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Saint Anthony's Orphans
by Anthony (anthony.rea@asu.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
WIP First attempt at a screenplay, looking for any type of criticism. Story of two misfit orphans (John and Boston) in a bind looking for some quick cash to settle their debt with a long time employer/mobster Cristiano. After a haywire robbery and a potential murder our two heroes are sent on a journey to cover their losses and suffice the thirst of Cristiano. When the two of New York finest (Detectives Ricky and Mort) start getting closer and closer John and Boston must find a way to cover their butts while still coming out on top. Can John and Boston get the cash to cover their orphanage and settle up with Cristiano? In the end all that matters is who's got your back.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A rock SMASHES through the patio door of a suburban home.
KNOX, an average sized man dressed in all black enters the
screen. He has long black hair that is hard to contain under
his ski mask.
BOSTON enters.
BOSTON, a muscular African American, in his mid twenties
enters donning a ski mask as well.
Alright, you did the recon on this
job. How long till they get back?
The girl takes her kid out every
Friday for some ice cream after
And the husband?
He's out of town on business.
Albuquerque or some shit hole.
So how long do we got then?
I'd say anywhere from ten to
fifteen minutes.
You wanna try that one again, this
time with just a little more
Lets make it ten just to be
Knox you better be right, if I end
up shot or in jail I'll skin your
skinny ass myself.
They each pull out bags from under their shirts and go their
own way. BOSTON begins tossing anything that looks valuable
into his bag while KNOX is looking for something in
Come on! Where is it?


BOSTON is taking his time in the kitchen, casually stealing
items that interest him.
Mine. That's nice, mine also.
Shiny, mine. Don't need this,
don't know what this is. Mine, and
uh yeah that's mine too.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Hey Boss, we still on for some
hoops tomorrow?
Would love to little man, but
can't. Hopefully if everything
goes well tonight me and my
brother will be meeting up with
the big guy. Plus we got another
gig to plan, you should be there
for that.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Actually speaking of the big guy,,
when are you going to return that
credit card? He's going to find
out sooner or later.
Well yes, we planned on this.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
True, but what we didn't plan was
what he would do if he found out
it was ME that took it! Did you
hear what happened to Enrique last
Um, heard he pulled a big score.
So boss let him take a few weeks
off to be with the new bride. Why?
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Oh he had a big score alright and
a new bride. Bitch was smoking'
too. Thing is though, Mr. C found
out Enrique wasn't being fully
honest with just how big the score
Not a smart move amigo.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Not a smart move indeed. Mr. C
took the entire score for himself.


So he loses his money, at least
he's got his girl and is life. You
know Cristiano has done worse for
a whole lot less.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Well, Mr. C also made it pointless
for him to be married too Boss.
Fuck does that mean Knox?
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Cristiano man, he shot it off, he
shot it clean off.
Shot what off Knox?
                       KNOX (O.S.)
His stuff man, Cristiano shot off
his fucking package. I almost
hurled the first time I heard that
Shut the fuck up, that's the
biggest piece of shit I've ever
heard. You sure your not just
making this up again? I told you
man your a funny dude, you don't
need to make stuff up for people
to like you.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
I ain't lying. Go ask Enrique
yourself, better yet ask Cristiano
tomorrow night.
Yeah, just might do that Knox
                       KNOX (O.S.)
Yo! I think I found them, what
painting did he want us to grab?
The gay looking fairy one or the
or the one with the squiggly
      (to himself)
Its art, it's all gay to me.
                       KNOX (O.S.)
The one with the fairies is
tomorrow night at the Legal house
bro. We want the squiggly lines
tonight, did you do your fucking
homework or what man?


                       KNOX (O.S.)
Come on Boss are you shitting me?
What? Neither of us went to
school, we might as well read up
on the shit Cristiano gives us.
Might make us some educated folk.
BOSTON sets his loot bag on the counter and pulls out a
piece of paper. He turns around with his back to the kitchen
island and unfolds the paper revealing the "squiggly line"
                                         CUT TO:
Knox is staring at two large pictures, each with squiggly
lines. The two paintings are almost identical except one has
vertical lines as opposed to the horizontal lines on the
                       BOSTON (O.S.)
Look, it's a painting...with
squiggly lines, how more specific
do you want me to get?
They both got squiggly lines. Some
going this way and some going, ya
know, that way. Which one do I
                       BOSTON (O.S.)
Can't help you there brother, arts
your specialty. Me, I'm just here
for well, me.
                       BOSTON (CONT'D)
Son of a bitch hold a second.
BOSTON rests his hand back on the island and flips the paper
over to get a better look. FEMALE HOUSE OWNER pops up from
the other side of the kitchen with a knife and slams it
through BOSTON'S hand, pinning him to the counter.
                       F. HOUSE OWNER
Ahh, Crazy Bitch!
KNOX enters.
What the hell is going on, you
want to wake the neighbors?


Boston pulls the knife out of his hand.
We gotta go!
What do you mean we have to go, we
get the painting then we go. You
get anything that looks valuable.
Thats the deal, I don't get paid
otherwise. Wait, what the hell
happened to you?
BOSTON turns around with the knife in his hand.
No time, grab both of the
paintings and lets bail.
But Boss, your hands bleeding.
No shit Sherlock! That's why we
need to get the hell out of here,
we've been blown. I've been
mangled! Now grab the damn
paintings and MOVE.
We've been blown? I didn't even
know it happened, was she good?
Shut up asshole, you know exactly
what I mean. She could have called
the cops by now lets go.
No shit! A girl really did that to
That ain't no woman, it's a she
devil. Shit's your fault too, but
for the last time let's go!
You are such a pus...
Female House Owner enters with a small pistol aimed at the
Abort! Abort you chocolate
bastard, abort!
BOSTON and KNOX run from the kitchen and into the living
room, hopping over the couch and using it for cover.
Holy shit!


I told you man, shes a deadly
vixen. Kinda hot though.
I know! Did you see the way she
held that pistol? Fucking sexy!
Why don't you wait till she runs
out of ammo then go and try to put
some moves on her?
KNOX peeks over the couch to see both paintings on the
opposing wall, he gives BOSTON a nudge for his attention.
Wait for it.
GUNSHOTS cease and FEMALE HOUSE OWNER stumbles to reload her
                       BOSTON (CONT'D)
The two jump out from their cover and each of them rips a
painting off the wall. Knox runs for the broken window and
dives as a few bullets miss and hit the wall. Boston waits
with his back against the wall next to the doorway to the
kitchen, the painting in front of him. Female House Owner
slowly enters with the gun drawn. She doesn't notice Boston
who raises the picture and slams it over her head with
enough force to disarm her.
                       BOSTON (CONT'D)
It's a shame baby, we could of had
something special. A little ebony
and ivory you know what I'm
saying? It's alright though, your
loss. And..
Boston looks around for something valuable and picks up the
a flat screen t.v.
                       BOSTON (CONT'D)
I'm gonna take this for the hand,
Boston exits through the window.
JOHN and Boston sit opposite of each other in a booth. JOHN
is smaller and a few years younger then Boston. He dresses
and acts like a wannabe gangster but lacks the balls and
finances to truly accomplish either one successfully.
Ya know John...
Boston looks up and focuses his gaze upon John who sits
undisturbed lost in his paper. Boston continues to pick at
his food with his eyes never leaving Johns face.


John turns the page.
Dammit John, I told you I wasn't
gonna put up with this shit.
John lowers his paper so his face still remains partially
You're doing it again, why cant we
just have a good breakfast John?
Doing what Boss?
Your sitting there all ghost like.
I'm all over here by myself in the
real world and you promised me you
wouldn't do this again. I might as
well just take your money, leave
your introverted ass at home, and
go sip mimosa's at the Tau Inn.
Heard they got some high class
shit up in that joint. They got
these Asian girls that will come
out rub your back, get you a
drink, you know the good life and
shit. Oh and check this, Knox
just told me...
Boston stops, looks around, and leans in.
                       BOSTON (cont'd)
Knox just told me the other day
when I was getting my haircut. He
said that if your a good tipper
and you look good. You know like
clipping your nails, putting on
cologne, that type of freaky shit.
They just might suck yo dick man.
Boston returns to his natural position still staring at John
before his eyes retreat to his breakfast.
      (Slightly smiling)
Is that right? And you believe
all that bull-shit that Knox tells
you? You know he makes shit up
just so people like him. Plus
you've only known him for what two
weeks? And how did we meet him
Boss? Through a criminal


                       JOHN (cont'd)
organization, he doesn't sound to
Blow jobs or not it still beats
sitting here watching you read the
damn sports paper. Why you gotta
read the sports page anyways, I
know your bitch ass was up all
night watching sports center.
Alright, but why would you take my
Id take your wallet because you
owe rent, and I bought the last
No no no, nice try Boss but I
don't think so. You lost rent on
the Laker game the other night,
you can thank Steve Nash for that
one jack ass.
Man, forget Nash. Id take Kobe
all day.
Whats wrong with you? Mom would be
ashamed to hear you speak such
blasphemy, such horse crap! Your
lucky shes not here or she'd beat
your ass with a wooden spoon.
Hey do me a favor John and leave
mom out of this.
Just thank god she cant hear you.
There silence is interrupted by John's cellphone, the
atmosphere shifts to the more serious. John slowly picks
his pocket for his phone and places it on the table in front
of him.
You think its him.
Do I think its him? Of course it's
him? Who else would it be? He gave
us the phone didn't he?
John flips Boston off and answers his phone.
      (Answers phone)
Hello? Mr. C? Yes sir. Yeah
just...can you hold a second Mr.


                       JOHN (cont'd)
He brings the phone down lower and covers the receiver with
his hands.
                       JOHN (cont'd)
Yo Boss, you got pen and paper?
Shit son I ain't your secretary.
I'm sorry Mr. C looking for one
now, it will just be a second
please hold.
Boston grabs a passing WAITRESS.
Excuse me beautiful, can we bother
you for a pen?
She blushes slightly and drops a pen on the table, John
picks it up and returns to the phone.
      (Into phone)
Yes Mr. C next time I'll make sure
I'm more prepared.
      (To the Waitress)
So, how you doing?
John looks up and gets distracted by Boston and the flirting
Waitress. He returns to his phone.
      (Into phone)
Alright, where at? Ok...
Waitress lets out an obnoxious laugh that startles John.
      (Covering phone)
Excuse me, could you two keep it
Waitress exits.
      (To Boston)
Nice time to get your dick wet
      (into phone)
I'm sorry sir, what was it again.
Ok, yes sir. Goodbye. Yes I won't
waste your time, goodbye.
      (Hangs up)
Boston and John share a slightly uneasy stare.


                       JOHN (cont'd)
So our first job, well mine at
least. Are you ready for this?
There's no going back after this,
we cross this line and we ain't
looking back Boss. I mean it, we
ain't gonna stop until we kill
this s.o.b. This isn't for revenge
or justice, this is for the only
reason were here. This is for mom.
Yeah I'm ready, shit it beats
selling weed. But don't go
overboard with this Shakespeare
revenge theme homey. Lets take it
one step at a time and let it
happen. We force any of this and
it's over.
John grasps his orange juice and slightly shrugs. He takes
a final sip and pays the tab. John and Boston exit the
booths and head for the front door where the Waitress is
waiting to greet them.
You read poetry?
Shakespeare ain't poetry, now
that's art.
Na he's just some old English
queer who can rhyme a bunch a
words together.
John exits.
Uneducated moron, another failed
project of the public school
John and Boston exit the car which is parked in front of
several upscale homes.
Yo, John? Why do I gotta take the
back man?
Are we really going to talk about
this right now?
All I am saying is I've done this
a few more times than you so it
seems only fair.


