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Satan's Schoolhouse: The Story of Milton High
by Kevin Boyle (Newyorkbatista@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

A deranged young man seeks revenge on the two who have tormented him since he was a boy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


BRIAN MARKS is sitting in his bedroom. It's dark except for
lots of candles around the room on gotchic stands. On the
wall are posters with drawings of Satan, pentagrams, and
swazdikas. Brian is sitting at the desk in a spinning chair.
He holds a razor.

He wipes it with disinfectant. Then he lines it up with his
wrist. His wrist is covered in scars from where he
previously had cut himself. He carefully runs it gently
along his wrist, leaving a mark fir where he'll slash it

Suddenly, his phone rings.
Aw, fuck!
Brian rolls back in his chair, towards the phone. He presses
      (on the phone)
Hey, Brian?
It's me, Tad.
Yeah, I know. What the fuck do you
want, man? I'm in the middle of
doing something!
I just wanted to know if....If
we're really going through with it
Yeah, of course we are. Why?


No reason. Just curious. That's
Tad? You gettin' cold feet?
No, no. Of course not.
Dammit, Tad! It's to late to back
down. You go through with it, or
you die. That's your only
alternative. I went over this with
you at the beginning.
I know, I know. I'm not backing
down. I'm going through with it. I
just wanted to make sure you were,
Yeah, my ass, Tad! There'd be no
reason for me to back down. I came
up with this whole rendesvous. Tad
you're lying through your
goddamned teeth. Now tell me the
God's honest truth, or I kill you.
Alright, alright. I was a little
unsure. That's all. I'm going
through with it Brian, trust me. I
wouldn't back down now.
I'm not sure about that, Tad. You
always were a bit of a pussy.
Brian, I compiled half the
hitlist. Why would I back down?
Okay. Fine. But I swear to God.
Anything goes wrong, I'm holding
you responsible.


Now stop wasting my goddamned
Alright, bye.
Brian hangs up the phone. Then he moves back over to his
desk. He looks up at the ceiling as he puts the razor to his
      (in Latin)
Oh my dark lord, tomorrow's deeds
will be my thanking of you. I hope
to satisfy you with the blood of
those who shall pay in your will.
I shall give them what they
deserve, and I shall carry on your
Brian then slashes across his wrist. Blood begins to poor
onto the newspaper spread out across the desk. Brian
grimaces, and he laughs a little.
RICK HARVEY walks up the front porch to MELONIE WILLIS'S
house, his school books under his arm. He's wearing a Milton
High School lettermen jacket. He rings the doorbell. The
door opens, as Melodie appears.
Hey. You ready to go?
Melonie walks out of her house. Rick puts his arm around her
as they walk down the front steps. They both smile as they
make their way to school.


CORY and BURT sit in the front seat, as Brian, Tad, and RYAN
sit in the back. Cory, Burt, Tad, and Ryan all wear large
coats, although the fall weather is relatively warm. Brian
wears a treanch coat, no different from his normal apparel.
Oh, Burt, man, I found this new
cheat for San Andreas last night.
It's so fucking awesome. It -
Cory, shut the hell up!
Cory uncomfortably settles.
We all must focus on the task at
hand. We are about to embark on a
joruney that many an adolescent
dreams of, yet few partake in. We
are not the first, and we will not
be the last, but so help me God,
we will be the greatest!
Brian looks at Tad next to him. Tad avoids eye contact.
Everybody, I feel, should keep an
eye on Tad, here. Last night he
called me because he had cold
feet. If our plan goes wrong, I
feel he is to blame.
Hey, Brian?
To be honest with you, I'm
As you should be, my dear friend.
For Ryan, today is the day we
fulfill our life's ultimate


Rick and Melonie walk down Morris Street, Rick's arm still
around her. They're laughing.
Hey, Rick?
I was watching this movie on
Lifetime last night, and -
      (playfully angry)
Oh please! Not another one of
Well, I was just wondering...
If someone had me at gunpoint....
Well would you sacrifice yourself
for me?
Well that depends..
On what?
Well if I died, would you still
die after?
What do you mean?
Well, if I sacrificed myself,
would it be like, they kill me,


                       RICK (cont'd)
and "then" they kill you, or would
they kill me and let you live?
Alright, if it was killing me then
you, then probably not. Because
you'd still die anyway, but if I
made them kill you first, I could
cut down on the torment. Because
if they killed me first, then they
could od whatever they wanted to
you. But if I was alive, I
wouldn't let them. But if I died
and you lived, then definitely.
Oh, okay. Just wondering.
As Rick and Melonie are crossing the entrance to the Milton
High School parking lot, Cory's car comes quickly around the
bend. He slams on the breaks and stops just short of hitting
them. Rick looks at the car, as he sees the boys sitting
Fucking Dork Mobile!
You're so mean!
The two cross over the rest of the street, as they make
their way toward the front entrance of the school.
RANDY, HAL, and JAKE are all standing on the side of the
school near the parking lot smoking.
Oh, man, last night I was watching
the Hawks game, and they played
pretty well, I thnik they may have
a chance this year.
Haha, it's the fucking preseason,


                       HAL (cont'd)
man! All the crappy teams look
good now.
Hey, guys, look at the Jedi.
Randy points toward the side of the parking lot where Brian,
Tad, Burt, Cory, and Ryan are standing, over by the grass.
They're in a deep, serious conversation.
The fuck are they doing?
Probably deciding which galaxy to
direct the enterprise in now.
They laugh.
Don't know about you guys, but I'm
goin' in.
Why, man? Don't you wanna
interfere with the top secret
plans on how to destroy the Death
No, I'm going to the bathroom.
Need a joint.
In the bathroom? Man, why the hell
would you do that?
Come on, man. You know the
security in this school sucks.
Randy makes his way inside.


Burt, Cory, Ryan, Brian, and Tad are all standing on the
grass at the edge of the parking lot.
Cory, Burt, you remember the plan?
9:03. Gym. Back entrance.
Cory and Burt look at each other, then back at Brian.
Good. I'll take Ryan and Tad.
Remember, office, 9:07.
Got it.
PRINCIPAL SHORT sits in his chair as he talks to JULIE,
sitting across the desk from him. MR. RINEHART stands behind
So, Bill, what exactly happened?
Julie here was smoking in the
lockeroom, yesterday.
Is this true?
Yeah, so, I've been doing it since
freshmen year. This school has
like no one paying attention to
You know, for smoking in school,
you get an automatic suspension?


Mr. Short? Can I get to the gym? I
got some work I have to do.
Yeah, go ahead. You're no longer
Mr. Rinehart leaves the room.
As for you, Julie, i'm afraid I'm
gonna have to make a call to your
parents, and you're going to be
suspended for three days.
Oh, come on. I bet there's someone
smoking in the bathroom as we
Like who?
I don't know, probably Randy
Schager, or some pothead like
that. The fucking sprinkler system
doesn't even work in this school.
Those morons could smoke all day.
One second.
Short presses the intercom button.
Moselen, if you're in the
building, please come ot hte main
office, Moselen.
What are you doing?
I'm investigating what you just
told me.


Oh come one, you know I didn't
mean it.
Looks like your big muth is gonna
get you into some trouble.
Yeah, boss?
Can you go in the bathroom and
make sure one Randy Schager isn't
smoking marijuana?
Yeah, sure.
Janitor Moselen exits. Principal Short looks at Julie, and
he shoots her a smile.
Got cha!
Brian, Ryan, and Tad enter the bathroom where Randy's
already standing, smoking a joint.
What the fuck do you want, Nazi?
Ah, Ryan, Tad, let me introduce
you to my good friend, Mr. Shager.
You see, He dislikes me greatly,
for during our freshmen year, I
made a slur about his grandparents
who had been brough off to
Auschwitz during World War 2.
Why were they taken to Auschwitz?


Well, you see, my young
apprentice, twas because The
Schagers were dirty Jews.
I'll fucking kill you, pussy!
      (screaming and
Let your Jew God have mercy on
your soul, for my god, Satan, will
That's it, you fucking asshole,
you're dead!
Janitor Moselen walks in.
Randy Schager?
Yeah? What?
Principal Short wants to see you
for smoking marijuana in the
The fuck? God dammit!
Brian, Tad, and Ryan begin laughing.
I'll get you dicks later!
Praise be the Jew God, for he is
almost as mighty as Adolf himself!
Randy tosses his joint, as he leaves the room.
Brian, alright, time to do what we
gotta do.


