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Mind Games
by Shaun Rothman & Brendon Alleyne (shaunrothman@yahoo.ca)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Mind Twisting thriller.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



ANDRE RICHARDSON, 25, is a few feet away from CHRISTINE
ANDERSON, 23. He looks toward a crawl space in the distance
and looks back at Christine.
His attention once again focuses on the crawl space.

Christine walks around Andre, past the crawl space, and back
around to her original position.
As he approaches he stops and starts to back up a bit.
Before he turns around he thrusts himself toward the door
and yanks it open.
A strong light floods the entire room and he is sucked into
the crawl space.
Andre is driving quickly through the congested streets of
Toronto. RYAN O'LEARY, (mid twenties) is sitting in the
passenger seat.
How's everything going with you
and Christine?
Andre turns the steering wheel to the left.
Everything seems to be going well.
Tomorrow's our six month
You know what they say about the 6
month mark?
Andre checks his mirrors, seemingly ignoring the question.
                       RYAN (CONT'D)
It's your last chance to get out
of the relationship without
permanently damaging someones self
confidence, or having to deal with


                       RYAN (cont'd)
long stretches of guilt and
resentment. I kid you not.
They pull into Ryan's driveway.
      (staring at him)
So what are you trying to say?
Ryan opens the door and gets out of the car.
                       ANDRE (cont'd)
You think we're moving too fast?
Ryan bends over and looks at Andre for a moment before
closing the door and walking toward the house.
      (petting the dog)
He thinks we're moving to fast.
Andre backs out of the driveway and honks at Ryan as he
drives off.
Ryan watches him drive away.
Andre sitting in a quiet cafe with his lap top vigorously
writing his column.

JENNIFER, Late 20's, wearing a silk blouse and a business
casual skirt with high heels, is reading a novel with her
glasses tiled. She looks up and smiles at Andre.

Andre gives her a brief smile and starts typing again.
Andre glances at her again.

Jennifer doesn't look, however she smiles, as she can still
see him in her peripheral vision.

Andre smiles a little wider this time and starts typing

Jennifer walks over toward him, and glances at the lap top.
The Dwindling hope of the
heterosexaul male?


Jennifer and Andre are lying on a dirty hotel bed. They are
under thin covers and Jennifer is smoking a cigarette.
      (taking a drag)
So whats your deal?
Andre lights a cigarette and inhales.
My deal? I don't have a deal.
You don't like to talk much do
you? Let me guess what your deal
This should be good.
You're the kind of guy, who could
be doing anything he wants,
traveling the world, opening your
own business, but instead you
choose to live a life of
mediocrity. Blending in with the
crowd is just fine with you, isn't
Andre puts his pants on and starts to button his shirt.
Close enough.
You probably have a beautiful
girlfriend waiting for you at
home. I think Dinner's getting
      (adjusting his tie)
Whatever you say. All I know is
this was the best thing I could
have done for myself. Where did
you come from? Who are you? I
thought these things only happened


                       ANDRE (cont'd)
in movies.
Jennifer pulls him forward by his tie and sensually kisses
him, biting down on his lip.
She pulls out some paper and a pen from her purse, writes
down her number, and hands it to him.
Don't think of it as a movie.
Think of it as your own, private,
They kiss again for a moment.
      (wrapping herself
       in her covers)
Now get out of here. You look like
a busy man.
She gets up (wrapped in a blanket) and walks him toward the
door, guiding him with her hand.
Don't you want to know my name?
      (putting her
       finger to his
Let's not ruin this experience
quite yet.
      (closing the door)
Besides, I'll know you by your
Jennifer closes the door behind her. She leans against the
door, smiling profusely. She turns around and looks through
the peep hole.
Andre is standing in front of the door with a permanent
smile on his face. He starts to walk away and the door
Jennifer grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him toward her.
Kissing him on the lips and then pushing him away.


Now can you please get lost before
we have to pay for another 2
      (walking away.)
I'm leaving.
He continues to walk down the hall and the DOOR slams behind
him. He struts toward the elevator with a noticeable

The elevator doors open as he pumps his fist.

2 young men standing in the elevator, looking at him

He tenses up and nods at them. He walks into the elevator as
the moment is spoiled. The doors close as Andre grins.
SMASH CUT TO: the sound of STATIC T.V. Andre is lying on the
couch. A light comes on in the distance.

