promise. Okay?


I wish you weren't going to walk.
Why not? It's a nice night. I
enjoy it. Did you see that 7-11
cup I saved?
Look in the cabinet.
I got it.
Dan takes a can of Heineken and pours it into the cup and
puts the cover on the cup. He takes another can and puts it
into his Nike jacket pocket.
Have fun. Be careful.
Always. I love you.
Love you too.
Six come here and say goodbye.
Six comes running in and gives Dan a big hug. Dan slobbers
him with kisses.
Be a good boy. I'll see you
tomorrow. Love you kid.
Love you too.
Dan gives Debbi a long kiss then leaves.
Hey Dan, what's up? Where you off
The Arena.


I didn't know you liked the Dead?
I'm going too, you need a lift?
Nah, thanks I'm walking.
What for?
Why not? It's not too far. I enjoy
it. Get to clear my head.
Enjoy the show. Maybe I'll see you
Dan raises his 7-11 cup of beer.
Long live Jerry.
Garseeya later.
Dan finds a deserted area on the way to the Arena and gulps
down the rest of his beer. He pulls the second can of
Heineken from his jacket and pours it into the 7-11 cup and
tosses the empty can into the woods.
Dan reaches the area across from the Arena to a row of beat
up looking storefronts. He stops in front of a Deli where a
group of shady looking characters are hanging out. He looks
for a familiar face but doesn't see one. He approaches,
FREDDY, the biggest guy in the group.
How you doin?
Who the fuck wants to know?
It's cool.


What's his problem?
Nothin, nothin. What you need?
Dan reaches into his pocket like he's done this a hundred
times before, pulls his hand out and casually shakes hands
with Otto.
Enjoy the show.
Dan crosses the main drag careful not to spill his beer.
Don't fuck with that guy. He used
to be the bouncer at McHebe's. I
seen him handle some pretty big
dudes, man. He may be skinny but
that guy knows how to fight,
believe me. A real street fighter,
Freddy takes out a big shinny knife and gives Otto a nasty
That so?
Dan gulps down the rest of his beer and surveys the parking
lot scene. The expression on his face seems to relax as soon
as he crosses into the lot. The parking lot is a sea of
brilliant colors.

What a scene. What a party. What a different world. Music is
everywhere; from car speakers, boom boxes. There is a live
band playing. He stops and watches for a while, smiles then
moves on. A guy on roller blades is selling bottled beer
from his back pack and Dan buys one.

A U-Haul truck pulls up. The back door rolls up. The driver
and passengers jump out and immediately go to work. Out
comes a complete living room: sofa, recliner, coffee table.
An 8 X 12 rug is rolled out. Next comes two huge speakers
blasting some tunes and a large cooler filled with beers.


This is all done with the speed and precision of a
professional pit crew. Dan stands there in amazement. He
lights up a fat joint that he purchased across the street.
He offers them a hit. It's passed around. Dan walks away

Dan checks his watch and decides to make his way to the
Arena. He gets to the gate holding his beer.
                       SECURITY GUARD
Hey buddy no bottles. Put it in
the trash.
Dan takes a long gulp and puts his hands up.
What bottle?
                       SECURITY GUARD
You a wise ass?
The security guard grabs Dan. Dan does a quick "gentle"
martial arts move. Dan brings him down to the ground in a
split second but makes sure not to injure him. Dan releases
him and keeps stepping back before anyone realizes what he
has done.
I better find another gate.
The show is over. People are still spinning to the music in
their head. Dan is still in good spirits. The party is still
going on in the parking lot as cars are jockeying for a way
out of a single exit.
      (yelling to no one
       in particular)
Suckers, you shoulda walked.
Dan gets to the corner. There is a sea of cars on the main
drag. He sees an opening and runs full speed across the
street. He starts walking down a very dark and isolated


Freddy is sitting with Buddy Grecho at the edge of a wooded
area counting a wad of cash. A car with a woman driving
alone is coming down the road on the same side of the woods.
Smoke is pouring out of the car's hood and stalls. Dan
notices the car and crosses the street to avoid it. A moment
later, the woman screams. Dan walks a little further then
all of a sudden he races across and sees Freddy and Buddy
brutalizing the woman. Dan pushes Freddy to the ground. He
hits his head and lies there motionless. Buddy is nowhere to
be seen. A car is seen idling across the road. Dan goes to
the victim. She is moaning. Dan extends his hand to her when
Freddy sneaks up behind him and hits him with a stick. Dan
goes down and Freddy finishes off the woman. Dan gets up and
attacks Freddy. They struggle and end up in the woods. Dan
picks up the stick and beats Freddy until he is dead. Buddy
comes up behind Dan. Dan raises the stick to hit Buddy.
Suddenly Buddy plunges a knife into Dan's chest. Dan falls
back deeper into the woods and dies. A passing motorist
calls 911.

Within a few minutes the police arrive. Buddy realizes it is
too late to run. He stashes the money and the knife and goes
to the woman and pretends to comfort her. Police officer
KELLY is the first to arrive on the scene. He approaches
Buddy with his gun drawn.
Step away.
Okay I'm away. I'm not the guy.
      (looking down at
Oh yeah? Then who, him?
The witness VEE GATES gets out of her car and walks toward
the crime scene.
No. He was with me trying to help
this lady. The guy you're looking
for is back there. In the woods.
Suddenly Vee Gates appears.
                       VEE GATES
Excuse me.


Who are you?
                       VEE GATES
I think I saw what happened.
Oh yeah, you think?
                       VEE GATES
Well I wasn't too far away.
And what did you see?
                       VEE GATES
I saw some guy attack her then
attack two guys that tried to help
her. Is she dead?
Detective JACK BARNUM pulls up to the scene. All of the
other officers seem to know and respect him. They get out of
his way as he makes his way to Kelly.
What do we have here?
This lady here, what's you name?
                       VEE GATES
Vee. Vee Gates.
Well,Miss Gates said she saw
someone, from across the road,
attack that lady in her car.
And who is this?
Buddy is still standing there with his hands up.
He says him and his dead friend
over there tried to help her. I
don't believe him.
You some kind of hero? You don't
look like a hero to me.


Well, looks could be deceiving
That's detective, douchbag.
Excuse my French.
Kelly steps toward Buddy. Jack steps between them.
That's okay Kelly. So you and your
dead friend over there tried to
help this poor defenseless woman?
Well it was pretty brutal. He
picks up this branch and hits my
pal with it. My pal stabs him.
In self defense of course.
Yeah of course in self defense. My
pal then falls and hits his head
and hasen't moved since.
I recognize you from somewhere.
Where do I know you from?
I get around.
You got a name?
That's right. Buddy Grecho. You're
Sammy's kid. Haven't seen you
around lately. Where you been?
You know where I been. You helped
put me there.


You think your old man will help
get you out of this?
I don't know what you're talkin
about offic... I mean Detective.
Kelly and Vee walk toward them.
You saw what happened Miss?
Vee and Buddy make eye contact.
                       VEE GATES
Yeah, I think so.
You think?
                       VEE GATES
No. No I'm sure.
You stay here. Come on Buddy show
me where this guy went.
He ain't going no place now.
Just show me.
Dan is standing. He has a terrified look on his face.
      (points to the
There he is.
I can see that. What happened?
After we seen what he did to that
lady we couldn't just let him run
away. We chased after him into the
woods. He comes up from behind and
hits my pal.
Your pal got a name?


Yeah, Freddy. Freddy something.
Okay, go on.
He hits Freddy with a stick.
Freddy falls forward and sticks
this bastard with his knife. I
drag Freddy out and then you guys
show up.
Dan is half listening and half out of his mind confused.
You fuckin liar. He's lying man.
Don't listen to this piece of
shit. I swear. I was actually the
good guy.
Jack removes Dan's wallet and checks his I.D. Jack and Buddy
start to walk out of the woods. Dan follows them up to an
imaginary wall. They keep walking but Dan hits the "wall"
and bounces back. He looks down and sees his own dead body
on the ground.
      (under his breath)
Kelly get their statements. And
Buddy, don't disappear for too
I ain't going no place.
Buddy slithers away.
Something on your mind Kelly?
You know these guys?
Yeah. Buddy Grecho is a spoiled
kid from right here in town. His
old man's got some connections.