Brian goes into a stall, and he climbs up on the toilet. He
pops a ceiling tile out. He then pulls out a pair of
clippers, and he cuts some wires.
I gotta cut all the power except
for the lights. The lights go
down, and people'll begin to get
Brian jumps down from the toilet.
Alright, let's go.
They exit the bathroom.
Cory and Burt are sitting in Cory's car.
So, what time is it?
Cory checks his watch.
Three minutes til class.
Yeah. We'll probably get marked
for cutting.
That should be the leats of our
Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, man, you really wanna go
through with this?
Yeah, I mean, what choice to we
have. We've gone this far.


Yeah, but seriously. If you could
back out of it now, no strings
attached, would you?
Eh, probably not. I think what
we're doing should happen. These
people "do" kind of deserve it.
Good point. But really, Cory. You
know what we're doing right? You
know how extreme this is?
Yeah, I know. But I don't care. I
think we should make them pay for
what they did.
There is always that. But there's
also the fact that they're people
at the core.
So are we. They didn't seem to
care to much.
You're right. I'm sitcking through
this all the way. We've taken to
much shit for far to long.
Rick takes some books out of his locker. Melonie stands next
to him. Brian, Ryan, and Tad walk by.
      (to Rick)
Ha, remember when Brian used to
like me?
Oh don't get me started. That
retard. He wrote you poetry, and
stories, and who knows what else.


Yeah, but I think you were a
little harsh on him.
Come on, that little shit deserved
to have the crap beaten out of
Yeah, but you dragged him into the
woods, slammed him against a tree,
and punded him.
Ha. Good times. Good times.
Stop it!
The bell rings.
Oh, we gotta get to class.
See ya.
They kiss.
Rick leans up against his locker, and he watches her as she
walks away. He smiles at the thought of her.
While MRS. HORTON drones on in the front of the class, Brian
and Tad sit in the back. Brian pulls out a floorplan of the


      (points to the
       floorplan as he
       mentions the
Alright, remember, we go to the
office. Then, we round everyone up
in the cafeteria. Then to the
library, where the main event
Got it.
Brian puts the floorplan away, and he reaches into his
Remember, 9:01.
Brian pulls a razor out of his pocket. He places it on Tad's
Right across the forehead.
Wait. How we gonna explain this
We're not. There'll be so much
blood rushing down your forehead,
we won't need an explanation.
Then how we gonna fix my head
I taught Ryan how to give
stitches. He's been practicing.
He'll be in the bathroom, He'll
get it done well before 9:07.
That's when we hit the office.
Yeah. Got it.


Ryan sets up a first aid set, ready for stitches, on the
floor in a stall. Jake sneaks in the bathroom door with
Oh God, Jake! I'm so fucking
      (loud whisper)
Oh, I know baby, but shh. If they
find us, we'll be in so much
fuckign trouble.
Yeah, but there's no security
here. When was the last time they
caught anybody.
      (from inside the
Actualy, they caught Randy
Schager, the Jew, just this
morning for smoking marijuana.
The fuck? Whose in there?
Ryan opens the stall door. He smiles at Jake and Louise.
      (creeped out)
Fucking little freshman! What the
Hell are you doing?!
Just setting up an emergency room.
What?! Why?!
      (looks at his
You'll find out in.........13


Listen, you little.....weirdo. Gte
the hell out of here. Me and
Louise are doing somethign rather
It's okay. I'll watch.
The fuck is wrong with him?
You're all going to die. I suggest
you leave, now. That way you'll
gain yourself some time to live.
Yo, you little creep, get the hell
Jake starts coming after him. Ryan drops to his knees, and
he begins praying to Satan in Latin.
What's he doing, now?
I don't know.....Let's get the
fuck outta here, though. This
kid'll probably start driving to
sniff your clit in a minute.
Jake and Louise leave the room in a hurry.
Satan, my lord, thank you. I will
not let you down.
Principal Short sits bethind his desk. Across from him sit
Julie and Randy.
So, Mr. Shager, what did you think
you'd accomplish? You thought
you'd get away with it?


      (looks at Julie)
I'm gonna kill you.
Excuse me, Mr. Schager. You're in
no position to be making death
threats. You're already in quite
alot of trouble.
Can you just call my parents so I
can go?
Not just yet. I want to know more
on this topic of what takes place
in the bathroom.
I never hsould've brought this up.
You're right. You shouldn't have.
Hal rips a page out of his notebook, and he rolls it up. He
chucks it toward Brian, whose next to Tad in the back. It
hits him, catching him offguard. He looks up angrily.
How immature, Hal! That's very
childish of a God-lover!
What's going on, boys?
Oh nothing, Mrs. Horton. Except
that immature Hal threw a piece of
paper at me.
Oh, just get back to work.
Brian stands up.


No, seriously Mrs. Horton, what if
today was the last day of our
lives. Hal would have ruined our
perfect last day to live by
throwing paper at me. Well, I for
one do not want this to be the
last day. But according to my
lord, Satan, it very well could
Brian! Please sit down! Satanic
worshipping are not permitted
So this school won't let me
believe? That's dispicable!
Sinc this is the first time you've
acted up, I'll let it go. But
don't do anything like this,
again! I'm warning you!
But it's violating my rights of
free speech.
I don't care, Brian! Just please
sit down!
Brian hesitantly sits back down. He then begins talking with
Tad again.
Cory and Burt still sit in Cory's car.
Man, what time is it, now?
Cory looks at his watch.
You think we should start heading
out, now?


Yeah, sure.
Cory starts climbing out of the car, but Burt grabs his arm.
What, man?
Man, what we're about to do may go
down in history as one of the most
horendous acts ever committed. But
we have to do it. It is our
calling. So, what I just wanted to
say is....Good luck.
You too, Burt. You too.
They begin climbing out of the car.
Tad looks at the clock on the wall. It reads 9:01. He picks
up the razor.
It's time.
Tad quickly slashes the razor across his forehead. Blood
begins pouring out over his face. He screams in pain.
Everybody looks back at him, Mrs. Horton horrified by the
Oh my God! Mrs. Horton, here let
me take him to the nurse.
Brian grabs Tad by the arm, and he guides him out of the
Rick sits next to Jake in the classroom across the hall as
they see Brian guiding Tad out of the room.
Hey, Jake, look at him. Wonder how
he pulled that off?


Oh shit, man. That reminds me. You
should've seen the creepy little
kid in the bathroom. He was
setting up an "emergency room".
Haha. Get a load of that.
They laugh.
Cory and Burt come in through the back gym entrance, the
lock on the door, already busted.
You ready?
Oh yeah.
They come out of the gym. As the enter the hallway, Mr.
Rinehart comes out of his office across the hall.
Hey, boys, what are you doing
You cutting class?
Uhhh -
Burt reaches under his shirt, as he pulls out a hand gun. he
shoots Rinehart in the chest, killing him.
What the fuck are you doing?
We can't let things get screwed up
this early.


Alright, but let's at least hide
the body. There's a class next
There won't be a next period.
Yeah, but if something goes wrong
Alright, fine.
Cory and Burt drag Mr. Rinehart's body into his office. Then
they close the door.
Tad sits on the toilet in the stall as Brian wipes the blood
off his face and Ryan stitches his forehead up.
Not much longer, just about two
Brian looks at his watch.
Cory and Burt should already be
in. Our time has come boys. Sren't
you excited?
I just want to get this over with.
No, no Tad. Enjoy the moment. Live
for it. Breath for it. Strive to
make this work the best ever.
Don't hurry it. That takes away so
much from the experience.
Yeah, whatever. Are we done?
Just about.


Ryan finishes up stitching.
Let me just pack up, and we'll be
ready to go.
Alright. It is 9:05. Two minutes
until the official beginning of
the greatest moments of our lives.
Cory and Burt walk down the hallway towards the office
Hey, Cory?
That actually felt pretty good!
You mean...?
Yeah. I mean, it was like the
ultimate revenge.
Yeah, it kind of did feel
like...victorious....in a way.
Definitely. I think I might enjoy
myself, today.
They approach the office, as they run into Brian, Tad, and


Burt, Cory, no problems?
No...I don't think so.
Well, uh, we did run into
Rinehart. He caught us sneaking
in. Was gonna report us for
cutting class.
Well, we shot him.
Well, really, it was like
self-defense because -
No, no. Stop. I'm not mad. I'm
Yes, yes. Shocked. You see, I
wasn't sure if the two of you had
it in you. Just seeing you come to
the office somewhat surprised me.
I never thought you two could
kill, but you've delightfully
proven me wrong!
      (in disbelief)
Well, of course. I'm very proud of
you two. And the body?


