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Private Property 2: The Curse Of Slaughter
by Joe Dixon (bartenderdixon@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: **
I still have editing to do. But she's finished till then. The two remaining survivors return to face their fears, to understand that the fear is gone.. or is it? Look for Private Property 1 to understand this one better

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



6 Hikers and there guide are walking through an old remote
ghost village just outside a deeply wooded area.
Here we are ladies and gentlemen.
This is the now ghost village of
Carling. Once a very lively
village producing lumber at the
old Lumber yard has turned into
this. Many stories are told on why
the town just up and vanished.
Their are those who cliam that a
fire at the factory got out of
hand and lit the town a blaze but
their are others who claim a man
who is undead returned from the
grave to kill all those who
wronged him. But what really
happened here is still anyones
      (Sits down on a
       step of an old
       corner store to
       take a break.)
Take some time to expolre but
buddy up this town may not be big
but none the less you can still
get lost
They group off but 2 stay behind to talk to the guide.
                       HIKER #1
So what do you think really
happened here?
Sits down beside him
It's all old tales really but for
some reason it make sense to go
with the story of the undead.
                       HIKER #2
Your just fucking with us right?


Think about it this way, look
around you? Do you see any
resemblance at all that a fire
swept through here?
She looks around
                       HIKER #2
                       HIKER #1
Do you know the full story of this
undead character everyone seems to
talk about?
Sure I know the story not to many
people around here don't know the
story. His name was Vincent
Slaughter and he had a family.
Unfortunalty his family had some
issues, like Inbreeding,
Cannabalism and they were
praticing Satanists. As you are
propbably well arware back in the
day everyone was either Christian
and Catholic, this town however
was Christian so Slaughter and his
family were very shunned to say
the least. One day the towns
people were tried of Vincent's
shit so they sent the towns top 2
hunters out for the Slaughter
family. Well Slaughter was out the
two men approached the cabin and
forced their way in, his wife
Carla fought off the hunters for
as long as she could before they
chopped off her head, then
proceeded to do the same to his 2
children. Slaughter eventually
returned home to see what had been
done. The two hunters attempted to
do the same to him, but were
killed in the tussle with Vincent.
In order to cover up any evidence
of all the killings he ate the
bodies of the hunters and his
family. Worried that the two men
had not returned the towns people
eventually all went up to his
shack, they took him forcefully
and dragged him back to the center


                       GUIDE (cont'd)
of town, hung him and buried him
where he lied. Until about 2 years
later on the anniversary of his
death, he resurrected and killed
everyone who had a part in killing
him leaving the town virtually
                       HIKER #2
But to use your fire theroy
against you on this one, wouldn't
there be bodies and skeletons
If the story is true then he would
have ate all the bodies he killed
over the last 100 years.
4 Of the hikers are walking up the lumber mill. You cut to
an over the shoulder shot of someone watching them enter the
mill. They enter the main lobbyish area.They walk in and
House of Horrors by ICP starts to play. They break off into
                       HIKER #3
So what exactly are we looking for
                       HIKER #4
Anyhting you know dead or spooky.
They keep walking into what appears to be an old wood
splitting room. There's table saws all over the place, and
other machines. Above the room is a catwalk. The room is
dimmly lit. They slowly walk in looking high and low. A
creeking noise is heard.
                       HIKER #4
Shut the fuck up man.
                       HIKER #3
Wasn't me. It was prolbably the
old metal settling.


The guide and 2 hikers are sitting on a porch when the
ground starts to shake and the sky turns dark and storms and
quickly stops.
                       HIKER #2
Quick follow me
They run off following the guide to the middle of town where
the fountain used to be and all that is there now is a big
FUCK! I knew it was him. Quick we
have to find the others.
The camera is high looking down over a shoulder on the
catwalk, the dark shadow appears to have long hair. The
camera moves back down to follow the two hikers. One up ward
shot of the two shows a shadow running along the catwalk.
                       HIKER #3
Ok Jimmy I seriously am getting
freaked out here, can we leave?
                       HIKER #4
Ya, buddy I feel ya, lets go.
They turn to leave and they take 2 steps toward the door
when it slams shut and locks. Jimmy runs to the door and
tries to open it but no luck.
                       HIKER #3
                       HIKER #4
Then turn back toward the room and the machines all turn on.
                       HIKER #3


Jimmy nods and they try to make a break for the exit, but
Jimmy runs into a dark body. He takes a step back, looks up
and sees a dark outline. The shadow steps forward and it's
Sarah Taylor. She looks as hot as ever.
                       HIKER #4
Jesus Christ you almost gave us a
heart attack. Who are you?
My name is Sarah and I work here
with my Husband Vincent. He should
be here shortly.
                       HIKER #3
Husband? What are you like 15?
Actually I'm 16 and it's customary
for me to marry a man at this age.
                       HIKER #3
CUSTOMARY!? Where you from the
You young strapping lads must know
how to use a table saw.
                       HIKER #3
Well I don't but Jimmy here knows
all there is know about saws and
other tough redneck shit.
Well Jimmy, how would you like to
try and help me out of this
situation I am in.
She takes his hand and leads him over to a table saw with a
log stuck in it.
                       HIKER #4
Ok, well what's your situation?
I was cutting through this piece
of log and it got jammed? Can you
help me remove it from the blade?
She is flirting hard with Jimmy.


                       HIKER #4
Sure no problem
Jimmy walks over to the log. Gets his footing and begins to
try to unjam the log. He's getting fustrated and starting to
lose his cool. He gets more footing and really leans into
it. He has his head pretty close to the blade of the saw
You almost got it. Your really
      (leans over and
       kisses him)
but like most strong guys your
also very fucking stupid
                       HIKER #4
                       HIKER #3
What the fuck?
She walks over to the foot pedal. And with no hesitation
steps on it
                       HIKER #4
The blade begins to rip through Jimmy's face and then
through his skull. Blood flys all over the place. Jimmy's
body lay lifeless on the table. Sarah turns to Hiker #4
Whats the matter Robert you afraid
of me?
                       HIKER #3
What the fuck is wrong with you
bitch? How the fuck did you know
my name?
Don't you know about me Robert?
I'm the one they killed. They cut
my head off, then after they were
done with me they cut the heads
off of my children.My husband
tried to save us but they killed
him by totally embrassing him in
front of the town. But he came


                       SARAH (cont'd)
back Robert to make them pay. And
after what happened Last year he's
back again Robert. He's back to
make them pay, pay for trespassing
pay for their crimes against us.
And you Robert will be his first
victim, don't you see it now
Robert, he can't die. He only
get's stronger.
Pushing Robert back into a corner. She gets closer and
closer. Robert looks to his left and finds an axe on the
table. He quickly grabs it
                       HIKER #3
Stay back, Stay the fuck back
bitch. I'll fucking cut your head
off again.
ALl you fucking kids, your all the
THAT WE CAN'T DIE! Sure the whole
thing with decapation sure it
hurts like a mother fucker but hey
you get used to it.
She keeps pushing at him. And pushing him back even further.
He backs up and bumps into a large object he fells behind
him and feels fabric and blood.
                       HIKER #3
What the fucking hell?
The camera is dead on with Robert holding the axe. Slowly
you see a chainsaw lift up in the shadow and all you see is
the chainsaw. Cut to outside the shop with the two hikers
and the guide running to the doors. There locked and they
bang on the doors.
Back inside the room. The chainsaw starts up and the start
of Stronger Then Death by Black Label Socitey starts to


Oh ya Robert meet my husband
At the end of the sentence Slaughter comes down with the
chainsaw and cuts Robert right in half.
Hey babe!
kisses her
Ready for some fun hunny.
As always
They walk to the exit over the two bodies and they get to
the exit and Sarah looks back at the door and uses some
witchcraft to unlock the door and the guide and hikers run
in. The walk around in disbelief at the carnage in the room.
Sarah is standing outside the mill doing some kind of spell.
The machines inside all start running and get faster and
faster the blades on all the machines start shaking, faster
and faster the machines get. They run towards the door and
it's locked again.
The blades fly off the saws and bounce off the walls each
one cutting through the bodies of the hikers and guide. The
blades stop and the camera focues on the body of the guide
standing up then it zooms on his stomach and he falls apart
and the title appears on screen.
After the first bell for lunch, Lindsay is walking with her
friends Stephanie and Jasmine. She passes Will and Jermaine,
who doesn't notice her because of the amount of people in
the hallway. They get to Lindsay's locker.
      (Points to the
What are they laughing about?
Probably, something like the
actual answer of a math question


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
of something like that
Lindsay fumbles with lock as she glances curiously back at
the jocks still laughing at the end of the hall.

Just when the door opens past Lindsays face the fake body
falls out and lands directly on lindsays upper chest.
the body hitting Lindsay throws her instantly into a
(the last scene of the first movie)
Will looks in the direction the scream came from and relises
it was his girlfriend lindsay.
Will pushes his way past the other students cluttering the
Whats wrong.
Even as Will speaks these words he notices the Jocks
laughing and instantly relizes that it was all a cruel
practical joke. Will walks with a purpose towards the jocks.
Hey Will whats up?
What the fuck is wrong with you
What the fuck is wrong with me?
What the fuck is wrong with your
bitch over there. She is way to
fucking nuts.
Will with a closed fist knocks the Jock is the mouth. The
Jock throws a fist back an d the other Jocks run try to join
in and Jermaine runs over with Lindsay.
Will... Will.... WILL! STOP! I'm
ok baby.
You sure?


Yes, I'm positive hun
Ya, Will man let's just go man
      (to jock)
I'll see ya later
They walk back to Lindsay's locker where Jasmine and Stephy
are waiting.
      (To Lindsay)
Don't worry about those guys, the
steroids have shriveled their
brains along with their anatomy.
I don't worry about them it just
pisses me off how inconsiderate
they can be sometimes.
Wraps her arms around Will, and kisses his fist.
Ok look I know what happened a
year ago was bad really bad, but
remember Lindsay it was you who
killed him, I mean you were there
you saw Will kill him then you
both dumped him in the Bay.
So what's your point?
So, My point is why are you still
You wouldn't understand, You
weren't there.
Help us to understand why.
What if...Ah nevermind.
Nevermind what?


