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by adam mckee (horrorfan4life06@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

a young man is transformed from a normal guy to a murderer

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



angle on - Vince
A young boy on his cell phone calling 911 as he has no
expression on his face. He is watching his house as it is
burning to the ground.
(Talking to himself) Shit i can't
call the cops. They won't think
i'm telling the truth.
Vince hangs up the phone because he is scared. He opens the
phone back up and dails 911 again. His hands are shaking and
you can see his breath because it is cold outside.
Burn you bastards burn. You
deserved it for what you did.
He yells as he throws his cell phone and turns and starts
running. Time forwards to 20 years later.
Fade in
angle on - Vince
A woman parks her dodge neon in front of some gas pumps
and leaves her car unattened with the keys in it. A man with
a long beard and dirty cloths quickly and quitly gets into
the drivers seat and drives away with out being seen.he
woman how apppears to be in her mid twenties notices her car
is gone and she screams as she runs back inside to tell one
of the workers to call the police. The man in the car
appears to be Vince who is all grown up and has returned to
his home town of Mint Hill N.C. . He drives down lawyers
road he is looking for someone or something. He see's where
he wants to turn onto Beck ST. as he turns he pulls out a
9mm handgun and and comes to a stop at a stop sign. Vince


cocks the gun and has it ready for something. He goes by
four house's and turns left into a driveway. He sit's there
loking at the one story light blue home. He get's out of the
car and outs the gun in his belt in the back of his pant's
as he walks p to the front door. He rings the door bell and
waits. A man with long blonde hair open's the door and see's
Vince. The Man's eyes get real big as Vince walks into the
house uninvitted.
What the fuck do you want?
What i don't get a hug from my
little brother? It has been a long
long time bro.
Go to hell, danmit Why are you
Calm down and i'll tell you. By
the way you have a really nice
home here. Mom and dads where
better though.
You motherfucker it's been twenty
years. Good years without you in
my life. Do you have any idea what
you put me threw?
Vince takes a seat on a couch and points to the chair in
front of him for Alex to sit and talk to him.
We need to talk so have a seat.
Alex goes into the kitchen and grabs a beer. He walks into
the living room and takes a seat he starts drinking the
beer. Vince stares at him and smiles.
Why are you smiling asshole?
Because of how grown up you are
damn last time i saw you. You
where so little.
I've missed you little brother.
I've always wanted to come see you
after what i did but i knew you


                       A.S. (cont'd)
woulden't be ready for me. Now you
are and i'm here.
What do you mean now i'm ready?
To know the truth about that night
twenty years ago. About our
parents. Look Conner in here and i
want your help.
(laughing) My name is Alex now
Vince. How the fuck did you find
me here anyway i changed
everything from my name to my
I know but you still live here so
it doesn't matter what you've
changed a brother always knows
What do you mean you always know
From the day i left i had people
in place to watch over you. I
killed mom and dad to save you
from what i had to go threw.
People in place like who?
Like your girlfriend Amber and her
brother R.J. .
(suprising look on his face) Your
lieing you peice of shit your
(staring at Alex) No i'm not
lieing i protected you this whole
time. Your my little brother and i
did what i had to do.
(crying) Why did you kill mom and
Because dad was a sick twisted
asshole and he liked to fuck
little boy's. I didn't want you to
go threw what i went threw.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Why mom, Why mom ?
Mom was a dumb bitch and she knew
about dad and didn't help me. I
hope they burn in hell for what
they did.
So why didn't you come see me
before now? I needed you to be
there. Do you know what everyone
said about you. You could of
stayed and told the police what
they did.
Vince gets up and starts walking around. He looks out a
window and then hits the wall with his left hand. He looks
at his hand with has four bloody knockles. He smiles and
licks the blood off his hand as Alex is watching him. Vince
turns to face Alex and smiles.
(looking at Vince in disary) What
the hell is wrong with you?
Look i know there's alot of
questions you want answered and i
will answer them i promise but you
have to come with me.
Go where with you?
To see Amber and R.J. plus to see
what i've been doing for the last
twenty years.
(Backing away from Vince) I don't
want to see Amber or R.J. or even
know what you've been doing for
such a long time.
Vince doesn't like Alex's answer so he decides to pull his
gun out and point it at Alex. He walks up to Alex and puts
the gun in his face.Alex eye's open wide as he drops his
beer and starts to back away.
(yelling) I don't want to kill you
Alex so lets go now!
Fuck you !


Vince points the gun toward the kicthen and fire's it. Alex
ducks down and is looking at Vince like he is crazy. Alex
stands up and use's both hands and pushes Vince. Vince moves
back alittle and grabs Alex by his long hair and force's him
to the ground putting his face in the spilt beer rubbing it
in it. Like you would do a dog if it peed on the floor.
(smiles) Okay. Anyway, now i'm
not fighting you so come .
Vince lets go of Alex to let him up. Alex wipes his face
with his right hand then pull's his hair back into a pony
tail. Vince is walking toward the door. He stops and looks
at Alex.
(yells) Come on !
I'm coming you bully.
They walk outside but Vince stops and pauses for a long
moment. He looks at Alex then at the neon he stole.
Alex you where's your car at
because we need to take it and put
the neon somewhere
My car is around back. Pull the
your car around and park it.
That is not my car. I stole it but
What the hell Vince?
Well i needed a car so i took one.
That dumb woman left it running
and wasn't waching it.
Vince gets into the neon and pulls it around back as Alex is
pulling his light blue Ford Focus around. Vince parks the
car and gets into the Focus and the back out of the
driveway and head down the street.
Ok go to the Burger King. We are
meeting Amber and R.J. there.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
(rolling his eyes) I don't want to
see them Vince.
I don't care we have alot to do
Vince and Alex pull into the Burger King parking lot and
pull around back. They park next to a silver Suzuki
forenza with has it's driver's side front end bashed in as
if they where in a auto accident. Amber and R.J. are sitting
waiting for them. Everyone gets out of there cars and walk
to the front of the Focus.
angle on - Amber
Your late Vince. What took so long
to get Alex here.
He didn't want to come. He is mad
because His whole life was planned
out for him.
(smiling) I guess i would be mad
to . Maybe not , shit he got all
the ass he wanted and i treated
him like a king so o'well.
(talking to himself) Fucking
lieing bitch, i want to go home.
Did you say something Alex?
Amber walks toward Alex smiling as Alex backs away to avoid
her. He doesn't want her to touch him. He is very angry
right now. Vince and R.J. are laughing as they walk Alex
walk away from Amber.
What the hell are you two laughing
at huh? I don't see anything funny
here. Now why am i here?
Calm down Alex we need you , so
just calm down.


                       A.S. (cont'd)
(leaning over the hood of the
Focus) Shut up . Shut up, Why am i
here just tell me.
We can't tell you yet it's a
(Hitting hood with left hand) I'm
tired of the run around. Just tell
me and i will sit in the car and
won't bother you .
R.J. said we can't tell you so
stop asking. Go sit in the car and
wait for us Alex.
(rolling his eyes and yells)
After the argueing Alex finally quits asking queations and
gets into the backseat of the Focus he slams the door and
justs sits there. Vince goes to the trunk of the Forenza and
opens it. He is staring at the contents in the trunk. He
reaches in and pulls out a double barral shotgun and a AK47.
He smiles and walks back to the Focus and opens the trunk
and puts the weapons in it. He closes the trunk and gets in
the drivers seat and waits. Amber gets a couple of handguns
and walks to the Focus and gets in the backseat with Alex.
Alex moves over as much as he can. R.J. gets into the
forenza and backs out and drives away.
Where is he going Vince?
Don't worry about it. You ask way
to many questions asshole.
(Staring at Vince) Go to hell
(laughing) You have so much anger
Alex. Why are you mad for?
I wonder you stupid whore maybe it
has something to do with my whole
life is a lie.
Not everything was a lie. But you
can beleive what you want.
Whats that mean ?


                       A.S. (cont'd)
(Crying) I do love you Alex and i
never wanted to hurt you. You'll
see Alex and you will understand
what is going on here.
Well i never said you didn't love
me and why the hell are you crying
for? Stop the act because im not
buying it.
(Turns away) Asshole!
(yells in her ear) whore! Dirty
whore! You lieing cunt!
(Butts in on the yelling) Ok thats
enough you two. I don't want to
hear anything else from either of
you so shut up. R.J. should be
back in a few minutes.
Alex is looking at the two guns Amber has with her. He sees
that she isn't watching them and that Vince is looking for
R.J. . He slowly and quietly grabs one of the 9mm handguns
and brings it up and points it at Amber. Amber's eyes get
real big as she reaches for the other gun.
Don't even think about it bitch.
What the hell are you doing Alex?
I didn't do anything to you.
(Yelling) Shut up!
(crying) Please stop Alex.
(Click) Put the gun down asshole
or i will blow your brains out.
Vince pulls his gun and puts it in Alex's face and cocks it.
Alex looks at Vince and cocks his gun. Amber is still
Put the gun down Alex i don't want
to kill you but i will.
First tell me what the hell is
going on here?


                       O.C. (cont'd)
No i said you will find out when i
tell you Alex. Your not ready yet.
Ready for what? Fucking tell me
Vince or i will kill this bitch.
Pull the trigger. Do it ,(
yelling) Fucking do it shoot her.
Vince grabs the gun from Alex and punches him in the side of
his head. Alex grabs his head and slumps over alittle as
Vince turns around and looks for R.J. some more. Amber stops
crying as justs sits there not talking at all. Everyone is
quiet now.
Alex if you would have pulled the
trigger then i would have told you
what we have planned.
Go to hell Vince.
(odd look on her face) What the
hell do you mean you would of told
him if he shot me. You asshole you
better not be using me.
I don't want to here your mouth
Amber. I will do what i want with
You don't own me Vince.
Yea i do and you will do what i
tell you to do because i know so
much shit about you and the stuff
you have done. So sit back and
shut up.
(under her breath) Asshole
Dumb bitch and do you have
something to say Alex.
Yea it looks like your group here
is falling apart.
No it's not so hush. Where is your
brother Amber?


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Don't know? Your the boss, You
tell me.
Smartass bitch i want to kill you.
Vince closes his eyes and hits his head against the head
rest because he is so mad. He knows there is alot of
fighting within the group. Alex is sitting there just
watching Vince as he is flipping out in the front seat.
Where the fuck is he? I told him
to be back in twenty minutes. He
better not of ran like a little
bitch. Amber you better hope R.J.
comes back or it's your ass.
Fucking lets go then. I'm tired of
your mouth Vince.
Vince reaches for his cell phone and dials R.J.'s number. He
lets it ring over and over until the voicemail picks up. He
doesn't leave a message and hangs up.
(screams) Mother fucker!
Poor baby are you going to cry.
(yells) Bitch i said shut the fuck
Vince starts he car and pulls off. He pulls out of the
Burger King parking lot and heads left down Lawyers road.
Vince is speeding and driving out of control. He is
upsetting Amber and Alex is scared to and neither he or
Amber know where they are going.
Where are we going Vince?
Shut up!
(Yells) I
asked you where we are going?