Hid it in his office.
Excellent work. Alright, now let;s
get down to business. Burt, Tad,
Cory? You guys stay with me. And
Ryan -
Brian hands Ryan his gym bag, and Ryan hands Brian his.
You, my apprentice, must attach
the final touches. Remember,
bathrooms and closets. Don't get
into trouble.
Ryan opens the bag and looks in it. He smiles at the site.
Yes, got it.
Ryan exits down the hall.
Now, remember what we do. You all
"do" remember, right?
The three of them look amongst each other. They all nod.
Great! Let's go!
Principal Short still sits behind his desk, as Randy and
Julie sit in the same spots they were in previously, too.
So, Julie, please explain to me
how you would know Mr. Shager
smoked marijuana in the bathroom.
Well, -


She mighta fucked me, sir. She
fucks guys constantly. She may be
fucking one right now. She does it
outta habit, though. She doesn't
even realize she's doing it
Excuse me?
Suddenly, somebody starts banging on the door to the office.
What in the name?
Principal Short walks over, and he opesn the door. Tad
crashes in on the floor, screaming.
What are you talking about, son?
Whose after you?
What -
Suddenly, Cory and Burt enter their guns drawn. They point
them at everyone in the room.
All of you, get down. Now!
What is the meaning of this, boys?
God dammit, he said, "GET DOWN!"
Suddenly, Burt fires at Julie, who had already jumped out of
her seat, and made an attempt at opening a window. Her head
explodes, as her blood and brain matter fly all over.


Help! Help -
Tad quickly jumps up, and he covers Short's mouth, pulling
him down to the floor.
Shut the fuck up, old man!
Principal Short struggles to get free. As he does, Cory
shoots him in the knee. Principal Short screams in agony.
Suddenly, Randy tries to attack Burt, unexpectantly. As he
does so, however, he gets shot by someone from outside the
office. Brian walks in, shotgun drawn, smiling.
Hello, everybody. Randy, Principal
Short....what's left of Julie,
what a beautiful day for an old
fashioned high school massacre, is
it not?
      (spitting up blood)
You fucking son of a bitch!
Ah, yes, I suppose you could say
that, Jew. Although, my mother
wasn't a dog. But I do know that
yours was an orthodox whore.
Brian puts the gun in Randy's mouth.
I warned you, Jew.
Brain pulls the trigger, blowing Randy's head off. Principal
Short, now muzzled with duct tape stares on in disbelief.
Say, uh, Short?
Brian walks over to Principal Short's desk, looking at it
Would you by any chance know where
that megaphone you use to direct
traffic at the end of the day is?


Principal Short mumbles underneath the tape. Tad tears it
off. Principal Short screams. Tad slaps him.
Left side....awwww......third
Good man, good man.
Brian shoots Principal Short in the stomach. Then he opens
up the drawer and takes out the megaphone.
Let's go, boys.
Jake is talking to Rick.
Aw, man, Louise has these juicy
little -
      (in hallway/on
Students of Milton High School, do
not be alarmed!
The hell is that?
All gather in the cafeteria within
7 minutes. If you do not, you may
perish. Do not attempt escape, all
windows and doors are bombed. Do
not attempt to hide, if you are
found you will be tormented. To
the cafeteria, if you will.
Everybody begins to pour into the hallway, some running an
As I already cleared up for you
all, do not be alrmed, just head
to the cafeteria, please.


A few people begin to try to attack the boys near the
office. They are all shot down by Cory and Burt. This causes
the crowd to go into a frenzy, as they all start running in
random directions. Suddenly, in a classroom, a minor
explosion goes off.
Do not try to escape! We cleared
this up already. Go in the
cafeteria or die!
Most of the mob, motivated by the fear, begin heading toward
the cafeteria.
Oh yeah, same goes for in there.
All windows and doors in there are
attached to bombs strong enough to
bring down the whole room.
Most of the crowd files into the cafeteria. Cory and Burt
fire at the ones who do not, motivating them to also retreat
into the cafeteria.
The crowd of the students in the cafeteria, anxious and
frightened, await what will happen next. Some yell, some
cry, others run. Some try to use their cell phones, but they
cannot get a signal. Brian, Ryan, Cory, Burt, and Tad enter,
Cory and Burt with their guns ready.
      (on megaphone)
Students, do not worry, all will
be fine for the next few moments,
at least, if you all would just
settle down.
Cory and Burt point their guns toward everyone in the room,
as they slowly begin to quiet down.
Now would Melonie Phelps and Rick
Marquis please come forward.
Nothing happens.
You must not have heard me. Will
Melonie Phelps and Rick Marquis
please step forward!


Still nothing.
Alright then.
Brian looks at Burt and Cory. He cocks his head to the
crowd. They then begin going through everybody in the crowd
looking for Melonie and Rick. One or two people try to get
at them, but they shoot near those people, scaring them off.
Eventually, they find the both of them in the middle of the
crowd, next to each other. They force everybody around the
two to move away. They stand next to them, guns at their
temples, awaiting orders.
Tad, Ryan, please escort these two
to the library.
Tad and Ryan walk over to them. They grab them and force
them up. Then they force them out of the cafeteria. As
they're leaving Brian stops Tad. He hands him a handgun.
You'll need this to hold captain
of the jackasses back.
Tad takes the gun, as they then continue exiting the
cafeteria. Now Cory and Burt are at Brian's side once again
as he puts down his backpack and Ryan's gym bag.
Ladies and gentlemen, now tiem to
see your fate.
Brian opens the backpack, revealing a tank of propane. He
opens it. Then he attaches it to a pulley. He works the
pulley to wear the propane tank is hanging high from the
rafters, out of everybody's reach.
For you retards that don't already
know, this is propane. You will
die if you inhale to much of it.
Like I already said, there are
bombs and other explosives
attached to the windows and doors
of this room. The door behind me,
leading into the corridor is the
only one not attached to anything.
Well, not now, at least.
Brian opens ups Ryan's gym bag and he takes out some sort of


device. There is a string attached to it. Brian, Burt, and
Cory step into the hallway and close the cafeteria door.
Brian attaches the string to the handle of the door.
      (on megaphone)
If you attempt to open this door,
you will all die. For this
explosive is more powerful then
them all, and it would bring this
entire half of the building on top
of you. As for my comrades and I,
we'll be on the other side of the
school as you all make your choice
od death. Explosion or propane.
Ah, what a wonderful day!
Principal Short, still alive, is able to pull a ham radio
out of his desk drawer. In pain and spitting up blood, he
manages to get in contact with someone.
      (over radio)
Hello? Who is this?
Police. Milton High School.
Gunmen. Now.
Principal Short's head falls to the ground as he give out
one long, final breath.
Brian walks down the hall. He whistles to himself. When he
looks into one classroom, he sees two boys, HARLEY and ROY,
trying to hide.
What the fuck do you think you're
Harley and Roy try to scramble away. Brian fires at a shot
at them. They immediate stop trying to escape in a form of
surrendur as Brian corners them.
Fucking freshmen. Apparently you
didn't hear me before. I said for


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
everybody to go into the
cafeteria. Did you not hear me?
We...We heard you.
So why didn't you do it?
We didn't know what to do.
You should've gone to the
But we didn't.
And now you must suffer the
No, man, please.
It's to late for that.
What are you gonna -
Brian shoots Roy, blasting his head right off. Suddenly,
Harley jumps up and punches Brian in the eye. He knocks him
down, catching him off guard as he dropped his gun. Harley
quickly flees from the room and runs into the hallway.
People busily move through the station. The phone rings.
LORETTA, the secretary answers it.
Hello? Police?