Oh, It's just an idea no one would
ever go for.
Hit us up with the crazy idea, G.
What if, just what if this weekend
we go back out to Carling. Just
for the weekend to prove to that
Vincent is dead and that there is
nothing more to be scared of
Everyone just kinda looks at each other.
Hunny I think it's a great idea. I
think what's she saying is right
if we go out there all of us we
can see for ourselves but mostly
you that Vincent is dead, the
Cabin is gone, and your fears
after all of this will to
hopefully be gone.
I don't know, Will
Ok, fine we'll take a vote? Who
thinks we should go out to help
Lindsay get over her fear?
Steph, Will, and Jasmine raise their hands.
Ok, who doesn't want to go out to
the campsite.
Jermaine and Lindsay raise there hands.
Okay I don't want to go but I
can't let you go without me.So if
were going to lets do it the right


A dirt road and it's mid day. An old rusty truck pulls into
the driveway. Sun-Rays peaking through the multi coloured
trees and appearing on the windsheild, leaves flying out
from underneath truck. The truck stops. Then the doors open
and Vincent and Sara hop out.
Welcome home baby
Home sweet home.
Red minivan turns off country road into a small clearing in
the woods.Rising boulders skirting the well worn tire tracks
in the dirt.
Mini-Van rolles to a stop leaves that billowed out as the
van drove in now settled on the ground. The passenger door
open and Jermaines foot touches the ground.
The passenger sliding door opens and everyone piles out but
Jasmine, Stephanie and Jermaine start unloading the back.
But Will notices that Lindsay is still in the back of the
van, where her and Stepanie sat on the way.Hands on the back
of the middle seat white nuckled trembling with fear.
Will walks around to the passenger side door climbs in and
sits beside her. He gently pries her fingers free of the
seat and holds her hands in his.
It okay we're perfectly safe you
know. He's never coming back we
saw to that last year. Baby just
try to be as brave as I know you
can be.
Look Will I know he's gone, but
still all of those the clearing
the trail, it all makes think of
seeing Angel and Peter massacred
and we couldn't do a damn thing to
help them. They were are best
friends Will and because of us
they were killed.


No, Lindsay it wasn't because of
us that they were dead. They were
the ones who went off the trail
and the ones who couldn't wait. We
didn't kill them Vincent did, and
then we killed him. But I
understand where your coming from.
You think that because of the last
time we came here our best friends
got killed you think the same
thing is going to happen again?
That Jasmine, Jermaine, and
Stephanie are going to die?
Not just them all of us!
I swear to god that nothing bad
will happen at all. I promise that
after this weekend no one will die
and that..... look I'll make you a
deal, cause I am so confident that
we will be okay that you know that
trip to Paris you want to go on so
When we get out and you see that
nothing bad will happen I'll take
you on your trip to Paris
Really, but you have to get out
the van, get your stuff and come
with us.
Ok, I think I can do it but
there's still one thing?
What's that?


They get out of the van and walk around to the back of the
van. Will opens the hatch and Lindsay reaches in and grabs
her pack.
You promised you'd carry my pack
Will grabs the pack and throws it over his other shoulder.
      (to everbody)
Let's roll
Vincent sitting on the beat up old couch with his new bride
Sarah. The camera starts with a dead on shot of Sarah
carring two drinks walking towards the living room the
camera cuts to a wall above the couch where there is an old
picture of Vincent and Sarah (his original wife) she looks
alot like Sarah as if Sarah could be a identical twin to
her. She sits down beside Vincent
What are we going to do tonight
hunny. Shoot some rabbits, kill
some dogs, or my favourite fuck
all night long.
Hmmm, that's a toughy....... Fuck
all night long again and again and
Ok baby
She stands up and is about to take off her top. But suddenly
Vincent stands up with a look of rage
Whats wrong hunny?
Shhh you smell that?
No, what is it babe?


The group reaching the clearing where the campsite is.
Jermaine and Stephanie are first to arrive with Jasmine
closly behind. Will and Lindsay are last to arrive.
Your right Will, this is a
beautiful spot.
The camera spins around the area showing the beautufl fall
colours and the small waterfall.
This is where you were going to
take us the first time hun?
Hey G, me and Stephanie were just
gonna set out tent up inside the
little cove of trees over there.
Just stay within Voice range ok?
No problem homie
Jermaine and Stephanie walk off with their packs and Will
turns to around slowly whule looking over his shoulder at
Jermaine. He turns to see Lindsay.
Hun, where are they going?
They just wanna little privacy
babe. So there sitting up within
voice range in the trees.
Lindsay gets a worried look on her face. Will begins to hug


Don't worry so much, everything is
going to be ok.
Why is it that everytime you hug
me and say that everything just
seems to disappear.
They kiss. Camera goes to Jasmine.
Great all by myself. I think this
trip is going to backfire on me.
Grabs her tent and starts unrolling it. Grabs the poles and
starts to struggle with it. The camera goes back to Will and
Will, look.
What baby?
Points to Jasmine struggling with her tent
      (shouts to Jasmine)
You know if you want we got a four
person tent if you want to stay
No its ok I dont want to interude
Well, then do you want Will to
come over and help you?
Will walks over to Jasmine
What's the situation?
These god damn tent poles don't go
together right


Here just take a step back
I can do it.
Takes the poles from her, and he puts them together
So, how is Lindsay doing?
Folding her arms together and sits on a log.
Good, good. A little scared but I
really can't blame her. This
weekend wheather she admits it or
not was just what she needed. And
you for thinking of it are a great
Clipping the top of the tent to the center of the poles, and
raises the outline of it.
I try. I just pained me to see her
in so much torment and pain. You
shouldn't say I am such a good
friend, its you whose is the
amazing boyfriend. You have done
so much for her. She.... hell any
girl is lucky to have you.
Well, thank you. Look you don't
have to stay in this tent by
yourself. Like Lindsay said you
are more then welcome to stay with
Will finishes the tent, walks over to her and offers her his
hand to help her up.
Seriously Will I don't want to be
a third wheel. You guys want some
privacy so go ahead. I will be ok,
I swear.
Oh, I know you will be ok, Still
something bugs me knowing that
you'll be all alone in this tent.


She puts her hands up and pushs lightly on Will's chest.
Youuuu needddd to stop worryingggg
about meeee and start having a
good timeeeeee.
Ok, ok. The offer is still on the
table if you change you mind.
Will runs back over to Lindsay the camera still stays on
      (To herself)
Of course I wouldn't want to stay
with you and Lindsay, I just want
you to stay with me. I need to
stop being a good friend and
listen to my heart more.
Everyone is sitting around the fire. Will and Lindsay are
cuddling together on a log. Jermaine and Steph share a log
with Jasmine. It's Time To Party by Andrew W.K
So let's see
      (looks at his
We've been here for roughly 7
hourse and not one single sight or
sound out of the ordinary. See I
told you hunny.
Looks like you were all right and
I owe everyone espically Jasmine
an apology.
It's cool, it's cool.
Anyway I gotta go to the washroom
I hear ya on that one, I gotta go


She looks over at Lindsay
You need to come to hun?
Nah, I'm good.
Stephanie and Jasmine walk off. The camera stays on the
other three.
      (to Lindsay)
How are ya doing
Really safe actually being
surrounded by all my close friends
this was exactly what I needed.
That's what I like to hear G-mama
Stephanie and Jasmine walking through long grass with their
Alright this seems like a good
Hey Hey! I didn't really have to
Well I did hunny so you better go
wait over there, then
Jasmine walks over to a near-by tree
Seriously then why did we come out
here then.
I haven'n totally honest with you
for the real reason why I wanted
to come camping this weekend


Go on
See I wanted to everyone to come
out here so I can tell someone how
I feel
No, no Jasmine don't. I know how
you feel about Will, but honestly
now, right here it's not the best
time. To be totally honest hun,
the best time will never come as
long as he's with Lindsay.
      (cuts her off)
See, thats the reason were here. I
know how much he cares about
Lindsay, so I figured this camping
trip would be something he would
suppourt, and I thought just maybe
by him suppourting it Lindsay
would get pissed off at him.
      (cuts her off and
       walks over to her)
WOW! You planned on using his love
for her against them. Like Jasmine
I luv ya and everything but
seriously now. Ok let me put it to
ya like this. You love Will right?
Ya of course I do
And you want him to be happy
Again ya of course
Look at him, he's never been
happier. If you want to be happy
then let it go for now. I don't
want anything to happen to him and
Lindsay but if it does then go for
it, but until then Jazz don't do
it. Lindsay is one of your best


                       STEPHANIE (cont'd)
friends don't do that to her. Just
I hear ya, but in all fairness to
me this is killing me inside. So
as much as I care about what you
said and how much I care about
Lindsay, I have to do this for me.
There is some rustling in a nearby bush
Did you hear that?
I didn't hear anything
I could have sw...
Some more ruslting is heard
Ok I heard it that time
Let's just get out of here.
They start running hard and fast
Jasmine and Stephanie running hard back to the group with
scared looks on their faces, stumbling thourgh beer bottles
Hold up what the hell happened to
you two
Lindsay gets closer to Will.
We heard something


Heard what, did you see what it
Fuck, no, There was something
moving in the bushes. We didn't
want to stick around to see what
it was
Will you dont think it was him do
Of course I don't. There's a
perfectly good explaniation for
Ya. It was probalbly a bear or a
Stephanie walks over to Jermaine and he holds her, and
Jasmine walks over to her tent.
I'm gonna hit the hey for tonight
Are you sure
Ya I'm pretty tired
Actually were goona do the same
Will. Gotta a big day of fishing
and relaxing tomorrow.
Ok, Ok we'll hit the hey to
Jermaine and Stephanie walk over to their tent. Jasmine goes
in to her tent and closes it. Leaving Will and Lindsay
Why don't you go on to bed baby,
I'll put out the fire and be right