Christine is standing by the entrance to the kitchen. She
stares at him for a moment before walking away.

Andre gets up and walks toward the kitchen.
Christine walks past the dinner table where two full plates
of food sit untouched.

Andre comes into the kitchen and notices the food.
Honey I'm so sorry. I'll clean it
She gives him a cold stare and storms off.
      (opening the
       fridge door)
Are you mad at me?
      (sipping his
       water,staring at
       the dog)


                       ANDRE (cont'd)
She's mad at me.
The dog tilting its head.
Christine is getting comfortable in her bed.
Andre walks in, strips down to his boxers, and jumps in
beside her.
Come on. Say something.
I can't, for the life of me,
figure out why someone who has
inherited so much money, works so
many hours.
Christine reaches over and turns off the lights.
Andre and Christine are lying in bed, a cell phone RINGS.
Andre scrambles to find the light switch with his left hand
and his right hand is tucked under his pillow.
He reluctantly picks it up.
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
Hello Andre. I just wanted to make
sure that you enjoy your sleep,
because tomorrow is going to be a
long day.
Who is this?
There is no response. He looks at the screen and the call is
Christine's eyes open, as she stares straight ahead.
Andre reaches over and turns the light off.


Christine is sleeping in the bed, the sun shines through the
Andre stretches, takes off his covers, and puts a pair of
pants on.
He heads into the washroom and closes the door behind him.
Christine turns over and looks at his cell phone.
The TOILET flushes and Andre comes out of the bathroom. He
looks at Christine, laying in the bed with her eyes closed.
He sits down on the bed and grabs his cell phone. He looks
at the screen and it says:
He takes a large breathe and a wide smile comes over his
Andre tosses the phone on his side table and walks toward
the bedroom door. Just as he reaches for the door handle he
hears his phone VIBRATING against the wood.
He runs back over to the phone, grabs it, and quickly exits
the room.
Christine lifts her head and looks toward him as he closes
the door.
Andre is standing in the hallway looking at the phone number
on the screen: 555 8545. He hits the send button.
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
Hi Andre. Do you know who your
speaking with?
I have no idea. Can I help you
with something?


                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
You just fuck me and forget me. Is
that how it is? This is Jennifer.
You know, from the park.
Andre quietly opens his bedroom door and looks at Christine.
She looks like she's sleeping. He closes the door.
Jennifer. I don't want to come off
sounding like a jerk, but I need
to know how you got my number.
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
That's kind of straight to the
point, don't you think? I found
your number the same way I found
your name.
Andre drops the phone and leans back as if he is going to
faint. He picks it up and puts it back to his ear.
                       JENNIFER (cont'd)
You know Andre, for someone so
uptight, you’re really sloppy, you
know that?. Sleeping with a total
stranger when you have a beautiful
girl like Christine to go home to,
you have been a bad boy Andre.
Andre runs down the hall, opens the closet door, and starts
frantically looking through his jacket pockets.
                       JENNIFER (CONT'D)
I have some information that will
not only destroy you, but
Christine as well. You have until
midnight tonight to end things
with her, or I will expose
everything. I trust that you'll
believe how serious I am as the
day progresses. You will complete
this task no questions asked and
you will start NOW.
Andre walks down the hallway and grasps the door handle.
Is this some kind of sick joke?


                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
Andre, how long have you been
having the dreams? Going places
you shouldn't be going, avoiding
places you should have been.
His hand releases the handle and he slides his back along
the wall, sitting on the ground.
How could you possibly know that?
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
It does not matter how I know.
What matters is that I do know,
and that you know how serious I
am. But by the end of the day
you're going to realize why you
have been having these dreams.
She's deceived you, and you know
it. You're just scared to confront
her. Break it off with her today,
don't mention me or my
involvement, or the secrets will
come out, and they will destroy
you both. Make no mistake Andre,
this is no joke. I will be in
Andre's phone disconnects as he sits there with his hand in
his pocket. He opens the door to the bedroom, affectionately
staring at Christine.
Andre is making breakfast in the kitchen.
Christine walks in with a surprised look on her face.
Aren't you supposed to be at work?
      (flipping pancakes)
Well, I was thinking about what
you said yesterday. You know,
about how a person who has so much
money, spends so much of his day