Grecho. Why does that name sound
Jack points to a sign past the woods: SAMMY GRECHO MEMORIAL
Sammy thinks he's a big shot, but
in my mind he's nothing more than
a thumb breaker. Some money. He's
got his hand in everything. Some
legit mostly shady stuff. Some
friends in high places.
And the dead guy, the one in the
woods? You think he killed that
Anything's possible I guess. He's
tough to figure. A little bit of a
wise ass with a temper.
You know him?
I actually had to question him a
few weeks ago. Some street fight
he got into. Like I said, he's got
a temper on him.
Another scumbag?
I don't know. Maybe he was just in
the wrong place at the wrong time.
He might have been going away for
busting up some guys face. I got a
few versions of what happened, but
I think I actually believed his
Dan is driving his car when he sees a husky twenty something


man in a black leather jacket carry a backpack over his
shoulder walking in the street. LEATHER MAN starts to cross
the street without paying attention. Dan sees him and toots
his horn. Leather Man jumps at the sound of the horn. Dan
slows down and let's him pass in front of his car. Dan
stares at him but doesn't say a word. Leather Man stares
                       LEATHER MAN
What the fuck is your problem?
Dan rolls down the passenger side window.
Excuse me?
Leather Man approaches the rolled down window and spits in
Dan's face. Dan is stunned.
That's it!
Dan gets out of his car and approaches Leather Man. Leather
Man is an inch or two shorter than Dan but outweighs him by
about forty pounds. Leather Man grabs Dan by the collar. Dan
does some sort of martial arts move and pulls Leather Man's
jacket over his head hockey style. Dan steps back.
You don't want to do this. We're
both gonna get in trouble and
you're gonna get hurt.
                       LEATHER MAN
Go fuck yourself. You almost ran
me over.
Some cars have stopped and are watching the situation.
Someone is writing down Dan's license plate number.
You spit in my face, asshole.
                       LEATHER MAN
Fuck you. You almost ran me over.
You know what, just apologize and
we'll end it here.
                       LEATHER MAN
Go fuck yourself.


With this Dan spits in Leather Man's face. Leather Man
attacks Dan with both arms flailing. Dan calmly steps to his
left and forearms Leather Man flush on the nose. Blood pours
out and Leather Man goes to the ground. Dan calmly turns
around and gets back in his car. By this time there are
about a dozen witnesses. None of them saw Leather Man spit
at Dan. They only saw Dan spit at Leather Man and then break
his nose. Dan drives off.
What's this guy's name?
Low. Dan Low.
You think he did it? You think he
killed this lady?
My gut says no but I don't get to
decide. My guess is that it's
easier and cheaper to convict a
dead nobody, especially someone
with a rep as a hot head than a
live connected guy. If I was a
betting man I'd say Dan Low takes
the rap for this one.
This guy have a family? Any kids?
Yeah, he's married with a kid,
about eight years old. I love my
job but I hate this part.
Yeah Jack I know. Take it easy.
Jack and Kelly go their separate ways. Kelly to finish out
his shift and Jack to go tell little Six Low and his mom
that his father won't be coming home anymore.


This is the first game of the season and Dan gets to see Six
play ball. A group of ten year old kids gather on the field.
As they do, Dan scans the area and his eyes lock onto Six.
Dan turns away. A HOMELESS MAN is standing behind Dan.
                       HOMELESS MAN
That's why you're here.
What do you know old man?
                       HOMELESS MAN
Old man?
What do you want from me? What do
you know?
                       HOMELESS MAN
I know you'll never get out of
here until you come to grips with
all this.
Fuck off! You don't know shit
about me.
                       HOMELESS MAN
You've been telling me for two
years you didn't kill that lady. I
believe you.
I don't give a damn if you believe
me or not. I don't care who
believes me. What good will it do
                       HOMELESS MAN
Well, that kid of yours.....
Don't talk to me about my kid.
                       HOMELESS MAN
I'm just saying I think you need
him to know the truth.
Why? What's that going to do?


                       HOMELESS MAN
Trust me on this dead man.
You tell him.
                       HOMELESS MAN
No, no, no. Who's going to believe
me? I don't know for sure. I
wasn't there that night was I?
What would I say, your dead father
told me to let you know he didn't
do it. The kid'll have nightmares
for the rest of his life. He's a
smart kid, right?
                       HOMELESS MAN
Give it some time. You ain't going
Dan walks away.
A few years have past. Six is almost seventeen. He is six
feet tall with an athlete's body. He seems popular among his
teammates. A couple of teenage girls are sitting in the
stands and flirting with him. He smiles and waves to them.
The team they are getting ready to play are big guys. The
same age, just bigger.
John Boody, Six's teammate, is talking to TOMMY SHULTZ, from
the other team.
See number six over there? His
father killed some people a few
years back. Happened right over
No shit! How do you know him?
We're kinda friends. My father
knew the guy he killed, Freddy
something. He used to work for my
father. He was a tough guy.


The game is about to start. Six's team is at bat. Tommy is
the pitcher.
      (holds the ball
       and points to his
Hey six. Hey six.
Six stares at Tommy but doesn't say anything. He steps to
the plate. The first pitch comes right toward Six's head.
Six goes to the ground and gets right up. Second pitch comes
toward his head and Six goes down again.The umpire notices
what is happening but doesn't do anything about it.
Hey Blue, what's going on?
The umpire takes off his mask, spits, dusts off home plate,
puts his mask back on and points to the pitcher.
The next pitch is thrown and Six hits a line drive off
Tommy's shin. Tommy falls to the ground and crawls to the
ball. He picks up the ball and throws wildly to first. Six
is safe. He stands on the base with a poker face.
                       TOMMY'S COACH
Time Blue.
He walks to the mound. Tommy pulls up his pant leg and sees
a baseball size welt on his shin. Tommy limps off the field.
      (mouths to Six)
You're dead.
Six is riding his bike around the neighborhood.
Hey Tommy. How's the leg?
What the hell do you want?
Nothing. How's the leg?


It's okay I guess. It won't keep
me out of the next game.
Uncomfortable silence.
Don't you hate umpires?
My coach says they're the new
That's a good one.
You see John around?
He should be here soon. John told
me what happened to your father.
Did he really kill those people?
That's what I'm trying to figure
John said his father knew one of
those guys.
That's what I hear.
John and a group of teenagers start walking toward them
carrying beers.
What's he doing here?
                       GIRL #1
Hey Six. Nice game yesterday.
Shut the hell up. What's up Four,
you lost?


Yeah, he must be lost.
Hey Six.
You friends with this piece of
He's alright, Harris.
Why don't you get the hell outta
here, Two.
Yeah I gotta go. I'll see you
later John.
John looks at Harris and shrugs his shoulders. Six rides
I don't know what he's talkin
about. We don't hang out together.
Harris throws an empty beer bottle toward Six.
Fuckin Hebe.
      (on the phone)
Doctor's office, please hold.
Doctor's office, please hold.
                       DR. GOTTLIEB
Hi Six. How's the arm?
Hi Dr. Gottlieb. It's good.
                       DR. GOTTLIEB
You getting ready for your senior


I'm psyched!
                       DR. GOTTLIEB
I told your mother if you need any
tutoring I know a few people that
can help.
Um, no that's okay Doc. I'll be
                       DR. GOTTLIEB
Well, if you change your mind, let
me know.
Dr. Gottlieb leaves the room.
You told him?
We discussed it, yeah.
Why? It's none of his business.
He just wants to help, that's all.
I don't need his help. I don't
need anyone's help.
You do if you want to graduate. If
you think you're getting that
You're the one that wants the
scholarship. I'm not even sure I
want to go to college. What if I
get drafted?
What if you don't? Even if you
did, do you the odds of actually
making it?