I don't really want to go by
myself, I'll just wait baby
I'm just going to be like 3
minutes. It's ok hunny the tent is
right there I can see it and hear
you if you need anything.
She gets up, leans down and kisses him and walks over to the
tent. The camera cuts to the woods behind a dark shadow
beathing and watching Will
      (to himself)
You just don't learn do you
An hour goes by and the fire is out and everyone is in bed.
The camera is just overlooking the scene with Will and
Jasmine's tents. There is a dim light coming from the inside
of Jasmine's tent.
      (from inside her
Will.... Will... WILL
Come quick
Will quickly gets up and rushes out of the tent and runs to
Jazz's tent.
Opens the door and gets in
What is.....
He sees her and she's just sitting there in her bra and
panties. She leans in and kisses him and the alchol takes
over. Meanwhile outside the tent. The cameras cuts behind 3
shadows approaching the campsite. There shining the


flashlights around. Will notices the lights and stops what
he and Jasmine are doing.
Will quickly puts his hand over her mouth.
Shhh, be perfectly quite and don't
Lindsay! LINDSAY! I'm coming for
Lindsay springs up from sleep. Looks for Will and notices
he's not there. Back over to Slaughter watching the camp
Back to Lindsay
Will quickly gets out of the tent along with Jasmine
SLAUGHTER leave her alone it's me
you want.
The jocks start laughing and shine them on him
      (Mocking Lindsay)
Will, Will oh Will save me
Jasmine runs over to Lindsay's tent as does Stephanie as
Jermaine joins up with Will
It's ok hunny, it was just those
assholes trying to scare you
Where's Will?


Out there with Jermaine going to
deal with those punks
Will and Jermaine are having a stare down with the jocks
when all of a sudden the fire just starts itself and it's
putting off a lot of light
What the fuck
No this can't be happening
Ok how the fuck did you guys do
      (nudging Jermaine)
Look man
Will points to a dark outline approaching them carrying a
On three, make a run for the tent
grab the girls and just start
running, ok
Sounds like a plan to me
Answer my fucking questions how
the fuck did you start that
fucking fire
Slaughter pats Brock on the shoulder
What the fuck is it?
one....two....three GO!
Mend- Spineshank plays. Brock turns around and Slaughter
wastes no time and taking a baseball swing with the shovel
and knocks Brock's head clean off his shoulders, then turns
to the second jock and takes an upper cut like jab and the
neck of jock and sends his head clean off. The third Jock
trys to run away but Slaughter fires the shovel torperdo


like at him and Gores the guy right through the chest. The
guys get to the tent
Come on girls we gotta get out of
here fast
Whats wrong
No time to explain
The girls get out of the tent and Lindsay looks over her
shoulder and sees Vincent and the three dead bodies and she
freezes. Vincent looks over his shoulder at her
      (grabs her by the
let's go
Lindsay turns away and starts to run
You can run but you cant hide
The gang is still running till the reach a little hole in
the ground they all dive into it
That wasn't Vincent was it?
Unforutanly yes. But damnit
Jermaine shut up
Jermaine nods in agreement. They sit there and times passes
on a little bit and no footsteps or noise is heard.
Did any of you even see him follow
us or make any effort to follow
No.... ok everyone sit tight, I'm
just going to walk around and
check to make sure he isn't hiding


                       WILL (cont'd)
or something.
Will? I know you don't like me
being so paranoid and preachy but
baby be careful, ok?
      (Kisses her)
You know I will
Slaughter walks in and slams the door and walks into the
kitchen and finds Sarah chopping up one of the hiker's body
and throwing the parts into a big pot on the stove.
HOT DAMN BABY. Got ourselves some
fun now. Tresspassers but baby
they ain't just fucking
tresspassers one's your sister and
her boyfriend and a couple of
their new friends.
Calm down now sugar tits, she may
have gotten away the first time
but I don't fail twice.
And I think I may just have a
curse that can make that happen.
Will sticks his head out of the hole and shines the
flashlight around. He puts one hand up and pulls himself out
of the hole and stays close to the ground. He gets into a
crouch postion and starts to slowly look around with the
flashlight after a bit of searching and finding nothing he
heads back to the group. He hops down and heads for Lindsay
and holds her.
So did you see anything?


No didn't see a thing. I think we
may have a chance to make it back
to the car and get out of here.
The group gets a look of hope on their face.
I don't understand. You and
Lindsay both said you killed this
I DON'T KNOW!!! Don't get on my
ass about this when I was the one
who didn't even want to come back
out here.
Will one last time man, are you
fucking sure that was "THE"
Vincent Slaughter?
Come on guys you saw that. He
decapatated 2 men, and gored
another with a fucking shovel man,
a fucking shovel. No one and I
mean no one can do that but this
guy and I know that for sure.
Well I don't mean to put another
question on you here, but in case
your little intuation is wrong and
we get caught up again with the
bad mother fucker how the fuck do
you kill a man whose already dead?
I don't know but heres the deal.
If he didn't follow us and this
place is as dark as fuck I think
we can sleep here till morning
then we get up and make a dash for
the car. Then we go from there.
Everyone nods along with Will. Stephanie snuggles closer to
Jermaine and Lindsay snuggles into the left side of Will,
while Jasmine snuggles into the right side. They dose off.


Slaughter is looking to pick up the scent of the gang, but
can't seem to get a strong scent.
      (To himself)
What?.... Why?,,,, Come on why the
fuck can't I get a scent what is
throwing off my sense
He keeps sniffing around and can't come up with anything.
      (To himself)
Fuck the sun is coming up I won't
be able to find them in time looks
like only enough time for plan B
He darts off the screen
Slughter quickly runs into the house
Why? Couldn't you fucking find
them you useless piece of shit.
Listen I don't need your fucking
atitude just use your fucking
powers and find them women.
Sarah lites a candle and starts rubbing her hands over a
glass ball. Slaughter walks over to her
      (Speaking in
Grande, Smokeus, Erotus. Give me
the sight of a god, To see the
world as if it were my play thing.
The ball gets a smokey and cloudy and finally it gives an
arieal view from a birds eye then slowly zooms in on the
hole with the group sitting in it.


Does that help?
Oh ya and I trust you'll do the
second part of the plan?
In due time, Vince in due time.
Now get the fuck out there and
find those tresspassers.
Slaughter grabs his shotgun and runs out the front door, and
hops in his truck and zooms off leaving a the camera
pointing on the front door focused on an evil smile from
Jermaine is the first to start to stir. He stecthes out his
arms and legs.
Will? WILL? Dude the time is
perfect you gotta get up dawg.
Will starts to stir as do Lindsay and Jasmine.
Alright, here's the plan we get up
you go straight for the forest,ok?
Then I will go at the front and
Jermaine will be in the back. We
will stay low and in about 45
minutes will be back at the car.
Everyone cool with that plan?
Not overly dude but whatever let's
do this.
Will pulls himself out of the hole first, looks around, then
helps pull up Lindsay, Jasmine, Stephanie and then finally
Jermaine. Will gets in front of the girls and the crouch
walk into the woods. The camera cuts to Vincent's Truck
coming down the road. Camera back to the gang.
Will, baby how much further?


No to to far
Lindsay don't worry I'm scared
shitless right now to
They keep going forward until a faint noise is heard
Will man dude hold up, you hear
Hear what
I hear it to sounds like a train
Will listens harder putting his ear forward.
Possibly a train, or a really
fucking loud truck engine. FUCK!!
Will, that isn't the same truck as
last time is it?
In all seriousiness Lin I would
love to say it isn't but it sounds
way to familar
So what do we do?
Just keep running we are almost to
the cars.
The truck goes flying by them
I don't think he saw us
He doesn't use his eyes to find
Then how does he find you?


The truck turns down the pathway after them
His nose
The truck comes barreling toward them like it is trying to
hit them. He is catching up
Will, G, he's gaining ground
What the fuck would you like me to
do? He has four wheels and we have
two legs
Go where two legs can that four
wheels can't
Will quickly turns onto a beaten hiking trail and Vincent
tries to make the turn and crashes into a tree.
FUCK I had that truck for 58 years
He continues to chase them on foot with his shotgun. The
gang is getting closer to the clearing with the cars
Ok guys the cars are just on the
other side of these trees
They make it to the clearing. Vincent takes out a C.B
Sarah we need fucking plan B ok
      (voice over a CB)
Ok babe
Sarah is seen over a pot speaking some witch mum-bo-jum-bo.
The sky turns dark and cloudly all of a sudden


Will, what the fuck is happening?
He doesn't know anymore then the
rest of us. So back off
Will both of you knock it off
All of a sudden a lighting bolt his the ground. The sky
turns bright again.
HA! You missed
Did I?
Hands start popping out of the ground. Zombies start to rise
to the surface and come after the gang. Will grabs Jasmine
and Lindsay and rushes them over to the car. They get in the
Where's Stephanie and Jermaine?
Will looks over at Vince and he has his shotgun aimed at
      (He looks)
Jermaine sees the gun lined up and runs at Steph he pushes
her out of the way and catches the bullet right in the eye.
Will makes a dash for Steph
NO! Jermaine
The gunfight continues, Will is trying to lead Steph to the
car knocking over zombies and dodging bullets.
They're not going to make it, Lin,
thier just not going to make it
Yes they will, Will can find a way


As they watch through the window more and more zombies are
popping up. Will and Steph are almost to the car when they
get swarmed and bogged down by zombies
Oh my god
      (hoping into the
       drivers seat)
We have to do something
That's right my babies destroy
them turn their friends against
them. Soon I will have my revenge.
Steph, just stay behind me
Will, what are we going to do
she gets behind him
I don't know
Zombies are closing in, Will sees exhaust from the car and
hears it coming closer
Ok, Steph on three I need you to
jump to the left ok?
Just trust me
They jump diving to the left avoiding the car, and it plows
through the zombies
Get in!


