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Surviving The Night
by James Myers (JamesMyers20@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
In a small town in the southern part of the United States a genetic material was exposed to the city creating a mass display of dead people. But these people didn't stay dead for long, the were resurrected and are hungry for human blood. DO you think you can SURVIVE THE NIGHT.

James Joseph Myers Copyright 2009



It was a normal day in the city of San Angelo, TX. The
streets were packed as normal and there sat the
San Angelo Genetics Plant, this is were they were making
cures for genetics. But on this particular day a
horrible accident happened. The Genetics Plant had a big
Meltdown causing a genetic mist of smoke to spread
throughout the city.

The scene opens with the town showing thousands of people
lying dead on the streets, but in this moment they didn't
stay dead for long. This genetic mist of smoke transformed
the dead into the Living Dead. Now the city has been overrun
by Zombies except for the few survivors that have been out
of the 3 mile range of the mist. These survivors were SWAT
Team members, Gennette and Johnathan Harder, along with a
few other survivors that were hiding out in an abandoned
home along the streets of San Angelo, the leader of the
survivors was Larry Horse a banker, who led the individual
survivors to the abandon house and radioed for SWAT.

The wind started blowing throughout the city and hit several
times against the house that the survivors were trapped. Tne
group paces around the living area trying to figure out what
the hell is going on with the city. The creatures walk
around the house in the streets doing what zombies do best.
Zombie after zombie passed each other and started sniffing
each other and went back off to walking the streets with
their lifeless corpses.

Explosion after explosion is seen throughout the area from
the genetics plant and the wind picking up stronger swaying
back and forth enough to cause the zombies to get pushed
when walking. The wind continues to spread as the debris and
paper through the town as we see a newspaper fly across the
screen with the headline "Town Overrun by Brain Hungry
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Alright what the hell happened to
our city?
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
All I know is that we received a
call at HQ that the town is being
overrun by Mutated People.


                       ALBERT CALIBER
Kill 'em all... their already dead
you big oaf! Well kill 'em again,
you only live twice.
Al sat hunched in the bright fluorescent lights of his
basement over a manual reamer which he was screwing through
the newly bored barrel of his .70 Cal Quincey, something he
had to do regularly with the antiquated buffalo rifle. "The
Giant" was seriously thinking about manufacturing a titanium
barrel for the long range weapon but figured it would put a
serious dent in his pizza creation, so had denied against it
as of yet.

As such, deep underground in a shelter which could only be
described as apocalypse proof the big man knew nothing of
the outside disaster until his police scanner picked up some
very unusual transmissions. ~pssh, crackle, God help
us...ptss fzzt..their getting up, freeze don't...BANG! BANG!
Oh sweet Jesus no...Arrg! Pshshshsh... the static hiss of
the call continued as Al looked at the radio with a bemused
expression, his mouth stuffed full of chicken and a small
bone protruding from between his greasy lips.
Al jammed another wingding into his gob, grabbed his duffel
bag and headed for the door.
Roger walks down an abandoned street, everything so silent.
He grabs his side, a couple of knives from his house sit
there, ready to be thrown. He hears footsteps behind him, he
looks but nothing was there. He hears them again, and checks
it out. This time two zombies stand following him. He
wonders why they hadn't attacked him yet, but there's no
time for rash decisions. He grabs two knives and throws them
at the two zombies, one hits the zombie on the right, in the
neck and the other in the zombie on the left arm. The zombie
on the right falls over, blood streaming down the street.
The remaining zombie runs at Roger, raising his mutated
hands up high. Roger dodges a blow and delivers his own,
straight to whats remaining of the zombies ribs, blood
dripping down his fist, the zombie finally falls to the

Roger, proud of what he has accomplished, sees the shopping
plaza of the town and runs towards it. The doors are locked.
He smashes the window and goes inside. He spots a housewares
shop in the corner of the plaza and runs over there. Once
again he smashes the window. But this time, it was worth it.
Knives... knives everywhere, he was now a very happy man. He
grabs a few stainless steel knives and chuckles to himself.
Stainless steel, he was about to change that.


Chattering fluidly through the combat radio as he ducked
from the basement of his house and sneaked into the garage,
the jovial giant relayed his message to any who were
listening, giving his call sign and shouldering open the
door to his carport with an easy shove that smashed the lock
free with no difficulty.
                       ALBERT CALIBER
Large pizza for everyone. Some
weird shit going on mates, strap
and pack ya gats and don't leave
ya hats.
The hunter grabbed his .50 cal Barrett rifle along with his
handguns and headed out stuffing them in his reinforced Dune
                       ALBERT CALIBER
Fuckin' terrorists just don't got
no idea about civility,
interrupting a man half way
through his chicken, damn
uncultured fuckers, I tells ya. I
am really gonna have to shoot
someone today.
The giant grinned broadly as he gunned the engine and ate
the last piece of cornflake crumbed fowl from the paper
wrapping as the vehicle tilted to the side sharply with the
revving of the motor.
                       ALBERT CALIBER
Damn, outta chicken. Time to get
some take-out.
He swore to himself as the twin-turbo, nitrous plugged
engine leaped to life with a thrumming roar.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Do we have a count on how many are
alive and dead yet? I can't
believe this is happening.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
When the call came in a lot of
static was being heard through out
the conversation but we have a
count of 10 alive and the rest we
don't know anything about. Let's
get a search party out there to
find if anyone is alive that's not
borded up in the house.


The soul tearing roar of the engine and screech of the tires
could be heard long before the dune runner hopped around the
corner sideways, it's owner and driver laughing madly,
leaning his ample weight to one side to bring the speeding
vehicle back onto four wheels. As soon as all the rubber was
once more on the ground the car shot forward, running down
two zombies pedestrians in rapid succession, the bodies
hitting the reinforced Rebar with a satisfying squelch.
The Group all ready to search and rescue if anyone out there
survived. The Group of Johnathan, Gennette, Albert and Roger
all drive along the deserted town to see if anyone survived
this horror and hid out in safety. Johnathan and Gennette
led the groups. Johnathan heads down the road and spots a
few zombies down the road feeding on what looks to be one of
the deceased people who didn't make it when the town was
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
All right lets get this party
going! We need to split up and
search for any survivors.
Gennette shoots a few zombies in her path as she checks out
a house that wasn't boarded up.

She eases the door as she makes ready to shoot whatever
crossed her path. She walks in and begins her search. Slowly
she walks in the bedroom and closes her eyes for a few
seconds and walks away going into the other rooms. Having
all that she can handle she leans against the wall of the
dining room and picks up her radio.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
John psst, we psst, situation
psst, looks pssst, non zombie psst
killing. Come back....
Johnathan pops off a couple of shots at the several zombies
in the distance, as this happens Gennette comes over the
                       GENNETTE HARDER
...John psst, we psst, situation
psst, looks pssst, non zombie psst
killing. Come back....
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
John here psst, whats wrong psst
Hun, whats the situation psst,
whats going on psst, come


                       GENNETTE HARDER
John psst, we have psst, bodies
psst, you may psst see psst holy
The walkies goes dead.

Johnathan listens to the last incoming call from Gennette
but all he heard was there are bodies... need to see... and
then the walkies goes dead.

Johnathan heads out the door and heads down the street to
where Gennette was as quickly as he can.... running as fast
as possible to see what was going on...

Heading down the street he sees the first building that was
not bordered up and kicked in the door... he heard a noise
behind him that he was not liking and heads in to the
building and slams the door quickly.
When Johnathon walks in he walks up to the first wall to
take cover and peeks around the corner and sees Gennette on
the floor unconscious and a man sitting in the corner
rocking back and forth saying,'They bit me, that idiot bit
Johnathan walks in pointing his gun side to side searching
the room, he kicks down the bedroom door and makes his way
over to where his wife was laying unconscious. He walks over
to check on her pulse making sure she is fine, looking back
he starts walking an spots the man he heard earlier
screaming that he was fucking bit.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Fuck Me! If he had been bitten
where the hell is the zombie!
Jonathan looks back over his wife and the "rocking man" and
tries to wake his wife up.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Gennette, Gennette, come on Hun.
Jonathan gets on his radio and reaches out to his team. All
of you need to psst get the hell psst over here psst
quickly. Gennette fainted over on Terrance Blvd house number
Johnathan moves her to the bed away from the man that was
bitten. He heads over to the man that was bitten and grabs


his handcuffs and locks him to the pipe next to him.
Johnathan heads through the house and checks the rooms and
sees the zombie in the main room and pops him in the head,
dropping him to the ground.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
There's gotta be more around here?
Johnathan heads back to the bedroom and the man that was
sitting in the corner was no where to be seen and Gennette
was still laying on the bed. He gets on the radio again.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Albert, Roger psst come in guys
psst get over here fast psst I
need help over here psst... Come
Johnathon can hear something in the bathroom.

Oh no man I can't do that. He will
kill me. I should have killed the
girl but she scared me.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Stop there, don't make me shoot,
you crazy son of a bitch.... what
the hell are you doing...?
Johnathan heads through the house again and notices another
man that was lying dead in the living room with a hand
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Why the hell did he rip this mans
hand off and then smile at me? Can
this day get any fucking weirder.
Johnathan heads back to the room and goes back to check on
Gennette is sitting up on the bed when Johnathon walks back
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Oh God I saw the weirdest things,
upstairs in one of the rooms a man
and woman having sex was shot,
went into another room and saw
kids there all killed. Oh
Johnathan there were a set of


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
twins there. It made me think
about our babies. Thank you for
finding me. What in the hell
happened to me? How did I get on
the bed?
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Well I got a call from you telling
me to come over and look at this
shit and then your walkies talkie
went dead. So I rushed over here
and found you unconscious on the
bedroom floor and carried you over
to the bed and found some crazy
man who was bitten and knocked him
unconscious in the bathroom.

Thank God that you are okay, I was
worried when I found you on the
floor, with a crazy man sitting in
a chair. I don't know if he is
still there though.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Oh John this can't be happening.
Thank you for coming to my rescue

She looks up and asks,''Did you
say that he was in the bathroom?
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Oh Shit he's back again, I can't
stand these damn ZOMBIES, you take
them out and they keep coming back
for more. Did you find any
survivors here?"

"This Man is getting on my nerves
right now? I radioed for Albert
and Roger a little while ago they
should be here by now."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"No I didn't see any survivors as
I was looking except for a dog but
I don't think that that was even a
safe bet. He was eating on one of


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
the kids, I shot it.''
He looks at Johnathon and smiles,
''FEED ME!''
The front door exploded inward, the splintered wood forming
an oaken cloud around the giant that barreled threw the
frame as though it were made of cardboard, a box of
wingdings tucked safely under one arm and the newly
appropriated Moss-berg in the other.
                       ALBERT CALIBER
"G'day lovebirds, sorry I'm late"
he said with a chuckle to the two
SWAT members, one of whom was
sitting on the bed, "really guys,
we've got zombies to kill and here
I find you two in the bedroom of
all places," the big man joked
with a giant grin, "here have
something to eat, I thought ya's
might be hungry" he said tossing
the unopened box of wingdings to
Gennette and fishing two bottles
of red bull from a trouser pocket
and handing them over.
"FEED ME!""Whoa," Al spun with
speed surprising for his bulk to
face the disturbance, "aren't you
lucky I even saved something for
you stench," he grinned as he
shoved the shotgun into the
zombies eye socket and removing
the back of it's head,
"Fifty-Nine," leaving an eerie red
inkblot pattern on the wall,
"hah!, look friends, maybe this
one was a psychologist," Al
laughed as he removed the weapon
from the remains of the zombies
head with a loud "pop" and tilted
his head from side to side trying
to make sense of the image, "I
reckon it looks like a bunny, a
cooked one with potatoes, turnips
and see there's a piece of pumpkin
pie." The giant grinned broadly at
the others, "So where's Rog?"

"Never mind, these things are
getting thicker by the moment and
I say we better speed up this


                       ALBERT CALIBER (cont'd)
search and rescue op, or where
gonna be the ones who need
rescuing, we need to either hold
up some where or, go find what
started this mess in the first
place and see if we can put a stop
to it, the roads are just
reopening after the frosts and
we're gonna have a whole shitload
of tourists truckin' in soon,
which is bad and not just because
their tourists." Al pulled another
red bull from his pocket, downed
it in one swallow and tossed the
empty over his shoulder into the
wastepaper basket in the corner of
the room, "What say you?"
Gennette watches as Al comes barging in the door and shakes
her head.

