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by Shaun Rothman (shaunrothman@yahoo.ca)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
A woman explaining her loneliness.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Rachael mid 20's, (messy hair and reading glasses tilted
down) lying in bed above the comforter in her pajamas
reading a book.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Loneliness is too often thought of
as being alone.
Rachael yawns. She sets her book down and stretches her
entire body across the bed.
She turns her body. Her face unimpressed.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
What your looking at now is
Rachael making music with her lips.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
What do you do when you want to do
something, but you just can't do
Rachael sits up and plants her feet firmly on the ground.
Her posture is perfect. Her face briefly filled with hope.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Do it. My father told me if you
can't do it than just do it.
Rachael Stands up quickly. She takes a deep breathe. Her
eyes roll back and she falls backwards.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
And even though my father's advise
was patented by a well known shoe
company. I decided to try
listening to him for once.
Rachael sitting at her desk. She has cleaned up quite well.
She is dressed business casual.


                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Why would I want to go to work?
It's not because I want to be near
people. It's because doing
something, anything, distracts me
from the fact that I'm lonely.
GRAHAM, Late 20's comes up behind Rachael and startles her.

She spills her coffee on her shirt.
Graham looking down at her shirt. Staring at her cleavage.
He pulls his hand inside his sleeve.
      (reaching for her
       chest with his
I'm really sorry. Let me ... clean
that up for you.
      (Rachael slaps his
       hand away
      (calmly wiping it
       herself with a
No I'm alright.
Graham staring at her shirt.
      (trying to get his
Graham still staring at her shirt. His mouth is partially
open and his tongue is off to his right side.
      (raising her voice)


      (refusing to make
       eye contact)
Ya..No I'm good.
      (Shaking his head
       and sighing a
       breathe of relief)
Rachael sitting at her desk sipping from a Styrofoam cup.
Her legs are crossed and one is bouncing on top of the
In the cubicle behind her is GIANNI, early 40's watching her
leg bounce up and down. His head synchronized almost
flawlessly with each bounce.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
      (looking over her
Oddly enough loneliness, a lot of
times can occur in heavy populated
Gianni smiling and nodding his head. A crazed sexed look in
his eyes.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Look. I know I'm lonely. But I'm
quite aware that I'm not alone.
Rachael gets up and walks out of her cubicle.
Gianni takes a look around. He walks into her cubicle and
grabs the Styrofoam cup. The cup is stained with lipstick.
Gianni puts it in his mouth and bites it, his hands dangling
at his sides.
Rachael enters her cubicle and catches Gianni with the cup
in his mouth.
Gianni, frozen like a dear in headlights, slowly takes the
cup out of his mouth and hands it to Rachael.
Rachael takes the cup, gives a forced smile, and sits at her
desk as Gianni walks out of the cubicle.



                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
I feel as though I don't have any
friends. I mean I have friends.
Gianni walks back into the cubicle holding a jug of water.
He pours it into her Styrofoam cup.

She once again gives a forced smile.

Gianni nods and walks away.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Just no real friends.
Rachael sitting down at a table mixing her coffee.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
We are alone in the womb.
A baby in the womb.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
We are born alone. There are
people around us. But we are
alone. In our own body and our own
state of mind.
A small baby lying alone.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
We feel pain alone. People may be
there. They may be saddened and
say "I feel your pain". But they
only feel their pain for you. Your
pain is much deeper.
A young girl sitting on a counter top crying as her mother
puts a band aid on her knee cap.
Back to Rachael in the coffee shop scanning the place with
her eyes.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
One minute everyone is there for
A young mother feeding her child a donut. The young child
smiles and the mother kisses her on the cheek.


A young couple making out in the corner.

A group of 4 young men laughing at another table.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
The next minute, their gone.
The lights turn off. All the voices once heard have
disappeared. The lights come back on and nobody is there but
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
I don't have to remind anyone we
die alone. An everlasting nap.
Doesn't sound so bad.
                                         CUT TO:
A close up of Rachael's face as she seems to be sleeping.
She turns her face to the side and opens her eyes.

                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
If you look up loneliness in the
encyclopedia it clearly lists
three types of loneliness. Number
one: Situational where it can be
caused by a change in
circumstances such as moving to a
new environment or the loss of a
loved one.
Rachael sitting in front of her father's tombstone with
tears in her eyes.
Rachael walking out of a small little run down house near
open fields. She is holding a box.

She stops, turns and gives the house a final glance. A tear
streams down her cheek.


Rachael Standing on the sidewalk in the busy streets of
Toronto. She approaches a large building.

Shots of sky scrapes.

High Shot of Rachael looking up at the apartment.
Rachael sitting on the couch in the dark watching
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Number two: Developmental. Our
need for intimacy ...
Rachael falls to the left in the arms of a man who pulls her
in close.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
balanced with our need for
Rachael pushes herself back upright. She looks to her right.