      (sitting at the
Christine grabs a glass of orange juice off the table and
takes a sip.
      (fixing a plate)
So I phoned into work and quit my
Christine chokes a little bit on the juice.
                       ANDRE (CONT'D)
So being as its our 6 month
anniversary and all. I thought we
could spend the first day of our
many years of free time together,
sitting around the house, and
watching some videos.
Christine gets up and heads toward the front door.
That sounds great.
                       ANDRE (O.S.)
Where are you going?
She turns around and her face looks very nervous.
I'm just going to check the mail.
Andre places the plates onto the kitchen table, walks over
to her, and kisses her on the cheek.
      (walking past her.)
Sit down and eat your breakfast.
I'll go get the mail.
She grabs him by the arm and pulls him in tightly toward
What are you...
Christine passionately kisses him for a few seconds.


You just go sit down and let me
get the mail. I need some air
anyways. Besides I kind of want to
show my appreciation for you
taking the initiative to celebrate
our anniversary even though I've
told you countless times that I
don't celebrate monthly
I'm not stupid. Women always say
the opposite of what they mean.
You know it sweety.
Andre sits down and starts to eat his breakfast.
Christine heads out the door.
Christine opens the mail box and sifts through some junk

She pulls up a bank invoice with Andre's name on it.

The front door opens and she quickly stuffs the envelope
into her robe.
Anything special?
Just junk mail.
They walk inside the house and close the door.
Christine is in the bedroom with her lap top computer and
printer. She quickly prints out a bank statement.She opens
the envelope, takes the statement out and checks if they
match. She then rips it up, pulls out a similar envelope,
folds the printed paper, and stuffs it into the other


Christine walks over to the window and drops the envelope
She walks into the kitchen and we see Andre eating his
It's about time you came down
here. What were you doing up
Girl things.
I guess this means no anniversary
Andre continues eating. He looks at Christine.

She is just staring at him.
What do you want? You only look at
me like that when you want
I didn't notice if the newspaper
was outside. And you know I love
to read the newspaper when I eat
my breakfast.
Andre jumps out of his seat and heads toward the front door.
Andre walks outside the front door. He picks the newspaper
up off the ground. Just as he's rising he notices an
envelope lying on the ground in front of the stairs.
He picks it up.
He walks back into the kitchen, reading his bank statement.


      (sitting down)
That's strange.
Christine almost knocks over her cup.
What's strange?
He puts the invoice on the table in front of her.
      (pointing at the
There's an extra zero there.
      (pulling it closer)
Let me see.
      (shaking her head.)
It's probably just a typo. I'll
check on it tommorow.
Andre stands up and walks over to the phone.
What are you doing?
I'm phoning the bank. I just want
to get this resolved and out of
the way.
Christine gets up and walks toward him.
A cell phone starts to RING.

Andre hangs up the house phone and grabs his cell phone from
his pocket.

He looks shaken, as it's Jennifer's number displayed.
      (walking away)
Sorry honey, I have to take this
Andre leaves the kitchen.

Christine, breathing heavily. She puts her hands over her


Andre walks into the den and takes his phone out of his
pocket ,his left hand is in his other pocket.
      (answering the
What do you want?
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
I don't hear crying. Why haven't
you ended it with her?
Andre sits down in front of his computer and starts playing
with the mouse.
This is the most ridiculous thing
I've ever heard. You probably just
sneaked a peak at my cell phone
when I was in the washroom at the
hotel. You saw my name and number,
as well as Christine's. That's how
you know.
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
Let me ask you something Andre.
Was your home phone number or last
name in your cell phone.
Andre is tapping his fingers on the desk repetitively.
Well then Mr. Richardson. How do
you explain this?
The house phone RINGS. He jumps out of his chair and quickly
grabs the cordless. All he hears is DIAL tone and Christine
on the other end.
                       CHRISTINE (O.S.)
Andre slams the phone down.


      (talking to
What the hell do you want with us?
Lets get one thing straight Andre.
I don't play games and soon you'll
see that you have to trust me. I
can't tell you everything or you
may start making some bad
decision's. I have one thing to
say to you and I hope you make the
right call. Break up with her now
and you'll find out why there is
an extra zero on that bank
statement. End this now, or she
will suffer. You can make this all
go away.
Jennifer hangs the phone up as we hear DIAL tone.
Christine walks into the room and startles him.
Did you get the phone earlier,
cause all I heard was dial tone?
It was probably a wrong number.
      (closing and then
       opening the door)
Are you ok?
No, yes, I'm good.
Alright. I'm just going to run out
to the store. Do you need
Andre shakes his head no.
Alright then.
Christine closes the door.