Will and Steph hop into the back and Jasmine speeds off
You think your safe in your town?
Think again my time has come to
make all those pay for their
crimes aainst me. Come minions we
have work to do.
The car is just pulling in. The station is about 45 mins
Lindsay thanks baby, sorry for the
way I've been acting lately
It's been my fault, but you can
consider us even
As much as I hate to interupt this
Dr.Phil moment, but what the fuck
happened back there?
I don't know but they looked like
fucking zombies
Come here
      (She leans over
       and hugs him)
You gotta be strong, or he died
for nothing
As least its over right?
I don't think it is


      (Slams her hands
       on the steering
I heard Slaughter say, soon it
will be his time to make everyone
What's that supposed to mean
I think it means him, and his
marry band of flesh eating
fuckers, are coming to town to
make us all understand pain
Fuck! So what do we do?
I say we just drive, just get on
the highway and go. Fuck everyone
else we can't save anyone
How can you say that? We need to
go warn everyone
Seriously Lin, do you really think
anyone will believe you or Will if
you mention Slaughter or better
yet zombies?
Ok look, we all have valid points,
but we can't leave everyone to die
when this is our fault. I know a
guy who might be able to help us.
I worked with him. Lindsay I'll
drive you come back here and
comfort Steph
A hiker is walking along the side of the road


                       HIKER #7
Such a beautiful day
      (Groaing noise is
Oh, dear what was that?
He goes into the bush a tad to see if he can see anything.
The noises are getting more and more and closer and closer
but he still can't see anything
                       SLAUGHTER (OS)
It's a beautiful day in MY
Neighbourhood, so won't you be our
                       HIKER #7
He turns around and Slaughter with a bowie knife take an
upward slash at the guys neck. A spray of blood shoots and
the guys head is just hanging on to his body by a flap of
skin. The zombies and Slaughter feast a little on the
corpse. The zombies start to walk away and the camera shows
the hiker getting up and following
The camera is pointed on a TV screen. The TV is playing Dawn
of the Dead. The camera zooms out till you can see the
entertainment stand which is covered in zombie memorbillia.
The wall behind it has posters of all of the dead movies. A
knock at the door
Alright I'm coming
      (another knock)
I said I'm coming
Is he even home?
Ya, this guy never leaves his home
cause of fear you will find out
      (Unlocking a door)
Wait, say something?


Let us in dude we have an
Unlocks the rest of the lock and opens the door
Sorry Will, you know I have to
check if your alive right?
He walks in the girls follow
      (Shuts the door
       and locks it)
Make yourselves at home
      (They sit down)
Can I get anyone a drink
I think we all could use a drink
      (look of
Oh, Dawn of the Dead is on, I love
this movie
      (Everyone gives
       her an evil look)
What! It's really good
Andrew brings them all pepsi
Why do you check all your guests
to see if their alive?
Cause I don't want any zombies in
here. A zombie invasion can happen
at any moment
If you had of said that 3 hrs ago
I would called you a crazy mofo
So what's this emergency


First, I don't wanna hear I told
you so ok?
Well, you know how I told you
about what happened last year?
      (Andrew nods)
Well 5 of us thought we go back
out there to make sure it was over
Wait! 5 of you? There's only 4
Do you want the whole story?
Go on
Andrew where's your bathroom
Down the hall first door on your
Lindsay gets up and Steph follows her
Anyway as I was saying, we went to
be sure. Later the same night
these jocks tried to scare us and
that dude we thought was dead,
well he wasn't dead and he killed
those guys vicouisly.
Not done yet, then we run and find
a hole and hide it in for a chance
to sleep. Then we make a dash for
the cars, but Vince follows us. He
shoots the other guy we were with
in the eye as the guy pushed Steph
out of the way. Anywho the main
thing of what I am getting at here
is the whole time Zombies started
popping up from the ground and I


                       WILL (cont'd)
got a feeling there coming to New
Carling to kill everyone.
Let's see if I understand this. 5
of you went out to Old Carling to
make sure a guy you killed last
year is in fact really dead? While
you guys are there the guy you
thought was dead wasn't really
dead and he killed some guys who
tried to scare you. Then as you
were running back to your cars he
chased you and shot your friend in
the eye while zombies were popping
up and you got away and now you
think zombies are coming here to
kill us all?
Pretty much, ya
Ok I believe you
Stephanie is sitting on the side of the bathtub while Lin is
washing her hands
Ok Linnie what's up? I know you
don't have to go to the washroom.
I know, I'm just trying to think
about stuff. But it's ok I'm fine
Lin, I'm your best friend I know
when something is wrong, so please
don't lie and tell me what is
She sits on the tub


Well there's two things that are
bothering me
Good now were getting somewhere
Number one is Jasmine. She's
really getting on my nerves
The way she keeps flirting with
Look, hunny. Will loves you and
want's to be with you. Jasmine is
a ho, and Will from what I know is
not into whores.
You sure?
Positive. I think you know that.
Why are you second guessing
      (stands up)
Promise to keep a secreat?
      (stands up and
       puts her arm
       around her)
Of course hun
      (turns to her)
I'm pregnant
What? How?
      (turns away)
Oh come on now your not dumb


      (Turns her around,
I mean wow. It's Will's right?
Ah, Ya
Dumb question, have you told Will
Haven't had a chance to, but don't
tell him please
I won't
      (hugs her)
but let's go
Now that the whole gang is here, I
can help you
      (sits on the edge
       of his chair)
Look lady, I've seen every zombie
movie ever made. I reasearch and
study zombies like a science. I'm
the one you want to be around when
this shit goes down.Now look there
is going to be only one way to
beat these guys. There is a cause
behind this, there always is a
reason for the invasion.
Like in Resident Evil. The
Umbrella corp is behind it
Ya like that. So obvisouly there
is something behind this. From
what you've told me about
Slaughter and what he was doing,
he isn't the cause of the zombies.


                       ANDREW (cont'd)
There is another person with him.
A witch, worlock, sorcerer, or
sorceress, I don't know but he
definatly has another person with
So what do we do?
Whoever he or she is, is the
reason you can't kill Slaughter,
and the reason the flow of zombies
won't stop
So what your saying is we have to
find this other person and kill
them for this to end once and for
Jasmine gets up and walks to the window
Exactly. Unfortuantly to find out
who or where this person is you
have to go back to Old Carling to
the village. From there I don't
know. Libaries, town records,
something will give you the
answers you need. But your not
going to make it unarmed
      (Looks at Steph)
Your dad still own the sports
store in the mall?
Ya, why
We need the guns, bats, clubs,
sticks, everything he has.
Jasmine from the window
Guys we gotta go, there coming
Andrew runs over to look


Wow, Romero is was dead on with
his interpatation of them. They
look really fucked up
Thanks Andrew for the help, but I
guess if we don't make it..
Wow bro. You think I'm staying
here? Fuck that! My whole life
people thought I was nuts. I'm
going with you to kick some undead
Ok then, Wait! Andrew you still
have you Zombie Sur....
Will looks at Andrew carrying it
Way ahead of you, let's go
They run out of the house and pile into the car. Lindsay in
the passenger seat, Will driving, Steph Jasmine and Andrew
in the back
There they are, get em
The zombies start running after them. Andrew starts
rummagaing through his dufflebag
What is that thing?
This would be my Zombie Survival
Pack patent pending.
Pulls out a flare gun
A flare gun? A real gun would
help. Who are we calling for the
coast gurad?


Havent you see Land of the Dead?
Zombies are attracted to the
colours in the sky
I love you. Will the sunroof if
you please
Will presses the button to open the sunroof. Andrew sticks
his head and arm out holding the gun. Holds the gun up and
shoots. The zombies stop and look up
That's right look at the pretty
What are all you doing? Keep
The car speeds off toward town
God Damnit
Looks over at a country house. There is a big Transport in
the driveway
This could work
Slaughter walks toward the house. Gets to the rig and climbs
in and can't find the keys. Looks in the window of the house
and sees a man and his wifes sitting in the living room.
Slaughter walks to the back of the house and makes his way
into the guys shed to find a new toy. He walks out with two
rock picks and a pitch fork. He walks to the backdoor and
silently sneaks in. He naviagates his way to the living room
behind the couch.
Would ya look at the news, Martha.
The whole world is going to hell
It's already there
Slaughter comes around and takes the two rock picks out his
pocket and throws one down into the guys foot and floor.
Takes the other pick and slams it into the guys hand and the
wood arm rest of the couch. The guy screams as does Martha.
She gets up to run away


Leaving so soon
Grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the ground, and tapes
her hands and feet together
OK, Ladies and gentlemen allow me
to introduce myself. I am Vincent
Slaughter and I will be the one
who steals your rig and depending
on how co-opertive I find you to
be the one who kills you. So I ask
      (reading the tag
       on bills shirt)
Bill, where are the keys to the
      (Through the pain)
There in my pocket.
      (His free hand
       searchs his
       pocket and he
       pulls them out)
Here take them and go please just
leave us alone
Let me tell you all a little
story. Last year four kids from
your town went camping on my
property. I was supposed to kill
all of them but had to settle for
two. Thing is no one here believes
the two that got away that I did
it. All my hard work went
un-noticed and that pisses me off.
I was murdered some 110 years ago,
by people in this town. That
wasn't the real piss off but they
killed and raped my wife and
killed my two children. So I need
people to know about me. So
      (turns to Martha)
needs to know the true value of
Bill with his free hand is pulling the pick out of his other
hand. He grimaces from the pain, blood is pouring out of his
hand. He gets it out then uses both hands to pull the other


one out of his foot. He grabs the one pick and painfully
stands up and puts all of his weigh on his left side
Not only pain but find out the
true meaning behind my name
Slaughter rises the pitchfork and is about to bring it down
on Martha but Bill slams the pick through Slaughters back
and it sticks out his chest. Irreasponsible Hate Anthem
You never fucking get it do you? I
just finished telling you I died
110 years ago. You can't kill me,
but now I'm going to kill you
Takes the pick out his chest and turns to Bill and slams it
into his skull. Bill falls over. Slaughter turns to Martha,
takes the pitchfork, raises it high and slams it into her
waist. Blood flys all over the curtains. He grabs her arms
and pulls up. Martha screams as her torso is ripped from her
legs. The screen goes black for a second then we see Vince
throw the bodies into the back of the truck
Alright you non-thinking bastards
get into the truck
The zombies flock to the truck
      (into a cb)
Sara I need to know where they are
There just inside town limits
The car is on the shoulder of the highway
Andrew are you sure people are
going to believe you?