You never quit do you?
John opens the rear passenger door and opens a brief case on
the seat. The case opens to reveal a picture of a painting
and a nine millimeter pistol, two ski masks, and a few other
                       JOHN (CONT'D)
Maybe the real reason why Mr. C
wants you in the back is because
you never shut the fuck up.
The two turn and head for one of the houses.
How the hell would he know what
I'm like? We've haven't even seen
the old geezer yet. He don't know
what I'm like at all. Yo and why
you even carrying that pistol? You
know your not going to use it.
You keep your mouth shut and do
this right and we wont need to use
the thing. You remember the plan?
Of course I do, it's my plan.
John looks forward at the house and takes a big breath, then
looks back at his brother.
You think this would disappoint
mom? You know, our criminal
Criminals? The day you steal stuff
just to steal that's the day you
enter the criminal mind. Shit, all
were doing is keeping house for us
and mom, were doing this so we can
keep the only family you and I
know intact. There is nothing
criminal about family.
And that makes it right? Cause its
for mom?
Damn straight she makes it right.
Look man we've already discussed
this and decided what needs to be
done. You promised me and this
ain't the time to get a limp dick.
Are you ready or not?


Alright, alright. I'm ready, lets
do this brother. Here's to the
first and last.
John and Boston reach the front door and ring the bell. An
older gentleman, TIM LEGAL, answers.
Yes, may I help you?
Hi Mr. Legal. We're from Fiasco's
paint restoration, were here for
the "La Mermada."
Fiasco's paint restoration? What
in the hell is that? I didn't
order any service.
It was a gift from a Mr.
Tim's face goes blank he pauses before trying to shut the
door. Boston is able to get his foot in and throws the door
back open. John and Boston both enter the house.
Look I didn't order no service and
I haven't heard of no Cristiano.
I'm sorry sir but this work order
has your name and social security
number on it.
John opens up the brief case for Boston.
What work order?
This one.
Boston pulls the nine millimeter out and hits Tim upside the
head with the butt of the gun sending him sprawling to the
Tim's eyes open and the camera pans out to reveal him tied
to a chair. His head has a large abrasion and his mouth is
bandaged shut. John and Boston can be heard smashing through
the home in the background.
Alright so what was it that Mr.
Cristiano wanted.


He said anything valuable, ransack
the house. Make it hard to find
exactly whats missing for the
cops. But our main priority is
some Italian painting with a
Whats a mermada?
That's your job Eisenstein. Your
the cultured one. Now I'm guessing
it's a mermaid because that's what
this picture he gave me has on it.
So look for that.
Alright, alright save me the
lecture. Look around this place
anyways there ain't a piece of art
hanging on any of these walls.
You sure he said a painting and
not a sculpture?
Sculpture or painting doesn't
matter cause there isn't any
decoration going on in here. This
dudes got some bland taste.
Well what do we do now, peace it?
Your ready to duck out at the
first sight of adversity? Come on
man we both grew up in the ghetto,
whats rule number one? Always keep
the most valuable shit hidden, so
it doesn't get robbed.
Yeah but that shit never worked
because the people who rob you are
usually more desperate then you,
they'd always find it.
My point exactly and now who's the
desperate ones here?
Boston turns to Tim.
                       BOSTON (cont'd)
Ironic ain't it?
Boston walks over to Tim and unties his mouth, Boston aims
the pistol at Tim.


Let's not get to clichè here Mr.
Legal. Just let me know where it
is because I know Mr. Cristiano
wouldn't send us over here if you
didn't have it.
I don't know what the hell your
talking about.
The painting Tim, "La mermada" or
whatever. Look I don't know what
you did to piss Mr. Cristiano off
but he loves his art. So lets get
this over quickly.
Tim fails to answer and Boston grows impatient. He raises
the pistol to Tims face.
Woh Boss.
Boston gently aims the gun to the right and fires. The
bullet flies past the ear of Legal who jumps back in his
                       JOHN (CONT'D)
What the fuck Boston, what are you
"La Mermada" Legal, where is it?
Boston fires a shot to the left of Legals head, then one
more above his head. Each one barely missing flesh.
This is not in the plan Boston,
what the hell is wrong with you?
Plans change when this guy decides
to change it up on us, he's hiding
something John and this is how
we're going to find out.
Boston brings the pistol back in front of Legals face.
Sirena you idiot, that's Italian
for mermaid.


He's toying with us.
No, he's right. I took a little
So were on a wild goose chase?
I don't know, but I guess were
going to have to find out.
Boston brings the pistol up and pushes it between the eyes
of Legal.
Okay, behind the sofa there's a
safe. There's a few paintings in
Boston gives John the gun and heads over to the sofa. John
keeps the pistol aimed at Legal. Boston moves the sofa aside
and leans down towards the safe.
Whats the code geezer?
      (To Tim)
I'm sorry about his temper, he's
been cranky lately.
Tough man holding that gun huh?
Me? No I don't really like guns
only use them when it's really
necessary. Actually I think this
is only the second time I've ever
held one. The first time being
earlier today when my boss gave it
to me, so I guess technically this
still counts as the first time.
So you haven't ever shot the thing
before? Ha ha, what do I have to
be afraid of then? It takes a lot
to kill a man son, especially at
point blank staring me in the
Boston returns with two large covered canvas and a duffel
bag. John and Legal are in the middle of a small stare down.
Johns heartbeat is loud enough to hear.
Yo John, think fast!


John turns his head quickly enough to Boston to catch a
large brick of cash right in the forehead. John flinches and
accidentally squeezes the trigger. Them force of the bullet
is enough to knock Legal's chair over along with him.
You dumb ass.
But I, did I, shit. I, I...
Shot him?
I shot him.
Boston walks over to look at Legal lying on the floor. Legal
lies motionless with a bullet wound to his upper chest.
                       JOHN (CONT'D)
Is he?
Looks like it.
Boston picks up the cash and hands it to his brother.
Congratulations, you popped your
cherry. Here's a brick of a cash.
Is this what you threw at me that
caused me to fire? You fucking
prick what the hell are you
thinking. Haven't you heard of not
running with scissors.
What the hell does that have to do
with this?
It's the same damn principle as no
throwing objects at people with
guns! Jesus Boss you just made me
kill a man. And why the hell am I
holding a fist of cash?
I was waiting for you to notice. I
found that in the safe along with
these two paintings. Don't know
what they are but one of them has
gotta be what Mr. C ordered up.
And if I recall correctly he never
made mention of any amount of
money. Just that we get to keep
whatever is valuable besides the
That helps.


Well besides you killing the guy
it was a pretty successful job
don't you think?
An outside shot of the neighborhood. Boston and John can be
seen fleeing to there car and driving off. Time begins to
fast forward as the sun eventually sets. Police cars and
ambulances now fill the drive way complete with the media
vans parked in the street.
The camera cuts to a close up of DETECTIVE RICKY TAVERAS
stepping out of his police cruiser. A cocky young, handsome,
Hispanic man who walks with arrogance. A man so dedicated to
his work he stops at nothing to get the job done.
Ricky enters the house to see it swarmed with officers. His
entrance briefly grabs every ones attention.
Ricky looks around to see his longtime friend and partner
MORT standing in the middle of the room with his arms
folded, staring directly at the open safe. Mort is a gentle
and older man just a few years away from retirement. Often
considered a mentor to Ricky he is respected throughout the
force. But will not hesitate to speak his mind.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Mort! Figured you'd get here
before me.
                       OFFICER MORT
Hey Partner! If I recall
correctly, you just had a
birthday? Again the wife and I
apologize, she was ill. We wish we
could have gone.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Oh Mort don't worry, you didn't
miss much.
                       OFFICER MORT
Oh come on Ricky all birthdays are
special. Spill it, what the hell
did you do?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Nothing special. Worked on the
Cashman case, went out for drinks
later. You know how this life is,
it consumes you.
                       OFFICER MORT
      (Turning to Ricky)
Bit of advice old friend. Unless
you wanna end up like me, try and
prevent that.


Ricky does not acknowledge Mort but soon joins his gaze at
the open safe.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
                       OFFICER MORT
Naa, too sloppy. Well not that
sloppy, still haven't got a print
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
What did they take?
                       OFFICER MORT
The owner confirmed a few
paintings and a large sum of money
from the safe which was in a black
duffel bag.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Art and money. Rare up here.
                       OFFICER MORT
I know. Weird thing is the owner,
Tim I think it is. Well he was
more worried about the art then
the money. From what I heard there
was thousands in the safe.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Hope he has insurance.
Ricky notices something underneath the sofa and heads closer
for further inspection. A few drops of blood can be seen so
he pushes the sofa further to reveal a few more drops of
                       OFFICER TAVERAS (CONT'D)
Send some guys in, might have a
little blood for you. Looks like a
shoe print.
                       OFFICER MORT
Good eye, Rick. Interesting cause
the only blood we found so far is
the big pool where the guy got
shot by the front door.
Mort reaches for his radio.
                       OFFICER MORT
      (Into radio)
Hey Terrence, send a couple of a
guys in the living room for a
footprint and DNA extraction.
Ricky walks around towards the larger blood stain where
Legal was shot.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Gunshot you said?


                       OFFICER MORT
Couldn't get to much out of the
guy he was barely hanging on. But
what I understand is a white and
black male posed as an art
restoration company. Barged in and
pistol whipped the son of a bitch
before he could do anything. Next
thing he knows he's tied up and
they're asking him a whole bunch
of crazy questions and he gets
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
He gets shot, just like that?
                       OFFICER MORT
Yeah poor bastard said he didn't
do anything to deserve it. He was
cooperating told them where the
money was and BANG! One to the
chest. He played dead and crawled
to the phone after they left.
Medics found him passed out.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Well I guess I better go see how
he's doing, let me guess St.
Mary's Memorial?
                       OFFICER MORT
That's the one. But Rick, go easy
on the guy. Remember he got shot
only a few hours ago.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Deadlines Mortimer, deadlines.
Ricky takes one last glance over the crime scene.
                       OFFICER MORT
I got it from here, go visit Mr.
Legal and update me afterwards.
I'll do the same.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Goodbye Morty.
MR. CRISTIANO an older, Italian man is the ideal
mobster/business man, a perfect blend of charm and
unmerciful violence. He's lounging out on the patio with
John and Boston who sip their beers as he puffs a large
                       MR. CRISTIANO
So your the two dumb shits that
Knox had to offer, Crooklyn's
finest he said?