Andre walks into his bedroom. He goes over to the drawers
and starts looking through them. He tosses clothes all over
the ground.

He walks over to the closet and tears it apart. He pulls
down a shoe box and it falls on the ground spilling its

He picks up a journal and starts to flip through it. He
throws it at the wall.
      (out of breathe)
What could you have done?
Andre walks over to the bed and collapses on top of it.
Andre is sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette
and sipping from his coffee mug. He hears the front door
Christine walks into the kitchen and puts some bags down on
the counter.
Where did you go?
Christine opens the fridge and pulls out a jug of grape
      (pouring the juice)
I went shopping, what does it look
She's pouring a glass of grape juice.
What the fuck are you doing to me?
Christine is startled and drops her glass, it SHATTERS as it
hits the floor.

Andre rises quickly from his chair and gets right in her


What the fuck is wrong with you?
You can't hold a glass. Huh.
What is wrong with you?
Andre grabs a picture of them off the counter and whips it
at the wall.
      (grabbing her arm)
Just tell me what the hell is
going on because I don't
She pulls her arm away.
Andre You're scaring me.
Andre takes a last drag of his cigarette and puts it in
front of her face.
I thought you quit smoking?
Is that what this is about?
Wait a minute you went through my
Christine storms past him.
Andre takes another cigarette from the pack and sparks it.
                       CHRISTINE (O.S.)
      (screaming from a
Why in the hell would you do this?
Christine walks back into the kitchen and shoves him against
the wall.
You fucking tore my room apart to
find some cigarettes. Let me ask
you something you crazy son of a
bitch. Did I even smoke this


Andre takes a close look at the cigarette and it reads:
I found that pack of cigarette's
in your jacket last night. You
have any idea how those may have
got in there. Cause if my memory
serves me correct the only time
you smoke is when you're angry or
after you've had sex. So which one
is it?
He stares at her for a moment and then drops the cigarette
on the ground.
Look me in the eye and tell me you
weren't with another woman last
He looks at her and then looks back down at the ground.
      (walking away)
You son of a bitch. I can't
believe you would do this to me.
She heads to the door and opens it.

Andre grabs her and tries to wrap his arms around her.
Just let me explain.
The phone RINGS.
Maybe that's her again. You better
answer that cause she'll probably
hang up again if I do.
She pushes him off and heads out the door, slamming it
behind her.
Andre runs over toward the phone and answers it.
What the hell do you want?
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
Don't you even think about chasing


He starts to freak out, looking out all of the windows and
searching the main floor of the house.
Are you watching me?
                       JENNIFER (O.S.)
Don't bother looking for me cause
you won't find me here. Meet me at
the coffee shop at bayview and mac
in ten mintutes.
Andre slamming the phone against the wall. He stops and
looks over at the broken picture of himself and Christine.
Jen is sitting at a table smoking a cigarette. She is
wearing a short revealing black dress, with high heels, and
her hair hanging over her shoulders.
Andre walks into the coffee shop wearing navy blue jeans and
a sports coat, as well as a baseball cap on his head. He
scans the place and spots Jen sitting in the corner.
Jen takes a large drag of her cigarette as Andre sits down
in front of her.
Andre notices she is smoking DuMaurier.
Did you plant those cigarettes in
my jacket?
You're just paranoid Andre.
      (taking a
Let me ask you this? Why should I
believe anything you have to say?
Andre puts the cigarette in his mouth and sparks it.
You already do.
Andre looks confused.


                       JENNIFER (CONT'D)
      (outing her
You're here. You've listened to
everything I've said thus far. I
can see the anticipation in your
eyes. It's itching you so bad
isn't it? But at the same time
you're so scared to find out what
she's been doing that you'll
probably just let it go won't you?
Jen slips her shoe off and rubs her foot against his leg.
      (puting her foot
       in his crotch)
It feels good to do things that
are wrong doesn't it?
His eyes close and his head starts to fall back. He opens
his eyes and sits straight up.