Vince doesn't answer Amber and Alex is getting mad as he
sees Vince getting pissed off. They are still driving fast
and out of control and Vince is lucky they haven't pulled
over by the police.
Answer Amber Vince because i want
to know where we are going?
Don't worry about it Alex. You
will see when we get there. Amber
knows whats going to happen. Don't
you Amber?
Amber whats going to happen and
where are we going? Tell me
I don't know whats going on and
where we are going. I really don't
know i'm sorry honey.
Don't call me honey and you do
know . Your just playing me. Going
along with what Vince says and
acting like you didn't do
anything wrong.
I really don't know Alex i'm sorry
and you don't have to beleive me
but i am telling you the truth.
She is lieing Alex don't beleave
her. Well you'll see soon. I have
a big suprise for you.
Angle on - Vince
Vince pulls off the side of the road onto a dirt road and
speeds down the road. Dirt and dust are flying behind the
car as it speeds down the road about two miles into the
woods. Vince stops the car and gets out grabs the two
handguns that Amber had gotten and runs into what looks like
a old run down house. It's about seventy years old and is
falling apart and ther is high grass and a ton of weeds
around it and over growing the house. The front deck looks
like it is going to collapse if someone walks on it. But
Vince runs around back were Amber and Alex cannot see him.


Alex starts to get into the front seat but pauses when he
hears a couple of loud shots being fired. BANG, BANG Alex's
eyes get big as he sits back down real quick. Vince come
from around the house and gets into the car. He has Blood on
both his hands and only one gun in his pants pocket. Alex is
looking at Vince.
Vince what the hell did you just
Vince does not answer him as he wipes his hands off on a old
shirt that was sitting in the passengers seat. He turns on
the radio to Power 98 and a song by the Game comes on and
he turns it up loud to drown out what Alex is asking.
(Yelling) Turn the radio off and
answer me Vince. What did you do?
He won't answer you he is in his
zone now.
What is his zone?
It is where he goes when he does
something evil. You know he
escapes into darkness in his mind.
To forget what he had done it
makes him feel like he did the
right thing.
(yelling) What the fuck do you
mean falling into darkness? What
evil hing did he do?
Alex gets out of the car and runs as he trips and falls. He
gets up and begins to run again. Until he suddenly sees two
bodies lieing on there backs. Blood is everywhere, it's a
younger man and woman they are gutted and there insides are
pulled out. Alex throw's up as he wipes his mouth someone
comes up behind him. He turns around and it is Amber and
Vince, Alex has a suprised look on his face as Vince is
smilingand is holding a AK 47. Alex falls to his knees as he
is scared.
Do you understand now Alex?


                       O.C. (cont'd)
It's in your blood Alex. It's what
you where mean't to do. Look deep
inside into the darkness that is
in your heart. The hate that you
have for me and everyone else.
I'm not like you Vince i'm not a
Yes you are just like me and dad.
It's in our bloodline Alex you
can't escape it.
Dad wasn't a murderer and your
just fucked up in the head.
Dad was a murderer and i followed
in his foot steps. He never
touched me. Mom and dad took me
out one night and he killed a oung
lady adout twenty one years old.
While i watched and mom taped it.
Your a sick fuck.
Come with me Alex and you'll see
that you are mean't to be a
killer. It flows threw your vine's
. We can go on a killing spree.
Thats what Amber and R.J. are here
for. To help us fined someone and
try to get them to join the our
group. That person and you will
join me Amber and R.J. in a
killing spree.
What if i say no?
Then i will blow your brains out
right here.
Alex stands up and looks back at the bodies and back at
Vince. Alex kicks Vince in the balls as Vince falls to his
knees and drops the gun because he is grabbing his balls
Alex kicks Vince in the left side of his head knocking him
to the ground. Amber comes from behind and hits Alex in the
back the head with the butt of a hand gun. Alex grabs his
head and looks at Amber as she helps Vince up. Alex is
pissed off real bad. Vince looks at Alex and smiles.
Thats the anger i'm talkin about.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
That was a test and you past with
a A plus. I'm proud of you
brother. Lets go find someone to
Vince turns around and starts walking away as Alex is
staring at him. Amber runs past Alex laughing as she is
trying to catch up with Vince.
That was a test you asshole? How
many people have you killed?
Yea and you past and to many to
Why kill mom amd dad for?
Because i wanted to. Now come on
lets go.
Vince keeps walking with Amber as Alex atarts to walk behind
them. They get to the car and Vince gets in and starts the
car Alex gets in the back seat and Amber in the front
Passenger seat. Vince looks back at Alex and smiles. They
sit there for a minute or two.
Do you feel any different Alex?
If you want to know the truth. I
have always wnted to see what it
felt like to kill someone. I never
did because i really don't wan to
go to jail.
You let that stop you from killing
Sure did so what does it feel
It's the biggest rush you'll ever
get. It's real cool when you hold
someone agaisnt there will and
they would do anything for you not
to hurt them. They really beleive
that if they give up the butt that


                       O.C. (cont'd)
they'll live .
(looking down) Thats crazy so
where are we going?
(Smiling) I have someone that
we've been watching that i want
you to meet. All you need to do is
listen to me and do what i say.
Ok i think i can do that.
They pull out and start driving. They go down the dirt road
and turn left on Lawyers road and head toward downtown Mint
Hill. They come to a red light and they stop beside a police
officer. Vince and Ambe act nice and calm but Alex is
alittle nervus. The polic man looks at there car and at them
he see's Alex covering his face and he thinks that alittle
odd. The light turns green as they go the cop waits and
decides to pull behind them and follow them alitttle so
Vince takes a right on a road that isn't lighted very well
and is starting to get dark. They speed up some and the cop
turns on his police lights to pull them over. Vince smiles
and pulls off the road onto a little gravel road and goes
down it a few minutes unil they are out of sight from the
main road. Thay come to a stop and the cop does to. The cop
gets out of his car he is a large man about 275 pounds and
has some good size muscles. He walks you to the window and
asks Vince to step out of the car. Vince does and they walk
toward the police car. The officer starts to ask Vince
What did i do wrong officer?
Your friend there in the back was
acting little funny back at the
red light.
He has had alittle to much to
drink today. Sorry for that
It's only 6:30 and he has had to
much already?
Yea he just broke up with his
girlfriend and he is alittle
depressed right now.
I don't beleive you. Whats your
name ?


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Don't do this i don't want any
trouble. How about just letting me
I asked you for your name?
Vince starts to make the cop mad as he doesn't want to tell
him his name. The cop see's Amber and Alex moving around in
the car alot so he puts his hand on his pistol. Vince smiles
and pulls his gun from his belt and shoots thecop once in
the chest before the cop could even pull his gun. The cop
grabs his chest and falls back as Vince atands over him and
shoots the cop in the head.
I told you i didn't want trouble
you dumb pig.
Amber and Alex get out of the car real quick and walk up to
Vince. Vince leans down and grabs the cops gun and starts to
take his cloths off. Amber and Alex are staring at Vince as
they watch him strip a cops dead body.
What are you doing vince?
We have to strip off the police
cloths and hide the body. Amber
take the cops car and follow us
when we leave and Alex help me put
his body over there in the woods.
Alex and Vince grab the the body and carry it to the edge of
the woods. They look at the woods to see where they want to
hide the body. They go into the woods about five feet or so
and they put the body down and Vince takes some branches and
leafs and put them over the body to help hide it. They walk
back out of the woods and to the car. Amber is in the police
car waiting for them. Vince and Alex get in the car and
start to drive away. They have to turn around and head back
to Lawyers road .
Well what now Vince?
We ditch the cop car and find the
guy i need you to meet.
Alright i guess.


                       A.S. (cont'd)
What is it Alex?
I'm tired and ready for bed.
No rest for now maybe later. We
have to do a couple of things
They head toward downtown Mint Hill and they turn down Cope
road. They go down it for about five minutes until it dead
ends. Vince pulls around and parks as Amber pulls in behind
them. Vince gets out of the and walks to Amber.
Amber get out and i will hide the
car ok.
Sure why not?
Go get in the car with Alex and
wait for me,
Amber goes to the car and gets in the backseat and waits for
Vince. Vince gets into the police car and backs it into the
woods. He puts it between a couple of large trees and into a
ditch. Vince goes to the front of the car and puts some old
tree stumps in front of the car and big branches to hide the
car. He goes back to the car gets in and they all drive
Are we going to the video store
Yea thats where Jerry at. He is in
for a suprise.
Who's Jerry Vince and what suprise
is he in for?
(smiling) He's the guy that we all
will turn into a murderer.
They pull into Blockbuster Video and oark the car. Vince
gets out and walks up to the window of the store. He stares
into the store and see's a younger man proberly twenty five
years old and has dark brown hair and a medium build and
about 5'11.


Angle on - Jerry
In a dark room a Jerry North sits handcuffed to a table. He
is dirty and covered in blood his left eye is black and
swollen and he has a large cut an the right side of his
face. He has a look of total shock on his face and about to
fall asleep. A police detective comes in the door holding a
stack of photo's and paper work . He sits them down on the
table in front of Jerry and they stare at each other. The
detective is a older man around fifty two years old and has
a crew cut hair cut. He in very good shape he takes off his
jacket and sits in front of Jerry.
Who the fuck are you?
      (Detecive Porter)
First of all young man. You are
not going to talk to me in that
tone or way. Now Jerry i'm
detectve Porter and i know alittle
about you and i need yo know more
about you.
(smiling) What do you want to know
Well i have your whole history and
you have a great background. So i
want to know how you got into this
group that his killed so many
Don't worry about it. It really
don't matter anymore.
Talk to me Jerry and i can help
you but only if you talk to me.
Porter gets up and walks to the double sided mirror and
stands there just looking at it with his back turned to
Jerry. He cracks his neck and pops his elbows he has pain in
his joints. He turns and looks at Jerry and takes a deep
You can't help me.


