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Gamer Comedy Sketch - Episode One (SHORT)
by Tom Nevitt (t.nevit@merseymail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: 1/2
Rated PG for a violent theme in one sketch and slight language. This is a comedy series exploring the darker side of gaming life and parodizing it. This is intended as a short film so only two sketches per episode. Today's sketches: Jack, the poor soul who buys rubbish games and is unlucky and Bee Bee, the ballerina millionaire geek who destroys the programming his staff ask him to do.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Whoooohey! Where are the ladies
It's raining Jack. And it's the
Year 2034, where women are gamers
too without having to cyber to
prove themselves. We male gamers
were sexist and racist morons back
Yeah..hey, Duke Nukem Forever is
finally out. I'm gonna go buy
Whoa, no dude!That's a big no no!
That got awful reviews because it
took forever! And when it came
out, it was even worse then ET!
I wanna try it though
Jack leaves Brian and walks into the Video Game Shop and
sees a copy of the game, the cover reads it's for
{PlayStation 35678542356.98 Console that is way too
expensive for it's own good and is not really a game
machine} when he goes over, the MYSTIC FORTUNE TELLER
appears in a puff of smoke

noooooot buuyyyyy this
Why not? Are you one of the people
whose opinions don't matter to
anyone else and are criticised
using childish insults and
derogatory comments involving your
mother and, or, your weight?


No, you're thinking of a few
people on GAMEFAQS. But do not buy
this rubbish game! 3D Realms were
involved in a war against the
nation of Grand Theft Relic, Halo
4: The Hype of Generica, Fake iD
and Gears of Overhyped Time.
It was defeated and the very first
sale of the game would mean the
world was nuked
I'm buying it anyway!
No...ah..screw it, this isn't my
world anyway *disappears*
JACK buys Duke Nukem Forever. As soon as he walks back
outside, he notices a shooting star in the middle of the
daylight. He realises what he's done as footage of a badly
drawn nuke is used.
Enter the programmer. He is working on a computer typing in
specific coding onto a Visual Basic Editor and it says on
screen ("features_working.
run_goodwindowsthat_dosen't_need_patch_finally"). Just as he
finishes, BEE BEE comes on in a Pink tutu, but the
PROGRAMMER accidentally highlights his coding and BEE BEE
grabs the mouse.
At last! My greatest work is
                       BEE BEE
Oooooooooooooh, what does this
delete button do? *is about to
press the button on the keyboard*


The monitor reads a Windows Blue Screen of death as soon as
BEE BEE presses the button. END SKETCH.


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From Sven Date 7/11/2008 0 stars
I cant believe I read the whole thing, because it got boring even before I read halfway through the first page. I really didnt get this. So next time, think about dialogue and story.

From Josh A. Echevarria Date 4/7/2008 1/2
woah. that was boring. It was way too short. If this was supposed to be funny then you have failed miserably. I couldn't even attempt to crack a smile at the jokes because they were dull and made no sense. This needs a load of work to make it even a little bit better.

From James Date 2/15/2007 1/2
Ummm, is this supposed to be a comdey?, there wasn't any good scructure for gags and it feels this was a poor attempt at having a slagging match for no good reason

From Candance Moore Date 2/14/2007 1/2
Uhhh....okay. Was either one of them supposed to be funny? Seriously dude. Your grammar is poor, and your humor makes no sense.

From John Calderon Date 2/7/2007 1/2
Is this some kind of joke? This is a humor that is worse than Sessler's and Webb's in X-Play. Your sketch needs some work, and it's too rushed. Although when I read your plot summary, it almost seemed interesting but when I read this. I discovered it needed some work

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