Excuse me sir, Crooklyn?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Yeah Crooklyn, you know like
Brooklyn. Its a play on words you
fucking moron.
Oh I get it sir, it's just that
were not from the city. A little
farther north...
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Your still from New York aren't
Yes sir.
Cristiano puffs on his cigar.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Alright then shut the hell up,
was it really necessary to waist
my time with your back story
bullshit? I don't give a fuck.
Just laugh at my jokes, shut the
fuck up and finish business
otherwise you'll end up with a
damn gunshot wound to your cock
and balls. You hear me?
Boston quietly clears his throat.
Uh yes sir.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Now, where and the hell are my
We left them with your butler sir.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Who, Montabon? Ok that's good,
that's real good.
We were wondering sir, if maybe
you had future employment for my
friend and I?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
That all depends, how did it go?
The other night I had one dumb
shit go after a rare 18th century
piece. He comes to me with the
fake which was covered in blood.
And the next fucking day I turn on
the news to see the picture of the
damn thing with a hole in it! Now
please tell me what the hell am I


                       MR. CRISTIANO (cont'd)
supposed to do with such
What's that?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
What I'm saying is you'd better
pray to whatever god you two
ingrates worship and hope none of
your dumb asses left any evidence
behind. I don't want no piggy's
sniffing at my doorstep. Could
give a fuck less what they do with
you, but keep me clean. In thirty
years of business I've yet to be
pinched and I don't expect to be
this close to retirement. You
Yeah, uh yes sir.
Cristiano gives them both an intense stare down.
Don't worry about it Mr. C, we
were smooth and clean.
MONTABON, Cristiano's personal servant enters. He's the
typical tuxedo butler except with a funny European accent.
He leans over and whispers something in Cristiano's ear.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Maybe not so smooth. What the fuck
were you two thinking about
showing up at my home after you
pull some shit like that?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Montabon just said he saw the
Legal house on the news, ain't
that right Monty?
Yeth thir.
The two look at each other too afraid to answer.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Would you two motherfuckers like
to explain why the hell your on
the god damn news channel!
Um we, we ran into some problems.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Your damn right you ran into some
problems. Were you identified? Did
anyone see you. God forbid did


                       MR. CRISTIANO (cont'd)
anyone follow your dumb asses
Hell no sir, John and I took care
of it. Trust me its alright, were
                       MR. CRISTIANO
And how the fuck can I trust you?
For all I know your a bunch of
queers, or junkies. I knew I
should start outsourcing, those
fucking mexi's don't speak a lick
of English but their damn good
workers. Hell it probably enhances
their value cause they can't talk.
You two should learn from them and
shut the hell up. Now listen to
Yes sir.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Shut the hell up and listen I
said. Monty, get out of here and
get my lunch going.
Montabon exits.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
So how much you guys run off with?
Monty said the news mentioned a
large cash sum missing? For your
little fuck up I'm gonna have to
charge a finders fee and to
hopefully recoup what you two
idiots could of cost me back
there. I'd say twenty percent is
Well actually Mr. Cristiano, we
don't really know how much yet.
And twenty percent, isn't that a
little much?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Twenty percent to much? Son it's
twenty percent per person. You son
of bitches owe me forty on your
little satchel of cash, plus I'm
deducting from your normal pay. I
told yous two on the phone you
fuck me over and I'll return the
favor. Now get up and get the fuck
out. Monty has your cash at the
door and if you two are lucky
you'll be hearing from me soon.
The two look at each other solemnly and get up to exit. They
take a few steps towards the door.


                       MR. CRISTIANO
Wait a minute, sit down. I just
might have something for you.
What is it sir, we'll take
                       MR. CRISTIANO
This is some serious shit now,
you'll be taking it up the ass now
if you duplicate your performance
from today. I want yous twos to
finish what you started today.
And what was it that we started?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
I want Legal dead morons! I hoped
you would of got him tonight but
you didn't. So now I gotta pay you
extra to get it done. Well not as
much as I would have but you'll be
making extra cash, what do you
care? You two lucked out.
Wait, wait, wait. You sent us to
that home knowing he would be
there? Just hoping one of us would
stumble in on him and kill him?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
I can't say it didn't cross my
mind. Whats a matter? You never
killed a man?
No, cant say that I have. Well at
least not before today. I got news
for you Mr. C I popped him today,
just like you had hoped. He's
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Hate to burst your bubble but you
didn't kill him. You got him in
the shoulder blade, there
releasing him soon if not already.
You maimed him at least, let the
little fucker suffer before fate
comes knocking at his door step
Can we think about it, that's a
lot to ask.
Fuck that, I'm not killing nobody.
Sorry Mr. Cristiano, I don't mind
stealing from the poor. But I stop


                       JOHN (cont'd)
short of murder.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
      (Snapping back)
First off, I don't like the way
your coming at me. I suggest you
change your attitude or you'll be
a dead hero. Anyways what's the
big deal, you almost killed him
tonight John, what are you still
traumatized or something? Grow up
and a pair for Christ's sake! Your
a man you can do anything.
It was an accident I didn't
intentionally pull the trigger.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Yeah, but your finger was
obviously on the trigger, so that
means your were definitely
thinking about it. Let me guess
you probably pistol whipped him
and tied him up, he was harmless
yet you still felt the need to be
ready to fire at will correct?
John remains silent.
He's good J.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Of course I am.
Can we think about it Mr. C?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Of course, you have a few hours
I'll call you tonight or tomorrow
so be prepared to give me an
answer and remember if it's a no
it will be the last call you get
from me.
Boston this wasn't the plan do we
really need to risk getting
involved with the police and
We need the money don't we John?
Let's just think about it alright?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
You kill a man and the first thing
you think about is what the cops
would do to you? John let me tell
you something, killing a man is a
life changing event, not always


                       MR. CRISTIANO (cont'd)
for the best. When it comes down
to it murder is murder. No matter
what your reasons you'll always
have blood on your hands and the
guilt in your heart. Felony? You
better worry what god and your
mother would do to you before you
worry about some pompous judge. I
don't want to lie to you boys. You
take this path and your life is
different forever, but if you
stick with me I'll make it more
then worth your while. Understood?
Goodnight Mr. Cristiano.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Night boys and avoid the living
room on your way out. Got a
fucking bloody mess in there. Word
of advice boys when you go to kill
him, if you do, aim for the chest.
The head is just to messy same
with the crotch. They just don't
stop bleeding and you risk
dragging your tracks through it.
Go ask Monty he knows what I mean,
plus he's got your pay.
John and Boston exit, with their backs turned to Cristiano
they share a grimace.
Ricky exits the hospital and angrily walks towards his car.
After a few steps his cell phone rings.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Morty. Hopefully you had a better
time than I did?
                       OFFICER MORT
Hey Ricky. I dunno if you'd say
better, but I got good news. How
did you make out?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Couldn't get much, some mouthy
little nurse doped him up before I
got anything significant.
                       OFFICER MORT
So, did you get anything at all?


                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Like I said he was doped up before
I got anything new. He used "punk
ass" to describe the shooter. He
also said the shooter showed
remorse, confirming what you had
suggested about their skill.
                       OFFICER MORT
Well that ain't half bad now
Ricky. Don't be so hard on your
self, we got a bullet casing over
here. And thanks to you those
blood drops and shoe prints are
being analyzed right now. Should
take a couple of days on the
bullet though, you know how long
ballistics takes.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Tell me about it. I'll put a word
in to Terry, maybe he can switch
us to the top of the list.
                       OFFICER MORT
It's late Ricky, where you
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Dunno, thinking about going down
to Maloneys. Wanna meet up or do
you have to change your diapers?
                       OFFICER MORT
When your as old as me you'll be
lucky if you ain't in diapers yet.
Anyways Ricky, it's late and it's
a Sunday. You looked tired
earlier, and you got a long way to
go on this case. Go home to your
family, think of your health Rick
and spend some time with those
little girls.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Alright grandpa, you got me. I'll
see you tomorrow bright and early.
                       OFFICER MORT
Send Emma my love, be safe Ricky.
Boston and John stand outside the back entrance to ST.
ANTHONY'S ORPHANAGE. A medium size housing complex with a


small backyard. Both the house and yard are in serious need
of attention.
Boss, you can't possibly be
serious about going through with
I dunno J, we really could use the
cash. Look at this place, the lawn
hasn't been re-seeded in years and
I don't even have to mention how
much we owe big brother. Let's
sleep on it, can you give me that?
Boss don't hold your breath, I've
put about as much thought as I'm
going to in this.
Yeah yeah we'll see what your
saying when the repo man comes to
take away mom's home or better yet
Mr. C when he realizes we fucked
him right?
None of that's going to happen,
just stick to what we planned. But
more importantly what are we going
to do about the cash? Do we
mention it or what?
Sounds good, almost as good as the
gnocchi that should be on the
stove, lets go.
The two boys enter the kitchen quietly. The interior is
almost dirtier then the outside, the small desk in the
corner is cluttered with bills and papers.
Shit son, we got left over chicken
parm, sandwich stuff, or meatloaf.
What you want?
You know chicken parm's my
favorite, grab me some of that.
Good cause I want some of mom's
meatloaf. Shit taste so good, you
know how she makes it so good?
No I don't and keep it down, we
don't wanna wake her up.


MOM enters dressed in her nightgown, half asleep. A small
elderly and loving New Yorker but her face and body
definitely show signs of a rough and stress filled life.
Too late, you already did.
Aw mom, I'm sorry. I told John to
shut up.
Oh no worry, you boys didn't wake
me. I've been off and on, waiting
till you get home.
Mom, go back to bed get some rest.
Nonsense! I haven't seen either of
you all day. Sit down Boston,
I'll do that for you.
Thanks mom!
Boss! Mom go back to bed, you got
a lot ahead of you.
I'm fine John, besides we need to
talk anyways and you boys have
been busy working putting in an
honest days work! Calm on I'll
take care of you.
Can't beat that John, sit down
relax. How was your day ma?
Ah who cares about my life sit sit
we need to discuss some things.
What's wrong?
Mom sits down next to John.
Nothings wrong, it's just, just...
What mom?
      (slightly tearing)
Well, the bills are starting to
pile up. And I'm not trying to
complain, I'm so grateful god let


                       MOM (cont'd)
me keep you boys! If it wasn't for
you two I would have lost the
orphanage and god knows what else.
But, even now we don't have enough
for the payment this time. I don't
know if we can make it through
this one.
John and Boston look at each other.
Well mom, how much is this months
With interest and the late fee
it's more then double last
month's. Then there's also the
electric and my medical bills. But
of course I don't necessarily need
my pills, I could go a month
without out.
Shut up ma that's ridiculous. You
need your med's and besides Boston
and I got paid today. In fact I
got promoted and it came with a
pretty good bonus. I think we
should have enough to cover at
least this months. Don't worry
about it, we'll do just fine.
Hey! I'm working hard too mom. And
he's right you shouldn't worry
anymore we told you when we came
back that we'd take over the
finances. We have a plan for
everything you just need to make
sure we don't get into trouble.
You two boys are a godsend, I
don't know where I would be
without you two. But explain to me
how can a high school janitor can
be making enough to cover all
these payments?
Hey I said I got promoted mom, I'm
now the head janitor at the
school. Meaning I manage all the
There's no way you make enough to
cover the payment.
Well Boston chipped in to.


Where did he get money?
Hey, I got a job!
Boston dear, being a substitute
P.E. teacher is not a job. It's a
hobby. They called you a total of
what? Two times this week?
Man every ones cold today.
So boy's where did you get the
money? Your not still selling that
stinky marijuana are you? I
thought you two learned your
lessons and I also read the other
day it lowers your little
spermies, I do want grandchildren
some day you know!
No ma, jeez we stopped. Don't
worry about money for right now,
we got it taken care of. You
watched over us, now its our turn.
You boys are so sweet, I'm a lucky
We're the lucky ones ma.
Thank you, I'll let you boys eat.
I'm still a little tired, you both
will be home for dinner wont you?
Yeah, we don't have any plans.
      (Covering up)
Actually, I might have that
meeting tomorrow. Hey John, don't
you have that date with whats her
name, Cristiano er Christiana?
Nope, I cancelled.
We'll think about it tonight, and
make your decision tomorrow. It's
only fair to her. I mean whens the
last time a girls actually stayed
around long enough for you to even
say hi, take advantage. You need
the cash.