He grabs her foot and pushes it back toward her.
I don't know why your doing this.
And you're right, part of me is
scared to find out. But I need to
know why I lost her. I need to
know why you're doing this to me
and how you know everything about
And you will as soon as you end
things with Christine.
You don't understand. She already
walked out on me. I don't think
she's coming back.
Andre looks beyond her.
Ryan is walking in through the front doors.
Andre grabs Jennifer by the hand and pulls her.

They run through the back doors.

Ryan tries to wave and get his attention.


Andre and Jennifer frantically run toward the car. He opens
the door and pushes her inside.

He quickly runs around and jumps into the front seat.

The car backs off and peels out.

Ryan comes walking outside and sees the car speeding away.
Jennifer and Andre are driving down a busy street.
Are you trying to piss me off?
What the hell was that back there?
You said you didn't want anyone to
know about you right? Well that
was my best friend that was
walking into the coffee shop. What
the hell was I supposed to do.
Jennifer pulls out a cigarette.

She lights it and takes a long drag.
Either way he saw us. You just
made it harder on yourself. Now
not only do you have to explain
who I am, but you have to make him
understand why you were running
through a coffee shop trying to
avoid him.
Why don't you just shut-up? I
don't even know why the hell I'm
putting up with this shit.
Andre pulls the car up to the entrance of the hotel.
      (opening the car
You don't have to put up with
this. You choose too. Deal with


Jennifer gets out of the car and slams the door.
Andre grasps his steering wheel firmly and then starts
beating it with his right hand.

He rests his head on the steering wheel for a moment.

He puts the car in drive and peels out.
A DOOR opens in the pitch black.

Andre turns the light switch on.
The lights come on.

Andre takes a look around the room.

The drawers are all over the ground and are empty.

He walks over to the bed and picks up a piece of paper.

IT READS: I'm sorry.

He sits down on the bed and takes another look around.
A cell phone RINGS.

He reaches into his left hand pocket and pulls his phone
                       RYAN (O.S.)
Andre. What the hell is going on?
Why'd you take off on me like
I just didn't want you to see me
with that woman. I didn't have
time to explain.
                       RYAN (O.S.)
What woman?


You didn't see her? You looked
right at us. I could have swore
you saw me and waved at me.
                       RYAN (O.S.)
I did see you. You were alone.
Stop screwing with me. I'm
freaking out today and I don't
need this shit.
                       RYAN (O.S.)
I can see that because you were
alone when I saw you running out
the doors. And you jumped into
your car alone. And you drove
away, alone. What the hell is
wrong with you. I just wanted to
know if you had my cell phone? I
just got the damn thing man I
can't lose another one.
Andre leans forward and a cell phone falls from his right
jacket pocket.
He picks the phone up and looks at it.

What's your new number?
                       RYAN (O.S.)
Hang on.
Andre pulls the phone away from his ear and checks the
received calls.

The last ten read: 555-1965
Andre has a series of flashbacks:

1) Ryan getting out of the car and dropping his cell phone.
2) Shot of Andre picking it up.
3) Andre's hand pressing send on the phone under his pillow.
4) Andre looking at the call time at 12:30 pm
5) Shot of clock turning 12:30 and then pulling back to
reveal him calling himself with his hand in his pocket.


This is impossible. I couldn't
have been calling myself.
What the hell is going on Andre?
Andre pulls a key from his jacket pocket and it reads:
I have to go. I'll call you back.
Andre hangs up the phone and runs toward the door. A door is
heard slamming in the distance.
Andre pulls into a hotel parking lot.

He parks in front of the entrance.

The car door opens and Andre steps out.
Andre storms into the front entrance of the hotel and walks
straight up to ROGER MARTINEZ (hotel employee).
Did you see me here last night?
Yes sir. You forget to give us the
key back for room 309.
Andre pulls the key out of his pocket and looks at it. It
Who was I with?
May I ask what this is all about?
Andre slams his hand on the counter leaving the key there.
Just answer the god damn question.


      (reaching for the
Sir you were alone. Now I'm going
to take the key back and I'm going
to have ask you to leave.
Andre smacks his hand away from the key and grabs it.
He storms off toward the stairs.
Roger hitting the silent alarm.
Andre runs up three flights of stairs and bursts through the
Andre scurries down the hall analyzing each door.
He comes to a stop and opens room 309.
Andre opens the door. He turns the light on and starts
searching on top of the bed and in all the drawers.

