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by Timothy von Gremp (kohardal@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
This short film entails a segment from a much larger project I am still concepting based on Dylan Matthews, a troubled teenager with a growing detachment from reality. This piece is intended to be the second plot point, where Dylan completely surrenders himself to his dementia. Hopefully, I will have more of this film written, and this segment produced, by the end of the year. This will be my first published screenplay. And I hope you will enjoy it and feel free to leave any feedback that may help me to make the most of my screenplay.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The dream field describes an open field free of human
tampering, including buildings and electrical wires. The
area seems generally peaceful. Within the field is a woman
garbed in a flowing white dress, prancing about and enjoying
her surroundings.
                       SHEPPARD (VO)
Dylan, can you hear me?
                       DYLAN (VO)
                       SHEPPARD (VO)
Where are you right now?
                       DYLAN (VO)
I'm... I'm in the field...
                       SHEPPARD (VO)
The field you told me about?
                       DYLAN (VO)
It's like finding home...
Sheppard is cleaning his spectacles with a piece of cloth,
seated in his chair beside Dylan, who lies upon the
patient's couch, staring blankly off to the side. The
doctor's head is not visible, and continues to be obscured
or cut out during the entire duration of the film.
No, I'm afraid. You know where
"home" is.
Dylan winces and turns his head to face Sheppard, his eyes
refocusing. He looks both saddened and amazed with the
sudden appearance and disappearance of the field in his


                       DYLAN (cont'd)
What was that?
Sheppard places his spectacles upon his head and stands up.
He then begins at a slow pace toward his desk and sits upon
the edge of it.
That. That was a mild form of
hypnosis, to put you in
semiconciousness so I could see
what it is exactly that your mind
forces you to see every time you
sleep. And you're right. It's a
field. Your "field of light."
Dylan seems very disappointed and disillusioned.
It was so real, just then. It was
like I was really there. I could
even see "her."
Sheppard's interest piques.
You saw the woman in white again?
Dylan sighs, shaking his head like he's having some
difficulty believing what he's saying.
I think it's my mother.
Sheppard rubs his chin, thinking to himself.
Your mother...
Sheppard clears his throat and stands up again to approach
Dylan's couch. Dylan appears depressed, retracted.
Do you miss your mother, Dylan?
Every day.
Was there ever anything that you
had wanted to say to your mother
that you never had the chance to


Dylan laughs dryly, like a laugh made when trying not to
There was never anything I didn't
say to her when I had the chance.
I was young. I told her I loved
her. I told her she needed to get
out of that bed. I knew that she
was never really as sick as she
said she was, she was just using
that bed to hide from my father.
He'd always come home drunk and he
always wanted to pick a fight; I
guess with her in the bed and me
in the closet, there was nobody
for him to fight but himself. I
knew that wasn't the way to live
life, and I tried to get my mom
out of the house and just leave
him. But...
Dylan chokes back a sob.
Dylan sits up and hunches over, resting his elbows on his
knees and his head in his hands.
She was so deep into the valium,
it was like she wasn't there
anymore. She was dead long before
she killed herself. She was a
ghost. Just sitting in the bed.
Not talking, not moving, not even
looking at you. Just sitting
How did that make you feel?
Angry. I ended up hating my
Sheppard is taken aback. He pulls his glasses from off of
his head.
But, why?


Dylan looks up at Sheppard.
I hated her for what she had done.
I never wanted to lose my mother.
And I ended up losing her to
herself. It was like she didn't
even want to be my mother anymore.
I see. So, because of the
suffering you endure at home, you
feel that you are more attracted
to the world in your dreams that
you've made for yourself.
But, I didn't make it on
Sheppard chuckles a little, putting his spectacles back on
his head.
Yes, yes you did. The subconcious
is a funny thing, Dylan. In times
of great anger or sadness or fear,
the mind tries to find ways of
escape. Since you feel that
there's no way out of the place
where you live, you've
subconciously created this place
where you can escape to.
But, I don't want an escape. I
want to be sane. I'm losing my
mind, doc.
Sheppard crouches a bit to get level with Dylan and looks at
him straight.
I don't think you're losing your
mind, Dylan. I think you're just
Dylan eyes Sheppard without belief.


One point of "sanity" is
recognizing when you're slipping
away. You may be having these
dreams, and you may think that
these dreams are more real. But,
you know what reality is.
Dylan is silent, with a distant look in his eye. Sheppard
places a hand on the boy's shoulder.
You know what reality is, don't
Dylan shakes his head, exasperated, and looks at the ground.
I don't think I know, anymore.
Sheppard holds out his hand, open, palm facing up; it looks
as if he is "giving" Dylan the answer.
Dylan. Reality is what we make it.
Dylan looks perplexed with the doctor.
Sheppard stands and begins to walk back and forth, slightly.
Notably, his voice slowly begins to change from his original
voice to the sound of Dylan's own voice.
It's simple. Reality is what we
make of it. If you see reality as
being sad, and scary and generally
morose and you don't want to be a
part of it, then that's what
reality is. But, if you see
reality the way you truly want to
perceive it, you'll realize that
reality is as good as you want it
to be.


So, I'm in control of my world?
Sheppard hunches over, revealing Dylan's own head upon his
All you need to do is will it.
The real Dylan smiles as the scene changes to reveal that
Doctor Sheppard, with his face or not, is no longer there.
In fact, not even the office is there. Dylan is really still
Dylan is lying on a covered mattress with a simple white
sheet kicked to the very foot in his slumber. His room is
bleak, with little furniture aside from a dresser and a
bedside table with a lamp. There is a television across the
bed, which shows the true face of Dr. Sheppard, who is
having an interview with TV host Pat Stackey on "The
Intracacies of the Human Mind."
      (On Television)
Well, it's like I've been telling
you, Pat. Reality is what we make
of it. Reality can be as good or
as bad as we perceive it to be, we
affect it both mentally and
physically. The way we perceive
the world, and the way in which we
bring upon different consequences
affects the world that we live in
as a whole. It may seem a little
freakish, yes; but, I don't mean
it in the way of people just...
making their lives into something
completely different. But, I'm
serious when I say that life is,
for the most part within our own
control. We can't just blame fate
for the things that happen to us.
It's all part of a big butterfly
effect or a chain reaction or what
have you.
      (On Television)
A truly fascinating theory. Dr.
Sheppard, everyone. Unfortunately


                       PAT (cont'd)
that's all the time we have,
however, I hope to see you all
again as we look deeper into the
intracacies of the human mind.
Dylan slowly gets out of bed and stands up, looking around
to observe his surroundings. He seems generally pleased with
himself and the appointment he didn't have. He slowly
approaches the door leading out of his room and opens it,
stepping out into...
Dylan is now standing within the field he has dreamed of for
so long. He looks around and takes in the sun and the gentle
breeze and smiles widely.
After all, reality is what we make
Dylan notices the woman in white in the distance and
approaches her as we...


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From jacobb Date 1/27/2007 ***
This is a very good screenplay. I really enjoyed reading it. You have great talent and should persue writting more and more. I give you two thumbs up!!! good job!!

From wyatt mcdonald Date 1/23/2007 ****
it was wellformed and easy understandable

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