                       J.N. (cont'd)
Well Jerry how do you know that?
Because i done stuff that you have
never thought about. So it doesn't
matter anymore.
Tell me what you have done. Those
people you were with are not your
Look i killed the people and i
started to fucking like it. Vince
showed me a whole new world and i
liked it.
Well Vince is dead and i need to
know what happened that day and
(Smiling) No he'll never die and
everyone will soon fell his rage.
All you and those pigs did that
day was kill the body. You can
never kill his soul.
What the fuck are you talking
(yelling) You'll see!
Porter walks out of the room as Jerry started to yell. So he
goes to the double sided window and watches Jerry from
outside. Jerry is just sitting there after he stops yelling.
Another officer walks up to Porter and starts to hand Porter
Officer James that you.
      (Officer James)
No problem sir. Umm is that the
guy from the Town Street murders?
Sure is and he's a crazy fuck.
      (Officer James)
Has he said why he and the others
killed those people?
No not really he is just acting
alittle odd.
      (Officer James)
My girlfriend was one of the first
officers killed in the standoff. I


                       O.C. (cont'd)
was able to get there in time to
tell her that i love her. Someone
shot her in the back as they
entered the house.
I'm sorry for your loss officer.
She died a hero.
      (Officer James)
No she died a Victim of a group of
nut jobs. I better go now. (he
says crying)
Thank you Officer and be strong.
Officer James turns and walks away after he started to cry.
Porter walks back into the room as he enters he looks at
Jerry and bites his lower lip as he balls his left hand into
a fist. He walks to Jerry as he sits there and he slams down
the paper work down on the table beside the photo's he had
already put on the table.
You look mad Porter.
(staring into Jerrys eye's) Look
here dickhead i want you to look
at these Pictures and tell me the
ones you and those sick fucks
killed. Because if you don't i
will kill you ass right here right
(laughing) Whatever you fucking
pig. I'm not telling you shit.
Porter takes his keys out and unlocks the handcuffs so Jerry
is free to stand up. Jerry is looking at Porter and he is
getting alittle scared. Porter grabs Jerry's shirt and pulls
him up and drags him toward the wall. Then slaming him into
the wall over and over. Jerry pushes Porter and Porter
smiles and knees's Jerry in his balls As jerry Grabs himslef
in pain Porter turns and walks away fram Jerry leaving him
laying on the floor.
What the fuck you can't do that
to me. I have rights the fucking
(laughing) I could cut your
fingers off in front of every cop


                       J.N. (cont'd)
that works here and not one would
help you. They would help me
because you and your bitch ass so
called friends killed alot of cops
in that house. So get your ass in
that chair and ell me how you got
mixed with these people or your
going to end up like them.
Porter picks up the chair he knocked over. Jerry gets up
slowly and limps to the chair and sits down. He grabs his
neck and starts to rub it because it hurts after Porter
slamed him into the wall. Porter hands Jerry some pictures
and stands over him watching him.
What do you want to know?
I told you asshole i want to know
what happened from the first time
you met Vince?
Yea everything Jerry and don't
leave anything out.
Porter gets a chair and takes a seat in front of Jerry to
listen to what he has to say. Jerry is looking at the
pictures and he pulls out one and smiles as he puts the
others on the table.
This girl here her name is Lexie
she was my first kill. I made that
bitch scream aand beg for her life
as i raped then gutted her like a
Tell me how you met Vince and the
others and what happened after
We i met Vince a couple of nights
ago. He came up to me when i got
off work and strated talking to me
about a woman that i was trying to
talk to but she blew me off, He
said that women like taht need to
be taught a lesson that they can't
walk over people because they are


                       J.N. (cont'd)
beautiful. So we started walking
and we got to a Silver ford suv.
There i met Amber and Alex. We
talked for about ten minutes and
Vince asked me if i would go with
them somewhere to meet someone.I
said ok and i got into the suv.
Vince started driving and it was
about Five minutes away as we
pulled onto this street and in
front of this two story house. I
can't remember the street names
alot has happened since then. We
stopped and Vince turned to me and
sared talking.
angle on - Vince
All four of them are sitting in the suv as they are talking
about what Jerry has to do. Inside the house is a woman who
is taking a shower and doesn't know what is about to happen.
Ok Jerry in order to be in our
group you have to prove yourself.
Now in that house is a woman named
Lexie she's the woman who turned
you down today. I want you to go
in there and kill that bitch. Show
her athat she can;t treat people
like shit,
You want me to kill her for
turning me down?
Yes gut that whore. Don't worry
about getting caught we have a
plan for anything that might come
up as your doing it.
I'm not a murder and i don't want
to do it.
(Hugs Jerry) Come on you can do it
Jerry i beleive in you.


Amber rubs her breasts on Jerry as she hugs him. He smiles
and she hands him a pair of black gloves and a six inch
knife.He grabs them and gets out of the suv and strats
walking to the front of the house. He reaches the front
door andhe pauses for a minute. He takes a couple of deep
breaths and grabs the door knob. He turns it and it is
unlocked so he enters the house slowly. As he walks into the
house he see's a large kitchen and a very nice and colorful
living room. He hears the shower running upstairs and he
starts to walk up the stairs. He walks to the doorway of the
bathroom and stands there waiting for Lexie to get out of
the shower. He puts on the gloves and gets ready as he
shower stops running. He waits for about two minutes or so
and the do opens up to the bathroom. She comes out wearing
nothing but a small white towal that barely covers her large
breasts. Jerry comes behind her and grabs her by the neck as
he shoves her onto the floor in the hallway. her towal came
off and she is trying to cover up her stuff as Jerry smiles
and walks to her.
Stop backing up bitch.
Please don't hurt me?
Shut up and stand up. Stop
covering your tits and pussy
because i want to see them.
Oh my god please don't hurt me ? (
she says crying)
Boo hoo , stop crying and get in
the bedroom.
They walk into the bedroom it's very nice alot of pink and
flowers. Jerry pushes Lexie onto the bed she crawls to the
back of the bed agaisnt the wall covering herself with a
blanket. Jerry starts to undo his pants as Lexie starts to
scream and cry so Jerry grabs her feet as she trys to kick
him away it doesn't work as he pulls her to the end of the
(Yells) Shut up! Damn your body is
nice. you should share it with
more people. Oh yea and you
should't of turned me down bitch.
(crys) Please don't do this?


                       J.N. (cont'd)
(yells) Shut up!
(crys) Oh my god no please stop.
Jerry pulls her legs apart and starts to rape her as she is
still trying to fight him. he starts hitting her over and
over in the face breaking her nose as blood squrts out. He
picks up the knife from the side of the bed and as she
screams he reaches high and drives the knife deep into her
chest. She screams one last time as she grabs the handle of
the knife but Jerry pulls it out and stabs her again. Blood
pours out of her chest and onto the bed as she lay's the
with her eye's open bu she is dead. Jerry goes to pull up
his pants but stops and decides to pee on Lexie's dead body.
He pee's on her and pulls up his pants and grabs the knife
and walks down stairs into the living room and to his
suprise Vince is down there waiting for him along with Amber
and Alex. Jerry has a surpried look on his face as he looks
at them just sitting on a couch waiting for him. Amber is
holding a video recorder in her left hand.
Great job Jerry i really didn't
think you would do it. But i was
wrong and ou did a great job.
(smiles) Taping you fucking that
bitch and killing her.
Why would you want to tape that
for? Whats going on here Amber?
Well it's to make sure you don't
try anything dumb. We know all
about you Jerry and that you have
been known to narc on people. Now
your just like us.
What the fuck you little bitch
give me the tape.
Great job Jerry i really didn't
think you would do it. But i was
wrong and ou did a great job.
(smiles) Taping you fucking that
bitch and killing her.
Why would you want to tape that
for? Whats going on here Amber?


                       J.N. (cont'd)
Well it's to make sure you don't
try anything dumb. We know all
about you Jerry and that you have
been known to narc on people. Now
your just like us.
What the fuck you little bitch
give me the tape.
Jerry goes after Amber for the tape and Alex steps in front
of Amber to block Jerry. Jerry stops and the pushes Alex
back and Alex pulls out his handgun and shoves it in Jerry's
face as Jerry's eye's get real big.
You might want to think about what
your about to do dickhead. I will
put a bullet right between your
eye's. You understand boy?
Your fucking crazy.
(yells) I said do you understand
me you little shit?
Alex doesn't take the gun out of Jerry's face as he said he
understands but Alex is real pissed off and is shaking.
Vince slams down two gas cans that they had brought in and
he points to Alex.


Let him go Alex. He said he
understands. We have a job to do
so grab one of these cans and go
up stairs and set it on fire.
Alright Vince i'm going.
Jerry grab a can and start pouring
it in the kitchen and in here.
Amber and i will be waiting un the
Why are we setting it on fire? We
should just go and no one would
think that she was dead for a
couple of days.
Just do what i tell you to do.
Alex grabs a gas can and heads up the stairs as Jerry was
questioning Vince about the idea of setting the fire. Jerry
goes and grabs a gas can and walks into he kitchen and
starts to pour out gas over the kitchen table and all over
tghe floor as he walks he keeps pouring it over the floors
and on the walls until he runs out. Alex is pouring gas
around the bathroom and into the bedroom where Lexie was
killed. He pauses as he see's her body. There's blood
everywhere he walks up to the bed and reaches and touches
her left breast. He smiles as he keeps staring at her body.
But suddenly without notice Jerry comes in the room and Alex
quickly grabs the gas again. Jerry is looking at Alex as
Alex starts to pour the gas over Lexie's dead body.
What the fuck are you doing Alex?
Just pouring gas like Vince wanted
me to.
(smiles) Bullshit! You where
rubbing on that dead bitches tits.
Your a sick fuck dude.
No i was pouring gas. Why would i
touch a dead womans tits for?
Because your just as twisted as
Vince is maybe. Maybe i will tell
Vince that your up here doing


                       J.N. (cont'd)
Viince won't care and i'm done
pouring the gas let's go.
Alex throws down the gas can and pulls out a lighter. He
picks up as piece of paper from a desk thats in the room
and sets it on fire as he throws it into Lexie's body. A big
fire that is bigger than they thought it would be started as
the both run downstairs and into the kitchen. Alex does the
same thing in there as they both run outside and to the suv
that is waiting for them. They jump in the suv and Vince
drives off at a normal pace so police won't think it was
them. The house explodes due to the fact it had natural gas
in the house. Alex, Amber and Jerry turn there heads and
watch as the house burn. You can see the flames from miles
That was cool as shit. What a rush
i've never felt a rush like that.
So i guess you liked that Jerry?
Hell yea but at first i was scared
but when i had that bitch begging
for her life right before i killed
her i've never felt so much power.
(laughing) You did a good job
Jerry. There's more to come so sit
back and relax.
Yea we have a suprise for you
They pull into a old shut down movie house called Delta Six
and pull around the back of the place. It sit's off
Albemarle road and
Lawyers road. It is all boarded up and the parking lot is
dark. It has been closed for a couple of years now. They
park and they all get out of the suv and walk to a door.
Vince unlocks it and they all walk in but Vince stops Jerry
and smiles as he is holding a blindfold in his right hand.
Wait a minute i need you to put
this on Jerry. It's for your
Come on i don't want to put that