She opens the box and begins eating the wingdings he gave
her. Takes the Red Bull and opens it chugging it down.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Whew I needed that.''

"Well now that Mr. Feed Me is gone
can we leave as well. This was the
only house that I stopped by and
we have more than a dozen left.
Babe do you want the rest of these
they were good. Thanks Al dear.''

She stands up and sighs.''Ok boys
back to work.''
Johnathan goes over to Genette and helps her stand up!
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Ok guys lets get out of here."
The group of Al Caliber, Johnathan and Genette Harder get up
make sure nothing is left to search in the house and head
out. Johnathan Harder is the last one to exit the house
closing the door behind him.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Hey Al you can head back into
town and me and Genette will head
down the street and search for


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
Al heads to his Jeep and throws his shotguns in the back and
hops into his Jeep and heads into town as Genette and
Johnathan are seen planning their next course of action.
Gennette pulls out a map that she found.

                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (Opening up the
''Ok we are here, there is the
water tower to our left and and
old garage to our right up there.
Which direction do you want to go
Johnathan turns to his wife as she is reading the map, and
looks at where they are as she explains the directions.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Lets head to the old Garage first
and see if there are any
Johnathan pops the hammer of his pistol and puts it into the
shoulder holster. He places his hunting knife into his thigh
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
      (Turning to
"Are you ready Hun?"
Placing her shotgun over one shoulder and her bag of goodies
over the other one she winks at him.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Aren't I always ready dear?''
She begins walking towards the garage.
Johnathan walks along with his wife scanning side to side on
the way down to the Garage. As they head towards the garage
they heard rustling sounds behind them. Johnathan and
Genette turn around and there is nobody in sight.


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Hmm, must be nothing."
Johnathan and Genette turn back around and the rustling
sound starts up again.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"That rustling is starting to piss
me off Hun!"
Johnathan pulls out his pistol from his holster and turns
the safety off and pops the SON OF A BITCH Zombie trailing
behind them.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Got that Son of A Bitch!"
Johnathan puts away the pistol and they start towards the
garage again.

As they enter the garage area Johnathan and Genette enter
the Garage. As they get closer to the door they start to
hear music, very soft music. They enter the building, they
begin searching the building and find nothing. As they go
towards the back they see a couple beaten up, battered,
dirty and tired. They head towards the two. Johnathan gets
out his Gallons of Water that they have stashed away in
their bags and offer them food and water that is not
Trying to smile at the survivors she stands and pulls
Johnathon off to the side.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Hun what can we do to help these
people anymore than what we have?
I hate to see them like this. Do
you think that they may have been
hurt by one of those things? We
need to find them a safer place to
be. This isn't quite safe.'' She
looks around.

''Hey what about that hotel in the
edge of town, you know which one I
am talking about. The one where we
went on our honeymoon at. The
Villa Resort. You think we can get
them there? They are bound to be
alot safer than this place.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan smiles at Genettes
remark, "Oh yeah I remember that
one, and yeah we can get them over
there. It will take a little while
but it can be done. There's a car
parked over in the lot and I saw
the keys in them on the way up.
"They might be sitting ducks if we
cant get them down to the hotel.
Johnathan motions to Genette, "Hun
Lets get them out of here?" The
two grab one of the survivors each
and help manage them down to the
car. As they get to the car
Johnathan sets the one survivor on
the car for support to try and
unlock the door. The door was
locked. "All right step back guys.
I am going to have to break the
window in."
Johnathan steps back and kicks the window in and puts his
foot into through the window and happens to put his leg into
the car and lands his foot on the edge f the door. Johnathan
grabs the keys and opens the door and motions to Genette to
put the first survivor in the back, and Motions that he
would help the other in. They put the survivors into the
back seat and shuts the door.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
      (Tossing the keys
       to Gennette)
"Hey sweetie, here you go"? "You
were always the best driver!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (grinning at
Flattery will get you everywhere
Johnathon Harder and you know
                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (Trying to start
       the car)
"Oh Shit!"
Johnathan smiles at his wife as she replied. The last thing
Johnathan heard was "Shit" as she tried starting the car."
Johnathan subsides in along with his wife "Shit." Johnathan
has a quick idea of what to do. "


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Alright Hun I'm going to try
something quick that I learned,
only because there ain't much
Johnathan climbs through the window and heads to the front
of the vehicle.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Ok hun when I say now I want you
to start the car quickly! Ok NOW!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (While starting
       the car)
''Yes! that's what I'm talking
about. That's my baby. Now get
that cute ass back in here before
something gets it.''
Johnathan turns around and out of nowhere a Zombie pops out
of nowhere.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Where the fuck did you come
Johnathan ducks out of the way and lands a blow to the head,
pulls out his 9 mil and lands one right square in the head.
Johnathan dives out of the way of the Zombie hitting the
ground. Johnathan motions to Genette to pull out a few feet
down the lot so he could get a head start from the zombies.
Johnathan runs to the car quick and climbs into the window
of the car door.
After he gets in the car, she begins feeling over his body.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (Wiping away the
''Are you okay? He didn't hurt you
did he baby?'
Johnathan feels over his body making sure nothing was wrong.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"No Cuts or Bites, looks like I'm
good, The zombie only pissed me
Johnathan kisses his wife and turns back to watching out for
zombies while she drove.


Driving like a bat out of hell making her way to the hotel,
slams on her breaks and the car slides when she sees a group
of people.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Ok whatcha think babe?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Hey guys what are you doing out
there, you know there's zombies
running around looking for lunch.
Since we are going to the Villa
Resort why don't you hop in and we
will take you so you will be in a
safe haven."
Johnathan unlocks the door and has the passengers pile in
when all of a sudden a zombie grabbed one of the legs of the
group getting in.

Johnathan taps his wife on the shoulder, Johnathan slams the
zombies head off the door once causing him to stumble.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Sweetheart we might need a little
help back here. Ummm Zombie at the
back door, can you grab your gun."
Gennette yells,''DUCK!'' When she does the ones in the back
seat ducks down, she picks up the gun she has beside her and
fires, knocking the zombie back few feet. After the zombie
is knocked back a few feet, Johnathan pushed himself back
into the front seat pulled out his pistol from his holster
and pops his head out the already open window and fires
hitting the zombie in the head. Another zombie came up
alongside the SUV and popped him in the leg stunning him a
little. Johnathan pops back inside and slams the magazine
releasing it to the floor and pulls out another and slams it
into the magazine holder and cocks the hammer.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Alright that should do it for
now. Johnathan turns behind and
tells the passengers to slam the
door. Alright hun I think its safe
After he says that Gennette pulls it down to drive and takes
off. She slides around a corner as she yells.


                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Hold on to your asses.''
She smiles and sees the hotel down the road. She makes her
way there and pulls into the parking lot.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Ok everybody out so we can get
ya'll safely inside.''
The SUV comes to a screeching halt. The passengers in the
back get the hell out and run to the door, and open it.
Johnathan grabs out his pistol and turns off the safety and
climbs through the window and goes around the SUV to the
other side and pops open Genettes door as he is watching out
for Zombies since they may pop out while we are here.
Gennete smiles, takes his hand and gets out taking the keys
with her. She grabs her bag, putting that and her gun on
her shoulder.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Geez I so need to rest. If this
is safe lets try to find a room
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Lets get inside and find out how
safe it really is?"
The two headed inside. Johnathan put his guns back in his
holster. They searched around the main floor and found no
traces of zombies. Next came the dining room and living room
area, nothing out of the ordinary. The two meet back up and
head up the stairs to check out the situation. Johnathan
gets to the ground slowly looking under the doors to see if
there was any movement whatsoever in the rooms.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"All the rooms look clear except
these two hun!"
Johnathan points to the first door and goes to stand at door
number 2. The first room was 412 the second 311 right across
the hall from each other.


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I so don't want to imagine whats
behind door number 1 or door
number 2. "We may be in for a
suprise?" What would you like to
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''How about we open both doors at
the same time and if there is
zombies in there maybe they will
see each other and kiil each other
off and we can kill what ever is
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Ok Hun!"
Johnathan grabs out his pistol and waits for Genette to open
the first door so Johnathan can kick down the second door.
Johnathan hears a door open, Johnathan kicks his door in!
BAMMMMMMMM! The Door cracks at the hinges and falters down.
Johnathan pulls out his pistol and shoots the first zombie
in the neck, He rolls to the corner and pops the second one
in the chest, and the third one in the side of the ribs.
Johnathan turns around and watches Gennette ready to open
the door!
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Well not what I expected but
ok.'' she laughs softly and opens
the door. ''Go get em' babe.''
When she opens the door there is a little girl there holding
a womans hand.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Johnathan watched Gennette open the door and heard "WHOA
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"What's going on sweetheart, is
something wrong, are you hurt!"
Gennette walks in and sits onthe floor with the little girl.
She looks up at Johnathon.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''She is so little.''


Gennette begins rocking the little girl as tears rolls down
her cheeks.

Johnathan walks over to Gennette and the little girl and
takes a seat beside them. Johnathan notices Gennette crying,
so he leans toward her and wipes the tears away from her
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Could this day get any weirder?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Yes the twins could be hear right
now instead of this little girl.''
She looks up at him,''what do we
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Since all the rooms are clear for
now, we should get some rest."Why
don't you lay down and rest with
the little girl and get some
sleep. I will take watch! I won't
be able to sleep anyways."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Are you sure baby? If you are
then can we please move to another
room. I prefer not to sleep here
with her dead mom.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Sure Babe I am with you I
wouldn't want to be in here with
the little girls mother."
Johnathan heads to the bed to grab a blanket and places it
nicely over the dead women so the little girl would not have
to see that image anymore than she has.

Johnathan than helps Gennette up from the bed and picks up
the little girl and they start down the hall to find another
After they find another room that is quiet Gennette looked
                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (laughing a bit)
''Well isn't this something.This
was our room.''


She lays the little girl down in the bedroom telling her
that she would be right back. She goes back into the main
room. Puts her arms around Johnathon's neck.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''I bet when we left for our
anniversary trip we never thought
that something like this would
happen huh?'' She kisses
him,''Happy Anniversary baby.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Happy Anniversary Babe, and many
more to come. Apart from what has
happened since beginning the trip
we have been through a lot
together. Just me and you."
They head back to "their" room and the little girl was sound
asleep. Johnathan takes Gennette to the side and kisses her
and gives her a snug but not too tight hug and kisses her
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Hun why don't you lay down and
get some rest, we are definitely
going to need it. I will stand
watch like I promised."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette sighs,''This isn't a
horrible dream then huh?' I didn't
think so. Ok look only let me rest
a couple of hours ok? Then I will
get up and take watch. OK? If you
have to set your watch to do so
then please do. Oh yeah you broke
yours last month on manuevers.''
She grins, bends over and pulls a box out of her bag.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Well then Happy Anniversay.''
She hands the box to him and opens it up.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''I hope you like it.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I love it hun! Hopefully after
this is over we still can go on
our trip I had all planned for you


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
for our Anniversary. We might be
to "traumatized" to go and be
there. If none of this happened we
would be cuddling by a fire and
playing with the twins. But we
have to make the best of it. I
wish this was just a bad dream and
we were back home with the twins."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Oh John we will still have it.
And we will be a family again as
soon as this nightmare is over
with. We will be able to sit by
that fire, cuddle together and
holding our babies again.''
She covers her mouth with when she yawned.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
'Oh my goodness, I am so sorry
about that. I think I will lay
down, don't forget no more than a
couple of hours then I get watch
ok baby?''
She kisses him again and begins to walk away, stopping she
turns and looks at him.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Love ya John see ya in a few.''
She walks over to the bed, pulls back the covers and lays
down next to the little girl. Putting her arms around her
she falls asleep.
Johnathan Harder

A few hours roll around and Johnathan gets up to stretch and
heads over to the bed to make sure that they are both still
sound asleep and starts to hear a noise down the hall.
Johnathan goes to the door and opens it and grabs his gun
from his holster laying on the desk table and starts down
the hall to see what was going on. Johnathan looks at his
watch and shrugs his shoulders.


