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Cross The Line
by Jesse David Herber (herber3939@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Sports   User Review: ***1/2
A short movie about a kid achieving his dreams.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



You see a kid running down a hill.
Man, not again!
Sean is running and a piece of paper falls out of his
backpack revealing the title of the movie and his name. The
camera looks up and you see the school.
How come I'm late everyday?
Sean runs into his class late and sits down breathing really
                       BULLY #1
      (Bully like)
Hahahaha what a loser, why do you
run everywhere. are you looking
for something?
                       BULLY #1
      (bully like)
Wow, you are a loser.
Sean takes out a picture he started of a man runing. He
continues on with it and finishes it. Then he writes "Dream"
at the top of it.
Bell rings and Sean walks out of his class. Sean sees a
poster on the wall he walks up to it and starts to read it.


Try outs are on the 14th, I can't
wait to try out for the team. Only
4 more days. Yeah!
A couple of kids walk by looking at Sean.
                       BULLY #2
      (under a cough)
Yeah right.
Screw you guys! I'm trying out!
The bully's walk away laughing, Sean walks away from the
poster mumbling under his breath angrily.
Sean gets dressed and walks out to the track. He starts to
stretch wierdly which causes everyone to look at him funny.
The coach walks into the shot with a clipboard in his hand.
Alright everyone! Whoever is
trying out, step up to this line
and get ready!
      (Out loud
Yes, I've been waiting so long for
this moment.
                       KID IN BACKGROUND
Everyone one lines up on the starting line
Ready, Set, Go!
Everyone takes off. Sean is running with his arms swinging
everywhere and his head is looking up with neck veins
popping out.
      (To himself)
I think I'm in the lead!


Sean finally brings his head down and veins stop bulging.
Then he looks ahead of him and everyone is in front of him.
He still finishes the race looking happy. Then the coach
walks up to him...
Sorry kid, you didn't make the
Kevin walks away with his head down.
      (to himself)
I'm still gonna go practice.
Every practice after he didn't make the team Sean was there
practicing, off to the side. One day the coach looked over
and saw Sean practicing.
      (To kid on team)
Hey, who is that?
                       KID ON TEAM
I don't know, but he's been here
for every practice and does the
same things we do, but by himself.
The coach walks over to Sean.
Hey, I've heard you have been out
here every practice.
Not only that, but I've been doing
every thing you guys have.
I see you have a lot of heart kid,
what's your name?
Sean O'Donald


How about after every practice
I'll stay after school to teach
you something?
      (Very Excitedly)
Are you serious? Of course! That
would be great. When do we start?
How about tomorrow?
Ok coach! I'll be there for sure!
Sean walks away very excitedly.
Sean trains with his coach everyday for a long time and
keeps getting better and better.
Sean is eating and his coach comes up to him.
Hey Sean, I have something
exciting to tell you.
Yeah coach?
I signed you up for a race.
Really? Do you think I'm ready?
Of course!
Thanks Coach!


Sean stretches and then heads over to the starting line. He
gets into his starting stance.
      (To himself)
Go for gold, go for gold, you can
do this Sean, you know you can.
He hears a gun shot for the race to start. Everyone takes
off. Sean is in the lead and is almost at the finish line
when someone starts to come up on his right. Finally the kid
is equal to Sean. They keep inching in front of each other.
Then they hit the finish line. Sean looks over and the other
kid was cheering. The other kid had won the race.
Thats it! I quit I can't take
losing anymore!
Sean sits down on the bleachers and starts to cry. His coach
hears what Kevin had said and walks over to him. He hands
Sean a rag to wipe his eyes with.
You know Sean, winning is not
every thing. The most important
thing is that you have fun and if
you have fun then you do win...
He points at Sean's heart.
You win in here Sean and that's
all that matters.
Sean looks up at his coach.
Out of nowhere the kid that beat Sean came up to him.
                       RACING KID
Hey man, that was a great race.
You were really fast from the
start. I'm surprised that I even
beat you. Great job!


The kid walks away and Sean looks at his coach and stands
When is the next practice?
His coach smiles. Sean and his coach both walk away. Sean
ends up going to state 3 times and winning every time. He
gives one of his medal to his coach.
Sean takes out the drawing he drew of the man running. He
picks up his pencil and starts to write the speech his coach
gave him under the words "dream."
      (To Himself)
You know, winning is not every
thing. The most important thing is
that you have fun and if you have
fun then you do win.


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From Jackson Date 12/6/2007 0 stars
This was awful. Horribly cliche. Terrible dialog. Why does he talk to himself? Who is this "Kevin that shows up on 5? How come some of it is written in present tense, and other written in past tense? Needs a whole lot of work. I don't know who those people who reviewed the script are, but they have no idea what they're talking about.

From Justin Date 8/4/2007 ****
Wow, for the length, simply amazing. I recommend writing another copy and fixing a few things. When you do so, I would contact any interested producers for a short film. This, with the right view from a producer/director, can be a great short film to watch. The ending was great as well, it really got me thinking to myself, and I felt the message coming across. Good job, keep up the good work!

From Boris Novak Date 1/31/2007 ****
For a short-short screenplay, this was very nicely done. Great vision packed into a few pages. Great work!

From Robert Leonard Wood Jr. Date 1/24/2007 ****
Dude it was awesome i loved it !!!!!!!!! I can see a sick montage of him working out everyday it works great. I hope i get to see it.

From robert Date 1/23/2007 ****
great job

From Kevin Date 1/18/2007 ****
Very good screenplay! I feel that this can be made into a short movie! :

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