Ya don't you think that claming
zombies are coming is pretty
The people who listen will live.
The others... well they'll come
when its to late
      (privatey to Will)
I'm scared
      (reaches for her
I know baby, I know
Andrew searches through his dufflebag
So what are we going to do, go
door to door or something?
Andrew pulls out his mega-phone, Will starts driving
Attention people of New Carling,
this is an emergency. I wish I was
joking when I say this
People run out of their houses, some stop walking on the
sidewalks and listen
Zombies are coming, I repeat
zombies are coming this way being
led by a vicious killer, a man
that our grandparents and great
grand parents killed. We must all
get to the New Carling Shopping
Most people laugh at Andrew and keep doing what they were
doing, he repeats as they drive off.
The car speeds into the mall parking lot. The gang rushes
out of the car and gets up th steps to the main entrance.
They turn and look out over the parking lot.


Come on, someone had to believe
I don't think they're coming.
Hides her head into him, he cuddles her
So, now that we're here, now what?
We have to barricade ourselves and
anyone else in here to make sure
no one leaves or enters
and exactly how do we do that?
I'm good friends with security
Ok, Lets go!
Wait! Look!
3 cars come speeding into the parking lot
Atleast some people believed us.
2 people get out of the first car, A guy and girl around 24,
and another guy gets out of the second car, he's about 29,
and finally in the third car, A woman and her 6 year old son
get out and run towards the entrance.
Are you the guys who were talking
about the zombies?


Ok, Listen. I'm Parker and these
are my neighbours, Thomas and
Hey, a quick intro. I'm Will,
thats Steph, Jasmine, Zombie
genious Andrew, and my girlfriend
They look at the woman.
Oh, I'm Meg and this is my son,
Enough formalities, lets go, We
don't have much time.
They run into the mall
      (To Jane)
Why did you believe us?
We didn't, but Parker convinced us
to come.
'Cause i'm a cop. We've been
getting weird calls of people
being bit and murdered all day and
last night. I figured zombies is a
logical answer. So I convinced Tom
and Jane to come.
So Meg, Tell us your story.
Well, I'm a single 29 year old
mother, and I couldn't risk being
wrong, that and I needed some
groceries, so why not?
How do you know about this anyway?


'Cause, we've seen them and there
should also be six of us.
I take it you've lost one?
Ok. Now that we know why we're
here, Lets prepare. Parker, can
you go with Steph and convince
security to lock down the mall?
Sure thing.
Everyone come with me,we have
people to warn.
      (To Will)
What if more people show up?
      (To Andrew)
What do we do if more people show?
Jasmine, can you stand by the door
to watch?
Sure thing.
They Break Off.
The transport pulls into the suburbs.
An all you can eat buffet.
He gets out, walks around to the back of the truck and opens
the hatch, They pile out.


Alright boys and girls, do what
you do best.
They start running after everyone they see, Dead bodies
everywhere-Korn. They chase down a middle aged couple and 10
others and start eatting the flesh. Knocking skulls open to
eat their brains. People start screaming as families flock
towards their cars, So many dead, others in chaos. Accidents
all over the streets.
      (Voice to
Follow those cars, you will know
where they're going
Parker and Steph walk into the security office
Stephy, What can I do for ya
Not for me, But for him.
Hi, I'm officer Parker
      (shows badge)
I need you to lock down everything
in the mall, Can you do that?
Yeah, sure, Can I ask why?
It's complicated.
To Andrew, Will, Lindsay, Tom, Jane, Meg and Adam
Andrew gets up on a table with the mega phone.
Ladies and gentlemen
      (no one listens)
      (People stop and


                       ANDREW (cont'd)
The mall is going into lockdown
mode, No one will be allowed to
leave. This is for your
protection. This may sound weird,
but zombies are on their way, if
not already here , to New Carling.
They are being led by a man who
was killed by our grandparents and
Everyone laughs, Tom hears something from the electronics
store. Looks in and sees a newscast, Comes back and tells
      (Says to an
Turn onto channel 145
The big t.v. display in the window plays loud enough for
everyone to hear.
We have disturbing news coming out
of the small town of New Carling,
We go to our reporter in the
Oh my god Paula, It's absolute
chaos down here. There are bodies
dead all over the streets, in some
reports the recently deceased are
returning to life to kill , and
Wait a minute, Are you saying
there are zombies in New Carling?!
See for yourself
The camera cuts to a body returning to life. It gets up,
looks over at the t.v crew and makes a dash for them.
Oh no!, We gotta go!


A zombie tackles down the reporter while another tackles
down the camera man. The camera falls to the ground but
stays on the reporters head while the zombies feast on his
skull and a spray of blood covers the lens. Andrew turns it
                       SHOPPER 1
Oh god!, Thats for real?
                       SHOPPER 2
Who the hell are you people?!
I'm Will, this is Andrew, He knows
all there is to know about
zombies, if you want to live
listen to him.This is Lindsay,
Tom, Jane, Meg, and Adam. There
are two others with us locking
down the mall right now. Officer
Parker and Stephanie.
                       SHOPPER 2
How did you know about this? You
guys caused this, didn't you?!
No, we didn't cause it and we
don't know exactly who did, But we
are the reason they're around.
Slaughter, a guy who lived in
1898, was murdered by the
villagers of old Carling, which
make them our grandparents and
great grandparents. Hes coming He
won't stop until all of us are
                       SHOPPER 2
Bullshit, It's not possible, It's
just a hoax by you punk kids.
Why would we make this up?
                       SHOPPER 2
'Cause you're stupid kids who have
nothing to lose.


They've already lost one friend
and I know they're telling the
truth. Besides Tim, you all saw
that footage, this is as real as
it gets.
                       SHOPPER 1
Eventually, they're going to get
here, what do we do?
Jasmine comes running over
Will, Andrew, You might want to
come see this.
Will, Andrew, and Parker run over to the door and look out.
There's a good amount of people with their kids running
towards the mall, behind them are zombies, hoards of
Will, What do we do?!
Andrew, Come on, What do we do?
I really don't know, what if one
is infected?
They're innocent people, my job is
to protect them. STEVE!
Steve runs over
Unlock the doors, Fast!
Steve starts to unlock the doors. As soon as he opens
them,people stream in. The last person is running across the
parking lot with the zombies gaining on him. He falls.
Hurry up buddy!
Don't have a lot of time bud.


The guy gets up and makes a quick dash for the door, he gets
up the stairs and through the doors. A zombie arm gets in
the door but is pushed out by Parker.
Andrew, Help me hold this door
Andrew puts his body weight against the door.
Hurry Steve!, Lock it.
Steve locks it and they all back away from the doors
,staring at the zombies on the outside.
Andrew, how long will it take
before they're in?
An hour or three, It depends on
how bad they want in.
Or, how long before Vincent gets
They run back to the group of people, which is about 70
people and 20 kids.
Alright, Of all the new people
that came in, are any of you hurt?
I checked them all. One guy has a
broken arm and another has a burnt
leg, but other than that, no bites
or scratches.
We don't have much time, Andrew we
need a plan.
Outside the mall Vince arrives at the parking lot behind
some zombies.


Oh!,I love the food court here!
Back inside Andrew, Will, Tim, Tom, Parker, and a couple of
people are talking around a table.
So, What do we do now?
I'm gonna be honest with everyone
here. We know how to end this,
Problem is, we can't end it in
                       SHOPPER 2
We have to go back to Old Carling,
Slaughter didn't bring back the
zombies, Somebody working behind
him did. Until we find out who and
where they are, the zombies will
never stop coming.
He's right.
So what are we supposed to do?
Take everyone to The Martin's
sports store. Arm them with
anything, Axes, bats, guns, clubs,
tennis rackets if you have to!.
Remember you have to go for the
head or you waste energy and ammo.
What about the kids?
Get Stephanie and Jane to take
them to a store, get Steve to lock
it. Just one problem..How do we
get from here to a vehicle?
                       GUY #1
I have a big 4x4 truck out there,
the only place it can't go is
somewhere a mouse can.


Ok, Here's the plan, We take all
the men and women into Martin's,
Arm them and yourselves, Steph and
Jane will take the kids and Steve
will lock them in a store. Will,
Lindsay, Jasmine and I will get
outside into the truck and go.
So I guess it isn't so much about
surviving, but lasting.
Pretty much, you guys just have to
hold them off for as long as you
Is there anywhere we can go for a
The roof, Thats the only place
Ok. Lets do this, Will can I talk
to you for a sec?
Sure thing.
Everyone Breaks.
I just wanted to say incase
something goes wrong, That what
you kids did was very brave, You
didn't have to come back and warn
No Problem, Hey, Thanks for
believing us.
Good luck out there, We're all
counting on you.


Yeah, You too.
They go over to the group.
Andrew with the mega phone.
By now you all know that they are
outside our doors. These doors
won't last forever.
Over to Parker with Meg and Adam
Are you going to save us?
Parker bends down to eye level.
I'm going to try, We all are.
'Cause thats your' job, right?
Adam hugs him and runs to the other kids
You know, It's nice to see that
some people don't change who they
are in chaotic situations.
It's just the cop training.
He just needs someone to look up
Will and Tom approach Jane, Lindsay, Steph and Jasmine.