The other side of the couch is empty. She is alone.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
This process is said to develop
throughout life's stages.
Rachael staring at herself in the mirror. She is putting on
makeup. She looks stunning.
                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
Number three. Internal: unrelated
to external situation. often
including feelings of low
self-esteem and vulnerability,
probably stemming from early
                                         CUT TO:


The following is a FLASH BACK in Rachael's childhood. She is
about 5 years old.
Rachael sitting at the kitchen table. Her father JONAH
sitting in front of her.
Daddy I'm hungry.
Sweet heart I told you that you
can eat once you get this right.
Now spell temporarily.
Rachael begins writing it down: T-E-M-P-E-R-A-R-I-L-Y.
Is that right daddy?
ANNE, early 30's (Rachael's mother) enters the kitchen. She
goes over to the sink and rinses her hands.
You almost got it sweet heart. It
was a good try.
Anne, drying her hands, walks up behind them and looks at
the paper.
      (to Rachael)
My god Rachael. Your sister could
spell words like this when she was
4 years old. You need to get your
head screwed on right.
      (to Jonah)
It's partially your daddy's fault.
Not much of a teacher. Though your
not much of a student either.
      (to Anne)
Why don't you make her some
breakfast? She's been up since 8
                       ANNE (V.O.)
      (to Rachael)
Rachael what does mommy always
tell you?


To not to eat breakfast until I
finish my spelling.
Jonah looks at the clock. The time reads: 12:32.
Anne gives a nod to Rachael. She gives a cold stare to
Yes sweet heart.
Sometimes I just wanna eat. Even
though my spelling isn't finished.
I don't feel well when I don't
      (sadness in his
So than eat.
I want to but I can't do it.
If you can't do it. Just do it.
      (a sparkle in her
Jonah grabs her by the shoulders and hugs her tight. He
kisses her forehead and looks her in the eyes.
Listen to me honey. If anyone ever
tells you you can't do something,
or you ever feel like you can't do
something. Than you just do it
Rachel nods.



Rachael sitting at the table alone eating some toast.

Her parents yelling in the background.
                       JONAH (O.S.)
She's my daughter too god damn it.
And I'm not gonna sit here and try
to let you mold her into her
                       ANNE (O.S.)
Than get the hell out of my house.
She's not going to be an idiot.
She's stupid. Wynonna knows these
things. She knows them.
                       JONAH (O.S.)
Wynonna is dead. She's been dead
for 5 years. It's hard I know.
I've lived through it to but she's
gone. Rachael isn't Wynonna.
Rachael is her own person. Just as
                       ANNE (O.S.)
She's a god damn retard. She is
not good enough for this family. I
can't be with a bunch of retards.
I'm leaving. You can raise the
Rachael quietly chewing her food.
Footsteps are heard stomping through the house. A door
Jonah walks into the kitchen standing behind Rachael.
      (looking straight
Daddy. I'm not hungry anymore.
Rachael lying in bed.


                       RACHAEL (V.O.)
What do they call it when you have
all 3 types of loneliness? Who
Rachael sits up and walks toward her balcony.

She leans over looking at the massive drop below.

She begins to climb the balcony when the phone RINGS.
She walks back inside and picks up the phone.
Yes baby. I just had a sudden urge
to tell you something.
What is it mom?
I'm sorry for the way I treated
you. I love you.
      (Eyes teering up)
I love you too mom.
      (a tear rolls down
       her cheek)
I love you too.
"We suffer a lot in our society from loneliness. So much of
our life is an attempt to not be lonely: 'Let's talk to each
other; let's do things together so we won't be lonely.' And
yet inevitably, we are really alone in these human forms. We
can pretend; we can entertain each other; but that's about
the best we can do. When it comes to the actual experience
of life, we're very much alone; and to expect anyone else to
take away our loneliness is asking too much."

Ajahn Sumedho


"Chronic loneliness (as opposed to the normal loneliness
everyone feels from time to time), is a serious,
life-threatening condition. At least one study has
empirically correlated it with an increased risk of cancer,
especially for those who hide their loneliness from the
outside world.[5] It is associated with increased risk of
stroke and cardiovascular disease.[2] People who are
socially isolated also report poor sleep quality and thus
have diminished restorative processes.[6] Loneliness is also
linked with depression, a risk factor for suicide."


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From Alex Date 3/31/2007 ***1/2
This was very moving. I think that if your got rid of the end and kept the beginning you could easily write a full-length movie with this topic, like the person above me (Starlette) said. So maybe take out the suicide attempt and phone call and save that for a long while later. You could even bring in other characters and make Rachel lose herself by trying to be not as lonely. But I think that you are a very talented writer. Good work.

From Starlette Merkson Date 3/30/2007 ****
Is this supposed to be a short movie or something? I like it I think the dialogue was nice, and the subject matter was not only relateable. (sp) I think if you made it into a movie that would be great, you have an amazing inner conflict, the loneliness. I would keep it up.

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