What Jonathan? Is this girl
pretty? Don't mess this up like
you always do, you'll never get
Who would want to marry your dopey
      (Looking at both
Oh my your both a handful,
goodnight boys. Say your prayers.
Mom exits.
John pulls out there envelopes and score and begins to sort
through the bills.
Mom's still quick, how long you
think we can still fool her?
Not long, I was starting to get
worried. How come she gotta hit
below the belt with the job thing?
She knows I do it for the kids.
John shifts his attention to the stack of bills behind them
and sorts through. His face wincing after each paper.
Hey Boss now would be a good time
to count the cash in the case.
You sure? Why now?
Just do it.
O.k. hero, whatever you say.
Boston exits the kitchen and heads upstairs to check if moms
awake. Boston returns with the score of cash and a
Finally lady luck rolls the dice
our way, lets count up!
Boston opens the case revealing rows of one hundred dollar
bills staring directly at him.


                       BOSTON (cont'd)
Look at it, you ever seen that
much cash before John?
I just hope it's enough.
Nothing, just hurry up and count.
Boston ravages through the cash and quickly adds up with the
Seventy-five big ones Johnny boy!
That enough for you? We done good!
John remains calm. He looks back over his papers.
Seventy-five? Seventy,
seventy-five? You sure that's it,
count again. Seventy-five?
John, seventy-five is enough.
That's more than half the loan.
That's the problem, it's only half
the loan. Mom and you haven't
realized that not only do we owe
the loan. But we owe more then
four years of taxes and when mom
couldn't afford it before we had
to take out the loan from the bank
to buy it from her. We're also a
month behind the electric. And to
top it off if the loan isn't payed
off in six months we lose the
orphanage and our ultimate
objective, completely.
Shit, I thought you said all we
owed was the rent.
I thought we did, I just looked
over these papers and found out.
Mom never told me about these
She probably didn't know about em.
Explains why she's so behind in
the taxes. I hope she's been
taking her pills and maybe that's
why her memories slipped.


God forbid, just another thing to
add on our full plate.
Well with this seventy-five, how
much we still behind?
John looks over his papers and grabs the calculator away
from Boston.
O.k. with the seventy-five, were
still set back about a hundred.
Wait, um make that two fifty.
What? She owes that much?
No, she doesn't owe anything
anymore. The orphanage is in our
name, we owe all that. We're way
in over our heads here Boss, we
should have thought about this
Nonsense John, we did what we had
to. You know what this is? This is
further proof we need to stay in
the good grace of Mr. Cristiano.
We keep working for him and the
money will certainly keep coming.
One way or another, and you know
exactly what I mean.
We're in deep shit, but I don't
think I'm ready to resort to
working for the mafia and becoming
a hired gun.
First of all, Mr. Cristiano is not
in the mafia. He just has a lot
of friends who are. And secondly,
we ain't got no other choice. If
we lose this house we lose
ourselves, and it would destroy
moms heart, this is all shes ever
had. It's all we ever had.
Well how much was in the envelope
that he gave us?
Oh shit, I totally forgot.
Boston pulls out the envelope and opens it, pulling out a
single twenty dollar bill and a small note card.


                       BOSTON (cont'd)
Saucy motherfucker, look.
Son of a bitch is right, surprised
he didn't mention it earlier. Man
how could I let you talk me into
taking out a loan from some
No mobster, just connections. Look
man I'm going to sleep, you need
to think shit over. You know the
situation were in and you know how
to fix it. Do what you have to,
but ask yourself this. Do you
really wanna lose this place?
Between me, Ma, and this place,
we're all you got. Just let that
float in your head for a little
bit when you go up there and rest
your fat head on that pillow.
Yeah Boss, but murder? I dunno if
I can consciously make the
decision to kill another man.
Well I'm sure he's deserves it if
someone would pay somebody to kill
him right? Your too sensitive,
lets get paid.
Boston gets up from the table and leaves the room.
Night Boss.
                       BOSTON (V.O.)
Johns eyes focus back to the bills and the money, he rests
his head in his hands.
We now see the small child version of John sitting at the
same table. The house is in much better shape with half a
dozen kids living there. It's Johns first day at the
orphanage and the other kids are gathering around the him,
to torment him. His dirty clothes and appearance make him an
easy target, he tries to fight the tears.
                       KID ONE
Who are you?
                       YOUNG JOHN
I'm, I'm John. Who are you?
                       KID TWO
Your ugly that's what you are!


A few other kids have gathered around and now they all join
in with the patented insult.
                       KID ONE
Why you here? Were you to ugly
even for your parents?
                       YOUNG JOHN
      (Beginning to tear)
No, I think, I think they're dead.
                       KID TWO
That's too bad because your going
to be here for ever. No mommy or
daddy's ever pick the ugly kids!
The kids start a chant of "ugly, ugly" John begins to burst
into tears. A younger Boston breaks up the circle. He is
much older and bigger then the other kids, the obvious
leader of the house.
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Would you little shits knock it
off? Leave the poor kid alone. Go
on get the hell out of here before
I have ma grab the wooden spoon.
Boston raises his fist and the kids disperse.
                       YOUNG BOSTON (cont'd)
Hey kid, you alright? My names
Boston, but you can call me Boss.
                       YOUNG JOHN
      (Wiping his tears
Hi Boss, I'm John. Is everyone
always this mean?
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Don't worry were not all like
that, only a few. Plus so many
kids come in and out of here, they
wont be here long enough to
torture you. Or maybe you'll get
lucky you never know.
                       YOUNG JOHN
I've never really been lucky.
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Shit me neither, but if you stick
with me I'm sure we can find a way
to survive. Remember you live here
now so when all else fails, you
got here to fall back on, alright
little dude?
                       YOUNG JOHN
I think I can, thanks for sticking
up for me Boss.


                       YOUNG BOSTON
Don't get all sappy, come on go
wash up and I'll introduce you to
the cool kids.
                                         CUT TO:
Text fades in reading "Two Years Later", Young John and
Young Boston, John appearing healthier and more self
confident. The two sit down on the couch with ice cream
cones in hand. EDDIE, an orphan similar in age and size to
Boston sits annoyed on the couch staring at the t.v.
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Hey kid, you wanna shoot hoops
                       YOUNG JOHN
No thanks Boss, I got a meeting in
a little bit. Some lady's coming
to look at me, mom said I had to
be clean.
Would you two keep it down? I'm
trying to watch a movie.
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Shut up Eddie, nobody cares about
Oh yeah? Eat it Boston. Nobody
obviously cares about your black
ass, you've been here for how long
now, ten years?
John tries to cut the tension.
                       YOUNG JOHN
But hey Boss, maybe if I don't get
lucky we can shoot afterwards?
Boston is still staring at Eddie.
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Mm, sure.
Boston slowly reaches behind Eddie's ear and flicks it,
Eddie grabs his ear.
Knock it off!
                       YOUNG JOHN
      (To Boston)
Boston come on man quit it.
Boston looks at John and then slowly turns around and flicks
Eddies ear again.


      (Turns around)
Whoever the fuck it is, quit it.
You do it again and I'll make you
both even uglier.
John gets up trying to avoid confrontation.
                       YOUNG JOHN
Hey Boss I'm gonna go shower, I'll
catch up with you later.
As John turns to leave Boston gets a spoonful of ice cream
and flicks it into Eddies ear. Boston then sticks his leg
out tripping John who falls face first into Eddie. Assuming
John was trying to start a fight, Eddie aims for him.
Fucking punk! I'm gonna kill you!
                       YOUNG JOHN
No wait!
Eddies fists come hard and quick all over John's face
leaving a large cut over the eye and some bruises. Mom
comes rushing in.
What in the hell? Eddie get off
him! John I thought I told you to
stay clean, are you o.k.? Oh my
lord! What happened to your face?
And right before an interview! God
have mercy. Eddie! I'll figure out
your punishment later. John go
wash up, she should be here any
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Eddie's starting shit mom! John
was do nothing cept minding his
own business when Eddie comes out
of nowhere and socks him! Kids got
a temper!
Bullshit one of these two idiots
has been bothering me when I just
was watching t.v. Boston your such
a waste of space, you know that?
Enough! Both of you! Johnathan,
shower, NOW! Eddie go and watch
t.v. upstairs quietly and alone.
Eddie and John exit.
And you Boston. You are the oldest
kid here, your supposed to set the
examples around here. Not
instigating petty fights. When you
behave like this isn't even


                       MOM (cont'd)
obvious why-
                       YOUNG BOSTON
-Why no ones chosen me yet? Why I
haven't even had an interview in
four years? Face it mom no one
wants me. What good is a sixteen
year old, poor, black kid when you
can have a brand new white boy any
day of the year? Is that what you
wanted to say mom?
Boston exits.
                                         CUT TO:
Mom is sitting down behind a desk with an attractive young
female opposite her, PROSPECTIVE MOM. The two are discussing
John's future.
Oh he's a great kid! Very helpful,
sincere, and well behaved. Never
had a problem with him.
                       PROSP. MOM
Well he sounds delightful! I would
love to meet him and decide for
myself first, but I'm sure he
won't disappoint! I'm sure in a
week or two I can have him trained
and better then most of the
neighbors! I just know Im a
natural mother!
Of course, hold just a second
Mom walks to the door and opens it and calls for John. He
enters and takes a seat next to the prospective mother. Mom
sits down. John sits down so that the cut is not visible to
the lady.
                       PROSP. MOM
Hello sweetie, what's your name?
                       YOUNG JOHN
Hi miss, I'm John.
John reaches in to shake her hand slightly revealing a
little cut, but not the black eye.
                       PROSP. MOM
Oh dear, what happened to you?
                       YOUNG JOHN
I was...


Oh the cat scratched him.
                       PROSP. MOM
Cat? I haven't seen a cat?
John looks at mom and notices her wink. Playing along he
then turns to point to the dog dish on the bowls,
unknowingly revealing his whole face.
                       YOUNG JOHN
Yeah see, that's his water dish
right there.
                       PROSP. MOM
And I supposed that cat gave you a
black eye as well?
                       YOUNG JOHN
No ma'am.
                       PROSP. MOM
Then tell me how you got the cut,
and don't lie to me. I hate it
when little children lie, it
disgusts me.
                       YOUNG JOHN
I was just sitting on the couch
mam, Boston started it!
                       PROSP. MOM
Started what? A fight? You told me
he was well behaved! Are you
trying to deceive me with this,
this damaged child? Is this how
you run your business?
This is not a business! This is a
young boy's life and you clearly
are not fit for a child! You think
I do this for the money? Can I
ask you something? Why the hell
are you here? Is your life so
bleak and devoid of happiness you
think bringing in a child will
cover up the hole in your heart?
Well let me tell you, I've been
raising these children for decades
and I still cry each time one of
them leaves. How can I do this for
money when it destroys me each
time? Now, please get the hell out
of my home.
                       PROSP. MOM
We'll I never!
Prospective mom exits.


Sorry John, but it looks like
you'll be spending another
Christmas with me.
                                         CUT TO:
Text fades in reading "Five Years Later", a tiny christmas
tree illuminates the room. The house is empty as John and
Boston sit with their mother. Two envelopes are all that
rest under the tree.
I never had so few people in the
house before. But I'm glad I can
spend the holidays with you boys.
Just don't be disappointed, I did
the best I could. Money's been
tight, you know the story.
Boston and Jon each reach down and grab their envelopes and
open them.
                       YOUNG BOSTON
You know whatever you give us we
appreciate it ma.
                       YOUNG JOHN
No way a ticket to the Knicks
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Look I got one too, wait who they
playing? The Suns! No way!
You boys like them?
                       YOUNG JOHN
We love them, I've never been to a
basketball game before. This is
                       YOUNG BOSTON
Wow mom this is the best Christmas
we've ever had, please tell us
your going.
No dear, I couldn't afford another
ticket, besides you two will have
fun without me.
The two boys get up and give mom a hug.
                       YOUNG JOHN
We're sorry we didn't get you
anything mom.