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Why the hell does the noises seem
to start this late at night?"
As Johnathon approaches the door he hears a lot more
moaning. When he opens the door the farthest thing from his
mind was going on...Yep you guessed it...ZOMBIE LOVE FADE TO
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
      (Talking to
"What the fuck is going on around
here?" First zombies eating people
around here now they are having
sex. I am starting to lose my
Johnathan grabs his knife and throws it and hits the first
zombie in the head and hides behind the door and clicks the
safety off and pops out and shoots the second zombie three
times in the back and twice in the head killing them both.
Johnathan shuts the door almost vomits at that sight and
heads back to their room.
Hearing the commotion Gennette jumps up and runs to the door
grabbing her gun as she makes her way out the door. Bumping
into Johnathon as they meet at the door.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
wasn't the prettiest site to see.
Zombie Love gone horribly wrong. I
had to kill them and it just
smelled really sour. Did I wake
you dear? I heard noises from the
hallway and you know me I had to
investigate the noise. That was
the stupidest mistake to make. How
is the little girl doing is she
still ok?"
Johnathan puts his gun back in the holster and returns to
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Oh shit I forgot my knife! One
Sec I will be right back!"


Johnathan heads back to the room opening the door and walked
up to the already dead naked zombies and grabbed the knife
and yanked it out bring the lifeless zombies head with him.
Johnathan pulls off the head of the zombie and grabs out his
handkerchief and wipes off the blood. Walking back to his
room he meets back up with Gennette.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She hugs Johnathon,''You worry me
sometimes sweetheart you know
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Hun I am sorry that I worry you?"
Johnathan hugs Gennette and they both head back to the
bedroom to check on the little girl.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette begins searching frantically for the little girl,
calling out for her.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Sarah? baby where are you? Mommy
is calling for you.'' She looks at
Johnathon,''Don't look at me like
that John, it was on her bracelet.
And yes I know I'm not her mother
but she called me that during the
night. She buries her head in his
chest,''Oh I will never forgive
myself if anything happens to
Johnathan put his arm around Gennette as she buried her face
in his chest.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Sweetheart nothing is going to
happen to Sarah! She probably got
thirsty and went to get something
to drink. Lets go check around for
her she has got to be around here
Waiting for a reply Johnathan grabs his gun and starts his


Gennette searches the room and stops as she thinks she hears
a whimper sound. She stops in the middle of the room and
listens. Turning her head towards the closet she slowly
walks to it. Opening the door.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Sarah? Baby are you in there?''
She looks through the clothes and sees her in the back of
the closet rocking back and forth.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''John I found her.''
Gennette sits beside her and rocks with her as she slowly
pulls her onto her lap.
Johnathan turns around and runs back towards Gennette.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Gennette, Sarah where are you?"
Johnathan heard the reply from down the hall and heads down
the hall towards Gennette and Sarah and runs into the room.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Is she okay? How is she holding
up? What caused her to run and
hide in here?"
Gennette sits there rocking the little girl as she shook.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''She heard a noise in the room
under the bed we were in. It
scared her and she ran. Go check
under the bed baby while I try to
calm her down ok?''
Johnathan heads back to the bedroom that they were in. He
opens the door and reaches for his 9mm pistols and draws one
of them out. Creeping the door open Johnathan heads to the
bed and a ZOMBIE was hiding under the bed. The ZOMBIE moans
at Johnathan and creeps towards him from under the bed. The
ZOMBIE grabs Johnathan's foot and holds onto it.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan gets loose and stomps on the Zombies foot and
Grabs out his 9mm and drops to the floor so he could get a


shot at the creature of doom. Johnathan blasts off his 9mm
and hits the zombie in the head body and legs killing him.
Johnathan then goes to the Closet to make sure no Zombie was
to be seen. Johnathan opens the closet and nothing left in
the room. Johnathan heads out the room and heads back to
Gennette and Sarah!
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Everything is okay! I see why she
was scared! How is she doing?"
Still holding the little girl, Gennette can hear everything
going on in the room that they were sleeping in.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
dear God, what if they had
attacked us in our sleep? My poor
babies wouldn't have a mother
She begins to cry as Sarah cries. Hearing someone coming
back she grabs her gun and points at the closet doorway and
waits for them to open it up.

She hears the movement getting closer and felt a pain of
dread coming near her. She was about to let of a round when
she smelled his cologne and heard his voice.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
'Oh God John is everything ok? Are
you alright baby?''
She stands with Sarah, who at this time has a death grip
around Gennette's body. She throws her free arm around
                       GENNETTE HARDER
'Sweetheart are you ok? What
happened? We are ok I was afraid
that you were a zombie and was
about to..'' She looked up at
him,''I must be off kilter or
something, thank god I bought you
that cologne because that is what
honestly just saved your life
baby.'' She kisses him,''We are
ok, she is scared as Hell but ok
none the less. So where was it


After coming back from killing the zombie under the bed,
Johnathan heard the commotion in the bedroom and after
opening the door Johnathan asks if everything is okay.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I am alright hun, just a little
sore like all of us are. How is
Sarah holding up?"

"The Zombie was under the bed must
have been sleeping. Cause when i
went in I must have disturbed it
cause it reached and got a hold of
my foot. I had to kill it."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Oh John are you sure you are ok
baby? Let me look at your foot and
see if it hurt you. Oh come on
don't be a baby let me look at it.
Sit down and take your boots off
and I don't want to hear about how
long it takes to put them back on.
If we were home you would have
them off in two seconds flat.''
She sits Sarah down on the floor, walks over and closes the
door, locking it, pulls up a chair and points to it.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Alright Johnathon Harder sit
your ass down.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Alright Hun you win I never won
an argument with you and I never
Johnathan smiles and walks over to the chair that was set
out for him and took a seat so Gennette could take a look at
his foot.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
      (smiling at
''Just remember that, you never
She winked at him and looks at his foot after he takes his
boot off.


                       GENNETTE HARDER
''EEWWW He got you good, your foot
is bruised, a few scratches on it
but at least it isn't;t swelling
yet. Better put your boot back on
before it does though.''
She sits up on her knees and pats his face,''My Hero.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Oh he did get me good."
Johnathan puts his boot back on before the swelling began
and sat back in the chair. John smiled when Gennette said
"my hero."
She pops him on his thigh.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Hey now you are my hero as well
as the twins. They are crazy about
their daddy and so am I. You need
to get some rest tough, why don't
you lay down on the bed and I will
stand watch. Maybe Sarah will keep
you company while I patrol the
Hotel a bit. Ok?''
Johnathan nods to Gennette and heads over to the bed and
lays down for a little while.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Make sure you don't let me sleep
too long. I'll keep an eye on
Sarah hun. She will be in good
She covers both Sarah, she snuggled into his arms and went
fast asleep, and Johnathon up. Kissing both on their cheeks.
                       GENNETTE HARDER

She covers both Sarah, she
snuggled into his arms and went
fast asleep, and Johnathon up.
Kissing both on their cheeks. "I
know you will baby, just like you
watch over ours."
She whispers I love you sleep tight in his ear then turns
the light out, picking up a few items to take with her she
closes and locks the door after her. She puts the key in her
pocket and begins walking the floors. Coming down to the


bottom floor she goes into the kitchen where she sees one of
the people they saved, They have a nice talk and realize
they don't live far from one another. Gennette tells the
woman about the baby they have and what had happened to her.
The woman seem to be interested in the little girl and wants
to talk to her husband about taking her in if possible.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
whats going on?" Johnathan takes
Sarah who starts a death grip and
sticks her head in his stomach.
The two head down stairs and meet
back up with Gennette. "Honey can
you take Sarah for a minute, I
heard some noise out in the bar
area and want to go check it out."

Johnathan grabs out his pistol and
heads to the bar. When he turns
the corner to the bar there is
what seems to be a woman behind
the bar with some zombies near.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette is talking to the woman
in the kitchen and hears a noise.
''I'll be back.'' As she steps out
she sees her husband coming
downstairs and him passing off the
baby to her. She sighs,''That man
could hear a flea fart in downtown
New York.'' She watches as he goes
into the bar and waits with Sara
on her hip and her gun cocked and
ready for anything to come out the
door that isn't human.
" How many times to I have to say
there was one thing she hated
about working in a bar it was that
people just stuck their filthy
hands all over everything and she
was ALWAYS the one who had to
clean it up.

Brandishing a fire extinguisher
Sonja the new bartender was right
in the middle sliding over the bar


                       SONJA (cont'd)
top to bludgeoning to death a very
undead corpse that apparently had
done the inconceivable and tried
to cross the partition line
between the sitting area and the
actual bar. "And next time you
come back from the dead you sorry
son of a - you better tip me!"
Finally after a good thirty
seconds of her assault the
creature in question stopped
twitching in a gooey mess on the


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I thought I saw a woman in the
bar area." Johnathan ducked from
out behind the corner and made his
pistol disappear back into its
holster like magic. He headed up
to the bar and started looking
around the bar area at the mess
"The Newbie" left behind. "Honey
where are you at? Looks like we
have a newbie here that can help
Ignoring the man who'd come racing
into the area Sonja sighed and
stepped over the corpse to take
her place back behind the bar and
went back to what she had been
doing prior to the interruption.
Was she bothered that dead people
were apparently rising from where
they had dropped to inflict
themselves on the living? Sure.
But really when you got right down
to it she'd seen worse. Like girls
who ate a pound of Vaseline to
make their fake teeth look more
glint...or worse. Cockroaches.
Yuck! Anything that could survive
a nuclear Holocaust didn't deserve
to share the same H20 as she


                       SONJA (cont'd)

"God I hope they don't expect me
to clean that up..." She muttered
refering to the corpse.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette hears him call for her
and walks into the bar. Standing
at the door,''Dear I hear you call
me dear?'' She use to do that back
home when he would call for her as
she walks over to him with Sarah
on her hip. Sitting her on a bar
stool. ''So what do we have here?
Someone holding down the fort?''
She looks at the woman ,extends
her hand,''Hi I'm Gennette Harder
and this handsome man here is my
husband Johnathon. And this cute
little girl here is Sarah, we
found her yesterday.'' Gennette
covers the little girls ears. "We
found her holding her mothers hand
and mom was dead.'' She moves her
hands to Sarah's face and kisses
her forehead.

''So any clue as to how all this
crap started?''
"Hey folks. Good to meet you you
can call me Sonja I'm new in town
and to be frank I'm kind of
wishing I'd kept on driving
instead of stopping here. But
what's a girl to do when she's low
on gas and she doesn't have a
penny to her name. I have no idea
how this crap started." Sonja
waved her hand at the corpse after
giving a firm shake. "A pleasure
folks. Can I get you anything?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Nice to met you Sonja, I could
really go for a glass of coke and
maybe a glass of milk for the
little girl here if ya got it.


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
Babe ya want a coke?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
      (To Gennette)
"Nice to meet ya Sonja!" "A coke
sounds good sweetheart!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Make that two please.''

She sits down,'' So where are you
from Sonja? We're from New York.
We were driving through heading
back home after a training session
when all Hell broke lose.''
"Coming right up." Bartending was
one of Sonja's talents. It was a
pity they didn't make badges for
it otherwise the woman might have
been more inclined to stick with
being a girl scout. Alas, that was
not to be. "So what's the story?
How long have dead people been
walking around here?" Really it
wouldn't have bothered Sonja
nearly as much if some of the
undead in question didn't have
creepy crawlies coming out of
them. Sonja hated bugs!

In no time she had the coke ad the
milk set up neatly on the counter
for then. Sonja took a beer for
herself...it wasn't as if anyone
was going to fire her at this
point she figured.

"I've been all over the states. My
mother lives in Iowa. I hate it
there. Way to much corn for my
liking. I just headed out from
Arizona not to long ago. I'm not
really the type to stay in one
place to long."
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Lets see its been a few days now
since the dead started rising up
and walking in search of human


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
flesh. What happened was the
Genetics Plant in town had a major
meltdown releasing a toxin into
the town which killed everyone
instantly in a 3 mile radius.
After that, they started rising up
like nothing was going on. Creepy

"Ever since that Gennette and I
were coming back from a training
session in NYC we have been
dealing with this problem. Its
been a total nightmare."

"Ok hun what should we do next?
Any ideas?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Well I do have some good news,
about little Sarah here. The
couple we saved may want her. So
we won't be going home with
another baby. Other than that I
haven't even thought about it.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Aw that is nice, but Sarah is so
cute it would have been nice
having another baby around the
house. We cant have them all now
can we."