We have a plan now baby?
What exactly?
If this is cool, Steph and Jane,
we need you two to take the kids
with Steve and lock yourselves in
a store and wait.
It's important Jane.
Okay, But, What else?
Andrew, Lindsay,Jasmine and I are
going to kill whatever or whoever
caused this.
Please, More bodies can cover more
      (To Tom)
And you?
Staying to fight when they get in.
Trust me Babe, I'll be alright, I


Back to Andrew.
So I need all the kids to come up
here please.
Meg, Parker, and Adam.
I don't want to leave you mom!
It's ok buddy, Stephanie and Jane
are very nice and they're going to
take you and your friends to a toy
And, I heard you can have any toy
you want.
Sure thing kiddo.
      (holds him)
Sweetheart, Mommy loves you very
much, and I'll see you in a bit,
      (Hugs her and
       kisses her)
Ok mommy, I love you too.
Now, get going champ.
Adam runs off and Meg starts crying and Parker hugs her
Back to Andrew, Stephanie and Jane
Alright kids, Lets go


Lets go.
Steve walks them off towards the toy store
Ok, Everyone else lets go to
Martin's to arm ourselves
Everyone heads to Martin's, With Andrew, Jasmine, Lindsay,
Parker, Meg, Tim, Will and Tom leading, They finally get
Who needs keys?
      (Pulls out his
Stand back
He fires and breaks the lock off and everyone files in
Ok everyone let's try to do this
No one listens to him and they go crazy grabbing everything
they can from baseball bats to croquet mallets. The camera
goes back to the group
Does anyone know where the gun
cabinet is?
Behind the cash, locked by five
seperate locks
Parker can you handle that?
It's regular glass not bulletproof
Everyone runs over to the cash. A gunshot breaks the glass.
The camera cuts to Slaughter at the front door. He points
his shotgun at the doors. Back to Will and the others


Wait! If these aren't bulletproof
then those doors out there arent
either right Parker?
Will, didn't you say Vincent had
He's interupted by the sound of a shotgun blast
Ya he has one of those
Fuck, here we go people
I guess this is it
Good luck guys
Be strong Meg
I'll try
Will and Andrew grab a couple of guns they take a shotgun
each that has a strap to carry over their backs, and two
sidearm guns each and the girls grab baseball bats
Ok girls stay behind us
Andrew and Will get halfway to the door when the first wave
of zombies comes in. Dawn of the Dead by the Murder Dolls
plays. The people are fighting and going after heads while
some people are being slaughtered. Will leads the gang
through the madness shooting zombies in the head as is
Go to somethig else, we have to
save our ammo
Will holsters his sidearms, he runs into a huge zombie


Andrew are you sure I can't use my
Your going to need your ammo for
Will looks around and sees a hockey stick and grabs it. He
jumps and breaks it over the zombies head and nothing
Fucking new composite sticks never
stay together
Will you need something with a
Will looks around for something and sees a box full of axes
That will work
Grabs one and flips it and catches it at the handle and an
upward swing its right into the zombies nuts yet nothing
happens and the zombie keeps coming
The other head Will
He grabs two more and slams both at the same time into the
zombies neck and they act like scissors and the zombies head
pops off and blood splatters all over Will. Theres another
zombie behind the big one, and Will is pissed off. He grabs
another axe and slams it into the zombies forehead. Will
grabs Lindsays hand and leads them to the door. They run out
and Will ducks fast as Slaughter shoots and just misses him.
Andrew pulls the girls back in and Will dives behind a table
in the lobby.
Andrew, I'll lure him away. You
take the girls and get the truck
then bring it to the front ok?
      (Andrew nods)
Hey Slaughter having some trouble
killing us eh? Come on you dead


Will runs and ducks behind a garbage can as a bullet misses
him and smashes a window.
Come on you suck, mother fucker
Will gets up and dives in the store through the smashed
window, Slaughter follows him and steps through the window.
It's pitch black in the store. Andrew realizes that the
perfect chance is now
Alright girls lets go
They make a dash for the doors, and they get out
Parker, Tom and Meg are shooting anything the moans
How many of these mother fuckers
are there?
Too many
We can't do this theres to many
Fall back to the stock room
The kids are running around playing with all the toys. The
screams and gun shots are lighty heard in the background
                       LITTLE GIRL
Steph, what's that noise?
Oh, don't worry about that the
adults are just watching a scary
                       LITTLE GIRL
Now go play


The girl runs off
I feel so bad
I know, how are we supposed to
tell them that they may not ever
get to see their mommy or daddy or
both ever again
Hopefully we won't have to tell
all of them that
Slaughter is in the store looking for Will, by scent. Will
is hiding underneath the Windowsil, going undected by
Slaughter because of the smell of zombie blood on Will's
shirt. He hears and notices Slaughters footsteps getting
further and further away, he knows he only has one chance to
get to the stock room to make a dash for the roof. He rolls
out from under the window, stays in a kneel postion and
stays low in the far asile, till he reaches the door an
alarms goes off. Slaughter makes a dash for the room and
runs into an end display of toasters. Will hears that and
looks and realizes he doesnt have much time. He reaches the
door to the roof just as Vince walks in and fires quickly
Will ducks and the blast takes off the door. Vince reloads
and Will runs outside towards the edge of the mall. He
reaches it and sees no truck
Andrew where are you? Tell me you
guys made it
      (Walks out the
I've finally get you cornered
You want me to fight you, I'm not
stupid. I know I can't kill you.
I've done it twice before and you
keep coming back
Your smart but unfortuanlty your


Points his gun up at Will. A big truck pulls up, Will turns
his back to Slaughter, Vince goes to shoot but his gun jams,
Will hears it clicking and then hears Vince throw the gun
and takes off his overshirt and flings it over a rope holdig
up a giant inflatable ice cream cone. The rope is attached
to the ground right before the lot
      (looking at the
I don't see him anywhere, not the
doors, not the roof, nowhere!
Maybe Slaughter got him
Lindsay don't think like that
Jas looks at the roof
Look at the cone it's him! It's
What's he doing?
He's coming down, Andrew
Andrew peels out towards Will. Will grabs each side of the
shirt, looks back at Slaughter coming and takes off like a
zipline towards the lot. he drops off the line into a shrub,
quickly gets up. Andrew pulls up and Will jumps into the bed
of the truck and the take off, the camera goes back to
Slaughter looking at the truck from the edge of the roof. He
turns away quickly laughing
Parker, Meg, Tom and about twenty survivors run into the
stock room and Parker slames the door shut
Tom help me barricade the door
Tom runs over and they start piling boxes of dumbells in
front of the door. The zombies are pushing but not even
buding the door
      (sits down on a
That oughta hold them off for a


                       PARKER (cont'd)
bit. Anyone a doctor in here?
A man steps forward, he's about 32
I'm a doctor
I need you to go around and help
anyone who is hurt
Ya, Ya sure I can do that
Takes two steps
But, doc if anyone says or looks
like they were bit, let me know
The doc nods his head in agreement and walks away, Parker
sits beside Tom, he puts his elbow on his leg and rubs his
You seen Meg, since we got in
Ya, once. She went into the staff
room, I think, why?
I just wanna make sure she's
He gets up and walks towards the staffroom
Meg is inputing her selection on a snack machine, a bag of
chips drops. Parker walks into the staff room


She reaches down and pulls it out and walks over to a table
and sits down. Parker picks a selection pulls it out and
sits beside her
How ya doin?
Aside from the last twenty
minutes, like shit
I meant how ya holdin up are you
Nope, which is good cause I'm
going to the Toy Store
Meg, there has got to be at least
seventy zombies in this store
alone. It would be suicide for you
to go out there
Look, if theres seventy in here
how many do you think are trying
to get into if not already in the
toy store. My son is in there and
he is all I have
I know that but what if there is
no zombies in there and you die,
what will Adam have?
I am still going with or without
Tom walks in
I'm going with you. I need to know
if Jane is ok
We'll I can't let you two go alone
Meg gets up and walks over to Parker, leans down and gives
him a hug


Thank you
Now, how do we get there?
Parker points up
The truck pulls over and stops. Lindsay hops out and runs to
the back and hops in the bed of the truck and flings her
arms around Will.
Will! Oh my god! are you ok?!
Yeah, I;m ok, legs are alittle
sore though
Lindsay kisses him, Andrew opens the back window
That was quite the stunt bro.
Thanks man, You guys ok?
Ya dude, you good to go?
I should be, where are we?
We're about 15 minutes away from
Old Carling.
What's the plan boss?
Will puts his arm around Lindsay and they pull away


Slaughter pulls up and steps out of the truck,walks up to
the front door and walks in. Sarah greets him.
So baby, did you get them?
The zombies are in town, getting
our revenge.
I meant my sister and her asshole
No, but when I get them I aint
gonna shoot them, Im gonna cut off
their legs, their arms and for
breakfast tomorrow, we can have
will hashbrowns.
You better be right. Now bring
your dumb ass over here so we can
see where they are.
The ball swirls and comes to, you can see the truck just
passing the Old Carling heritage sign.
Idiots, the fuckers are coming
into my world. Can you get some
more zombies for me?
Anything for you baby
Parker is standing on the table reaching up and taking off
the steel grate. Reaches inside the vent and pulls himself
up and reaches down for Meghan and pulls her up, and then
Tom pulls himself up.
Now what?