Yes, yes. What's the problem?
I got a call over my radio...
Yes, yes. Okay. So what's the
problem. Just spit it out.
It said there's gunmen at the high
      (writes it down as
       she says it)
Gunmen? High school?
Yes. That's what it said.
Alright. Anything else?
No, it sounded like he passed out,
or died, or something liek that.
Because I had the connection, but
he stopped responding.
We'll get right on it. Thank you.
Loretta hangs up the phone. She then turns around and
catches OFFICER MCMULLAN whose passing by.
McMullan. Milton High. Gunmen.
just got the call. Already one
known casualty. Get your men on


      (on walkie talkie)
Let's get the force to Milton
High. Gunmen. And let's get Adams
on this one. He knows about these
kids better than anyone else. One
known casualty. Let's go!
Jake frantically walks back and forth while talking to Hal
and Louise.
What the hell are we gonna do?!
What do you mean? What do we have
to do? The propane's not gonna
kill us. Is it?
Yes, of course it can!
What? One little can?
Did you see the label on that can?
No, why?
That's not normal propane! That's
some toxic shit! It's stronger!
How do you know that?
It's the same shit my dad uses on
our barbeque. It cooks shit
faster. It's stronger. We have an
hour tops of inhaling that


Man, we gotta get out of here!
And how we gonna do that, Jake? We
open any doors or windows and this
place goes kaboom!
I know. That's why we oly got one
other option.
Jake flips over a lunch table. He proceeds to break a metal
leg off the table. Then he starts banging the metal leg
against the wall.
Jake, what are you doing, baby?
The only way we're gettin' out is
to tunnel out.
Have you fucking lost your mind,
Jake? That's not gonna get us
You got a better idea?
Actually, I do.
The Milton township police are gathered outside the high
school. After analyzing the scene, DETECTIVE ADAMS consults
with Officer McMullan.
What you got?
                       DET. ADAMS
We sent the dogs around the
building. There's more explosives
in this building then there are in
all of Baghdad.


                       DET. ADAMS
Nobody's getting out of here. Or
at least not without a bomb going
off in the process.
They were able to do all that?
                       DET. ADAMS
It appears it all took place over
a period of weeks. Probably
months. Whoever's doing this has
had it planned out for a while.
They know what they're doing.
Got any leads to who it might be
doing this?
                       DET. ADAMS
How would I tell?
Gave you the school roster,
possibly security tapes.
                       DET. ADAMS
Tapes? You kidding me?
                       DET. ADAMS
This school had a total of two
security cameras. One by the front
entrance and one by the entrance
to the back gym. They were
destroyed months ago. Vandalism.
Probably these guys. The school
budget was to low for them to get
new ones.
Suddenly, Detective Adams thinks about what he said.
                       DET. ADAMS
Back gym entrance. We never
checked back there. Quick, I want
three guys out back. Hurry.


Tad and Ryan have Rick and Melonie tied up and gagged.
They're kneeling on the floor. Brian walks in, angry.
Great, you did it.
Yeah, everything's cool.
Not everything.
Why? What's wrong?
Some asshole freshman. He got
Jesus, I don't know!
Want me to go after him?
No, I don't know where he went. I
want you and Tad to go into the
computer lab over there. Alright?
Why? I tought we were staying in
No, Ryan. This doesn't concern any
of you. I need to do this in
But -
Come on, let's go Ryan.
Tad and a hesitant Ryan then make their way into the
computer lab off of the library.


      (to Rick and
Well, we got a long day ahead of
us. I think it's time we get
A group of police officers, led by Officer McMullan surround
the back gyma entrance where Burat and Cory had previously
entered the school.
On my three, I thrust open the
door, we charge in. Anyone has a
gun, shoot first ask questions
McMullan ducks down next to the door.
Ready? Okay.
McMullan attempts to throw the door open. It won't budge.
What the hell?
Hal, Louise, and Jake all stand near a wall with a large
padded cushion over it.
The hell is this?
Give me a second, will ya?
Hal takes the metal leg from Jake and begins to pry the
cushion off the wall. It comes off. Under it is a small
Oh my God! What's this?


Where the janitors keep all their
shit. I bet those asses didn't
know about this.
Why would it be covered like this?
You kidding me? The janitors don't
want us to know bout this bullshit
down here.
Then how do you know about it,
I have my ways.
Hal tries to open the closet. It doesn't budge.
God damn it!
Hal smashes the knob with the metal leg, busting the closet
open. He then goes in and starts pulling out chainsaws, snow
shovels, weedwhackers, among other things.
      (yelling to
       everyone in the
Come on! We're getting out of this
shit hole!
Rick and Melonie are still gagged as Brian looks at them,
sitting in a chair.
The three of us sure have a long
history together. Since first
grade I do believe.
The two of them look at him, fear in their eyes. He then
looks directly at Melonie.


Ah, Melonie. I remember our first
encounter as elementary school
chums. At recess, you fell and
scraped your knee. I helped you
up, and I helped you all the way
down to the nurse's office. I was
kind to you. For I, Melonie,
admired you. But, uh, it appears
someone else was getting your
Brian looks toward Rick.
Rick, Rick, Rick. Where do I
begin? Maybe I should start in our
first grade year when you pushed
me down in the mud. Or maybe
throughout all our other childhood
encounters in which you made a
mockery out of me. Or even of the
more recent occurences, like when
you dragged me in the woods and
proceeded to punch me for
admitting my admiration of dear
Brian stands up.
You see, I was kind when I was
young, for it was the work of God
that i was dedicated to
fulfilling. But it was people like
you Melonie, with your constant
rejections and superficial
actions, and you, Rick, with your
horrible deeds that turned me
against God. It was the two of you
that turned me to Satan. It was
the two of you who drove me to do
this, here, today. But we got
time, still, so I feel we should
get in more detail, before you
meet you demise.
Brian sits down again, as he smiles happily at the two
gagged teenagers.


Officer McMullan, Detective Adams, and the other officers
are all still by the back gym entrance.
I don't understand. It won't open.
It's obvious they used this door,
isn't it?
                       DET. ADAMS
Yeah, they used this door. No
doubt. You can see where the lock
was pried. This is the only
possible exit not hooked to an
So how come they could get in, but
we can't?
                       DET. ADAMS
Well -
Suddenly the door flies open as Harley runs out. McMullan's
men quickly put up their guns and surround him, frightening
Harley. The door closes.
Who are you?
Harley. Michaels.
What's going on in there?
They got guns. Five of them.
Yeah five. Uh -
                       OFFICER CODY
Shouldn't we be worrying about how
the hell he opened up the door,
when he couldn't get the damn
thing open?


You're right. How did you get that
door open?
I just pushed it. It opened. I
heard voices out here. i figured
it was help, so I ran up to the
door and I pushed it open.
McMullan tries the door again. It still won't open.
It's still not working. Why?
That door don't open from the
outside. It never has.
Then how'd they get in this way?
Suddenly the door flies open again as Janitor Moselen comes
out, falling to the ground, out of breath. As he exits, a
tiny wedge of wood, barely visible comes out of the room
along with him.
      (to Moselen)
Who the hell are you?
      (out of breath)
Jay Moselen. Janitor.
How the fuck'd you get out of
I heard someone leave through
here. So I came as fast as I could
before they could find me. I
pushed it open.
You're a janitor, you said?
Yeah. Why?


How the hell'd those kids get in
through here when the door doesn't
open from the outside?
I don't know.
Maybe one of the others let 'em in
No, no. That couldn't be.
                       DET. ADAMS
Wait. Why not?
I saw three of them all come i
nthrough the front this morning. I
saw em again in the bathroom. And
I could've sworn I saw them in
class, too.
So then how'd they get this damn
door open?
                       DET. ADAMS
      (bends down)
Maybe it was this.
The hell is it?
                       DET. ADAMS
      (stands back up
       with the piece of
This is a wedge. Probably used to
hold the door open just enough for
them to get in.
But I thought they didn't have a
chance to do that. I thought
Moselen said he saw them all up
                       DET. ADAMS
Like I said before. They were
planning this for months. They