"Now we can go back out and see if
there are any more survivors out
there hiding from the creeps. But
I leave it up to you hunny."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She pats her husbands face,''I
told you once the twins are a
little older we can have another
baby. Even though she does look so
much like our kids.'' She shakes
her head,''Ohh you have got to
stop doing me like that. You know
the hormone factor is in baby
mode.'' She laughs

''Ok lets take Sarah to the couple
before I change my mind and start


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
getting rid of some of these
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Okay sweetheart, lets get this
over with. I am going to miss you
Sarah, you have fun with your new
family." Johnathan takes Sarah and
gives her a hug and kisses her on
the cheek. Johnathan then gives
back cute little Sarah to
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Sarah reaches out and calls John
daddy as Gennette walks away and
back into the kitchen with Sarah
with tears in her eyes she talks
to the couple who are over joyed
of having a baby.

Gennete walks out of the kitchen
with thoughts of joining her
husband in the bar again but walks
out the hotel and begins walking
around in the street. Wiping her
eyes as she thinks of the little
girl and praying that she will be

She hears a noise in a garage and
starts walking around the building
to investiagte it.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan waiting for Gennette
realized that after she talked to
the couple she didn't come back to
the bar. "Gennette where did you
go hun." Johnathan heads to the
hotel door and walks out holding
his 9mm pistol as he searched for
Gennette. A few minutes later
Johnathan spots Gennette heading
down to the Garage. Johnathan runs
up to catch up with Gennette to
see if she is doing okay.


                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette turns and looks at
him,''I'm ok I just needed a
little fresh air if you can call
it that and heard a noise coming
from inside, but everything is
locked up tight. And i can't see
anyone inside but,'' as she spoke
there was another sound.''See I
keep hearing that.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan and Gennette were
talking when she heard the same
noise. Johnathan waited a second
and heard the same noise. "Hun I
hear it too but didn't you say you
saw nothing in the Garage area."
If there's no one inside then
where is that noise coming from?"

Johnathan turns around and swears
he spotted someone hiding behind a
car. "Huh, I thought I spotted
someone over by the car behind
us." Johnathan turned back around
and started to hear a noise behind
them again.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Hearing the noise she touches his
arm,''I didn't see anything
inside.'' From the corner of her
eye she sees something move.
''Babe there is something about 20
paces over your right shoulder
that keeps popping up.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan turns around and catches
a glimpse of a shadow hiding
behind a car 20 pace behind them.
"Hunny I see it! I got an idea do
you have any of the sticky
grenades with you that we stole
from the wherehouse.


                       GENNETTE HARDER
She laughs,''Oh baby you know I
come with everything, they are in
my back pack.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan grabs her backpack and
reaches in for one of the sticky
grenades. Johnathan grabs one out.
"Hopefully my arm is as good as it
was in my football days."
Johnathan hurls the grenade and
BAMMM it sticks to the car. "You
ready hun? When You see the whites
on his eyes shoot the damn grenade
to pieces."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Oh love there is no telling me
twice. I'm way ahead of you."
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan waited until he heard an
explosion and turned around and
saw body parts flying through the
air towards where John and
Gennette were standing.

Three Seconds later parts hit the
dumpster and right in front of
them. "Fuck yeah! Now that's what
im talking about babe!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Yes.'' Gennette kissed
Johnathon,''I love when it works
that way.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan and Gennette started to
go back to their searches and a
few seconds later there was a
sound behind them again. "Not this
shit again?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Oh great now what?'' Gennette
turns around,''Ok I am hearing


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After the noise was heard
Johnathan turned around quickly
and popped his head from behind
the car and saw this coming there
(A group of zombies running their

Johnathan dropped back down to his
wife and caught his breath. "Take
a look at this hun," Johnathan
gets out his rifle scope mirror
and hands it to Gennette.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Oh shit.'' She looks at
Johnathon,''I don't think we can
kill all of them.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan looks back at Gennette.
"I think there is a way out of
this one. Trust me on this one."
Johnathan takes a deep breath
grabs a grenade out of the
backpack and takes off the pin and
heaves it in the zombies direction
and grabs out his pistols. Two
seconds later a loud explosion
goes off sending shrapnel in all
directions. "Lets take cover back
away from here. You go first and I
will cover you!"
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
As Gennette took off running
Johnathan turned the corner and
started firing off shots one by
one hitting the first zombie three
times killing him. The second
zombie started tumbling forward,
Johnathan put a bullet in his head
killing him. "Two zombies down and
a lot to go."

Johnathan pulled out another
grenade and tossed it killing a
few more. Johnathan ducks back
behind his protective cover and


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
took out the magazine and grabbed
another and through it in the
barrel and cocked the gun. Popping
his head up he set his sites on a
flammable barrel out the corner of
his eye and slammed a bullet into
the barrel causing a huge
explosion set a few on fire.

"Fuck Yeah. Run around and burn
you son of a bitches." Johnathan
reached for the backpack of
equipment and roamed around for
the remote mine. "Ah This will
come in handy. Johnathan placed
the mine on the tire of the car,
got back up and took of on a dead
run as fast as possible when a few
zombies decided to chase after
Johnathan as he ran back to his
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Watching everything she sees
Johnathon running towards her, she
raises up and shoots over
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Yeah Baby! What a shot!"
Johnathan grabs some oil out of
the backpack and slams the oil on
the pavement grabs his detonator
out and hits the floor and pushes
the button and !BAMMM! the car
goes up in flames and bursts
setting the zombies back a few
steps. "What Next Hun?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''I don't know I just wish we were
home in our bed and in your arms
with the twins in the next room
sound asleep.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"So do I hun! We will be there
soon after this whole mess
unfolds. We will be able to be
with the twins enjoying life. Well


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
lets get this over with."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette sighs,''Ok so what is the
game plan baby?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Um why don't we shoot and ask
questions later?" "Gameplan, Game
plan, umm......we got to figure
something out?" "Do you see
anything around that we can use as
a death trap?"

                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Wish we could lure them into the
police dept, have them trapped
there and set the place on fire."
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"That sounds like a great idea?
The Police Station would give us
some advantage though even if we
try to trap them in the building!
Um... how do we want to do this?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Well we need someone to lure
them there. Lets see if we can get
over there and look the place
over. Get the keys then go from
there. I think we need to look at
the holding cells first to see how
sturdy they are.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Ok Babe lets go. You got
everything you need. We need to
get the hell over there behind
these Bloodsuckers decide to have
us for dinner."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''I have everything that I need
and the sooner we do it the sooner
we can go home and live the rest
of our lives as a family again.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Ok Then lets get the hell out of
here then!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Running across the street to the
Jail Gennette peeks in the window
and checks the door,It's unlocked
you go in and I'll cover you''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan runs into the building
as Gennette covered him. Johnathan
wields out his 9mm and checks out
the building. "This rooms Clear
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Having her gun pulled as he runs
inside she follows him.Looking
around the room she walks to the
back,''Well so far it is clear on
this level,ready to go up?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Yes, Lets go check out the next
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette walks up one side of the
wall, her gun in hand as she looks
up the flight of stairs. Checking
the door she looks at
Johnathon,''Its locked.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan walking up the side with
gun in hand he heard Gennette say
that the first door was locked.
Johnathan reached in his pocket
and fished out his keys to the
Precinct. "Here ya go Hun see if
one of these work." Johnathan
walks up the side of the staircase
and checks the first door on his
side and it was locked.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette uses the keys to see if
one of them works on this door.
She stops and holds her finger to


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
her mouth,''Shhhh I hear
something,'' she puts her ear to
the door,''I hear moaning.'' She
takes a step back and gets on her
knees to look under the door,
raising back up she looks at
Johnathon.''I see at least 4
people in there, maybe more. They
are just walking around.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Walking around huh! Are they
living or Zombies!" Johnathan
walks up the side of the staircase
he slams the hammer and pops the
safety off.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''I don't know but I think they
are zombies the way they are
walking around like they are.''
Still messing with the keys.''I
found it.''

"Want me to unlock and open now?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"What the hell lets do it?" "We
can shoot and ask questions
later." Gennette opens the door
and Johnathan yells in to make
sure if anyone is alive and not
zombies. "FREEZE! NYPD! Anyone who
is alive give us a response!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
When they go in they see one human
and the rest are zombies. As
Gennette looks behind the door she
sees a zombie eating on a human.
She shoots the thing,''How
freakin' disgusting.''

They walk inside and the zombies
move to the wall. She laughs,''Ya
think they might have heard about
us sweety? They seem scared.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I think so hun! Word must travel
fast between Zombies. Lets cuff
them and throw them into the cells
and finish checking out the
Jailhouse." Johnathan grabs his
cuffs and throw Gennette two pair
and start beginning handcuffing
the zombies. Johnathan grabs the
one zombie Handcuffs him and slams
him back against the wall.
Johnathan then grabs the other
zombie and handcuffs him and slams
him against the wall.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette catches the cuffs and
starts cuffing them. She looks at
the human ,Um I think we have a
slight problem. This guy is
turning right now.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Shit this is not good. Lets cuff
the son of a bitch and let him
fend for himself." Johnathan walks
over to the human turning zombie
and ducks the shot the zombie
tried to land on him and planted a
few shots on his chest and a few
in his ribs. "This will show you
Zombie." Johnathan then cuffs the
Zombie and slams him against the
wall. "Okay babe lets get them
down to the holding cells."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Lead the way babe, I got your

They leave the room and head down
stairs to the holding cell.''When
we are through we need to check
the other rooms upstairs.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Let's go hun. That sounds like a
good idea." Johnathan leads the
way down to the holding cells.
Once they get to the holding cells
John unlocks the gate to the
cells. Johnathan slams the first
zombies head on the cell bars for


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
trying to restrain and get out of
the cuffs. "Oh Sorry That was an
accident." Johnathan trips the
other zombie to the ground "I am
sorry about that. Get the fuck in
the cell you two."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette couldn't help but laugh
as Johnathan puts the zombies in
the cell, as she takes the cuffs
of and pushes the ones she
Hitting him across the back and
knocking him down. ''I need a bath
now I smell like rotting flesh.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I Like that aggressiveness in you
sweetheart. You teach that ugly
disgrace of a human looking being
what its like being on the other
end of an ass kicking from a
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette kicks the zombie thing
making his arm fall off. ''Oh damn
it those were new shoes.'' She
shoots the guy then closes the
door, locking it so they can't get
out. Looking at the other
zombies.''Dinner is served.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After the one cell door was
slammed A zombie tried to creep up
behind Gennette and Johnathan.
Johnathan heard the zombie kick a
can. Johnathan turned around and
BAMM with a Roundhouse kick to the
face. Gennette then slams the
zombies head onto the desk next to
them. "Don't the zombies ever
learn not to mess with us."
Johnathan grabs the zombie and
slams him against the wall and
toss him back to Gennette to
finish the job on him.


                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs as he tosses the
zombie to her as she kicks him so
he doubles over, hits him upside
his head with her gun . Walks him
over to the cell with the other
zombies by his ear , unlocks it
and pushes him inside the cell.
"Bon Appetite Slamming the cell
behind her taking off one of their
hands that tried to stop her.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"That takes care of them son of
bitches." "Dinners Served!" "Bon
Appetite!" That is what I am
talking about. Lets search the
second floor."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs and puts her arms
around Johnathon,''Yes please lets
get this over with you owe me a
hot, long bath soon.'' She winks
and gives him a kiss on his cheek
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan high tails it up the
staircase with Gennette right
behind him. They finally reached
the second level and started to
begin their search looking for any
survivors. "Okay first room is
locked tight, do we want to open
it or continue our search."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
After checking her first
room,''Clear. Its locked hell lets
leave it locked until we are
through searching.'' She goes back
into the room she was in and grabs
a chair. ''And to make sure it
stays locked.'' She puts the back
of the chair under the door knob
''Now lets finish and come back to
this one.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Ok Hun, Lets continue our
search." Johnathan continued to
search the floor. Opening the
first door slowly so he could


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
catch a peek at whats behind the
door. "FREEZE! New York Police
Department, anyone in here against
the wall. NOW!" Johnathan waves
for Gennette to come in here and
help him cuff the zombies.
Johnathan felt to make sure he had
enough handcuffs to go around.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs as she hands him
his cuffs,''Ya have to remember to
take them off the prisoners love
whe you throw them in the clink.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"What would I do with out you
sweety?" Johnathan handcuffs the
first two zombies and slammed the
third and forth zombies heads
against the wall. "Sorry about
that man!" Johnathan tripped the
zombies feet and falls on him. The
zombie tried to struggle while he
was handcuffing him so Johnathan
threw the gross being to the other
wall next to Gennette. Johnathan
takes the other zombie and planted
him against the wall. "These two
are all yours Babe!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Oh look a present just for me.
Thank you love.''