No, I'm too stupid.
Stop that Seth, right now!
I just want what's best for you.
If Dr. Gottlieb can help, why not?
I don't want a tutor. I don't need
a tutor. I'll do it on my own.
Just let me get through the
Six, what's going on?
I'm thinking of taking a ride to
Debbi gets up and they take a walk outside.
What's happening Seth?
Mom, I have to find out what
really happened. It's killing me
Why Brooklyn? What's there?
Dad's there. Was there. I have to
start somewhere. I don't know
anything about him. I need some
Well, first you need some
questions Seth. What questions do
you have?


Could he really have killed that
lady? Was he really such a
A monster? No, he was.... Listen
Seth, your father had it pretty
tough growing up. I think he had a
lot of anger built up in him, but
he had a real gentle side too.
I remember him getting really mad
sometimes. He'd go from zero to
sixty in a flash. But I also
remember him being funny and
making us laugh a lot too. What
happened to him? How'd he get like
Young Dan, about eleven years old is sitting and watching
television. The furniture is very old and should have been
replaced years ago. There aren't any pictures on the walls
or books on the shelves. An old couch that looks as though
it was taken from a cheap hotel lobby is on the back wall.
There is a china cabinet next to it. It is empty except for
a large bottle of Vat 69 scotch. Dan's MOM walks past him
carrying a suitcase. She is in her mid fifties and very well
                       YOUNG DAN
What are you doing?
                       DAN'S MOM
I'm leaving!
                       YOUNG DAN
Where are you going?
                       DAN'S MOM
I hate the whole god damn bunch of
                       YOUNG DAN
Mom, please. Don't.


                       DAN'S MOM
Why not? What's here for me? Your
sister is out of here. Your father
can't take care of me. I deserve
better than this.
                       YOUNG DAN
      (starting to cry)
What about me?
Dan goes over to give his mom a hug.
                       DAN'S MOM
Just get out of my way already.
                       YOUNG DAN
Are you coming back? Mom?
Mom walks out and Young Dan runs to the front window. A taxi
is waiting out front for her. She gets in and doesn't look
                       YOUNG DAN
      (to himself)
She'll come back.
Mom, I never knew that.
Well why would you? This isn't
something I thought you would ever
need to know.
Did she ever come back?
Yeah she came back when she was
good and ready, but the damage was
done. That really hurt your
I need to know these things.


Why? What do you think you're
going to get from it? What do you
think you're going to find in
I have no idea. I just need to go.
To just....I want to find Avenue P
Park. I want to see his house. Why
shouldn't I? You know, I spoke to
him the other day.
Seth, I don't like when you say
I'm not crazy mom.
I didn't say you were. Seth, I
have to get back to work.
We'll talk more. Don't forget,
after dinner we're having people
over for birthday cake.
Gentle Herbie knows, right?
It's cake. He'll be there.
We'll talk later, okay?
I'm going to Brooklyn mom.
We'll talk later. I have to go.


People are gathered for Six's seventeenth birthday. Debbi
brings out a large cake. Everyone sings Happy Birthday.
Okay Six, make a wish.
Six closes his eyes real tight. Everyone is staring at him
wondering what's taking him so long to make a wish.
Six. Six. You okay? Come on blow
out the candles.
Debbi cuts the cake - Gentle Herbie is the first on line.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Thanks Mrs. Low.
Gentle Herbie takes his cake into the den and sees Six
standing in front of the fireplace staring at the mantle
above it. There are a dozen figures of Mickey Mouse on the
mantle in different poses: a baseball player, a professor,
an artist, a chef, etc.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I love this.
I think you're the only one who
gets it.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Yeah, a "Mickey Mantle". Your
father was a pisser.
The phone rings.
      (on the phone)
Hello. Who? Wait a minute, I can't
hear you.
Debbi takes the phone into the den.


      (on the phone)
I'm sorry, who is this? Oh, hi
Debbi covers the phone.
      (to Six)
It's your aunt Lydia.
      (on the phone)
No, I just haven't heard from you
in a while. What could I do for
you Lydia? I know it's his
birthday, I am his mother. Hold on
I'll see if I can find him.
Debbi covers the phone again.
Six, do you want to talk to your
Aunt Lydia?
Six shrugs his shoulders.
      (into the phone)
Hold on Lydia here he is.
Debbi hands Six the phone and walks out. Six and Aunt Lydia
chat for a while. Debbi returns to the den.
Mom you told Aunt Lydia I was
going to Brooklyn?
What? I haven't spoken to her in
Well she knew. She said we should
stop over. You'll write down her
address, okay?
Wait, I don't understand this.
What did you tell her?


I didn't tell her anything. She
said she had something for me and
I had to come get it.
What is it?
She said it's something from dad.
What did you tell her?
I told her I would. This is so
                       GENTLE HERBIE
This is a little spooky Mrs. L.,
don't you think?
No it's Six's birthday and she
called to wish him a happy
I think it's a little spooky too
mom. Now I have to go. Don't you
see, I have to go to Brooklyn.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
He has to Mrs. L.
Herbie, let me handle this.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Sure Mrs. L, but he has to go.
Six let me make some calls first.
So I could go?
On one condition. I have to know
where you are at all times. I'll
call daddy's friend, Ira Waxman.
Maybe you could stay by him. I'm
definitely calling your aunt too.


Six and Gentle Herbie high five.
We got to go now mom.
Where are you going? We have a
house full of people here for your
We're gonna work out.
Be careful Six, don't get hurt.
Relax mom, I dish out more
punishment than I get.
That's exactly what your father
used to say.
Thanks, I like to hear that.
Make sure you say goodbye to
everyone before you leave.
Really? I would never have known
Debbi gives Six a playful smack on the head.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Thanks for the cake Mrs. L.
You're welcome Herbert, anytime.
Let's walk past the schoolyard.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Sure. What does your aunt have for


                       GENTLE HERBIE
I heard you say she had something
to give you.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Really? How much?
I don't know. She said it was a
lot though.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Okay, let's change the subject. We
have Kofaux on the mound and Hank
Greenberg at first.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Al Rosen at third.
Did you know he led the American
league in homers twice? In 50 and
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Okay, who else?
Benjamin Kauff in the outfield.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Benjamin Kauff. he was on the New
York Giants National league
championship team in 1917.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I'll take your word on that. Who
else we got?


      (in a
Next we have Charles"Buddy" Meyer.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
He was an infielder for Washington
and Boston. He played in the 25
and 33 world series and won the
batting title in 1935. 303
lifetime hitter.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
How do you know this stuff?
I don't know.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Okay how about someone I might
have heard of? Oh, I know, Art
Shamsky, 69 Mets. World champs.
Ken Holtzman, two no hitters, 69
and 72.
That's a good one. I got one,
Steve Stone.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Yeah, Cy Young winner. You know
what happened to him don't you? He
pitched on Yom Kippur, hurt his
arm, he was never the same after
Schmuck! Okay, who else? More
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Shawn Green, outfield. Gabe
Kapler, outfield.
How about some catchers. Mike
Lieberthal. Brad Ausmus.