                       DET. ADAMS (cont'd)
probably did this in the past few
days. There's no alarms to notify
people about it, here. And it's
not like it was open nearly wide
enough for anybody to notice
passing by.
So that's what's been confusing
us? A goddamned piece of wood?!
                       DET. ADAMS
Afraid so. But now we still
haven't learned whose doing this.
Harley, you said you knew?
Yeah, uh, it was the guy in the
trench coat.
Yeah, uh, Marks. And that creepy
little freshmen. And, uh, what's
his name, uh, the one with the
hair. The friend. Uh -
                       DET. ADAMS
Tad Marley.
Yeah, uh, how'd you know that?
                       DET. ADAMS
Marks. I should've known. I've had
a couple of run-ins with him. The
first time, about three years
back, he vandalised a church.
Swazdikas and pentagrams sprayed
all over it. And then, this past
September, we got a tip from
Marley, he wanted it to be kept
anonymous though, he told us Marks
was trying to build bombs in his
garage. We went there. There was
no evidence of him actually
"building" bombs, but there were
posters and diagrams of pipe bombs
all over the walls. We gave him a
warning, but we didn't really have
any evidence to hold against him.
Anyway, the freshman you were
talking about, his name's Ryan
Daniels. He's Marks's


                       DET. ADAMS (cont'd)
"apprentice", if you will, he was
there in the garage. The other two
were probably Cory Maine and Burt
Bigsley. They never really did
anything wrong, but when I took in
Marks after the church incident,
he spoke of them, saying they were
supposed to warn him when the cops
were coming, and about how they
probably ran as soon as we started
coming around the corner. I
should've known about this. It
does seem pretty obvious. Marks is
the matches the "profile" of the
kind of kids who do this, although
that profile's been proven
worthless. Honestly, I don't know
how I didn't see this when I heard
what was going on.
So what do we do now?
                       DET. ADAMS
Get Jay and Harley some help, find
out all they know, inform the
parents -
What about inside? How do we get
                       DET. ADAMS
We can't.
What are you talking about? We
know who did this, now. We just
have to get in and -
                       DET. ADAMS
Were you paying any attention,
McMullan? We can't get in there.
Once that door closes, it's closed
until someone from the inside
opens it.
Then why don't we just stay here
and wait for someone to open it?


                       DET. ADAMS
If you want it that badly, go
ahead. I mean -
It's our only choice. We have to
get in there.
                       DET. ADAMS
Alright then. You guys stay here.
I'll take them.
We're gonna be in for a long day.
Tad lays on the floor, proped up against the wall as Ryan
paces back and forth.
You know something, Tad, I'm
shocked. Shocked!
At what?
Brian. I can't believe he'd screw
us over like this!
How'd he screw us over?
He won't even let us take part in
the biggest event on this day!
So? We did what we had to. We
killed a few, may have the rest of
them dead soon, and now we just
have to let Brian have his moment.
No. This was supposed to be a
group experience. And now he just
screwed us over!


Why do you care? This is the main
reason Brian did this. He wanted
to make them suffer for what
they've done to him.
Well why do we have to leave the
room? Why can't we at least watch
Obviously Brian doesn't want us
involved. This is a private moment
for him. Something he wants kept
confidential between himself,
Rick, and Melonie. What's the big
deal anyway?
Nothing. It' just that - I was
looking forward to this. I wanted
to see them suffer for all they've
Ryan, you're such a dumbass. Isn't
it obvious? You ever wonder where
Cory and Burt wound up?
They're probably maintaining the
What crowd, Ryan? They're all
stuck in the cafeteria. They're
not needed to do anything for that
Isn't it obvious? They're dead.
Brian's killed them. He's just
using us.
What the hell are you talking


A large group of people in the room use things from the
janitor's closet to attempt to break through the wall.
Man, I told you, we're getting out
of here!
      (slashing against
       the concrete with
       a chainsaw)
Oh fuck yeah, man! You are a
fucking genius, you know that?
Yeah, I know. I've known for a
very long time, my friend.
While most people either attack the wall, or route on those
attacking it, Louise still stands off behind, watching them
      (in a quiet plead)
He doesn't hear her.
      (a little louder)
Still no response.
      (almost yelling)
Jake, startled, turns around.
Yeah, baby?
      (sadly pleading)
Please stop this.
What? Why, baby?


This is pointless, Jake.
What are you talking about? We're
gonna get out of here! Isn't that
No, Jake.
What? How is that not good?
No, Jake, it's good. It's great
and all, but...
But what?
It would be good if it worked. But
it won't work.
Wait, what are you talking about?
Come on, Jake. A bunch of
chainsaws and snow shovels? How
the hell is that gonna get
throught an eighteen-inch concrete
Baby, I -
Jake, just please, let's all cut
the crap.
But how else are we -
      (yelling to
       everyody in the
Everybody stop!


Some people stop what they're doing, but others continue
their attempted excavation.
Everybody stop! Now! This whole
thing is absolutely positively
Everybody stops. They all look at Louise with intense
What in the hell are we all
We're getting out of -
      (almost angry)
Bullshit, Hal! This shit's nto
gonna get us out of anywhere.
Ever! We're just wasting our time.
You heard what Jake said before,
this shit'll kill us in an hour.
We've already wasted about half
that amount of time. If we're
gonna get ourselves out, we're
gonna have to find another way.
What other way is there, Louise?
Cause I sure as hell don't know.
How about filling us in, here?
      (upset and
I don't know, Hal. But I'm sure if
we try, we can think of -
So my way is wrong, but you're
plan is better. But wait, what
plan? I know, let's waste our time
thinking of something there's no
possible way to come up with!
That's a brilliant idea! Just
plain old, goddamned brilliant!
Isn't it, Jake?


I, uh, you see -
Come on, Jake. We're waiting. Am I
I don't really wanna take
anybody's -
So what, Jake? You don't wanna
hurt anybody's goddamned feelings?
Is that it? This dyke turning you
soft, man? The Jake I used to know
wouldn't take shit from a
three-cent whore, but apparently
that Jake is dead.
Shut the fuck up, you little son
of a bitch! Don't you be talking
shit! You're a fucking asshole,
Hal! You're retarded! I know,
let's cut through concrete with a
fucking chainsaw! Yeah, genius!
That'll work!
So what? Jake's your bitch, now?
Aw, that's a shame. What? Do you
give it up his ass, now? Is that
it, cunt?
That is it! I'm gonna fucking kill
Bring it, whore!
Hal and Louise go at each other, ready to fight, but Jake
holds them back.
Guys, guys, please stop! This


                       JAKE (cont'd)
isn't you. This is the fumes.
You're inhaling them. They're
getting to your brain. It's only a
matter of time before people start
throwing up blood. Listen, guys,
restrain yourselves. This isn't
you. It's not you. Just cool off,
guys, okay?
      (tired and
       suddenly calm)
Man, how we gonna get out of here?
I don't know. But we have to try
to find a way. I'm not gonna let
us die in this room.
Brian sits in the chair as Melonie and Rick are still tied
      (seemingly happy)
Hey, uh, Melonie. Remember that
time in third grade. On
Valentine's Day. I gave you a ten
page poem. And you gave me shit.
Melonie looks at Brian, frightened.
But it wasn't only that, Melonie,
no. You see, it was more than
that. Remember Melonie, you came
up to me, and you showed me the
poem. And then......Then
you...You...You actually tore up
the poem that I had spent weeks
working on to bits. Remember that,
Melonie, remember that?
Melonie stares at him tears in her eyes.
      (muffled by the
I'm sorry.


What's that? What did you just
say? Did you say....Did you say
you were "sorry"?
Melonie nods her head. She sobs a little.
Aw, isn't that sweet. She found
that moment hysterical for the
past 8 years, but now....Now that
I may "kill" her, now she's sorry.
Isn't that funny, Rick?
Rick stares at him coldly.
Come on, Rick. I know you like a
good laugh. Hell, I know that
pretty well. When was it, uh, two,
maybe three years ago...You, uh,
you, you pounded the shit out of
me in the woods? I think we went
over this briefly already, but
Rick, you beat me up in the woods?
Isn't that right, Rick? Correct me
if I'm wrong, but I do believe you
did that. Am I right, Rick?
Rick doesn't respond. He just continues his cold stare right
towards Brian.
You had a lot to say, then, Rick.
But now, all gagged up, you don't
seem to be to talkative. Any
particular reason for that?
      (muffled by the
Go fuck yourself!
What was that, Rick? Did you say
what I think you said? Rick, if
I'm not mistaken, which I rarely
am, I do believe you just
commanded me to go fornicate with
myself. Am I right?
Rick continues his stare, still not responding, the anger in
him rising.