She slams them in the wall and
reads them there rights.

''You have the right to be silent,
if you make one freaking peep I'll
bash your nasty ass heads in. If
ya get slime on me I'll slit your
freaking throats.''

She grins as they go out the
door,'Man I love being SWAT.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan enjoyed it when Gennette
talked like that to the perps it
was one reason they were the best
SWAT members.

Listening to the conversation
Johnathan added a little finesse
to the arrest. "You have the right
to remain UGLY. Anything you say
wont be very much. If you attempt
to run you will be shot. If you
survive and run again you will be
shot again." "That is the very way
the Harders' roll this game of
life. If you piss us off I will
kick your slimy ass all around
this room and then you will face
the wrath of my Wife. ANY
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette uncuffs the zombies and
pushed them into the cell with the
other ones.'''Got ya some more
booty buddies guys.'' She slams
the cell door and hands his cuffs
back to him.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"How many more of these slimy
bastards can we fit in these
cells." What next? We still have
all those bastards running around
outside looking for us."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Hell I don't know, we could
always lure them into an abandon
building and set it on fire.'' She
shrugged her shoulders "Or we wait
until the ones we have in there to
eat each other then we will have
more room.'' 'Hey it is happening,
we had one less when we went back
the last time.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Luring the bastards to a fire
death! That sounds like a plan


                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette lets out a small happy
squeal. ''Oh how I love when
things plan out well.'' She gave
him a peck on the cheek,''You get
more than that if you can score me
a hot bath soon.'' She winks as
she heads back upstairs.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"A Hot Bath!" Johnathan thinks to
himself and looks at Gennette and
smiled. Johnathan continued his
search down the hallway.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette stands there looking at
Johnathon as he goes into the
other rooms,''Yes I said a hot
bath.'' She pouts and goes up
another flight of stairs.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan walked up to the next
level of stairs and tried to open
one door at a time until one was
opened. The first one Johnathan
tried was unlocked, peeking in to
see if there were any survivors,
there was a young man who he
couldn't recognize was seen
slamming a zombie on the wall
getting ready to handcuff him when
Johnathan popped in to help.
Johnathan recognized who it was.
"Steven what the hell are you
doing here?"
                       STEVEN HARDER
"Saving your ass like usual
brother. I figured you guys might
need some help. Wheres Gennette
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Coming up behind Johnathon,,''Did
I hear my name called?'' She walks
in and stops.''STEVIE?''
                       STEVEN HARDER
Steven slammed the zombies head
against the wall. "Stop struggling
Slime ball. Do you wanna end up


                       STEVEN HARDER (cont'd)
like your buddies!" Steven turned
around and notice Gennette step
in. "Hey Sis, how are you?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She walks over to him, hitting the
zombie across the back of the head
and making it fall down, she gives
her brother in law a hug and kiss
on the cheek.

''Hey there sexy how are you?''
                       STEVEN HARDER
"I am doing great! Just kicking
ass and taking names and throwing
them in the slammer." Steven
headed back to the zombie and
kicked him in the ribs and picks
him up and throws him to Johnathan
to finish him off, "Here's a
present for you brother. From ME
to YOU!"
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Cool! A present! Thanks Bro!"
Johnathan takes the zombie and
smashed his head on his knee and
walks him over to Gennette and
slams his back against the wall
giving Gennette her chance on the
zombie. "Here ya go hun!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''What?? For me? Oh I feel so

She pistol whips him, then takes a
cleaver and slices his throat.'

She looks at the Harder men.''Gee
what am I going to do? Two very
sexy men and only one woman.'' She
laughs,''Now you really owe me a
hot bath.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"You got it sexy! "Next Room! Hope
there is more to come like this
one!" Johnathan looks at the
zombie and smiled, and looked at


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
Gennette and Steven and laughed.
Johnathan walks out of the room
still smiling.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs,''Come on sweety
looks like your brother isn't
stopping right now.'' She follows
him out the door and into the
other room.
                       STEVEN HARDER
"You know him, once he makes up
his mind there is no stopping him!
Lets Harders stick together and do
not let him do anything stupid."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"And you know your brother he is
as hard headed as they come.''
                       STEVEN HARDER
"Yeah but he is one of best people
I know! Hes just on a mission
too. You know he wants to be back
home with you and the twins safe
and sound."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette sighs as she leans
against the door frame watching
Johnathon move from room to room.
''I know but damn this is suppose
to be our second honeymoon.''
                       STEVEN HARDER
"Well lets get this over with so
you two can continue your
honeymoon and don;t have to spend
another minute here!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Well there is one more room then
we need to go to plan 2 so lets
get this over with.'' She pulls
out a gun, tries the door.''This
last one is locked.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"That's weird that this door is
locked. What do you guys want to
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette holds up a finger, then
gets on her hands and knees
looking under the door she screams
out and jumps up.

"Holy Crap!"
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After Gennette got up screaming
Johnathan dropped to the floor to
see what was underneath. "WHAT THE

"Um what should we do now?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette closes her eyes,''Oh God
just give me a minute I wasn't
expecting to see something look
back at me.'
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Um yeah this was the least thing
I was expecting to see. This must
be the greater evil that we knew
would be coming Why don't we just
get the hell out of here and blow
up the building."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette smiles and reaches in her
back pack,''Have explosives will
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"You are always prepared."
Johnathan walked down to one of
the empty rooms to look out the
window to see landing area. "Oh
water, looks like we are going to
have to jump." Johnathan walked
back to Gennette and Steven. "I
found our escape. After we set the
explosives we have to jump out the
window and into the lake below.
Its our only option."


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette rolls her eyes,''Great
and here i am in a white
t-shirt.'' She grabs her bag and
zips it up. She goes to the window
and prepares to jump.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan walks over to the door
and plants one of the explosives.
Then walks over to the second door
and plants the explosives, third
door same thing. Johnathan then
tosses the other explosives down
the stairs and yells back "You
guys can jump any chance that you
have! Explosives are set for 5
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''Ya know I don't jump without my
partner, get your ass in here
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I'll be there in one sec sexy."
Johnathan ran out the door and
down the hall into the escape
room. Johnathan grabs a chair and
smashes the window so they can
jump. Steven leaped out the
building and landed with a big
splash in the water. "Our turn",
Johnathan takes a hold of
Gennettes hand, "Ready Hun!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Taking his hand,"Ready as ever
baby.'' They jump out the window
and make a big splash in the
water. Coming back up to the
surface they swim out.

Gennette looks down and coves her
front up,''Damn white t-shirt.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
The Harders swim to land and prop
out of the water Steven first.
Johnathan then pulled himself out
of the water and reached for her
hand to help her out. "Come on hun
lets get you out of this water."
Johnathan then turns around and to
his suprise more zombies running
around the city.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She looks at the two men and
shrugs,''We can get the Hell out
of dodge.''

She shakes her head,''BUT WE ARE
                       STEVEN HARDER
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Yeah what Steven said!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs and pops Johnathon
across the back of the head. "Oh
come on boys we can go out in a
blaze of glory." She pulls out a
gun and takes off running, yelling
back,''Ya better run the bomb is
about to go off and I don't want
to be a widow.'' She begins
shooting at every zombie she sees.


                       STEVEN HARDER
Steven takes off running and pulls
out his guns and starts blasting
off every zombie in his path.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After Gennette yelled back and
Steven took off Johnathan followed
behind and grabbed his guns and
started shooting zombies by taking
one shot in the head. "Hell yeah!
Don't piss us Harders off or you
gonna join your buddies!"
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan, Gennette and Steven run
around the corner and slam up
against the wall on a corner
street away from everyone. After
that they spot a female running
towards them slashing zombies in
her way. "Must be FBI or CIA, lets
go over and help out."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"At least we know we aren't in
this alone.'' Gennette takes off
towards the other female, shooting
zombies as she runs.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I agree with you hun!" Johnathan
and Steven take off after Gennette
shooting and punching zombies in
there path to get to the female
fighting zombies.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Making her way to the woman she
stops and identifies herself so
she wouldnt get shot.
                       ADIANA CELESTYN
'I can't fucking believe what's
happening,' were her first
thoughts when Adiana had first
arrived in the small town of San
Angelo, TX. The next had been,
'Fuck the FBI!'

Now, several days and several runs
to the ammo shop later, Adiana is
having the time of her life


                       ADIANA CELESTYN (cont'd)
blasting the hell out of some kind
of undead creatures...zombies, for
lack of a better word. Of course,
her sword (definitely not FBI
issue) is looking a little worse
for wear and she burned through
her own sniper ammo awhile ago.
And she hasn't seen a real, LIVE
human yet...

And then, just as the thought
crosses her mind, she spots two
men and a woman walking toward
her. They aren't rotting, moaning,
and (she hopes) not craving her
flesh. A puzzled look briefly
crosses her face, until the woman
identifies herself.

'Great...local PD...' she thinks
with exasperation before
introducing herself. "Hi, I'm
Special Agent Adiana Carter. What
the hell is going on here...I mean
beyond the feasting undead, that
is," she says, slinging blood and
all sorts of brain matter from her
sword and holstering it behind her
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan introduced himself and
the group while shooting zombies
behind them. "This is my wife
Gennette and my brother Steven.
Were SWAT!"

"Lets see its been a few days now
since the dead started rising up
and walking in search of human
flesh. What happened was the
Genetics Plant in town had a major
meltdown releasing a toxin into
the town which killed everyone
instantly in a 3 mile radius.
After that, they started rising up
like nothing was going on. Creepy

"Ever since that Gennette and I
were coming back from a training
session in NYC we have been


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
dealing with this problem. Steven
just started joining in. Its been
a total nightmare."

Johnathan grabbed a sharp sword
laying in the corner behind him
and swung it slashing a zombie
next to them "Asshole zombie, we
were in the middle of a
conversation and your trying to
eat us for lunch."
                       ADIANA CELESTYN
"Well, I was always told, 'Fuck
with genetics and genetics will
fuck with you,'" she replies,
taking aim at a female zombie
behind the trio and splattering
its brains across the crowd of
hungry undead behind it. "Of
course, in this situation it might
be better to say 'eat you'...but I
suppose it doesn't matter much,
anyway. I'm just happy I get to
put all those hours watching
George Romero movies to use!"
Laughing, she quickly turns and
delivers a killing uppercut to yet
another of the walking dead.

"So...what's the plan?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Well first thing to do is get the
hell out of this area. This is a
danger zone right now.'' She
brings up one of the guns she is
carrying and aims just shy of
Adiana's left cheek and shoots,
not missing a beat as she
continues talking,"and if we don't
get out we will be overtaken.''
She shoots a couple more as she
scans the area. "There's a bakery
from the way it looks lets head
that way and get out of this
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Good Idea! I'll follow you to the
end of the Earth!"