                       GENTLE HERBIE
Pitchers. Jason Marquis. Scott
Schoenweis. First base, Kevin
Really? I didn't know that one.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
See, there is some hope for you
yet Six.
I don't know Herbie.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You know what my father says? He
says if you were his kid you'd be
playing for the Mets right now. I
swear, that's what he says.
I don't know.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You gotta really want it buddy.
John and Tommy Schultz are hanging out in the school yard.
Six and Gentle Herbie approach them.
Hey John.
      (to Gentle Herbie
       in a Fat Albert
Hey, hey, hey. Loooooove to play
tackle football.
Tommy is the only one laughing.
      (motioning with
       his hand at his
       knees and then
       makes the "wide"
       sign with both
       hands apart -
       again to Gentle


                       TOMMY (cont'd)
I remember when you were this big.
Tommy is the only one laughing again.
      (to John trying to
       ignore Tommy)
You busy?
Yeah right, real busy.
You want to come work out with us?
Really? Where?
The Shul.
Yeah right. We might ever be
caught dead wearing a beanie.
      (nose to nose with
I wasn't talking to you.
      (waving his hand
       in front of his
Oh man, you brush your teeth
today? Come on John, let's get
outta here.
Yeah, I'll go.
You kiddin me? You leaving me for
these kikes?
Gentle Herbie starts walking toward Tommy but Six stops him.
The boys walk away from Tommy.
      (shouting to Six)
Hey Low, I bet my grandfather


                       TOMMY (cont'd)
guarded your grandfather at the
Six turns around ready to go after Tommy. John stops him.
I got this.
John walks back toward Tommy. Tommy smiles thinking John is
coming back to hang out with him. John pushes Tommy and he
falls to the ground and then walks back.
John. John. Come on buddy, where
you going?
Six and Gentle Herbie high five John.
Now about those beanies?
Don't worry, it's nothing like
No I wasn't worried. What kind of
workout is it anyway?
It's fun. You'll see.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
      (under his breath)
Yeah, lots of fun.
Various men are stretching and making small talk. Most of
the seem very docile, almost nerdy except for DAVID COHEN,
the instructor. David, a former Israeli soldier is about
five nine close to two hundred pounds of beef.
Hi Six. Hi Herbert. And who is
Hi David. This is my friend John
Boody. Is it alright if he sits in
on a class?


Sure. Hi John, welcome.
Hello sir.
Were very informal here. David
will do just fine. Have you ever
trained in Krav Maga before?
Never even heard of it.
Well relax and jump in whenever
you're ready.
David's demeanor goes from pleasant to intense in an
Okay line up. Single line.
Everyone have a cup on? If you
don't, too bad. Okay pair up.
We're going to work on some
headlock defenses.
Six pairs up with the biggest guy in the group, JERRY. Jerry
is as tall as Six but outweighs him by at least thirty
pounds. He puts Six in a tight headlock. Six strikes Jerry
in the cup with his left hand and at the same time reaches
over Jerry's head from the rear with his right hand and
places his middle finger under Jerry's nose forcing his head
up and back exposing his throat. Six simulates striking his
throat with his left fist and then violently, but with
control, forces Jerry to the floor. John watches in stunned
amazement as Jerry pops up off the floor with a smile and
attacks Six with another headlock.
      (under his breath)
Jesus Christ.
      (shouts to Six)
Thank you sir. May I have another?
Six cracks up.


The whole group goes back and forth practicing this defense
and others. Six motions for John to join him and Jerry. They
patiently teach John some moves. John seems to struggle a
bit but is determined to get it right.
That's good John. Nice work.
Yeah. For the first time you did
pretty good.
Alright, let's call it a night.
Everyone line up. What did you
think John?
John is clearly out of breath. He stands there with his
hands on his knees and gives David the thumbs up.
So we on for tomorrow?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
We have a place to stay, right?
My mom said she would call one of
my dad's friends. We'll stay
What time we going?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I have to work for a couple of
hours. You'll pick me up there,
How anyone would hire you to work
in their ice cream store I'll
never understand.


                       GENTLE HERBIE
And where do you work John? Oh
that's right you got fired from
every job you ever had.
I quit. I'm an athlete I need my
Okay, whatever. Gentle Herbie,
we'll pick you up at about two.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I'll be ready. You better bring a
bag for all that cash.
What cash?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
His aunt has a bag full of money
for him.
Herbie! Stop it already!
                       GENTLE HERBIE
What? What I say?
I gotta go now.
How much we talkin' here?
It's nothing. Really. he's
Okay, yeah. Sure.
John's brother NORMAN "CANNONBALL" BOODY, better known as
C.B., short and stocky with a head the size and shape of,
well, a cannonball drives up. He's known around town as a
tough guy with a propensity to fly into a "roid rage" at any
time. With him is his side kick SNAKE. Tall and wire thin
with a nasty reputation around town too. He shows off his
trademark tattoo of a snake crawling up through his wife
beater with fangs open wide ready to clamp down on his neck.


Hey C.B. ain't that your brother?
What the hell he doin' with those
They pull up next to them.
Hey, where's the best place to
hide a quarter from a Jew? Under a
bar of soap.
John laughs then catches himself.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
It's nice to know that jokes I
heard in the third grade are still
Get in the car Johnny.
I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow.
Snake opens the back door from the inside without taking his
eyes off Gentle Herbie. John gets in the car.
You goin Jew on us Johnny?
Can it Snake. What's up with that
Nothin'. We play ball together. If
you ever came to my games you'd
know that.
We know Six is a player, but who
was that fat fuck?
Gentle Herbie? He's okay.


You say his name is genital
herpes? Dam Johnny, you're
skeevin' me out.
Shut the fuck up Snake.
Hey watch yorself little brother.
Yeah little brother, watch
Shut the fuck up Snake. What are
you guys up to?
We're taking a ride to Brooklyn
for a day or two.
What's in Brooklyn?
Six is tracing his father's roots
or some shit like that.
He's buried alright but I doubt
he's sprouting roots.
What the hell's goin' on? What are
you goin' for?
He's pickin' up some cash too.
Now we're talkin'.
Shut up Snake. What kind of cash
we talkin' about?
His aunt's got some money for him.
That's all I know.


Sounds like we're gonna have a
real party soon.
Shut up Snake.
Could we just go already?
Sure Johnny. Sure.
You sure you want to do this Six?
Yeah I'm sure. I have to mom.
What do you think you're going to
I have no clue. I just have to go.
It's something I need to do, you
I just don't want you to be
disappointed if you don't find
what you're looking for.
I have nothing to lose mom. Right
now all I know is that my father,
your husband, is remembered as a
bad guy. A criminal. A murderer. I
just know that's not true. I have
to do something. So far nobody's
knocking on our door with any
answers. It's time to make
something happen. You know I'm
I know. I just worry, that's all.


I'll be fine. Gentle Herbie and
John Boody will be with me.
I don't trust that John Boody kid
at all.
I think he knows something.
What does that mean?
I think he does. So does dad.
Seth, listen to me.
I know what you're going to say.
But when I'm at the fields and I'm
talking to dad........
When you say you talk to dad, you
don't really talk to him, do you?
Yeah, I do.
What exactly does that mean?
Exactly what it sounds like. I
talk to him.
Does he talk to you?
Well not really with words. It's
more like I feel him there and I
hear something in my head. You
know what I mean?
Well, yeah I think I do. What do
you talk about?


Life. School. Sports. Movies.
Death. He didn't kill that woman
He told you this?
You're sure about this?
I've never been more sure about
anything else. He wouldn't lie to
me. You have to believe me mom.
I do Seth. I really do.
You don't sound like you do. You
should go there and talk to him.
This is a little too much now
Well I believe it. I believe him
and I'm going to free him.
Free him? From where?
You don't get it. You don't
I'm trying to. Please explain it
to me.
I think - I know he's stuck there
and he needs me to know the truth
before he can be free.
Who do you think it was then?


I know it was Buddy Grecho.
The guy that was there that night?
Six, they said - everyone said he
didn't do it.
Dad said he did.He also said there
was a witness.
I know there was. It was in the
police report and she said Buddy
didn't do it.
Well I know something you don't
know. Something that wasn't in the
police report. Did you know that
dad drank two Heineken's on the
way to the show? Did you know that
he bought some weed from some guys
before the show and that Buddy was
there? No you didn't know that.
Nobody knew that. It wasn't in the
police report. How do I know that
Seth you're scaring me a little.
Well I'm going to prove it was
Buddy and I don't care if anyone
else believes me or not. I don't
care if you believe me or not.
Seth stop it.
Mom, go there. Go to the woods and
then tell me you don't feel
something. Please mom.
I have to go to work now. I'm


We're leaving right after Gentle
Herbie gets off from work.
Does John Boody really have to go?
He's the answer mom.
Fine. Here's a list of some
addresses. I spoke to Ira - dad's
friend - he's expecting you. I
also wrote down the name and
address of dad's old neighbor, Mr.
Berman. I tried to call him but
there was no answer. I'm pretty
sure he's still around though.
John pulls up in front and honks the horn. Debbi stares at
him through the window. John waves and she ignores him.
Alright John's here. I gotta go.
You'll call me, right?
Yeah. I have to go.
Debbi grabs Six and hugs him real tight.
I love you Seth. Be careful.
Love you too. I'll see you in a
couple of days.
We have to make a stop first.
The fields.