You know, Rick, all my life, you
have been a pain in my ass. You've
always hated me, and I've always
hated you. You probably thought
you'd always win when it came
between the two of us, Rick. But I
bet you didn't count on this.
Rick still does not respond. Although his anger stays, still
growing, his hatred eating him inside.
Rick, what were your last words to
your parents, this morning? Just
Still no response.
You know, did you say, "I love
you," or something sweet and
heartwarming like that? Or, or
were you the Rick that I've come
to know and hate. Did you show
that side and say something like,
"I don't care," or , "Fuck you"?
What were you final words to them,
Rick? Please tell me. I'd love to
Rick starts shaking with anger. His eyes begin to water and
Hit a soft spot, Rick? Is that it?
You know that for the rest of
eternity, your parents last memory
of you will be of you saying
something rather rude to them. You
know, Rick, that you are going to
die, having to go to Hell,
spending an eternity in the flames
remembering this day. Remembering
what you said to them.
Tears start rolling down Rick's face. He begins breathing
rather heavily.
      (starting to get
       to his feet)
Well, I think that's enough. Time


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
to really get started, don't you
Brian pulls a large knife out of his pocket. He smiles at
Rick as he wipes the knife under his nose, actually seeming
to enjoy the smell.
Moselen and Harley are sitting in the back of an SUV wrapped
in blankets. Detective Adams talks to them.
                       DET. ADAMS
You two see any casualties?
Did I "see" any? No. But I can
assume a few.
                       DET. ADAMS
I normally don't like assuming
things, Mr. Moselen, never the
most reliable source, but tell me
what you "assume".
Everyone in the office. That's
where they came out of. They
probably killed 'em all in there.
                       DET. ADAMS
Whoe is "them", exactly, Mr.
Well, uh, Short, of course, uh,
Schager, and -
                       DET. ADAMS
Randy Schager?
Yeah that's him. Why?
                       DET. ADAMS
Nothing, I just had a few run-ins
with him, that's all. Who else was


Oh, uh, what's her name, uh Julie
something, I don't know that
bitchy one -
                       DET. ADAMS
Please don't refer to the students
that way, Mr. Moselen. Anyway, I
do believe you're referring to Ms.
Julie Baylor.
Yeah, uh, probably. Anyway, I
think they're dead.
                       DET. ADAMS
Alright, what about, you son? You
see any?
      (in a sudden,
       loud, screaming
He killed Roy!
                       DET. ADAMS
Excuse me?
Roy! The bastard shot Roy in the
face. Roy's dead! He's never
coming back! It's not fair! It's
not fair!
Harley suddenly collapses.
                       DET. ADAMS
      (yelling across
       the lot)
EMTS! Get me EMTS! Now!
A bunch of EMTS quickly rush over and start helping Harley.
                       DET. ADAMS
      (looking into the
Those kids sure are doing a hell
of a job.


Ryan, shocked by what Tad was telling him, paces back and
forth at a pace even quicker than before. Tad still lays on
the floor, propped up against the wall.
Tad. Tad. Tad. What are you
talking about? You aren't making
any sense.
Ryan, he's using us. We were all
just here to help him do what he
wanted to accomplish.
Tad, you're crazy. Brian wouldn't
do that. We were all doing this
for a common cause.
That's what he wanted you to
think, Ryan. We mean nothing to
him. We helped him get this far,
now we're just dogs waiting to be
put down.
Tad, I'm not gonna let you talk
about Brian that way.
What do you like so much about
him, anyway, Ryan? As long as I've
known him he's been a keniving
little bastard. What about him to
you find so damn appealing?
      (calmly and
Brian "saved" me, Tad. Dpm't you
understand that?
Saved you? What are you talking
about, saved you?


Tad, when I came here for the
first time this year, I had no one
in the world. I was an outcast. I
was nobody. I was a butt of
everybody's joke. I had no hope,
but to wait for four years to go
by. But then, then Brian came, and
he made everything better for me.
How so?
Brian gave me hope, you see. Hope
for a better tomorrow. Hope for
equalization. Hope for revenge.
Brian gave me a goal to reach.
This wasn't a goal. It was a
scheme, Ryan. He brainwashed you.
What part of that don't you get?
He was just -
      (suddenly enraged)
Don't you ever talk like that,
Tad! Ever! Never talk about Brian
like that! You're full of shit!
You don't know what you're talking
about! Brian will help us! This
isn't for him, this is for all of
Get a hold of yourself, Ryan! You
know you're in denial! You won't
admit to it, but you know I'm
right, Ryan! You know what this is
all about! You know what Brian's
trying to do -
I know nothing of the sort!
Ryan! Admit it! Brian wanted to
make them pay! He didn't care
about us! He never did! Just admit
it, Ryan!


Ryan, just -
Ryan pulls out his gun and points it at Tad.
You wanna talk shit, now, Tad?!
Ryan, don't -
What's the matter, Tad?! You had
no problem saying Brian was gonna
do this same thing to us! What's
the problem with me doing it?!
I didn't wanna do this...
Tad pulls out his gun and points it at Ryan. The two stare
each other down.
Brian runs the edge of the knife softly across Rick's
forehead. Not cutting him, but just marking a spot to stab.
I'm going to enjoy these next few
moments. I've waited years for
them to come. And now they're
finally here. Say good-bye to the
world you once knew, Rick.
Brian suddenly starts pusshing the blade forcefully into
Rick's head. Blood immediately starts pouring all over his
face. He screams in pain under the gag, as Brian laughs
hysterically. Rick's face is covered with a crimson mask.
Next to them, Melonie screams in fear under her gag. Brian
throws back his head and howls at the ceiling in laughter.
He continuously digs the blade into Rick's head.


You're dead, now, Rick! You're
dead, now!
Suddenly, a gun can be heard firing in the computer lab.
Brian lets go of the blade. It stands up on its own in
Rick's forehead. Brian looks toward the computer lab.
Oh, what the hell was that?
Brian quickly makes his way toward the computer lab.
Brian storms in. All is quiet. He looks around suspiciously.
He then makes his way up and down every aisle in the room,
very slowly.
Tad? Ryan? Anyone in here? Come
on, guys. Who fired? Tell me. Or
I'll kill you. Both of you.
Brian turns a corner and stumbles. He looks down. He sees
Ryan's dead body laying on the floor. Shot to the chest.
Blood staining his shirt.
      (angrily and
God damn you, Tad. You're one dead
son of a bitch, now.
Everybody in the room has quiet. The affects of the gas are
aking their affect. Against one wall sits Jake, Hal, and
Louise, exhausted and sickly appearing.
      (out of breath)
What are we gonna do, now? Just
sit here and wait for this gas to
kill us?
I don't know. Man, leave me alone.
I don't feel like thinking.


      (on the verge of
I don't wanaa die, Jake. I wanna
get out of here. Let's get out of
here. Please.
      (in a haze)
We're not gonan die, baby.
Everything'll be okay. Just go to
sleep. When you wake up, we'll all
be fine.
      (tears rolling
       down her face)
No we won't be, baby. We're gonna
die. We don't have much time.
Baby, we're all gonna die. Doesn't
that upset you?
Oh, please just shut up. I'm to
tired for this crap.
Is anyone here comprehending
things, anymore? Or am I the only
one not dying yet?
Everything'll be just fine...
Jake coughs up a little blood.
Just fine...
Brian walks up and down the aisles of computers, looking
under desks, his gun ready, searching for Tad.
Come out, come out, where ever you
Suddenly, there's a loud thud in the next aisle as a
keyboard falls to the floor. Brian quickly runs around to
that aisle.


I got ya, now!
Brian looks down the aisle, perplexed, as there is nothing
there except a loan keyboard sitting in the middle of the
The Hell?
Suddenly, Brian's tackled from behind by Tad. Tad gets Brian
down and sticks his gun under Brian's chin.
You son of a bitch.
The two stare at each other, Brian angry, Tad stern.
Brian, you're going to get up,
now. And then the two of us are
going to go outside and turn
ourselves over to the police.
Fat chance.
I must have missed the part when I
gave you a choice, Brian.
Having me down doesn't put you in
control, Tad. Because things can
change in an instant.
Suddenly, Brian flips Tad off him, causing him to lose his
gun. Brian quickly jumps on him, getting him in a headlock.
He puts his gun to Tad's temple.
You don't seem to be grasping the
concepts of today to well, Tad. I
am in control. I have everything
planned. This is my day to shine.