                       STEVEN HARDER

"You know me I don't run from a
fight but lets get the hell out of
here I still want to see my
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She reaches out and touches Johns
face and smiles,''And I will
follow you to the ends of the
earth too baby."Turning she takes
                       ADIANA CELESTYN
Adiana nearly chocks on the
display of affection between the
couple; she hates lovey-dovey crap
as much as she hates preps...well,
almost. 'But I guess they're
alright,' she thinks to herself.
At least Jonathan seems to have a
good sense of humor. And she has
someone to fight along side...not
that she cares either way, that

"So...we get out of here...sounds
good," she replies, making a quick
survey of the ever-increasing
crowd of creatures. "Of course, I
always did like a good fight,
though," she whispers wistfully,
then breaks out laughing before
turning toward the bakery.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan laughed at Adiana's last
comment, after he pulled out his
pistols and took off toward the
bakery. After arriving he turned
around and motioned for Steven to
take off.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Arriving first and looking through
the lower windows Gennette
smiles,''So far so good.'' She
tries the door knob and opens it.
Looking through the crack of the
door she slowly walks in looking
around as she moves to the nearest


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After Gennette arrived first
looking through the window and
head to the nearest wall after
trying to open the door close to
her. Johnathan headed inside the
door and followed Gennette after
pulling out his pistol and loading
the magazine into the chamber.
Johnathan checked to make sure
nothing was near them "Clear!"
                       STEVEN HARDER
Steven takes off running after the
group and started firing to the
side of them and headed to the
window and dived through it to get
inside. "This rooms clear."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette slaps herself in the
forehead. "Why the hell did you
just do that Steven, couldn't you
have gone through the door like
the rest of us?'' She shakes her
head and walks through the
                       STEVEN HARDER
"Well it was faster option since
this idiot was on my tail." Steven
turned around and popped the
zombie by the window in the head
and laughed. "Got ya you son of a
Gennette enters a room slowly she sees a mirror on the
opposite wall. She takes a small step back to see if she can
view the room before she goes in all the way.
Johnathan followed behind Gennette and popped against the
other wall and poked his head out to see if anyone was in
the room ahead of them. With his gun ready to fire he threw
a rock into the room to see if anyone would move around.
Pointing to Steven to go around to the other side to see if
anyone was moving before the entered the room.
Gennette sees someone walking about in the room. She puts a
finger to her lips, she waits until their back was turned
and eased into the room and moves behind the curtain.
Keeping an eye on the person she holds a finger up, to let


him know not to move yet. When the person walked into the
other room she motioned for him to follow quickly.
Gennette motioned for Johnathan to follow her, Johnathan
motioned to Steven on the other end to go in on the other
side. Johnathan kept his back to the window pointing towards
the outside where the zombie tried to get in. Johnathan
fired a shot at the zombie trying to get in and dropped him
to the floor. Johnathan walked to the kitchen and grabbed a
magazine clip and slid it into the holder and got it ready
to fire once he saw any zombies. Another zombie tried to
climb into the bakery and Johnathan popped him in the head
with one shot.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Um I think we might be surrounded
here. I keep killing one after
another and they keep coming
through that damn window. What the
hell are we going to do?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Move something in front of the
window.'' she sees a rope hanging
down and pulls on it as it goes
down a set of stairs unfold.
Gennette climbs the stairs and the
stairs are brought up. There is
silence in the backroom.
Johnathan pulls out the fridge from the wall and slides it
over next to the window blocking it off so they can't get
in. Johnathan slides the fridge out of the way real quick
and pops the two zombies in the head and slides the fridge
back against the window. Going back to what he was doing he
went into the other room without checking again and found
two zombies and kicked the first one in the face and then
shot the second one in the chest killing him instantly.
Steven slams the zombie against the wall that was near him
and kicked him in the back of the head and throws him into
the door and punches him in the ribs a few times and shoots
him in the head and kills him.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan then searched the room
and tried to find some more
weapons. "Gennette, where are you?
Are you okay?" Johnathan saw a
ceiling rope and pulled it down
and yelled up to Gennette again
"Hun are you up there?"


Gennette lays in the darkness unconscious. Johnathan did not
hear a reply so he took off running up the stairs to find
Gennette. Johnathan pulled out his flashlight and searched
around for Gennette and spotted a few zombies ten feet
behind her and fired off his gun taking down all the zombies
around in a quick let out of rapid shots. Johnathan picked
up the zombies one by one and chucked them down the stairway
and they landed on their necks killing them instantly.
Johnathan runs over to Gennette and checks on her to make
sure she is okay.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Gennette, hun are you okay? You
scared the hell out of me when you
didn't answer. Come on lets get
back down stairs." Johnathan picks
up Gennette and carries her over
to the staircase and pushed the
stairs down and climbed down with
Gennette in his arms and got back
down the stairs and laid by the
couch in the middle of the floor
and comforted her. "Are you okay
hun, what happened up there?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Blinking, Gennette rubs her eyes,
runs her fingers through her head
and notices she is bleeding.

"I don't remember. I went up the
stairs then blacked out. I think I
was hit in the back of my head.
And since I am bleeding I am
pretty sure that is what happened.
That and my head is pounding
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"You got lucky hun, you could of
been dinner for these three laying
dead by the stairs." Johnathan
felt the back of her head and
found the gash that was bleeding
and put his hand on it to try and
stop the bleeding and kissed her
on the forehead. Johnathan then
fires a shot at the zombie that
was walking down the staircase.
"Where the hell did you come


                       GENNETTE HARDER
"What happened to the one that
wasn't a zombie? Did you see
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Oh him, um... the zombies were
chowing down on him... he was
laying the corner with whatever
was left of him."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"EWW gross I don't even want to
think about it. I don't think
after this I don't ever want to
eat again.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I don't want to think about it
either but I witnessed this
massacre." Johnathan turned to
Steven to see if he was okay. A
few minutes later a silhouette of
two zombies showed as they passed
the front window.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Oh Jesus, will this ever end?
Once we get home promise we will
never leave again.'' She stands
and falls back down.

"I've got to get this patched up
on my head so I can get back to
hunting and not let you guys have
all the fun.'' She raises up,
pulls a knife out of her pocket
and throws it hitting one in the
side of the head. ''Damn I love
doing that.'' she laughs then
grabs her head,''Can you hand me
my bag so I can do this?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Oh we always have the fun on our
"hunts" when we went out but this
is more fun then ever." Johnathan
grabs his knife from his pocket
sleeve and tossed it at the other
zombie and hit him square in the
neck. Johnathan then grabs the bag
and hands it over to Gennette.
"Here ya go hun."


                       GENNETTE HARDER
She pulls out her sewing kit and a
bottle of Jack Daniels, grabbed
the Tylenol and popped them,
dinking the Jack as a chaser.''Ok
well I will be numb by the time I
am through.''

she threads the needle with
suturing thread and takes a deep
breath and another swig of JD.
Reaching up she feels around and
begins sewing.

                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan takes a swig of the JD
and fires a shot at the zombie
behind Steven. 'Got ya you slim
                       STEVEN HARDER
Steven turns around after the
zombie behind him falls down dead
and kicks that zombie in the face
and back of the neck killing him.
"How do you like me now ya
bastards?" Steven heads back over
to Gen and John and starts
throwing shots at the zombies
trying to get in.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette finishes and puts the
things away, takes the bottle from
Johnathon,''hey get your own.''
she laughs and takes a drink you
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I think so." Johnathan checks his
body over to make sure he is okay
and feels a slimy hand on his
shoulder and sees a slimy foot
next to him and stomps on the
zombies foot stunning him and
elbows him in the head knocking
him back and shoots him in the
head. Johnathan than feels the


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
back of his neck and felt blood
coming out of an open wound. "Damn
it, this ain't good." Johnathan
than passes out from the loss of
blood and smashes his head off the
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Oh Fuck!'' Gennette sits down and
puts his head on her lap. Reaching
for her bag she cleans his head
and looks at the other gnash on
him,''What the hell did he get
this from?'' she pours some
alcohol on his wound.
                       STEVEN HARDER
Steven fires another shat at the
zombies by the window and put the
fridge back by the window. Turning
around he sees Johnathan laying by
Gennette and heads over to see
what was going on. "John! What the
hell happened to him?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette looks up at Steven with
tears rolling down,'I..I'm not
sure. I just hope it isnt what I
think it is.''
A while passed and Johnathan was still laying their
unconscious. A little while passed again and Johnathan's
right hand started to move, he then slowly began to gain his
motor functions back. Johnathan slowly opened his eyes and
rub them and them rub the back of his head and felt blood.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Owwwwwwwwww! What Happened!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Honestly baby I don't know. I
don't know if they attacked you
with something or they bit you. I
don't think they bit you. I think
it would have been bigger and you
would be turning right now.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I bet they hit me in the head
with something when I went up to
get you in the attic. All I
remember is feeling a sharp pain


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
in the back of my head before i
got to you."Johnathan felt around
to check for bite marks. "I don't
see any bite marks. Thats a good
sign." Johnathan grabbed the
bottle of JD and started drinking
some of it. "Aw that feels a
little better." Johnathan then
fired off a shot near the fridge
dropping the zombie in its path.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She checks his head,''Ok baby let
me check the wound and seeif you
need to be sewed up. And so me a
favor this time be still.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Okay hun, I will stay still so
you can sew me up." Johnathan
fires another shot off at the
zombie in the corner. "Got ya!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She pops his hand,''Would you stop
that.'' She looks over her
shoulder,''Steven would you please
stand guard so your brother will
stop shooting and be still before
I end up pistol whipping his ass
until he passes out.'' She threads
the needle and starts sewing his
                       STEVEN HARDER
Steven goes over to John and grabs
his gun and holds his arms down so
Gen can get to work on his head
wound. "This is going to hurt John
grip my hands if its starts
hurting, we are here for you."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Oh he's a big boy, he won't cry.
Not if I didnt after sewing my own
head up just a few minutes ago.''
she finishes and takes a step
back. "Ok when I say let go of
him, ya may want to do it.'' She
pulls out a bottle of alcohol,
looks at Steven,''NOW!" she pours
the alcohol on hs head and jumps


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Steven steps back as Gen pours the
alcohol on his head. Johnathan
lets out an "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Looking out the corner of her eye,
she pulls a gun out of the
holster, aims for the window and
shoots. Smiling she looks at
Johnathon.''Well it isnt suppose
to feel good.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I know it going to hurt, but I
didn't think this much." John
grabs the bottle of alcohol and
started drinking it. John then
fires a shot at the window and
drops another zombie.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs,''At least it
didn't effect your eyesight. Ok
well lets see if this place has a
basement. Since we know it has an

She walks over to her husband and
gives him a hug and kiss,''Are you
ok babydoll?''
Johnathan laughs and takes another gulp of the alcohol and
takes the bottle with him and sets it in Gennettes backpack.
John then follows the group to the kitchen to go to the
Gennette makes it to the kitchen, going to the door she puts
her ear up to it and tries to listen to the other side, she
shakes her head letting them know that she doesn't hear
anything. She tries the door knob, sighing she looks back.
                       GENNETTE HARDER


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Locked huh! I have an idea for
that if we really wanna go down
there?" Johnathan steps up to the
door and takes a step back and
kicks the door and nothing
happened. He then smashes his fist
into the door and nothing and
stepped back and runs and kicks
the door off the hinges. "Ha! Take
that door!" Johnathan laughs and
picks up the door and sets it
against the wall.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette tries not to laugh at her
husbands attempt to break the door
down. She pulls her gun out and
reloads it, and waits for him to
open it.

Taking a step back she raise it up
and prepares to shoot whatever
maybe on the other side of the

When he gets it opened, she sighs
a she looks over and sees keys
hanging on a hook,''Bet one of
those keys went to that door.''

She walks over and picks them up,
twirling them around her finger as
she laughs, flipping a switch and
the lights on. At least we have
light.'' she starts walking down
the stairs.
Johnathan laughs as Gennette twirls the keys for the door
around her fingers. John then follows Steven and Gennette
with his gun ready.
                       GENNETTE HARDER

Gennette looks back,''Why am I
always the leader?''' she lets out
a small laugh as she heads down
the stairs, stopping midway. She
shakes her head and
whispers,There's something down
there.'' She leans forward a
little to get a better look,"Looks
like we have more than a handful.


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
What do you want to do guys?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Man I am getting tired of this.
Everywhere we go they seem to be
here. I have an idea!" Johnathan
heads down the stairs enough to
peek out around the corner to see
what was down there. "FUCK!" John
heads back up to the group. "Gen
do we have any smoke grenades or
stun grenades left over."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She grins and pulls her bag off of
her shoulder,''But of course ya
know mama always come prepared.
Besides haven't used them yet.
Which ones do ya want?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Stun Grenades should do more
damage, but the smoke grenades
could come in handy for cover.
I'll take a couple of each hun.
I'm going to toss them and we
should be able to clear the room
quickly. What do you think?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Hang on I have something I have
been working on.'' she pulls them
back up the steps and squats on
the floor, opening one of her bags
she pulls out something that looks
like a small bomb.