You boy's have always been enough.
Fade back to current John who's still resting at the kitchen
table. He gets up and begins to clear the table up, he
finishes and takes a few steps towards the exit and pauses.
He retreats back to the pile of papers and pulls out Mr.
Cristiano's business card and examines it.
Ricky is sitting at his desk with his nose buried in his
work. His phone interrupts his work.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Into phone)
Taveras, how may I help you?
Morty, do you have some good news
for me this beautiful morning.
Really? Where at?
Ricky looks around and grabs a pen and paper.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS (cont'd)
      (Into phone)
Got it, on my way.
Ricky's car pulls into a parking space right next to Mort,
who is standing outside his vehicle. A big sign on the
front of the store door reads "Paris: Arizona Best Discount
Shoe Store." Ricky gets out of his vehicle and approaches
                       OFFICER MORT
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Hello grandpa, you sure you got
the right place?
                       OFFICER MORT
Positive, the lab id'd the print
and traced its exact make and
model. Only three stores have
records of selling the brand, but
only one still sells them.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
What makes you positive the perp.
bought them here though.
                       OFFICER MORT
I know it's this store because the
other two haven't sold the brand
in thirty years. Now get your ass
in there, I'm hungry and wanna get


                       OFFICER MORT (cont'd)
this bull shit over.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Grumpy old man, alright lets go
and after this, I'll buy you some
                       OFFICER MORT
Oh thank god for you Ricky.
Ricky and Mort enter a urban style shoe store. R&b can be
heard blasting through the street themed shop. The two
approach the African American man behind the counter, Lucian
Kwasi. Lucian is a young male in his early twenties, he has
a full beard accompanied with a large black Afro and many
facial piercings. His bright clothes give him the
appearance of being friendly but he has a tough exterior.
Ricky pulls out his badge and flashes it in front of
Lucian's face.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
N.Y.P.D. this is detective
Livingston and I am detective
Taveras. We'd like to ask you a
couple of questions.
Okay I guess, whats this shit
about though man.
                       OFFICER MORT
No need to worry Mr...
Kwasi, just call me Lucian though.
                       OFFICER MORT
Alright Lucian.
Mort pulls a piece of paper out of the inside of his jacket.
                       OFFICER MORT (cont'd)
Look we got a footprint in some
burglary case and tests show your
the only place here that sells
these shoes. They're called
"Black Marcello's," you heard of
Lucian's face flinches slightly before going back to stone.
Yeah we got those but only once in
a while. We don't order much
because they stay on the shelf to


                       OFFICER TAVERAS
So you would recognize who bought
them then correct?
Look cop it's a busy store I don't
remember who buys what I just
focus on getting the fuck out of
here. And I don't enjoy being
hassled by some fucking punk ass
Ricky grabs Lucian by the collar and abruptly jerks his head
closer to his own. Mort goes to stop him at first but
reluctantly refuses he then looks around to see if anyone is
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Listen motherfucker. I want you
to think back and focus real hard.
Cause I know up in that lil teeny,
piece of shit that you call your
head their is somewhat of a brain.
And with your...
Lucian spits directly into Ricky's face, right on his cheek.
Ricky pauses before slamming Lucian's face onto the counter
and pinning Lucian's neck with his forearm. Ricky then wipes
his face before picking up a stapler.
                       OFFICER MORT
Rick come on now, that's enough.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Listen you piss ant! You're going
to give me some information one
way or another, make your
I told you man, I don't remember.
Ricky pulls the bottom of the stapler back and proceeds to
staple Lucian's outer ear to his skull just once.
Lucian lets out a short scream.
You motherfucker, this is
brutality. Fuck that hurt.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Relax it doesn't look to bad, who
knows you might start a new trend.
These days you never know.
                       OFFICER MORT
Ricky enough, I said lets go.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Last chance punk ass!


You fucking pig I told you I
Before he finishes the word Ricky punches three more staples
consecutively on Lucian's outer ear again, successfully
stapling his ear to his skull.
Alright, alright, alright! I can
give you the receipt book, maybe
they used plastic and you can get
a name.
Ricky releases Lucian as his eyes do not move from Mort's
who is staring back at Ricky. Lucian goes off to get the
book below the counter, rubbing his ear.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Thank you Lucian.
Lucian returns with the book and throws it on the counter.
Pig fuck!
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Have a pleasant day Mr. Kwasi.
Ricky grabs the book and Mort and him both turn to leave.
                       OFFICER MORT
Christ sakes Ricky you have to
staple the guys ear?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Worked didn't it? Only thing
                       OFFICER MORT
What now?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Why would he go through all that
to protect a book?
                       OFFICER MORT
I dunno Ricky but you went to far,
you gotta watch yourself. You
already got two strikes.
The two exit.
Lucian waits for the cops to pull out of the parking lot
before picking up the phone and dialing. He also goes on to
pick at the staples in his ear.
Boston and John are in a car driving to Mr. Cristiano's
house. Boston is on the phone, he hangs up before anything
else is said.


Who was that.
No one special. Look you ready to
go through with this, I don't want
you to go back on your word. You
promise me your going to tell Mr.
Cristiano what you told me this
morning right?
Boston, don't worry about me. I
can take care of myself.
Shit as long as I've known you,
you've never been able to wipe
your own ass. Let alone take care
of yourself.
Oh fuck would you just keep your
mouth shut for once, I'm trying to
Boston looks over at John with a mean glare, then back at
the road.
Your lucky we're here, sorry John
no time to think for your skinny
ass. Looks like whiteys turning
auto pilot off.
Boston shut the fuck up.
The car pulls into the drive way as the gates close behind
John and Boston are standing in front of Mr. Cristiano
outside on his patio. Cristiano is dressed in a maroon and
gold robe with big black sunglasses. He has a large
cocktail on the table even though it's only nine in the
morning. Boston notices the drink.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
What's wrong with today John, you
on your period?
No it's just I didn't think we
would be going in so early. But I
guess you gotta do what you gotta


                       MR. CRISTIANO
Damn strait you do and don't
forget that when you go to whack
the son-of-a-bitch!
Any preference on how he goes?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Did I ask for any special
treatment? Fucking kill him,
doesn't matter how. Why you gotta
make shit complicated?
What about payment, are we going
to be compensated in cash or what?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Since I am a generous man and I
know you two, I am willing to be
quite rewarding. Not only will I
waive your debt, but I will throw
in twenty-five a piece. Think of
it as a loyalty check. But any
word from the cops and this deal
is null and void, you understand
I understand.
Boston hesitates before responding.
Y-yes sir.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Alright now I recommend you head
to the hospital now and get your
shit together. Cause like I said
if the cops come knocking on my
door, I don't know you. Now get
the fuck out and call me when the
job is over.
The brothers exit. Mr. Cristiano grabs a cigar and lights
it up. He takes a puff and exhales.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Fucking orphans better get their
shit straight.
Ricky is flipping feverishly through the receipt book. His
cluttered office matches his lifestyle. His work is soon
interrupted from a knock at his door.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS


A beautiful young woman, Charline, opens the door.
Mr. Taveras? Oh excuse me, am I
Ricky responds without looking up.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Still annoyed)
Not at all Charline, what can I do
for you?
Mr. Legal called sir, he said he
would like to talk to you.
Ricky's attention is finally distracted, he looks up at his
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Alright what line is he on? Go
ahead and patch me through.
He's not on the line sir.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Well than how do you expect me to
talk to him then sweetheart?
Sir, he requested that you spoke
face to face, at the hospital.
Annoyed Charline exits and shuts the door. Ricky looks back
down at his work and sighs, then collapses his head into his
Ricky is slowly pacing the hospital corridor inching his way
to Legals room. When he does reach the room he tries to
turn the handle. With no luck he takes a step back and
knocks on the door, Ricky waits slowly before finally giving
He's not in there.
Ricky looks at the hospital door then slowly back at Stella.
She is standing behind the reception counter across from
Legals room.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
No shit?
He's in physical therapy, he won't
be done for another half hour. You
can sit here and wait it out if
you'd like.


                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Great! First you drug my Vic and
now you're holding him hostage.
Are you sure your not working for
the bad guys?
Stella rolls her eyes.
Bite me fuck stick.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Ooo, just show me where!
Stella grabs her folders and storms off. Satisfied Ricky
settles into one of the benches near by with his hands
behind his head.
A few moments pass before Ricky's cell phone rings. Ricky
pulls his phone from his pocket and answers it.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Into phone)
Hello? Mort you call me more than
my wife. What's up? No I'm at
the hospital, Legal called and
said he wanted to talk. But the
prick has the balls to make me
wait for him...
Ricky's voice trails off as he becomes consumed in the
conversation with Mort. From the other end of the hallway
John and Boston both turn the corner as the same time as
Stella crashes into John. Her folder and her body go
crashing to the ground.
Oh shit! I'm so sorry.
      (he bends down to
       pick up the
Are you OK?
John lends her a hand and she grabs on to it. Their eyes
meet briefly before John pulls her up. Boston hands her the
folder and papers.
      (To John)
Jesus Nascar slow down.
      (He turns to
And you gorgeous, are you OK? I
hope my brother didn't cause you
no internal damage?
No, no I'm OK. It was my bad, I
should have been watching where I
was going.


John and Stella stare awkwardly at each other for a few
seconds. Boston begins to head off and John follows and
takes a few steps before turning around.
Actually, excuse me Ms?
Do you know where a Tim Legals
room is? Where some of his
co-workers and just wanted to see
how he was doing.
      (Smile has
Mr. Legals a popular man tonight.
He's down this hall and to your
right, but he won't be back from
therapy for awhile. Your his
co-workers you said?
Of course we are sugar.
That's funny I could have sworn he
was retired.
Uh ex co-workers, we worked with
him back at-
-Back in the early 90's.
She takes a few steps and exits the other direction.
You trying to get us noticed?
Shut up fool anyways I think she
liked me.
Oh yeah? You think everyone likes
you now lets go.
The two make their way towards Legals room and Ricky becomes
visible sitting on the bench.
      (To Boston)
Fuck Boston, do we have a plan or


Shit, I don't know I was following
Boston approaches the nurse's counter and speaks to the
Excuse me beautiful, but would you
mind telling me where Mr. Legals
room is?
John rolls his eyes in the background.
                       NURSE TWO
Of of course, it's right behind
you and to the right.
Thanks to a fine woman such as
The nurse blushes again as Boston and John turn their backs
and proceed toward the door.
Boss we already know where the
room is, why'd you ask her?
They take a few steps forward before Boston says.
She digged me to.
Ricky's conversation can be somewhat heard again as now John
and Boston, enter the screen with Ricky. Ricky is still
sitting down in the chair oblivious to his surroundings.
Boston looks at John and then at the door he pauses before
trying to open it. With no luck he knocks.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Holding hand over
He's not there, be back in a hour
or two.
Ricky goes back to his phone conversation as the camera now
focuses on him. John and Boston can be seen in the
background quietly and actively discussing something to each
other. Their active discussion catches the attention of
Ricky for only a second.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Into phone)
Look Morty, what I'm saying is
that if we don't get some good
information out of Legal. Or if a
tip doesn't magically appear out
of someones asshole then we got
nowhere to go on this thing. No
Mort that's what I'm trying to


                       OFFICER TAVERAS (cont'd)
tell you, fuck. Tonight's the
last night to talk to him. Why?
Because he's being released
tomorrow morning and not only that
if there's no new developments the
case is shut. Chief said so.
The camera cuts back to John and Boston who happened to
catch the tail end of Ricky's conversation.
Look let's go home,you heard what
the dude said he's being released
tomorrow. We can draw up a game
plan tonight and hit him at home
tomorrow, Cristiano's going to
have to be patient.
Johns wandering eyes catch Ricky hunched over in his chair
yapping on his phone. As Ricky moves back his coat moves
revealing a badge at his waist, the sparkle catches Johns
John turns his head back to Boston and cautiously whispers.
Alright but did you have to wait
till know to voice your opinion?
You had forty-five minutes in the
car Boss.
John nods his head at the badge to draw Bostons attention.
Noticing the badge Boston winces and turns his back to
Shit this place is hot let's get
the hell out of here.
The two resume there determined strut in reverse motion.
They pass Ricky's eyes who are locked at the ground in front
of him allowing only to see their feet.
John and Boston exit.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
I'm confident Mort I know I'm
doing my part. I'm just tired of
jumping through hoops, I wanna
find these bastards and get this
shit over with. Alright I'll see
you back at the station.
Legal enters with his arm in a cast, he is out of breath and
Oh look at this, I make a call and
you come running! Come on and get
in here I don't got all day for
this bullshit.


