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The Theft (SHORT)
by Sam

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***1/2
Two boys late at night try to steal their math teachers answers for their final.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The scene opens with two shadows sneaking across the school
grounds. It's late at night, about 9:00. The sounds of the
varsity football game are distant. The two shadows slowly
pass underneath a street lamp, and we see that it's two
boys. The one in front's name is Thane. The other, Colin.
They then sneak back into the shadows. As Colin steps on the
wet grass his shoe squeaks, and he freezes.
      (turns to Colin,
       and whispers)
What was that?
My shoes...sorry
More sneaky, less squeaky...got
Colin nods, and the two set off again into the night. The
slowly sneak towards the portables.
Ok there it is...now do you have
the keys?
No I'm just going to say open
sesame...of course I have the
keys. You know I'm the best
pick-pocket around.
Thane nodded. It was true. Colin was halfway around the
corner to head towards the portable, when a hand reaches out
to grab Colin's collar. Colin jerks back and looks up
angrily. It's Thane.
What are you doing?


      (points to a
Look there's a procter nearby. If
he catches us. We're doomed.
Thanks, that was a close one.
Don't mention it. Seriously don't
mention it.
So what do we do now?
      (thinking quickly)
We either can cause a distraction
or we watch his pattern and when
he's not looking slowly get closer
to Crawley's class.
I say we watch his pattern
But it would be easier to cause a
distraction. Then one of us can
run in and grab the test answers.
Yeah but if we cause a distraction
one of us has to do it, and that's
usually me.
Yeah because your faster than me.
What's that have to do with
That means that you can move out
of the way before he sees you.
      (sighs, and looks
Fine I'll-wait a second, I know a


                       COLIN (cont'd)
better way.
We see Colin move away from the portable and onto the grass.
      (staring at him)
...What are you doing?
Colin bends down to pick up a rock.
This. We can use this.
You're going to hit the procter
with a rock. Are you out of your
small mind?
No stupid. I can throw this, and
make a noise, and while he's off
and distracted we rush in, before
he gets back.
      (eyes narrowed)
That's actually not a bad idea. It
might work. How did you think of
I see it in the movies all the
Colin then begans to stare off in space. Not realizing what
he's doing, he drops the rock. The rock clatters loudly on
the concrete and the procter looks up suddenly aware of the
noise. He begans to head around the back of the portable to
Who's out there?
Thane and Colin panic. They run to the far side of the
portables by the street. The proctor rounds the corner,
having heard the sound of running feet, just as they
disappear behind the other. He slowly walks forward, and
sees that all that noise was caused by a little rock. A look
of realization comes across his face as he realizes that it
was just a trick. The proctor rushes back around the corner


in time to see the door to Mr. Crawley's room close. He
rushes to the door, and tries to open it, but its locked.
Colin locks the door, and the two slump against the door,
breathing a sigh of relief.
That was close.
Tell me something I don't know
Ok how about this...we don't have
the answers yet.
The two stand up, and walk over to Mr. Crawley's desk.
Ok so if I were a book full of
answers, where would I be?
Couldn't tell you. Check his
Colin nods and begins to rifle through Crawley's personal
belongings. He searches the desk, the shelfs, anything where
a folder full of answers would be.
Where do you think it would be?
Somewhere around here, I think.
This is where he keeps all his
personal belongings.
Colin stands up and stares at him skeptically. Behind him is
everything USC. USC hats, footballs, posters, you name it it
was there.
What makes you say that?
Thane just rolls his eyes, and continues his search. After a
few minutes of intense searching, he gets frustrated and
hits the wall.


We've looked everywhere and still
can't find that stupid folder.
Please God help us.
A look of realization comes across Thane's face.
That's it...Colin you genius.
What? God?
Colin looks around looking for anything with reference to
No...Pete Carroll. I remember now.
After the Rose Bowl, Crawley was
going on about Pete Carroll, and
the Trojans.

Thane is sitting down in his seat listening to Mr. Crawley
rant on about USC.
And let me tell you something,
that Pete Carroll...he's a god
amongst us.
Thane then snaps out of his stupor.
Colin, go and look behind that
He points to a poster with Pete Carroll and his team at the
Rose Bowl. Colin steps over to it and reaches behind the
poster his hand groping for anything out of the ordinary.
Colin's face brightens. He pulls out a green folder his
hands shaking uncontrollably with excitement. Colin stares
at it in awe. His eyes shoot back and forth between Thane
and the folder, his grin stretching from ear to ear. All the
while Thane stands there irritation etched in his face, his


hand outstretched waiting for the folder. Finally he
Colin finally hands it to him, practically bouncing on the
balls of his feet. Thane opens the folder, and begins to
copy the answers.
2...45...isosceles...2 and 3/4, ok
got them all
Thane finishes, he throws the folder back in the safe, and
slams it shut. They then peak out the window and notice the
procter is gone. Thane and Colin walk to the door, open it,
and walk outside. As they walk outside they don't notice the
dark figure behind them and the figure places his hand on
their shoulders. The two boys jump in surprise.
Well, well, well, what do we have
here? Two miscreants sneaking
around campus after school hours
and trying to steal test answers?
That's a big mistake on your part
boys. C'mon off we go to the
principal's office.
But the principal's not here
Oh yes he is. He's at the football
game. I'll just call him over.
Oh man. Busted!
The proctor then begins to lead the two boys to their fate.
You boys chose a bad decision and
now you must be punished. That's


Yeah, yeah, yeah, put a sock in
What was that?
I said, look over there
Thane points to his left, but the proctor doesn't.
You think I'll fall for that,
there's no ways I'll fall for that
old trick.
It's no trick. Look!
With his free hand, Thane grabs the proctors chin, and turns
him to where he was pointing. A boy is standing next a
building with a can of spray paint in hand, vandalizing the
Hey you!!
The proctor takes his hand off of Colin's shoulder, to point
at the other boy. Now free, Colin takes off into the night.
Wha- hey get back here.
The proctor then lets go of Thane's shoulder, and starts to
go after Colin. Thane then makes his break for freedom. Now
the proctor had to chase after two boys. He starts running
for Thane.
Thane runs around a corner and Colin shoots out from in
front of him. They sprint towards a nearby fence, that leads
into a canyon, and leap. Thane grabs on to one of the links
and scrabbles over the edge. He lands on his feet, closely
followed by Colin. They then take off into the night, the
proctors screams in the distance, as the canyon swallows
them up.


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From Edward Vice Date 12/22/2008 ***
Interesting characters and good dialogue. I have only 3 suggetions/corrections (apart from the cliches mentioned before): 1. Fix the grammatical errors 2. Try to clear up some of the action and direction. 3. Try not to write it as a story/book. Basically I mean just stick to the present tense. Overall it was a good read. Nice work.

From Michael Rojas Date 5/4/2007 ****
this is a good one to do next in class.

From Starlette Merkson Date 4/13/2007 ***
Interesting story, kind of cliche though. Kids risking a breaking and entering charge to get a good grade. I like the dialogue though. Please read and review my movie Bi. Thanks.

From Slevin Morgan Date 4/12/2007 ****
awesome story dude, love the 1 liners and and the characters. nice work!

From Anthony Date 4/10/2007 ****
Good story, I just dont understand why theres a teacher patrolling campus at 9?

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