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Trust me Jerry you will love the
suprise. So put on the blindfold
and lets do this.
(hangs his head) Alright give it
to me.
Jerry puts the bindfold on as Amber come's back out of the
building. She takes Jerry's left hand and starts to walk.
Vince is behind them as she is leading the way. As they walk
in it is dark and dusty it has a odd smell to it. They walk
threw a storage room into the main lobby. There there are a
place to get food and drinks and other stuff in the middle
of the floor as they walk they go to theater number two.
There is something playing all Jerry can hear is someone
talking. The go down the walk way and to the front of the
theater and they turn Jerry's back to the screen. Amber
takes the blindfold off and jerry see's a girl and a guy
ducktaped to the seats and there mouths are taped too. He
relizes who they are. It is his ex girlfriend Sara and his
best friend Jake. Sara is wearing a black dress and has her
dirty blond hair in a pony tail. Jake has basketball shorts
on and has a shaved head and a white t-shirt that matches
the white shorts. They both are trying to get free and also
trying to talk. Sara is crying and Vince goes and stands
behind them and is holding a handgun and Knife.
What the fuck is this Vince this
are my friends.
No Jerry this is your friend and
this is your ex girlfriend. I also
beleive that they have something
to tell you about your
relationship and what they did and
are doing.
(yells) What the hell!
Amber take the tape off there
mouths and give Jerry this knife
for me.
Amber goes and grabs the knife and then rips the tape off
Jake's mouth first. He yells as he spits in Amber's face so
she spits back in his face. Then she goes and takes off
Sara's tape off but Sara just cry's thats it. Amber gives
Jerry the knife as he has a confused look on his face.


Jerry if you don't kill these
little bitches i will.
I'm not killing anyone. someone
needs to tell me whats going on?
Look Jerry it's very simple. We
brought you here so you can learn
the truth and get your revenge.
Truth about what and what revenge
are you talking about?
Sara here and Jake have been
fucking behind your back. Thats
why you and her broke up. She is a
dirty whore and he is not a friend
at all.
They aren't fucking thery are just
friends and I love her and he is a
great friend.
Sara tell him the truth or i will
kill you right here.
(crying) Help me Jerry please.
This asshole is a lieing sick
(yells) Jerry don't say anything
and you lieing bitch you haven't
seen twisted yet so tell him the
(crys) Go to hell asshole.
Alright bich you made your choice.
(yells) Leave her alone dickhead
she didn't do anything to you or
Vince walks away and out of the theater and goes to the suv.
Alex walks up to Sara and starts laughing and then he takes
hold of her dress from the bottom and lifts it up to look at
her panties. She screams and try's to get free butshe can't
as Alex looks at her panties. There a black thong he smiles
and grabs them to take them off. He has them half way when
Jerry stops him.


What the hell are you doing?
Well everyone else is fucking her
so i thought i would to.
You peice of shit i'll kill you.
Jerry hits Alex in the face and Alex starts to laugh he
kicks Jerry in the balls then grabs him by his shirt and
pulls him up then sucker punches him with his right hand
knocking Jerry to the ground. Sara is screaming so Alex goes
to her and smacks her with the back of his left hand. She
stops screaming then Alex goes and stands in front of Jake.
You want some of me dickhead?
I'll kill you asshole let me go.
If i let you go you would be a
dead man walking. But i have
something for you.
Alex reaches down and unzips his pants and pulls out his
penis and starts to pee on Jake. But suddenly Vince comes
back in and starts staring at Alex so he finishes peeing and
zips up. Vince is holding a cordless drill in his left hand.
Why are you peeing on him and why
is Jerry on the floor ?
Well Jerry didn't like it when i
was taking off Sara's panties so
he wanted to fight and i kicked
his ass. Sara wouldn't stop
screaming so i gave her a backhand
and Jake said he wanted to be let
go and he would kill me. So i i
decided to pee on him.
(Laughing) Cool, bro i knew you
had it in you.
What's with the drill and where
did you go?
I got this out of the suv to see
if i could make Sara talk.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Where's Amber at Vince?
She's in the booth fixing the
video so we can show Jerry since
it cut off and he don't beleive
us. Wake up Jerry and we can do
Alex starts to pick up Jerry to wake him up. Jerry wakes up
slowly as Vince goes and stands in front of Jake as he
stands there laughing his is pressing the button on the
drill to make it go. He looks at Sara as she is crying again
and Jake has a scared look in his eye's.
Sara this is your last chance to
tell the truth.
Fuck you!
Thats not the answer Jake wanted
to hear. So watch this bitch.
Vince puts the drill to Jake's left leg and right above the
knee he drills a couple of holes in his leg. Jake screams in
pain as blood squirts out and starts to cover his leg and
run down it. Vnce is laughing and Sara is screaming for
help.Jerry is turning his head so he don't have to watch.
Now do you have something to say
Sara or do you want Jake to suffer
Leave him alone and there's
nothing to tell.
Wrong answer bitch. Jerry look at
the screen behind you.
Jerry turns and looks at the screen as Amber gets it running
and Jerry can't beleive his eye's. It's Jake and Sara having
sex in Jerry's bed. Jerry turns around and stare's at Sara
and Jake as Vince is laughing. Vince hands Jerry a rather
large knife and Jerry smles and walks to Sara.
You lieing cheating little whore.
How long have you been fucking him


                       J.N. (cont'd)
behind my back?
I'm sorry it was a mistake honey.
Just one mistake i'm sorry.
One time that's it bitch?
(butting in) It was more like
twenty times. Don't lie to him
Sara. Tell him the fucking truth.
Ok. ok i'm sorry Jerry i know i
was wrong but what your doing is
even worse. Please let us go
You bitch i can't beleive you did
this to me after all i have done
for you.
All you did for me. You mean all i
did for you dickhead. You get what
you give so ol well.
Watch this you dumb bitch i'll
give you something.
Jerry goes over to Vince and gets the drill and puts it to
Jake's left eye. Jake's eye's get big as he try's to get
free but can't as Jerry starts drilling into Jake's eye as
blood pours from his eye down his face and onto his shirt
and over the drill. Jerry pulls the drill out and it has
vane's on it hanging from it and blood dripping. Jake's
starts to shake real bad and he slumps over in the chair.
Jerry laughs as Sara is screaming and Jerry goes to her as
she is next.
Your turn bitch now do you see
what you did. Come to daddy.
Go to hell asshole.
Well you first cunt.
Jerry drops the drill and picks up a knife as he walks up to
Sara. He is breathing heavy and smiles. Jerry walks up
behind him and wispers in his ear.
Kill her Jerry. Kill her, Teach


                       O.C. (cont'd)
her that she can't do that to
people. Be a fucking man and gut
her like a fish.
No i will do something even worse
to her.
What is that Jerry?
Vince is confused as Jerry hands him the knife and walks
away. Vince realizes what Jerry is doing and laughs as he
watches Jerry walk out of the theater. Vince goes to Jake
and digs out his eye and goes to Sara and stuffs it in her
mouth and puts ducktape over her mouth. She try's to scream
but can't. Vince walks away and Alex follow's.
what is Jerry doing? Why didn't he
kill her?
He did something even worse. He
left that nitch to die the hard
long slow way. Plus Jake's body
will rot before she die's she will
That's cool.
They get outside and Jerry is in the suv with Amber waiting
for Alex and Vince. They get in and try to decide where to
go next. They sit there for about five minutes or so.
Jerry you did good in there. I'm
suprised that you left her there
to die. Because if that was my
bitch i would of killed her.
Fucking whore i gave her
everything she ever wanted then
she broke up with me. I had no
idea she was screwing around
behind my back.
Where to next Vince? (he says as
he butts in on them two talking)
We need to find another ride. We
can walk over to the drug store
and steal a car.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Why do we need another car. This
one is fine.
We need to change cars so the
police don't catch us. If we have
a different car every time it will
be harder to get us.
Let's go and get another car then.
They all get out of the suv and start walking toward the
Walgreens drug store. They get to the store and there's six
cars in the parking lot and there is a old lady about mid
fifty's putting stuff in her back seat. So Vince pulls out a
handgun and points to the rest of the group to stay there
out of sight and wait for him. He walks up to the lady with
his right hand behind his back so she can't see the gun.
Excuse me miss, my dog got out of
my car and ran over this way have
you seen it?
      (Older lady)
No i'm sorry but i haven't seen
it. What kind of dog is it anyway?
Vince pulls the gun from his back and points it at the lady.
Her eye's get huge and and she starts to back up alittle
because she's scared.
Give me the key's bitch or i'll
kill you.
      (Older lady)
Here they are, take the car but
please don't hurt me.
(yells) Shut up! I didn't say
talk did i?


Vince grabs the key's and smiles as he pulls the trigger on
the gun twice hitting the lady in the chest and stomach.She
falls back trying to hold on to the back door of the car. A
blue honda civic but she can't hold on and she falls to the
ground. There's blood all over the side of the car from it
squirting from her chest and hands. She is on the ground
holding her stomach and crying as her breaths get shorter as
she bleeds to death. Vince steps over her and gets into the
car starts it and backs out and drives over to meet the
others. They all jump in as Vince drives away quickly so
that people don't see them. They drive down Albemarle road
toward a small town of Midland.
Why did you kill her for?
Don't worry about it Jerry. Shit
happens and there will be alot
more bloodshed before were done.
What do you mean?
I'm having fun Jerry so don't
bother me with stupied questions.
Your part of this now. All of us
are in it together no matter what.
I don't want to be part of this
anymore. I want to go home.
(yells) Stop your fucking crying.
You wanted this i didn't see you
wanting out when you killed Lexie
or Jake and left Sara to die. So
shut up Jerry.
Vince slams on the brakes and the car skids about ten feet.
Amber jumps between Jerry and Vince to try to stop them from
argueing. Vince is very pissed off and wants to fight.
Your going to get your ass killed
if you don't shut up.
Stop it you two. Let's go find
somewhere to hide out for a couple
of day's and then we'll go to
another city or something.
I have the perfect place to go and
hide out. Fucking perfect .