Okay boss.
Dan and Homeless Man walk to the edge of the woods. Six gets
out of the car and walks toward them.
I watched Field Of Dreams again
yesterday. Mom says that was one
of your favorite movies too. I
can't watch it when she's home
though. I have to be alone. When
Ray and his father have a catch I
imagine it's me and you. I always
cry but I can't help watching it.
Yeah, that was my favorite movie.
I can't believe I'm stuck in this
fuckin' place. God dammit. It's
not fair.
Six steps back a little startled.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Relax Danny boy. Don't take it out
on the kid.
Six, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
scare you. He could hear me,
                       HOMELESS MAN
I don't know. I don't think so.
But he sure as hell could sense
something. Tell him what you've
been telling me.
I'm on my way to Brooklyn now. I
just wanted to let you know. I'm
not sure what I should be looking
for though.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Tell him Dan. Give him some
fatherly advise. You've been
waiting a long time for this.


Dan becomes confused not knowing what to say.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Now's your chance Dan.
Still nothing from Dan.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Six, what your father's trying to
say is that he trusts you. He
knows you'll figure this out.
John honks the car horn. Six motions to wait a minute.
It that the Boody kid?
                       HOMELESS MAN
I believe it is.
Dad I have to go now. I love you
dad. I really miss you.
Six walks away.
Seth. Seth. He knows. John Boody
knows. Seth. Seth.
Six stops dead in his tracks. Then starts walking again. Dan
starts to weep and embraces Homeless man.
I froze. I couldn't get the words
out in time.
                       HOMELESS MAN
It's okay Danny. We trust him.
He'll figure it out for us.
What the hell was that all about?
Nothing. Let's just go.
Six just stares at John.


What are you looking at me like
that for?
Just drive John. We have to pick
up Gentle Herbie at work.
Oh I can see this is gonna be a
real fun trip.
Six and John are waiting while Gentle Herbie waits on
                       CUSTOMER #1
No this is wrong. I ordered two
99's, one 86 and a Laraby.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
What I give you?
                       CUSTOMER #1
It looks like one 99, a 13 and a
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Sorry about that dude. I thought
that's what you ordered.
                       CUSTOMER #1
I would never order a 13, I'm
allergic to nuts.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Okay take it easy. I'll just put
it here in the quality control
Gentle Herbie opens a freezer door with many "mistakes".
                       CUSTOMER #2
I've been waiting a long time.
Could I just have a Hymie to go?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I'll be right with you Chief.


                       CUSTOMER #1
He's not done with me yet. I'd
like to talk to a manager.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
There's no need for that Chief.
                       CUSTOMER #1
Is it so difficult? Two 99's, an
86 and a Laraby? And don't call me
What were they thinking hiring
Gentle Herbie to work in an ice
cream parlor? It's like hiring
Cheech and Chong to work in a
Maybe we should just wait outside.
No this is fun. I'm hanging.
The customers finally get their orders and leave. Gentle
Herbie goes to the "quality control" freezer and digs into a
You got the best job in the world,
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Don't I know it.
Six comes back into the ice cream parlor.
You guys ready?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Ready dude. How bout you?
I've been ready for ten years.
I'll do anything to get out of
this town for a few days.
You got your stuff? Your laptop?


Gentle Herbie holds up a shopping bag with some clothes and
his laptop.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Let's go.
Waiting outside the ice cream parlor is C.B. and Snake.
What you ladies up too?
Not now Norman.
Who the hell is Norman?
Hey little brother you better be
nice to us.
Hey Alvin, why don't you go around
the block to see if we're there?
Snake takes out a small knife, pushes John against the wall
and puts the the blade close to John's eye.
The last person to call me Alvin
had to change their name to One
Eye Joe.
C.B. laughs.
That wasn't very nice Johnny Boy.
You may want to apologize.
Snake presses the point of the knife to John's cheek and
draws some blood.
Okay, take it easy Snake. Say
you're sorry Johnny.
Fuck off.


      (with frenzied
       look in his eyes)
Say it Johnny Boy.
Come on John, stop fooling around.
Say it.
He ain't kiddin' Johnny.
C.B. gets close to them. Snake points the blade toward C.B.
and then back to John.
Last chance.
John, say it!
John stop fooling around, he's not
Alright,alright. Sorry.
Snake lets go of John and puts the knife away.
That's a good boy. Don't you feel
better now?
C.B. pushes John away from Snake and they walk a few yards
Remember what we talked about
Johnny. We'll meet you in the
parking lot by the fields.
Your friend Snake is a dead man.
Just make sure you call us before
you leave Brooklyn. With the
money. You got it?
Yeah, I got it.


C.B. walks back to the group. Six and Gentle Herbie walk
toward John.
You ladies have a nice day.
John flips Snake the bird.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Your brother and his friend lack
some social skills.
Not now Herbie.
What was that all about? You okay?
I'm fine. Let's just get out of
here already.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
      (reading from the
Okay, get off the next exit and
make a right at the light.
You know where we're going Six?
Yeah, just follow the alphabet
      (looking at the
       street signs)
The alphabet? Shit you're right.
The streets are in alphabetical
order. I guess if you live in
Brooklyn they gotta make it easy
to get around or no one would find
their way back home.
I have a question. Does Madonna
have a last name or is it just


Who are you talking about, the
I don't know. I guess everyone has
a last name?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Even Jesus had a last name.
How about Moses. He didn't have a
last name, did he?
You know, I think you're right
                       GENTLE HERBIE
For a guy without a brain John,
you're a genius.
Thanks Gentle Herbie.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
No problem John.
Do me a favor turn on Avenue P.
Left? Right? Which way Gentle
Left. Definitely a left.
John turns onto Avenue P.
See the park over there? Pull
In the distance is an asphalt park - cement surrounded by a
barbed wire fence.


Doesn't a park usually have grass
on it?
Just pull over I'm getting out.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You know where we are?
Sort of.
John pulls over and there bright as day is Avenue P Park.
Six flashes a big goofy grin.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
What's so funny?
Nothing. Just.....Nothing. I think
I heard of this place.
The boys get out of the car. John opens the trunk and takes
out a basketball.
The boys shoot around. John is surprisingly good. Six is
okay and Gentle Herbie is Gentle Herbie.

Three Brooklyn Boys approach them. VITO and DOM are wearing
Guinea Tees, big crosses around their necks and tattoos on
their skinny biceps. JOEY looks as if he stepped off the
screen of The Lords Of Flatbush.
Hey, chrow me the ball.
John looks at Six and then takes a shot - swish through the
metal net. John gets the ball and dribbles then takes
another shot - swish. Six gets the ball.
Come on let me take a shot.
Six bounces the ball to him.
What the fuck, I ain't gonna steal


Yeah we ain't gonna steal what's
Dom takes a shot and misses badly.John jumps over Vito for
the rebound.
Hey LeBron come on, let's play a
game. Tree on tree. Youze against
us. For the ball.
Six takes the ball from John.
Come on let's get out of here.
Joey grabs the ball from Six.
Hey what the fuck you doin'?
Youze guys lost? You know where
you are?
John, Six and Gentle Herbie look around the park and
everyone looks like Dom, Vito and Joey.
One game, then we have to go.
Right John?
Yeah one game. I'll shoot for
John makes the shot.
Winner's ball. Take everything
Eleven game. Win by two. No TREE
point shots.
Six's team wins easily. John is an obnoxious winner.
That's it boys. Eleven zip.
Vito grabs the ball from Gentle Herbie.