We go right
Parker heads to right right followed by Meg then Tom.
Parker seriously, do you know
where you're going?
Honestly? No but right now, I dont
think thats a factor now.
They go over a gate over the store and look down over the
dead and devoured.
It's surreal, isnt it?
Lets just keep going, ok
Steve checking the stockroom, he walks into the room holding
his flashlight over his gun walking slowly, shining his
light everywhere. He hears a scratching behind a big box, he
approaches slowly, holding the gun at the box. The
scratching is getting louder and faster, He's getting closer
till he is right in front of it. He pauses and takes a deep
breath. He pops behind the box and sees a rat scratching at
the box.
Jesus!, It's just a fucking rat.
He turns around and laughs, a zombie appears out of the
darkness behind Steve. Steve doesnt hear the zombie till it
is too late and he gets a chunk of his neck bitten off. He
screams and the girls hear it.
What the hell was that?!
Sounded like it came from the
I'll go look, you stay here with
the kids.


Jane runs off towards the back, the camera stays on Steph
Where the hell is Steve?!
Jane walks in and hears something like flesh being ripped
off of bone but to her it sounds like paper ripping. So she
follows the sound, walks around a corner and sees two toy
store employee zombies feasting on Steve. She almost pukes
at what she sees, she screams and runs out of the room. The
zombies get up and follow her.
What the hell Jane?
Did you see Steve?
Hes dead.
Did they follow you?
I dont know
Some kids scream and run to Stephanie and Jane
I'll take that as a yes, just stay
back kids!
Adam runs and grabs Stephs' leg and reaches up to her and
hands her a cap gun
Use this
But its fake hun
Yeah, but they dont know that.
Steph gets it from him


Thanks sweetheart
The zombies stand infront of Steph and Jane
What do we do?
Got a lighter?
Yea, Would you like a smoke too?
No, I have an idea, give me your
lighter and grab those glowsticks
over there.
Jane gives her her lighter and grabs 3 glowsticks, Steph
takes off her sweater so that shes only wearing a white tank
top, she reaches for a metal rod from a display stand. She
wraps her sweater around the end of it and takes the
glowsticks from Jane and pokes holes in them with a nail
file and drains the liquid on the sweater then takes the
lighter and lights the sweater on fire and waves it infront
of them to back them off.
Where did you learn that?
I love zombie movies
The smoke from the fire sets off the alarms and sprinklers.
The water puts out the fire and pisses the zombies off more.
The other zombies in the mall hear the alarm and make their
way to the sound. Parker, Tom and Meg are passing a steel
This is it, Parker
Parker comes back, Meg moves from the grate and Parker rips
it off Tom is looking at the store from another grate and
sees the zombies
Parker two zombies coming at Steph
and Jane on your three


Grab my feet
Toms grabs his feet, Parker leans out the vent and puts the
zombies in his sights but Steph accidently gets in his shot,
so he tries for the other one he shoots and hits it right
between the eyes, brains fly out the back of its head. The
kids and the Girls scream
Everybody down
Parker reloads and takes down the other zombie. Steph and
Jane are looking for a shooter, but can't see one. Parker
drops down from the vent, then Tom
Come on Meg, we'll catch ya
Meg drops and they catch her
He runs over to her
Oh my god, sweetie your ok, Thank
She picks him up and hugs him
Tom? Tom oh my god
She runs to him, Steph goes over to the kids
Are there anymore Zombies in here?
Just the two, hey are you guys the
only ones left?
No, there are about 20 people
holding up in the stock room of
Oh god, only twenty left of a


It was a massacre
The truck zooms past an old Now entering Carling sign and
some leaves blow into the air
Now entering hell
The truck stops in the middle of the village. Andrew and
Jasmine get out, Will hops out the back and helps Lindsay
Be perpared there could be an
So how we doing this?
It's 2am now, I will go with
Lindsay to town hall you go with
Jazz to the libary. Meet back here
at 3 ok
Sounds good
Andrew and Jazz go off
Will do you seriously think we can
find what we need here?
Honestly, I don't know
Will is trying to open the doors, but they are locked
Watch yourself.
Will starts kicking the door. After the fourth kick the door
opens. Lindsay and him walk in slowly looking around
carefully for any possible sign of the undead being around.


No sign so the begin to look for clues. Will is searching
through a filing cabinet, while Lindsay is searching a desk
Find anything?
Not yet
      (looking over his
      (looking through a
       desk drawer)
Not yet Will, can I ask you a
question even though this isn't
the best time?
Sure, babe
One day do you ever see yourself
having a family?
Of course I do baby, I want to
have a family with you. I love you
I love you too
Ok, there is obvisouly more to
that question then you telling me
Walks over to her, sits her down on the chair and he sits on
the desk
What's wrong
This is hard to say
Babe you can tell me anything
I've never thought of saying this
to you for awhile


Come on Lin, just tell me please
Will, I'm pregnant
Will blanks on what to say
I know I should waited I'm....
He cuts her off with a big hug and kiss
I'm happy
Are you sure?
Yes, positive, look we'll talk
about it later but we need to find
How about that picture
What picture
she points at old painting of the founder of Carling
It's just a picture hun
Back in the day people would put
safes behind paintings, so no one
would ever find them
How do you know that
Hey someone had to pay attention
in History
Will walks over to the photo, slides his fingers along the
frame of the photo to find a latch or something. He finds a
little latch, flicks it and opens it to see a safe not
closed all the way. Lindsay walks over to Will


Why is it not locked?
Will shines the light on the floor and wall and sees blood
all over it
Doesn't look like whoever it was
had time
Will opens the safe and pulls out a book. He hands it to
What is it
      (Opens it)
Looks like a journal

October 15, 1897- 3:03 PM

That dam Slaughter family has got
to be stopped. Four more children
of out town were found dead in the
woods not to far from their
cabins. Their up there everynight,
chanting, saying their satan
prayers. Something has to be done
to stop this madness

October 17, 1897- 7:58 AM

It's been two days since my last
entry. With good reason. Mr.
Taylor was up by the old Slaughter
cabins and saw the most horrid
sight any god loving man could see
. Vincent and his wife/sister
Carla gave birth to their second
child and Vincent's brothers
killed two more of our kids.
Tomorrow we have devised a plan to
burn down Richard Slaughters house
while they slumber. Hopefully we
will kill all inside, him, his
wife, and their four children. May
god have mercy on their souls for
their sins. I will not write again
till after the plan has been
carried out.


No wonder he's pissed off
October 19, 1897- 1:58 AM

The plan turned out to be better
then first anticipated. Richards
older brother William was staying
the night and he along with the
rest of them died in the blaze.
Seven Slaughters down only four
left. The councilors and I have
arranged for the towns best
hunters to go out to Vincents to
kill him and his demon family.

October 24, 1897- 5:49 PM

The town is getting worried that
the two men have not returned.
Everyone is fearing the worst. We
need to act fast for the killing
to stop.

October 31, 1897- 10:21 AM

This maybe my last entry. Tonight
the town is going to get
Slaughter. We must take matters
into our own hands like we did
with the others. The plan is
simple we go grab him take him
down here and hang him in the
middle of town. First incase I
don't come back, Judy I love you.
Secondly I hope our lord and
saviour Jesus Christ can forgive
us for our sins the past couple of
weeks. The town and the children
come first. We can't allow Incest
and Satanism to run all over our
town. I do this for Carling and
the future of Carling. With lot's
of love Ben Stratton
Wait, did you say Ben Stratton?


That was my great grandpa. Judy he
refered to is my great grandma
That explains Slaughters hate for
Is there anything else?
Two more
Read on
November 1, 1897- 3:31 AM

We did it, we killed all the
Slaughters. What we discourved at
the Slaughter house we far worse
then we could have ever imagined.
Those hunters were dead but they
were half eaten. However from what
we gather the hunters did get
Carla and the kids, got em good
too. Cut off their heads. What
startled us the most was the
amount of witchcraft stuff Carla
had. Recipies for Bringing the
dead back to life and other stupid
crap. Anyway the town is better
off now

That would explian who is doing
this, Carla is
How she was beheaded. What is the
last entry?
It's dated a year later.

October 31, 1898- 11:30 PM

I have not much time. A year
later and damn near the second it
appears that Vincent and Carla
have comeback from the dead and
are Massacring everyone. I love
you Judy take care of the kids.


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
Shit there here. I have to put
this away So I guess...

Then it gets all bloody and messy
So it was Carla. She's at the
cabin. We have to get Andrew and
A knife flys between Will's and Lindsay's face. They turn
and see Vincent.
Look Window, let's go
Lindsay gets to the window, and Will hoists her out the
window, Will gets grabbed by Slaughter
I'm going to cut off all your
limbs then I'm going to do the
same to your litte girlfriend
Will is struggling he pulls out his sidearm and shoots
Slaughter twice in the stomach, Slaughter stumbles back a
bit and falls to a knee, Will hops up and pulls himself out
of the window into Lindsay
You ok, hun
I'll be alright let's go
They run off and Slaughter looks out the window and laughs
Andrew and Jasmine are looking through some old mircoflim
Why does an old libary have
For tourism purposes
They keep scanning the film of all newspapers. Till they
reach the edition for October 19th, 1898


Jazz look
      (She looks over at
       Andrew he reads
Fire devastes house, foul play
suspected. An early morning fire
swept through the house of Richard
and Beth Slaughter. The fire
killed them, their four children
aged 11, 9, 8, and 4. Also the
brother, William also parished in
the blaze. Vincent Slaughter
brother and Uncle or the victims
said that there is no way this
fire was an accident. He went as
far to say that Mayor Ben Stratton
was the main force behind the

Hey what is Will's last name?
That's what I thought. Todays date
is October 31st. They orginally
went out on October 31st, 2006,
This is making sense
Keep going
Ok, the edition for the next day,
six more children disappeared in
the woods again.
      (They reach the
A dissappearence of two hunters.
Look Vincent and his wife Carla,
top suspects in the child murders
and the hunters. Wow November 1st,
the town hung Vincent in the town
square and found the bodies of his
wife Carla, shown here and their
kids decapated
Can you print that photo of Carla