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Your a sick asshole Vince.
(yells) I
said stop it didn't i?
Angle on- Vince
Vince smiles and hits the gas spinning the tires and taking
off. He speeds down the road going between sixty and eighty
miles per hour. Going between cars and tailgating going off
the side of the road just driving out of control. He is
scaring everybody in the car as he run's a light blue Kia
off the road as he hit's the passinger's side door knocking
the mirror off the kia and sending it spinning off the road.
(yelling) Stop the fucking car
(Also yelling) What the hell are
you doing trying to get us killed
fucking stop.
(laughing) Stop yelling and sit
back i'm having fun.
Amber slaps Vince in the back of his head so he decides pull
the emergency brake causing the car to slide off the side of
the road into the center divider spinning around two times
it stops spinning and it is facing the wrong direction.
Everybody in the car are yelling but Vince. Vince turns and
looks at Amber.
You dumb cunt if you hit me again
i will run this car into a damn
Your fucking crazy.
Fuck you bitch i'll kill you right
here right now and dickhead over
Vince pulls out his handgun and cocks it. But the are met
with a suprise. A white pickup truck pulls up behind them


and the driver a tall older man walks up to the drivers door
and knocks on the window so Vince turns and rolls it down as
he is still holding the gun.
      (Pickup driver)
Hi there do you folks need some
No not really i was just going to
fast no big deal.
      (Pickup driver)
Well do you know you have a flat
tire and if you have a spare i
don't mind changing it for you.
I have a flat. Let me take a look.
Vince puts the gun down on the seat as he gets out of the
car. he looks at the tire and starts to laugh. Amber grabs
the gun from the front seat and takes out the clip and
empty's out the bullet's. Then puts the clip back in and
sit's it back on the seat.
What are you doing?
I don't want him to kill that nice
old man. All he is doing is
helping us.
Stupid bitch your a trader to
Vince. I'll tell him what your
Fuck off Alex and go suck your
brothers dick.
Alex ball's his fist and is about to hit Amber but her phone
rings suddenly. She seaches for the phone for a secondand
she finds it. She see's the caller id and it's R.J. calling.
So she doesn't answer. Meanwhile Vince is still with the old
man talking.
      (Pickup driver)
What's so funny sir?
It's a good thing you stopped to
help. Give me your key's t the
truck old man.
      (Pickup driver)
What did you say?


Vince reaches threw the window and grabs the gun and points
it at the man. He hands Vince the key's and Vince smile's as
he is scaring the man.
Alex get in the driver's seat and
follow me. Old man if you try
something i will spaltter your
brains all over that truck.
Vince the tire is flat.
That doesn't matter it will still
Vince pushes the old man toward the truck as they reach the
truck they go to the passenger side and Vince opens the door
and point's for the man to get in. The man does and vince
slams the door. He goes and get's in the driver's side and
starts up the truck. He looks at the old man and smile's.
Remember what i said old man.
Don't try anything or i will kill
      (Pickup driver)
My name is Earl and why are you
doing this?
Well Earl beacuse i can.
Vince put's the truck in drive and hit's the gas spinning
the tires as he goes around the other car and Alex starts to
follow. Alex is having a hard time keeping up because of the
flat tire. Amber is in the back trying to send a text
message to R.J.. Alex can't keep the car on the road as i is
pulling and sparks are shooting out from the rim as the
rubber has all came off. He can't control the car as is
spin's sideway's. Then goes straight into a light poll. The
airbags come out to help. Amber and has a cut above her left
eye. Jerry opens his door slowly as he crawls out of the
car. Alex isn't hurt and he jumps out real fast. Vince see's
them hit the poll in the rearview mirror and turns the truck
around to go get them. As he pulls up to the wreak he see's
Alex looking at the front of the car. It is caved in in the
center and isn't driveable. The car is smoking and is
leaking alot of fluids. Vince parks the car and get's out as
he see's Amber and Jerry get out of the car.


Is everyone alright here?
I'm fine and so is Jerry but Amber
has a cut above her eye.
Amber come here and let me see
your eye.
Amber goes over to Vince and Vince looks at her face and it
isn't bad it is just bleeding alot. She starts crying and
turns and walks away. Vince walks back over to the truck and
looks at back at the others.
Everyone get in the truck and
let's go.
What do you want to do with the
(yells) Leave it here!
Alright Jerry make sure we have
everything and get in the truck.
(under his breath) Asshole your
not my boss.
I heard that Jerry so do what i
told you to.
Amber get's in the backseat of the truck and she see's Earl
crying in the front seat. Alex and Jerry both get in the
backseat so Amber is sitting between them it's alittle
crambed so Vince pulls off and there on the road again.Going
down the road toward Midland.
Where are we going Vince?
I have a couple of old friends in
Midland and i beleive that's where
Earl here is from.
(whispers) Please let me go. You
can take the truck i won't tell
anyone i swear.
Didn't i tell you to shut up Earl.


                       J.N. (cont'd)
Jerry i have a plan for us so sit
back and relax.
What time is it anyway?
The clock say's twelve twenty two
there bud.
They come to a red light and they stop. They stop and they
see a couple of police officers at the Hess gas station.
They are just sitting there talking. The light turns green
and they go straight.
Amber call R.J.'s phone and see if
he will answer for me?
He won't answer so why even try?
Just do it for me Amber. Stop
trying to get out of it.
Alright Vince i will.
Vince is staring at Amber threw the rear veiw mirror as she
is looking at her phone. She acts like she is calling him
but she is really calling no one. She put's the phone down
and looks at Vince.
No anser Vince sorry.
Well try again Amber.
Because i said to Amber. What's so
hard about doing something again?
(butts in) Because she didn't
really call him Vince.
(yells) Shut up!
Amber did you call him or did you
lie to me?
I called him and he didn't answer.
Why didn't you leave a message


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Don't worry about what i do Alex.
You need to stop getting in my
shit asshole.
Let me see you phone Amber?
Because i want to see who's
telling the truth. So let me see
your phone. This way we can end
all the bitching.
Here Vince have fun.
So they stop argueing and Amber hands Vince her phone. He
looks at it while he is driving and he see's that she didn't
call R.J. and he almost hit's another car as he hit's the
dash then punches Earl in the face. Earl's head hit's the
window as Vince start's to yell.
(yelling) You fucking dumb whore.
All i wanted you to do was to call
him that's it. Now when i see him
i will kill that ass.
No next time you see him he will
put you in the ground.
Is that a threat bitch?
It's a fucking promise Vince.
Your not the first person who said
something like that to me Amber.
So we'll see if your punk ass
brother shows up.
He will , he will don't worry
about that.
Amber you have alot of trust in
someone who left you here to
defend yourself.
That sounds just like what Vince
did to you Alex.
Well Vince watched out for me so
hush bitch.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Amber don't even try to bring what
i did up because it's not the same
It's the same thing you left Alex
here to fend for himself.
No i did everything i could and i
was around watching over him. R.J.
just left your ass and i could
kill you right now and who would
help you?
As they argue Jerry is just sitting there closing his eye's
as he wishes he never did the things he did. Vince turn's
down a dirt and gravel road that has no name. He turns off
the light's on the truck as the come to a stop. Vince looks
at Earl and picks up his gun and gets out of the truck.
Before he closes the door he say's something.
Earl get out of the truck now.
I don't want to.
I don't care what you want. Get
out of the fucking truck.
(yells) Leave him alone Vince.
(Yells back at her) Shut up !
Earl opens the door and begin's to get out as Vince is
walking around the truck to meet him. He pulls Earl by his
shirt in front of the truck and then walks back to the truck
and turns on the headlights. They are shining on Earl as he
stands there.
Everyone watch this and next time
anyone want's to be a smartass and
lie to me this will happen to
Vince slams the door then walks in front of Earl and point's
his gun at Earl as Earl begins too cry.
Do you have anything you want to


                       O.C. (cont'd)
say before you die?
You don't have to do this. I'm a
old man i won't tell anyone if you
let me go.
The only place your going is in
the ground.
Think about what your paents would
say about this Vince. I'm sure
they raised you better than this.
They won't be saying anything
because i killed them to.
Vince cocks the gun and points it toward Earl's head. As he
pulls the trigger it just clicks. Vince pulls the trigger
again and again but all it does is click over and over so he
pulls out the clip to his suprise it has no bullets in it.
Earl smiles and punches Vince with his right hand in the
face. Giving him enough time to turn and run away. Vince
runs to the truck and get's in and starts it up and floors
it and goes after Earl. Earl is running as fast and hard as
he can. He is going side to side trying to avoid the truck.
But he can't as Vince hits him knocking him to the ground
pulling him under the truck and his head gets caught under
the right front tire crushing his head spaltting blood and
brains all over the ground and over the side of the truck.
Vince is laughing as he slams on the brakes and put's the
truck in reverse and run's over Earl's body again as he
crushes Earl's legs and lower body. Vince stop's the truck
and looks over at Jerry.
Who took the bullet's out of my
gun and why?
(after a brief pause) What can't
anyone answer the question?
What no answer you bunch of
It was Amber Vince because she
didn't want you to kill Earl.
(yells as she looks at Alex) You
little kiss ass. Your going to
kiss his ass after he left you for
such a long time.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
(smiles) Yep sure will because
he's my brother and that no one
can change.
You dumb fucking peice of shit.
(Yells) That's enough you two.
Amber why would you risk me
getting hurt like that. Earl
could of got control of me in a
second once that gun clicked.
Well your a big boy so go cry a
(yells) You little bitch your
lucky i don't kill you right now!
Vince puts the truck in reverse and backs down the road some
until he suddenly turns the wheel to the left and backs the
truck threw a ditch into a wooded area. He doesn't stop in
time and he slams into a tree that shoves the trucks bed
into the cab of the truck breaking the back window.
(yells) shit!
What the hell Vince.
Is everyone ok? My back and neck
hurt now.
Thanks alot Vince, why don't you
pay more attention.
Everyone gets out of the truck and Amber falls to her knee's
as she is in deep pain. Jerry goes over to her and helps her
up and try's to help her the best he can. Vince walks out to
the road and back to the truck he looks at the damage to the
rear and see's that he won't be able to drive it.
What now Vince?
We walk down this road and across
the street that is where we are
going. It's a little ranch house
the owners won't be home. Here's
the key to the gate in the
driveway and a key to the front
door. Wait for me there.