Give me the ball you fat piece of
Come on we won. Give me the ball
Dom grabs the ball from Vito and throws it to the other side
of the park.
What the fuck's your problem?
Dom takes a small knife from his pocket and holds it up.
What the fuck you gonna do?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
John forget about it. Let's just
get outta here.
Come on John it's not worth it.
A cop car passes by. Vito, Dom and Joey quickly turn and
walk away.
We'll see youze boys around.
The boys are sitting on the hood of the car. Six pulls out a
piece of paper from his pocket.
Alright we have to find this
address. Herbie get out your
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Starting point. Where are we?
John looks around and sees an address on a store.
410 Avenue P.
Gentle Herbie types in the address.


                       GENTLE HERBIE
Who we visiting?
Harry and Magda Berman. If they're
still there. My mom thinks they
Let's roll.
I have to go across the street to
get something from the bakery.
Right? That's the right thing to
do, right?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Cake is always a good idea.
You guys wait here. I have to do
this alone.
Yeah. Sure. Go ahead.
HARRY BERMAN is sitting outside his house with a newspaper
on his lap. He is about eighty years old. He has a number
branded into his forearm. He seems to be napping.
Excuse me. Sir. Excuse me.
Harry looks up and tries to focus on Six.
Hi, are you Mr. Berman?
Harry stares at Six still trying to focus.
      (European accent)
No Mr. Berman. My name is Seth.
Seth Low.


Lowenshteen? Daniel?
Are you Mr. Berman? Harry Berman?
I yam.
Hi, my name is Seth Low.
Six extends his hand but Harry just stares at him.
What you got in the box?
Ruggalagh. Did you know Daniel?
Danny, it's been a long time.
I'm not Danny. He was my father.
      (a slight laugh
       shaking a finger)
You were a handful Daniel.
Could we talk for a few minutes?
A few minutes. A few hours. Where
I got to go? You brought cake. You
want I should make some tea?
Yeah, sure. that would be nice.
Six helps Harry out of his chair.
I'm not Daniel. He was my father.
What you mean was?


He grew up next door, right?
Yeah sure. Daniel Lowenshteen.
Actually it's Low.
It was Lowenshteen first you know?
I never knew that. There's a lot I
don't know. I guess that's why I'm
I knew Daniel. I knew his father.
I knew his mother - that miserable
My father - Daniel, was killed a
few years ago trying to save
someone else from getting hurt.
Six tells Harry the story of what happened to his father as
best he could.
.... and now I'm just trying to
figure out... I'm not exactly sure
what. I guess I'm just trying to
see where he came from. What his
life was like. How he became the
person he was. You know, what he
was like as a kid. Was he happy?
You really want to know? I'll tell
you. He never had a chance. Me and
his father, your grandfather....
oh my you look exactly like
Daniel. Your grandfather and me,
we came here together. February
nine nineteen forty nine we come
to America. Thousands of us. So
tight in that boat. We didn't
care. We was just so happy to be
here. Finally, America. we didn't
never think we would see it.


Harry starts to drift off in his own thoughts.
What was we talkin'?
You knew my grandfather. You came
here together.
Your grandfather. Oh if he could
see you. The war he survived. Your
grandmother was the real trouble.
Could you tell me about him? I
don't know too much. He died
before I was born. I know he was a
survivor. I've seen some pictures
but that's all I know.
He was a big man. Such a strong
man. Arms like the Popeye. A good
man. A hard worker. Worked day and
night. A mench. You know what this
means, a mench?
A man. A good man.
Right, a good man. He survived the
cold, the beatings, the hunger,
the humiliation. A crumb of bread.
A thimble of water. This he
survived. Your grandmother,
Daniel's mother, this he couldn't.
She was not a well woman in the
head. Always needed something - a
car - it had to be a Kedillac. A
bungalow in the mountains, she got
a bungalow in the mountains. A
fur. A diamond. Your grandfather
worked and worked. Then he drank
and drank. He'd come and sit here
with me and my Magda and we say,
Morris she's no good. Leave. Go.
Take the kids with you. He would
say the children need a father and
a mother. He would just shake his
head and pour another drink.


Harry just sits there shaking his head.
Daniel, is he in trouble? I knew
he would be in trouble.
What did my grandfather do for a
living? He was a waiter, right?
Ah waiter? Sure, sure ah waiter.
He made good money too. Cash
money. But that wasn't good enough
for your grandmother. So he got
mixed up with some hoodlums doing
not so good things.
Like what?
Like what? I'll tell you like
what.They would meet in the middle
of the night in your grandfather's
garage. I'd hear them talkin'
about gamblin' money - on the
horses, on the sports, on the
stupid American baseball. Ah, no
good. They was up to no good. Your
grandfather I told you was a big
man. Arms like the Popeye. He
would give someone a look and they
And if they couldn't pay?
What you think? They sat and had
tea? He'd give em ah zetz. They
Did my father know what he did?
For sure. Everyone knew. It was no
secret. You want you should lose
money come see Morris Lowenshteen.
That's unbelievable.


He did it for your grandmother and
for Daniel and his sister. They
should have a new bike. A new
dress for Shul. But I know he
hated it.
He couldn't get out of it?
No. No he couldn't.
Six just sits there shaking his head.
You don't look so happy.
Well I just found out my
grandfather was a gangster and my
grandmother was a selfish unloving
Sorry to tell you such things.
No it's okay that's why I'm here.
I need to hear the truth even if
it hurts. I guess my father never
really had a chance.
Daniel was such a good boy when he
was little. We loved him like he
was our own. Then all of a sudden
things changed. Like that.
Harry starts to drift off in his own thoughts again and his
eyes mist up.
Are you okay Mr. Berman?
I think you have to go now. I
gotta lay down.
Could I come back to talk again?


Yeah sure. But not now I gotta
rest for a while.
Six gets up and gives Harry a gentle hug and then collects
himself before leaving the apartment.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
There he is.
How'd it go?
Alright I guess. Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Six you have to do this or you'll
be wondering forever whatever
you're wondering.
Yeah I know. Let's just get into
the car.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Where now?
      (reading from a
       piece of paper)
Ira Waxman. 944 Prospect Park
Ira Waxman. He's gotta be a an
accountant, right?
I don't think so. All I know is
that he was my father's oldest
friend. They were in, like, first
grade together. I think he's
like... My mother says he's really
a nice guy, but just a little
strange. I met him at the funeral
but I don't really remember him.


                       GENTLE HERBIE
Strange, like how?
Is he a retard?
No he's like forty five, never
married, no girlfriends. You know,
he's just kinda set in his ways.
But he's a really good guy and my
mother trusts him.
Wait, this ain't where we're
sleeping tonight?
He's fine John. Don't worry.
If you say so.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Don't worry John we'll protect
Fuck you Herbie.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Do you know where we're going?
944 Prospect Park West.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
That does me no good Six. I have
no idea where I am. I've never
been to Brooklyn before.
Gentle Herbie takes out his laptop.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Pull over John. Let's see where we
are. I need an address.
Does anyone know what street we're


Just park the car I'll ask
John tries to parallel park.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I guess parallel parking is as
foreign to you as Brooklyn is.
Bite me.
After many maneuvers the back of the car is sticking out but
John seems satisfied.
Piece a cake.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Good job John.
It's fine John. Let's just find
out where we are and get the hell
out of here.
We see an exaggerated Brooklyn scene. Every other store is
of a different ethnic background: A Jewish bakery next to a
Chinese laundry, next to Greek diner, next to an Italian
deli. All sorts of characters are walking the street: thugs,
pregnant teenage girls, skateboarders. A beautiful girl is
walking up the street.
Pull up John I'll ask her.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Are you kidding it took him twenty
minutes to get into this spot.
Come on drive. Look at her.
They all stare at her as she walks past them and down the
block. John starts the car and follows behind her very
slowly. She suddenly stops and turns around. John puts the
brakes on. She walks up to the car, bends down and stares
directly in Six's eyes.
                       BEAUITFUL GIRL
Could I help you boys with


Six's face turns red. John and Gentle Herbie sit there
speechless. She waits for an answer. When she gets none she
just smiles and walks away.
Smooth move Six. You gotta teach
me that one.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
That was brilliant Six. Let's just
get an address okay, I gotta pee
like a racehorse.
They see an address on a Korean fruit stand. Gentle Herbie
types it into his laptop.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Alright we're not to far. I'll
You gonna call him first? It's the
middle of the day. You sure he's
He's home. My mom spoke to him. He
knows we're coming.
The boys walk up to the front door and read the names on the
doorbells: Rodriguez, Johnson, Williams, O'Shea, Waxman. Six
rings the bell.
      (through intercom)
It's Six Low.
Ira buzzes them in.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
How far up we going?
All the way.