He picks up a porno magazine from the drawers and under it
there is a watch lying there.

He picks the watch up and puts it on his wrist.

He walks over to the bathroom and turns the light on.
This is impossible. Why would I
come here alone?
He flicks the light off.
The elevator door's open and Andre walks out.

Two police officers are standing in front of the courtesy
desk with Roger.


                       OFFICER MADDISON
Andre Richardson.
Andre storms up to Roger and grabs him by the collar.
You must have saw me with her.
OFFICER VERON grabs Andre and is quickly pushed off.
A club hits the back of Andre's head.
Andre drops to the ground.
Andre wakes up in a cell. He sits up and curls in the corner
of the bench.

Officer Veron puts a key in the cell door and opens it.
                       OFFICER VERON
Richardson, Let's go! You've made
Andre quickly gets up and hustles out of the tiny cell.
They walk through the hall way.

A female officer hands him his belongings in a paper bag.
Ryan walks over and puts his arm on his shoulder.
This day just keeps getting
You don't know how lucky you are.
Lucky? Are you out of your mind.
This is the worst day of my life.
I just want to go home.
Ryan stops him in front of the door.
Well,there's a problem with that.
Your house burned down. I went
over there and the place was in
flames. I called the police and


                       RYAN (cont'd)
gave them your name and that's how
I found out where you were. What
have you gotten yourself into?
They found Christine's car in
front of the house but she wasn't
Would you believe that I created
an imaginary woman in my head that
was really just my subconscious
trying to warn me about something.
      (opening the door)
Probably not. You do realize that
your ass was on fire right?
For today only. That news doesn't
shock me.
They both walk outside.
Andre and Ryan sit quietly in the car as they drive down the

Andre lights up a cigarette.
I thought you quit.
So did I.
Are you gonna tell me what this is
all about?
When I figure out what the hell is
going on you'll be the first to
know I promise you that.
Andre pulls out his wallet and there is one hundred dollars


You can just take me to a hotel. I
need to get some sleep.
What kind of friend would I be if
I let you sleep at a hotel. You're
coming home with me. Besides we
can't have you attack anymore desk
clerk's tonight. I can't afford
Speaking of money. How much do I
owe you?
Don't worry about it tonight.
We'll square that up tomorrow.
Andre takes a drag from his cigarette and tosses it out the
No, stop at that bank machine.
We're going to figure this out
You sure?
Ryan takes a sharp right into the plaza.

The car pulls up in front of the machine.
Andre gets out of the car and walks toward it.

Andre enters the bank. He puts his card in the machine,
looking around cautiously as he key's in his information.

The machine starts beeping.

It reads: Insufficient funds.


He chooses a print out of his balance, nervously tapping his
finger against the counter as he waits.

The balance reads: 27 CENTS
The car door opens and Andre jumps in.
What's wrong?
She cleaned me out. I was trying
to warn myself. The dreams, me
imagining another woman. I was
threatening myself. I can't
believe this.
You really have to tell me what
the hell is going on.
Alright. Just drive.
Ryan backs the car up and than pulls forward heading toward
the plaza exit.
About 20 minutes have passed.

Andre and Ryan are still driving.
So that's it. I have nothing. No
girlfriend, no money, no home.
Were gonna figure this thing out
together. Let's go get some rest
and we'll call the police in the
Ya I guess we could do that. I
mean this night can't get any


The car bounces off the ground and the tire POPS.

Ryan pulls the wheel hard to the right and they skid off the
road into a ditch.
They are both quietly sitting in the car in shock.
I can't believe this.
Ryan hops out of the car.

Andre quickly follows and slams the door behind him.
Andre walks to the drivers side and kicks the busted tire.
You have a spare?
Ryan just shakes his head.
Should we start walking?
Let's just wait a few minutes and
see if someone drives by. I'm
really not up to walking that
Andre jumps up onto the roof of the car.

Ryan jumps up beside them and just sit down.
So this imaginary girl, where did
she come from.
I'm pretty sure I see her around a
lot and she somehow took the face
of my subconscious.
I don't know how your dealing with
all this. It's making me crazy
just hearing it come out of your


You have no idea.
Car lights in the distance.