Ya why?
No time to explain we have to find
Lindsay and Will, what time is it?
Will and Lindsay get to the truck followed closely behind by
Jazz and Andrew
What were you shooting at?
Look we know who is doing this and
where they are
We know who it as well
Vince had a wife,Carla, who was
into witchcraft. She had a spell
to bring back the dead. So we
figure it's Carla and shes at the
Look at this
Shows her the picture of Carla
Oh my god, Sara
Like your sister, Sara?
That's not Sara, Lin. That's
Carla. Your sisters body
disappeared after Slaughter killed


                       JASMINE (cont'd)
her. Carla isn't the one behind
this your sister Sara is
No, it can't be
Think about it, Sara was into
witchcraft. She is a dead
lookalike for Carla. It's her Lin
You know where the cabin is right
Ya, of course, can't forget
something like that
Well I hate to be the bearer of
bad news but I think that might
just be a little easier said then
They look and see about fifty zombies coming through the
The way tot he cabin is through
those woods
Well, that poses a problem don't
ya think
Andrew get in the truck, Jazz and
Lin get in there with him. Andrew
gimmie your gun.
      (Gives him the gun)
Alright let's do this
They get in the truck, Will hops in the back and postions
the two guns on the gate of the truck
Do you get what I'm getting at
Hell ya, son
Andrew turns the truck around, Will takes aim


Die motherfuckers die
Die MFER Die- Dope. Will starts shooting at the zombies just
hit after hit to their heads the zombies start droping like
YAA, Will
Take that you undead pieces of
Ok Andrew, drive
The truck drives off on a dirtroad through the woods
Parker sitting with Meg and Adam. Tom, Jane and Steph are
standing by the doors, when a loud noise is heard. It's
I recgonize that sound
Tom, Jane and Stephanie take off toward Parker
Mommy what's going on?
I don't know sweetie
      (Looking up at
Do you know?
Not really buddy,but hey this is
cool it's like being at a water
Ya kinda
Tom runs up


Paker, we got trouble
How many
How many is alot
A hundred or more
Oh my god
Don't worry there's no way they'll
get in, We'll for now anyway
I hope Will and the others can
figure this out
There obvisouly drawn here from
the alarm, we need to figure out a
way to turn it off
Stock room
Tom and Parker enter the room very cautiously pointing
flashlights everywhere. Aware that Steve might be roaming
the Stock room
I'll go this way you go to the
left ok?


Parker goes off to the right gun alert and flashlight
pointed, same with Tom. Tom finds the fusebox
I found it
He opens it and is looking for anything that can switch of
the alarm from the left in the darkness comes Steve and Tom
doesn't notice him coming. Steve is getting closer and
closer to Tom, all of a sudden a gunshot goes off and
Steve's head explodes, Tom looks over with a wtf look
Your lucky I came when I did
I guess thank you, but I can't
find anything for the alarm
Let me see
Tom steps aside and Parker looks and he too can't find
I can't see it either
We don't find that every walking
dead piece of shit within a five
mile radius well be banging on the
I know, I know
For fucks sake move
He moves and Tom shoots the fuse box, and the alarm stops
and all the lights go out
That wasn't supposed to happen
It's better this way, come on
Parker and Tom run back to the girls.


Which genius took out the lights?
About that the only way to get the
alarm off
This way they can't see us
So what do we do now
The truck is speeding along the road with Will still
shooting at all the undead that line the road
Will how much further
Not much. When you reach a paved
road turn left
Andrew is going way to fast to make the turn reaches the
pavement and makes the turn but the truck starts to tip
over. Will realizes this and starts to walk up the truck as
its tipping and he jumps off the truck at the last second.
It scrapes along the road. Will gets up and runs over to the
truck shooting at the zombies as he climbs up onto the truck
on the passenger door, he tries to open it but it's jammed
Watch your face
Will takes the butt of the shotgun and smashes the window
in. He reaches and helps Jasmine out and lowers her onto the
road, she has a couple of cuts on her. He reaches into the
car and grabs Lindsay's hand and pulls her out she has a
deep cut on her arm.
You ok?
Don't worry my stomach doesn't


She sees a zombie behind Jasmine
She points, and he looks
Jasmine get down!
She ducks and Will blasts the zombie in the face and it's
head expoldes
That was cool. Andrew!
He yells down in the cab, but no answer from Andrew
Andrew bro, you ok?
Still no answer, Will leans into the cab and sees Andrew
leaning against the road. His head smashed the glass the
smacked the road theres a pool of blood around his head.
Will reaches down and turns his head and theres a piece of
glass sticking out of his head
Will, we gotta hurry!
Will pulls himself out of the cab and hops down grabs
Lindsay's hand and they run of towards the cabin.
The gang takes a quick breather
Let me look at the cut baby
She walks over
It's pretty deep
Jasmine takes a knife out of her pocket and cuts the lower
part of her shirt off and gives it to Will


Here wrap this over the cut, you
need alot of pressure on it
Will wraps it around her arm
They hug and kiss
Guys shhh, look
They look and see vince coming Will quickly leads the girls
in behind Slaughter to follow him to the cabin. Head shot of
Vincent you see Will and the girls behind him Vince gets a
smile on his face
Slaughter goes up the stairs and walks in. Will, Jasmine and
Lindsay go to the side of the house, under a window
Ok this is it, I figure we only
have one shot at this. Lindsay
takes this gun and wait over beind
his truck, Jazz you go with her.
I'm going in and I'm going to lure
them out
Will, I can't
We've come to far for you to say
that. The town depends on us so
please go with Jazz
She nods. Slaughters hand smashes through the glass and
grabs Lins hair


Will grabs her legs but Slaughter is too strong he pulls her
up and through the window, he puts her down, grabs his
shotgun and butts Will in the head. Will falls down and
stays down.
Will get up, Will!
Shakes him, and he's out. Inside the cabin Lindsay is
standing with her head back a bit with Slaughter pulling her
hair. Sara has her back to Lindsay
What do you think we should do
with her
She turns
In body ya, but in sprit I am
Carla Slaughter. I still recognize
you as my sister, but only with
anger and resentment
Why are you doing this
Doing what being myself? I told
you why, were you not listening.
You never listened to Sara but
maybe you will listen to Carla
She grabs Vince's machete and holds it to her neck, Will
comes to.
Hurry, Will
Your knife?
She gives it to him. He runs around the corner of the house,
Jasmine follows. He runs up the steps and bursts through the
door. He looks around and sees Vince holding Lindsay while
Sara has the machete to Lindsay's neck. Will throws the


knife and sticks in Vinces neck he drops Lindsay as he falls
to the floor, Sara swings and misses, her momentum takes
herself in a circle and she drops the machete and Lindsay
grabs it, holds it up to stab her in the stomach, she
Do it Lindsay, shes not your
sister anymore, kill her
Lindsay closes her eyes and slams the machete through her
back and the tip goes out her stomach. Vince pulls the knife
out of his neck and crawls over to Sara, Lindsay goes over
to Will
Good job, babe
You had to do it
Slaughter is extremley pissed off. He looks down to the face
of Sara
Hurry up and massacre those
Vince nods and slowly pulls the machete froms Sara's
stomach, somehow she's not dead yet. He get's up and slowly
walks over to Will. Freak Of Nature- Sinisstar plays. Will
and the girls backs are to Slaughter He grabs Will's
shoulder turns him around and tosses him through a wall. The
girls run out the door after Will. Slaughter steps through
the hole in the wall and slowly comes at Will. Lindsay being
pregnant backs away from Vince
Lindsay what are you doing?
      (walks to Vince)
Leave him alone of piece of shit
Slaughter swats her away and she flys back and bangs her
head off of a tree. Vince keeps coming at Will with the
machete. He comes down with a swing, Will rolls out of the
way. Vince swings again. Will rolls again and gets up.
Slaughter runs at him, Will evasive rolls under his arm and
grabs a stick. Vince is back on the attack, coming at will
with the machete. Will swings his stick and knocks the
machete out of his hands. Slaughter responds by punching
Will in the gut. Will drops the stick, Vince punches him in
the face and smashes his head into a tree. Will's body falls


back, he slowly gets up. Slaughter stalks him and kicks him
in the back of the knee and he goes down, Will get's back up
but this time Slaughter breaks the Stick over Will's face,
Will falls over.
Slaughter turns his attention to Lindsay he picks up the
machete and stalks her. She's backing up. Inside the cabin,
Sara is crawling to the table pulls herself up and rips out
a page and crawls towards the door. Vince is still closing
in on Lindsay she backs up into a tree. Vince raises his
sword, he's about to cut her head off he's in his downward
swing when the pointy end of a stick comes out of his chest.
Slaughter falls down to the ground and Lindsay sees Will
Will baby.
He falls back from the pain. Sara is on the deck 3/4 dead.
She picks up a pistol Will dropped during his flight through
a wall. She points and shoots Lindsay. It grazzes her arm
and she goes down. Sara starts reading the page with her
last breath. Jasmine comes to and sees Will and Lindsay
down. She runs to Will.
      (bending down)
Will, oh my god
She holds his head
The door to the toy store finally breaks but as soon as the
zombies get in they all kinda fall over
Hey Parker, come look
Parker runs over, with Meg, Adam, Steph and Jane
Look they are actually dead
They did it!


Everybody starts hugging each other. The rest of the
survivors run into the store to find their kids
Jasmine still consoling Will
Lindsay? Is she ok?
Some feet are stumbing toward Will and Jazz. The legs stand
still for a second then the camera zooms out to show a
machete. Head shot of Will and Jazz. Slaughter comes up
quietly beind them, stands above Jazz raises the machete and
comes down and sticks it through her head out her neck and
into Will's stomach. The camera goes black with Vinces laugh
still black
Just die mother fucker
A knife cutting through the neck sound is made. 18 And Life-
Skid Row plays


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From Chris Date 2/27/2007 **
I have to be honest with you, the script is pretty bad... The plot is a little Cliche, and well, the language needs to be toned down... The dialouge seems kind of forced, and well, some of the parts were really gross... Be sure to check out my own horror scripts Nervanna and Nervanna 2.

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