IRA WAXMAN is waiting for them at the top of the stairs. He
is forty something, heavyset with a mostly gray beard and
glasses. He is wearing a tee shirt of Jerry Garcia with the
caption "WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN BOB?" The boys seem a
little startled at first sight. Ira stares at them then
bursts into a big smile. He grabs Six and gives him a bear
Come on in boys and lock the door.
Ira locks all six locks himself.
Hi Mr. Waxman. I'm Six and this
Gentle Herbie and John Boody.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I like the shirt Mr. Waxman.
You like it? I made it myself.
Tried to sell them at concerts.
Some thought it was funny. Most
thought it was sick. What are you
gonna do? Do me a favor, cut the
Mr. Waxman crap. Call me Moonbeam.
Or Ira.
Ira sounds good, right guys?
Let me look at you. Yeah, you're
Danny's boy. I can't believe
you're here.
Gentle Herbie starts to notice the apartment. It's decorated
like a college dorm room. Posters, dirty socks hanging on a
bean bag chair. Everything looks old and broken down except
for the stereo system. Ira has every imaginable piece of
equipment and it is all high tech - top of the line. Next to
the sound system is a wall of cassette tapes. All Grateful
Dead bootlegs that are meticiously labeled and dated. There
is also a massive collection of LPs.
You like this stuff?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
This is awesome. Look at all this.
Six, you thought your father had a
big collection? Look at this.


I know, I see. This is
unbelievable. Where'd you get it
I have one of the biggest
collection of Dead shit in the
world. I get people from all over
writing me for stuff. I'll dub
anything for anyone. I'm not one
of those assholes that first need
two referrals before they'll give
you anything. Just send me a blank
tape and postage and it's yours.
Ira checks his watch.
Listen, I have to step out to run
some errands. Here Six, take these
keys in case you want to step out
for a while.
Okay, I guess we'll go out soon
for something to eat.
Yeah that's probably a good idea.
You won't find too much to eat in
here. You boys need some money?
No we're good. Ira I still want to
talk to you about my father.
Of course. I have some business I
need to take care of. We'll talk
in the morning.
Ira goes into a locked room and comes out with a large
backpack over his shoulder. He slams the door shut and makes
sure that it's locked.
I still can't believe Dan Low's
kid is here. This is great. Later
As soon as Ira walks out the door John runs to the window


and watches him walk down the street and disappear down the
steps to the subway. John walks over to the locked door and
tries to jimmy it open.
What are you doing John?
Just checking out the place.
Gentle Herbie gets up and tries to help open up the door.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Yeah this is wrong John.
Herbie what are you doing?
Relax Six you're too nervous.
Just then Gentle Herbie gets the door open. Inside are
hundreds of plants, grow lights, timers. John and Gentle
Herbie just stand there and stare into the room.
What is it?
I've died and gone to heaven.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Your dad has some cool friends.
Is that pot?
You bet your bong.
John and Gentle Herbie enter the room and find a large trunk
filled with bags of pot.
I could get high just smelling
this stuff.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Hoo, hoo, hoo. The mother load.
There's got to be a pipe or
something around here.


Gentle Herbie opens a large jewelry case filled with
assorted pipes.
What if Ira comes back?
First of all he said he would see
us in the morning and I seen him
go down the subway stairs.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
He didn't seem to be the type to
Come on boys, I think we're in for
a smooth ride.
The flame has been lit.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
We need some tunes.
Okay Gentle Herbie you play DJ.
Gentle Herbie scans the music choices.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I have some good news and some bad
news. The good news is we have
thousands of choices and the bad
news is they're all the same. Any
How about 3/28/94?
3/28/94 was the show that Dan was at the night of the
murder. Cut back and forth between Dan at the show and the
boys listening to the tape.
All of a sudden Six cracks up. Belly laughs. John starts to
laugh too.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
What's so funny?
I have no idea.


After a few minutes they're sitting on the floor with the
music blaring. Gentle Herbie gets up and spins around to the
music. John finds an empty milk crate used for an end table
and plays it like a bongo. Six is sitting with his eyes
closed bobbing his head and playing air guitar.
You know I've heard this tape
before but never like this. I
think I get it now.
I'm so fuckin' munched.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
We have to eat.
Yeah food. That's what we need
John and Gentle Herbie find Six to be very funny and start
You're wasted dude.
I'm wasted.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Pizza. We need pizza.
Are there any pizza places around
Einstein, we're in the pizza
capital of the world.
Oh yeah,right. How far are we from
the place we played basketball
today? I saw some pizza places
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Not too far.


Good cause I'm not driving
anywhere now.
You'll get us there Magallan?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Let's go.
The boys are sitting around a table filled with pizza
crusts, dirty plates and empty pitchers of beer.
Man, that was good. You guys ready
for another pitcher?
I'm good.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I could go for some more.
Alright, Gentle Herbie. That's
what I want to hear.
John goes to the counter for more beer.
Don't you think he's had enough.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Yeah, I guess. I don't know. Relax
Six. We're far from home. We
walked here from Ira's. What could
I guess so.
Jonh comes back with the beer and does most of the drinking
and is getting visibly drunk.
Let me ask you a question Six.
What are we here for? You really
think by coming to Brooklyn you're
gonna find out what happened to
your father? I don't get it.


No. Maybe. I don't know. All I
know is everyone's got a story...
Everyone has something to say. Let
me ask you a question John. You
too Herbie. You know who your
father is. I mean what kind of
person he is. Where he came from.
What he was like. Not the person
you know now. The person he really
is. What he really believes and
thinks. Fathers were people before
they were parents. They tell us
what they want us to hear. What
they want us to believe in. But
it's not really who they are. They
tell us not to curse when we were
kids but when they think we're not
listening every other word out of
their mouth is fuck or prick. I
hear it all the time. God forbid
they hear you say that it's like,
oh no, not my kid. You kiddin' me?
It's such bullshit.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I know, it's do as I say not as I
Do you know who your father really
is? What he was like when he was
our age?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
That's a good question. I have no
freakin' clue. If I had to guess
I'd say he way pretty much the way
he is now - kind of passive,
submissive, nerdy I guess. Don't
get me wrong, I love him exactly
the way he is, he just doesn't
seem too motivated. But he seems
happy. Content.
I see the nut didn't fall too far
from the tree.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
What does that mean John?


Shut up John. I think you'd be
lucky to have a father like his. I
think we'd all be lucky.
Look at you man. You're exactly
like him. You follow Six around
like a little puppy dog. You let
people walk all over you.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You know something, if I turn out
just like my old man I'd be
perfectly happy. How bout you
John? Would you be happy if you
turned out like your father?
Come on guys stop it.
No. Look at him. I bet you say
anything to this guy and he'd do
it. Right Gentle Herbie?
What's your problem John?
What's my problem? I'll tell you
what my problem is...
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You talk too much and you hardly
have anything to say. Most normal
people get a thought and they let
their brain process it. You just
skip that step and spew out
anything without thinking.
I just tell the truth and
sometimes the truth hurts.
The truth? Nobody tells the truth.
If they did we wouldn't be here -
in Brooklyn right now.