Vince hands Alex a set of key's and a handgun from the
truck. They all are looking at him as if he was ditching
Where are you going vince?
I have a suprise and don't go into
the basement.
Alright if you say so but what's
in the basement?
Just trust me don't go into the
basement. You'll find out soon
don't worry.
Vince turns and walks out of the woods and down the road the
way the others won't be going as they know it is a dead end.
Alex walks out to the road and starts to rub his arms
because it is cold he wave's his hands to Jerry and Amber to
come on. They do follow as the start walking down the road.
None of them knowing what lies ahead for them. Amber is
limping because of the truck hitting the tree.
Angle on- Jerry
We shouldn't go to that house.
What do you want to do.
Get as far away from Vince as we
can. He's a crazy fucking dude.
Be queit Jerry and we are going to
that house like Vince want's us
Come on Alex you don't see
something odd about this. Vince
has everything planned out as for
what happens tonight. So what
happens to all of us when he don't
need us anymore.
Nothing is going to happen. Just
trust him and you and Amber and i


                       J.N. (cont'd)
will be ok. So stop trying to turn
me on my brother and Amber on her
So i guess i'm a dead man then?
I can make that happen if thats
what you really want.
Your a dumb fuck Alex.
Come on you two please stop
yelling i'm tired of it.
(he hears something) Is that your
phone ringing?
Sure is maybe i should answer it.
They stop walking so Amber can answer the phone call she
try's to walk away but Alex follow's her everywhere she goes
plus she has a limp now and is in pain from being in two
wreaks within an hour of each other. Her caller id said
unknown caller but she is talking very lightly so Alex
doesn't here her. Alex is getting pissed as he walks up
behind her and pushes her causeing her to drop her phone
onto the ground. Alex take's his right foot and stomps on
the phone. So she kicks him in the balls causing him to fall
to his knee's in pain as he holds himself. His face get's
all red as he starts to cough so he slowly is able to stand
up he stares at Amber as he is slumping over.
You dumb bitch who are you talking
Don't worry about it. It's none of
your conern asshole.
Wait till i tell Vince about you.
I know you where talking to your
You don't know shit.
I do know that Vince will kill
that asshole for ditching us.
(yells) Go to hell!
Amber goes over to Jerry and they start walking again. Alex


is walking behind them as they all hear a car coming down
the darkend street but they all turn and look but can't see
anything. Suddenly they see two headlights come on and they
are coming at them fast. As it get's closer they all jump
into the woods to avoid being run over. The car passes and
goes onto the main road so they all get up and brush off the
dirt as start walking again.
Who the hell was that?
Don't know or care we need to go.
They walk for about ten more minutes and they reach the
house. Alex take's the key and opens the gate out front. His
hands are shaking from the cold so he is in a hurry. They
walk in and Alex closes the gate and locks it behind him so
they walk up to the house not knowing what awaits them
inside. They go to the front door and Alex opens that door
to as they walk inside they see a nice place it smells like
old people but is a nice home. They all walk around and look
at stuff in the house. Suddenly Amber comes from the hallway
and is holding something in her left hand.
Whoever live's here is a fucking
Holy shit look at the pictures
over the fire place.(he says as he
points to them)
What the hell is going on and
where the fuck is Vince at?(they
show a family of cops together.)
Alex picks up a lamp as he does he takes it and throws it at
the fire place watching it shatter and Amber turns and looks
at him like he's crazy. Jerry appears with a couple of guns.
Where did you find the guns Jerry?
Down the hall in a locked room. I
had to break the lock to get in
the room. There's more weapons in
there to.
What kinds of weapons?
You want it's in there.


Alex goes down the hall to the third room on the left as
Amber and Jerry follow him. He goes into the room and see's
about ten to twenty guns and ton's of bullets with a
couple of chainsaw's and really large knifes and a couple of
swords. Five to ten gernade's and dinomite with alot of
fuse's. Alex picks up a gold plated 9mm handgun as he looks
at it he can see his reflextion in it so he smile's. They
hear someone outside and they all run toward the front door.
As they get to the living room they are met by Vince.
Holy shit you scared me Vince.
Nice gun Alex, i see you got into
my weapons. I need you to help me
outside Alex.
I didn't know these were your's
sorry and yea i will help let's
Alright come on bro.
angle on - Alex
They both walk outside and walk to a dark blue ford crown
vic. it has the front end pushed in alittle and Alex hears
somone trying to scream. They get to the back door on the
car and Vince open'sit and to Alex's suprise he see's a man
and three female's. They are all tied up and have ducktape
around there mouth's.
What the hell Vince?
Why is there four people in the
car and where did you get this
I stole the car and these people
are a gift for you and Jerry.
A gift what do you mean?
We are going to have a party


                       A.S. (cont'd)
You have lost your mind haven't
Nope just doing what i do best.
Alex takes a deep breath and kicks the front door of the car
as soon as he does Jerry and Amber come walking out and they
are both shocked by what they see in the car. Vince reaches
in the back and pulls out a dirty blond woman out by her
hair and throws her onto the ground then kicks her in her
stomach knocking her into her side. She is crying as Vince
point's to Amber to take her inside. So she comes over and
directs the woman inside the house as she does that vince
pulls out a bark brown headed girl a over weight guy and a
red head out and they take them all inside the house and sit
them down on the couch together. They all are dressed like
they were at a party or something. Vince goes back outside
to the car and starts getting stuff out of the trunk. As he
enters the house again he iis carrying a large gym bag full
of stuff. He sits it down on the coffie table in front of
the hostage's and open's it he ppulls out a
blow torch and some odd looking knife's.
Alex go to that room and get me a
couple of guns and some knife's.
Alright but what's going on here
Just do what i asked you to and i
told you what's going on here so
don't ask me again.
(whispers to himself) Asshole (
as he does what vince told him to
(turns to the hostage's) Who
want's to die first?
They all try to scream but just mumble and Vince grabs the
dirty blond and stands her up in front of him and everyone
else. He rips off the ducktape from her mouth she screams
and is still crying as Vince takes a six inch razer sharpe
knife and cuts her shirt from bottom to top cutting it in
half showing her white bra off and her six pack she has.
Vince smiles as he put's his left hand up hershort skirt and
as she is shaking in fear he pulls down her skirt showing
her pink thong that matches her skirt. She quickly try's to
cover herself but Vince pull's her hands away.


Sara closes her eye's and Jerry come's over before Vince is
able to hit her as he had his left hand raised.
What's your name sexy girl?
      (Blond girl)
Sara, my name is Sara. Please
don't hurt me i didn't do anything
to you.
Sara your going to die here so
don't ever ask me not to hurt you.
It's going to long and very
painful for you my dear.
Please let me go please ?
(yells in her face) I told you
that your going to die here that
means shut the fuck up and do as i
say bitch.
Sara is crying as Vince looks into her eye's and see's
complete fear as she does in fact tremble in fear. Her dirty
blond hair is getting in her left eye as she shake's her
head to move it out of her eye and sight. Vince punches her
in the stomach and as she bends over in pain he shove's her
onto the couch between the two other females.
angle on - Amber
Stop it Vince, thats enough we
need to just get out of here and
(Yells) Shut up bitch i'll do
what i want to.
(re enters the room) Vince i got
what you wanted. (pauses and looks
at Sara) Did you start the party
without me.
No brother it has only just
started. Come over here i need to
talk to you.(Alex walks over to
I need to know if anyone has
called Amber while i was gone? I


                       A.H. (cont'd)
had a friend call me and let me
know that R.J. is in this area and
trying to find his sister.
(rolls his eye's as they walk) No
i don't remember her getting any
calls but hell i could be wrong.
Are you sure?
(smiles) I wouldn't lie to you.
I didn't say you would lie to me.
(vince says as he walks away from
angle on - Vince
Vince walks back into the living room and walks right over
to the guy sitting in a chair beside the couch. Vince grabs
the ducktape from the man's mouth and rip's it off. The man
yells in pain and vince smacks him in the face. Leaving a
big red circle on the mans right cheek.
Alright fuck face stand up. (He
doesn't stand up)
(yelling) I said get the fuck
Let them go and keep me. They
shouldn't have to go threw this.
Well i'm not letting them go so
shut your mouth. What's your name
again asshole?
Im not a asshole and my name is
What would you do to get me to
spare your life?
(with a confused look) What are
you talking about?
(Smileing) I'm talking about you
walking out of here alive and not
hurt. What is your life worth to


                       O.C. (cont'd)
I would do whatever you want me to
So if i asked you to leave and to
never talk about anything that has
happened or will happen here you
would walk away?
I won't say anything about this.
(picks up a hammer off the table)
So you would leave these fine
bitches knowing that they will
meet a painful death. you just
asked me to spare them and now you
don't care about them.
(stareing at Vince) You tricked me
you asshole.
Vince hit's Floyd in the stomach with the hammer and them as
he bends over in pain Vince takes Floyd by the neck and
slams him onto the floor. Floyd isn't moving as Jerry come's
over and get's in Vince's face. There face to face looking
into each others eye's .
Angle on - Jerry
What the fuck are you doing?
What does it look like dickhead?
These four people share one common
thing and i need your help to show
what it is so get out of my face
and watch and learn.
What's the common thing Vince?
Don't worry about that right now
just help me get this loser up and
in a chair.
They move floyd who is still out cold over and sit him in a
chair. Vince looks at the girls sitting on the couch and he
walks over to them and smile's. They all are looking at him
and crying. Sara is still trying to cover herself up.
angle on - The girls


Leave us alone you freak.
Come on honey give daddy some
(her eye's get huge as she is in
shock) What did you just say to
me ?
I said give daddy some sugar you
deaf bitch.
You son of a bitch i'll kill
you.(she yells as she jumps up off
the couch and jumps onto Vince)
Sara knocks Vince to the floor and starts hitting him over
and over as Jerry and Amber come over to pull her off him as
Vince is laughing and as they pull her off him he get's up
and as they let her go he gives her a big boot to the
stomach knocking her toward the fire place and causeing her
to cut her back and arms up from the bricks. Vince walks
over to her and licks his lips as he is stareing at Sara who
is almost naked. She is getting up and stumbles as she does.
She keeps opening and closeing her eye's and blood is
running down the right side of her face from a cut on her
forhead. Vince doesn't do anything and walks away so Amber
come's over and helps Sara. She helps her to the couch and
the other girls console her and cover her up.
angle on - Alex
So witch one of you whores is
going to suck me and fuck me?
      (Another hostage)
Your a pig asshole.
(looks around) Baby do you want
some meat? What's your name
(Flips him off) My name is fuck
off you little dick peice of shit.
(pulls down his pants) Little dick
my ass check this out bitch.
(laughing) It's looks like someone
hit it with a hammer.