''I showed it to the Capt before
we left, he is going to get it
approved for our use. It's a
shrapnel bomb. It goes off and
shards of metal fills the room and
possibly killing anyone in it. So
pull the ring, toss it and run
back up here. So who's gonna do it
you or Steven?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
'I love it a shrapnel bomb! I will
do this!" Johnathan takes the bomb
and heads down the stairs and
scans the area. Johnathan looks at


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
the bomb pulls the pin and tosses
it in the corner and heads back up
the stairs but is grabbed by a
hand that came from under the
stairs. "What the fuck!"
Watching John throw the bomb she turns to zip her bag and
hears him scream out. She spins around to see her husband
being pulled down through the stairs.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She runs for the door and dives as Steven reaches to pull
John up and lands on top of Stevens back and helps him grab
John up.
Johnathan grabs the handrail with the opposite hand as
Gennette and Steven pull him up. Johnathan pulls with all
his strength as the zombie still has a hold of his leg.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Gen grab my knife from the bag!"
Gen stands up, jumps over John, leaning over the rails and
lets off a shot, hitting the zombie that has Johns leg.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Pull his ass up Steven.''
She comes up from behind him, stepping over the hole in the
steps and pushes them both through the door as the bomb goes
off and Gen lands on both men.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
The three individuals get through
the door and Johnathan is already
laying on the ground. "Damn!"
Johnathan sits up and grabs his
boot and takes it off and takes a
look at his foot.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Rolling off of them when John sits
up, She crawled over to check him
out,''Are you ok honey?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I think so! It looks a little
swollen but I will be fine."


                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Well of course it is swollen that
is the same damn foot you hurt
earlier yesterday and the same
damn foot you hurt every time.''
She looks around,''Where the hell
is your brother?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan puts his boot back on
and tightens the laces and gets
back up. "Steven where the hell
did you go?" Johnathan spots
Steven in the corner fighting off
zombies to no avail. "Gennette we
need some help over here."
Johnathan grabs one of the zombies
from behind and snaps his neck
with the pressure put on him.
"Move Steven!" Johnathan steps
back and grabs his knife from his
pocket and slams it into the
zombies neck making him bleed to
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette rolls her eyes,'"I'm sick
of these mother fuckers.'' as she
make her way tothe fight she sees
a baseball bat and walks over

Gennette steadily cussing as she
begins beating one zombie that was
about to attack John until he was
nothing but a bubble.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan turns around and laughs
as Gennette beats the crap out of
the zombie with a baseball bat.
"Can I get in on this fun." John
takes out his knife and swung the
knife behind him and turns it in
the zombies stomach and kicks him
in the stomach taking out the
knife. "Thats what you get mother
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette laughs, when she comes up
to swing again the bat stops
midair, she turns her head and


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
sees this nasty ass thing
slobbering onher,''Oh Have
mercy.'' he throws her and the bat
across the room and into the wall.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan turns around and see Gen
go flying across the room and the
bat she was using. "Hey slimebag
thats my wife you just threw you
are going to pay for that." John
then kicks the zombie and grabs
him and slams him into the wall
and layed three straight hard
shots to his face and a forearm to
his face. He then punches him in
the ribs and slits his throat ear
to ear. He then goes over to
Gennette and checks on her "Baby
are you okay?"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Uhhh think I got some cracked
ribs and bythe way did someone get
the number of the bus that just
hit me?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan laughed a little at the
comment Gennette just let out and
had his knife still in his hand
where he could see the zombie
behind him so he turned and swung
and missed having the zombie then
throw him flying across the room
and slamming back first into the
wall. "FUCK!" After slamming into
the wall he tosses his knife at
the zombie dropping him like a
fly. Johnathan laid there next to
Gen in pain.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette watches what happens to
John as he lands next to her she
can't help but laugh,''I didn't
get the one that hit you either.''
John couldn't help but laugh at that comment and holds the
side of his back.


                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Sorry baby I couldn't resist
it.'' She looks around the room a
minute. "Listen......why did it
get quiet all of a sudden?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan looks around the room
and noticed there were no zombies
in the room and they were crawling
back out the window. "What the
hell is going on, why the hell are
they leaving the bakery."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"I don't know it is strange.'' She
slides herself up the wall and

''I wonder what is wrong? What is
happening?'' she sees Steven look
out the window

''So what happened?''
                       STEVEN HARDER
"I don't know they just got up and
started to head out and left in a
hurry. Where are they going to
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette makes her way to the
window and look out.

Turning around she looks at
John''Ok boys reload and lets go
follow the ooey gooeys and see
whats up.'' she walks to her bag
and begins pulling her equipment
out and begins reloading.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan pulls out the mag clip
from his weapon and switchs it out
with a new clip. "Okay Lets get
this over with."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Locked and loaded lets go.'' They
go to the door look at eachother,
she leans over and gives him three


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
kisses. He knew that was from he
and the twins.

Opening the door they walk out .
The streets are empty.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan follows Gennette out to
the street which were completely
empty. "That is weird the zombies
seemed to just disappear."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She raises a brow and looks up.
"Uhh I think we need to get back
in ASAP. I don't like how those
clouds look.''

I lightening rod comes down and
hits a building.

"Uhh thats our cue to get inside
now.'' As they turned around and
go back in it starts raining.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Yep that is definitely our clue
to get the hell inside."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette looks out the window
,''It is horrible out there. So
black looking, What the hell is
that green mist?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan walks up to the window
and stares at the green mist. "Oh
no not this shit again!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She looks at John and pulls on his
arm, turning him around,''Wait
what do you mean by that? This has
happened again.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Thats the same green mist that
created these slimy creatures, so
if there were any survivors most
likely they were turned." A few


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
minutes later the green mist blows
by and everything seemed to clear
up. "Do we want to try and follow
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"I'm not going out there yet. Hey
any clue where Roger is?''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I haven't seen Roger since the
beginning of this incident,
wondering if he is okay?"
Johnathan walks out the door to
see what is going on and notices
that the streets were still empty
until he saw a zombie out of the
corner of his eyes. "Fuck!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette walks out and sees the
zombies and pulls John back in.
"Are you fucking crazy? Don't just
go out there by yourself. Do you
want me to be a widow and our kids
fatherless?'' she pops him on his
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"No baby I don't want to make you
a widow or the twins fatherless.
You know me hun I have to check
things out if it looks curious to
me." Johnathan turns around and
hugs Gennette and gives her a
passionate kiss.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She wraps her arms around his neck
as they kiss. She whispers on his
lips,''I love you baby.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I Love You baby! You are the best
thing that has happened to me!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"You know when this is over with,
you owe me a long love making
session. Because that is what we
would be doing right now if this
shit wasn't going on.''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Woohoo, you got it babydoll!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She sighs, takes his hand and
pulls him down the hallway and
finds and unlocked door and opens
it, she looks inside and pulls him
in behind her, closing the door
behind him as she immediately
starts kissing him and undressing
him.''I refuse to wait any
longer.'' she says in between
undressing him and herself.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After the two undressed each other
Johnathan picked up Gennette and
sets her on the bed and starts
kissing her neck and working his
way down to her stomach and back
up her breasts and back to her
neck. "I knew we wouldn't be able
to wait!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette smiles at her husband,
the father of their children, the
love of her life, with all the
love in her heart.

She wraps her arms around him and
pulls him down to her,"Oh God I
Love You.''


Just as they begin making love to
each other they are

The door bursts opens
up,''HELP ME!!

Gennette screams out and jumps up
which sends Johnathon off of her
and to the floor.


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After Gennette jumps up and
screams she sends Johnathan to the
floor. Johnathan backs away from
the zombie and grabs the knife
from his jeans pocket and grabs
the creature from the undead and
slices his throat and stabs him in
the chest and slides the knife out
and tosses the zombie to the
ground. John gets up and puts back
on his pants and picks up the
zombie and tosses him down the
stairs. "That is for ruing the
moment you slimy bastard."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
For the first time since they have
been married Gennette shows just
how much of a female she still is.
As she has herself wrapped up in a
blanket, in the middle of the bed
and crying, as John fights and
kills the zombie. When he walks
back inside he sees his frightened
wife crying on the bed. Something
that he isn't use to seeing.
Johnathan goes over to the bed where his frightened wife was
crying and sits next to her. John comforts her while she
covered up with the blanket. He then holds her in his arms
and starts to cry himself.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"I Love You Baby."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She lays in the bed, in his arms
as they cry together,''Oh baby
please tell me that we will wake
up and be in our bed and be able
to hear our kids playing in their
beds.'' she looks up at her
through her teary eyes,''Please
tell me that.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"We will baby! But for now we must
get this over with."


                       GENNETTE HARDER
She sighs,''I don't want to do
anything else, I want to go home.
I miss the babies, don't you miss
them?'' she gets up and walks
across the room, still wrapped in
the blanket, as she stands at the
window. She watched as the zombies
walk around, bumping into each
other, fighting one another. She
mumbles,we need an air strike to
get rid all the bastards.'

She rubs her eyes, "John? John
come here quick.'' She drops the
blanket and grabs her pants and
t-shirt. Going back to the
window,Get dressed there's
someone down there.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
After Johnathan got back into the
room and finished getting dressed.
Johnathan then went over to the
window and looked out to notice
that there was an individual
outside fending for himself. "Lets
go help Hun, then we need to get
the hell back inside."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She handed him his gear and heads
out the door,''Come on Steven get
off your ass and get back to
work,'' she playfully pushed him
as she walks out the door and
begins shooting immediately, along
with throwing smoke grenades.
Johnathan grabbed out some grenades and started tossing them
towards the groups of zombies and grabbed out his pistols
and started firing every way possible, dropping one zombie
after another.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette makes her way over to the
man who was sneaking his way
around the zombies.

She calls out to the guy and he
begins running,''HEY STOP I WON'T


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)

She disappears around the corner
of a building.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan started firing shots at
the surrounding zombies taking
them out one at a time with head
shots. Looking around the area he
couldn't spot Gennette or the man
running around. Johnathan the
calls out for Gennette. "Gennette
baby where are you?" Johnathan
fires off a few more shots and
tosses a flash grenade then a
smoke bomb giving him coverage.
The man has his hand over Gennette's mouth as he whispers in
her ear. Tears rolling down her face as he pulls her into an
abandoned building.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan runs around shooting
zombies looking for Gennette.
"Gennette baby where are you?"
Johnathan slides on the ground and
shoots a few more zombies and
slides into a zombie. The zombie
grabs Johnathan and tries to bite
him and he blocks it and the
zombie tosses Johnathan into the
side of a building. "Baby where
are you? BABY!"
                       GENNETTE HARDER
The man ties Gennette up as she
struggles and fights with him. He
laughs as he says,''I told Mary I
would capture one and make them
pay for hurting her.'' he laughs

He begins throwing some liquid on
her as he continues laughing
After the zombie tosses Johnathan into the side of a
building, he groans in pain from the impact. Johnathan
crawls back up against the wall and leans there. A few


seconds later he hears a hysterical laugh coming from inside
the building. Johnathan tries to stand on his feet and
falters back to the ground and tries to get back up on his
feet again and no luck. Johnathan whispers to himself
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"That sounds like Gennette's being
Johnathan grabs out his scanner and calls Gennette to
distract anyone inside.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Gennette baby come in! Are you
Johnathan listens to the static to see if he could hear
                       GENNETTE HARDER

Again Johnathon hears some
laughing, then in his scanner he
can hear,'JOHN'.....then a
gurgling noise as he gags her then
he hears a thump.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan hears Gennette and then
a gurgling noise and musters up
enough strength to stand himself
up and lean against the wall. John
then pulls out his 9mm Beretta and
leans himself against the wall and
walks along it and goes to the
door and opens it up slowly so the
man doesn't hear him try to get
in. Johnathan grabs out a flash
grenade and smoke grenade. "Fuck
which one should I use as cover.
Both of them are going to hurt
Gennette in a way." Johnathan pops
the pin off the smoke grenade and
tosses it inside to get a screen
to cover his entrance.

Johnathan then stealthily sneaks
into the room and sneaks up behind
the man who was sitting there
gagging Gennette and has her tied
to the chair. Johnathan grabs the


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
man from behind and put his gun to
The man coughs as Gennette lays there unconscious.'Shhheee
won't be hurting Mary anymore. '' He points the gun to
Gennettes head
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan squeezed the man more
and more to start cutting off
circulation. "Are you
understanding me asshole. I have a
million ways of killing you before
you had a chance to kill one of
                       DEREK JOHNSON
"Did you do all of this? Did you
hurt my Mary? Did you turn her
into those..those things? I didn't
want to hurt her.'' he looks down
at Gennette,''But she did, she was
after me. She ran after me, just
like those things did.'' he pulls
free from Johnathon and points the
gun at Gennette again. Within less
than a minute his gun goes off and
you can hear another thump. Laying
beside Johnathon is a zombie.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan looked around after the
man got loose from his grip. "You
can do anything to me, kill me for
Mary but you are not to lay a
finger on my wife you hear me." A
few seconds later a shot rang of
in the distance and a loud thud
hit the ground and a zombie was
laying at his feet. "What the
Hell?" Johnathan pulled his weapon
back to the man sitting there.
                       DEREK JOHNSON
"SHE...she's your wife? And you
would give your life for her?'' he
looks at Gennette's body on the
floor then back at Johnathon,''He
was going to kill you.'' he points


                       DEREK JOHNSON (cont'd)
to Gennette with the gun,''How
would she live without you. I
can't kill either of you.''