Maybe you're not looking in the
right place for the truth...
Forget it.
What do mean forget it. Where
should I be looking?
Nothing. Forget it.
No John. What do you mean by that?
Vito, Dom and Joey walk into the pizzeria.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Oh shit, I don't believe this.
Not these guys. Not now. Don't
make eye contact. John I want to
finish this conversation.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Of all the pizzerias in all of
Brooklyn, they had to pick this
Hey lookee here boys.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Hey guys, how you doin?
We're doin good. Thanks for axing.
What's your name again?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Herbie, that's right. You know
Herbie, you owe me a basketball.
The fuck he does.
Gentle Herbie farts loud and clear.


Hey Herbie, I didn't know you
spoke Italian.
Six stands up.
Come on guys, relax.
Dom pushes Six back down into his chair.
Sit down and shut the fuck up.
What do you pricks want?
Shut up John.
Yeah John shut the fuck up. This
fat piece of shit owes me a
The pizzeria owner comes over to make peace.
Come on fellas. Take it outside.
Vito, Dom and Joey turn to go outside.
Yeah fellas, let's go outside.
John I really don't want to do
this. Why do you have to be such a
jerk all the time?
Let's go guys - out.
We got this Six. I got the big
Gentle Herbie is waiting at the counter for a slice to go. A
fresh hot bubbling pie is being taken out of the oven.
You too big guy. Out.


                       GENTLE HERBIE
Okay just give me the slice to go.
Gentle Herbie follows Six and John outside with his steaming
hot slice.
Okay enough of this bullsh....
Just then John cold cocks him. Six gets punched in the face
then does some sort of martial arts move on Vito. Gentle
Herbie looks at Joey and then at his slice of steaming pizza
and then back at Joey. He smashes the slice into Joey's
face. Six, John and Gentle Herbie sprint out of sight.
That was awesome Herbie. I didn't
know you had it in you.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
I can't believe I sacrificed my
You had no choice. I think you
made the right decision. I can't
believe you nailed that guy John.
Did I have a choice?
At that moment? No. But it
shouldn't have gotten that far.
I don't understand you. You really
think we would have been able to
reason with those guys? I know how
these guys think. They had one
thing on their mind - fight.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
As much as I hate to agree with
him I think he's right. I don't
think just walking away was an


Sometimes you gotta fight back.
They didn't give us a choice. It
was us or them. I know you're
trying to learn from your father's
mistakes, but...
What mistakes? What did he do
wrong? He tried to help someone.
He died. She died anyway. For
what? This is the real deal John.
We're not twelve years old
anymore. People die for stupid
things. You really want to die for
a basketball? You're an asshole.
Nobody died here Six.
You don't know those guys. They
didn't seem to be joking around.
We got lucky this time. I don't
want to run into those guys again.
You telling me you didn't get
anything out of that? You didn't
get a rush? I saw what you did to
that guy. It was a thing of
beauty. And Gentle Herbie
sacrificing a fresh hot pizza?
Come on, you had to feel
Maybe I did a little. It was
pretty funny seeing Herbie smash
that pizza into his face. But
John, you think we could get
through the next few days without
getting into a gang war?
I'll do my best.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Guy's let's get back to Ira's


The boys are sprawled out in opposite corners fast asleep.
Ira is sitting in a chair staring Six awake.
So you found it, uh?
Six sits up wiping the sleep from his eyes.
It's okay.
Oh yeah. I'm really sorry.
Don't be sorry. You shoulda just
said you wanted to party.
It wasn't planned. We just kinda
found it.
Really. It's cool. What happened
to your face?
Six gets up a walks to the mirror.
Just some jerks last night.
Welcome to Brooklyn. Come on let's
go into the kitchen. We'll talk.
So ask. What do you want to know?
You know what happened, right? I
don't have to go all over that,


Was he as,as...
As fucked up as you heard?
Well, not fucked up, but angry.
Was he really such an angry
Honestly he did have a nasty
temper at times but not for no
reason. Just don't take anything
from him or tell him what to do. I
don't ever remember him getting
mad at me or any of our friends,
but if someone tried to screw with
us or tell him what to do he
flipped. Even teachers kind of
left him alone after a while. I
remember him saying that he could
never go to jail or the army. Not
because he was afraid but those
were the only two places you can't
say no or fuck you.
Was he always like that?
Ira goes to the refrigerator and pours himself and Six a
glass of orange juice then lights up a joint.
You want a hit? I don't feel right
until I have my vitamin C and J.
Six takes a sip of juice and waves off the joint.
He always had a little temper I
guess. Do you know anything about
what happened when he was a kid? I
don't think you do. You sure you
wanna hear it?
That's why I'm here.
Do you know anything about your


I heard some stuff yesterday from
Mr. Berman.
Mr. Berman. Wow. He's still
around? Jeez I can't believe it.
What did he tell you?
He said my grandfather was like a
thumb breaker for some guys.
That he was.
And what, my father found out and
flipped or something?
No. Well he did flip but not
because he found out. He knew what
was happening. Hell, we all knew,
But what?
You knew he went to jail right?
I didn't hear that.
Well it was really fucked up. It
was like a month before your
father's Bar Mitzvah. Those
cocksuckers knew that too. They
could have waited but they came
into their house and arrested him.
Grabbed him right from the dinner
table. Slapped the handcuffs on
him. Right in front of you father
and your auny Lydia.
I can't imagine that.
I remember like it was yesterday.
Everyone at the Bar Mitzvah was


                       IRA (cont'd)
crying. Your aunts and uncles.
Everyone really loved your
grandfather. But your father just
stood there. He did his part
without a hitch. The Rabbi gave
him this big bear hug. That I
never saw before. Your father
showed no emotion. He was never
the same after that.
He never got over it, did he?
I guess not. He just became quiet.
Kept it all inside. Then just like
that he would snap. Yell, scream,
fight with anyone at anytime. He
started getting into trouble. It
got to the point if something went
wrong, something broke. Whatever.
People would assume Dan had
something to do with it. Sometimes
he did sometimes he didn't. Nobody
tried to figure him out. They just
thought he was crazy. But he
wasn't. I guess looking back at it
he was just trying to reach out
for something. For someone. He got
nothing from his mother, that
selfish little... She didn't care
about anyone but herself. Your
aunt Lydia was a few years older
and moved out almost right after
it happened. Living that sixty's
hippie life. Your grandfather
really loved your father. When he
was gone he had nobody. He never
visited him in jail and then when
he died I don't think he went to
the funeral. It was really sad.
That's alot to absorb Ira. I don't
even know what to say.
There's nothing to say kid. It was
so long ago. It's something I
guess you needed to hear. If your
mother gets pissed when she hears
that I told you tell her to call
me. Sometimes the truth hurts but


                       IRA (cont'd)
everyone needs to know where they
came from and how they got to
where they are now.
My mom won't get pissed. I'm sure
she knows what you're telling me.
You seem like a pretty smart kid
Six. Let me ask you something now.
Where'd you get the name Six
I don't really know.
Gentle Herbie walks into the kitchen.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You know Six. Just tell him.
Six just sits there.
You tell me then Herbie.
                       GENTLE HERBIE
Well we were like seven years old
and we were on the same little
league team. I don't think we were
friends yet but we knew each
other. Anyway, Six is playing
shortstop, I'm somewhere in the
outfield throwing dirt bombs or
picking weeds or something. Not
really paying attention. All of a
sudden a ball is hit to him, he
slides over, scoops the ball into
his mitt and throws a BB to first.
Man I tell you it was a rocket of
a throw. The first baseman just
holds out his mitt and the ball
slams into it. It was a thing of
beauty. Everyone starts cheering
for him. It was like our second
game ever and everyone wants to
know who number six is. Someone, I
guess him mom, yells out Seth. I
guess it kinda sounded like six.
His jersey number is six. Soon
everyone just started calling him
Six. The name just stuck.


So you're a ball player?
                       GENTLE HERBIE
You know what I was thinking? If
you number was seven or five the
name wouldn't have worked. I mean
it wouldn't sound right to call
someone Seven or Five. Six just
sounds good. It feels natural. It
kinda just rolls off your tounge.
That's great. You're a ballplayer.
How good are you?