                       A.S. (cont'd)
(pulls up his pants and yells)
I'll hit your ass with a hammer.
(he picks up the hammer Vince put
angle on - Vince
(Re enters the room) Alex what are
you doing to Ivy? (he walks in the
room with two gernade's in each of
his hands)
Nothing Vince i was just talking
that's all.
We need to talk Alex so come in
the kitchen.
Alex meets Vince amd they both sit down at the dinner table
and they start talking as Jerry and Amber sit together in
front of the fire place and start to talk to.
angle on - Vince
Alright Alex i need you to listen
to me because somehing big is
about to happen.
(rubbing his eye's) What is going
to happen?
This house is owned by a couple by
the name of Larry Bishop and Sue
Bishop. Does those name's mean
anything to you?
I don't know why?
How about a man named Bobby Leak?
No doesn't ring a bell. Who are
these people Vince? (He is tired
and confused)
(slams his hands on the table with
the gernade's still in his hands)
Come on brother think hard about


                       O.C. (cont'd)
Well i've heard of that bobby guy
Alright when was that?
About six month's ago i met a
group of people in a bar and this
guy was named Bobby Leak and he
asked me alot of questions about
you so i just walked away from
What kind of questions did he ask?
Well he asked me did i know where
you where and do i beleive that
you killed mom and dad in cold
blood and taht he also thinks that
you have killed about a dozen
(closes his eye's) Do you
beleive him or do ou beleive me?
It doesn't really matter what i
beleive. All that matters is that
we disappear soon.
Well we are not going to disappear
and those other two people are our
parents and Bobby is a cop from
Boston who is tracking me from
city to city trying to catch me.
(Eye's are big as he is in a state
of shock) Mom and
dad are dead and why have you been
running for twenty years?
No there not dead they where not
in the house and they aren't who
they say they are.
Alex slings his head back and get's up and start's to walk
around as he grabs a glass and pours some water in it and
sucks it down real fast. He is in a state of shock over what
he just was told. He throws the glass across the kitchen and
it shatters when it hits the wall and the females and Jerry
and Amber all look at Alex and Vince.
Angle on - Vince


I know this is all a shock and
that you really don't want to hear
this but you need to know the
(crying) So where were you this
hole time and who are mom and dad?
Well i've been here watching over
you making sure your takin care of
and mom and dad are cops they were
assigned to a big undercover case
and i found this out right before
i set the fire. So i ran away and
the papers said that mom and dad
where killed in the fire. I saw
them the same day that was in the
(walking around the kitchen
shaking his head in shock) So
where are they now?
(stands up and walks up to Alex
and hugs him) They'll be home
soon and we are going to have a
family reunion.
(walks away from Vince and into
the living room saying to himself)
I don't want to see them.
Vince watches as Alex is getting more and more confused and
he has a evil smile on his face as he takes a glass and
get's some water.In the living room Jerry and Amber are
talking as the hostages are walking them and want to let go.
Angle on - Amber
(closes her eye's for second or
two) I never really thought that i
would be involed in something like
this. (starts to cry alittle) I'm
not a mean hearted person i just
got mixed up with the wrong
(looking into her eye's) Well
from what i can tell everyone in


                       A.H. (cont'd)
here except those people on the
couch are all fucked up and that
means me to.
(still crying ) Yea this is going
to end bad for all of us.
Sure is and we don't even know
where we are and what were doing
(Smiles ) Well Vince has a plan
for us. That could mean anything
who knows.
(takes a deep breath) It's not
all his fault we all decided to
follow him. (he get's up and walks
to the window and looks out of it)
angle on - Jerry
As he is looking out of the window he see's someone pull
into the driveway and drive up and park behind the car Vince
drove here. He watches a two men get out of the car a tall
skinny white man and a tall very well built black man both
wearing bullet proof vests and carrying guns. Jerry goes to
get Vince because he doesn't know these two men so he runs
into the kitchen and see's Vince in there drinking a beer.
(out of breath as he talks) There
is two men at the front door and
they have guns. What do you want
me to do Vince?
(puts the beer down and looks at
Jerry) Shut up and stand there
like the bitch that you are.
What is your problem? (he says
with a confused look on his face
as Vince walks to the front door)


Vince is at the door and he reaches for it as Jerry come's
out of the kitchen holding a handgun waiting to see who is
behind that door. He open's the door and the two men are
there waiting. A silence is in the house as they all three
stare at each other before laughing and hugging as the two
men enter the house.
(laughing as he walks in front of
them) You crazy fuckers made it.
Hell yea i was about to count you
guy's out.(He says as the two are
standing by the door)
      (White man)
Who the fuck are those bitches on
the couch and that dude?
Calm down Todd i was having
alittle fun that's all. (he says
as he backs away from them and
Alex appears in the room now)
You told us there would be only
you and your brother here. I see
alot more people than that you
little shit so tell me why we
shouldn't just leave.
(smiles) Because you two dumb
fucks can't do shit right. This is
the rest of my crew and you've
been invited here to see what i
can really do.
(in the back ground whispering to
Jerry as those two argue) What the
fuck is going on here Jerry ?
(looks at her in odd way) You
would know better than i would
you've been around Vince longer
than me.
(rolling her eye's) Whatever you
say dude.
Vince walks out of the room and into the room full of
weapons and he picks up a chainsaw. He starts it up and it
very loud as he re appears in the living room as he walks
toward Todd he cut's threw a lamp table and passes by Todd
and goes straight for Floyd and he put's it to Floyd's upper


back and start's sawing threw Floyd's back as Floyd screams
as the saw cut's threw his skin and into his body. Blood is
squirting out spraying all over Vince and the girls on the
couch. They are screaming and Sara throws up as Amber goes
away so she doesn't see anymore as Jerry and Alex watch on
in shock as Vince cut's all the way threw Floyd's body
cutting him in half. His upper body falls off the bottom and
onto the floor and his inside's are showing and even more
blood is just pouring out all over the floor as Vince brings
the saw up to his face and smile's as he gives it more gas
as blood and vine's sling off. He throws it down onto the
floor and then looks back at Todd and his friend.
angle on - Vince
(wipes the blood from his face)
Don't fuck with me or that will
happen to you two assholes.
(gripping his gun) Your a sick
fuck. (looks back at his friend)
Stan who the fuck did you get me
mixed up with?
(with a attitude) So he's fucking
crazy who care's because he get's
the job done and that's all that
Now you two sit down somewhere and
the party is about to begin.
Vince leans down and reaches into the body of Floyd and
pulls out his liver and throws it at the girls on the couch
and then pulls out a part of floyd's intestents and wraps it
around his neck as he licks his hands and start's to dance
around the room. He goes over to the radio and turns it on a
local station kiss 95.1 Akon's new song i wanna love you
comes on and he turns it up real loud as he dance's. The red
head girl throws the liver on the floor and whips the blood
from her hands onto the couch.
What's wrong Ivy does blood freak
you out?
(looking at him weird) How do you
know my name ?
(Smiles as they all are yelling
because of the music) I know more


                       O.C. (cont'd)
han you think and you know why i
brought your sexy ass here soon.
(butts in) Leave her alone asshole
i'll kill you .
(stops dancing and walks up to
Sara and pulls her up so they are
face to face) I want to see you
try to kill me bitch.
angle on - Sara
Sara take's her left hand and with her finger nails she
claws Vince's face from his left ear to his chin. He grabs
his face and that give's Sara enough of a chance so she can
run toward the door. She is blocked by Jerry who gets in
front of the door as she is blocked she try's to run down
the hallway but Vince grabs her by her shirt and he slings
her against the wall. Then he slaps her two times first with
a back hand then with a open handed slap with his right
hand. She grabs her face as he head butts her causing her to
fall to the floor.
angle on - Vince
(very angry as he reaches down to
pick her up) You stupied bitch i
don't want to kill you just yet so
sit the and don't move. (he says
as he pushes her back to the floor
she doesn't move just kind of
slumps over)
Alright Vince what are we doing
here huh?
(grabs the intestents that fell
from around his neck and starts
danceing again) We are having a
fucking party! (he yells)
Vince goes over to the couch behind Ivy and the other girl
and stands over the as he drips blood over them. So they
both get up and try to run but it is hard for them because
they are tied up and as Jerry and Amber go to get them Vince
put's his hands up to stop so the two can hide.
angle on - Amber


What the fuck Vince they are
getting away. (she yells)
(laughs as teh two ran down the
hallway and slamed the door.) They
can't get away in here i made sure
the only way out is the front door
What about the windows?
They are all looked and covered by
something. Well all except the
glass doors in the kitchen. So go
get them now and Jerry you can
punish them alittle if you want
to. (he says as he laughs)
Jerry and Amber go down the hallway and to the second room
on the right. The only one that has the door closed so they
enter the room as they do they see it is a mostly empty room
except for the boards covering the window and a closet witch
is closed so they walk up to it and Jerry reaches for the
handle and pulls it open real quick but Ivy appears out of
the dark closet and with a long metal rod she stabs Jerry in
the upper chest on his right side knocking him to the floor
and the other girl run's out and heads for the door but
Amber tackles her knocking her to the floor as they fight.
Amber has the upper hand because of the hit she put on the
girl. They both punch each other and Amber's shirt get's
ripped as She gets
in two big blows to the girls head causeing her to just
pass out. Ivy hit's Amber in the side of the head as she was
getting up knocking her out and she falls to the floor
beside the other girl.
angle on - Jerry
You fucking whore i got you now.
(he yells as he grabs her by the
ankle and pulls her to the floor)
Get off me asshole ! (She yells)
I've always wanted to know what
red headed pussy was like. (he
says as he crawls on to of her as
they fight)


Jerry is to big for Ivy to fight off as Jerry grabs her head
with both hands and slams her head into the foor a couple of
times until she stop's moving. She is not moving so Jerry
see's that she is wearing a short black skirt. So he looks
under the skirt and see's her sexy little pink and red
panties with a heart on them so he takes them off her and
takes down his pants. He pulls her legs apart and smiles as
he whips out his penis and starts to fuck her as she lay's
there knocked out. He is being very rough with her as he
doing it really hard as he makes animal sounds as he slaps
her a few times. He finishes and he stands up over her he
has to pee so he leans down and opens her mouth and pee's in
her mouth. He fills her mouth up and she start's choking
she turn's over as if she is about to wake up so he get's up
quickly and watches her for a minute or two. She does not
wake up so he goes over to the other girl and see's that she
is wearing skin tight white pants with a white thong so as
he is playing with himself he rips off her dark blue shirt
and bra and start's rubbing her breast's but suddenly Todd
appears in the doorway and he get's up.
angle on - Jerry
(pulling up his pants) You need me
(standing there with his arms
crossed) Your not my bud and what
the fuck are you doing you sick
These two bitches attacked us and
this one here knocked out Amber so
i gave her the fucking she'll
remember forever.
I don't care and Vince want's you
and Amber. So wake her up and
let's go.(he says as he walks
Amber is awake and is getting up slowly as Jerry who is
scared of Todd is zipping his pants up and is leaning down
trying to wake up Ivy. Amber looks at Jerry and the two
girls as she see's the one girls breasts are showing and
Ivy is laying there with her skirt up and he panties sitting
beside her as she see's that Ivy likes to shave.
angle on - Amber


What happened Jerry?
(laughing) Well Vince said to
punish them and i gave Ivy here a
good fucking.
(closes her eye's and take's a
deep breath) Why did you rape them
(wakes up Ivy) I wanted some
(looking at Jerry's chest
bleeding) Your bleeding alot are
you alright?
(rubbing his chest) Well it hurts
but i think i'll be ok. How's your
head it's alittle red and swollen.
That bitch came out of nowhere.
Yeah i guess i will be fine i
(both girls wake up as Jerry is
ready to go) Let's go Vince want's
angle on - Ivy
As Ivy wake's up she bends over in pain as she holds her
pussy because of what Jerry did to her she see's her panties
and grab's them and looks at Jerry and then at her friend as
she is getting up with half a shirt and no bra.
Get up you two whore's and let's
(looking at her friend) It hurts
so bad, Ashley are you alright?
What happened to my shirt?
(covering herself up as she looks
over at Ivy and see's her crying)
That's enough talking you two so
get up and come on.