Andre taps Ryan on the shoulder.
Get up. We got a ride.
They both jump off the car and run onto the road waving
their arms up in the air.
The car slows down and pulls beside them.
Let me get my bag out of your car.
Andre runs out of frame.
The window in the car rolls down.
                       WOMAN (O.S.)
You guys need a ride?
We'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
Ryan jumps into the back seat and moves over behind the
drivers seat.

Andre jumps in beside him, bag in hand.
The woman turns her head and we see that it's Jennifer.
Where are we heading?
Andre looks at her and his face turns pale white.
Are you alright?
Were headed over to Crosby. It's
just 10 minutes up the road. I
have to apologize for my friend
here he's having a rough day.


      (looking at Andre)
Just one of those days huh?
Ya I guess so.
She turns her head back toward the road.
Andre taps Ryan on the leg.
That's her.
      (whispering and
That's your subconscious?
      (facing the road.)
What are you guys talking about?
Andre is shaking his head no.

Ryan nods his head yes.
Well it seems that my friend here
has had a few dreams recently that
involved a woman that looks
exactly like you. I guess he's
seen you around and you kind of
stuck with him.
      (facing the road)
I thought you looked familiar.
So I guess I'm the girl of your
dreams then huh?
Ya. You definitely are the girl of
my dreams.
You guys don't mind if I make a
quick stop do you?


No it's fine go ahead.
Andre grabs his paper bag and pulls two cell phones out.
      (to Ryan)
Oh I forgot I have to give you
your phone back, shit I don't even
know which one is which, why the
hell did you get the same one as
He turns one phone on.

Ryan nervously watches him.

Jennifer looking in the rear view mirror.
He turns the phone on and it reads: YOUR # IS 416 555 8989.

The car pulls into a parking lot.

      (to Ryan)
I thought you said your number was
555 1965.
Ryan turns his head the other way.

Andre looking at Jennifer.

Andre looking out the window at the Knights Inn sign.

A man jumps into the front seat of the car.

He looks back at Andre.

Andre stares at him for a moment realizing its Roger
What the hell is going on?
Andre opens the car door and steps outside.


Andre leans on the trunk and it suddenly pops up.

He steps back.

Jennifer, Roger, and Ryan step out of the car and stand in
front of him.
      (putting on a pair
       of gloves)
What? Did you think I was a
figment of your imagination?
      (to Ryan)
You were all in on this? Your my
best friend.
Andre looks at Ryan. Ryan avoiding eye contact.
I just did it for the money plain
and simple.
But how how did you get my money?
Christine's the only one who.
      (Andre's eyes
       widen in
Shit, Christine.
The following are flashbacks.

Christine slipping the phone under his pillow.

Christine slipping the phone into his pants pocket.

Ryan and Jennifer making eye contact and smiling at each
other as they pull away from the coffee shop.

Jen using his credit card to pay for the hotel.

Christine slipping the phone into his jacket.
Where is Christine?


      (pulling a gun
       from her waist)
She went back to the house to warn
you. I knew that bitch had
feelings for you so I followed
Jennifer lifts the trunk.

Christine's lifeless body in the trunk.

Andre steps back and falls on the ground.

Jennifer points the gun at Ryan and FIRES it 3 times.

Ryan hits the pavement hard.
Andre crawls towards Ryan.
      (to Jennifer)
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you fucking insane you stupid
Roger starts to laugh as he puts his arm around Jennifer.
What the fuck are you laughing at?
She'll probably shoot you next.
I seriously doubt that.
Oh really and why is that?
Roger leans over and kisses Jennifer.
He's my boyfriend stupid. And I
wouldn't shoot my own boyfriend.
Jennifer points the gun at Roger and FIRES 3 times hitting
him in the chest.

Roger hits the ground hard.

She throws the gun toward Andre.

Andre catches it and points it at her.


She pulls another gun from her waist and points it at him.

Andre pulls the trigger and it doesn't fire.
                       JENNIFER (CONT'D)
But you would.
What? Do you think this is a
movie? Like there's going to be
more than six bullets it that gun.
If it were a movie, someone would
save you right about now. But
unfortunately for you this isn't a
movie, It's all an illusion.
Jennifer shoots Andre in the head.

Andre falls to the ground.

Jennifer places the gun in Roger's hand.

Jennifer grabs a bag from the trunk and walks down the empty
Andre slowly dying.


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