Ricky gets up and enters the hospital room behind Tim.
Mort enters the shop which is dead, he has a Manila envelope
in his hand. A new sales clerk is behind the counter, face
buried in a magazine. Mort has to ring the bell to draw
                       OFFICER MORT
Excuse me...what happened to
He quit, why?
                       OFFICER MORT
Just wondering, that is
unfortunate...kinda liked the guy.
Can I help you?
                       OFFICER MORT
Oh yes, my bad. I'm Mort
Livingston, N.Y.P.D. Me and my
partner we're in here a little
Oh shit! You're the guy that
fucked Luch's ear up aren't you?
Gary takes a few steps back towards the back door, stumbling
on the way.
                       OFFICER MORT
Relax buddy, that was my partner.
I'm the calm and collected one,
don't worry I just want to ask you
a few questions. I won't get
physical I swear to you.
Gary relaxes a bit and slowly makes his way to the counter.
                       OFFICER MORT
Look we got these prints in this
burglary case tests show it comes
from a pair of "Black Marcello's."
Now earlier we we're looking for
who bought them. We can't solve
that so we go back a step, do you
have a pair in stock?
Yeah we just got a pair of those
kicks today, should of asked
Lucian. Would've saved you a


                       OFFICER MORT
It was a quick visit.
Gary disappears into the backroom.
Mort is left alone in a store whose style clearly does not
fit him. His eyes slowly analyze everything in the store
from the half naked girls in the music video, posters of
pistol toting rappers, and shoes and shirts that he would
never wear. His eyes make there way back to the counter and
sighs out.

Gary enters with a shoe box and gently tosses them on the
Here you go captain.
Mort pulls out the black sued shoes (same ones that Boston
wears) and stares at it in the light.
Ricky enters the busy station with a determined look and
glare on his face. As Ricky reaches to open the door to his
office, Mort turns his attention the other way.
                       OFFICER MORT
Hey Rick! Got a present for you on
your desk.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Mort I've been looking for you.
Look, I just came from Legals room
and I finally got him to talk.
                       OFFICER MORT
Really? what ya get?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Nothing new compared to what we
already know, except...
                       OFFICER MORT
Except what Rick?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (With a slight
He dropped a name, a certain
A small smile forms on Mort's lips.
                       OFFICER MORT
I'll get my coat.


Ricky and Mort are standing in front of the large front door
to Mr. Cristiano's home, both of their eyes hidden behind
sunglasses. Ricky reaches out and knocks.
                       OFFICER MORT
What do you think his reaction
will be?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Come on I can't think of anything
better on a lovely Sunday
afternoon then a pair of cops
dropping in uninvited.
                       OFFICER MORT
You think so? I think the old
Guido might be happy to see some
old friends like us again. It's
been a few years right, he might
have cooled down.
The front door swings open with an angry yet confused Mr.
Cristiano standing opposite of the detectives. The three
stare back at each other for a brief awkward second.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
      (Cold and
Curse the saints! Of all people
you two pork chops gotta show up
on my front porch, on a Sunday,
gods day! You better have a god
damn good reason for this Taveras.
Ricky's head turns slightly towards Mort then back towards
Mr. Cristiano.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Good evening Mr. C, sorry to
intrude but we would like to ask
you a few questions about a
gentleman by the name of Tim
Legal. You don't mind if I come in
do you?
Cristiano blocks the doorway for a few seconds before
relinquishing his position. Ricky enters the house followed
by Mort.
Cristiano enters the room followed by the two detectives who
pull up chairs in front of the large wooden desk. Before
sitting down Cristiano stops at his personal bar and pours a
brown liquid into a single crystal glass, he then sits down
opposite of the two.


                       MR. CRISTIANO
So will one of you pathetic fucks
please tell me why your here?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Certainly, simply put the reason
why we are here is because your
name has come up in a recent
robbery and attempted murder case.
Cristiano gently chokes on his drink.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Bull shit, you trying to screw me
over again Taveras? You got lucky
once don't push it you greedy
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
No Mr. Cristiano, I am not trying
to "screw" you over again. This
time we have solid evidence,
concrete evidence.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Oh really and whats that? I didn't
do it and there's no way in hell
you can place me at the scene of
the crime. No matter how many
crackpot scenarios you can think
of, I think you pulled this one
out of your ass bean-bag.
Ricky's glare does not flinch despite the racial remark.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Silent yet
Look, you can scream, you can
bitch, and you can shout racial
slurs. But the fact is we have
enough evidence from the victims
home, i.e. threatening letters,
potential blackmail and so on. And
from this evidence we can create a
Cristiano's face becomes pale and vacant.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
But why Legal exactly? There's a
ton of huge mansions to choose
from on that street. In fact-
                       OFFICER MORT
There is a house three times the
size up the street!
Ricky and Cristiano both silently look at Mort after his


                       OFFICER MORT
      (Looking at Ricky)
Sorry you we're doing all the
talking, thought I'd help.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Ignoring Mort)
We'll Mr. Legal helped clear all
the confusion for me today during
our little chat. A quick stroll
down memory lane revealed a brief
and violent history between you
two and a Monica?
Cristiano's eyes dart to Ricky's face at the mention of
Monica before slowly returning to the desk in front of him.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS (cont'd)
You see Mr. Cristiano this is
where our motive comes to life.
And on top of that we're close to
your two hired guns as well,
                       OFFICER MORT
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Tell him about the Marcello's.
                       OFFICER MORT
Marcello's? Oh, Marcello's! Yes,
on top of that Mr. Cristiano we
found a shoe print at the scene of
the crime. Turns out the print is
of a very high end and hard to get
shoe called "Black Marcello's." I
also recovered security footage
from the store so we have a visual
on a black male suspect. Now you
gotta ask yourself something C.
How good did you pay those goons?
Cause if they end up in our
handcuffs what guarantee do you
have that they wont switch sides
the minute an opportunity rises.
In the end Cristiano, who's got
your back?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
So basically what were saying
is...you better get your ass a
good fucking lawyer.
A few long moments pass.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Do you have anything to say?
Cristiano stares back with a stone face, without looking he
opens a drawer from his desk and pulls out a small object
without the detectives noticing. He gently slides the
object up his sleeve.


                       MR. CRISTIANO
Yeah, get the fuck out of my home.
Norm and Ricky stare straight back at him hardly hiding
their smiles.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Well Cristiano if you remember
anything important or just plain
want to save your ass, you know
who to reach.
Ricky tosses his business card on to Cristiano's desk and
the two get up to exit. As Mort reaches the door first,
Cristiano gets up to his seat and slowly approaches Ricky.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Ricky stops in his tracks and slowly turns around. Cristiano
briskly walks close to the officer and grabs his hand.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Alright, I might have heard
something that could help
you...some persons of interest.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Slightly laughing)
Persons of interest Cristiano? Me
and my partner are positive we
have the person were interested
                       MR. CRISTIANO
I don't think you understand
Officer Taveras, I'm not the one
your looking for.
      (a small smile
       forms on his lips)
Don't you think it's possible your
making a mistake like last time?
All your hard work, good detective
work I might add and what did it
get you in the end? Here I am
Ricky, despite all your hard work
I'm still roaming free. I
recognized your talent and
potential and offered to
compensate you for your good
detective work, in hopes of having
future and pleasant business
interactions. But you turned down
my services and I let you walk.
Hearing enough Ricky tries to turn away but Cristiano's grip
is to tight. Cristiano pulls Ricky in even further so that
their heads are side to side with Ricky's ear right next to
Cristiano's lips. He whispers so only the two can hear.


                       MR. CRISTIANO
And here I am again Ricky offering
my services. Cause in the end
again despite all your hard work,
you know exactly how it's going to
end. So take this offer because
nobody, and I sure as hell mean
nobody refuses me twice.
The camera cuts to the hall as Mort has realized he is
alone. Hearing voices back in the office Mort slowly makes
his way back.He can barely see into the room but is able to
see just enough as Cristiano slips something out of his
sleeve and into Ricky's pocket. Slowly, Mort enters the
                       OFFICER MORT
Hey Rick, what's the hold up?
Ricky's eyes still have not left Cristiano's eyes, despite
his grip being relinquished.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Choosing his
       words correctly)
Well Mort it looks like our friend
was able to jog his memory for us.
      (Turns to
How reliable is this source Mr.
                       OFFICER MORT
Wait what source Ricky? Whats
going on we know he's our guy and
we'll bust him soon enough. Let's
just get out of here.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Slightly angry)
I don't think we should be to
judgemental this time Mort. You
know what happened last time we
rushed into a case.
      (To Cristiano)
Now the source C, is he reliable?
                       OFFICER MORT
We never rushed into shit Ricky
you know there was a fucking rat
on that case. This greasy fuck was
able to walk free because he
bought his innocence. All the
evidence points to him as the
trigger man, we get him and the
rest will come.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
God dammit Mort! I want to pursue
all venues before making judgement
I don't want to see him walk just


                       OFFICER TAVERAS (cont'd)
as much as you.
Realizing he can't convince him Mort gives up.
                       OFFICER MORT
Okay Ricky I give up, what does he
have to say.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Thank you, certain friends of mine
mentioned a few punks spouting
their names off at some local
dive. Talking about how they
popped some guy and ran off with a
case full of cash and some
worthless piece of art.
                       OFFICER MORT
      (Not convinced)
That's it? That's your info? Two
drunk kids bragging about
something they probably never did.
And how sober was your source to
begin with for all we know he
could of imagined the whole thing.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Did you get any names Cristiano?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
I didn't get no fucking names,
they we're at a bar. Friend only
mentioned it because they were
such a weird pair.
                       OFFICER MORT
A weird pair? What the hell you
mean by that?
                       MR. CRISTIANO
It means these two clowns claimed
they were brothers.
                       OFFICER MORT
Jesus Christ! Brothers? Lock them
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Let me finish you sarcastic prick.
Whats weird about these brothers
is that ones a nigger and the
others just some punk ass wannabe
The three sit in silence for a few moments slowly digesting
what has taken place.
                       MR. CRISTIANO (cont'd)
Tell you what detectives. Why
don't you give me a few hours and
I'll call around, see if I can get
some more information on these