                       J.N. (cont'd)
(standing up slowly as she can
hardly walk) Oh my god you son of
a bitch it hurts so bad. I can't
walk it's to much pain.
(yells) Get your fucking ass in
the living room both of you. Do it
now or i will give you some more
of what you just got.
They all head out of the room and toward the living room.
Jerry is behind them holding a handgun just in case.
Angle on - Porter
Jerry is sitting there telling his story and Porter butts in
to ask some questions. Jerry is tired and is hungry and
needs some water.
Alright Jerry so let me get a few
thing straight real quick.
(rolling his eye's) I
want some food and drink. It's
against my rights to hold me
without feeding me.
(pulls out his gun and points it
at Jerry) You get nothing until i
have the whole story. In here you
have no rights so you know i own
you now.
You don't own shit asshole.
You'll see boy, you'll see.
(yelling) La, La, La
So you are saying that you raped
two girls and you have been a
party to many murders and assaults
You have everything i've said
taped so don't ask me dumb shit. I
want to finish and i want to eat.


                       J.N. (cont'd)
You finish but i want to know
Porter give's Jerry a hope that he might get to eat and some
water. Jerry start's to tell the story again so back to the
angle on - Vince
Now everyone is in the living room Vince goes into the
basement to get something. Amber and Jerry are sitting by
the fire place as Todd and his friend are sitting on the
floor and a chair and Alex is leaning on the window near the
door as Sara is on the floor beside him and Ivy and Ashley
are sitting on the couch beside Floyd's body. Vince come's
out of the basement with two people a man and a woman in
front of him as he is pushing them. They are older and they
llok as if they have been beaten and haven't ait in awhile.
He make's them get on the knee's in front of everyone as he
looks at Alex.
Do you know this two low life
peice's of shit?
(stareing at the two) I hink i
might but i'm not sure bro.
(yells) Does anyone in this room
know these two people? Come on
someone speak up before i blow
there brains out right here.
(raises her hand) Is that you mom
and dad?
(smiles) Honey they can't answer
you? Umm your correct by the way.
Alex you know who they are don't
(gets in the mans face) Oh
my god is that our dad Vince?
(pushes the man onto his face on
the floor) Well these two scum bag
loser's where our mom and dad
until they chose there job over
there kids.


                       O.C. (cont'd)
(in total shock as he start's to
cry) Wait a minute we have a
(laughs) Not just one sister
because little brother you also
have Ashley and Todd is our oldest
brother as for Floyd here he was
just some poor bastered i decided
to kill. (looks at Jerry Standing
there beside Sara and Todd's
friend. Ummm i'm not done yet
Jerry's our cousin and Sara is
just a whore how was with Ashley
and Sara. Todd's friend here is a
guy i had help me get Todd and
somone else we have been missing
Vince cocks his 9mm handgun and put's it to the back of his
mom's head. He is in complete control as everyone is
confused and in shock. None of them knew of that family that
they now have. Jerry looks out the window and begin's
hitting his head agaisnt the window.
angle on - Vince
(looking at Jerry) That's right
you just fucked your cousin you
sick fuck. Now come over here and
kill this bitch.
Who do you want me to kill?
(looking at Jerry) Kill Ivy or
Ashley it don't matter.
(gets in front of Jerry as he
points his gun at Ivy) Wait a
minute here. You want to kill our
(put's his gun in Alex's hand) I
want you to kill mom and dad.
(yells) Do it, do it, they left
you alone for twenty years kill
(About to pull the trigger) I have
questions first, i need to know


                       O.C. (cont'd)
why first?
(laughs) They can't tell you why
because i cut out there tougue's
and they have been in the basement
for about two weeks.
Before Alex could say anything else as he looked at his
parents as he can't beleive his brother cut out there
tongue's. Jerry fire's his gun three time's Bang, Bang, Bang
as everyone ducks as he shoots Ivy twice in the chest and
Ashley once in the stomach. Ivy is killed after the first
shot to the head but Ashley is still alive and is crying as
she holds her stomach. Jerry throws down his gun and picks
up a hammer and goes over to Ashley and as he raises his
left hand and drives the claw of the hammer into her head
over and over until you can't even tell who she was. Blood
and parts of her skulls and brain's sparyed all over the
place. He tosses the hammer into the kitchen as everyone
looks on in silence. Vince grab's the gun from Alex's hand
and puts it to his mom's head and pulls the trigger blowing
her brain's all over Amber as Amber get's up and whip's the
blood from her face as she throws up. Alex pushes Vince and
Vince hit's Alex in the stomach and pushes him onto the
couch on top of the girls dead body's as he walks back to
teh basement.
angle on - Alex
Where are you going brother? You
want to fight, come on let's do
(yells as he walks away) I don't
want to fight you but i do want
you to kill dad or i will.
What the fuck ! (he screams)
He doesn't kill his dad as he is so confused but he see's
Vince coming back when someone who has there head covered.
Vince walks that person in front of the rest of them. He
pulls off the towal that covered his head and to Amber's
suprise it is R.J. her brother.He has one of his eye's cut
out and it is bleeding real bad as he can barley stand.
What did you do to my brother?
(looking at Amber crying) Stop


                       A.H. (cont'd)
crying Amber now didn't i tell you
i would kill him if he came back.
Oh yeah My friend and Todd's
friend here Dazmar helped me catch
him and fuck him up real bad.
(starts walking toward R.J.) Let
him go please Vince?
(smiles and points his gun at his
dad) No i will not
let him go. He is a dead man and
you can't do anything about that.
Angle on -the window of the house
Before Vince could pull the trigger something come flying
threw the window and it let's off really thick smoke some
nobody can see anything. Suddenly they hear a voice over a
This is the police come out with
your hand in the air or we will
come in a force you out.
Angle on - Vince
Vince makes his way to the window and start's shooting at
the cops and Todd and Dazmar come to his side with there
weapons they knock out a couple of windows and they start
shooting. Some police officers are killed at first about
three where killed then about twelve have been wounded.
angle on - Amber
As Vince and the other two are shooting Amber takes her gun
and her brother down the hallway but some police who entered
the house from the back rooms and kitchen block her and her
brother. She is shot in the back and falls to the ground as
her brother can barley move he is taken down by another cop
who beats him with a nite stick.
angle on - Jerry
Jerry is able to make it to the room where all the gun's are
and he hide's to avoid all the gun fire. As he hide's he
grabs a couple of handguns.
angle on - Sara


She get's up and jumps on the back of Vince as Vince run's
out of bullet's so he uses her as a bullet proof vest and he
walks toward the cops as the are shooting Sara over and over
as Vince walks and Todd follow's him but Dazmar isn't able
to he is blocked by a cop so he shoots the cop in the
stomach under his bullet proof vest causeing the cop to fall
to his knee's but he is shot in the head by another cop.
Todd see's his friend die and he leave's Vince's side and
jump's on the cop who killed his friend. He take's a handsaw
an start's cutting the cops neck ear to ear. Blood splatters
as he cut's deeper and deeper but he is shot in the back of
his head by two cop's and he falls over and is dead.
angle on - Vince
Vince throw's down Sara's dead body that has more than a
dozen bullet hole's in it and he come's face to face with a
shotgun. Suddenly the cop is shot by Alex in the side. So
Vince picks up the chainsaw and start's it up as he does he
cut's off the cops leg's as Alex is out of bullet's so he
pulls out a knife and come's up behind a woman officer and
cut's her ear to ear spilling blood everywhere. As he turn's
around he is shot in the stomach and as he falls to the
floor he yells for his brother and Vince watches as his
brother dies in front of him.
(putting the saw high in the air)
I'll kill you all!(he yells)
angle on - the chainsaw
He brings the saw down threw the center of the cop's head
that killed his brother cutting the cop in half blood fly's
everywhere as Vince get's done he drop's the saw and turn's
around and he see's the sun coming up threw the window and
he looks up and there is a dozen red dot's on his chest. The
police are yelling for him to get on his knee's but he
doesn't and he brings up his hand as the police start
unloading there weapons on Vince killing him as Vince falls
to the floor he had no gun but his middle finger in the air.
Angle on - the front of the house
Smoke pouring from the windows because a fire started you
see Jerry being lead out and put into a police car.
angle on- Porter


Porter slides some paperwork over to Jerry for him to sign.
What's this shit?
It just says that you are telling
the truth and that you confess to
your crime's. So sign it Jerry.
This was fun Porter. ( he says as
he signs the papers)
(laughing) Well
you should know that you will be
sentenced to death for your
actions and these two fine
officer's are here to take you to
you cell.
(laughs) I'm not scared
of death so bring it on asshole.
Alright take him away officer's.
The officer's take him out of the room and they start
walking down the darked hallway and toward the cell where
Jerry will spend many years before he is put to death.
angle on - Porter
Officer's wait a minute. Umm
Jerrry i didn't tell you that
Amber is alive she didn't die.
Your dad is alive still to so i
guess even though he can't talk
you at least will know that
youdidn't finish what you started
so your a loser.
(yelling kicking and yelling even
more) You mother fucker i'll find
away out and i will kill you and
those two fuck sticks.
Take him away.
The two police officer's take a angry Jerry to his holding
cell as he awaits his sentence of his roll in the murders
that night. It also shows Amber in a hospital bed in the icu


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