He wipes at his eyes,''I loved
her, they got her during the
night. I was at work, I came home
and she was....she was turning.
She begged me to kill her, I
couldn't. but after she.'' he
looks down at his bleeding
leg,"after she bit me, its real
small, but I did it. I shouldn't
have.'' he shakes his head,''I'm
sorry if I hurt her, take care of
her, don't let anything happen to
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan looked at the man then
to HIS wife then it's time to grab
a gun. Johnathan grabs his gun out
and points it at the man and pops
a shot off dropping a zombie
behind him to the floor. "Our LOVE
will outlast anything that we go
through no matter the cost."
Johnathan started to cry and went
over to wife and sat near her and
comforted her. "Are you okay
                       DEREK JOHNSON
The man looks at the dead
zombie,''We use to say that. Take
care of her, don't let anything
happen to her.''
When John wasn't looking the man walked out of the building
and starts shooting his gun at zombies as they over take him
and he becomes zombie food.
Johnathan ran out after the man and tossed a frag grenade
into the pile of zombies feeding on the man. A few seconds
later the grenade went off and Johnathan dived out of the
way back into the building they were in.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Fuck yeah. That was awesome."


Gennette begins opening her eyes as she rolls over and
begins wiggling trying to get herself untied, and the gag
out of her mouth.
Johnathan turned around and noticed Gennette trying to
wiggle free and untie herself. Johnathan goes over to her
and helps her by untying her and help her with the gag she
had on and helped her get up.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Who was that? Why did he?'' She
looks at the expression on Johns
face as she sits up, rubbing her
head,''What? What happened? John
talk to me, tell me what
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"All i know is that we ran out of
the bakery shooting zombies and
then you disappeared behind a
building, I was searching for you
high and low. Then I was slammed
into the building and I heard
someone laughing. So I tried to
get a hold of you on our radios
and then I heard you being gagged.
So here I came and got a hold of
that man and he was trying to kill
you for someone named Mary. So he
left and went out fighting and
went down as zombie food."

Johnathan then picks up Gennette
and gives her a hug and a
passionate kiss "Baby you had me
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Kissing him back,''Baby..baby I'm
fine. What threw you into the
building? He kept telling me
things in my ear. Wanted me to
know what he was going to do with
me before you killed me. Oh thank
God you came when you did baby. I
couldn't see me doing the things
he wanted to do with anyone else.
What a perv.'' She looks
around,''Wait where did you say he
was? Did you say he is...'' She
buries her face in his shoulder,
as tears rolls down her face.


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Yeah was fighting and got flung
into the wall busted a couple of
ribs. I am glad you are all right
baby." Gennette cries on
Johnathans shoulder as she
realized what happened to the man.
Johnathan fired a shot at the
zombie trying to get to them. "Got
ya bitch, think you can sneak up
on a romantic moment.""I am okay
baby. A little bruised up from
slamming into walls all day."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She reaches in his shirt and gentl
runs her hands over his ribs with
her eyes closed,''Hmm lets get you
back to the bakery so I can patch
those ribs up and look you over a
bit more.'' she finally manages to
stand up without swaying too much
and offers him her hand.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Lets get back to the bakery and
start refueling and grab more
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Lets figure this out baby and
find Steven. Before he does
something stupid to get himself
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Well he is your brother and he
does get his ass in more trouble
than most men do.'' she laughs as
she puts her own t-shirt on and
stands goes through her bags,
reloading her equipment and looks
at John,''Hang on I'll be right
back, she grabs her personal
bag.''as she walks away and
begins looking through the
different rooms, all he can hears
is doors slamming and Gennette
cussing when he finally hears her
say,''Thank God.'' and the door

15 minutes goes by and Gennette
can be heard grumbling as she


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
walks through the hallway,
grabbing her gear and walks past
John mumbling something about how
''Eve Fucking Sucks.''

She goes to the door and leans
against the wall and waits for him
to reload his equipment and grab
his gear.

She looks at him,''Ok Now I Need
To Kill Something.''
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"Well he is your brother and he
does get his ass in more trouble
than most men do.'' she laughs as
she puts her own t-shirt on and
stands goes through her bags,
reloading her equipment and looks
at John,''Hang on I'll be right
back, she grabs her personal
bag.''as she walks away and
begins looking through the
different rooms, all he can hears
is doors slamming and Gennette
cussing when he finally hears her
say,''Thank God.'' and the door

15 minutes goes by and Gennette
can be heard grumbling as she
walks through the hallway,
grabbing her gear and walks past
John mumbling something about how
''Eve Fucking Sucks.''

She goes to the door and leans
against the wall and waits for him
to reload his equipment and grab
his gear.

She looks at him,''Ok Now I Need
To Kill Something.''
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Yeah he does get in more trouble
than most men do." John grabs his
bag and gets out his equipment and
starts to reload. "Fucking Clips
are starting to piss me the fuck
off." JOhn slams the clip on the
wall and pops it back into the


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)

"You fucking zombies will have
another thing coming when we come
outside and start kicking your
asses up and down these streets."
He gets out his 9mm and sees a
zombie out of the corner of his
eyes and fired off a damn shot
hitting him square in the head.
"Fuck yeah, don't go messing with
us Harders today." Johnathan
laughs and heads down the stairs.
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette looks through her
personal bag as she waits for
John, she sees him and
sighs,''Tell me you have chocolate
in your bag, if not I am heading
for the candy store I hope one of
those fucking zombies get in my
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette grins at him as she takes
the box from him, giving him a
kiss,''Thank you baby I knew you
loved me. And you don't want me to
rip your balls off when the
emotional roller coaster hits me
do you babe?'' she pops a piece of
candy in her mouth and puts the
rest in her bag,''Be prepared in a
week,'' she looks in his eyes,You
know I will want you more than
anything so ya better start
looking for a quiet place that is
zombie free. And I don't care if
Steve has to stand guard.'' she
winks and opens the door and heads
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Oh I love you more than anything
in this world. No I rather you not
rip my balls off with the
emotional roller coaster, but
would rather have you rip a
zombies heart out." John laughs as
they head out the door. "Oh you
got it baby, One week, I know a
place." John winks at Gennette and


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER (cont'd)
the go looking for Steven.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan starts firing shots off
at zombies and hitting a few in
his way and looks out at the
bridge and spots somebody in the
distance. "I can't tell if its
Steven or somebody else." A zombie
sneaks up behind John and he feels
a slimy hand on his shoulder as he
reached for his knife and handed
it to his left hand and stabs the
zombie in his chest running the
knife up his chest. This caused
the zombie to let go of Johnathan
turning around and slicing the
zombies hand off. "That's what you
get for touching me ya slimeball."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
"I'll keep you to that lover.''
She says as they walk down the

She begins shooting at zombies
immediately and has a thought as
she sees more coming towards her.
''Oh that is such a bad thought
but makes sense.'' she shrugs and
continues down the street.

She stops and puts her hand above
her eyes,''Is that Steven on the
bridge or someone else?'
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Gennette sees the zombie and
laughs as Johnathon does his
famous knife trick as she always
called it.

''Way to go babe.'' she gives him
an air high five and heads towards
the bridge. ''I can't tell either
but hopefully will know soon
enough.'' She shoots a couple more
creatures and stops to look
around. ''Have you tried calling
him on your com-link?''


                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Gennette sees the zombie and
laughs as Johnathon does his
famous knife trick as she always
called it.

''Way to go babe.'' she gives him
an air high five and heads towards
the bridge. ''I can't tell either
but hopefully will know soon
enough.'' She shoots a couple more
creatures and stops to look
around. ''Have you tried calling
him on your com-link?''
                       STEVEN HARDER
After fighting a few more zombies
Steven picks up his comm-link "Hey
John where the hell are you guys i
am out here stuck on the damn
bridge with all these fucking
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''We're on our way brother-
in-law, we had a few set backs and
no it isn't the kind you think so
get your mind out of the gutter
before you even make a comment
about it.''
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''How the Hell did he get up
there? I hate climbing trees, damn
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Steve use to love climbing trees
all the time. I never liked it.
Just remember the training we had
to do climbing high walls and
start climbing baby." Johnathan
turns around and shoots a zombie
running towards them and puts away
his gun. Why don't you go up first
baby I will follow so you wont
                       GENNETTE HARDER
''You do realize you and your
brother owe me big time for
climbing through these trees? I do
mean BIG.'' she climbs and falls
through the limbs. tearing up


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
She continues until she gets through to the other side. She
is scratched up, her jeans are all torn up and so is her
shirt but she stands there waiting patiently for John.
Johnathan backs up and takes a running start up the tree,
halfway up he slip and falls on one of the limbs and lands
on his ribs again.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
He catches his grip on the tree and starts to climb up again
cutting himself on the branches every step of the way. John
finally gets a little farther up the tree and the branch he
was standing on gave out and he lands on his ribs again.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"Could this day get and fucking
                       GENNETTE HARDER
Welcome to The Other Side Of
Hell.'' She laughs and looks the
direction that his brother had
been standing. Is your side okay
baby? Do you need me to check it
before we continue?
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
Johnathan pulls up his shirt and
noticed that the wrapping was
soaked in red blood. "I think we
might need to check it before we
head forward."
                       GENNETTE HARDER
She sighs,"Oh great now you have
broken the skin.'' she takes his
shirt off. "Don't do anything
yet.'' She pulls out her hand
sanitizer, then pulls out her
sewing kit. "You owe me for this
too too and I expect payment in a
week.'' She winks as she stands up


                       GENNETTE HARDER (cont'd)
and starts unwrapping him.

Taking a clean piece of gauze and
puts some alcohol on it,Remember
how much I love you Ok?'' she
begins cleaning him up and
finished stitching him up.
Johnathan winces in pain as she sewed him up. Johnathan
notices a zombie trying to creep in on them through the
window. They are coming in all directions. Johnathan grabs
out his pistol and spins in a circle looking around for a
way to escaped the night. Johnathan pops off a shot and hits
the fire extinguisher blowing it up causing a smoke screen.
Johnathan and Gennette run towards the door and leaps out.
Turning around a zombie comes running towards him and he
hits him square in the head.
Johnathan rolls to his left and hides behind the wall and
peers over looking out for the hoard of zombies. To his left
were about six dozen zombies surrounding the group of SWAT
members taking a stand. Gennette then peers over her should
at the zombies surrounding the area and fired off a couple
of warning shots.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER
"We need to get the fuck out of
this area before we become dinner
and breakfast. This cant last much
longer for the weapons which are
running low in ammunition. We need
to stock up again and make a stand
again closer to the police station
around here."
Johnathan and Gennette take off down the street away from
the zombies to try and regain their composure and stock back
up in weapons. They take off down several side streets with
the zombies still following their direction of travel.
Johnathan and Gennette started firing off burst shots to
conserve the remaining ammunition before they can stock up
at the police station or an armory.
Johnathan hits a few zombies with several shots and grabs
and starts taking off grenades remaining from his belt and
tosses them in the mean, brain hungry creatures looking for
their next meal. One of the grenades ends up going too far
and missing the hoard heading their way. The second one
finally hit one of the zombies and lodged in his foot. The
Harders were working backwards toward an abandon hotel
that's door was open. As they make their way backwards they


hit a part of the hotel and Johnathan is grabbed by a zombie
and gets a bite taken out of his neck.
                       JOHNATHAN HARDER


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From S.M. Krause Date 4/7/2007 ***
As critical as I am of most scripts, I think this script has potential. The dialogue is a bit off course at times, some rewording may be the key. Overall, the story is what works and it's far better than a lot of the B-Movies that are out there. Keep writing it, I'm sure it will do great.

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