                       MR. CRISTIANO (cont'd)
goons. And if I fail to provide
you with anything then you know if
I'm bullshitting you or not.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Looking at Mort)
C'mon Mort lets get out of here.
      (To Cristiano)
If my phone doesn't ring in two
hours I'll be back here with
dozens more officers and a
warrant. You understand me?
                       OFFICER MORT
This is bullshit Ricky!
Mort storms out.
                       MR. CRISTIANO
Have a pleasant afternoon
officers, I'll be talking to you
Mort is briskly walking to the car as Ricky is trying to
keep up behind him.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Mort wait up. What the hell was
that back there?
                       OFFICER MORT
What the hell was what Ricky? Ask
yourself the same question. Your
in there taking orders from some
gangster when you know damn sure
that all the evidence points us to
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
I'm just trying to prevent us from
falling into the same scenario as
last time.
                       OFFICER MORT
Oh yeah? And what's to say he
doesn't leave town within the next
two hours?
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Relax I was gonna call into the
department and get a few patrol
cars up here to make sure that
didn't happen.
At a loss for words Mort can just stare at Ricky.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS (cont'd)


                       OFFICER MORT
      (Throws his hands
Looks like you just got your ass
covered doesn't it?
Mort turns and opens the passenger door.
                       OFFICER MORT (cont'd)
Just like last time.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
What the hell does that mean..
Mort slams the car door shut.
The camera pans around a quiet yet brightly lit house. John
is napping on the couch while Boston is in the recliner
smoking a joint. Instead of planning out the hit the two
seem lost, Jon in sleep and Boston in the TV. A few quiet
moments pass before a loud ring wakes John up and Boston
nearly jumps out of his seat.
Shit what is that? Fuck was I
Boston struggles so find the phone as his joint is held
firmly in his lips.
Jesus Boston could you find the
damn thing?
Shut your lazy ass up and help me
Boston moves around a few empty pizza boxes and finds the
phone, he answers it.
Uh yeah hello?
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
Which one of you dumb pricks is
Excuse me?
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
Excuse me what asshole? I said
which one of you degenerate
bastards is on the phone? The
pansy or the shoe shiner?
Who is it?


      (Covers the mouth
It's Cristiano!
Oh shit we were supposed to kill
that, that Legal guy.
You dumb ass you fucking fell
asleep. You should have reminded
me asshole!
Like it's my fault you started
smoking, you know I always pass
out. Anyways mom should be home
any second put that shit out! Fuck
maybe he won't remember.
Boston rolls his eyes.
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
      (From the phone)
Hey assholes don't you dare put me
on hold!
Uh yes Mr. Cristiano, it's Boston
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
What the hell are you two lazy
pricks doing? Did you kill that
jew prick yet?
Boston faces cringes.
Oh shit, did he ask?
Uh not yet Mr. Cristiano we we're
going to wait till he went home
today. They said he would be
released this evening.
Oh dude that's nice, roll with
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
You didn't kill him yet? I knew
you two didn't have the balls.
Listen your lucky, I'm calling off
the hit. Someone informed me that
they got him and his place
surrounded. It would have been
suicide to try and get him at his
No shit?


What'd he say?
      (Into phone)
So where does that leave us?
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
It leaves us nowhere meaning your
free to go. You already payed your
debt to me by getting my art back.
I'll forget the debts as long as I
get a little piece from any future
exploits you two numb nuts might
Holy shit Mr. Cristiano, that's
What'd he say motherfucker? Tell
Boston calmly flips John off and mouths the words "Wait
                       MR. CRISTIANO (V.O.)
Listen some of my people will be
over in a couple to sign over the
deed to you two fucks. Your now
officially the proud owners of a
rundown, rotting shack.
Everyone needs a home Mr.
Cristiano. Alright we'll be here.
Boston hangs up the phone.
So what the fuck are you smiling
Roll another blunt my friend,
Cristianos forgetting the debt!
No way?
The two stare at each other before jumping up and screaming.
They both hug each other like schoolgirls as they jump in
       himself from
Wait, what? How is that possible?
Guidos never forgive debts?


No no, it's okay. Look some guys
he has on the inside told him that
they got Legals house on lock
down. He said it would be suicide
if we tried to get him there. Then
he thanked us for the cross and
said that was enough. Some of his
people are coming over to sign the
mortgage right now.
John stares at Boston as his mind is slowly turning.
Oh shit Boston.
I don't think he's forgiving our
debt bro.
What do you mean?
I mean I think he's coming here to
collect on it. He knows we got
that briefcase of cash and he's
already got the deed. I think he's
coming to tie up some loose ends.
John starts frantically pacing around the house.
Oh shit.
What the fuck are we going to do?
We can't go anywhere moms got the
car down at the bingo place.
Boston suddenly exits the room and heads up the stairs.
                       JOHN (cont'd)
Hey, where the hell are you going?
John follows him up.
Clothes and other objects are strewn across the room. Boston
is frantically tearing apart his closet throwing random
object out, clawing at the floor.
      (Just entering)
Boston what are you doing?
Getting protection.


Protection? What protection? All
you got in there is some fucking
Trojans. I don't think rubbers are
gonna help us much this time.
Unless you plan on fucking them to
Boston is finally able to pull some of the floor back
revealing a hidden chamber. He reaches his hand in and pulls
out a large handgun and tosses it to John.
Oh shit, this might help. But you
know there will be more then one
guy, what is one handgun going to
do us? We gonna toss it back in
Boston stares at John and then slowly reaches back into the
whole and pulls out an eight inch knife and tosses it at
Johns feet.
Oh great a knife know once there
done unloading their bullets we
can throw it at them, once.
Boston reaches back into the whole again this time
retrieving a shot gun which is tossed on the floor.
Boston is now tossing numerous weapons out brass knuckles,
varieties of handguns and clips, two grenades, smoke bombs,
and finally a pair of Uzis.
John stares at the pile of mass weaponry in disbelief.
Where the fuck did you get all of
this shit Boss?
I did a little gun running for
Cristiano, that's how I met him.
He was never good with math
worried about getting the products
to the clients quick, wanted to
avoid attention so we were able to
swipe a few things here and there.
We? Who the fucks we?
Knox and I, he's the one that
introduced me to C.
Remind me to thank him when we get
a chance.


Well be ready because he'll be
here in a few. I called him when
you we're passed out.
What the fuck Boston did you plan
all this shit out when you we're
stoned or is it a fucking
Just luck brother, that's how we
got ourselves in this situation to
begin with.
You crazy fuck!
John grabs his brother and kisses him on the forehead.
Dirty mutha--
The doorbell rings. The two sit in silence for a few
seconds, too afraid to move.
That Knox?
I sure as hell hope so, peak out
the window and see who it is.
John runs over to the window and peaks out. Boston can be
seen picking up a phone and dialing numbers. Knox's head is
visible and John calls out to him.
Yo Knox you beautiful shit head,
get your ass up here. And lock the
door behind you!
You Johnny! What's the rush man?
You gotta open up the garage so we
can get these beers on ice dude!
Knox forget the beers just get
your ass up here and lock the
John pulls back from the window and Boston hangs up the
phone, the two meet in the middle of the room.
I just got off the phone with ma.
I convinced her to stay down at
the bingo parlor for a few more


Alright good, Knox is on his way
Knox Cadabra, enters the room with a beer in hand. An all
for nothing type of guy with a short temper but extremely
loyal. Guns are nothing new to him as he grew up on the
streets much like Boston. His long black and greasy hair
matches with his goatee and stubbled face. His old, whole
ridden System of A Down concert t-shirt seems to describe
his personality the best.
Hey, hey, hey fuckers! What the
hell you two weirdos doing up
here? The games almost on.
Knox looks down at the cache of weapons.
What the fuck is going on? Is that
crazy ex of yours stalking you
again John?
Look Knox we're in some trouble.
No shit, who'd you piss of the
third reich?
Close, Cristiano.
Oh shit you boys are in trouble.
What'd you do.
We owe him money, but we gotta ask
you know Knox. Are you in or out
because if your not then you
should leave now. We understand
this isn't your problem.
Knox stares at Boston almost in disgust. He then chugs his
beer and throws the bottle to the floor and bends down next
to the weapons. He stares at each one intently before
picking up the shotgun.
Shotty's mine.
The large room is filled with rows and rows of desks.
Ricky's office is in the corner with Mort's desk just
outside. Mort and Ricky enter and both silently make their
way towards their offices. As Mort sits down at his desk
Ricky enters and slams his office door. Mort is left by
himself staring at the pictures and random news clippings of
what him and Ricky had accomplished over the years.


Mort turns away and covers his face with his hands. When he
removes them he sees his boss Chief Edwards hovering over
his desk. An intimidating man who always has a mug of coffee
in hand.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Hello Mort, you look stressed.
                       OFFICER MORT
Just another day captain, how are
you doing today?
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
You should know Mort, just another
day right?
They both share a slight smile.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Listen I got the Feds chomping at
my balls about this Legal case,
you guys getting anywhere?
                       OFFICER MORT
Yeah about that.
Mort's eyes focus on his desk and he slowly begins to
scribble something on a piece of paper.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Whats a matter Livingston, you two
are getting somewhere right? I
don't want to give another case up
to the Fed's, starts to make us
look bad.
                       OFFICER MORT
Oh were definitely going
somewhere. In fact we stopped by
an old pal's today, Cristiano.
Edwards ears perk up at the name of Cristiano.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Please don't tell me you two were
dicking around with him. Last
thing I need is another harassment
suit up my ass. You know the
informant that helped him out last
time was never caught.
                       OFFICER MORT
I know.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Well what came of it?
Mort is still staring down at the paper, pen still moving.
                       OFFICER MORT
      (Slowly and quiet)
Not much Ricky and I are kinda
stuck on which way to go. I know
Cristiano's hiding something while


                       OFFICER MORT (cont'd)
Ricky wants to check out these
other two morons supplied by some
mysterious source.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Yeah, and what's wrong with that?
That's just good detective work,
god forbid you two fuck this up
again. I would pay to see that
selfish, greedy prick fry.
                       OFFICER MORT
Thing is...
Mort's pen stops yet his eyes still do not move. They seem
locked on to what he was writing.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Spit it out Mort, Jesus Christ
your acting like a zombie.
                       OFFICER MORT
Thing is the source was supplied
by Cristiano.
Mort's eyes finally meet up with Edwards. Mort gently slides
the clipboard of paper on to the top of his desk.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
What are you trying to say Mort?
                       OFFICER MORT
Nothing just saying were at a
Ricky's door opens quickly catching the notice of Edwards
and Mort. Ricky exits talking on his cellphone and walking
fast towards the exit.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
      (Into phone)
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Ricky tries to ignore his captain and partner but Edwards
stops him.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Taveras, why don't you sit down
and brief me on the Legal case
real quick.
                       OFFICER TAVERAS
Hey captain how you doing? Look
that was my wife and Julio just
cut his head on the pavement. I
gotta go pick them up from the ER,
have Mort update you he knows just
as much as I do.
And Ricky exits before Edwards can answer.