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
My day to get the revenge I so
rightly deserve. Nobody will stop
me, Tad. Not, Cory, not Burt, not
Ryan. not Short, not the police,
not even you. This is my day. What
part of that don't you get.
You'll never get away with it.
Tad, I've gotten this far. What
makes you think I can't finish it
It's impossible, how would you get
away with it? Even if you kill
them. How would you escape? The
police probably have this place
Escape? Escape? Why would I need
escape? This is my life's work.
After this, I'll happily give
myself over to them and openly
admit what I did. Escape is
nothing. Making Melonie and Rick
pay is the point. Making them
suffer for everything they've done
to me over the years. Melonie and
Rick are the object, once I'm done
with them, my life will be
You sick bastard. I knew it. This
had nothing to do with sending a
message. You wanted to fulfill
your own personal agendas. You
just convinced Cory and Burt that
it was for a common cause. You
just brainwashed Ryan into
thinking this was his purpose. But
I saw through it all along.
I know you did, Tad. But I also
knew you wouldn't do anything to
disobey me. And inside, I knew you
also wanted some revenge for


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
yourself. You, unlike the others,
however, knew it was wrong. If I
hand't forced you into this, you
never would've done it, Tad. You
knew it was horrible, but what'd
you do about it, Tad? Nothing.
I guess that's where you're right,
Brian. I didn't do anything. I was
ignorant. The fear you installed
inside of me convinced me that I
had no power in this situation.
That I was doomed to it.
My plan to a pin.
      (angrily and
But, Brian, I'll be damned before
I let you kill them.
Really, Tad? Because, last time I
checked, I'm the one who had a gun
to your temple. A loaded gun. A
gun that with just the slightest
movement of my finger, will your
life, instantly. So how the hell
are you gonna stop me?
You're not gonna kill me, here,
How could you be so sure?
I've known you since the first
grade. When you do things, you do
them in the most efficient way.
You wouldn't kill me, now. First,
you'll torture me. Or you'll let
me witness others being tortured.
Brian, for betraying you, you'll
make me suffer. You'll make me


It appears you know me as well as
you claim to. I'm not gonna kill
you here, you're right. I'm going
to use you to help me. You will
pay. But there's still nothing you
can do about it.
We'll just have to see about that.
Detective Adams walks across the parking lot. Suddenly,
Officer McMullan runs up to him.
Adams, we think we figured out a
way to get in.
                       DET. ADAMS
Yeah, all we have to do is take
the hinges off.
                       DET. ADAMS
Can't happen.
Why the hell not?
                       DET. ADAMS
AS bad as the security in this
school is, they were still smart
enough to have the hinges on all
the doors on the inner-part, where
people can't pry 'em off from the
Oh, okay. Then how about we blow
the door off?
                       DET. ADAMS
Why? That door's not bombed, we
already know that.


                       DET. ADAMS
But we don't know if there are any
explosives in the surrounding
area. If we blow it off, that
explosion may be able to trigger
one from an explosive already
planted in the immediate area,
causing the entire school to
Thne what do we do?
                       DET. ADAMS
Stick to the plan. Just sit and
Brian drags Tad, ankles tied, gag in his mouth toward the
side of the room, a little ways away from Melonie an Rick.
The blade is still stuck in Rick's head as the blood
continues to flow, less now, but still flowing.
Rick, Melonie, my apologies, I had
to go deal with a little problem.
But now that he's out of the way,
we should have no more
Brian viciously rips the knife from Rick's forehead. He
pulls a napkin out of his pocket and cleans the blood off of
it. Then he sticks it in the wall, right above Tad's head.
Tad tries to get to his feet in an attempt to grab it. Brian
knees him in the ribs, causing him to fall back down.
Dumbass! You think I was gonna let
you get the knife? Hell no!
There's a reason I left your hands
untied Tad.
Brian shoots a sinister smile toward Melonie.
Tad, rip her skirt off.
Tad stares at him, disgusted and confused.
You heard me, rip it off! Now!


Tad moves a little bit towards Melonie on his knees. Then he
stops and stares at Brian, still confused.
Tad, I don't need to give you a
reason. Now rip it off her, or
I'll kill al three of you!
Tad gets over to Melonie and gets behind her. Rick starts
moving towards Tad on his knees a little bit, in a try of
defense, but Brian grabs him and throws him to the ground.
Tad grabs the hem of Melonie's skirt.
      (muffled by the
I'm sorry.
Tad starts pulling Melonie's skirt off, revealing a thong on
underneath. She has a small tattoo on her rear. Tad rips it
off completely and throws it to the ground, then he quickly
makes his way back toward where he previously was.
      (to Melonie)
Well, well, well, what do we have
Brian grabs her left cheek, where the tattoo is located. He
runs his finger over it gently.
It appears "Daddy's good little
girl" has been keeping a couple of
secrets from papa. What he doesn't
know can't hurt him, can it?
Rick screams at Brian from under the gag, but being tied up,
he can't get back to his knees to even try to go after
Brian. Melonie cries, the tears pouring down her face.
What is this thing, anyway? Some
sort of flower?
Brian laughs a little. Then he pinches part of her thong,
and lets it snap back against her body.
And what's this? A thong? Ooohhh,
daddy wouldn't be happy knowing
his baby girl was wearing floss as
an under garment. But you know,


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
Satan sure wouldn't mind getting
the chance to fuck you in hell!
Brian starts laughing hysterically as Melonie screams in
fear. Quietly, Tad tries to sneak to his feet.
You know, Melonie, I always used
to admire you. But now, well, now
I know you're nothing more then a
Brian picks up her skirt with his gun, looking at it
You know, I got a question. How
the hell short is this -
Suddenly, Brian's knife comes flying across the room,
hitting him in the side of the face, cutting him open. Tad,
who had secretly cut the tie around his ankles quickly runs
over, grabbing Brian's knife. He cuts the ties around Rick
and Melonie's ankles and wrists.
Quick, get out of here! Both of
you! Run to the gym and go out the
back door. Don't let it shut! Make
sure you get the cops in here.
Tell them first to go to the
cafeteria and cut the string tied
to the door! Then tell them to
come to the library! Go! Now!
While he spoke, Rick and Melonie ripped the gags off their
One second.
Rick goes over to Brian, who is on the ground bleeding,
holding his face. He stands over him, smiling.
Looks like your plan failed,
Suddenly, Brian grabs his gun, still lying next to him, and


he shoots Rick in the chest. He falls to the ground next to
Brian, dead. Melonie screams in fear as Brian quickly gets
to his feet.
      (screaming to
Get out! Now!
Melonie runs for the door. Brian pulls up his gun ready to
shoot her in the back, but before he can, Tad tackles him to
the floor, the gun going off, and shooting out a light in
the ceiling. Tad and Brian wrestle for the gun on the floor,
as Melonie exits safely, pulling her skirt back on as she
Officer McMullan quickly makes his way to the back door.
                       OFFICER CODY
What are we doing? We blowing it
No, we can't. Adams's orders.
                       OFFICER CODY
Then how are we getting in?
We sit and we wait. It's all we
can do.
                       OFFICER CODY
But that could take -
Suddenly the back door springs open as Melonie runs out
crying. Officer Cody quickly grabs the door from her,
looking at McMullan for orders.
      (to Melonie)
What's going on? How'd you get
      (between the sobs)
Go. Cafeteria. Cut the string.
Then library. Quick. Rick's dead.
Stop Brian.


Boys, go in. Make sure
everything's safe. But don't do
anything. Not until we get Adams.
Most of the other officers go in, guns ready. Mcmullan grabs
the door.
      (on walkie talkie)
Adams? We need you. Back door.
We're in.
Hal, Louise, and Jake still sit by the wall. Around them,
people begin coughing up blood, and laying on the floor,
hugging themselves in pain, moaning.
No response.
She leans over a seemingly sleeping Jake and taps Hal's
      (barely stirring)
Just making sure you're still
okay. Do you feel anything? Any
I fee like I'm gonna chuck up
everything I've eaten in the last
week, but other than that, I think
I'm good.
Okay, I was just checking.
Louise looks at Jake.