                       CHIEF EDWARDS
      (Turning to Mort)
Can you believe the balls on him?
No wonder I can see what your
problem is little bastard doesn't
Mort's attention is focused on to the exiting Ricky.
                       OFFICER MORT
Yeah captain that probably isn't a
bad idea. Would you excuse me I
don't think my lunch is sitting to
well with me.
Mort gets up and quickly retraces the same route as Ricky.
Edwards is left sitting by himself sipping his coffee.
                       CHIEF EDWARDS
Son's of bitches.
Edwards looks down at the desk to look at what Mort was so
intently writing. He grabs the paper and scans for anything,
but all he finds is a small cartoon sketch of a rat with
fangs and beady eyes eating a piece of cheese in the corner.
John is standing in front of the mirror with his head
looking out, his pistol at his side. In the background we
can hear a frantic pace of footsteps and shouts as Boston
and Knox are scrambling throughout the house placing weapons
in every corner. The camera cuts to the outside of the house
as two black Tahoe's come screeching to a halt outside the
Oh shit guys there here. Fuck
Boston you didn't say there would
be this many.
John backs away from the window as Boston and Knox both
cautiously enter the living room.
How man--
      (Semi shocked)
Two truckloads.
Whoa shit. How much do you owe?
Don't you think that's a little
over kill?
Boss what are we going to do?
The camera cuts to the outside as ten men dressed in all
black have exited their vehicles and begin to approach the


house. Dorian,leader of the black unit, separates from the
rest of his men split up into two groups.
Camera cuts to inside the house.
All right head up stairs and
remember the plan. Knox, remember
to pull yours after John, got it?
Yeah yeah dude just get your ass
Knox and John run up the stairs as Boston waits behind. He
pulls a smoke grenade out of his pocket and looks at his
front door. Noticing a shelf located high up near the door
he places the grenades and disapears upstairs.
Camera cuts to front yard.
Dorian's troops are in place as five have gone to the rear
of the house and the other four have strategically hidden in
front of the house. Dorian has his back to a pillar just
feet from the front door as one of his soldiers sneaks his
way to the doorstep.
                       BLACK SOLDIER ONE (V.O.)
      (Through radio,
       Russian accent)
Squads in position Leader, what's
your next order?
      (Russian accent)
Dorian retrieves his night vision goggles from his belt and
puts them on. After switching the power on he pulls his
Glock-18 from its holster and cocks it. His soldier can be
seen entering the house.
Boston, John, and Knox are all hiding from the front door on
the top of the stairs. Boston has his back against the wall
and his gun drawn with the front door covering the other
half of the frame. There is a brief silent pause and then
the door begins to slowly open. With his automatic drawn the
Black Soldier slowly and cautiously enters the house, Boston
can see his every move with a strategically placed mirror on
the opposing wall. The soldier takes one step inside and
begins to look around, he turns his head to the right and
notices the grenade level with his head. Unable to make out
what it is in the dark he bends to get a closer look.
      (To himself)
Boston rolls into the open and braces himself allowing him
to aim. He shoots the grenade just as the soldier is able to
make out what it is. The cannister explodes in his face


causing smoke to go rapidly fill the house. The soldier
screams in agony and crumples to the floor.
      (To John and Knox)
Alright go guys!
John and Knox go sprinting down the stairs each heading in a
different direction. John veers right towards the kitchen
and is able to hide himself in the pantry, opposite to the
patio door. Knox heads left towards the rear of the living
room, ducking down behind the sofa. Boston stays up in the
stairs, eyes focused on the front door.
Dorian, un-fazed by the smoke grenade reaches for the radio
on his soldier.
                       BLACK SOLDIER TWO (V.O.)
      (Into radio)
Team one enter.
The camera cuts to the side of the house as two soldiers
approach the patio door. Soldier Two breaks the glass and is
able to unlock the door, he takes a few steps in as Soldier
Three follows but both pause as they hear a hissing sound.
They look towards the source to see white smoke billowing
from the pantry. They raise their weapons toward it as the
smoke quickly begins to consume the room.
                       BLACK SOLDIER TWO
      (Russian accent)
What the hell is that?
They both pause to cock their weapons and take a few steps
forward. John's silhouette emerges from the smoke and fires
a hail of bullets at the men, they both are hit and fall to
the ground. John takes a few steps forward, panting from the
adrenaline and then disapears back in to the smoke.
Knox, laying on the ground behind the couch has his eyes
locked on the open front door, covered in smoke. He looks at
the doorway into the kitchen and sees more smoke coming from
the opening. The smoke is illuminated a few times from Johns
gunshots. The noise startles Knox and he inches closer
towards the front door with his shotgun aimed. He takes a
few steps past a window just as a Soldier comes crashing
through it. Knox turns at the sound of breaking glass and
his gun aligns perfectly with the soldiers chest. Without
hesitation, Knox fires.
Shit Knox nice shot.
Hows John? I heard shots.


The room is almost completely consumed in smoke, John is
able to find the two.
You guys ok?
Us? What about you?
      (Out of breath)
Yeah, ok. I got two, how about you
Shit, Knox blew one of em away,
that makes four. How many did you
see in the trucks?
At least nine.
Alright, knowing our luck that
probably means five. Knox, pull
that last smoke and lets head
upstairs. Will let them make the
next move.
Dorian stands in front of the open door with the smoke
continuously pouring out of the front door and broken
window. A slight hint of aggravation can be seen on his
face, he reaches for his shoulder radio again.
      (Shouting, broken
Pain in ass cockroaches! Team two
enter, forget about stealth just
kill the sons of bitches!
Four more black soldiers emerge from the darkness, run past
Dorian and enter the smoky house. Dorian pause briefly
enters as well.
John, Boston, and Knox are kneeling at the foot of the
stairs, the path to the door clouded by the smoke.
Fuck! Nice move Boston you trapped
us up here. Theres no way we can
see who comes through that door
now. Were sitting ducks!


Shut up, be positive man you ain't
Positive? Look what you got us
into, Jesus! And moms going to
kill you after she sees what you
did to her house!
What I did? What I did
motherfucker is try to save your
life. Now if you would just give
me a god damn minute maybe I could
think of a way to get us out of
Boss, those words! Not in mothers
house! You wanna piss anybody else
off tonight?
Knox's voice catches the brothers attention and also a
soldier as several bullets are fired up the stairs. Knox is
able to react in time and jumps back behind the wall.
Holy shit Boston think of
something god dammit!
                       JOHN AND BOSTON
Boston looks around his surroundings and spots a set of
switches on the wall. He gracefully inches towards them and
flicks them all on turning the downstairs lights all on,
including the fans.
Alright just hang tight.
For what?
Boston stares at his brother for a few moments then races
down the stairs.
Oh shit, Boss!


Boston immediately confronts a soldier as he crashes into
him coming down the stairs. Boston weapon is thrown to the
floor, they both regroup and Soldier Five reaches for his
weapon. Boston dives and tackles him onto the sofa which
flips over. The two struggle on the floor and go for the
fallen pistol and they become lost in the smoke. A few
gunshots are heard, Boston emerges from the shadows with the
soldier dead on the ground.
                                         CUT TO UPSTAIRS:
John is looking at Knox with fear in his eyes.
Boss! Knox...I gotta go down
John runs down the stairs.
John, wait! God dammit!
      (Realizes the
Oh I did it again!
Knox follows John down the stairs.
                                         CUT TO DOWNSTAIRS:
Johns figure fan be barely seen, his gun pointed up.
A dark figure moves in front of him, the smoke catches Johns
Two gunshots flash in the darkness, one grazing Johns ear,
knocking him to the ground. Laying on his back he returns
fire and a body can be heard hitting the floor.
      (Yelling and
       grasping his ear)
Motherfucking ear!Boston?
A voice is heard from the darkness.
                       BOSTON (V.O.)
Shit John, are you ok?
Yeah, where are you?
                       KNOX (V.O.)
Shut up you two, there still in


                       BOSTON (V.O.)
Knox you came down to? I told you
two to stay up there.
                       KNOX (V.O.)
I followed your bro--
A gunshot is heard in the direction of Knox two seconds pass
before two more gunshots are fired. John ducks down and
points his gun in every direction. The smoke is starting to
disapear yet it still covers most of the room.
                       BOSTON (V.O.)
A few silent moments pass.
                       BOSTON (V.O.)
Fuck, Knox!
                       KNOX (V.O.)
Shhh! I told you to be quiet.
Thats one more down though.
More of the smoke has resided and John is able to make out
just enough of the front door. He stares at it for a few
moments and two green lights slowly seem to form as they get
bigger and brighter through the smoke.
Shit, there still here!
John scrambles for cover as the camera cuts to behind Dorian
who is entering through the door. He slowly walks through
the smoke and into the house, he comes upon a figure with
his back to Dorian. Unable to see exactly who it is Dorian
places his gun to the back of the figures head and fires.
Shit who was that now, John?
More smoke has started to settle.
                       JOHN (V.O.)
I'm good, Knox?
                       KNOX (V.O.)
I'm fine.
Then who fired?
The camera cuts back to Dorian as he is able to distinguish
another figure. Feeling outnumbered he panics and fires and
misses, the figure runs away and returns fire also missing.
                       KNOX (V.O.)
Who the hell is shooting at me?
Dorian tries to follow the figure but gets lost in the
smoke. He searches again for a few moments before more shots
are fired at him, he dodges and returns fire.


                       BOSTON (V.O.)
                       JOHN (V.O.)
Stop shooting!
Dorian picks himself up, he looks around the room and is
able to see a little more. He spots smoke swirling in the
corner, he turns and fires. Soon the whole house erupts in
gun fire as Dorian runs around the room tripping over
furniture and returning fire. Each person shooting randomly
into the dark. Finally the gunshots settle and most of the
smoke has vanished. Three figures can be seen standing idle,
the smoke still concealing their identity. Slowly the smoke
settles below their waste revealing their faces. John,
Boston, and Dorian are left standing toe to toe.
Who the fuck?
John and Boston both raise their weapons to the head of
their enemy, as does Dorian. Dorian pulls the trigger and
unfortunately for him he is out of ammo. He sneers and
throws his gun to the ground.
Failure is not an option!
Dorian lunges at the two who fire several times into his
chest. He takes a few steps back and crashes to the ground.
Was that Russian?
Could have been, sounded more
eastern Europe to me.
Eastern Europe? You don't even
know where eastern Europe is.
Sure I do, it's east of Europe.
Dumb ass. That's gotta be all of
They both look around the living room as the smoke is almost
completely gone. The walls are riddled with bullets and in a
few spots blood.
Oh fuck.
John heads behind the sofa where a pair of legs are visible.
He discovers Knox bleeding profusely from his upper chest.
His breathing is strained and he struggles to speak. John
picks him up and holds him in his arms.


Boss! Come here!
      (To Knox)
Oh shit Knox, oh my god! Who hit
      (Breaking down)
Oh my god Knox! Knox, I'm so
sorry! Your ok buddy, your ok
aren't you?
It...it fucking hurts.
Come on Knox you gotta hold on.


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From matt Date 5/10/2007 ****
This is an awesome screenplay man i can see this being on a movie screen and i would definetely pay to watch this. I like the characters I like the story. Definetly finish this one all the way through i cant wait to read more i have never really read a script all the way through but this one has captivated me. Fantastic Job dude. darkhunter7070@yahoo.com is my email i am working on a script myself email me when you have written more on this

From Chris Date 4/15/2007 ****
This is excellent, FANTASTIC even, I love the plot, I love the charecters, I love how your developing the charecters... I want to see this really made!!! Keep going!

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