How 'bout you, Jake?
Jake doesn't move.
Jake? Baby?
Still nothing.
Baby, are you okay?
She taps him on the shoulder.
Suddenly, everybody starts moving and cheering as the cops
come in through the door, Officer Cody leading the way.
                       OFFICER CODY
Alright! Everybody folow my
orders! Do not touch anything! Go
down the hallway, single file! Go
into the gym, and exit through the
back door. Everybody stay
together. The worst is over. We'll
make sure everything goes well
from here on out.
Jake? Baby, we can go, now.
Hal, clumsily gets to his feet, totally oblivious of the
situation next to him. He stumbles clumsily towards the rest
of the crowd by the door and Officer Cody.
      (tearing up)
Jake? Baby?
She turns his face towards hers. His is pale, a little bit
of blood trickling from his mouth, dead. His eyes still
open. Louise grabs his hand in both of hers.
Oh, baby, no. We can go now. We
made it. Oh, baby, please. Let's


Louise holds his head in her hands, rubbing her fingers
against his cheeks, lovingly.
I love you, Jake. I always will.
Louise pulls his eyelids shut. She kisses him.
                       OFFICER CODY
Ma'am? You can go now.
Everybody else who was still capable of leaving had already
exited. She looked at Officer Cody, then at Jake. Then she
looked back at Officer Cody.
                       OFFICER CODY
I know, ma'am. Many good people
have died in this room. But he
won't go unnoticed. Don't worry,
everything'll be alright. But you
have to leave, now, before it
starts taking its toll on you.
Louise looks at Jake, again. Officer Cody holds out his hand
to help her up. She waves it off and climbs to her feet on
her own. She walks out of the room with Officer Cody,
silently, walking past dozens of dead and dying people on
the floor. As she reaches the doorway, Louise takes one
final look at Jake. She smiles in a sad, but loving way, as
she leaves.
Tad and Brian continue to battle on the floor. Brian uses
his knees to toss Tad into a bookcase, giving himself the
advantage. He quickly makes his way towards Tad, pointing
his gun at Tad's head.
You did it, Tad. Looks like you
succeeded. You got me. You let her
go free. Nice work. Satan made you
Satan did shit. I was sent by God.


No God could ever make someone as
clever as you. If you were made by
God, then my training from Satan
that I enstilled unto you really
did quite a good job fixing you.
What are you waiting for Brian? I
set her free. I screwed up your
plan. Aren't you gonna shoot me?
No. I'm gonna make you suffer.
Then I probably will shoot you.
Brian, I don't care. I really
don't. I'm going to hell, anyway.
You, Cory, Burt, Ryan, and me.
We're all going to hell. For what
we did today, we deserve nothing
better. But I stopped you Brian. I
saved a life, possibly more,
depending on what happened in the
cafeteria. I screwed up your plan.
Now, a throughout an eternity of
suffering, at least I'll have
But unlike the rest of you, Tad, I
will have an exclusive seat in
hell, right next to the dark lord
Bullshit, Brian. Utter bullshit.
You're worst then the rest of us.
You're gonna suffer more than any
of us. And I look forward to
witnessing it.
Oh, Tad, you ignorant fool.
Suddenly, the library doors fly open as a group of officers,
led by Officer McMullan storm in. Detective Adams quickly
rushes ahead of them, forcing them to hold their ground.


                       DET. ADAMS
Brian, drop the gun. Now.
Hello, Detective. So nice of you
to join us. You're just in time to
see Tad die.
                       DET. ADAMS
Drop the gun, Brian, and
everything'll be okay.
Nothing's okay, Detective. Tad,
here, messed up my plans. Melonie
is alive. My work is not done.
                       DET. ADAMS
Brian, drop the gun. You don't
know what you're doing. Just drop
it. Put the gun down. We'll shoot.
You best believe We'll shoot.
Go ahead. I don't care. It beats a
life in prison, knowing my work is
                       DET. ADAMS
Brian, please. We'll give you to
the count of three. If you haven't
dropped it by then, we'll be
forced to shoot.
Alright, Detective. But I should
warn you.
                       DET. ADAMS
People will know of my work.
Someone will hear me out.
                       DET. ADAMS


My work isn't done. Somebody will
take my place. Melonie Richards
will die.
                       DET. ADAMS
                                         SLOW MOTION:
Brian pulls the trigger, the bullet heading towards Tad.
Detective Adams ducks out of the way as all the officers
open up fire, shooting at Brian repeatedly. The bullet fired
by Brian hits Tad, his head blowing everywhere. The bullets
from the officers begin hitting Brian, shaking him as they
hit, blood shooting from his wounds. The officers finally
cease fire. Brian staggers for a moment, drops the gun, and
falls sideways, hitting the floor with a thud, dead.
                                         NORMAL SPEED
Detective Adams walks over to Brian's body, covered in
blood. He gets down on one knee, staring at his face. He
looks back at the group of officers.
                       DET. ADAMS
He's dead.
There are eager reporters, stressed cops, and destressed
adolescents all moving about the parking lot. A troubled
Detective Adams leans against a squad car, thinking. EILEEN
MAYWEATHER and her CAMERA MAN come up to him.
                       EILEEN MAYWEATHER
Detective Adams?
                       DET. ADAMS
      (snapping out of a
                       EILEEN MAYWEATHER
I'm Eileen Mayweather, represnting
Channel Six, and I was wondering
if we could get a word on what
happened today.


                       DET. ADAMS
Detective Adams looks directly at the camera.
                       DET. ADAMS
The events that occured today at
Milton High School were the worst
I've ever seen. Today, a deranged
young man, hell-bent on revenge,
took the lives of over thirty
students, making this the worst
high school massacre in the
history of our country. This young
man believed strongly in what he
was doing until the moment of his
death. Overall, this plan was
designed for revenge, mainly on
Rick Johnston and Melonie
Richards. Unfortunately, Mr.
Johnston was shot in the chest by
the perpetrator, Brian Marks,
before he could escape. However,
Ms. Richards was able to get out
safely due to the courageous
efforts of one Mr. Tad Marley.
According to the accounts of many
students involved in today's
events, Mr. Marley did nothing
wrong, nothing at all. He didn't
fire, he didn't kill, he just took
orders. Mr. Marley was a pawn
caught up in this cruel game.
Marley was Marks's last victim
today, for as we entered the
library, where the climax of these
events had took place, was being
held by Marks at gunpoint. In
exchange for letting Ms. Richards
go free, Marks blew off Mr.
Marley's head, the last thing he'd
ever do, as we were then forced to
shoot him down. Today's events
were horrible, showing what the
human mind is capable of
concurring. All of the other
perpetrators in this massacre were
killed, but not by us...Two of
them were gunned down by Marks,
and the other was shot by Marley
in self-defense. Today's events


                       DET. ADAMS (cont'd)
were caused by severe bullying,
and it once again shows us that
treating others badly can lead to
nothing other than bad things.
The interview with Detective Adams is being watched on the
television in a large room in the local hospital, where most
surviving students are located. In one section, there are
doctors giving medication to survivors of the cafeteria.
                       EILEEN MAYWEATHER
      (on tv)
We have gotten word that one
Officer Cody, who was in charge of
cleaning up the cafeteria incident
would like to pay homage to Jake
Bode, a young man whose courageous
efforts almost saved the students
trapped there. He was optimistic
until the very last moments of his
life. According to Officer Cody,
he was a very good man.
In that section of the hospital, Louise is seen, watching
the television, smiling at the site of seeing Jake
commemorated for. A voice on the television reads off names
on a list of casualties. As he gets to Randy, Hal is seen, a
look of pain on his face. The list reads on as other
students are seen. At the end of the list, the names of Rick
and Tad are said, as Melonie is seen, upstairs, being tended
to by pshychiatrists, crying at the thought of her beloved
and the man who had saved her life. Finally, the tv is
shown, Detective Adams speaking.
                       DET. ADAMS
      (on tv)
Before his death, Marks said that
his work was not complete. He said
that somebody would complete it.
Marks claimed that somebody out
there would hear of the incidents
today, and they would would know
all isn't well. He said somebody
would finish his work, ridding the
world of Melonie Richards. He
clamied somebody would know this
was all because of her, and that
they wouldn't stop until she was
gone. While Marks sounded like he
truly believed this, he.....


A tv is seen again, in a dark hospital room. Harley is seen
sitting in a hospital bed, still destressed from witnessing
the death of his best friend, Roy. He stares at the screen
intently as Detective Adams continues to speak.
      (whispering to
He's right. It is her fault. It's
all her fault. Roy's gone. All
because of her. She will die. I'll
make sure of it.


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